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January 4 to 8, 2021
Adam learned that Chelsea's stroke had left her immobile on her right side and unable to speak. Adam turned to Victor to help Chelsea receive the best care possible. Adam disregarded Nate's medical advice and took Chelsea home. Chelsea could only communicate by blinking. Nick and Phyllis agreed that another marriage wasn't in the cards for them. Faith hid her drinking from her family. After a pep talk from Lily, Amanda mustered the courage to call Naya and introduce herself. Naya agreed to meet Amanda but bailed at the last minute. Imani angrily accused Amanda of lying and ordered her to stay away from Naya. An incensed Amanda showed up at Naya's house and refused to leave. Amanda faced off with her birth mother. Summer caved in to Jack's request that she clear the air with Sally, but she secretly planned to head to L.A. with Kyle to dig up dirt on her rival. Billy wondered if Victoria had used their children to derail his plans with Lily, but Victoria denied it. Lily offered Nate a job at a medical website ChancComm intended to acquire. Billy and Lily flew to Seattle on the same private jet that Kyle and Summer were taking to L.A., and their flight experienced severe turbulence. After seeing Devon and Amanda together, Elena spent a romantic night with Nate. Devon had a sexy dream about Amanda. Kevin told Phyllis that Victoria was aware that one of her employees had been embezzling from Newman.
January 11 to 15, 2021
While stranded during an emergency landing on the Jabot jet, Lily overheard Billy apologizing to Summer. Billy opened up to Lily about sleeping with Summer to get back at Phyllis for cheating on him with Nick. Lily was shocked at first, but she ultimately appreciated Billy's honesty and remorse. Summer met with Wyatt Spencer and was convinced Sally had secrets to hide. Adam was dismayed when Chelsea made little progress in physical therapy. Faith blasted Adam when she saw that he hadn't left town. Victoria pushed Billy to cancel plans with Lily in order to spend time with her and their kids. Kevin told Phyllis that he'd destroyed the flash drive with evidence of embezzlement at Newman. Phyllis taunted Victoria with the information but stopped short of blackmailing her. Naya admitted that Amanda had been a mistake. Amanda was devastated by Naya's lack of regret over giving up her twins. After lashing out at Naya, Amanda turned to Devon for comfort. Imani filed a restraining order against Amanda. Nate declined Devon's request that he mentor a teenage Moses, but Elena urged Nate to reconsider. Faith overheard Nick and Sharon discussing having her see a therapist. Faith pledged to find a way to keep meeting with Jordan. Frustrated that she hadn't gotten pregnant, Abby insisted that she and Chance consult doctors. Abby learned that she needed a procedure to determine whether scarring from her previous miscarriage could be causing the problem.
January 18 to 22, 2021
Chelsea remained mostly unresponsive, but she moaned when Sharon stopped by the penthouse. Chelsea suspected that Adam and Sharon were secretly involved. Dr. Cavett suggested psychological issues were causing Chelsea's lack of progress. Abby and Chance were crushed when multiple doctors determined that Abby's uterine scarring was too extensive for her to ever carry a child. Abby's family and friends offered their love and encouragement. Chance assured Victor that he would never turn his back on Abby. After initially pulling away from Chance, Abby resolved to find another way to have a family. Lily worried that Victoria was manipulating situations to interfere in Billy and Lily's relationship. Billy admitted that he was falling in love with Lily. Faith was livid when she learned that Sharon had turned to Nikki for help with Faith's drinking. Elena was unnerved when she had a dream about making love to Devon. Nate accepted Lily's job offer at Ask MD Now. Devon invited Amanda on a real date. Summer met with Flo Fulton in L.A. and learned about Sally's past misdeeds, including faking an illness, kidnapping Flo, and scheming to get pregnant in an attempt to hold onto Wyatt. Sally was thrilled when Lauren loved her marketing pitch for Fenmore's. Sally panicked when she saw photos on social media of Summer and Flo together.
January 25 to 29, 2021
Chelsea hid her ability to move her left hand. Adam requested that Sharon provide psychological counseling to Chelsea. Victoria squirmed when Johnny and Katie took a shine to Lily. Victoria's trip to Hawaii was canceled due to bad weather, and she convinced Billy to spend a snow day with her and the kids. Faith blasted Nick and Nikki for considering her to be a lost cause. Nikki smoothed things over with Faith by recalling her own wayward youth. Mariah was shocked when Abby and Chance asked her to be their surrogate. After talking it over with Tessa and Sharon, Mariah agreed to help Abby and Chance have a baby. Amanda delayed her first real date with Devon due to a business trip, but they looked forward to sharing their first kiss one day. Summer turned to Phyllis for advice about how to deal with Sally. Kyle cautioned Summer against using what she'd learned in L.A. to ruin Sally's life. Sally hesitated to take on a project working with Spencer Publications. Jack and Lauren turned down Gloria's requests for a job. Jack and Sally drew closer as they shared stories of their pasts while trapped together during an ice storm. Stranded at Devon's penthouse during the storm, Elena and Devon had an honest heart-to-heart conversation about why their relationship had ended, and they wound up in a passionate
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February 1 to 5, 2021
Chance learned that he was unable to father a child, although his condition might not be permanent. Chance and Abby agreed to begin searching for a sperm donor. Abby worried when Chance never returned home. Christine informed Nina and Abby that Chance had been sent on an undercover assignment with an undetermined end date. Chance left a letter for Abby, encouraging her to proceed with their plans to have a baby. Mariah agreed to stay on board as Chance and Abby's surrogate. Elena and Devon agreed not to tell anyone about their night together. Elena accepted Nate's offer to go on a romantic getaway. Sharon and Nick confronted Faith about her drinking. Faith was furious when she walked in on Sharon warning Jordan to stay away from Faith. At Adam's urging, Sharon tried to provoke anger in Chelsea during therapy. Chelsea hid her progress from everyone. Rey walked in on Sharon and Adam in a close moment. Summer bristled when Lauren promoted Sally. Theo returned to town and told Sally that Kyle had once been involved with the wife of ruthless tycoon Ashland Locke, and he had DNA proof that Kyle had fathered the woman's young son. Billy was baffled when Victoria suddenly backed away from spending time together as a family. Victoria later admitted she was jealous of the children's affection for Lily and warned Billy against confusing the kids. Billy told Lily she was "the one," and she admitted that she felt the same way about him.
February 8 to 12, 2021
Kyle was floored when Theo implied that Kyle's former flame, Tara Locke, had given birth to Kyle's son. Theo returned to Paris, leaving Kyle's fate in Sally's hands. Phyllis became alarmed when Kyle dragged Summer off to reveal something in private. Victoria interrupted Billy and Lily's attempt to tell Johnny about their romantic involvement. Billy and Lily agreed to delay telling Johnny, but when the boy openly asked if Lily was his dad's girlfriend, they admitted the truth. Victoria was disappointed to hear that Johnny had taken the news well. The Newmans supported Abby's decision to proceed with baby-making plans despite Chance's absence.
February 15 to 19, 2021
Devon and Amanda had sex. Naya reached out to get to know Amanda better, but Amanda refused to cooperate when Naya wanted to keep their connection a secret from the rest of her family. While on a romantic vacation, Elena accidentally called Nate by Devon's name. Nate realized that Elena had slept with Devon, but he agreed to give her time to sort through her feelings. Kyle told Summer about his affair with Tara Locke but neglected to mention that it might have resulted in a child. Summer vowed to make Sally pay for attacking Kyle. Sally squirmed when Bill Spencer arrived in town on a business trip. Tara shot down Kyle's attempt to contact her. Rey suspected that Sharon was still in love with Adam and demanded that she not see Adam again. Adam planted a passionate kiss on Sharon, and she responded. After a visit from Nick, Chelsea suspected that Adam and Sharon were having an affair. Faith was suspended from school when vodka was found in her locker. Rey and Sharon tabled their marital woes to concentrate on helping Faith. Sharon was moved to tears when Faith left her a touching Valentine's Day card. Nina and Abby considered potential sperm donors. Devon contemplated how he could help Abby and Chance. Victoria interrupted Billy and Lily's Valentine's Day with cards from the kids, but she was unpleasantly surprised when she found the children had also made a card for Lily. Lily admitted she was falling in love with Billy.
February 22 to 26, 2021
Abby accepted Devon's offer to serve as a sperm donor, under the condition that Devon be a part of the child's life. Amanda implored Devon to consider his rights when drawing up a contract with Abby and Chance. Amanda and Naya formed a tentative bond as they got to know one another better. Faith freaked out when a photo of Sharon and Adam kissing surfaced on social media. Sharon suspected that one of Faith's bullies had taken the photo, but Faith refused to name who her tormenters were. Faith opted to move in with Nick. Chelsea managed to grab Adam's phone and found the incriminating photo. Chloe discovered that Chelsea could move her hand and suspected that Chelsea needed help, but Adam cut their visit short. Sharon rejected Rey's pleas to go to therapy as a couple. Phyllis worried that a vulnerable Jack would fall prey to Sally's charms. Sally learned Jack and Gloria had once been involved. Jack asked Sally to dinner, and they later agreed it was a date. Billy and Lily considered acquiring Cyaxares Media, which Ashland Locke owned. Victoria warned Billy that Victor intended to take him down. Billy lashed out at Victoria when he learned that Newman was also pursuing Cyaxares, but he realized Victor had made the move behind her back. Sally sincerely cautioned Summer about how ruthless Bill Spencer could be. Kyle declined Summer's invitation to join her on a business trip and secretly planned to go to New York instead.
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MARCH 2021
March 1 to 5, 2021
Tara tracked down Kyle and confirmed that Harrison was his son, but she begged Kyle to stay away for the boy's sake. Kyle confessed to Summer that he'd fathered a son with Tara. Summer pledged to stand by Kyle's side. Jack avoided Kyle's questions about Jack's relationship with Sally. Phyllis broke into Sally's hotel suite and found searches about Jack and the Abbott family on Sally's computer. Over Summer's objections, Phyllis turned to Lauren with her suspicions about Sally. Jack and Sally drew closer as they spent more time together. Dr. Cavett advised against Adam's idea to leave town with Chelsea. Chelsea continued to secretly regain her strength and managed to stand on her own. Chloe was able to ascertain that Chelsea believed Adam and Sharon were together. Chelsea fantasized about shooting Adam. Faith disclosed the names of the kids who'd bullied her. Sharon told Faith about the good things Adam had done for their family. Sharon agreed to go to counseling with Rey. An unknown person sent Faith supportive text messages. Victor planned to acquire Cyaxares Media and asked Adam to run it. Jill turned down Billy's request to subsidize ChancComm's acquisition of Cyaxares, but Lily approved of his idea to seek funding elsewhere. Victoria called Ashland Locke and claimed that she was taking over Victor's negotiation for Cyaxares. Abby decided to invite Mariah and Tessa to move in with her. Elena admitted to Nate that she still loved Devon.
March 8 to 12, 2021
Sharon became suspicious when mementos of Adam went missing from her home. Faith received words of encouragement in text messages from a mysterious person who claimed to be male. After a rocky first therapy session with Sharon, Rey became dizzy and suddenly passed out. Chelsea shared with Chloe that she could speak and stand. Chelsea gave Chloe a bag to secretly keep safe for her. Chelsea planned to break free from Adam and start a new life. Jack agreed to finance ChancComm's bid for Cyaxares. Adam accepted Victor's offer to run Cyaxares if Victor won the bid. Victor and Billy were stunned to learn Victoria was bidding against them. The three competitors delivered their pitches to Ashland Locke. Victoria declined Ashland's dinner invitation when she learned Tara wouldn't be joining them. Kyle and Tara pretended not to know one another in front of Ashland. Billy confronted Victoria about wanting to protect him from Victor and Adam, and she admitted that she still loved Billy. Devon confessed that he still had feelings for Elena, and they had sex again. Kyle and Summer were disgusted to see Jack and Sally kissing. Kyle blasted Sally when she befriended Tara. Abby underwent a procedure to have her eggs harvested.
March 15 to 19, 2021
Lily was taken aback when Billy told her that Victoria had admitted that she still loved him. Billy swore that he loved only Lily, but she preferred to take a step back in their relationship while he sorted through his feelings. Nikki urged Adam to leave town once Chelsea recovered. Ashland accepted Victor and Adam's bid for Cyaxares Media. Chelsea used Adam's tablet to send a text message to Sharon, saying he wished he and Sharon were free. Adam was later shocked when Sharon responded to "his" message by telling him to let her go for good. Chelsea assigned Chloe a vague task to aid in Chelsea's plan to get away from Adam. Rey's illness became worse, but he refused to go to the hospital. Sharon called an ambulance after Rey collapsed. Amanda found Elena's bracelet in the rumpled bedding on Devon's couch. Devon confided that he and Elena still had things to work through, and Amanda walked out on him. Devon later confessed that he and Elena had slept together. Nate dumped Elena. Devon told Elena that he wanted to pursue a future with Amanda. Ashland became suspicious of Kyle and Tara's interaction with one another. Summer proposed that she and Kyle get engaged again, but they agreed to keep it quiet. After a confrontation with Sally, Phyllis requested to meet with Jack.
March 22 to 26, 2021
Nate and Elena determined that Rey had thallium poisoning. Rey recovered after receiving an antidote. Chloe performed an undisclosed task for Chelsea to help her get away from Adam. Adam accused Chloe of sending the text messages to Sharon by using his tablet, but Chloe denied it. Adam became suspicious of Chelsea. A search of Sharon's cottage turned up thallium in Rey's toiletries. Rey obtained a search warrant and found thallium in Adam's penthouse and Sharon's stolen trinkets in Adam's car. Chelsea's thoughts revealed her to be the one who'd arranged Rey's poisoning. Adam caught Chelsea smiling when she thought she was alone. Phyllis planned to tell Jack about Sally's misdeeds in L.A., but she backed off after Summer informed her that Sally knew Kyle had slept with Tara. Tara warned Kyle that Ashland sensed there was more to her relationship with Kyle. Kyle panicked when Ashland called him to strike a business deal. Faith was thrilled when her mystery friend identified himself as a cute boy from school, only to be crushed when Jordan posted Faith's declaration of love to him online and revealed that she'd been posing as the boy. A crushed Faith left the ranch with a bottle of tequila. Naya sought legal help from Amanda to defend Naya's father, who had been accused of arranging the accident that had killed Amanda's dad, with the promise that Naya's family would welcome Amanda with open arms. Mariah and Tessa moved into the Chancellor mansion. Abby's fertilized embryo was implanted into Mariah.
March 29 to April 2, 2021
Chloe was stunned to learn that Chelsea was behind Rey's poisoning. Devastated after Jordan's betrayal, Faith drank tequila and swiped the keys to a truck at the ranch. Nick and Sharon reeled when they learned Faith had been in a horrible accident, which stirred up memories of losing Cassie. Nate informed Faith's family that an unidentified man had saved Faith's life by dropping her off at the hospital. The police searched for Adam to arrest him for attempted murder. Adam contacted Sharon while he was in hiding and told her that he'd taken Faith to the emergency room. Sharon lied to Rey that she'd heard nothing from Adam. Faith was expected to make a full recovery. Moses returned to town and befriended Faith. Nick and Rey were floored when they saw hospital security footage that showed Adam had saved Faith, despite being on the run. Kyle told Jack about his affair with Tara, and Jack insisted on handling all future dealings with Ashland. Ashland announced his impending return to Genoa City. Jack turned down Billy's suggestion that they make a counteroffer for Cyaxares. Billy and Lily clashed over Victoria's proposal that they join forces to convince Ashland to sell Cyaxares to them instead of Victor and Adam. Amanda disclosed to Devon that her father had allegedly been killed after discovering some corrupt dealings involving Newman Enterprises. Lauren was irked by Phyllis' efforts to get her to send Sally to work in L.A.
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APRIL 2021
April 5 to 9, 2021
Kyle crashed Jack's meeting with Ashland. Kyle laughed it off when Ashland directly asked if Kyle had slept with Tara. Ashland claimed that Kyle had passed his test, but Kyle was suspicious when Ashland suddenly canceled the deal he'd proposed. Ashland did research on Jabot's weak spots. Lauren reprimanded Summer and Sally for blackmailing one another and demanded it stop. Summer accused Phyllis of betraying her by going behind her back to talk to Lauren about Sally. Jack put the brakes on his relationship with Sally after she confessed her misdeeds. Amanda met Sutton and later agreed to take his case. Billy turned down Victoria's proposal that they join forces to convince Ashland to sell Cyaxares to them instead of Victor. Billy bristled when Victoria accused him of allowing Lily to call the shots. Victor began to poach ChancComm's employees. Victor questioned his decision to put Victoria in charge at Newman, sensing she still had feelings for Billy. Billy warned Ashland that Victor had only bought Cyaxares to enact revenge on Billy. Sharon secretly met with Adam and reluctantly agreed to help set a trap for Chelsea. Sharon informed Chelsea that she knew Adam's whereabouts, hoping Chelsea would follow her, but Chelsea didn't fall for the scheme. Rey confronted Sharon about her suspicious behavior, and she admitted seeing Adam and professed Adam's innocence. Chelsea became increasingly frustrated when the police failed to catch Adam, and she told Nick that Sharon knew where Adam was. Elena confirmed that Mariah was pregnant.
April 12 to 16, 2021
Sharon tried to convince Rey that Chelsea had set Adam up. Rey discovered that Adam had vacated the lake house. Chloe walked out on Chelsea. Unable to trust Sharon, Rey decided to move out once things with Faith settled down. Victor helped hide Adam at the Newman ranch. Victoria tipped Rey off that Adam might be at the ranch, but Adam was gone by the time Rey arrived to investigate. Victor confronted Victoria about her betrayal. Faith was released from the hospital and was sentenced to a fine, community service, and rehab. Faith flatly refused Jordan's pleas for forgiveness. Moses defended Faith against a bully at school, and their friendship blossomed. Victor warned Amanda not to implicate him or Newman Enterprises in her defense of Sutton. Amanda turned to Devon for support, and they shared a kiss. Elena was disappointed when she realized she'd permanently ruined her chance at a romance with Nate. Ashland reneged on his deal with Victor and awarded Cyaxares to Victoria over Billy with the flip of a coin. Jack ended his relationship with Sally for good after witnessing an altercation between her and Phyllis. Phyllis ordered Sally out of the Grand Phoenix, and Sally vowed revenge. Rumors spread about unsafe working conditions at Jabot, and Kyle believed Ashland was behind them. Summer and Kyle announced their reengagement. Tara called Kyle and shared that she'd had a huge fight with Ashland. Abby received a loving message from Chance.
April 19 to 23, 2021
Summer walked in on Kyle and Tara having a private chat. Tara stopped Kyle from confronting Ashland. Jack and Kyle scrambled to perform damage control after false code violations shut down multiple Jabot factories, and they suspected Ashland was behind the sabotage. Kyle worried about Harrison's future. Ashland delayed signing a contract to sell Cyaxares to Victoria and instead implored Victor to raise his offer. Ashland suffered a heart attack while attempting to renegotiate the Cyaxares deal at the Newman ranch. Nikki was appalled when she discovered Victor withholding medical help until Ashland signed the Cyaxares contract. Ashland signed the agreement and went into surgery to receive a pacemaker. Billy missed a special date with Lily to accompany Victoria while she confronted Victor. Victoria closed the door on Victor and declared her intent to run Newman Enterprises without his input. Rey fumed when Adam contacted Sharon again, and he decided he could no longer stay at the cottage. Sutton was impressed by Amanda's plan to defend him by portraying her father as a blackmailer rather than a whistleblower. Imani sent a mysterious warning that things would end badly for Amanda. Abby was thrilled when Chance contacted her, but she later crumbled from the frustration of not having him there during Mariah's pregnancy. Lauren suspected that Sally had mistaken her infatuation with Jack for love. Lola unsuccessfully tried to reunite Nate and Elena.
April 26 to 30, 2021
Chelsea angrily rejected Rey's suggestion that they use Connor as bait to lure Adam back to town. Rey started to become suspicious of Chelsea. Chloe bristled when Rey interrogated her about Adam. Lily was appalled when she found Billy telling Tara that Victor had made Victor sign the Cyaxares contract under duress, but they later had makeup sex. Ashland made it through surgery. Ashland proceeded with his business deal with Jabot, and Jabot's problems suddenly disappeared. Tara provided Kyle with a photo of Harrison. Victoria and Nick mended fences. Faith started rehab. Adam called Sharon again, but she told Victor that she hadn't heard anything from Adam. Faith began feeling ill and collapsed. Nate determined that Faith's immune system was attacking her kidneys, and the teen would likely need a kidney transplant or face a lifetime of dialysis. The Newmans reached out to find a donor compatible with Faith's rare blood type, and they discovered that the only family member who matched was Adam. Sharon confessed that Adam had contacted her, and Nick vowed to track down Adam to save Faith. Imani warned that Sutton was only using Amanda and would never acknowledge her as part of the family. Nate and Lola bonded. Jack overheard Sally tell Summer that she'd been falling in love with him. Sally arranged for Jack to witness her passionate plea to Tara to stop Ashland from hurting Jabot for Jack's sake. Nina invited Esther to work occasional shifts at the Chancellor mansion.
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MAY 2021
May 3 to 7, 2021
Faith faced a lifetime of dialysis when the steroid treatment to help her kidneys didn't work. Nick tracked Adam down at the Montalvo farmhouse in Kansas and told him that he might be Faith's only hope for a kidney transplant. While Nick and Adam were trapped in the cellar during a tornado, Adam opened up about his regrets and agreed to be Faith's donor. Nick offered to help Adam escape arrest. The brothers worked together to free themselves, but the ceiling collapsed on them. An injured Nick sent Adam to the Newman jet to get to Faith, but Adam returned with assistance from the fire department instead. Billy promised Victoria he wouldn't publish the story about Nick searching for Adam. Victor threatened to take Connor from Chelsea if she didn't confess to poisoning Rey. Chelsea considered confessing, but Chloe implored her to take Connor and disappear instead. Sharon told Rey about Nick's plan to find Adam. Rey gave his word that he wouldn't arrest Adam until after the surgery. Faith had mixed feelings about accepting a kidney from Adam. Adam told Sharon that he'd consented to the transplant for her sake. Nate agreed to keep Adam's involvement in Faith's transplant a secret. Billy and Lily decided to get a place together to call their home. Amanda rejected Michael's offer of a plea deal for Sutton. Victor was suspicious about why Amanda had taken on Sutton's case. Kyle asked Mariah to be his best person.
May 10 to 14, 2021
Adam was deemed to be a viable kidney donor for Faith. Before the surgery, Faith thanked Adam, but he preferred to think of his donation as an apology for the pain he'd caused her. Faith's transplant surgery was a success. To avoid Victor taking Connor from her, Chelsea staged a breakdown and confessed to poisoning Rey and setting Adam up. In return, Victor paid off a doctor to diagnose Chelsea with a condition that would allow her get treatment in a psychiatric facility and avoid prison. Rey was taken aback when Chelsea also claimed that Adam and Sharon had been having an affair. Nick urged Adam to stay in town and prove that he was committed to being a better man. After a haunting, chess-themed dream, Adam decided to make amends and start over. Adam pledged to help Sharon and Rey find their way back to one another. Adam also vowed to use Cyaxares to crush Billy and ChancComm. Nick was wary of Faith's growing friendship with Moses. Sally overheard Jack and Phyllis planning to throw Summer and Kyle an engagement party. Kyle warned Sally to stay away from the party. As Jack toasted to the happy couple at the party, Tara appeared with her son, Harrison. Amanda was suspicious of Imani's offer to help her with Sutton's case. Lola told Rey she was temporarily leaving town to serve as a guest chef for a restaurant chain in Miami.
May 17 to 21, 2021
Kyle learned Sally had told Tara she could find him at his engagement party. Summer slapped Sally. Nick pressured Phyllis into telling him about Kyle and Tara's affair. Tara told Kyle that Ashland had tricked her into admitting their affair and intended to divorce her. Kyle agreed to claim paternity of Harrison to help Tara keep custody of her son. Summer revealed to Phyllis that Kyle had fathered Harrison. Ashland tracked Tara to the Grand Phoenix, but Phyllis threw him out of the hotel. Ashland threatened Phyllis, Kyle, and Summer. Summer squirmed over Kyle's growing bond with Harrison. Phyllis warned Adam that she'd retaliate if he took advantage of Nick. Victoria cautioned Nick against believing Adam could change for the better. Chloe ordered Adam to stay away from Chelsea. Chelsea balked at providing a statement to Michael. Chelsea blamed Sharon for everything that had gone wrong with her life. Chloe told Kevin how she'd inadvertently helped Chelsea poison Rey and frame Adam. Chelsea briefly thought a hospital orderly was Adam. Chelsea begged for Rey's forgiveness. Billy and Lily agreed to make a move to ensure Cyaxares didn't crush ChancComm. Lily had reservations about moving into a condo in the same building where Billy had lived with Phyllis. Victor and Adam changed Cyaxares' name to Newman Media. Rey and Sharon reconciled, and he moved back into the cottage. Amanda was taken aback when Imani opined that Sutton was capable of murder. Tessa arranged a romantic evening for Mariah.
May 24 to 28, 2021
Jack learned that Harrison was Kyle's son. Tara and Harrison moved into the Abbott mansion. Kyle ran a paternity test to prove whether he was Harrison's father. Ashland warned Jack about Tara, but Tara denied that Ashland had any information he could use against her. Summer postponed her wedding to Kyle. Tara considered staying in Genoa City. Sally spotted one of Harrison's toys at the mansion. Sally offered to reveal Harrison's whereabouts if Ashland lured Summer out of town with a lucrative job offer. Amanda was stunned when Victor informed her that Richard had been searching for his child before his death. Amanda suspected Naya had been lying, and she wondered if Richard had contacted Sutton as part of his search. Chelsea gave an official statement about why she'd tried to poison Rey. Rey gently explained to Chelsea that Adam and Sharon had never had an affair. Chelsea was pleased when she convinced Rey to continue to visit her. Adam appealed to Chelsea to lift the restraining order against him for Connor's sake, and Dr. Hedges encouraged her to do it. Billy and Lily moved in together. Mariah fell during a jog but only suffered a sprained wrist. Abby, Devon, Mariah, and Tessa filmed a video journal for Chance. The Hamilton-Winters family staged a tribute to Neil by inviting Neil's loved ones to walk in his footsteps by visiting Neil's old stomping grounds and listening to his favorite music.
May 31 to June 4, 2021
Ashland tracked down Tara and Harrison at the Abbott mansion after Sally tipped him off. A DNA test confirmed that Kyle had fathered Harrison. Tara and Kyle gently explained to Harrison that Kyle was his second dad. Tara decided to stay in Genoa City. Summer became increasingly insecure when she saw Kyle, Tara, and Harrison bonding as a family. Ashland agreed to shared custody -- on the condition that Kyle wasn't in Harrison's life. Jack advised Ashland not to keep Harrison from his mother. The judge determined that Chelsea was not guilty by reason of insanity and ruled that she had to remain at the psychiatric facility. Michael suspected that Victor had pulled strings to help Chelsea avoid jail time. Chloe realized that Chelsea didn't understand how unstable she really was. Nick and Devon agreed to let Newman Media sponsor New Hope. Sally implied to Summer that she was interested in a job at an Italian fashion house, hoping to tempt Summer into applying for the position. Billy published an article to expose how Victor had used Ashland's heart attack to gain control of Cyaxares. Over Victor's objections, Adam decided to ignore it rather than retaliate. Victoria claimed to be supportive when she learned that Billy and Lily had moved in together. Nate and Imani took an instant liking to one another. Richard's private investigator revealed that Richard had tracked down Amanda's foster family, but he'd died before finding Amanda. Devon feared Amanda had become too personally involved to handle Sutton's case objectively.
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JUNE 2021
June 7 to 11, 2021
Victoria and Ashland bonded as they discussed their failed relationships and their love for their children. Tara confided to Kyle that Ashland had accused her of negligence when Harrison had suffered a minor injury. Tara told Jack she was estranged from her family. Ashland had a sudden change of heart and offered to share custody with Tara and Kyle. Victoria accepted Ashland's invitation to dinner in New York. Mariah was suspicious of Tara. Summer and Kyle set an August wedding date. Tara declined Sally's suggestion that they join forces to get Summer out of town. Ashland instructed Sally to reach out to Eric Forrester if she wanted Summer to get the lucrative job in Italy. Amanda discovered that Richard had set up a meeting with her former foster family, but he'd died before it had taken place. Imani conveyed that Sutton had been adamant about not revealing Naya's pregnancy as part of his defense. Amanda demanded a meeting with Sutton, who contemplated firing her while she considered quitting the case. Victor summoned Amanda to discuss her real connection to Sutton. Nikki warned Adam that she would show no mercy if he reverted to his old self. Rey and Michael suspected that Chloe had helped Chelsea frame Adam. Chelsea was livid when she learned Chloe had taken a job with Adam. Elena sought Nate's advice about whether she should accept a job offer in Baltimore.
June 14 to 18, 2021
Ashland confided to Victoria that he'd been diagnosed with advanced small cell lung carcinoma and had six months to live. Ashland informed Tara and Kyle about his condition and announced that he'd excluded Tara from his will. Victoria implored Ashland to seek treatment and proposed a merger between their companies so his legacy could live on. Kyle appealed to Billy to reconsider publishing an article about Ashland's divorce. Sally flew to L.A. to request that Eric Forrester recommend Summer for the prestigious job with Marchetti in Italy. Sally solicited Tara's help to ensure Summer left town. Tara threatened to devastate Kyle by disappearing with Harrison unless Summer took the job in Italy and left town alone. Amanda quit as Sutton's defense attorney and hired Denise Tolliver to investigate how Richard had really died. Abby freaked out when the line went dead during a call with Chance. Devon presented Abby with Chance's favorite sweatshirt, which Chance had sent to Devon to give to her when she needed it the most. Mariah inadvertently revealed that she was carrying a boy, and Abby was overjoyed. Nina sensed that there was something Christine wasn't telling her about Chance. Elena saved Nate's life when he suffered an allergic reaction. Nate confessed that he didn't want Elena to accept the job in Baltimore. Rey became increasingly suspicious of Chelsea. Rey and Sharon left for their second honeymoon in Miami.
June 21 to 25, 2021
Summer kept Tara's threats to herself and accepted a job with Angelina Marchetti in Italy. Phyllis and Nick offered Summer their support but sensed there was more to the story. Kyle was stunned when Summer told him about her decision to leave him and Genoa City, citing the connection between him and Tara. Kyle tried to convince Summer that they were meant to be together, but he was crushed when she claimed that she no longer loved him. Tara got Jack to open up about his own custody battle over Kyle. Tara agreed to work with Lauren. Ashland accepted Victoria's offer to merge their companies. Billy became increasingly concerned about Victoria's relationship with Ashland. Victoria chided Billy for prying into her personal life. Denise informed Amanda that phone records proved Richard had called Naya just weeks before his death. Naya confessed that she'd told Richard that she'd given birth to his twins and that Sutton had known about the call. Amanda was determined to prove that Sutton had been behind Richard's death. Imani revealed that Naya had turned herself in for Richard's murder. Nate appealed to Elena to stay in town and move forward with him. Elena turned down the job in Baltimore and happily reunited with Nate. A shadowy figure hovered over a sleeping Abby and later watched her through the window. Christine assured Abby and Nina that Chance was fine. Abby was stunned to run into Stitch. Chelsea had nightmares about never being free.
June 28 to July 2, 2021
Summer exchanged heartfelt goodbyes with her family and friends. Billy encouraged Kyle not to give up on Summer. Kyle attempted to convince Summer to stay, but she returned his engagement ring and tearfully departed for Milan. Sally was stunned when Lauren appointed her as acting president of JCV on Summer's recommendation. Jack and Sally reconnected. Ashland blamed Tara when his condition was leaked to the tabloids, but she denied any involvement. Victor implied that he'd be interested in buying more of Ashland's divisions. Victoria confided to Nikki that Ashland was dying and that they were in merger negotiations. Victoria turned down Ashland's request that she spend the night, but she accepted his invitation to join him on a trip to L.A. Nikki warned that Victor might pursue a hostile takeover of Ashland's company. Tara tried to bond with Kyle over their mutual breakups, but his focus remained solely on Harrison. Kyle moved back into the Abbott mansion. Victor invited Adam to move into the Newman ranch. Chelsea hatched a plan to act normal to earn her release from the psychiatric facility. Chelsea accused Adam of plotting to keep Connor from her. Nina asked Lily for a job at ChancComm. After a visit from Sutton, Naya refused to meet with Amanda. Amanda angrily declined Sutton's request that she represent Naya. Amanda resolved to take Sutton down. Victor assured Stitch that Abby was happy. An unseen Stitch peeped into the Chancellor mansion.
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JULY 2021
July 5 to 9, 2021
Tempers flared when ChancComm published an article about the Locke divorce and Ashland's relationship with Victoria. Ashland's symptoms became more apparent, and he postponed his trip to Los Angeles with Victoria. Victoria and Ashland made love. Billy made Ashland an offer to take over Locke Communications Group. Victor and Adam plotted to take over Ashland's company. Connor returned home from boarding school, and he and Adam moved onto the Newman ranch. Chelsea recorded an incriminating conversation with Dr. Hedges and attempted to blackmail him into releasing her. Victor told Adam that he'd arranged for Chelsea to be sent to the psychiatric facility rather than prison. Adam allowed Chelsea to see Connor. Adam was suspicious when Anita called to request that Chelsea be released to help her recover from a broken hip. Chelsea insisted on caring for her mother and taking Connor with her. Traci and Ashley returned to town to welcome Harrison into the family. Billy sensed there was more to Tara than everyone thought. Kyle rejected Billy's attempt to reach out to him. Nick and Summer shared an emotional goodbye in Milan. Phyllis surprised Nick by showing up in Italy. Amanda agreed to defend Naya, but she remained determined to make Sutton pay for having Richard killed. Nate and Elena were surprised to learn that Imani was Amanda's sister. Stitch left town. Mariah fell out of touch while supposedly on a business trip. Moses reconsidered pursuing a career in medicine.
July 12 to 16, 2021
Tara asked Sally to take a video of Tara and Harrison playing in the park. Ashland showed up and became incensed when Tara informed him he'd gotten his scheduled time with Harrison wrong. Sally filmed Ashland berating Tara and ultimately going into physical distress. Tara pretended to delete the video but instead anonymously sent it to the press. Lily convinced Billy not to post the video, but it went viral, anyway. Victoria and Ashland announced the merger of their companies, and he publicly confirmed that he was seriously ill. Victoria admitted that she was falling for Ashland and invited him to move in. Billy became suspicious of Tara and Sally, and he and Phyllis joined forces to protect Jack and Kyle. Tara manipulated Jack by faking tears over Phyllis' alleged accusations. Chelsea reached out to Sharon to make amends. After a talk with Sharon, Adam agreed to let Chelsea take Connor while she helped Anita recover from hip surgery. Michael assigned Rey to be Chelsea's police escort. Victor had his own investigator follow Chelsea. Amanda turned to Victor for help to back Sutton into a corner. Victor offered Sutton a solution to his problem with Amanda. Mariah's loved ones became increasingly concerned about her mysterious business trip and lack of communication. Stitch speculated that someone from Tessa's dark past had taken Mariah. Faith freaked out when Moses attempted to talk about where their relationship was headed, and the teens eventually agreed to take things slowly.
July 19 to 23, 2021
Ashland moved in with Victoria. Victoria found Ashland unconscious, but he blamed it on anxiety and refused treatment. Victor told Sutton that Richard had sent him a letter implicating Sutton in Richard's death, and he offered to give Sutton the letter in exchange for a future favor. Naya went missing. After a confrontation with Amanda, Sutton accepted Victor's offer, but Victor told him it was off the table. An enraged Sutton all but confessed to Richard's murder, unaware Amanda was recording the whole thing. Imani convinced Naya to recant her confession, but Naya refused to aid in the investigation into Sutton. Amanda suggested that she and Imani start a law firm. Imani openly flirted with Nate in front of Elena. At Nikki's urging, Victor finally congratulated Victoria on the Newman-Locke merger. After a prickly encounter with Victoria, Adam turned to Victor with an idea. Tara sought sole custody of Harrison. Phyllis vowed to take Tara down. Phyllis admitted to Tara that she'd only pretended to befriend her. Jack and Sally went on a date. Abby, Tessa, and Sharon received messages from Mariah, confirming she'd left town because she'd felt suffocated. Tessa continued to worry that there was more to Mariah's disappearance. Stitch accepted a job in Genoa City. Sharon and Adam couldn't stop thinking about one another. With Devon's help, Moses arranged for Faith to meet her favorite band. Nate was disappointed when Moses opted to cut back on his hospital hours to spend time at the recording studio.
July 26 to 30, 2021
After Victoria declared her love for Ashland, he decided to seek medical treatment. At Sharon's recommendation, Ashland and Tara together talked with Harrison about Ashland's illness. Kyle refused to believe Phyllis' allegations that Sally and Tara had forced Summer to leave town. Jack gave Sally another chance. Phyllis swiped Sally's cell phone and sent a text message to Tara, saying that Phyllis was onto them. Phyllis caught Sally and Tara's panicked reaction on hotel surveillance video and sent it to Kyle and Jack. Sally lied when Jack confronted her about the video, and he ended things for good. Kyle overheard Tara on the phone with Sally, but Tara managed to cover. Jack became suspicious of Tara. After brainstorming with Amanda, Phyllis called Angelina Marchetti and was stunned to find out that Eric Forrester had recommended Summer for the job in Italy. Nick overheard Phyllis telling Angelina that she was on her way to L.A. Summer admitted to Nikki that she wasn't happy in Italy yet, but she hoped to get there. Nate celebrated his appointment as Memorial's chief of surgery with Elena. Devon and Amanda professed their love. Mariah begged her unseen captor for her freedom. Chloe started her job at Newman Media. Chelsea resolved to let go of her anger toward Adam. Rey and Connor returned home. Sharon tried to convince herself that she wanted a good man like Rey, but she remained preoccupied with thoughts of Adam.
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August 2 to 6, 2021
Phyllis met with Eric Forrester in L.A. and confirmed that Sally had convinced him to recommend Summer for the position with Marchetti. Jack cornered Tara, who claimed that she'd gone along with Sally's plan to force Summer out of town because she'd wanted to give Harrison a stable home. Lauren made Sally's role as president of JCV permanent. Lauren suspected that Tara was hiding something in the financial records for her shoe line. Phyllis hacked into Tara's records and learned that Tara had been siphoning money from her investors into a personal account. Summer confessed to Kyle that Tara had blackmailed her into taking the job in Milan. Kyle angrily confronted Tara, who prepared to leave town with Harrison, but Phyllis and Lauren arrived with the police, who arrested Tara for fraud. Kyle flew to Milan and reunited with Summer. Victoria accompanied Ashland to New York to close his office and put his properties up for sale. Victoria accepted Ashland's marriage proposal. Adam pushed to make a move on Newman-Locke, but Victor refused to undermine Victoria's accomplishments. Amanda considered suing Sutton in civil court. Tessa became increasingly suspicious of Mariah's continued absence when Mariah failed to return home for her doctor's appointment. Mariah nicknamed the baby "Bowie" and contemplated who had kidnapped her. Rey declined a job offer with Victor's security team.
August 9 to 13, 2021
Ashland was open to giving Kyle visitation rights to Harrison but had second thoughts when he found out Kyle and Summer had decided to remain in Milan. Jack learned that Sally had requested Ashland's help to get Summer the job at Marchetti. Lauren fired Sally. Phyllis hoped Summer would return to town to reclaim her job at JCV but was crushed when Summer stood by her decision to stay at Marchetti. Phyllis and Jack consoled one another. Jack and Billy argued over whether ChancComm should cover the story about Tara's embezzlement. Victoria was stunned when Victor reacted to news of her engagement by offering to plan her wedding. Ashland started chemotherapy. Victor confronted Ashland with his suspicions that Ashland was faking his illness to one day take over Newman-Locke. Chloe befriended Sally and offered her a role with Newman Media's fashion platform despite her misdeeds. Moses decided to shift his focus from medicine to music. Nick walked in on Moses and Faith's first kiss. Amanda and Naya reconciled. Adam shot down Chelsea's plans to spend family time with Connor together and made it clear that they'd be moving on separately. Devon was surprised to hear that Nate had been named chief of surgery when Stitch was supposedly moving back to town to assume the position. Rey launched an official police investigation into Mariah's disappearance and found out that her credit cards and bank accounts hadn't been used.
August 16 to 20, 2021
Ashland decided to let Harrison live with Kyle and Summer in Italy. Jack struggled with having to say goodbye to his grandson. Victoria and Ashland set an October wedding date and planned to have a lavish ceremony at a palazzo in Tuscany. Billy admitted to Lily that he thought Victoria was making a mistake by marrying Ashland. Nick voiced his concerns about Ashland to Victor, who agreed to dig into Ashland's past. Devon disapproved of Chance choosing his work over his family. Abby was irked when she learned Devon had asked Christine to get a message to Chance about Mariah's disappearance. Adam used Rey's interrogation about Mariah as an opportunity to check in on Sharon. Abby requested Victor's help to find Mariah, while Devon hired Denise Tolliver to investigate the situation. Devon became suspicious when Stitch returned to town, even though Nate had already taken the job Stitch had supposedly been offered. Mariah panicked when she realized her kidnapper intended for her to give birth while being held in captivity. Chloe saw Adam and Sally bonding and issued a stern warning to Sally about him. Adam reprimanded Chloe for including Chelsea on company memos. Phyllis threw Sally out of the Grand Phoenix. Gloria made a play for Sally's job at JCV. Nick staged a romantic surprise to show his appreciation for Phyllis.
August 23 to 27, 2021
Victor launched separate investigations into Mariah's disappearance and Ashland's past. Stitch claimed that he'd seen an older man buying a bunch of Mariah's favorite protein bars at a convenience store. Kevin traced Mariah's cell phone to Stitch's hotel room. Rey and Devon discovered that Stitch had lied not only about the older man but also about living in Iowa. Mariah began to experience contractions while in captivity. Taking Devon's suspicions to heart, Abby gently pressed Stitch into confessing that he'd kidnapped Mariah. Stitch disappeared after leading Abby to Mariah, who was in labor. Abby and Devon supported Mariah as she gave birth to a baby boy. Lily was disturbed by Billy's plans to dig into Ashland's past to find a reason Victoria shouldn't marry him. Billy learned that Ashland had been linked to a wealthy older woman before he'd married Tara. Victoria was taken aback when Ashland showed her his plans for Newman-Locke's headquarters, including twin skyscrapers. Ashland found out that someone was investigating him and told Victoria about a female mentor who he'd purchased his first television stations from. Adam encouraged Sally to focus on achieving her own success rather than seeking revenge on Phyllis. Sally overheard Victoria describing her dream wedding gown and plotted to be the one to design it. Moses offered to plan a special date for Faith. Nate stepped down from Ask MD Now and recommended that Lily hire Elena as his replacement. Lauren agreed to make Gloria temporary president of JCV.
August 30 to September 3, 2021
Abby named her baby Dominic. Devon was surprised by the connection he felt with Dominic. Mariah struggled with being separated from "Bowie" and seemed unnerved to see Abby taking on the role of the baby's mother. Abby became concerned about Mariah's reaction to the kidnapping trauma and was taken aback to walk in on Mariah feeding Dominic. Chelsea hesitated to commit to working for Newman Media and took an instant dislike to Sally. Nick became increasingly suspicious of Phyllis and Jack's closeness. Billy remained determined to find something incriminating in Ashland's past. Amanda learned Michael was reinstating the charges against Sutton. Nate helped Ashland after a tough chemo session. Nate resigned as spokesperson of Ask MD Now, and Lily hired Elena as his replacement. Elena turned down Victor's attempt to lure her to Newman Media. Adam invited Sally to accompany him to the Newman Media launch party, and the guests were stunned when they arrived at the party together. Nikki and Phyllis took turns blasting Sally, who snapped and threw a drink in Phyllis' face. Phyllis retaliated by dumping a bucket of ice water on Sally. Adam helped Sally clean up after the altercation, and she responded by planting a kiss on him. Adam admitted his attraction to Sally but declined her advances, calling himself toxic. Nick caught Billy searching for information about the launch in Victor's hotel suite. Adam gave a sincere speech about family at the launch party, and he and Victor considered the event to be a smashing success.
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September 6 to 10, 2021
Nick agreed to play double agent to find out what information Billy turned up on Ashland and report it back to Victor. Baby Dominic's extended family welcomed him home. Devon and Mariah separately struggled to figure out their roles in Dominic's life. Abby became increasingly concerned about Mariah's bond with the baby. Devon reported that Chance had been forced to go deeper undercover and was unaware of Dominic's birth. Ashland provided a generous donation to Nate for the hospital expansion. Nate was floored when Ashland asked Nate to be his best man. Billy became suspicious of the sudden friendship between Ashland and Nate. Billy discovered that there was no record of Ashland's past before his 20s. Ashland seemed disturbed when he received a mysterious text message from an unknown party. Adam and Sally enjoyed a working dinner, opting not to call it a date. Victor summoned Sally to the ranch and warned her not to use Adam to bolster her career. Sally fantasized about getting passionate with Adam. Adam told Sally that they shouldn't see one another outside the office. Rey voiced concern to Adam about Connor. Sally overheard Sharon giving Adam advice about Connor and deliberately interrupted them. Adam scolded Sally for playing games when his son was involved. During a heartfelt conversation with Phyllis, Jack told her he loved her and always would. Devon tried to talk Sofia into letting Moses stay in Genoa City.
September 13 to 17, 2021
After receiving some ominous text messages, Ashland confessed to Victoria that he'd left home as a teenager and changed his name to escape an abusive past. Ashland retold the story to Billy and the Newmans to get them to back off investigating him, but he refused to reveal his real name. Jack and Lily disapproved of Billy continuing to try to dig up dirt on Ashland. Ashland lied to Victoria when he continued to receive mysterious text messages. Nate agreed to be Ashland's best man. Mariah admitted to Tessa that she partially blamed Abby for the kidnapping. Mariah overheard Abby and Tessa discussing how Mariah needed help. Abby asked Devon and Mariah to be Dominic's godparents. After the baby's baptism, an emotional Mariah decided to move out of the Chancellor mansion because it was too difficult to be near the baby. Abby became increasingly frustrated by Chance's absence. Nick had doubts about his relationship with Phyllis. Chelsea's anger flared when Adam announced his intention to tell Connor about their separation. Adam turned to Sharon for help with talking to Connor. Connor blamed Sharon for breaking up his family then Connor ran off. Sally befriended Connor and notified Adam of the boy's whereabouts. Rey became irritated that Adam was still in Sharon's life. Faith was thrilled when Sofia agreed to let Moses stay in Genoa City. Amanda revealed that Naya had been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.
September 20 to 24, 2021
An old contact of Ashland's, Gaines, blackmailed Ashland in exchange for his silence. Victoria overheard Ashland arranging to get a large sum of cash, and he let her assume it was for a romantic surprise. After spotting Ashland and Gaines together, Billy did some research and learned that Gaines was the son of Ashland's former attorney. Billy offered Gaines financial incentive to reveal what Ashland was hiding. Victor confronted Gaines. Nick enlisted Phyllis' help to investigate Ashland, and they concluded that Ashland had assumed his identity from the real Ashland Locke. Nick planned to head to New Jersey to find out more about the real Ashland. Mariah pushed to have a baby with Tessa to help move on from Dominic, but Tessa insisted that they hold off until they were both ready. Nate offered to help Amanda find the best care for Naya. Amanda decided to start her own law firm with Imani as a junior partner. Amanda accepted Devon's invitation to move in with him. Amanda and Imani continued to bond. Sharon counseled Connor about his parents splitting up. Sharon seemed irritated by Sally and Connor's easy rapport. After a vivid dream, Jack admitted to Nick that he'd told Phyllis he still loved her. Jack struggled with being alone.
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