The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of November 9, 2020

Abby accepted Chance's marriage proposal. Chelsea escaped. Chance took a bullet meant for Adam. Adam called off his plans to detonate explosives at Newman Tower. Chance survived but battled an infection. Elena admitted that she had feelings for Nate. Theo planned to contest Dina's will.
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Chance took a bullet meant for Adam, and Elena admitted that she had feelings for Nate
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Chance wisely follows his hunch about Adam

Chance wisely follows his hunch about Adam

Monday, November 9, 2020

Chance phoned Abby as she headed down a tree-lined pathway at Chancellor Park. Abby told Chance her visit with him would be cut short because she'd been summoned to a family meeting with Adam at Newman Enterprises. After Chance learned that Abby didn't know the reason for the meeting, he expressed concern that Chelsea had gone missing. Chance said he believed Adam knew what was going on with Chelsea. Abby said Chance seemed worried. Chance replied that he had good reason to be.

As Abby rounded a turn, she was elated to see Chance waiting to greet her. Abby's eyes widened when she saw dozens of fall-themed balloons and several vases of flowers Chance had set up. Abby said, "What is this? You do know it's not Thanksgiving, right?" Chance explained that they should be thankful for the blessings in their lives every day. Abby was touched when Chance told her she was his everything as he knelt down and opened a box containing an oval diamond ring. Chance said, "I love you beyond measure for all time."

Chance gazed lovingly into Abby's eyes and mentioned their plans to have a family. Chance told Abby she'd make him a happy man if she said yes. Abby accepted Chance's proposal and admired the engagement ring on her finger. Chance received a text message from a colleague reporting that Adam hadn't left his building. Abby noted that Chance seemed really worried. Chance explained that he wasn't the only one who had received bad vibes from Adam in recent days.

Abby asked Chance to take a break from Adam so they could focus on themselves, and they headed together to Chance's place. After Abby and Chance made love in his suite, Abby admired her ring after she got dressed. Chance asked Abby when they could share their good news. Abby said they would as soon as they could gather those they loved together to celebrate a new beginning. Abby left when Chance received a phone call. Chance learned from his colleague that Adam had left his penthouse. Chance said he was on his way.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki, already at work in her office down the hall, was the first to greet Victor when he arrived. Victor, his concern palpable, said he believed the meeting he'd called with the family might be his last chance to make Adam feel like part of the family. Victor seemed worried about convincing Adam to change his mind about whatever nefarious plans he'd been plotting. Nikki was even less optimistic and feared Adam would instead blame them all for whatever he was going through. Victor noted that Victoria was in agreement with him that meeting with Adam was the right thing to do.

In Victoria's office, Nick pored over a copy of a legal document Victoria had prepared. Victoria, holding the original document, credited her legal team for having created an ironclad contract she hoped Adam would sign. Nick appeared concerned and asked Victoria if she was sure she wanted to risk provoking Adam. Victoria replied, "We don't really have another choice. Adam changing his last name back to Wilson doesn't mean anything. He has to prove that cutting ties to the family means giving up his claim to Dad's estate and Newman Enterprises in perpetuity."

Nick called Victoria out for pretending to be on their father's side. Victoria said she was sick and tired of their father choosing Adam over them. Victoria reminded Nick that Victor had initially sided with Adam in Christian's custody case and signaled he might comply with Chelsea's desire to visit Johnny, so she'd divulge Adam's plans. Nikki and Victor entered the office and interrupted Nick and Victoria's tense discussion. Victoria hid the contact beneath a stack of papers on her desk. Victor noticed and asked about what appeared to be important documents. Nick said, "Well, it seems like a perfect time to let Mom and Dad know what you're working on." Victoria claimed it was a speech for a business roundtable.

Nick and Nikki were anxious to get on with the meeting with Adam, although insisting it would be a waste of time because Adam would never change. Victor said they should see things from his and Victoria's perspectives. Nick stepped out into the hall to answer a call. Sharon had phoned Nick to summon his help with Faith. Nick stepped back inside and told his family he had to leave and might miss the meeting.

After Nick left, Nikki said she was certain Nick would return to help his family confront Adam. Victor stepped out to phone Abby to check on her whereabouts. After Victor was out of the room, Nikki told Victoria she was surprised Victoria had taken her father's side. Victoria said she would wait to pass judgment until after she heard Adam's side. Nikki seemed frustrated with Victoria.

Nick met Sharon at Crimson Lights. Sharon told Nick that Faith had lashed out at Adam, expressing her anger about the publication of the exposé. Sharon, worried, said she'd never seen Faith act out the way she had with Adam. Sharon admitted that part of her was proud of Faith for having shown strength, nonetheless. Nick asked Sharon how Adam had responded. Sharon replied that Adam had blamed Victoria, though he told Faith he hoped she might someday forgive him for what had happened to Delia.

Nick asked Sharon how she was. Sharon said she felt she'd failed Faith by associating with Adam. Nick blamed Adam for having taken advantage of his friendship with Sharon. Nick insisted that Adam was incapable of redemption because he didn't have a soul to save. Nick said he was due at a meeting with his family to confront Adam. After Nick suggested he should scrap his meeting and spend time with Faith, Sharon told Nick that Faith was with Jordan. Sharon seemed confident Faith would be all right.

Adam, alone in his penthouse, poured himself a drink. Adam's associate sent a text message noting that Victor was at Newman Tower. Adam asked to be kept updated without delays. Adam rushed to his laptop computer and turned on the remote camera trained on a homemade explosive he'd set up behind a partition wall at Newman Enterprises. Using his phone, Adam armed the device remotely.

Adam sipped his drink and recalled a past conversation with Victor, during which he'd claimed that changing his name back to Wilson would symbolically wash the blood off his hands for the crimes he'd committed as Adam Newman. Victor had replied that it would be very difficult for Adam to make a comeback after having crossed a line in his own mind. Adam also recalled the day Chelsea had suspected him of plotting to hurt people inside Newman Enterprises. Chelsea had begged Adam not to do something he'd be unable to come back from. After Adam was roused from his flashbacks, he again checked his video feed to ensure the device was still armed. Adam received a text message from his cohort, alerting him that Chelsea had escaped. Adam quickly rushed out the door.

Abby stepped off the elevator at Newman Enterprises and slipped off her engagement ring before joining her family. Abby was surprised to find that Adam hadn't yet arrived. Victoria acknowledged that no one knew where Adam was. Nikki sighed and said, "We haven't heard anything from him." Victor insisted there be no animosity displayed when Adam arrived. Victor expressed hope that they could establish friendlier relations between Adam and his family. Abby couldn't understand why Victor still wanted a relationship with Adam after everything he'd done. Victor replied, "Once you have a family of your own, you will understand my point of view."

Abby said that Chance was concerned that Adam posed a serious risk to their family. Victor agreed that Chance had reasons to be concerned, adding that Adam needed psychotherapy to deal with his childhood trauma. Victor said he would never abandon any of his children and was grateful that Victoria saw things from his point of view. When Victor pressed Victoria to voice her agreement with his statement, she looked away uncomfortably. Nikki suggested that Adam's failure to show up proved his disrespect for his family. Victor replied, "He'll be here. He might surprise us all."

Nick, having rejoined his family, changed the subject and told his family about Faith confronting Adam. Abby replied, "Good for her." Victor expressed concern and asked where Faith was. Nick said Faith was with a friend. Nikki sighed and said, "Poor little thing." Nick grew increasingly impatient and said he'd like to know where Adam was. Nick said he was sick of Adam's passive-aggressive crap and had more important things to do with his time than to wait on Adam. Victor ordered Nick to put away his anger when Adam showed up.

When Victor again mentioned Victoria's solidarity, Nick replied, "Oh, I know what Victoria thinks, but let me tell you what you don't know. There's not one person in this room who believes that Adam is anything other than a menace to this family, other than you." Victor turned to look at Victoria. Abby suggested that Adam might have left town to start over somewhere far away. Nick said he'd learned from the past that Adam never stayed gone long.

Victoria pleaded with her father to end his plans for a family intervention before someone ended up getting hurt. Victoria reminded her father that Adam was toxic, so it was foolish to believe he might be capable of change. Victoria pressured Victor to give up on Adam. Victor, defiant, replied, "No one tells me to give up on one of my children." The tension made everyone even more apprehensive.

Lily stopped by Devon's apartment to check up on him. Devon said friends had also phoned to check on him, and he reminded his sister that he could handle his own life. Lily said she'd also stopped by to pitch her idea about offering music streaming through ChancComm. Lily told Devon that instead of possibly becoming a competitor with LP, she and Devon might join forces and become partners. Devon was open to the idea, but he expressed concern that ChancComm might kick LP to the curb once Lily's project outperformed LP's contributing role. Lily assured Devon that his company would be protected.

Devon questioned Lily's timing and asked if she was attempting to distract him from focusing on his breakup with Elena. Lily insisted she was only interested in business, and she asked Devon when he'd be available to meet with Amanda to discuss legalities. Devon chuckled and told Lily she was betting that spending time with Amanda would help him forget about Elena. Devon mentioned that Lily seemed to have forgotten about her past with Billy, so they could work together as business partners.

Lily couldn't hide her unease. Devon noticed that Lily blushed when she insisted that nothing was going on with Billy. Lily didn't deny that something was going on with Billy and simply explained that it was complicated. Devon echoed Lily and said his relationship with Amanda was also complicated.

At the hospital, Nate's doctor examined the deep cut on his hand. Nate said he didn't need reminding that the healing process would take time. Elena overheard when Dr. Frasier told Nate not to get discouraged and cleared him to begin physical therapy. After Dr. Frasier walked away, Elena approached Nate and assured him that slight numbness was normal. Nate wasn't open to accept Elena's efforts to encourage him, and he abruptly left.

Elena later joined Nate at Crimson Lights. His mood hadn't improved. Nate asked Elena to let him grieve in peace. Elena accepted the blame for what had happened because she'd told Devon what she and Nate had done. Nate said there was only one person responsible for what had happened to his career. Nate said he might never stop feeling guilty for what they'd done, though it was understandable that people made mistakes. Nate angrily noted that what Devon had done had been malicious.

Nate, recalling how livid Devon had been, told Elena it should have been evident that their relationship was more than just a casual friendship. Elena, taken aback, replied, "What are you talking about?" Nate said their night of passion would have been the start of something amazing had Elena not been in a relationship with Devon. Elena disagreed and said they'd given in to an adrenaline rush. Elena seemed confused by Nate's perception of what had taken place.

Nate cried that he'd lost the use of his hand, his cousin, and his reputation all because Elena was refusing to acknowledge what was going on in her own heart. Elena replied, "So, it is my fault. And now I'm the one who's in denial." Elena cried that despite Nate's claims to care for her, he had a knack for making her feel horrible. Nate said it was the last thing he wanted to do, so he'd leave her alone. Nate announced that he was leaving town because there was nothing to keep him in Genoa City.

Adam entered the room where Chelsea had been confined and noticed a metal slat she'd used to pry open the door. An empty water bottle was on the floor next to the slat Chelsea had utilized as a pry bar. Chance entered the room and said, "Okay, Adam, why don't you tell me what the hell's going on here." Adam said it appeared that Chance had been following him. Chance said he was, and he demanded to know where Chelsea was. Adam replied, "Are you asking as a friend or as a cop?"

Chance demanded an answer. Adam claimed he was as baffled as Chance was. Chance held up the metal slat and said it appeared someone had used it either as a defense weapon or as a tool to pry the door. Adam said he didn't like what Chance was insinuating, and he threatened to consult a lawyer to shut Chance down.

Adam left, and Chance followed him outside to a loading dock for what appeared to be a warehouse. Chance again asked Adam if he'd been holding Chelsea inside the room. Adam insisted that Chelsea had left him, and he was as worried about her as Chance was. Chance said, "What is this place?" Adam said it was one of his properties and that he'd stopped by to perform routine maintenance, so Chance had no reason to be looking over his shoulder. Chance replied, "Then stop giving me a reason to keep track of you."

Adam became increasingly agitated and yelled that he was tired of everyone accusing him of being the bad guy. Adam said he expected such treatment from his family, but had considered Chance to be his one friend. Adam cried, "I don't have Chelsea. I don't have you. I don't have anyone anymore."

Seemingly despondent, Adam said he was done. Chance asked, "With what?" Adam replied, "With all of you." Adam checked his phone and read another text message stating that Victor was still at the location. Adam opened an app and hovered his thumb over the activate button that controlled the incendiary device. Chance turned to scan the area. Around the corner of a taller building, Chance spotted a gloved hand wielding a handgun. Chance yelled, "Adam, watch out!" Chance quickly lunged to push Adam out of harm's way just as the gun discharged.

Adam runs off after Chance is shot

Adam runs off after Chance is shot

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

At Society, Theo approached Sally and wondered if it was a lucky coincidence or if she'd been hoping he'd show up. She informed him that she was there for the food, and she anticipated that she might become a regular. He asked if she was sticking around, and she revealed that she'd gotten a job as Lauren's executive assistant. Theo offered to buy her a drink to celebrate. Sally supposed that it would be no fun to celebrate alone.

Over drinks, Sally admitted that she'd been intrigued by Theo's earlier statement about an inheritance that should be his and his implication that the game wasn't over yet. He sensed that she liked to play the game as much as he did, and she replied that it depended on the game. Theo confided that he was interested in not only getting his fair share of his grandmother's fortune, but also going after the whole thing. Sally was shocked to hear that his grandmother had been Dina Abbott Mergeron.

Theo explained that he'd had no idea of his link to Dina until he'd moved to town and learned that she had given his father up for adoption when she'd been a teenager. Sally realized that Theo was related to the rest of the Abbotts, and he called them a big, not-so-happy family. She was confused about how he was entitled to the whole estate, considering he was new to the clan. Theo hissed that it was payback for the years his dad had missed out on, since his father's life would have been completely different if Dina had raised him.

Theo reasoned that the Abbotts didn't need Dina's money because they were already filthy rich, but he did. Sally pointed out that she could repeat his confession to the Abbotts and blow his plan sky high, but he suspected that she appreciated people who went after what they wanted. He added that she didn't strike him as the type who would be content fetching Lauren her coffee every morning, and Sally conceded that she had her eye on a much bigger prize. Summer walked in and spotted the two together, and she quickly ducked back out.

Sally admitted that she'd arrived in town to convince Jack to let her take over Jabot Collective, but she'd learned that it had been shut down. Theo informed her that it wasn't true, since it hadn't folded but had simply been sold to Fenmore's. Theo bet he could help Sally by providing her with information about all the JCV players, and in return, he wanted her to be his eyes and ears inside Jabot. Theo offered to sweeten the deal by giving Sally a piece of his inheritance.

Sally clucked that Theo talked a good game, but she could see straight through him. She theorized that he'd been mildly successful in New York, so he'd expected to be a big star in Genoa City, but he hadn't realized that the town had its own rules and a hierarchy that he didn't fit into. Sally called Theo reckless and cocky, and she hesitated to take a risk by tying herself to him when she didn't need him or anyone else to get what she wanted. He realized that she was turning down his generous offer, and she asked if he was giving up. "There's always tomorrow," he replied.

At Jabot, Kyle sensed that something was bothering Summer. She shared that she'd seen Sally with Theo, and Kyle wondered if Summer was jealous. Summer called the idea ridiculous, and she insisted that she just couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. Kyle expected that Sally would soon figure Theo out if she hadn't already, but Summer clarified that Sally was the one she had doubts about. Summer questioned why a big designer would take a job as an assistant, and Kyle reasoned that maybe Sally wanted a second chance and didn't care if it was a step down. Summer was sure Sally was up to something.

Kyle surmised that Summer was letting her imagination go crazy just because she didn't like Sally. Summer asserted that her intuition was impeccable, and she was sure Sally had an agenda. Kyle guessed that Summer might also be feeling slightly threatened, since there might only be room for one strong, occasionally devious young woman in Genoa City. An appalled Summer asked if that was what he thought of her. Kyle swore that he hadn't meant to hurt or offend Summer.

Summer understood that some people had thought of her as a sneak and a liar, but she'd worked hard to put her past behind her, and it wasn't who she was anymore to anyone but Kyle. Kyle pointed out that she'd sneaked back into town to spy on him, and Summer argued that she'd had to make sure he didn't still have a thing for Lola. He accused her of blowing him off whenever he confronted her with an uncomfortable truth. Summer couldn't believe that she'd been starting to forgive Kyle, and she grabbed her things and stormed out.

Outside the building where Chelsea had been held captive, Adam staggered to his feet and called to a motionless Chance. "What the hell happened?" Adam dazedly asked. He spotted blood seeping through Chance's sport coat and took cover behind a Dumpster.

Adam called out to ask if a semiconscious Chance could hear him, and he spotted Chance's cell phone a few yards away. Adam put on a pair of gloves and scrambled over to grab the phone. He called to report a shooting and request an ambulance. Adam replaced the phone where he'd retrieved it, and he told Chance that he'd just called for help. Adam received a text message informing him that Victor had left Newman Tower. Adam heard sirens getting closer, whispered to Chance that he was sorry, and ran off.

In Chancellor Park, Rey asked Sharon about Nick's reaction to Faith's confrontation with Adam. Sharon reported that Nick wanted to grind Adam into dust, and Rey confirmed that he'd felt the same way when he'd seen Sharon and Adam arguing. Sharon mentioned that Faith had sent a text message to assure Sharon she was fine. Rey realized that Sharon wasn't convinced, and she worried about how much Faith had been through. Rey figured that Adam would get what he deserved, since one of Adam's enemies was bound to turn on him eventually. Sharon insisted that all she cared about was her daughter.

Sharon received a message from Faith, who had insisted she was much better after watching a movie with Jordan. Sharon pledged to give Faith time and space to decompress, and Rey suggested that Sharon do the same thing. He asked what she wanted to do to relax, since he didn't have to be at work for a while. His phone rang, and he groaned that he'd spoken too soon. He took the call and suddenly jumped to his feet. Rey informed Sharon that Chance had been shot, and he rushed off.

Rey showed up at the scene of the shooting and found Chance on a stretcher. Rey promised that the EMTs would get Chance to the hospital, and he gently pressed to know whether Chance could tell him what had happened. Chance croaked Adam's name.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria and Abby talked about how Adam hadn't shown up for the intervention, but Abby chirped that they had much happier things to discuss. Abby announced that she had news, but she hadn't wanted to share it while they'd been waiting for Adam. She pulled her engagement ring out of her purse, slid it back on her finger, and proudly showed it off. Abby declared that she and Chance were getting married, and Victoria considered it to be the happy ending that her sister deserved.

Victoria asked if Chance's proposal had been incredibly romantic. Abby gushed that she'd been blown away, since they'd talked about marriage, but she hadn't known he would propose right away. She figured that a bride who was an Abbott and a Newman and a groom who was a Chancellor would unite several powerful families, and she imagined that the ceremony would be kind of historic. Victoria envisioned pulling out all the stops to throw a wedding that people would talk about forever.

Abby fantasized about renting a private island for her wedding, with parties with different themes every night. Victoria pictured Abby wearing a tiara and a dress with a 20-foot train, arriving in a horse-drawn carriage. Abby dreamed of watching a beautiful sunset with Chance, looking forward to the rest of their lives together. Victoria remarked that if anyone in their family could turn a fantasy into a reality, it would be Abby. Abby opted to dial things down, with just family and close friends in attendance, but Victoria expected that the ceremony would still be elegant and unique.

Abby marveled at how much had changed in just a matter of months, referring to a wedding, a marriage, and a baby. Victoria asked if Abby was pregnant. Abby explained that she wasn't yet, but she and Chance had been trying because they'd already decided they wanted to start a family, even before he'd proposed. Victoria squealed that she was thrilled for Abby and happy for their entire family, since they needed something to look forward to. Abby answered a call and panicked, saying she was on her way. A shaken Abby relayed that Chance had been shot and was at the hospital. Victoria offered to drive her.

At the hospital, Abby wondered why she hadn't heard anything yet, and Victoria reasoned that the surgery might take awhile. Abby cried that she'd just gotten engaged a few hours earlier, and she considered the possibility that Chance might not make it. Victoria urged her not to think that way, since Chance was young and strong with a lot to fight for. Victoria's phone pinged with a reminder about taking the kids to a puppet show, and she prepared to tell Hannah her plans had changed. Abby insisted that Victoria not let her children down, and she requested time alone to process what had happened. After Victoria headed out, Abby spotted Rey and demanded to know who had shot Chance.

Rey apologized for not having answers for Abby yet, but he promised the police would get to the bottom of it. He asked about the last time she'd seen Chance, and she confirmed that he'd been fine when she'd left him in his hotel suite earlier. She sensed that Rey knew more than he was telling her, but he replied that the investigation had just started. He pledged to get justice for Chance, and he implored Abby to be the first face Chance saw when he woke up.

In Phyllis' hotel suite, a surly Nick filled Phyllis in about Victor summoning the Newmans to stage an intervention for Adam, and he considered it a giant waste of time because Adam had blown them off. Phyllis thought it should have proven to Victor that Adam wasn't worth saving. Nick stated that he wouldn't have cared if it had been the only thing that had happened, but Adam had shown up at the coffeehouse earlier that day, and Faith had lit into him. Nick relayed that Sharon had said Faith was really upset, and all he could think about was the ways he wanted to dismantle Adam.

"Go, Faith!" Phyllis exclaimed. She praised Faith for standing up for herself and her mother by facing Adam with both barrels. Phyllis predicted that Faith would turn out to be a very strong woman. Nick found it a little ironic that Phyllis was complimenting a strong Newman woman. Phyllis recognized that there was a certain détente between her and Newman women, but Nikki had been very cordial, and Abby was off her radar. Phyllis admitted that Victoria had even been pleasant after Nick had made them hash out their differences over the hotel, but she wasn't sure Victoria's silence was a good thing.

Nick thought Phyllis was being paranoid, but Phyllis compared Victoria to a cobra who struck when least expected. Nick thought a better explanation for Victoria's silence was that Phyllis was off Victoria's radar, and he figured Victoria was more focused on getting rid of Adam. Phyllis preferred to talk about herself instead of Adam, and Nick questioned whether she thought it would calm him down. She purred that she knew how to calm him down, and she seductively noted that they were in a bedroom. She prompted him to just say the word if he wanted to use the bed, and he began to undress.

After having sex, Phyllis asked if she'd taken Nick's troubles away, and he asked, "What troubles?" He answered a call from Victoria and told her to slow down. Phyllis became alarmed when he asked if someone was okay. He offered to meet Victoria at the hospital, but he agreed that it was Abby's call. He hung up and told Phyllis it was about Chance.

Nick called Ashley to tell her about the shooting and to let her know that Abby didn't want anyone at the hospital with her. Phyllis understood that the last thing Abby wanted was the Newmans and Abbotts standing around. Nick informed Phyllis that Victoria had told him that Chance and Abby had gotten engaged that day, but Abby had kept quiet about it because of what their family was going through with Adam. Nick lamented that it was supposed to be the best day of Abby's life.

Kevin and Chloe entered the Grand Phoenix lobby, pushing Miles in a baby carriage. Kevin remarked that it was nice to get out, but he noticed that Chloe was distracted. Kevin reminded Chloe that Chelsea had sent a text message to say she wanted time to herself, but Chloe's gut told her that something was wrong. Kevin warned that staring at her phone wouldn't help. Chloe resolved to enjoy their night out with Michael and Lauren but keep her phone nearby.

Michael and Lauren arrived, and Lauren fawned over Miles. Chloe pushed to talk fashion with Lauren, and Lauren shared that she was looking at two exciting new brands for Fenmore's. Chloe mentioned that she was working with a new line that would be great for the store, but Lauren thought Chelsea and Chloe had lost their funding. Chloe claimed that it was something different, and Lauren suggested that Chloe send over the designer's portfolio to her new assistant, Sally Spectra. Chloe cited Sally's reputation as a troublemaker, but Lauren pointed out that the same could be said about Chloe and Kevin.

Kevin bragged about how he'd plotted out Miles's entire life, from the sports the tot would play to how he'd end up running a trillion-dollar tech company. Lauren joked that they should let Miles learn to roll over and eat soft food before he conquered the world. She observed that Chloe was preoccupied with her phone, and Chloe muttered that it would be great if the one person she needed to hear from would get back to her. Chloe refused to ruin their evening, but Michael and Lauren assured her that she didn't have to hold back with them.

Chloe speculated that someone had forced Chelsea to send the text message or that someone had sent it for her. Chloe fretted that she'd sent a dozen messages since then and heard nothing. She mentioned that Chelsea had just left Adam a few days earlier, and they all knew how Adam could be when he felt betrayed. Paul entered the hotel and called Michael over to talk privately. Paul revealed that Chance was in surgery after being shot, and they could be looking at a high-profile case. Paul shared that Rey had been on the scene before Chance had blacked out, and Chance had said one word -- Adam.

Paul offered to give Michael a ride to the station, but Michael wanted to break the news to his family first. Paul headed out but stopped to take a call. He found out that the crime scene had been secured, and he told the caller that they knew what to do.

Michael updated Lauren, Kevin, and Chloe about Chance's shooting before following Paul out. Chloe guessed that it had something to do with Chelsea's disappearance, since Chloe had told Chance she was worried about Chelsea, and she imagined that he'd checked it out and been shot in the process. Chloe thought they should contact Nina, Phillip, and Jill, and Lauren volunteered to make calls while Chloe and Kevin took Miles home. As Lauren started to dial a number, she spotted Sally and Theo amicably parting ways. Sally approached Lauren, who said she didn't have time to talk. Sally briefly thanked Lauren again for hiring her and remarked that Genoa City was feeling like home already.

Adam returned home and frantically threw things into a garbage bag, including a leather pouch he retrieved from a drawer. He sat at his computer and looked at the schematic of the Newman building. He typed a text message: "Plan aborted. Stay low. A lot of heat coming my way." He slammed his computer shut.

Over the phone, Adam unsuccessfully tried to get information about Chance's condition. There was a knock at the door, and he took a moment to compose himself before answering it. Rey announced that he was there to question Adam in connection with Chance's shooting.

Kevin and Chloe returned to the Chancellor mansion, and he went upstairs to put the baby down for a nap. Chloe entered the living room, where she discovered a panting and distraught Chelsea.

Abby stands vigil over an unconscious Chance

Abby stands vigil over an unconscious Chance

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

by Nel

At the hospital, Abby was on the phone with Ashley when Elena arrived. Elena told Abby that Chance was in recovery, but his condition was critical. The bullet had gone through his lung, and it had lacerated his spleen. She said his injuries were extensive, but his vitals were good, and he was doing well. She said they still needed monitor him closely.

Abby went to Chance's room and stood at the foot of his bed. Through tears, she said she hoped that Chance could hear her. She wanted him to know how much she loved him, and she berated herself for not staying with him earlier. She didn't know why she'd allowed her family to talk her into attending a stupid and unimportant meeting about Adam. She said her life was with Chance, and she begged him to come back to her.

Abby told Chance that he was strong and stubborn, and he needed to fight because they had a life to plan and build together. She could envision him standing at the altar in his tux, and she could see his smile when she told him she was pregnant and the look on his face when they brought the baby home. Through tears, she said that Chance was her heart, and she pleaded for him to come back to her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe was shocked and relieved to see Chelsea. Chelsea explained that she'd been waiting for Chance, but when she'd answered the door, a strange man had grabbed her and put a cloth laced with chloroform over her face. She said she'd woken up in a tiny room in a building outside of town. Chloe was certain Adam was behind the kidnapping.

Chloe said that when she'd been abducted by Adam, she'd been held in an underground room, but it had been pleasant. Chelsea said her room had had a bed and a nightstand, and there had been a bottle of water that, unknown to her, had been laced with a drug. She said Adam had probably abducted her because she'd seen something frightening on his computer. She had tried to convince Adam not to go through with whatever he'd had planned, but when she'd failed to convince him, she'd left. Chelsea asked if anything had happened to the Newmans while she'd been gone, but no one had heard anything about the Newman family. Chelsea guessed that Adam had abandoned his plan.

Rey arrived at Adam's penthouse and told him that Chance had been shot. Rey commented that Adam didn't seem surprised about Chance being shot. Adam claimed he was in shock, and he asked how Chance was doing. Rey said Chance was in critical condition, and whoever had left Chance lying on the ground with a bullet in him wasn't facing a murder charge -- yet. Adam said he was going to the hospital, but Rey stopped him.

Rey told Adam that Chance had hardly been able to speak, but he'd been able to say Adam's name before he'd passed out. Rey wondered if the shooting had had anything to do with Chelsea's disappearance. Adam claimed that he and Chelsea hadn't been on the best of terms recently, and he had no idea where she was. Rey speculated that Chance had become suspicious of Adam and had followed him because Chance had considered Adam a friend and had wanted to stop Adam from doing something. He had followed Adam to that building.

Adam claimed that Rey was off base. Rey asked where Adam had been earlier. Adam claimed it was none of Rey's business, and he refused to say anything without his lawyer. Rey said they weren't done, and he left.

Adam was alone when young Adam appeared and said that he'd told Adam not to do it. Angry, Adam claimed that young Adam had been right and that he'd been out of his mind and control. Young Adam said that Adam's friend had stopped him. Adam told young Adam to look at the price Chance had paid for being Adam's friend. Adam said he knew the bullet had been meant for him. He said Chance might lose his life because he'd tried to save Adam.

At ChancComm, Lily asked Billy if he'd informed Jill, Philip, and Nina about Chance. Billy said that Lauren had been able to get in touch with Jill, and Jill was trying to get home. He said that Chance had implicated Adam. That information was gold. Lily claimed it was déjà vu. Billy had a story with no facts. She stated that they needed confirmation before publishing anything. Billy said he was going to the hospital.

Lily told Billy it would be better if they sent an actual reporter because Billy being there was morally ambiguous. Billy claimed that he and Chance were related, which was the very reason he should be there, but Lily claimed that Adam's involvement with Adam had blinded him. She accused Billy of attempting to worm his way into Chance's hospital room to get a story. Billy said he was trying to uncover a story about someone who deserved to be exposed, and he left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon received a call from Rey. He told her that he'd questioned Adam about the shooting, and he warned Sharon that Adam might try to seek her out. Sharon promised she wouldn't let Adam anywhere near her, but she wondered why Adam would shoot Chance. When Rey asked about Faith, Sharon said she was at Jordan's and was safe. After she ended her call with Rey, she sent a text message to someone: "Could you check on the girls again? I want to make sure they're all right." She received an immediate response: "They're fine. In the basement watching a movie."

Lily walked in and asked if Sharon was okay. Sharon said she'd received some upsetting news, but it hadn't been about her cancer. Lily asked if it had been about Chance. Sharon admitted she wasn't fine, and Lily offered comfort when Sharon said she was worried about Rey. She said when another officer got injured, it brought it all home. Lily said the fear would always be there, just like the fear of the cancer recurring. It was something that was always at the back of their minds. They compared notes on how they had dealt with their cancer and how they had tried not to let it affect their families. It had been the mindset of helplessness, anger, and sadness, all at the same time. They also discussed how they had prepared themselves for the worst.

Sharon told Lily that she'd been elated when she'd seen that her cancer results had been clear and that she'd had a brand-new life ahead, but there was a nagging fear the cancer would return. Lily said it was a long road, but Sharon had a strong support system. She added that talking to people who'd been through the process also helped. Lily said she'd been cancer free for a long time, and she'd reached the point where she didn't even think about it. She was grateful and blessed. Sharon said she felt the same way.

Lily said that Sharon would feel better every day, but the thought would never leave. The fear would fade into the background and would make her stronger. Lily said she and Sharon were survivors, and nothing could take that away from them.

Rey arrived a short time after Lily left. When Sharon looked up, she smiled at him. Rey said that he'd spoken to Adam, but Adam had refused to talk to him without his lawyer present. Sharon said Rey had to have gotten to Adam because if Adam had felt he'd had the upper hand, he would have talked Rey's ear off. Sharon asked about Chance. Rey said that Chance wasn't awake. He commented that he'd seen the relieved look on Sharon's face when he'd walked in. Sharon said that she'd been married to a detective once and had lost him, but she understood what Rey's job involved.

Sharon said that Rey had worried about her for months, and it was her turn to worry about him. She told him she'd had a chat with a friend who had put things into perspective. She knew the fear would always be there, but she was strong enough to handle it and would always be relieved when Rey walked through the door. She said that most of all, she felt love, joy, and happiness because Rey was in her life.

Billy arrived at the hospital, and he asked Abby how things were going. She said she'd been trying to contact Nina about Chance. She said he was in critical condition, and they had to wait. She said it was a nightmare. One minute they were planning a future, and the next minute she was in the ICU, waiting for him to wake up. She wanted to know why Chance had been in that building and if he'd been investigating a crime in progress. Billy said that Adam was the number one suspect. Abby didn't understand why Adam would have shot Chance. Billy said he thought Adam and Chance were friends.

Abby told Billy she'd never understood the friendship between Chance and Adam. Chance was a good man, and Adam hurt everyone around him. Abby said that Chance felt some bond to Adam. Billy stated that Abby shouldn't be alone, and he asked where the family was. Abby said she'd wanted to be alone to process what had happened. Victor would only throw his weight around, and if Ashley were there, all she would do would be to cry. Billy told Abby to call on him if she needed anything. He offered to stay with Chance if she wanted to go home to shower and change.

Abby told Billy she would stay with Chance. Abby suddenly asked Billy how he'd known that Adam had been questioned by the police. He claimed he had an inside source. Abby realized that Billy was there for a story and not to check on Chance. Angry, she realized that Billy wanted a follow-up for his exposé on Adam. She asked how Billy could take advantage of his family connection to exploit her and Chance to use it in a story. She said he disgusted her.

Billy told Abby that he was sick of Adam causing collateral damage everywhere Adam went. He wanted Adam to pay. He asked if Abby felt angry enough that she also wanted Adam to pay. Abby exploded in anger and admitted she was angry, confused, sad, and exhausted. Billy said he wanted to stop Adam from inflicting any more pain, but Abby only wanted to focus on Chance. She didn't want to deal with Adam. Billy left. In the meantime, Adam was nearby, staying out of sight, eavesdropping and watching.

Rey arrived at the Chancellor mansion and told Chloe that he wanted to talk to Chelsea. Kevin admitted that he'd informed Rey because of the information Chelsea had provided. Chelsea entered the room and told Chloe and Kevin it was okay.

Rey told Chelsea that Chance had indicated that Adam might be involved. Chelsea said she preferred not to believe that. Rey asked why Chelsea had wanted to see Chance. Chelsea said her and Adam's relationship had deteriorated, and she'd had the sense that Adam wanted to retaliate against the Newmans. Rey asked if she knew if Chance had had the same suspicion. She said she'd never had the chance to discuss it with him, but maybe Chance had picked up on something that Adam had said.

Rey said he knew that Chelsea still loved Adam and wanted to protect him, but Chelsea sneered that it was too late for that. She admitted she still loved Adam but claimed he had refused to listen to anything she'd said, and she had left him. Rey told her that the ownership of the building she'd been in had been traced back to Adam. She told Rey that she'd been locked in a tiny room, and she believed that Adam had kidnapped her so she wouldn't interfere with his plan. Rey said that Adam wanted retaliation against Victor, and Chance had tried to stop him. He asked Chelsea if she knew anything else.

Chelsea told Rey about the schematic of Newman Tower she'd seen on Adam's computer and that he'd marked the area next to the CEO's office with an "X." That was all she knew.

After Rey left, Chelsea called Connor and told him how much she missed him. When he wanted to talk to Adam, she made up an excuse why he couldn't talk to Adam. When she saw Chloe and Kevin, she ended the call, sat down, and cried. Chloe assured her that she would be safe, but Chelsea claimed that Adam would come looking for her. She said Rey believed that Adam might have shot Chance. Chelsea hoped Chance would be okay and that someone stopped Adam from doing any further damage.

Billy returned to ChancComm, sat down, and looked at Lily. Lily was unimpressed. Billy admitted that he'd been overzealous and shouldn't have rushed off to the hospital. He realized he'd caused Abby additional pain. He said he'd spoken to Jill, but her plane was delayed because of weather. Lily asked if he was going to accompany Jill when she went to see Chance. Billy said he would. Disappointed, Lily stated that he'd learned nothing, and she left.

Back in Chance's room, Abby looked at her engagement ring and said that she'd told Victoria that he'd proposed to her in a sweet and romantic way. She'd never felt so sure about anyone in her life. She'd told Victoria how they had wanted to start a family, even before they had talked about marriage, but she'd known from the beginning that what she and Chance had was special. They had connected, and Abby knew that Chance felt the same way. She knew he would be a loving husband and an incredible father.

As Abby stood there, Elena arrived and told her that everything looked good, and Abby should keep doing whatever she had been doing. After Elena left, Chance regained consciousness and opened his eyes. Elated, Abby told him not to talk. Unbeknownst to Abby and Chance, Adam had been watching through the window when Chance had regained consciousness. Once he was satisfied that Chance was alive, he left.

Abby finds Chance in distress

Abby finds Chance in distress

Thursday, November 12, 2020

by Nel

At Society, Victoria told Nick that Abby was at the hospital. Abby had asked them to break the news to Victor. Victor arrived in time to hear that comment. Victoria told him the police suspected Adam of shooting Chance. Billy had informed Abby. Victor said that Billy was an unreliable source. Victoria said Billy wouldn't have said anything to Abby if his information wasn't legitimate because the truth would come out eventually.

Victor asked Victoria what Adam's motive would have been. Nick said it had something to do with Chelsea's kidnapping. She'd been taken against her will, but she had managed to escape. Victor asked if either of them had any firsthand knowledge. Nick said Chelsea hadn't returned his calls, but everything had Adam written all over it. Victor disagreed and said that Adam wouldn't have kidnapped the woman he loved and the mother of their child. Nick said that Adam had done far worse than that, and Victor knew it. Victor left to find out the facts.

Nick told Victoria that no matter what Adam did, Victor would always rush to his defense. He said that Adam always needed power and control, and he probably needed to stop Chelsea from doing something or needed something from her. Nick and Victoria hoped that Chelsea would testify against Adam in court. Nick said it would be ironic if Chelsea wound up protecting the Newman family by putting Adam away.

Nick was about to leave when Victoria asked him if Phyllis had said anything to him about the hotel. Nick said that everything was fine. Victoria said that Phyllis hadn't responded to any of her text messages or calls. Nick claimed that Phyllis was very busy. Victoria fired back that she ran a much bigger company than Phyllis, and if she had time to call Phyllis, Phyllis should have been able to call her back. Nick thought things had been sorted out between her and Phyllis. He said they had more important things to think about. Victoria told him that if the deal fell apart, it was on Phyllis. Nick said he'd talk to Phyllis, and he left.

At the hospital, Abby told Chance he'd really scared her. She told him that the police were questioning Adam about the shooting. Alarmed, Chance said that he needed to speak to Rey immediately.

Rey arrived at the hospital a short time later, and Chance told Rey that Adam hadn't been the shooter. He said that Adam had been standing next to him, and they had been arguing. Adam had started to walk away when Chance had seen the gun aimed directly at Adam. Chance said he'd taken the bullet for Adam.

Later, Chance told Abby that he'd seen the gun out of the corner of his eye, and he'd reacted. Abby said that Chance had almost died. Adam didn't deserve that kind of sacrifice. Chance said that Adam had done the same thing for him. Abby claimed that Chance's debt had been repaid, and she wanted Chance to focus on them and the family they planned to have. Chance assured her that he only wanted to focus on them.

At the penthouse, Adam sent a text message to his cohort: "Get rid of anything from Newman Tower that can be traced to me before leaving town." Young Adam appeared and asked if Adam was covering his tracks. Adam claimed that young Adam wanted to see him in prison, atoning for his sins. Young Adam said he wanted Adam to stop hurting people. Adam said he wished he'd listened to young Adam sooner.

Adam told young Adam that Chance would tell Rey that he hadn't shot him. Adam said he'd covered his tracks and gotten rid of anything incriminating. There was no proof that he'd planned anything. Young Adam said they couldn't prove it, but they could still find out. Adam realized that Chelsea knew and that she would never trust him again.

Mariah arrived at the coffeehouse to check up on Sharon. Sharon said that Faith hadn't felt well, and she'd told Faith to take the day off school. She didn't know what was going on with Faith and surmised it might have had something to do with Adam. Mariah asked if Faith knew that Adam had shot Chance. Sharon said she wanted to talk to Nick before they talked to Faith about it.

Mariah told Sharon that Adam had gone off the rails, and it hadn't been the first time. She asked Sharon if Adam had appeared to be losing it the last time Sharon had seen him. Sharon said Adam had seemed calmer than he had in quite some time, and he'd talked about moving forward with his life.

At one of the tables in the coffeehouse, Rey told Paul that Chance had been shot protecting Adam, and he'd only seen a gun. Paul realized the list of suspects had suddenly widened. Paul stated that there might be a potential witness to Chelsea's kidnapping. Victor walked in at that moment and asked about Adam. Rey stated that Chance had confirmed that Adam hadn't shot him. Victor wanted Paul to make an official statement to quash the irresponsible and slanderous accusations, but Paul said slander should be the least of Adam's concerns because Adam had been the shooter's intended victim.

Victor said he knew how Paul felt about Adam, and he hoped the case wouldn't be put on the back burner. Paul assured him that wouldn't happen because someone had almost killed Chance, and he wanted that person off the street.

Paul told Victor that the Newman family could be in danger. He said that Chelsea suspected that Adam had orchestrated something. She had seen Adam's laptop, and there had been a schematic of the Newman Tower with an X placed strategically for retaliation against him and his family. Chelsea had wanted to inform Chance, but she'd been kidnapped before she'd had the chance. Paul said he would send a team to investigate Newman Tower. Victor wanted his team involved, as well. He said he would keep his family safe.

In the park, Phyllis was on the phone when she spotted Faith sitting on a bench, slumped over and holding her head. Phyllis approached and asked if Faith should be in school. Faith said she'd hadn't felt well earlier; she'd been on her way to see her mom, but she'd had to stop because she'd felt woozy. Jordan appeared, but when she saw Phyllis, she hid.

Phyllis told Faith she wanted to call Nick, but Faith said that Nick was in a meeting with Victoria and Victor. Phyllis asked Faith to call her if she needed anything, and Phyllis left. Faith joined Jordan. Jordan said she would skip school for the rest of the day. She advised Faith to eat something greasy before drinking and to drink water in between drinks next time. Phyllis returned with water for Faith, and Jordan introduced herself. She told Phyllis that she had a study hall and had decided to take a walk, but she needed to get back; Jordan left.

Faith told Phyllis she was going to the coffeehouse, but Phyllis said they needed to talk. Phyllis said she knew a hangover when she saw one, and she asked what Faith had had to drink. Faith claimed she'd had one drink of vodka and pineapple juice at Jordan's. Phyllis shocked Faith when she said that they had filled the bottle with water so that Jordan's parents wouldn't find out.

Faith told Phyllis she'd been stressed over Adam, and she'd thought a drink would calm her after her blow-up with him. She said she'd never had a drink before, and she hadn't known how it would affect her. She never wanted to feel that way again, and it had been a one-time thing. Faith asked Phyllis not to tell Nick, but Phyllis said she couldn't promise that.

Faith told Phyllis that it had been a small and dumb teenage mistake, and her dad didn't need to know. Phyllis reminded her that Nick was a stickler for honesty. Faith said she'd been at Jordan's, not a party, and Jordan's parents had been upstairs. She said she'd been through a lot in the past year. Her dad was her best friend, and she didn't want that ruined. She asked Phyllis not to tell him.

Rey arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and Chelsea asked about Chance. Rey informed her that Chance was fine, and Adam hadn't been the one who had shot him. Chelsea looked relieved. Rey confirmed that Chelsea had said that Adam had planned something against Victor, and that was why she'd been kidnapped. Chelsea claimed that she hadn't said it was a plot against Victor, and there was no proof that Adam had kidnapped her. Rey asked if she was recanting her statement, because whoever had kidnapped her was on the loose.

Chelsea told Rey she didn't feel safe. Rey suggested protective custody. He asked where Chelsea had gone and what time it had been when she'd escaped. She didn't know. She suddenly realized that Rey thought she'd tried to shoot Chance. Rey informed her that Adam had been the target, not Chance. Chelsea claimed she had a lot of reasons to be angry with Adam, but she wouldn't shoot him. She asked Rey where and when she would have procured the weapon. Rey said that since she didn't have a timeline from her escape, she might have had time to acquire a weapon. Chelsea refused to answer any more questions with a lawyer present.

Faith arrived at the coffeehouse and told Sharon she felt better, but she was hungry for something greasy. After Mariah went into the kitchen, Sharon told Faith it was okay if she ever needed a mental health day. Faith retorted that she felt like crap and told Sharon to get off her back. She immediately apologized and said she was afraid that Adam would walk in, but Sharon assured her he wouldn't. Faith apologized for being a brat. Sharon said she would give Faith some space and check on her later.

Nick arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and Phyllis asked how his meeting with Victor and Victoria had gone. He said Victor was stubborn, Victoria was bossy, and Adam was a psychopath. Phyllis said she had to tell Nick something, but Nick interrupted her and said that if it was about Adam shooting Chance, he already knew. Phyllis was stunned. Nick didn't have all the details, but Adam had kidnapped Chelsea. Chance had been suspicious and had followed Adam, but something had gone wrong. Everyone would know soon enough. He said he had to speak to Sharon about how to explain it to Faith.

Before he left, Nick asked Phyllis to call Victoria because she was getting annoyed that Phyllis hadn't returned her calls or text messages. Phyllis claimed she'd been busy, but she would call Victoria when she called her because she didn't work for either of them. After Nick left, Phyllis sent a text message to someone and smiled.

Rey arrived at the penthouse, and Adam asked if he was there to apologize. Rey said he wasn't and that Adam was awfully cheerful for someone with an assassin on his trail. Adam joked that he was indestructible, and there were many people who wanted to kill him. Rey said that some were more determined than others. Adam asked who -- Nick, Victoria, or if Rey was suggesting it was Chelsea. He said she wouldn't point a gun at the father of their child.

Rey told Adam he knew about Chelsea's history and what she was capable of. She also didn't have an alibi. Adam was adamant that it wasn't Chelsea. He said that Rey should be finding out who had shot Chance and not questioning him about some "dumbass theories."

Rey returned to the coffeehouse and told Sharon that Adam had been the target, not Chance. Sharon said that Rey shouldn't be on the case, but Rey assured her he was able to put his personal feelings for Adam aside and track down the shooter. He said he owed it to Chance to find out the truth, and he left.

Sharon told Faith she had to take care of something, and she asked Faith to tell Nick she would return shortly. Nick arrived a short time later, and he told Faith he'd been with Phyllis and couldn't understand why Sharon wasn't there after they had agreed to meet. Nick's phone rang, and he saw it was Phyllis. He told Faith he wouldn't answer because he was there with her, and she had his undivided attention.

At Society, Victoria saw Victor, and she asked why he was there. Victor explained that Adam hadn't shot Chance but that Adam had been the target. Victoria said that shouldn't have surprised Victor. Adam had created the situation, and he wasn't that innocent farm boy anymore. Victor said he recognized the darkness in Adam's soul, which was the reason he'd wanted the intervention, but Adam had had no intention of attending that meeting. They had reached out too late. Victoria said Adam was a lost cause, and she hoped Victor would accept that.

Adam was staring out the window when he heard a knock on the door. He cautiously approached the door, looked through the peephole, and saw it was Sharon. Sharon said she couldn't stay, but she asked if Adam knew who had tried to kill him. He swore he had no idea who had tried to kill him, and he'd told Rey the same thing. Sharon said Rey's job was dangerous, and he had put his life on the line to apprehend the person who had tried to kill Adam. She said she needed the truth.

Adam told Sharon he was sorry for everything. He said he always turned to her for help, and he regretted that and "so many other things." Sharon asked what other things. Adam said he'd almost gone to a place that he wouldn't have been able to come back from, but he hadn't gone through with it. Sharon said his response was vague. She asked him to tell her, but then she changed her mind and said she'd made a mistake being there. They needed to keep their distance. Adam said he knew what he needed to do.

Chelsea peered out the window suspiciously. She grabbed her phone and sent a text message to Rey: "I want to go into protective custody." Rey responded immediately: "I will send someone to pick you up." After Chelsea had packed a bag and was ready to leave, she walked into the living room and saw Adam standing there. Silently, Adam slowly approached her.

In the hospital hallway, Abby was on the phone with Ashley. Abby told Ashley about Chance's progress. She walked into Chance's room and said that his future mother-in-law wanted to speak to him. Abby saw that Chance was in distress. She rushed into the hallway and yelled for help.

Elena admits she has feelings for Nate

Elena admits she has feelings for Nate

Friday, November 13, 2020

At the Chancellor mansion, Chelsea brandished a large candlestick and demanded to know how Adam had gotten in. He swore that he wouldn't hurt her, but she questioned why she should believe anything he said after he'd had her kidnapped and locked up, leading her to believe she was going to die. She inquired whether he was sorry for drugging her, and he replied that he'd never ordered "them" to do it. She considered the worst of it to be that he'd had her locked in a room so she wouldn't get in the way of his plans to hurt or kill his father. Adam insisted that it wasn't going to happen.

Adam acknowledged that his life had gone off the rails, and he had no excuse for the things he'd done. He continued that he felt ashamed, and he never would have forgiven himself if anything had happened to Chelsea. She remained livid that he'd been able to do that to the mother of his child without blinking an eye. A female officer pounded on the door and called out that she was there to pick Chelsea up. Chelsea curtly informed Adam that she'd requested to be taken into protective custody, and one scream from her would result in his arrest. He invited her to do what she needed to do. She set down the candlestick and went to answer the door as he ducked out of sight.

Chelsea apologized for wasting the cop's time, since she'd decided she didn't need protective custody. After the officer left, Chelsea warned that she could still bust Adam, who was grateful to have another chance to explain. He claimed that he'd been that little boy in Kansas again, filled with rage and anger over everything Victor had done to him, and he'd wanted to pay his father back. Chelsea lectured that Adam couldn't keep blaming Victor, since Adam himself had made choices that had affected the rest of his life. Adam shared that he'd thought destroying Victor would wipe the slate clean and solve everything, but he knew he'd been delusional.

Adam recognized that it was unforgivable that he'd pushed Chelsea away, but he knew with absolute certainty that he was lost without her. Chelsea wondered if he'd already tried the same pitch on Sharon. Adam revealed that Sharon had sought him out to try to get information for Rey about Chance's shooter, and Adam had told Sharon that he wouldn't bother her anymore. Adam contended that it killed him that he'd made Chelsea doubt what she meant to him, and she spat that he always had an excuse. Adam countered that all he'd felt was her pulling away.

"That is crap, and you know it," Chelsea snarled. She recounted that she'd been nothing but supportive of Adam, and she'd said over and over that they were a team that needed to work together, but he had refused to hear it. Adam took responsibility for everything and hoped they could somehow find a way back from it. She incredulously asked if he really thought it was fixable after everything he'd done to her.

Adam reiterated that he'd made a mistake, and he vowed to do everything he could to make it up to Chelsea. She pondered what would happen days or weeks from then, since he'd just had her drugged and locked in a room to prevent her from stopping his plot to kill his father. She doubted that all the anger and rage had just disappeared like magic. Adam swore that things had finally sunk in after Chance had stepped in front of a bullet to save his life. Chelsea contemplated whether Victor would still be alive if Chance hadn't been shot. Adam honestly couldn't tell her, but he pledged to make sure things never got that bad again. He requested one more chance to win back her love and trust and begged for her forgiveness.

Chelsea heard sincerity in Adam's voice, but she contended that he had other things to worry about, like who had tried to kill him. She groused that she was a suspect herself, and he insisted that he'd set Rey straight. Chelsea suggested that Adam focus on who had done it, but he thought he already knew who the culprit had been. Adam shared that he had no proof, but it had been someone with means and motive who not only hated him but had also tried to kill him before -- Billy Abbott.

At the Grand Phoenix bar, Devon welcomed Amanda back and inquired whether she'd found out anything more about her biological parents or Rose on her trip. Amanda admitted that it was a lot to unpack, and he regretted bombarding her with questions. She recognized that he had a stake in it, too, but he pointed out that it was her and Hilary's past, not his. He insisted that he just wanted Amanda to find closure, but she bemoaned that all she had was more questions.

Amanda reported that Nadine had vividly remembered the day Rose had suddenly appeared with baby Hilary after no signs of being pregnant. Amanda thought she had no reason not to believe Nadine, since there was no one left to protect. Amanda was fairly certain that Rose hadn't been her and Hilary's biological mother, but Rose had chosen to raise Hilary and not Amanda. Amanda confided that even though part of her was scared to death about what she might find out if she kept looking, she needed to know the truth.

Devon figured that there might be other witnesses, and Amanda told him that her investigator was questioning more people. Devon requested that she keep him in the loop, and he realized that he was late for a meeting. He asked if she was free for dinner that night, since he was tired of eating alone or hanging out with businesspeople who only talked about work. Amanda replied that it wasn't possible that night, but she was free the following evening. She added that there was one stipulation -- they had to keep dinner light and upbeat, with no talk about their problems. Devon swore that it would be nothing but positive.

At the hospital, Abby asked what had happened to Chance, who had been fine one minute and delirious the next. Elena explained that he was suffering from a secondary staph infection, which wasn't uncommon after surgery. Elena assured Abby that they'd caught it in time and would give him a higher dose of antibiotics to treat his fever and stabilize him. Abby wanted to sit with him, but Elena advised that he had to be isolated because they couldn't risk him getting another infection. Abby stared at Chance through the ICU window.

Elena stressed that Abby had every reason to think Chance was getting better, but it would just take more time. Elena promised that someone would call Abby immediately if there was any change in Chance's condition, and she urged Abby to go eat something. After Abby departed, Nate appeared, and Elena informed him that Chance had survived surgery but was battling an infection. Nate defeatedly prepared to go push papers, but Elena reminded him that he was still a doctor who could help save lives, even if he couldn't perform surgery. She asked if he was still leaving town, and he pointed out that he'd lost his cousin and his ability to operate -- and he couldn't have her. He questioned what was left for him there.

Later, Elena thanked Nate for joining her at her apartment so they could talk privately. She thought he shouldn't leave Genoa City, since there was still a possibility that he could get full function back in his hand and have his career back. She pointed out that Nate still had Lily, and she believed Devon would find a way to forgive Nate one day. Nate grumbled that Elena was assuming that he'd find a way to forgive Devon. He pushed to know why it mattered to her when his leaving would make her life easier. "Because I don't want to lose you," she blurted out.

Elena confessed that she'd barely slept the night before, knowing it was her fault Nate might leave and that she might never see him again. Nate had assumed she wanted him as far away as possible. Elena confirmed that she hadn't given up on Devon, so she didn't want Nate reading anything into it. Nate argued that they were talking about him and Elena, not her and Devon. Elena finally admitted that there was something between her and Nate and that there had been for months, but she'd tried to fight it and ignore it. She conceded that she had feelings for him, and it scared her to death.

Nate just wanted to go back to the way things had been -- if that was even possible. Elena doubted that was really all he wanted, but he promised that he wouldn't push for anything else. He offered to stick around Genoa City on the condition that Elena return to work at the clinic, and she agreed. She was summoned back to the hospital, and they headed out together.

At Crimson Lights, Summer confronted Theo and demanded to know what he and Sally Spectra were up to. Theo wondered if Summer felt threatened, but she scoffed at the idea that Sally was a threat. Theo speculated that Summer was afraid Sally might catch Kyle's eye or that perhaps Summer was thirsting for Theo again. Summer snapped at him to get over himself, and she claimed that she only cared because Fenmore's was important to Jabot. Summer questioned why Sally was in town, and Theo replied that Sally was trying to move past ancient history and get back in the game the right way. He added that Sally wasn't about to screw up her chance for redemption.

Across the coffeehouse, Mariah noticed Abby picking at her breakfast, and she encouraged Abby to stay positive. Abby wailed that she'd just gotten engaged, and she should be planning her wedding, not worrying about life and death. Mariah suggested that Abby start planning the wedding, and Abby envisioned something low-key with family and close friends. Mariah thought they should make a bigger splash than that, and she recommended a secret agent theme. Abby didn't know how she saw her dream wedding, but she realized that knew who she wanted to be her maid of honor -- Mariah.

Mariah thought Abby was joking, but Abby insisted that she was serious. A bewildered Mariah wondered why, and Abby explained that Mariah had been a good friend who had helped calm her fears about starting a family and had kept her upbeat. Abby understood that Mariah might be busy planning Sharon's wedding, but Mariah exclaimed that she would be thrilled to be part of Abby's big day. Abby smiled and took a big bite out of her pastry.

Devon entered the coffeehouse and asked Abby how Chance was doing. She updated Devon about the infection, and Mariah asserted that they were trying to focus on good things until Chance recovered. Abby showed off her ring, and Devon declared that he was happy for her. Mariah proudly announced that she was the maid of honor, and she marveled that it wasn't often that three prominent families got together. Mariah proposed that Devon become a minister to preside over the ceremony and pull the Hamilton-Winters family into the event, as well. Abby loved the idea.

Devon recalled that Katherine had once gotten ordained to officiate a wedding ceremony, and he figured he could do the same thing. Abby gushed that she'd love nothing more than having one of her closest friends officiate, but she could only think about Chance then. The hospital called Abby with an update.

Abby returned to the hospital, where Elena reported that Chance's fever had broken. Elena cautioned that Abby couldn't see him yet, but she'd be able to soon. Abby waited until Elena was out of sight before sneaking into Chance's room. Abby told a sleeping Chance that he'd be fine, but he had to stop scaring her. She joked that she might put it in her wedding vows, and she mentioned that she'd lined someone up to marry them. She advised him to wake up before she planned the wedding all by herself, and he stirred and murmured her name. Abby asked if he had any objection. "Plan away," he weakly responded, adding that the sooner he married her, the better.

At Society, Lauren rattled off a list of Sally's responsibilities as her executive assistant. Sally enthused that she was excited to be part of the team, and she'd been learning all she could about the company. Sally found it inspiring how Lauren had turned things around by partnering with Jabot when Fenmore's had been struggling. Sally mentioned that she'd heard Fenmore's was buying Jabot Collective, and Lauren confirmed that she was negotiating a deal. Sally proclaimed that she was the perfect person to run it.

Lauren remarked that it would be quite a promotion when Sally had been willing to take any job just a few days earlier. Sally contended that she wouldn't have mentioned it if she wasn't right for the role, and she thought they both knew she was overqualified to be an assistant. Sally argued that she had the experience on both the business and creative sides, she'd work hard to grow the company, and she had Lauren to mentor her. Lauren wondered if Sally had had that target in mind when she'd accepted the assistant job.

Sally pointed out that the news hadn't been made public yet, and Lauren asked how Sally had found out. Sally revealed that Jack had told her that Jabot was getting rid of the division, and she considered it to be fate. Sally recounted that she'd admired the collective since its launch, and she was working for the woman who was about to take control of it, so it seemed meant to be. Lauren mused that Sally reminded her of her younger self, driven and unafraid to use her sharp elbows to push through the crowd. Lauren added that it was a compliment, but she had someone else in mind for the position. Lauren declined to share who it was until the deal was done.

At Jabot, Jack mentioned that he and Lauren had already worked through the Jabot Collective deal, and he wanted to run it by Kyle before they signed anything. Jack observed that Kyle was distracted, and he assumed it was because of Summer. Jack thought Dina's death should have inspired them all to cherish the people they loved, yet Kyle was moving in the other direction. Kyle recalled that he'd thought he and Summer had grown closer at Dina's memorial, but he'd said something that had blown everything up again. Kyle complained that Summer didn't trust him and thought he still loved Lola, and he felt like he was banging his head against a wall whenever he tried to make things right.

Kyle didn't know how much longer he could keep doing it, and Jack inquired whether he was giving up on the relationship because it was too much work. Jack advised that even the best relationships had struggles, and he wondered if Kyle was willing to go the extra mile. Kyle insisted that he'd been doing that, and Jack insisted that real love could get around any obstacle. Jack implored Kyle to do whatever he had to do to save it, or Kyle would regret it for the rest of his life. Summer burst in, and Jack stepped out to give them a minute alone. Kyle asked Summer if they'd ever get past it.

Summer noted that Kyle had been the one who'd made the decision that they were better off apart. He admitted that he'd been frustrated, but he hadn't meant it. She bitterly wondered if he'd said it to hurt her, because it had. He recalled that she'd said she was starting to like him again, and he asked what she thought of him then. She queried why he cared. "Because I love you, damn it," Kyle stated.

Kyle revealed that he'd just told Jack that in spite of the arguments and doubt, he was willing to fight for Summer, but it didn't mean anything if she wasn't willing to do the same. He inquired whether she still loved him. Kyle imagined his life without Summer, and it felt like part of him was missing. He declared his willingness to fight for her, but only if she wanted to fight, as well. Summer whimpered that she couldn't lie, and she admitted that she still loved him. He wondered why they were making it that hard when they loved one another.

Summer swore that she didn't want to throw away what she and Kyle had, but she had to be sure about the next step, and it would take some time. Kyle invited her to take all the time she needed, knowing he'd be there for her. He headed out and ran into Sally, who announced that she'd been looking for him.

Jack arrived at Society, and Lauren approached to run something by him regarding JCV. He hoped she wasn't going to ask for more when their deal was just about final. She shared that she wanted someone from Jabot to run the collective once it was under Fenmore's umbrella, but she needed his permission.

Across the restaurant, Theo met with Brittany to discuss his relationship to Dina. Brittany asked what he was looking for, and Theo explained that Dina hadn't been in full control of her faculties when they'd met. He believed that if his grandmother had been of sound mind, she would have left him more than a letter and a fountain pen that she'd bequeathed to his dad. He inquired how he could formally contest the will.

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