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The three competitors for Cyaxares delivered their pitches to Ashland Locke. Victoria admitted that she still loved Billy. Devon confessed that he still had feelings for Elena, and they had sex again. Kyle and Summer saw Jack and Sally kissing. Rey became dizzy and suddenly passed out.
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Pitches for Cyaxares were made and Victoria admitted that she still loved Billy
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Victor and Adam team up against Billy

Victor and Adam team up against Billy

Monday, March 8, 2021

Sharon had just hung up from a phone call with an employee at Crimson Lights when she noticed that a treasured figurine was missing from its spot on an end table. Sharon summoned Faith from the kitchen and questioned her about the missing figurine, which Sharon described as a girl wearing an old-fashioned dress. Faith replied that she didn't know the figurine's whereabouts and would surely tell her mother if she did. Faith, having felt she was being accused of something cried, "What a minute. Are you asking me if I stole it?" Sharon assured Faith she wasn't being accused, and she apologized. Faith asked if the figurine was valuable. Sharon explained that the trinket was valuable only to her, adding that someone had given it to her long before. Faith was eager to help her mother search for the figurine and began looking around the room.

Sharon paused and remembered in a flashback the day long before when Adam had stopped by. Sharon had thanked Adam for helping cover up what she'd done, providing a cottage on his property for her to stay in, and arranging treatment for her with a psychiatrist. Adam had cheered Sharon's fresh start and presented her with the figurine as a symbol of remembrance. Adam noted that he'd spotted the figurine at an antique store and had thought of Sharon because both she and the statuette reminded him of strong, fierce, and determined women. Sharon had expressed doubt that she possessed such qualities, but Adam had insisted the figurine represented the unsinkable, resilient woman standing before him. Sharon smiled broadly as she reflected on Adam's words of endearment.

Rey entered and interrupted Sharon's train of thought as she reminisced. Faith, having stooped down to search beneath a table for the misplaced figurine, stood up to greet Rey. Rey held up a white sack. Faith was eager to enjoy the cinnamon bun she guessed was inside. Sharon mentioned that Faith should first complete her history homework before enjoying her treat.

Faith replied, "But who's going to help you find your figurine." Rey asked, "What figurine?" Sharon immediately insisted it was nothing. Faith explained to Rey that the figurine was a small ceramic statue of a girl that had sat on the end table for a long time. Rey said he didn't think he'd ever noticed it. Sharon insisted it was no big deal.

When Faith attempted to recall her mother's fondness for the figurine, Sharon cut her off and said, "Homework." Faith picked up her backpack and told her mom and Rey she hoped they could work things out. Rey thanked Faith for her support and noted that everything they'd been through had made them stronger. Rey assured Faith that whenever things were broken, their family would band together to fix them. Faith replied, "Like me." Sharon insisted Faith hadn't been broken. Rey explained that though Faith hadn't always dealt with issues the best way, she was making a sincere effort to turn things around.

After Faith went upstairs, Rey told Sharon they owed it to themselves and Faith to fix things with the help of a therapist. Sharon said she'd chosen three possible therapists for them to consider. Rey perused the list, admitted he didn't know one type of therapy from another, and asked Sharon if she preferred a male or female therapist. Sharon shrugged and said that either would be fine with her. Rey seemed frustrated and said Sharon seemed reluctant, adding that she'd been defensive and on edge, knowing that she'd have to remove Adam from her life. Sharon claimed she was distancing herself from Adam. Rey said he would do whatever was necessary because Sharon was worth fighting for. Sharon picked up her phone and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Carson.

After Faith finished her work, she lounged on the sofa, reading from her tablet. Faith received an anonymous text message that read, "Pretty brave of you, putting those mean girls where they belong. Like an avenging angel." Faith smiled and was typing a reply to the mysterious sender when Sharon returned from the kitchen. Faith quickly set down her phone.

Sharon said she was glad Faith had decided to move back from Nick's. Faith said she'd enjoyed being with her dad and Christian, but she also loved being home. Sharon admitted to Faith that she had been distant and had acted out of fear after she'd discovered what had been going on. Faith acknowledged that her mother had been trying to help. Sharon expressed her desire to fix things between them. Faith said she was ready, too, and added, "I love you."

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chloe distracted the nurse by handing her a bouquet of flowers and requesting she locate a vase to put them in. After the nurse left the room, Chloe rushed to Chelsea, seated in her wheelchair with her arms resting at her side. Chloe, speaking in hushed tones, said she'd seen a photo posted on social media of Adam kissing Sharon. Chloe assured Chelsea she'd do whatever Chelsea needed to support her. Chelsea, in a hoarse voice, replied, "You are doing it just being here." Chloe was shocked to discover that Chelsea could speak. Chelsea shushed Chloe and said, "Our secret."

Chloe learned she was the first to know about Chelsea having regained the ability to speak. Chelsea explained that when she was alone, she practiced speaking, though the slow pace of her progress had been frustrating. Chelsea elaborated and said, "Last night, Adam left. I got so mad, I stood." Chloe excitedly noted that Chelsea had utilized her built-up rage. Chelsea briefly moved her left hand and leg to demonstrate how she'd begun regaining movement on one side. Chloe cried, "I knew you would come back."

When Chelsea's nurse returned with the arranged bouquet, Chloe quickly changed the subject in order to keep Chelsea's improvement a secret. Chloe winked at Chelsea to let her know she could trust Chloe. After the nurse went to another room, Chloe asked Chelsea about her future plans. Before Chelsea could respond, Chloe offered to help Chelsea move in with her and Kevin. Chelsea declined and said she wanted Adam to believe she was still helpless. Chloe recalled her history with Adam and warned that her desire to exact revenge had driven her to a breakdown, nearly costing her everyone and everything, including her best friend. Chelsea replied, "Don't be scared. Nothing drastic. I just need a clean break from Adam, but I also need your help."

In Lily's office at Chancellor Communications, Billy arrived to find a cup of coffee prepared just for him. Billy took a sip of his coffee and excitedly announced that Ashland Locke had agreed to meet and discuss Cyaxares, a powerful communications company up for sale. Lily noted that Chancellor Communications lacked the support of an investor. Billy assured Lily he'd handle the details. Lily replied, "What's more exciting to you? Buying Cyaxares or the opportunity to outmaneuver Victor and Victoria?" Billy admitted his interest was twofold, though he was aware that Victor was pursuing the company to hamstring Chancellor Communications.

Lily reminded Billy that Jill had refused to finance the deal. Billy replied, "Locke believes in us. Our potential investor will do the same." Lily warned that Victor would still come after them because he didn't like losing. After Billy challenged Lily to fight along with him, she suggested his mood might need to be channeled. Lily set down her coffee cup and suggestively observed that she and Billy made a great team. Lily exited the office. Billy set down his coffee cup next to Lily's and followed her.

In Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria announced to Nikki that Ashland Locke was ready to negotiate. Victoria acknowledged that although Locke favored the money and power Newman could offer, he had other interested parties. Victoria said she assumed Victor and Adam were among the other interested buyers. Nikki was upset to discover that her daughter and Victor were working against each other on the deal. Victoria explained that though she hadn't initially shared her father's interest in pursuing the company, she'd later changed her mind after learning about Victor's plan to enlist Adam to join him. Victoria cried, "I think that Dad is trying to play me and Adam against each other. Well, obviously, he's underestimated me again."

Nikki couldn't hide her disdain for Victor's actions, adding that she was concerned that his determination to buy the media company had something to do with Billy. Victoria agreed that Victor wanted to buy Cyaxares Media just so he could weaponize it against ChanceCom and pay Billy back for all his offenses, both real and imagined. Nikki recalled that the article about Adam had been brutal. Victoria reminded Nikki that everything addressed in the article was true.

Victoria admitted her father took perverse pleasure from imagining her at the helm, aiming a wrecking ball at Billy's accomplishments. Victoria added that Victor was only using Adam to coerce her into joining forces, knowing how much she hated Adam. Nikki replied, "And you're falling right into his trap." Victoria insisted her aim was to keep Cyaxares out of Victor's hands in order to protect Billy. Nikki warned Victoria that she was putting herself in a very dangerous position. Victoria replied, "I know what I'm doing. I only play when I know I can win."

At Society, Adam met with Victor. Adam told his father he'd decided to join with him to purchase Cyaxares. Victor said that they'd move ahead aggressively. Adam asked Victor if he was concerned about being played. Victor replied, "Son if you were playing me, not only would it be a great disappointment, but you would be burning your final bridge." Adam insisted he was embracing an opportunity to run a company with the reach of Cyaxares, adding that he no longer had the time or inclination to double-cross his father. Victor replied, "Because of Chelsea's situation and Connor?" Adam acknowledged he was committed to his family.

After Victor asked Adam about the possibility of annihilating Billy Abbott, Adam replied, "It's too good to resist." Victor laughed and said he was glad Adam saw it that way. Adam admitted that more than anything, it meant a lot that Victor was placing in him a sense of real trust. Adam said he was eager to have a new purpose with an added goal of beating their competition, though he was concerned about how Ashland Locke might feel about a man like him running a media company. Victor seemed undaunted and offered to explain to Locke that Adam had taken control of his life after having overcome tragic childhood incidents.

Adam seemed confident Victor's support would be sufficient and expressed hope that the challenging endeavor might also strengthen his and Chelsea's marriage, adding that he'd been disheartened by Chelsea's stalled progress. Victor reminded Adam that spending time with Sharon had threatened his relationship with Chelsea. Adam said Sharon was out of his life, so there was no need to discuss it. Victor mentioned the photo of Adam kissing Sharon and warned that Chelsea would eventually find out. Adam insisted he could keep it a secret.

Victor asked Adam if his new endeavor would be good for Chelsea and Connor. Adam said it would be, and he reiterated that running the media company would give him a chance to reestablish himself while taking no prisoners. Victor laughed and said, "That's my boy. I like hearing you talk that way, so you make sure that this Sharon business stays under control. Do you understand? That way we can pursue business the way Victor Newman does -- ruthless. We'll go after them. Okay?"

Nikki and Victoria entered Society. Nikki uttered a quick acknowledgment in response to Adam's greeting before rebuffing him and walking away. Victoria asked Adam about Chelsea. Adam simply said his wife was well. Victoria congratulated Adam for apparently having mended his relationship with their father. Adam acknowledged that things were better, and he left without elaborating.

Victoria approached her father, sitting across from Nikki, and noted that he had the same look on his face that he did while sparring against an opponent during a chess game. Victor laughed. Victoria added, "Please tell me you're not planning to make a move for Cyaxares Media." Victor somewhat evasively asked why he would have changed his mind about buying it. Victoria said she'd continue to do whatever was best for Newman. Victor pointed out that Victoria was wrong to believe that her goals and his were mutually exclusive.

Victoria stepped away to take a call. Nikki told Victor she didn't approve of him pitting Adam against Victoria. Victor said he was simply offering an opportunity to two of his children because both Nick and Abby weren't interested in the family business. Nikki leaned forward and angrily said, "This is cruel and divisive." Victor noted that he hadn't gotten to where he was by being nice and was giving his children an opportunity to see which would come out on top.

After Lily and Billy returned to their office, Lily neatened her hair and adjusted her belt. Billy smoothed his mussed hair and tucked in his shirt. Billy noted that his mother was dying to take credit for their relationship. Billy likened himself to a blue-footed booby and Lily to a beautiful swan to illustrate how mismatched they seemed. Lily assured Billy she was with him because of who he was and not in spite of it, adding that what they had together was more than just amazing sex and a few laughs.

Lily credited Jill with luring her back to Genoa City with a job offer. Lily added that Jill had foreseen her and Billy becoming a "hell of a team." Lily proclaimed that Jill was a genius. Jack overheard Lily's comment and jokingly replied, "Well, that's up for debate." Jack pored over Billy's offer to purchase Cyaxeres Media and said he wasn't surprised that Jill had turned Billy down because of the money involved.

Lily assured Jack that the acquisition would be a huge boost to the company. Billy added, "It will help us go global, one step closer to world domination." Jack asked about redundant staffing issues. Lily explained that current staff would undertake new roles, avoiding layoffs. Billy supported Lily's claims and told Jack he shouldn't worry. Jack replied, "Thorough, precise, and achievable."

Jack gave his blessing and agreed to finance the acquisition. Lily and Billy were ecstatic. Lily promised Jack he wouldn't regret his decision. Jack offered to host a celebratory dinner. Before Jack left, he pointed to Billy's shirt and said he'd missed a button. Lily blushed, covered her face, and quietly said, "Oh, my gosh." Billy suggested they present Jack with a gift at the dinner.

Chloe was still sitting with Chelsea when Adam returned. Chloe said she'd stopped by to update Chelsea about Bella and Miles. Adam claimed that Chelsea looked tired, so Chloe should consider leaving to let Chelsea get some rest. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to work hard and stay focused on getting out of her wheelchair, adding that soon, it would all be behind her. As Adam walked Chloe to the door, Chelsea shifted her body in her chair.

Chelsea blinked once after Adam asked if she'd had a good visit with Chloe. Adam announced that Newman Enterprises was moving ahead to purchase Ashland Locke's company. Adam promised that once established, he and Chelsea could move anywhere in the world. Adam vowed to exact revenge on Billy by crushing him. Chelsea thought to herself, "You won't have the chance, Adam. This will all be over soon. And the only one who will be crushed is you."

Kyle and Summer see Jack and Sally kissing

Kyle and Summer see Jack and Sally kissing

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

At Society, Billy and Lily debated whether to toast to romance or business. She preferred to take the night off from work, but he divulged that he'd heard there was a third prospective buyer looking to purchase Cyaxares Media, although no one seemed to know who it was. Billy pointed out that they knew what they were up against with Victor, but they knew nothing about the other company to differentiate themselves. Lily suggested that they close the deal by highlighting their strengths, and Billy teased her for being more than willing to talk business. She asserted that she knew how to maintain a work-life balance.

Billy answered a call from Ashland Locke and was surprised to hear about the latest development. After he hung up, Billy told Lily that Ashland wanted to fly to Genoa City to meet with all three contenders, giving each 30 minutes to make a pitch. Lily surmised that the third buyer was based in town, and she pondered who it could it be. Billy agreed with her earlier statement that the night should be about romance, but she scoffed at the idea that he didn't care who the potential third buyer could be.

Lily wondered if Ashland had said something that made Billy not worry about the competition, but Billy pretended not to hear her. She admitted that she wanted to talk about work, and she promised that some work-life balance would follow afterward. He asked how much balance, and she seductively stated that she might want to balance all night long. Billy speculated that the buyer was someone with money and a lot of guts, but Lily pressed for names.

Lily noted that the third competitor might not be based in Genoa City but was simply flying in so Ashland only had to make one trip to meet with everyone. Billy groaned that there was no way to narrow it down, and Lily changed the subject to romance and dessert. He teased her for throwing in the towel, but she insisted on focusing on him and his charms. She called him "leading-man handsome," brilliant, and creative, and she loved the way he looked at her like she was the only woman in the room. "Aren't you?" he asked.

Lily recognized that she'd returned to town with a lot of baggage, but none of it had mattered to Billy. She pointed out that he was sitting across from a convict who'd done time, and he found that hot. Lily insisted that their relationship was special to her, and even though she'd dated other men after Cane, things hadn't been the way they were with Billy. She enthused that she felt excited and challenged every day, and he willed himself not to melt because he saved that for when his kids ran into his arms.

After sharing a dessert, Lily regretted that she and Billy had only ordered one. She suggested they get another to take back to the hotel, but he suspected that she still wanted to talk about the acquisition. She remained preoccupied with the identity of the potential third buyer, and he wondered if it could be Devon, who had the money and experience running GC Buzz. Lily was sure Devon would have mentioned it to her. Billy guessed that the buyer was Bill Spencer, who'd just been in town. Lily named one other possibility -- Adam.

Lily reasoned that it would be a way for Adam to go after both Billy and Victor, but Billy refused to think about it. Lily supposed that they were done with business for the day, and Billy wondered how she'd tricked him into compliance. She praised him for dropping everything when Johnny and Katie needed him, since it showed where his priorities were. Billy insisted that Lily was a priority, too, but he thought she knew that already. He didn't understand how he kept falling more in love with her, and she responded that she went through the same thing every day. They agreed to get out of there.

In Billy's hotel suite, Billy planned to call some lenders in town to find out if anyone was putting together a loan package, but Lily clucked that it wasn't what they'd agreed to. Billy figured it was too late to call lenders, but he could find out if any private planes were landing to see if a big fish was arriving in town. Lily envisioned going back to her room, falling asleep, and calling him the next day. He immediately threw down the phone and decided the calls could wait. She cooed that he was fired up about work, and she wondered what they'd do with his excess energy.

At home, Devon started to type a text message. "I really need to …" he began before quickly erasing it. "You and I have to …" he wrote, again deleting it. "This is way too important to …" he keyed in. He discarded the message, grabbed his keys, and left.

At the Chancellor mansion, Ashley presented Abby with food, but Abby swore that her mother didn't have to distract her because she was totally fine about the next day. Abby marveled that everything might change once her eggs were harvested, Devon made his contribution, and the doctor worked some magic. Ashley gushed that Abby would be one step closer to motherhood, and she understood what it was like to want something so badly that she was willing to do anything to make it happen. Abby relayed her instructions to not eat or drink anything after midnight, but she opted to start her fast early just to be safe. Ashley mused that Abby would soon know what it was like to look at her child and know that she'd do anything for them.

Abby looked through a photo album and joked about being bald as a baby. Ashley insisted that Abby had been gorgeous, and Abby fawned over a picture of her and Brad. Ashley recalled that he'd loved Abby with all his heart, even though Abby hadn't been his biological child. Ashley suspected that Abby might be concerned about how Chance would feel about Devon being the donor, but she thought they just had to look at Brad's face, which had shown nothing but love and devotion for his daughter. Abby was sure that Chance would look at their child the same way.

The doorbell rang, and Ashley greeted Devon, who apologized for not calling first. He assured Abby that everything was set for the next day, and Ashley excused herself to give the friends privacy. Devon admitted that he needed a friend, and Abby implored him to talk. He regretted bugging her on the night before her procedure, but she surmised that he'd shown up there because she was an amazing listener who would always be there for him.

Devon gazed up at Katherine's portrait, and Abby imagined how excited Katherine would have been about the next day. Abby believed that Katherine would have reminded them that things didn't always go as planned, but they'd get through it with everyone's love and support. Devon wondered if Abby was worried something would go wrong, but she turned the topic back to him. He shared that he had an issue in his romantic life, and she urged him to fill her in on all the details.

Devon confessed that Elena had gotten stuck at his place during the ice storm a few weeks back, and things had happened. He continued that they'd agreed it had been a one-time thing to say goodbye to a failed relationship. However, Elena had later admitted that she still had feelings for him, and Nate had found out about their night together. Devon added that he still had feelings for Elena, and part of him wondered if he'd slept with Elena to get back at Nate. Abby protested that it didn't sound like Devon, but he'd face no judgment from her. She inquired how Amanda had reacted when she'd heard about the night Devon had shared with Elena, and she determined from Devon's silence that Amanda didn't know. Abby urged him to figure out who he wanted to be with.

Devon recounted that he'd been in love with Elena, but she'd torn his heart out when she'd slept with Nate. He added that Amanda was fantastic, but he couldn't stop thinking about the night he'd spent with Elena because it had felt like something had been rekindled. Abby remarked that what Elena had done had been very wrong, but it would be hypocritical of Abby to pretend that she hadn't made similar mistakes in the past. Devon relayed Elena's claim that she'd fallen into bed with Nate as a reaction to how close Devon had been getting to Amanda. Abby wished she could fire off an opinion about the right woman for him, but she thought he was the only one who could figure it out.

Abby bemoaned that she hadn't been any help, but Devon assured her that her being there for him and hearing him out had been helpful, since he'd known she'd give it to him straight. He thought he knew exactly what he had to do. Ashley returned to the room as Devon prepared to take off. Abby protested that he couldn't leave without telling her what he'd decided. Ashley requested that Devon send her pictures of himself as a baby, and he agreed to find some for her.

Devon encouraged Abby to get some rest, but she doubted that she'd be able to sleep and told him to call if he needed to talk. Abby thanked Devon again for what he was doing for her and Chance, but he said she could stop thanking him. Abby planned to express her gratitude every time she saw Devon. After Devon departed, Abby contemplated whether to have a drink or to give up alcohol in solidarity with Mariah. Ashley imagined Abby making a photo album for her own baby one day.

Devon returned home and pulled out his phone. He looked at Elena and Amanda's names next to one another on his contact list. He sent a text message to ask someone to get together and talk. Elena responded that she'd love to.

In their hotel suite, Summer said she'd missed Kyle at the office that day. He pointed out that he'd been at Jabot, but she had felt like she'd needed to give him space. She assured him that she was there then, and he recognized that it couldn't be easy for her. Summer sympathized that he was the one with the enormous weight on his shoulders, and she wondered if his dad had provided any words of wisdom. Kyle admitted that he hadn't told Jack about Ashland, Tara, or Harrison.

Kyle explained that he'd intended to talk to his dad, but his plans had been derailed when he'd found Sally at the house with Jack, seemingly on a date. Kyle worried that if he told Jack about the affair, Jack would realize there was more to the story, and Kyle wouldn't be able to hide Harrison's existence. Kyle expected that Jack would tell him to step up, accept responsibility, and fight for his custody rights. Kyle added that he didn't think Jack would be intimidated by Ashland, and Summer reasoned that Jack had practice fighting with her grandpa. Kyle shared that he was most concerned about Summer, and he wouldn't blame her if she changed her mind about standing by him.

Summer reiterated that Kyle didn't have to worry about her, since she wasn't going anywhere. Kyle lamented that he felt more torn than the last time they'd talked, since part of him was desperate to be involved in Harrison's life, and another part of him thought he should be unselfish and just let it go. Kyle hesitated to rip the boy from the only father he'd ever known. Kyle recalled that he'd experienced trauma as a kid, and he didn't want to cause something similar for someone else. Summer contended that it might be a moot point, since Kyle hadn't run a DNA test.

Kyle argued that Tara hadn't had any reason to lie, but Summer countered that Tara had deceived her husband about the affair. Kyle believed that Tara had been telling the truth about Harrison being his son, and he feared that the only way to avoid full-scale war was to pretend the affair had never happened, although Theo and Sally might not keep the secret. Summer reasoned that Kyle didn't have to decide anything that day, but Kyle groaned that he needed it to be over with because it was driving him crazy. He vowed to walk away, go on with his life, and leave Tara and Harrison to theirs. Summer extended her full support, and she suggested that they go to Crimson Lights to sit, laugh, and talk about anything else. They headed out.

Jack and Sally entered the Crimson Lights patio, and she questioned what part of ice-skating was supposed to be fun when she'd fallen on her butt every two minutes. Jack hoped it hadn't turned her off from the activity forever, and she was determined to learn to be fantastic -- especially if he was willing to coach her. He declared that he would be honored.

Sally noted how graceful Jack had been on the ice, and she wondered if he'd always skated. He recalled his family waiting for the lake to freeze over so they could go skating together. Jack remembered teaching Billy to skate, and Sally inquired about Kyle. Jack boasted that Kyle had been the best of them all, and his son had been serious enough about hockey to send him to a sports-intensive boarding school. Sally recounted that Kyle had seemed upset when he'd interrupted them the night before, and she hoped nothing was seriously wrong.

Jack confided that he was worried about Kyle, and he sensed that Kyle's visit had had something to do with New York. Jack mentioned that Kyle had scheduled a sudden trip there, only to abruptly cancel it with no explanation. Jack recalled that Kyle had spent a few years in the fast lane in New York with Theo, and Sally clucked that she knew from experience that sometimes past mistakes could pop up to haunt a person. She reasoned that the errors in judgment couldn't hurt if one was no longer the same person.

Sally pointed out that Kyle had something she'd never had -- a father he could rely on when things got tough. Jack regretted that he and Kyle had had their share of struggles, particularly during the first few years after Diane's death. Jack revealed that Kyle hadn't been born out of a great romantic pairing and that co-parenting with Diane had been awkward and strained -- especially when Phyllis had been in Jack's life. Jack acknowledged that Sally had her own problems with Phyllis. Sally swore that she didn't dislike Phyllis, but Phyllis had made it obvious that she didn't like or trust Sally.

Jack was confident that Phyllis' protective mama bear instincts would fade, and Sally noted that Jack seemed to be protective of Phyllis. Sally wondered what had happened between the two of them, since they still seemed to have a connection. Jack imagined they always would, since there had been a lot of love between them, and Phyllis had helped him through a difficult time. He wished Phyllis hadn't cheated on him, but it was in the past. Sally called him a very forgiving person, and he figured he was older and wiser and had a thicker skin than he'd had back then. Sally confirmed that he definitely had the wisdom thing going, but he was also romantic, charming, and sophisticated. Jack spotted Summer and Kyle peering in on them.

Inside the coffeehouse, Summer grumbled that she and Kyle should have gotten coffee someplace where they wouldn't have to look at Jack and Sally gazing into one another's eyes. Kyle complained that it seemed like the duo was everywhere he went those days, but Summer observed that Jack hadn't looked that happy in a long time. Summer stressed that her mission that day was to make Kyle forget about his worries, and she refused to let Jack and Sally ruin their time together.

Jack thought Summer and Kyle were doing their best to avoid looking at him and Sally. Sally figured that the couple might be trying to give them space, but Jack was certain that they disapproved. Sally declared that she was every bit as determined to win them over as she was to win Jack over. Jack murmured that she'd already done that, and she inquired about Summer and Kyle. "I don't care," Jack replied, and he leaned in to kiss her. Summer saw the stricken look on Kyle's face and followed his gaze to Jack and Sally. Summer's jaw dropped.

Summer appealed to Kyle to stop looking at Sally and Jack and focus on her and Kyle. Kyle groused that it was literally a nightmare, and Summer ordered him to take her back to the hotel immediately to make passionate love all night. He asked if she was using sex to distract him from everything wrong in his life, and she responded yes. Kyle readily followed Summer to the exit, but he turned back to look at Jack and Sally in disgust one last time.

Sally slid a paper napkin across the table and suggested that Jack wipe the lipstick from his face. He exclaimed that it had been everything he'd hoped for and more. She purred that he'd surprised her once again.

Everyone prepares for Ashland Locke's arrival

Everyone prepares for Ashland Locke's arrival

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

by Nel

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki walked into Victoria's office and told Victoria that she wasn't on board with Victoria throwing her hat into the ring for Cyaxares. Victoria assured Nikki that when Ashland Locke arrived, she would make sure that hers would be the only bid he would be interested in, and acquiring Cyaxares would be a feather in Newman's cap. Nikki asked her not to pretend that it wasn't personal, since she was going up against Victor, Adam, and her ex-husband Billy. Victoria admitted it was personal, but it wouldn't affect her negotiation with Ashland Locke. Nikki asked if that was true even if the Newman COO wasn't behind the CEO's decision.

Victoria assured Nikki that she had everything under control. She wanted to run her pitch by Nikki, but Nikki wasn't willing to hear it. Victoria admitted she was trying to protect Billy and avoid a war between Adam and Billy because Billy wouldn't survive it, and if that happened, she didn't know what would happen to Johnny and Katie. Nikki understood that Victoria wanted to make sure the kids were safe and happy, but Billy wouldn't like it one bit because he'd never been a man who wanted or needed protection.

Nikki stated that she'd seen Victoria subtly trying to drift back into Billy's orbit. Victoria denied it. She said it made no sense to bid against Billy if she was trying to get back into his orbit. Nikki claimed Victoria wanted to prove to Billy how far she was willing to go for him, and if Victoria won the bidding war, she would sell the company to Billy. Victoria said that was ridiculous. Victoria claimed she had an ulterior motive, and it wasn't because of Billy but because of Victor. Nikki understood Victoria wanted to get back at Victor for teaming up with Adam.

Victoria told Nikki that Victor had tried to leverage a threat from Adam and yank ChancComm away from Billy. She'd overheard Victor state that he wondered which one of his kids would use it as an opportunity to the best advantage. Victoria said she accepted Victor's challenge, and she relished beating him at his own game. Nikki pointed out that Victoria would still acquire Cyaxares for Newman. Victoria admitted that she would -- however, not for the reasons Victor wanted it. She said she had her own reasons. Victoria asked Nikki to listen to her pitch.

Nikki told Victoria she had her misgivings, and she wasn't crazy about Victor's antics, either. Nikki felt Victoria was in a tricky spot, but she understood what Victoria and the company had to offer. Nikki listened to Victoria's pitch, and she was impressed. Nikki warned that Ashland was a force to be reckoned with and that Lily and Billy made an impressive team. Victoria claimed she'd worked long and hard to get where she was, and after she'd been dealing with Victor over the years, she claimed she could handle pretty much anyone. Nikki crowed that she'd never seen Victoria as prepared as she was.

Victoria received a call that Ashland Locke had arrived.

In Lily's suite, Billy told Lily he was more than ready with their pitch to Ashland Locke. Lily asked him to share with her what he had, but Billy said they needed to be calm and relaxed. He invited Lily back to bed, and she complied willingly and with a smile.

A short time later, Jack arrived. He wanted to hear Billy and Lily's pitch for Ashland Locke. Before they started their pitch, Billy checked his phone and announced that he knew who the third bidder was. Billy called Victoria and left her a voicemail message asking "what the hell" was going on. He said he'd seen she was bidding against Adam and Victor for Cyaxares, and he asked her to call him back. Billy told Lily and Jack that Victor was backing Adam, and Victoria had Newman Enterprises as her backer. Jack was surprised that Victoria was ready to compete with Victor.

Jack asked Billy if he'd altered his pitch, since Victoria was the third competitor. Billy admitted that he had. After Jack heard Billy and Lily make their pitch, Jack said that Ashland Locke was ruthless. Jack cautioned them to tread carefully. Lily claimed they would find ways to connect with Ashland. Billy said they had a two-to-one advantage over the others. Jack commented that Billy and Lily were good together, and he had faith that they could do it together.

After Jack left, Billy and Lily received a call that Ashland Locke had arrived.

Sharon was about to leave home when she noticed that the little statue and a tray were missing again. She immediately called Adam and said she needed to see him immediately.

At the penthouse, Chelsea was alone, and she stood up and took a couple of tentative steps until she heard Adam descending the stairs. She froze, but Adam was too interested with what was on his phone to notice her. Adam received a call from Sharon asking to meet with him immediately. In the meantime, Chelsea had slowly lowered herself back into her chair without Adam noticing. Adam lied to Chelsea when he told her he was meeting with Victor and he hoped to return with good news. He asked her to wish him luck.

After Adam left, Chelsea reached for her phone and sent Chloe a text message, "He's gone. Come now." Chloe arrived and asked the nurse to get coffee while Chloe visited with Chelsea. She told the nurse to take her time. Once the nurse was gone, Chloe told Chelsea the coast was clear. Chelsea told Chloe that she was getting stronger every day, and she demonstrated how she was able to stand and walk on her own.

Chloe asked what Chelsea's next move would be. Chelsea directed Chloe to a bag on the sofa. Chloe looked inside and asked Chelsea about the contents. Chelsea wanted to make sure that the contents remained a secret between her and Chloe. She wanted to make sure that Chloe kept them safe.

Chloe appeared to have misgivings. She asked Chelsea about her plan. Chelsea told Chloe that everything had been handled. She said it involved payback for Adam, and it was her insurance that she could walk away from Adam when the time was right. It also ensured that Adam couldn't follow her when she left. Chloe said she would do whatever Chelsea wanted, but she wanted to be sure that it was what Chelsea wanted. She reminded Chelsea that payback for Adam was no easy feat. She'd had first-hand experience with that.

Chelsea admitted to Chloe that she knew she was playing with fire -- but in the best possible way. That fire was going to get her out of that chair. Excitedly, she said she got her legs moving, her fists clenching, and her spine standing tall, and she knew exactly what she had to do. Chloe claimed she supported Chelsea, but she wanted assurance that it was the way Chelsea wanted to go about it.

Chelsea told Chloe that her life had completely fallen apart after her fall in the elevator. She explained that her fall had been the result of Adam not trusting her and insisting on doing something sketchy behind her back. She didn't trust Adam, and she had to do whatever it took to break free of him. She said that every step she took wasn't just a gift; it was a step toward a whole new life. Chloe said she needed assurance that no one else would be affected by Chelsea's plans. Chelsea swore it was only about Adam. Chelsea didn't know how much longer she could stomach watching Sharon and Victor sucking Adam back in, but for her own well-being, it all had to stop.

Sharon met Adam at Crimson Lights. She said she wanted to see the look in his eyes when she asked him if he'd broken into her home and taken a few items. Adam looked at Sharon in confusion and asked what she was talking about. Sharon told him the figurine of a girl he'd given her and the tray they had bought while on their honeymoon in Lake Tahoe had been taken. Adam adamantly stated that he would never violate Sharon's privacy. He asked if any of Nick's or Rey's things were missing. Sharon said they weren't and that Rey wouldn't have taken those items because he had no idea that Adam had given them to her.

Adam asked why Sharon had kept them. Sharon warned him not to read anything into it. Adam found it odd that someone had stolen part of his and Sharon's history. Sharon asked Adam how Chelsea was doing. Adam said there was little or no progress. He told Sharon that he and Victor were bidding for a media company that he would be running. He assured Sharon it was legitimate and that it was an exciting business venture. Adam said he would be staying in town for the foreseeable future.

Victor stood in the patio doorway and saw Adam and Sharon talking.

Adam told Sharon that he and Victor had worked through their issues, and they understood each other better. Adam joined Victor on the patio.

Victor questioned Adam about his lengthy conversation with Sharon. Victor noted that Sharon appeared upset. Adam said it was nothing and that he and Victor had to focus on the deal. Victor stated that Ashland Locke wasn't an easy man to deal with. Adam added that Ashland was a manipulator who enjoyed the game of business. He liked to use his potential buyers as pawns. Adam said he'd read something about a hostile takeover that had become nasty. Victor said it had been in Dubai and that he'd been there at the time on Newman business. Victor asked Adam if they were ready to make a deal.

Victor said he wanted Adam to take the lead on the pitch, however, he would jump in to help when needed. He said if Adam wanted the company, he had to relay that to Ashland. Victor claimed that Billy Boy didn't stand a chance against Adam, but Lily shouldn't be underestimated. Adam wanted to concentrate on the man they were trying to persuade, Ashland Locke. Victor said that Ashland had a reputation of having a giant ego and thought he was the titan among titans in business. Victor told Adam to massage Ashland's ego and to take him seriously. He asked if Adam was ready. Adam said he was.

Sharon returned home and told Faith she'd received a call from Walnut Grove. She said it was good that the principal knew Faith hadn't put the liquor into her locker. Nick said that he and Faith had talked about it, and Faith was happy things were going back to normal. Faith knew it would be a little awkward when she returned to school. Nick told Faith she had some catching up to do and suggested she go and get her homework done.

After Faith left, Sharon asked Nick if Faith was okay. Nick said Faith talked a good game, but he was worried about her. Sharon was worried about the mood swings and erratic behavior. She asked Nick if it was possible Faith could have bipolar like Sharon did. Nick asked why Sharon believed it was a possibility. Nick felt that Faith was a teenager and only experimented with alcohol. Sharon told him a couple of things had gone missing, such as knickknacks. She had asked Faith about them, but Faith had adamantly denied it. Nick claimed that after the liquor in the locker incident, they needed to take Faith's word for it.

Sharon told Nick that she hated to think Faith would do it, but that had been what Sharon had done when her disorder had begun manifesting itself. Sharon admitted that she hadn't noticed any other symptoms. Nick said he would rather think there was another reason besides Faith lying, stealing, or suffering from bipolar. Sharon hoped that was the case, but she couldn't understand why anyone would take things that weren't worth anything, especially when there were valuable things around the house. Nick told Sharon he didn't believe Faith had been responsible, but it didn't mean she didn't have things she needed to work through.

Faith had been sitting on the stairs, and she'd heard Nick tell Sharon that Faith should go through therapy as they had planned.

Moments later, Faith received a new text message from her anonymous friend, "I think you're brave. Like a warrior." Faith responded, "Who are you?" Anonymous sent her an emoji of a guy. Faith, "So you're a guy? You'll give me that much?" Anonymous sent her a thumbs-up emoji. Faith sent, "Can we meet? IRL? My parents still don't trust me. My friends are nonexistent. It'd be nice to talk to someone who thinks I'm brave, not crazy messed-up." Anonymous sent her a heart emoji. She ran upstairs.

Sharon told Nick that she and Rey were starting couples counseling. Nick said therapy was a good thing, and Sharon, of all people, should know that. Sharon claimed it was different being a patient. She was apprehensive, and their first session was later that day. Sharon was sure that once the session began, everything would be fine. Nick was sure they would get through it. Sharon agreed.

Nick asked Sharon about the missing items. Sharon was evasive about the figurine and tray. Nick asked why Sharon thought Faith would steal something so meaningless. Sharon didn't know. Nick hoped Sharon would be more honest with the therapist than she'd been with him.

Ashland Locke listens to the bids for Cyaxares

Ashland Locke listens to the bids for Cyaxares

Thursday, March 11, 2021

by Nel

Sally arrived at the Abbotts' with a gift for Mrs. Martinez. She asked if Jack had heard from Kyle about their kiss. Jack said he hadn't; however, he felt Kyle was holding something back. Sally returned after giving Mrs. Martinez her gift, and she told Jack she thought Mrs. Martinez was very sweet. Jack said that Sally was sweet and very thoughtful. After a bit of playful bantering, Sally left, but not before she threw a snowball at him.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle told Summer he wanted to know if Tara and Ashland Locke had checked in yet. Ashland arrived, introduced himself, and told Kyle to get his bags. When Kyle didn't move, Ashland pulled out $20 as an incentive. Kyle and Summer's jaws dropped. Tara arrived and looked as stunned as Kyle and Summer. Kyle said he wasn't an employee. Summer said she would get someone, since her mother owned the hotel.

Ashland recognized Kyle as John Abbott's grandson. Kyle confirmed that he was Kyle Abbott, and Kyle introduced him to Summer Newman. Ashland stated he had a meeting with a Newman later. Summer confirmed that he would be meeting with Victor, her grandfather. Ashland said he only knew Victor by reputation, and he was looking forward to meeting him.

Kyle welcomed Ashland to Genoa City. Summer asked if he would be staying long. Ashland said he hoped not. Tara said they were only there for a few business meetings to close a deal and then flying home to their son. Ashland cited the joys and sorrows of being a parent. He said Kyle had "so much" to look forward to.

Ashland told Kyle he remembered Kyle's grandfather John Abbott as a man with stubborn integrity. Summer said Kyle was the same. Ashland said that the Abbotts had been on his mind mainly because he was meeting with Billy. Kyle informed him that Billy was his uncle, and he hoped Billy would succeed in his bid. Ashland said that if Billy had done his homework, he would have a shot. The key was going into a situation knowing everything about everyone involved. Tara and Ashland left for their suite. Once Summer and Kyle were alone, Summer sarcastically told Kyle that Ashland was a charmer. Kyle said he was a killer with a smile.

Later, Tara was in the lobby and on her phone, booking an appointment for a massage. She said her name was Tara Locke and confirmed her appointment for 2:00 p.m.

A short distance away, when Sally heard the name Tara Locke, her head snapped up, and she immediately approached Tara and said she was a fan of Tara's line of shoes. Tara said her shoes were a big hit in Paris. Sally said she was a designer and read all the fashion articles. She'd read an article on Tara's brand. Sally said that she and Tara might have a friend in common, Kyle Abbott, who had worked out of New York and had mentioned a "Tara." She said perhaps they might have traveled in the same circles. Tara said Sally was mistaken, but coincidentally, she'd met Kyle earlier that day when she and her husband had struck up a conversation with him. Sally apologized for her error and offered to buy Tara a latte and talk about the fashion industry. Tara agreed.

At ChancComm, Billy was on the phone with Jill and thanked her for the last-minute support. He said that Jack was on board. Billy told Jill he would call her as soon as he knew anything. Billy ended the call and began practicing his presentation. Lily arrived and claimed that Billy had been captivating. She asked if he felt ready. Billy claimed he felt good about it. Lily admitted she was a bit nervous, and she felt like the underdog. She knew they'd had a lot of success; however, Cyaxares was a new level for them, and if they succeeded in their bid, they would become a force to be reckoned with.

Victoria arrived at Society and approached Victor and Adam. She asked Adam about Chelsea. After Adam updated her, Victoria asked what time their presentation with Ashland was scheduled for. Victor wanted to know why she wanted to know. Victoria smiled and told Adam that he was Victor's second choice. Victor had approached her, but she hadn't wanted to cause trouble. She wished them luck. She asked what they believed their chances were for success. Victor said they would see.

Victoria asked how Adam felt about going toe to toe with Billy. She then said it didn't matter, since Billy had used ChancComm to declare war on Adam, and Adam would be justified in winning the bid that would allow him to do the same to Billy. Adam claimed that defeating Billy wasn't his entire motivation. Victoria said Adam and Victor appeared very confident. Adam said he doubted that Ashland would turn down an offer from a Newman.

Victoria said Adam had made a good point. She hadn't thought of that. Victoria picked up her take-out order and reminded Victor and Adam that their offer was as an individual entity and not associated with Newman Enterprises. Victor said it made no difference. He blustered he was Victor Newman, and he'd founded "the damned company." Ashland was aware of that. Adam said they would call Victoria after their meeting, and she could congratulate them. Victoria said she was sure she would hear all about it, and she left.

At Jabot, Kyle asked Summer if she thought Ashland suspected anything because it had felt like Ashland could see through him. She assured him Ashland didn't. Summer claimed that she hadn't been able to keep her eyes off Tara and that it had been a stressful situation. Jack arrived to discuss business. He pointed out that Kyle had made an error in the third quarter projections because he'd included the East Asian market twice. Kyle apologized and said he'd fix it. Jack warned him not to minimize it because there had also been errors in the marketing budget. Jack asked why Kyle was so distracted.

Summer told Jack that she and Kyle had had an argument, and Kyle felt guilty. She said there was nothing they couldn't get through as a couple. Jack asked them not to bring it to work. Kyle apologized and asked if Jack knew that Ashland Locke was in town for meetings, one of which was with Billy. Jack said he did and that he was backing Billy. He said Locke could be a pain to deal with. Summer said they'd run into Ashland, and he'd mentioned that he'd done business with John years before. Jack asked if Ashland had mentioned how contentious it had been. Summer said he'd made it sound like it had been very friendly.

Jack told Summer and Kyle that Locke had acquired a major conglomerate because they made satellites, but he had also bought a bank that owned a major Jabot loan. Locke had gathered up Jabot's debt in an attempt to squeeze John out of Jabot. John had scraped up all the money he'd been able to get his hands on, including digging into his own money to pay the debt early. Locke had been foiled when John had walked into Locke's office and handed him a check. Ashland admired John, and he hadn't tried to crush John. Jack received a call and stepped out of the boardroom.

Kyle said the last thing he'd wanted to hear was how ruthless Ashland was. Kyle claimed he was still rattled, and he needed to be alone. He said he was going for a walk.

When Jack returned, he asked Summer if Kyle had left. He was worried because Kyle appeared to be very distracted and making mistakes. Jack told Summer he hadn't bought the story about them having an argument. Summer claimed it was true, but it wasn't anything they couldn't get through. Jack said Kyle was lucky to have her in his life. Sally appeared and told Jack they needed to go shopping after work to buy Jack a jacket or sweater for their next snowball fight. Summer rolled her eyes.

Ashland welcomed Lily and Billy when they arrived in his suite. Ashland told Billy he'd run into Kyle in the lobby earlier, and he'd enjoyed talking to him and Summer. Ashland sat down and said that Cyaxares meant a lot to him, and it had been his baby for decades. It was Billy's job to convince him why Ashland should sell the company to him. Billy and Lily provided Ashland with their presentation. Ashland commented that they had put a lot of work into their presentation.

Billy and Lily's jaws dropped when Ashland asked if Billy was still gambling. He also knew that Lily had overcome some tragedies in her life. Ashland said he'd done his research. He said gambling had been Billy's weakness. Billy admitted he'd had issues, but he stated that Ashland had also gambled when he'd grown his company from nothing into a major player. Ashland admitted that Billy had a point, and that was why the company meant so much to him. He said the deal he had on the table was contingent on him having a seat on the board. Lily told Ashland they wanted it to be a partnership, and they wanted Ashland involved.

Just as Billy and Lily were about to leave, Billy told Ashland about their competitor's motivations. He said their offers were tangled up in family dramas and politics. They didn't care about Cyaxares. It was simply a trophy to lord over. They weren't worried about growing Ashland's company the way he and Lily were. Billy said he and Lily respected Ashland, and they admired his company. The only presentation Ashland would hear that was worth his consideration was theirs.

In the lobby, Billy told Lily he thought it had gone well. Lily said it had been excellent. Billy was a little worried about what he'd said at the end, but Lily thought it had been perfect. Billy hoped it hadn't been a mistake. Victor and Adam arrived. Victor assumed Billy and Lily had had their meeting.

Lily informed Victor that she and Billy had just wrapped up their meeting. Adam said he'd been expecting some bravado from Billy, such as telling them not to waste their time. Billy said the only advice he had was for them to wear a name tag so Ashland could keep track of all the Newmans parading though his room. Adam said there were only the two of them. Adam said he would let Billy know when the deal closed, and perhaps Billy might be invited to the launch party.

After Victor and Adam left, Lily told Billy that either Victor and Adam didn't know about Victoria, or they were covering. Billy said they had no idea. He would love to see their faces when they found out. Lily wanted to get back to work, but Billy wanted to wait for Victoria to let her know he was feeling confident. He said he and Lily made a great team. Lily agreed, and she left.

Sally and Tara arrived at Crimson Lights. Sally asked if Tara pictured the outfit that went with the shoes when she designed them. Tara said she imagined the woman who would wear them. She said her customer was a savvy and successful woman who was interested in setting trends, not following them. Sally said that plenty of women in Genoa City fit that description, and she wondered if that was what had brought Tara to town. Tara said she went on a lot of trips with her husband because they were close, and it was nice to get away together. She said Ashland didn't like her being too far from him.

Kyle arrived at the coffeehouse, and he was thunderstruck when he saw Sally talking to Tara. He signaled for her to join him. He asked "what the hell" she was doing. Sally told him they were talking about designs, not cheating. She said not everything was about him.

Kyle warned Sally not to turn it into another power play. Sally said she was only making a connection. She said she could tell Tara everything she knew, but she wouldn't -- under one condition. She wanted Kyle to back off. She and Jack liked each other, and they wanted to see where it went. She said she wanted to wrap things up with her new bestie, Tara, and she left. Kyle wasn't happy.

When Tara was alone, Kyle approached her. She said he shouldn't be there. She'd warned him they would be in town, yet Kyle still managed to cross them. Kyle claimed it had been a surprise. He asked if Ashland suspected anything. She said he didn't, but if they crossed paths again, Kyle should forget that she had a son. She said if Ashland found out, he would crush Kyle and her.

Victor and Adam arrived at Ashland's suite. Ashland wanted to hear how Victor would add the famous Newman touch to Cyaxares Media. Victor said it wasn't an offer from Newman Enterprises. He'd stepped back and handed the reigns to his daughter Victoria, but he'd teamed up with his capable son Adam. Victor asked Adam to take over the presentation. Adam gave Ashland his pitch and ended by saying they would be hard-hitting and aggressive.

Ashland told Victor and Adam that he'd done his research prior to the meeting, and he'd found out some troubling things about Adam. Adam said he was aware of the exposé. Adam said it had been a hit piece, but he wouldn't pretend all those claims weren't true. Victor said it wasn't important what Adam had or hadn't done in the past, but because of his trials and tribulations, he'd become a very strong person and was ideally suited to run Ashland's magnificent company if they acquired it.

Ashland was impressed how Victor went to bat for his son, but he wondered if it would mean Victor would be taking a back seat to Adam. Adam said he would be at the helm, Victor would be at his side, and Ashland would be on the board. They couldn't lose. Victor told Ashland to give ChancComm their due consideration, and once Ashland had done that, to call him, and they would make a deal. Ashland said Victor would have to wait because he had one more pitch to hear. Ashland was surprised Victor and Adam weren't aware that the third potential buyer was Victoria. Victor and Adam were gobsmacked.

When Victoria entered the hotel, Billy told her to go to suite 602. He told her that his and Lily's presentation had gone really well. Victoria told Billy to withdraw immediately. She said she'd notified him that she would be bidding on behalf of Newman Enterprises and that he was going to lose. Billy said that Ashland would see through her motivation. It wasn't about business for her. I was about getting back at Victor and Adam. She admitted he was close; however, it was a good deal, or she wouldn't be there. She admitted there was a personal element.

Victoria told Billy that if Victor acquired Cyaxares Media, he would go after Billy and ChancComm with everything he had and would ultimately crush Billy and ChancComm. She said she wanted to protect Billy. Victor and Adam arrived. Victor said what a surprise it was. Victoria told him to wait until Ashland accepted her proposal, then everyone would be even more surprised. Billy said, "May the best person not named Newman win."

Victoria arrived at Ashland's suite and handed him the financial component of her offer. She arrogantly assumed he would find it the most generous of the three proposals. He said she might be right, but it wasn't the only component in play. He wanted to make sure the company went to the right buyer. Victoria explained why Newman was the perfect fit. Ashland was impressed that she had arrived alone and not with a team. She claimed she didn't need backup. Ashland said that perhaps she didn't play well with others. She said she played well with others, but they didn't like it when she won. He asked if that was what she would tell Victor if he chose her proposal over his.

Addressing Ashland as Mr. Locke, Victoria said she really liked winning, and she believed he did, too. She said Victor had raised the entire family to value competition, something they had honed at a very young age. Sometimes they went against outsiders and sometimes against each other. They were used to it. She said she knew about family competition, and when she'd stated that she liked to win, she had never meant it more than she did at that moment.

Rey passes out after a therapy session with Sharon

Rey passes out after a therapy session with Sharon

Friday, March 12, 2021

Nikki met Victor for coffee at Crimson Lights, where he grumbled about their daughter making a pitch for Ashland Locke's company. Nikki clucked that she'd had a feeling that he wouldn't be pleased, and Victor demanded to know why she hadn't told him what Victoria was up to. Nikki refused to get caught up in the middle of the ongoing conflict between the two, and she noted that he'd baited Victoria by deciding to buy the company and have Adam run it. Victor barked that Victoria had gone behind his back by bidding against him. Nikki hoped he'd listen to her the next time she warned him not to challenge their daughter -- but she doubted he would.

Nikki opined that Victoria had enough going on without getting mixed up in a bidding war, and she complained that Victoria hadn't listened to her, either. Nikki shared that she'd heard Victoria practicing her presentation, and she thought Victoria had a strong case. Victor bragged that he'd coached Adam with all the old tricks Victor had used for decades when making tough deals. Nikki wondered if he thought it had given Adam the upper hand. Victor guessed that they'd have to wait and see.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy paced, and Lily joked about not needing a treadmill for the office. He had second thoughts about badmouthing the Newmans at their meeting with Ashland, and he hoped it hadn't lowered the bar enough to make it easier for Victoria to wow the mogul. Lily figured that what was done was done, and she thought they'd done a great job. Billy bemoaned that he couldn't focus until Ashland made a decision, and he left to go for a walk.

In Ashland's hotel suite, Ashland told Victoria that the two pitches he'd already heard had been impressive. She acknowledged that Adam was a fierce competitor and that Billy and Lily had done great things with ChancComm. Ashland found Victoria's generosity toward her competitors intriguing, since they hadn't been brimming with compliments about her. She considered people underestimating her to be her secret weapon. Ashland cautioned that she'd have to do without it that day, since he'd researched her moves after she'd taken over Newman, and there was no way he'd underestimate her.

Ashland asked why Victoria suddenly wanted to add another media company to Newman's portfolio after she'd divested her company's own media division. Victoria contended that Cyaxares had a different scope and purpose, and she anticipated that it would drive Newman's growth. She pointed out that Ashland had curated a stable of properties all designed for one specific audience, and whoever controlled Cyaxares would have interaction with key decision-makers all over the globe. Victoria warned Ashland against letting it fall into the wrong hands, and he surmised that she meant Adam's.

Victoria assumed that Ashland was aware of her brother's history, and Ashland remarked that Wall Street was crawling with cutthroat guys like Adam. Ashland recognized that Billy had experienced his share of struggles but that he'd seemed to have redeemed himself. Victoria declared her respect for Billy and Lily, and she was sure they'd do a fine job of running Cyaxares if Ashland chose to sell to them, but Victoria suspected that she was the type of buyer he'd envisioned when he'd built his company into the powerhouse it was. Ashland indicated interest in hearing more, and he inquired whether she had plans for dinner.

Victoria offered to make a restaurant recommendation based on the type of cuisine Ashland and his wife liked. Ashland said Tara had her own plans for the evening, and Victoria suggested that they find a time the three of them could get together. Ashland indicated that Tara was at home in the financial realm, and he'd learned to listen to her, even though he didn't always take her advice. Victoria encouraged him to call if he had any questions about her offer, and she wished him an enjoyable stay in Genoa City. She departed.

Victoria returned to Newman, where she reported to Nikki that the meeting couldn't have gone better. Victoria expected good news soon, and Nikki reported that Victor was just as confident in Adam's pitch. Victoria dryly asked how big the explosion had been, and Nikki pointed out that Victoria had known her father would be furious when he found out she'd put in a bid for Cyaxares. Victoria confirmed that she'd done it to get under Victor's skin, and Nikki questioned why they couldn't play board games like a normal family instead of one-upping one another by buying and selling corporations. Victoria chirped that it was much more fun that way.

Later, Billy entered Victoria's office, and Victoria noted that he didn't seem as cocky as he had earlier. He admitted that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her reason for making a pitch for Ashland's company. He confided that it bothered him that she saw him as someone who needed protecting, and she reasoned that they all needed protection from a snake like Adam. Victoria figured that Billy would have done the same thing for her, but he replied that he would have believed that she could handle herself. He realized that she still thought he'd inevitably screw things up.

Billy asserted that he'd worked hard to get his act together, and he'd thought Victoria had more respect for him than that. Victoria swore that she believed in the progress Billy had made, but he surmised that she thought it wouldn't last. She pointed out that Victor and Adam were teaming up to take Billy down, and she didn't want to see Billy goaded into another feud with Adam, only to get bogged down in the muck again. Billy asked why it mattered to her, and Victoria chalked it up to free advice.

Billy pointed out that Victoria had taken on her father for him, and Victoria called it her idea of a good time. Billy was confused, since she'd vowed not to waste any more time saving him from himself when they'd broken up. He wondered what had changed to make her want to protect the guy who'd broken her heart. "Because I still love you," Victoria blurted out.

Devon opened his penthouse door and found Elena there. She interpreted from the look on his face that she should have called before stopping by, but she claimed that she'd been passing by and wanted to see if he was ready to have the talk he'd mentioned. Devon replied that he had to get on a conference call, and Elena started to leave. He called after her and admitted that he didn't really have a meeting. She confessed that she hadn't just been passing by. He invited her in to talk.

Devon apologized for trying to send Elena away when it had been his idea to talk. She understood that it felt awkward to talk about where they stood, especially after she'd told him that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about their night together. She wondered why he'd left things hanging after he'd sent the text message. He swore that he wasn't upset, but he hadn't known what to say. Elena recognized that it was probably too late for them after all the damage that been done, and she accepted that he didn't feel the same way she did. Devon explained that the problem was that they shared the same feelings.

Devon confessed that he wasn't over Elena, either, but he didn't know how to handle it because he also cared about Amanda. Elena knew it was no one's fault but her own because he never would have gotten involved with Amanda if Elena hadn't slept with Nate. She lamented that they were in the same position, but she couldn't lie to Nate and pretend that she didn't still have feelings for Devon. Devon contemplated how they could start over again or forget what Elena had done. She sadly recognized that they couldn't.

Elena thought she'd been crazy to think she and Devon could ever reconcile and make it stick, and he figured that they had to accept that they weren't meant to be. Devon swore that he'd always wish her the best. "I had the best, and I threw it away," she whimpered, and she wondered how she'd live with that. Devon spotted a smudge of makeup by Elena's eye and dabbed at it with a tissue. They hovered close, and she murmured his name. They kissed and began to disrobe.

Devon and Elena cuddled on the couch after having sex. She questioned what they were doing, and he bemoaned that it hadn't made it easier for them. He received a text message from Amanda. Elena stressed that she needed time to think, since they had to figure out what they were doing because she wouldn't be his girl on the side. Devon swore that he didn't want that, and he pledged to make a choice and stick to it. Elena told him to call her to decide on a time and place to talk after they'd both thought it through. She kissed him and left.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mariah asked how Abby was feeling after her procedure that morning. Abby reported having some cramping after the anesthesia had worn off, but she was otherwise doing fine. Ashley exclaimed that they'd harvested ten eggs. Abby added that she'd done her part, and it was up to the doctor and Mariah after that.

Abby anxiously awaited hearing something from the doctor who was fertilizing her eggs. Mariah thought it felt strange to not bear witness to such a momentous event, but Ashley reasoned that there would be many momentous occasions in the baby's life. Abby wanted Mariah to be part of all of them. Mariah revealed that she'd had to get creative with a gift for that particular occasion, since there were no cards for a happy fertilization day.

Mariah presented Abby with a honey pot and some honey. Mariah explained that bees and pollinators were the closest thing she'd thought of to compare to fertilization. Mariah prepared to go to work, and Abby offered to walk out with her. Ashley objected to Abby going to Society right after her procedure, but Abby preferred to keep occupied instead of waiting for the doctor to call. Ashley insisted on driving Abby. Mariah realized that the next time they saw one another, she might be pregnant with Abby's baby.

At the cottage, Sharon nervously dusted the furniture, and Rey stressed that the point of having the therapist meet them at their house for the first session was to make them more relaxed. He inquired whether the missing knickknack had shown up, and she responded that it hadn't. Rey suggested that they check Faith's room while the teen was at Nick's, but Sharon hesitated to invade her daughter's space. Rey left it up to her, and he appreciated her willingness to seek therapy, even though he knew she was anxious about it. Sharon wished that he believed her when she said she wanted to be with him and not Adam. He chalked it up to being a detective who needed evidence.

The therapist arrived and asked what Sharon and Rey were hoping to gain from counseling. Rey mentioned that he and Sharon had been incredibly happy for the most part, having just gotten married over the holidays, but Sharon had an ex who had been problematic for both him and other people, including Sharon's youngest daughter. Rey griped that Sharon had remained in contact with Adam, despite knowing how Rey felt about the guy. He hoped Sharon would examine her feelings and figure out why she couldn't let go of someone who was no good for her.

The therapist turned to Sharon to respond, and Sharon explained that she and Rey had different definitions of what it meant to let go. Sharon insisted that she'd told Adam that she loved Rey and that her future was with her husband. She revealed that she'd once counseled Adam, his young son, and the boy's mother, but she'd stopped doing it because she'd agreed with Rey that it had been a bad idea. Sharon argued that she'd been maintaining a healthy emotional distance, but Rey thought she was in denial. Sharon snapped that she could describe her feelings herself.

The therapist proposed that they set some ground rules, like speaking only for oneself and trying not to interrupt. Sharon and Rey nodded in agreement, and the therapist understood that Sharon shared a lot of history with Adam. Sharon defended that not all of it had been negative, but she conceded that Adam had caused a lot of problems for many people. Rey explained that as a cop, he knew an expert manipulator when he saw one, and he and Sharon had broken up once because Adam wouldn't know a boundary if it bit him.

The therapist wanted to understand why Adam was a draw for Sharon despite the friction in her marriage. Sharon groaned that she was exasperated with Adam because he refused to accept that she'd moved on. She reflected back on her battle with cancer and thought she and Rey should be in their honeymoon phase instead of in therapy, but they'd ended up there because Adam had kissed her in a public place, and a photo of the buss had been posted online. She acknowledged that Rey had the right to be upset, and he called the kiss the last straw.

The therapist sensed frustration in Sharon's voice, indicating a reluctance and possibly even resentment about engaging in therapy. Sharon wished Adam hadn't put them in that position, but the therapist pointed out that Rey had been the one who'd issued the ultimatum that they seek help. The therapist suspected that some of Sharon's aggravation was directed toward her husband. At the same time, Rey agreed while Sharon denied it.

Rey recalled that Sharon had repeatedly promised to stay away from Adam. He believed she'd been sincere, but she hadn't asked Adam to stop showing up at the coffeehouse. Rey continued that Adam and Sharon always wound up talking when they ran into one another, and it made Rey feel ignored and disrespected. Rey called Adam "a bottomless pit of need" who exploited Sharon's kindness and compassion and tried to put a wedge between them.

Sharon argued that Adam was taking care of a fiancée who'd been paralyzed after a stroke, but she'd stepped back and told him he had to handle his own problems. Sharon admitted that it had been difficult to turn Adam away, since he was mostly alone in the world. Rey muttered that there were reasons for that, since people had realized Adam was toxic and had the good sense to stay away from him.

Sharon accused Rey of trying to pathologize her sympathy for Adam to justify telling her she needed to cut off contact. Rey countered that Adam was actively attempting to sabotage their marriage, so it wasn't healthy to maintain any relationship with him. Sharon shot back that she'd considered both the good and bad in Adam's past, just like she'd done with Rey. She accused Rey of reacting strongly because of what Mia had put him through. Sharon told the therapist that Rey's ex-wife had gotten pregnant from an affair with his brother, resulting in Mia and Arturo moving to Miami together to raise their child.

Rey chided Sharon for mentioning Mia's affair when they were there to discuss Adam. Sharon clarified that they were there to discuss their marriage, and they both had pasts that had an impact on their relationship. She lectured that he couldn't decide what part they talked about and what part they didn't, and she believed he was judging her more harshly than the situation warranted because of what Mia had done. The therapist noted that it seemed there was quite a bit they both needed to work through.

After the therapist left, Sharon groused that she'd known it would turn out that way. She recalled that Rey had kept saying it was only an hour a week, but the time spent in session was only part of the work because they had to deal with the emotions and issues it raised afterward. Rey complained that Sharon had danced around the issue by minimizing the pull Adam had on her. Rey assumed that she'd been holding back to avoid hurting his feelings, but he pressed her to be more open and honest if it was going to work. Sharon questioned whether he meant the counseling or their marriage. Rey suddenly seemed unsteady on his feet, and Sharon asked if he was okay. He figured that he'd gotten a little dizzy from the tension, and he staggered to the kitchen to get some water.

Rey returned to the living room and grabbed his coat. Sharon hoped they could talk more, but he claimed that he had to get to the police station. She inquired about the dizziness, and he reported that the water had helped. He recognized that he'd asked a lot from her by going to counseling, and he was willing to keep at it if she was. Rey seemed to become increasingly sweaty and fatigued, and he indicated that he was feeling dizzy again. He sat down on the couch and asked if it was cold in there, since he had chills. Rey suddenly passed out as Sharon frantically called his name.

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