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After overhearing Victoria and Billy plotting, Nikki appealed to Lily to stop Billy's revenge plan. Adam distracted Alyssa with a false lead. Devon shared memories of Hilary with Amanda. Lola broke up with Theo. Phyllis and Nick opposed Kyle and Summer's engagement.
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Devon shared memories of Hilary with Amanda, and Phyllis and Nick opposed Kyle and Summer's engagement
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Nick tells Jack he's concerned about Kyle

Nick tells Jack he's concerned about Kyle

Monday, September 21, 2020

Elena and Nate had coffee and a tense encounter at Crimson Lights. Their conversation started after Elena mentioned a patient's diagnosis, and Nate offered a second opinion. Nate quickly determined that Elena's frustration and anger were related to Amanda's discovery of her kinship to Hilary. Elena cried that her feelings had changed after having overheard Devon tell Amanda that he'd loved Hilary more than anyone in the world. Elena acknowledged it wasn't fair of her to blame Nate.

Nate admitted to Elena that he'd been the one who'd encouraged Amanda to take the DNA test. Elena noted that the test had confirmed her fear that the woman Devon had loved had had an identical twin. Nate reminded Elena how much Devon loved her. Noting the strong bond between Devon and Amanda, Elena cried that she felt like an outsider. Elena fought back tears and expressed concern that she'd become an obligation to Devon.

After Amanda sent text messages to Devon, requesting a meeting to discuss Hilary, he invited her to stop by. Amanda arrived at Devon's and thanked him for agreeing to see her. Devon acknowledged that he'd initially been hesitant to talk to her. Amanda apologized for the way she'd behaved earlier and explained that she understood why Devon had wanted to avoid reopening an old wound. Amanda could barely contain her eagerness to learn more about her vibrant sister, adding that knowing Hilary had existed had opened up a side of herself she was curious to explore.

Devon told Amanda that learning she was Hilary's twin had also opened up a lot for him. Devon said he wished to honor Hilary and do what she would have wanted him to do. Amanda replied, "I think we both want the same thing." Amanda expressed concern that Hilary might have wanted them to keep their interactions private. Devon assured Amanda that Hilary enjoyed sharing her life with the people she loved, especially her friends and her talk show audience. Amanda's face light up when Devon described Hilary's interaction with her audience.

Devon allowed Amanda to read the letter Hilary had written to Santa when she'd been a youngster. Devon explained that a former teacher, who'd kept the letter for years, had mailed it to Hilary at the studio a year before she'd died. In the letter, Hilary had asked Santa for a set of pans and a new dress for her mother. Amanda became emotional after she read Hilary's request to one day have a happy family that included two kids, so neither would feel alone. Devon wiped away tears when Amanda said it was as if Hilary might have known she'd had a twin.

Devon gave a copy of the letter and Hilary's birth certificate to Amanda and said he hoped the documents might fill in some blanks. Amanda said she'd learned that her mother's name had been Rose Turner, and she asked Devon if he knew anything about her father. Devon said he was aware that her father had served time in prison and had never been around much for his family. After Amanda thanked Devon, he explained that he couldn't continue because talking about Hilary was affecting him and his life a little too much.

Elena arrived and seemed a bit taken aback to see Amanda sitting cozily in Devon's living room. Amanda explained that Devon had kindly given her a copy of Hilary's birth certificate and a letter she'd written when she'd been a child. Elena replied, "That's wonderful. I know how important that must be for you." Amanda said having a connection to her sister meant everything. Amanda apologized to Elena for intruding. Elena replied, "It's not a problem. I'm glad Devon was able to help you."

After Amanda left, Devon told Elena he felt obligated to help because he was the only person who could provide the information Amanda was looking for, though she was aware he'd done all he could. Elena said she understood and explained that she wasn't concerned about Amanda. Elena added, "I'm concerned about you." Elena recalled how Amanda had seemed oblivious to the way it had hurt Devon to relive his memories of Hilary. Devon assured Elena he had nothing else to discuss with Amanda. Elena said she had to head to the clinic. When Devon tried to kiss Elena, she turned her head and offered her check.

Amanda met with Nate at The Grand Phoenix and admitted that her interaction with Devon had been awkward. Nate replied, "It's a big adjustment for everyone." Amanda said she'd apologized to Devon for the way she'd acted after she'd first learned the news. Amanda added that she was thankful Devon had agreed to meet with her again. Nate said Devon had been generous to give Amanda things of Hilary's. Amanda vowed not to push Devon any further. Nate agreed it was for the best. After Amanda stepped away, she held the birth certificate in her hand, phoned Billy, and asked him if he had time to talk.

Sharon, seated at her dining table, spoke on the phone with a nurse at her surgeon's office. Sharon said, "So, the surgery is scheduled for next week then?" Sharon told the caller she'd try to stay positive and requested pre-op instructions be sent via email, noting she was familiar with the procedures. Sharon added, "It's me versus the cancer, part two." After Sharon hung up, she read aloud the title of a book she'd downloaded and said, "The Power of a Positive Mental Attitude."

Pacing around the room, Sharon remembered sharing with her loved ones that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, necessitating more surgery, chemo, and radiation. Suddenly overcome with fear, Sharon attempted again to read the ebook before sighing and tossing her phone onto the sofa. Mariah arrived and told Sharon she'd picked up Faith and had dropped her and some friends off at the park. Sharon, frustrated, replied, "I asked you to bring her home." Mariah explained that she thought her mother could use a break, ignoring the fact that Sharon had grounded Faith . Sharon berated Mariah for allowing Faith to get her way. After exchanging a few cross words, Sharon suggested Mariah leave to meet with Tessa as she'd planned. Mariah abruptly left.

Rey entered immediately after Mariah rushed away and asked what was going on. Sharon cried, "I hate what this is doing to me -- and what I'm doing to everyone around me." Sharon told Rey how she'd unfairly taken out her frustrations on Mariah. Sharon cried that her whole life seemed out of control. Rey offered compassion and told Sharon he understood how difficult it was to not retreat to a dark place in her mind, though likely no one would blame her if she did. Sharon cried that she blamed herself for having pushed away all the people who'd stood by her, including Rey.

Sharon admitted to Rey that she should have been honest about her plans to meet with Adam. Sharon explained that she'd met with Adam because she'd yearned to feel helpful while at the same time avoiding dealing with the threat of cancer and dying. Rey set Sharon at ease and replied, "We're good." Rey promised Sharon that he and her family would remain by her side. After Rey received a text message about an issue at Crimson Lights, Sharon grabbed her purse and invited Rey to tag along.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Mariah told Tessa about having let her emotions get out of hand with Sharon. Tessa explained that Mariah and Sharon were trying their best to handle an awful situation. Mariah cried that she was scared she might lose her mom. Mariah said, "I was cheated out of having my mom in my life for so many years. When I think about getting cheated again, it makes me crazy." Mariah expressed regret for having dumped her own fears and frustrations in Sharon's lap.

Sharon arrived at the coffeehouse, prepared to tackle a minor emergency. Sharon approached Mariah and said she'd heard there was a problem. Mariah explained that everything was fine. Sharon and Mariah apologized to each other and agreed to move on. Mariah said, "I love you so much." Sharon replied, "I love you more." Nearby, Rey thanked Tessa for having sent him the text message. Tessa and Rey agreed that they'd done the right thing in getting mother and daughter together.

At Society, Jack called out to Nick and asked him to sit and talk. Jack asked about Faith. Nick praised Faith for being supportive to Sharon. After Jack asked about Sharon, Nick said she had good and bad days, though she remained strong and determined to fight her cancer. Jack replied, "Well, I'm rooting for her. Please tell her she's in my thoughts."

Jack inquired about Kyle and Summer. Nick seemed lost on details and mentioned having seen them together. Jack said he'd also seen them together at the office and knew they were planning to move in together. Nick sighed, and Jack asked if he was concerned about Kyle. Nick admitted he was concerned that Kyle might break Summer's heart again. Jack insisted that Kyle was over the moon for Summer and was committed for the long haul.

Jack asked Nick about the house being built for Summer and Kyle. Jack quipped that Summer wanted every detail perfected to her specifications. Jack said he would send a special housewarming gift. Nick paused and said, "You know, I sincerely hope they make it that far." Both Nick and Jack said they hoped Summer and Kyle could avoid the pitfalls of their past and find the happiness they deserved, especially after the failure of their earlier marriage.

Jack asked about Victor and Nikki. Nick replied, "You know, things are great with Mom, as always. Dad -- you know, it's okay, because we're in opposite corners." Jack mentioned the rift between Victoria and Adam and said he was sorry that Nick was at odds with his dad. Nick acknowledged that the issues with his dad and brother would likely never go away, so he was determined to steer clear of the fray, fearing that the situation could worsen. Jack said he hoped Nick was wrong. Nick said he wanted to keep Adam away from Sharon.

Kyle met up with Summer at Chancellor Park. Summer spotted Kyle holding a ring box and asked what was inside. Kyle said he was making good on his promise and wanted to present a ring to Summer when they announced their engagement to Victor. Summer pulled out a box from her purse and said, "Well, I guess great minds think alike." Lola was passing by on the walking path and paused. As Lola watched, she overheard Summer gush about the evening Kyle had fashioned a makeshift ring for her from cherry stems. Lola, crestfallen, quickly walked away.

Kyle and Summer both knelt on one knee, opened their respective ring boxes, and in unison said, "Will you marry me?" Kyle gave Summer a custom-made ring set with a large center diamond, encircled with smaller gems. Summer admired it and said, "It's stunning." Kyle said the big stone represented Summer's fiery spirit, rebelliousness, passion, and huge heart, while the smaller surrounding stones represented the many steps it had taken for them to get to back together. Kyle admired his ring from Summer and slipped it on his left ring finger.

Summer promised Kyle she would be his partner through all things. Kyle admired his ring, smiled, and replied, "That's what I'll think about every time I look at it." After Summer asked if they were really getting married, Kyle said he'd never been more certain about anything. Summer expressed her wishes to have a home and a family built on a foundation of trust and love. Summer and Kyle agreed to delay the announcement of their engagement until Kyle's divorce was final. Summer put her ring on a chain and said she'd wear the stones close to her heart until they were ready to share their news. Kyle moved his ring to his right ring finger and said it would be a reminder of their future together.

Theo entered the kitchen at Society to meet with Lola and said he'd received her text message. Lola told Theo she'd recently seen him talking to Chelsea at the bar and later leave with her. Theo replied, "It's not what it looked like. She's a fashion designer. She wanted ChancComm to cover her brand." Lola said she believed Theo but added that it bothered her to see him turn on the charm with other women, especially in her restaurant. Theo noted that it wasn't practical or fair for Lola to expect him not to interact with other women. Lola said she couldn't help feeling the way she did any more than Theo could help being a flirt.

Lola told Theo they should break up because their relationship wasn't working out. Theo couldn't understand why Lola would break up just because he talked to other women. Lola replied, "We're very different people who want very different things." Lola acknowledged she'd been the source of most of their conflict for trying to change Theo into someone he wasn't. Theo replied, "Someone like Kyle?"

Theo recalled Lola having accused him of being interested in her because she was Kyle's ex, though he also noted that she'd enjoyed flaunting the relationship in Kyle's face, too. Lola said she had no desire to be petty or vengeful and instead yearned for a relationship built on stability, commitment, and the respect she deserved. Theo acknowledged he wasn't the best at maintaining a serious relationship, but he insisted he respected Lola and really cared about her. Lola told Theo she'd always be grateful to him for helping her through a rough time. Theo wished Lola luck in finding a guy who could live up to her lofty standards. Theo added that he doubted someone who fit Lola's description even existed. Lola seemed forlorn after Theo left.

Phyllis and Nick learn Summer is engaged

Phyllis and Nick learn Summer is engaged

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

In Chancellor Park, Phyllis remarked that it was so beautiful outside that it made her grateful to be alive. Nick implored her to name three things she was grateful for, and she listed the weather, the park, and spending time with Christian that day. Nick seemed disappointed, and she added that she was also grateful that she'd been able to spend time with Christian's father. Nick replied that he'd expected to be higher on the list, but he'd take it. Nick suggested that they get all the kids together for a barbecue or a movie night that weekend, and he envisioned making getting together with his loved ones a weekly thing. Phyllis noted that it sounded like he was creating a future, and she looked a bit unnerved.

At the penthouse, Chelsea looked at the app on her phone that allowed her to listen to the bug she'd planted at Chancellor Communications. Adam descended the stairs and announced that Connor had used every pillow and piece of linen in the place to build the biggest fort on record. Adam asked if Chelsea had been eavesdropping on Billy again, and she complained that it hadn't been as exciting as she'd thought, since Billy hadn't mentioned Adam's name once that day. Adam took that as a good sign, and he assumed Alyssa was doing all the legwork for the killer exposé.

Adam wondered who Billy had been talking to on the phone the other day, since Lily would have pushed back on something unsavory. Chelsea reminded Adam that they had something more important to address, and he pretended that it was lunch. He offered to make some sandwiches, but he figured that Society could make them better. She reminded him that they'd agreed to send Connor to prep school because it would be best for him not to be there during their upcoming fight against Victor and Billy.

Adam lamented that he'd already lost a lot of time with Chelsea and Connor, but she argued that he'd be ensuring their family's safety. Chelsea insisted that they address the topic with Connor that day, and Adam agreed -- after he picked up some food. Chelsea chirped that it was all about the pitch, and it was an exciting new opportunity. Adam was clearly less enthusiastic.

At Society, Nick walked in and headed to the bar. He rolled his eyes when he spotted Victor at a nearby table, and he hesitated for a moment before approaching his father. Victor invited Nick to join him, but Nick explained that he was just there to pick up a credit card he'd left behind during an earlier meeting with Jack to discuss Kyle and Summer. Victor mentioned that the couple had stopped by the ranch the other day, and he conveyed his disapproval of the union, given that Kyle was a married man. Nick requested that Victor let him handle it. Adam entered the restaurant, and Victor declared that it was a Newman family reunion.

At the bar, Nick and Adam made small talk about how Connor was doing. Nick started to leave, but Adam stopped him and asked if Nick had ever sent his kids to boarding school. Nick recalled that Faith had been at one before she'd returned home to be with Sharon, but Noah had preferred to go to a public school. Nick wondered if Adam was thinking of sending Connor away to school, and Adam confided that he and Chelsea were giving thought to St. Mallory's.

Nick shared that going to boarding school had given him what he'd needed, since it had gotten him away from everything that was there. Nick shot a glance at Victor and pointedly suggested that Connor might be the kind of kid who would benefit from being away from Genoa City. Nick added that he was sure Adam and Chelsea would make the best decision for their son, and he left.

Victor observed that Adam looked healthy, and Adam noted that it had been awhile since he'd heard from his dad. Victor stated that he was still concerned about Adam, and Adam dryly replied that Victor should be, since it wasn't every day a guy learned he'd killed a man and his father had covered it up. Adam snapped that he was just there to get food, and he didn't want a confrontation. Victor inquired about how things were going with the pesky reporter, since he understood Billy was financing Alyssa. Adam insisted that it was nothing he couldn't handle, and he declined Victor's offer to help.

Victor asked when he could expect to see Connor at the ranch, but Adam asserted that it wasn't going to happen because didn't want Victor near his son. Victor countered that his blood flowed through the boy's veins, and there was nothing Adam could do about that. Adam conceded that Connor might have the Newman name and blood, but the boy was Adam's son; he would determine whether Victor saw Connor. Victor barked that Connor was his grandson, and he would see the lad when and if he wanted to see him. Adam blurted out that he and Chelsea were considering sending Connor away to boarding school.

Victor figured that it wasn't a bad idea, given that Adam was dealing with his own problems. Victor was determined to be involved in Connor's life, and Adam taunted that Victor wouldn't be if Connor was far away. Victor pledged that the distance wouldn't deter him from seeing Connor. Adam grabbed his takeout and admitted that Victor was right about one thing -- it was probably best for Connor to be far away from Genoa City with what was about to happen. Victor demanded to know what Adam was up to, but Adam walked out without responding.

Meanwhile, Chelsea yelled to Connor to wash up for lunch and clean his room before he headed to his friend Aiden's house. Chelsea answered a call from Aiden's mom and was touched to hear that Aiden had wanted to make sure Connor hadn't forgotten about their playdate. Chelsea promised that they'd be there after lunch, and she was glad Connor would have something fun to look forward to after the uncomfortable conversation she and Adam were about to have with him about sending him to St. Mallory's. Chelsea recognized that it was a great school, but she sympathized that Aiden would miss his friend.

Adam returned home and mentioned that it had felt good to step out for a bit, since he had realized that Chelsea was right about boarding school being the right thing for Connor. Adam figured that it wouldn't be like they were sending their son to Switzerland, and he knew a guy who had gone to boarding school there who had turned out all right. Chelsea reminded Adam that he wasn't the reason they were sending Connor to boarding school. Adam revealed that he'd run into Nick and Victor at Society and that Nick had been the one who'd gone to Switzerland.

Adam admitted that he'd been envious of the advantages Nick and Victoria had been given while Adam had been stuck on the farm, but it had also been difficult for them to deal with Victor every day. Adam reported that Nick had gone to Switzerland to get away from Victor, but Chelsea assured him that Connor didn't need to get away from Adam. Adam clarified that Connor needed to get as far away from Victor as possible.

Later, Chelsea returned home after dropping Connor off at Aiden's house. Adam thought Connor had handled the talk better than Adam would have at that age. Chelsea reported that she'd had a chat with Aiden's mom about St. Mallory's and convinced her to send Aiden there, too, so Connor would be going to boarding school with his best friend. Chelsea bragged about the way she'd been able to maneuver the mother into making the decision, comparing it to her days of conning her mark, only using her powers for good instead. Adam expressed relief that she'd saved the day, and they exchanged words of love. She declared that it was time to get back to their real work, and she checked the app.

Summer entered the Grand Phoenix and fondled her engagement ring, which she wore on a chain around her neck. Phyllis approached, and Summer quickly tucked the ring inside the neckline of her dress. Phyllis observed that her daughter was glowing, and Summer chalked it up to the new Jabot line. Summer enthused about her appointment at the spa, and she asked how it felt for Phyllis to finally be the sole owner of the hotel. Phyllis admitted that she felt more relieved than triumphant, but she'd been working so hard that she barely had time to feel it.

Summer invited Phyllis to join her at the spa, but Phyllis declined because she had too many things to do. Phyllis requested Summer's membership card, and Summer dropped her purse when she went to retrieve it. When Summer bent down to pick up her bag, Phyllis spotted the ring around her neck, and she exclaimed, "Oh, my eyes! That's an engagement ring!" Summer reiterated that she and Kyle were happy, and she begged her mom to be happy for her. Phyllis asked if Summer was out of her mind.

Phyllis protested that the timing of the engagement made no sense, since the couple's house wasn't even built yet, and Kyle was still a married man. Summer wondered what had happened to the support her mother had shown earlier. Phyllis argued that she'd thought Summer and Kyle were being responsible by taking one step at a time, but instead, they were rushing out to find the first justice of the peace. Summer grumbled that it was starting to sound like Phyllis was the one who had lost her mind. Phyllis countered that she'd been perfectly sane until she'd found out about Summer's sprint into marriage.

Summer maintained that she and Kyle were committed to one another and knew what they wanted -- kids and a life together. Phyllis warned that it wasn't that simple, and she cited the many marriages she herself had screwed up. Phyllis advised that getting married would be a mistake. Summer contended that it made sense to them, but Phyllis shot back that it had made sense to Kyle to marry Lola the year before. Phyllis argued that Summer had been married twice, and both times had ended up in heartbreak.

Phyllis understood what it was like to think things would work out, but she also knew the agonizing pain when it didn't, and she didn't want Summer to feel that pain. Summer realized that Phyllis was projecting her fears about Nick onto her. Summer stressed that she was confident in what her future with Kyle looked like, but she sensed that her parents had no idea what theirs held, and Phyllis was taking it out on her. Phyllis insisted that she and Nick were happy and that she felt secure. Summer hoped it was true, but she swore that Phyllis didn't have to worry about her because she had everything she wanted. Summer left for the spa over Phyllis' protests.

Later, Nick entered the lobby and presented a bouquet of flowers to Phyllis. She asked what she'd done to deserve them, and he replied that she didn't have to do anything but be herself. She teased him for being sappy, but he insisted that he was just excited to be making plans to be happy for the rest of their lives. Summer overheard and asked if Phyllis was trying to upstage her engagement. Nick flipped out.

Nate stopped by Devon's penthouse and asked how his cousin was doing. Nate explained that he knew Elena was at work, and he and Devon hadn't talked since they'd gotten the news that Amanda was Hilary's twin. Devon confided that Elena was worried about him. He'd been trying to get her to understand that the reveal wouldn't affect them, but things had been weird. Devon knew that Amanda had a million questions about Hilary, but he'd had to draw the line with her. Nate sympathized that it had been overwhelming for Amanda and confusing for Elena, but he pressed to know how Devon felt about the situation.

Devon recounted that it had taken him a long time to get over the death of his wife, and he'd eventually fallen in love with someone amazing like Elena, only to have Hilary's twin show up. Nate imagined that Amanda was stirring up the grief Devon had thought he'd moved past. Devon was sure he could deal with it after all the work he'd done to get his life back together, but he felt like he was disappointing everyone. Devon stated that he wanted to be honest with Elena and assure her everything would be all right, but Amanda kept asking questions, and he felt compelled to help her. Devon worried that Elena didn't like it, but he thought Amanda deserved answers.

Devon shared that he'd given some of Hilary's stuff to Amanda, but he knew Amanda wanted more, and he'd turned her down because he hadn't wanted to upset Elena. Devon bemoaned that he wanted to help Amanda, not hurt Elena, and do what Hilary would have wanted -- and he was failing at all three. Nate thought Devon was being too hard on himself, since no one knew how to navigate the situation. Devon considered it to be on him to figure out what to do.

Nate advised Devon to forget his obligation to anyone else and think about what he wanted to do. Devon admitted that he wanted to help Amanda figure out who her sister had been, and Nate urged him to give her as much information as he could, since it would help Devon as much as it helped Amanda. Nate anticipated that Elena would see Devon was helping because he was a good person and not because he was trying to hook up, and he encouraged Devon to be open and honest with Elena. Devon realized that Nate might be right.

At Chancellor Communications, Amanda thanked Billy for seeing her, and he asked if everything was okay. She informed him that she'd seen Devon again, and Billy inquired whether it had gone better than the last time, when Devon hadn't wanted to talk about Hilary. Amanda shared that Devon had given her a few precious items of Hilary's, but Billy imagined that it hadn't been enough. Amanda confided that she'd hesitated to open up to Nate about it. Billy recognized that Nate was stuck in the middle, whereas Billy was all hers. Billy became flustered and quickly clarified that he meant he was on her side.

Amanda shared that seeing Hilary's handwriting had been illuminating, and she was impressed by how selfless Hilary's childhood list to Santa had been. Amanda continued that Hilary had talked about having a family one day with two kids, so neither one would be lonely. Amanda choked back a sob, and Billy imagined that it was really confusing to find out about a part of herself that she'd never known had existed. Amanda pledged to cherish the letter forever, but she regretted that she hadn't learned much about her past.

Amanda bemoaned that both of her parents were probably deceased, so there was no one in her family to ask. Billy pointed out that Devon wasn't the only person who had known Hilary well, and he recommended that Amanda speak to Lily, Mariah, or Jack. Amanda doubted that they'd know anything about Hilary's history, and she held up the birth certificate Devon had given her. Amanda recalled that she'd been left at a fire station in Madison after she'd been born, and she'd never had any information about her family. Billy hoped the birth certificate provided answers for her, and he encouraged her to open it up and see.

Amanda examined the certificate and looked confused. She revealed that Hilary had been born in Evanston, Illinois, but it didn't make sense. Billy remembered that it was where Hilary had been from, but Amanda questioned why she'd been found at a fire station two hours away in Madison. Amanda ranted that the document was supposed to give her answers, but she only had more questions. Amanda understood that Rose had chosen to raise only one child, but she questioned why Rose had gone all the way to Wisconsin to drop off her other baby. Amanda sensed that something was missing, and Billy vowed to get to the bottom of it.

Billy made a call to find out what Hilary had disclosed in old interviews, but she hadn't said anything about Madison. He suggested that Amanda talk to Devon again and see if the mention of Wisconsin triggered any connection. Amanda refused to put further stress on Devon, and she figured that he would reach out to her when he was ready. Amanda was surprised when Devon called and wanted to talk about what had happened earlier, and he welcomed her to stop by so he could tell her more about Hilary. She readily accepted. Amanda thanked Billy for everything, and she headed out.

Amanda arrived at Devon's penthouse and thanked Devon for having her over. He responded that he was glad she could be there. "Not as glad as I am to be here," she replied.

Alyssa appears to be missing

Alyssa appears to be missing

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Chance was sitting in a chair, deep in thought. When Abby arrived, he said he couldn't stop thinking about the talk he'd had with Adam. She asked if he and Adam had discussed Vegas and if something had happened with that reporter. Chance said Adam had become dangerously unpredictable. He said he'd tracked Adam to the motel Adam had been staying at. He'd wanted to be a good Samaritan and reunite Adam and Chelsea, but they had already reconciled.

Chance said things had taken a turn after he'd mentioned the reporter who was trying to dig up information on what they had done in Vegas. Adam had shrugged him off and told him that the situation was being handled. When he'd asked Adam what that meant, Adam had shut him down. It appeared Adam had taken matters into his own hands and didn't want Chance involved.

Abby told Chance that when Adam was arrested, and the information about the incident in Vegas became public, Chance's reputation would be ruined. Chance said he'd informed Adam that he'd been hired by Paul to work as a detective. Adam claimed it was good to know. Chance said he wouldn't be able to protect himself or the people most important to him, and things could go down the drain very quickly.

At the Newman penthouse, Adam informed Chelsea that Victoria had arrived at ChancComm. He and Chelsea listened to Billy and Victoria's conversation.

At ChancComm, Victoria asked if Billy had received her text message. He confirmed he had. She said she had some information she wanted Billy to pass on to his reporter, provided she was still interested in expanding the story on Adam. She said that Adam had doubled Victor's dosage, and it had almost killed him. Billy claimed that Victoria would have been blamed, and when Victor hadn't pressed charges, no one would have known that Adam had been involved.

Victoria told Billy the pharmacist would be willing to talk for a price, since she knew exactly what had gone down. She'd helped Adam tamper with the meds, and that had resulted in her losing her job and credentials for doing Adam's dirty work. Billy asked if she would be willing to go on record. Victoria asked how he liked the headline: "How son would stop at nothing to try and kill his own dad."

Billy asked how he could thank Victoria and what he needed to do to get it in print. She said he just needed to set things in motion. She wanted Adam to get a taste of his own medicine, and she wanted Adam destroyed. She wanted to make sure that Adam suffered the consequences of his actions.

Billy told Victoria that if it hadn't been for Adam, she wouldn't have had an issue with Victor treating his kids like chess pieces. Billy said that Victor had been wrong, and perhaps if Victoria had listened to Billy, things would have been different between them. Victoria asked if Billy was deluded. She spat that the only way things could have been different between them would be if Billy had been different, but he was incapable of change. She said that Billy was as entrenched in his ways as Victor was in his.

Victoria angrily told Billy that there were three things she could count on -- death, taxes, and Billy becoming restless, undermining any chance of finding happiness, and bringing everyone down with him. She stated that they weren't friends, only allies. She said his redemption wouldn't happen. Their alliance was strictly business, not personal. Victoria left.

At the Newman penthouse, Chelsea and Adam heard Victoria reveal that her source was the pharmacist. Chelsea stated that they had to stop Billy from getting any information from her, but Adam claimed it was too late. Chelsea said they had to try because the story was blowing up. They were both surprised that Victoria was at the heart of the matter and out for blood. Adam said he needed to be out for blood, as well.

Panicked, Chelsea told Adam there had to be something they could do. Adam said he had a plan, and the less Chelsea knew, the better. Chelsea protested, but Adam asked her to trust him. He promised it would be okay. After Chelsea had gone upstairs, Adam called someone and told them he needed something done immediately, quietly, and carefully.

Nate arrived at the clinic and called out, but there was no response. After he entered one of the examination rooms, Elena appeared. Nate said he'd thought she'd been avoiding him. He said he understood that she blamed him for the situation between Amanda and Devon. Elena accused Nate of giving Amanda the family she'd never had and the sister she'd lost.

At that moment, Elena received a text message from Devon, who informed her he was with Amanda. Elena told Nate that Devon was with his dead wife's twin, and she'd been the last to know about it. Nate said that he'd spoken to Devon about helping Amanda, but it had never been his intention to hurt Elena. He said that Devon had shut Amanda down a couple of times. Elena asked him why he hadn't left it at that.

Nate understood how disappointed Elena was, since he'd been the one to convince Amanda to take the DNA test in the first place. He defended himself by saying that Amanda deserved to know everything about her twin, who Amanda was, and where she'd come from. Elena retorted that there were many people who had known Hilary and who could have provided Amanda with information, but Nate claimed those people couldn't tell Amanda what Devon could. Elena said she'd been honest, understanding, and patient, which had resulted in her being taken for granted and left in the dark -- but that was fine, as long as Devon put the pieces together for Amanda.

Nate told Elena that he'd been trying to do what was best for everyone. He said that if Devon suppressed his emotions about Hilary, it would be bad for his mental health. He knew it had put Elena in a bad place, but he claimed it wouldn't be for long. Elena claimed she wanted respect and consideration. She said Devon was in the process of taking a walk down memory lane with his dead wife's twin, and she asked if it was fair or right that all she got was a text message from Devon. She claimed she wasn't Devon's priority.

A short time later, Elena apologized to Nate, but Nate told her not to blame herself because she had nothing to fear. Elena said that her relationship with Devon had been unshakable through the loss of Hilary, then Neil, their crazy schedules, and the opening of the clinic, but at the moment, she didn't understand her own feelings. Nate said she had nothing to be afraid of and that her greatest threat was her imagination, but he planned to keep her grounded. Unconvinced, Elena thanked him and left.

At the Hamilton penthouse, Amanda told Devon that Billy had been helping her check into information such as Hilary's birth certificate. She thanked Devon for helping her. Devon said he didn't want Amanda to get the wrong idea, but when Amanda had initially asked him to share things about Hilary, he'd been reluctant because losing Hilary had been the worst thing that had happened to him. He had needed to take a step back for self-preservation. He said memories should be a blessing of shared good and bad times, and that was what he wanted to share with Amanda. Excited, Amanda wanted to hear everything. She imagined that Hilary would have told her all about the guy she'd fallen in love with.

Devon sent Amanda a link to all of Hilary's GC Buzz segments. He told Amanda to watch how Hilary had taken control with a single look. He said she'd had style and charisma. People had gravitated to her. Hilary had had a unique personality and had loved being the center of attention, but she'd also known that she rubbed some people the wrong way. It had never bothered her if people hadn't liked her. Devon said their relationship had been fiery because they were both stubborn. They'd broken up over something silly because neither could admit they were wrong, but because they'd loved each other, they had reunited and spent their life arguing and making up.

Amanda was thrilled hearing about Hilary, but she asked Devon to watch one GC Buzz episode with her. Amanda marveled how a stranger could be so familiar, and it was like watching herself. She commented on Hilary's confidence, and when Hilary spoke to the camera, it felt like she'd spoken only to her and that Hilary had looked straight into her heart. She realized she was gushing and apologized. Devon said he'd enjoyed watching the episode with Amanda. He said Hilary would have loved being with them.

Amanda thanked Devon for all the information, but she cautioned there would always be more questions, like why Rose had put her up for adoption. Devon laughed and said he could picture Hilary and Amanda creating hell together. Amanda said she understood what it had cost Devon emotionally, but it felt good that she would be able to ask him about Hilary. She promised to tell Devon about herself. Devon said he would help her. Amanda felt that her life was changing very quickly.

Chance walked into Society and saw Victoria at the bar. Victoria asked him about Abby. He said he'd left Abby a short time before, and she was fine. Victoria chided Chance about getting along with all the Newmans. Chance assumed she was talking about Adam. She asked how Adam was doing, but Chance said that he and Adam didn't talk much anymore. Victoria was surprised that Chance was so nonchalant about parting ways with Adam after all the secrets they'd shared, such as their misadventures in Vegas.

Chance told Victoria that it was ancient history. Victoria sarcastically claimed that "ancient history" was another way of saying something was dead and buried. She asked if that was the case with him and Adam. Chance said it meant that he wasn't going to tie himself up in knots, worrying about what he and Adam had done a long time before. Victoria stated there was no statute of limitation on regret.

Chance told Victoria he preferred to live in the present, especially since he'd been asked to join the Genoa City Police Department. Victoria asked if being a police officer again would be a moral conflict for him. She stated that when he'd had his own private eye business, it hadn't mattered if he'd broken a law or two to solve a case, but as a police officer, he had to be accountable and hold himself to a higher standard. She wondered if he was worried that being an officer of the law might bump up against his prior activities. Chance claimed that everyone had skeletons in their closets.

Chance asked Victoria why they were talking about Adam and why she was questioning whether he had a conflict of interest in being a police officer again. Victoria smugly said that they had actually been talking about Abby, but the skeletons in Chance's closet had been making so much noise that he hadn't been able to follow the conversation. Chance said he didn't have much contact with Adam. Victoria hoped that was true, for Abby's sake. Chance asked if she was questioning his integrity. She claimed she wouldn't be the last person to do so, and he'd better get used to it. She left.

Elena arrived to a dark penthouse. When she turned on the light, she found Devon sitting at a beautifully set table for two. Devon greeted her by saying it was only a portion of what she deserved. Elena asked about Amanda. Devon said he knew how she felt about him spending time with Amanda, but things had gone well. He said he was the only connection to Hilary for Amanda, but he assured her it wouldn't last forever. He told her not to worry about their relationship. He asked her to trust him. He kissed then embraced her, but she didn't appear to be mollified.

Amanda was elated when she arrived at the clinic. She told Nate that Devon had opened up to her and had given her information about Hilary. She said she had a greater understanding of her twin. She said when she'd arrived in Genoa City, Hilary had been a shadow to her, and it had bothered her when she'd met people who'd commented on how much she looked like Hilary. She said that Devon had taken her on an unbelievable adventure, and she'd thought about what her life would have been like if she and Hilary had grown up together. She said it was a bittersweet adventure but one she was grateful for because of everything she'd discovered.

Amanda told Nate she was incredibly happy, and she'd never believed that anything like that would happen. She'd had no family, but she'd discovered she'd had parents and a twin. She said it was a beautiful beginning.

Billy arrived at the Grand Phoenix and called someone. He said he had some explosive information he wanted to share, and it would blow everything up. He said he hoped she was decent because he was on his way to her suite.

When Billy arrived at Alyssa's suite, he found the door slightly ajar, and the suite was empty. He called out, but there was no response.

Victoria interrogates Chance about his past

Victoria interrogates Chance about his past

Thursday, September 24, 2020

by Nel

Billy arrived at the Newman penthouse and asked Adam what he'd done with Alyssa. Billy said that she'd suddenly disappeared, and Adam was the only one who would have benefitted from it. Adam said that Billy had some crazy idea that Adam was involved with a woman's disappearance. Adam wasn't sure if he was being accused of a crime or being that stupid.

Billy said Adam was capable of very many things. He said Alyssa was a small-town reporter and that Adam's fight was with Billy. Billy said he knew that Adam and Alyssa had been friends as kids, and that was the reason he was there. Adam admitted they had been close, but it had been a long time in the past. Billy said that Adam had screwed her over, and he'd used her the same way he used everyone else. Billy said that Adam had fed Alyssa a bunch of lies, and he'd allowed her to run with the story.

Adam said that Chance had mentioned that Alyssa had been in town, trying to dig up some information on him. He said that Chance had mentioned that Alyssa had been interested in the time he and Chance had spent in Vegas. He asked if Billy knew what Alyssa had been looking for. He said rumor had it that Alyssa had spoken to Billy about it, and he believed that Billy and Alyssa might have been cooking something up.

Billy once again asked Adam what he'd done with Alyssa. Adam claimed he had no idea. Billy accused him of lying, but Adam told Billy to prove it. Billy claimed that Alyssa wouldn't have left town without telling him because she wanted to uncover the truth as much as he did.

Adam claimed that Billy wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and hit him. He said that Billy was using the company his mother had given him to make a name for himself. Billy stated that Adam was out of control, and Adam's armor had developed cracks. Billy said that Adam thought he had everything handled, but Adam was scared to death and spiraling out of control. Billy admitted that he knew about Adam killing A.J. Montalvo and that Victor had covered it up and kept it covered up ever since the incident. Billy told Adam that his time was up. Billy stated that he would prove what Adam and Victor had done, and he would tell the world.

Adam claimed that Billy had nothing because Billy wouldn't have been in his home if Billy had the goods on him. Billy once again asked what Adam had done with Alyssa. He stated that Adam was scared and desperate to save his own skin and didn't care who got caught in the crossfire. Adam yelled for Billy to stop talking and to do something about it. Chelsea arrived and yelled at both men to stop. Chelsea told Billy that Adam had no knowledge about Alyssa. Sarcastically, Billy said he believed what Chelsea said because Adam always spoke the truth. At that moment, Adam received a call and went upstairs to answer it.

In the meantime, Chelsea chastised Billy for fighting with Adam because Connor could have heard them. Billy said she was right to protect Connor because, once the story was published, Chelsea wouldn't want Connor to know who his father really was and everything he'd done. Chelsea smiled and said it wouldn't be a problem because Connor would be in boarding school, and she wasn't worried how the stories would affect him. Chelsea claimed that everyone would see the story for what it was, a small-town reporter who'd wanted to make a name for herself, especially since none of it was true. Billy said that was a desperate spin.

Chelsea accused Billy of seeking revenge and using ChancComm to get it. She stated that if Billy published those lies, he would open himself up to a lawsuit, and everyone would lose, especially him. Billy said he felt sorry, but she claimed she didn't need his sympathy. Billy said she would because she intended to defend "that son of a bitch" with her life, even when Adam destroyed it. Billy walked out.

Adam returned and asked if Chelsea was okay. She said she'd tried to convince Billy not to run with the story, but he was more determined than ever to go after Adam. Adam said, "Let him try." Chelsea wished she had Adam's confidence, but Adam told her that he was handling it. She wanted to know why he was handling everything on his own. He said the situation was his mess and his problem.

Chelsea reminded Adam that they'd agreed to share everything, and she asked why Adam was shutting her out. She told Adam she loved him and supported him, no matter what. She asked if Adam had had anything to do with Alyssa's disappearance. Adam said he'd been worried that Billy had been getting too close to corroborating Alyssa's story, and he couldn't let that happen. Chelsea wanted to know what he'd done.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick told Phyllis how upset he was over Summer's engagement. He said it would only lead to heartbreak and divorce, and they needed to talk Summer into breaking the engagement. Phyllis said that Summer was an adult and made her own decisions. She didn't need their permission to marry Kyle. Nick said he couldn't accept that. He said that Summer would claim that her and Kyle's relationship had been years in the making and that it was the greatest love story of all time. Nick didn't want Summer to go through what he and Phyllis had gone through. Kyle had less than a stellar track record.

Phyllis ask if Nick wanted Summer to know what they knew after their experiences. Nick said he did, but she said that life didn't work that way. She wanted Nick to remain the amazing and understanding man he'd always been. Summer returned and announced to Nick and Phyllis that she was engaged to Kyle, and she wanted them to act like mature adults. Summer said Kyle had made her dream come true, and she was happy. Kyle was the kindest and most supportive man she'd ever known, professionally and personally, and they respected each other. She stated that it was the perfect relationship.

Nick said he would be remiss as Summer's father if he didn't tell her that relationships weren't perfect, and the way Summer had described her relationship with Kyle was a romanticized version of reality that she'd talked herself into. Summer denied it, but Nick reminded her about Austin, who'd had trouble written all over him. Summer had married him, anyway, and he had cheated on her. Summer said Kyle wasn't like that.

Nick reminded Summer that Kyle had asked her to be a liver donor for the woman he'd been in love with, and Kyle had married Summer in exchange for that transplant. Nick reminded her that Kyle wasn't divorced, but Summer claimed that it was only a piece of paper and meant nothing. Nick asked if Phyllis had any intention of backing him up. He wanted Phyllis to tell Sumer how she'd really felt about Summer's engagement. Phyllis admitted she hadn't been happy because Summer was about to take a big step far too soon.

Summer accused Nick and Phyllis of being hypocrites. She claimed the conversation had been about them reuniting and what it meant to them, but she and Kyle weren't them. Summer said that she and Kyle had been through some really huge bumps in the road, but they were better and stronger for it. She reminded Phyllis that she'd been happy when Summer and Kyle had reunited, and Nick was building them a house. She asked if he was expecting them to crash and burn before they moved in.

Hurt, Summer got up to leave, but Phyllis ordered her to sit down. She said that relationships were hard, and it took work to maintain them. She pointed out that Summer was impulsive, just like Phyllis was. She said that parents never stopped worrying about their kids, and Phyllis didn't want Summer to turn her back on Phyllis and Nick because they weren't throwing Summer a parade over an engagement Summer had failed to mention.

Phyllis reminded Nick that he'd been younger than Kyle when he'd married Sharon, and he'd been sure about his feelings for Sharon, just like Summer was for Kyle. Nikki had been against Nick marrying Sharon. That hadn't mattered to Nick, and he'd married Sharon. Nick agreed.

Summer admitted she'd made a lot of mistakes, but so had Nick and Phyllis. Those mistakes didn't define anyone. She said that Nick had always been a great dad, but he'd lived life on his own terms, no matter how hard Victor had gotten in his way. Nick had always been her hero. Nick was touched and said that Summer was an amazing daughter. He said he was crazy about his super girl, but he couldn't embrace her engagement. Extremely hurt and in tears, Summer said that Kyle was waiting for her, and she left.

At the clinic, Amanda wiped away her tears when Nate entered the waiting room. Nate was happy that she'd made a connection with her twin with Devon's help. Amanda said that Devon had agreed to meet with her again. She realized that she was a living reminder of Devon's wife and how difficult it had to be for Devon. She thought Devon hated her, but Nate assured her Devon didn't hate her.

Amanda said that Nate never talked about his fiancée. She stated that if Nate was going to listen to her, she wanted to be his sounding board about Carolyn. Nate said that Carolyn had been strong and beautiful. They had planned their life together and had talked about having kids. They'd been planning to go into business together. They'd had a deep connection. Amanda asked if the connection had been like Devon and Hilary's. He admitted it had been.

Nate told Amanda that after Hilary's accident, he'd tried to save her and the baby, but there had been too much damage. At one point, he'd thought he would lose Devon. He said that after Hilary's death, Devon had sat alone, night after night, staring into space. Hilary's presence was everywhere and it hung like a shroud. Nate said he knew what it was like to lose someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He said things had become so bad that it had almost driven Devon and Elena apart. He didn't want to see that happen again.

Amanda commented that Nate was very protective of Elena. Nate said he was very protective of Elena and Devon. Amanda said she had no intention of hurting either one of them. She only wanted information about Hilary and her own past. She promised to be careful and said she'd enjoyed getting to know Nate better. Nate hoped he hadn't scared her off. Amanda said there was no chance of that.

After Amanda left, Elena arrived, and Nate asked if she'd spoken to Devon. Elena said that Devon had assured her that everything was fine. Nate said that Amanda had been there earlier and had told him that things had gone well with Devon. Elena imagined that Amanda had been appreciative of the information Devon had provided, but she was shocked that Nate would have asked how things had gone between her and Devon, since Nate had convinced Devon to resurrect his past with Hilary and take the time for Amanda to understand who her twin had been. She said that Devon's world had been turned upside down. Nate informed Elena that he'd cautioned Amanda to limit what she asked of Devon. Elena caustically said then there was nothing to worry about anymore, and she walked out.

A short time later, Elena returned and told Nate that she shouldn't have taken things out on him. Nate said he cared about her and Devon. Elena said that she and Devon would be fine, and she left.

At the Hamilton penthouse, Devon thanked Elena for being understanding, and he wished he'd handled things differently instead of sending her a text message. The last thing he'd wanted to do had been to hurt her feelings. He said the situation with Amanda had caught him off guard, but the reality had hit him harder than he'd expected. Devon said that Elena was the most important person in his life. Elena said that Devon talking to Amanda appeared to be cathartic for him, and she wanted to know what it had meant to him.

Devon told Elena that it had brought up a lot of memories, and it had been awkward at first because Amanda had had so many questions. He said he'd provided her with all the GC Buzz episodes of Hilary because it was a better way for Amanda to get to know Hilary. He said they'd watched an episode together, and when Amanda had seen Hilary, she'd glowed because she'd met her sister for the first time. Elena asked how Devon felt. He said that it had been a positive experience mostly.

Devon told Elena that Hilary had been a force that had taken on the world, and she'd been talented. He said talking with Amanda about Hilary had shown him that he'd moved on. He said his life was with Elena.

Alone, Devon took a walk through his and Hilary's life together. He remembered walking into his office and finding Hilary there, half-dressed, and Hilary telling him to stop staring at her. He recalled kissing her, Hilary slapping him, and then kissing passionately after the slap. He recalled proposing to her and her accepting. He remembered signing divorce papers and Hilary saying that some things didn't last forever. He remembered when she'd announced she was pregnant and how he'd been over the moon with happiness. He recalled being at Hilary's side in the hospital after the accident and telling her he would help her recover. He recalled their wedding day and how happy Hilary had been.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda sat in a booth and smiled happily as she watched episodes of Hilary on GC Buzz.

Sometime later, Billy arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and he received a call from Alyssa. He asked where she'd been. He wished she'd told him she was leaving town. When he hadn't found her in her suite, he'd thought the worst. He said he was ready to run the story as soon as they had proof. He asked Alyssa to send him the proof immediately. He ended the call, sat at the bar, picked up his glass of scotch, and said, "Adam, this is for you. Your day of reckoning, long overdue."

Nikki appeals to Lily to stop Billy

Nikki appeals to Lily to stop Billy

Friday, September 25, 2020

At Crimson Lights, Mariah struggled with the coffeehouse's accounting software. Faith overheard her sister's frustration and provided a tip on how to refresh the data. Mariah called her a genius, and Faith questioned whether Mariah was just realizing it. Mariah teased Faith for having a smart mouth to go with her high I.Q., and she wondered if their mom would be stopping by. Faith indicated that Sharon was resting up before her surgery, so Faith had decided to get out to give her some peace and quiet. Mariah inquired whether things had been tense at home, but Faith replied that their mother had been positive. Mariah sensed that Faith needed some support, too.

Mariah empathized that it was hard to be upbeat all the time. She observed that Faith was preoccupied with something on her phone, and Faith shared that she was reading up on Sharon's surgery. Faith worried that it sounded rough, with a lot of pain and weeks to recover. Mariah suggested that they schedule a call with Dr. Blakeley to ask questions and find out how to best help Sharon. Faith was adamant that they do it without Sharon on the call because Sharon didn't like talking about the surgery.

Mariah called Sharon an awesome mother for not wanting them to worry, and she lauded Faith for being an awesome daughter to be so considerate of their mom's feelings. Mariah added that she was glad Faith had opened up about what she was feeling, since that was what sisters were for. Faith marveled that Mariah always knew the right thing to say, and Mariah jokingly asked if they'd met. Mariah confided that she'd stormed out of the cottage the day before after Sharon had been scratchy with her, and they'd both felt awful about it.

Faith guessed that the conflict hadn't lasted because Sharon had seemed fine the night before. Mariah shared that they'd worked it out, but she cited it as an example of how people couldn't always control their reaction to things. Mariah counseled that they all slipped up and made mistakes, and it was important to be patient and forgiving with one another. Mariah anticipated that they could go back to being petty and judgmental once Sharon was in remission, and Faith considered it something to look forward to. Mariah encouraged her to hang in there.

At the cottage, Sharon considered buying a special dry shampoo because she wouldn't be able to shower for a while after her surgery. Rey assumed that she'd learned about it from her online support group, and she gushed that they had the best advice. She declared that many women had fought and won the battle, and so would she. She decided to give the stuff a try, and she started to order another bottle of the lotion Victoria had given her. Rey informed her that he'd already ordered more because he'd noticed her bottle was running low. Sharon praised him for taking such good care of her.

Rey invited Sharon to send him the list of items she wanted so he could pick the items up while he was out running errands. She figured that she could have them delivered, but he noted that the delivery guy wouldn't surprise her with flowers or the truffles she loved. He recommended that she sneak in a nap while he was out, since she hadn't been sleeping well. She groaned that she'd been up half the night, thinking about how she'd snapped at Mariah the day before. Rey advised Sharon to stop putting pressure on herself, since they all understood that she would have good days and bad days. She agreed to try, and he headed out.

Later, Sharon woke up from her nap and found that Rey had already put the groceries away. She felt lucky to have him by her side, and he replied that it worked both ways. She credited him with being the major reason she would recover from the surgery, and she thought no one would have blamed him if he'd walked away after she'd ignored his advice to stop counseling Adam. Rey reminded her that he'd told her to stop beating herself up, and he swore that they'd put the past behind them.

Rey suggested that they relax on the couch and watch some of the home renovation shows Sharon loved, but she knew he loved it when the show demolished things. Rey envisioned retiring and touring the country to restore old homes, with him doing the repairs and her handling the decorating. She thought they'd make a great team.

Faith and Mariah stopped by the cottage. Sharon pondered which episode to watch, and Faith encouraged Sharon to choose whatever made her happy. Meanwhile, Mariah spoke with Rey and noted that things seemed to be going well. He confirmed that he and Sharon had worked things out. They agreed that Sharon didn't need anything else on her mind. Rey reported that Sharon had taken steps to remove the biggest source of negative energy from her life, and Mariah victoriously cried that there would be no more Adam.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki walked in as Victoria was on the phone, suggesting that someone send a notification to all subscribers upon publication. Victoria haughtily added that they weren't taking the high road, since "this day of reckoning has been a long time coming," and she couldn't wait to see the finished product. Victoria turned the topic to making sure Johnny got to practice. After she hung up, Nikki asked what the call had been about.

Victoria claimed that she and Billy had been discussing the kids' schedule, but Nikki revealed that she'd heard them scheming together. Victoria promised to be careful and refused to say more, leaving Nikki with plausible deniability. Nikki pushed to know what unsuspecting soul Victoria was targeting and what the person had done to deserve her wrath. "What didn't he do?" Victoria countered, snarling that karma was about to pay an overdue visit to her richly deserving youngest brother.

Victoria doubted that Nikki cared about what happened to Adam after all the pain he'd caused their family, but Nikki worried about the blowback on Victor. Victoria insisted that there was nothing to be concerned about, but Nikki lectured that she'd seen the heartache Victor had endured when his children had gone after one another. Victoria reasoned that the only thing that would happen was what should have happened already if her dad hadn't covered for Adam. Victoria declared that there was somewhere she had to be, and she walked out over Nikki's protests.

Nikki arrived at Chancellor Communications and greeted Lily. Nikki claimed that she'd been visiting a friend in the building, and she asked how things were going. Lily replied that they were good other than her personal life being nonexistent. Nikki was sure that building the business was all-consuming but also exhilarating, and Lily apologized for being a little scattered after just returning from a business trip. Nikki imagined that Lily was as on top of things as ever.

Nikki figured that the company was starting with a strong foundation by acquiring Newman's media division. Lily voiced amazement that Victoria and Billy had been able to put their personal issues aside and maintain a professional relationship. Nikki referred to a new project Victoria and Billy were working on together. Lily reiterated that she'd been out of town, so she and Billy had some catching up to do.

Nikki mentioned that Victoria had given her a few hints about what she and Billy were up to, and the little she knew had her concerned. Nikki was sure that Lily had been keeping a watchful eye on Billy, and she pressed to know how bad the fallout would be. Lily asserted that she was running a business, and she was sure Nikki didn't expect her to divulge proprietary information. Nikki argued that it wasn't about business but was about Billy's hatred for certain members of her family. Nikki doubted a principled person like Lily would be a party to that.

Nikki suspected that Lily knew Billy was after Adam and that he would relish the opportunity to publicly humiliate Victor. Nikki took Lily's lack of denial as a confirmation she was right, and she condemned Lily for letting it happen, especially given their families' histories. Lily firmly stated that any decision she made would be as co-head of Chancellor Communications and not as an old family friend. Lily added that she didn't need guidance about how to run her company.

Nikki thought she and Lily could agree that the last thing ChancComm needed was a costly, damaging war with Victor. Nikki warned that if Lily allowed Billy to go after Victor, Victor would strike back with everything he had, and he wouldn't rest until he took back Newman's media division and ground ChancComm into dust. Once alone, Lily called Billy and told him they needed to have a serious conversation.

At home, Chelsea descended the stairs and reported to Adam that Connor was almost done packing for St. Mallory's. Adam mused that he'd really miss the kid, but he knew it was better for Connor to be far away. Chelsea inquired whether Adam had found out anything new by listening in at Chancellor Communications. He conveyed that he hadn't heard any further plans where he was concerned, but Billy had openly admitted that he was out for blood.

Adam thought his attempt to slow things down had only been a temporary fix, and he had to find another way to derail Billy and Victoria's plans. Adam received a text message from Chance, who wanted to meet. Chelsea assumed that Chance was worried about the same thing they were. Adam recognized that if the story went public, Chance's life stood to be destroyed, too.

At Society, Abby asked Chance if Adam was willing to meet. Chance hated the way he and Adam had left things, and he vowed to handle it. Abby planned to tackle things from a different angle by talking to Victoria to see if she knew something about Alyssa. Chance stressed that he didn't want Abby getting sucked into it, but she insisted that they were a team. "And FYI, I wasn't asking for your permission," she added.

Chance begged Abby to stay out of it, and she finished his sentence by acknowledging that anything she said could and would be used against them. She remarked that he already sounded like a cop, but he pointed out that he didn't know if he'd get to join the force again. He explained that he'd been stalling because he didn't want to be put in the position of having to arrest his friend, and he himself might be implicated if the story became public. Abby asserted that he shouldn't have to put the future he wanted and deserved on hold. Chance mused that he'd almost forgotten how nice it was to have someone on his side. Abby spotted Adam walk in.

Adam apologized for cutting Chance off the last time they'd spoken, and he imagined it had given Chance the wrong impression. Adam guessed that Chance had concluded that Adam intended to do something nefarious to Alyssa. Adam recalled that she'd been his closest friend at one time, and he stressed that he took friendship very seriously. Chance flatly asked what Adam had planned for Alyssa.

Adam swore that he hadn't harmed Alyssa in any way. Chance said he believed Adam -- but only because Chance had had a federal agent track Alyssa down. Adam wondered if Chance would tell him where she was. "Not a chance in hell," Chance replied, and Adam realized that Chance still didn't trust him. Victoria hovered nearby and eavesdropped as Adam admitted that he already knew where Alyssa was because he'd planted a bogus lead for the reporter to track down in Kingman, Arizona.

Adam explained that he had a fixer named Bobby in Vegas, and Bobby had reached out to Alyssa, claiming to have information about the missing man's death and feeding her enough details to make it credible. Adam continued that Alyssa had flown out to meet Bobby, who would be a no-show. Adam had used the time to convince the missing man's widow that it would be a mistake to go public with the story because she'd have to give up living a life of luxury on his dime. Adam added that she also knew her husband had been a very bad man who'd wanted Chance dead. Adam was confident that he'd gotten through, and he expected Alyssa to find the widow unreachable. Adam spied Victoria and quietly suggested that they table the discussion.

Abby approached Victoria and asked if she was meeting someone for lunch. Victoria invited Abby to eat with her, claiming that she was there to check on her sister, since Abby hadn't responded to her text messages. Abby chalked it up to being busy with work and Chance, and she mentioned that she'd heard Victoria had spoken with Chance about Adam and Vegas. Victoria recalled that Chance had said he and Adam barely talked, and she found it interesting that the men were at the restaurant together. Abby questioned why Victoria kept rattling Adam's cage, even after Victoria had gotten everything she'd wanted when she'd taken over Newman.

Victoria asserted that Adam wasn't in a cage when he deserved to be. Abby suggested that Victoria let living well and running Newman be the best form of revenge and leave Adam to pick his scabs in peace. Victoria huffed that Abby sounded a lot like their dad, and not in a good way. Victoria argued that any time they'd shown Adam mercy, he'd taken it as license to lash out at their family. Victoria demanded to know why Abby would advocate for Adam -- unless Abby's boyfriend had put her up to it.

Abby blasted Victoria for talking about Adam attacking people when Victoria was attacking Chance. Abby insisted that Chance had integrity and that he treated her like gold, and he'd also advised her to stay out of it. Abby was insulted that Victoria had assumed Abby had been following Chance's orders, but Victoria swore that she just didn't want Abby to get dragged into the mess. Victoria warned that it was only a matter of time before Adam faced the consequences of his actions. Abby complained that she was sick of everyone fighting, and she argued that Adam had friends and family who cared about him.

Abby wondered if Victoria had even thought about the other people who would be caught in the crossfire, and she asked why Victoria winning Newman couldn't be enough. Abby continued that she'd been part of the family long enough to sense when something bad was about to go down, and she assumed that was why Victoria had warned Chance to steer clear of Adam. Victoria was surprised that Abby had become so protective of Chance. Abby admitted that they'd just been having fun at first, but it had turned into something more. Victoria said she was happy for her sister, but Abby curtly said she had things to do and sauntered off.

Chelsea arrived at the restaurant and approached Victoria, who mentioned that she'd just been talking about how when Adam went down, he'd take his family with him. Victoria suggested that Chelsea not let Connor be anywhere near Adam, but Chelsea cautioned that Victoria was underestimating Adam yet again. Adam spotted Chelsea and considered it his cue to leave. Chance threatened to step forward with the truth if anything happened to Alyssa. Adam promised that he would never do anything to hurt her. Victoria watched as Adam followed Chelsea out.

Victoria sweetly voiced surprise that Chance and Adam had been hanging out together, since Chance had just said they rarely talked. Chance muttered that he didn't owe her an explanation, and he fibbed that he and Adam had just run into one another. She noted that their conversation had seemed intense, and Chance revealed that a family friend of Adam's had gone missing. Victoria wondered if Chance intended to help find the missing friend, and Chance replied that he would have turned down the request if Adam had asked. Victoria called it a relief and implied that Chance wouldn't want any part of what was about to happen.

After Victoria left, Abby told Chance that she hadn't planned on speaking with Victoria. Chance shared that Victoria had insinuated that something was about to happen to Adam that could also affect Chance if he didn't keep his distance. Abby was sorry that Victoria's obsession with Adam was impacting Chance's life, but Chance didn't blame Victoria for wanting justice. He believed everyone was trying to do what they thought was right -- even Adam. Chance was shocked by how his whole mindset had shifted since he'd returned to town.

Chance remembered seeing Kevin and Chloe and the life they'd made with Bella. He recognized that he'd never envisioned that for himself, but he was starting to like the idea of settling down with a steady job and a couple of kids. Chance assured a speechless Abby that he was talking about the future and not the present. Abby stammered that he'd never talked about settling down, and he admitted that it was a new concept for him that he hadn't fully formed yet. He suggested that they focus on the mess with Adam right then, but she looked unnerved.

Adam and Chelsea returned home. She fretted that Victoria had made it very clear that she expected Adam to crash and burn, taking anyone who cared about him down with him. Adam believed that he'd done everything he could, but there was an element that was out of his control. He realized that it might be time to make the call that he hadn't wanted to make.

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