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Mariah and Lindsay had sex. Tessa walked out on Mariah. An ice storm hit Genoa City. Sharon's health took a turn for the worse. Elena and Nate treated the clinic's first patient. Phyllis and Nick agreed that they were better off as friends, but they later gave in to their attraction.
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Mariah and Lindsay had sex, Theo and Lola kissed, and Phyllis and Nick gave in to their attraction
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Tessa discovers a shocking surprise

Tessa discovers a shocking surprise

Monday, March 2, 2020

At the hospital, Nikki visited Victoria and assured her that Johnny and Katie were receiving the best of care. Victoria was surprised to learn that Victor allowed the children to enjoy daily visits with Billy and that Sharon stopped by frequently, too. Nikki said even Billy understood that it was best for the children to remain at the ranch, under Hannah's watchful eye. Victoria said it was kind of weird that everyone seemed to be getting along all of a sudden. Nikki replied, "Well, family emergencies tend to bring out the best in people."

Paul met with Victoria, Victor, and Nikki and told Victoria that her attacker, Ripley Turner, had once been Amanda Sinclair's fiancé. Paul explained that though Amanda had filed for a restraining order, Ripley had followed Amanda to Victor's party. Nikki noted that both Victoria and Amanda had been dressed similarly and had been standing in the dark shadows of the art gallery when the attack had happened. Paul told Victoria that Ripley had intended to attack Amanda, not her. Victor explained that Amanda had accompanied Billy to the party. Victoria was taken aback by the news and begged to go home to the ranch because she was done with Billy. Victoria told her parents they should bar Billy from the ranch. Victor replied, "You'll never have to see that punk again."

At Crimson Lights, Sharon set tables while Rey followed her around the dining room, begging her to take it easy. Sharon explained that she was taking frequent breaks, wasn't overdoing, and was having a relatively normal day. Sharon explained that after her next chemo treatment, she might be holed up for a while. Rey admired the new décor and asked if patrons had complimented the changes. Sharon replied that her customers had expressed appreciation that she'd freshened the look without overdoing it, so the place still felt familiar and homey. Sharon said she planned to head home because she was hungry for spaghetti and meatballs. Rey was ready to join Sharon before he was called in to work. He kissed Sharon before leaving.

Out on the patio at the coffeehouse, Billy arrived and joined Jack. Jack told Billy that Dina was slipping away. Jack admitted that while not unexpected, the reality had hit him hard. Jack told Billy he appreciated having Billy close, especially with everything that was going on with Victoria. Billy became agitated and replied, "Is that some subtle way of making a point with me?" Billy felt pressured to get his act together and recalled that his mom had also expressed a need for his support. Jack replied, "You honestly think I would use my mother's decline to manipulate you?"

Jack reminded Billy that other people actually had problems, too. Billy apologized and praised Jack, Ashley, and Traci for having put their personal lives aside to support Dina. Jack explained that Dina was the brave one who'd handled the biggest fight of her life with grace. Jack recalled his recent discovery of Dina's secrets and said he was certain Dina felt his forgiveness based on her sense of peace. Billy acknowledged that Dina had received a gift of forgiveness even after a long life of mistakes and painful decisions.

Jack became emotional, choked back tears, and thanked Billy for his support. Jack acknowledged that Kyle had been a good listener. Jack added that he looked forward to a visit from Ashley and Traci. Jack said he planned to attend a support meeting because the meetings were always helpful. Billy bristled and replied, "Wow, Jack. That was subtle." Jack tried to explain, but Billy refused to listen and abruptly left.

After Billy left, Jack went to the dining room and struck up a conversation with Sharon about Noah's art aspirations. Jack noticed Sharon flexing her fingers and said he sometimes experienced cramps in his hand. Sharon invited Jack to sit down because she had something to tell him. After Jack heard that Sharon was battling cancer, he offered his support. Sharon said she was grateful for her support system and would include Jack.

Jack suggested that Sharon talk to Ashley, who'd also battled breast cancer. Sharon declined, explaining that she wished to keep the news quiet, even though Nikki and Phyllis already knew. Jack and Sharon brought up Victoria, and Sharon asked about Billy. Jack admitted that Billy wasn't in a good place and had been reverting to self-destructive behavior. Sharon said she'd been saddened to hear that Victoria and Billy had split up. Jack lamented that Billy was isolating himself. Sharon explained that sometimes people in trouble refused to reach out until there was no one left to help. Sharon said she was certain Jack wouldn't let that happen to Billy.

At Jabot, Summer told Kyle about her plans for print and online advertising extending into the summer season. Kyle praised Summer's work. Summer said she longed for warmer weather and suggested she and Kyle jet off to a tropical destination to take a reprieve from an approaching winter storm. Kyle nixed the idea and noted that they had blurred the line between work and personal life. Kyle gave Summer the option of taking a break from him to stave off burnout. Summer acknowledged that she'd been working harder than ever but was exactly where she wanted to be, both personally and professionally.

Summer asked Kyle about the specifics of a particular product. Kyle said Ashley wasn't satisfied with the latest round of testing. Kyle mentioned that Ashley was heading to town because Dina's health had deteriorated. Summer expressed sorrow for Kyle and Jack and asked about Billy. Kyle expressed uncertainty about Billy and said Jack would never turn his back on his brother. Summer said she didn't believe her dad or her grandfather would ever forgive Billy.

Summer stepped out for coffee and ran into Theo, who lobbed a few snarky remarks about her and Kyle. Summer noted that Theo evidently had no plans with Lola because he was working late. Theo told Summer she could believe whatever she wanted about him and Lola. Summer replied, "Well, word to the wise -- focus on work, not women." Theo asked Summer if she was implying that his work had been subpar. Summer explained that Theo should be thankful for his job at Jabot and should play nice and be a part of the team.

Summer suggested that Theo, who'd finally ended his attempts to get under Kyle's skin regarding Lola, might actually be able to rekindle his friendship with his old buddy. Theo scoffed and said Kyle wouldn't want him around long-term. Theo explained that Kyle had only pretended to be Lola's knight in shining armor. Theo said, "Every time he looks at me, he sees a guy who's got his number. As soon as he can get away with it, he'll push me out."

Summer laughed when Theo said she'd gotten what she wanted and no longer needed him. Summer said Theo was wrong about her and Kyle. Summer claimed that Theo had nothing to worry about because Jack would protect him. Theo insisted he didn't need to rely on family connections like Kyle did. Theo threatened to fight back and told Summer that Kyle was the one who should be careful. Summer seemed unsettled by Theo's comment.

At Society, Mariah sat at the bar and poured her heart out to Lola and to Lindsay, the bartender. Mariah apologized for venting her frustrations. Lola noted that it was a quiet night due to the approaching storm, and she recalled that Mariah had been there for her when she and Kyle had broken up. Lola clarified that she wasn't anticipating Mariah and Tessa breaking up and was certain they'd figure out everything. Lindsay turned to closely listen when Mariah cried that Tessa hadn't been responding to text messages.

Lola advised Mariah not to jump to conclusions. Mariah admitted she'd made dumb accusations against Tessa and Tanner and had refused to answer calls after she'd hung up on Tessa. Lindsay suggested that Tessa might be scheduled for a performance and unable to call. Mariah said Tessa's schedule was free, though she couldn't prove Tessa wasn't with Tanner. Mariah cried that she couldn't shake the feeling that something was going on.

Lola assured Mariah that she was making unfounded assumptions about a photo of Tanner and Tessa. Mariah recalled that Tessa felt comfortable taking showers while a shirtless Tanner was in her room. Mariah admitted she was concerned about Tanner cuddling with Tessa. Mariah told Lola she was listening to her gut, and she asked Lola if she regretted not having listened to hers. Lola replied, "Tanner and Tessa are not Kyle and Summer." Mariah said she wasn't certain how real her relationship with Tessa had been, given their track record of keeping secrets from each other.

After Lola walked away, Lindsay suggested that Mariah hadn't confided to Tessa about having lost her job because Tessa was out living her dream. Mariah couldn't erase her doubts and said she honestly believed there was something else going on. Lindsay went to the kitchen and brought out a couple of desserts. As they ate, Lindsay asked Mariah why she hadn't told Tessa that Power Communications had folded. Mariah said it had been her job to propel Tessa's career to the next level, but it was Tanner who'd managed to make it happen. Mariah said she missed being able to show Tessa how much she believed in her. Mariah became emotional, and Lindsay insisted on accompanying her home.

Mariah and Lindsay entered the apartment Mariah shared with Tessa. Lindsay said she didn't see much of Mariah's personality in the place. Mariah acknowledged that she'd moved in and out a number of times and might soon leave again because she couldn't stay if things didn't work out. Lindsay sympathized with Tessa and recalled her having mentioned someone else she was concerned about. Mariah began sobbing and said sometimes she worried she might lose that person, too. Lindsay embraced Mariah and kissed her. They began kissing and quickly began disrobing.

After Mariah and Lindsay made love, Mariah took a shower. Lindsay was buttoning her top as Mariah emerged from the bathroom, clad in a robe. Mariah told Lindsay she hadn't envisioned what had happened. Lindsay said they could talk later about what had happened and should just let it be. Mariah sat on the sofa next to Lindsay and held her hand. Tessa opened the door and was startled to see Mariah and Lindsay. Tessa said, "What's going on here?"

In her hotel suite at the Grand Phoenix, Amanda became distraught after reading an online news story about Ripley. After falling asleep, Amanda awoke and was horrified to find Ripley in her room. Amanda screamed for help and called out to the officer stationed outside her door. Ripley replied, "There's no one out there." Ripley claimed that Amanda had ruined his life, and he told her she couldn't just walk away. Amanda was awakened by a knock at her door and realized she'd had a nightmare.

Rey identified himself outside Amanda's door and said he had something important to tell her. Amanda learned that someone had spotted Ripley at a rest stop near Genoa City. Police had apprehended Ripley and, during a search of his vehicle, had discovered weapons. Amanda said she would confront Ripley in jail. Rey discouraged a visit. Amanda realized she was a potential witness.

After Rey left, Amanda appeared close to a nervous breakdown. Billy arrived and said he was concerned because the guard wasn't present. Amanda explained that Ripley had been arrested and was behind bars. Amanda cried that although Ripley had been controlling, he'd never in the past been violent. Amanda said it had never occurred to her that Ripley wanted to kill her. Billy told Amanda she no longer had to fear Ripley. Amanda cried that she couldn't face Ripley because his lawyers could twist her actions against her. Billy offered his abiding support. Amanda said she was fine, and she opened her door and ordered Billy to leave.

When Rey returned to Crimson Lights, he was surprised to find Sharon still there. Sharon said she had met with Jack and stayed longer that she'd planned. Sharon admitted that she'd become fatigued and felt like she should rest before attempting to drive. Rey extended his hand and told Sharon he'd drive her home. Sharon broke down in tears and said she hated dealing with the way she felt. Rey told Sharon she needed to rest at home.

Reed returns home to be with Victoria

Reed returns home to be with Victoria

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

At Mariah and Tessa's apartment, Tessa stared at Lindsay and a bathrobe-clad Mariah. Mariah asked what Tessa was doing there, and Tessa replied that she lived there the last she'd checked. Tessa assumed that she'd surprised them, and she pointed out that it was late to be entertaining. Tessa demanded to know what Lindsay was doing there, and Mariah retorted that Lindsay didn't owe any explanations. "But you do," Tessa declared.

Mariah coldly asked why Tessa wasn't on the road with her rock star boyfriend, making beautiful music together. Mariah groused that Tanner had answered the phone every time she'd called, and he'd been shirtless in the background on their last video chat. Tessa questioned who Mariah thought Tessa was, and Mariah snapped that she didn't know, which was the problem. Tessa accused Mariah of acting like a jealous brat. Mariah asked if Tessa had slept with Tanner, and Tessa vehemently denied it. Tessa wondered if Mariah could say she hadn't cheated, and Mariah claimed that she hadn't slept with Lindsay, who guiltily looked away. "All evidence to the contrary," Tessa barked, slamming the door on her way out.

Mariah began to panic as she contemplated what had just happened. Lindsay assured Mariah that she'd never thought it had been anything more than Mariah simply needing someone to make her feel special and wanted. Mariah stammered that it had happened because she'd thought she'd lost Tessa, but she'd been wrong. Lindsay figured that Mariah had made a mistake and could fix it. "Not this one," Mariah worried.

Mariah tried in vain to reach Tessa. Lindsay refused to let Mariah punish herself, noting that Mariah hadn't been the first person to cheat. Mariah swore that it wasn't like her to cheat and that she had very strong opinions about people who did. Mariah wondered how Tessa could ever trust her again, and Lindsay advised Mariah to be kinder to herself and to others, since Mariah had seen how easy it was to make a mistake. Lindsay advised Mariah to talk to her closest friends and family to remind herself who she was and get herself back on track. Lindsay added that Mariah knew where to find her if she ever wanted to talk, and Mariah thanked her.

At the cottage, Rey warned that they were expecting the worst ice storm in ten years, but he assured Sharon that they were stocked with ginger ale and crackers until the spring. Sharon wondered if she'd last that long, but Rey was sure that she'd rally after her minor setback. She complained that she felt like she'd been hit by a truck, and he wished there was more he could do. Sharon wailed that no matter how mentally prepared she was, it just got worse, and she wanted her body back. Rey observed that she looked stronger than she had earlier, but she fretted that her next chemo session would be canceled if her numbers weren't where they needed to be. She added that as bad as the treatment made her feel, she needed it.

Rey anticipated that Sharon would feel better in the morning. Sharon ranted that she was trying to fight it, but her body kept betraying her. She wanted the cancer out of her. She lashed out at Rey for treating her like a baby as Faith appeared at the foot of the stairs. Sharon admitted that she'd been having a tantrum, and she apologized for not being herself. Rey answered a call from work and said he couldn't help that night, and he cautioned the caller to be careful.

After Rey hung up, he explained that it looked like things would get bad with the storm rolling in. Sharon insisted that she would be fine for a few hours without him when the police force needed him more than she did. Rey protested that he didn't want to leave, and Sharon put on earbuds and loudly stated that the music was relaxing. Rey inquired whether Faith would be okay if she was there alone with her mom. Faith reasoned that Sharon had taken care of her every minute of her life, so Faith could handle a few hours of repaying the favor.

Rey promised to check in later, and he departed. Sharon asked Faith about school, and Faith reported that it had been great until lunch. Faith launched into a detailed description of her friend's disgusting tuna salad, and a nauseous Sharon ran to the bathroom. When Sharon returned, Faith regretted talking about gross food, and Sharon expected that the worst was over for that night. Sharon encouraged Faith to call someone if she felt nervous, but Faith was determined to take care of Sharon after the years Sharon had taken care of her. Faith was glad her mother trusted her. "With my life," Sharon firmly stated.

Mariah suddenly walked in and was surprised to see that Faith wasn't getting ready for bed or doing her homework. Faith sarcastically thanked her for the reminder, and she headed upstairs. Mariah asked how Sharon was, but Sharon doubted that Mariah had driven all the way out there to check up on her. Mariah tearfully bemoaned that her entire life was one enormous Dumpster fire, and she'd lit the match. Thunder clapped outside, and Mariah groaned that it was the perfect backdrop to the "hell" her life had just become.

Mariah explained that she'd thought Tessa had been hooking up with Tanner when Tessa had almost never answered her calls, but she'd been very wrong. Mariah considered it a selfish pattern, since she was there to lay it all on her mom when Sharon already had enough to deal with. Sharon thought Tessa should have been clear about what had or hadn't been going on with Tanner, especially with everything Mariah was handling with Sharon. Sharon gauged from Mariah's reaction that Mariah hadn't told Tessa about the cancer.

Mariah whimpered that she'd tried, but every time she'd wanted a moment alone with Tessa, Tanner had popped up. Mariah asked how badly she'd screwed up, and Sharon remained silent. Mariah moved on to the next question, which was how she could fix it. Sharon thought Mariah knew the answer to that one, too. Mariah realized that it was up to her to try to save her relationship with Tessa. Sharon urged her to stay positive.

Phyllis stopped by Amanda's hotel room and noted that Amanda looked tired. Amanda invited her in and shared that the police had arrested Ripley. Amanda was glad they'd caught him, but she was disconcerted that he'd been on his way back to Genoa City, determined to murder her, even though he'd known everyone had been looking for him. Amanda admitted that she was vacillating between relief, fear, and anger. Phyllis contended that all that mattered was that Ripley was behind bars and that Amanda was okay.

Amanda insisted on dealing with it on her own. Phyllis accepted that Amanda was a lone wolf, but she also wanted Amanda to know that she wasn't the first woman to suffer at the hands of a very controlling man. Amanda remembered reading about Phyllis' involvement in the J.T. Hellstrom case. Phyllis conceded that she hadn't gone through the same thing that Amanda or Victoria had, but she knew abuse, and just because Amanda hadn't been injured didn't mean she hadn't been traumatized. Amanda swore that she was fine, but Phyllis remained skeptical.

Phyllis suggested that Amanda be thankful that Ripley was behind bars, so she didn't have to look over her shoulder anymore. Phyllis continued that Amanda had worked too hard to build an amazing life for herself to let Ripley take her down. Amanda resolved to bounce back, and Phyllis was confident she would. Phyllis hugged Amanda and headed out, but she clarified that although she was walking out the door, she didn't walk out on her friends, so she'd be back. Amanda jokingly asked if it was a warning, and Phyllis replied that it was a promise.

Devon met Elena at Crimson Lights and mentioned the ice patches on the road. He swore that he was willing to go through anything to find out what her cryptic message meant, and she asked what her smile told him. He guessed that it meant she loved him, and she recognized how hard it was to surprise him because he was a man who had everything he ever wanted. She held up a key that she claimed could unlock thousands of dreams.

Elena revealed that the key unlocked the door to what might be their new clinic. She enthused that she loved the space, and she couldn't wait for Devon to see it. They spotted Amanda enter the coffeehouse and order coffee to go at the counter. Devon and Elena approached Amanda and expressed their sympathy about what had happened with Ripley, and they swore that they would have helped Amanda if they'd known what she'd been going through. Amanda replied that she appreciated her privacy, and Devon told her to let them know if she needed anything.

Devon added that he had good news that he thought Amanda would want to hear -- Colin had given up his offshore account, and the money was back where it belonged. Amanda was glad it had worked out for him, and she supposed it helped that a criminal hadn't gotten away with the crime. Devon stressed that he wanted to help Amanda if he could, and he offered to make a recommendation for office space if she intended to stay in Genoa City. Amanda indicated that she wasn't making any huge life decisions just yet, and she wished them a good night.

Elena showed Devon around the potential space for the new clinic, envisioning a reception area with children's books and toys. She worried that he wasn't saying anything, and she requested that he give his opinion to her straight. He remarked that the facility had great bones with a lot of potential, and she gushed about making patients feel special and keeping people healthy. Devon smiled, kissed her, and responded yes to everything she'd just said about her vision and dream. Nate arrived and inquired whether Elena had given Devon the grand tour.

Elena wondered if they should pop open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate their new clinic, but Devon preferred to take it one step at a time. Elena suggested that Devon view the exterior of the building, but Nate advised them not to. She guessed that the storm had become worse, and she peered out the window at the falling snow and realized that they were stuck there. Nate pointed out that the bright side was that they'd find out whether the building could withstand a weather crisis.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria marveled at the rousing welcome she'd received from the kids. Nikki likened it to Christmas morning for Johnny and Katie to have their mom home again. Victoria mused that their sweet faces had been the best medicine she could ask for, and Victor advised her to get ready for her next welcome. "Hi, Mom," Reed greeted from the entryway, and he questioned whether she was too sore for a hug. Victoria pulled him to her and called him the answer to her prayers.

Nikki mentioned that she'd been worried that Reed wouldn't make it with the ice storm on the way. Reed informed them that Nick had filled him in on most of what was going on, and Victoria firmly stated that she didn't want to talk about it. Victoria assured him that she was doing much better since she had been released from the hospital and had her family around her. Reed noted that the whole family wasn't there, and he demanded to know "how the hell" Billy had let it happen when he was supposed to protect her. Victor declared that there would be no more talk of "Billy Boy" Abbott, since Victoria was there to recuperate, and they didn't want to reopen a fresh wound.

In the foyer, Nick prepared to leave to spend time with Christian before the boy went to sleep. Victor announced that he'd made up his mind about who would run Newman, and Nick had the feeling he wouldn't like it. Victor contended that Adam was the only option, but Nick respectfully disagreed and wondered what Victoria thought about it. Victor preferred not to bother her with it, but Nikki opined that Victoria didn't want anyone filling in for her. Nick respected that it was Victor's decision to make, and he departed. Nikki understood that Victor wanted to give Adam the benefit of the doubt, but she questioned whether Adam could really be trusted with Newman.

Later, Reed privately asked Victor if Victoria would really be all right. Victor assured him that she needed rest but would be as good as new. Reed peered in as Nikki covered Victoria with a blanket.

At Society, Chelsea toasted to friendship, since Connor was spending the evening with a new friend from school, and they'd otherwise be having dinner for three at home. Chelsea sensed that Adam was upset because Victor hadn't immediately taken him up on his offer to run Newman. Adam argued that he was not only the best candidate but also the only candidate. He recognized that he shouldn't let it get to him, and he decided to "let the chips fall where they may." They clinked their glasses together.

Chelsea clucked that it would be Victor's fault if he wasn't smart enough to give Adam a chance to prove himself. They realized that they had to pick Connor up soon, and Adam suggested that they leave before the ice storm got bad. Adam received an incoming call from Victor, and he set the phone on the table and planned to let his father see how much fun it was to wait. Adam eventually caved in and answered, and Victor summoned him to the ranch immediately to discuss Newman's future.

Later, Victor asked Nikki if he'd heard someone at the door. She informed him that Adam and Chelsea were setting up Connor to play with Johnny and Katie so the adults could speak privately. Nikki pointed out that Victor still hadn't told her if he planned to let Adam take charge, and Adam and Chelsea walked in. Adam recognized that no matter what Victor had decided, there had to be strings attached, and he questioned what he had to do to prove his loyalty. Victor chuckled.

Adam waited to hear what hoops Victor would make him jump through that time. Victor recognized that Victoria couldn't go back to work until she was fully recovered, and he wanted to discuss what was best for the company and the necessary steps they had to take to protect it. Adam proclaimed that he was there to negotiate, and he dared Victor to put his cards on the table. Victor asked if it was the part where he was supposed to beg Adam to stay, since Adam knew Victor needed someone to run the company in Victoria's absence. There was suddenly a loud crash outside, and Nikki and Chelsea rushed off to check on the kids.

At the cottage, Sharon worried that it had sounded like the sky had broken apart. Meanwhile, Victor called security to check it out. Victoria appeared downstairs to ask about the noise and found Adam there. Nikki and Chelsea reported that the kids were all right. Victor revealed that the largest tree on the ranch had fallen, and he imagined it was a "hell of a storm" to take down a tree that size. Adam realized that it was too dangerous to go out, and he guessed that they had all night to hash things out.

Phyllis dropped by Nick's house with a bag of food. Phyllis was glad Nick was taking a break from his vigil, and he informed her that Victoria had been released. Phyllis presented him with dinner and hoped Summer could help them put a dent in it. Nick reported that their daughter was working late, and Phyllis muttered, "Or something." Nick opted not to talk about the "something," and Phyllis went to get plates. Nick told her to slow down, since it was time they talked about "that kiss."

Phyllis saw no reason to label what had happened, and she busied herself with unpacking the food. Nick acknowledged that she'd been amazing since Victoria had been hurt, but "this" couldn't happen. Phyllis countered that "this" had never been on the table, since it had only been a kiss at a party during an adrenaline rush, and she'd already moved on. She prompted him to do the same, but he asked what the Chinese food was all about. She referred to it as dinner with a friend, and she suggested that he get over himself because sometimes an egg roll was just an egg roll.

Nick warned that Phyllis' innocent act wouldn't work on him, and she confessed that she had a hidden agenda. She was excited to have the Grand Phoenix, but she wanted to expand, and she inquired whether he still had the Dark Horse properties that she'd returned to him. Nick questioned how Abby and Chelsea had happened to walk away from the hotel, and Phyllis claimed that it had been a mutual understanding. Nick suspected that Phyllis had done something unethical to make it happen. Phyllis asserted that she didn't need his approval or praise, and she hurried out.

A moment later, Phyllis reentered and announced that there had been a change of plans, and Nick asked if she'd ever give back his spare key. She reminded him that she kept it for emergencies, and there was one outside because there was ice everywhere. She preferred not to drive in it, and she ordered him to throw a log on the fire because she wasn't going anywhere.

Chloe goes into labor during an ice storm

Chloe goes into labor during an ice storm

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

by Nel

At Jabot, Jack thanked Ashley for returning for Dina. He apologized for asking her to return from Paris so soon after Victor's gala. Ashley said that she and Jack had known that day would come, and they agreed that knowing didn't make it easier. Ashley was worried they wouldn't make it home because of the severity of the storm. She told Jack they had to see Dina as soon as the roads were safe. Jack warned Ashley that Dina hadn't had many lucid moments in recent months.

Jack told Ashley that he'd seen Dina earlier that day. He said at first, all had gone well. However, Dina had suddenly been hit with a wave of fear, and she'd become terrified of him. Jack said it was devastating, but he was happy she was in the facility where she was well cared for.

Ashley said she wanted to freshen up. Jack walked Ashley to the door. When he turned, he saw Dina sitting in the CEO chair, very much aware and lucid. She asked Jack to take a seat. When Jack hesitated, Dina asked what he was waiting for. Jack sat down and asked Dina how she felt. Dina said she was fine, but she commented that Jack looked exhausted. Jack said she looked wonderful. Dina said she knew that Jack missed who she'd been. Dina said that Jack had gone on without her before, and he would do it again.

Jack told Dina that she'd lost her memories, and he'd lost the special person she'd been. He wanted to protect her; his worst nightmare was that she'd be afraid, and he wouldn't be able to help her. Dina assured Jack that when the time came, she would feel him by her side. Jack said he didn't know how to handle the situation, but Dina said he would handle it bravely because he was her son. She told Jack to always look to John for guidance. Jack assured her that he always did. When Jack looked up, Dina had disappeared.

Ashley returned to an empty office. When she turned to look for Jack, Dina stood in the doorway and said, "Hi." Ashley said that she and Dina had just begun working through their problems when Alzheimer's had taken that away. Dina said she was there at that moment, and she said that in spite of who Ashley's father had been, Ashley was an Abbot. She told Ashley to lean on Jack and Traci.

Dina disappeared when Jack returned with a tray of coffee and food he'd found in the breakroom. Ashley said she was happy that she and Jack were alone to talk. She said that a lot had happened between her and Jack over the years, and she apologized that she hadn't been there to help Jack take care of Dina. Ashley said that living in Paris, she felt closer to Dina, but she missed her family. Jack said there was a solution to that problem. Ashley smiled.

At the Grand Phoenix, Chance was in his suite when Abby arrived with a bottle of Champagne. Chance grabbed her around the waist and swung her into his room and closed the door, all while kissing her. Chance came up for air and asked if Abby didn't have a hotel to run. Abby said there was a storm outside, and she had a mystery to solve. As she began to undress him, she said she wanted to make certain he wasn't hiding anything under all those clothes. The romantic mood was abruptly ruined when one of the employees knocked on the door and told Abby there was an emergency. Chance and Abby were disappointed.

Meanwhile, in her suite, Amanda read about Victoria's stabbing. Billy knocked on her door and said he knew that Amanda had wanted him to leave her alone. Amanda said he was right, and nothing had changed. Billy said he wanted to check on her. She opened the door and told him that she'd been reflecting on recent events. Billy asked when she'd last eaten. Annoyed, Amanda stated that she was frustrated because everyone was treating her like a delicate flower, and she was fed up with it. She told Billy that Devon had apologized to her and that he had wished he'd known what she'd been going through with Ripley.

Amanda told Billy that she'd been waiting for that apology from Devon for some time. She'd thought she would be elated when she got it, but it had turned out to be suffocating. She told Billy that Phyllis had also checked on her. She complained that Billy had checked on her twice. Billy said he was only there to support her as a friend.

Amanda accused Billy of using her as an escape, and she realized that she'd been an enabler. She hadn't been aware that Billy had been spiraling. She claimed that as a result of her helping Billy, Victoria had almost died because of their "friendship." It made her feel awful. Billy said that if Amanda had set out to make him feel bad, she'd succeeded. Billy claimed he hadn't been aware that he'd been spiraling. He had believed Amanda to be his answer because he'd found many answers when he'd been with her.

Downstairs, in the main lobby of the hotel, Abby explained to the guests that the power had gone out throughout most of the city, and it was spotty in the hotel. She said there were no elevators, the kitchen was worthless, and the heat was intermittent. Some of the guests wanted a refund because the situation wasn't what they'd paid for. Abby explained that it wasn't her fault, but an act of God. The guests claimed that wasn't their problem. Abby was abrupt when she stated that their attitude was a problem.

One of the staff informed Abby that because the storm had hit when the shifts had been about to change, the next shift hadn't made it in. Abby said that Phyllis needed to be there because it was her hotel. Chance guessed that Phyllis was stuck somewhere, and he corrected Abby by telling her that it was still partly Abby's hotel until the ownership changed over to Phyllis. Abby phoned Phyllis and left her a terse message to get to her hotel because she was needed. As Abby ended her call, she became angry when she noticed Chance was nowhere to be seen.

Seconds later, Chance returned with a tray full of sandwiches for the guests. He also asked the guests to work with the staff. Abby smiled and realized that Chance had disappeared to help her, not desert her.

When Abby and Chance had things under control, they returned to Chance's suite. Abby thanked Chance for being there for her. Chance said he felt lucky that he'd been that man. Abby stated that she wanted to show him how grateful she was, and she pushed him onto the bed.

At the Chancellor estate, Michael and Lauren thanked Kevin for dinner, but they had to get home before the storm worsened. Chloe burst into the room and demanded that Kevin explain the receipt she held in her hand. Chloe asked if he was cheating on her. Kevin claimed he would never cheat on her, and it was a receipt from lunch. Michael explained that he and Kevin had eaten lunch together.

Chloe asked Kevin what and where they'd eaten. Kevin said they'd had sushi at Chloe's favorite place. Chloe listed all the foods she couldn't eat because they gave her heartburn, and sushi was her biggest favorite that she couldn't indulge in at that moment. Kevin offered to give up all the foods Chloe couldn't eat, but he wanted to revisit caffeine. Chloe and Kevin bickered, but Lauren was concerned about the storm. She suggested that she and Michael head home, but Michael said he enjoyed watching Kevin and Chloe bicker.

The bickering stopped when Chloe received a call from Esther. Esther said she was stuck at Bella's friend's house because of the storm, and she didn't want to be an imposition. Chloe assured Esther she would send a text to Bella's friend's mother and ask them to accommodate Esther until the storm was over. Michael and Lauren thanked Kevin and Chloe once again, and they left.

Kevin asked Chloe what they could do, since they were alone in that big house. Chloe told Kevin that nothing was going to happen. Kevin decided to explain the freelance opportunity he'd been given. He told Chloe that the extra money he would receive would be put into a college fund. Suddenly, Chloe grabbed her belly because of a twinge. At that moment, Michael and Lauren unexpectedly burst in. They explained that they couldn't go anywhere because the storm was so bad, and they hadn't been able to get beyond the driveway. To everyone's shock, Chloe announced she'd had a couple of contractions.

At Society, in the process of closing down the restaurant, Lola began turning off the lights. She was surprised to hear Theo ask her if he could finish his drink. He also claimed he'd been waiting for her because of the storm. Lola told him that she'd let the staff go home early due to the storm. She asked if Theo had been hoping she would ask him to drive her home and invite him to stay at her apartment. Theo accused her of being just a little full of herself. He claimed he was being a gentleman. He wanted to make certain she arrived home safely, but Lola was certain that Theo had an ulterior motive.

Lola proceeded to describe how Theo would spin that scenario. She said Theo would start by saying he didn't want her to drive home alone in that storm. He would suggest that Lola could return for her car the following day. He would drive her home, and he would claim there was something wrong with his car. He would ask if he could stay in her apartment, and then he would flash his puppy dog eyes at her. Lola asked Theo to finish the scenario. Theo said he saw them huddled together on the sofa by candlelight.

Lola gave Theo little shoves, and she asked if he liked playing games. Theo claimed he'd played them all. Lola and Theo were about to kiss when Summer and Kyle burst into the restaurant. Surprised to see Lola and Theo, Kyle explained that the storm was really bad, and they had hit a patch of ice and crashed the car. They had decided to seek shelter at Society when they'd seen the lights were still on. Kyle thought there would be some busboys working. He had never expected Lola would still be there.

Summer was wet and cold. Lola offered to take Summer into the back to find some dry clothes in the lost and found. After Lola and Summer left, Kyle apologized for interrupting Theo's sleazy attempt at seducing Lola. Theo claimed they had only been having a few laughs. Kyle stated that the last place on earth he wanted to be was at Society. Theo suggested that next time, Kyle needed to try harder to find another place to weather a storm.

Summer and Lola returned. Summer immediately noticed that Kyle wasn't there, and she asked about him. Theo explained that Kyle had gone out to try to start the car. Kyle returned and announced that he couldn't get the car started.

In the meantime, Lola quietly reprimanded Theo for not stopping Kyle from going back into the storm. Theo claimed he wasn't Kyle's mother. Lola took a bottle of alcohol to Kyle and Summer's table, and she poured them a drink, claiming it would warm them. Kyle told Lola that he would have gone elsewhere had he known she was still in the restaurant. Lola said it was fine. Theo decided to ask if it was the company car Kyle had crashed. Lola warned Theo and Kyle to play nice.

Kyle explained that he and Summer had been on their way to the Grand Phoenix when the accident had happened. Unable to resist, Theo needled Kyle about crashing his car outside the restaurant where Lola worked, and in return, Lola was in the kitchen cooking for him. Kyle reminded Theo that they had been asked to keep the peace.

Theo followed Lola into the kitchen. Lola told Theo she couldn't believe she was about to cook for her soon-to-be ex-husband. Theo offered to do whatever it took to make things better for her. Lola said she was stressed, and she pushed Theo against the fridge and kissed him -- then she pushed him away. She asked if he was okay and thanked him for helping her release her stress. Theo said that if she felt stressed again, she should let him know. Theo entered the main dining room and announced to Kyle and Summer that they were stuck with each other because of the storm, and Lola would bring out the food soon.

The clinic treats its first patient

The clinic treats its first patient

Thursday, March 5, 2020

At the Chancellor mansion, Kevin freaked out at the possibility that his and Chloe's baby was on the way. Lauren pointed out that it could be indigestion, and Michael suggested that Chloe was dehydrated. Kevin led Chloe to the couch and propped her feet up, and he willed it to be anything other than contractions. Chloe fretted that the baby's lungs weren't developed yet and that he couldn't be delivered in a storm. Kevin leaned in close to her belly and told the baby that there was no need to rush, and he declared that there would be no contractions or labor that night. Lauren and Michael exchanged a worried glance.

Lauren coached Chloe to keep breathing, and Michael swore that Chloe was doing great. Over the phone, Kevin described what was going on, and the doctor's office confirmed that Chloe's symptoms sounded like Braxton Hicks. Michael and Lauren high-fived, and Kevin parroted back the doctor's instructions to keep a watchful eye and to not leave the house, since Chloe's episode should end soon. Kevin cooed to the baby that as eager as they were to see his gorgeous face, the tot had to wait until he was fully baked.

Chloe complained that it felt like she was in a zoo because there was too much staring going on. Lauren pulled Michael away and noted that the last thing Chloe needed was more stress. Michael asked if the doctor was sure it was Braxton Hicks, and Lauren cooed that women's bodies were capable of amazing things. Chloe wondered what caused it, and Lauren revealed that it could be anything from touching her belly to having sex. Kevin scoffed at the thought that he and Chloe had had a quickie before dinner, but Michael pointed out that they were all adults there. "Are we?" Chloe scolded.

Kevin encouraged Chloe to keep drinking fluids and changing positions. As a distraction, Kevin launched into a dramatic description of how Chloe was pacing the living room, and Michael joined in by depicting her as a fiercely courageous Hungarian princess. Chloe realized that her supposed contractions had stopped.

Chloe determined that there had been enough excitement for one evening, and she prepared to head up to bed. Lauren thanked Chloe and Kevin for putting her and Michael up, and Kevin invited them to take any room they wanted. Michael contemplated the fun they could have, and Lauren decided to hang out there so they wouldn't waste the fire. Kevin and Chloe went upstairs, and Michael threw the pillows off the couch and whipped off his jacket. Lauren asked if he was trying to seduce her, and he pulled her into a kiss.

Later, Chloe returned downstairs and screeched when she found Michael and Lauren cuddled up naked under a blanket. Kevin hurried in, and Michael reiterated that they were all adults there. Kevin lectured that he'd told Michael and Lauren to get a room, and he griped that they'd had a half-dozen to choose from. Michael told him not to be so uptight, and the brothers exchanged barbs. Chloe was determined to get some sleep, and Kevin ordered Michael to put out the fire. Michael bellowed that nothing would put that fire out, and he pulled Lauren close. "Best storm ever!" Michael exclaimed.

At the potential site for the new clinic, Nate phoned in to work then reported that everything was holding steady on the hospital front. Devon announced that he'd found the thermostat, but they wouldn't have heat because the property management company had put a lockbox over it. Nate thought that they should get their rest, since he and Elena would be needed at the hospital in the morning. Nate worried that it was a bad night for anyone to find themselves out in the storm.

Elena suggested that they picture something warm, and Devon envisioned drinking brandy in front of a fireplace. Nate thought of making turkey chili on the stove with jalapeno cornbread baking in the oven. Devon groaned that the mention of food would make them all hungry, and Nate remembered seeing a store down the street that might be open. Elena reached into her pockets to see if she had cash, and she pulled out a roll of mints. They discussed how to divvy the mints up between them, but they heard a noise and realized someone was trying to get in.

Devon raced off to check things out, but Elena stopped Nate from following and urged him to make sure Devon didn't do anything crazy. Devon led an injured young man inside, and Devon explained that two guys had run in the other direction when he'd approached. Elena pressed the teen to tell them what had happened so they could help him. Elena asked for the young man's name, but Devon suggested that they give the boy some space. Nate guessed that the lad was in pain, and he insisted on examining the boy's injured arm.

Devon swore that the young man was in the hands of two of the best doctors around, and he explained that they were turning the place into a medical clinic. Nate added that the boy was their first patient, and they were there to help. Devon cautioned that if they didn't treat the injury, they'd have to take the boy to the emergency room, where the staff would ask a lot more questions that he probably wouldn't want to answer. Nate led the young man to sit down and asked him to remove his jacket, but the lad grimaced in pain when he tried to do it. Nate tore open the sleeve of the boy's coat, and Elena determined that they had to apply pressure and get the wound cleaned, closed, and bandaged.

Devon went to fetch the spare medical kit that Elena kept in his trunk. Elena commented that it looked like they had their first patient, but they didn't know what his name was. The young man introduced himself as Jared. Nate patched Jared up and declared him almost as good as new. Jared lamented that his coat wasn't, and Nate promised to take care of the coat for him. Elena gently asked why Jared was there, and he explained that he'd been locking up his grandfather's shop when a man who had appeared to be homeless had requested some cardboard to keep warm.

Jared had told the man to wait while he checked, but two other guys had pushed past him into the store and started grabbing things. He continued that the men had shoved him into a security gate, and his arm had been cut on a jagged piece of metal. Elena wondered when Jared had last received a tetanus shot, and he guessed it had been a while. Jared insisted on going home, since his grandfather had diabetes and was expecting him.

Nate remarked that Jared sounded like a good grandson, and Elena wondered who was taking care of Jared. "Me, I guess," Jared replied. Elena encouraged Jared to stop by the hospital the next day, but he protested that he couldn't. Nate cautioned that the cut might get bad fast without a shot, and Elena instructed Jared to ask for one of them at the hospital. Jared thanked them for everything, and he headed out. Elena bemoaned that they'd never see the kid again. Devon said to hang on, and he followed Jared out.

Devon returned a short time later and indicated that he'd followed Jared to get his address. Devon added that he'd stopped by the store and made sure it was locked up. Elena intended to go to Jared with a tetanus booster and make sure his grandfather had the right medications. Nate planned to get Jared a coat that would last at least two winters. Elena marveled that it had been day one of their new clinic, and she searched for a pen and paper to jot down all the ideas buzzing around in her head. She thought they had to hit the ground running, since people obviously needed them.

Later, Devon was impressed by how Nate was sleeping through the cold. Elena figured that doctors learned to sleep where and when they could. Devon praised Jared for taking care of his grandfather and protecting the store on his own, and he imagined what it took to raise a kid like that. Devon softly stated that he'd been thinking about the baby that he would have had, and Elena thought the kid would have been a "hell-raiser." Devon found it insane how much he missed someone he'd never met, and he asked if Elena thought he'd be a good dad. She was certain that with a heart like his, he'd be the best dad ever.

In Amanda's hotel room, Billy contemplated why he and Amanda had been "so damn drawn" to one another when they hadn't been looking for anyone or anything other than a drink and some peace. Billy admitted that he'd kept showing up at the bar because of her, and he adamantly stated that she wasn't his enabler. He added that she'd made him happy and that she still did. He hoped she didn't blame herself for anything that had happened, since she deserved to be happy. Amanda wondered how she could be his answer to anything.

Amanda couldn't even think about a future with Billy with everything else going on. Billy recognized that he was selfish and impatient, but he pointed out that she'd known that about him already. She bemoaned that the storm outside didn't compare to what was going on in her head. Billy suspected that an empty stomach wasn't helping, and while he might not be able to fix her heart, he could feed her face.

Billy picked up the phone and prepared to order the whole room service menu so Amanda could have whatever she wanted, but no one picked up. Amanda assumed that a lot of people hadn't been able to make it in for their shifts. Billy proclaimed that when the kitchen didn't go to him, he went to the kitchen. Amanda warned that the elevator was out, and he accepted it as a challenge. She insisted that she didn't need food, but he assured her that she didn't have to be afraid anymore. He encouraged her to embrace that she was free, and he departed.

Later, Amanda stared at a news article about Victoria's stabbing. There was a knock at the door, and Billy called out that he was there, bearing gifts. Amanda opened the door, and he entered with a sack full of all the vending machine food he'd been able to find. He figured it would keep them fed while they were riding out the storm, but she remained quiet. He worried that something had happened while he'd been out, and she confessed that she'd been reading an article about Ripley.

Amanda still couldn't believe that the man who had claimed to love her had also tried to kill her, and it made her sick every time she thought about it. Amanda hated Ripley for what he'd put her and Victoria through, but she couldn't face him or tell him what she thought about him. She realized that she'd taken her frustration out on Billy, and she asked if he could forgive her.

Amanda and Billy sprawled out on the bed and indulged in snacks. She admitted that she was impressed, and he informed her that when he made a promise, he kept it. He added that it was what friends were for, and he stressed that despite what he'd said earlier, he was there as a friend. He recognized that she'd been there for him when he'd needed her the most, and he was trying to repay the favor.

Amanda confessed that she'd thought Billy was her answer, too, but they'd both been wrong, since they'd simply met when they'd been at the same place in their lives. He considered it a miracle that he'd found a person who understood and didn't judge, but he pointed out that they were in a different place than when they'd first met. He proposed that they try to have a fresh start without all the excess baggage.

Billy asked why Amanda had started going to the bar. She thought she'd been trying to escape from everything, and he confirmed that he'd been doing the same thing. Amanda noted that they'd been strangers, but Billy called her the one person he'd been able to be really honest with. He admitted he'd told her things that he wouldn't dare tell anyone else. She smiled when she thought back to first meeting him, and he sensed that he'd made her feel free, just like she'd made him feel.

Billy reasoned that starting from honesty wasn't a bad thing, but he recognized that Amanda was probably too exhausted to make any big decisions. He prepared to leave, but she welcomed him to stay on the couch the way he had before. He joked that he and the couch were good friends, and he offered to give her some privacy while she changed. Amanda murmured that she was too tired, and she crawled under the covers. Billy shut off the light and settled onto the couch.

Amanda woke up screaming, and Billy rushed over and assured her that it had only been a bad dream. She sputtered that it had been so vivid, and "he" had been after her. Billy reminded her that they were in her hotel room and that he was the only one there, so she was safe. He urged her to lie down and relax, and he promised to stay right there if it was okay with her. He curled up next to her and put a protective arm around her.

At the cottage, Sharon huddled under a blanket on the couch. Mariah imagined that Tessa was on Tanner's private jet, which was taking her someplace far away. Sharon doubted that any planes could fly in that weather, and Mariah wondered if Tessa was stuck somewhere and unable to return her calls or text messages. Faith was sure that Tessa had hunkered down and was writing a song about all of it.

Faith suggested that they make popcorn and hot cocoa and watch a movie. Sharon brightly supported the idea, but she became queasy when she stood up. Sharon insisted that she was fine, but she wanted to lie down, and she promised to call if she needed anything. "I love you," Faith worriedly blurted out, and Sharon echoed the sentiment before heading upstairs. Faith voiced concern to Mariah that their mom was looking worse.

Mariah presented Faith with a tray of cocoa, and they nestled under a blanket together. Mariah considered it the perfect time for full disclosure, and Faith insisted that everything was great. Mariah demanded the truth, and she promised that nothing Faith said would go any further. Faith recalled it being the worst thing ever when her mom had first told her about the cancer. Faith compared it to someone telling her a tornado was on the way, even though it was still sunny outside. Mariah quipped that the tornado had arrived outside the door.

Faith worried that Sharon looked very sick and that she tired easily. Faith admitted that she was scared, and she warned Mariah not to tell her not to worry because it was all she did. Faith wondered what would happen if the chemo didn't work or if the cancer spread, and she voiced concern that the disease would affect her or Mariah in 20 years. Mariah expected that they would fight it just like their mom was doing.

Faith confided that it felt like everything was falling apart, and she anticipated that Mariah would advise her to talk to someone about it. Mariah asked what Faith wanted, and Faith replied that she wanted to go back to the life she'd once had, where everything might suck for a while, but she'd known it would work out in the end. Mariah listed the classic stages of grief, but she revealed that hers were pasta, ice cream, and binge-watching guilty pleasures. Mariah realized that it was why Faith offered her a brownie or cookie whenever she stopped by, and Faith figured that her own coping mechanism was going overboard to help people.

Mariah stressed that the point was that everyone was worried about Sharon, but they were all handling it in different ways. Mariah shared that she lashed out at people who didn't deserve it and pushed away the people she loved the most, but Faith imagined that Mariah really wanted to pull them close and scream until she couldn't scream anymore. Mariah bragged that she was nationally ranked at handling meltdowns, so she was the girl to turn to if Faith ever felt on the brink. Faith called her the best, and Mariah noted that it was what sisters were for. A haggard Sharon staggered down the stairs, and Mariah and Faith rushed over to help her to the couch.

Mariah fretted that Sharon didn't look so good, and Sharon groaned that she looked better than she felt. Mariah noted that Sharon was shivering, and Sharon pledged not to get sick because she'd have to skip her next chemo session if she did. Faith argued that the chemo was making Sharon sick, but Sharon countered that it was also making the tumor smaller. Mariah wondered if Sharon had a fever, and Sharon instructed them to get in touch with someone from her care team if she did. Mariah worried about getting help in the terrible weather. Faith ran upstairs to fetch a thermometer as Mariah held Sharon close.

Nick and Phyllis' friendship heats up

Nick and Phyllis' friendship heats up

Friday, March 6, 2020

While waiting out the ice storm at Society, Summer and Kyle teased one another as they played a game of solitaire. Lola squirmed as she watched them flirting, and Theo saw her discomfort and interrupted the card game by pointing out a move that Kyle had missed. Kyle snapped at him to back off, and Theo reminded Kyle that they were all stuck in there together with nothing to do. Kyle suggested that Theo find somewhere else to entertain himself. Lola pulled Theo away and implored him to keep things civil.

Lola demanded to know why Theo constantly stirred the pot. Theo replied that it was tempting, and he guessed that part of her enjoyed it, too. She insisted on keeping the peace, and he considered himself lucky to have her to keep him on the straight and narrow. Theo found it hilarious that Kyle and Summer needed two people to play solitaire, and he crossed the room again and suggested that they find a game all four of them could play. Kyle suggested go fish, but Theo preferred strip poker. Both women objected.

Summer thought they needed a reduction in testosterone. Summer had heard Lola was a good mixologist, and Lola decided that drinks were necessary for all of them. Lola offered to teach Summer some bartending basics, and she led Summer over to the bar and showed her where everything was. "Let's go nuts!" Lola proclaimed, and Summer thought it sounded a little naughty. Meanwhile, Theo pitched another idea to pass the time if Kyle was up to it.

Summer whipped up a drink, and Lola claimed it was delicious. Summer admitted that as a fourteen-year-old, being a bartender had been her dream after watching Coyote Ugly. Lola enthused that she loved the movie because the bar had been run by women, and they shared their favorite parts of the flick. Summer said she was sorry that there had been nowhere else for her and Kyle to wait out the storm, and Lola confessed that having them there hadn't been her first choice. Summer thanked Lola for being so cool about it.

Lola didn't always want to be the girl who was handling it well, and Summer recognized that they'd both been in that position with Kyle. Lola wished they didn't have that in common, and Summer hoped they could put the hurt feelings behind them. Lola said she wasn't there yet. Summer swore that she wanted Lola to be happy, since they both deserved that. An argument broke out when Kyle accused Theo of cheating at arm-wrestling. Theo taunted that Kyle only thought that because he'd lost, and he dared Kyle to go another round.

Kyle and Theo locked eyes as they wrestled. Summer and Lola griped that it was ridiculous. Theo won, and Kyle complained that Theo had used the table for leverage. Theo suggested that Kyle pour himself a glass of "whine," and Kyle shot back that being gracious was a foreign concept to Theo. Theo sarcastically stated that Kyle was clearly superior, even though he was the one with two ex-wives in the room. Lola dragged Theo into the kitchen.

Theo gathered that Lola was upset. He welcomed her to take out her anger the way she had before, and she questioned why she put up with him. He didn't know, but he begged her not to stop. Lola requested that Theo tell her what they'd do on their date if she accepted his invitation. He warned that he wasn't a plan-ahead kind of guy, and he didn't do big, romantic gestures. She muttered that she'd had enough of those, and he proposed that they start with a movie at the old arthouse theater, like a kung fu marathon.

Lola loved the theater, but she preferred the South Korean horror film that was playing right then. Theo marveled that she continued to surprise him, and he envisioned following the horror flick with a visit to a ramen noodle shop around the corner. He added that a nearby bakery started baking their macarons the night before, and they sometimes let him taste the first batch. Theo pictured walking Lola to the door of her home but not asking to go in or making up an up excuse for her to invite him inside. He added that he wouldn't ask for a kiss because even though it wouldn't be their first or even their second kiss, it would be their first real one.

Theo leaned in and kissed Lola, and he asked what she thought. She remarked that it had been pretty good, but she imagined that Kyle and Summer were probably wondering what was going on in there. Lola and Theo returned to the dining room, where they found Kyle and Summer snuggled up and asleep on one of the couches. Theo asked if Lola was tired, and he grabbed a pillow and prepared to get some sleep, as well. Lola curled up next to him, but she glanced back at Kyle again before closing her eyes.

At the Newman ranch, Adam checked the weather forecast, hoping for a break in the storm. Chelsea groaned that they'd still be stuck there because of the fallen tree, but at least they'd be able to get some sleep. He wondered where his dad and Nikki were, and Chelsea thought they were with Victoria. Chelsea proposed that they call it a night and slip off before Adam and Victor could get into it again. Adam grappled with whether to put off the confrontation. Victor appeared in the doorway and remarked that it didn't sound like Adam, nor did it sound like Victor.

Adam suggested that he and Victor go another round before calling it a night. Victor replied that he was up for it if Adam was, and Adam reasoned that things would be chaotic in the morning, whereas it was quiet then. Chelsea hoped they'd keep it that way, and she headed to bed. Victor huffed that the fallen tree had prevented Adam from walking away without reason. Adam asserted that he'd had plenty of reasons, since Victor had all but said Adam wasn't qualified by questioning his competence and maturity.

Victor countered that Adam had proven Victor's point when Adam's first instinct had been to leave. Adam argued that it was sometimes a way to put oneself in a powerful position, but he was aware that Victor knew that. Victor noted that they were back where they'd started, and he still needed someone to run Newman while Victoria was recovering. Adam reiterated that he was that person. Victor had no doubt that Adam was a strong leader with business savvy, but there was one other quality he was looking for -- he needed to be able to trust Adam. There was a crash outside as another tree toppled to the ground. Victor pondered whether it was a sign.

Adam found the timing of the trees falling interesting, since it had kept him and Victor talking. Victor always considered talking better than not talking, especially about important things. Victor stressed that aside from family, ensuring his company was run properly was the most important thing to him. Adam pushed Victor to kill two birds with one stone by putting him in charge. Connor rushed in and hugged Adam, whimpering about the noise. Chelsea reappeared and reported that the tree had crashed outside the boy's window.

Adam comforted Connor and swore that they were perfectly safe, but Connor wondered what would have happened if the tree had fallen through the window. Adam reasoned that it hadn't, and he volunteered to take Connor upstairs and read stories. Victor called Connor over to him and declared that there was nothing wrong with being scared, but he urged the boy to fight whatever he was scared of. Victor hugged Connor, and Chelsea took Connor to get some ice cream.

Later, Chelsea found Victor alone in the living room, and he told her that Adam had already said what he thought she was about to say. Chelsea hoped the men had figured things out because Adam deserved to run Newman, and she thought that deep down, Victor knew she was right. She contended that Adam not only had the skill set but that he also loved his father and wanted to help solidify Victor's legacy. Chelsea suspected that Adam would never admit it, but Victor's approval meant the world to him. Victor confided that he'd like to give that to Adam -- more than he'd ever realized.

Abby found Chance sleeping on a chair in the Grand Phoenix lobby. She intentionally startled him, and he grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap. He informed her that he slept with one eye open, and they kissed. Abby complained that Chance had slipped out while she'd been asleep. He explained that he'd let her rest while he'd scouted the lobby to see if there were any issues, but things had been quiet. She guessed that she'd worn him out, and she assured him that he'd done more than enough to help.

Abby expected that the power would be fully restored by morning, and the new shift would be able to make it in, so there was nothing else to do that night. Abby seductively suggested that they go back to bed, and she could dump the hotel's issues on Phyllis the next day. Chance mentioned that he had one more thing to take care of, and he told Abby that he'd see her upstairs. She suspected that it had something to do with Phyllis.

Abby noticed that Chance's expression had changed when she'd mentioned Phyllis' name. Chance contended that what he and Abby shared was based on trust and honesty, and that was why he couldn't say anything more. She argued that she was still technically the owner of the hotel, so he had to fill her in if he was about to do something under that roof. He was intent on saving her from being implicated in case something went wrong, and he requested that she log into the computer system to leave a digital trail that would prevent her from having to lie. She insisted that she didn't mind lying for the right people. He firmly stated that he had no time to argue with her, and he walked off.

Chance entered Phyllis' hotel room and was stunned to find Abby already there. She informed him that she'd wanted to see if she'd been right, and she clearly was. He was flabbergasted that she'd beaten him there, and she figured that she knew her way around the hotel better than he did. He insisted that she let him take care of it, but she wanted in on whatever was going on.

Abby surmised that Chance was looking for the proof Phyllis had against Chance and Adam that she'd used to blackmail Chelsea into selling her shares of the hotel. Abby spotted a device in Chance's hand and assumed that he planned to use it to snoop around. He revealed that the device detected audio files, and he suspected that Phyllis had hidden a copy of the incriminating file in her room. Abby offered to use the device to search the room while Chance hacked into Phyllis' laptop. Abby asked if he was worried Phyllis would be angry, and Chance replied that he was counting on it.

Later, Abby victoriously presented Chance with a thumb drive that she'd found in a fake drawer bottom. Chance grumbled that he'd tried to hack his way his past the laptop's protections, but the system was complicated. Chance pledged to get past it, and Abby declared that dealing with high tech meant going low. She opened a bottle of water and doused the laptop with it, splashing Chance in the process. Chance realized that Phyllis was going to notice that someone had broken in. Abby reminded him that he wasn't worried about Phyllis, and neither was she.

Abby announced that there was one more thing they needed to do, but Chance saw no reason to clean up after themselves. She suggested that they clean themselves up, and she ordered him to take off his clothes. Abby sauntered off to Phyllis' bathroom, where she and Chance indulged in a passionate shower. Between kisses, he gushed that it might just be the best mission he'd ever completed. They agreed that they almost felt bad for Phyllis.

Phyllis set out a spread of fruit, cheese, popcorn, and wine in Nick's living room and settled onto the couch. Nick entered and seemed surprised that she'd made herself at home. She contended that he should be happy that she'd turned his bachelor pad into a Zenlike experience, and he grabbed the bowl of popcorn. She scolded that he was supposed to share, but he pointed out that technically, everything there was his. He added that he believed in sharing, so what was his was hers, but he wondered what she had to offer.

Phyllis mentioned her sparkling personality and companionship, and she argued that it wasn't her fault that she was stuck there for the night. Nick observed that it looked like she was moving in, but they'd "been there, done that." He asked if she agreed that going there again would be a terrible idea, and Phyllis swore that it had never crossed her mind. Nick snatched back the popcorn and declared himself the man of the house. Phyllis noted that he sounded like his dad, but he refused to take the bait.

Nick defended that if he was like his dad, he would have accepted Victor's offer to step up as Newman CEO while Victoria got better. Phyllis urged Nick to take the seat, if only to keep Adam out. Nick was sorry he'd said anything about it, and Phyllis promised that he'd get his food and his place back after she left at dawn. He jokingly doubted that there would be any food left, and she pointed out that she'd tried to leave earlier.

Nick asked if Phyllis had heard from Summer, who hadn't replied to his text message from hours earlier. Phyllis teased that Summer liked her better, since their daughter had responded to her inquiry about where to find the sweatpants she'd changed into. Nick playfully called Phyllis a slob, and he wondered how she seemed so put together by day when she turned into an 18-year-old frat boy at night. Phyllis voiced surprise that a charmer like Nick didn't have a line of gals waiting outside the front door.

Nick told Phyllis not to worry because he did just fine with the ladies, but he noted that she didn't seem to be chasing guys away. Phyllis asserted that she would have a man in her life if she wanted one, and not having one was completely her choice. Nick referred to the way she put a kiss on someone, and she chided him for talking about their kiss again when it had been a spontaneous gesture that hadn't meant anything. Nick cited her inquiring about his love life and finding a convenient reason to stay over, but Phyllis scoffed at the idea that she controlled the weather. She assured him that if she was trying to seduce him, he'd know it.

Nick thought Phyllis seemed confident that he'd be powerless against her charms, and he considered himself lucky that she wasn't trying to seduce him. She repeated that they were better as friends, and she reflected back on their fights and the breakups that had almost destroyed her. Nick acknowledged that they'd hurt one another too many times, and Phyllis insisted that she liked their friendship and where they were then. He noted that falling back into old habits had never turned out well, so they couldn't let that happen. She agreed.

Phyllis prepared to clean up after herself so Nick couldn't call her a slob. He asked if she was okay, and she apologized for the kiss. She added that they both knew she had a weakness with him, but it might not be for the reasons he thought. She said she respected him, and she didn't respect or like many people. She found people amusing, infuriating, or attractive, and all those things together made for great sex, but he was different.

Phyllis acknowledged that the sex part was amazing with Nick, but he was also a good man and a great father. She conceded that he had been a tool and had made mistakes, but he'd gotten back up again and tried to be a good person. Phyllis found it impressive and sexy, and she admitted that he seduced her without even trying. She believed he'd been right to mention how incredibly bad things had gone for them, and he'd been right in that they were wrong together.

Phyllis questioned how two people who had loved one another that much had been able to hurt each other even more, and she swore that she couldn't get hurt again. Phyllis figured that the "take no prisoners" attitude she had those days was a shield. She knew people thought it was just her being her, but she swore it was much deeper than that, since she was a lot more wounded than people knew. "That makes sense to you, right?" she asked. Nick confirmed that it did.

Nick thought he and Phyllis understood each other in a way a lot of people didn't, and he thought they were on the same page about being friends and nothing more. "That's right," Phyllis replied, and they stared into one another's eyes. He noted that it was getting late, and she prepared to sleep on the sofa. Phyllis started to walk away, but Nick suddenly grabbed her hand. They kissed passionately and began to disrobe.

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