The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of February 1, 2021

Chance learned that he was unable to father a child. Chance disappeared on an undercover assignment. Abby and Mariah decided to proceed with the surrogacy. Lauren promoted Sally. Theo told Sally that Kyle's affair with a ruthless tycoon's wife had produced a son.
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Chance abruptly left town on undercover assignment, stunning Abby and Nina, and Billy and Lily's relationship took another step
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Elena and Devon discuss their feelings

Elena and Devon discuss their feelings

Monday, February 1, 2021

Victor summoned Victoria and Nick to his office at Newman Enterprises and invited them both to a family dinner. Victoria, having canceled the trip with her mother to Hawaii, claimed she would be too busy, as did Nick. Victor didn't back down, noting that their family was more splintered than they'd ever been. Victor acknowledged Adam's role in the strife that had caused the rift and told Victoria and Nick he didn't expect them to feel sympathy for their brother. Victor implored Victoria and Nick to put whatever was bothering them behind them. Before Victor left, he stressed that attending the dinner was mandatory, adding that it was very important to their parents.

After Victor left, Nick suggested he and Victoria tell Nikki they couldn't make it to the dinner. Victoria replied that they couldn't and suggested she and Nick put aside their feud so they wouldn't have to fake being nice. Nick reminded Victoria that she'd hurt him by attacking Phyllis. Victoria admitted she'd been wrong to purchase a controlling interest in Phyllis' hotel, and she apologized. Nick wasn't satisfied and told Victoria she would have to apologize to Phyllis to make things right.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance remarked that the winter storm had given way to a sunshiny day. Abby replied, "Both literally and figuratively. I couldn't wait to wake up this morning. Our journey to become parents starts today." Mariah arrived, ready to help Abby and Chance achieve their dream of becoming parents. Abby was relieved to hear that Tessa supported Mariah's decision to become their surrogate. Abby pledged to facilitate open communication and arrange for a legally binding contract to protect all parties. Mariah asked about coordinating medical appointments. Abby said she'd prepared a spreadsheet. Chance mentioned that he had an appointment with his doctor, adding that he wanted to do everything on his end.

After Chance left, Abby told Mariah she'd scheduled an afternoon appointment for Mariah to undergo an initial exam. Mariah was surprised to have an appointment set up so soon and noted that being an Abbott-Newman-Chancellor had its perks. Later, Mariah returned and shared good news about her checkup, explaining that the doctor hadn't detected any issue that might hinder her ability to carry a pregnancy to term. Abby was overjoyed and said she didn't know how she could ever thank Mariah for giving her and Chance the greatest gift of love.

Later, after Mariah left, Abby came downstairs and found Chance sitting forlornly on the sofa. Abby excitedly announced that they should celebrate the good news Mariah had received after her evaluation. Abby noted the worried look on Chance's face and asked what his doctor had said. Chance explained that his sperm count and motility were low from damage that might have resulted from the high fever he'd had or the medications he'd taken in the hospital to treat sepsis. Tears welled in Abby's eyes when Chance broke the news that he couldn't give her a child.

Chance told Abby there was a possibility of improvement eventually, at which time they could proceed with their plans to have a baby. Abby replied, "And if not?" Chance insisted that parenting wasn't just about DNA, though he expressed sorrow over not being able to give Abby what she deserved. Abby asked Chance if he'd changed his mind about having a baby with her. Chance paused then told Abby that he planned to pour himself a drink, spend an hour or so feeling sorry for himself, and later rejoin her to begin a search for a sperm donor. Chance added that if it didn't pan out, they'd seek to adopt just as they'd discussed earlier.

Chance assured Abby that they'd one day have a loud, noisy, messy family, and he promised her that their kids would know they were loved. Abby's face lit up when Chance told her she was more than he could have ever dreamed of and that he loved her. Abby cried that she wanted a baby, too. Chance replied, "Then that's what we're going to do." Abby said she'd return later after handling a few things at Society. Chance promised to greet Abby with a joke when she returned. After Abby left, Chance sipped his drink. Chance's phone rang. He glanced at the screen before answering. Chance said, "This is Detective Chancellor." After a brief pause, Chance replied, "I was wondering when you'd finally catch up with me."

At Devon's penthouse, Elena seemed emotionally torn when she and Devon awoke after having made love on the sofa. As Elena dressed, Devon said it was the last thing he'd expected to happen. Devon offered to discuss what should happen next. Elena cried, "I can't talk about it or analyze it." Devon asked Elena how she felt. Elena said she felt like she should leave, and she walked out.

Elena ran into Nate at Crimson Lights. Nate said he'd become worried when he'd been unable to get in touch with her. Elena claimed she'd fallen asleep and hadn't realized her phone had died. After Nate asked Elena if she'd just returned home, Elena admitted she'd gotten stuck in the storm and had been unable to get home. Nate said he hoped Elena hadn't gotten stuck somewhere she didn't want to be. Elena cut short the conversation, explaining that she needed to shower and get ready for her shift.

At Sharon's, Rey peered out the window, noting that the sun was out. Sharon, lost in thought, replied, "Yeah, it's better today." Rey mentioned what had happened with Jordan and Faith. Sharon said she was still miffed that the ranch security team, not Faith, had alerted her about Jordan's overnight visit. Sharon noted that there had been no morning drama before the girls had eagerly readied themselves and headed to class. Rey praised Sharon for avoiding delivering a stern lecture. Sharon explained that she intended to keep a closer watch on Faith with Jordan. Sharon said her aim was to keep things friendly with Faith so she'd be more willing to share details of her interactions.

Sharon thanked Rey for being supportive before announcing that she'd agreed to treat Chelsea. Rey admitted he wished Sharon had made a different decision, adding that he understood her desire to help Chelsea. Rey warned Sharon that she was asking for trouble by placing herself in close proximity to Adam again. After Sharon left, Rey couldn't find his car keys. He searched between the sofa cushions and found his keys -- along with the lid from a bottle of vodka.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Adam told Chelsea that Sharon had agreed to work with her again. Adam said he was convinced the treatment would be a big step forward and hoped Chelsea would believe it, too. Chelsea blinked once to indicate her agreement with Adam's statement. Chelsea narrowed her eyes and thought to herself, "Yes. Let's provoke the beast inside. Fury is the best motivator, right? And you get to be close to Sharon. Everybody wins, don't they?"

When Sharon arrived to begin therapy, she told Chelsea she was sorry about what had happened to her. Chelsea thought, "I'm sure you're torn up about my condition. How's Rey, by the way? Does he even know you're here?" Sharon, recalling that Adam had told her Chelsea had agreed to be treated, asked her if she still felt the same. Chelsea blinked once.

After Adam stepped out, Sharon told Chelsea she was glad they were all on the same page. Chelsea thought, "You bet. I want you where I can keep an eye on you." Sharon promised to stop by often to chat and added that she hoped something good would come out of it. Chelsea thought, "Something good with Adam, you mean. That's what you've always wanted." Sharon instructed Chelsea to blink twice if she ever felt uncomfortable during their sessions.

Adam interrupted and told Sharon that Chelsea's physical therapy would begin in a few minutes. Sharon turned to Chelsea and said she was glad they would be working together. Chelsea blinked once, indicating agreement. Adam escorted Sharon to the front door. Chelsea watched as Adam told Sharon he was truly grateful for her help. Chelsea imagined seeing Adam leaning toward Sharon and kissing her on the lips. Sharon replied, "I'm so happy to do it." After Sharon left, Chelsea blinked several times as if to jolt herself back to reality.

After Chelsea underwent physical therapy, Adam noted that the session hadn't gone as they'd hoped. Adam told Chelsea not to become discouraged because Dr. Cavett wasn't giving up, adding that Chelsea could also benefit from Sharon's counseling. Adam suggested Chelsea channel her disappointment and rage and use the energy to achieve a breakthrough. Chelsea thought to herself, "Look at you, looking at me, wondering what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling. It is maddening to be so uncertain, isn't it?" Adam said he felt Chelsea needed rest, so he stepped out to summon the nurse. Chelsea slowly moved the fingers on her left hand.

After Sharon returned home, Rey was waiting. He showed Sharon the bottle cap he'd found. Sharon cried, "Faith and Jordan were drinking here last night during the window of time that they were here all alone. Nikki only left because she thought I was on my way home, but I was stuck at Crimson Lights until you came to pick me up in the SUV." Sharon, panicked, said she should call Nick because they had to do something.

After Nick joined Rey and Sharon, he agreed with Rey that the bottle cap didn't prove that Faith had been drinking. Nick asked Rey how Faith had seemed the night before. Rey said both Faith and Jordan had been asleep. Sharon added, "At least that's what they wanted us to believe." Sharon told Nick that the situation was too serious for them to turn a blind eye to. Sharon insisted that Faith needed to see a therapist immediately, explaining that she'd already contacted a fellow graduate who specialized in working with teens. Nick glanced at Rey and sighed.

After Sharon's therapist friend, Lanie, arrived, Sharon thanked her for coming on short notice. Sharon told Lanie that she suspected Faith had been drinking the night before. Rey mentioned the vodka bottle cap. Nick insisted that he should talk to Faith about it first. Sharon expressed concern that Faith was headed down a bad path. Nick said they weren't sure what type of help Faith needed, and he asked Lanie if she thought they were rushing too fast into therapy. Lanie advised that therapy was warranted based on the stress Faith had endured from bullying and her changes in behavior.

Sharon agreed with Lanie that they should begin therapy immediately. Nick told Lanie that he, Sharon, and Rey should discuss it first. After Lanie left, Sharon turned to Nick and said, "What the hell was that about? You know how high the stakes are for Faith." Nick told Sharon they should be cautious and wait until Faith was ready. Sharon broke down in tears and asked Rey what he thought. Rey replied that Nick and Sharon should make a decision together. Sharon told Nick they had to act immediately for Faith's sake. Nick warned that they could risk having Faith lock them out, adding that there was more than one way to lose a child.

In the kitchen at Society, Elena showed up to talk to Lola. Elena explained that she'd gotten stuck at Devon's overnight during the storm and hinted that they'd been intimate. Elena explained that being at Devon's again had led her to get caught up with who she'd been before she'd broken his heart. Elena seemed relieved that she'd been able to open up to Devon and explain why she'd cheated. Elena cried that she and Devon had realized how much they loved each other and how much they'd both lost.

Lola asked Elena how she'd felt when she'd woken up in the morning. Elena said Devon had wanted to talk, but she had been too overwhelmed, so she'd left. Elena cried that she'd run into Nate before she'd made it to her apartment. Elena admitted she'd avoided talking to Nate, instead rushing off to take a shower. Lola advised Elena to focus on herself and consider what she wanted. Elena replied, "Thanks. I know what I need to do."

Devon stopped by Crimson Lights to get coffee. From the patio, Nate spotted Devon, approached him, and said they needed to talk. Nate mentioned an email, adding that he believed that the news might have thrown Devon for a loop. Devon thought for a moment and recalled that he'd received the details about Moses' flights. Nate acknowledged that Moses' arrival had been moved up. Nate asked Devon if he was prepared to share his house with a teenager for a few weeks. Devon expressed his eagerness to welcome his little brother to town. Nate said he looked forward to mentoring the future Dr. Winters and hoped their family might get together more often. Devon agreed it would make Lily happy. Nate sensed that there was something else on Devon's mind and asked if he wished to talk about it. Devon replied, "No. Not at all."

Elena returned to Devon's after her conversation with Lola. Elena apologized for running off earlier and said she was ready to talk. Elena recalled that when she and Devon had first met, he'd told her she'd brought him out of the darkness after he'd lost Hilary. Elena explained that Devon had done the same for her, adding that he'd brought light into her life by encouraging her to achieve her dream of practicing medicine. Elena, becoming tearful, told Devon that she loved him "so much" and hoped he would always know it. Elena said she and Devon couldn't go back to what they'd had, though she acknowledged she couldn't predict what the future held for her and Nate. Elena added that she owed it to herself to figure it out. Devon nodded, said he understood, and told Elena he loved her, too.

Devon told Elena that what had happened the previous night had stemmed from them trying to recapture the connection they'd had in the past, noting that their hearts were in two different places. Elena asked Devon how they should handle the situation. Devon assured Elena he wouldn't say anything to Nate because he didn't want anyone to get hurt. Elena recalled that she'd gotten between Devon and Nate once and didn't want it to happen again, nor did she want to sabotage Devon's relationship with Amanda. Devon said he didn't consider his friendship with Amanda to be a relationship. Devon and Elena both vowed to keep what had happened to themselves.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis' client hung up after Phyllis clarified that Victoria Newman was no longer affiliated with the hotel. Victoria arrived and told Phyllis she wanted to apologize. Phyllis noted she was skeptical of Victoria's so-called apology. Victoria insisted she was being sincere, and she admitted that she'd pursued the deal to buy the Grand Phoenix for personal reasons. Victoria admitted she'd enjoyed watching Phyllis squirm, though she denounced such behavior as being beneath her.

Victoria repeated her apology. Phyllis replied, "Well, that's a good performance." Victoria became frustrated and asked what Phyllis wanted from her. Phyllis accused Victoria of apologizing to get on Nick's good side. Victoria replied, "I'm just hoping that we can finally close this chapter. Tell Nick that I was here." Before Victoria left, Phyllis said she doubted Victoria could apologize for her personality because it was just how she was. Victoria huffily replied, "Well, you would know." Phyllis shook her head in disgust.

Sharon warns Jordan to stay away from Faith

Sharon warns Jordan to stay away from Faith

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

At the Grand Phoenix, Gloria cooed that Phyllis was the woman she'd been looking for. Gloria announced that she'd moved back to Genoa City permanently, and she was looking for a job. She claimed that the elegant hotel had been the first place she'd thought of. Phyllis responded that she didn't have any openings, but Gloria thought she'd be perfect as a coordinator for the Escape Club. Phyllis flatly stated that she handled the club herself, but she was sure Gloria would find something else.

Phyllis suggested that Gloria apply at Newman, but Gloria rolled her eyes and huffed that she'd never consider it. Phyllis figured that Gloria couldn't ask for a job and blackmail her prospective employer at the same time. Phyllis assured Gloria that her lips were sealed, but she implied that it would be good leverage if Gloria wanted to hit Victoria up for a job. Gloria maintained that she saw herself at the hotel, and Phyllis said she'd keep her ears open. Gloria grumbled that she'd been hearing that a lot. Phyllis pointed out that Gloria had said the Grand Phoenix had been the first place she'd gone to, and she stalked off. Gloria scowled.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren steeled herself before joining Gloria. Lauren suspected that there was more to Gloria's coffee invitation than a latte, and she stressed that she had no jobs available. Gloria wailed that she'd explode if she heard one more person say that they'd keep their eyes and ears open, and she confided that she was desperate for a job because she had a mountain of debt from her time in L.A. Gloria groaned that no one was willing to give her a chance, and Lauren clucked that Gloria had burned a lot of bridges in Genoa City. Gloria admitted that she'd made mistakes, but she'd survived and changed. She begged Lauren to give her a chance to prove herself.

Gloria anticipated that Michael would be thrilled if his two favorite women were working together. Lauren found it more likely that he'd think Gloria was exploiting their personal relationship to weasel her way into a job. Gloria invited Lauren to simply let her go if her performance wasn't satisfactory. Lauren hesitantly shared that she'd been considering promoting Sally, which would leave an executive assistant job open. Lauren imagined that she and Gloria would kill one another within a week, but Gloria promised that she wouldn't be any trouble. Lauren agreed to think about it.

Victoria arrived at Chancellor Communications and asked Billy if she was interrupting. He informed her that he was just finishing up work, although he'd spent most of the day doing research on how to dominate the board game she and the kids had conned him into playing the night before. Billy intended to finish the game that night as they'd planned, since he'd found the perfect winning strategy -- kicking over the board and sending the pieces everywhere. Victoria replied that she had a better strategy -- that he not stop by her house later.

Billy protested that the kids were expecting him, but Victoria preferred to have a quiet night at home. He didn't understand why she'd changed her mind. She contended that the night before had been fun, but she thought maintaining consistency and a schedule was important, and she didn't want the kids getting accustomed to junk food binges and staying up past their bedtime. Billy recognized that he played a little loose, but he argued that he was a good parent who knew when to bend rules and when to accept them.

Victoria assured Billy that she wasn't questioning his parenting skills, but she worried that it would be a mistake for the kids to get used to the four of them being together. She wanted to go back to their normal routine, but he pushed to know what the problem was. Victoria snapped that she didn't want Billy getting more comfortable in their lives. He reasoned that part of co-parenting was making the kids feel comfortable, but she was adamant that they put the game away until his next scheduled visitation day. Billy asserted that his kids were his priority, but Victoria insisted on setting clear boundaries, like the ones they'd had before. Lily walked in as Billy demanded to know what had happened to make Victoria change the way she felt. An awkward silence followed.

Victoria prepared to leave, and she stated that her talk with Billy was over. After she headed out, Billy dismissed his conversation with Victoria and turned the topic to Lily and her trip. Lily proclaimed that she and Amanda had had an amazing time, and she pulled out a bottle of Champagne. Billy realized that Lily had closed the deal with Heyward and Daughters, and he marveled that she was turning their little communications company into an empire. Lily suggested that they celebrate, but Billy amorously replied that there was something more important that felt like an emergency, since he'd "missed the hell" out of her while she'd been gone. In the hallway, Victoria overheard and insistently pressed the elevator button.

Victoria arrived home and called out for the kids. Johnny ran in, and she asked how school had been. He replied that the snow day with his daddy had been much more fun, and he wondered when they could finish their game. Victoria indicated that they would finish it but not that night, since it was a school night, and they couldn't expect Billy to be there all the time. Johnny whined that both his parents had promised. Victoria snapped at him to stop asking because it wasn't going to happen.

Johnny hung his head, and Victoria apologized. She swore that she wasn't mad at him, and she reminded him of how much she and his dad loved him and his sister. Later, an agitated Victoria cleaned up the toys scattered around the living room. She forlornly gazed at a toy football.

At the Grand Phoenix bar, Lily mentioned that Devon had arranged for her and Amanda to see some of LP's artists perform at a New York club, and the guy at the door had sent them backstage because he'd thought they were backup dancers. Billy inquired whether they'd shown the audience what they had, but Lily admitted that they'd been too scared. She cooed that the only thing missing on the fun trip had been him.

Lily asked how it had been for Billy to wait out the storm with Victoria and the kids. He reported that everything had been perfect until things had gone sideways when Victoria had shown up at the office that day. Billy found it mystifying that there had been no arguments or disagreements, yet Victoria had told him to back off. He wondered if he'd said something that had hit her the wrong way, but Lily doubted it. Billy asked if Lily had a better idea, but she conceded that he'd been there, whereas she hadn't. Billy ended the topic by contemplating why they were down there when they could be having more fun two floors up. They scampered to the elevator.

At Society, Mariah reported to Tessa that her doctor's appointment had gone well and that she seemed like a great surrogacy candidate. Mariah loved Tessa for going on the crazy journey with her, and she wondered how she could ever repay her girlfriend. Tessa figured that they had a lot of time to figure it out, and she envisioned that Mariah would be the most beautiful surrogate in the world. Mariah contemplated all the terrifying and exciting firsts, but she recognized that they wouldn't be their firsts, since it would all be for Abby and Chance. Mariah inquired whether that bothered Tessa, and Tessa chuckled and noted that if they decided to go down that road, Mariah wasn't the only one capable of getting pregnant. Mariah asked if they were actually talking about having a baby someday.

In the restaurant entryway, Abby left a voicemail for Ashley, asking her mother to call when she could because everything had changed. Meanwhile, Tessa and Mariah envisioned fighting over baby names. Abby hovered nearby and listened as Mariah and Tessa playfully contemplated the idea of naming their child Hypotenuse. Mariah recalled that she hadn't been ready to discuss marriage when Tessa had broached the topic earlier, and they'd delayed the conversation until Sharon was better. Mariah believed they were at a place where they didn't have to wait any longer, and she wondered if Tessa thought they could handle marriage and a family. Tessa thought they could.

Mariah spotted Abby and invited her to join them to celebrate. Tessa excitedly offered to take a picture of Mariah every day from the moment she received IVF treatment until the baby's birth, and they could make a flipbook of the pictures to show the baby its first home. Abby halfheartedly called the idea clever, and Mariah sensed that something was wrong. Mariah and Tessa were stunned when Abby revealed that Chance was unable to father a child.

Abby applauded Chance for being brave and sweet, but she recognized that he needed time to process. Abby added that his condition might not be permanent, but they didn't know when or if things would change, so making any decision seemed rushed. Tessa asked how Abby felt about the possibility of using a donor. Abby responded that she wanted babies with Chance any way they could have them, but she was sad because she'd pictured her children having his incredible smile.

Mariah insisted that Abby and Chance didn't have to make any decisions then, and she swore that she wasn't going anywhere. Abby thanked Mariah for everything she'd been willing to do for them, and she encouraged Mariah and Tessa not to worry about her. After Abby departed, Mariah sympathized with Abby and Chance, but Tessa was more concerned about Mariah. Mariah lamented that she was just sad for the couple after seeing how excited they'd been to have a baby of their own.

Abby returned home and found the mansion quiet. She lingered at the bottom of the stairway for a moment before heading upstairs.

At the cottage, Nick hung up from a call and told Sharon that his mother was on her way. Sharon hoped Faith felt comfortable opening up to Nikki, and Nick also wanted to pull in Summer and Mariah because he felt keeping things in the family would be better for Faith. Sharon questioned whether he expected to forget about therapy, and she cautioned against waiting too long to seek professional help. Nick explained that he was looking at it from Faith's perspective, and he believed their daughter would be more inclined to respond to people she loved rather than a stranger.

Sharon reasoned that she and Nick might not always agree, but they wanted the same results, and she thought it was most important to present a united front. Faith returned home and became suspicious upon finding her parents together. Sharon held up the bottlecap and prompted Faith to tell them about it. Faith claimed that she'd never seen the cap before, and she asked what it was. Sharon explained that it was a cap to a brand of vodka that she'd never bought before. Sharon revealed that she'd found it in the couch cushions, and she doubted it had been there long because she kept the house very clean.

Faith questioned whether her mother was accusing her of putting it there, and Nick calmly replied that they were just asking questions. Sharon recalled that Faith and Jordan had been there alone without permission, and she asserted that it appeared as if the girls had been drinking vodka. Nick demanded to know how the cap had gotten there, and Sharon noted that Faith hadn't denied drinking. Faith barked that she hadn't been drinking, but there was nothing she could do or say if they wouldn't believe her.

Nick requested the truth, and Faith testily queried whether she'd always have to look over her shoulder, waiting to be accused of something. Faith ranted that she didn't know how to prove that her parents had nothing to worry about, and she cited her fantastic grades and her teacher's comments about how focused she was. Nick urged Faith not to pretend everything was okay if it wasn't -- and they knew she wasn't okay. Sharon lectured that she and Nick had given Faith the benefit of the doubt, but too many things didn't add up. Nick added that Faith's drinking was a concern, but why she was doing it was equally worrisome.

Sharon declared that she and Nick had decided Faith needed a therapist. Faith bellowed that she'd told them that she didn't need or want one and that they couldn't force her to go. Sharon insisted that it was her and Nick's job to step in when something was wrong, but Faith refused to tell her deepest secrets to someone who knew nothing about her and wouldn't understand. Nikki arrived and asked what was going on. Faith cried that her parents were forcing her to go to a therapist, and she pleaded with Nikki to tell them that Faith just needed time and space to breathe. Nikki requested a moment alone with Faith.

After Nick and Sharon stepped out, Nikki gently asked what would be that terrible about going to therapy. Nikki pointed out that it would get Faith's parents to back off, and the therapist might agree that Faith was just a normal teenager and back up her claims that the drinking was nothing to worry about. Faith complained that she felt suffocated, since everyone else got to make mistakes while growing up, but she was expected to be perfect. Faith continued that she was sorry about what had happened to Cassie, but she felt like she'd never gotten out from under Cassie's shadow.

Faith muttered that she just wanted a normal life, but there was nothing normal about going to therapy. She thought Nikki understood more than her parents did. Nikki told Faith to sit tight and let her do the talking. Nikki called Nick and Sharon back into the room and suggested that they all take a moment to relax and cool down. Nikki proposed that she take Faith with her for a little while to visit Victor and the stables. Faith readily agreed, and Nick thought it was a good idea. Sharon reluctantly caved in.

After Nikki and Faith left, Sharon wished she and Nick had talked about it before allowing Faith to go off with Nikki. Nick reminded her that they'd agreed that Nikki was someone Faith could turn to if the girl needed help, and they'd needed to try something else because they hadn't been getting anywhere. Sharon groused that they'd lost all momentum, but Nick pointed out that she could have been less confrontational. Sharon was convinced that Faith was still using alcohol, and she thought the situation would only get worse if Faith believed she and Jordan could get away with it.

Sharon received a text message and realized that she'd forgotten about a staff meeting at the coffeehouse that she couldn't postpone. She asked Nick to stay in case Nikki and Faith returned. Nick agreed if she did something for him in return, and he asked her to repeat after him. "We're in this together," he stated, and she echoed his words.

Later, Nikki returned to the cottage and informed Nick that Faith was playing chess with Victor, although Victor thought it was nothing more than him spending time with his granddaughter. Nick thought Victor had better watch his queen, since Faith could be cunning. Nikki warned that Faith felt misunderstood and trapped because she sensed that Nick and Sharon believed she could never be trusted, no matter what she did to redeem herself. Nikki theorized that Faith had latched onto her to get away from the pressure Nick and Sharon were putting on her. Nikki added that she was happy to try to mentor Faith, but she believed a professional was the teen's best chance.

Jordan entered Crimson Lights and sent a text message to ask where Faith was. Faith responded that she'd lost a chess match on purpose, but she was on her way. Sharon called to Jordan, who brightly complimented the coffeehouse's green tea and thanked Sharon for letting her stay over during the ice storm. Sharon said she'd intended to track Jordan down, since Faith would be pretty busy, and it would be best if Jordan backed off and gave her some space. "You understand?" Sharon sternly asked. Jordan defiantly crossed her arms.

Faith entered the coffeehouse patio and spotted Sharon and Jordan talking inside. Jordan incredulously asked if Sharon didn't want her to hang out with Faith. Sharon confirmed that she didn't, but they'd see how things went. Jordan offered to help if something was going on, since Faith was like a sister to her. Sharon stressed that the most helpful thing would be if Jordan and Faith didn't see one another anymore.

Faith confronted her mother for going behind her back to talk to Jordan. Jordan huffed that Sharon didn't want her around, and she walked out. Faith furiously demanded to know why Sharon had cut her off from her only friend, and Sharon reasoned that she was looking out for Faith's best interests. Faith imagined being lonely for the rest of her life. She shrieked to leave her alone and ran out.

Victoria tries to resolve her feelings for Billy

Victoria tries to resolve her feelings for Billy

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

by Nel

Victoria was working on a Newman presentation from home, but she spotted the "Reserved for Mommy" card the kids had made for her to go with the plate of cookies they had baked with Billy. She tried to work, but her mind wandered. She recalled the day she had arrived at ChancComm and how she'd felt when she'd seen how much fun Johnny and Katie had been having with Billy and Lily.

Victoria's thoughts were interrupted when Nikki arrived. Nikki delivered Johnny's jacket that he'd forgotten at the ranch. She asked where the kids were. Victoria said that Hannah was getting them ready for bed. Victoria told Nikki she'd been taking stock of the past twelve months at Newman and where the company was heading. Nikki said that if they had been able to arrive at the airport earlier, they might have been in Hawaii and could have been working from there. Victoria apologized, but running the company was all she wanted. She said she was perfectly happy with her life.

Nikki commented on how well the kids responded to Hannah, and she suggested that she and Victoria should go out for dinner and talk about anything but work. Victoria refused. Nikki spotted the "Reserved for Mommy" card and asked what that had been about. Victoria explained about the cookies the kids and Billy had baked. Nikki commented that the kids had been taking better care of Victoria than Victoria took of herself.

Victoria explained to Nikki that she loved her job, and she loved seeing her plans for the company come to fruition. Before she left, Nikki said that if Victoria wanted to talk, she could call Nikki. Alone, Victoria continued with her presentation after she'd looked at the kids' card again. Johnny entered the room with his homework. Victoria told him she would look at it later, and she would put it into his backpack in the morning. After Johnny left, Victoria looked at the photo of Billy with Johnny and Katie.

Victoria fell asleep on the sofa. She dreamed about the night she'd taken Billy home after she'd found him sitting on the sidewalk, very drunk. She recalled telling Billy on their wedding day that their life had started on their flight to Jamaica, and she had claimed it would be an amazing life with Reid, Delia, Billy, and the new baby she was pregnant with.

Victoria remembered Billy proposing to her years later. He'd admitted that he'd let her down more times than he could count and said how lucky he was to have her and the kids in his life. He loved their friendship, faith, and love. She also remembered the love-making. She recalled when she'd angrily told Billy to get professional help, and Billy firing back that she couldn't accept him for who he was and how he hadn't been able to fit into the mold Victoria wanted him to be in. She recalled another argument when Billy had asked her where she'd heard about his affair with Amanda.

Victoria recalled more memories with Billy. Billy said that Victor had done whatever he could to interfere in their relationship, but Victoria denied it. She claimed they'd already broken up, so Victor hadn't had any motivation to interfere. She said Billy accused her of keeping him from being his authentic self. Billy claimed Victoria believed that Victor was always right. He said she should have known she couldn't trust everything Victor said because Victor always made sure he had an insurance policy in case Victoria decided to reunite with Billy. Victoria spat that there had been no danger of that happening.

Billy suggested that he and Victoria look at their track record. She had believed Victor when he'd said that Billy had had an affair. It meant Victoria wouldn't trust him or give him the benefit of the doubt. Victoria defended Victor by saying he didn't want to see a loved one hurt. Billy admitted he'd pulled some crazy stunts, but Victor had done so much worse -- and Victoria had always forgiven Victor. Victoria said she was done with that exercise in frustration, and she recalled the day she and Billy had had called it quits. She remembered how they had hugged before Billy had left.

Victoria's next recollection was of Billy telling her how cute Delia had been. He wanted them to go up north and pick apples after Halloween. He said he loved how it felt like a solid family unit. Victoria agreed. However, in her reverie, Victoria suddenly found herself standing behind the sofa and watched as Billy had the same conversation with Lily. Billy told Lily he wanted to get a room at the lodge for them and the kids, and he would make certain they had a fireplace because he knew how much Lily loved to curl up in front of it.

Lily claimed that Billy would be too tired to curl up in front of the fire after picking apples. Billy said that was true, so Lily would have to take the kids apple-picking while he lay on a bearskin rug, waiting for her. Victoria heard Billy and Lily profess their love for each other. Still standing behind the sofa, Victoria claimed that was her life, not Lily's.

Victoria was startled awake when Johnny yelled, "Mommy." He told her he'd had a bad dream, and Daddy had been in it. Victoria explained that dreams were a jumbled-up collage of things he'd seen during the day, and they weren't real. Johnny didn't want to go back to bed. Victoria suggested they call Billy to make sure he was okay.

At the Grand Phoenix, Billy and Lily emerged from the elevator when Billy received a call from Victoria informing him that Johnny had had a bad dream, and Billy had been in it. Billy asked Victoria to put him on speaker. He told Johnny that dreams weren't real. He promised Johnny that he was okay and that he would return to finish their game. He told Johnny to go back to bed, and he would see Johnny soon. Once Billy was sure Johnny was settled, he and Lily left to have dinner.

Victoria told Johnny that, when he'd been younger, she had read Bumpy the Camel to him when he hadn't been able to sleep. She suggested that he go upstairs and read that book. After Johnny left, Victoria called Nikki and said she wanted to take Nikki up on her offer to talk.

A short time later, Victoria met Nikki at Society and apologized for the late hour, but she'd felt she needed to get out of the house. Victoria said that she and Billy had been getting along really well, and they'd had some good conversations. She told Nikki that Billy had apologized for what he'd put her through in the past. Victoria believed Billy had grown up.

Victoria told Nikki she admired the work Billy had done in reaching that point, and she wanted to give him credit for what he'd accomplished. She claimed Billy was a different person and had become the man she'd always believed him to be. Victoria wondered if they had ended their relationship too early, and perhaps she'd sold him short.

Nikki told Victoria that a couple of conversations and a moment of maturity didn't make a full-fledged grownup. Victoria said she had believed Victor when he'd told her that Billy had cheated with Amanda. She admitted she should have verified that information. Victoria admitted that she'd believed that Victor had had her best interests at heart. She admitted she'd ended her union with Billy for many reasons; some had been rational, while others hadn't been. Nikki asked if Victoria regretted ending things with Billy. Victoria said that given the emotional state she'd been in, there had been no way they could have stayed together.

Nikki asked if Victoria was still in love with Billy. Victoria claimed she wasn't and that they had both moved on. She said she'd been attempting to pinpoint where they'd gone off the rails. Looking back, she wondered if things could have been different. Nikki said there was no point in Victoria trying to second-guess herself, but Victoria said she didn't want to make the same mistakes again. Nikki asked if Victoria was asking because she had someone in mind. Victoria said yes.

Nikki asked Victoria if it had anything to do with Billy finding his someone else. Victoria denied it. Nikki pointed out that sometimes it was all it took to reignite something Victoria thought was over. Victoria said it wouldn't happen. She said Lily was great, and Billy was free to move on with his life. Victoria and Nikki were surprised when they saw Billy and Lily arrive.

Billy approached Nikki and Victoria, and he asked Victoria if Nikki had lured her out after Victoria had said she wanted a quiet evening at home. Billy sarcastically said that he'd had plans for that evening, but they had been canceled. Lily informed them that she and Billy had had dinner at the new Argentinian restaurant and had decided to have a nightcap at Society. After Lily walked away, Billy asked Victoria if Johnny was okay. Victoria assured him he was and that Hannah would call if anything was amiss.

When Billy joined Lily at the bar, Lily asked if he wanted to go elsewhere. He didn't unless Lily didn't enjoy the arctic freeze. Lily said that Victoria had been polite to her. Billy claimed that the temperature had dropped toward him after Lily had walked away.

Billy told Lily he had no idea what was going on with Victoria. He said Victoria had given him a welcoming face, but then she'd told him to get the hell away from her table. She'd told him she didn't want him near the house, but then she'd called him, asking him to comfort Johnny after he'd had a bad dream. Billy said that Victoria was running hot and cold, and he didn't understand it. Lily said she had an idea. She thought that Billy had dominated game night, and Victoria was a poor loser.

Billy claimed that Lily might be onto something. He said it had been right after he'd told Victoria he had a winning strategy. That had been the moment Victoria had told him not to join them that evening. Lily said that Billy was competitive, but that was extreme.

At Victoria and Nikki's table, Victoria watched Billy and Lily. Nikki asked if Victoria wanted to leave, but Victoria claimed she wanted to relax -- and to order dessert. Victoria said she believed if she spoke to Nikki about Billy, it would stop her thinking about him, and she was tired of looking at her past. Nikki said Victoria needed to start looking forward with her life, but reuniting with Billy was a step backward. Victoria said that wasn't where her head was. Nikki said she knew Victoria was lonely, but Victoria denied it. Nikki pointed out that all Victoria did was go to work and then home. That wasn't conducive to meeting anyone new.

Victoria asked who there was to meet; she'd met everyone. Nikki laughed and said that Victoria needed to consider other options because Billy had broken Victoria's heart so many times. Nikki said that after decades of marrying Victor many times, and all the turmoil, she and Victor had found a way to make it work. She wasn't suggesting that Victoria go the same route that she and Victor had, but Nikki hoped Victoria would meet someone kind, supportive, and mature -- all the things Billy wasn't.

Nikki told Victoria that Billy continued to make rash and ridiculous decisions. When Chance had been shot, Billy had lied to the police. If it hadn't been for Lily, Billy could have ended up in prison. Perhaps Billy had grown a little, but Victoria had also grown. Nikki said Victoria was lucky because she was beautiful and could have her pick of anyone she wanted. All she needed to do was to make the best and healthiest decision for her and the kids.

Nikki and Victoria said goodnight to Billy and Lily. Billy said he hoped Johnny wouldn't have any more nightmares, and he was sure he would see Victoria soon.

At the door, Victoria thanked Nikki for her advice. Nikki said she had more to give. She told Victoria that she needed to finish her Newman presentation, and then she had to think back to what the year had meant to Victoria personally. Victoria needed to forget about Newman Enterprises and focus on the "state of Victoria." Victoria said that sounded self-indulgent, but Nikki claimed that Victoria did it for the company, so she should also do it for herself. Victoria told Nikki to drive safely, and Nikki left. Victoria walked out of Society, stopped and stared through the window at Billy with Lily for a moment, then left.

At home, Victoria looked at a photo of her, Billy, and the kids. She recalled many conversations between her and Billy, but her thoughts were interrupted when she received a text message from Billy: "Feels like something's wrong. Don't like where we're at right now." She responded, "Everything's fine. I just overreacted. We can talk tomorrow." Billy wrote back, "Sure, tomorrow it is."

Lily asked if everything was okay. Billy lied, but then changed his mind and said he didn't know why he'd lied. He told her about the text exchange with Victoria. Lily thanked him for telling her, and they went upstairs.

Victoria began her company presentation. She spoke about renewable energy and said she'd seen a return on their investment. She became distracted and began talking about the "state of Victoria." Close to tears, she said she had been trying to do what was best for her and the kids on her own, but she missed being happy. She missed being part of a couple, and she'd missed having had a date at Abby's wedding. She'd missed having someone by her side while she'd been in the hospital. When she looked back on her year, she admitted it had been a hard year, and the projections for 2021 didn't appear to be any better.

Victoria said she had her dream job and her three kids, who brought so much joy to her life. That should have been enough, but she remembered what it had felt like to be loved and to be a whole family. She wanted to hold onto that feeling. She knew what she needed, but she couldn't have it, so the "state of Victoria" was a work in progress. Victoria shut down her computer, turned out the lights, and went to bed.

Abby and Nina learn the truth about Chance's departure

Abby and Nina learn the truth about Chance's departure

Thursday, February 4, 2021

by Nel

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby checked outside, looking for someone. Inside, she sent a text message to Chance: "Where are you? Did you need more time alone? You never came home. I'm worried." Abby called Rey and asked him if Chance was working on a case with him. Rey said no. The doorbell rang. Abby ran to the door. She was surprised to see Nina. Abby told Nina that Chance wasn't home, and he hadn't been home that night.

Nina told Abby that Christine wanted to meet her there. Abby panicked because she believed something was wrong. Abby told Nina about Chance's diagnosis and how they had talked about adoption. Christine arrived and said that Chance had needed to go away, and he wouldn't be back for a while. Christine said that Chance was a great agent, and he was needed to do what he did best.

Nina asked Christine why Chance had been taken, since he was a newlywed. Abby asked where Chance was, but Christine said she couldn't tell them; the only reason she'd been briefed was because of her relationship with the agent's family. She gave Abby and Nina a letter Chance had written. Christine said Chance was a hero. She told Abby and Nina to hold onto that. After Christine left, Abby and Nina opened Chance's letters. They were the same and read,

Sorry to do this. I wanted to tell you myself, but there was no time. Christine would have already called you and told you all that she could. I hate leaving you more than I can say, but with a case like this, I had to say yes. I have to do my part. Mom, you raised me to rise to the challenge and to do the right thing, no matter what. Abby, I can't tell you where I'm going, only that I will do what it takes to come home to you and our baby. Please know how much I love both of you and our son or daughter to be. I understand you are scared or that you don't want to move forward, but I am asking you to keep living, and that means asking you to build our family without me there because I meant what I said. I want to build a family with you, no matter what it takes. Mom, I know you would do it without me, but look out for Abby and your grandchild because I will come home to all of you.

Abby, I want to tell you all the reasons why you are my heart, all the reasons you are my home, no matter where you are, but it would sound like a goodbye, and that's not what this is. This is a promise that I will be home as soon as I can. I love you more than I can say. Chance

In tears, Abby pointed out that Chance hadn't said how long he would be gone -- weeks, months, or years. Nina said he wouldn't have gone if it was going to be years. Abby said Chance was off saving the world, and that didn't happen in a week or two. Nina said that Chance was ferocious and a fighter. He would return. Nina said they would think about Chance every morning when they woke up and would say a prayer every night. In the meantime, they would make Abby and Chance a family, and Nina a grandma.

Nina said she knew how lonely Abby would be, but if Abby could focus on a goal, she would be less lonely. Abby said it wasn't about the baby but doing it with Chance. Abby told Nina that Chance had talked about babies before they had even mentioned marriage. Nina said it was because Chance had known Abby was the only one to be the mother of his children. Abby said she couldn't carry a child, and Chance was gone for an unknown period of time. She wondered why she should move forward. Abby realized that Nina wanted something to hold onto.

Nina agreed with Abby and said she wanted to make a baby happen, because a baby would bring hope and joy, and she noted how much Abby and Chance loved each other. Abby said she was scared, and she didn't know what to do. Nina asked what Abby's heart had told her to do when she'd discovered she couldn't carry a child and that Chance wasn't able to father one. Abby said all that mattered was starting their family. Nina stated that nothing had to change.

Mariah arrived. Abby informed her that Chance had been called away on a case and would be gone for a while. Abby said she and Chance wanted to move forward with the baby if Mariah was still on board. Mariah wanted to make sure that Abby was okay doing it alone. Nina said Abby wouldn't be alone because Granny would be there for Abby. Abby assured Mariah she wanted to do it more than ever. Mariah said she'd be honored, but Abby had to pick out the sperm donor. Abby smiled and said she was on it. Mariah said that Abby was amazing, and that Abby would be the best mom Mariah knew. Happy, Abby shouted, "Let's start a family!"

At ChancComm, Victoria had been waiting to talk to Billy when he arrived. He suggested his office, but when Victoria saw Lily, she claimed she'd skipped breakfast and suggested they have a bite to eat while they talked. Billy told Lily he was going to have breakfast with Victoria. After Billy left, Lily didn't look happy.

At Crimson Lights, Elena seemed distracted. Nate commented that she didn't appear to be herself. Elena claimed she was fine. Suddenly, Amanda was rushing through the patio but stopped when Nate said hi. He asked Amanda about her trip to New York. Amanda said she was in a hurry, but they would catch up later. She rushed out. Elena commented that Nate and Amanda were very at ease with each other. Nate said that Elena and Devon would get there, as well. Elena looked up and saw Devon. Nate told Elena that when Moses moved in with Devon, he and Devon would spend a lot of time together, thanks to Elena.

Nate noticed how distracted Elena was and asked her to tell him what was on her mind. Elena had a flashback to the night she'd spent with Devon. Elena told Nate she was ready to go on that romantic getaway. Nate said he would clear both their calendars and that she'd made his day.

As Nate made his way to the front door of the coffee shop, he saw Devon and said he'd had breakfast with Elena. Devon thanked Nate for letting him know. Nate asked when Moses would be arriving. Devon didn't know because Sofia was working out details between the schools. She wanted a smooth transition. Nate left.

Devon joined Elena on the patio and asked to speak with her. At that moment, Nate returned because he'd forgotten his gloves; he wasn't pleased to see Devon sitting with Elena, but he left. Devon assured Elena he wouldn't say anything to Nate about their night together because nothing had changed between them. They didn't need to say anything. Elena said it wasn't that easy. She'd run into Nate the next morning, and he'd known something had been different. She wanted to tell Nate, but she worried how it would affect Devon's relationship with Nate.

Devon said that if Elena decided to tell Nate, it had to be the right thing to do for her and Nate and not because she wanted to protect him. Elena didn't want to cause Devon any pain. Devon assured her she wouldn't. It had been his decision to be with her that night, and it had been worth it. He said he loved her, and what they'd shared had been very real. There was no need to tell anyone. Devon received a text from Amanda. She wanted to meet with him. Devon promised Elena that everything would be fine. As Elena was leaving, she received a text message that made her smile.

Lily met with Amanda about business. Amanda asked if Billy was around. Lily said Billy was having breakfast with Victoria because there had been tension between him and Victoria, and they needed to iron some things out. Lily said Victoria appeared easy and comfortable around Billy, but the next moment, she would give him a hard time.

Lily asked for Amanda's insights because she knew Billy well. Amanda said she didn't know the whole story about what had gone wrong between Billy and Victoria. Billy had told her his side, but when she'd spoken with Victoria, Victoria had given her a completely different take on it. Lily pointed out that Victoria had believed that Amanda and Billy had been having an affair.

Amanda told Lily that she and Billy had both been in a place where they'd simply needed someone to talk to. Lily said it had to have really irked Victoria that Billy had confided in Amanda. Amanda said that Billy wouldn't have needed someone to confide in if his and Victoria's relationship hadn't been in a bad place. Billy had felt he'd always disappointed Victoria and that she would have been let down if Billy had told her what he'd really been going through. He'd felt that no matter what he'd done or how hard he'd tried to change, he hadn't been able to live up to Victoria's or Jack's high standards.

Amanda said that Victoria and Jack had wanted Billy to be more like John Abbott: steady, reliable, and successful -- everything Billy hadn't been at the time. Victoria had accused him of not being honest with her. Amanda felt that Billy had blamed Victoria unfairly for his problems. Lily claimed it had to be strange for Victoria to see how much Billy had changed and the man he'd become.

Billy met with Victoria at Society. Billy asked if he'd said or done something. Victoria assured him that she had overreacted. Victoria admitted she'd been jealous and apologized for the way she'd reacted. Billy didn't see the big deal about him seeing someone. Victoria said the kids missed seeing him, but she and Billy needed a different way of handling things. Billy knew how difficult it had been for Victoria to admit her jealousy about Lily, but it made it hard for him to trust the other assurances that Victoria was okay with Lily.

Victoria told Billy that she was fine with him and Lily, but Billy had to pull back on the amount of time Lily spent around the kids. She said it was challenging for her and asked Billy to imagine what it would be like for Johnny and Katie when they found out what was going on between Billy and Lily. Billy said he wasn't in any rush for the kids to find out that he and Lily were anything but colleagues.

Victoria stated that Billy wasn't subtle when he fell in love. It would be confusing for the kids when they saw how Billy and Lily looked at each other. Billy felt the kids would be fine if they took their lead from him and Victoria. He and Victoria would show it as a positive thing for him to be involved with someone, and Johnny and Katie would think the same thing. That was what had happened with Phyllis. Victoria said she would support him, but it wasn't the same situation. The kids had been little then, and they had accepted what they'd been told; however, they were older and had minds of their own. They liked Lily, but Victoria wondered what would happen when Billy and Lily split up.

Victoria said that Billy had been in serious relationships with other women, but not for very long. Billy claimed it was a cheap shot, but Victoria said it was an accurate one. She said that the odds weren't high that Lily would be the exception to the rule. He felt that Victoria was expecting his relationship to fail. She said his love life was none of her business, but it was her business where their kids were concerned. She told Bill to be careful and smart and to be sure before he added a destabilizing element to the kids' lives. They had been through enough trauma.

Devon and Amanda met at the Grand Phoenix. Devon asked her about New York. She told him she and Lily had gotten a lot of work done, but she wanted to know what had been happening with him. He said there was nothing new. He wanted to know whether she'd heard from her birth mother. Amanda said she'd received a short text message saying hi and asking how she was. Amanda had planned to ignore it, but after she'd seen the connection between Lily and Charlie, she'd had second thoughts. She knew they wouldn't be close, but perhaps there was something they could salvage.

From the look on Devon's face, Amanda asked if he thought it was a bad idea. Devon said it wasn't, but he suddenly realized how much he'd missed talking to her while she'd been gone. Amanda laughed and said she was usually the one doing all the talking, and that wasn't like her. She asked how Devon managed to have her spill all her secrets. Devon said he seemed to have that effect on people. Amanda claimed that one day, she would get him to spill his secrets.

Billy returned to ChancComm. He told Lily that Victoria had asked him to think about the kids' feelings when they saw him with someone new. Lily said she'd had the same concern. Billy said they needed to decide how to handle it because Victoria didn't think Lily should be in the kids' lives at all. It bothered Victoria that the kids and Lily got along so well. Victoria had admitted it was jealousy, but she'd said she would deal with it. Lily said she would back away because it was the right thing to do.

Billy told Lily that Victoria said that he and Lily should maintain their status as colleagues when talking with the kids. Victoria didn't want to mislead the kids into thinking that she and Billy were getting back together. Lily said she didn't want to be the person who stopped him and Victoria from reuniting. He said Victoria believed he shouldn't tell the kids about Lily until he was certain they were the real deal and built to last. Billy told Lily he was certain that he was there.

Lily appeared upset. Billy said he should have said it more elegantly rather than blurting it out, but it was the truth, Lily was the one, but he wasn't sure whether Lily was there yet. Lily smiled and said she was there. She'd wondered whether Billy had had second thoughts about them. Billy said, "Never."

At Society, Elena told Nate she was surprised that he'd managed to clear the week for both of them so quickly. Nate said he'd booked them on a flight to Mindanao, and it left in a few hours, so they needed to start packing. He claimed it would be perfect -- beautiful beaches, the two of them, no work or distractions.

Victoria was back in the office and on the phone with Hanna. Hanna informed Victoria that Billy would be spending the afternoon with the kids. She asked if Billy had mentioned whether he was going to bring anyone. Hanna said he would be alone. Victoria ended the call and grimaced. She called her assistant and asked her to cancel Victoria's three o'clock appointment because something had come up.

Theo resurfaces to give Sally major dirt on Kyle

Theo resurfaces to give Sally major dirt on Kyle

Friday, February 5, 2021

At Jabot, Jack and Kyle anticipated that it would be a record sales year for the company. Kyle predicted that Valentine's Day would be great for business, but he felt pressure about what to give Summer. Jack warned that there was a major storm forecasted on the 14th, and he advised Kyle to make sure to leave work early to avoid getting stuck in the building again. Kyle guessed that Jack had settled in with a good book during the last storm. Jack shared that he'd had an unexpected houseguest, and he'd been snowbound with Sally all night.

Jack explained that Sally had shown up at the mansion with papers for him to sign, and it had become too dangerous for her to drive when the roads had gotten icier, so he'd invited her to stay. Kyle hoped Sally had left in the morning, since he could see her using Jack's generosity as an opportunity to move in. Jack insisted that the evening had been pleasant, and he'd learned that Sally could be down to earth. Kyle muttered that he hadn't seen that side, and he worried that Jack was becoming Sally's champion. Jack figured that it was in his nature to look out for the underdog, but Kyle didn't see her as one.

Jack relayed that Sally had gotten her fire because she'd been abandoned by her parents as a child, forcing her to toughen up. Kyle grumbled that it had given her a victim card to play. Jack pointed out that both he and Kyle had made their fair share of mistakes and had been given second chances. Kyle agreed that everyone deserved a second chance, but he cautioned that some people took advantage. Jack encouraged Kyle to stop thinking the worst about Sally.

At Crimson Lights, Sally reluctantly answered a call from Theo. She revealed that she knew he'd been the one who'd told Summer that Sally was after her job, and Theo explained that he'd felt like he'd owed Summer because she'd just helped him make a big decision. Theo offered to make it up to Sally by sharing something huge that he had on Kyle, but he insisted on discussing it in person. He mentioned that he was in Chicago to meet with some jewelry designers for his Paris boutiques, but he was willing to drive to Genoa City. He anticipated that she'd flip when she heard what he'd found out. "One final, fitting 'screw you' to Kyle Abbott from moi," Theo crowed.

Lauren joined Sally and declared that they needed to have a long overdue talk. Sally wracked her brain to figure out what she'd done wrong. Lauren assured Sally that it was good news, since she wanted to give Sally more responsibility by promoting her to junior director of Internet marketing. Sally inquired whether it would be in addition to her duties as an assistant, but Lauren clarified that she'd have to find a new assistant because Sally would have her hands full with the new gig. Summer overheard and asked what Lauren meant.

Sally announced that she'd just been promoted, but she assured Summer that it had nothing to do with JCV. Summer chirped that she also had good news to share, since Spencer Publications wanted to meet again. Lauren assumed that Summer would be returning to L.A., but Summer shared that the Spencers would be traveling to Genoa City. Lauren thought it would be nice to see Bill Spencer after all those years, and Summer pointedly noted that it would also be a reunion for Sally and the Spencers. Lauren expected Sally to be busy with her new job, but Summer taunted that Sally had to make time for old friends.

On the coffeehouse patio, Gloria thanked Michael for fitting her in, even if they weren't meeting at a higher-end establishment. He reasoned that it had been convenient, since he was meeting Lauren there after she was done with her business inside. Gloria mumbled that she'd been not only a cheap date but also an afterthought, and he questioned why she had to make everything personal. She suggested that they not bicker because they had more important things to discuss, like why he was opposed to her being happy and finding fulfillment.

Michael swore that he wanted Gloria to be happy because she'd stay out of trouble. She demanded to know why he was against her having a job at Fenmore's. He contended that Lauren could hire whoever she liked, but he couldn't imagine why she'd hire a magnet for trouble like Gloria. Gloria argued that he was being grossly unfair, since she would help Lauren flourish. Michael recalled that his mother had set the boutique on fire the last time she'd worked for Lauren, and she'd also gone behind Lauren's back to help Jack make a move on Fenmore's.

Gloria defended that it had been good for everyone, since Lauren and Jack had ended up working together for years. Michael reasoned that he hadn't stood in the way of any job offer because no offer had been made. Gloria asserted that Lauren had offered her a job, and Michael just needed to give his wife his blessing. Gloria pointed out that she'd be back on her feet and out of Michael's hair. Lauren joined them and wondered what she'd walked in on.

Gloria called Lauren "Madame Boss" and proclaimed that she'd be happy to report for duty. Lauren clarified that they'd discussed the executive assistant position, but she'd only agreed to think about it. Gloria claimed that she had Michael's support, so it felt like an offer. She proposed that they work out the details about benefits, but Lauren countered that she'd never mentioned any. Gloria exclaimed that all she needed to know was when she could start.

At the Grand Phoenix, Summer complained to Kyle about Sally's promotion. Kyle questioned why Summer cared that Sally had been made a junior director, and Summer griped that it meant the game Sally was playing was working. Kyle reasoned that Sally might have been an effective assistant, and her boss had recognized her talents. Summer considered it an unlikely coincidence after what they'd learned in L.A. Kyle pointed out that Sally would simply be buying ad space while Summer was running JCV. Kyle supported Phyllis' advice to hang onto the information they knew about Sally to keep her in line. Summer sourly wondered why he was suddenly on Sally's side -- again.

Kyle reminded Summer that he'd had her back every step of the way, but he saw no need to make things ugly when Sally might have gotten the promotion because she'd earned it. He reiterated that Sally was in a low-level position and was no threat to Summer, but Summer grumbled that something about Sally set off her alarm bells. Kyle expected their lives would be fine if Summer stopped worrying about Sally, and Summer worried that Sally had gotten to him. Kyle believed that if Sally had gotten to anyone, it had been Jack. He mentioned that Jack and Sally had spent an entire night together.

Kyle explained that his dad hadn't liked the idea of Sally traveling in a storm, so Jack had set up a guest room. Summer pictured Sally playing herself up to be a helpless California girl who wasn't accustomed to ice, and she was sure Sally had tried to get on Jack's good side in order to make inroads with Kyle. Kyle found it more likely that Sally had stayed at the Abbott house simply because it had been too dangerous to travel -- and not just for Californians. He reminded Summer that they'd been stranded at Jabot. Summer recalled that they'd made the most of it in their own way, but she also bet that Sally had made the most of it in hers.

Jack greeted Sally in the Jabot conference room, and she declared that he was just the man she'd wanted to see. She informed him about her promotion, and she thanked him. Jack gushed that it was fantastic news, but he didn't know why she was thanking him. She recounted that he'd helped her with her shipping problem, but he was sure she would have figured it out herself if he hadn't been there. Sally stressed that he was always there, and she suspected that he'd had more to do with her promotion than he was letting on. Jack swore that he hadn't been involved in the decision, but he wanted to take her out to celebrate.

At Society, Sally pitched some ideas for her new position to Jack. She was thrilled to have a chance to prove herself, and she called moving to Genoa City the smartest move she'd ever made. She hoped nothing ruined it, but she quickly apologized for talking too much. Sally pushed to know more about Jack, but he thought they'd covered that territory during the storm. She confided that she had one question she hadn't asked, and she wondered why he was single. Jack referred to his long romantic history full of ups and downs, and he chalked it up to being in a down period.

Jack figured that the love of his life could be waiting around the corner, and Sally teased not to say it too loud, or every woman in town would be lined up. Jack insisted that he had a great life, running the family company and keeping the legacy alive with his son by his side. Sally received a text message, and Jack prompted her to take it. Theo informed her that he was at Crimson Lights and asked if she was ready for a Kyle shocker. Sally responded that she was busy, but Theo tempted her with the chance to get something to use against Kyle and Summer. Sally fibbed that her sister had contacted her to congratulate her.

Later, Sally met Theo on the Crimson Lights patio and warned that it had better be good. She shared that she'd just gotten a promotion, and she wanted insurance to make sure nothing derailed her progress. Sally told Theo that Summer and Kyle had gone to L.A. and met with everyone who knew everything about Sally. Theo bragged that he had something huge to counteract that information, and he referred to the time he and Kyle had spent in Manhattan and the Hamptons.

Theo described two players who'd indulged in everything the community had had to offer, including women, booze, and parties. He continued that things had been going great until Kyle had taken an interest in an older, married woman. Sally thought it sounded relatively tame, but Theo divulged that the woman was married to Ashland Locke. Sally recognized the name of the ruthless mogul from the New York gossip columns, and she cited his nasty reputation. She wondered if Kyle had signed a death wish. "Or he was really in love," Theo speculated.

Sally doubted that Kyle falling in love with a rich guy's wife when he and Summer hadn't even been together would be enough to throw the couple off their game. Theo stated that it had happened almost four years earlier, and Sally questioned why anyone would care. She thought Theo was milking the information for more than it was worth, but he was confident that her faith would be restored when she heard the rest of the story.

Theo mentioned that Ashland had never found out about the affair because Kyle had covered his tracks well. Sally pointed out that in a case of Theo's word against Kyle's, everyone would believe Kyle. Theo revealed that he'd just stumbled across some proof, and Sally surmised that he meant emails or photos. "Try DNA," Theo replied. He divulged that Ashland Jr., who was named Harrison, was three years old.

At Adam's penthouse, Sharon guessed that Chelsea was getting frustrated, and Chelsea firmly blinked once to indicate agreement. Adam eavesdropped in the foyer as Sharon guessed that Chelsea felt stifled because she was limited to yes-or-no answers. Adam interrupted and offered Sharon some water, and she gestured for him to follow her. In the foyer, he suggested that she try a different strategy, since she was being too nice. Adam pointed out that Chelsea was a fighter, and he urged Sharon to give her a reason to fight.

Sharon recognized that a more confrontational style of therapy had its merits, since tapping into a patient's anger sometimes helped to blow past mental blocks, but she wasn't sure if Chelsea was ready for it. Adam argued that Chelsea wasn't afraid of conflict, and he pushed Sharon to try it. Sharon returned to the living room and asked if Chelsea was comfortable. Sharon accused Chelsea of just giving answers to get through their sessions faster and get Sharon out of there sooner. Sharon chided Chelsea for sticking to yes-and-no responses to avoid addressing any deep issues.

Sharon mocked Chelsea for being stubborn and afraid by pretending that her mind wasn't keeping her locked in the chair like a prisoner. Sharon lectured that the doctors had found no reason why Chelsea wasn't making progress, so they needed to face the emotional block she was suffering from. Chelsea angrily thought to herself that sharing her feelings with Sharon wasn't the solution. Sharon questioned whether she was the problem, and Chelsea silently spat that Sharon was always the problem. Sharon dared Chelsea to say to her face how much Chelsea hated Sharon's guts.

Chelsea wished she could tell Sharon exactly how she felt. Sharon vowed not to give up, and she warned that Chelsea needed to get better to get rid of her. Adam walked Sharon out, and Chelsea's eyes followed them as they stepped into the outside corridor. Chelsea envisioned Sharon and Adam kissing passionately, and her left hand twitched.

Adam bemoaned that it was hard watching Chelsea suffer, especially after having such high hopes for that day. He stressed that he appreciated what Sharon had done, and he recognized that it hadn't been easy for her to go against her nature by being mean. Sharon pointed out that it had only been her first attempt, and therapy using those tactics might take a while before it was effective. She pledged to do anything to help Chelsea, and she encouraged him not to give up hope. Adam lamented that it was his fault that Chelsea had been in anguish for weeks.

Sharon insisted that Adam hadn't been responsible, but he noted that Chelsea's stroke had been the byproduct of a head injury she'd sustained when she'd fallen in a stalled elevator. He confessed that he'd cut the power to the building to keep Billy occupied while Adam had broken into Billy's hotel room, but he hadn't known Chelsea had been there. Adam contemplated whether it was the ultimate penance for all the horrible things he'd done in his life, but Sharon assured him that it had been an accident. She advised that nothing good would happen from Adam thinking that way.

Sharon insisted that Chelsea needed Adam in the right frame of mind in order to recover, and he had to trust that she would get better. After Sharon left, Adam reentered the penthouse and asked if Chelsea was tired or hungry. She stared blankly at him, and he wished he knew whether she blamed him or hated him. Chelsea thought to herself that it would be the perfect excuse for him to fall into Sharon's arms, and she contemplated whether it was just time to give up. She decided that she couldn't because she would lose her son if she did.

Later, a frustrated Adam gazed at a photo of Chelsea and Connor. He made a call about an idea he had that might be a game changer. After Adam left, Chelsea wiggled her fingers, but she stopped when the nurse returned to the room.

Adam showed up at Sharon's cottage, excited to share his idea without the risk of Chelsea overhearing. He proposed having Connor return home from boarding school. Sharon seemed unenthused, but Adam reasoned that Connor might be the motivation Chelsea needed to recover. Sharon understood that it might be helpful from Chelsea's perspective, but she implored Adam to consider what it might do to his son. Sharon imagined that Connor seeing his mom incapacitated might be traumatic, and she cited how the boy had reacted after the hostage situation at the hotel.

Sharon worried that seeing Chelsea might stir up all the fears Connor had finally gotten past. Sharon cautioned that sometimes being around loved ones was detrimental to a patient's progress, and seeing Connor might send Chelsea into a downward spiral. Adam lamented that it was getting harder to lie to Connor, and he had to tell his son the truth sooner or later. Sharon sympathized that Adam wanted a quick solution, but she reiterated that it would take time.

Adam was concerned that Chelsea's condition hadn't changed for weeks, and he began to doubt that she would ever improve. Sharon urged him to reevaluate things after some time, but she stood by her assessment that Connor returning home would be risky. Adam thanked her for calming him down, and she told him he just had to ask if he needed anything. He said he didn't know what he would do without her, and he reached out his hand. Sharon clasped his hand in hers. She looked up and saw Rey in the doorway.

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