The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of November 2, 2020

Chelsea discovered Adam's plans on his computer. Someone abducted and drugged Chelsea. Adam received a mysterious package. Victoria plotted to ambush Adam with a document that forfeited his rights to the Newman fortune. Faith blew up upon finding Adam with Sharon. Sally Spectra arrived in Genoa City.
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Someone abducted and drugged Chelsea, and Sally Spectra arrived in Genoa City
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The Abbotts celebrate Dina

The Abbotts celebrate Dina

Monday, November 2, 2020

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley and Traci, dressed in black mourning attire, informed Jack that it was time to head to the church for Dina's memorial service. Jack lingered in thought near the fireplace mantel lined with family photos. After another prompting by his sisters, Jack turned to face them and said, "Just thinking how many times in my life I have said goodbye to Dina, always knowing I'd see her again. How hard to contemplate that this is the last time." Traci and Ashley nodded in agreement.

Jack recalled having engaged in imaginary conversations with his father after his father's death. Jack explained that John was part of his brain, whereas Dina was part of his heart. Jack cried that he was losing part of his heart. Ashley assured Jack that they'd get through their loss just as their family had triumphed together over every struggle. Jack requested a little more time alone. Traci told Jack she and Ashley would save him a seat up front.

After Traci and Ashley left, Jack opened a desk drawer and took out a silver box shaped like a heart. Inside the velvet-lined box was a heart-shaped emerald stone. Jack closed the box and held it close to his heart. Jack admired his cufflinks, lovingly stroking the emerald setting before he rushed out. When Jack opened the door, he found Theo waiting to knock. Theo said he wasn't sure he'd be welcome at the service, given what had happened between him and Kyle. Jack assured Theo that the family, including Kyle, would welcome him at his grandmother's service.

Jack also assured Theo that Kyle would respect Kyle's position in the family. Theo said that "respect" was the word he'd wanted to hear, and he recalled that Dina had been a connection to his past, noting that not all Abbotts shared Jack's eagerness to include him. Theo expressed doubt that Kyle would ever accept him into the family. Jack replied, "Kyle does not make the rules." Theo promised not to create outbursts or throw punches when he was with Kyle. Jack laughed and noted that Dina would welcome drama at her memorial.

Theo asked about the necklace when he saw the silver box. Theo admired the center stone and noticed it was no longer part of a necklace. Theo recalled that the smaller stones that had surrounded the Teardrop of Love had been set in cufflinks for Jack, earrings for Ashley, and fashioned into other pieces for members of the Abbott side of Dina's family. Jack replied, "It's not about sides, Abbott or otherwise, and the intention was never to exclude anyone." Jack said he'd wanted to recognize and commemorate a shared experience for those who'd been in the room when Dina had died. Jack expressed regret that Theo hadn't been present. Theo replied, "Thank you. That really means a lot."

At Crimson Lights, Lola encountered Kyle adding sugar and creamer to his coffee. Lola greeted Kyle by reminding him he wouldn't be allowed to take coffee into the church. Kyle acknowledged that he needed coffee and wasn't above sneaking it in. Lola quipped that Kyle would be smuggling coffee. Her comment broke the ice and made them both smile. Lola told Kyle she'd already stopped by the church to light a candle for Dina to honor her memory. Kyle thanked Lola, noting that it was a thoughtful gesture. Kyle acknowledged that Dina's death had been a big loss to their family. Just as Lola was about to leave, Summer arrived.

The frustration showed on Summer's face, and Kyle appeared distressed. Summer said, "Of course, the two of you are together." Lola said she was on her way to work, pointed out that she lived above Kyle's favorite coffeehouse, and insisted she had no time for one of Summer's diatribes. Summer reminded Lola that Lola had recently yelled at Summer in public. Lola again apologized and said Summer, due to her insecurities, seemed determined to run from the best thing that had ever happened to her. Summer insisted she was aware of the state of her relationship with Kyle. Kyle shook his head in dismay. Before Lola left, she pleaded with Summer to have consideration for the Abbotts instead of making the day about her needs. Kyle thanked Lola for having lit a candle for Dina.

After Lola left, Summer launched into a diatribe about Lola and offered to get coffee elsewhere. Kyle begged her to stay while he drank his coffee. Kyle told Summer he hoped they'd be able to sit in the same space without screaming at each other, acknowledging that they'd both said and done things recently that had pushed them further apart. Summer changed the subject and said the day should be set aside to say goodbye to Dina. Summer assured Kyle she'd be civil in honor of Dina. Kyle mentioned Jack's loneliness after having devoted himself to Dina, and he recalled how much his grandmother had enjoyed Summer. Summer praised Dina for having been a good listener. Kyle invited Summer to ride with him to the service.

At Society, Abby carefully ensured that every detail was perfect ahead of the reception planned after Dina's service. Chance assured Abby she'd done everything perfectly according to Dina's wishes. Chance set Abby at ease by offering to take a personal day of leave to assist her. Abby insisted that Chance not take a day off because her family would understand why he could only attend the service. Abby beamed as she told Chance how certain she was that Dina would have approved of their relationship because they both wanted the same things. Abby added that Dina would have also embraced Chance because of his family connection to Katherine. Chance told Abby it was the first time in his life that he felt like he was home after spending years living as a nomad.

Abby showed Chance a bracelet she was wearing, explaining that Jack had commissioned the design in memory of Dina. Abby added that, to her, the emerald bracelet also signified the beginning of their journey together. Chance replied, "I love you."

After Chance left, Lola saw Abby checking for smudges on the stemware. Abby asked Lola how she was handling things, recalling how she'd loved Dina. Lola said she'd been better. Lola admitted she'd told Summer not to make the day about herself. Both Abby and Lola agreed it wasn't the right day to put Summer in her place.

At Chancellor Park, Traci ran her fingers over her emerald necklace, and Ashley lovingly placed her index finger and thumb on either side of her emerald earrings. Ashley took a deep breath, admired the colorful leaves, and exclaimed that there was nothing better than Genoa City in the fall. Traci was surprised, given all the places Ashley had visited. Ashley explained that her familiar surroundings were all reminiscent of home. Traci spoke about New York City also feeling like home, explaining that she related more with John than Dina because she was pragmatic and steady like a rock. Ashley replied that nurture had won over nature because she was also more like their hardworking, nose-to-the-grindstone dad.

After Traci complimented Ashley's cheekbones, which favored Dina's, Ashley recalled that Traci had written about the resemblance in her first published novel,Echoes of the Past. Traci mentioned the Teardrop of Love and said she was writing a book detailing what she'd learned from her mother. Ashley acknowledged that they'd also learned what not to do from their mother. Traci and Ashley both decried Dina's choice to abandon her children. Traci recalled the pain of losing Colleen, and she praised Dina for inspiring her children to learn more about forgiveness and healing a broken mother-child bond. Ashley credited the necklace for allowing Dina to release whatever had prevented her from embracing happiness in her final moments.

Traci gave credit to Jack for finding the Teardrop of Love. Ashley and Traci gave a nod to the nearby plaque honoring Katherine Chancellor. Ashley conjectured that the two grand dames were swapping stories in heaven. Traci imagined the pair skinny-dipping with John Abbott and Stuart Brooks, along with other Genoa City boys. Chance happened by, and Ashley asked to have a private word with him. Ashley thanked Chance for supporting Abby. Chance assured Ashley he'd be by Abby's side for a long time. Ashley expressed pride in Abby and told Chance he was lucky. Chance was relieved and said he'd feared he was about to be reprimanded. Ashley laughed and jokingly asked Chance if he'd met Abby's father.

After the service, the Abbott family gathered at Society. A life-sized portrait of Dina was set up near the entrance. Theo stood outside the window and watched the family sharing stories before he walked away. Summer told Jack a story Dina had vividly recalled, despite her dementia, about having successfully negotiated a business deal with a room full of powerful men. Jack related similar experiences with Dina.

Jack consoled Summer and mentioned the rift between her and Kyle. Jack assured Summer he would be willing to talk when she was ready. Lola brought in a tray of food as Summer told Jack she believed Kyle was in denial and feared they might have blown their last chance. After Lola returned to the kitchen, Jack invited the family to toast Dina. Jack mentioned Dina's affliction and how it had slowly diminished her, adding that they'd been fortunate she'd spent her last days back with them. Jack fondly remembered how he could sometimes discern a spark of Dina while gazing into in her eyes, and he recalled how the brash, brave, clever, and beautiful Dina had shone through moments before she'd died. Jack cried, "We shall not see again a person like her."

Lola was busy in the kitchen when Theo walked in through the back door. Lola asked Theo what he was doing. Theo replied, "You know me. I like to make an entrance." Lola asked Theo if he planned to crash Dina's reception. Theo reminded Lola that Dina was his grandmother. Lola cautioned Theo about flaunting his oversized sense of entitlement. Theo cried that he'd been rejected after acting one way and had also been deemed even worse after behaving a different way. Lola suggested Theo stop playing a part and just be himself.

Theo made a grand entrance into the dining room, boldly greeted the Abbotts, and held everyone's attention. Traci replied, "Welcome, Theo." Jack said he hadn't been sure Theo would show up. Theo admitted he hadn't been sure he'd been invited. Kyle quietly mumbled, "I don't think you were." Theo recalled that Dina had wanted her memorial to be a party. Abby agreed. Theo remembered how much Dina had loved music, dancing, and parties. Theo said Dina had once hummed a song she'd loved and had fondly remembered dancing to the tune with her beloved John. Theo used a remote to turn on the sound system and played "I Want It All" by the Rob Parton Orchestra, featuring Alex McDougall. Kyle's facial muscles tightened as he forced himself not to react. Lola heard the upbeat music from the kitchen.

Jack's face lit up, and he exclaimed, "Perfect, Theo. Just perfect." Theo said he was certain Dina would want the song played in her memory. Theo took a shot of tequila and began dancing behind the bar. Kyle raced toward Theo, but Jack stopped him and said, "He needs to grieve his grandmother, too." Jack told everyone it was time to liven things up. Everyone except Kyle and Summer began swaying and dancing to the jazzy tune. Lola brought out another tray of food and soon joined in the merriment, too. Kyle set down his drink and walked out. Summer followed after him.

After everyone began sharing stories about Dina, Chance arrived and took it all in. Jack noted that some of the headier tales about Dina were embellished legends. Jack's comment reminded Ashley about a fictional person named Javier. Jack explained that their father had told them that their mother had run off with a matador from Madrid. Ashley, laughing, said she and her siblings had believed the tale and had told their friends at school about their mother running away with a matador.

Traci noted that despite the fabrications, Dina had been wooed by a number of glamorous European men. Jack then remembered a gambler named Duke Armand, later determined to be a fraud. Traci acknowledged that there was always a modicum of truth to Dina's crazily embellished stories. Theo raised his shot glass and said the stories described how Dina should be remembered. Theo poured himself another shot and appeared to be plotting something as he gulped down the liquor in one swallow.

Summer raced to catch up with Kyle at Chancellor Park. Summer asked Kyle if he was okay and where he thought he was going. Kyle, frustrated, cried, "Away from there. I don't know anything anymore. I don't have a family." Summer disagreed. Kyle complained that he had no one left on his mom's side and that he was being pushed out by the Abbotts. Summer assured Kyle he wasn't being pushed out of his family. Kyle claimed Theo attempted to worm his way into everything. Summer rattled off family names, recalling how each had shown him their love and support.

Kyle told Summer he agreed that he was being unreasonable and cited stress and his separation from Summer for his moodiness. Summer reminded Kyle that he'd said they were better off apart. Summer attempted to pinpoint Kyle's dislike of Theo and noted that Theo, a player who constantly cut ethical corners, was everything Kyle strived not to be. Kyle cried that his family lapped up Theo's phoniness. Summer assured Kyle that everyone could see through Theo's scams.

Chelsea is horrified when she discovers Adam's plan

Chelsea is horrified when she discovers Adam's plan

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Victor tracked down Chelsea at the Chancellor mansion, and he remarked that she'd run there after abandoning Adam. Chelsea spat that if Victor had any idea what was on Adam's mind or in his heart, it was the last thing he'd accuse her of. Victor inquired whether she was aware that Adam was changing his name back to Adam Wilson and cutting ties with the Newman family. Victor wondered what else Adam was up to, and Chelsea replied that it wasn't her responsibility anymore -- it was Victor's. Victor sensed that Chelsea still cared about his son, and he questioned why she wasn't still with Adam.

Chelsea invited Victor to ask Adam why he ran to Sharon every time he needed help instead of turning to Chelsea. Chelsea recalled that she and Adam had been happy before the incident in Kansas had resurfaced, but she no longer recognized him. Victor pointed out that Chelsea loved Adam, but she doubted she'd ever see the Adam she knew and loved again. Victor was adamant that they needed to keep Adam from destroying himself. He mentioned that he'd heard Adam was up to something.

Chelsea surmised that Victor wanted her to be his spy. He explained that he wanted her to steer Adam in the right direction, but Chelsea wondered if Victor truly had Adam's best interests at heart. Chelsea thought it was asking too much of her, and she requested something in return -- her son. Victor assumed she meant Connor, but Chelsea clarified that Victoria wouldn't let her near Johnny. Chelsea hoped to spend a little time with Johnny to get to know him, and she likened it to how Victor wanted a relationship with his son. Victor pushed her to see how far she could get with Adam while he thought about helping her with her son. He headed out.

At home, Adam was on the phone, ensuring that a large order would be sent to the address he'd provided. He confirmed that he'd be paying in cash, and he hung up. An eleven-year-old version of himself appeared and warned that it was a bad idea. "But you already know that, don't you?" young Adam asked.

Adam opened his laptop, and the younger version of himself asked what they were doing. Young Adam begged Adam to listen before it was too late, since their mom wouldn't like it, and it wouldn't make the pain go away. Adam barked that he'd heard enough, but the boy implored Adam to ask himself why the questions were that hard to hear. Young Adam stressed that Hope would be mad and disappointed, and he argued that what hurt her would hurt them, too. Adam flatly stated that his mom wasn't there anymore, and he was only doing what needed to be done.

Young Adam insisted that they hadn't meant to kill A.J., and it didn't mean they were evil just because they'd been trying to protect their mom. The kid questioned why Adam didn't understand, and he repeatedly yelled Adam's name to get his attention. Adam angrily slammed his computer shut. The boy understood that Adam was sad and scared, but he believed Adam could be strong and brave and turn it around by being the man Hope had wanted him to be. Young Adam pleaded not to make him go away. Adam struggled to regain his composure.

Adam was surprised when Chelsea let herself into the penthouse. He asked why she was there, and she indicated that she'd left a few things behind. He gestured to some suitcases and revealed that he'd finished packing for her. He added that he would have sent her things to her to spare her from returning, but she figured that he'd hoped to spare himself from seeing her again. She wondered why he hadn't called a delivery service, and he replied that he didn't know where she was staying. He suggested that she send a text message the next time, so they could avoid awkward moments like that in the future.

Chelsea inquired whether what she'd heard about Adam turning his back on his family and changing his name was true. She mentioned that Victor was concerned that there was more going on than Adam had told him, and Adam realized the real reason for her unannounced visit was to find out what he was up to. Adam dryly suggested that she leave her key so she wouldn't risk barging in on him and Sharon. Chelsea groused that the conversation hadn't had anything to do with Sharon, yet Adam had needed to drag her name into it. Chelsea advised him to get it through his head that Sharon didn't want him -- just like everyone else in his life who knew he was broken.

Adam immersed himself in something on his computer. Chelsea voiced surprise that he was ignoring her instead of defending Sharon's honor, but he replied that he had nothing to say. Chelsea recognized that there was nothing worse than a broken heart, and she should know. She expected that he knew exactly where she was living, and she shared that she hadn't had any peace and quiet with the kids crying and playing at the Chancellor mansion. She added that it was unpredictable and insane at times -- and she loved it because the house was filled with the sounds of a happy family.

Chelsea wondered if Adam remembered what that sounded like, and she recalled fond moments, like laughing until they'd cried after breaking an ugly glass bowl while playing soccer inside. She whimpered that she remembered it all. It broke her heart because they'd been happy once upon a time, but Adam was living alone in a quiet, impersonal penthouse. She wondered if he'd been spending his days seeking more revenge on the Newmans. Adam bellowed that she'd wanted him out of her life, and that was exactly what she'd achieved.

Adam received a call and said he had to take it privately. He instructed Chelsea to take her things and show herself out. He stepped out of the room as he told the person on the other end of the line that everything was set. Chelsea started to head out, but she stopped to check Adam's computer. "Oh, my God, Adam, what are you planning?" she whispered as her eyes grew wide in horror.

At Society, Phyllis ranted to Nick about how Victoria had booked three floors of the Grand Phoenix at a cut rate for the attendees at Newman's upcoming roundtable event. Phyllis pointed out that it was the deal she had pitched, and it was what had gotten her into that mess to begin with. Phyllis groused that Newman would end up smelling like a rose, even though the move had been deliberate and petty. She noticed that Nick seemed preoccupied with something on his phone, and she asked if he was listening.

Nick informed Phyllis that she'd been talking about Victoria and the roundtable for three hours, and Phyllis was right about all of it. He questioned what Phyllis was going to do about it, and she bemoaned that there was nothing she could do. Nick reminded her that he'd already offered to help her, but she continued to refuse to let him bail her out. He urged her to work with Victoria to find a manageable solution that worked for both of them, but Phyllis assumed that Victoria wouldn't listen to anything but her terms of surrender. Nick offered his services as a peace broker, and all he had to do was push the send button. Phyllis demanded to know who he was about to message.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki was taken aback by Victoria's plan to host the business roundtable at the Grand Phoenix at a cut rate, since the hotel would hemorrhage money. Nikki questioned why that was a good thing when Newman owned 75 percent of it. Victoria reasoned that it was negligible compared to the publicity they'd get -- and she'd get to watch Phyllis fall apart. Nikki balked at Newman taking a huge financial loss just so Victoria could get revenge, but Victoria preferred to discuss what was going on with Adam. Victoria asked how her dad was taking the news that Adam wanted nothing to do with the Newmans, and Nikki reported that Victor was heartbroken. Victoria's phone pinged, and she discovered a breakfast invitation.

Victoria arrived at Society and demanded that Nick explain why she was there. Phyllis snapped that she'd told Nick about Victoria's latest scheme to crush her, and he'd asked Victoria to join them without Phyllis' approval. Victoria suspected that Nick had known she wouldn't have shown up if she'd known Phyllis was there, but he appealed to her to give him an hour to find a way for the two women to figure out how to work together. Nick lectured that Victor hadn't taught Victoria to do business by wasting time and money, and he asked Phyllis what she would do if Summer faced a challenge like that. He proclaimed that no one was going anywhere until they worked it out.

Nick assumed that Victoria had devised the plan that would cause the Grand Phoenix to lose money. Victoria huffed that she was the major shareholder, and it was Phyllis' job to take directives from above and find a way to make them profitable. Phyllis argued that it hadn't been a sound business decision; rather, it had been an assault on her hotel. Victoria implied that she could hire someone else who was capable of making a profit.

Phyllis suggested that Victoria urge her business gurus to invite their significant others, so the hotel could make money off them at the spa or the Escape Club. Phyllis continued that they could have a party after the business meetings were done, complete with a local DJ, food, and drinks. Victoria preferred to go big or go home by hiring a hot band to give her associates a private concert. The women agreed that it had to be unforgettable. A wide-eyed Nick looked on as Phyllis planned to call Devon to schedule one of LP's acts, while Victoria offered to contact her public relations people.

Phyllis reported that Devon was sending over the names of his top DJs and bands. Victoria insisted on being copied on all the details, since she'd use her connections if they hit a snag. Phyllis was glad that Victoria was helping instead of trying to pillage the hotel of profits, but Victoria clucked that it was an afterparty and not a moneymaker. Phyllis anticipated that the business nerds would have the time of their lives, leading to repeat business and referrals to their friends that would make money in the future.

Victoria gave Phyllis credit for the great idea, and she swore that they were on the same team. Phyllis ordered Victoria to stay in her own lane, and Victoria promised that she would as long as Phyllis kept people happy and turned in a hefty profit. Victoria warned Phyllis not to disappoint her, and she headed back to the office. Phyllis marveled at the miracle that had just happened, and she contemplated getting a plaque to commemorate the moment she and Victoria had agreed on something. Phyllis called Nick brilliant.

Victoria returned to work, and Nikki was stunned to hear that the roundtable might be profitable after Victoria had just been willing to lose a small fortune to get under Phyllis' skin. Victoria conceded that Phyllis had had good ideas, and Victoria had helped to make them better. Nikki worried that Phyllis might try to stab Victoria in the back, but Victoria thought it might be interesting if they moved forward together.

Victor was glad to find both Nikki and Victoria at the office. He shared that he'd had a conversation with Chelsea about the situation with Adam, and he'd asked her to reconcile with Adam, who needed someone who loved him to provide stability in his life. Victor continued that Chelsea had thought he was trying to find out what Adam was planning, and Victoria asked if Chelsea had been right. Victor maintained that he loved his son, but he sensed that Adam was up to something big. He hoped to use Chelsea to find out what it was.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis wondered if she'd hallucinated her and Victoria reaching an agreement. Nick pointed out that he'd had the same hallucination, and Phyllis ribbed him for orchestrating the meeting without her consent. Phyllis thanked him for not only doing something incredible for her but also changing her viewpoint, since she was no longer wallowing in sadness. Nick cited his skills as a broker of peace, and she purred that he deserved to be thanked by a woman who knew how to show her gratitude. They headed upstairs.

At Crimson Lights, Jordan wondered why Faith was frowning. Faith groaned that it was the end of the world, and she referred to the latest group chat. Jordan checked her phone and found a message from a classmate who had wished Faith's uncle would switch her again so they wouldn't have to put up with her. Jordan quickly typed a reply that warned if anyone tried to go after Faith, they'd have to go through Jordan first. Faith was grateful, and Jordan figured that protection was one of the perks of being besties, since they were practically sisters. Summer overheard and asked if her name had been mentioned, and Faith introduced Summer to her new best friend. Summer looked suspicious.

Faith explained that Jordan's brother was in her class, but Summer noted that the girls had been the ones who'd become friends. Jordan's phone chimed, and Faith worried that it was more noise from the group chat. Jordan enthused that it was a message from Brett, who was having people over for a party because his parents were away for the day. Faith perked up at the possibility of attending, but she was deflated when Jordan abruptly said she had to run. Jordan told Summer it was nice meeting her, and she headed out. Summer pressed to know how Faith and Jordan had become friends.

Faith recalled that she and Jordan had been wearing the same shirt one day when they'd bumped into one another in the hallway, and it could have been weird, but Jordan had told everyone that they were twins who'd been born two years apart. Summer balked at the age difference, but Faith insisted that it wasn't a big deal. Summer remembered having older friends when she'd been Faith's age, and she'd crossed lines she'd never thought she'd cross to try to fit in with a different league. Faith swore that she wouldn't do anything stupid.

Summer advised Faith to be careful because she didn't want to see Faith make the same mistakes Summer had made. Faith joked that she'd make new ones, and Summer encouraged her to call if she needed anything. After Summer left for work, Jordan sent a text message to ask Faith if her sister was gone. Jordan revealed that she hadn't wanted to invite Faith to the party in front of Summer. Jordan urged Faith to grab a bikini and make sure she looked hot.

Later, Faith showed up on the Crimson Lights patio, wearing makeup and a skimpy dress. Jordan gestured for her to twirl around, and she imagined that jaws would drop. Jordan wondered how Faith had managed to get out of the house, dressed like that, and Faith reported that she'd told her mom that she was spending the night at Jordan's place. Jordan crowed that Faith's parents thought Jordan was a good influence.

Faith asked if there was anything she should know about the pool party. Jordan promised that Faith would have the time of her life because Brett had invited only the coolest people who were down for anything. Faith doubted that Brett had ever even noticed her, but Jordan expected that Faith would be tattooed on his brain after that night.

At Jabot, Kyle found Summer in the conference room. He asked if she was ready to tackle their workload, but she wanted to find out how he was doing first. He asserted that he hadn't given the thing with Theo a second thought, but she knew it had been difficult for Kyle to say goodbye to Dina. Kyle figured that it had been hard for all of them, but Dina would tell them that they were wasting time by worrying about something they couldn't change. He suggested that they get back to work. Summer became increasingly frazzled as Kyle rattled off items on their meeting agenda.

Summer blurted out that it was impossible for her to focus on work because everything between her and Kyle was up in the air. Kyle noted that it sounded like a personal problem, since everything between them was dead and buried. He prepared to go find a quiet place to work, and he recommended that Summer find a way to collect herself and keep her head in the game. He requested that she let him know when she was ready to discuss Jabot, but the other conversation was never happening again. He walked out.

Summer tried to concentrate on work as she heard a woman call out to ask for a little help. The woman appeared in the doorway and said she'd never been all the way up there, so she was a little lost. Summer asked who she was. The woman announced that she was Sally Spectra.

Chelsea is abducted

Chelsea is abducted

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

by Nel

Chelsea was at the penthouse, and she was shocked to see what was on Adam's computer. Adam entered the room and asked what she was doing. Stunned, Chelsea asked Adam to tell her he wasn't planning what she thought he was. Adam accused her of jumping to conclusions and believing that he was a monster. He said he'd seen the mistrust and fear in her eyes since she'd learned what had happened when he'd been an eleven-year-old boy in Kansas.

Adam said what was on his computer could be something very innocent, but she had seen it as something evil. Chelsea asked him to explain why he had the schematics for Newman Tower on his computer and a big red "X" right by the CEO's office. She said anyone would be suspicious after seeing that. She asked why she shouldn't be suspicious.

Adam explained to Chelsea that he wanted to rent office space, but Chelsea didn't believe him and asked if he planned on doing something to the building and the people in it. She asked him to stop and think about what he was about to do. Adam claimed that was all he'd been doing, and it had led him to that point. Chelsea warned him not to do something he couldn't come back from. Adam said he was bored with the conversation and suggested she leave. Chelsea cried that she loved him, but she didn't recognize the person he'd become. Adam claimed he was the same person he'd been since he'd been eleven years old.

Chelsea asked Adam to consider how his plans would affect Connor. After Chelsea left, Adam called someone and said there was a change in plans. He needed something taken care of immediately. After he ended the call, he looked at his schematics again. Suddenly, young Adam appeared and said that what adult Adam was planning to do was worse than anything he'd done in the past. Adult Adam claimed it was too late to change course, and everything that had happened in his life had led to the decision.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Rey watched Sharon as she worked. Sharon appeared to be full of energy. Mariah asked Sharon to slow down, but Sharon claimed she had too much energy and enjoyed the work. Mariah asked Rey to help her convince Sharon to slow down, but Sharon claimed it had been a long time since she'd had so much energy. She said she'd been living with a cloud over her head; however, her heart and head were full, and life was good. Mariah claimed that Sharon's energy had rubbed off on her, and she might fight Sharon to clean the espresso machine. Sharon started talking about the wedding and how lucky they were to share their special day with family and friends.

Faith was with Jordan at the party at Brett's house. Jordan had tried to talk Faith into joining everyone in the pool, but Faith told Jordan to go ahead and that she would be along shortly. Jordan joined the crowd. Faith heard a boy ask Jordan why she was wasting her time with that loser. Faith was hurt.

At Jabot, Summer was deep in thought when a Sally Spectra arrived and announced herself. She was looking for Lauren Fenmore. When Sally saw the confusion on Summer's face, Sally assumed that Summer didn't work in fashion, or she would have recognized Sally's name. As Sally was explaining to Summer about her great-aunt's designs, Jack arrived. Sally introduced herself.

Jack smiled and said he knew Sally by reputation. Summer said she'd heard of Sally. Jack welcomed Sally to Genoa City. Sally said she'd flown in from Los Angeles, where she'd worked at Forrester Creations, and she was looking for Lauren. Jack informed her that Lauren had been called into a meeting and would be gone for some time.

Sally asked Jack where she could get a good cup of coffee. Jack suggested Crimson Lights. He suggested that Summer take Sally to the coffee shop while he looked over the marketing plan for the new fragrance, and they would talk when Summer returned.

Kyle entered Crimson Lights through the patio entrance, and Theo immediately greeted him. Theo said that Kyle had left the reception too early, but Kyle claimed he'd had enough of the "Theo show." Theo asked if it bothered Kyle that Theo had found a way to lighten the mood of the party and celebrate Dina in a way she would have appreciated, or perhaps it had irked Kyle that Theo had had the guts to show up for Dina's memorial after he'd been treated like an outsider. Kyle claimed he didn't care what Theo did. Theo said the family had had a blast, and had Kyle stayed, he would have had fun, too.

Kyle told Theo that he'd seen it all before, and nothing Theo did surprised him. Theo growled that he'd been left out of Dina's last moments. He said that he was just as much Dina's grandson as Kyle was. He said the Teardrop of Love had been broken up and given to the members of the family, except him. Kyle said he wasn't the right person to provide Theo with answers. Angry, Theo stated that he'd spent a lot of time with Dina in her lucid moments, and they had meant more to him than anything, so he didn't need a tie pin.

Kyle told Theo he wished he could say he was sorry that Theo had been left out, but Kyle had learned not to take what Theo said at face value. Sarcastically, Theo said that he was sorry that Summer had dumped Kyle and that Kyle was upset and taking his anguish out on Theo. Kyle smiled and stated that was the Theo he'd always known. He said that Theo was the disgruntled one -- they might be cousins, but they weren't friends. Whatever plan Theo thought he could pull, it wouldn't work. Kyle left.

Outside of Crimson Lights, Faith checked herself in a mirror and removed her lipstick. She received a text message from Jordan. "Where are you? Off with some cute guy, I hope." Faith didn't respond and entered the coffeehouse. Sharon was surprised to see her and asked why Faith wasn't at her friend's for the sleepover. Faith claimed she'd changed her mind. Mariah eyed Faith with suspicion. Sharon asked if Faith was okay. Faith insisted that she hadn't felt like staying at Jordan's. Sharon left to prepare a snack for Faith.

Once they were alone, Mariah asked Faith what had really happened with her friend because she didn't believe that Faith had changed her mind. Faith said she just hadn't felt like staying. Mariah asked if Jordan had wanted Faith to party, drink, or smoke. Mariah said that Faith could talk to her about anything. Mariah told Faith that she had been pretty wild as a teenager. She admitted that she'd cut classes, shoplifted, and taken huge risks, but part of it had been because of her environment. She'd wanted to get out but hadn't known how.

Mariah told Faith that there had always been someone around who had encouraged her with bad ideas. Faith looked uncomfortable. Mariah stated that she'd been angry, frustrated, and confused. She wished she'd handled her circumstances differently. She said that no matter how many people had been around her, she'd felt lonely. Faith said she had a lot of people to talk to, and she thanked Mariah for being there for her. Faith assured her all was well with her and not to worry.

At the Chancellor estate, Chloe told Chelsea how excited Bella was to plan a tea party with Aunt Chelsea. Chloe noticed that Chelsea was upset. Chelsea claimed she was worried how Connor would react to her and Adam's split. Chloe said that Chelsea had done the right thing because it was only a matter of time before Adam did something terrible. She said Adam couldn't help blaming everyone for the state his life was in when he was the only one responsible for it.

Chloe asked Chelsea if Adam had threatened to get custody of Connor, but Chelsea said Adam wouldn't hurt her that way. Chloe knew that Chelsea thought that, but Chelsea needed to see who Adam had become. Chloe heard Miles cry, and she went to him. While Chelsea was alone, she called Chance and asked him to meet her at the Chancellor estate. Chance commented that she sounded stressed. Chelsea said she needed to talk to him about Adam's state of mind.

When Chloe returned, she told Chelsea she knew how much Chelsea loved Adam, but as Chelsea's best friend, she couldn't put her personal feelings aside. Chelsea said she wanted to move forward and had been thinking about rebooting her designs. Chloe became very excited and said they would take the fashion industry by storm. Chloe invited Chelsea to go with her and Miles to the park, but Chelsea informed her that Chance would arrive shortly to discuss a legal matter with her. Chelsea said she would fill Chloe in later. Chloe left.

Summer and Sally entered the coffeehouse through the patio entrance. Sally was surprised to see Theo and said that it had been a long time since they'd seen each other. Sally explained to Summer that she and Theo had met in New York when she'd been there with her boyfriend, Thomas. Theo recalled that Thomas had been a jackass. Sally said that Thomas had dumped her not long after they had returned to Los Angeles.

Theo asked how long Sally would be in town because he wanted to have dinner with her. Sally accepted his invitation and gave Theo her number. Theo said that he'd stood behind Sally after she'd gotten into a firestorm on social media. After Theo left, Summer told Sally that being with Theo wasn't a good idea. She said he was a liar, a manipulator, and a heartless jerk. Sally pointed out that that was something an ex- girlfriend would say. Summer assured her it was true. Sally said that she'd had a lot of experience handling people like Theo, but Summer assured Sally that Theo was poison. Sally thanked Summer for the information and smiled.

Rey returned to the coffeehouse and told Sharon he'd left work early because they had a wedding to plan. Mariah asked if she needed a to do list, but Sharon claimed she wanted it to be a casual affair, and she should really consult with Lola about the food. Mariah chirped that she would be able to get a singer who would love to sing at the wedding. Sharon asked Faith for her opinion about the cake, but Faith had been in her own bubble and replied that it all sounded good.

Faith's phone pinged, and she went to check her text message. It was a photo of her at the party, and it appeared she was on the verge of tears. The message read, "Don't cry little Newman. Mommy's coming. Or maybe not (LOL)." It upset her.

Sharon asked Faith if everything was okay. Faith said everything was fine. Sharon asked what Faith thought about having lilies in her bouquet. Faith thought it was a good idea. Sharon suggested that Faith sing at the wedding because she had a lovely voice, but Faith declined and said she wanted their wedding to be perfect. Faith received a text from Jordan. "You're missing everything!" Faith responded. "Sorry, my mom needed me, had to go home. Next time. For sure."

Kevin and Chance had been chatting in the park when Chloe arrived with Miles. Chloe said she knew that Chance was going to talk to Chelsea. Chance had no idea why Chelsea wanted to meet with him. Chloe stated that Chance was Adam's friend, but she was Chelsea's. She said Chelsea had made the right choice to walk away from Adam. Chloe asked Chance not to advocate for Adam. Chance assured her he wouldn't. She said that Adam had gotten deep into Chelsea's heart and head, and she hoped that Chelsea had gotten out in time and that Adam hadn't ruined her life forever.

After Chance left and Chloe told Kevin that Miles had smiled, she wanted to know what Kevin and Chance had been talking about and if Chance had said anything about Adam. Kevin said Chance hadn't, and he assured Chloe that they were on the same page when it came to Adam. Chloe said she was certain that Chelsea was hiding something, and she had a very bad feeling about it.

At Jabot, Sally met with Lauren. Sally told her she'd met Jack and that Summer had taken her to Crimson Lights for coffee, where she'd been surprised to bump into Theo. Lauren stated that she'd been watching Sally's career and that her designs had been impressive. Lauren asked what Sally's plans were. Sally said she was looking for a fresh start in a new place, and she was also looking for a job.

Chelsea waited impatiently for Chance to arrive. When the doorbell rang, she ran to open the door. She saw a stranger. He scared her. She tried to shut the door, but he grabbed her. She fought, to no avail, and dropped Miles's toy she'd been holding.

Chance arrived at the Chancellor estate and rang the doorbell. There was no answer. He called Chelsea's phone and left her a voicemail to call him as soon as she could, and he left.

Kevin and Chloe arrived home, and Chloe called out to Chelsea. There was no response. Chloe looked worried as she picked up the toy Chelsea had dropped. She commented that she'd picked up all the toys from the floor before she'd left.

Adam arrived at the penthouse, carrying a fairly large box. He pulled out a pocket knife and carefully cut through the tape. Inside was a large metal container with a lever. At that moment, he received a text message: "It's taken care of."

Chelsea is drugged and held captive

Chelsea is drugged and held captive

Thursday, November 5, 2020

by Nel

Everyone had gathered at the Abbotts' and waited for the arrival of the lawyer for the reading of Dina's will. They were amazed over all the condolence cards they had received from all over the world about Dina. They talked about the influence Dina had had on so many people. Theo arrived, and Kyle immediately went into fighting mode. He said he couldn't believe that Theo had crashed Dina's will reading. Theo assured Kyle he'd been invited and that he'd received a letter from the attorney asking him to be present at the reading. Abby questioned what Dina could have left him, but Theo said he didn't care if there wasn't anything for him. He was happy just to be included.

Kyle claimed that Theo didn't need to be there, and he could go to the lawyer's office to receive his gift from Dina. Theo said he knew he wasn't considered a member of the family. Traci said she saw no harm in Theo staying, but Kyle claimed that Theo would make it all about himself. Theo offered to leave if that was what everyone wanted. Kyle told him to leave, but Theo said he would leave if Jack wanted him to. After a moment of hesitation, Jack said Theo was to stay and be treated as his guest, but the fighting had to stop. The lawyer arrived.

The lawyer said that Dina had requested that Abby read her will. Abby protested, but the lawyer said Abby knew that Dina would always get what she wanted. Abby began reading. In her will, Dina stated that they were reading her will; they were having a party, one she couldn't attend, and they all knew how she loved to party. She wrote that since she couldn't party, she wanted to give away her worldly possessions. To Jack, Ashley, and Traci she bequeathed the bulk of her estate to be divided equally among them. She added that a building with her name on it would be nice. Everyone laughed.

Dina's next bequest was to Kyle. She bequeathed her complete art collection, which included a couple of Picassos, and she asked that Kyle not sell all of them and that he enjoy them.

Next Dina explained why she'd wanted Abby to read her will. She wanted Abby to stop underestimating herself because she was a bright and beautiful young woman. Abby was to have her apartment in Paris to use whenever Abby wanted to.

There was a letter of explanation to her son Eric Vanderway. Jack said that since Eric had died, the bequest went to Theo. Theo read the letter to everyone. It explained that she and Stuart Brooks were Eric's biological parents, but she had been too young to look after him and had put him up for adoption. When Stuart had died, he'd left her something in his will that she wanted Eric to have. Theo opened the box and pulled out a fountain pen. Kyle snickered openly. Traci hoped that Theo wasn't disappointed. Theo said it was excellent, and he put the pen into his pocket. Kyle told him to cut the act.

Theo told Kyle it wasn't an act. He said it wasn't the size of the gift that mattered but that he'd been recognized by Dina. Kyle corrected him and said the recognition was of Theo's father. Theo commented that it really bugged Kyle that Dina had referred to her eldest son, but Kyle denied it and said he didn't like that Theo had swaggered in, expecting a huge payday. Kyle wasn't buying Theo's humble act. Abby asked Kyle and Theo not to desecrate Dina's memory by fighting. Traci told Theo that he'd met Dina when she'd been in the advanced stages of the disease, and she hadn't been able to change her will to include him because she hadn't been of sound mind. Theo said he wasn't upset. He assured Traci that it wasn't about the money; it was about being part of the family.

Jack took Kyle aside and told Kyle to control himself and stop kicking Theo while he was down. He said it didn't reflect well on Kyle. Kyle said he'd known Theo for a long time, and he didn't trust him.

After the reading was done, Jack told Ashley and Traci that Dina would have been happy with the way the reading had gone. He expressed his concern about the hatred between Kyle and Theo. Ashley pointed out that with Dina gone, they were the older generation. They all laughed. Jack said their parents had left them a lot to look after. Ashley stated the money would do a lot of good. She said a lot of it would be donated to the Alzheimer's Society. Jack smiled and said that Dina might not get the building with her name on it, but there were many worthy causes where her money would do the most good. Ashley offered to do the research and make Dina proud.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren complimented Sally on her dress. Sally said she'd repurposed it the previous week. She told Lauren that she was serious about finding a job and asked if Lauren knew of anyone who was hiring. Lauren offered Sally a job as her executive assistant and said it would keep Sally in the field she loved. Sally accepted. Lauren said they needed to go to the office and fill out some forms, and then Sally could begin her new job. Lauren left, and Sally stayed behind to get coffee. She didn't look happy.

Adam entered his penthouse with a box under his arm. In the box was Chelsea's purse containing her wallet, driver's license, and phone. Adam took her phone and sent a group text message to Chloe, Chance, Anita, and Victor.

Young Adam appeared and said that Adam couldn't lock Chelsea away. He wanted to know what Adam was going to do with her. Adam said that young Adam might not like it but that was what young Adam would become. Things had happened along the way, and they were out of control. Young Adam claimed that Adam loved Chelsea. Adam said Chelsea would be fine. Young Adam claimed that Adam didn't know that. He said that Adam had gone too far, and it was wrong; however, it wasn't too late to stop before things got out of hand.

When Chance arrived at the Chancellor mansion, Chloe greeted him. He told her he was there to see Chelsea. Chloe informed him that since Chelsea hadn't returned home, she suspected that Chelsea had gone back to Adam. At that moment, Chance and Chloe simultaneously received a text message from "Chelsea." It read, "Need some time away to sort through some things, RE my new life without Adam. Sorry so sudden. Be in touch soon. C." Chloe immediately sent a text to Chelsea, "Why, how, and where are you. Call me right away."

Chloe told Chance that it didn't sound like Chelsea. She said that the day before, Chelsea had talked about restarting her clothing line and had agreed to move in with them, but suddenly, she'd disappeared to lick her wounds. To her, that didn't sound like Chelsea. Chloe also informed Chance that she'd received hundreds of messages from Chelsea, and she had never ended her messages with "C." Chloe was certain that Adam had been the author. Chloe called Chelsea and left her a voicemail message asking Chelsea to call her.

Chloe told Chance she was very worried about Chelsea. She asked if Chance had any idea of what Chelsea had wanted to talk to him about. He said it was about Adam. He told Chloe that he couldn't begin to look for her because she wasn't officially missing, but Chance and Chloe felt there was something wrong. Chloe stated that Chelsea always responded immediately to her text messages, no matter where Chelsea was. She asked Chance to look into it.

Chance arrived at Adam's. Adam said he was about to head out. Chance said he was looking for Chelsea. Adam said she wasn't there. Chance told Adam that Chelsea had wanted to meet with him. When he'd arrived at the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea hadn't been there, but all her luggage had been. He asked if Adam had heard from her. Adam said that wasn't like Chelsea, and he asked if Chance thought something might have happened to her. Chance hoped not. Adam called Connor's school, but he was told that Chelsea hadn't been there.

Chance told Adam that Chelsea had sent a group text message to Chloe and others. Adam said that Chloe would blame Chelsea's disappearance on him. He said he had no idea where Chelsea was, and they hadn't seen eye to eye lately. Chance asked Adam to let him know if he heard from Chelsea. Chance commented on the empty box. Adam claimed he'd received some books and offered to show them to Chance.

Chance told Adam that he'd been an investigator for a long time, and he'd always known when something felt off. He felt that perhaps Adam was planning to retaliate against Billy for the exposé or maybe Chelsea because she'd uncovered something. Adam said it was time for Chance to leave, but Chance pointed out that Adam hadn't flinched when Chance had said that Chelsea's mother had been included in the group text. Adam hadn't questioned it, and he hadn't asked who else the text message had been sent to or what the message had said. Chance said that Adam had already known.

Chance told Adam that he wouldn't cross any more lines for Adam, and if he found out that Adam had had something to do with Chelsea's disappearance, he would make sure that Adam was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Chance left.

Chelsea woke up in a strange bed. She was groggy. She looked around in an attempt to get her bearings. The room was empty except for a bed, a night table with a lamp, and a small fridge. Chelsea tried the door, but it was locked. She called for help and then asked whoever was outside the door if they knew who she was. She claimed they would be in a lot of trouble when the father of her child found out. She stopped and realized that Adam was behind her abduction. She began yelling for Adam to release her.

Chelsea pulled herself together and began looking for a way out. She opened the fridge and saw only a bottle of water. She drank deeply. She continued her search. She stopped to think, but then she became dizzy. She picked up the water bottle and smelled it. She realized she'd been drugged. She staggered to the bed, crawled onto it, and passed out.

Summer was walking through the park. When she saw Sally, she tried to avoid her, but Sally saw Summer and called out to her. She told Summer she had a job as Lauren's executive assistant, and it was the start of something big. She suggested that she and Summer exchange contact information, since they would be working in close proximity to each other. Kyle arrived. Sally took one look at Kyle and Summer and asked Summer if he was another ex. Summer introduced Kyle to Sally, and she told Kyle that Sally would be working with Lauren. They exchanged pleasantries, and Sally said she had to go.

Kyle told Summer that Sally looked like fun. Summer said she probably was if he liked a walking, smiling emoji. Summer said Sally either liked Kyle, or she liked the Abbott name. Kyle said he wasn't concerned about Summer's jealousies. Kyle told Summer that Theo had shown up at Dina's will reading, expecting a big payday; however, all he'd gotten had been his grandfather's pen, and he'd been crushed. Summer reminded him that Theo didn't have any immediate family. With Dina gone, he had no one, and that was sad.

Summer told Kyle that Theo was grieving, and she felt sorry for him. Kyle was stunned. He said that Theo had gotten what he'd deserved and more. Kyle said that perhaps the issue between him and Summer hadn't been about him and Lola but with Summer's ex.

Summer stormed off. Kyle caught up to her. Summer said they'd made a pact at Dina's memorial to be pleasant to each other, and Kyle had broken that. He apologized. He said they had spent months trying to get rid of Theo, but Summer felt sorry for him. She said that Theo was in pain and asked why they should inflict more pain on him.

Kyle said that Summer knew what Theo was like -- if someone showed him compassion, he would use it to his advantage. He would worm his way into their lives and bleed them dry. Theo was a leech. Summer said she knew how much Kyle hated Theo, but his hatred was consuming him. She told him to let it go because he was wasting his time and energy, and he was creating a competition with Theo where there was none. She stated that there wasn't an area in which Theo could beat Kyle -- not in business or family, because Kyle was the better man.

Sally was at Society and on a call with Coco. Sally told her she had a job and was trying not to leave a path of destruction in her wake. After she ended the call, she saw Theo at the bar, and he invited her for a drink. She chastised him for the early drinking hour. He said he'd been at Dina's will reading and that he hadn't been treated well. He'd also been cheated out of his inheritance, but it wasn't over yet.

Theo said he'd heard what had happened to Sally in Los Angeles. Sally didn't know what he'd heard, but she told him she had been in a toxic relationship and had needed to leave and get a fresh start. Theo said she'd used the right tone, and it would get her by.

Sally arrived at Jabot and went to see Jack in the boardroom. She told him it was her first day on the job with Lauren, and she was lost. She told Jack that at Forrester Creations, everyone had been in love with the Jabot JCV products. It was such a great line, and she said she could use a JCV bag. Jack informed her that JCV was no longer part of the Jabot line because they had decided to focus on what they did best, cosmetics. He wished Sally luck in her new position. Sally left. Outside the boardroom, Sally looked exasperated.

Faith explodes after finding Adam with Sharon

Faith explodes after finding Adam with Sharon

Friday, November 6, 2020

At Chancellor Communications, Lily and Amanda finished reviewing a contract as Billy walked in. He voiced surprise to see Amanda, who he'd expected to be working away from the office that day. Amanda looked on with interest as Billy handed Lily a bag with an éclair that he'd picked up on his way there. Lily called the gesture thoughtful, and she realized that they had a budget meeting in half an hour. Amanda headed out, and Billy told Lily not to forget the éclair. Lily admitted that she wasn't entirely comfortable that Billy had gone out of his way to get her a special treat, since people would take notice and talk.

Billy doubted that giving his co-CEO a pastry would light up the gossip columns. He pointed out that he and Lily were adults who worked for a company without an anti-nepotism clause, so no one should care if they occasionally made out in the elevator. Lily shushed him, and Billy wondered if she regretted their kiss. She swore that she didn't because it had been great, but she was adamant that they keep things professional at work, or other people would pick up on the signals. Billy warned that people would know something was up if they stopped flirting altogether.

As Billy and Lily got ready to leave, he advised her not to waste the éclair. Lily grabbed the bag and headed to the elevator. Lily pulled out the éclair and took a bite, and Billy smiled as he watched her savor it. He asked for the verdict, and she compared it to eating a cloud. He held the elevator door for her, but she decided to take the stairs instead.

After their meeting, Lily and Billy returned to ChancComm and found Amanda in Lily's office. Billy declared their mission accomplished, and Lily announced that their budget had been approved. Amanda watched carefully as Billy and Lily alternately complimented and teased one another's performance at the meeting. Amanda congratulated them on their success and suggested that the two of them celebrate. Lily insisted that Amanda join them, but Amanda mentioned that she already had plans and knowingly told them to have fun. After Amanda headed out, Billy realized that she was onto them, but he thought Lily had given them away just as much as he had.

Later, Billy entered Lily's office with a cup of coffee, and he pointed out that he hadn't gotten one for her. "Good boy," she praised, and he joked that he was trainable. She recognized that she'd been a little uptight earlier, but she reiterated the need to have boundaries at the office. He remarked that everything had a time and a place, and he inquired about what would happen after hours. She refused to discuss it while they were at work, and he suggested they talk about it later. "We shall see," she replied.

At Society, Devon looked forward to hearing about Abby's business idea. She wanted to know how he was doing first, and he recalled that she'd been through something similar. She sarcastically referred to her lovely memories of Arturo, and she guessed that Elena had been begging for forgiveness. Devon inquired about how things were going between Abby and Chance, but she hesitated to respond because she didn't want to be insensitive. Devon swore that it would give him a lift to know things were going well, and she enthused that they couldn't be better.

Devon thought it sounded like Abby and Chance were made for one another. Abby mentioned Chance's romantic dinner plans that night, and she gushed that she felt like a teenager again. Devon asked where she saw things headed, and she informed him that she and Chance had talked about marriage and kids. She recognized that it seemed impulsive because she and Chance hadn't known one another that long, but things had seemed natural between them from the beginning. Devon assured her that was how it was supposed to feel when it was right, and he couldn't be happier that she'd found true love.

Devon and Abby discussed how Dina and Katherine had been two strong women ahead of their time. Abby loved that her grandmother's company had wound up with Hamilton-Winters so that Dina's legacy would live on. Abby segued into her business proposal, which had a community service aspect that she thought Devon would be excited about. He paused to read a text message from Amanda, who requested to meet. Abby assumed that the two wounded parties had bonded. Devon confirmed that he and Amanda had started to become friends before Elena and Nate's tryst, but he figured the message was about pro bono legal work.

Abby pitched an idea about an initiative to teach people to work in the restaurant industry. She recalled that she'd needed to turn away applicants because they didn't have enough experience, and she hoped to target people who faced employment barriers. Devon wanted to take time to think through how he could help. He prepared to leave to meet Amanda, and Abby questioned whether Amanda being Hilary's sister was any issue. Devon insisted that he found it comforting in a way. He recognized that Amanda wasn't Hilary, but the women had the same face and smile, and seeing that made him remember some of the best days of his life.

Amanda met Devon at the Grand Phoenix. He assumed that she had legal matters to discuss, but she wanted to give him an update on her search to find information about her parents. She informed him that she was going to Evanston to connect with Nadine, Rose's former neighbor. Devon showed interest, but Amanda couldn't tell if he meant it. He admitted that her search had been a nice distraction.

Devon noted that Amanda had been avoiding the topic of what had happened between Elena and Nate. He expressed gratitude because everyone else had asked how he was dealing with it, and it was very tough to talk about. Amanda sympathized that he was grieving after losing two people he'd loved, and she encouraged him to consider her as family if he wanted to. She apologized if she'd overstepped, but he liked knowing they could count on one another. Devon thought Hilary would have liked it, too.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor stopped by to talk to Victoria about Adam. Victor revealed that Chelsea had sent a text message to say she was leaving town to figure things out. Victoria hoped Chelsea had taken Victoria's advice to visit Connor, since Chelsea missed her son so desperately that she'd been making noise about trying to see Johnny. Victor thought the request wasn't unreasonable, because a child couldn't have enough love. Victoria argued that it was out of the question, and it no longer mattered because Chelsea was gone.

Victor was determined to find another way to get through to Adam, who he was convinced was up to something. Victoria preferred to just let Adam do what he was going to do, since they were ready for him. Victor wanted to stop Adam before he took things too far, but Victoria chided Victor for already proving that he'd always forgive Adam. Victor asserted that he was trying to protect his entire family, and he proposed that the Newmans get together to stage an intervention to reach out to Adam. "Please tell me you're kidding," Nick spat as he overheard from the doorway.

Victor recognized that Victoria and Nick wished their brother would drop off the face of the earth, but he cautioned that Adam lashed out when he felt cornered. Nick considered that reason to keep their distance, but Victor opted to keep Adam close to know what he was up to. Victor argued that Adam was still reeling from finding out what he'd done as a child, and Adam couldn't deal with the shame after Billy's hit piece had exposed it to the whole world. Victor insisted that they had to help.

Nick declared that his priority was taking care of his family, and Adam had given up his right to be part of it. Victor argued that Chelsea was gone, so Adam had no one else to turn to. Nick and Victoria compared notes about how they'd both encouraged Chelsea to leave town. Victor stressed that they had to work together to stop Adam. Nick barked that Victor was the only Newman willing to give the psycho any more chances, but Victoria conceded that their dad might have a point.

Nick was taken aback at the prospect that Victoria wanted to help Adam. Victoria reasoned that Adam might let something slip during the proposed intervention that they could use to protect themselves even more. Nick snarled that he wanted nothing to do with Adam, but Victoria believed putting up a united front would show Adam that his attempt to pit them against one another hadn't worked. Victoria told Victor to schedule the meeting for that day, and she'd try to convince Nick to be there.

Victor noted that they all wanted the same thing -- for their family to be safe and protected -- and he was confident that the intervention was the best way to go about it. Victor headed out. Nick questioned when Victoria had started thinking Adam was capable of redemption. Victoria divulged that she was setting a trap for their brother.

Victoria intended to call Adam's bluff about wanting to cut ties with the Newmans. Nick pointed out that Adam had already filed legal paperwork to change his name, but Victoria suspected that Adam had done it to make Victor feel sorry for him. Victoria recalled that Victor had changed his own name because he'd despised Albert Miller, and she thought Adam was trying to reinforce that he and Victor were the same. Victoria planned to demand that Adam put his money where his mouth was by giving up all claims to Newman Enterprises and his inheritance. She dryly added that he could keep the farmhouse where he'd killed a man.

Victoria continued that she'd have a document drawn up by that afternoon, and she'd challenge Adam to sign it in front of all of them. Nick warned that their father would be furious, but Victoria anticipated that Victor would see Adam's true colors when he refused to sign. Nick urged her to think it through because it could backfire, but she refused to turn the other cheek. Victoria recalled that Victor had said he'd learned his lesson and that he was sorry for everything he'd put their family through because of Adam, and he'd do things differently if given the chance. She proclaimed that she was going to give Victor that opportunity. Nick wondered whether she was calling Adam's bluff or their dad's. "Why not both?" she responded.

Over the phone, Victoria instructed her legal team to include penalties if Adam broke the terms of the agreement. After she hung up, Nick contemplated what would happen if Adam surprised them and signed the document. Victoria figured that there was no downside, since it would protect Newman as well as Victor's estate. She was confident that Adam wouldn't sign.

Nick wondered if Victoria was ready for Victor to hit the roof because he'd feel like she'd betrayed him. Victoria complained about Victor pushing her to let Chelsea spend time with Johnny just because Victor wanted Chelsea's help with Adam. Victoria refused to keep making sacrifices to placate Adam, especially if it involved her kids. Victoria groused that their dad wanted to have it both ways, but he'd have to choose whose side he was on that time.

In an undisclosed location, Chelsea was passed out on a bed in a small room. She stirred and heard Adam calling her name. Chelsea suddenly found herself on the couch of Adam's penthouse, and she asked what had happened. Adam held up a key and announced, "He's gone." Adam crowed that he had the key to the kingdom and his rightful inheritance, and Chelsea demanded to know what he'd done. "They said I was a monster. They were right!" Adam gleefully stated. Chelsea awakened with a start, still trapped in the dingy room. She struggled to sit up and managed to swing her legs over the side of the bed. She tried to stand but collapsed on the floor.

Later, Chelsea regained consciousness. She slowly sat up and crawled over to the bed. She looked up and saw Billy, and she was thankful he was there to help her get out. He replied that he wasn't there to help her but to help Adam. Chelsea noted that Billy hated Adam, but Billy revealed that Adam snatching her had worked out well for him and Victoria, since it would keep Chelsea far away from Johnny. Chelsea insisted that she was a good mom, despite whatever else she'd done.

Billy clucked that Chelsea's misdeeds as a con artist hadn't just vanished into thin air, and she'd then hooked up with a sociopath. Chelsea protested that she'd left Adam, and Billy snickered. "You're not with anyone anymore," he taunted, adding that it was the end of the road for her, since Adam wanted her nowhere near Connor. Billy planned to make sure both boys knew what a horrible person she was, and they'd be raised to despise her memory. Chelsea lashed out, but she realized that no one was there. She flopped on the bed and sobbed.

Later, Chelsea dismantled the bed and tried to use a piece of the frame to pry open the door.

Adam exited his penthouse and boarded the elevator. A moment later, Chance emerged from around the corner and headed down the stairs.

Adam entered Crimson Lights and approached Sharon at the counter. He awkwardly offered his best wishes on her engagement and apologized for making her feel uncomfortable by putting pressure on her to rescue him. He assured her that she no longer had to worry because he'd had a breakthrough. Adam recognized that Sharon and Chelsea had been right, since he'd realized he didn't have to be a slave to the past, and he could break the chains and set himself free. Faith walked in and freaked out when she saw Adam there.

Sharon unsuccessfully tried to calm Faith down. Faith ranted that she'd read the story, and she knew the horrible things Adam had done, starting with killing a man in Kansas. She called him disgusting for trying to kill his own father, but he defended that Billy hated him and that Victoria had started the whole thing. Faith snapped that they hated Adam because he'd run over Delia, left her to die, and lied about it because he was a coward.

Sharon ordered Faith to go into the office, but Faith retorted that Adam was the one who should leave and never return. Faith added that he should be in prison for kidnapping her as a baby, and Adam swore that he regretted it. He argued that Sharon had forgiven him, and he hoped Faith could do the same one day. Sharon asked Faith to go with her, but Faith yelled that she wanted to be alone and ran out. Sharon demanded to know what Adam had been thinking.

Sharon explained that Faith had been in turmoil since the article had been published, and the teen needed support from her family, yet Adam had put the blame on Victoria. Adam truly hoped that Faith found it in her heart to forgive him. Sharon lectured that Faith didn't owe him that. Rey appeared and asked what was going on, and Sharon informed him that Faith had been upset when she'd seen Adam there and had run off. Adam wanted to make it right, but Rey huffed that Adam had done enough. Sharon asked Adam to leave in case Faith returned, and Adam departed.

Rey recommended that Sharon give Faith time to cool off. Chance interrupted and requested a moment with Rey, and the men stepped aside to talk privately. Chance confided that he'd been tailing Adam after Chelsea had disappeared. Chance explained that Chelsea had sent a text message to her friends about needing time to figure things out, but it hadn't made sense with the mindset she'd had in recent days. Rey asked Sharon if Adam had said anything about Chelsea, and Sharon recounted that Adam had mentioned that he wanted to cut ties with his past and start over with a clean slate.

Later, Sharon left a message for Faith, offering to meet wherever the girl wanted. Rey thought Faith had shown guts by standing up for herself. Sharon worried about how upset Faith had been when she'd left, and she didn't want her daughter to think Sharon was angry with her. Sharon just wanted to hug Faith and say she was sorry for what Faith was going through. Rey promised that Sharon would have a chance to do it.

In the park, Jordan thanked Faith for finally answering her text messages. Jordan thought she owed Faith an apology, since she'd figured out that Faith had overheard a boy at the party call her a loser. Jordan regretted not defending Faith, and she found it stupid that anyone would care about the dumb article about Faith's uncle. Faith revealed that she'd unexpectedly run into Adam and told him exactly how she felt about him. Faith shared that her heart was still racing, and Jordan said she had something that might help. Jordan opened her backpack and smiled as she showed Faith something inside.

Adam returned home, where he faced an eleven-year-old version of himself. Young Adam warned that it wouldn't be easy to walk away from the past. "Watch me," Adam replied. He answered a call from Victor, who wanted to meet at Newman that night to talk about Adam's decision. Adam proclaimed that they could finally settle things between them. Young Adam shook his head in disgust.

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