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With Sharon's support, Victor had Adam committed to a psychiatric facility. Evidence started to point to Billy as Adam's shooter. Nick was livid when he learned Phyllis hadn't told him about Faith's drinking. Theo and Sally agreed to join forces. Summer accepted Lauren's offer to become president of JCV.
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As evidence pointed to Billy as Adam's shooter, Victor had Adam committed to a psychiatric facility
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Victor blesses Chance and Abby's plan to marry

Victor blesses Chance and Abby's plan to marry

Monday, November 16, 2020

Abby sat near Chance's bedside while he continued his recovery from a gunshot wound. Chance awoke suddenly after reliving the shooting in a dream. Chance roused and was grateful to see Abby, though he expressed concern about her sitting around when she could be out shopping for her wedding attire. Abby teased that her eagerness to tie the knot with Chance might leave him no time to change out of his hospital gown. Chance winced in pain when he laughed. Before Abby left, she told Chance he was cute, even when he drooled in his sleep.

After Abby left, Adam quietly entered Chance's room. Adam said, "Why did you do it? Why the hell would you ever take a bullet for me?" Adam credited Chance with saving his life and said he owed him everything. Chance replied, "The way I see it, we're even. I paid back a debt I owed you from Vegas." Adam agreed they were even, and he apologized for being a terrible friend. Adam claimed he had lost prospective and allowed himself to be dragged back into the mud.

Chance was brutally honest and told Adam that his own self-destructive nature was responsible for his unfortunate situations. Chance pleaded with Adam to silence the voice inside his head that told him to burn it all down after every setback. Adam assured Chance he was determined to change. Chance recalled what had happened to Chelsea as an example of how others were often caught up, too. Adam announced that Chelsea was safe, and he vowed to make things right for her.

Chance called Adam toxic, and he advised Adam to leave Chelsea alone. Chance added that Adam couldn't decide whether he loved Sharon or Chelsea. Adam insisted that Chelsea meant to him what Abby meant to Chance. Chance said he'd advised Chelsea to stay as far from Adam as possible. Chance added, "There are certain people you're better off not having in your life. That's how I feel about you right now."

After Adam left, Victor entered Chance's room. Chance was surprised that Victor had arrived so soon after being contacted. Victor said, "When you're a hero, people show up when you ask for something." Victor thanked Chance for having risked his life to save Adam. Victor told Chance he was glad Adam had a friend like him. Chance told Victor that he'd just visited with Adam and expressed concern about how much Adam was struggling. Chance insisted that Adam needed help.

Victor changed the subject and asked Chance why he'd been summoned. Chance said he loved Abby and wanted to spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy. Chance asked Victor for his blessing. Chance said Abby had already accepted his proposal. Victor choked up when he fondly recalled his dear friend Katherine Chancellor. Victor happily noted that Katherine would be thrilled that her grandson was marrying Abby. Victor added, "So, in that spirit, I give you my blessing. Welcome to the family."

When Abby entered the Abbott mansion, Ashley was relieved to see her. Ashley asked about Chance. Abby assured her mother that everything was fine and that Chance would fully recover from an infection he had developed from his injury. Ashley was elated when Abby displayed her engagement ring. Abby told her mom that Chance had proposed shortly before the shooting. Abby cried that she'd feared losing Chance but was envisioning enjoying a happy life with him. Ashley said she was certain Abby and Chance would have a long-lasting relationship.

Abby reflected on her past and her difficult relationships. Abby said she was certain everything had led up to her meeting Chance. Abby enlisted Ashley's help to plan the wedding, which she said would take place as soon as possible. Abby said her one wish was to pay tribute to Dina, Brad, and Chance's family. Ashley presented Abby with a box filled with family photos and memorabilia, including a pair of Dina's silk gloves. Ashley suggested Abby incorporate some of Dina's mementos in her wedding. Abby lovingly cradled Dina's treasures and seemed delighted to honor her grandmother's memory.

At Crimson Lights, Rey told Sharon he was doing everything possible to locate the person who'd shot Chance. Though Sharon was hesitant, she admitted she'd gone to see Adam. Sharon explained that she'd felt compelled to look Adam in the eye and ask him if he knew who'd done it and why. Rey reminded Sharon that she'd promised to steer clear of Adam. Sharon said she'd felt responsible for ensuring that no one else was in danger. Rey reminded Sharon that it was his job to keep an eye on Adam. Sharon said Rey wasn't always objective when it came to Adam.

Rey reminded Sharon that Chance had been tailing Adam to prevent him from doing something awful. Sharon was taken aback when Rey told her that Adam had arranged to have Chelsea kidnapped after she'd discovered something he'd been planning. Rey was hesitant to share additional details of an ongoing investigation. Sharon seemed eager to know what was going on with Adam. Sensing Sharon's desire to intervene, Rey warned Sharon that Adam routinely destroyed everything he came in contact with. Sharon replied, "He didn't destroy me, and he's never going to destroy us."

At Chancellor Communications, Amanda asked Lily and Billy why police hadn't considered Adam to be a suspect in the shooting. Lily explained that the shooter had actually been aiming at Adam but had instead shot Chance. Both Lily and Amanda expressed relief that Billy hadn't forged ahead to publish a story accusing Adam of being the shooter. Amanda said, "That would've been a huge hit to our credibility." Billy wasn't dissuaded and replied, "Okay, hold on. We don't know he's not responsible yet. Maybe he didn't pull the trigger, but that doesn't mean he's innocent. I guarantee you, one way or the other, Adam is responsible for Chance getting shot."

Billy backed up his claim by reminding Amanda that their company hadn't been forced to print retractions included in the exposé's accounts of Adam's lies and misdeeds. Billy boasted that he'd relied on his instincts and championed his plan to publish a follow-up to bolster profits. Lily wasn't persuaded by Billy's claim to possess innate instincts and cited her preference for journalistic integrity. Amanda agreed when Lily insisted they hold off until the police arrested the shooter.

After Billy left, Amanda asked Lily if she thought Billy's obsessive desire to take down Adam might become a problem. Lily said she'd made it clear to Billy she would never agree to weaponize their company against the Newman family. Lily added that though Billy could have been more sensitive, she'd approved of the piece about Adam because it was truthful. Amanda acknowledged that Lily had effectively handled Billy. Noting Lily's ease with him, Amanda asked her whether it was her job or Billy that made her happy. Lily avoided answering Amanda's question.

Billy encountered Adam at Society. Billy said, "Oh, there he is. Luckiest man in the world. Dodged another bullet, didn't you?" Adam replied, "Do you have any idea where that bullet came from?" Billy said all he knew was that a good guy had taken a bullet meant for Adam. Adam reminded Billy of his pledge to give up on revenge and instead live his life. Adam said he wondered which of them had ended up worse off. Billy replied that they would have known the answer had Chance not gotten in the way. Adam noted that it had been a tough break for whomever had pulled the trigger and warned that there would be a steep price to pay. Billy replied, "Unless they try it again and succeed."

At the Chancellor estate, Chloe was shocked when Chelsea told her that Adam had stopped by to apologize. Chloe asked Chelsea if Adam had threatened her, recalling that he'd been the one responsible for her kidnapping. Chelsea seemed uncertain that Adam had been responsible for her abduction. Chloe insisted Adam had locked Chelsea up because she'd found out he'd been planning to do something to Newman Towers. Chelsea explained that even the police were perplexed and still searching for whomever had shot Chance. Chelsea added that Rey had even suspected her of being the shooter. Chloe pleaded with Chelsea not to consider reuniting with Adam.

Rey stopped by to visit with Chelsea and asked why she'd decided against entering protective custody. Chelsea mentioned Rey having once considered her a suspect. Rey expressed frustration about Chelsea and Sharon's willingness to forgive Adam. Chelsea insisted she wasn't forgiving Adam and was instead casting doubt about him having kidnapping her. Rey told Chelsea he believed Adam might know who the shooter was. Chelsea remained uncooperative. Rey became frustrated and said, "Who hates Adam so much that they want him dead?" Chelsea replied, "The person who hates Adam most -- Billy Abbott."

Lily stopped by Crimson Lights for chai tea and chatted with Sharon about her health. Lily mentioned the exposé and said she knew it had created problems for Sharon's family. Sharon said it had been devastating, especially for Faith. Sharon said even though Faith hadn't been mentioned by name, readers had easily figured out the identity of the kidnapped baby. Sharon blamed Billy.

Lily acknowledged that she and Billy were partners, and she assured Sharon that it would never happen again. Sharon said the article had sickened her, even though Adam had done everything covered in the exposé. Lily asked Sharon how she'd dealt with it. Sharon cried that she'd done everything possible to help because she was certain there was a good man inside of Adam. Sharon swore she would no longer attempt to fix Adam.

Rey returned to the scene of the shooting. He carefully searched the area for clues. He knelt down near the area stained by Chance's blood. From his low vantage point, Rey scanned the area above, which included a number of taller buildings nearby. Something caught Rey's attention. He stood up and walked to the edge of the dock area to investigate.

As Adam was leaving Society, he ran into Chelsea. Chelsea said she could tell Adam was agitated and asked him what had happened. Fearing the worst, Chelsea inquired about Chance. Adam said he'd just visited Chance and had been told to stay out of Chance's life. Adam added that he'd also just had an encounter with Billy, who'd practically admitted he'd been the one who'd tried to shoot him. Chelsea, taken aback, replied, "Really? Do not retaliate." Adam claimed he'd had enough of revenge.

Adam begged Chelsea to forgive him. He asked Chelsea to reconnect and join him to visit Connor. Chelsea turned down Adam's request and said it would be awhile before she could trust that he didn't have an agenda. Chelsea admitted she wasn't sure she could ever forgive Adam. Adam acknowledged he'd been in a dark place, adding that the only thing that would help was his certainty that Chelsea would forgive him. Billy watched through the window as Adam departed.

After Chelsea entered Society, she greeted Billy by asking, "Was it you? Did you try to kill Adam?" Billy refused to justify Chelsea's question with a response. Chelsea recalled that Billy had once taken Adam to the woods, intending to kill him. Billy noted that it had happened long before, when he'd been intent on exacting justice for Delia. Chelsea noted that Billy had suffered daily after what had happened. She mentioned Adam's troubled childhood and said he was an emotional disaster. Billy said he thought Chelsea was done with Adam and couldn't believe they were back together.

Chelsea told Billy she was concerned about Connor. Billy advised Chelsea to keep Connor away from his father. Chelsea cried that Connor was the only thing keeping Adam afloat. Billy asked Chelsea what hold Adam had over her, adding, "You should be pissed whoever pulled that trigger missed." Rey entered, overheard Billy's comment, and replied, "Is that right?" Rey asked to speak to Billy alone.

After Chelsea walked away, Rey said, "What was that about?" Billy said Chelsea was worried about Connor. Rey said he'd stopped by the site of the shooting and noticed that Billy's building was situated just a few miles up the road. Rey asked Billy if he'd been at work all day when the shooting had occurred and if someone could confirm he had been. Adam insisted he hadn't pulled the trigger, though he admitted he despised Adam. Billy later returned to the office, shaken. He told Lily he might need a lawyer.

Adam returned to his penthouse. Adam appeared shaken. His face was pale, and his shoulders were hunched forward. Adam pour himself a drink and called out to the figment of his younger self. Adam, addressing the spirit that had goaded him in recent days, yelled that he expected to hear additional advice about ethical behavior. The room remained still and quiet, and no manifestations taunted Adam. Adam cried, "Well, I guess it's just me now."

After Chelsea returned to the Chancellor estate, she spotted three display boards onto which were set sketches of fashion designs. Chloe emerged and announced that their new business name would be Bella Milconno, a combination of their children's names. Chelsea said she realized Chloe was attempting to distract her and draw her into a future without Adam. Chelsea admitted she'd seen Adam at lunch and reported that he'd seemed miserable and emotionally damaged. Chloe replied, "He brought it on himself."

Chloe insisted that Chelsea leave Adam and his chaos behind and choose a new forward-thinking way of life by starting a new business with her best friend. Chelsea acknowledged that Adam was dangerous and said despite that, she was still in love with him.

Summer mulls Lauren's job offer

Summer mulls Lauren's job offer

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

In Chancellor Park, Phyllis spotted a peaked Faith and ordered her to freeze. Phyllis was sure she could outrun Faith in the state the girl was in, and she dared Faith to try. Faith defeatedly plopped down on a bench, and Phyllis observed that the teen looked like she'd been hit by a bus. Faith swore that it wasn't what Phyllis thought, and she said she'd never be able to thank Phyllis enough for keeping quiet about it the last time. Nick overheard and asked what secrets they were keeping.

Faith fibbed that she'd skipped gymnastics to hang out with her friends, and Phyllis had busted her. Faith apologized for putting Phyllis in the middle, but Nick noted that Faith's mention of a "last time" had implied that there had been more than one time. Phyllis prompted Faith to explain, and Nick cautioned that one of them had better start talking. Phyllis recounted that she'd seen Faith in the park a few days earlier, looking "like hell." Nick pointed out that Faith had been sick, and Phyllis clarified that the girl had been overserved some vodka by a so-called friend. Nick stared at Faith in disbelief.

Faith begged Nick not to hate her. Phyllis tried to intervene, but Nick wanted to hear from Faith. Phyllis departed, and Nick warned that Faith had better tell the truth. Faith whimpered that it had been horrible, and she'd hated the way the booze had made her feel. She swore that she'd only had a small taste, but it had hit her unexpectedly fast, and she felt awful because she knew it had been wrong. Nick barked that it hadn't been enough to stop her from drinking a second time, and she wondered how angry he was. He sat down and cradled his head in his hands.

Faith insisted that she'd only consumed alcohol twice. "Only," Nick scoffed, noting that she was too young to be drinking and that it could be dangerous at any age. He demanded to know who she'd been drinking with, and she referred to kids from school. He questioned why she'd done it, and she whined that she hadn't wanted to be the only one who hadn't done it. Nick lectured that she was stronger and better than that, and he thought she should have gotten up and walked away.

Faith protested that her friends would have thought she was being a baby, but Nick barked that they weren't her friends if they would have thought that. Faith recalled everyone staring at her, and she'd been tired of being the one who didn't fit in. She mentioned the text messages and jokes about her having a monster uncle, and she explained that it had felt good to feel normal and not be the center of mocking attention for few moments. Nick recognized that things had been difficult, but she wailed that he had no idea what it was like to be her.

Nick knew Faith thought of him as a faultless superhero, but he recognized that he'd made a lot of mistakes. He wished that he had more of her qualities, and he urged her not to let some jerks pressure her into changing who she was. He sympathized that it might not be easy, but she had to be careful. He reminded her that she wasn't just underage, but she also could have a genetic predisposition for alcoholism because Nikki suffered from the disease. Nick imagined what it would do to Faith's grandparents if they knew she'd been drinking, and Faith pleaded with him not to tell them.

Nick referred to another part of their family's history -- Cassie had gotten behind the wheel of a car because a guy who'd been old enough to drive had been too drunk to do it. Nick swore that he would have moved heaven and earth to be there for Cassie if she'd just called him, and he promised that there would be no questions or lectures if Faith needed to call him for help. Faith wiped away tears and asked if her mom needed to know. Nick replied that it wasn't the kind of thing they should keep secret, but Faith didn't want to ruin her mother's happiness after everything Sharon had been through. Nick agreed to think about it.

At Crimson Lights, Theo stared down at the pen Dina had left him. He began to jot something down but shook the pen in frustration when it didn't work. Mariah approached and admired the pen's classic design, and Theo offered to let her have it. Theo spat that the pen was an attractive, decrepit antique that his grandmother had left for his father. Mariah commented that bitterness didn't become him.

Theo ranted about how Abby had gotten an apartment in Paris, and Kyle had received a museum of artwork on top of great jobs they didn't need. Theo prepared for Mariah to let him have it, but she simply said she was sorry. Mariah sympathized that Theo had lost a grandmother who had meant something to him, and she was sure that Dina would have taken care of him in her will if she'd been in better health.

Theo huffed that dwelling on what could have been wasn't part of his strategy to victory in a little war to get what was his. Mariah advised against waging war against his family for money, but Theo questioned what else they had that he wanted. She suggested love, but he figured that if he couldn't make them love him, he could make them fear him. Mariah sensed that Theo's beef was that the Abbotts had broken his heart, and he wanted them to feel his pain.

Mariah was surprised to find Nick and Faith on the coffeehouse patio. Nick claimed that Faith was still feeling run down, so they were there to get something to soothe her stomach. He requested that Mariah watch over Faith while he took care of something. After Nick left, Mariah stepped away to fetch Faith something to eat. Faith pulled out her phone and sent a text message to Jordan, saying they should cool it for a while because her dad had found out and was furious. Jordan wrote back that parents had no concept of fun, and she planned to be way more careful the next time. Faith looked concerned.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was delighted when she spotted a box of promotional flyers for the hotel on the bar. Victoria appeared and speculated that the box had been misdelivered, since she hadn't approved the promotion. As she ripped one of the flyers into pieces, Victoria revealed that she'd learned what Phyllis was up to, so she'd had an advance copy of the flyer sent to her. Victoria snarled that she'd failed to find a memo requesting permission to run the promotion. Phyllis argued that Ponte Vecchio wasn't even a real company, but Victoria countered that Phyllis was contractually obligated to perform her duties.

Victoria accused Phyllis of ignoring her calls, and she sternly stated that leaving Ponte Vecchio out of the promotional decision had been a violation of Phyllis' contract. Phyllis bristled at having to run every decision by a shell company, and Victoria scolded Phyllis for undermining the goodwill they'd built. Victoria warned that Ponte Vecchio was within its rights to terminate Phyllis' employment, and she threatened that Phyllis would be sorry if she pulled another stunt like that.

In her hotel suite, Phyllis left a voicemail for Amanda, requesting legal advice because she feared that she was on the brink of losing her hotel. Nick burst in and accused Phyllis of knowing his underage daughter had been drinking and not telling him. He demanded to know if she ever would have said anything if he hadn't overheard her and Faith talking. Phyllis revealed that she'd planned to tell him, but he'd raked her over the coals about Victoria, so she hadn't had the chance.

Phyllis argued that she hadn't been the one to give Faith alcohol, but Nick spat that Phyllis had been the one keeping it a secret. She understood he was angry, but she stressed that she wasn't the enemy. He ranted that Faith was "going through hell" and had a grandmother who was an alcoholic, and he was appalled that Phyllis had been that irresponsible. He suspected that Phyllis had kept the secret to be petty, and he growled that if she'd told him the first time, there wouldn't have been a second. Phyllis informed him that Faith had been worried about his reaction, and she scoffed at the idea that it was her fault.

Nick figured that some of Phyllis' unsavory habits were beginning to make a comeback, and she questioned whether she had an expiration date with him. She noted that there were some things he liked about her and some things he didn't, but she was the same person she'd always been; she believed he was just mad that he couldn't change her. She compared it to how Victoria had treated Billy for failing to live up to the Newman specifications. Phyllis sarcastically yelled that she was sorry for being human, having faults, and not living up to the great Nick Newman. She stormed out.

At Jabot, Sally thanked Jack for letting her pick his brain about Jabot Collective. Jack pointed out that Kyle and his team had handled the details, but Sally credited Jack with having the foresight to take Jabot to the next level. Jack crowed that the risk had paid off, and Sally wondered why Jabot was selling the division. Jack stressed that cosmetics was Jabot's linchpin, and they'd chosen to focus on what they did best. He expected that JCV would be a juggernaut in Fenmore's hands with the right leadership, and she vehemently agreed.

Sally gushed about how JCV's bathing suits were perfect for every body type, and Jack remarked that she knew her stuff. She invited him to pass that along to someone who needed to hear it, since she'd love to get behind the wheel at JCV. Jack incredulously asked if she wanted to be president of the company, and Sally implied that it could happen if Jack voiced his opinion of Sally to Lauren. Jack recognized that Sally was bright and hungry with wonderful ideas, but he didn't see her running the collective, since several people in the company had already paid their dues.

Jack confided that Lauren had chosen someone close to him to run JCV once the deal was done. Sally insisted that she was glad to be there to learn and prove herself invaluable, and Jack thought being Lauren's right hand was a good place to start. Sally vowed to be the best assistant Lauren had ever had by researching the new president to help them hit the ground running. Jack declined to name who Lauren had chosen because it wasn't his place, but he offered to put in a good word for Sally.

Jack speculated that perhaps there would be a job at JCV that was perfect for Sally's talents. He encouraged her not to give up, and she replied that it wasn't in her vocabulary or her DNA. Sally added that being an assistant was a step down, but she had her eye on the big picture, and it was about where she was going and not where she was. She thanked Jack for taking the time to meet, and he mused that it would be a good thing for both her and JCV if she ended up there eventually, since he had a feeling that she would get along with her new boss just fine. She headed out, and her smile faded into a scowl.

Summer met Lauren at Society and thanked her for calling, since it would be nice to catch up. Lauren announced that she had a game-changing offer for Summer. Lauren exclaimed that she couldn't be happier to be adding JCV to her company, and Summer admitted that she was sad to see the collective go. Lauren pointed out that Summer knew JCV better than anyone, and Summer recalled that she'd had a blast building the division. Lauren asked what Summer thought JCV needed to succeed, and Summer rambled on about the qualities a new president should possess. Summer apologized for going on and on, but she suddenly realized what Lauren was asking.

Summer was stunned that Lauren wanted her to be in charge of JCV. Lauren explained that Summer would still answer to her, but she couldn't imagine anyone better to take the collective into the next decade. Summer worried about Jack, and Lauren revealed that she'd already had the conversation with him. Kyle entered the restaurant and spotted the women together. Lauren relayed that Jack would be sorry to see Summer go, but he didn't want to stand in her way. Lauren declared that it was time for Summer to break free and show the world what she was capable of, but Summer hesitated to accept. Lauren urged Summer to take the time she needed to decide.

After Summer left, Lauren ran into Kyle and said she'd been about to reach out to him with some news. He grumbled that he'd heard she'd offered Summer a job running JCV, but he couldn't figure out why Lauren had chosen her. Lauren pointed out that she wasn't obligated to explain her hiring practices to Kyle, and he claimed that he was just curious. He called Summer a valuable member of his team, but Lauren doubted he felt blindsided because she'd gotten Jack's approval before offering Summer the job. Kyle asserted that Summer was an integral part of Jabot and that losing her would change everything. Lauren shared that Summer hadn't accepted the position yet.

Summer entered the Jabot conference room, and Jack said he'd just been thinking about her. She mentioned that she'd spoken with Lauren, and Jack wanted to be the first to congratulate Summer, even though it would be a great loss for Jabot. She looked away, and he wondered why she was hesitant to leap into greatness. Summer asked if he wanted her out of Jabot, since Lauren had indicated that he'd already given his blessing. Jack explained that if it seemed like he was kicking Summer out of the nest, it was because he knew what she was capable of, and he didn't want to keep her from reaching her full potential. She was skeptical that it was the only reason, since her leaving Jabot would make Kyle's life a lot easier.

Jack acknowledged that Summer had breathed new life into his company, and it would be a blow to Jabot to lose her, but she'd be crazy to turn down the chance to be president of JCV at her age. She inquired about what Kyle had said about it, but Jack didn't think Kyle knew anything about Lauren's offer. Jack recognized that things had been difficult for Summer and Kyle, and his dearest wish was that they would work through it, but it had nothing to do with JCV. He considered it to be the offer of a lifetime, and he encouraged her to take the job because it would change her life forever. He suggested that she talk to her family and decide what was right for her.

Later, Kyle joined Summer in the conference room and asked if she was looking over their latest acquisition. She admitted that she hadn't looked at it since the day before because she'd gotten a job offer. Feigning surprise, Kyle questioned who would try to take her away from Jabot. She swore that she hadn't looked for it and that she hadn't said yes -- yet. He wondered if she was interested in the position, and she called it her dream job.

Kyle questioned what was holding Summer back, and she grappled with leaving Jabot because they'd made a great team. Kyle stated that JCV would be lucky to have her, and he revealed that he'd talked to Lauren after seeing the women at Society together. He voiced surprise that Summer hadn't jumped at the offer, and he pushed to know if it had anything to do with him. He insisted that he wanted them to be honest with one another. Summer wailed that she didn't know what she wanted.

Kyle reflected back on the landmark work he and Summer had done in that room, and she mused that it had been like they'd shared one another's thoughts. Kyle remarked that it wouldn't be the same there without her, but the choice was hers alone. Summer guessed she should take the leap, but she wrestled with leaving him and Jabot. Kyle insisted that she deserved to have her dreams become a reality. Summer proclaimed that she was officially resigning as head of marketing so she could go to JCV. A conflicted Kyle choked out his congratulations.

Sally approached Theo at Society's bar and inquired whether the offer to pool their resources was still on the table. She agreed to the deal for a cut of Dina's fortune, and he replied that he wouldn't have it any other way. She asked if he'd made any inroads. He informed her that he'd spoken to a lawyer about suing the Abbotts, but he couldn't move forward until he had more information. Theo requested that Sally find out how his family planned to retaliate once he filed the suit. In return, she asked him to find out who was the new head of JCV, since she planned to take them out of the running -- for good.

Adam refuses to sign renunciation document

Adam refuses to sign renunciation document

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

by Nel

Rey met with Victoria and Nick at Society. He asked them if there had been any threats against the family. He told them about the tip they had received and about the schematic of Newman tower on Adam's laptop. Rey and his team had searched the building, but they hadn't found any sign of an impending attack. Rey saw the shocked expressions on Nick and Victoria's faces.

Victor arrived, and Rey said that he and Paul had discussed it. He had assumed that Victor would have apprised them of the situation. Nick asked how Victor could have kept that information from them. Victor claimed he'd known what their reaction would be, and he had decided to look for answers on his own. Victor asked Rey why Adam had the blueprints of the Newman tower. At that moment, Rey received a phone call from Paul, and he walked away.

Nick told Victor that just because there wasn't a threat, it didn't mean that there hadn't been one earlier. Victoria said that Adam had been cleared of the shooting, but Victor should have informed her about the threat. As CEO of the company, she was responsible for what went on in the building. Victor assured her the building was safe. Nick reminded Victor that Adam had had the blueprints of the building, and Adam had obviously been planning to do something terrible. He asked when Victor would open his eyes about Adam.

Victoria reminded Victor that Adam had legally changed his name to Wilson. She knew it was painful, but she said that Adam hated Victor and that he would always be a threat. She said if Victor wouldn't let go of Adam, then maybe it was time the family let go of Victor. Victor was shocked by her statement.

Rey returned and said they needed to find who was responsible for shooting Chance. He said he needed to know where each of them had been at the time of the shooting. Victoria told Rey that she, Nick, Victor, Nikki, and Abby had been in her office for a meeting. Nick said he had stepped out to speak with Sharon but that he had returned to the office before the shooting. Victor spat that unless Rey thought they had hired a hitman, it was the last time he wanted to hear Rey ask for alibis from his family. Rey left.

After Rey left, Victor asked Victoria and Nick if they wanted to cut him out of his own family. Nick said that Victoria was trying to make a point. He said Adam was a threat, and she was protecting the family. Victoria said she'd only been looking out for the business and the family. Victor accused Victoria of wanting to hold onto her power. He said that Nick would make an egregious mistake if he planned to follow Victoria.

After Victor left, Victoria asked if Nick realized that Victor was holding onto hope that Adam could be redeemed. Nick said there had to be a way of getting Adam out of their lives without alienating Victor. Victoria stated that Victor had to stop coddling Adam, and he needed to realize how dangerous Adam was. They had to think about cutting ties.

At home, Adam called Chelsea. He invited her for dinner because he had so much to tell her and because he wanted to let her know where his heart was -- for Connor's sake. He begged Chelsea for another chance. Chelsea said she needed to think about it. He said he really hoped she would join him.

Later, Adam was setting the table with wine and flowers. He became excited when he heard a knock on his door, but it was Victoria. Once inside, Victoria said that if Adam was eager to cut times with the family, then he would sign the renunciation of all things Newman. She pulled the document out of her briefcase and handed it to Adam. She said it was a formality, and they needed his decision in writing.

Adam told Victoria he wouldn't sign it if Victor hadn't approved it. Victoria accused him of dodging, and she said that claiming he was distancing himself from the family was bull. She asked if he had planned to get rid of the Newmans then step in and claim the keys to the kingdom. He said he didn't understand what she was talking about. Victoria stated that they knew he'd had the Newman tower schematics in his possession, and it hadn't been difficult to put the pieces together. The whole family had all been at the meeting Adam hadn't shown up for.

Adam claimed Victoria was completely off base with her accusations. He'd thought he would be meeting with Victor only. He said he hadn't made it to the meeting because other things had taken priority. Aggravated, Adam said it was time for Victoria to leave. He picked up the document, ripped it in half, and threw it on the table. Before she left, Victoria told Adam she wished the bullet had found its intended victim rather than Chance.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Amanda about making plans for the hotel that Victoria hadn't approved, and she showed Amanda the pamphlet for a couples retreat that would double the hotel's business. Panicked, Phyllis claimed it was her hotel, and she'd worked hard to keep it. She asked if Victoria could terminate her. Amanda agreed to help Phyllis and asked for a copy of the contract.

Phyllis also told Amanda that she and Nick had had a fight, which had had nothing to do with the hotel, and she explained about Faith's drinking. Amanda said that Phyllis and Nick were crazy in love. Phyllis said it was just like all the other times when they'd crashed and burned. Amanda said Phyllis needed to talk to Nick.

Phyllis said she'd forgotten how challenging raising teenagers had been. She claimed she'd changed for Nick and for them, but Nick hadn't given her credit for who she'd become. She didn't know whether she would explode when she saw him. Amanda said that going off on Nick wouldn't solve the problem. Phyllis couldn't tell Nick he was wrong about her; she needed to show him.

Phyllis told Amanda that Nick needed to apologize to her for the things he'd said. Amanda received a phone call from Devon at that moment, and she confirmed that they were on for dinner and drinks at his place. With a Cheshire cat smile, Phyllis asked about Amanda's date with Devon. Amanda said it wasn't a date, only drinks and dinner between friends, and she warned Phyllis not to read anything into it. Uncomfortable, Amanda grabbed her coat and told Phyllis to focus on her own life. After Amanda left, Phyllis checked her phone, hoping for a text message from Nick, but there wasn't one.

Abby entered Chance's hospital room and said she had a surprise. She placed her tablet on his tray for a video chat with Jill and Nina. They were delighted to see each other. Jill said that all flights had been canceled because of the weather. Nina said Chance had told her not to make the trip because she would hover. Chance wanted them put off their visit until the wedding. He told them that he and Abby were getting married. Both ladies were ecstatic. Jill asked if Phillip knew. Chance said he had called Phillip earlier, and Phillip had given them his blessing.

Chance told Jill and Nina that he'd known his future was with Abby from the moment he'd met her. Abby asked if they had Nina and Jill's blessing, and they both said, "Absolutely." That meant the world to Chance and Abby. After they ended the video call, Abby surprised Chance again. She said she'd arranged for a special take-out for him, prepared by Lola. Abby couldn't wait for their life to return to normal.

Chance asked if Abby had been planning their wedding. Abby informed him their theme would be elegance and simplicity. She said the perfect venue was the Chancellor mansion because it represented Chance's family and the Chancellor dynasty, and Katherine's spirit would be in every room. Chance said it was perfect.

Abby returned a short time later and asked Chance what the doctor had said. He informed her that he would be moved out of ICU a little later, and he would be released the next day. He asked Abby if she had a date in mind for their wedding. She didn't. He suggested they get married the following week. Abby was stunned at first, but she happily agreed. Chance said he couldn't wait.

At the Chancellor mansion, after Chelsea had received the invitation from Adam, she recalled their most recent reconciliation when she'd told Adam that everything felt right. She recalled Adam proposing to her and telling her he was ready to make it official. She recalled the day she'd heard Adam tell Rey how he and Sharon were meant to be together and how Chelsea had told Adam she was officially and forever done with him. She remembered telling him they were a team and how Adam had pushed her away, and she recalled Adam telling her he hoped they would eventually find their way back to each other. She was troubled, but she decided to meet with Adam.

As Chelsea was about to leave, Chloe entered the room and asked if Chelsea was going out. Chelsea claimed she had errands to run, but Chloe stated that Chelsea was going to meet with Adam. Chloe asked how she could stop Chelsea. Chelsea began to walk away, but Chloe reminded Chelsea that Chelsea had said she would avoid Adam at all costs. Chelsea claimed they were only meeting to clear the air and not to reconcile. She would return. Chloe asked what she should do if Chelsea didn't return. Chelsea said that Chloe would have won.

Chloe reminded Chelsea that Adam had been the reason that Chance had been shot, Chelsea had been kidnapped, and Chelsea had become a suspect in the shooting. She had motive. Chelsea shot back that Chloe had a motive, since she'd tried to kill Adam on numerous occasions. Chloe asked if Chelsea really wanted to go down that road because she would hate to think of what would happen to Connor. Chloe apologized, but Chelsea left.

Kevin arrived and asked Chloe what that had been about. Chloe said it was always about Adam, and she'd stupidly insinuated that something bad would happen to Connor if Chelsea reunited with Adam. Chloe said she'd practically pushed Chelsea out the door. Kevin claimed that Chloe had meant well, and Chelsea would realize that after she'd had time to calm down.

Chloe asked Kevin what would happen if Chelsea had to make a choice between her and Adam. Kevin advised her not to get ahead of herself because no one wanted Chelsea to reunite with Adam. He told her not give up on Chelsea.

In the meantime, Chelsea was at Society, and she called Adam. She told Adam she needed more time to think. He told Chelsea that she knew what he hoped for, and there was no pressure. She curtly said goodbye and ended the call.

At his home, over margaritas, Devon told Amanda he'd made reservations at the new French restaurant. Amanda commented how difficult it was to get a reservation there, but she was sure they had accommodated him. They engaged in some awkward conversation and then laughed. Devon asked if Amanda would prefer to remain at the penthouse and order in. She readily agreed. Amanda placed an order for Chinese food. Devon reminded her to get egg rolls, and later, he teased her about almost forgetting the egg rolls.

Amanda told Devon she wanted to know about the man he'd become. She didn't want to hear about his work or Hilary. Devon said he'd grown up in foster care, and he shared how lost he'd been. He'd had one bad experience after another, and he had acted out a lot. He hadn't trust anyone until he had met Lily and her parents. He said Neil and Dru had taken a chance on him because they had seen his potential.

Devon told Amanda there were no words to describe what a profound impact that had been on his life and he was grateful to the Winters family. He had later discovered that Tucker McCall was his biological father, and Katherine Chancellor was his grandmother. He said his relationships with this new family had started off slowly because he'd resented them for being so rich. He had built walls, but eventually, he had learned to move forward and to always remember he could "make tomorrow better."

At Crimson Lights, Nick sat at a table and started a text message to Phyllis but changed his mind and deleted it.

When Phyllis entered her suite, she was surprised when saw that Nick was waiting for her. Nick said he'd been hard on her, and he'd said things he hadn't meant. He said he hadn't appreciated how Phyllis had handled things with Faith once she'd realized Faith had been drinking; however, he stated he'd been stressed out, and he apologized because Phyllis hadn't deserved that. Phyllis also apologized that she hadn't told him about Faith's drinking and had attacked him instead. She asked how she could make it up to him. Nick gave her a single red rose and said he was about to ask her the same thing.

Victor arrived at Society at Victoria's request and said he had agreed to meet with her only because she'd said things would be different between them. He asked if she'd come to her senses. Victoria showed him the torn-up document, explaining that it was a binding agreement she'd asked Adam to sign renouncing all things Newman, but Adam had refused to sign it. It proved that Adam had no intention of walking away, and the threat was just another way of manipulating them. When Victor asked if she'd done that behind his back, Victoria said she'd wanted to put Adam to the test.

Victoria assured Victor she was being completely honest. Victor said the torn document meant nothing because Adam was in dire emotional straits, desperate, and crying out for help.

Paul uncovers new evidence

Paul uncovers new evidence

Thursday, November 19, 2020

by Nel

At the coffeehouse, Rey informed Sharon that he was waiting for Paul. Right on cue, Paul arrived and beckoned for Rey to join him on the patio. Paul told Rey that forensics were examining a dark blue, worn earbud that had been found at the scene of the shooting. He said the DNA was pending; it wasn't much, but he would take whatever he could get. Paul said the crime was personal to him because Chance was Nina's son, he'd known Chance since he'd been in diapers, and Chance had taken a bullet that had been meant for Victor's son Adam. He wanted to make certain the case was airtight. He said he would be shadowing Rey during his investigation.

In Chance's suite, Abby was busy hovering over Chance, who was home from the hospital. He didn't want her to spoil him, but Abby said she'd taken notes from the nurse who had constantly wanted to freshen his room. Abby said she wasn't jealous because nurses came and went, but she was there forever. Chance smiled and said they had some serious wedding plans to make.

A short time later, Abby and Chance had a video chat with Jill. After some small talk about Chance's health, Abby asked for Jill's approval to have the wedding at the Chancellor mansion. Jill was all-in and said she would contact her decorator immediately. Abby informed Jill that the wedding was scheduled for the following week. Shocked, Jill said if God could create earth in seven days, she could make a wedding happen the following week.

Abby left the suite, and when she returned, she began talking to Chance. She smiled when she noticed he had fallen asleep. She sat down and mused aloud. She asked if Chance had any idea why she loved him so much or how he made her feel. She said she'd given up on that kind of happiness. They were "so close" to having everything they'd ever wanted. She said he was the love of her life. She'd been given a second chance, and she wasn't going to take it for granted.

Over lunch at Society, Nikki commented that Victor hadn't eaten much. He claimed he wasn't hungry. He asked why Victoria had given Adam that document. Nikki said Victoria had wanted to call Adam's bluff, and he'd proven they had been empty promises when he'd ripped up the document.

Victor said it wasn't a document; it was an ultimatum. He was convinced that Adam didn't want to cut himself off from the family. Nikki reminded Victor that Adam had wanted to do away with the family or with Victor, but Victor claimed that Adam was an emotional wreck, dangerous, and unpredictable. He said that as a family, they had to acknowledge their part in Adam's unstable emotional state.

Nikki couldn't believe that Victor was blaming the family for Adam's troubles. She said it wasn't a good idea because he would push his other children away. Victor maintained that Adam needed help. Through gritted teeth, Nikki spat that Adam needed to be out of their lives, and it was Victor's business whether he wanted a relationship with Adam. However, he needed to remember that Adam had tried to kill him twice. She wanted to know why Victor insisted on trying to explain Adam's psychosis. Victor wanted a solution for Adam. He said he would see it through to the end.

Victor told Nikki that he'd been prepared to let Adam go to his grave, never knowing he'd killed A.J. Montalvo, but Nikki and Victoria had forced him to reawaken those memories in Adam. As a result, Adam needed help. Victor was going to see that Adam got the help he needed.

Chelsea arrived at Adam's penthouse and told Adam she would give him an opportunity to explain his actions, but she didn't think it would be enough. Adam claimed he loved her and wanted his family together again. He said if he could fix everything, he would do so immediately. He was sorry for everything. Chelsea stated that they didn't have a future. She asked if he had tried to kill his family. Adam stated that Victor had been his only target. She asked if Victoria, Nick, Nikki, and Abby would have been collateral damage. Adam said he hadn't known they had been in the building. He claimed he'd been alone in his penthouse with thoughts bouncing off the walls. He'd thought he'd been in control, but Billy's article had pushed him over the edge.

Chelsea told Adam not to blame Billy. She stated that he'd been on edge since he'd discovered his involvement in A.J.'s death. She had warned him not to pursue it, but the harder she had tried to stop him, the harder he had pushed back. She asked how she was to know that something like that wouldn't happen again. Adam swore it wouldn't happen again. Chelsea pointed out that Adam's little family had taken a back seat for something more important to him: revenge. She'd seen the pain he'd been in, and it hadn't simply disappeared. She couldn't trust that he had his priorities straightened out.

Adam told Chelsea that he'd lost focus and his sense of direction, but in spite of working hard to get it back, he couldn't... Angry, Chelsea interrupted him and said he couldn't do it without her. She accused him of manipulating her. He claimed he needed her help. He knew he shouldn't ask after everything he'd put her through, but he was asking because he had no choice.

Chelsea said she didn't know if they could get back what they'd had. She admitted she still loved him, but if they reunited, she would constantly be looking over her shoulder, afraid he would do something terrible -- and maybe next time, it would be Connor. Adam claimed he would never hurt Connor. All he had to offer was the love he felt for her and Connor. He said it killed him that it might not be enough, but it was all he had left. He stated he would leave town and never look back if Chelsea and Connor went with him.

Chelsea asked if Adam was ready to leave his home and turn his back on everyone, including Newman Enterprises. Adam said he would. She wanted to know why things were different that time. Adam said he realized how far his family had pushed him away. Nothing good had ever come from him being part of that family. From the moment he'd arrived, his family had worked overtime to make sure he never felt welcome. He told Chelsea to pick a direction and name the place, and they would leave the next morning. He only needed her forgiveness.

Chelsea told Adam that he'd made it more difficult for her to make a decision. She said she'd been warned not to meet with him, but perhaps it was time for her to cut her losses. Adam's phone rang, and Chelsea recognized Sharon's number. She grabbed her coat and bag, and as she headed toward the door, she told Adam to answer the call from his one true love. Adam told Chelsea he had no idea why Sharon was calling him, and he disconnected the call. He told Chelsea to believe what he was saying at that moment because it was what counted. He said that Chelsea was the woman he would love forever. Chelsea said she needed time to think, and she left.

Lily and Amanda were at the coffeehouse, and Lily asked Amanda about her date with Devon. Amanda turned the tables and asked Lily about her romantic life. Lily said she'd dated for a bit before she had returned to Genoa City. She said she'd had a lot of heartache over how things had ended between her and Cane, and she was tiptoeing though the minefield. Amanda asked how Billy felt about it. Lily claimed she didn't know, but if she got involved, it would have to be simple, clean, and drama free. Amanda said that was a perfect description of Billy. They both smiled knowingly. Amanda stated that Lily was trying to mend a broken heart.

Lily said that Amanda would know about mending a broken heart. Amanda said that things hadn't reached that point with Nate, but that was another story. She was impressed with Lily's stress-free route to romance. Lily asked about her and Devon. Amanda said there hadn't been anything special. They had ordered in, and they had talked like two friends. Lily said it sounded romantic to her.

Victor arrived at the coffeehouse and told Sharon he needed her help with Adam because he had no one else he could talk to.

Billy arrived at ChancComm and saw that Paul and Rey were waiting for him. Rey said that Billy and Chance had never been close. He said that Billy had used his media outlet to implicate Adam for a crime that had been committed in Vegas. He said Billy's intentions didn't look good. Billy claimed that he'd been concerned about Abby and Chance, but the main reason he'd gone to the hospital had been to get first-hand information because he'd had a hunch that Adam had been involved. He'd wanted to get the truth to expose Adam in a second exposé.

Rey stated that Billy wasn't a reporter, and he asked why Billy hadn't sent a reporter. Billy claimed he'd wanted to hear it himself, but Chance had been unconscious. Paul asked if Billy had been the shooter. Billy denied it but said the person who had taken the shot had to have been justified. Rey claimed Billy had just described himself. Rey suggested they look around the office. Paul produced a search warrant. Paul claimed that Billy had checked all the boxes, and he could be the prime suspect in the shooting.

Billy told Paul that anyone could be a suspect then listed several options: Victor -- Adam had changed his medication and almost killed him; Nick -- Adam had taken Nick's business out from under him; or Chelsea -- who had more reasons than anyone to take a shot at Adam. Paul said they were investigating everyone. Billy told Paul that Adam was his meal ticket because he kept generating material for blockbuster articles, but Rey apparently didn't understand that. Paul warned Billy that trashing Paul's lead detective wasn't smart. Rey returned, and Billy wanted to know why Rey had his briefcase. Adam pulled out a plastic bag with a dark blue earbud. Rey said it tied Billy to being the shooter.

After Paul and Rey left, Amanda and Lily arrived. Billy told them that the police were determined to make a case against him for the shooting, and he needed a lawyer. He looked at Amanda. Lily said Amanda wasn't the right person to help him because she was a corporate lawyer, and he needed a criminal lawyer. Billy claimed he needed a lawyer he could trust, and Amanda was there to protect ChancComm. He felt that by helping him, she helped the company.

When Lily didn't respond, Billy asked if she believed he was the shooter. Lily denied it. Billy admitted that he and Adam had had a dark past, and he couldn't blame anyone for thinking he'd been involved. He said he still mourned Delia.He said there had been times he had believed the only way to get rid of the pain would be to "take that son of a bitch out," but that time had passed; he wasn't that man anymore. He assured Lily and Amanda he wasn't the shooter. Lily believed him.

Billy apologized to Amanda for assuming she would be his lawyer, but she said she was up for the challenge. Lily asked if she'd ever practiced criminal law. Amanda said she'd trained for it, but Lily said training for it and going against Michael Baldwin in court were two different things. Amanda said she was more than capable of handling Billy's case. She said Billy was a key player in the company, and whatever happened to him affected the company. Amanda told Billy he would have to use his personal funds for her retainer because the company shouldn't pay for his defense. He agreed.

Lily told Billy and Amanda that since the police had been there with a search warrant, that news would be out to the media by the end of the day. Lily said they had to be proactive. She said Billy had to step away from the company. She'd spoken with the PR director, and he had agreed with her. Lily said it was the right move, and it might spin in their favor.

Billy agreed with Lily. He said he loved that job, and he would miss the perks like seeing her, being in the same room with her, and arguing with her, because in some ways, he found that hot; however, what he would miss most would be wondering when Lily was going to kiss him again. He said he had some things to pack before he left ChancComm.

At Society, Abby told Ashley that Chance was doing well. Ashley informed Abby that she was available to help Abby plan the wedding, but she was shocked when Abby told her the wedding would take place the following week. Abby said she loved the idea of incorporating Dina's mementos into the wedding, and she wanted to include the Newman side, as well. Ashley was very happy for Abby. She said that relationships weren't built on luck. It took a lot of hard work and communication, and chemistry was very important. She said that Abby had chosen well.

Abby returned to Chance's suite and found he'd ordered room service for them. Abby had her own surprise -- takeout for two from Society.

Chelsea returned to the Chancellor mansion and immediately sent Connor a text message, "Hi, Connor, just thinking about you. Hope you're having a good day. I know you've been texting about when Dad and I can come visit. We're working on it"

Rey returned to the coffeehouse and noticed that Sharon seemed agitated. She told him that Victor had been there and informed her that Adam had plotted against his family prior to the shooting. Rey said it didn't affect her, but Sharon said it did because Victor had made a request. She admitted that after she'd thought about it, she'd said yes.

Victor arrived at the penthouse and told Adam he had to tell him something in person. Adam said he wasn't interested, but Victor said it was clear that Adam needed professional help. He wouldn't stand by and watch Adam destroy himself. Adam told him not to watch. Victor asked what had happened to Adam to get him to the point he was at. Adam needed help, and Victor didn't want him to make it any harder than it already was.

Victor has Adam committed to a psychiatric facility

Victor has Adam committed to a psychiatric facility

Friday, November 20, 2020

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe contemplated why she was exhausted, and Chelsea guessed it was because Miles had been crying all night. Chloe noted that babies were emotional sponges who picked up on everything, and she apologized for her fight with Chelsea the day before. Chloe inquired whether Chelsea had gone to see Adam. Chelsea confirmed that she had and that she'd told him she needed more time. Chloe thanked God.

Chelsea refused to discuss Adam unless Chloe tried to hold her tongue. Chloe scolded that Chelsea was thinking about getting back together with the guy who'd drugged and kidnapped her. Chloe questioned whether her friend realized how risky it would be, but Chelsea was committed to doing what was best for her and Connor. Chloe cautioned that there was no outcome where Adam was the best choice, and she couldn't believe Chelsea would risk her entire future for someone undeserving and destructive.

Chloe reluctantly declared their friendship over if Chelsea reconciled with Adam. Chelsea was taken aback that Chloe would actually cut Chelsea out of her life for making a choice Chloe didn't approve of. Chloe explained that she couldn't sit by and watch a disaster play out in slow motion in front of her. Chelsea huffed that Chloe wouldn't have to, since there was nothing left for Chelsea in Genoa City, and she'd decided to leave town for good.

Chelsea called the Grand Phoenix to book a reservation. Chloe begged her to stay, but Chelsea preferred to think things through without Chloe putting pressure on her. Chloe thought Chelsea wouldn't be running to a hotel if she knew in her heart that it was the right decision to go back to Adam, and she noted that Chelsea couldn't leave town because she was still a suspect in a murder investigation, thanks to Adam. Chelsea defended that Adam had been the intended target of the shooting, and Chloe muttered that Adam was milking it for all it was worth.

Chloe contemplated kidnapping Chelsea and stashing her at a luxury hotel until her self-destructive tendencies wore off. Chelsea barked that she didn't need anyone making decisions for her, and she intended to do what was right for her family. Chelsea added that if the price she had to pay was her friendship with Chloe, then "so be it." She stormed upstairs and returned a short time later with an overnight bag. She stated that she'd return the next day to pick up the rest of her things before leaving town.

Chloe was stunned that Chelsea was really going through with it, and Chelsea promised to talk to Rey to make sure the police didn't think she was evading the law. Chloe contended that Chelsea would be happy if she was making the right decision, but she hadn't seen Chelsea smile in ages because it was wrong. Chelsea questioned whether Chloe was going to at least wish her well. Chloe argued that she couldn't protect Chelsea if Chelsea walked out, but she knew Chelsea was going to do it, anyway. Chloe advised Chelsea to be careful, and she defeatedly headed upstairs.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon informed Rey that Victor had asked her to support a petition to have Adam involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward. She recalled that she'd thought it had been a power play in the men's feud, so she'd refused to go along with it at first. She flashed back to Victor telling her that Adam's condition had deteriorated to the degree he needed help desperately, since Chelsea had divulged that Adam had been plotting to kill Victor and perhaps the entire Newman family. Sharon had recalled Adam saying he'd almost gone to a place he couldn't get back from, and Victor had stressed that Adam needed the help that he should have received as a little boy.

Sharon told Rey that she wouldn't have been able to deprive Adam of his freedom unless she truly believed he was a danger to himself or to others -- and she did. She was sure that Adam would never forgive her for signing the petition to the court. Rey indicated that he was proud of Sharon for doing the right thing. She received a text message and learned that Victor's petition had been approved, and Rey imagined that Adam might already be finding out about it. Sharon prepared to leave, but Rey implored her to let Victor handle it. She thought Adam would never believe she'd been involved unless he heard it from her, and she rushed out.

At his penthouse, Adam considered Victor presumptuous for suggesting that he get psychiatric help. Victor clarified that he was insisting and not suggesting. Adam figured that he could have used help when he'd been eleven years old, but he could take care of himself. Adam announced that he was leaving town with Chelsea to find a house near Connor's school, but Victor warned that Adam couldn't run away from his problems because he would carry them with him until he resolved them. Adam spat that he didn't need anything from Victor, including the Newman name. Adam taunted that if Victor was lucky, he'd get a Christmas card from the Wilson family with no return address.

Victor believed Adam had to make peace with the past by undergoing intensive therapy, so he'd arranged for Adam to receive it. Adam reiterated that he wasn't interested, and he maintained that he was leaving with Chelsea. Victor proclaimed that it was no longer Adam's decision to make, and he pulled out a document and ordered Adam to read it. Adam read aloud that the state had decided that he needed to be evaluated to determine if he was a danger to himself. Victor explained that it was a court order compelling Adam to undergo a serious mental evaluation. Adam realized that his father was having him committed.

Victor insisted that it was for the best, and he revealed that he wasn't the only one who thought so. Adam scanned the document and demanded to know how Victor had gotten Sharon to go along with it. Victor asserted that Sharon had signed it of her own free will, but Adam refused to believe it. Victor insisted that Sharon cared about Adam and wanted him to get help, but Adam wanted to ask her how things had really gone down. He opened the front door to head out, but he found a police officer there. Victor repeated that all he wanted was what was best for Adam.

Adam chided Victor for wanting to lock him away and pretend he'd never existed. Victor insisted that it would be temporary, but Adam envisioned spending the rest of his life in a padded cell. Victor reiterated that he was doing it to keep Adam from doing something he would regret. Victor lectured that Adam had become his own worst enemy, and he suspected that Adam wouldn't have been able to live with himself if something tragic had happened to Chelsea or if Adam had followed through on his plan to hurt Victor. Sharon appeared in the doorway as Victor vowed to always stand by Adam.

Sharon requested to speak with Adam alone. Victor protested, and Adam surmised that Victor didn't want her to spill how he'd forced her to go along with the plan. Sharon was sure that Adam wouldn't hurt her, and Victor retreated into the hallway. Adam questioned whether Victor had threatened Sharon or lied to her to get her to support the ridiculous court order. Sharon explained that Victor had been afraid that someone would get hurt, and she pushed Adam to consider whether he was happy with the choices he'd been making.

Adam conceded that things had been out of control for a while, but he swore he was fine. Sharon recalled that Adam had looked Faith in the eye and asked for her forgiveness, yet he'd been planning an attack against his family at the same moment. Sharon continued that Adam had confessed to her that he'd been on the brink of doing something unforgivable, but he'd pulled back at the last minute. Adam accused her of twisting his words and using the dark thoughts he'd told her in confidence against him. She reminded him that he'd asked for her help, but they'd been too close. She thought he'd benefit from 24-hour care with experienced doctors. She pointed out that if she was wrong, he'd be released from inpatient care after his evaluation, but she didn't think that would happen.

Adam recounted that he'd gotten a doctor to help Sharon after she'd set the fire at the ranch. He argued that he hadn't locked her up like an animal, but she insisted that it would be a comfortable facility in a friendly environment. She pleaded with him to get better for his family's sake. Adam maintained that getting out of Genoa City with his family was what he needed to heal, and he begged her to call the judge to say she'd made a mistake. Adam appealed to her to save him if he'd ever meant anything to her. "I can't. You know that," she firmly replied.

Rey joined Victor in the hallway and greeted his fellow officer. Victor inquired whether Rey was there in an official capacity, and Rey wondered if he needed to be. Rey panicked when he realized that Sharon was alone with Adam, but Victor assured him that she was safe -- as long as Adam didn't know Rey was there. The officer confirmed that he had the situation under control, and Rey departed.

Meanwhile, Adam reminded Sharon of all the times Victor had used her like a pawn. Sharon believed that Victor had Adam's best interests at heart, but Adam ranted that they were teaming up to get rid of him. Adam bellowed that Victor had failed as a father, and Adam had been the one who'd suffered. Victor returned to the room and declared it was time. Sharon instructed Adam to remain calm, but he bolted for the door and ran past the police officer. A moment later, there were sounds of a struggle as the cop subdued Adam.

Later, Chelsea entered the empty penthouse and called out for Adam. She sent a text message, saying she was ready to talk things out. Meanwhile, Adam groggily awakened in a room at the psychiatric facility, clad in patient attire. He staggered to the door and found it locked. "Hello?" he repeatedly cried out.

Elena napped on the couch of her apartment. She dreamed that Devon kissed her head to wake her, and he insisted that he'd had to see her because he'd missed her. He begged her to return home because he still loved her, and she swore that he had no idea how sorry she was. Devon mused that the apologies were in the past, and they could tell everything about their future with a kiss. Elena suddenly found herself in Devon's penthouse, snuggling with him under a blanket after making love on the sofa.

Elena exclaimed that she'd lost hope that she'd ever be home again, but Devon cooed that she was exactly where she belonged -- right there in his arms. She turned to face him but recoiled when she found herself with Nate instead. She frantically grabbed her clothes, worried that Devon would hate her if he found her with Nate. The scene shifted to Society, where Devon led Elena to a table staged for a romantic dinner. She apologized for being late, and he responded that he'd wait forever for her.

Devon held Elena's chair out for her, and she happily sniffed a rose that had been placed on her plate. He asked if she had any idea how beautiful she was, since she'd be the only one he'd see in a room full of people. He assured her that she had no need to worry about Amanda, since Elena was his, he was hers, and no one would ever get between them again. They kissed.

Devon looked up and asked, "Who invited him?" Elena spotted Nate and swore that she hadn't told him to be there. She warned Nate that his presence would ruin everything, and she realized that Devon had vanished. Elena demanded to know why Nate was doing that to her. He replied that she already knew the answer, and it was time to be honest with herself. Elena awakened with a start.

Lola returned home and remarked that Elena was up. Elena groaned that it had been a long day at the hospital, so she'd crashed as soon as she'd sat down. Lola reported that Elena hadn't seemed to have rested well, since she'd been grumbling in her sleep. Elena shared that she'd been dreaming about Devon taking her back and telling her everything she wanted to hear, but then Nate had kept appearing and ruining everything. Lola speculated that it was Elena's subconscious trying to tell her that what had happened between her and Nate had been more than just a mistake.

Elena admitted that she wasn't comfortable talking about what had happened, and she still couldn't believe she'd done something that impulsive and selfish. Lola suggested that it had been more than just an impulse because Elena actually found Nate to be pretty amazing. Lola clarified that she thought Devon was incredible, but she doubted that Elena had never thought about Nate's sexy eyes or divine bedside manner.

Lola conceded that she was biased because Nate had saved her life, but she thought that maybe the only way to get rid of the impulse was to give in to it. Elena bemoaned that doing so had ruined her life, but Lola advised her to do it in a more careful and measured way. Elena argued that it would ruin her chances of working things out with Devon, but Lola warned that Elena might end up feeling stuck and full of regrets if she kept pushing Nate away. Elena left to grab a drink at the coffeehouse, and Lola contemplated making a call.

Devon entered Society and spotted Nate at the bar. Devon asked how long Nate's hand would be out of commission. Nate shared that the damage might be permanent, so he might never be able to operate again. Devon questioned whether Nate expected them both to say they were sorry for taking things too far. Nate replied that an apology wouldn't make things go away, and Devon countered that Nate had taken something from him first. Nate shot back that while he shouldn't have slept with Elena, he hadn't attacked Devon. Nate started to say more, but he quickly clammed up.

Devon prompted Nate to share his real feelings for Elena, as if it would turn what had happened into something special. Nate acknowledged that the situation was a mess and that Elena had never felt anything for him. Devon spat that what had been just one night to Nate had been an entire future to Devon, but he bitterly invited Nate to minimize what he'd done to make himself feel better. Nate tried to explain that it wasn't what he was doing, but Devon cut him off and barked that he didn't care what Nate had to say. Devon walked off as Nate received a text message.

Nate greeted Elena on the coffeehouse patio, and she mentioned that she'd just been talking to Lola about him. She suspected that his showing up wasn't a coincidence, and he revealed that Lola had sent him a text message. Elena said she was glad he was there, since she'd been oversharing with Lola about how confused she was, and she wanted to hash things out with Nate. Elena insisted that she didn't want to give him the wrong impression, since she didn't know where things were going or where she wanted them to go, but she thought she should find out. She implied that if he were to ask her out, she wouldn't say no.

Lola was surprised when Rey stopped by her apartment, and she asked if everything was okay with Sharon. Rey reported that his fiancée was doing great, but something was going down with the Newmans. Lola assumed that the drama centered around Adam, but Rey couldn't confirm or deny it. Lola thought the only thing that would have Rey bent out of shape was if Adam was involved with Sharon again.

Rey informed Lola that Sharon had drawn the line by refusing to be the one Adam turned to in the time of crisis. Rey expected Adam to see it as the ultimate betrayal, and he worried that Adam would consider Sharon to be an enemy. Lola thought Adam should focus on the fact that someone had tried to kill him. Rey recognized that Adam had a host of problems that he'd caused for himself, but Rey intended to make sure they didn't affect Sharon.

Sharon and Rey met at Crimson Lights, and she informed him that Victor had told her Rey had been at the penthouse. She called Rey the best fiancé ever for clearing out of there, since it would have added another layer of humiliation for Adam if Rey had witnessed what had happened. Sharon recounted that Adam had accused her of having ulterior motives, and Rey asked if she regretted her decision. She thought the way Adam had reacted had proven that he was in a desperate place. Sharon added that she'd done everything she could to help him, and it was all up to the doctors.

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