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Sharon told Adam that she could no longer treat him. Amanda informed Devon that she was Hilary's twin sister. Elena walked in as Devon professed his love for his dead wife. Chelsea planted a bug at Chancellor Communications. Chelsea ordered Sharon to stay away from Adam.
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Amanda informed Devon that the DNA test revealed she was Hilary's twin sister
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Billy shares his revenge plot with Jack Billy shares his revenge plot with Jack

Monday, September 14, 2020

Sharon napped on her sofa and awoke when she heard a knock on her door. Sharon said, "Come in." Adam entered, told Sharon he couldn't stop thinking about her, and wished there was a way for him to save her. Sharon told Adam that doctors were the only ones who knew how to fight cancer, though they didn't always win. Sharon cried that Adam wouldn't want to be by her side if she became sick and weak. Adam replied, "Yes, I would, just like you've been there for me."

Sharon reminded Adam that everything had always been complicated for them. Adam vowed to make things simple while he supported her. Sharon said she felt the same way and wanted to help him, too. Sharon suddenly startled awake and realized her encounter with Adam had been a dream.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Adam told Chelsea it would be best for them to separate. Chelsea acknowledged that though Adam was hurt and confused, she was still capable of making her own choices. Adam told Chelsea that deep down, she knew separation was best for her and Connor. Chelsea insisted that what had happened one night decades earlier didn't define Adam. Chelsea redirected Adam's attention and said he should consider all of his accomplishments.

Chelsea told Adam she understood his frustration and his anger at Victor for having put him in a difficult situation. Dealing with Victor, Chelsea said, should be Adam's first step in moving forward. Adam disagreed and cried that eventually, Chelsea would become concerned about Connor, and she would leave. Chelsea told Adam he'd taken an irrational fear and turned it into reality based on a scenario in his head. Chelsea refused to let Adam push them away, and she vowed never to let anything come between them. Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes when Adam replied, "It already has. Look at us." Adam told Chelsea he'd return later to pick up his things. Before Adam left, Chelsea cried that she'd hadn't come so far just to lose him again.

Sharon meandered around her living room, seemingly lost in thought. She sent a text message to Adam, asking him to let her know when he could talk. Immediately, there was a knock at her door. It was Adam. He said, "I can talk now." Sharon and Adam spoke briefly about their awkward encounter with Chelsea, when Sharon had hidden in the bathroom in the motel room. Sharon said she knew that if Chelsea had seen her, it would have complicated things for Adam. Adam acknowledged that he and Sharon shared a connection. Sharon agreed and vowed never to let it happen again.

Sharon told Adam she'd admitted to Rey that she'd been meeting with Adam. Sharon added that Rey hadn't taken it well, and she praised Rey for having been amazingly supportive during her illness. Sharon vowed to patch up things with Rey by proving to him how important he was to her. Sharon told Adam she could no longer treat him as his therapist. Adam said he understood, and he advised her to concentrate on her health.

Tearfully, Sharon cried that she would be fighting for her life. Adam admitted he'd been selfish for dragging her into his problems in the first place. Sharon assured Adam that she'd wanted to help him because it had given her a sense of purpose. Sharon told Adam that he mattered to her and always would, and she encouraged him to seek therapy. Adam said he'd rather find his own way, and he told Sharon not to worry about him. After Adam left, Sharon stood on her porch and watched him drive away.

Kyle entered his hotel room and was surprised to see dinner for two that had been delivered by room service. Summer stepped out of the bathroom, clad in one of Kyle's dress shirts, and said, "Welcome home." Summer offered Kyle a drink she'd mixed. Though Kyle had been away only briefly, Summer noted that absence made the heart grow fonder. Kyle readily agreed.

After Kyle and Summer made love, they talked about their home that was under construction. The couple joked about getting dogs to play in their spacious yard. Summer and Kyle took turns bouncing around ideas for names for their imaginary pets. Summer decided Kyle could name the dogs, and she'd name their kids. Kyle replied, "Kids? That's a great idea." Kyle reminded Summer she'd skipped them getting married first.

Kyle acknowledged he wasn't yet lawfully divorced. Kyle promised Summer that when the time was right, they'd make their relationship official, complete with the presentation of a ring. Summer said Kyle had confirmed to her that they were always meant to be together. Kyle vowed to spend the rest of his life with Summer. Summer said she felt the same way, so it was as if they were already engaged. Kyle replied, "I think we just got engaged without realizing it." They both agreed to keep quiet out of respect for Lola and others who might not understand.

Kyle turned his back and told Summer to close her eyes. Summer was anxious to see the surprise Kyle was preparing. Kyle said, "Almost ready. A couple of more seconds." Summer opened her eyes. Kyle presented a ring he'd fashioned from cherry stems and said, "In the spirit of making it official. I didn't have a ring on me, but I got creative." Summer slipped the makeshift ring on her finger and said, "It's official." Summer said her ring was real and perfect. Kyle seemed elated.

Jack met up with Billy at Crimson Lights. Jack explained that he'd taken a break from endless meetings at Jabot and looking after Dina to get fresh air and a warm drink and to engage in good conversation. Nikki entered and said she'd just told Victoria the same thing. Nearby, Victoria said, "Hello gentlemen." Jack observed that he'd run into the CEO and the COO of Newman Enterprises out in the wild, and he congratulated Nikki on her promotion. Billy teased about having heard that Nikki's boss was a tyrant. Victoria quipped that the new boss was indeed worse than the old boss.

Jack suggested that he, Billy, Nikki, and Victoria all grab a booth to share. Nikki quickly declined about the same time Victoria accepted. Jack noted that running into each other hadn't been a pleasant surprise for them all. Nikki explained that she'd hoped to spend time alone with Victoria outside the office. Billy asked Victoria if he could speak to her in private later. Victoria agreed.

Nikki and Victoria grabbed a table on the patio. Victoria jumped to the chase and told Nikki she hadn't visited Phyllis' Escape Club because she didn't need anyone to tell her how to relax. Nikki explained that she wished to discuss how Victor was handling the situation with Adam. Victoria said she wasn't interested, but Nikki was determined to make Victoria listen.

Nikki said Victor had been questioning the way he'd handled the incident in Kansas involving A.J. and also regretted not spending more time with Adam while he'd been growing up. Victoria was surprised to learn that Alyssa Montalvo had returned to town. Nikki added that Victor was furious and unreasonable after discovering that Alyssa was out for blood. Nikki said she'd tried to make Victor understand that Adam would have gone down a dark path no matter what Victor might have done.

Nikki told Victoria she was worried about Victor, and all the while, Victor was worried about Adam. Victoria, displeased, said she could imagine how pained Victor was over Adam while not having expressed any regret about the way he'd treated her the past few months. Nikki assured Victoria that her father loved her. Victoria replied, "I'm done with him." Nikki insisted that Victoria and Victor would see their way through. Nikki reminded Victoria that family was important and wouldn't last forever. Frustrated, Nikki left.

Jack and Billy chose a table in the main dining area for their chat. Jack asked about ChancComm. Billy was upbeat about the company and said that buying Newman Media had offered opportunities, including the hiring of Traci to direct their fictional online platform. Billy praised Theo's enthusiasm and said he seemed poised to become a bigger asset than anticipated. Billy said the best decision he and Lily had made had been hiring Amanda as the company's in-house legal counsel.

Billy noted that Amada would earn her pay. Curious, Jack asked Billy if he was about to do something that would require a first-class lawyer. Billy admitted he planned to publish a big story about the Newmans that would greatly benefit ChancComm. In a serious tone, Jack replied, "Don't do this. Whatever the story is, it's not worth it." Jack warned Billy that the Newmans would retaliate and destroy ChancComm. Billy was insistent that the story would have such wide appeal, it would offer the company protection.

Jack grew frustrated and asked Billy why he was set on returning to his old ways of retribution after he and Victoria had found peace. Billy insisted he should tell the truth and promised that Victoria wouldn't become caught in the crosshairs. Billy asked Jack to keep the plan a secret. Jack, distraught, replied, "Oh, believe me, I will keep this to myself. In fact, I hope for all our sakes this story dies on the vine." Jack, recalling his own dreadful experiences with Victor, told Billy it wasn't worth it because there were far more important things in life than feuding with Victor Newman. Billy adamantly refused to back away from his plan. Before Jack left, he advised Billy to think about what he'd said.

After Jack left, Victoria approached Billy and said she'd heard that Alyssa Montalvo had returned to town. Billy said Alyssa was what he'd wanted to talk to Victoria about. Billy warned that Alyssa was planning to dole out punishment, so he'd tried, unsuccessfully so far, to hire her. Billy felt confident he could persuade Alyssa. Victoria offered to help and said she believed Alyssa would make a strong ally.

Billy asked Victoria if she was committed to going through with their plan. Victoria said she wasn't above admitting she wanted some payback. Billy asked about possible blowback against Newman Enterprises. Victoria said she felt confident she could handle it and would prove she was the right person in charge. Victoria told Billy she might have given Victor a second chance, but she wasn't that woman anymore.

Theo waited apprehensively at the bar at Society. When Lola stepped out of the kitchen, she greeted Theo as if she was surprised he'd stopped by. Theo said he wasn't certain after their encounter the previous evening that she'd be at work. Lola admitted she'd been angry and had needed time to clear her head. Lola said she was big on checking in and being considerate and realized that Theo was loose and all fun and laughs. Theo admitted he liked to "get his flirt on," though most of the time, he sought ways to impress and gain friends.

Somewhat teasingly, Lola told Theo his was a transactional approach to life. Theo suggested everything involved giving something to get something in return. Lola thought for a moment and replied, "Everything? Even us?" Theo named the various ways he and Lola balanced out each other. Lola, attempting to maintain a lighthearted exchange, replied, "So basically, you get delicious spinach empanadas, and I get above-average pierogis. And I get this wonderful guy, and you get Kyle's ex." Theo said, "Right. Bonus." Lola, annoyed, replied, "So it has been all bout Kyle." Theo said Lola had tricked him. Lola noted he'd readily admitted she was just another transaction for him, and she retreated to the kitchen.

Lola was in the kitchen, packing away her artisan knives, when Theo entered. She said, "You're still here." Theo replied, "I am. That means something, right?" Lola said, "No, not to me." Theo teasingly asked Lola to put away the knives to avoid any spilling of blood. Theo said he'd been kidding while responding to her riffing, as if it had been a brainstorming session. Lola, frustrated, replied, "Theo you were not kidding."

Theo admitted he'd found a bit of joy in dating Kyle's ex. Theo reminded Lola that in the past, she had gotten a jolt from Kyle seeing them together. Lola admitted she had liked it. Lola said she'd thought she meant more to Theo than just a way to get back at Kyle. Lola cut off the conversation and asked Theo to leave so she could shut down the kitchen. Theo left. After Theo left, Lola seemed discouraged.

Amanda shares the DNA test results with Devon Amanda shares the DNA test results with Devon

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Alyssa arrived at Chancellor Communications, and Billy remarked that he'd been wondering if she was going to show. She complimented the office, and he offered to show her around if she was there for the reason he thought she was. She assumed that he meant her helping him, but he clarified that the question was whether they'd help one another. Billy declared that his answer was yes, and he inquired about hers.

Alyssa admitted that she'd spent time thinking about Billy's offer to work for him, but he had a certain quality that worried her -- his honesty. She noted that the story was a personal vendetta to him, and he figured that it was a good thing that their agendas were aligned. Alyssa voiced concern that there would be no balance if they were both invested and driven, and things could get explosive with no one pumping the brakes to keep the other person from driving off the cliff.

Billy guaranteed that anyone telling Alyssa to hold back was only out for the bottom line, but he wasn't scared of anything and was willing to risk everything for the story. He insisted that all he wanted was for her to tell the truth, no matter what the cost. Alyssa recalled a saying her father had told her: "The enemy of my enemy is my most treasured friend." She pondered whether A.J. had been right, and Billy replied that there was only one way to find out.

Billy made a call and informed Alyssa that he'd taken care of setting up an expense account and company credit card, as well as a list of fact-checkers and investigators. Alyssa recalled that Adam had given her the same deal before screwing her over by burying the evidence. Billy maintained that he wanted the truth out there to see Adam twist in the wind a little. He answered a call from Lily and asked if he could get back to her because he was in a meeting. Alyssa noted that he hadn't mentioned their new agreement, and Billy said he planned to tell Lily when she got back.

Alyssa wondered how deep Billy was willing to go, since everyone had limits. Billy proclaimed that he was the exception, but she pushed to know what would make him kill the story. He swore that nothing would, but she questioned whether it would be different if someone he loved was involved. Billy asserted that he'd waited a long time to tell the truth about Adam. He said he'd do it himself if he were an investigative journalist, but he considered Alyssa to be the next best thing. He urged her to tell him what she needed for her to sign on the dotted line.

Billy asked what Alyssa thought the best-case scenario would be. She loved the idea of seeing Adam go to prison, but the next best thing would be to let the world know what he'd done. Billy thought she was as invested as he was, and he encouraged her to do it. She snarled that she wanted nothing more than for the story to blow up Adam's entire world.

At the bar at Society, Jack smiled as he looked down at a slip of paper. Phyllis approached as she wrapped up a call with someone who'd just joined the Escape Club. She observed Jack's grin and guessed that he'd just received a great stock tip or a love letter. He invited her to see for herself, and he slid the piece of paper over to her. She read aloud that nothing in this world was more important than finding love.

Phyllis wondered if Jack had gotten the message from an oversized fortune cookie. He explained that it was the essence of something his father had said, and he was trying to figure out if the message had been sent his way intentionally. Jack described the old home movie that John had taken on the day he and Dina had taken baby Jack home from the hospital. Jack mused that it had been incredibly moving to see his parents young and in love, especially knowing Dina had taken the film with her back to France and kept it with her.

Phyllis inquired about Dina's reaction when she'd seen the film, and Jack reported that his mother had stared straight at him when John had said those words. He realized that he might be reading too much into it, but he sensed that Dina had been trying to send a message to impart some wisdom. He added that after watching the movie, she had slipped back into her own world and hadn't been able to answer any questions. Phyllis wondered if he thought Dina would have said something if she had been lucid. Jack thought it sounded like Phyllis had doubts.

Phyllis acknowledged that Jack knew his mom a lot better than she did, but she wasn't buying any of it. Phyllis pointed out that Dina Mergeron had been a powerhouse who'd created an empire on another continent, away from her family. Phyllis expected that Dina might tell Jack to seek power and adventure, but she strongly doubted the quote about love had been Dina's message. Phyllis quipped that the fortune Jack sought was in another cookie.

Phyllis pointed out that Jack's relationship with his mother was fragile, especially since Dina was slipping away. Phyllis hesitated to say more because he'd never forgive her. Jack countered that he always forgave her, and he trusted her judgment. Phyllis was skeptical that Dina had been trying to bequeath some important message because Dina wasn't the sentimental type at all. Jack pondered why Dina had held onto the movie all those years.

Phyllis guessed that if there was a message, it had nothing to do with finding bliss through love. Jack argued that Phyllis hadn't seen Dina watching the movie. Phyllis was sure the film was important to Dina, but she was also certain it had nothing to do with "claptrap." Jack decided to take another look at the movie, and he pulled out his phone and mentioned that he'd had it digitized. He mused that running into Phyllis had been just what he'd needed. She sincerely told him that she hoped he found the message Dina wanted him to have.

Jack called Traci and speculated that they'd overlooked something while watching their family movie. He invited her to watch it with him again with new eyes.

Across the restaurant, Chelsea picked up takeout and headed for the door, but Abby stopped her and asked if she had a minute. Chelsea wanted to get home, but Abby pointed out that they hadn't seen one another in a long time after being attached at the hip while running the Grand Phoenix together. Chelsea promised that they'd catch up soon, but she had a lot going on. Abby hoped Chelsea was working on a way to get Alyssa to stop snooping around Adam and Chance.

Abby shared that Alyssa had approached Chance about Las Vegas, but Chelsea seemed unfazed. Abby asked if everything was okay, and Chelsea admitted that it had been a rough few weeks. Abby implored her to talk about it, but Chelsea clammed up. Abby surmised that it had to do with Adam. Chelsea panicked that Chance had said something, but Abby confirmed that all she knew was that Adam had a lot more going on than what had happened in Vegas. Chelsea alluded to Adam's challenges with his father, and she sternly stated that if anyone went after Adam, they'd have to go through her first.

Abby said she trusted Chance, but she felt that he hadn't told her the whole truth about Alyssa. Abby was unnerved by Alyssa's relentlessness, and she expected that the reporter wouldn't stop until she got to the bottom of what had happened in Vegas. Abby insisted that she and Chance had one another's backs the same way Chelsea had Adam's. Abby assured Chelsea that she could count on Abby and Chance, since she and Chelsea were friends, and nothing would change that. On her way out, Chelsea's expression darkened when she spotted Billy and Alyssa dining together.

Summer and Kyle stopped by the Newman ranch because she wanted to drop off a limited edition of Victor's favorite tequila. Summer commented that there were only ten bottles in the world, and Kyle lovingly stated that he had something better -- the only her. She cooed that she was all his, and he suggested that they track Victor down so they could get out of there. Kyle noticed that Summer wasn't wearing her engagement ring, and she reminded him that the circle of knotted cherry stems was supposed to be their little secret. She informed him that it was safe in her jewelry box, and she intended to cherish it forever.

Summer stepped out to find her grandfather, and Kyle crossed over to the chess board and made a move with one of the pieces. Victor appeared and hoped Kyle remembered where it had been before he'd moved it, since Victor had been in the middle of a very challenging match. Kyle claimed that he'd just been admiring the craftsmanship, and he asked if Summer had found Victor because she had something for him. Kyle hoped Victor didn't mind that he'd tagged along. Victor looked forward to talking to the married man who was shacking up with his granddaughter.

Kyle agreed that the situation wasn't ideal because his divorce hadn't been finalized, but the lawyers would have the papers ready any day. Victor dryly questioned whether that meant congratulations were in order. Kyle thought they were when two people who'd realized they belonged together had done everything they could to make sure others hadn't been hurt by their choices. Victor asked if Lola had been affected by it. Kyle admitted that they both had been, but they'd all learned a lot about themselves.

Victor imagined that it had been expensive for Kyle to go through two divorces. He recalled that Kyle had vowed to promise to stand by Summer and share his life with her, yet he'd ended up with another woman. Kyle called it an unfortunate set of circumstances that would never be repeated, and he swore that he just wanted to be happy with the woman he belonged with -- Summer. Kyle contended that Summer had been a part of his life for almost as long as he could remember, and so had Victor. Kyle referred to the time when Victor had been like a father to him.

Summer listened as Victor huffed that his granddaughter took priority over everything and everyone. He demanded to know what made Kyle think that another marriage would work after two failed ones. Summer burst in and announced that there was something Victor needed to know. Summer insisted that she and Kyle loved one another and that they had a future together. Kyle admitted that he'd been irresponsible, and he owed Summer more than what he'd given her so far.

Kyle swore that his only focus was doing right by Summer and that having her in his life was a greater blessing than he deserved. Kyle continued that he respected Victor's opinion, and his only goal was to prove to Victor that they belonged together. Kyle pledged to make a real commitment to her when the time was right, and Victor hoped Kyle was a man of his word. Kyle promised that his love for Summer was real. Victor smiled and warned that he was the last person Kyle would want to disappoint.

Victor left the room, and Summer demanded to know why Kyle hadn't told her grandfather about their plans. Kyle pointed out that it hadn't been a full day since they'd promised to keep their engagement secret, but Summer wanted her grandfather to know their commitment was real. Kyle questioned what kind of man he'd be if he'd spilled just to get Victor to ease up. Summer recognized that it was sometimes what Victor didn't say that was worse, with the long pauses and deadly silence.

Kyle understood that Victor had just wanted to make sure Kyle wouldn't break Summer's heart again, but Summer argued that they could have proven it to him. Summer cautioned that Victor could be brutal, and since he was no longer working 18 hours a day, he had all that time to plot and scheme. Kyle resolved to live up to his promises.

Amanda joined Nate at Crimson Lights and told him that she'd jumped on the first flight she'd found. He presented her with an envelope that contained the DNA test results. Amanda mused that she'd been counting the hours, minutes, and seconds ever since she'd taken the test, and she asked what it said. Nate informed her that he didn't know, since the information was her business and hers only. He got up to leave because he assumed she'd want to find out the results alone, but she countered that being alone was the last thing she wanted to be right then. She recognized that what was inside the envelope could change everything forever.

Amanda hesitated to look at the results. Nate acknowledged that they probably should have met at a bar instead, but she insisted that she just needed a minute. She told herself that what was inside the envelope wouldn't change who she was, since she was still and always would be the girl who'd grown up alone, bouncing between foster families and fighting for everything she had. Nate asked if she was scared, and Amanda admitted that she'd never been more terrified in her life. He questioned what Amanda Sinclair did when she was scared, and she sighed deeply and grabbed the envelope. She opened the results and stared at them.

Nate asked if it was everything Amanda had expected. Amanda tucked the paper back into the envelope and softly replied that she didn't know. He wondered what was next, and she recognized that Devon was waiting to hear one way or the other. Nate offered to go with her. She praised him for being wonderful, but she insisted on doing that part on her own. She hurried out.

At Devon's penthouse, Nick observed that Devon seemed preoccupied. Devon confided that it was about Hilary -- and whether she had a sister. Devon revealed that Nate had suggested getting a DNA test after learning that Amanda and Hilary shared the same rare blood type, and Amanda had asked Devon for help. Devon recognized that his whole life had changed when he'd found out as an adult that he had family he'd never known about, and he questioned who he would have been to get in Amanda's way. Nick imagined that it had dragged up feelings for Devon, and he wondered what it would do to Devon if Hilary had a twin sister.

Devon claimed that he had no idea how he'd feel if Amanda was related to Hilary. Nick asked what Hilary would have made of it, and Devon imagined that she would have been excited but a little confused and angry. Devon sadly added that Hilary wasn't there, and his feelings didn't matter. Nick doubted that he could be as logical as Devon seemed to be. Devon reasoned that tearing himself up wouldn't do any good or make him love Hilary any more or less, but the situation had created a lot more what ifs.

Devon contemplated how growing up as sisters would have changed both Hilary and Amanda. Nick called it a heartbreaker if it was all true, and Devon regretted that Hilary had missed out if she'd had a sister all along. Nick sympathized that there would be a lot Amanda would never know. Devon believed that Hilary would have some peace once it was all settled, and Nick said Devon deserved that, too. Devon anticipated that they'd know the test results soon enough, and they'd have to figure out how to move on from there.

Nick prepared to get back to work. Devon walked him to the door, and Nick said to let him know how everything turned out. As Nick headed out, he ran into Amanda in the hallway. She recognized that she should have called, but Devon assured her it was okay. After Nick left, Devon asked Amanda when she'd gotten back. She replied that she'd just returned, and she informed him that Nate had given her the results of the DNA test.

Devon offered Amanda something to drink, but she said she was fine. The tension was thick as he invited her to have a seat, but she responded that she'd been sitting for hours on a plane. She steeled herself to get to the heart of the matter, and she pulled out the test results. She announced that it had turned out that she wasn't as one of a kind as she'd originally thought. "I had a twin, and her name was Hilary," Amanda revealed. Devon reeled.

Nick tracked down Phyllis at the Grand Phoenix. He inquired whether she had the afterglow of someone who'd just paid back Abby to become the sole owner of the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis replied that it was always a good day when she had a conversation with an ex and walked away smiling. Nick noted that he was also an ex, and he suggested that she make it two great encounters in one day. She figured they were off to a good start, and he asked if she'd heard from Amanda that day. Phyllis wondered if she should have. Nick encouraged her to call Amanda, who he thought would need a friend.

Adam and Chelsea declare war on Victor Adam and Chelsea declare war on Victor

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

by Nel

When Rey arrived at Sharon's, she said she hadn't expected to see him that day. Rey said he need an honest answer from her -- he needed to know where things stood between them. He knew where Sharon stood with Adam, and that concerned him. Rey said he hated to ask, but he wanted to know if she would keep helping Adam as a friend. Sharon assured Rey that she wouldn't treat Adam anymore because she wanted to focus on her health. She claimed that she wouldn't be seeing Adam again.

Rey was skeptical. He asked if Sharon was backing away from Adam because she was afraid that she would cross the line with him. Before Sharon could respond, Mariah entered, and when she saw the looks on Sharon and Rey's faces, she asked if she was interrupting something. Sharon assured Mariah that she hadn't interrupted anything. She said they were just finishing up, and she was happy that Mariah was there. Mariah offered to leave, but Rey said that Mariah and Sharon needed some time to themselves. He told Sharon he would be back later, and he left.

Mariah ask Sharon what had just happened. Sharon said she thought she'd managed to push Rey away. She said that she'd messed things up. Mariah said that Sharon needed to make Rey her priority because he'd been there for Sharon, and he'd been her rock. Sharon said she'd told Rey she wouldn't see or treat Adam anymore. Mariah stated that Sharon had to make her health the priority and that she had to leave Adam alone. Frustrated, Sharon said that cancer had gripped her life, and she couldn't get away from it.

A short time later, Rey returned and told Sharon he didn't want to fight. He said it couldn't happen again with Adam. Sharon promised that Adam wouldn't come between them again.

Adam entered the penthouse, and when he saw Chelsea, he said he didn't want to hash things out again. Chelsea told him she had a plan, and she wanted Adam to hear her out. Adam claimed he had only returned to grab his clothes, and he would be returning to the motel. Chelsea reminded him that his actions affected not only her but Connor, as well. She suggested that the best way to protect Connor was to send him to boarding school. Adam thought that was a great idea, but he asked who would protect Chelsea. She assured Adam that she didn't need protecting because she could hold her own. She told Adam that Alyssa and Billy had joined forces, and she was certain they would go after Adam.

Adam told Chelsea that he could handle Billy. Chelsea felt that Adam was dismissing her, and she claimed she didn't deserve that. She said she was Adam's soul mate, lover, and friend. She said she loved him, and she asked Adam to stop shutting her out. Adam stated there was no way they could make things work. He claimed that, in the end, Chelsea would wind up leaving him, so he'd decided he would do it first.

Chelsea asked Adam not to walk away from her. Adam said he was sorry, and he went upstairs to pack. When he returned, he said he'd see Chelsea whenever, but Chelsea suggested that they get married at City Hall immediately. Adam thought she was talking crazy, but Chelsea said she wanted to share everything with him -- the joy and the despair. She promised Adam that she would never leave him.

Chelsea told Adam that they could conquer Victor together, but Adam said that Victor always won. Chelsea said it would be different that time. She said that Adam had seen another side of himself, and he knew what made him tick. She also understood Adam better and loved him even more for it, but she wanted Adam to accept himself for who he was. She claimed that together, they were unstoppable. Adam agreed with her and said he would stay, but it wasn't necessary to get married yet. He said the wedding would be their celebration once they declared victory over their minions.

Chelsea admitted to Adam that she'd been scared that she wouldn't be able to get through to him. Adam said he realized that Chelsea wasn't going to give up, and there was no one else he would rather have by his side than her. He asked if Chelsea was ready for what would happen next. Chelsea said if he meant that he was ready to bring Victor to his knees -- she was ready. Adam claimed they if anyone else tried to protect Victor, they would all go down with Victor. Adam claimed it was war.

Traci met Jack at the Grand Phoenix. Jack asked Traci to put her detective skills to the test. He told Traci he didn't believe that Dina had been sending him a sweet message because Dina's first instincts had never been sweet. Traci asked Jack if he was searching for a soul mate. Jack said he'd spoken with Phyllis, and Phyllis felt the message was too generic and that Dina's gestures had never been sweet. He wanted Traci to watch the movie one more time to see if she could find another clue. Traci watched the movie again on Jack's phone; she reported she didn't see anything new, nor did she have any guesses.

Jack felt let down and told Traci that he should have known that Dina had stopped sending messages a long time before. While Jack spoke, Traci had been checking the photos on Jack's phone. She spotted something and asked Jack to have a look. Traci pointed out the necklace Dina had worn in that photo. She said it was an antique and that Dina had never worn that necklace in any of the other photos they had of her. Traci claimed she wanted to find that necklace because Dina had always loved beautiful things, but Jack thought Dina had sold it. Traci claimed there was something familiar about it, and she was determined to find the necklace.

At Crimson Lights, Nate and Elena bumped into each other and sat down to have coffee together. Elena admitted that she was very distracted because she was concerned about the fallout she and Devon would have to deal with after Amanda's DNA results became available. She said that if they proved Amanda and Hilary were twins, it would shake Devon to the core. Nate said that he'd given Amanda the results earlier. Elena wondered when Amanda would tell Devon. Nate informed her that Amanda was already with Devon.

Nate's information upset Elena, and she got up to leave to be with Devon. Nate stopped her and asked her to wait, but she was worried about how Devon would react. Nate reminded her that the truth would have come out sooner or later. Elena asked Nate how he would have felt if his fiancée had come back to life and walked back into his life.

Nate stated it would be shocking but not an answer to his prayers. It wouldn't be Carolyn. The person wouldn't have Carolyn's heart and soul. Nate said that Devon had fallen in love with Elena because of who she was down to her core. He said that Devon had had no choice but to fall in love with Elena because she had the heart and soul that Devon had seen.

Elena thanked Nate for talking her down, but Nate said he had only reminded her of what she'd already known. Elena said she hoped that Amanda knew what she had in a man like Nate.

At Devon's, Amanda presented Devon with the DNA results. She told him she hadn't only had family in Genoa City, but she'd had a twin, Hilary. Amanda said that she'd known it could have been a possibility, but knowing it was a reality seemed unreal. She realized that a part of her had always been out there, but part of her still felt very much alone. She couldn't stop thinking about the life she might have lived with her sister.

Devon told Amanda that she would have been his sister-in-law, and she would have loved Hilary. Amanda stated she felt it had been a cruel joke: one minute, she'd had a family, and the next, it had been taken away. She said it was difficult to discover that she'd had a sister and to lose her in the same moment. She said they'd shared nine months together in the womb and been inseparable, but when they'd entered the world, they had lost each other.

Devon asked if Amanda knew when they had been separated. Amanda had no idea, but she wanted to know what Hilary had been like. She said she could almost picture Hilary. If things had been different, she might have been in Genoa City with Hilary, but in reality, she knew nothing about her twin. She asked Devon to tell her everything about Hilary. Devon said that Hilary was tough to describe. Amanda understood that some memories would be painful, but she just wanted to know what Hilary had been like and if they'd had anything in common.

Devon said that Amanda was as persistent as Hilary had been, and she had refused to take "no" for an answer. Devon said he didn't know where to begin. Amanda asked if he felt that she and Hilary would have gotten along, but Devon said he couldn't bring Hilary to life for Amanda. Amanda acknowledged that it was obvious that Devon had had a hard time after Hilary had passed. Devon admitted that "hard" didn't come close to describing what he'd gone through, and he admitted he couldn't afford to go down that rabbit hole again. He said that if that door reopened, he might not be able to close it again. He said that he couldn't be the person that Amanda turned to for information.

Undeterred, Amanda kept pushing Devon for answers. She said that when she'd arrived in town, she'd received different reactions when she'd asked people about Hilary. She said that some people had loved Hillary, while others had hated her. Devon said that anyone who had hated Hilary hadn't known her. He admitted that Hilary had done some questionable things, but there had been a side to Hilary that she had rarely shown the world.

Devon told Amanda that Hilary had been a very kind, warm, and loving person. She had an outward persona that she had put on before the camera, but there were a lot of things she would do outside the public's eye, just out of the kindness of her heart. He said Hilary had been a passionate person and that she'd grabbed life and lived it as hard as she could. He said he was glad that he'd been one of the things Hilary had grabbed onto. He said he'd never let that go because he'd loved Hillary more than anything else on earth.

Elena had arrived at that moment and heard Devon's comment. She looked heartbroken.

In Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Nick about Dina's message to Jack. Nick commented that he thought it was cute, but Phyllis reminded him that Dina had abandoned her family and made a life for herself on a different continent. Nick claimed that at times, Phyllis was very cynical, and at times, she looked for an ulterior motive. He believed that Dina had wanted to send her children a loving message. Annoyed, Phyllis called Nick out for calling her cynical. She claimed she was a realist and not a mushy individual. She assured him she wasn't dead inside, but she didn't believe the world was a romantic comedy. She admitted that she wouldn't spew her feelings to Nick all the time.

Nick told Phyllis that she'd shown him her softer side. Phyllis commented that Nick always wore his heart on his sleeve, but she didn't. She asked Nick if they had a problem. She said she believed in love, but it never seemed to last for her. She and Nick had done the couple thing a number of times, and they'd been burned. She said that they had hurt a lot of people in the process. Nick assured Phyllis that they wouldn't be hurting anyone "this time." He promised not to hurt them again and said Phyllis had to trust that. Nick told her he loved her, and Phyllis proclaimed her love for Nick.

Chance gives Adam an ultimatum Chance gives Adam an ultimatum

Thursday, September 17, 2020

by Nel

At the penthouse, Adam told Chelsea that she needed to be aware that things would get ugly when they went after Victor. She said she was aware. Adam stated that they needed to start immediately, but Chelsea said they needed to go after Billy first. Adam asked what had gone down between Billy and Alyssa, but Chelsea wasn't sure. She said if Billy and Alyssa joined forces, then Adam would be the first person they went after. She warned Adam not to underestimate Billy, but Adam claimed that Billy was nothing but an annoyance. He said no one would take Billy seriously, and that included his family.

Chelsea told Adam that the last thing he needed was to answer questions about Vegas or Kansas. If Billy and Alyssa were working together, those would be the first places they would delve into. Chelsea claimed she had to see what Billy had. She claimed she had a plan. She told Adam to leave Billy to her, and she promised they would get everything they needed. Adam said he was concerned because Chelsea and Billy had a history. Chelsea admitted that Billy wouldn't be forthcoming, but she told Adam not to worry and to give her a little credit. She asked Adam if he trusted her. Adam stated he trusted her with his life.

At ChancComm, Billy complimented Theo on some work Theo had done. After thanking Billy, Theo asked if Billy knew where Amanda was. Billy said she was out of the office, and he asked Theo if he was interested in Amanda. Theo smiled and said he'd planned to ask Billy the same question. Billy stated he wasn't interested in dating anyone. Theo claimed he was happy dating Lola. Billy informed Theo that Amanda was dating a doctor.

Billy changed the subject and told Theo he was sitting on a big true crime story, and he wondered if Theo knew anyone who would be interested in reporting that story. He said it was epic and would shake up the town.

At home, Devon attempted to explain to Elena about his Hilary comment, but Elena said she'd always known how much he'd loved Hilary. Devon said he'd been responding to something Amanda had said, and in the process, he'd become emotional. Elena said she understood that for Devon, it had been like looking into Hilary's eyes again. Amanda appeared completely oblivious to Elena and Devon's conversation. She said that they couldn't imagine what it was like knowing she'd had a sister. She said she could imagine Hilary descending the stairs and having her whole life ahead of her. Annoyed, Elena said she and Devon needed to talk, and she asked Amanda to excuse them.

Amanda asked Elena if she'd said something wrong, but Elena said that Devon needed to process everything. She said that Amanda had no idea what it was doing to Devon. Amanda said that Devon had given her answers to questions she'd been asking all her life, and since she'd discovered that she'd had a twin, Amanda needed to know more. She thanked Devon for the information. She hoped they could meet again over coffee, and he could tell her more about Hilary and perhaps show her a photo album. Elena firmly stated that Devon had told Amanda everything he could. Amanda appeared offended and stormed out.

Once they were alone, Elena asked why Devon was so quiet. Devon responded that he had a lot of crazy things going through his mind, and he wasn't sure what would come out of his mouth. Elena told him to focus on something other than Amanda and Hilary, but Devon couldn't. He said that what Elena had heard had been out of context. He explained that Amanda had been persistent. She either hadn't seen the pain he was in, or she'd ignored it.

Elena said that Amanda had pushed Devon to talk about Hilary. He said he knew he'd hurt Elena. Elena said that Devon had spoken the truth, and it was something they had been dancing around since they'd been together.

Elena told Devon she'd always known how special Hilary had been to him. He'd had a true and deep love for Hilary. That would never fade. Devon told her that Hilary was his past; Elena was with him, and he loved her. He said she was special to him, and she was every bit as important to him as Hilary had been. Devon claimed that Elena had made it sound like he was fixated on his memories of Hilary, and for that, he apologized. Elena told him not to apologize because those memories belonged to him, but Devon said he was sorry for the way she'd heard his comment. He wanted to explain where it had come from.

Elena told Devon that Amanda had forced him to deal with his pain, sadness, and regrets -- all the agonizing memories he'd been dealing with, and Amanda had made them fresh again. Devon said Amanda hadn't done it intentionally. Elena reminded him that she'd been with him right after Hilary's death, and she'd watch him go through the pain. Devon told her that Amanda wasn't going to set their lives back because he wouldn't allow that to happen, but Elena said that Amanda was trying to build a bond with him. He said that he was the only person that Amanda could talk to.

Elena told Devon that he'd given Amanda enough information, and for their sake, she didn't want Amanda to return looking for more information. She said Devon was kind and generous, but she didn't want him to feel obligated to help Amanda unearth her history. She had to find the answers herself. Devon agreed. He said that he'd helped her by providing Hilary's DNA, but it ended there. Amanda would have to find information on her own. While Devon hugged Elena, he missed a call from Amanda.

Working at Crimson Lights, Mariah was frustrated because the coffee machine wasn't working. Lola arrived and told her to turn off the machine and turn it back on. Mariah proclaimed Lola a genius when the coffee began to pour. Mariah asked how Lola had known she'd needed a friend at that moment. Lola smiled and said because she needed a friend at that moment, as well.

Sitting at a table, Lola told Mariah she didn't want to talk about Theo. She asked about Sharon and how Mariah was doing. Mariah said she'd been trying to be Sharon's cheerleader, but it was difficult to know whether or not it helped because she could never tell if Sharon was having a good or bad day. She claimed it was frustrating. Lola said that Mariah was a good daughter, and Sharon knew it and loved her.

Mariah asked Lola about Theo. Lola said she'd known what she'd been getting into with Theo, but sometimes she overreacted because of something he did or said. She said she'd been expecting a little more from him, and she didn't want to examine everything he did. Lola said her eyes were wide open when it came to Theo, but perhaps she'd set the bar too high. Mariah claimed that Lola deserved the best. Lola smiled and said that Theo hadn't cheated on her. They'd had a few miscommunications, but their relationship was band new.

Mariah told Lola that if she was getting bad vibes from Theo, she needed to listen to them. Lola said Theo was unpredictable, but he was warm and caring. She claimed her gut was telling her that she really liked Theo.

In the meantime, Thea was at Society and talking on the phone. He told the person on the other end that Billy had an epic true crime story he thought would be perfect for that person. Chelsea sat at the bar and eavesdropped. After Theo ended his call, Chelsea apologized and said that the last time she'd been at Society with a friend, he'd offered to buy her a drink.

Over drinks, Chelsea and Theo engaged in small talk, and during the conversation Chelsea told him she needed someone to launch her clothing line. She asked if Theo would do that. He said he couldn't because he was exclusive to ChancComm. She pretended to be very impressed. Theo said he could have the media people run a story or two about her fashion line. Chelsea gushed and said that fate had brought them together. She asked if Theo could give her a tour of the offices, since they would be helping launch her clothing line. Theo agreed.

Lola had been standing behind a pillar and overheard Theo and Chelsea, and she watched them leave together.

Mariah arrived at Society and asked Lola for a takeout order. She noticed Lola's mood was low, and she asked what Theo had done. Lola said she didn't know, but she'd seen Theo with Chelsea earlier. Mariah assured Lola that Chelsea had questionable taste in men. Lola said that Theo and Chelsea had been laughing and flirting, and then they'd left together. Mariah said there was probably a logical reason for them leaving together. Lola wasn't sure if Theo was doing business or making moves on someone in her restaurant.

Chance arrived at Adam's motel room. Adam was annoyed that Chance had informed Chelsea where he'd been staying, and he told Chance that he was moving back home. Adam said that Chance had been a good friend, and he clarified that he and Sharon hadn't been having an affair. Chance said they needed to talk about Vegas. Adam said it was being handled and would go away, and that was all Chance needed to know. Chance stated he wouldn't leave until he got some real answers. Adam asked him what the problem was because the past was in the past, and they needed to move forward. Chance said that Vegas was a current problem, and he needed to know what Adam was planning.

Chance told Adam that no one would stand in judgment of what an eleven-year-old boy had done while protecting his mother. However, Vegas was deeper and darker, and he didn't like being shoved to the side. Adam told him to "back the hell off." Chance said that Chelsea had told him about the ordeal Adam had gone through in Kansas and how he'd blocked out the incident. Adam claimed it was part of the past. Chance stated the Vegas was the present, and he hope that Adam hadn't crossed any lines. Adam said he was too late. Chance asked what he was too late for, and he wanted to know if Adam was going to fill him in or if it was another part of Adam's game.

Adam claimed he didn't have to tell Chance anything because Chance was no longer a federal agent. He said the last time he'd checked, Chance ran a security company, and they didn't wear a badge. Chance said that the Genoa City Police Department did, and he explained that Paul had asked him to rejoin the force as a detective. Chance said he wouldn't let Adam jeopardize that, and if Adam planned to cross any lines, he'd better not include Chance. He said that time, he wouldn't hate himself for any decision he'd make, and whatever was left of their friendship would take a backseat with the law. Adam said that it went both ways, and he left.

At ChancComm, Billy noticed that Amanda looked troubled, and he asked if she was okay. She said she wasn't and explained that she'd had a twin sister that she'd never known, and she was sure she'd alienated her brother-in-law. When Amanda realized she was discussing something personal with Billy, she yelled at Billy to keep things professional and to stick to the boundaries they'd set. Billy told her that he'd been trying to be a friend, but he wouldn't ask any more questions.

Amanda calmed down and said she needed a friend. She told Billy she was ready to cry, but she wasn't that person because she was always in control. Billy said he would be there to pick her up if she fell. Amanda said she'd suspected she'd had a sister, and it had turned out to be true. She said the reality was overwhelming. Billy asked if she had any other relatives. Amanda only knew that her mother had passed away years earlier. She said it appeared that Devon had wanted to tell her more; however, Elena had arrived, and Devon had shut down.

Amanda told Billy that she'd felt the door open and then slammed in her face after she'd been told that Hilary had been pregnant with Devon's child. Billy said that Devon might come around. He said he hadn't known Hilary very well, but many people had. He was sure they would be able to help her get to know what Hilary had been like.

Amanda said that Billy was a good friend, but she was hesitant to open up to him because it encompassed all their boundaries. Billy promised not to cross any lines. Amanda said she was all in.

A short time later, Theo arrived at ChancComm with Chelsea to give her the tour. He told Chelsea that Lily was out of town, and Billy was at a meeting. Chelsea faked a cough and asked Theo for a glass of water. While she was alone, Chelsea placed a listening device behind a lamp as Billy waked in and asked her what was going on.

Adam overhears Billy's plan to expose him Adam overhears Billy's plan to expose him

Friday, September 18, 2020

Phyllis and Nick strolled through the park, and she gushed that it smelled amazing. He joked that it was probably his new cologne, and she remarked that he always smelled good. She imagined that there were probably people looking for both of them. He suggested that they let those people wait, since he was where he was supposed to be -- with the woman he loved. Phyllis recognized that they'd said the words before, but it felt different that time. "Famous last words," she figured. Nick told her not to minimize her feelings because he was feeling it, too, and it was as real as it got.

Phyllis pointed to a cloud and observed that it looked like a shark. She declared it perfect, and Nick responded that she was perfect. She asserted that she was also hungry, and she asked what he was in the mood for. He eyed her closely and amorously suggested room service, but he also called her out on masking her true feelings. She insisted that she was trying to keep positive because it was easier that way, and there were a lot of great things happening. She noted that they were in love, he was helping many people at New Hope, and she was running the Grand Phoenix without Abby.

Phyllis sighed happily and reveled in the fact that there was no interference from Abby, Chelsea, or Adam in their lives. Nick added the Escape Club to the list, and Phyllis marveled that the most important thing was that Summer was healthy and happy with a great future. Nick agreed with everything Phyllis had said, but he wondered why it felt like she was trying to convince herself. Phyllis admitted that she felt like she was always trying to avoid a crisis.

Nick asked why Phyllis' insecurities were flaring up when everything was going well, and she referred to the many years she'd spent watching her life implode. She considered it part of who she was to brace for disaster, but she realized he didn't feel that way at all. Nick confessed that he had concerns like everyone else, but he pledged not to live life waiting for the other shoe to drop. He insisted that he was very happy with where things were, and he wanted to focus on that. Phyllis wanted to be like him, and she asked him to teach her how.

Nick believed he and Phyllis needed a location change to teach her how to be mellow and enjoy success. He proposed they go on a little getaway, but she regretfully declined because she'd just started the Escape Club and had to be there to run it. She resolved to work out her issues on her own, noting that she'd be the cause if something went bad between them. Nick protested, but Phyllis believed she was the "most prolific self-sabotager" he'd ever known.

Nick called it a self-fulfilling prophecy if Phyllis blew up her life when everything was going right. Phyllis lamented that she always found a way to destroy everything, and she recalled what had happened at Dark Horse. Nick contended that it hadn't been her fault that she'd gotten tired of working with Adam, and he thought she should feel good about giving back some of Nick's properties. Phyllis claimed that she'd learned her lesson, and she vowed not to let it happen again.

Over room service in Phyllis' hotel suite, Phyllis admitted that she liked that option better than going out. Nick preferred not to have to share her with anyone, and she told him that it was okay to say he loved her because she wouldn't freak out. She recognized that it had taken them a long time to get there, but they'd earned it. He remembered asking the tough questions in the beginning about whether it could work, given their history.

Phyllis recalled being skeptical, but she cited the numerous times Nick had talked her down. She swore that she didn't want to jeopardize what they had. Nick thought she was an amazing influence on him, and he recounted how she'd kept him from ruining Kyle's life after Kyle had broken Summer's heart. Nick and Phyllis agreed that they would take Kyle over Theo any day. Phyllis thanked Nick for trusting her and believing in her, and she promised that she would never betray him or let him down.

At the cottage, Sharon struggled with what to write in a text message to Adam. After erasing her first several attempts before sending them, she typed, "I know you think we crossed a line, but I needed that as much as you did." She paused for a moment, then decisively pressed the send button. She answered a knock at the door and found Victoria there. Victoria explained that she'd been heading back to the office and had wanted to stop by to see how Sharon was doing. Sharon let Victoria in and anxiously checked her phone before setting it down.

Victoria shared that Nick had filled her in about Sharon's test results. Sharon confirmed that she needed more surgery, so she was resting up and trying to prepare herself for what was next. Victoria pointed out that Sharon had been doing more than just resting, since Sharon had been counseling Adam and helping him deal with the fallout of remembering what he'd done as a child. Sharon warned that she couldn't discuss it, but Victoria lamented that she felt partly responsible because Nikki had convinced Sharon to work with Victoria. Victoria figured that it had been one thing to lift her spirits, but it was an impossible project for anyone to help Adam become someone different.

Sharon refused to discuss her private work with Adam, comparing it to how she hadn't divulged anything about her interactions with Victoria. Victoria revealed that she knew Sharon had flown to Kansas to be by Adam's side when he'd been having a breakdown. Victoria pointed out that her dad had loaned Sharon the Newman jet, and he kept no secrets from Nikki regarding Adam. Sharon insisted that it was none of Victoria's business, but Victoria swore that her entire family was concerned for Sharon's well-being.

Sharon criticized the Newmans for not extending the same kindness toward Adam when he was in a lot of pain. Victoria barked that she felt no sympathy, since she'd learned the hard way that Adam always bit the hand that reached out to him. She referred to his tampering with Victor's medication and blackmailing Victor into ousting her from the CEO chair, and she thought it was only a matter of time before he struck again. Sharon assumed that Victoria was hoping Sharon would talk about what Adam was up to next.

Victoria swore that she'd dropped by to check on Sharon and not to dig up dirt on Adam. Victoria recognized that Sharon would never reveal anything a client had told her in confidence, but she cited rules where a therapist could disclose information if that client was a threat to someone else. Sharon firmly stated that it hadn't happened and wouldn't happen because she'd stopped counseling Adam. Sharon explained that she'd made the decision when she'd found out that she needed more surgery.

Victoria expressed relief that Sharon had decided to back away, and she was sure Nick, Rey, and Sharon's kids felt the same way. Sharon griped that a lot of people had felt the need to weigh in, and Victoria acknowledged that it had been a difficult decision for Sharon because she didn't believe in walking out on people. Victoria reasoned that it wasn't like Adam was going through it alone, since he had Chelsea.

Sharon turned the topic to how things were going with Victoria and Billy. Victoria thought the trick was focusing on the things that mattered, like the kids, and she praised Billy for being a wonderful dad. Victoria apologized if her visit had caused Sharon any stress, but she personally felt more serene knowing Adam and his game-playing were behind them both -- as long as Sharon stuck to her decision. Sharon thanked Victoria for stopping by. After Victoria departed, Sharon made a beeline for her phone and seemed disappointed that she'd received no response from Adam.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy was surprised to find Chelsea alone in the office. Chelsea rambled on about how she'd approached Theo about ChancComm helping her to publicize her new clothing line. Billy flatly stated that it wasn't part of Theo's job and that Theo already had a full plate. Chelsea asked Billy to tell Theo that she'd contact him later, and she headed out.

Adam returned home and called out for Chelsea. He headed upstairs when he received no response. A short time later, Chelsea entered the penthouse and pulled out her phone. She listened to the audio from the bug she'd planted at Chancellor Communications. Billy questioned Theo about Chelsea's visit, and Theo explained that he and Chelsea had run into one another at Society and chatted about her new business venture. Theo mentioned that he'd done some work for the Grand Phoenix while she'd been head of marketing, so she'd wanted his take on things. Theo wondered if it had been wrong to invite her back to the office, but Billy insisted that it had been fine. Chelsea grinned.

Chelsea continued to listen as Billy and Theo talked about their business dealings. Alyssa arrived for her appointment with Billy, who introduced her to Theo. Billy asked Theo to close the door on his way out, and Theo stepped out. Billy inquired whether there was any news on the investigation, and Alyssa revealed that Billy's private investigator had tracked down the wife of the missing man in Las Vegas. Alyssa added that the wife had agreed to go on record, and Billy admired that she really went for something once she started it.

Alyssa asserted that it was an important story, and Billy was eager to publish it because he felt like it was his duty to warn mankind. Alyssa asked if he really thought Adam was that evil, and Billy called Adam poisonous and insisted that he needed to be stopped, since the darkness in Adam's soul infected everyone around him. Alyssa confided that she was capable of doing things she'd never considered before just to hurt Adam the way he'd hurt her. Billy advised her to take all her anger and do something good with it by exposing everything Adam had done. He hissed that people deserved to know who they were dealing with, and he intended to shine a big, bright light on the sickness inside of Adam, for the world to see.

Adam descended the stairs and asked what Chelsea was listening to. Chelsea bragged that she'd told Adam that she could handle Billy. Adam swore that he'd never doubt her again, and she grabbed his phone to download an app so he could listen, too. Her expression grew dark when she read Sharon's text message about crossing the line. Adam asked to see the message, and Chelsea angrily threw the phone on the couch. She demanded to know what line he and Sharon had crossed.

Adam knew how it sounded, but he insisted that it had only been a conversation that had become too personal. Chelsea was skeptical, but Adam explained that Sharon had been upset about a setback with her treatment. Chelsea asked if Sharon would be okay, and Adam thought she would be but that her recovery would take longer than she'd thought. Adam added that he'd also been dealing with his stuff, so he and Sharon had unloaded on one another, and they'd later decided that it would be too hard to be therapist and patient when the boundaries had been "shot to hell." Adam asserted that he and Sharon were still friends, but that was it.

Chelsea lectured that she'd said therapy with Sharon was a bad idea all along, and Adam conceded that Chelsea had been right. Adam swore that Chelsea had no reason to be concerned because he wouldn't be going to Sharon anymore, and he was doing fine dealing with his issues on his own. Chelsea implored him to tell her more about his deep conversation with Sharon, like when and where it had happened. Adam reminded Chelsea that she knew he'd met with Sharon at the hotel room, and he stressed that they'd only talked.

Chelsea testily questioned whether Adam and Sharon had talked with or without their clothes on, and she hesitated to take his word when he was being evasive. Adam argued that he'd answered all her questions, and there was no reason for her to feel threatened. Chelsea realized that Sharon had been in the room when Chelsea had been knocking, and Adam had kept Sharon hidden and lied about it. Adam admitted that Sharon had been there, but he'd had no idea at the time whether she'd stuck around after he'd left.

Adam explained that he hadn't wanted Chelsea to jump to conclusions like she was doing then. Adam warned that Sharon had enough to deal with after her pathology report had shown that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, requiring more surgery. Chelsea sympathized that it was awful news, and she thought it had been the right choice to stop the sessions because Sharon needed to focus on getting well. Adam pointed out that they had their own emergency with Billy and Alyssa, and he inquired whether Chelsea had learned anything by listening in on their meetings.

Chelsea instructed Adam to download the app so he could listen in, too. She informed him that she'd learned a lot, and none of it was good. She recounted that Alyssa planned to write a vindictive exposé about the things Adam had gotten away with over the years, and Adam guessed that included the guy who was missing in Vegas. Chelsea relayed that Billy's investigator had found the missing man's wife, who was willing to talk to Alyssa. Chelsea added that Billy had been overjoyed. "Too bad it's not going to turn out the way he expects it," Adam mused.

Meanwhile, Alyssa asked Billy if Lily would be in the office that day, but he indicated that Lily hadn't made it back yet. Alyssa questioned whether Lily supported the story, and Billy replied that Lily did if they kept their journalistic integrity and ran everything by the lawyers before it was published. Billy understood that Alyssa was wary after what Adam and Chelsea had put her through, but he reiterated that he was committed to telling the truth to the public.

Billy shared that he had a feeling Adam was onto them, since he'd found Chelsea in the office by herself, and her story hadn't passed the smell test. Alyssa wondered if Chelsea had hit up Theo for information, but Billy assured her that Theo didn't know what the story was about. Billy suggested that they send someone Adam didn't recognize to Vegas, but Alyssa wouldn't trust anyone else with the assignment. She promised to be careful, noting that she knew who she was dealing with. She excused herself to make travel arrangements.

Later, Theo suggested to Billy that they promote Chelsea's work on their media outlets. Billy recognized that Chelsea was a beautiful, persuasive woman, but he warned that she'd taken up living with a bad man. Theo surmised that the guy was the jealous type, and Billy advised Theo to focus on his own work and not worry about Chelsea unless he wanted more put on his plate. Billy suggested that Theo slow down a bit, since Billy would determine when Theo was ready to take on more -- not the other way around.

Theo apologized if he seemed too eager at times. Billy explained that he didn't believe in letting people go beyond their job descriptions until he felt they were ready to handle it. Theo mentioned that he'd run Alyssa's name through a search engine, and he'd learned she was a crime reporter from Kansas. Theo assumed that she was working on the blockbuster story Billy had mentioned. Billy crowed that it wouldn't be long until Theo's curiosity was satisfied, since there had just been a break in the case.

There was a sharp rap at the cottage door, and Sharon opened it to Chelsea. "You stay the hell away from my fiancé. Understood?" Chelsea growled.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria called Billy and requested an update. He reported that Alyssa was on board, although he'd had to convince her to trust him after the number Adam had done on her. Billy proclaimed that Adam had picked the wrong woman to mess with, since Alyssa was fired up to take Adam down. Victoria couldn't wait to read the story.

Billy expected it to be more of an indictment, since Alyssa was planning a scathing, feature-length psychological profile that dissected every illegal and disgusting thing Adam had ever done in his life. Victoria assumed that her father would be a key player, and Billy pointed out that "Dr. Frankenstein" had been the one who'd enabled the monster to begin with. Billy disclosed that the working title of the piece was "The Making of a Monster." Adam grimaced as he listened to every word.

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