The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of February 24, 2020

Victoria woke up from her coma. Adam offered to run Newman. Abby agreed to sell her Grand Phoenix shares to Phyllis then announced that she'd be building a competing hotel. Colin returned Devon's inheritance. A frustrated Mariah hung up on Tessa and went out for drinks with Lindsay.
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Victoria woke from her coma, Colin returned Devon's inheritance, and Mariah went for drinks with Lindsay
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Adam sets his sights on Newman Enterprises

Adam sets his sights on Newman Enterprises

Monday, February 24, 2020

At Society, Billy phoned Chelsea, hoping to hear an update about Victoria's condition. Chelsea explained that Victoria was still in a medically induced coma and that the family was waiting for a prognosis. Billy requested that Chelsea contact him with an update. Chelsea said she would, and she advised Billy to stay away from the hospital. Billy abruptly hung up. Chelsea told Adam that Billy had hung up on her. Adam replied that Billy needed to get ahold of himself. Chelsea said she felt bad for Billy and for Victoria.

Chelsea and Adam recalled the party where he'd asked Chelsea to marry him and she'd accepted. Adam added that he'd never get the image of Victoria bleeding out of his head. Adam admitted that his relationship with his family was strained, and he insisted that all he needed in his life were Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea reminded Adam that despite everything that had happened, his father and siblings were his family. Adam noted that he and Nick weren't ready to be best friends. Chelsea replied, "No, I don't think I'm ready for that, either."

Adam said he might offer to help Victor. Adam expressed regrets for not having earlier accepted his father's request to join the company. Chelsea said she doubted things would work out like Adam hoped and feared that people might assume the worst. Adam agreed with Chelsea and said Victor needed someone to rely on to run the company. Chelsea promised to stand by Adam.

At the hospital, Victor, Noah, and Jack waited for word about Victoria. Nikki entered and told them that though Victoria looked peaceful, she was fighting for her life. Victor expressed anger because the assailant hadn't been caught. Jack said that police had issued an APB on the suspect and would find him. Victor insisted that "Billy Boy" was somehow involved in the incident. Jack said it would be helpful to focus on the real perpetrator and on Victoria. Abby agreed and said they should focus positive energy on Victoria.

Noah and Nick encouraged Nikki to go home and get some rest, but Nikki said she couldn't sleep even if she tried. Nikki's angst intensified when Victor put on his coat and said he was heading to the police station to pressure Rey into intensifying the manhunt. Nikki suggested Victor phone instead. Victor explained that he would also stop by Newman and offer guidance. Nikki said she knew Victor planned to step in during Victoria's absence to run Newman. Nikki became upset and said that if Victor went back to the company, it wouldn't be temporary. Victor assured Nikki that everything would be all right. Nikki cried that nothing was all right. Nikki sobbed as she considered how different the situation should be for Victoria.

Nick stepped out to take a phone call from ranch security, and afterward, he contacted Sharon and informed her that Billy had stopped by the ranch, hoping to see Johnny and Katie. Nick said that after he'd learned that Billy seemed put together, he'd allowed Billy on the property. Sharon agreed that Nick had made the right decision. Nick said the children didn't yet know and hoped their father might break the news. Nick asked Sharon to stop by and assess the situation if she felt like she could handle it. Sharon agreed to stop by. Sharon asked Nick to talk to Noah and help him decide whether or not to return to London.

After Nick hung up, Jack, accompanied by Noah, paused on his way out and told Nick to contact him if he needed anything. Noah asked Nick if everything was all right. Nick encouraged Noah to resume his art endeavors in London. Noah was reluctant to leave. Nick explained that Noah could return at any time. Noah said he'd stick to his plans. Noah returned to the waiting room and told his grandparents he was flying back to London. Nikki and Victor praised Noah's art and said Victoria would agree that he should continue his work. Abby walked out with Noah. Nick promised to keep Noah updated.

At home, Sharon read about Victoria's stabbing. Mariah stopped by and tightly embraced her mother. Mariah said that after she'd initially heard that someone had been hurt at the Newman party, she'd feared it might have been Sharon. Sharon pulled Mariah close and said, "I'm right here, and I'm fine." Sharon said she was thinking about the family and the toll uncertainty was taking on them.

Sharon recalled how she'd spent time preparing herself to fight cancer and realized how shocking it was to know that something could happen to cause one's life to hang in the balance without time to reflect or plan. Mariah said both Sharon and Victoria should fight. Sharon asked Mariah how she was doing. Mariah admitted she missed talking to Tessa. Sharon encouraged Mariah to talk openly to Tessa about everything.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis spoke to Summer on the phone. After mentioning Victoria, Phyllis explained that Abby had asked Chance to add additional security measures, including placing a guard outside Amanda's room. Phyllis added that Victor wouldn't rest until Ripley paid for what he'd done to Victoria.

After Phyllis hung up, she saw Billy and asked him how he was doing. Billy angrily replied, "How do you think I'm doing?" Phyllis asked about Amanda. Billy said he'd slept on the couch in Amanda's room and assumed she was still sleeping. Billy was in a hurry to leave and said he was headed to where he was most needed. Phyllis appeared concerned about where Billy might be headed.

Phyllis stopped by the hospital with coffee. Victor wasn't welcoming, but Nikki said they should set their differences aside. Nick told Phyllis that Billy was with Johnny and Katie. Phyllis said she'd run into Billy earlier. Nick said he didn't want to talk about Billy. Nick and Phyllis encouraged Nikki to take a walk and get a bite to eat. After Nikki left with Nick and Phyllis, Adam stopped by to see Victor. Adam offered to help by distracting Victor. Father and son sat together and watched basketball highlights on Adam's phone.

Billy visited with Johnny and Katie at the ranch. He explained that Victoria had gotten hurt and was in the hospital, receiving great care. Johnny asked to visit his mother. Billy explained that she was sleeping. Billy promised his children that they could see their mother soon. Billy remained calm and reassuring, which kept the children calm.

After Abby returned to the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea stopped by. Abby said all the waiting and worry was making her lose her mind. Abby admitted that she and Victoria had always competed for Victor's approval. Abby stifled tears as she recalled seeing her sister lying in a hospital bed, appearing weak and vulnerable. Chelsea held Abby's hand and comforted her.

Chelsea and Abby talked about how distraught Billy was over what had happened to Victoria. Abby said that if the attack on Victoria by Amanda's ex was the result of Billy having had an affair with Amanda, she'd never forgive Billy. Before Chelsea left with her belongings, she admitted that the hotel had never been her dream. Chelsea warned Abby that Phyllis would fight to the death.

Noah stopped by the ranch to see Sharon and Mariah before he flew back to London. Mariah said she was excited about seeing the photos Noah would take. Noah made Mariah promise to tell him the truth about what was going on in case Sharon and Nick decided to give him an edited version. Noah hugged his mom and promised to return soon. Before Noah stepped out the door, Sharon kissed him and watched from the doorway as he walked down the driveway.

Sharon stopped by the ranch house and watched as Billy comforted his kids. Billy said, "I guess a little birdie told you that I was here?" Sharon said she just wanted to check on them. Sharon reassured Johnny and Katie that everyone loved them. Sharon suggested visiting the stables. After the children went to get their coats, Billy admitted he was mad about everything and didn't need a lecture. Billy added that he wanted to do what was best for his kids and for Victoria. Sharon told Billy that the only thing he could do was control what he did in the present.

From Society, Mariah phoned Tessa. Tanner picked up the phone. Tanner explained that Tessa was in the shower and might not have time to return the call right away because they were in a rush to conduct a sound check. Mariah was disappointed and told Tanner to let Tessa know she'd called. After Mariah hung up, she appeared deeply disappointed. Mariah wrote but didn't send a text message to Tessa. Mariah looked lonely and despondent as she waited for a return call.

Phyllis and Abby try to outsmart one another

Phyllis and Abby try to outsmart one another

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

In Chance's hotel room, Abby spoke with Nick over the phone. She learned that there had been no change in Victoria's condition, and she planned to stop by the hospital once she was done with work. After she hung up, Abby reported that an exhausted Nick was just leaving the hospital. Chance wondered why she hadn't mentioned her upcoming meeting with Phyllis. Abby figured that Nick had enough to worry about, and Chance pointed out that she did, too.

Chance pointed out that Victoria's attacker was still on the loose. Abby recognized that Ripley had really been going after Amanda, but she felt better about things after putting additional security measures in place at the hotel. Chance blasted Phyllis for being more obnoxious than usual, even though Abby's family was in crisis. Abby announced her plan to neutralize Phyllis in the short term by giving her a win. Chance incredulously asked if Abby intended to give up the Grand Phoenix. "I didn't say that," Abby replied.

Abby shared her plan with Chance, who hated that his problem had become her problem. She saw it the other way around, since she and Phyllis had been butting heads for months, and Phyllis wouldn't let go until she won. Abby thought Phyllis was dying to end up on top, and Abby was willing to surrender her bragging rights to make Phyllis go away. Chance recounted that Adam had shown a similar attitude, but things hadn't worked out. Abby was confident her approach would work. Chance received a phone call that he had to take, and Abby left for her meeting with Phyllis.

On the patio at the newly renovated Crimson Lights, Phyllis was on the phone, encouraging someone to take a stand because they'd been harmed emotionally. She asserted that the offending party needed to take responsibility for their own negligence by being called out on their recklessness. She applauded the person on the call for taking action, and she wished more people in the world were willing to fight the good fight.

Inside the coffeehouse, Rey asked Amanda if she had any new thoughts about where Ripley might be hiding. Amanda confirmed that she hadn't heard from her ex, but she felt sick about how badly she'd misjudged the situation because Victoria was paying the price. Rey insisted that Amanda had also been a victim and that she couldn't be held accountable for her stalker's behavior. Amanda regretted not keeping Ripley off the streets, but Rey argued that the judge still could have granted bail. Amanda couldn't help but feel responsible for the stabbing. She clammed up when Billy walked in.

Rey told Amanda to let him know if she heard from Ripley, and he advised Billy not to try to chase the guy down on his own. Billy muttered that the last thing he'd do was something heroic. Rey recalled that Sharon had informed him that Billy had told the kids about their mom being in the hospital. Billy admitted that it had been tough, and he asked Rey to tell Sharon that the renovations looked great. Rey left, and Billy sat down with Amanda.

Amanda inquired about how Johnny and Katie had taken the news, and Billy relayed that he'd given them the bare minimum of information. He left it up to Victor to explain that Billy was the reason it had happened, but Amanda stressed that it had happened because Ripley had mistaken Victoria for her. Amanda fretted that she'd led Ripley straight to Billy and Victoria, but Billy countered that Amanda had tried to stop him from going someplace he hadn't been welcome. He wished he'd listened.

Amanda ranted that if Billy had listened when she'd told him they had to stay away from one another, the night before might never have happened. She recognized that he loved playing with fire, but she lectured that people had gotten hurt. Amanda ordered him to do what she'd asked weeks earlier and keep his distance. She rushed past Devon and Elena on her way out.

Over coffee, Devon recounted that he and Elena had known that Amanda and Ripley had taken out restraining orders against one another, but they'd jumped to the wrong conclusion about what it had meant. Elena recognized that Amanda had just wanted to leave her past behind and get a new start in a new city. Devon argued that they wouldn't have been suspicious if Amanda had been forthcoming, but Elena countered that many victims preferred to keep the abuse to themselves rather than seek help. Devon realized that Amanda wiping herself off the Internet hadn't had anything to do with Colin, and Elena surmised that Amanda had taken Colin's case to get out of town in a hurry.

Devon thought it explained why Amanda hadn't vetted her client properly and why she'd chosen not to return home. Elena was aghast that Ripley had meant for Amanda to die, and Devon worried that Amanda was in jeopardy as long as her ex was out there. Chance entered the coffeehouse and informed Devon that Colin had been spied in Luxembourg before taking off again. Devon inquired whether Chance's former colleagues were on the lookout for Ripley, since no one was safe until Ripley was in custody.

After Chance left, Elena bet that Colin was a nervous wreck with the Feds on his tail. Devon compared it to how Amanda had to watch over her shoulder, afraid Ripley would find her. He thought they would have known the stress Amanda had been under if they'd asked her about the restraining order rather than assuming the worst. Devon was happy that Colin was close to being caught and that Devon was potentially getting some of his inheritance back, but what Victoria and Amanda were dealing with reminded him that there were more important things in life than money.

Billy arrived at the Chancellor mansion to see Jill. He shared that he'd contemplated getting in his car and driving to wherever the road led him, but he'd never leave his kids. He guessed that she'd summoned him to find out what had happened between him and Victoria. Billy considered it a miracle that Victoria had given him a second chance, but he'd let her down, as always. He expected Jill to be disappointed or disgusted, but she told him not to put words in her mouth. He warned her not to tell him that he was a lot like John, since it was best if they acknowledged that it wasn't true.

Billy thought there was nothing Jill could say that he hadn't heard a thousand times. Jill stressed that Billy's family loved him and was there for him, and there was nothing they wouldn't do to help Billy and the kids get through it. Jill offered to stay with him at Victoria's house to help with the kids, but Billy reported that Johnny and Katie were staying at the ranch. Jill protested that Victor wouldn't let Billy stay there, but Billy thought it was the best thing for the kids while he took time to clear his head.

Jill was glad Billy was putting the children's needs first, but she felt it was time they discussed what he needed -- and number one on the list was a job. She lectured that the worst thing he could do was let himself get bored, since that was when the trouble always started. Billy groused that the last thing he needed was to go job-hunting, but Jill announced that the right job had just found him. Billy assumed that she wanted him to go back to Jabot, but she knew he'd get too involved in the family politics. She pushed him to work at Chancellor Industries, since she was starting up a media division, and he would be the perfect person to run it.

Jill clarified that it wasn't an offer but an order, and she expected Billy to follow through with it. She claimed that she'd had plans for over a year to keep Chancellor competitive in streaming news and publishing, and he would be the division president. Billy knew a dozen people who would love that opportunity, but he wasn't one of them. She insisted that she needed someone relentlessly creative like him, but he wondered why it was the first time he was hearing about it. He concluded that it wasn't a real job offer but just her throwing a life preserver to someone she thought was drowning.

Jill reasoned that she hadn't offered Billy the job before because he'd been happy at Jabot, and when he'd left, she'd assumed he'd felt cramped by the corporate culture. She knew he craved adventure, and she thought a new challenge would channel his need for excitement in a positive way. She envisioned him going head to head with Newman, and she imagined he loved the sound of that.

Jill asked why Billy was fighting taking a position that had been tailor-made for him. He was adamant that he wasn't the type of person she wanted at the helm of a new division, since everyone who trusted him lived to regret it. Jill didn't care that he'd made mistakes or that he'd keep making them, since she loved him and didn't want to lose him. Billy said he had to go, since he couldn't take anything else going on in his life when he had to function for the kids. Jill maintained that she was there if he needed her. He kissed her cheek and headed out.

Phyllis entered the Grand Phoenix lobby, and Abby invited her to have a seat. Phyllis grumbled that it was a conversation that should have happened months earlier, and Abby claimed that she'd thought about things and decided that Phyllis was right about a lot of things. Abby conceded that Phyllis had invested a lot in the hotel creatively to Abby's benefit, and their personal conflict had blinded Abby to what Phyllis was entitled to. Abby proclaimed that she'd like to make it up to Phyllis, and she handed Phyllis a slip of paper with her offer to buy Phyllis' shares in the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis was stunned to see that it was three times what her stake was worth.

Phyllis questioned what game Abby was playing, but Abby proclaimed that the game was over, since Phyllis had played her cards right and won the jackpot. Phyllis suspected that it had more to do with the intel she'd picked up in Las Vegas and less to do with Abby's respect for her contribution to the hotel. Abby contended that they could amicably dissolve their partnership with a simple transaction and be on their merry way. Phyllis flatly stated that she needed a little more time, and she walked off.

Amanda stepped off the elevator, and Abby asked how she was doing. Amanda confided that she was a mess, and Abby hoped that the added plainclothes security and additional monitoring gave her peace of mind. Amanda thanked her, but she recognized that her living there had added trouble and expense. Abby asserted that her customers' safety was her top priority, but Amanda thought Abby's priority should be spending time with Victoria and their family. Amanda inquired whether there had been any news about Victoria's condition, and Abby reported that her sister was in a medically induced coma, so there was not much to do but wait and pray.

Nate entered the lobby and informed the ladies that Victoria was holding her own. He mentioned that he was there to see how Amanda was doing, and Abby stepped away. Amanda stated that she was as okay as she could be, and she knew Victoria was in excellent hands. Nate assured her that they had every reason to hope for a full recovery, though there was no guarantee in medicine. Amanda needed to know that Victoria would pull through it.

Nate pointed out that Victoria was surrounded by loved ones, whereas Amanda was dealing with everything on her own. He encouraged Amanda not to pretend that she wasn't traumatized after the man she'd once loved had tried to kill her. Amanda swore that she hadn't had an inkling that Ripley was violent, and she imagined that Nate considered her a fool for thinking she'd regained her power. Nate insisted that no one could have predicted what an insane thing Ripley would do. Amanda worried about what Ripley would do to anyone unfortunate enough to be close to her, and she decided that she needed to go into hiding to keep everyone out of danger.

Nate objected to Amanda leaving when she'd been building a new practice and life there. He added that she had friends who supported her, but she didn't want to see them get hurt. Nate was confident that the authorities would catch Ripley, especially since Ripley had become Victor's enemy. Amanda remained rattled, and Nate suggested that she hide out by staying in his spare room. Amanda refused to put anyone else in danger, and she decided that the hotel was the safest place for her. She agreed to stay in Genoa City -- for then.

Meanwhile, Abby told Phyllis that time was up, but Phyllis hesitated to sell her shares without getting an appraisal. Abby argued that Phyllis knew exactly how much the hotel was worth, and Phyllis cited the tax implications. Phyllis questioned what the hurry was, and Abby wondered why Phyllis was stalling. Abby warned that she might change her mind if Phyllis kept her waiting. A man approached, handed Abby an envelope, and informed her that she'd been served. Abby's jaw dropped when she reviewed the envelope's contents.

Abby revealed that the hotel was being sued by a former guest who had experienced posttraumatic stress after the Simon Black incident. Phyllis feigned surprise and called it the last thing they needed. Phyllis noted that there had been one disaster after another, since Abby and Chelsea had ripped the hotel out from under her, and she suggested that Abby forget hurling money at her and just give her the hotel outright.

At Society's bar, Lindsay asked Mariah how the job search was going. Mariah mentioned that Devon had referred her to an executive recruiter, but the firm was accustomed to placing executives with much more experience than she had. Lindsay reasoned that Devon wouldn't have referred Mariah if he hadn't thought the recruiter would see the same potential he did. Mariah thanked her for the positive vibes as Theo perched on a barstool. He greeted Lindsay and ordered his usual, and he offered to put in a good word for Mariah with his boss.

Mariah passed on the idea of working for Summer. Theo claimed that he'd been trying to be helpful and supportive, like Mariah had been when Devon had fired him. Theo added that Mariah hadn't been supportive at all, and Mariah reminded him that Devon had fired him because he'd kept trying to undermine her. Theo noted that it had seemed like Devon had had Mariah's back at the time, but the situation had changed, and beggars couldn't be choosers. Mariah told him to piss off.

Theo was sure that Mariah would land on her feet, and he suggested that she use her connection with Tessa to get in with Tanner's people. She pointed out that they were based in New York, and she had no interest in pulling up stakes when she'd lost a lot of years with her mom already. Theo understood about trying to build connections with long-lost family, but he praised how Tanner's team was handling the musician's social media. Theo referred to a "catnip photo" of Tanner and Tessa as an example, and he displayed a playful picture of the two on his phone. Theo considered it genius that the photo had gotten fans worked up about a secret romance.

Mariah retreated to a table and called Tessa via video chat. Tessa cheerfully greeted Mariah, who was happy to finally get through to her. Tessa apologized for not calling back right away, and Mariah understood that her girlfriend had been crazed. Mariah asked if Tessa and Tanner were still getting along and writing songs together. Tessa joked that she couldn't say anything bad because Tanner was there. A shirtless Tanner appeared next to Tessa on Mariah's screen.

Tanner crowed that Tessa had been blowing up the Internet, and he asked if Mariah had seen the picture. Tessa didn't know what he was talking about, and he showed the photo to her. He imagined that someone in the office had posted it, knowing fans would go nuts. He cited the 20,000 comments about them being rock's hot new power couple. Tessa assumed that they were talking about him being hot, but he considered the photo gold for her. Mariah coldly congratulated them, and Tessa scolded Tanner for hogging the call. Tanner stepped away.

Tessa imagined that the situation probably looked weird on Mariah's end. Mariah inquired why Tanner had been half-dressed, and Tessa explained that he'd spilled food on his shirt. Mariah testily asked if she was supposed to believe that, and she demanded to know if Tessa and Tanner had slept together. Tessa was appalled by the question, but Mariah pointed out that Tessa hadn't answered it. Tessa defended that she shouldn't have to, since Mariah knew Tessa loved her. Mariah slammed her computer shut.

Mariah ordered a drink at the bar, and Theo assumed that she'd just chatted with Tessa. He inquired about life on the road, but Mariah demanded that he stop pretending they were friends. Lindsay announced that her shift had just ended, and she invited Mariah to go for a drink somewhere else. Mariah declined an incoming call from Tessa. Theo watched suspiciously as Mariah and Lindsay left the restaurant together.

Victoria's loved ones beg her to come back to them

Victoria's loved ones beg her to come back to them

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

by Nel

At the penthouse, Adam gave Chelsea a file folder with information about destination weddings. He told Chelsea they could get married anywhere she chose. Chelsea asked Adam what his preference was. Adam said his destination wedding wasn't in any brochure. He said that he wanted to get married at Hope's farm. He thought the second time around would be the charm, and he believed that Connor would love it. Chelsea loved the idea. She told Adam that Hope's farm went to the top of the list for their wedding in late spring.

Adam inquired about Victoria. Chelsea informed him there hadn't been a change. Talk turned to Adam debating about stepping in and running Newman Enterprises in Victoria's absence. Adam said it made sense because he'd run the company previously. He told Chelsea he had to convince Victor, but he didn't want to appear opportunistic when he spoke to his father. Adam also said he didn't want to upset Chelsea, either.

Chelsea warned Adam that he would be back in Victor's orbit after he'd sworn he would never do that again. Chelsea wanted Adam to admit that he still wanted to prove himself to Victor. Adam stated it was scary how well Chelsea knew him. He said that no matter what, he didn't want to jeopardize his family. Nothing was more important to him than his family.

Chelsea said she loved Adam but didn't want anything or anyone to hold him back, and that included her. She told Adam to go for it if that was what he wanted. Adam pointed out that Nick's head would explode if Victor let him run Neman. Chelsea reminded him that Nick didn't want the position. Adam sent Victor a text message.

After Adam left, Chloe stopped by for a visit with Chelsea. She saw that Chelsea had been sketching again, and she commented favorably on the drawing because she believed Chelsea was thinking about revamping her talent as a designer. Chelsea played it down, but Chloe stated that Chelsea's drawing indicated otherwise. Chelsea claimed the juices were flowing, but she didn't know if it was the right move. Chloe was adamant that it was the perfect move and the perfect timing. Chloe made a few suggestions to improve Chelsea's drawing. Chelsea made the changes, and she approved Chloe's suggestions.

Chloe said that Chelsea still had it in her, and if Chelsea went back into business, Chloe would leave the hotel and join her. Chelsea said that Chloe made it sound "so doable," but she warned that it wouldn't be easy. Chloe said she knew it wouldn't be easy, but she knew they would be awesome together.

At Society, Nick listened as Victor reprimanded someone over the phone and claimed he'd made a mistake hiring them. After Victor had finished his call, Nick said that because of Victor's blood disorder, Victor needed to slow down. He needed to eat and get some sleep. Victor said he was concerned because he needed to run the company because Nick had already turned down the job. Nick asked what Nikki would say if she found out that Victor was running Newman. Victor got another call, but he warned Nick not to say anything to Nikki.

After Victor completed his call, he began looking over a contract that Victoria had put together. Nick said that Victor looked "like hell," and he insisted that Victor stop. Nick said he would look it over himself, and he reminded Victor that he'd read hundreds of contracts when he'd worked at Newman. Victor said he wished he had been the one who'd been stabbed instead of Victoria. Nick understood, but he stated that Victor needed to stay strong for Victoria. He suggested that Victor order some breakfast, and Victor agreed.

When Victor received a text message from Adam, he told Nick that Adam was on his way to meet with Victor. Nick said that was his cue to leave, but he warned Victor not to allow Adam to take advantage of him. Victor reminded Nick that he "wasn't born yesterday." Nick wished Victor luck, and he left.

Adam arrived as Nick was walking out the door. They exchange unfriendly glances. Adam joined Victor and thanked Victor for meeting with him. Adam said that it was a critical time for the family, and he confessed that in any family crisis, it had always been his cue to cut and run. He admitted that he'd never stepped up to the plate when the family had needed him. Adam told Victor that he was ready to help Victor and the family in any way he could.

Surprised, Victor asked how Adam thought he could help Victor and the family. Adam claimed Victor already knew the answer to that. Adam told Victor he wanted to take over running Newman because he didn't want Victor to be stressed. He begged Victor to allow him to help. Victor said it was a generous offer, but he had to think about it.

At the hospital, Nikki read her favorite poem to Victoria, who was still in a medically induced coma. When she finished reading, she noticed that Victoria's lips were very dry, and she dabbed some water on them. She said she'd give anything to hear Victoria say, "I'm fine," the way Victoria had done as a child.

Nate arrived to check on Victoria. He told Nikki that they would continue monitoring her daughter. Nate was happy that Nikki had been reading to Victoria, but he wanted Nikki to go home and rest. He said she could have an MS flareup if she didn't rest and take care of herself. Nikki promised she would go home -- soon.

After Nate left, Sharon arrived. Alarmed, Nikki asked if Sharon should be there because of her chemotherapy. Sharon assured Nikki that her oncologist had given her the all clear. Sharon and Nikki went into the waiting room to talk. Sharon told Nikki that she had wanted to check up on Nikki and Victoria.

Nikki commented that Sharon looked exhausted. Sharon confirmed she felt too weak to drive, and she'd decided she would order a car to take her home. Nikki insisted that she drive Sharon to the ranch, and she warned Sharon not to try to stop her.

After Nikki and Sharon left, Billy entered Victoria's room and sat down beside her. He took her hand, and he cried. He pulled out a couple of photos of Katie and Johnny, and he tucked them under the sheets. When he heard Nick talking on the phone outside Victoria's room, Billy took that opportunity to leave the room without being seen.

Nick ended his call and went in to sit with Victoria. He told Victoria to speed up her recovery because the hospital needed the room, and things were falling apart without her. He said that Victor was trying to run the company. Nick said he needed her to provide him with sage advice when he needed it and that she'd made herself indispensable. He told Victoria about Sharon's breast cancer; however, he said that Sharon was a fighter, and that was what he wanted Victoria to do -- fight. He said that there were a lot of people who loved her, and they were helping her fight. He admitted he loved her more than anything, and he couldn't imagine living in a world without her.

When Nick lifted Victoria's hand and kissed it, the photos of Katie and Johnny fell out. Nick looked at them, and then he looked around the room, puzzled.

At Jabot, Kyle walked into his office and said he had the Lafferty deal. Suddenly, Summer came up behind him. She began to kiss him, and then she ripped his shirt open. Kyle snapped out of his fantasy and saw Summer sitting behind his desk. They moved to the couch to go over the Lafferty deal, but Kyle seemed distracted. Summer prompted him to get back into business mode because they were behind in their report for Jack.

Summer looked at Kyle. He told her she was beautiful, and they shouldn't be sitting there working. He said they should be at home, making love until the sun came up. It was the way he felt. She said she felt the same way. They began to kiss. Summer tore open his shirt, and she lay down on the couch and smiled. She was jolted out of her reverie when Kyle said that her mind appeared to be elsewhere. Summer smiled as she recalled her daydream.

Later, after ending a call, Kyle told Summer that Lafferty had backed out of the deal. He said that Lafferty wanted to revisit the deal in six months. Summer frowned. She told Kyle it was just as well, because her heart wasn't in the Lafferty deal. Kyle said his wasn't, either. He said that all he'd been thinking about had been her. He'd wanted to hold her, touch her, and kiss her. He said she took his breath away, and she made it very difficult for him to concentrate.

Summer claimed she'd been thinking the same thing and that it had been excruciating being at work when she really wanted to make love to him. Kyle said that Lafferty had done them a huge favor. While they were in the elevator, Kyle sent a memo to the staff, informing them that he and Summer were both out of the office for the rest of the day.

Theo arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and he was surprised to see Lola. He told Lola that he was there for a meeting. Lola explained that she was there because she had wanted to talk to Abby, but after she'd heard about Victoria, she'd decided that her discussion with Abby could wait. Lola told Theo she was going to open her own restaurant. Excited, Theo wanted to be the first in line, but Lola informed him that he would require a plane ticket because she would be opening her restaurant in Miami. Theo panicked, believing she would be leaving town, but Lola assured him she would remain in Genoa City. Theo was relieved and stammered that he'd been worried he would miss her food.

Lola told Theo that someone had been trying to get his attention. Theo turned and saw the woman he was to have a meeting with. Lola said she had to go. She picked up her coat, smiled at Theo, and headed for the door.

After Theo had completed his meeting, he was surprised to see that Lola was still there. Lola explained that she'd stuck around because she'd felt that Theo had wanted to say something to her earlier. Theo said he'd wanted to ask if Kyle figured into her plans for the restaurant. He wanted to know if Lola and Kyle would be getting a divorce. Surprised, Lola said she and Kyle hadn't discussed it yet, but that was the route they were going. She asked if that was all he'd wanted to ask her.

Obviously feeling awkward, Theo said yes and said he had to go. He walked to the door with determination, but he changed his mind. He turned and told Lola he was glad she was divorcing and moving on with her life and that once things had settled down for her, he wanted to take her out. They smiled at each other and said goodbye.

After Billy left the hospital, he went to the rooftop of the Grand Phoenix and sat on the ledge.

At the ranch, Nikki asked Sharon about her cancer. Sharon said she didn't like having the low energy, and she never wanted to tell anyone how she felt when she was asked how she was feeling. She didn't want to bring anyone down. Sharon told Nikki about her support team and that all Nick wanted to do was fix things. Nikki said that was typical of Nick. Sharon said that even though Faith had been trained to be grown-up, she was scared.

Nikki theorized that being a parent meant they had to be afraid every day of their lives. She said they needed to throw that fear out the window, and they needed to fight. Nikki suggested that Sharon needed to fight because Nikki believed Sharon was a warrior, and she would win. Sharon claimed that Nikki was also a warrior.

Nikki suggested that as warriors, they both needed to head to the kitchen and get something to eat. Sharon smiled and agreed. Arm in arm, they headed to the kitchen.

Colin returns Devon's inheritance

Colin returns Devon's inheritance

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Billy entered the Chancellor mansion, and Chloe looked up from folding clothes to greet him. She said she was sorry about Victoria, and he replied that he was tired of talking about it. He asked if Jill was there, but Chloe informed him that it was just her. Chloe mentioned that she'd been going through Bella's old clothes and setting up the nursery, and Billy marveled at how her belly had grown. She wondered if it was weird, but he thought it was wonderful.

Chloe remarked that it felt like another lifetime when she'd been telling the world that she wasn't pregnant with Billy's baby, and he conceded that it had been with good reason, since he'd been unreliable, unfaithful, and unapologetic about it. Chloe admitted that she'd been a jerk for not telling him, but Delia had been as loved as any kid could be. Billy commented that pregnancy suited her, and he started to head out. Chloe stopped him and acknowledged that he was "going through hell" over what had happened with Victoria. Chloe recognized that Billy would do anything take Victoria's pain away, and anyone who said otherwise didn't know him. He thanked her, kissed her cheek, and left.

At Crimson Lights, Devon told Nick over the phone that he could handle New Hope himself while Nick focused on Victoria and his family. After Devon hung up, his phone pinged, and he read an anonymous text message with a string of numbers and a comment about the sweet mystery of life.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby testily declined to give a comment to a reporter over the phone. She griped to Chance that she'd been getting constant calls about the lawsuit, and she knew in her gut that Phyllis was behind it. Abby blasted Phyllis for trying to make a shady business deal while Victoria was in the hospital. Chance pulled Abby to him and assured her that she would handle Phyllis the way she handled everything else -- with aplomb.

Abby thanked Chance for letting her vent without trying to fix everything. He thought he would have reacted that way in the past, but he'd curbed his inner caveman because things felt different between them. She figured that they were moving past the casual game-playing phase. Chance answered a call from Devon, who requested Chance's help with a text message he suspected was from Colin. The men made plans to meet.

Abby teased that the conversation had been about to get serious before Chance had been saved by the bell. Chance swore that he wasn't trying to avoid the question, but he wasn't sure he and Abby had had a game-playing phase. She referred to what had happened with him and Phyllis. Chance chalked it up entirely to Phyllis, and he believed he and Abby had been very honest with one another. He added that he'd thought he'd made himself clear when he'd decided to stay in Genoa City that they could be a thing, but in case he hadn't been, he thought Abby was smart, talented, funny, and stunningly beautiful.

Chance found himself wanting to spend as much time with Abby as possible, and she confirmed that she felt the same way. He jokingly asked if she considered him stunningly beautiful, and she replied that he was in his own way. She gushed that things felt easy between them when her life had been anything but easy lately, and they kissed. He told her that he had to meet Devon, but he promised to pick up the conversation later. Chance departed, and Abby sighed happily.

Over the phone, Abby learned that someone had filed a second lawsuit against the hotel. She was even more convinced that Phyllis was behind it, and she vowed not to let Phyllis damage the hotel's reputation just to gain leverage against Abby. Abby found out that the same doctor was testifying about the plaintiff's pain and suffering in both cases. She ordered her lawyer to try harder to make it go away. "This hotel really is cursed," she muttered.

Chance met Devon at the coffeehouse and asked if Devon had any information about the numbers in the text message. Devon pointed out that it wasn't a phone number, and Chance wondered why Devon thought Colin had sent it. Devon groused that it was Colin's style to mess with him, and he guessed that the numbers represented what was left of his inheritance. Chance theorized that the numbers were directional coordinates, but Devon doubted that Colin would provide a clue about where he was. Chance performed a search on his phone and determined that the numbers weren't coordinates, and he contemplated what would happen if they switched the numbers to letters.

Chance spotted Kevin across the room and suggested that they enlist his help. Chance approached Kevin, who bristled when Chance requested his assistance with a series of numbers. Chance pointed out that Kevin was a genius with that kind of stuff, and Kevin asserted that Chloe didn't want James Bond -- she wanted Q. Chance assured Kevin that what had happened between Chance and Chloe had ended years earlier, and he was happy for Kevin and Chloe.

Devon joined Chance and Chloe and explained that it was a favor for him, since he'd received a random text message that he thought was from Colin. Kevin jumped at the opportunity to take Colin down, and Devon showed him the message. Kevin immediately hacked through a couple of firewalls and confirmed that it was an account number at an offshore bank. Kevin exclaimed that there were billions of dollars in the account and that the account was in Devon's name.

Devon's phone pinged with another text message, and Devon read aloud: "Money can make a person crazy. All apologies, mate." Chance was stunned that Colin had given back the money, and Devon wondered why. Chance imagined that Colin was feeling the heat, knowing he'd be captured soon, and Colin had assumed they'd just let him go if he gave the cash back. Chance refused to let Colin walk, but Devon pondered what Colin had meant by the riddle. Chance figured that Colin had just been messing with Devon, and Kevin thought they shouldn't care because Devon was again a billionaire.

Chance, Devon, and Kevin entered the Chancellor mansion. Chance noticed Chloe's extremely pregnant state and remarked that it had been longer than he'd thought since he'd seen her at the hotel. Jill walked in and declared that she knew what it was all about, since she'd just gotten a text message from Colin, who'd requested that she find it in her heart to make her grandson back off. Devon revealed that Colin had sent him a message with a bunch of numbers, and Chance announced that Devon had gotten his inheritance back. Chance guessed that Colin was looking for forgiveness from Jill, but she huffed that it wouldn't happen because Colin had to pay for what he'd done.

Chloe reasoned that at least Colin had returned the money, but Jill wondered if there was more to it. Chloe inquired whether Colin could undo it, and Kevin advised Devon to transfer the funds into his own account right away. Devon thanked Kevin for figuring it out, and Kevin pointedly stated that he was just a father trying to provide for his family. Jill contemplated how to respond to Colin's message. Devon suggested that she not reply at all, since the money was back where it belonged, and Katherine's wishes had been honored. Devon implored everyone to let Colin go.

Chance protested that Colin had broken laws, so it was a police matter. Jill assumed that Devon was just processing the good news and needed time, but Devon requested that Chance take his men off the case. Chance incredulously wondered why Devon wanted to let Colin get away with everything he'd done. Devon figured that Colin had been cut off from everyone he cared about and that he was broke and alone, so he'd suffered enough. Jill anticipated that Colin wouldn't stay down for long, and Chance argued that Colin had made Devon's life "hell." Devon brightly stated that his life was better than it had been in a long time, and that was what he intended to focus on. Devon promised that Kevin would be compensated, and he headed out.

Kevin understood that Devon wanted to move on, but he was surprised Devon hadn't been happier to find a ten-figure balance in an account bearing his name. Chloe figured that Devon had had money before and knew it couldn't buy happiness, but she'd be happy with over two billion dollars. Chloe dragged Kevin upstairs as they discussed all the ways they'd spend the money if it was theirs. Chance observed that Kevin and Chloe seemed happy, and Jill wondered what she was doing wrong. Chance wasn't sure what she'd ever seen in Colin.

Jill fondly thought about the way Colin swallowed life whole -- "responsibilities be damned." She believed he considered life to be one big, wild adventure. She'd loved the ride, but she would probably never trust him. Jill imagined that Chance couldn't fathom why she'd invested all that time in a man who'd lied to her face, and it wasn't an easy question to answer, other than to say she'd never felt more alive than when she'd been with Colin.

Chance apologized for poking his nose in Jill's business, but she called her life an open book. Chance asserted that Colin had been lucky to be even a small part of her life, and he headed out. A few moments later, there was a knock at the door, and a messenger dropped off a gift box with a bow. Jill opened it and found a single red rose inside. She smiled knowingly as she sniffed it.

At Society, Nate and Elena shared their thoughts about the locations they'd just scoped out for the new medical clinic. Nate credited Elena with making the clinic happen, but she stressed that it was a joint effort, and she owed him a huge thank you for encouraging her to get back to her medical career. He called her a natural, and she was thrilled that she'd found purpose again after being a little lost. She recognized that there had been bumps in the road, but she appreciated his friendship.

Elena planned to give the list of location options to Devon, and she remembered how engaged he'd been when she'd first told him about her idea of opening a clinic. She gushed about how he loved lifting people up, and she regretted that the situation with Colin had taken Devon down and messed with his head. Nate reasoned that losing that much money would be hard on anyone, and Elena bemoaned that Devon had lost it because he'd tried to do the right thing. Elena added that Devon was still angry about being conned out of the money, but he mostly felt guilty about letting Katherine down. Elena hoped the situation resolved itself, one way or another, for Devon's sake.

Devon arrived at the restaurant and informed Elena and Nate that Colin had returned all the money. Elena excitedly hugged him, but Nate was paged to the hospital. After Nate rushed out, Elena asked Devon what was really going on. Devon confided that he had a lot of different emotions, since he'd been so focused on trying to get the money back that he didn't know how to feel after achieving that goal. Elena stressed that it was a good thing, but he couldn't get the message from Colin out of his head.

Devon repeated the phrase that money could make a person crazy, and there was something about it that struck a chord with him. Elena noted that the money had never made Devon crazy and that he never had to think about it again. Devon contemplated whether he hadn't thought about it enough. Devon stated that he was older and smarter than when he'd first inherited the money, and he intended to do good things with it and be strategic about who he helped. Elena swore that she loved him whether he had one dollar in his pocket or two billion in an offshore account, and she knew he would make it happen. They clinked their glasses together.

At the hospital, Nikki told an unconscious Victoria that medication had been keeping her in a coma, but it was wearing off, and Nikki would be right there when Victoria woke up. Nikki described the unusually nice talk she'd had with Sharon during a break from the hospital, and she conveyed that Sharon was sincerely worried about Victoria. Nikki hoped Victoria could feel all the people who were thinking about her, loved her, and wanted her to return to them.

Nikki admired how much Victoria had overcome, and she was certain that her daughter was going to overcome the recent trauma because Victoria was the most determined person she knew. Nikki begged Victoria to open her eyes, but Victoria remained motionless. Nikki recalled that she'd seen some beautiful calla lilies in the gift shop, and she wanted the flowers to be there for Victoria when she woke up. Nikki stepped out. A moment later, the door opened again, and Billy stared down at Victoria.

Billy sat at Victoria's bedside and mused that he hadn't been able to stay away, since it should be him in that bed, and he'd never forgive himself for all the pain he'd caused her. He recalled that she'd saved his life more than once; most people would have given up, but she hadn't. He swore that he'd desperately wanted to be that person for her. She'd always been the rock in their relationship, and he needed her to do that again. Billy willed Victoria to muster up all her strength because there were too many people who needed her. He recognized that they were no longer together, but he loved her and would always love her. Victoria's eyes fluttered open, and Billy assured her that she was safe.

Victoria weakly told Billy to get away from her, and he tried to reassure her that she was okay. She vehemently insisted that he stay away, and he assumed that she was confused. He explained that she was just waking up from a coma and that she was in the hospital. Victoria remained panicked, and Billy swore that he hadn't done anything to her. He reached out to comfort her, but she pulled away from his touch as Nikki returned. Nikki asked if Victoria was all right, and she glared at Billy.

Billy recounted that he'd been seeing if Victoria remembered what had happened. Nikki told Victoria not to worry, and Nate entered and asked Billy and Nikki to step out so he could complete an exam. In the corridor, Nikki hissed that she'd seen Victoria pull away from Billy and tell him not to touch her. Billy maintained that Victoria was confused, but Nikki reminded him that he wasn't welcome there. Billy contended that he had a right to be there because he had frightened children at home.

Billy pointed out that Victoria had woken up to his voice. "And then?" Nikki accusingly asked. Billy admitted that Victoria's expression had changed, and he worried that she thought he'd been the one who'd done that to her. Nikki recognized that Billy hadn't inflicted that particular wound, but he had hurt Victoria many times. Billy swore that he'd always loved Victoria, and he just wanted to be there for her. Nikki believed that Victoria would always love him, too, but it didn't mean he should be anywhere around Victoria right then.

Nikki sensed that Billy was going through something, and she told him from one addict to another that he was kidding himself if he thought he could handle it on his own. She implored him to go to therapy or at least have an honest conversation with his sponsor, since he was in denial if he thought he was in a new, enlightened phase of his life. She lectured that his dangerous behavior was inviting the worst possible consequences, and what had happened to Victoria had been one of them. Billy insisted that she was wrong, since he was just trying to live his life honestly and be himself.

Nikki agreed that Billy had been behaving in a way that was exactly like him, and she questioned whether it was who he really wanted to be. She felt sorry for him and all the people around him if that was his choice, but she refused to allow Victoria to be one of those people. Nate reported that he was done with Victoria's exam, but he couldn't discuss her condition without her permission. Nate informed Nikki that Victoria was asking for her. Nikki reentered Victoria's room, leaving Billy behind.

Billy hovered outside Victoria's room as Nikki thanked God that Victoria had woken up. Victoria asked what had happened, and Nikki suggested that they talk about it later because Victoria needed to regain her strength. Victoria inquired about Billy, and Nikki firmly stated that he would never be allowed in the room again. Nikki urged Victoria to focus on getting better, and she promised to be right there to look after Victoria. Billy peered in through the window before defeatedly walking away.

Abby agrees to sell her shares to Phyllis

Abby agrees to sell her shares to Phyllis

Friday, February 28, 2020

At the hospital, Victoria awakened to find Victor, Nikki, and Nick in her room. Victoria wondered if it was morning already, and Nikki informed her that she'd been sleeping a lot since she'd emerged from her coma. Nick teased that Victoria looked "not great," but Victor insisted that she looked wonderful. Victoria asked when she could go home, and Nikki replied that the doctors would let them know soon. Nikki thought they should let Victoria rest, and she and Nick headed out. Victor lingered behind and lovingly touched Victoria's forehead.

Victor urged Victoria to rest, but she wanted to talk about Billy. Victor mentioned that he'd heard Billy had been there and that she'd told Billy to leave. He promised to make sure that Billy didn't return. Victoria remembered arguing with Billy at the party, but she couldn't recollect what had happened after that. Victor implored her not to worry, since they could discuss it once she was home. She demanded to know who had hurt her like that.

In the waiting area, Nikki fretted that she wanted to relax, but she couldn't after being so close to losing Victoria. Nick preferred to focus on moving forward and not looking back, and he was glad Nikki's face had been the first one Victoria had seen when she'd opened her eyes. Nikki shared that it had been Billy's, but Nick thought Billy couldn't have possibly believed that Victoria would be happy to see him. Nikki was sure that Billy felt horrible about everything. Nick didn't give "a damn" about how Billy felt, since he'd ignored their warning to stay away.

Nikki mentioned that she'd found pictures of Johnny and Katie in Victoria's blankets, and she had assumed Victor or Nick had put them there, but she'd realized that Billy had been waiting for them to leave so he could spend time alone with Victoria. Victor overheard and vowed never to let it happen again. Victor reported that Victoria had wanted to know what had happened, but she remembered nothing about the attack. Nick expected that it would hit her hard when she found out, and Victor suggested that they give her all the support they could. Nate appeared and announced that there had been new developments.

Nate was confident that Victoria would make a full recovery and that she could be released as early as that night. He cautioned that she needed to take it easy, since her immune system had been badly compromised, and she'd be susceptible to a lung infection if she wasn't careful. Victor asked how long it would take until she could resume normal duties, and Nikki scolded him for being concerned about when Victoria could go back to work.

Victor stressed that he just wanted to know how long it would be before Victoria recovered completely. Nate replied that it was impossible to say, since Victoria had experienced an emotional trauma that could take a long time to heal. Nick pledged to give her as much support as she needed, and Nate left to tend to other patients. Victor announced that he had to decide which way to go, and he ordered Nick to sit down with him and talk.

Victor wanted to discuss Newman in Victoria's absence, since he'd taken over as CEO for a few days, but he had health issues to consider. Victor intended to find a more permanent solution, and Nick assumed that his father wanted him to do it. Victor recognized that Nick had committed to devoting his time and energy to New Hope, but there were other options. Nick surmised he meant Adam, and Victor relayed that Adam was willing to step up to the plate while Victoria was recovering. Victor added that he'd told Adam he'd think about it, but he hadn't made up his mind yet. Nick vehemently objected to the idea of Adam running Newman.

Victor huffed that he'd put whoever he pleased in charge. Nick wondered how Victor could even consider Adam when there were several members of management who could do the job. Victor asserted that none was a Newman, and that was the only thing that mattered. Nick worried that Adam would never leave once he got his foot back in the door, and he didn't understand why they were even talking about it after Adam had tried to kill Victor and destroy their family multiple times. Victor claimed that he was just weighing his options, but Nick believed that Victor would have hired Adam already if Victor didn't know that it was a terrible idea.

Victor wanted time to think about Adam's offer. Nikki chimed in that Adam wouldn't be her first choice, either. Nick knew that his parents wanted him to say he'd do anything for their family, but he couldn't get sucked back into the job. Nick maintained that there were other alternatives to Adam. He urged Victor to choose one but said it wouldn't be Nick. Nick walked off. "He'll come around," Victor mused, but Nikki was doubtful.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby ran into Jack. She mentioned that she'd just been at the hospital to see Victoria, who had been sleeping but looking good. He thanked God for good news, and she asked if everything was okay. He bemoaned that Dina wasn't doing well. Abby recalled that Dina had seemed more alert the last time Abby had seen her. Jack recognized that Dina had rallied before, making them believe there was a chance it would last, but she had lost her appetite and been asleep more often than awake lately.

Abby lamented that she'd expected it to be months or years before that happened, and she and Jack hugged. Jack accepted that all they could do was keep Dina as comfortable as they could. Abby inquired whether her mom knew, and Jack said he'd wanted Abby to know first so she could prepare herself. Abby understood that Ashley and Dina had had issues, but there was a fierce love between them. Abby anticipated that it would be tough on all of them but particularly difficult for Jack, and she wanted him to know she'd be there whenever he needed her. He thanked her and headed out.

Phyllis approached a stricken Abby and asked why she seemed so grim. Abby sourly wished her a good morning, and Phyllis was surprised she wasn't happier because of Victoria's improved condition. Phyllis guessed that Abby was worried about the pesky lawsuit, and Abby clarified that there were lawsuits. Phyllis feigned surprise, and she imagined it was a headache. Abby snapped that she was looking at her biggest headache right then. "And I'm not going anywhere," Phyllis taunted.

Abby surmised that Phyllis intended to make Abby's life miserable until Abby buckled under the pressure, but Phyllis countered that she didn't have to lift a finger because the universe was doing it for her. Abby retorted that she wasn't going anywhere, either. Abby wondered what Phyllis had to gain from the negative publicity, since it affected their shares equally, but Abby had a nest egg to fall back on, whereas Phyllis had nothing. Phyllis countered that she could make the lawsuits disappear, and she presented Abby with a document that outlined an offer to buy her shares.

Phyllis suggested that they figure out a payment plan, and Abby could remain a silent partner over the next 20 years. Abby found it hilarious that Phyllis expected her to believe that Phyllis could commit to anything for two decades, and she maintained that her answer was still no. Phyllis clucked that Abby was just delaying the inevitable. "Right back at you, Phyllis," Abby spat.

Over the phone, Abby became livid when she learned that her lawyer couldn't get the lawsuits tossed, and Amanda overheard as Abby griped that she needed a new lawyer. After Abby hung up, Amanda apologized for intruding and inquired about Victoria. Abby reported that her sister was awake and doing better, and Amanda was relieved. Abby asked about leads on Ripley, and Amanda indicated that there hadn't been any yet. Amanda expressed her appreciation for the extra security, and she suggested that Abby use her as a legal resource.

Abby was reluctant because Amanda and Phyllis were friends, and she shared that Phyllis had been the one engineering the lawsuits to try to get Abby to sell her shares of the hotel. Amanda had thought Phyllis had moved on, but Abby ranted that Phyllis used people before tossing them aside. Amanda noted that Abby had kept the doors open, despite having one crisis after another, and she questioned why that time would be any different. Abby groaned that she was tired of fighting, especially with Phyllis. Amanda figured that Abby was fighting so hard because she loved the hotel and was willing to do whatever it took to keep it.

Abby declared that she was proud of what she'd accomplished at the Grand Phoenix, and it had taken her a long time to admit that she'd done a good job because everyone thought she'd had everything handed to her. She was grateful that she'd been given a head start in life, but she wanted her own name and not just her family's to be associated with success. Amanda sensed that Abby was looking beyond Society and the Grand Phoenix to a hospitality empire. Abby realized that she'd been fighting Phyllis so hard because she didn't want people to think that the poor little rich girl took the easy way out when things got tough. Amanda understood about being a girl with something to prove, but she advised that people would think what they going to think, and Abby had to decide what winning looked like to her and only her.

Later, Amanda spotted Phyllis looking around the lobby, and she mentioned that Abby wasn't there. Amanda relayed what Abby had told her about the lawsuits and Phyllis' scheme to take over the hotel. Amanda was a little offended that Phyllis hadn't given her a heads-up, but Phyllis reasoned that she hadn't wanted to burden Amanda with her problems with everything Amanda was going through. Amanda had thought Phyllis had moved on, and Phyllis couldn't explain what had changed other than that ambition had met opportunity. Amanda lectured that Phyllis was creating more chaos when life threw enough at them as it was, and she wondered whether the hotel was worth it. "Damn right it is," Phyllis replied.

Phyllis presented a simple explanation for why she didn't want to let the trust fund baby get the best of her -- it was Phyllis' hotel, and she'd put her heart, soul, and blood into it, even naming it after something she'd been going through at the time. Phyllis hissed that Adam had taken it out from under her and sold it to Abby, who in turn had partnered up with Chelsea. Phyllis groused that it had only been an investment to Chelsea and a shiny toy for Abby, but it meant everything to Phyllis. Phyllis vowed to spend every single waking hour making Abby's life miserable until Phyllis got it back. She noticed Amanda's expression and guessed that Abby was right behind her.

Abby chirped that there was no need to apologize, and she thanked the woman she'd just finished meeting with. Abby announced that there was something she needed to tell Phyllis. She set down a tray of glasses filled with Champagne and invited Phyllis and Amanda to join her. Abby thanked Amanda for the eye-opening conversation earlier, since she'd decided it wasn't worth the time and energy to fight Phyllis. Abby declared that she intended to take Phyllis up on her offer, and the place would be Phyllis' to do with as she pleased.

Abby handed Phyllis a letter of intent to sell her shares, and Phyllis perused it. Abby asked if Phyllis was happy, and Phyllis barked that she was just getting back what was rightfully hers. Abby congratulated Phyllis and revealed that the woman she'd been with earlier hadn't been a lawyer but a Realtor. Abby divulged that she'd purchased the property across the street, and she planned to build a bigger, better, grander hotel that would make the Grand Phoenix look like a shack on the beach.

Abby reveled in the idea of getting a fresh start without the baggage of drugged guests, a hostage crisis, and the "ever-present walking nightmare" that was Phyllis. Abby sweetly apologized in advance for the construction noise that might last a year or two. Phyllis bellowed that she'd gotten what she'd wanted, and that was all that mattered. "I have two words for you. Bring it!" Phyllis dared. "It's been brought," Abby confidently replied.

Chance stopped by Adam's penthouse and reminded Adam about the conversation they'd had about Phyllis' hold over their heads. Chance called Phyllis a loose cannon with an agenda and a target -- them. Chance planned on eliminating the threat immediately, and Adam admitted that he'd imagined a world without Phyllis more than once. Chance swore that no one would get hurt, though Phyllis' feelings might get bruised. Chance assumed that the incriminating recording was on her laptop with a backup on a hard drive, and Adam assumed that Chance needed his help to get to them. Chance said he had it covered, but he needed Adam to be okay with what he was about to do. Adam gave his blessing, and the men shook hands.

Chance stopped by the Chancellor mansion and thanked Kevin for seeing him. Chance commended how Kevin had settled the issue with Devon's money, and he considered hiring Kevin for another side job. Kevin was interested, but he wondered whether it was legal. Chance explained that he was looking for an audio file of an illegally recorded conversation, and he presumed it was stored on a laptop and a thumb drive. He wanted the files destroyed once he found where they were being kept.

Kevin pointed out that Chance was a former Federal agent who knew dozens of people who could do the job, and he suspected it was a setup. Kevin theorized that someone in the police department had hired Chance to see if Kevin would cross the line. Chance swore that he would never do that because Kevin was family, and it was a private matter that needed to be handled quickly and discreetly. Chance said no one would know Kevin was involved. Chance gave his word that Kevin wouldn't end up regretting taking the job. Kevin inquired about compensation, and Chance wrote down a figure on a piece of paper. The men agreed to make a deal.

At Society, Jack phoned Ashley and informed her that Victoria was on the mend, but the main reason he'd called was about their mom. He warned that it wasn't good news, and he thought Ashley needed to return home.

Adam entered the restaurant and greeted Jack, and the men shook hands. Adam observed that Jack looked like he could use a friend, assuming they were still friends. Jack admitted that it hadn't always been easy to be Adam's friend. Adam intended to make a lot of amends to people, and Jack was at the top of the list. Jack hoped Adam was sincere, and he figured that if Victor had forgiven Adam enough to invite him to the Newman gala, Jack and Adam could break bread together.

Adam wondered what was going on, since Jack looked lost. Jack divulged that Dina wasn't doing well, and although he'd thought he'd be prepared for it, it was just awful watching a parent slip away. Adam knew the feeling, and Jack acknowledged that Victor's shadow had hovered over Adam for a long time. Adam confided that he'd been doing a lot of soul-searching about his father lately, and he was trying to figure out where he fit in. Jack guessed that Adam intended to prove himself to Victor by returning to the family fold, since Adam had tipped his hand with his speech at Victor's celebration. Adam knew that Victor had heard the words, but he didn't know if his father had taken them to heart.

Adam explained that he and Victor had mended fences to a point, but he thought he had to prove himself again. He continued that he'd indicated his willingness to run Newman while Victoria was out, and he'd made it clear that it wasn't a power play but just a way to help the family. Adam revealed that Victor had said he'd get back to Adam, and Jack wasn't surprised by Victor's reluctance after all the two of them had been through. Adam imagined that Jack considered him an opportunist. Jack thought it had been the right choice to make, and he encouraged Adam to continue to pursue it -- but his support was conditional.

Adam insisted that he genuinely wanted to help his family, but Jack recalled that Adam had proven himself to his father in the past by showing that he was every bit as ruthless and tough as Victor was. Adam refused to deny it, but he wanted credit for learning from his mistakes. Jack advised Adam not to let Victor push his buttons and to be ready to step down with grace as soon as Victoria returned. Jack warned that if Adam took another shortcut, there would be no recovering from it, and he'd be severing his relationship with his dad and his family for good.

Adam swore that he was fully aware of what was at risk, but he had no ulterior motives. He intended to do right by the company and his family if given the opportunity. Jack suggested that Adam allow Victor to make the next move.

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