The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of August 24, 2020

Sharon followed Adam to Kansas, where he recalled killing A.J. and not feeling any remorse. Victoria leaked the story of A.J.'s death and the cover-up to Billy. Lola and Theo had sex. Lola became upset when she learned about Kyle and Summer's house-hunting plans.
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Sharon followed Adam to Kansas, where he recalled killing A.J. and not feeling any remorse
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Adam starts to have memory flashes

Adam starts to have memory flashes

Monday, August 24, 2020

At the clinic, Elena informed Devon that Nate was on his way in. Devon hoped that Nate would cover her shifts so they could get away for a couple of days. Elena preferred to find someone else to cover, since Nate had been there a lot, and she didn't want to take advantage. Devon reasoned that Nate loved it there, and he contemplated putting a cot in the storage room so Nate could sleep at the "office." Elena cooed that she had a long list of suggestions if Devon was in the mood to invest more, and he replied that he couldn't wait to hear them all night. They kissed.

At Society, Amanda commented that a nice breakfast and stimulating conversation was a lovely way to start the morning. Nate imagined that she wasn't used to getting up that early, whereas he'd been trained to function without any sleep. He realized that he was late for his shift at the clinic. Amanda decided to stay to get some work done there, and he noted that she'd been putting in a lot of hours on the Newman acquisition. He repeated the same advice people had been giving him his whole life -- there was a time for work but also a time for play. She assured him that her bosses understood that, adding that Billy had taken the day off to spend time with his kids. Nate headed out.

Amanda flipped through some documents. Devon approached and pointed out that if she worked for him instead of Chancellor Communications, she wouldn't be drowning in paperwork. He considered the recent Newman acquisition to be exciting, and she admitted it was overwhelming. Devon imagined that Katherine would have loved everything that was going on there, since she'd loved to shake things up and take people by surprise. Devon was sure that Katherine also would have loved and respected Amanda's tenacity. Amanda took it as a compliment, and Devon confirmed that it was one.

Amanda invited Devon to join her while he waited for his breakfast meeting to start. He didn't want to be the reason Lily chewed her out for turning in her work late, but Amanda insisted that Lily had been amazing to work with. Devon was glad his sister was back home, and he recalled his fond memories of working with Lily and Neil at Hamilton-Winters. Devon declared that the best thing about opening the clinic was working alongside Elena and his cousin. Amanda enthused that Nate loved working there, and Devon hoped it wasn't interfering with Nate's social life. Amanda replied that she didn't think it was, and Devon inquired whether everything was good with Nate and Amanda.

Devon hoped he hadn't put his foot in his mouth, since he didn't even know if Nate and Amanda were still seeing one another. Amanda revealed that they were, but it was still very new. Devon realized that she wasn't sure where things were headed, and she questioned whether anyone was ever really sure. She quickly apologized, since the last thing she'd wanted to do was remind him of Hilary. He burst out laughing and noted that was impossible. She became flustered, but he assured her that he'd gotten accustomed to her and her face, and it didn't bother him anymore. Devon anticipated that they'd be around one another more often, especially since she was seeing his cousin.

Devon checked his phone and learned that his colleague was on the way. Amanda thanked him for keeping her company, and he hoped he hadn't made her uncomfortable by mentioning her relationship with Nate. Amanda hesitated to call it a relationship, and Devon recognized that it was none of his business. Amanda called herself a private person, but Devon suspected that might change if she continued dating Genoa City's most eligible bachelor. She expected that title to go to Devon as the resident billionaire, but he declared that he was happily taken.

Amanda said it was good to see Devon happy, especially after everything Colin had put him through with her assistance. Devon called it water under the bridge, and he stated that what he had with Elena was what he wanted for Nate. He empathized that Nate had been through too much heartbreak in life; it was why Nate focused on work, but work shouldn't be everything. Amanda admitted that she had the same tendencies herself. Devon noticed that there had been a lightness in Nate that Devon hadn't ever seen before, and he believed Amanda was the one to thank for the big smile on Nate's face.

Nate arrived at the clinic with apologies for being late. Elena declared that he was just in time to take over with a patient who'd wanted to wait for him, and she nonchalantly asked how Amanda was doing that morning. Nate started to respond, but he suddenly wondered how Elena had known he'd been with Amanda. Elena chalked it up to physicians being blessed with finely tuned powers of observation, and she cited his smile. Nate insisted that it had only been breakfast, and Elena teased that she hadn't been implying anything more.

Billy and Victoria ran into one another at Crimson Lights. He remarked that she looked unscathed after the press conference, and she informed him that her father had made his displeasure clear. She announced that she was prepared if Victor retaliated, since she'd appointed Nikki as COO. Billy called it a "boss move," since Newman women were formidable. Victoria remarked that Katie was part of that group, since the girl was disappointed that there was no school that day.

Billy revealed that he was on his way to pick Katie up, and Victoria voiced surprise that he didn't have to work. Billy bristled at the insinuation that it wasn't a good thing for him to spend time with Katie, but Victoria imagined he had a lot to take care of after acquiring Newman's media division. Billy refused to apologize for spending time with his daughter, and he dared Victoria to make the case that he was irresponsible for doing so.

Later, at Newman Enterprises, Victoria answered a call from Billy and swore that she hadn't meant what she'd said earlier. Billy informed her that Katie had just been stung by a bee and was having difficulty breathing. He thought it might be an allergic reaction, and he planned to take the girl to the New Hope Clinic. Victoria hurried out to meet him there.

Billy paced in the clinic's waiting room as Victoria arrived. He told her that Katie was in with Nate and Elena, and Victoria cried that she hadn't known Katie was allergic. Billy reasoned that their daughter had never suffered a bee sting before, but the doctors had said she should be fine. Victoria wondered how he'd known to take Katie there, and Billy said Amanda had mentioned the facility. Victoria stepped down the hall to find Katie.

Victoria relayed that Nate had said Katie could go home, and he'd provide a prescription for an auto-injector so they could be prepared. Victoria noticed that Billy seemed despondent, and he reflected on the little girl not being able to breathe. Billy swore that he'd never left Katie's side, and he expected Victoria to blame him for the incident and use it as an example of his recklessness. Victoria insisted that it had been no one's fault except the bee's. She assured him that he never had to apologize for spending time with his kids.

Victoria admitted that she'd been envious that Billy had been able to rearrange his schedule, and she'd been harsh when she'd accused him of choosing an adrenalin rush over his family because it wasn't true. Victoria shared that while driving over there, she'd promised God that she'd give up anything to keep her little girl safe, and perhaps she'd made good on the bargain by giving up being mad at Billy. Billy had expected her to always be mad at him, and he didn't think he'd done anything to earn her forgiveness. Victoria figured that with her packed schedule, it was hard to find the energy to nurture rage.

Victoria mused that it had been hard for her to let go of how she'd thought she and Billy could be, since she'd pictured them growing old together. She continued that she was beginning to accept who she and Billy were instead of who she'd thought they could become. She believed he'd entered her life to give her Johnny and Katie and raise them to be the incredible people they were, and she felt very grateful for that.

Later, Elena was relieved to have a break in the action. She marveled that every time she walked into the clinic, she was amazed by how fast it had been put together. Nate credited her for having the idea, but she countered that it only would have been a thought if it hadn't been for him. She lauded all the hours he'd worked, volunteers he'd recruited, and funds he'd raised. Nate contended that he'd just been telling prospective donors the truth, since there was nothing better than lifting people up. Elena joked about cloning Nate, since there weren't enough people in the world like him.

At the penthouse, Adam snoozed on the couch. He stirred when he heard the front door open, and Chelsea said she hadn't meant to wake him. He prepared to take Connor to school, but she reported that she'd just dropped the boy off. Adam was surprised by how late it was, and Chelsea insisted that he'd needed the sleep, since he'd been exhausted after pacing all night.

Adam recalled that every time he'd closed his eyes, he'd tried to repeat the mental exercises Sharon had walked him through to attempt to remember things. Chelsea figured that it would take time, and he couldn't rush it. Adam grumbled that patience had never been his thing, but he pledged to get there. Chelsea assured him that he was going to be okay, and she advised him to go back to sleep. They exchanged declarations of love.

As Adam dozed, he flashed back to hearing an argument between Hope and A.J. in which A.J. had insinuated that bad things might happen. Adam awakened with a start, and Chelsea asked if he'd had a dream. Adam insisted that it had been a memory, but he wasn't ready to talk about it yet. She swore that she wouldn't pressure him, but she thought it was a good sign. He stammered that he wasn't sure of anything, and she encouraged him to trust that his subconscious would give him the answers when he was ready. Adam couldn't count on that, and he rushed out to see Sharon. Chelsea scowled.

At the cottage, Rey asked how Sharon was feeling that morning, and she chirped that breakfast in bed had been a nice surprise. He wanted to pamper her as much as he could, since she soon wouldn't need anyone to take care of her. She indicated that she had nothing planned that day other than relaxing and reading a book that Mariah had dropped off. Rey wanted her to take the day completely off after working hard the day before. Sharon conceded that she'd overdone it, but Adam had been close to a breakthrough. Rey was more worried about her than about Adam.

Sharon settled in on the sofa, and Rey asked if she needed anything before he headed to work. He considered taking the day off, but she pointed out that Paul had already been incredibly understanding. Sharon reasoned that she didn't want the bad guys to get away with things, and Rey's work was important. Rey recognized that hers was, too, and he understood why she wanted to help Adam, but he wanted to prioritize her well-being over Adam's. She promised that she wouldn't leave the couch until Rey got home.

Later, Sharon answered a knock at the door, and Adam apologized for barging in. He blurted out that his memories were returning, but they were only voices and phrases out of order. He positively identified A.J.'s voice, and Sharon told him to slow down and start from the beginning. Adam recounted that when he'd finally drifted off, he'd heard A.J.'s voice clearly threatening his mother. He continued that when he'd woken up, his heart had been racing, and he'd felt like something terrible had been about to happen. However, he hadn't been able to bear looking at it.

Adam complained that his head hurt. Sharon urged him to try to relax, but he begged her to help him pull the curtain back on the memories that were right there. Sharon coached him to mentally go back to the house in Kansas, and she implored him to picture the front porch. Adam closed his eyes and recounted specific details of the welcome mat and door knocker. She led him through envisioning entering the house and going into the dining room, where he saw something under the table. "It's me," Adam proclaimed.

Adam recalled that he'd heard arguing, and A.J. had been standing too close to Hope, threatening her and demanding money. Adam had been able to tell from Hope's voice that she'd been scared. It had made him want to yell at A.J., but Adam had been frozen. Adam remembered A.J. implying that something might happen to Adam. Hope had warned A.J. not to threaten her son. A.J. had ordered her to pay by that night, or bad things would happen. A young Adam had burst out from under the table and screamed, "You leave my mother alone!" Sharon encouraged Adam to stay in the moment, but he ran out of the cottage over her protests.

Chelsea thanked Rey for meeting her at the coffeehouse. He admitted that he was surprised she'd contacted him, and she explained that there weren't many people she could talk to about what was going on, since hardly anyone knew the whole story. Rey stressed that Adam was Sharon's patient, and he respected that what they talked about was off-limits. Chelsea claimed that she did, too, but she wasn't entirely comfortable with the arrangement. She had a feeling that Rey wasn't, either.

Rey confessed that he had concerns about Sharon taking on a client, and Chelsea pointed out that it hadn't just been anyone. He asserted that he wouldn't feel different if it had been anyone else, since he trusted Sharon. Chelsea argued that therapists were supposed to be objective, but Rey countered that Sharon had agreed that she was uniquely qualified to help Adam. Rey explained that his sole concern was for Sharon's health, since she'd been completely drained by her cancer treatment the day before.

Chelsea appreciated what Sharon was doing, but she thought Sharon didn't understand what had been set in motion. Chelsea divulged that after having flashbacks, Adam had bolted out the door to head over to Sharon's. Rey asserted that he'd wanted Sharon to rest that day. Chelsea worried that it wasn't good for either Sharon or Adam to be working together, since they tended to reach out to one another when they needed help.

Rey guessed that Chelsea was referring to when Sharon had leaned on Adam after she'd been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Chelsea was taken aback by how open Sharon had been with Rey, and he shared their deal to not have any secrets. Chelsea preferred to keep an eye on Adam and Sharon to ensure they didn't get mixed up in the same dangerous cycle. She swore that it was about concern and not jealousy.

Chelsea returned home and worriedly called out for Adam, but she received no response. Meanwhile, Sharon left a voicemail for Adam, pleading with him to call her. There was a knock at the door, and she found Rey there. He mentioned that Chelsea had told him Adam was there, and he hadn't wanted to interrupt if they had been in a session. Sharon informed him that Adam had left, and Rey noticed that she was shaking.

Sharon reiterated that she couldn't discuss the details, but Rey wanted to know why she was upset. She disclosed that Adam had been in a bad place when he'd left, and she was concerned. Rey compared it to his wanting to solve a case to help the victim and their family, but he cautioned that getting too close and making the grief and pain one's own didn't help anyone. Rey assured Sharon that she'd done her part, and he urged her to let Chelsea take care of Adam.

Sharon thanked Rey for stopping by to check on her, but she ordered him to go back to work. She promised that she would stay there unless she heard from Adam, and Rey muttered that she'd do what she had to do. Rey headed upstairs. A moment later, Chelsea arrived, looking for Adam because he hadn't responded to her messages. Sharon mentioned that she'd been trying to get in touch with him, too.

Chelsea demanded to know what had happened, but Sharon informed her that she needed Adam's authorization before discussing what had taken place during their session. Chelsea panicked because she hadn't been able to find him, and she questioned whether he'd been upset or if he'd retrieved more memories. Sharon offered to get in touch if she heard from Adam. Chelsea ranted that she'd known therapy would be too much for him.

Sharon insisted that Adam had needed it, but Chelsea freaked out at the possibility that Adam was having a mental breakdown. Rey intervened and ordered Chelsea to back off, since Sharon wasn't responsible for keeping track of Adam. Chelsea vowed to find Adam herself, and Sharon asked Chelsea to let her know if he was okay. Chelsea realized that Sharon was just as scared as she was, and she wailed that things were spinning out of control. Chelsea walked out.

Phyllis tests her idea on Genoa City's women

Phyllis tests her idea on Genoa City's women

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Phyllis entered the Grand Phoenix lobby and anxiously straightened things up, meticulously positioning the chairs and table ornaments to her liking. "Ready, set, here we go," she whispered to herself.

Nick found Summer on the Crimson Lights patio and observed that she was working hard. She explained that the Newman acquisition had created a ton of extra work, and she was trying to get caught up after her trip to Chicago. Nick stated that the work would get done, but she had to take care of herself. He told her to check her personal email, and she thought he was acting mischievous. She saw an invitation and asked what it was to, but he wordlessly walked away.

Nick arrived at the clinic and told Elena that she should have an email in her inbox. Her phone chimed, and she saw the message, but she didn't understand what the invitation was for. He urged her to read it and find out. "Oh, hell, yes!" she exclaimed.

At Society, Abby enthused about the decision to sell Newman's cosmetics and media divisions. Nikki revealed that things had become even more complicated when she'd accepted Victoria's offer to become the company's COO, and Abby congratulated her. Abby imagined that Nikki would serve as referee in Victor and Victoria's fights, and she wondered if Nikki had developed a strategy. Abby stepped away to take a call.

Nick entered the restaurant, and Nikki complimented his snappy attire and inquired whether he was doing something fun that day. He replied that he was, and so was she. He advised her that she'd be getting an email soon that would lead her to some fun. Nikki discovered a message from the Grand Phoenix, surmised it was from Phyllis, and planned to send her regrets. Nick warned that it would be a mistake, since his mother would be missing out on something big. "It's the perfect escape," Nick declared.

Nikki read the invitation to a night of fantasy and indulgence designed especially for her. She scoffed at the idea of Phyllis being in tune with her tastes, but she recognized that Nick was going above and beyond by serving as Phyllis' point man. Nick implored Nikki to keep an open mind for one night and indulge herself, since he was sure she'd have an awesome time. He instructed her to tell Abby to open her email, too, and he headed out.

Abby returned and mentioned that she'd received the weirdest invitation from Phyllis, and Nikki responded that she'd received one, too. Abby gave it a hard pass, and she wondered if Nikki was considering going. Nikki decided to give it a chance as a favor to her son, and Abby credited her for being a better mother than Abby was a sister. Nikki thought it was a shame that Victoria was watching the kids, since she might enjoy such a diversion. Abby grumbled that they didn't even know what it was, and she wasn't interested in finding out.

At Chancellor Communications, Lily promised not to pressure Traci, but she thought Traci would be the perfect person to head their online fiction division. Traci appreciated Lily's confidence, but she requested more time to think before making such a huge commitment. Traci shared that thinking about the job had inspired her to start writing again, and Lily expected that Traci would find the terms very favorable. Nick entered the office, and Lily assumed that he wanted to discuss Victoria selling Newman's media division. Nick assured her that he was staying out of it and that he wasn't there to add to their stress.

Nick added that it was just the opposite, since he knew the women both worked very hard, and he encouraged them to let someone take care of them for a change. Nick informed them that they'd find invitations in their email, and he was there to recommend that they accept without any hesitation. Lily and Traci opened the emails and contemplated having a night of fantasy and indulgence. Traci thought it sounded like the opening to one of her novels. Lily figured that it had been a long day, and she could use a relaxing evening. Nick promised it would be all that and more.

Meanwhile, Phyllis checked things off a to-do list. Her phone pinged, and she read a text message from Nick: "Mission accomplished." She sighed deeply and remarked, "Everything is coming together."

Later, Summer was in the lobby, preoccupied with something on her phone. Nikki greeted her and assumed that they were there for the same reason. She questioned whether Summer had any idea what her mother was up to, but Summer replied that she'd first heard about it when Nick had told her to check her email inbox, which was overflowing with messages about the acquisition. Nikki lectured that the point was to take a break from work, and she ordered Summer to put the phone away and relax. Summer realized that she could really use it.

Lily and Traci arrived at the hotel, and Traci contemplated whether Phyllis could really cater to them individually. Lily thought if anyone could pull it off, it would be Phyllis. Elena joined them, and they speculated about the big mystery. Elena received a text message informing her that a martini would be ready for her soon. Lily was notified that she should expect a cucumber cooler, while Traci was delighted to hear she'd be receiving a shot of tequila. Lily anticipated that it wouldn't be a typical evening.

Across the lobby, Amanda was surprised to see Abby, who clarified that she wasn't crashing because she'd actually been invited. Amanda found that odd, and Abby reasoned that as part owner, she should keep an eye on her investment. Amanda wondered if Abby was concerned about the personal escape Phyllis had conjured up for her, and Abby envisioned an escape room with no way out.

Phyllis welcomed the group of women to the Grand Phoenix, where she would serve as their hostess, guide, and master of ceremonies. She was sure they had a lot of questions, but she refused to answer them because it would ruin the fun. Phyllis explained that she'd planned a unique experience for each one of them, based on their own personalities and desires, and she invited them to provide constructive criticism because she wanted to know whether she'd accomplished what she'd set out to do -- give them a night to remember.

Abby stomped over to Phyllis to privately ask what was going on. Phyllis reiterated that she was giving everyone a unique experience. Abby examined her instructions, which indicated that there were temptations all around and hinted that the eyes had it. Phyllis told her just to go with it, and she directed Abby to room 407. Abby begrudgingly resolved to play along, and Phyllis reminded her to have fun. Abby stepped away and called security to inquire whether the surveillance system was working correctly.

Lily and Traci entered a hotel suite and found an elaborate spread for high tea. Traci marveled at the scones and sweets, and Lily declared that there was no one she'd rather have tea with. They sat down to indulge, and Lily mused that she couldn't remember the last time she'd had tea like that. Traci recalled taking a young Colleen to high tea at the Plaza in New York, and Lily recounted Colleen telling her how she and Traci had gotten dressed up and taken carriage rides through Central Park afterward. Traci considered them some of her most precious memories, and she teared up.

Lily noted that it was supposed to be a dreamlike evening, and she liked to think Colleen was there with them in some way. Traci remembered that Colleen had loved the miniature sandwiches and hadn't understood why they couldn't eat like that all the time. Lily murmured that she missed Colleen, and Traci remarked that her daughter could have done anything in life. Traci was grateful that Colleen had had Lily as a best friend, and Lily wondered what Colleen would think about how Lily's life had turned out. Traci was certain that Colleen would have been proud of Lily.

Traci asked Lily to be honest about what it was like to work with Billy. Lily reported that things had been going relatively smoothly, but Traci understood that he could be challenging sometimes. Lily felt that Jill had put her and Billy together to get them to engage in a fight to the death to see who would win, but they'd had a breakthrough after they'd both realized their differences were what made them a good team. Traci was glad that he hadn't found a way to sabotage it, and Lily thought it was because things were better between him and Victoria.

Lily inquired about what was going on with Traci, who shared that the evening had helped her put things into perspective. Traci admitted that she'd had doubts about taking on a new job, especially with everything going on with Dina, but the best thing about it would be working with people she loved. Traci envisioned talking to Lily and Billy every day and being part of one another's lives again, and the more she thought about it, the more she was thrilled with the project. Traci happily accepted the opportunity to head up the online fiction platform. Lily cheered and welcomed her to the team.

Traci was happy Jill had persuaded Lily to return to Genoa City, since Traci had learned to hold loved ones close after losing Colleen. Lily compared Colleen's passing to losing a sister, but she was grateful to have had Traci as a mother figure in her life to help her navigate through hard times. Traci reflected back on watching Lily turn from a tiny girl into a strong, magnificent woman. Lily stressed that she needed Traci to also be a role model in Charlie and Mattie's lives, and Traci intended to shower them with love. Lily said she loved Traci, and Traci returned the sentiment.

In another suite, Amanda gushed that she'd end every day with a dip in the whirlpool and a pedicure if she could. Elena called it luxurious, and Amanda complimented the color on Elena's toes. Elena admitted that she'd never had a pedicure before, since she'd never spent money on herself when she'd been a struggling student or when she'd been Jett's caretaker. Amanda pointed out that Elena had since become a doctor and was dating a billionaire, so her toes had to be on point for galas and other events. Elena lamented that she had ugly toes, but Amanda insisted that Elena's toes were cute.

Elena imagined that Amanda had never had anything to be insecure about. Amanda countered that she had a lot of imperfections -- but she had beautiful feet. Elena admired them, jokingly exclaiming, "Bitch!" Elena said she missed laughing with a girlfriend, since she hadn't been close with anyone since Ana had left town. Amanda shared that she and Phyllis had gotten close, but she hadn't had a lot of female friends in the past.

Amanda confided that her world had become very small when she'd been with Ripley, since he'd convinced her that he was the only person in her life. She couldn't believe she'd let him do that to her, but Elena advised her not to blame herself. Elena mentioned that she'd learned from her patients that it was a hard cycle to break, but Amanda had walked away and found a new life, a new job, and an amazing guy.

Elena continued that she herself had been living in a crappy apartment, taking care of her uncle, while her career had been in bad shape, but one day, Devon had knocked on the door and changed everything. Elena marveled that they were at a gorgeous hotel where the owner had made it her mission to give them the perfect evening, and life didn't get much better than that. There was a knock at the door, and the women squealed in anticipation of massages.

After Elena and Amanda had their massages, Elena sighed contentedly and asked how things were going at Chancellor Communications. Amanda confirmed that Billy and Lily were an interesting combination. Elena sensed that Billy was the opposite of Nate, and Amanda explained that Billy was spontaneous and liked to live on the edge. Elena called Nate a solid, brilliant guy who liked to do good and happened to be gorgeous. Amanda admitted she'd noticed, and Elena pressed to know how often they'd gone out. Amanda briefly recounted their dating history.

Elena pushed for details, but Amanda refused to kiss and tell. Elena argued that she'd just revealed her self-consciousness about her feet, and Amanda replied that she and Nate were enjoying one another's company. Elena teased that Nate had had quite the smile after his breakfast date with Amanda. She recognized that she and Amanda had gotten off to a rough start, but she was glad things were working out for Amanda. Amanda credited Elena for helping Devon to deal with Amanda's resemblance to Hilary. The women realized they were becoming girlfriends.

Nikki made her way to her private suite and stopped in her tracks when she opened the door. She found a grand piano covered in flowers and sheet music for a piece entitled "Sonata for Nikki." Nikki smiled and began to play. Meanwhile, Summer happily played a video dance game in her pajamas.

Phyllis reported to someone on the phone that everyone's evening had begun. Abby peered around the corner and called another member of the security team, saying he was the only person she could trust. Abby wanted to know where Phyllis had arranged to have new security cameras installed, and she learned that they'd been placed right outside of room 407.

Abby looked around the hallway outside her room and spotted the cameras just outside her door. Over the phone, she told her security contact to disable them. Abby guessed that Phyllis was trying to catch her doing something to blackmail her with, but she couldn't figure out what it was. She considered the words on her instructions about temptation and the eyes having it. Abby glanced at the bottle of Champagne waiting for her outside the room and gazed straight into the camera. She questioned whether Phyllis expected her to get loaded on bubbles, and she snapped that it wasn't even a good try.

Abby grabbed the Champagne and entered the suite. She searched the room and found a webcam on the nightstand. Abby unplugged the camera and made a show of throwing it out of the room. She reentered the room and declared that Phyllis was messing with the wrong woman, and she popped open the Champagne. As she sipped Champagne and lounged in a robe, she received a text message from Phyllis. "Well played. Adventure is in your blood. I know you better than you think," Abby read aloud.

Abby found Phyllis at her door and conceded, "Okay, you got me." Abby accused Phyllis of setting up the cameras for her to find, but Phyllis feigned ignorance. Phyllis asked if Abby had had fun, and Abby struggled against giving Phyllis the satisfaction of admitting she had.

Phyllis peeked into Traci and Lily's suite and asked how it was going. Traci praised the amazing high tea, and Lily called it a perfect night. Phyllis then checked in with Summer, who raved about her evening of junk food, binge-watching, and playing her favorite video game. As Phyllis continued to make the rounds, Elena declared her batteries officially recharged, and Amanda opined that the night had been a success.

Nikki finished playing, and Phyllis appeared in the doorway and applauded. Phyllis asked Nikki to be honest about what she thought of the experience. Nikki sincerely stated that it had been really wonderful. Phyllis inquired whether Nikki was in.

Later, in the lobby, Summer asked Phyllis what was next. Phyllis prepared to wait, and Summer assured Phyllis that she'd done great. Summer praised the brilliant idea, especially since it had a sliding price scale. Summer considered it totally worth it, and Phyllis hoped everyone else agreed with her.

At Society, Traci remarked that she'd thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Lily agreed that it had been great, but she couldn't see paying Phyllis to have tea with Traci. Traci imagined that Phyllis would provide a different experience each time.

At the bar, Elena grappled with the idea of spending money on herself. Amanda loved the idea of a women's-only club for both the personal experience and the camaraderie, comparing it to cigar clubs for men. Abby admitted that she'd had low expectations going into the night, but it had been a pleasant surprise. Abby questioned whether Phyllis could keep delivering what she'd promised. Amanda referred to the one thing in the pitch that had resonated with her -- they were worth it.

Meanwhile, Summer reasoned that it wasn't a bad thing that Phyllis hadn't heard back from anyone yet. Phyllis guessed that Summer was trying to cushion the blow, and she contemplated inviting another group of women who hadn't been able to make it that night. Phyllis pointed out that she needed members for the club to exist, and Summer suggested that Phyllis take her own advice and relax a bit. Phyllis groaned that she needed to create an experience for herself.

Phyllis perked up when her phone pinged, and she excitedly divulged that Nikki was in. Phyllis' phone began chiming repeatedly, and Phyllis was thrilled to learn that Traci, Lily, Amanda, and Elena had all signed on. Phyllis received a final message and crowed that Abby was also on board. Summer exclaimed that she was happy for her mother, but she wasn't surprised because Phyllis had seen a need and filled it. Phyllis proclaimed her project a success, and she welcomed Summer to the Escape Club.

Summer makes a surprising decision

Summer makes a surprising decision

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

by Nel

At home, Rey offered to make Sharon an omelet. Sharon claimed she loved being waited on. Rey smiled and told her not to get used to it because he would wait on her only until she was capable of managing on her own. Chelsea arrived, and she was panic-stricken. She told Sharon that Adam hadn't returned home the previous evening and that his bag and some of his clothes were missing. Chelsea was afraid that Adam might have left for good.

Sharon told Chelsea she had no idea where Adam had gone. Chelsea accused Sharon of putting Adam into a fearful state of mind. Rey told Chelsea not to point a finger at the one person who had been trying to help Adam. Rey reminded Chelsea that Adam had sought Sharon's help. Chelsea apologized and admitted she was overwrought. Chelsea believed that Adam might have gone to Vegas. She asked Sharon what she should tell Connor. Sharon suggested that Chelsea hold off on saying anything to him for the time being.

Sharon told Chelsea to go home because Adam was probably on his way there as they spoke. Sharon said that Adam had probably needed some time alone. Rey told Chelsea that Adam was a grown man and could take care of himself. Chelsea asked Sharon to call her if Sharon heard from Adam. Sharon said she would.

After Chelsea left, Rey saw the look on Sharon's face, and he said he hoped she wasn't planning on going to Vegas after Adam. Sharon said no, but she was going to Kansas after Adam. She called Victor and asked him to let her have the jet immediately because she needed to go on a rescue mission to Kansas .

Rey asked Sharon why she thought Adam had gone to Kansas and why she hadn't told Chelsea that was where Adam might be. Sharon said that in her session with Adam, she'd asked Adam to remember things about the farm, the smells, and his surroundings. She believed he'd gone to Kansas because he might be remembering something. She said she hadn't told Chelsea where Adam might be because the last person Adam needed to see was Chelsea. Adam needed professional help, not a frantic mate at his side. Rey said that he wanted Sharon home as soon as Adam was able to fly.

Rey told Sharon that she wasn't going anywhere until she got approval from a certain someone. A short time later, Sharon's doctor gave her the all clear. Rey wanted her to stay in touch with him because he was concerned that Sharon seemed to have a misplaced obligation to Adam. Rey reminded Sharon that the last time she'd helped Adam, she and Rey had broken up.

Sharon assured Rey that wouldn't happen again, but she couldn't abandon Adam at that point in time. She said Adam had been an eleven-year-old boy at the time of his trauma, and he was trying to come to terms with what he'd done. Rey suddenly said he wanted to go with her. Surprised, Sharon agreed. She told him to pack for two.

After Chelsea left Sharon's, she went directly to see Victor. She told Victor that Adam was missing, and they had to find him before he ran out of time. Victor said that Adam's memory had started to return, and he'd gone to Sharon for help. Chelsea complained that Sharon wasn't telling her what was going on.

Victor reminded Chelsea that Sharon, as a professional therapist, had to keep all information confidential. Chelsea claimed she needed to know where Adam was. She had to find him to tell him she loved him. She insisted that she and Victor fly to Vegas to find Adam. Chelsea said that with Victor's connections, they would be able to find Adam very quickly.

Victor told Chelsea that Adam wasn't in Vegas. He said Sharon had taken the jet and flown to Kansas. Chelsea was incensed that Sharon hadn't told her where Adam was. Chelsea asked Victor to contact the pilot and ask him to return to Genoa City. She said she should be the one to go to Kansas, not Sharon. Chelsea accused Sharon of attempting to keep her away from Adam, but Victor assured her that wasn't the case.

Chelsea told Victor that Sharon had known where Adam was; she'd seen how frantic Chelsea was, yet Sharon had chosen not to tell Chelsea where she thought Adam could be. Victor said that Sharon had known that neither he nor Chelsea could offer Adam any help. Adam needed professional help because of the demons running around in his head. He asked who knew better than Sharon what Adam was going through. She was the best person to help him because a storm was about to be unleashed in Adam's head, and he needed a professional to help him deal with whatever came next. Chelsea said she wanted to be there because she needed to tell Adam she loved him and would always be there for him and that he would always be the father that Connor adored.

Chelsea said that she and Victor knew Adam better than anyone and that Adam needed them for comfort and understanding, but Victor repeated that Adam needed professional help for the storm that was about to be unleashed.

Victor told Chelsea he understood what she felt, but they couldn't do anything for Adam because he was about to remember the night he'd killed A.J. Montalvo. He said that Adam had suppressed that memory for many years, and he was about to remember everything. He asked if Chelsea realized what Adam would be dealing with. Victor said Adam was going to be flooded with all those memories. Chelsea asked when Victor had begun using the hands-off approach to anything. Victor said as soon as he'd realized that Adam needed professional help. Chelsea said she refused to lose Adam again, not to anyone or anything.

Adam arrived at the farm in Kansas and looked around. He looked at the dining room table, and then he began searching for something. He stopped when he found the tablecloth that had covered the table on that fateful night. He removed it from the drawer, placed the folded tablecloth on the table, sat down, and stared at it. Suddenly, he remembered hearing A.J. threatening Hope, telling her to pay up or else. He remembered Hope yelling at A.J. to get out.

Frantically, Adam unfolded the tablecloth and spread it over the table. He sat down under the table in the same spot he'd been in as an eleven-year-old boy on the night of A.J.'s death. He suddenly remembered that right after Hope yelled at A.J. to get out, he left his hiding place under the table, stood up, and yelled at A.J. to leave his mother alone. A.J. asked him what Adam was going to do about it. Adam ran at A.J. and gave him a really hard push. A.J. fell back and hit his head on the corner of the china cabinet. Adam saw A.J. lying on the floor in a pool of blood and his eyes wide open. A.J. was dead. He heard Hope ask him what had happened.

Overwhelmed, Adam paced and asked himself what he'd done. Suddenly, Sharon was there, and she called out to him. Adam turned and asked Sharon what he had done.

Theo arrived at Society to pick up Lola for their date. When she entered the dining room, Theo said she looked incredible. He told her that she would love their date. Lola asked for a tiny clue. Theo said it was something near and dear to her heart.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle and Summer discussed the Newman acquisition, and Kyle told Summer that she'd done a great job. He thought it was strange that Victoria had sold off some of the Newman business, and it made him wonder what was going on. Summer got ready to leave. She told Kyle she had plans and that he was included. She took his hand, and they left.

A short time later, Theo and Lola arrived on the patio of Crimson Lights, complaining that they were stuffed. Lola said it had been the first time that she'd gone to a food truck as a customer. She said she could have stayed there all night with the various foods that were being offered.

Theo told Lola that in the not too distant future, he would take her to the Isle of Manhattan, and they would go to one of the best restaurants and later take in a show. Lola said they didn't need to spend a lot of money on an evening in order to have a good time. She said the vibe around the food trucks was almost as good as the food, and she'd loved it. She said that people had been enjoying the music and the food. She loved how her food drew people together.

Theo told Lola he didn't want their date to end. Lola said neither did she. She suggested they go to Theo's place. Uncomfortable, Theo told her that she might not want to go to his place. She realized his suite at the Grand Phoenix was a mess.

Theo said he had a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his door because sometimes the cleaning staff would arrive while he was still in bed. Theo said she was right; the cleanliness might not be great. Lola told him that she'd grown up with two brothers, so she knew what to expect. She gave him an ultimatum: they would either go to his place, or their date would end. Theo invited Lola to his place, and she accepted.

Summer and Kyle arrived at Chancellor Park. Summer playfully told Kyle that someone had planned a picnic, and she thought it was for them because it had all their favorite things in the basket. After they ate, Kyle and Summer lay on the blanket and watched the clouds. Kyle asked Summer if Nick had told her about their man-to-man talk. Summer claimed she didn't want to hear what her overprotective father had said.

Kyle told Summer he'd thought Nick had planned to threaten him, but when Nick had finished his speech, he'd laughed. Kyle said he'd told Nick that he loved Summer and that they had agreed to an open relationship. Kyle said it had been his turn to laugh when he'd seen the look on Nick's face. He said that he and Nick had one thing in common -- their love for Summer.

Summer told Kyle she couldn't be happier, but there was room to be even happier. Summer said that her and Kyle's lives were woven together. Kyle said he was lucky to have Summer in his life. Summer claimed that nothing could keep them apart. Kyle said they'd made a few mistakes, and marriage had been one of them. Summer claimed it hadn't been all bad because they'd saved Lola's life. Summer said she wanted things to be different between them. She wanted their relationship to be authentic, true, and equal.

Summer told Kyle they needed to build a life together, and to Kyle's shock, Summer said she wanted them to move in together. Summer stated that he appeared to have serious reservations, but Kyle denied having any reservations. Summer said that people were going to talk, especially since Kyle's divorce wasn't final, but she didn't care what people thought. She said she wanted them to live together. She wanted to come home to him, and she wanted to make a home for them. Summer said that was what she wanted, and she hoped that Kyle wanted the same thing.

Kyle said that Summer continued to have the ability to surprise him, and he loved when she displayed her headstrong side. Summer claimed she'd matured and that she'd tempered her thunder. Kyle agreed to move in with her. They simultaneously decided they had to do that immediately.

At Theo's suite at the Grand Phoenix, Lola waited outside Theo's door while he ran around cleaning up and throwing everything into the bathroom. Lola finally entered and commented that he cleaned up well. She noticed he appeared to be very nervous, and she asked him why. Theo said he really liked her and wanted to make certain they did things the right way. He wanted to make sure that it wasn't a rebound situation for Lola. Lola assured Theo that it wasn't a rebound situation, and she wasn't with Theo because she wanted to get back at Kyle. She told Theo she wanted to be there with him because she liked him, too. Lola got up and closed the door to his suite.

Kyle and Summer entered another suite at the Grand Phoenix, and it appeared they were going to make it their home for the time being. Kyle turned off the lights, and they began to undress.

Chelsea claims Sharon has done enough

Chelsea claims Sharon has done enough

Thursday, August 27, 2020

by Nel

At the ranch, Victor left a voicemail message for Sharon, saying he was waiting for information on Adam.

At the penthouse, Chelsea seemed agitated while she made arrangements for Connor to spend the night with the sitter.

At the farm, Adam told Sharon that he'd killed A.J. Montalvo. Sharon suggested they leave, but Adam insisted on staying until he knew everything. Adam told Sharon that A.J. had threatened his mother with hurting her son. He said he'd seen the terror in Hope's face, and he'd heard it in her voice when she'd told A.J. not to threaten her son.

Adam told Sharon that at that point, he'd left his safe place under the table and told A.J. to leave Hope alone. He said that A.J. had turned, and Adam had seen the sick and ugly smirk on A.J.'s face. It had almost been like a dare when A.J. had said "What are you going to do about it, kid?"

Sharon told Adam that he'd been a terrified eleven-year-old boy. She said it had been fear, but Adam said it had been rage -- an overwhelming anger that had been directed at A.J. He had wanted to crush the guy, and he had wanted A.J. dead. Adam said he'd made sure that A.J. would never return. Sharon said Adam had done what he'd felt he'd needed to do to protect Hope. Adam shouted that A.J. was dead and he hadn't felt horrified after, nor had he felt any remorse. He said he'd been happy that he'd done it.

Sharon said that Adam had been a child, and he'd been relieved that his mother had been okay. However, afterwards, his mind had blocked it out for decades to protect him from what would have been unbearable guilt. Adam said that Sharon knew all the terrible things he'd done, and being a cold-blooded killer was in character. Sharon said that the memory had been cloaked for decades, and it was returning extra hard. Adam admitted it was awful, and he understood why she'd discouraged him from attempting to remember too quickly.

Adam told Sharon he was very tired. She suggested that he get some rest. Adam asked her to stay, and Sharon told him she wasn't going anywhere. Adam fell asleep on a bench in an alcove and dreamed about A.J. telling Adam that he'd always known Adam had had that killer instinct. Adam heard Hope say "It's all over now, and it's going to be okay." He woke with a start. Sharon ran to him and told him he was safe and that he wasn't alone.

When Adam left to get a glass of water, Chelsea entered and caustically said that it was all working out exactly as Sharon had planned. Sharon said that when she'd arrived, Adam had been on the floor, reliving the events of the night he'd killed A.J. In her fury, Chelsea ignored the comment because she wanted to know why Sharon hadn't told her where she'd been going. Sharon tried to explain that she'd known Adam would be in a fragile situation, but Chelsea shouted for Sharon to spare her the therapy speech. Chelsea accused Sharon of wanting to be the one that Adam turned to and to be the only one who really understood him, but Sharon denied it.

Chelsea accused Sharon of not being able to let go of Adam. Sharon said she understood why Chelsea wanted to take out her frustrations on Sharon, but they needed to focus on Adam because he'd had a tremendous breakthrough, regardless of what Chelsea thought Sharon's motives were. Sharon stated that Adam needed people around him who understood what he was going through. Chelsea said that by that, Sharon meant herself, but Sharon said she meant everyone who cared about Adam. Sharon said she wasn't trying to shut Chelsea out.

Adam returned, and he was surprised to see Chelsea. Chelsea said that she'd driven to the farm as soon as she'd heard he was there, and she was there to take him home. Scowling, Chelsea turned to Sharon and said that Sharon had done enough.

At the clinic, Elena peppered Nate with questions about his dates with Amanda. Nate didn't look pleased about the conversation, especially when Elena asked him how he felt about Amanda. Nate told her that she was asking too many personal questions. Elena stated that they were friends, they worked together, and they shared information. She mentioned a few things that had happened on his recent date with Amanda. Shocked, Nate asked if Elena had grilled Amanda.

Elena told Nate that she and Amanda were friends and that she'd spoken to her. Nate was upset that Elena was into his personal business. Nate told her that he and Amanda were dating casually. Elena told Nate she only wanted to know how things were between him and Amanda, and she wasn't walking them down the aisle. Nate said he wasn't ready for that commitment, but someday, he wanted a solid relationship like hers and Devon's.

At the Grand Phoenix, Victoria told Billy that she had a story for him that would immediately guarantee more eyes on Chancellor Media, which she referred to as ChancComm, and it would make him famous. Victoria gave Billy the details of Victor's cover-up of Adam's crime. Billy asked why Victor hadn't told Adam the truth rather than remove her as CEO, even if it was only temporary. Victoria thought Victor had been protecting Adam and had assumed that she would forgive him, because she always had. She was standing up for herself.

Victoria told Billy that Adam had created the situation when he'd wanted to screw her and Victor over to get what he wanted, but the story had turned out to be much worse for Adam. Billy asked how an eleven-year-old kid could have killed a man and buried the memory. Victoria was skeptical, but Billy reminded her that he'd tried to run Adam down, and he'd blocked that incident out. Victoria said that Adam only had one witness, his blind mother, Hope, and she'd died.

Billy told Victoria that Alyssa knew the whole story. Victoria informed him that Alyssa had left town because she didn't want anything to do with it or the Newmans. She said that Victor might have found a way to make that incident go away, so Billy would have to dig deep, and he had to be extremely careful how he told the story because Victor would look for any signs of weakness in the story.

Billy warned Victoria that when the story ran, Victor would know that she'd been the source, whether he had evidence or not. Victoria said she could live with that as long as Billy focused on Adam and what he'd done. Billy said there would be some blowback on Victor because it was inevitable. Billy was amazed how far Victoria and Victor had drifted apart.

Victoria said she had to do whatever was necessary to protect herself. She was done trusting Victor to have her back. She'd wanted people to see that she belonged in the CEO chair and that she knew what she was doing. She said she had the goods to lead the company into the future without Victor, but that didn't happen because she was getting signals from the old guard who wanted Victor to handle the company and her. This was her way of dealing with her competition.

Amanda arrived at ChancComm. Lily stated that she had her hands full, bringing on Newman Media, and it was challenging. Amanda said she'd brought over more contracts for Lily and Billy to sign, and she asked if Billy was around. Lily said that Billy was in a meeting, but she didn't know with whom.

Amanda said she'd return, but Lily asked her to stay because she wanted Amanda's opinion on the dynamics Billy brought to the company. Amanda asked if Lily was referring to the mad visionary who was always testing how much he could get away with. Amanda said she'd met him. Lily said that Billy had mentioned that Amanda had been his sounding board during a difficult part of his life. Amanda said Billy had been the same for her, but they were friends, nothing more.

Lily apologized to Amanda and said she wanted to make sure that it wouldn't be a problem for Amanda to work with Billy. Amanda said that when she accepted a job, it became her first priority. Any connection she'd had with Billy stayed in the past. She respected ChancComm and Lily, and she would never jeopardize or compromise what they were trying to build. Lily said she had a lot of respect for Amanda, and she was happy that Amanda was there to help with their new acquisition. Lily stated that they couldn't afford to make any mistakes, and they couldn't overreach while they were trying to get ChancComm up and running.

Lily said they needed Billy's drive and creativity -- and everything else that went with it. Amanda smiled and said they had to minimize Billy's excesses. Billy arrived and said that he'd been handed a story that would drive traffic to their new site and blow it up. He said that in the middle of it was Victor and his prodigal son, Adam, and they were about to go down.

Billy explained to Lily and Amanda what he'd learned, and he said it proved how far Victor would go to protect Adam and the Newman family name. Lily asked if it had been self-defense because Adam had been protecting his mother. Billy said that was what had been relayed to him, but Adam claimed he didn't remember the incident. Billy stated that neither Victor nor Adam was known for his honesty. Billy said that Victor hadn't gone to the police nor had he gotten Adam the help he'd needed like a normal parent would have done. Victor had sat on it and hoped it would go away, but the story was theirs.

Amanda asked who his source was, and Billy said a reliable one. Amanda said that if they were going to run such an explosive story, they needed to know everything, and Billy's source would be protected. Lily guessed Billy's source had been Victoria. Billy said they had to keep Victoria out of it. Lily asked how, because Victoria was Billy's ex. She said any smear against Victor or Adam would naturally connect to her, and Adam's name would be damaged. Billy would then be the hero, but Billy denied that it was about that. Lily said that was exactly how Victor would see it. Lily didn't want Victor and his army of lawyers suing them into oblivion.

Billy told Lily that they had the biggest story of the year: a huge company, a big family name, a killing, and a cover-up. He said it would make them. It wasn't the time to play it safe. Lily asked for proof, but Billy said that Victor might have destroyed it. Lily asked if Billy wanted to take Victor down based on his estranged daughter's fairy tale. Billy admitted they had a little digging to do.

Amanda told Billy and Lily there might be a way of selling the story without setting themselves up for a lawsuit, but Lily was right. Billy had to get proof to back up the allegations or prove that the evidence had been deliberately destroyed. Otherwise, it was based on innuendos, and that would give Victor ammunition to go after them. Billy claimed he would find the truth.

After Lily left, Billy thanked Amanda for interrupting at the right moment. Amanda hoped that Billy realized that Lily hadn't given him the go-ahead to move forward with the story. Billy said she hadn't squashed the idea, and he was grateful. Amanda said she'd given her objective and legal opinion but not an endorsement of an idea that she found ethically questionable because the conflict of interest could fill a stadium. She was concerned that Billy would take a risk that she wouldn't be able to mitigate.

Amanda left when Lily returned. Lily told Billy that they needed unimpeachable proof that would hold up in court, but she was afraid that wouldn't be enough. She claimed the story was too personal to him, and his animosity toward Victor could make it look like a vendetta. That would completely ruin ChancComm's credibility. She warned him not to post anything unless she signed off on it. Billy agreed. Lily didn't want to get sued over Billy wanting to make the company his personal poker table, especially when the Newmans were their opponents. She had serious reservations. Billy said he'd make sure that he backed up the story so she'd feel good about it.

At Society, Nick bumped into Victor and asked if he was okay. Victor said he wasn't because Adam had taken off and was in bad shape. Nick claimed that Adam would get through it and figure out a way to use the trauma to his advantage. Victor said Nick made it sound like a game. Nick claimed it was a game Victor had played with Adam his entire life. He said that Victor had protected Adam his whole life and had made excuses for him, and he'd stood by Adam even after Adam had tried to kill him.

Nick told Victor that he didn't feel sorry for Adam, but he felt sorry for Victoria because she'd been shoved around so many times for Adam's benefit. He said that Victoria had gotten sick of it, and she'd staked out her own claim and sold pieces of Newman to let Victor know she was in charge and wouldn't be pushed around.

Nick asked Victor why he'd allowed Sharon to have the jet to go to Kansas because it was too soon after her surgery. Victor said that Sharon was the only person who could handle the situation. Nick hoped Sharon wouldn't have a setback in her recovery. Victor asked if Nick had forgotten that Adam was his brother, but Nick said he didn't care. Adam could have received help from a dozen other therapists, but Victor said that Adam was comfortable with Sharon. Nick claimed it was an Adam thing to do, and Adam used Sharon's big heart. Adam had no empathy, but in spite of the situation, he would be fine. Nick said Adam shouldn't be the one that Victor worried about, but he needed to focus on Connor because he stood to be the one to get hurt the most.

Victor told Nick that they had done everything to protect Connor, but Nick said it might not be enough. He said Chelsea was the reason Connor had the united family he'd always wanted because Chelsea accepted Adam for who he was, and she was the best thing that had happened to Adam. She'd known the consequences of reconciling with Adam. Connor would be the one who would suffer if Adam decided to stay in Kansas or run off and disappear. Nick told Victor to keep his attention on Adam, not Nick and Victoria.

Victor asked if Nick believed that he'd played favorites, and he denied that to be the case -- he loved them equally. He'd been protective of Adam because he'd been at the farm that fateful night. He said he would have done the same for any of his kids. Nick acknowledged that Victor had been there for him more times than he could count, but it was different with Adam. Adam had many issues in his life, and it had all started when Adam had killed a man when he'd been a kid. Victor said it hadn't been solely his decision to protect Adam; it had been Hope's, as well.

Nick said that with Victor's incredible guidance and influence, as always, he'd gotten exactly the outcome he'd wanted. Victor claimed that Nick would have done the same thing for his son. Nick said he wouldn't have, but Adam would have. Nick guessed that was why, of all his children, Adam was the one Victor truly connected with. As Nick turned and walked away, Victor claimed that was absurd.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nate asked Amanda how things were at ChancComm since they'd acquired Newman Media. She said there was never a dull moment, especially with Billy. He was a lawsuit waiting to happen. She told Nate that Billy had charged into the office with a huge story he wanted to run on the news site. It involved unsubstantiated claims about people who had armies of lawyers and unlimited resources. All Billy saw were the headlines. Billy seemed to be of the opinion that proof and substantiation would work themselves out.

Amanda told Nate that if the story checked out, it would put ChancComm on the map. That was how big the story was. Nate stated that the fall would be huge if Billy didn't have his facts right. He said that with gamblers, the only thing they loved as much as playing and winning was playing and losing.

Amanda told Nate that, at times, she felt like Billy was the evil genius, and it was her job to figure out how to make his ideas work. She felt like she was the evil genius' enabler. Nate noted that Billy really got under her skin. Amanda said she appreciated Billy's talent and creativity, but sometimes he pushed things to the extreme. It was exhausting because she was the one who constantly applied the brakes. Billy put everyone at ChancComm at risk, and she wished he was more like everyone else. Nate said it sounded like Billy needed her.

Lola has mixed feelings after sex with Theo

Lola has mixed feelings after sex with Theo

Friday, August 28, 2020

In Theo's hotel suite, Lola called Theo sweet for ordering breakfast. He replied that he didn't know what she liked, so he'd had room service drop off a few different things while she'd been in the shower. She cooed that he seemed to know what she liked. He amorously advanced toward her, but she clucked that they wouldn't be going back to bed because she had to get to work.

Theo hoped he and Lola could eat together and talk, and she asked if something was wrong. He acknowledged that it had been the first time she'd spent the night with someone other than Kyle, and he wanted to make sure she was okay. She assured him that it hadn't been an impulsive move and that he'd more than exceeded her expectations. She added that it meant a lot that he was concerned, but he shouldn't be. She requested that he help her find her bra.

A tousled Jack arrived home, whistling cheerfully. Traci appeared, and he worried that he'd woken their mother up. Traci reported that Dina was awake and with the nurse, and she teased Jack for doing the walk of shame in his own living room. He explained that he'd stayed late at the office to jot down some ideas and fallen asleep at his desk. He sensed that she thought he was lying, but she was glad to see him happy and energized, no matter what the reason.

Traci voiced surprise that Jack was throwing himself into work, especially after their mother's message. Jack admitted that it had hit home to watch their old family movie and hear their dad's words about finding love. Jack vowed that he would never make his life all about work again, since he was going to find balance in his life if it killed him.

Later, Jack found Theo at the mansion, having just visited Dina. Theo explained that he'd wanted to fill her in on everything happening with him, and he hoped it was okay. Jack reiterated that Theo was always welcome, and he inquired whether Theo had any good news to share. Theo announced that Billy had hired him as Chancellor Communications' new director of talent, and Jack marveled that it was an opportunity for Theo to make a name for himself there.

Theo reported that Dina had seemed content, and he felt that she'd picked up on more of their conversation than one might think. Jack recounted that Dina had cleverly conveyed her feelings when she'd given them a hint that had led to a discovery of an old home movie in which John had talked about how finding love was more important than anything. Theo mused that it was a good message for all of them. Theo suddenly said there was somewhere he needed to be, and he rushed out.

Jack wished he knew what had been going through Dina's mind when she'd seen her children scrambling to find the old home movie. Traci thought they could only be sure of what they'd seen, and Dina had been moved when she'd watched the film. Jack remarked that Dina hadn't been the only one, and he wondered what John would think if he saw his three children then -- all happy and successful but missing something very important in their lives. Jack decided that he wasn't going to settle anymore, and he vowed to have everything his parents had wanted for him and more.

Traci recalled that all their dad had ever wanted had been for them to be happy. Jack realized that he'd lived an incredible life, and he resolved to stop blaming Dina for his mistakes, since her choices had never prevented him from getting the love he was meant to have. Traci thought they had to be responsible for their own choices, and she felt pretty good about her life right then. She worried that Jack didn't feel the same way about his. Jack's voice shook as he confessed that he felt more alone then than he'd ever wanted to be, but something told him it wasn't over yet. "The best is yet to come," he proclaimed.

At Society, Kyle and Summer tended to some business matters. Mariah overheard as Summer excitedly checked out an alert on her phone about a new home listing. Mariah was appalled that the couple was searching for a new "love pad" on Lola's turf. Kyle said they'd checked to make sure Lola wasn't there that morning, and Mariah considered it a good thing that Lola hadn't overheard them. Kyle argued that they couldn't live in a hotel forever, but Mariah urged them to spare a thought for the person who'd been crushed when Kyle and Summer had reunited. Kyle swore that the last thing they wanted to do was rub it in.

Mariah entered Society's kitchen and was surprised to find Lola there. Lola mentioned that she'd arrived through the back entrance because she'd gotten a late start that morning. Mariah jokingly asked if Lola had had a hot date, and Lola divulged that she'd been out with Theo to celebrate his new job at Chancellor Communications. Mariah figured that it was no wonder Lola had overslept, and she asked what time Lola had gotten home. Lola blushed, and Mariah realized that Lola hadn't gone home.

Lola recognized how Mariah felt about her and Theo as a couple, but Mariah promised that she wouldn't judge. Mariah insisted that all that mattered was how Lola felt about taking the next step. Lola called the evening a lot of fun, but Mariah thought Lola didn't sound like herself. Lola admitted that sex had been a different experience with someone she wasn't committed to. Mariah hoped Theo hadn't pressured Lola, but Lola reported that he'd been the one holding back. Lola swore that it had been her call, but Mariah suspected that Lola regretted it.

Lola recognized that people had casual sex all the time, but Mariah sensed that Lola was trying to convince herself that it had been a good thing. Mariah advised that something could feel good without feeling right. Lola confided that she wanted to be the kind of woman who knew what she wanted and went for it, but she thought she needed more practice before casual sex felt normal. She continued that it felt like she was playing a part, but she hoped that would change. Mariah asked if she'd talked to Theo about it, but Lola expected him to freak out if she did. Mariah pointed out that just because Lola had slept with someone once didn't mean she couldn't say no in the future, and it would always be Lola's call.

Meanwhile, Summer begrudgingly promised Kyle that she wouldn't look at real estate listings while they were at Society. Kyle reasoned that Mariah had just been asking them to be sensitive to Lola's feelings, but Summer grumbled that it wasn't like they'd asked Lola to cater their housewarming. Kyle recalled that Lola had taken the high road by not giving them grief when she'd had every right to, and Summer questioned whether he was going to give Lola a medal for sainthood. Kyle contended that just because Lola seemed fine on the outside didn't mean she wasn't hurting.

Kyle thought Mariah had a better sense about where Lola's mindset was then, and Summer noted that Lola was moving on with Theo. Kyle griped that Theo wasn't worthy of Lola, but Summer asserted that Lola made her own decisions about who she dated. Kyle worried that Lola's choice to spend time with someone who represented everything she despised indicated that she wasn't okay. Kyle believed that Lola was too proud to allow anyone to throw her a pity party, and he thought it meant something if her friends were asking them to tone it down. Summer conceded that a little discretion wouldn't kill them.

Later, Summer told Mariah that she and Kyle wanted to help Lola get through it with as little pain as possible. Mariah huffed that it was the least they could do, and Summer chided her for holding a grudge, even though Mariah had been the one to encourage Kyle and Lola to ignore their issues and commit. Mariah countered that she wanted both of her friends to be happy, and she accepted that Kyle was happy with Summer, but Lola's happiness required them not throwing their relationship in her face. Summer testily stated that she and Kyle would have no more discussions about house hunting while they were there, and she sauntered off. Lola overheard from the kitchen doorway and was clearly upset.

Lola headed to the bar, and Kyle joined her and asked how she was doing. He was stunned when she informed him that she'd heard he'd been house hunting. She told him that she'd appreciate it if he stopped looking at her like she was going to crumble into tiny pieces, since she should have been expecting it. He swore that no one expected her to fall apart and that he and Summer had just been trying not to be jerks. Kyle wondered if they should avoid Society, but Lola asserted that they could handle the situation as adults.

Kyle asked how he could make it easier, and Lola surmised he meant how to make it easier for him. She pointed out that being sure of his feelings wasn't his strongest suit, but she recognized that Kyle hadn't set out to hurt her. She encouraged him to move in with Summer because he loved her and always had, and it would be much easier for all of them if everything was out in the open. Lola pointedly added that she had moved on, but not in the same way, since she was just having a little fun and not rushing into anything serious.

Lola insisted that she didn't need or want an update every time Kyle and Summer reached a new milestone -- especially not when they got engaged, which she expected to happen any second. Kyle blurted out that they hadn't even talked about it, but Lola snapped that she didn't care. He proposed that they no longer walk on eggshells and just be, and she abruptly excused herself.

Theo entered the restaurant, and Mariah stopped him from going to find Lola. Mariah indicated that Lola and Kyle were having a conversation that was long overdue, since Summer had let it slip that she and Kyle were looking for a place together. Theo figured that Kyle and Summer had practically been living together already, and Mariah commented that it sometimes took the heart a while to catch up to what the head had known for a long time. She remarked that things were moving fast, and Theo wondered if Lola had said anything to her. Mariah feigned ignorance.

Theo sat alone at a table, and Lola noticed him and asked what he was doing there. He replied that he was hungry. She reminded him that she'd left him to eat the room service breakfast all by himself, and he admitted that he'd missed her. Meanwhile, Kyle told Mariah that he'd tried to apologize, but he'd only made things worse. Mariah was glad he'd shown that he still cared, since Lola needed to know she'd meant something to him. Kyle stared at Lola and Theo.

Lola informed Theo that Kyle was still carrying around guilt, but she'd told Kyle he didn't have to. She invited Theo to stick around, and she'd try to visit him when she could. She returned to work. A moment later, Theo joined her in the kitchen and jokingly warned her to be careful with the knives, since she knew what happened to him at the sight of blood. She curtly told him that she couldn't talk then, but he pointed out that the breakfast rush was over, and the restaurant wasn't busy.

Lola barked that she'd had her fill of talking about Kyle, but Theo thought they should discuss her ex at some point. Theo urged Lola to be straight with him, since he could take it if the night before had been more of a rebound thing than she'd thought. Lola became irate that he thought she'd had sex with him for such a crappy reason, but Theo assured her that he would understand because he knew she'd loved Kyle. Lola sarcastically stated that she was glad she had his blessing to be a manipulative loser.

Lola declared that she had a restaurant to run, so she'd get in touch with Theo later. Theo offered to take off to give her a chance to calm down, since he knew he wasn't the reason she was mad. She ordered him to stop telling her how she felt. He calmly stated that she knew where to find him when she was ready to talk, and she muttered not to hold his breath. Theo departed.

In Chancellor Park, Summer felt terrible that Lola had overheard her conversation with Mariah. Kyle figured that Lola would have found out eventually, and he asked if Summer had found any houses she liked. Summer complained that she hadn't found anything with enough room for their offices without commandeering the family space. Kyle insisted on being able to close the door on work and enjoy their lives, and he suggested that they find a real estate agent. Summer had another idea, and she offered to tell him on the way to the office.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis finished placing a phone order for orchids as Nick entered. She prepared to inject some excitement into his life, and he inquired whether it had something to do with the text message she'd sent about having big news. She announced that it had become even bigger after she'd sent the message, and she showed off a stack of membership applications for the Grand Phoenix Escape Club. He was stunned that she had more enrollees than she'd had guests at her free trial experience.

Phyllis claimed that she'd told everyone to keep it confidential, so, of course, word had gotten out. Nick surmised that she'd leaked it, and she admitted that she had. Phyllis crowed that she'd been inundated with calls, and she'd been telling each person that she might have room to let one more member in. She squealed that it might be her most inspired business creation yet, and she had him to thank for it, since she couldn't have done it without him. She purred that it was because of his sexiness and smile, and she was putty in his hands. Nick thought it was too public a place to test out that theory, and he followed her to the elevator.

Nick and Phyllis retreated to her hotel suite. She praised him for taking time out of his busy day to help her celebrate her success. He referred to her pretty speech about owing all her success to him, and she joked that it had only been to get him up there. Nick didn't mind that he'd fallen for it. Phyllis honestly thanked him for everything he'd done to convince the women of Genoa City to give the Escape Club a try when they'd hesitated to do so. She also thanked him for believing in her and not giving up on her, since it meant more to her than she could say.

Phyllis checked her phone and enthused that someone with a lot of money wanted to join the Escape Club and had just purchased the biggest package. Nick asked if his mom had signed up, but Phyllis replied that she wasn't at liberty to say, since she was very discreet about her members. Phyllis imagined that no one in the world needed pampering or an escape more than Victor's wife or kids, and she was taken aback when Nick agreed. Nick revealed that he and Victor had argued the night before, and Phyllis flatly asked what Adam had done.

Nick shared that Adam had pulled another disappearing act. Phyllis guessed that Victor was concerned to the point of obsession over Adam when Victor should be mending his relationships with Nick and Victoria. She lectured that Nick's relationship with his father could never be repaired, and she advised him to just cut Victor off. Nick referred to his pattern of ignoring his father until a crisis happened, but then he always got sucked back in.

Phyllis contended that it was upsetting to her to see Nick being put through an emotional meat grinder. She reluctantly admitted that she admired how Abby had been able to create her own life, but Nick argued that he and Abby had very different temperaments. Phyllis cited how Nick had always tried to keep her, Summer, and Sharon from being caught in the crossfire, and she questioned why he wasn't as proactive about protecting himself. She wondered who would mend his broken heart when Victor broke it.

Nick recognized what it had done to Phyllis and his kids when he'd been caught up in Victor's games, but he refused to turn his back on the people who needed him. Phyllis questioned who he meant, since Victoria had proven she could handle Victor, Sharon had Rey, and Nikki had known what she'd been getting into when she'd remarried Victor yet again. Phyllis asserted that there was no one Nick needed to throw himself on a grenade for, and she seductively suggested that there were other things he could be exerting his time and energy on besides talking about his dad. He grinned and asked if she had an activity in mind. "Do you want to come over here and kiss me?" she inquired, and he readily obliged.

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