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Chelsea walked out on Adam after overhearing him brag to Rey that Adam and Sharon belonged together. Gloria returned to Genoa City, clearly hiding something. Elena confessed to Devon that she'd slept with Nate. Devon publicly slugged Nate, injuring the surgeon's hand. Devon threw Elena out.
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Elena confessed she'd slept with Nate; Devon threw her out and slugged Nate
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The Abbotts struggle with the loss of Dina

The Abbotts struggle with the loss of Dina

Monday, October 19, 2020

At Sharon's, Faith, Mariah, and Nick gathered after Sharon had sent a text message to each, requesting their presence. Sharon emerged from the kitchen and shared news about her cancer journey. Sharon said, "I heard from my doctor today, and my margins are all clear. This is the good news that we've been waiting for." Mariah asked Sharon how Rey had received the good news. Sharon, smiling, admitted that Rey had become a little teary. Faith remained apprehensive and asked about the possibilities of additional surgeries or other treatments. Sharon said her doctor was almost completely certain there'd be no more surgeries and that she was on her way to being declared cancer-free.

Mariah noticed a look of angst on Faith's face. Mariah told her younger sister she no longer needed to hold back because it was time to be happy. Nick assured Faith that her mother would be okay. Faith remained somewhat disengaged when Mariah suggested it was time to plan Sharon and Rey's wedding, in addition to resuming other activities they'd placed on hold. Mariah was insistent they set out soon to shop for a wedding gown. Sharon explained that she still had a few treatments to set up because her prognosis wasn't yet considered a completely clean bill of health. Faith quickly stepped out and sent a text message to someone, explaining that her family was driving her crazy, so she needed to get out.

When Sharon asked Faith if she was okay, Faith lied and claimed she'd sent a text to a friend about the good news. Sharon spoke to Faith privately and questioned her about her feelings. Faith assured her mother she was thrilled and excited about the good news. Sharon suggested they enjoy a movie night, but Faith suggested Sharon get rest instead and postpone their plans until the next night. Sharon agreed. Faith appeared distraught as Sharon shuttled beverage containers to the kitchen.

Jack stood at the front entrance to his family home and tearfully watched as the coroner drove away with Dina's body. Jack wiped his face, took a deep breath, and returned inside, where Ashley, Traci, Abby, and Kyle stood shocked by the loss of their beloved family member. Jack cried, "She's gone." Abby asked Jack how he felt. Jack acknowledged his overwhelming feelings of loss and pain and admitted he also felt a sense of relief. Traci assured Jack it wasn't shameful to feel relieved after difficult weeks of caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Jack took comfort in believing that Dina had felt loved as she'd left the world.

Ashley credited Jack for having made Dina's last moments very special by locating the necklace their mother had dearly treasured. Traci agreed and said she'd witnessed the amazing joy Jack's act of love had brought to Dina's final interactions with her beloved family. Jack credited his siblings, son, and niece, as well as giving a nod to Victor, for having aided in the search for Dina's heirloom necklace. Traci remarked that it wasn't just the presentation of the Teardrop that had deeply touched Dina. Traci explained that it was more about the enormity of the act of love it had taken all involved to reunite Dina with the necklace. Ashley agreed and said she'd never forget the final moments.

Kyle suddenly spoke up and said he needed to step out and get some air. Abby protested and reminded Kyle it was time for their family to grieve. Jack defended Kyle's decision and said everyone grieved differently. Ashley suggested contacting Dina's attorney. Traci expressed urgency to write an obituary. Abby offered to set up the arrangements for a memorial service. Jack begged to let those tasks wait, so they could just remember Dina.

Abby fondly recalled her months living with Dina in Paris. Abby said her grandmother had found beauty in small things, like shadows cast on buildings, the smell of flowers in a garden, and the sounds of children laughing. Traci agreed that Dina had always been determined to experience everything, which was perhaps why she'd had a restless spirit. Jack noted that he'd come to understand Dina's basic nature, which had explained her desire to be free to roam instead of remaining in Genoa City. Ashley laughed as she recalled having wasted time, arguing with her mother. Ashley happily remembered the times Dina had requested applications of makeup. Ashley said Dina had even given her a tip afterward, not realizing it was her own daughter who'd applied the blush and lipstick. Ashley remembered how the experience had moved her to tears and that Dina had cried along with her, somehow discerning there was a close connection between them.

Traci thought back to Thanksgiving, when she'd read the Abbott family memoir to Dina. Traci recalled how proud she'd felt because Dina had hung on every word, heaping praise on her writing skills. Traci acknowledged that though they'd lost many years with their mother during her absence, they had much to be grateful for. Jack agreed that Dina had left them all with a lot of memories. Ashley remembered Dina's loving acts, including arranging for John to bequeath to her all the patents for the formulas she'd created. Ashley recalled how she'd struggled to feel part of the Abbotts after discovering that her father was Brent Davis. Ashley praised her mother for protecting her by ensuring she'd be part of John's legacy. Jack, Traci, Abby, and Ashley drank a toast to Dina's memory.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Summer, wearing a black hat with a wide brim, stopped in her tracks when she spotted Lola sitting in the dining area. Lola had just picked up her phone to make a call to Kyle. When Kyle answered, Lola told him she'd called to let him know he'd left something behind at Society. In a serious tone, Kyle told Lola it was the absolute worst time. Kyle told Lola he'd catch her later because he needed to go. Summer covertly listened to Lola's side of the conversation and seemed relieved after the call ended abruptly.

When Summer was about to quietly exit, she noticed Kyle entering the coffeehouse via the main entrance. Summer hid from view and strained to hear the conversation. Lola was surprised to see Kyle because she hadn't mentioned where she'd been when she'd phoned. Kyle explained that he'd had to get out of his father's house for a minute. Lola replied, "Is it Dina?" Kyle nodded, and Lola invited him to sit down. Lola expressed her condolences and said she'd always considered Dina to be an incredible woman. Kyle recalled that Dina hadn't liked many people, though she'd admired Lola's independence and entrepreneurial spirit.

Lola invited Kyle to stay and talk or just sit quietly. Summer appeared distraught as she watched Lola and Kyle interact. Kyle told Lola that Dina sometimes had misidentified him as someone from her past, though the instances had given him insights about the fun, feisty woman she'd once been. Kyle's mood lightened when he remembered awkward experiences when Dina had verged into flirtatiousness.

Summer couldn't clearly hear the conversation and thought to herself that Kyle had told Lola he'd missed her and thought they should be together. Summer propped her elbows on a table, held her head in her hands, and accidentally knocked over a vase of flowers. The crash drew Kyle and Lola's attention. Kyle stepped out to the patio to investigate, but found no one. Kyle returned and told Lola the vase had evidently fallen on its own. Lola told Kyle she'd called earlier to inform him that he'd left his Jabot ID badge at the bar and should pick it up.

After Kyle left, Summer confronted Lola and said, "This is exactly what you wanted, isn't it?" Summer turned to leave, but Lola told Summer she couldn't make such accusations about something she'd misunderstood and walk away. Lola recalled that Summer had left Kyle devastated and was spying on him, seemingly afraid to face him. Summer said she'd read the text message Lola had sent to Kyle just before the elopement. Summer accused Lola of having attempted to lure Kyle back. Lola insisted she didn't want Kyle back, and she asked if Summer believed that behaving like a crazy stalker was the way to win back Kyle's heart.

When Kyle returned to his dad's, Jack told him that Ashley, Traci, and Abby had stepped out. Kyle apologized for having left so abruptly, explaining that he'd felt like the walls had been collapsing in on him. Jack acknowledged that Kyle was dealing with more than just the loss of Dina. Kyle said perhaps it was fortunate Summer had "ghosted" him, because otherwise, he wouldn't have been with Dina. Kyle sadly recalled that he hadn't been present when his mother had died and still lacked a sense of closure. Kyle offered sympathy for Jack having lost both his parents. Kyle acknowledged that he was fortunate to have Jack to rely on for advice and strength. Jack said that love had helped them both get through the rough patches.

Before Rey headed to join his team at a stakeout, he met with Chance at Society. Rey said he'd welcome Chance joining him on the mission. Chance, sounding apprehensive, explained that he wasn't yet an official member of the Genoa City Police Department. Rey tried to set Chance at ease, noting that there was a difference between actual malfeasance and what he'd been involved with. Chance feared his missteps might still be a problem and expressed doubts he'd ever be a cop again after facing questions from a review board.

After Rey met with Chance, he phoned Sharon and asked how her family had reacted to the good news. Sharon reported that everyone had been happy. Rey said he was glad he'd given her space to speak to her family on her own. Sharon replied, "Hey, you know you can't think like that anymore. We're getting married, so we do everything together, like it or not." Rey teasingly invited Sharon to join him on his stakeout. Sharon chuckled and said that Faith had recommended an early bedtime, so she could rest. Rey expressed appreciation for Faith's devotion and for her looking out for Sharon while he was away.

Chance met up with Abby in her suite at the Grand Phoenix. Abby told Chance that she and her family had reminisced about Dina, having shared both happy and sad stories. Chance said it sounded like the perfect way to honor Dina. Abby said she yearned to spend more time with her grandmother. Chance explained that sometimes people couldn't fully appreciate loved ones until after they were gone. Chance told Abby she should cherish all the great memories she'd made with Dina and not regret the time they'd spent apart. Chance expressed his admiration for Abby and said he was certain she'd be an amazing mother. Abby said she'd been motivated to move forward with their plans to start a family. Chance agreed he was ready, too.

Theo was seated at the bar at the Grand Phoenix when Kyle entered. Theo pounced immediately and suggested Kyle was likely worried sick about Summer having gone missing. Kyle replied, "I'm not in the mood for your games, Theo. Have a good night." As Kyle headed toward the elevator, Theo asked him if everything was okay. Kyle told Theo that Dina had died. Kyle added that his family had been aware that Dina could pass away at any time, so they'd been with her during her last moments.

Theo replied, "Well, not everyone. She was my only grandmother." Theo cried that he would have liked to have had an opportunity to say goodbye. Kyle explained that it had all happened quickly. Theo told Kyle not to bother making excuses because he was well aware he wasn't considered part of the family. Theo walked out after telling Kyle he was sorry for Kyle's loss.

Traci and Ashley had coffee at Crimson Lights. Ashley remarked to Traci that it still mattered to them, even at their ages, what their parents had thought about them. Traci agreed and noted that their parents' disapproval could be crippling, as well. Ashley recalled how hurt Traci had been when Dina had forgotten who she was. Traci suggested that perhaps Dina had forgotten because it had been easier than remembering the pain. Ashley agreed there was likely a psychological component to the memory loss. Traci said she had no doubt that her mother had known who she was in the last moments because Dina had assured her she was loved and would never be forgotten.

After Lola's tense encounter with Summer, Kyle phoned Lola and thanked her. Lola asked Kyle if he'd picked up his badge. Kyle explained that he was thanking Lola for listening to him talk about Dina. Kyle acknowledged that Lola had shown him compassion and understanding, which, he noted, were two things he didn't deserve from her. Lola said she knew Kyle was going through a tough time. Kyle told Lola she didn't know the half of it. Lola said she had something to tell Kyle. Lola paused before continuing and instead reminded him to pick up his badge soon because the restaurant might discard it. Kyle said he would.

Lauren stopped by Jack's to ask how Dina had reacted to the necklace. Jack held the Teardrop in his hand and said he wished Lauren could have witnessed Dina's reaction. Lauren noticed Jack's tears and asked what had happened. Jack replied, "Dina's gone. She died shortly after I gave this to her. Lauren, we gave her the most amazing gift. This necklace meant more to her than you could possibly know." Lauren expressed her sympathy and asked what she could do. Jack thanked Lauren for helping locate the Teardrop and for her constant support over the years.

Nick and Mariah celebrated having received good news about Sharon while they drank coffee at Crimson Lights. Nick expressed concern about Faith's reaction and said something seemed off. Mariah chalked it up to Faith acting like a typical teenager. Nick said he felt as if Faith was pretending to be happy to put on a show for Sharon. Mariah said Faith was always looking around the corner for the next bad thing to happen. Nick agreed, citing the troubling revelations in the article about Adam. Nick said he and Mariah should keep an eye on Faith. Mariah agreed, though she advocated giving Faith space to work through her emotions.

At Sharon's, Faith tiptoed downstairs. She paused to ensure no one was in the living room. Faith put on her jacket and quietly stepped out the front door. After she closed the door, Faith sent a text message to someone to let the person know she was on her way. Faith then stepped off the porch and continued down the front walkway in the dark.

Devon lashes out after Elena confesses to sleeping with Nate

Devon lashes out after Elena confesses to sleeping with Nate

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

In the living room at the Chancellor mansion, Kevin snoozed next to the baby's bassinet. Chloe entered, loudly slurping on a smoothie. Kevin freaked out that she would wake the baby, but she noted that Miles was out cold. Kevin urged her to take advantage of the opportunity to get some rest, and she started to head upstairs. "Honeys, I'm home!" Gloria bellowed from the foyer. Kevin ordered his mother to keep her voice down, but Gloria insisted on waking the baby up to meet his "Grandma Glo."

Kevin pointed out that Gloria hadn't said anything about a visit. She contended that she liked to make an entrance, and she doubted that he was shocked she wanted cuddle time with "Milo." Chloe corrected that the baby's name was Miles, and Gloria thanked God because she'd had a dog named Milo. Kevin claimed that he was happy Gloria had been able to get time off work, and he pressed to know where she was working. Gloria vaguely referred to the film industry, but she avoided Kevin's attempt to draw out more details.

Gloria cradled Miles in her arms and sang "Hush Little Baby" to him. Kevin grumbled that it wasn't like the kid could get a word in, but Chloe found it cute. Kevin privately asked Chloe if she was listening to her "Glodar," since he thought his mother had a bunch of tells on display, and he bet that Gloria was in trouble. He recommended that they keep a watchful eye on his mom. Kevin called Michael and left an urgent message to call him back.

After visiting with Bella, Gloria gushed about how cute and smart her granddaughter was. Gloria bet the kids kept Chloe and Kevin busy, and Kevin pushed to know what kept his mother busy. Gloria rambled that Hollywood seemed glamorous on the surface, but it was the same long days and hard work as anywhere else. Chloe asked if Gloria had met any celebrities, and Kevin inquired whether his mom had worked on any films they might have seen.

Gloria complained that she'd dropped everything to lavish affection on her new grandson, but she'd only gotten accusations and suspicions in return. She snapped that it broke her heart and made her wonder why she'd returned in the first place, and she sauntered out. Kevin was convinced that Gloria was hiding something.

Once the house was dark, Gloria crept down the stairs. She opened the lid of a porcelain jar on the shelf and tucked something inside.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda and Nate shared an awkward moment of silence when they ran into one another. She stammered that a suit-clad Nate looked overdressed for a latte, and he observed that she was underdressed for a gala. He inquired whether she was still going to the Business Person of the Year ceremony. She replied that she wanted to show Devon some support, although she wasn't looking forward to the questions about why she and Nate weren't there together.

Nate figured that he should have given Elena a heads-up about his breakup with Amanda. Amanda revealed that she'd already told Devon, and she assumed Devon had passed along the news to Elena. Amanda voiced surprised that Nate hadn't talked to Elena, and he claimed that they hadn't been working the same shifts. He added that he was private about that stuff, and he liked to keep a professional distance. Amanda mused that it was easier said than done. Nate left for the hotel.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy walked in as Lily finished getting ready for the gala, and he remarked that she cleaned up well. He asked her to congratulate Devon for him, since a few members of the chamber of commerce had suggested he find something else to do that night, and he planned to visit his brother. Lily requested that he pass along her condolences to Jack. She recalled that she'd spoken with Traci, who had seemed fine. Lily was glad Jack had Billy to lean on.

Billy questioned whether he deserved a place in Jack's life, and he intended to do what he could to earn it. Lily understood because Devon had let her back into his life after what she'd done, but she preferred not to talk about the power of forgiveness. Billy reminded her that they'd already established that she was the angel on his shoulder. She joked that she was off duty, so it was up to him to stay out of trouble.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack flashed back to a time, years earlier, when he'd told Dina that he hadn't ever thought he'd see her again. She'd replied that he'd always know where she was if he needed her, but he'd retorted that he'd learned to get along without her. Dina had insisted that not a day had gone by that she hadn't regretted what she'd done. Jack wistfully placed Dina's photo back on the mantel.

Billy arrived at the mansion, but Jack stated that he wasn't good company and had been about to turn in. Billy insisted on pouring a drink and telling stories about Dina, but Jack protested that he'd heard them all. Billy reasoned that they'd never get old, since Dina had been a fascinating woman, and they could have their own tribute. Jack said it was a deal.

Later, Jack thanked Billy for getting him to reminisce, and Billy contended that it was important to keep the memories alive. Jack showed Billy the emerald necklace and explained its legend of being either enchanted or cursed. Jack considered it a blessing, since it had given Dina clarity and peace in her final hours. Billy hoped the necklace worked its magic to help the rest of the Abbotts find love -- particularly Jack and Kyle. Jack pointed out that Billy's love life was hardly flourishing, and Billy conceded that they could all use a little help.

Billy insisted that his love life was on the backburner while he focused on his career. Billy reported that his partnership with Lily was working out better than expected, since her steadiness balanced out his impulsive streak. Jack lectured about the danger of mixing work with romance. Billy swore that he was just talking about business, but Jack was skeptical.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis prepared to make Devon's award presentation special for him and his family and friends. She excitedly greeted Nick, who assured her that everything looked great. She gushed that the ballroom was gorgeous, and she noted that she'd cordoned off an area so that she could avoid certain folks, like Abby. Nick was impressed that Phyllis had pulled it off at the last minute, and she pointed out that he'd recommended her to the chamber of commerce. She thanked him for everything he'd done, and she flirtatiously promised to show him how grateful she was later.

Devon and Elena got dressed for the award ceremony in a hotel suite. Devon remarked that he was glad they'd booked a room, since it made the night feel like a real celebration. He compared it to the impromptu jazz festival Elena had recreated for him, but she suggested that they focus on getting ready because the guest of honor couldn't be late.

Devon panicked when he realized he'd forgotten the cufflinks Neil had given him, but Elena informed him that she'd tucked them into her bag for safekeeping. Devon lovingly asked what he'd do without her. A guilty Elena said she was proud of him and that no one deserved an evening like that more than he did. She promised it would be a special night, but she cringed when he kissed her cheek.

Phyllis welcomed Devon and Elena to the gala. Elena asked if Phyllis knew where Mariah was, and Phyllis pointed her to the ballroom. Elena stepped out, and Devon approached Nick, who wrapped up a call with Christian's sitter. Nick commented that it was a big night, and he referred to the impressive list of previous winners. Devon noticed Nate arrive.

Nate asked if Devon had his speech ready, but Devon figured that he'd just speak from the heart. Devon divulged that he'd talked to Amanda, but Nate insisted that the night was about Devon's accomplishments. Devon offered to be there if Nate needed to talk, especially after Nate had been there for him. Nate volunteered to grab drinks, but Devon opted to wait until after his speech.

Amanda arrived but hesitated when she spotted Nate at the bar. Phyllis chided Amanda for showing up late. Amanda claimed that she'd been finishing a work call, but she was about to head upstairs to get changed. Elena reentered the lobby and witnessed Amanda and Devon share a glance.

Later, Amanda rushed over to answer a knock at her hotel room door and found Lily there. Lily explained that she hadn't seen Amanda downstairs, so she'd decided to pop in and see if Amanda needed anything. Amanda requested help with picking out shoes to go with her dress, and Lily anticipated that Nate wouldn't be able to take his eyes off Amanda. Amanda shared that Nate had dumped her. A shocked Lily asked what had happened, but Amanda simply accepted that things hadn't worked out.

Meanwhile, Elena tentatively approached Nate at the hotel bar and stated that she'd heard he'd broken things off with Amanda. Elena asserted that she had a million questions, but it wasn't the right time or place. Nate agreed, and he suggested that they engage in some casual small talk instead. She squirmed when he said she looked amazing.

Across the lobby, Devon inquired about how Nick's parents were doing after the exposé on Adam. Nick shared that it had been hard on them, so Nikki and Victor had decided to celebrate Devon's success at home. Devon marveled at how much better his life was then than it had been a year earlier, and he said he owed most of it to Elena. Nick recognized that meeting the right person would do it, and he was happy for Devon.

Devon was glad Elena got to have a night out, since she'd been busy between the clinic and the hospital. Nick recounted that he'd run into her after she'd just saved a kid from overdosing, and it had looked like the situation had taken its toll. Nick continued that he hadn't talked to her, but she'd seemed frazzled, and Nate had later confirmed that the kid had almost died. Devon was confused about why Elena hadn't told him about it. Elena interrupted and announced that Phyllis was ready to introduce Devon.

In the ballroom, Devon stood at a podium and enthused that he couldn't be prouder of what he and his team had accomplished. As Nate and Elena looked on nearby, Devon gave credit to his grandmother for raising him and to Dru and Neil for taking him in and giving him a family. He commended his folks for teaching him to trust and to never accept things for the way they were but to always try to improve them. Devon applauded Katherine for setting an amazing example with her charitable work and entrusting him with her legacy.

Devon declared that Nick had inspired him to help create the medical clinic and the New Hope community, and he lauded Elena and Nate for pouring their hearts into running the clinic. Devon added that his girlfriend and cousin literally saved lives every day, including his own, and it was their passion that had made the night possible. Devon dedicated the award to them.

After the ceremony, Nick told Phyllis that he'd promised to put Christian to bed, and he congratulated her on pulling off an incredible evening. After Nick headed out, Phyllis spotted Amanda drinking alone at the bar, and she wondered why Amanda and Nate were both there but not together. Amanda flatly stated that they weren't together anymore, and it had been his call. Phyllis called Nate crazy and insisted that he wasn't good enough for Amanda. Amanda figured that it hadn't been that serious, so she was fine. Phyllis sensed that there was more to it.

Lily commented to Nate that it had been a great night. She reflected back on the words in her father's will, in which Neil had urged Devon to look for ways to lift people up. Nate agreed that Neil would have been proud of the choices Devon had made. Lily spotted Amanda and questioned whether it would be too awkward for them to say goodbye. Nate opted to give Amanda space, and Lily headed over to talk to Amanda alone. Lily asked how Amanda's night had been, and Amanda confided that she couldn't wait for the day to be over.

Elena asked if Devon was ready to go, but he realized that he'd misplaced his award. She remembered that he'd set it down in the ballroom, but he stopped her from going to look for it. Devon informed her that Nick had mentioned running into her at the clinic on the night she and Nate had almost lost a teenager who had overdosed. Devon remembered her saying it had been a rough day, but she'd neglected to tell him that it had been about life or death. Elena pointed out that it was Devon's big night, and she tried to dissuade him from talking about it further.

Devon wondered why Elena hadn't shared something like that with him, and she sputtered that she'd been tired. Devon felt bad that he'd gone on about Amanda on that particular night, but he swore that he wouldn't have done it if he'd known what Elena had gone through. Elena insisted that he shouldn't feel guilty, since the night was over, and the patient had gotten the help he'd needed. She confessed that the kid had been Jared, and she claimed that she hadn't told Devon because he'd already been dealing with a lot.

Devon stressed that he would have wanted to know, and he argued that Elena could have told him at any point. "I can't do this anymore," Elena wailed, and she ran off. Nate approached Devon and complimented his speech, but Devon demanded to know why Nate hadn't told him that Jared had almost died at the clinic. Nate had assumed Elena had told him, but Devon questioned why she was still upset if Jared was doing better. Nate offered to check on her, but Devon insisted on doing it himself.

Nate joined Amanda, and she assured him that things didn't have to be awkward between them. She asked what he was still doing there, and he claimed that he had to check with Elena about something at the clinic. Amanda pointed out that he could have just sent a text message. Amanda imagined that it was hard for him to see Devon and Elena together, but it would be even harder for him not to see Elena at all. Nate feigned ignorance, but Amanda knowingly told him not to worry because she wouldn't tell Devon. She walked off.

Devon found a distraught Elena in their hotel room. He begged her to talk to him, but she whimpered that she couldn't. He guessed that Jared was worse off than what she'd said or that she'd made a mistake on the night she'd treated the teen. Devon reasoned that people made mistakes, but Elena cried that it wasn't about Jared. She wailed that it was all her fault.

Elena tearfully confessed that she'd been stressed out, and they had momentarily lost control during an adrenaline rush. Devon asked who she was talking about. Elena babbled that she didn't know how she'd done it to Devon, and she hated herself because she loved him. "I slept with Nate," she admitted, adding that she honestly had no idea what had happened. She cried that she and Devon had everything, and she begged him to forgive her and hear her out because it hadn't meant anything. Devon stormed out.

Devon stepped off the elevator and charged into the lobby. Phyllis informed him that he'd left his award there, but he brushed past her and made a beeline for Nate. Elena rushed in, and she and Phyllis looked on as Devon slugged Nate firmly in the jaw, sending him sprawling to the floor.

Billy returned to Chancellor Communications and was surprised to find Lily there. She explained that she had some things to wrap up, or she'd lose sleep over it. Billy replied that he was there for the same reason. Lily informed Billy that she'd met some heads of nonprofits who had given her some inspiring ideas to help former inmates, and she wanted to use ChancComm's resources to shine light on the most innovative charities. Billy figured that people loved a feelgood story, and Lily exclaimed that the night had been more productive than she'd thought.

Lily inquired about how Jack was doing, and Billy lamented that losing Dina had left a big hole. Lily understood what it was like to lose a mom who'd been larger than life. Billy shared that an old necklace of Dina's had given her peace in the end. He thought Jack believed in the necklace's magical powers, and he wished he could have faith like that in something. Lily teased Billy for pretending to be a cynic when he was really a dreamer and a believer.

Lily reminded Billy that he'd had faith that ChancComm would work out. Billy countered that it made her a dreamer, as well, and she noted that the difference between them was that she'd never denied it. Billy cited it as one of their many differences, and an uncomfortable silence followed. She suggested they get back to work.

Devon ends his relationship with Elena

Devon ends his relationship with Elena

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Nate sat on the floor, holding his bleeding hand after Devon had punched him. Phyllis called for an ambulance as Amanda entered and asked what had happened.

At Nate's side, Elena told Nate that she hadn't been able to keep their secret, and she asked him not to hate her for telling Devon. As she was about to follow Nate to the hospital, she saw Amanda and asked if Amanda wanted to go with Nate because someone should be with him. Amanda said it wasn't up to either of them to go. She asked what Elena had meant about something that had happened between her and Nate, but Elena claimed it wasn't the time or place for that conversation. However, Amanda had already figured it out. She warned Elena to get ready to tell the truth because it was apparent that Nate had feelings for her. Amanda had believed that Elena and Nate had had more respect for Devon. Elena left.

Phyllis told Amanda that the cut on Nate's had been bad, and she wondered if it would impair his ability to perform surgery. Amanda asked if Phyllis had seen what had happened. Phyllis told her that Devon had punched Nate. She believed something had set him off because it wasn't like Devon to do that. Phyllis realized that Amanda knew exactly what had happened. Phyllis said that as her friend, it was Amanda's obligation to tell her.

Amanda reminded Phyllis that Nate had pulled away from her, and she'd noticed how Nate had looked at Elena. Phyllis claimed that Nate and Elena were just friends, but Amanda said they were much more than that. Amanda claimed that Elena and Nate weren't the only ones to blame. She blamed herself because she'd spent so much time with Devon. Phyllis stated that Amanda's relationship with Devon had nothing to do with Elena and Nate's indiscretion.

Amanda asked Phyllis if she should call Devon but immediately decided that Devon needed space. Concerned, Phyllis asked how Amanda was handling the situation. Amanda said she was fine because she and Nate hadn't really been in a relationship. She said that Devon had been betrayed by the woman he loved, and he didn't deserve what Nate and Elena had done to him.

Amanda told Phyllis that she didn't know why Nate and Elena had slept together, but she did know that Devon had dedicated himself to Elena. He'd inspired her to finish her residency, he'd financed the clinic, and after all that, Elena had spit in his face. Phyllis felt that she and Amanda deserved a drink, but Amanda said she wanted to crawl into bed. As Amanda was about to leave, Phyllis asked Amanda to take Devon's award and give it to him, since she would probably see Devon before Phyllis did. After Amanda left, Phyllis received a call on her private line from a reporter who asked her to comment on the incident between Devon and Nate. Phyllis stated she had no comment.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Faith sat at a table and exchanged quick text messages with someone. She got up to leave, but Mariah stopped her and asked why Faith was there so late. Faith lied and said she'd been with a friend and that Nick was going to pick her up. Mariah said that she'd left Nick a short time before, and he'd stated he'd been on his way home. She asked Faith to try again. Faith said that Nick had asked her to call him when she was ready to go home, and he would pick her up. Faith offered Mariah her phone and suggested that Mariah call Nick to verify that information, but Mariah declined and said she trusted Faith.

Mariah told Faith she understood that Faith had gone through a lot that year, especially with Sharon's cancer. Faith claimed she was fine, but Mariah said it was okay to not be fine. Faith said she was happy that Sharon was on her way to being cancer free. She thanked Mariah and left.

A short time later, Billy arrived. Mariah told him the coffee shop was closed. Billy apologized and asked if Mariah knew where Faith was. Mariah asked why and if Billy had seen her. Billy stated that Faith was at Chancellor Park, talking with an older girl. He said he'd asked Faith if she should be out that late, but Faith had turned on her charm and asked him if he was going to write an exposé about her. Billy said he'd tried to call Nick, but Nick hadn't picked up. Mariah called Nick and told him about Faith.

After Mariah ended her call, Billy asked about Sharon. She told him that Sharon's results were good, but she wanted to know where Billy's empathy for Faith and Sharon had been when he'd published the exposé about Adam. She accused Billy of not protecting the innocent victims. She asked if he at least had the decency to regret what he'd done. Billy said it hadn't been his intention to hurt any of Adam's victims. He didn't feel guilty because he hadn't mentioned any of the victims' names. Disgusted, Mariah said that anyone with half a brain would have been able to figure out who the victims were. She accused Billy of being a scavenger picking at the devastation that Adam had left behind.

Mariah told Billy that because of his article, Faith had online trolls ridiculing her, and Sharon had been forced to relive that nightmare again. Billy offered his sincerest apologies to Mariah, but he said he'd printed the truth about Adam. At that moment, Mariah received a text from Nick telling her that Faith was safe and that they were on their way to the coffeehouse. Billy said it was his cue to leave. As Billy was leaving, Mariah said she understood why Billy hated Adam.

When Nick and Faith arrived at the coffeehouse, Mariah apologized to Faith because she'd called Nick, and then she gave Faith an earful. Mariah was sure that Faith had heard it all from Nick, but Faith said that Nick had given her the silent treatment. Nick said that Faith owed Mariah an apology for lying to her. Faith apologized. Nick told Mariah he wanted to talk to Faith, and he would lock up.

After Mariah left, Nick accused Faith of lying to him, and he wanted to know why she'd believed her actions would be okay. He asked what else she'd been hiding from him. He acknowledged that it had been a tough year, and she'd had a lot to deal with. He said people responded differently after they'd taken hit after hit; he'd raised three teenagers, and they'd all responded differently to difficult times. He assured Faith they would get through it. Faith claimed it wasn't the end of the world. She admitted she'd messed up and asked if she didn't deserve a second chance. Nick agreed to give her a second chance.

Faith promised Nick that he wouldn't regret it, and she said she felt better after they'd cleared the air. Nick assured her that things weren't over, not by a long shot. Nick wanted Faith to call Sharon and tell her what she'd done, but Faith protested. She said Sharon would probably be asleep. Nick agreed, but he wanted Faith to tell Sharon everything in the morning. Faith asked why Sharon had to know. Nick stated that Faith had lied and had left home without telling Sharon. Faith claimed it would be unfair to tell Sharon.

Faith told Nick that Sharon had received a great prognosis, and she was planning her wedding. She asked Nick when he had last seen Sharon so happy. He said it had been quite awhile. Faith claimed it was bad enough that she'd disappointed Nick, but Sharon didn't need to be brought down. Nick warned Faith that she'd better not to do it again. He told her to wait for him while he locked up.

Once she was alone, Faith picked up her phone. There was a text message from Jordan that read, "U cool?" Faith responded, "Totally. See U soon." She put down her phone and smiled.

At Society, Abby had been on the phone with Chance when Devon arrived. She ended her call and congratulated Devon on his award. She said she was happy that she'd been present to see him receive the award. She said she'd had to leave early because she hadn't wanted to answer questions about Dina. Devon said he was sorry to hear about Dina's passing.

Abby told Devon that Dina had held him and Neil in high esteem, and she'd been impressed how he and Neil had handled the purchase of Mergeron. Dina had felt it had been icing on the cake that her company had gone to Katherine Chancellor's grandson. Abby said she was sure that both their grandmothers were up there, having a blast. Devon told Abby he wasn't in a talking mood. Abby asked about Elena. Angry, Devon told Abby he only wanted a drink. Abby poured him one and said it was on the house. Devon apologized. Abby left him.

Sitting at the bar, Devon realized the clues had been there. He recalled asking Elena if everything was okay, and Elena, almost in tears, had given him a lame reason. He also recalled Nate saying that if Devon had his sights set on Amanda, Devon needed to set Elena free, and he recalled how he'd punched Nate after learning Nate had slept with Elena. His thoughts were interrupted when Abby returned and asked if Devon needed a friend. Devon thanked her. Chance arrived as Devon left.

Chance told Abby that Devon didn't look like a guy who'd just won an award. Abby said something was bothering him, but she didn't want to talk about Devon; she wanted to know how Chance's meeting had gone with Paul and if Chance was on the police force. Chance said it had been a long question period. He'd explained to Paul that he'd been an agent in Vegas at the time, and Paul had agreed that there hadn't been any evidence against him or that a crime had been committed. Chance said he was optimistic he would be on the police force, but in the meantime, they could write their own future.

A short time later, Chance and Abby arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Abby complimented Phyllis on the success of the evening and apologized that she hadn't been able to stay. Abby said that, for a change, the hotel wouldn't be front-page news for all the wrong reasons. Phyllis offered Abby her condolences on Dina's passing. Phyllis said she'd known how much Dina and Abby had loved each other. Chance saw Abby's discomfort and told Phyllis that they'd had a long day. He escorted Abby to his suite.

In his suite, Chance asked how Abby felt. Abby admitted that she'd been on a roller coaster for a number of days because of losing Dina and worrying about Chance at his inquiry. She wanted them to have a normal day, and she suggested that the following day, they would stay in bed until noon and order room service, but they would hardly touch it because they would be busy getting reacquainted, then they would pretend the floor was lava and that the only safe place was the bed. He agreed wholeheartedly. At that moment, Chance received a text message.

Chance told Abby they would have to postpone their plans because Paul wanted to meet with him in the morning. Abby was certain that Paul wanted to welcome Chance onto the force. She could see their future, and she told Chance to brace himself because only good things were headed their way. Chance said he liked the sound of that and asked what they should do next. Abby said they had to make the most of the evening. She unzipped her dress.

Nate arrived at the clinic and appeared defeated. He looked at his bandaged hand and then into the examination room where he and Elena had had sex.

Elena arrived to a dark penthouse. When she turned on the lights, she saw Devon sitting on the sofa. She informed Devon that Nate had a serious hand injury with nerve damage.

In tears and stumbling over her words, Elena told Devon that people made mistakes; they did things they'd never intended on doing, and it changed the course of their lives forever. She couldn't tell Devon enough how deeply sorry she was, but shutting her out wouldn't help either one of them. Devon wanted to know why she'd done it with his cousin, of all people. He wanted to know if she'd done it to punish him because he'd spent so much time with Amanda, but Elena denied it. She said she'd been scared of losing him to Hilary and Amanda.

Devon told Elena that he had repeatedly told her that she'd been the only one he'd wanted, but she hadn't believed him. He said he'd let her into his home and his heart. He'd done everything for her, he'd loved and cared about her, and in return, she'd cheated on him. Elena sobbed that she was sorry. Devon asked if he'd made her happy. He wanted to know if she loved him. Elena claimed she loved him with all her heart. Devon said she obviously didn't love him enough to keep her hands off Nate.

Elena told Devon she wanted to make it up to him every day for the rest of her life. She begged Devon to tell her what he wanted her to do in order for him to forgive her. She asked where they went from there. Devon said she needed to sleep in the guest room, and she could pack her bags in the morning because he didn't want her there anymore. Devon went upstairs. Elena was shattered and crumbled to the floor, sobbing.

Chloe confirms that Gloria is hiding something

Chloe confirms that Gloria is hiding something

Thursday, October 22, 2020

by Nel

At Jabot, Summer paced. Kyle arrived and was surprised to see her. He said he'd been worried sick. Summer told him to cut the act because she knew what he'd been up to. Kyle asked why she was mad at him when she'd abandoned him. Summer told him to stop pretending. She said she'd been smart enough to get out before the marriage and didn't have to go through the heartbreak she'd gone through the last time. She accused Kyle of wanting to be with Lola because he'd never gotten over her. She'd seen the way Kyle looked at Lola and how his body language changed around her.

Summer claimed that Kyle had probably told Lola how she'd abandoned him. Kyle said Summer had left him, but Summer countered that Kyle had already been gone. She'd seen the text exchange between him and Lola the night before their wedding. Kyle accused Summer of being crazy and irrational. Summer accused him of going straight to Lola as soon as he'd returned to town. She said she'd seen him and Lola at Crimson Lights in an intimate conversation. Outraged, Kyle accused her of being in town the whole time and spying on him, but Summer claimed she'd been gathering information to prove a point to him.

Kyle pointed out that he had asked Summer if she'd had any doubts, and she'd assured him she hadn't; however, he'd awoken to a note from her stating she had to figure stuff out. He said she had walked out on him. He asked if it had been a test. She said he'd failed miserably, and he'd broken her heart -- yet again. Kyle said he didn't know how he'd done that. Summer said she'd seen him with Lola. She'd heard Kyle tell Lola that he'd moved on, and he'd activated his dating app. Incredulous, Kyle accused her of having him watched. He said that it had been an act because he hadn't wanted to talk about how empty his life had become.

Summer told Kyle that Lola had made him feel better. Kyle admitted that she had; it was because Dina had passed away, and Lola had offered her condolences. Shocked, Summer became contrite and said she was sorry. She knew how much Kyle had loved Dina, but it didn't change what had happened the night before their wedding. Kyle explained that he'd reached out to Lola to make sure she was okay in light of the divorce. He'd been trying to be decent to someone he'd hurt badly, and he hadn't wanted to throw his happiness in Lola's face. He asked why Summer had blown everything out of proportion.

Kyle received a call from Jack asking Kyle to meet him at the house. Summer told him to go because they were done.

At the Chancellor estate, Michael and Kevin greeted Gloria. After commenting on Michael's hair, Gloria told Michael that she worked in a major studio and she'd made herself indispensable. Michael wanted more information, but Gloria's responses were evasive. Kevin reminded Gloria that she'd said she worked for a small boutique studio. Gloria asked, "Why the inquisition?" She asked if they were done questioning her. Michael asked why she'd shown up out of the blue. Insulted, Gloria left to go to the park with Chloe and Miles.

Once they were alone, Kevin told Michael that perhaps Gloria was in a better place and had really only wanted to visit with them and the baby. Michael didn't disagree. He said it was possible she was on the level and that they were being jerks.

At the park, Jack thanked Lauren for providing the necklace that had brought Dina the last moments of clarity. He said Dina's passing was much harder than he'd thought it would be, but thanks to Lauren, he was happy he'd been able to grant Dina her last wish. He said it had stirred something in Dina, and it had given her peace and a calm in the last moments of her life. He was very grateful to Lauren. Lauren said she was surprised that the Teardrop of Love had such a long history and that it had ended up in her father's possession, but it was on a new journey.

Jack asked if Lauren had second thoughts about their compromise, but Lauren said she didn't. She recounted the necklace's history to the point when John had bought it for Dina, but when Dina had gone, Lauren's father had bought it for Joanna. Jack asked if Lauren was implying that the necklace was somehow cursed. She admitted that she took the legend behind the necklace seriously. However, she'd had the necklace for years, and she and Michael were stronger than ever. Jack said he'd thought about what the necklace had represented for Dina. She'd carried it in her heart, and her final moments had been a testimony of that. The power was in the heart.

At the penthouse, Elena was packed and ready to leave when Devon arrived. She said she hadn't wanted to leave before he returned. She said that as she'd packed, each item had reminded her of where they'd been or what they'd done at the time. She told Devon how much she loved him, but Devon asked her to leave her keys on the piano and went upstairs. Elena looked at a photo of her and Devon, walked to the door, took one last look around, and left.

Upstairs, Devon sat on the floor, heartbroken.

Amanda arrived at Crimson Lights and saw Nate at one of the tables. Nate said he assumed that Amanda knew that he'd betrayed his cousin in the worst way possible. Amanda said she'd figured it out. Nate invited her to have her say and not to hold anything back. Amanda chose to asked about his hand and if he'd be able to perform surgeries. He said it was too soon to tell. Nate asked why she hadn't asked how he could do that to Devon, the man who had been his brother -- the man who hadn't been able to save Devon's wife's life, and how he could have slept with the woman who had pulled Devon out of that darkness. Amanda said she wasn't in a position to judge, and she left.

Some time later, Devon arrived at the coffee shop, and he asked Nate about his hand and if he would be able to perform surgeries. Nate said that time would tell. Devon told Nate that Elena had moved out. Nate asked if Devon thought that Elena would move in with him. Devon said he didn't care.

Nate said that it wasn't what Elena had wanted. He explained that Elena had felt vulnerable, and she'd felt threatened by the intimate chats between Devon and Amanda. Devon said he had never crossed any lines with Amanda. Nate admitted he'd crossed the line, and it had been his fault. He asked Devon not to punish Elena and wreck what they had. Devon said that Nate and Elena had taken care of that, and he left.

In the park, Jack arrived as Gloria was griping to Chloe about the inquisition she'd undergone with Michael and Kevin. Jack was surprised to see her and teased that she'd abandoned him at Jabot. He asked if Gloria was going to ask for her job back. Gloria told him that she wasn't in town for long. She had a job with a film producer -- unless Jack had a lucrative and glamorous job for her at Jabot. He didn't. Jack said Hollywood was the right town for her because it was larger than life.

After Jack left, Chloe commented that when Gloria had spoken with Jack, it had sounded like she wanted to move back to Genoa City. Gloria said that Michael and Kevin claimed she was up to no good. Chloe said Gloria had seemed off when she'd told Jack about Hollywood. Gloria had known Chloe would side with Michael and Kevin against her. Chloe said she'd asked Kevin to give Gloria some slack, but Gloria had shown up in town with no advance warning. Gloria said life was glamorous in Hollywood, but she was lonely and longing for her family. She knew it was hard for some people to believe, but she needed love and support.

Lily arrived at Devon's and said that Amanda had filled her in on what had happened. Lily said she was worried about him. He'd been betrayed by the two people closest to him. Devon assured her that he wouldn't let it destroy him. He said he would focus on work, and he'd be fine. Lily said that he'd been through many losses, but she reminded him that Neil had forgiven Devon when Devon had cheated with Hilary while she'd been married to Neil. Devon claimed that had been completely different because he'd been in love with Hilary, and they had planned a future together; however, it wasn't the same between Elena and Nate. They had only hooked up.

Devon told Lily that Elena had claimed that she loved him, but he wondered how that was possible when she'd lied to him and to herself. He said he didn't care, and he was done. Devon assured Lily that he wouldn't fall apart, but he needed time to process that his cousin had had sex with Devon's girlfriend. Lily said she was hurting for Devon, but he needed to deal with the situation.

Sometime later, Amanda arrived at Devon's and said she'd wanted to check on him. Devon said she'd arrived at the perfect time. He told her that he was fine, and he had too many good things going on in his life. Amanda didn't believe him, but she said she would check on him from time to time. Devon said he had to go to New York on a business trip, and he asked Amanda if she would accompany him.

Elena walked into the clinic and put on her lab coat. Nate arrived, and he and Elena stared at each other for a moment. Elena told him to go home and heal, but Nate wanted to talk to her. He said he needed to see her. He hated that he'd hurt Devon and the way Elena looked at him. He was sorry about the pain he'd caused her and Devon, but it had been something he had wanted to happen. It had been everything he'd felt for her; she was what he wanted.

Elena told Nate to stop, but he continued. He said that making love to her had made sense to him, and he hadn't been more certain about anything in his life. He hadn't been able to tell her how he'd felt. Elena said he didn't mean anything he'd said, and she walked away.

At the Abbotts', Jack told the family about the amazing gift of love Dina had left them in the final moments of her life. The necklace had meant a lot to her, and they had all seen the power of her message. He wanted to make the necklace a more permanent part of their lives, but since buying the necklace from Lauren didn't seem right -- nor did having it locked up in a vault -- it had led him and Lauren to a better idea.

Jack opened the jewelry box, and the necklace had been broken down and made into several pieces of jewelry. Jack explained that there was a piece of jewelry for each member of the family so they could all have a piece of Dina and always remember how much the necklace had meant to her. The large stone would remain with Lauren. Everyone was delighted. Jack noticed that Kyle looked somber, and he went over to Kyle.

Kyle told Jack what a great thing Jack had done. He told Jack that Summer had been spying on him because she believed that he was still in love with Lola, and it had culminated into all her fears. He said "this time," he hadn't done anything, but he'd still gotten burned. Jack said that love survived, and Kyle's next move would be his own. Jack told Kyle not to underestimate the gift Dina had given them.

Later, Jack met Lauren at Crimson Lights, and he told her the family had been thrilled about what they had done with the necklace. Lauren said that Dina would have been happy. Jack agreed. Jack told Lauren that the night Dina had died, he'd had a dream. He said Dina had been there. She'd been radiant, beautiful, lucid, and happy. They had danced. It had been magical when Dina had told him that she was with John, and John wanted Jack to know that he was proud of Jack and the family. Jack said he'd woken up in tears but with a sense of renewal. Lauren said Jack had closed a chapter in his life, and he was moving on. Jack said he had a sense that Dina's death and his dream were a turning point for him.

Summer was in the park, and she reflected about the romantic and worrisome moments between her and Kyle: Kyle saying he'd been special to her even when she'd been too stubborn to admit it; Summer telling him that the photo she'd given him for his birthday, where he'd been smiling, was how she saw him, and they'd kissed; Kyle telling her that he and Lola knew they didn't belong together because Kyle loved someone else; their simultaneous proposals in the park; Kyle receiving notice that his divorce was final and Summer wanting to celebrate but Kyle not wanting to because there was another person who saw things in a different light; seeing Kyle and Lola together in the kitchen at Society; discussing their elopement; and Summer seeing the text exchanges between Kyle and Lola the night before their wedding.

Summer's reverie was interrupted when Kyle arrived. He said he'd been looking all over town for her. Things between them couldn't end that way because Summer had always known how much he loved her, and getting married was their next step. He wouldn't push her, but he would prove that she could trust him and that he was the man she'd fallen in love with. He said they would be together.

Chloe and Gloria returned to the Chancellor estate, and Gloria told Michael and Kevin that the trip to the park had been wonderful. Michael said he and Kevin were happy to see her. Gloria thanked them and said she was tired and wanted to lie down for a while. Alone with Michael and Kevin, Chloe said they were right: Gloria was definitely hiding something.

Chelsea overhears Adam professing his feelings for Sharon

Chelsea overhears Adam professing his feelings for Sharon

Friday, October 23, 2020

Lola entered the Crimson Lights patio and greeted Elena, who sat glumly at a table. Lola chirped that it seemed like she hadn't seen Elena in a million years, and she assumed Elena had been busy with work and Devon. Elena unenthusiastically replied that she'd been good, but Lola noticed the tears in Elena's eyes. Elena insisted that she was fine, but Lola suggested that they grab a cup coffee and share something sweet, since it looked like Elena could use a friend.

Lola shared that when her customers ate, they also talked, and servers were always the first to know when there was trouble in paradise. Lola offered to back off, but she stressed that she was also there if Elena wanted to talk about what was going on with Devon. Elena wailed that she was a terrible person who'd made a huge mistake, and she'd done something horrible that she couldn't fix. Elena recalled that she'd started working longer shifts at the clinic with Nate, and they'd begun to bond over their patients.

Elena continued that Devon had started spending time with Amanda once they'd found out that Amanda was Hilary's twin, and it had made Elena feel forgotten, whereas Nate had been reassuring and supportive. Elena recounted how she and Nate had saved a kid's life by working together as a perfect team, and he had made her feel understood. She confessed that she'd slept with Nate. Elena imagined that Lola was shocked and disgusted, since it was how Elena felt about herself. Elena didn't think Devon would ever forgive her after she'd betrayed him in the worst possible way.

Elena recognized that Devon didn't have feelings for Amanda, but Elena's insecurities had blinded her to what was really going on and had built up to one spontaneous moment that she'd immediately regretted. Elena lamented that she'd never thought of herself as a bad person, but that was all she saw every time she looked in the mirror. Lola remarked that Elena had loved Devon, and Elena clarified that she still loved him. "Then fight for him," Lola urged. Elena doubted that he'd ever take her back after she'd destroyed his trust. Lola inquired about Elena's feelings for Nate.

Elena called Nate a nice guy and a great doctor, but she considered it most important that he was Devon's cousin. Lola wondered how Elena would feel if Nate was just a cute doctor who wasn't related to Devon, and Elena asked if Lola was trying to make sense of Kyle and Summer. Lola pointed out that Kyle had never physically cheated on her, and they'd both moved on. Lola counseled that it became less difficult every day, and she chose to focus on the thing she loved the most to slowly stop feeling like she'd lost a big piece of her heart. Elena didn't think she could do that, and Lola realized that what Elena loved the most involved Nate.

Elena anticipated that it would be easy to avoid Nate at the hospital, but it would be too much to work closely with him at the clinic. Lola recommended that Elena take a deep breath before she made any big choices, but Elena fretted that she couldn't wait on finding a place to live. Lola said she knew of a place not far from there with a roommate who worked all the time and would barely be there. "You?" Elena asked. Lola added that there was an amazing coffeehouse downstairs, and she'd have a built-in guinea pig to try out new recipes on. Elena happily agreed to move in.

At Devon's penthouse, Amanda was stunned by Devon's invitation to go to New York with him. He figured that they could take his jet and buy whatever she needed when they got there. He envisioned going to some galleries and then checking out a new artist he wanted to sign. Amanda admitted that it sounded fun, but she declined. Devon assumed she was slammed at work, but she responded that she didn't feel the need to stick it to Nate and Elena.

Devon reasoned that it was just a business trip, but Amanda cited what it would look like to Nate and Elena if she and Devon jetted off together. Amanda took responsibility for the messy situation because she'd been determined to learn more about Hilary. Devon insisted that it wasn't her fault that two adults hadn't shown self-control. Amanda offered to lend an ear anytime he wanted to talk, and he muttered that he'd be sure to give her a call. She departed and waited for the elevator. Devon suddenly threw open the door and took her up on her offer.

At Society, Amanda jokingly inquired whether Devon would take her to court if the singer he'd planned to see in New York signed with another label. She gently pressed him to tell her about Nate and Elena, and he admitted that he'd been blindsided. Devon recalled that he'd experienced a lot of loss in life, but being betrayed by the people he'd thought knew him best had made him question everything. Amanda worried that she and Devon had spent too much time together after she'd received her DNA results. Devon asserted that he'd done nothing to make Elena question his love and loyalty to her, and he maintained that Amanda had done nothing wrong.

Devon accepted that Elena and Nate had developed a bond while working closely together at the clinic. Amanda scoffed at the idea that they'd gotten so caught up in saving lives that their clothes had just fallen off, and she argued that plenty of people worked together without falling into bed. Devon growled that Elena had had the nerve to tell him she still loved him and that she had no feelings for Nate, but he hadn't believed her.

Devon guessed he'd been on the outside for a long time, and Amanda empathized that it was no fun being the outsider. Devon apologized for making Amanda feel like one when she'd arrived in town. She acknowledged that they couldn't change the past and that the present was pretty awful, but she implored him to tell her about his future. Amanda inquired whether Devon would ever be able to forgive Nate and Elena, and he flatly said no.

Amanda and Devon went to her hotel suite, where she discovered a letter from the private investigator she'd hired to look into the facts about her birth. She hesitated to read it, unsure whether she was prepared for the answers to her questions. She opened it and found a summary of information that she'd already known about. She continued reading and learned that the investigator had spoken to a woman named Nadine who'd lived in Rose's apartment building years earlier. Amanda reported that Nadine hadn't remembered ever seeing Rose pregnant, but Rose had suddenly shown off a pretty baby girl.

Chelsea arrived home and called out for Adam. She yelled that Connor had sent his love, but she received no response.

At Crimson Lights, Adam approached Rey and noted that he'd heard congratulations were in order. Rey retorted that he'd heard an arrest warrant might be in order for Adam. Adam argued that he'd been trying to be polite, but he thought Rey was a smart guy who knew things wouldn't work out between him and Sharon. Rey surmised that Adam was attempting to distract him from Billy's article by trying to make him jealous and insecure. Adam insisted that he was just trying to convey that Rey was fighting a losing battle.

Rey warned that Adam knew better than to antagonize a police officer. Adam figured that if Rey had anything on him, he'd be in jail already. Rey chuckled and implied that the cops were building a rock-solid case so that the charges would stick that time. Rey suggested that Adam get his affairs in order, make sure Connor was provided for, and treat Chelsea right because Rey intended to put out the torch Adam was carrying for a woman who didn't want him.

Adam taunted that Rey didn't know Sharon the way Adam did. Chelsea appeared in the coffeehouse doorway and hovered nearby when she spotted the men together. Adam understood that Rey felt threatened by Adam and Sharon's history, and he suggested that Rey back away and spare himself the inevitable humiliation. Rey pointed out that Adam had a fiancée he was gaslighting, a kid he'd sent away so the boy wouldn't find out what a lowlife his father was, and memories of a woman who didn't exist anymore.

Rey contended that the Sharon who Adam couldn't get over was gone, and she wasn't hung up on a loser with no impulse control. As Chelsea listened, Adam crowed that he and Sharon always found their way back together, and he figured that Rey was just a port in the storm until Sharon realized she and Adam belonged together, since Adam was her past and her future. Rey asked if Chelsea was Adam's backup plan. "I don't need one," Adam huffed. Chelsea ducked out, and Adam turned briefly when he heard the door close. Chelsea reeled.

Nick apologized for stopping by Sharon's cottage so late. He mentioned that he'd been visiting his mother, so he'd thought he'd check on Faith. Sharon reported that their daughter was in her room with the door closed, and Nick worriedly asked for how long. Sharon revealed that Faith was working on a school project over video chat, but she was sure the girl could take a break if he wanted to talk to her. Nick hesitated to take Faith away from her project, and Sharon wondered why he seemed concerned about the teen.

Sharon wondered if she'd done right by Faith when she'd announced that she'd turned the corner in her treatment. She reflected back on suggesting that she and Faith stay up late to watch a movie, but Faith had turned her down. Sharon questioned why her daughter hadn't wanted to celebrate by doing something normal, but Nick pointed out that Faith was a great kid who gave them nothing to worry about. Sharon figured that Faith had gone above and beyond to take care of her, and she had to get used to taking care of Faith again. Nick assured her that everything would be fine.

Nick stressed how proud he was of Sharon after the battle she'd gone through. He remarked that the only thing she had to worry about was what kind of flowers she wanted for her wedding, and he was sure that whatever she chose would look slick in the boutonnière for his tuxedo. She mentioned that she'd heard he'd agreed to be Rey's best man, although she wouldn't have been surprised if he'd turned down the opportunity, given their history. Nick proclaimed that nothing would make him happier than to stand up with them on their special day. Sharon mused that having Nick as a friend and on her team meant a lot to her. Nick left.

Later, Rey arrived at the cottage and excitedly set something down on the coffee table. Sharon descended the stairs and found him with a huge grin on his face. She looked down and gasped when she saw an engagement ring in an open jewelry box on the table. She gushed that it was exactly what she'd wanted, and she slid the ring onto her finger and admired the perfect fit. Rey asked when she would let him make an honest woman out of her.

Rey and Sharon contemplated hosting their wedding on Halloween. He mused that he'd fallen in love with her in autumn, and she replied that she'd never thought she'd feel that way again. They both suddenly had ideas, and they counted to three before blurting them out. They simultaneously named New Year's Eve, and she couldn't think of anything more romantic than kissing as husband and wife at midnight. Rey exclaimed that nothing would make him happier, and she looked forward to starting their new life together in the new year. They pledged their love.

At the clinic, Nate made a call to reschedule a surgery. He confirmed that he should only be assigned to nonsurgical patients, since he didn't know what his future held until his consultation with Dr. Frazier the following week. He confidently stated that he had the best doctors in the state looking out for him, but he looked dismayed after he hung up. Nate looked down at his bandaged hand and then forlornly over at the surgical instruments he could no longer grasp.

Nick entered the clinic and winced when he saw Nate's injury. Nick wondered what had happened between Nate and Devon, and Nate confided that he'd betrayed his cousin in the worst way. Nick surmised that it had been about a woman, and he begged Nate to tell him that it hadn't been Elena. Nate remained silent, and Nick chided him for messing up big. Nate wished he could take it back and erase that night.

Nick realized it had happened on the night Elena had blown past him when he'd dropped by. Nick recalled that he'd told Devon he'd run into Nate and Elena, and he worried that he'd set the whole thing in motion. Nate informed him that Elena had confessed to Devon because she hadn't been able to stand what she'd done. Nick contended that both Nate and Devon were his friends, and he asked if there was anything he could do. Nate glanced at his hand and said to convince him there was no such thing as karma.

Later, Nate was glad when Elena returned to the clinic. She said she was sorry about his hand and informed him that she would no longer be volunteering there. Nate inquired whether she'd discussed it with Devon, but she replied that there hadn't been any need, since Devon had asked her to pack her things and leave. Nate mentioned that Devon had made a point of telling him that, and he wondered where she'd go. Elena snapped that she could take care of herself.

Nate asked if Elena also intended to stop working at the hospital. She figured that they wouldn't be in close quarters at the hospital the way they were at the clinic. Nate refused to let her leave the clinic, since he should be the one to bow out if either of them did. She lectured that he was always trying to be the hero. He sadly stated that he felt anything but heroic, and he pleaded with her to let him do that one thing for her.

Nate referred to the patients who adored Elena and the kids who'd made cards for her, and she bemoaned that it would be the part she'd miss the most. Nate was confident that they could find a way to make it work. Elena argued that she was leaving because she had to, or Devon would pull the funding. Nate appealed to her to give Devon time.

Elena expected that Devon would eventually forgive Nate because they were family, but Devon would never see her as anyone other than the woman who'd broken his heart. Nate argued that she loved the clinic, and she flatly replied that there were many things she loved that she could no longer have. Nate questioned whether there was a way to salvage anything from the ashes. Elena firmly stated that it was over, and she bolted out.

Adam returned home and called out to ask Chelsea how Connor was doing. He added that there were a few things they needed to discuss. Chelsea appeared on the stairs and walked over to a suitcase near the front door. Adam declared that it was time to make plans, and she coldly asked if they were for the two of them. He intended to find a house near Connor's school, so they could start over like she'd wanted. Chelsea questioned whether it was what Adam really wanted, since just moments earlier, he'd been bragging that he'd be the one who'd end up with Sharon.

Chelsea hissed that Adam had seemed sure of himself, and it wasn't like him to give up on something he wanted that desperately. She demanded to know what had changed his mind. Chelsea revealed that she'd seen Adam and Rey at Crimson Lights, and what she'd heard had been disgusting and heartbreaking but also enlightening. She wished Sharon had been there to hear Adam go on about his undying love. Adam claimed that Rey had been smug and condescending about wanting to send Adam to prison, and Adam had only said those things to get under the guy's skin.

Adam swore that he loved Chelsea and only Chelsea. Chelsea spat that she'd heard what he'd said, and she'd realized that she would always be in second place, even after she'd defended, forgiven, and adored him. Adam pleaded that she knew how much she meant to him. "Now I do," she barked with a bitter laugh, noting that she was a disposable place-filler to keep his bed warm and his drinks cold. Adam denied that it was true, and he urged her to sit down and talk.

Adam imagined that Chelsea was tired from traveling, and he suggested that they unpack her bags. Chelsea coolly informed him that the bags weren't from her trip; rather, she'd thrown some things together after she'd listened to him destroy the best thing that had ever happened to him. He begged her not to leave, but she snarled that she'd had enough of his lies, manipulations, and hatred. "This is goodbye, Adam. I am officially and forever done," she proclaimed. She glared at him one last time before grabbing her luggage and walking out.

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