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Chance eased Abby's pre-wedding jitters, and the couple wed. Billy and Lily spent the night together. Adam was released from the psychiatric hospital. Chelsea agreed to give Adam another chance. Chelsea's headaches became more intense. Rey arrested Billy for attempted murder.
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As Genoa City reminisced, Chance and Abby were wed
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The bride gets cold feet

The bride gets cold feet

Monday, November 30, 2020

At the Chancellor estate, Esther arranged vases of flowers on the mantel in preparation for Abby and Chance's wedding. Jill entered. Esther scowled initially but warmed to Jill after she complimented Esther's efforts to transform the living room into a romantic candlelit space to hold a special event. Jill's charm quickly turned when she reported having seen spilled water from a flower vase. Jill further annoyed Esther when she instructed Esther to oversee the unloading of her luggage. Esther lifted the hem of her lovely dress as she walked to the foyer with her feather duster.

Jill gazed up at Katherine's regal portrait hanging above the mantel and said, "Well, you sly, old fox. How are you somewhat younger looking?" Jack quietly stepped inside and overhead Jill, still addressing Katherine's portrait, expressing sheer joy about her son, a Chancellor, marrying a woman related to the Abbott and Newman families. Jack piped up and replied, "The coming together of three Genoa City families with a whole boatload of history. It's a very special day." Jill greeted Jack and said she wouldn't have missed being there for the world. Jill, always a micromanager, directed Jack to relocate the vases of flowers on the mantel to her satisfaction. Jack thanked Jill for the lovely flowers she'd sent to Dina's memorial service. Jill said that despite their differences, she'd always admired Dina.

Jack asked Jill how it felt to be home. Jill said, "You know, this is where it all began. This is where Phillip and I met, fell in love. I got pregnant with Phillip, III, Chance's father." Jill was elated that her grandson would soon marry in the very same room where she'd first encountered his grandfather. Jill recalled the many scuffles, romantic trysts, and underhanded dealings that had taken place in the room over the years.

Jill glanced at Katherine's portrait once again, adding that the room also held memories of loving family moments. Jack recalled their families' intertwined histories and said with assurance that his parents and Katherine were looking down from heaven, smiling about the Chancellor-Abbott union. Jill agreed and said Katherine had always considered Chance to be like a grandson, so it was as if John and Katherine's grandchildren were marrying. Jack said he'd never before seen Jill so nostalgic. Jill explained that all the relationship entanglements, fights, and manipulations had paved the way for Chance and Abby to be born, fall in love, and decide to wed in the very room where it had all unfolded. Jack agreed it was a special day.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick entered, approached Phyllis, and asked her if she was dressed to attend the wedding. Phyllis said she thought she'd made it clear she didn't plan to attend. Nick recalled having danced around the issue, though they'd never made a decision. Phyllis received a text message and immediately headed toward the elevator to handle an emergency on the third floor. Nick reminded Phyllis that they didn't have much time, so he'd wait for her to return.

At Society, Nikki and Victor enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before the wedding. Victor expressed his approval of Abby's upcoming marriage. Nikki reminded Victor that he wasn't always accepting of his children's choices of spouses. Victor lauded Chance's heroism for having taken a bullet for Adam and saving his life. Victor added that he'd been impressed when Chance had asked for his blessing on the union and felt Abby would be in very good hands.

Victoria joined her parents and told Victor she hoped they could put aside their differences. Victor agreed. Victoria said she was looking forward to the ceremony and seeing the beautiful bride in her dress. Victor said he welcomed celebrating with Jill, Nina, the Abbotts, and the Winters family. Victor asked Victoria about Billy, but she declined to discuss Billy and walked away to order her food. Victor, thinking back, remarked to Nikki how well Abby had adjusted from believing Brad had been her father to embracing Victor as her biological father.

Nina joined Chance at Crimson Lights. Nina marveled that she was about to witness her son's wedding when it seemed like yesterday that he'd learned to tie his shoes. Chance thanked his mom for the flowers and reported having heard from Esther that the floral bouquets were exquisite. Nina remarked that she hadn't had time to do more, and she expressed concern that Chance was rushing to marry too soon after his release from the hospital. Chance assured his mom that he wouldn't have agreed to the walk down the aisle if he'd been concerned about falling flat on his face during the ceremony. Chance insisted he felt great and had never been happier.

Chance told his mom he didn't have a best man after having had a fallout with Ronan, and he couldn't count on Adam. Nina was touched when Chance asked if she would be his "best mom." Nina agreed to help in any way besides throwing a bachelor party. Chance said it felt right to have the two most important people in his life standing up for him on a special day. Nina expressed her joy for her son's happiness.

Mariah arrived at Abby's suite. Mariah soon discovered that Abby had locked herself in the bathroom, where she was sobbing. Abby said, "I can't do this. I can't do the wedding, the marriage, any of it." Mariah said she hoped Abby was pulling a prank, and she begged Abby to open the door. Abby cried that Mariah should tell everyone that the wedding was off. Abby explained that she'd thought about her long line of failed relationships and feared the same happening to her relationship with Chance.

In a series of flashbacks, Abby remembered flying into a rage and denting Arturo's vehicle with a number of hammer blows. Another unfortunate memory involved her broken engagement to Tyler, who'd been reluctant to end the relationship, which Abby cited as lacking trust. The ending of Abby's relationship with Stitch had been a mutual decision after they had each realized they couldn't make the other happy. During their final encounter, Abby and Stitch had parted without bidding painful farewells.

After reliving her painful breakups, Abby cried that she'd been the common denominator. Mariah assured Abby that the men had been the ones with the issues. Mariah pleaded with Abby to open the door. Abby continued sobbing and insisted she'd lied to herself about being ready to marry. Mariah, panicked, sent a text message to Ashley, requesting her assistance, explaining that the bride was in distress.

After Phyllis returned to the hotel lobby, Nick asked what type of dire emergency had called her away. Phyllis admitted that a guest hadn't been able to find hand towels, insisting with a straight face that it had been a legitimate crisis. Nick wouldn't let Phyllis off the hook about her efforts to avoid attending his sister's wedding. Ashley rushed in through the entrance and didn't stop to greet Nick or Phyllis before entering the elevator. Phyllis made her case by pointing out that the mother of the bride had refused to utter a polite hello. Nick said it was because Ashley had a million things on her mind.

Phyllis told Nick he shouldn't insist she attend and inflict pain on the bride or anyone else. Phyllis added that she was a lightning rod for trouble. Nick replied, "I want you to go with me, so can you just suck it up and be my date?" Phyllis turned down Nick's offer, and he agreed to attend without a date. Phyllis promised Nick she'd give him the best night of his life after he returned from the wedding. Nick replied, "Like our wedding night?" Phyllis thought for a moment and said, "Which one?" Phyllis assured Nick he'd remember the night for a long, long time.

Ashley immediately approached the door of the bathroom where her daughter had taken refuge. Ashley begged Abby to come out so they could talk. Still sobbing, Abby insisted it was best to end things immediately instead of later. Ashley explained that Abby was experiencing pre-wedding jitters, which was completely normal. Abby recalled her many broken relationships as scientific evidence she was doing the right thing to back out of the wedding. Ashley explained that Abby's past experiences proved only that the men in her past hadn't been the right ones, though each had prepared her to marry an incredible man.

Ashley recalled Abby having told her that she wouldn't let anything stand in the way of her love for Chance. Abby cried that she was still careless, selfish, and immature. Ashley assured Abby she was no longer that person and had become strong and incredibly fearless. Abby cried that she'd once ridden naked on a horse through the lounge at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Ashley assured Abby that she, with her huge heart, embodied the best attributes of the Abbotts and the Newmans and would become a bridge between two extremely messy families.

Nina was enchanted when Chance escorted her into the Chancellor estate. Esther welcomed Nina home, as did Jill and Jack. Chance received a text message from Mariah requesting his help to address "trouble in paradise." Chance claimed he'd worn the wrong shoes and would need to return to his hotel room to get the right ones. After Chance left, Nina complimented Esther on her decorating skills. Esther realized her vases on the mantel were out of place and grumbled about someone having moved them. Jack and Jill stifled their laughter as Esther grumbled and rearranged the flowers once again. Nina said she needed to freshen up, so Esther led her to a bathroom.

When Chance arrived at Abby's room, Ashley was telling Abby that Chance loved her more than anything in the world. Abby cried that she couldn't let Chance marry a walking disaster. Chance nodded to let Ashley and Mariah know he'd take over, and they left. Chance removed his tuxedo coat and approached the door. Abby became more distressed when she realized she'd have to interact directly with Chance.

Jack thanked Jill for not ratting him out about the flowers. Jill moved the vases back and said Esther probably knew the precise location of every knickknack in the house. Jill admitted Esther had always ensured that the home was a masterpiece of grandeur, where everyone enjoyed attending parties. In a flashback, Jill remembered having sparred with Katherine after Jill had announced her marriage to John Abbott during a gathering at the Chancellor estate. Katherine had pointed out that the children on both sides were likely lying in wait to attack Jill.

Victor and Nikki arrived. Jill told the Newmans that she and Jack had been recounting how much had taken place in the room over the years. Victor recalled Katherine sharing relationship and business advice with him, most of which he'd ignored. Nikki lovingly gazed at Katherine's portrait and said it was good to know she'd be looking over them. Traci came downstairs when Victoria arrived. Traci announced that the bride had yet to arrive.

Wedding guests, unaware of Abby's meltdown, sat and sipped Champagne while they waited for the bride and groom to make an appearance. Ashley arrived and informed the guests that the bride would arrive shortly. Victor told Ashley he thought she would have accompanied Abby. Ashley explained that Abby was with her maid of honor and would show up with Mariah at any minute. Victor said he was happy that Abby, who'd grown into a capable woman, was marrying Chance. Ashley said she was, too. Ashley recalled that she and Victor had had their own ups and downs over the years, yet despite their imperfect relationship, their daughter had turned out quite special. Victor agreed and remembered the good times with Ashley, fondly recalling the romantic budding of their enchanted love affair that had begun with a candlelit dinner.

Traci told Ashley she knew Brad would have liked to witness Abby's happy day. Ashley remembered the day Brad, believing he was the father, had helped choose Abby's name, which was a nod to the Abbott surname. Ashley became emotional when she recalled how much Brad had loved Abby. Devon arrived and mentioned Katherine. Jack noted that they'd been reminiscing about Katherine and knew she'd be pleased. Nikki told Devon she was impressed that he'd become ordained so he could officiate. Mariah phoned Devon, explained the situation, and instructed him to stall without informing the guests that the bride was having misgivings about marriage. Devon kept his cool and set Mariah at ease.

Chance told Abby that he knew what a mess she'd been and loved her still. Chance explained that he'd had misgivings about being good enough for Abby. Abby insisted she was the one who didn't deserve him. Chance told Abby that he'd changed his life plans after falling in love with her and still couldn't believe she loved him as much as he loved her. Chance told Abby he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Abby opened the door and saw her handsome soon-to-be husband smiling, ready to begin a new life with her.

Chance and Abby's wedding prompts walks down memory lane

Chance and Abby's wedding prompts walks down memory lane

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

In a hotel suite, Chance told Abby that she was the most interesting, exciting, sexy person he'd ever met. He swore that all he wanted was for her to be happy, and he'd survive if she couldn't be happy with him as long as he knew she was doing what was best for herself. Abby realized that he was using reverse psychology to get her to change her mind, and Chance asked if it was working. They sat on the bed together, and he asked if they were okay. She noted that it was supposed to be bad luck for them to see one another before the ceremony, but she was glad he was there.

Chance pledged to be there for the rest of Abby's life if she'd have him. Abby explained that she'd freaked out because she'd been scared of repeating the past, but she felt that time was different -- because of him and who she was when she was with him. She declared that she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she "couldn't not marry" him. He responded that he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with her, but they had to get to his grandmother's house if they were going to tie the knot. Abby playfully scolded him for letting them be late on their wedding day.

Ashley anxiously peered out the window at the Chancellor mansion. She covered her concern and gushed to Victor and Nina about how being parents of the bride and groom had joined them together. Victor was happy that their families and children had found one another. Nina passed along Phillip's regrets for being unable to attend because he'd been diagnosed with appendicitis just hours before his flight, and he was recovering from surgery.

Ashley was sure that Nina's presence there meant everything to Chance, and Nina proudly shared that her son had asked her to be his "best mom." Nina wondered why it was taking Chance that long to pick up a different pair of shoes, and Victor observed that Abby wasn't there yet, either. Ashley imagined that the bride wanted everything to be perfect on her wedding day.

Jack took in the sight of the Abbotts and the Newmans together in one room, and Victoria was impressed that they weren't killing one another. Jack called it a stroke of genius to have the wedding there, since everyone in both families had loved Katherine.

Jill gazed up at Katherine's portrait and was sure Katherine was looking down on them, beaming with pride that Devon would be presiding over the ceremony. Devon suspected that Katherine would have wanted to do it herself. Jill mused that she missed the old woman every single day, but it helped to see Katherine live on in Devon and eventually his family. Jill quickly apologized, but he insisted that he was excited to be there to help his friends celebrate their big day.

Nick told Nikki she looked beautiful, and she inquired about his other half. He claimed that Phyllis wouldn't be able to make it because she needed to tend to something at the hotel. Nikki figured that it was for the best, since Phyllis tended to make any occasion about herself. Nick suggested that they focus on the bride and groom, and Nikki commented that it would be all about Chance and Abby as soon as they showed up.

Nina worried that there was no sign of Chance or Abby, and Jill speculated that the lovebirds had met up for a pre-ceremonial tryst. A disgusted Nina chided Jill for thinking that, and she pointed out that it wouldn't explain why the maid of honor also wasn't there.

Victoria approached Devon and hoped nothing was wrong, since Chance, Abby, and Mariah were all missing. Devon theorized that Abby intended to make a dramatic entrance, and Victoria stepped away to say hello to Nick. Devon sent a text message to ask Mariah if she had any update, since people were starting to ask questions.

Traci fretted that Chance and Abby were more than a little late. Mariah cornered Ashley in the foyer and revealed that she still hadn't heard anything from Abby or Chance, and Ashley confirmed that she hadn't, either. Jack asked if there was going to be a wedding that day or not, and the guests exchanged worried glances.

Mariah greeted everyone and announced that it was her job as the maid of honor to be the messenger. She rambled on about the phrase "don't kill the messenger," and she ultimately divulged that the bride was having a case of cold feet. A frazzled Mariah babbled about it being normal, but Ashley interrupted and explained that Chance was with Abby. Ashley was certain that the couple would be there any minute to say their vows, but Victor asked if Abby was having second thoughts. Ashley urged everyone to relax and give Abby and Chance the extra time they needed.

Nick reasoned that it wouldn't be a Newman wedding without some kind of problem, and Victoria quipped that Abby had a long way to go before the wedding was as disastrous as others had been. Nick recalled how nerve-wracking it had been to propose to someone, and he flashed back to the first time he'd asked Sharon to marry him. Nick murmured that there was something overwhelming and amazing about one's first big love. Victoria added that there was also something to be said for a love so strong that it kept resurfacing.

Victoria thought back to Billy dropping to one knee and pulling out a ring, pledging his love to her. Nick guessed that Victoria was thinking about Billy, and she stated that even if it hadn't been meant to be, it had been great while it had lasted. "Which time?" Nick teased, and they chuckled. Victoria referred to the many times Nick had proposed to both Sharon and Phyllis, and Nick contended that the Newmans weren't quitters. He stressed that the day was about Chance and Abby, and Victoria was sure they'd be raising their glasses to the couple very soon.

Later, Chance mingled with the guests as Abby got ready upstairs. Victor asked Chance if everything was all right. "It is now," Chance replied, but Victor mentioned that he'd heard Abby had had doubts. Chance explained that she'd just needed to be reminded that she deserved to be happy, and he intended to spend the rest of his life making sure she was.

Nina commented that she and Victoria would be family once Victoria's sister married Nina's son. Victoria figured that they could be cordial at family gatherings, but Nina pressed to bury any hatchet remaining from their rivalry years earlier. Victoria reasoned that no one could blame them for falling in love with men like Cole and Ryan. Nina wished Ryan could see Chance that day, and she suggested that she and Victoria aim for being friendly. Victoria agreed, and she hoped Nina wasn't worried about the wedding delay because Abby was crazy about Chance.

Victoria thought that sometimes people had trouble accepting when life was going their way, and Abby had trouble believing she could have everything she wanted in a relationship. Nina sympathized that Abby had planned a wedding right after almost losing Chance, and she understood if Abby needed a minute to take it all in. Nina added that the look on Chance's face when he talked about Abby was all Nina needed to know.

Meanwhile, Abby lamented that everything was behind schedule. Mariah insisted that the wait would be worth it, and Ashley was glad to see the bride-to-be looking gorgeous. Abby apologized for making them nervous, but Ashley proclaimed that she'd had faith that Abby and Chance would figure out what they needed to do. Ashley wondered what Chance had said to ease Abby's doubts. Abby replied that she'd just had to look in his eyes, since they'd said everything.

Abby fretted that she'd chipped a nail, and she credited Mariah for having extra polish. Mariah rattled off a list of things she'd pulled together to be prepared for anything. Ashley recognized that not everything had gone according to plan, but she believed they were on track. Mariah mentioned that she and Ashley had discussed traditions, and she stepped out to allow Ashley to privately present Abby with the bridal gifts. Abby swore that she couldn't have gotten through the day without her mother, and Ashley promised to always be there for her.

Abby continued that she wouldn't have gotten to that point in her life without Ashley, who had made her the woman she was by giving her love and support and setting a good example. Abby grew tearful as she called Ashley the best mom she could have ever hoped for, and Ashley tried not to cry because she didn't want to look puffy in the wedding photos. Abby suspected that she'd inherited her stubbornness from Ashley and Dina, and she cried that she missed her grandmother that day.

Ashley was happy that Abby had wanted to include some things from Dina's memory box, and she opened the box and retrieved a diamond bracelet as something old. Ashley thought it would look incredible with Abby's gown, which would serve as something new. Ashley pulled out a blue ribbon and revealed that she'd found it fastened around a bundle of Dina's letters, and she thought they could tie it around Abby's bouquet to be something blue and borrowed. Ashley believed that Dina was alive and well with them in spirit that day, and she and Abby hugged.

Later, Nina stopped by to see Abby. Abby enthused that she was excited to become Nina's daughter-in-law and honored to become part of Chance's family. Nina recounted that she hadn't been born into a family like Abby's or Chance's, so she didn't have any rich traditions or mementos to pass down, but she wanted to start their own tradition. Nina presented Abby with a locket and envisioned Abby keeping photos of Nina's grandchildren in it one day. Abby vowed to do her best to make sure that happened, and she thanked Nina with a hug.

Nina hoped Abby would be able to pass on the locket when her own daughter got married, and she gushed that being Chance's mom had completely changed her life. Nina admitted that it hadn't been an easy road with Chance's father, but she was glad she and Phillip had made a connection before he'd been presumed dead. She continued that she hadn't thought she would find love again, but she had with Ryan, who had adored Chance and made them a family. In a flashback, a young Chance prompted Nina and Ryan to kiss on their anniversary, and they obliged.

Nina intended to always treasure that time, which she knew had meant a lot to Chance. She was grateful that her son had finally found a woman to build a future with and that the woman was Abby. Abby insisted that Chance had given her more than she could ever give back, and she stressed that she loved Nina's son with everything she had. Victor knocked on the door and asked for a moment with Abby, and Nina stepped out.

Abby expected Victor to give her some parental advice, but Victor was confident that she was marrying a good man who would love her and stand by her. Victor commended Abby for becoming a beautiful, strong woman who was a force to be reckoned with. Abby insisted that she was always going to need her dad, and he pledged to always be there for her. He applauded the good choice she'd made with Chance, and he lectured that she'd learn later in life that the people one chose to be around reflected upon oneself.

Abby noted that Victor had made good choices a couple of times, and he called Ashley an extraordinary woman whose friendship he cherished. Victor's wish for Abby was that she had the kind of love he shared with Nikki -- a love that had expanded over time and made him a better person. He flashed back to tender moments with Nikki. Victor mused that everyone deserved that kind of love, but very few were lucky enough to find it.

Jack burst in and inquired whether Abby had a second for her uncle. Abby thanked both Victor and Jack for behaving themselves that day, and Victor joked that they'd made an exception for her. She requested that Victor tell everyone that she'd be ready in a minute, and he exited. Jack said he was thrilled to be part of Abby's big day, and he was proud of her for putting herself out there and embracing love when she'd found it. He recounted that it had been Dina's ultimate wish for her family, and Abby was the first Abbott to grant Dina's wish. Jack considered it a beacon of hope for the rest of them, and Abby anticipated that it would be the first of many Abbott weddings because everyone deserved to find the kind of love she and Chance had.

Downstairs, Nina reported for duty as best mom, and Chance asked if she had the ring. He panicked when she pretended not to have it, but she promised that she'd be serious from then on. She informed him that they had one more important thing to deal with. Chance was touched when Nina handed him a watch that had been his grandfather's and later his father's.

Nina mentioned that she was passing the watch along on Phillip's behalf, since he couldn't be there, and she pointed out that it was engraved with the names Phillip Chancellor II, III, and IV. Chance hoped he lived up to the name, and she assured him that he already had. Chance planned to thank his father when he called to follow up on Phillip's surgery, and he stated that it meant lot to him to carry a piece of family history that day.

Mariah observed that Chance seemed cool and collected for someone about to take the matrimonial plunge. She recalled that he hadn't seemed frazzled at all when she'd called him to talk Abby down, and she wondered if he had ice in his veins. Chance chalked it up to the love in his heart, and Mariah praised the couple for pulling off a miracle, noting that everyone was hanging out peacefully. Chance figured that weddings were great unifiers, and he loved that he and Abby were joining together three illustrious families. Mariah remarked that he'd need ice in his veins to dive deep into the Abbott and Newman clans. Chance recognized that every member of the big, messy families had helped make Abby who she was, so they had to be doing something right.

Jack asked how Ashley and Traci were doing, and Traci mentioned that she'd just been saying that special family events made her think of how happy John would have been to be there. Jack thought their father would be proud that they were all together that day. Traci imagined John being with Dina, looking down on their children together. Jack pictured John and Dina dancing and watching them carry on family traditions. Ashley believed that Dina would have loved the fact that her granddaughter was marrying a Chancellor -- and in Katherine's home, no less.

Victor announced that the ceremony was about to begin. Mariah asked if Devon was ready, and she felt it was appropriate that he was officiating in his grandmother's house. Devon recalled that Dru and Neil had gotten married there, so it made him feel close to them. Jill overheard and commented that his parents had been a gorgeous couple, and she reflected back on congratulating Dru at the wedding reception. Jill commented that the two had seemed made for one another. Devon flashed back to a happy time with Hilary. Jill regretted that she'd reminded him of something painful, but he assured her that it was actually the opposite.

Nick sent a text message to Phyllis, wishing she were there. She replied that she was already working on another way to make it up to him, and he grinned. He thought back to snuggling in bed with her, telling her that his life was infinitely better with her in it.

Nina asked Chance if he was ready. "To marry the love of my life? Absolutely," he replied, and they exchanged words of love.

Nikki told Victor that he was as handsome as the day they'd gotten married, and he cooed that she still took his breath away. He marveled that the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, and Winters families were all there that day, and they'd all created new limbs to their family trees. Victor and Nikki kissed as the music began to play. Chance took his place next to Devon, and Traci started to sing.

Victor's eyes lit up as he watched Abby descend the stairs in her wedding gown. He kissed her cheek and led her into the main room, where Nina and Ashley beamed at their children. A musical montage highlighted the past weddings of Nikki and Victor, Jill and John, Katherine and Murphy, Christine and Paul, Neil and Dru, Michael and Lauren, Hilary and Devon, Nick and Sharon, Victoria and Billy, Lily and Cane, and Jack and Phyllis. Victor walked Abby down the aisle, and she and Chance happily prepared to wed.

Chance and Abby are married

Chance and Abby are married

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

by Nel

Victor walked Abby down the aisle. When Abby faced Chance, Devon began by stating that all the people in attendance were there to act as Chance and Abby's support system and community. He said it was their responsibility and privilege. Nina stood and read the following: "Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toils, and if the one falls, one will lift up the other, but those alone and fall, don't have another to help. Two lives together keeping warm, but how can one keep warm alone, and though one might prevail against the other, two will stand as one."

Kyle arrived. Jack frowned and pointed to his watch as Kyle sat down.

Abby and Chance began with their vows. Chance said that before he'd met Abby, his life had been an adrenaline rush. He'd always been on the move, and he'd never known what the next case would bring. Abby had changed that. Life with her was never boring. She kept him on his toes. She was the only excitement he craved, and the glint in her beautiful blue eyes always promised a smile, a laugh, or an adventure. He vowed to give her a life that a beautiful and powerful woman deserved. He promised to spend the rest of their lives keeping the magic alive.

Billy arrived and quietly sat next to Kyle.

Abby said that Chance had literally fallen out of the ceiling and into her life. She wasn't the only one who kept things lively. She promised to keep life exciting, but she wanted Chance to promise that he would never get shot again because he'd scared the life out of her. Abby promised to be a loving wife and a devoted mother to their children. Chance promised to keep them safe and happy.

Devon asked who gave Abby away. Victor responded that Abby gave herself away with his and Nikki's blessing.

Once Chance and Abby exchanged rings, Devon pronounced them husband and wife. Abby and Chance kissed.

Victor told the newlyweds that it did his heart good to see his youngest daughter so happy. He said that Katherine would have been happy to have Abby in the family. Ashley added that Abby brought so much to everyone, and she expected Chance to keep that light shining in her eyes. Chance promised he would. Ashley jokingly stated that Abby hadn't always been a picnic to raise.

Ashley remembered when Abby had filled the Chancellor pool with bubbles and had gone skinny-dipping to raise awareness about the plight of the otters. Ashley had been positive that Abby would have been banned from the Chancellor estate for life, but she wouldn't change a moment of her life with Abby. Ashley told Abby she loved her, and as of that moment, she loved Chance, too.

Jill said she would never presume to speak for Katherine because Katherine would probably send a lightning bolt to strike her down, but Jill said she felt Katherine's presence. Katherine had always loved a good wedding and a good cake fight. Jack believed that Katherine would have approved of the union between Abby and Chance. Jill said she hadn't been thrilled about the hasty wedding plans and that there wouldn't be a reception, but Jill admitted she'd been dead wrong because the wedding had turned out perfect.

Nina welcomed Abby into the family and said she believed that it had been Abby's love and strength that had helped Chance recover so quickly. Nina then read a letter from Chance's father, Phillip.

"Dear Chance: How I wish I could have been there with you and your lovely bride to celebrate. Since that wasn't possible, I send my love and well wishes. Let the prayer flag from our father/son trek across the Himalayas last year and my prayers catch the wind to be carried around the world to bless the happy couple and to bring you and Abby nothing but good fortune. You will be in my thoughts today and every day. Love, Dad."

Chance said that hearing his father's words was like having him there. Chance said that he and Abby were touched for the outpouring of support they had received, and he thanked everyone for witnessing their ceremony.

Mariah announced that there were drinks and a buffet in the dining room, but Abby said she had a few words first. She echoed what Chance had said and added that when Chance had been lying in bed, injured, she had realized that life was too short. She'd known they needed to start their life together as soon as possible and how unimportant a big, splashy wedding was. The joining of the three families was momentous in its own right, and she was excited because she'd married the most incredible man she'd ever met. They would move forward together and for their children, when they were blessed to have them. She was honored to be part of the family, and she loved them all.

Mariah told Abby it was time to change out of her wedding dress. Once they were upstairs, Mariah gushed that it had been the most beautiful ceremony of all time. She admitted she had cried a little. Abby thanked Mariah because the wedding might not have happened if it hadn't been for Mariah and Ashley. Everything had been perfect.

Downstairs, Billy told Jack he was keeping a low profile because he didn't want to attract any attention, given his "current situation." Shocked, Jill asked about his "current situation." Victor entered and told Jill that her son had shot her grandson. Stunned, Jill asked Billy what had happened, but instead of answering Jill, Billy congratulated Chance. He said he was happy that Chance had recovered. Chance said from the bullet that the police said Billy had fired. Billy denied that he had fired the gun and stated that he hadn't been in the area. Chance claimed he would wait for the evidence to be presented.

Billy suggested that when Chance and Abby returned from their honeymoon, he wanted to take them out to celebrate. Chance said they would see how things went. Chance left. Billy hoped that Jill believed him. She said she did, but she also understood why he was a suspect. She told him to be smart and warned him not to be cocky and screw things up.

Abby and Chance were upstairs and had changed their clothes. Abby apologized to Chance for taking "cold feet" to a new level. Chance said he understood, but it had given him an opportunity to tell her that he adored her. Abby claimed he was the perfect husband, and all her stupid doubts and fears had vanished. They were meant for each other. Chance said that Billy wanted to take them out for a private celebration after they returned from their honeymoon, provided Billy wasn't convicted for shooting him. Abby and Chance agreed that they didn't want to think the worst about Billy.

Abby asked Chance where they were going for their honeymoon. Chance said he was taking her to a mystery island that had all the trimmings but no cell phones. Abby couldn't stop smiling.

Downstairs, everyone told Devon he'd done an excellent job officiating, especially since it had been his first time.

When Abby and Chance joined the guests, Mariah told everyone to pick up their drinks because it was time for Abby and Chance to cut the cake. Abby commented that the wedding cake was gorgeous. Jack stated that those events made life worthwhile. Victor agreed. Nikki teased that Jack and Victor almost sounded like friends. Jill believed it was possible. She said to look at her and Jack -- they'd been more than civil to each other in recent times. Traci smiled and said that as the days flew by, anything could happen.

Billy entered the room, and Victor glared at him. Billy decided it was time to leave. Jack and Ashley tried to stop him, but Billy said it would be better if he wasn't there. He picked up his coat and left.

Mariah told Devon they had successfully pulled off an elegant wedding. Devon said that Ashley, Esther, and the bride and groom had done the hard part. Mariah claimed there hadn't been a hard part, only a gift. Devon asked if Mariah's point was for him to not give up on love. Mariah said he shouldn't give up because she knew what he'd lost. She said it was difficult to find a soul mate and to plan a future together. Devon assured her he was fine. He knew there was someone out there for him. Mariah said not just somebody, but the perfect somebody. She knew things were looking up for him.

Jack commented to Nikki that Victor appeared to be enjoying himself. Nikki said that the last few weeks had been hard on Victor, far more than people realized. Victor had needed a positive occasion to focus on. Nikki offered her condolences on Dina's passing. She knew how hard Jack had tried to make Dina's last year comfortable. Jack stated that it had been his last chance to make things right.

Jill approached Jack and asked him if Nikki had been "the one that got away" or if that title went to Phyllis. Jack smiled and said he had no regrets and was looking forward, not behind.

Upstairs, Ashley told Traci that it had taken Abby a long time to find her path in life, but she'd found a man worthy of her. He was going to be a great husband and father. She was happy to see her daughter embarking on a new stage of her life. Traci turned away in tears. Ashley immediately apologized for going on about Abby and about her hopes and dreams. Traci told Ashley that it was normal for her to wonder about Colleen's wedding day, who she would have married, and what her dress would have looked like. She told Ashley there was no sadness in her on Abby's special day.

Downstairs, Abby thanked Esther. Chance suggested they say their goodbyes and leave, but Nina said there was one more surprise. Nina passed out pens and paper to everyone and asked them to write a special note to the bride and groom. Once they were done, she wanted them to put their notes into the box for the bride and groom to read later as they embarked on their new lives. These were the messages that were written:

Jack: "In marriage, it is important to embrace life every minute."

Esther: "The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. Learn to cook. I would love to teach you."

Victoria: "Don't just be half a couple, be yourselves first, then come together from there."

Victor: "No career or success will ever bring you the wealth and richness of family."

Nick: "Don't let anyone else try to run your marriage. You know who I mean."

Nikki: "Love is patient, love is kind. There is a reason they read it at so many weddings. Patience is key. Well... that and chemistry."

Mariah: "I'm not sure I'm qualified to hand out marital advice, but I will leave you with a little wisdom in a song; Get by With a Little Help from Your Friends."

Ashley: "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times -- always with the same person."

Kyle: "Make-up sex. Embrace it. Happy honeymoon."

Devon: "Don't let the celebration end today. Make all the memories you can. They are more precious than jewels."

Jill: "Darling, grab life by the 'you know what' and never let go."

Nina: "Trust what's in your gut. Trust what's in your heart."

Traci: "Take if from a writer, happily ever after is the tough part."

Once all the notes had been placed in the box, Nina latched it and gave it to Chance and Abby. Chance thanked everyone and said they had to run because Victor had graciously set them up with his private plane, and they were going to sneak off to their private honeymoon.

After Abby and Chance left, Jill said she had never thought that day would come. Nina said she had been certain that Chance would traipse around the globe, chasing the bad guys. She wondered who would have thought it would be Abby who brought Chance's feet to the ground. Nina asked if Jill was ready to become a great-grandmother. Jill claimed she was born ready.

Jill approached Nikki and asked if Nikki ever heard Katherine's voice. Jill stated that Katherine haunted her constantly. Nikki said it wasn't surprising because Katherine had always felt that Jill needed a conscience. Nina agreed. Jill told Nina to put a sock in it. Ashley and Jack reminded them that they were all family, and thanks to the wedding, it ushered in a new era of peace.

Victor entered and said it was easy for Jack to say, since it hadn't been his child that had been shot at. Jill asked if Victor was going to pile that on Billy. Victor asked Jill if she knew of anyone who hated Adam with such passion. Jack interrupted and said they needed to take a breath and think about where they'd been and how far they'd come.

Ashley commented that "a minute ago," Abby had been a baby. She had a flashback to Abby as a baby. Meanwhile, adult Abby was upstairs, getting ready to leave for her honeymoon and grinning from ear to ear.

Jack remembered Kyle as baby. At that same moment, adult Kyle returned to his suite at the Grand Phoenix and saw Summer's wrap. He picked it up and smiled.

Jill remembered Billy as a baby. While she remembered, adult Billy sat at the bar at the Grand Phoenix, having a drink. He sent Lily a text message: "You in the mood?" and then added, "For a nightcap?"

Nina remembered Chance as a baby on her and Phillip's wedding day, and recalled that while she'd held Chance in her arms, she'd told Phillip they had finally done it. At the same time, adult Chance and Abby stopped at the bottom of the stairs, kissed, and left for their honeymoon.

Nikki and Victor remembered Nick and Victoria as babies. While they remembered, adult Victoria was working in the office, and adult Nick was at the coffeehouse. He smiled when he received a call from Phyllis.

Jill said perhaps it was possible that despite all their animosity that had built up over the years, the wedding had brought them all together in a way nothing else could have. Ashley said it was beautiful, and it was a turning point for the families. Nikki said that Chance and Abby would have children of their own. Victor said that one day, those children would be standing where they were, talking about their past and the future. Jack proposed a toast to the Abbots, the Chancellors, and the Newmans bravely facing the future together.

Nina said she liked Jack's optimism. Jack laughed and said he had to aim high. Jill said, "Why the hell not?" and they toasted with Champagne.

The honeymoon takes an unexpected turn

The honeymoon takes an unexpected turn

Thursday, December 3, 2020

by Nel

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Chance carried Abby over the threshold of the honeymoon suite. They were shocked to see their five-star honeymoon suite, a small room crowded with wicker furniture. Abby laughed and told Chance it was very funny. She asked him to take her to their real honeymoon suite, but Chance stood there in shock and told Abby it was the real deal. Abby said it looked like a storage site for some shabby furniture. Chance claimed the photos in the brochure were very different. Abby said he got ripped off. They look around and wondered where the bed was and assumed there was a Murphy bed behind the wide doors.

Abby tried to look at the brighter side of things and said they had an island to explore and a view to die for. The beach was steps away from the door. Chance suggested they could find another island, but Abby said she had everything she needed to make her happy. They kissed.

A short time later, Chance returned to their cabin and saw that Abby had transformed the cabin from shabby to shabby chic. He claimed she'd made the place more livable and commented that it didn't take much to make Abby happy. Abby said he made her euphoric. She said she wouldn't take their life for granted after nearly losing him.

Chance spotted the mini fridge, and he was happy to see it was supplied with the things he'd ordered. Abby picked up the box of notes, and Chance said he liked Kyle's "make-up sex" comment. He said he had a lot of making up to do after their honeymoon fiasco. Abby stated that they would have a lot to talk about when they were old and gray. Abby told Chance she would make the reservations for any trip in the future.

A short time later, Abby walked out of the bathroom, wearing a stunning and sexy black negligee. Chance said she looked radiant, and they kissed. Abby suggested that Chance pull down the Murphy bed. While he was about to do that, Abby said she could imagine them lying in each other's arms, listening to the ocean, and enjoying the ocean breeze wafting through the cabana. Meanwhile, Chance opened the doors, but there was no bed. He told Abby there was no bed, only an air mattress. Abby said she would start walking, but she was afraid she would start crying -- and that wasn't the way she wanted to start their lives together.

Abby told Chance she wanted to kill the person who'd scammed them out of the honeymoon of their dreams, but Chance said he was thinking the best course of action would be to open the box of marriage advice. Abby grabbed the box and read the note from Nikki about patience, kindness, and chemistry. Chance said they had plenty of those. He claimed it was only a bump in the road because the best was yet to come.

Chance blew up the mattress. Abby questioned whether it was strong enough or big enough to hold both of them. Chance sat on the bed and immediately rolled off, but he got back on the bed and invited Abby to join him. Abby was afraid it would pop, but as she plopped onto the mattress, she almost sent Chance flying. They both wound up laughing.

Abby said she didn't want to sound like a princess, but she needed bedding because she couldn't sleep on rubber. She found a blanket. Chance claimed he was the luckiest guy in the world. He asked if Abby had any regrets. Abby said she didn't have a single complaint because she was married to the best man in the world, and they'd had a perfect day. They would have a lifetime of adventures together. Abby suggested they fly to Bora Bora the next day and start the honeymoon of their dreams. He agreed.

At the Chancellor estate, when Traci inquired about Jill, she was told that Jill had jet lag and was asleep. Traci commented on how Abby had looked, her dress, her hair, everything. Jack wondered if Abby and Chance had made it to their destination. Nina and Ashley said they had taken their best shots in an attempt to find out where Abby and Chance were going, but they'd failed. Ashley said she'd wanted to have a big basket filled with goodies waiting for them, but her new son-in-law had decided to go incognito.

Traci wondered where Abby and Chance would live. Esther said there was plenty of room on the estate. Nina objected strenuously because of the history between Chance and Chloe. Esther said that wouldn't be a problem because Kevin and Chloe had been house hunting, and they'd found a couple of places they were interested in. Jack suggested the pool house, but that was shot down, as well. Traci said they needed a place where they could settle down and raise their children. Ashley claimed she had no shame, and she was going to spoil those kids like crazy. Nina teared up and turned away.

Nina apologized for the tears, but Traci said that Nina was allowed, since she'd been on an emotional roller coaster. Nina said she would never forget the phone call informing her that Chance had been shot, and, almost at the same time, she'd found out that Chance was madly in love with Abby and was getting married. Jack said that Chance and Abby were a very happy couple, and he had a strong feeling they would have a long and happy life because there were unseen forces at work. Esther asked how much Champagne Jack had had, but Jack said he wasn't tipsy; he just knew something they didn't.

Jack mentioned the Teardrop of Love necklace and explained how all the Abbotts had a piece of it, including Abby. Jack was confident it would ensure they would find love to last them a lifetime. Traci announced that she was writing a book about the necklace, and when it was done, Nina could write a screenplay based on it. Esther gushed over the romantic story behind the Teardrop of Love. Ashley offered Esther her earrings if Mr. Right appeared. Nina asked if it warded off Mr. Wrong, because she'd had plenty of them. Jack said he was convinced there was magic in the gems.

Traci stated that it had been a wonderful night, but it was time to leave. Ashley said she looked forward to many more celebrations as a family, especially with the babies. Nina stated that she couldn't have asked for a better family for her son. Traci and Ashley left, but Jack stayed behind for a moment. He looked up at Katherine, winked, and smiled. He placed a note on the mantel that read, "It was a magical night. Sweet dreams," and he left.

Sally arrived at the Grand Phoenix. When she saw Billy, she introduced herself. She told him she was Lauren's executive assistant, and she'd helped Abby pick out her perfect wedding dress. She said she hated drinking alone and asked if she could join Billy. He said he was waiting for his date. She said she would keep him company until then. Billy asked how she liked working for Lauren and if being an executive assistant had been high on her list of dream jobs. Sally said she'd been told that she brought a certain style and class. Billy said Lauren was lucky to have her.

Sally told Billy she loved how Lauren balanced creativity and professionalism, as did Jack at Jabot. She said she'd run her own fashion house, Spectra Fashions. Billy realized she was Sally Spectra. He wanted to hear how she'd gone from running a family business to being Lauren's gofer. He asked why she'd left the family business. Sally claimed she'd needed a change of scenery. Billy asked if it was perhaps a change in lifestyle, but Sally said if it was for a lifestyle change, she would have flown to join her Aunt Sally in the tropics.

When Lily arrived, Billy introduced her to Sally. He wished Sally luck, and Sally left. Billy told Lily about the wedding and how he'd tried to stay out of Victor's way. He said that Nikki had saved the day, but not before Victor had announced that Billy was the prime suspect in Chance's shooting. Billy assured Lily that Jill hadn't believed Victor. Lily said that anyone who knew Billy, knew that he wasn't guilty. He said he'd caught up with Chance, but Chance seemed to believe he'd been the shooter. He hoped that Chance kept an open mind and that perhaps it would all be over by the time he and Abby returned from their honeymoon.

Lily said she'd been thinking about how to clear Billy's name. She wanted to go through their video cameras at ChancComm. They would show when Billy had entered and exited the building. They could prove that Billy hadn't been anywhere near the site of the shooting. Billy agreed it was a good idea. Billy told Lily that Victor had had Adam committed to a psychiatric ward. He wondered if Victor was building an insanity defense for kidnapping Chelsea or for framing him. Lily found it interesting that Adam would be locked up when the evidence was being collected. Billy said Adam had his minions doing his dirty work while he kept his hands clean.

Billy told Lily he needed to look for a place to sleep, and he wondered if Lily knew of anyone who would take him in. Lily just smiled. Lily changed the subject. She wondered why Victor had picked Abby's wedding day to bring up the shooting. Billy said it was to rub it in his face.

Lily was happy that Chance had found the right woman. She said that Jill had been devastated when she and Cane had broken up. Billy said Jill had also been devastated when he and Victoria had broken up, but Victor's reaction had been the opposite. He'd wanted to play the blame game and drag Billy through the mud. Lily said that Victor could hang his hopes on Chance. Chance was the perfect candidate. He was a Boy Scout with a heart of gold, and he kept the world safe and secure for the rest of them. Lily said it didn't mean that Jill had given up hope for Billy to find his happy ever after.

Billy told Lily not to bet the bank on that. He said it was in their DNA -- Jill Foster Brooks Abbott Atkinson, and he thought he missed a husband or two. He said Jill hadn't been a great role model for relationships, but Lily had had Dru and Neil. They had been the real deal. Lily said they'd had other issues. Lily asked if Billy was entitled to a free pass to sow his wild oats wherever and whenever. Billy complimented her on speaking his unspoken language. Lily said she'd had a good time, but it was time to go. Billy wanted her to stay for a drink. Lily said she couldn't, but he could walk her to her room and see what happened.

Kyle and Summer entered the lobby of the Grand Phoenix and bumped into Sally. Sally said she hadn't realized Summer and Kyle had reunited. Summer said they definitely had. Sally congratulated them -- and Summer in particular for heading up JCV. Sally offered to help Summer because she'd had years of experience running her own multimillion-dollar company. She claimed there was practically nothing she didn't know. Summer said she would keep that in mind. Sally said goodnight and left.

Summer told Kyle that Sally had been very condescending. She said Sally had no idea how many CEOs Summer was related to. Kyle said that Sally was covering for her insecurities. She'd had a high-powered job, and then she hadn't.

In Summer's suite, Summer asked Kyle about the wedding and about Abby's dress. Kyle told her the dress had been beautiful. She asked what the other ladies had worn, and he responded, "Dresses." Kyle said Abby had appeared happier than he'd ever seen her. Frustrated with the non-responses she'd received, she agreed to watch a movie with Kyle. Summer complained when the movie turned out to be black and white. Suddenly, the television died. Summer told Kyle the Wi-Fi was down. She suggested they go to the Abbott house and finish watching the movie there.

Jack, Ashley, and Traci arrived at the Abbott home and saw Summer. Summer explained about the Wi-Fi and that she and Kyle had decided to watch the movie there. Ashley and Traci went to bed. Summer told Jack they were watching The Awful Truth because it had been Dina's favorite. Jack agreed. He said that he and Dina had watched it many times. Dina had remembered all the lines, but she hadn't been able to remember who he was. He was certain Summer would enjoy the movie. Summer and Kyle invited Jack to watch it with them.

Before the movie started, Jack told Summer the stories about the dog, Piper, in the movie that Dina had loved. He told Summer to sit back and enjoy. While watching the movie, Summer appeared to realize something and paused the movie. She was incredulous and told Kyle that the movie could be about them, because it was about a couple who'd broken up twice, believing one of them was cheating, and they'd lost faith in each other. If they had just gotten over themselves and moved on, they could have reunited, but it hadn't been that simple.

Summer accused Kyle of believing she was the Cary Grant character, but Kyle teased that Cary Grant wasn't his type. Jack sat back and giggled when Summer told Jack to handle his son. Jack told them to leave him out of it. He was about to leave, but Summer and Kyle insisted he stay and finish watching the movie with them.

When the movie ended, Summer said she understood why Dina had loved it. Cary Grant had made everything seem effortless. She gushed over Irene Dunne and her dress. Jack said the dress had been designed by an unparalleled designer, Edith Head. Jack reminded Summer that she was running a fashion company, and she could have that dress replicated for herself. Summer claimed it would have to be one of a kind.

Summer took the empty bowl of popcorn to the kitchen. Jack told Kyle that it had been a full day, and he was happy to see Kyle happy again. Kyle said he owed it to Jack. Kyle realized they had been rushing into their relationship as if it was a race. He promised to pay more attention to Jack's words of wisdom in the future. Jack said he was proud of Kyle for not giving up. Jack said that when Summer had become the runaway bride, no one would have blamed Kyle for giving up, but Kyle could show Summer how much she meant to him. Summer returned and said it was time to leave.

Rey arrests Billy for attempted murder

Rey arrests Billy for attempted murder

Friday, December 4, 2020

At the Grand Phoenix, Christine told Nina that Paul was sorry that work had prevented him from joining them for drinks. Christine requested a full report on the wedding, and Nina wished Paul and Christine had been able to be there. Christine mentioned that she'd been out of state at a conference, and Nina asked if she was thinking about getting back in the game. Christine leaned toward private practice rather than running for office, and Nina thought that she could use a lawyer to negotiate a deal for her latest screenplay. Christine offered to help negotiate the purchase of Nina's house if Nina moved back to town.

Nina gushed that she'd never seen Chance as happy as he'd been at his wedding. She regretted that Ronan hadn't been able to make it back, but Christine anticipated that he'd return to Genoa City if Nina moved back. Nina thought it wasn't the right time, since Chance had a new job, a new bride, and possibly a baby on the way soon, and she wanted to give him time and space to carve out his own life. Christine doubted that Nina's presence would be a hardship, but Nina insisted on staying in L.A. for her career. Christine inquired whether winning an Oscar was more important than being able to have coffee with her, and the women laughed.

Lauren joined Nina and Christine with apologies for being late, and Christine revealed that she'd been trying to convince Nina to move back. Nina hoped Lauren didn't start in on her, too, and she turned the topic to being emotionally exhausted after going from nearly losing her son to seeing him get married within a couple of weeks. Lauren imagined that it had stirred up horrifying memories of what had happened to Ryan, but Nina was grateful that the nightmare had had a happy ending that time. Nina considered it one more reminder not to take the precious moments in their lives for granted.

Christine reflected back on Nina's first wedding with Phillip, and Nina remembered Lauren being late. Lauren regretted that she'd missed Danny's video, and Nina suspected that Lauren could still belt it out. Lauren envisioned starting a concert in the lobby after another drink. The women agreed to get together for dinner with Michael and Paul before Nina left town.

Christine made Nina promise that not as much time would go by before they saw one another again because she missed her best friend. Nina murmured that it still felt like home, and she toasted to Genoa City. Nina wished that Christine were still D.A. so she could prosecute Chance's shooter and put the culprit away. Lauren assured Nina that Michael was doing everything he could to make sure that happened.

At Crimson Lights, Victor wished Sharon a good morning. She congratulated him on Abby's wedding, but he declared that they had more important business to discuss, since Adam had been discharged. Sharon voiced surprise that the 72-hour hold hadn't been extended, and Victor assumed that Adam had convinced the doctors that he was no longer a danger to himself or to others. Victor cautioned that he and Sharon were in jeopardy with Adam roaming around free.

Sharon insisted that she wasn't afraid of Adam, but Victor reminded her that Adam could hold a grudge longer than almost anyone. She maintained that it made no difference to her, and she pointed out that Adam might have had a breakthrough. Victor doubted that 72 hours had been enough for Adam to deal with his anger and fury. Sharon reasoned that perhaps being in the hospital had shown Adam that he needed to deal with his problems, but Victor refused to wait around to find out. Victor asserted that she was the only professional Adam was willing to listen to.

Sharon firmly stated that her involvement had ended when she'd signed the document to have Adam committed. Victor questioned whether she wanted Adam to get well and have a future with his family, but Sharon countered that it couldn't be at her expense. She shared that Chelsea was convinced that Sharon had a secret plan to keep Adam dependent on her, but nothing was further from the truth. Sharon regretted that Adam's return to Genoa City had turned her life upside down, and she intended to focus on her future with the man she loved and being there for her teenage daughter. She hoped Adam sought the help he needed, but she believed he should be turning to Chelsea and not her. Victor urged Sharon to think about what he'd said, since Sharon needed to be the one to deal with it. He left.

At the Chancellor mansion, Kevin rattled off a list of plans he and Chloe had that week, but she was preoccupied with something on her phone. She admitted that she'd been hoping to hear from Chelsea, but he encouraged her to stop torturing herself over it. Chloe recounted that she'd basically told Chelsea to dump Adam or forget about their friendship, and she was afraid that she'd pushed Chelsea right into his arms.

Chloe fussed over household chores. Kevin thought she was bouncing off the walls when all she'd done was tell Chelsea the truth. Chloe worried that she'd gone too far, but Kevin figured that if Chelsea took Adam back, it would be because the couple had a bond too strong to break and not because of Chloe. Chloe bemoaned that he hadn't seen Chelsea's face when Chloe had issued the ultimatum, and she didn't blame Chelsea for feeling betrayed. Chloe appreciated Kevin being supportive, but she regretted that she'd pushed her best friend away.

Adam arrived home and was surprised when Chelsea called his name from the doorway. He assumed that she thought he'd escaped, but he informed her that he'd been let go after "72 hours of hell." She explained that she'd shown up there to look for him to talk, but he'd already been gone, and Victor had refused to tell her what hospital Adam had been at. Adam recounted that all he'd thought about had been getting out and finding her to hear what she'd decided about their future together.

Chelsea said she'd planned to find an empty apartment where she could focus on her conflicting emotions. She shared that she'd spent Thanksgiving with Connor, and she'd hated lying to him about why Adam hadn't been with her. Adam swore that he would have given anything to have been there. Chelsea lamented that their son just wanted his family back together, and it had killed her that she hadn't been able to give that to him. Adam guessed that she needed more time to think.

Chelsea asserted that everything she and Adam had talked about still stood, and she had questions about trust and whether he was really willing to walk away from the Newmans. She complained of having constant awful headaches while trying to figure out the future, and he didn't blame her for not being able to make up her mind. Adam admitted that he'd been furious when Victor had thrown him in the hospital, and he'd wanted to lash out by punishing someone. He continued that the only thing that had pulled him back had been dreaming about her and hoping that they might still have a chance.

Adam contended that he'd made his case and poured his heart out, but he was out of words, and he resolved to give Chelsea the time and privacy she needed. He started to leave the room, but she blurted out that she knew what she wanted. Chelsea proclaimed that she'd known her answer the minute she'd seen Adam, and she wanted him and their family back. A relieved Adam responded that he couldn't tell her how much it meant to finally hear the words.

Chelsea wished she'd told Adam sooner, so they could have been out of there by the time Victor had shown up. She stressed that she wanted their future to start right then with no more roadblocks or doubts. Adam wondered if he was dreaming. She smiled and suggested that he let her show him that he wasn't. She started to unbutton her blouse and headed upstairs, and he followed.

Later, Adam and Chelsea returned downstairs, and he commented that it hadn't been what he'd expected when he'd been released earlier that day. He didn't know if he deserved another chance but was grateful that she'd given him one, and he promised he wouldn't screw things up. She said she trusted him, but she insisted that they stick to the plan they'd made before Victor had gotten involved. She pushed to leave Genoa City and move closer to Connor. Adam agreed, but he needed to talk to his father to sort a few things out first.

Adam hinted that it was about Connor, but he didn't want to say anything more about it until he'd had the conversation with Victor. Adam recognized that Chelsea had doubts, but he pledged to work overtime to drive them away because she meant everything to him. He resolved not let his anger ruin their second chance or what he could do for his family. He instructed her to pack him a bag, since they'd leave immediately once he got back. He grabbed his coat and departed.

Chelsea packed a family photo and checked her phone. She called Chloe and got voicemail as an oblivious Chloe hauled laundry up the stairs. Chelsea declined to leave a message, set her phone down, and rubbed her temples. She headed upstairs, leaving her phone behind.

Later, Kevin remarked that Bella had thrown a mean tea party. Chloe found a missed call from Chelsea on her phone and was dismayed that her friend hadn't left a message. Chloe tried to call Chelsea back, but the call went to voicemail. Chloe left a message, asking Chelsea to call her back when she could. Chelsea returned downstairs and grimaced as she rubbed her head again.

Victor arrived at Newman Enterprises, and Victoria assumed he'd received Adam's text message. She hadn't known Adam had been released, and Victor relayed that Sharon wanted to wash her hands of the whole situation. Victor hoped that Adam had realized the hospital stay had been good for him and would seek help. Victoria warned that her father was being optimistic, and she anticipated the hundreds of directions the meeting could go -- most of them bad. Victor offered to deal with it himself, but Victoria insisted that they were in it together. Adam arrived.

Victor observed that Adam looked good, and Adam dryly stated that it had been a restful 72 hours. Adam proclaimed that he was a new man, and he announced that he was there to make a deal. He revealed that he and Chelsea were leaving Genoa City that night to be with Connor, and where they were going was no one's business. He intended to live his life while the Newmans lived theirs. Victoria called it music to her hears, but she pointed out that he'd been plotting to hurt them the last time he'd made that pitch.

Adam readily admitted that he'd wanted to hit back at all of them and burn the town to the ground, but he wouldn't do it, and he didn't "give a damn" if Victoria believed him. Adam declared that getting away from them was the only way to get better, and it couldn't happen soon enough. He referred to the papers Victoria had drawn up that relinquished his rights to the family fortune, and he offered to sign them under one condition -- anything that had been designated as his inheritance would go to Connor. Adam requested that they add it to the document, and he'd vanish from their lives forever.

After Adam left, Victoria hesitated to trust Adam. Victor thought Adam had been released too early and still needed help, but Victoria huffed that Adam wasn't their problem anymore because he was incurable. Victor wondered if she'd still be that cavalier if Billy had been behind the shooting, but she maintained Billy's innocence. Victor admitted that he'd been waiting to hammer down on the "S.O.B." for publishing the article because he believed the law would dole out the proper punishment. Victoria shared that Billy thought Adam was trying to set him up, but she wasn't so sure. Victor sensed that she thought he had done it, and she warned that she wouldn't forgive her father if he had.

Billy awakened in a hotel suite. Lily emerged from the bathroom in a robe, and he mused that it hadn't been a dream. She replied that it depended on the dream, and he pictured a man and a woman sitting opposite one another at a bar, drawn to one another and deciding to partake in simple pleasures like wine, dessert, and "thou." She clucked that he had quite the imagination, and she suggested that they talk about it over breakfast. He seemed disappointed that she wanted to rush off and eat, and he pointed out that he might be locked away for a long time. Billy called the prior night magical, and he implied that he'd like some more. Lily removed her robe and tossed it at him.

At Society, Billy asked if Lily minded buying breakfast, since he'd found himself out of a job. She playfully noted that he was full of tricks that morning, and she told him not to make her regret having him walk her to her room the night before. He figured that it was a good thing he was taking a leave of absence, since he couldn't imagine walking into Chancellor Communications with that kind of smile on his face. They headed to a table, but she spotted Rey at the bar and suggested that they go someplace else.

Billy approached Rey and remarked that the cops still had work to do, since Chance's real assailant was still out there -- unless Rey was celebrating because they'd caught the guy, in which case Billy would take an apology and two mimosas. Rey swore that he would be thrilled if the evidence pointed to someone else. Billy insisted that Adam was setting him up, and he chided Rey for not doing his job. Billy recounted that his gun had been stolen, he'd provided a laundry list of people with means and motives, and Adam had clearly lost his mind.

Billy questioned why Rey was still investigating him, and he surmised that the police were trying to land a big fish with name recognition. Billy suggested that Rey save himself some embarrassment because Billy wasn't his guy, so arresting him would only lead to a lawsuit. Rey argued that a man had been shot and had almost died, so the only road he was going down was the one that led to justice.

Later, Lily implored Billy to look at her instead of staring at Rey. She advised him to be patient, but Billy griped that it was getting harder and harder to ignore that Adam had set him up and was twisting the knife by dragging it out as long as possible. Lily was skeptical that Adam had stolen a gun and arranged to have someone shoot at him, but Billy reminded her that Adam had once put needles in his eyes to fake blindness. Billy doubted that any move was too dark or twisted for Adam, including taking a bullet just to take Billy down.

Billy realized that Lily still didn't think Adam had set him up, and she asserted that it was too predictable. Billy theorized that Victor had done it, but Lily argued that having someone take a shot at his own son would be too dangerous. Billy cast suspicion on Nick, who would hardly be heartbroken if Adam were wiped off the face of the earth. Lily couldn't seriously consider Nick a suspect, and Billy wondered what would happen if he were actually guilty. She cooed that she would have just spent the night with a dangerous man, and he amorously proposed that they return to the scene of the crime. Billy followed her gaze to Rey speaking with Michael, and he remarked that it couldn't be good.

Later, Lauren met Michael at the restaurant, and he hoped she'd had a great time with the gals. Lauren confirmed that it had been great to get the gang together again. He noticed that she was wearing her new necklace, and he wondered what the occasion was. She mentioned that they had a very big date approaching, and he swore that he hadn't forgotten their anniversary. Lauren proposed that they get a head start on the celebrating, and he summoned the waiter for the check.

At Chancellor Communications, Lily noticed that Billy wasn't listening to her update on ad sales. She surmised that he was worried about what Michael had said to Rey at the restaurant. Billy conceded that he might be overreacting, since he always made everything about himself. She asked if he was okay, and he replied that he was better than okay. They exchanged smiles.

Billy said he was glad he'd walked Lily to her room the night before, and she echoed the sentiment. He added that he would have spent the whole day there if it had been up to him. "William Abbott," Rey sternly stated from the doorway. Rey placed Billy under arrest for attempted murder. Lily rushed off to find Amanda as Rey read Billy his rights.

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