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Adam announced that he was severing his ties to the Newmans. Chelsea experienced headaches and collapsed, but a CT scan showed nothing wrong. Lily made a move on Billy. Summer returned Kyle's engagement ring. Nate confided to Nick that his hand injury was worse than he'd let on.
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Adam announced that he was severing his ties to the Newmans
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Victoria confronts Chelsea

Victoria confronts Chelsea

Monday, October 26, 2020

At Chancellor Communications, Victoria and Billy were cordial as they discussed their children's visitation and activity schedules. After Victoria mentioned that Hannah was home with the kids, an alarm sounded on her phone. Victoria became concerned when she read the message and told Billy that the security system at her home indicated there had been an intrusion. Billy appeared worried. As Billy and Victoria rushed out together, she phoned Hannah and warned her to take the kids and leave the house immediately.

Later, Billy and Victoria returned to his office, relieved that everything was all right, though Victoria vowed to bolster her security system. Billy suggested Adam might have been involved, recalling that Adam had broken into his hotel room. Billy said he'd warned Adam that he'd publish another exposé. Billy noted that Adam's frightened reaction had told him all he'd needed to know. As Billy was sending a text message to Alyssa requesting her assistance, Victoria voiced concern about Billy's choice to print an article based on speculation. Billy replied, "You might want to tell that to the casino owner in Vegas, who's now suddenly missing." Billy added that the owner's wife, who'd been willing to go on the record about her relationship with Adam, had suddenly left town.

Victoria reminded Billy that he'd gone way too far with his first piece, which had angered her family after he'd dragged Faith, Sharon, and Ashley into the muck. Billy reminded Victoria about her role. Victoria offered no apologies for having met her goal to thoroughly disgrace Adam, but she insisted it was too risky to go after Adam again. Victoria urged Billy to let it all go, lest he again slip into the darkness he'd battled to rise up from. Lily tiptoed in and apologized for interrupting. After Billy pulled Lily into the discussion, she sided with Victoria. Billy received a text message from Alyssa stating her reluctance to return to town or be involved with anything to do with Adam. Lily suggested they write a piece about New Hope. Billy teased that he might dig up dirt on a charity to balance out Lily's story. Victoria grinned when she noticed that Billy was subtly flirting with Lily.

After Victoria left, Lily mentioned that Billy hadn't actually confirmed to Victoria that he wouldn't print a second exposé on Adam. Billy suggested they print a follow-up from another writer to generate even higher ratings, which would please Jill. Lily pointed out that there was no evidence Adam had committed another crime. Billy suggested there was only one way Lily could shut him up, noting that Lily seemed poised to approach him and plant a kiss. Lily seemed taken aback and laughed as she insisted she wasn't about to kiss Billy. Billy replied, "You thought about it." Lily admitted she might have, though she'd reined in her impulse.

Billy confided to Lily that he'd reined in his impulses to kiss her numerous times already. Lily claimed that their roles as co-CEOs should take precedence over any fleeting attraction. Lily struggled to maintain her business-like behavior as she insisted they not venture beyond their professional relationship and casual friendship. Billy told Lily she was right, and he left. Lily sighed and seemed a bit shaken after the encounter.

At his penthouse, Adam, his hair mussed, groggily descended the stairs. He appeared despondent. Adam's phone rang. After Adam answered, he told the caller that things hadn't gone as planned. Adam's phone call seemed to rouse him and force him to pull himself together.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Lily greeted Kevin and congratulated him on the birth of his son. Kevin, eager to show off a picture of his baby, replied, "Miles Mitchell Fisher." Lily asked about Chloe and Bella. Kevin reported that his family was very happy, though Chloe was a little sleep-deprived. As the friends caught up, Kevin told Lily he was an IT specialist with the police department and that Chloe was helping Chelsea market her new fashion line. Lily acknowledged that while Chloe and Chelsea were old friends, Chloe despised Adam. Kevin said the friends tried to avoid the subject and noted that the exposé hadn't helped.

Kevin entered the main dining area at the coffeehouse and saw a disheveled Adam. Kevin snickered and said, "Man, you look like hell, and that makes my day." Kevin recalled how cocky Adam had been when he'd returned to town, eager to take whatever he wanted with no regard for anyone, especially Chloe. Adam reminded Kevin about Chloe shooting him point-blank. Kevin cheered his opportunity to see Adam utterly defeated. Kevin praised Chloe's decision to send Connor away, so the child wouldn't have to grow up in the shadow of a monster. Kevin snapped photos of Adam as he quickly retreated.

Chelsea rushed to meet Chloe in the park, explaining that her flight home from visiting Connor had been delayed. Chelsea cooed at baby Miles. Chloe suggested she and Chelsea locate an office soon. Chelsea sadly announced that their last remaining sponsor had pulled out after reading the piece about Adam that had been published by ChancComm. Chelsea lamented that no one wanted to be affiliated with her due to her connection to Adam. Chloe was convinced that Chelsea's brilliant designs would sell like crazy if they could get them to market, and she suggested obtaining funds from Adam. Chelsea heavily sighed and replied, "I'm afraid it's out of the question. Adam and I are through. It's over. I moved out."

Chloe offered her total support for Chelsea's decision. Chelsea voiced her concern, explaining that the article had consumed Adam wholly, enraging him and causing him to loathe himself. Chelsea said that though she'd done everything she could to help Adam, he'd rather cry on Sharon's shoulder. She explained that Adam had been drawn closer to Sharon after she'd become his therapist. Chelsea said she'd even overheard Adam brag to Rey about his magical connection to Sharon, though Adam had later claimed he'd said it to get a rise out of Rey.

Chelsea broke down when she pondered how the news would affect Connor. Chloe assured Chelsea that everything would work out. After Chelsea mentioned suffering a headache, Chloe suggested she visit her doctor, fearing her pain might be related to her fall in the elevator. Adam passed by and stopped when he saw Chelsea and Chloe. Adam asked Chelsea to talk in private. Chelsea refused and asked him to leave her alone.

After Chelsea left, Chloe told Adam she had plenty to say. Chloe said she'd thought Adam to be such a coward when he'd covered up what he'd done to Delia. Chloe said she realized after learning about A.J. Montalvo that Adam had been raised to lie about his misdeeds. Adam complained that Chloe had been absolved of her sins, but the same people had been unable to spare him an ounce of forgiveness. Chloe explained that Adam had refused to change, and she listed his horrible acts, even alluding to his shady dealings in Las Vegas. Chloe vowed to ensure that Chelsea never forgot that Adam didn't deserve her.

After Chloe left, Adam was on the phone when Billy walked up and overheard. Adam said, "How inept do you have to be to tail a cop and let him see you doing it? Well, hopefully the next guy won't get caught." When Adam spotted Billy, he ended his call by barking an order for the person to do his or her job. Billy confronted Adam and told him to leave Victoria and the children alone. Adam said he had no idea what Billy was talking about and didn't care. Billy replied, "For your sake, you better hope I don't find out you're lying, Adam." Adam asked Billy if his kids were all right. Billy replied, "Like you give a damn."

Adam insisted he would never harm Chelsea's son. Billy became enraged and noted that Johnny was his and Victoria's son. Billy warned Adam not to even think about breaking into Victoria's house again. Adam replied, "Why the hell would I break into Victoria's house?" Adam implicated Billy and reminded him that he'd gotten away with a number of sleazy acts. Billy pointed out that he'd never killed anyone, much less a child. Adam berated Billy for refusing to accept his apologies and acknowledge Adam's regret for what had happened to Delia. Billy replied, "You think you know the meaning of regret, Adam? You come anywhere near my children again -- trust me, I will teach you the true meaning of the word." Chelsea looked on from a distance, appearing distraught by what she'd witnessed.

At the Chancellor mansion, Gloria connived to get Esther out of the living room by asking to see photos from the day Miles had been born. After Esther stepped out, Gloria raised the lid on a decorative urn on a shelf and removed a USB drive she'd earlier concealed inside. Gloria hid the device behind her back when Esther quickly returned with her coat on her arm, explaining that she had a meeting with her theater group to discuss their next project. Esther delighted in announcing that her troupe would soon present A Streetcar Named Desire, which she described as a story about a long-lost family member suddenly showing up, acting as if she was fine, though in reality, her life was falling apart. Gloria asked Esther if she was trying to make a point.

Esther told Gloria she'd overheard Chloe and Kevin express concern that she was in some kind of trouble. Gloria, imitating the play's main character, replied, "Oh, for heaven's sakes, I'm not Blanche DuBois." Gloria added that Esther should understand a grandmother's desire to visit her grandchildren. Esther warned that she'd throw Gloria out if she disrupted Kevin and Chloe's peaceful life. As Esther walked toward the door, Gloria said, "Break a leg or two."

After Esther left, Gloria stashed the USB drive inside a decorative trinket box on the sofa table. Gloria clutched the box as if it contained a precious jewel. Later, Gloria, talking to someone on the phone, angrily complained, stating, "I can't believe this. How did this happen? Didn't I try to warn you that night?" Gloria insisted she'd wouldn't accept any blame. Kevin overheard Gloria's side of the conversation and asked her to truthfully admit what was going on. Gloria blew off the call and said it was someone associated with the film project she was working on. Kevin expressed doubt that his mother was involved in Hollywood deal-making. Gloria became belligerent, but Kevin cried that he was certain she was hiding something. Gloria told Kevin she'd board the next plane back to L.A. as she abruptly went upstairs.

After Chloe returned home, she told Kevin that Chelsea had left Adam because he was a jerk. Kevin suggested that after his public shaming, Adam might hit the road. Chloe replied, "We can only hope." Kevin told Chloe that Gloria was leaving town again after they'd argued. Kevin said he'd overheard Gloria on the phone with someone who was likely a lowlife. Judging from what he'd heard, Kevin cried that Gloria was in deep. Chloe asked Kevin if he thought Gloria would be safe. Kevin said he didn't know, though he expressed concern that whoever was involved might become a threat to his family.

Chloe urged Kevin get Gloria to open up. Kevin refused, stating that "this time," Gloria would have to fend for herself. Gloria interrupted, dragging her luggage down the stairs. Chloe suggested Gloria visit Michael and Lauren. Gloria lamented that neither of her sons believed she was on the up and up. Kevin sarcastically noted that their concerns weren't at all related to her sudden reappearance, her strange behavior, or her suspect phone call. Gloria told Chloe she couldn't take it anymore.

Gloria hovered over Miles and said she wished she'd had time to get to know him. Gloria added that she'd miss Bella, too. Kevin said, "Your car's here. Have a nice trip back to la-la land and good luck with those 'minor financing issues.'" Gloria told Chloe goodbye and said it was nice to know that someone gave a damn. Gloria glanced at the trinket box before she walked out the door. After Gloria slammed the door, Kevin told Chloe he didn't want Gloria's trouble to blow back on her or their kids.

Chelsea was drinking coffee at Crimson Lights when Victoria arrived. Victoria said she was aware that Chelsea desired to arrange visits with Johnny. Chelsea recalled that she'd had a bad day, dealing with the fallout from Billy's exposé. Victoria accused Chelsea of having attempted to sneak into her home to see Johnny. Chelsea insisted she'd never do such a thing, though she admitted she missed Connor after being forced to send him away. Chelsea acknowledged she had no legal claim to Johnny, though he remained in her heart. Showing no sympathy, Victoria replied, "Well, that's too bad."

Victoria softened her tone and suggested Chelsea maintain her closeness with Connor over the phone and not attempt to use another child as a substitute. Chelsea said she'd just returned from a visit with her son. Chelsea assured Victoria that Victoria had nothing to worry about because Chelsea had no intentions of repeating what Adam had done when he'd attempted to take Christian from Nick. Victoria replied, "Has it occurred to Adam?" Chelsea became frustrated and said she hadn't even spoken to Adam about Johnny.

Victoria told Chelsea about the incident at her home, suggesting that Adam might have been involved. Chelsea admitted she no longer lived with Adam. Victoria told Chelsea it was the smartest move she'd made in a long time. Victoria told Chelsea she should go live with Connor, adding that there was nothing for her in Genoa City. Chelsea glared at Victoria, collected her things, and rushed out through the patio.

Summer gives her engagement ring back to Kyle

Summer gives her engagement ring back to Kyle

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

In a hotel suite, Kyle made preparations over the phone for a very special night.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Nick caught Phyllis scowling at her phone, and he asked what was wrong. Phyllis griped about an email she'd received from Victoria's shell company, requesting financial projections. Nick pressed her to let him buy Victoria out, but Phyllis flatly refused. He respected that she wanted to deal with it on her own, but he argued that he had the money to fix it. A woman in a hooded jacket passed by them, and Phyllis recognized the woman's perfume and high heels.

Phyllis confronted the woman at the elevator and demanded to see her card key. Summer slowly turned around and faced her parents. Nick lectured that he and Phyllis had been worried sick, and Summer countered that she'd sent text messages to tell them she was safe and perfectly fine. Phyllis questioned why Summer was walking around like Carmen Sandiego, and Summer explained that she'd booked a room under a fake name to sort through things on her own.

Nick and Phyllis pressed to know why Summer had called off the wedding, and Summer claimed that she'd had a moment of clarity. Summer added that her parents had made their opinions obvious, and she was sure they were happy. Nick confirmed that he was very happy that she'd decided not to go through with it, but he needed answers. Summer opted not to discuss it, and she just wanted life to go back to normal. She headed upstairs to take a bath and relax before returning to Jabot the next day.

Nick sensed that there was more to the story, but Phyllis just wanted to be happy that their daughter hadn't gotten married. Phyllis assumed that Summer would tell them everything when she was ready, and Nick found it curious that neither mother nor daughter would accept any help. Phyllis thought he should be grateful that he had two independent women who didn't need to be saved. Nick inquired about Phyllis' plan for handling her problem with Victoria. Phyllis spotted Billy across the lobby and mused that she had an idea.

Later, Phyllis approached Billy and admitted that she'd been waiting for his meeting to end. She assumed he knew she and Victoria were embroiled in a battle, but he honestly replied that he hadn't heard a word about it. Phyllis groused that Victoria had created a phony company to buy out Phyllis' debt, so Victoria owned a chunk of the hotel. Billy surmised that Phyllis had done something to start the conflict, but Phyllis thought the point was that Victoria was just trying to mess with her. Billy guessed that Phyllis wanted him to talk to Victoria.

Phyllis requested that Billy provide information, like a bank statement. Billy balked at spying on the mother of his children, but Phyllis reminded him that he owed her. She referred to Summer bailing on her elopement, and she implied that Billy had caused Summer's issues with men. Billy insisted that he wasn't proud of what had happened, but he wasn't that man anymore. Phyllis suggested that making amends to her would wipe the slate clean. Billy said he and Victoria had been getting along, and he didn't want to mess it up. He refused to do it and walked out.

Lily was surprised when Victoria returned to Chancellor Communications. Victoria claimed that she'd wanted to follow up on a couple of things with Billy, and Lily informed her that he was at a meeting at the Grand Phoenix. Victoria groaned at the thought of tracking him down at the hotel, and she decided to wait. She added that it would give her and Lily a chance to talk -- alone.

Victoria noted that she and Lily hadn't had a chance to catch up since the exposé had been published. Victoria considered the material on Adam to be effective, but she huffed that there had been some things in the article that hadn't needed to be. Lily said she'd hoped to address those concerns before it had been published, and Victoria realized that Billy hadn't consulted Lily beforehand. Lily mentioned that she and Billy had been working on their communication so she wouldn't be blindsided again. Victoria noted that Billy and Lily seemed to be getting along quite well.

Victoria sensed that Billy might be interested in Lily, and she wondered if the feeling was mutual. Lily reasoned that just because she and Billy had a good rapport didn't mean anything was going on, and she recognized that it wasn't a good idea for business partners to blur the lines. Victoria swore that she wasn't a jealous ex-wife trying to mark her territory, but she wanted to figure out Billy and Lily's dynamic to offer perspective. Victoria knew that Billy could be very intoxicating with his charm and passion, but he also had a dark side and gave in to his impulses even when he knew he shouldn't.

Lily assured Victoria that she knew all of that, but Victoria warned that the stakes couldn't be higher with running a multimillion-dollar media venture and taking on Adam. Victoria cautioned that Billy would always choose risk over stability, and she didn't want to see Lily caught in the fallout. Victoria advised Lily to keep her guard up for her sake as well as the company's. Lily agreed to take Victoria's advice under consideration.

Billy returned and asked what was going on, and Victoria claimed she'd been waiting for him. Lily stepped out to take a call, and Victoria informed Billy that the improvements on her home security system were complete. Billy relayed that he'd run into Adam, who had denied having any involvement in the break-in. Victoria shared that while she'd been warning Chelsea to stay away from Johnny, she'd found out Chelsea had left Adam. Victoria hoped the breakup was permanent.

Billy mentioned that he'd heard that Victoria had bought a stake in the Grand Phoenix. He implored her to consider whether it was worth the energy, but she scoffed at the idea of him telling her to back off. He recalled her warning about obsessing over revenge, and he urged her to let Phyllis have the hotel. Victoria wondered if Phyllis had leverage over him. Billy told Victoria to do what she needed to do. "I will," she replied, and she sauntered out.

Billy presented Lily with an idea to break into European markets, and he suggested that she look everything over. She seemed distracted, and he asked if everything was okay. She coolly replied that it was nothing a good night's rest wouldn't cure, and she abruptly left for the day.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon thanked Faith for bussing tables. Faith chirped that she was just trying to help out, and she apologetically paused to respond to a text message. Sharon recognized that friends were important, and she recalled that Faith had given up inviting her pals over to the house. Sharon thought that should change because it was time things started getting back to normal. Faith remarked that it would be nice to have company, and Sharon headed to the office to finish up paperwork. Faith sent a text message and smiled.

Nick arrived at the coffeehouse and noticed that Faith was preoccupied with her phone. He snapped his fingers to get her attention and inquired about her day. She mentioned that Sharon had told her to invite friends over again, and she thanked Nick for not saying anything about the other night. Faith swore that she was holding up her end of the agreement by always telling her dad who she was hanging out with and not sneaking out. Nick understood that Faith was testing boundaries, and she promised that she wouldn't mess up again. He encouraged her to hear his voice saying one word the next time she thought about breaking the rules. "Don't," he firmly stated.

Sharon announced that she and Rey had decided to get married on New Year's Eve, and Faith enthused that it was great. Faith called out to a slightly older girl named Jordan and introduced her to Nick and Sharon as the sister of a classmate. Sharon thought she recognized Jordan from the school choir, and Jordan claimed that she was taking a break from the group. Jordan squealed that she loved the coffeehouse's décor, and Sharon offered to fetch her some hot chocolate. Jordan preferred green tea, and Sharon stepped away to get it. Faith said she couldn't believe Jordan hadn't been there before. Nick flatly asked if Jordan was the person his daughter had met up with the other night.

Jordan apologized for the lapse in judgment, since she'd been the one who'd wanted to get out of the house, and she'd talked Faith into joining her. Faith swore that it hadn't been all Jordan's fault, and she promised that it would never happen again. Nick clarified that there was to be no sneaking out, and Jordan suggested that they meet elsewhere if the park was off-limits. Nick offered his place, and Faith added that her mom had approved having friends over. Nick was impressed with how the girls were dealing with the rules.

After Nick left, Jordan thanked Sharon for the tea, and Sharon headed back to the office. Jordan privately applauded Faith for sending a message when her parents had been there. Faith was pleased that Jordan had gotten on both of their good sides in one trip, and Jordan crowed that the key to building trust was making up more rules to follow. Faith knew her dad had been watching her closely, so she'd gone out of her way to be polite and helpful. Jordan advised that the more perfect they acted, the more they could get away with.

At Society, Nick reported that things were getting back to normal at Sharon's house. Phyllis commented that she didn't know what normal was, and Nick noted that she thrived on a little chaos. He found it hot to watch her deal with turbulence, and she wondered if shattering her glass on the floor would do it for him. He offered to let her break all the glasses in his house and see how sexy it was when she cleaned it up. Phyllis conceded that she liked chaos, but not a mess. Nick pressed to know if she'd considered his proposition to help her with the mess at the hotel. She said she'd thought about it because her own plan had blown up in her face, but she couldn't let him buy Victoria out.

Lola entered her apartment, where Elena had just finished unpacking. Elena thanked Lola again for letting her move in, and Lola figured it would work out because she had the most interesting stories to tell and no one to share them with. Elena chuckled, and Lola commented that Elena was already much more fun than the last person Lola had lived with. Elena thought she'd have to be doing something wrong if she wasn't more fun than Kyle. Lola proclaimed that she knew exactly what to do on their first night as roommates.

Lola suggested that she and Elena get dressed up and hit the town, starting with drinks at the Grand Phoenix. Elena hesitated to return to the hotel, noting that she hadn't gone back since Devon had won his award. Lola encouraged her to get back on the horse and conquer her fears. Elena felt more like watching a movie, ordering in, and getting some sleep. Lola considered those good options, but she wanted to go big on their first night as roommates. Lola lectured that sometimes what people thought they wanted wasn't the best thing for them.

Elena bemoaned that she wasn't up for a night on the town. Lola recalled that she'd been at a low point a few weeks earlier when her divorce had become final, but Mariah and Tessa had dragged her out, and it had been a lot of fun. Elena inquired whether Lola's problems had vanished. Lola conceded that they'd still been there in the morning, but it had been refreshing to have a break to laugh, dance, and have a good time. Elena considered their situations different because Lola had been hurt, whereas Elena had been the one who'd done the hurting. Lola counseled that it wouldn't help Elena to heal by staying home and beating herself up. Elena reluctantly agreed to a girls' night out.

A short time later, Lola admired Elena's outfit, and Elena pointed out that she'd borrowed it from Lola. Lola exclaimed that she'd never looked that good in it, and she recounted going through a wardrobe change after she'd split with Kyle because a new wardrobe equaled a new attitude. Lola couldn't help but think about her divorce, and Elena offered to just stay home instead. Lola insisted that all she needed was a cocktail, and she vowed not to speak of men or relationships that night. They prepared to hit the town.

Summer was stunned when she found Kyle in her hotel suite with an array of covered trays. He explained that he was following through on his promise to show he could be trusted. She accused him of breaking into her room and ordered him to leave. He pleaded for a chance, and he wondered if she was impressed that he'd known where she was. She figured that it was her mom's hotel, but he pointed out that he'd known the fake name she'd used to check in under.

Summer demanded to know how Kyle had gotten in, and he pointed out that he knew the staff at his fiancée's mother's hotel. Summer retorted that she wasn't his fiancée anymore, but he observed that she was still wearing her engagement ring, and he still wanted to marry her. He requested that she give him half an hour, and he swore he'd walk out the door and never return if he failed to convince her that they belonged together.

Kyle thanked Summer for agreeing to hear his presentation. He lifted the lid on one of the serving trays, revealing a photo of them as kids. Kyle recalled that they'd known one another their whole lives, and they'd been through good times and bad. He referred to the obstacles that had been in their way, but their connection had never been broken. Summer seemed unaffected, and he turned to the next step in their journey. He lifted another lid, picked up a remote control, and turned on some music.

Kyle reminded Summer that it was a song they'd danced to before he'd moved to New York, and it made him think of her and feel close to her every time he heard it. He hoped they'd get to dance to it again, since he couldn't imagine his life without her. Kyle opened the next lid, showing off a ring made of cherry stems. He recalled that they hadn't seen a need for a real ring because they'd already felt engaged, and he found it symbolic of how comfortable they were with one another.

Summer wondered if Kyle had rummaged through her things to find the makeshift ring, but he stated that remaking it had been more labor-intensive than he'd remembered. Kyle asked her to open the final lid, and she found a key ring underneath. Kyle divulged that he'd bought it to give to her when their house was finished. He declared that a home where they could build their future together could still be hers.

Summer admitted that she was overwhelmed. Kyle asked if that was good or bad, and she grappled with whether to believe his sweet and romantic gesture. He reiterated that they belonged together, and he urged her to have faith and let go of her fears that there was still something between him and Lola. Summer snapped that it was supposed to be about them, but Kyle hadn't been able to help mentioning Lola's name.

Summer couldn't believe she'd let herself fall for a few shiny objects and nice words when Lola was obviously at the forefront of Kyle's mind. Kyle insisted that they had to get past Lola. Summer yelled to stop saying Lola's name, since Lola was the one thing they couldn't get past. Summer refused to talk further until Kyle admitted his feelings for Lola were a real problem, but he stressed that he no longer had feelings for his ex. Summer demanded that he take his stuff and get out. She took off her engagement ring, set it on one of the trays, and declared that it was over. She walked out.

Kyle chased Summer to the lobby and begged her not to end it that way, since they'd been close to turning everything around. Summer spotted Lola and Elena having drinks across the room. Lola questioned what was wrong with Summer, and she accused Summer of ruining the best thing that had ever happened to her because of her insecurities. Lola pointed out that Kyle was a great guy who Summer had wanted all along. "Now go be happy!" Lola angrily bellowed.

Lola quickly apologized for shouting, but she considered it stupid for Kyle and Summer not to be together after everything they'd been through. Lola and Elena decided to leave. A skeptical Summer complained that both Kyle and Lola were trying hard to convince her that there was nothing going on. Kyle wanted to keep talking. Summer maintained that it was over, and she stormed out.

The rivalry between Kyle and Theo escalates

The rivalry between Kyle and Theo escalates

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

by Nel

In Chance's suite, Abby woke up and noticed Chance wasn't in bed. When Chance walked out of the bathroom, she fantasized that he wore a cop's uniform, but only a hat, pants, badge, and a bare chest. In reality, Chance was dressed in a suit for his meeting with Paul. Abby said she had every confidence that Paul would offer Chance the job. She was sorry she hadn't woken up when he had, but Chance said that she hadn't slept well since Dina's passing, and he'd decided to let her sleep. Abby gushed that he knew how to make her feel safe and loved. She suggested a picnic in the park to celebrate him becoming a detective. He said he'd try but teased that it was possible that he would have to work a case immediately.

At Crimson Lights, Elena fantasized that she was sitting at a table when Devon appeared before her and said he wanted her back. He leaned in for a kiss, but her fantasy was interrupted by Mariah, who offered Elena more coffee. Elena asked Mariah for advice on how to get someone to forgive them for the worst betrayal.

Elena took Mariah to Lola's apartment after she'd told Mariah how she'd betrayed Devon with Nate. Mariah sat down, shocked because she hadn't expected to hear that. She couldn't blame Devon for asking Elena to move out. Mariah was worried that Devon was spinning out. Elena asked Mariah to be there for Devon, but Mariah said that Devon needed space. Elena asked Mariah to try to see both sides of their situation. Mariah assured her she did because she'd been in the same situation with Tessa.

Mariah told Elena that insecurities could lead people to make the worst decisions of their lives. She was happy that Tessa had taken her back after her betrayal. Elena hoped Devon would do the same, but Mariah reminded her that their situations were very different. She said that when she'd cheated on Tessa, it hadn't been with a relative. The wounds might be harder to heal when it involved family, and forgiveness wasn't always possible because "sorry" might not fix it.

Chance met with Paul at the coffeehouse and offered to get Paul a doughnut and coffee, but Paul smiled and officially offered Chance the detective position. Chance was thrilled to be back on the force. Paul said he'd seen the Las Vegas reports, and he'd always known that Chance was a good man. He said the police department was lucky to have him, but Chance would have to go through a probationary period. Chance said he was okay with that.

Sometime later, Abby was at the coffeehouse and told Mariah she hoped that Chance would be the new Genoa City detective. Mariah warned Abby that a committed detective's work was all-consuming. In her mind's eye, Abby fantasized her wedding day -- she in a panic, waiting for Chance to arrive while her hair turned silver. She snapped back to reality, called Chance, and left him a voicemail message saying she was heading to Society to pick up their picnic lunch.

Amanda arrived at Devon's penthouse, and she said that Devon should be very proud because the scholarship recipients were all doing extremely well and taking full advantage of the opportunity they'd been given. She said their averages were C+ and higher. Devon was delighted. Amanda said she had stopped by because she wanted to check on him. Devon assured her that he was fine, but Amanda said they'd gone past small talk and were officially friends. She wanted him to tell her how he really felt. Devon informed her that he was fine and that he'd had to reschedule his New York trip to later that day. His offer for her to join him was still open, but Amanda declined.

Amanda received a text message and told Devon it was from her PI. She said he'd sent her some information about Hilary and herself, and he was still gathering more. Amanda said there was one thing that stuck out for her: Rose, Hilary's mother, and the neighbor, Nadine, who'd said that no one in the apartment building had ever seen Rose pregnant, but one day she'd shown up with a baby. Nadine was in her eighties but mentally very sharp. If Nadine had told the truth, Rose hadn't been Hilary's biological mother.

Amanda told Devon that Nadine had said Hilary had been born Ann Turner and that Rose had refused to talk about the birth. Rose had had no idea how to care for or handle a baby. Nadine had had to teach her everything. Nadine had stated that what Rose had lacked in experience, she'd made up for in love. Rose had adored Hilary. Devon said that Hilary's heart had broken when Rose had passed away. Amanda said she' had no idea what that felt like because she'd never had love. Devon reminded her that she had people in her life that cared for her. She had friends -- and he was one of them.

Summer was at Jabot and fantasized about her and Kyle's first wedding anniversary, what a great business team they made, and Summer telling Kyle she was happy she'd changed her mind and married him. Her fantasy was interrupted when Jack said he'd heard she was back in town. Summer said that Jack had to be very disappointed in her, and if he wanted her to resign, she was prepared to do so. Jack said he hated that she'd given up on her dream. Summer thanked him for understanding. She offered her condolences on Dina's passing and said she couldn't believe that Dina was really gone.

Jack informed Summer that there would be a memorial service for Dina, and he invited her to attend. He said if Dina had been an inspiration to Summer, perhaps Summer should take a page out of Dina's book. Jack said he cared about Kyle and Summer, but he didn't want to hear any more talk about her resigning. Summer claimed that Jack didn't need her drama, but Jack told her to leave the drama outside the office. He knew how much Summer and Kyle loved each other. He said he had more faith in them than Kyle and Summer did in themselves. Summer said it was complicated. Jack stated that when history crept in, it could be scary, but facing those fears would get them the life they both wanted and deserved.

Kyle sat at a table at Society, took off the ring Summer had given him, and put it into his pocket. Lola approached and asked why he wasn't at work. Kyle stated he'd needed a change of scenery. Lola apologized for her outburst the previous evening at the Grand Phoenix, but Summer had been ridiculous. Kyle asked if Lola had seen Summer and if something had happened between them. Lola said that Summer had seen them at the coffeehouse, and Summer had accused her of finally getting what she'd wanted, meaning Kyle. Lola said she had no idea what was going on between him and Summer, but if Kyle could face her at Society, he would face Summer at work. Kyle said he would, "but breakfast first."

Summer was about to enter Society when, through the window, she saw Kyle sitting at the table and Lola working behind the bar. In her mind's eye, she saw Kyle and Lola going toward each other and undressing as they walked. Just as Kyle was about to hold Lola, Summer jolted herself back to reality. She saw that Kyle was fully clothed and sitting at the table, and she watched as Lola walked into the kitchen. Summer left.

Sometime later, Abby and Lola discussed the food for Dina's memorial. Lola assured Abby it would be elegant and beautiful. Lola asked how Abby was doing, and Abby said she was lucky because Chance had been there for her after Dina's passing. She said she also wanted to order a picnic lunch for her and Chance because she was hopeful that they would celebrate his new job as a detective. She said she was trying to be optimistic, but she realized that his hours would be rough. She didn't want to focus on the dangers of the job. Lola reminded her that Rey was a detective, and she assured Abby that Chance would be fine.

Alone, Abby fantasized she was sitting at the bar in Society, staring at a huge sign wishing Victor a happy birthday and waiting for the family to arrive. When Adam walked in, Abby said he hadn't been invited; Adam claimed he'd arrived with gifts that kept on giving, and they were all around. Abby asked if he'd booby-trapped Society with bombs. Adam claimed he was sick and tired of the family, and he was deadly serious. Abby suggested that he and the family could sit down and talk, but Adam pulled out a knife. Suddenly, Chance appeared, and Adam went after him with the knife. Abby screamed. Abby was jolted back to reality.

Elena was jogging through the park when she saw Nate. She had a flashback to the day she'd told a very angry Devon that she'd made a mistake; she'd asked for his forgiveness, but Devon had refused. Back to reality, Elena opted to continued her jog rather than talk to Nate.

Elena arrived at the clinic and looked woefully at the examining table where she and Nate had had sex. In her mind's eye, she saw Nate walk in behind her and say they needed to talk. He wouldn't allow her to push him away. Elena told him they couldn't be together. Nate said their union was right and that Elena knew it, too. He wanted her to admit it. She snapped out of her fantasy and cried that Nate wasn't the one she wanted.

Elena returned to the coffeehouse. When she saw Amanda, she said she didn't want Amanda's pity, but Amanda said she was sorry because she felt a sense of regret about the way she'd entered Devon and Elena's lives and the aftermath. She said that when she'd first met Elena, Elena had been fiercely protective of Devon, and she'd been ready to go to battle against Amanda, as if Amanda had posed a threat. Amanda said she'd never intended to be one, but she couldn't help thinking that her revelation about Hilary might have had something to do with Elena turning to Nate.

Elena said she didn't blame Amanda for anything. Elena said she was the only one to blame, but she was still the strong woman who would fight for Devon because she loved him and wanted him back. Looking disgusted, Amanda said she pitied Elena because Elena had no idea what she really wanted.

At the park, Abby had the picnic lunch all set up and fretted while she waited for Chance. She decided to send Chance a text message stating that she'd been rethinking his job because of the danger involved. She deleted the message and called herself a selfish idiot. Chance arrived, showed her his badge, and said he had the job. She squealed with delight. He assured her that there would be long, tedious hours behind the desk, but the real prize would be going home to her every night.

At Jabot, Kyle walked into the boardroom and asked if Jack had heard that the advertising numbers had gone through the roof. Jack said he had, and he was very happy. He told Kyle that Summer had offered to resign, but he'd turned her down. Kyle told Jack not to accept her resignation because Summer deserved to be there and that he and Summer had always put the job first. Jack wanted Kyle to put himself first for a change. He knew Kyle and Summer were hurting.

Kyle told Jack that Summer had left him, and he couldn't force her to mend fences. He said he'd reminded Summer of all the things they'd been through together, but all Summer saw was that there was something between him and Lola -- something that didn't exist. Jack reminded him that it had existed not long before, and Summer had watched Kyle marry Lola. Kyle said that was behind him, but Summer couldn't let it go and blamed him. He was fighting a losing battle. He'd given Summer his heart over and over again. He'd trusted her and asked why she couldn't trust him.

At the coffeehouse, Mariah spotted Summer and said that the runaway bride had returned. Summer told Mariah to butt out. Mariah accused Summer of wanting Kyle because he'd been with Lola, yet once she'd won him back, it hadn't been enough. Summer said Mariah had no idea what was going on between her and Kyle. Mariah claimed she knew how it would end. Summer would wind up with nothing, and Kyle would be free. It would be a win-win situation. Mariah turned on her heel and went into the back room.

Summer fantasized that she was in the park and heard familiar voices -- "she didn't deserve Kyle," "she deserved to be alone," "she was an entitled brat," "she needed to get over herself," Jack saying he'd "tried to get through to her for years, but she wasn't capable of an adult relationship," another voice saying "Kyle only married Summer to get a slice of her liver," "Kyle loved Lola," and "loving Summer was impossible because she was unlovable."

Upset with her fantasy, Summer snapped back to reality. As she turned to leave the coffeehouse, she saw Kyle standing in the doorway.

Kyle asked if Summer was okay. She said she didn't know because her mind was swirling; she was confused and didn't know what to do about her thoughts. She wanted them together so badly, but she still had doubts. Kyle wished she'd opened up to him in Chicago so they could have talked things out, but he didn't know if that was possible anymore. He said their history had been weighing heavily on him, and he didn't think he could be rejected by Summer yet again.

Adam severs ties with the Newmans

Adam severs ties with the Newmans

Thursday, October 29, 2020

by Nel

Sharon arrived at Crimson Lights and greeted Chelsea. Chelsea returned a cool greeting. Sharon said she'd received great news that she was on the road to recovery from her cancer, and it was wonderful to look forward to the future. Sharon asked if Chelsea was all right. Chelsea snapped and said that she loved Adam, but he was all Sharon's. Sharon was stunned and tried to explain that Adam needed Chelsea because of his fragile emotional state, but Chelsea spat that Adam needed Sharon.

Shocked, Sharon told Chelsea that she didn't understand why she'd been dragged into the situation. She explained that her relationship with Adam was strictly professional, and anything Adam felt was likely a projection. Chelsea hissed that the last thing she needed was Sharon's diagnosis of why Adam was obsessed with Sharon. Chloe arrived and asked Chelsea to join her on the patio.

On the patio, Chelsea told Chloe she was fine and that Sharon had walked in at the wrong moment. Chloe wanted Chelsea to reboot her fashion line without Adam's name. She suggested that Chelsea use an alias for her designs. Chelsea thought it might work, but she wasn't sure she could put the energy into the designs. Chloe said Chelsea needed to leave Adam behind and get a fresh start.

Chloe told Chelsea she was very thankful that Chelsea had given her a second chance. It was time to get the business up and running, but Chelsea claimed she was out of inspiration. Chloe asked if there was something Chelsea wasn't telling her. Annoyed, Chelsea said there was nothing else going on, but Chloe didn't believe her. Agitated, Chelsea got up to leave. She touched her head in pain and collapsed.

At home, when Adam had finished working on the computer, he picked up his phone and sent out a text message.

Nick arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and Phyllis suggested they go to her room and play. At that moment, Nick received a text message from Adam stating he wanted to meet with Nick. Phyllis suggested that Nick delete the message, but she knew Nick wouldn't do that. She didn't think it was a good idea to confront Adam, but Nick said he needed to know what Adam was up to. He left.

A short time later, Summer entered the lobby. She told Phyllis she had nothing to report and had to get to work. Phyllis claimed that work could wait. She told Summer to stop acting like nothing was wrong. Summer told Phyllis that Kyle had pulled out all the stops with a grand gesture. She said she wanted to believe Kyle, but too much had happened. Phyllis said that Kyle had tried to do the right thing then she asked how many hoops Summer wanted Kyle to jump through. Summer said none. She wanted things to be perfect, but her instincts told her it wouldn't happen.

Summer told Phyllis she'd believed Kyle when he'd said he loved her, but he'd also been in love with Lola. Phyllis asked if Summer believed that Kyle was still in love with Lola. Summer said she didn't know, but it appeared that Kyle was capable of loving two women. She wondered where it left her if Kyle wasn't over Lola. She said she couldn't go through that again. Phyllis told Summer to slow down, take six months to a year to figure things out, and allow the game to come to her.

Summer told Phyllis it sounded like a good idea, but she would think about it. She asked Phyllis how things were with her. Phyllis said things weren't great. She wanted Victoria to take a long cruise to a faraway place. Summer asked why Phyllis wouldn't allow Nick to buy the hotel back from Victoria, but Phyllis didn't want Nick fixing things for her. She claimed she could fix it herself. Summer said it was disconcerting the way Phyllis went about fixing things, and she left for work.

At Newman, Victoria received a text message from Adam: "Need to meet, Urgent. Just the three of us." She was surprised when Nick arrived. She said they needed to form a united front against Adam, and they wondered why Adam wanted to meet with them. Nick asked if Victor was aware of the meeting. Victoria hoped not because she didn't want Victor throwing Adam another lifeline.

When Adam arrived, he told Victoria and Nick he was giving them their freedom from him. Nick asked what Adam's angle was, but Adam claimed he'd had an epiphany. He'd always tried to force his way into the family and constantly looked for Victor's approval because he'd felt he was less of a man. He'd concluded that his weakness was his last name. He no longer wanted to live his life as a member of the Newman family. Victoria asked if he was divorcing them, and Nick wanted to know what the catch was. Adam claimed there was no catch. He wasn't looking for anything. He was cutting them loose. He asked that they let him do it in peace, and he left.

Victoria asked Nick "what the hell that was." They didn't believe that Adam was sincere. Victoria recalled an earlier time when she'd given Adam money to walk away, but he'd used the money to buy Nick's company from under him. Nick said that if Adam was serious, they wouldn't need to constantly look over their shoulders. Victoria said that if Adam disappeared, it would hit Victor very hard. She said they needed to keep their guard up and strike back if Adam did anything.

In Chance's suite, Chance and Abby were getting dressed for the day and smiling at each other. Chance said he was a lucky man to be with the most beautiful woman in the world. Flattered, Abby said she wasn't feeling the glow because she had to help plan Dina's memorial. Abby wished Chance good luck when he said he needed to make a quick stop before he went to work.

At home, Jack thanked Kyle for stopping by and helping with Dina's memorial plans. When the doorbell rang, Kyle opened the door and was face to face with Theo. The family gathered, and Theo said he was happy to be there. Jack apologized for not inviting Theo to Dina's last moments, but at the time, they hadn't had any idea that she would die so suddenly. Theo understood. Kyle made a suggestion for the memorial, but Jack stated it appeared it had been taken care of. Dina had planned her own funeral, right down to the dress for her cremation. Dina hadn't wanted anything formal or solemn but had instead chosen a celebration of her life.

Kyle said he had a list of Dina's favorite songs. Ashley remembered some of the parties Dina and John had thrown. Feeling uncomfortable, Theo offered to make a coffee run, but he was told there was coffee in the kitchen.

When Theo returned, Traci told everyone that the necklace was the inspiration for her new book. Abby said she had a ready-made title: "Teardrop of Love." Traci told Theo about the necklace and what it had meant to Dina. She said the necklace had been split and made into jewelry pieces for everyone to remember Dina by. Theo looked around and saw Kyle's tie pin, Jack's cufflinks, Ashley's emerald earring and Traci's necklace. Kyle saw Theo staring at his tie pin and smirked. Theo looked hurt.

Theo asked if Dina had inspired anyone. Ashley said she intended to create a fragrance in Dina's name and donate all the proceeds to the Alzheimer's Society. Theo said he could do a tribute to Dina through ChancComm. Kyle said he'd seen the type of articles ChancComm published, and Dina wouldn't want to have herself or the family exploited. Theo said he wouldn't do that, and he asked them not to base anything on the exposé about Adam. Jack said they had strengthened the family bond, and that was the tribute that Dina would have cherished.

Jack said that they had all agreed that Dina's celebration would be held at Society. Abby confirmed that Lola had agreed to prepare the food. Kyle stated that Lola would do an amazing job. Theo claimed he had nothing but praise for Kyle's ex-wife. Traci asked if there was anything else that they needed to take care of. Jack said the reading of the will. Everyone groaned. He said he'd spoken to the lawyer, and Dina had only made one change since Graham Bloodworth. Theo asked who Graham was. Abby said he didn't want to know. Theo asked what change Dina had made.

Kyle asked if Theo wanted to know if he would get a piece of the pie. Traci stepped in and said she didn't think that was what Theo meant. Kyle said that Traci didn't know Theo, and that was exactly what Theo meant. Theo spat that he hadn't asked for anything. He reminded Kyle that he was as much Dina's grandson as Kyle was -- and the son of her firstborn. Kyle cruelly stated that Theo was the son of the son Dina had never wanted. Jack raised his voice and told Kyle and Theo to stop and table their discussion until after the service.

Elsewhere, Abby told Ashley that she and Chance were moving forward with creating a family. Ashley was over the moon, but she didn't want to be called grandmother or granny. She said they would have to come up with another name for her. She told Abby that Dina would have been very proud to become a great-grandmother. Abby said that Dina had regretted not being the mother she should have been.

Jack stopped Kyle from leaving and reminded him that Theo hadn't grown up with the advantages that Kyle had had. Jack reminded him that Theo was family. Kyle said that Theo would use that for the rest of his life, and he left.

Victor met with Adam at Society. Adam told Victor that he'd had his name legally changed from Newman to Wilson and gave Victor the court order to prove it. He said he was severing all ties with the Newmans and that he'd already told Nick and Victoria. He said that Victor had rejected his own father's name. Victor asked if Adam had compared him to Albert Miller. Adam denied it but stated that he was freeing himself up. The atrocities he'd committed was as a Newman would be buried, but as Wilson, he would have a clean slate.

Victor told Adam if that was what he wanted, "so be it." However, he warned that Adam had crossed a line in his own mind, and it would be very difficult to return from that. Adam claimed he wouldn't want to return. He said he was done with all of them and walked out. Victor looked heartbroken.

Later, Chance paid Adam a visit at the penthouse. He told Adam the inquiry was over, and he was officially back on the police force. He said their activities in Vegas had been investigated, and the authorities hadn't found any signs that a crime had been committed. They were both off the hook.

Chance noticed the lackluster response from Adam, and he asked if Adam was obsessing over the article. Adam said he was great, and he'd found a new purpose. He informed Chance that Chelsea had left him, and he was refocusing. He said everything had worked out for the best. Chance claimed that Adam needed Chelsea to keep him grounded, but Adam said he was better off alone and shouldn't be part of Chelsea and Connor's lives.

Chance asked Adam what he was up to, but Adam said he was late for a very important meeting. He told Chance to show himself out. Adam went upstairs. When Chance was alone, he wondered "what the hell" Adam was up to.

Chance arrived at Society, to Abby's delight. Chance said he planned on being with her for a very long time. Abby suggested they go and practice their baby-making skills, but Chance said he was still "on the clock." Abby claimed he had something to look forward to at the end of the day. Abby asked how things had gone with Adam. Chance said he'd tried not to think the worst about Adam, but he had a gut feeling that the worst was yet to happen.

Traci found Theo at Crimson Lights. He said she shouldn't have followed him. Traci said that was what family did. Theo claimed he wasn't family -- he was the son of the kid Dina had never wanted. Traci said that wasn't true. He told Traci to ask Kyle. Traci said that at the end of the day, the family always came together. Theo acknowledged that Jack had tried to include him, but he felt like an outsider. Traci said it hadn't been Jack's intention. Theo claimed he would never belong to the family. He had accepted it, and so should Traci. Theo left.

Summer met Kyle in the park. Kyle said that things weren't working between them, and he didn't know what else he could do to prove that he loved her and that they could be good together. He said that Summer didn't trust him, and she never would. They were better off apart.

Victor met with Nick and Victoria at the Newman office. He asked if Adam had filled them in about severing ties with the family. Victoria asked if Victor believed Adam. Nick said he didn't. Victoria claimed that Adam was bluffing so they would let down their guard. Victor put the court order on Victoria's desk and informed them that Adam had changed his name to Wilson. Victoria said she knew it would be hard for Victor to accept, but he would finally have to let Adam go.

Adam returned to the penthouse, poured himself a drink, toasted to his "freedom," and looked very pleased with himself.

Lily makes a move on Billy

Lily makes a move on Billy

Friday, October 30, 2020

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe instructed Chelsea not to move off the sofa. Chelsea pointed out that her CT scan had been normal, and she expected her blood test results to be back soon. Chelsea attributed her collapse to living on caffeine instead of food for days, but Chloe noted that Chelsea had hit her head during her fall in the elevator and had been suffering headaches. Chelsea chalked it up to stress, and she figured that she just needed some downtime and a decent meal. Chloe refused to stop worrying until they got the test results back.

Chloe prepared to order in food, and she implored Chelsea to let go of her anxiety and focus on Connor and the future. Chelsea appreciated the support, especially since some people thought she couldn't act like a decent human being. Chelsea recalled that she'd recently been in a low place and felt the sudden desire to reconnect with her biological son, so she'd asked Billy to set up visitation with Johnny. Chloe flatly asked how the explosion had gone, and Chelsea bemoaned that Billy and Victoria had freaked out and made awful assumptions. Chloe reminded Chelsea that she'd given up her parental rights, and she understood why Billy and Victoria had been upset. Chelsea had hoped for a tiny bit of understanding and empathy, and she grumbled that it was too much to ask of some people.

Chelsea cuddled Miles in her arms as Chloe placed a food delivery order. Chloe turned the topic to her ideas for the fashion line. Chloe reiterated her idea of Chelsea working under an alias to avoid her connection to Adam, and she thought they could kick up the secret identity theme with a cool brand name to convey a mystique to entice people. Chelsea wanted to sleep on the idea at a hotel that night, but Chloe insisted that Chelsea stay there. Chloe added that she didn't just mean for the night -- she thought Chelsea should move in.

Chelsea hesitated to accept the invitation, but Chloe was sure that her whole family would be excited to have Chelsea there. Kevin arrived home, and Chloe informed him that she'd just invited Chelsea to bunk with them. Chelsea added that she hadn't yet agreed, and Kevin questioned why anyone would knowingly move into a house with a newborn. He insisted that he'd love to have her stay, since it had made his day to hear about her breakup with Adam. Kevin invited Chelsea to pick her wing.

Later, Chloe put Miles down to sleep, and Kevin reported that he'd set up food in the kitchen. Kevin expected that it would become a party once Bella found out Chelsea would be living with them. Chelsea thanked him, since staying there was just what she needed. Chloe thought it was good to be surrounded by people who cared, and Kevin vowed to do everything he could to help Chelsea leave Adam in the dust. Chelsea considered the breakup to be long overdue, since Adam had pushed her too far that time. Chelsea declared that Adam was on his own.

Adam arrived at Chancellor Communications, and Billy waited for him to pick a fight. Adam revealed that he was there to ask for a truce. Adam claimed that he was somewhat grateful to Billy for putting out the article that had shown the world what a monstrous person Adam was because it had forced him to confront the terrible things he'd done. Adam continued that he didn't want to go down that path anymore, and he preferred to put the bad blood in the past and leave it there. Billy incredulously asked if Adam wanted Billy to not only believe he was a changed man but also to forgive him.

Billy guessed that it was part of Adam's plan to get Chelsea back. Adam accepted that Chelsea had left him, and her departure had been part of what had opened his eyes. Billy noted that Adam sounded convincing, and he suggested that Adam leave town because there was nothing left for him there. Adam shared that he was weighing his options, and in the meantime, he wanted them to agree to a ceasefire by ignoring one another.

Billy huffed that he couldn't ignore the bad things Adam had done, like breaking into Victoria's house. Adam maintained that he hadn't done it, and he insisted that the vicious cycle of accusations and retaliations needed to end. He announced that he'd cut ties with the Newmans and that he was petitioning the court to change his name back to Adam Wilson -- the man he'd been before his association with the Newman family had destroyed him. Adam declared that his statement was on the record. "So, feel free to print that," Adam stated, and he walked out.

At Society, Jack ran into Adam, who asked how Dina was doing. Jack sadly reported that she'd passed away a couple of days earlier, and Adam extended his condolences. Jack mentioned that there would be a private memorial the next day, and he invited Adam to sit down. Jack recognized that his relationship with his mother had been complicated; he'd anticipated her death, but he didn't think anyone was ever ready for it to happen. Jack took comfort in knowing Dina had been at peace in the end, surrounded by family in a room full of love.

Adam recalled that he'd been completely unprepared when his mom had died, but he was grateful that he'd been there by her side. He hoped being able to have that final moment had given Jack some comfort, and he mused that being at peace was all any of them wanted. Jack was surprised to see Adam that calm after the brutal article, and he wondered if Adam was worse off than he was letting on. Adam proclaimed that he was finally out of the darkness.

Adam explained that he'd been obsessed with being a Newman ever since he'd learned he was Victor's son, trying to get his father's approval or attention by any means necessary. He was determined not to live that way any longer, and he thought Jack could understand after the decades Victor and Jack had spent at war, only to have the animosity between them fade away. Jack considered his relationship with Victor to be more of a work in progress. Adam didn't want to waste another moment with looking back, and he intended to forge a new path for himself.

Jack assumed Adam's future would be with Chelsea and Connor. Adam revealed that he and Chelsea had split up, but he planned to be with his son when the time was right. Jack thought Chelsea would love the new version of Adam, but Adam accepted that it was over between them. He just wanted to think about the present. Jack asked what that meant for Adam and the rest of Genoa City, and Adam declared that Jack and the rest of the town would know soon enough.

At his penthouse, Adam furiously typed on his computer. He looked over at a photo of Chelsea and Connor and placed it in a drawer before resuming what he was working on.

At Crimson Lights, Elena stopped short when she spotted Nate. They awkwardly greeted one another, and he remarked that he was glad she was okay, since she hadn't answered his calls after she'd literally run off when she'd seen him the other day. Elena stammered that she hadn't been able to deal. Nate stated that if she was willing to listen, there was something he needed to say.

Nate said he was sorry, but Elena suggested that he tell it to Devon and Amanda because he didn't need to apologize to her. Nate clarified that he shouldn't have selfishly told Elena how he felt about her, knowing she was still in love with Devon. Nate inquired whether she'd had any luck talking to Devon. She replied that she'd left messages, but Devon had made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with her. Elena turned the topic to Nate's hand, and he hoped to get the green light to resume performing surgery soon. She left to work the late shift.

A short time later, Lily entered the coffeehouse and faced Nate, who surmised that she was furious with him. She lectured that the Nate she knew would never sleep with his cousin's girlfriend. She recounted that Nate had looked after Devon like a brother when Hilary had died, and she didn't understand why Nate had violated Devon's trust. Lily barked that after everything they'd been through, they'd needed one another, but their family had been shattered in one night. She was glad her dad wasn't there to see it.

Nate regretted the agony he'd caused, and he understood if Lily hated him, because he hated himself. He thought he deserved whatever he lost, and she asked if his hand was healing all right. He called it a temporary setback, and he refused to complain about the injury because it never would have happened if he hadn't done the unthinkable. Lily empathized with what it was like to live with oneself after doing something indefensible, since she'd seen what her actions had done to her brother. She pointed out that there was still hope, since Devon had eventually forgiven her, and anything was possible if he'd been able to do that.

Amanda was surprised to see Devon at the Grand Phoenix because she'd thought he was in New York. He mentioned that he'd been gone on an overnight trip, but he'd returned for a meeting at the hotel. He confirmed that he'd signed the artist that he'd traveled to see, and he told her that she'd missed out on a fun trip. Amanda observed that he looked like he'd partied a little too much. Devon responded that he'd just been having a good time and enjoying life, which he considered to be a better way to go than how he'd done things before.

Amanda clucked that it looked like Devon was doing everything he could to numb the pain, but he reasoned that musicians just liked to have parties. She expressed concern because she'd heard about what he'd gone through after Hilary had passed. He admitted that he'd self-medicated, but he pledged not to go down that road again. Amanda suspected that he was more torn up than he was letting on, and she urged him to talk with a friend rather than deny what was going on inside. She offered to treat him to a nice meal to thank him for all the support he'd given her since she'd found out Hilary was her sister.

Devon asked if Amanda had found out anything more about Rose's neighbors' claims that a baby had turned up out of nowhere. Amanda revealed that she'd read another interview with one of the building's residents, who'd said she'd almost gotten her head bitten off when she'd inquired about the baby's father. Devon assumed Amanda would investigate further, but she wasn't sure she wanted to pursue it. He recalled her telling him not to avoid the truth, no matter how difficult it was to face, and he urged her to follow her own advice. She promised to take it under advisement.

Amanda returned to her hotel suite and contemplated what to do with the investigator's file. She called her investigator and requested to meet Nadine, Rose's former neighbor.

Nick entered the clinic and found Nate staring down at his bandaged hand. Nick asked how everything was going, and Nate responded that it was all good. Nick sensed there was more going on, and he wondered how bad the damage to Nate's hand really was. Nate confided that it was worse than he'd wanted to admit, and it scared "the hell" out of him.

Nick asked if Nate would be able to perform surgery again once his hand was healed. Nate preferred not to discuss it, but Nick volunteered to be there as a sounding board. Nick repeated that he wasn't there to judge Nate, since Nick had been in similar shoes. He offered to listen if Nate wanted to talk about Devon or Elena. Nate insisted that Elena had been a one-time thing, but Nick doubted that Nate would have risked hurting Devon that way over a one-night stand.

Nate spilled that he'd cared about Elena for a long time, but he'd fought his feelings because they'd been wrong. Nick reasoned that sometimes a person couldn't stop from falling for someone, and he asked where Elena stood. Nate regretted opening up about his feelings to her, since it had only upset her. Nate resolved to accept the consequences of his actions and focus on his recovery -- without Elena.

Elena was surprised to find Devon at her apartment. He informed her that Lola had told him the women were roommates, and he thought there were some things they should get out in the open so they could move forward. Devon figured that Elena and Nate probably belonged together, since there was obviously something between them, or they wouldn't have slept together. Devon thought they deserved one another, and he encouraged Elena not to hold back if she was just trying not to flaunt a new relationship in his face. He added that she shouldn't worry about her and Devon having a chance of getting back together, and she should be happy being with Nate if it was what she wanted.

Elena admitted that she'd done something terrible, but she'd never known Devon to be that intentionally cruel. She surmised that he was trying to punish her, and she told him that he'd achieved his goal. Devon claimed that he was only trying to give Elena an out, and he wondered why she wasn't taking it. She swore that she would undo what had happened with Nate if she could, since it made her sick to her stomach. She cried that Devon had been nothing but good to her and had given her something precious.

Elena recounted that she'd still been struggling with her mother's death when she and Devon had met, and she'd spent all her time caring for Jett as an excuse to avoid people. Elena credited Devon with helping her return to the land of the living, and she thought she'd done the same for him by helping him heal from the losses of Hilary, the baby, and Neil. Elena swore that all she'd wanted was for him to feel safe and protected, and it was why she'd stood by his side to assure him that everything would be okay. She added that Devon had given her someone to love and to fight for, and he meant everything to her. "So, why'd you throw it all away then?" Devon demanded to know.

Devon agreed that what he and Elena had shared had changed his world and been very real, but it hadn't been real enough to keep her from having sex with Nate. Devon didn't understand how things had gotten to that point if she loved Devon and had no feelings for Nate. Devon refused to believe that it had been about saving Jared's life, since she could have turned to Devon if she'd needed someone to lean on, but she'd made a conscious choice to cross the line with his cousin instead. Devon spat that Elena had chosen that over him and over them, and he wasn't going to forgive it. He walked out the door as Elena crumpled into tears.

Lily was surprised to find Billy still at the office. He said he'd been waiting for her, and he hoped she hadn't been avoiding him after her conversation with Victoria. Lily mentioned that Victoria had voiced concern about how the way Billy dealt with Adam in the future would affect ChancComm. Billy stressed that he'd agreed to run everything by Lily, and she swore that she trusted in what they had as partners and friends. He offered to take his partner out to dinner to talk about something over food and wine, since nothing was more important. She asked if he meant the dinner or the conversation, and he replied, "Both."

At Society, Billy filled Lily in about Adam's latest speech about changing his ways. Lily wasn't worried about ChancComm taking a hit if Adam was plotting something. She intended to proceed with cautious optimism, since she believed everyone had the ability to change and become a better person. Billy admired her ability to see the best in people and her willingness to give second chances. She called her and Billy the king and queen of second chances, and she didn't think they'd be running a business together if she hadn't been able to recognize how hard he'd worked to become the man he was then.

Billy wasn't sure how to feel about how well Lily thought she knew him. Lily applauded the strength Billy had shown by pulling himself out of his downward spiral and turning his life around. He joked that she was going to ruin his reputation as a major screwup, and the compliments were making him uncomfortable. She teased that she saw right through him, and he responded that he was very glad she did.

Billy waited with Lily for the elevator at the Grand Phoenix. He thanked her for having dinner with him. She repeated his words about how well she read him, and she thought he could read her just as well. She referred to when he'd called her out about thinking of kissing him, and she'd said they shouldn't. He recalled that he'd agreed to drop the subject and walk away. Lily stepped onto the elevator, and Billy followed. "I'm not walking away now, am I?" Lily purred, and she moved in close to him as the elevator doors closed.

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