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Faith drank tequila, swiped the keys to a truck, and got into a horrible accident. The police searched for Adam. Adam reached out to Sharon, who lied to Rey that she'd heard nothing from Adam. Nick and Rey saw hospital security footage that showed Adam had saved Faith's life.
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Faith drank tequila, stole a truck, got into a horrible accident, and was saved by an on-the-run Adam
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Nick and Sharon frantically search for Faith Nick and Sharon frantically search for Faith

Monday, March 29, 2021

Chelsea ambled around her penthouse living room and peered out the window when she heard a knock at the door. Fearing she might be caught out of her wheelchair, Chelsea waited a few seconds and realized she was alone. Chloe called out, and Chelsea opened the door. Chloe expressed concern that nurse Meredith or Adam might learn the truth about her recovery, but Chelsea explained that Meredith was on a break. Chloe was shocked to learn that Adam was on the run from the police. Chloe said, "Your plan worked." Chelsea smiled and replied, "Perfectly. Adam is finally out of my life."

Chloe pressed Chelsea to share every detail, but Chelsea was hesitant, explaining that Chloe needed plausible deniability. Chloe recalled that she'd been the one doing Chelsea's bidding by sneaking around, so she deserved to know what she'd gotten mixed up in. Chelsea was gleeful as she recalled Rey showing up with a search warrant and having discovered the items missing from Sharon's house that Chloe had planted in Adam's car. Chelsea added that Rey had then found the poison she'd hidden upstairs. Chloe was stunned and cried, "Whoa. Wait. Poison? You never mentioned anything about poison."

Chelsea explained that she'd wanted to ensure that police would charge Adam with attempted murder, so he'd either be put away or be forced to hide from police to avoid prosecution. Chelsea continued animatedly recalling how she'd set up Adam. Chloe became increasingly shocked, realizing she might have played a role in a serious crime. Chloe shook her head in dismay when Chelsea remembered how she'd stifled a laugh when Adam had abruptly left, realizing he'd been framed. Chelsea was ebullient as she anticipated being finally free of living in Adam's twisted world and free of being confined in a wheelchair.

Chloe, shocked, cried, "Chelsea, what were you thinking? How could you do this?" Chelsea explained that she'd done her research about the poison and had been careful not to give Rey enough poison to kill him. Chloe asked what might have happened had Faith or Sharon been exposed. Chelsea seemed not all concerned and said, "Everything went according to my plan."

Chloe cried that Rey had been an innocent victim. Chelsea noted that Rey was already back on the job. Chelsea added that Adam was on the run, which made him appear guilty. Chelsea recalled the photo of Adam kissing Sharon that had been made public and the supposed text messages sent to Sharon, suggesting that Adam wanted Rey out of the picture, and assured Chloe that no one would suspect them. Chloe replied, "Yeah, you better pray you're right."

Chloe grew increasingly concerned and cried that Chelsea had poisoned an innocent man. Chloe added that Chelsea's actions had made her an accessory to a major crime. Chelsea insisted that Adam would be blamed for Rey's poisoning. Chloe cried that she was concerned about her children and couldn't risk getting locked up again. Chloe recalled that all she'd been instructed to do had been to hide trinkets in Adam's car and facilitate the sending of fake text messages. Chelsea didn't share Chloe's angst.

At Sharon's, Rey questioned Sharon about Adam's whereabouts. Sharon insisted she didn't know, and she, in turn, questioned Rey's theory that Adam had been the one who'd attempted to kill him. Rey persisted and entreated Sharon to guess where Adam might have fled. Sharon suggested Adam could have traveled to Las Vegas or Kansas. Rey said those two places were too obvious.

Sharon became frustrated and asked Rey if he was interrogating her. Rey reminded Sharon that she had not always been entirely truthful about Adam, noting that she had not spoken up about the missing items having a connection to Adam. Rey became desperate to find Adam, acknowledging that they all could have ended up in ICU. Sharon assured Rey she'd contact him if she learned where Adam had gone.

Nikki returned to the sitting room at the ranch house to tell Faith that the cook was making all her favorite dishes. Faith was gone. Nikki spied a stack of napkins from the bar on the floor. When Nikki set the napkins back in place, she noticed that a bottle of tequila was missing. Faith, meanwhile, was hiding in the barn. Faith checked her phone messages and sobbed as she read them. One person claimed that Faith was worthless and had no friends. Another bully poked fun at Faith for having believed a boy she'd never met was in love with her. Faith picked up the bottle of tequila and unscrewed the lid.

Nikki rushed to Sharon's house and asked Sharon if Faith was there. Sharon asked Nikki what was going on. Nikki explained that Faith had been "catfished," meaning that someone had pretended to be another person online in order to string along a victim. Sharon was horrified to learn that the person Faith had believed was a young man was actually Jordan, who'd tricked Faith into sending personal messages, later shared with bullies to humiliate her. Sharon tried to call Faith and left a voicemail pleading with her to return home.

Sharon became distraught when Nikki told her that a bottle of tequila was missing from the bar. Sharon phoned Nick and learned that he'd also attempted to contact Faith. Sharon told Nick that Faith was missing and likely had a bottle of alcohol with her. Nick said he believed Faith was hiding somewhere on the ranch. Sharon sobbed as she prayed that Faith would be found. Nick became distressed.

Victor was sitting at the bar at Society when Rey approached, looking for Adam. Rey said a warrant had been issued for Adam's arrest for attempted murder. Victor paused briefly and replied, "And who's the supposed victim?" After Rey said he was, Victor accused Rey of drumming up murder charges against Adam in hopes of saving his own fragile marriage to Sharon. Rey claimed he had ample evidence and threatened to charge Victor with aiding and abetting if he was lying about not knowing where Adam was. Victor said he would imagine Adam was taking care of his ill wife and had no reason to involve himself in a vendetta against Rey.

Rey told Victor he'd been at the penthouse with Chelsea when Adam had run off, leaving his wife alone. Victor defended Adam and told Rey he should instead search for another suspect. Rey warned that Victor could be charged with obstruction of justice and would pay the consequences. Victor stood up, looked Rey in the eye, and said, "Who the hell do you think you're talking to? You watch it. Don't you ever threaten me again." Victor walked out as Rey watched.

Rey consulted with Michael at Crimson Lights. As Michael read over the police report, Rey asked if evidence would support a conviction against Adam. Michael agreed that the evidence seemed damning, though the key to the case was finding Adam. Rey said he feared Victor would ensure Adam remained off the radar.

Michael acknowledged that it wouldn't be the first time Victor had helped someone make a clean getaway aboard his private jet. Rey recalled that Adam had once put his own father in danger. Michael explained that parents had been known to go to great lengths to protect their children. Sharon phoned Rey and told him that Faith was missing. Before Rey left, he told Michael that Faith had become the victim of bullies and needed his help.

After Rey left, Lauren joined Michael. Michael informed Lauren that Adam had gone off the deep end. Lauren became distressed when she learned that Faith had run away after having been targeted by bullies at school. Lauren expressed regret that she'd bullied Traci when the two had been teenagers. Michael and Lauren discussed their own son's bullying of a young man named Jamie Vernon. Lauren shuddered and cried, "It could've ended so tragically." Michael applauded Fenmore for turning his life around and told Lauren that Jamie Vernon was practicing law quite successfully. Lauren said with certainty that there was hope for them all, and she assured Michael that Faith would be okay.

Lauren suggested Michael deserved a break from work. Lauren shared an enticing tourism photo with Michael and suggested he take her on a beach vacation soon. Michael seemed eager to escape for a while. After Lauren left, Michael paid the cashier for his coffee. Adam, wearing a hoodie that partially concealed his face, briefly entered the dining area. Adam retreated to the patio when he saw Michael.

Victor showed up at Adam and Chelsea's penthouse. Chelsea returned to her chair and instructed Chloe to let him inside. Victor said he'd stopped by to see Adam. Chloe said Adam had left before she'd arrived. Victor asked to speak to Chelsea's nurse. Chloe said the nurse was out on a break. Victor replied, "Kindly tell her to give me a call when she gets back, okay?"

Chloe asked Victor if there was an emergency, but Victor only repeated his request. Victor addressed Chelsea, telling her that Rey was spouting all kinds of theories and accusations. Victor told Chelsea not to worry because he'd take care of things, and he assured her he'd make it possible for the husband she loved to return to her. As Victor turned to leave, Chelsea thought to herself, "Not even the great, all-powerful Victor Newman can put things back together this time."

Chloe panicked after Victor left, but Chelsea remained convinced that she and Chloe wouldn't be found out. Chelsea explained that her doctor would verify she'd been immobile in her wheelchair for months. Chelsea recalled Dr. Cavett claiming that Adam was being irrational for suggesting she'd recovered any movement. Chelsea paused and asked if Chloe might be considering turning her in. Chloe assured Chelsea that they were in it together, no matter what.

Chloe seemed resigned to support Chelsea, though she insisted she wouldn't help Chelsea carry out any more crazy schemes. Chelsea admitted she'd been wrong not to disclose the details of her plot against Adam. Chelsea said she'd continue pretending to be incapacitated while the police searched for Adam. Chloe asked Chelsea what Adam might be doing. Chelsea said that if Adam was smart, he might have fled to a country that had no extradition treaty with the U.S.

As Nikki and Nick waited with Sharon, Sharon phoned Faith again and left a message pleading with her to return or let them know she was safe. Victor arrived, still issuing orders over the phone to his own security team. After Victor hung up, he told Sharon, Nick, and Nikki that his team was searching for Faith. Nikki noted that Faith was familiar with every hill and stream on the property. Sharon fumed over Jordan having turned on Faith.

Victor received a call informing him that one of the trucks on the ranch was missing. Victor later learned that a guard at the north gate had seen someone with blonde hair driving the truck. Victor explained that the guard hadn't stopped the truck because one of the ranch hands had a daughter that resembled Faith. Sharon cried, "I don't even want to imagine her behind the wheel, and in the dark, no less. And there's a good chance she's been drinking. There has to be something we can do to find her now." Nick remembered an app he'd installed on Faith's phone that would allow him to pinpoint her location as long as it was enabled. Victor noted that cell service in the area was spotty. Nick immediately left, determined to track down Faith. Sharon went with him.

Nikki, distraught, blamed herself for having left Faith alone. Victor said he wished Faith had confided in him, adding that they'd always been close. Nikki acknowledged that Faith had had difficulty being able to trust her family after everything she'd endured. Rey arrived and told Victor he hadn't expected to see Victor. Victor replied, "We're worried about our granddaughter, all right?"

Rey said he'd assigned his officers to search for Faith. Victor replied, "Oh, yeah? The same guys who are wasting their time, tracking down my innocent son?" Nikki told Rey that Nick and Sharon were using a tracking device on Nick's phone, though they hadn't heard anything since Nick and Sharon had left. Victor assured Nikki that Nick would locate Faith.

Sharon attempted to follow Faith's trail on the app while Nick drove. Sharon cried that Faith's location wasn't showing up, and she suggested Nick search in the darkness for headlights. Nick assured Sharon they'd find Faith and return home with her, safe and sound. Nick expressed anger at Jordan and threatened to confront the bully's parents. Sharon continued to monitor the app on Nick's phone as Nick became more determined to find their daughter.

Faith's location showed up on the app. Sharon panicked and informed Nick that the app showed that Faith's vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. Up ahead, Faith, her face contorted into a scowl while tears of despair welled in her eyes, sped up after she continued receiving taunting text messages. Faith glanced at her phone then tossed it beside the bottle of tequila. Faith reached for the bottle and veered into oncoming traffic. Faith hit the brakes. Tires squealed as Faith turned the steering wheel in both directions, overcorrecting after having taken her eyes off the road.

A mystery man saves Faith's life after a serious accident A mystery man saves Faith's life after a serious accident

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Summer entered the Grand Phoenix and was glad to run into Phyllis. Summer thanked Phyllis for not saying anything to Jack about Sally, and she recognized that it hadn't been easy for her mother. Phyllis grumbled that it had been difficult because Sally was taking advantage of Jack, but Summer didn't care if Phyllis had to bite her tongue off in order to keep quiet. Phyllis figured that she'd keep her lips sealed because she was even more protective of Summer than she was of Jack, but she thought there was another way to go about it. Phyllis envisioned Sally residing in another town far away.

In Kyle's hotel suite, Kyle apologized for dragging Jack away from the office, but he'd wanted to make sure they had complete privacy. Jack shut off his phone and guessed that it had something to do with Ashland Locke. Kyle clarified that it had started with Ashland's wife. Jack recalled that he'd only met Tara once, so he didn't really know her. Kyle confessed that the problem was that he did.

Kyle confided that he'd had an affair with Tara while he'd been in New York, and that was what had been weighing on him. He recalled meeting her at a party, and things had sparked, even though he'd known she was married. Jack stressed that she was married to one of the most cold-blooded businessmen in the world, and Kyle said they'd been careful not to get caught. Kyle explained that it had started as a noncommittal, fun fling, but they'd ended up developing feelings for one another, and they'd kept their relationship a secret after it had ended.

Jack refused to judge, given his own romantic history, but he wished Kyle had told him before Jack had insisted Kyle join him and the Lockes for drinks at Society. Jack was thankful that Ashland didn't know, but Kyle shared that Tara had called after she'd returned to New York to warn him that Ashland might suspect something. Kyle explained that he'd written it off as her guilty conscience, but then Ashland had called to announce that he would be returning to Genoa City and wanted to meet with Kyle about a possible promotion for Jabot. Kyle doubted that Ashland would ordinarily get involved in something that minor.

Jack ordered Kyle to start from the beginning and not leave out any details. Kyle recounted that he'd missed Summer after things had ended between them, and he'd been hanging out with Theo, who'd encouraged Kyle's worst instincts. Kyle had known the risks of getting involved with Tara, but he hadn't been able to resist the adrenaline rush, and they'd eventually gone their separate ways. Jack worried that the last thing Jabot needed was Ashland as an enemy. Kyle hated that he'd put a target on all their backs.

Kyle shared that Ashland had executed a hostile takeover before, resulting in the destruction of the business owner's marriage and reputation, and it had all been over a perceived snub at a meeting. Jack warned that Ashland took unholy pleasure in decimating and humiliating his rivals in both his personal and professional life. Jack recounted that Ashland had gutted his first partner, a lifelong friend who Ashland believed had cheated him. Ashland had left the man penniless before going after the partner's brother and business associates.

Jack didn't think Ashland would show any restraint with Kyle if Ashland knew about the affair, and Kyle voiced concern that Ashland also wouldn't hold back on Jabot or the people Kyle loved. Jack told Kyle to let him worry about Jabot. Kyle promised to do whatever it took to keep the situation from blowing up, since he didn't want his bad decisions to hurt Jack, Summer, or Jabot. Jack assured Kyle that he wasn't disappointed in Kyle, and he was glad his son had finally opened up to him.

Summer entered the suite and asked if she was interrupting. Kyle informed her that he'd been getting Jack up to speed, pointedly stating that Jack knew all about the affair. Jack asked how Summer was handling it, and she insisted that she was fine. Summer wondered what Jack thought Kyle should do. Jack advised Kyle to do nothing and to let him handle it from then on. Jack ordered Kyle to stay as far away from Ashland as possible.

Kyle clarified that he'd wanted Jack's advice, but he couldn't let his father fight his battles for him. Jack reminded Kyle that they'd just been talking about the careers, companies, and families that Ashland had destroyed, and he was adamant that Kyle refer Ashland's next call to him. Kyle was concerned that it might make Ashland more suspicious, and he suggested that he and Jack team up instead. Jack imagined that the stories they'd heard about Ashland paled in comparison to reality, and he insisted on taking the first meeting solo to find out what Ashland really wanted.

At Chancellor Communications, an agitated Billy entered Lily's office and scowled as he looked at his tablet. Lily asked what all the dramatics were about, and he surmised that she hadn't read a certain article in the business section. She questioned how many times he'd read the piece about Ashland selling his company to Victor and Adam, and Billy groaned that it got worse every time he read it. Lily lectured that there was no point in stressing out about something they couldn't change, but she guessed that he had a plan. Billy guaranteed that she wouldn't like it.

Billy snarled that Adam and Victor had thought they could beat them and Victoria, but it wasn't over, and he refused to go away without a fight. Lily asserted that Ashland's decision had sounded final, but Billy thought Ashland might be open to a better deal. Billy intended to make a counteroffer that got Ashland's attention, but Lily doubted Jack would pay more than what the company was worth. Billy bet Jack would do it to beat Victor, and he was determined to remind Ashland that Adam couldn't be trusted. Lily wondered why Billy couldn't let it go.

Lily was sure that Ashland was aware of Adam's character flaws but had clearly decided they weren't a deal breaker. She thought going to Ashland to remind him of how horrible Adam was would seem like an attack on Ashland's personal judgment. Billy countered that the worst Ashland could do was turn them down. Lily preferred not to get on the wrong side of a ruthless, powerful man. Billy contended that they were facing a real threat to their company, and he couldn't let it happen. Lily declared that she was done, since Billy sounded obsessed. She had an idea to take his mind off it, and she instructed him to follow her.

Lily took Billy to the Grand Phoenix and asked Phyllis to book a couple's massage in Lily's room. Billy warned Lily that it wouldn't be that easy to make him forget about losing out on a deal to the man he despised most in the world. Lily seductively promised that it wouldn't be a typical massage.

Later, the masseur stepped out of Lily's suite after completing Billy and Lily's massages. Lily asked if Billy felt like a million bucks, and he called the guy a magician. He reminded her that she'd promised it wouldn't be an ordinary massage, but she innocently noted that he'd seemed pleased. Billy pointed out that she'd implied there would be more to the event, and she suggested they take things to the next level. She inquired whether he felt rejuvenated, and he responded that he didn't know what to do with all his energy. Lily purred that she had an idea, and she removed the sheet that had been covering her.

Later, when alone, Billy made a call and requested to speak with Ashland about an important matter.

Sally entered the hotel lobby, and Phyllis sweetly asked if there was anything management could do to make her stay more comfortable. Sally contemplated having someone fluff her pillows and fix the thermostat, but she doubted that Phyllis' offer had been sincere. Phyllis claimed that she'd realized Sally wasn't worth worrying about, but Sally opted not to take Phyllis' word for it. Jack greeted them and wondered if he was interrupting anything.

Phyllis explained that she'd just been asking Sally if everything was okay at the hotel, and she volunteered to send someone up to tend to Sally's pillows. Jack invited Sally to have a drink at Society, but Phyllis insisted that they stay for a drink on the house. Sally preferred a change of scenery, and she led Jack out. Phyllis' forced smile faded, and she grabbed her tablet and muttered that it was time she and Wyatt Spencer had a little chat.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea was disappointed that the news hadn't yet reported the story about Adam. Chloe asked if Chelsea really thought he'd left the country. Chelsea crowed that if he hadn't, he should, or the police would catch him and put him away for a long time. She gleefully stated that she would be happy either way, since she wouldn't have to see his face for a long time. Chloe was grateful Chelsea had decided to leave Adam behind, but she was shocked Chelsea had taken things to that level. Chelsea reasoned that she'd had no choice, since the moment she'd been incapacitated, Adam had gone running into Sharon's arms and hadn't been able to wait to slide under Victor's thumb again.

Chloe knew the part she'd played, but she didn't understand how Chelsea had been able to pull it off. Chelsea insisted that it was best if Chloe didn't know the details, but Chloe reiterated that they were in it together. Chelsea smirked and admitted that she'd been dying to tell someone. Chelsea recalled getting her hands on thallium without it being traced back to her, and she revealed that Chloe had picked it up from Adam's post office box on one of the errands Chelsea had asked her to run. Chloe protested that she hadn't known she'd been providing a weapon in an attempted murder case.

Chelsea reasoned that she hadn't told Chloe about it to avoid Chloe having to face a dilemma about whether to get involved. Chelsea figured that Chloe had supported her ultimate goal, and she hadn't wanted Chloe to need to hide what she'd been doing from Kevin. Chloe complained that she'd have to hide it from him then, and Chelsea shot back that Chloe had wanted to know how Chelsea had done it. Chelsea hesitated to divulge more, and Chloe considered it best if she didn't know. Chelsea bragged that her plan had worked with beautiful results, and the world would soon be horrified by what Adam had done. She believed no one would be able to deny what kind of person he was anymore.

Chloe anticipated that Adam wouldn't go away quietly, since he knew he'd been framed. Chelsea reveled in the fact that Adam knew what had happened but would never be able to prove his innocence with such overwhelming evidence against him. Chloe warned that Adam wouldn't quit until he cleared his name, and he'd already wondered if Chelsea was hiding her recovery. Chelsea scoffed at the idea that he'd point the finger at a victim in a wheelchair when it would only make him look desperate and delusional. Chloe voiced concern about Connor. Chelsea expected that it would be hard on her son to face the cold, hard truth about his father, but she would make sure the boy understood.

As Nick and Sharon drove around to search for Faith, Sharon fretted that she kept losing her cell phone signal due to spotty service in the area. Sharon questioned what Faith had been thinking when she'd gotten behind the wheel of a truck. Nick pointed out that their daughter hadn't been thinking because she'd been upset and probably drinking. Nate phoned Sharon and informed her that Faith had been in an accident, so Sharon needed to get to the hospital as soon as she could. Meanwhile, Faith lay unconscious in a hospital bed.

Sharon and Nick rushed to Faith's side in the ICU. "My poor baby!" Sharon cried as she saw a bloodied and bruised Faith. Sharon gently asked if Faith could hear her, and she pledged her love and swore it would be all right. Nate joined them and apologized for not being there when Nick and Sharon had arrived, since he'd been called away to get test results. Nate reported that Faith had been in a serious accident, and while he wasn't clear on the details of what had happened before she'd gotten to the hospital, he knew her injuries weren't limited to the lacerations on her face.

Nate continued that Faith's initial exam had shown internal bruising to the kidneys and some cracked ribs, and he'd have a better idea about her head injury when she regained consciousness. He considered it good news that there was no internal bleeding, but they had to keep an eye out. Nick inquired whether Faith had been drinking, and Nate confirmed that there had been alcohol in her system. Nate added that Faith's injuries indicated that she hadn't been wearing a seat belt and had been driving an older vehicle with no air bags. Nate concluded that she'd probably been flung forward against the steering wheel and dashboard on impact. Nick and Sharon cringed in horror.

Nate remarked that it had been lucky that Faith had been found as quickly as she had, and Nick asked who had found her. Nate indicated that there had been no record of a 9-1-1 call, and no ambulance had been dispatched to the scene. He shared that a good Samaritan had taken Faith to the hospital, and Sharon asked if Nate had gotten the person's name or phone number. Nate only knew that it had been a man who had disappeared after dropping Faith off at the emergency room.

Sharon promised an unconscious Faith that she and Nick would do whatever it took to make sure the teen was just fine. Sharon thought she'd been listening when Faith had talked about her problems at school, but she felt that she'd failed her daughter. Sharon thought she should have kept her eyes wide open because bullies didn't just go away, but she'd been eager to get past it because it had been such a hard year for all of them. Sharon sobbed that she'd been looking for some sense of normalcy after her cancer treatments, but Faith was the one who needed their family's love and support then. Nick tearfully looked on as Sharon vowed not to give up on Faith, and she urged Faith not to give up on them.

Nick asked if Nate had learned anything more about the mystery man, but Nate replied that hospital personnel had been focused on getting Faith stabilized. Nate implored Nick to stay strong, since they'd monitor her closely and let him know the minute anything changed. Nick sat at Faith's bedside, wracked with emotion. He rasped that he'd always felt like he was a pretty good dad, but he didn't feel like one then. Nick wondered if things would be different if he'd better understood what she was going through. Sharon walked in as Nick begged Faith to open her eyes and give him another chance to prove that he could be the best father she'd ever seen. Faith remained still, and Sharon put a comforting hand on Nick's shoulder.

Rey arrived at the hospital and assured Sharon that she had every reason to believe Faith would be okay. Sharon whimpered that she couldn't bear it, but Rey advised her not to go to worst-case scenarios. Sharon wondered what would have happened if the stranger hadn't found Faith. Nate overheard and shared that the mystery man hadn't wasted time calling 9-1-1 but had simply rushed Faith there himself.

Rey reported that the police hadn't been notified of an accident, and Sharon replied that the cell service out there had been spotty. Rey inquired about the stranger's account of the crash, but Sharon informed him that the man had left after dropping Faith off. Rey offered to ask around to see if anyone had seen or heard anything. Sharon questioned whether the man might have been responsible for the accident, but Rey mentioned that highway patrol had determined Faith had lost control and run into a tree, with no other vehicle involved. Sharon revealed that Faith's blood had tested positive for alcohol, and she thanked God for the stranger who'd saved Faith's life.

Later, Sharon told Nick that Rey had gone home to get some rest. Nick understood that Faith's medical team was doing all they could, but it didn't make things any easier. Sharon relayed that Rey was going to ask around to see if anyone could identify the guy who'd gotten Faith there. Nick thanked God for the man, since Faith had been in the middle of nowhere, and it had been pure luck that the stranger had been able to find her that fast. Sharon wished she knew who the man was, and Nick vowed not to give up until they found him. Sharon cried that she could never thank the man enough for saving their daughter's life.

In an undisclosed location, Adam watched a news report about a manhunt that was underway for the son of Victor Newman.

Faith wakes up from her coma Faith wakes up from her coma

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

by Nel

At the hospital, Nick talked to an unconscious Faith. He asked her to wake up. He said Christian missed her and that he had made her a get-well card. Nick showed it to Faith and told her he'd helped Christian write the message. Nick begged Faith to open her eyes.

Nick had a sudden flashback to the day that he and Sharon had had been at that same hospital, and they'd talked to an unconscious Cassie after she'd been involved in a similar accident. Returning to the present, Nick stated that the situation wasn't the same. Nikki arrived, and she heard Nick tell Faith that he wanted to hear her say that she was okay. He said it was easy for people to say that it was just a phase that teenagers went through, but he was a parent who'd lost a child and didn't see it as a phase.

Tearfully, Nikki apologized to Nick for having left Faith alone. Nick didn't blame Nikki. He said he'd believed he'd had the situation under control, but he'd made a mistake. He'd let his guard down. Nick said he'd known something had been off about the boy who had sent text messages to Faith. He said he should have protected his little girl.

A short time after Nikki left, Victor arrived. He was almost moved to tears when he saw Faith. He told Nick it broke his heart to see Faith like that. Nick was worried because it was taking so long for Faith to wake up. Victor reminded Nick that he and Sharon had named her Faith, and it meant that there was no room for despair.

At Adam's, Meredith was talking to Chelsea. When Meredith left to get a blanket, Chelsea looked at her phone and saw the headline about an extended manhunt for Adam. She smiled in satisfaction.

At home, Rey asked Sharon about Faith. Sharon told him the doctor felt there was no cause for alarm. When Faith woke up, she would have a complete neurological assessment done. Rey assured Sharon that Faith was strong and resilient. Sharon said she was trying to remain hopeful. Rey informed Sharon that there hadn't been any Adam sightings. He said he wanted to talk to Chelsea's nurse, Meredith, to see what she knew. As he prepared to leave, he and Sharon promised to reach out to each other if there was any news.

After Rey left, Sharon received a phone call from Adam. He asked about Faith. Sharon told him Faith was still unconscious. Adam said he'd seen the crash from a distance. When he had stopped to help, he'd been shocked to find that Faith had been behind the wheel. He'd immediately taken Faith to the hospital.

Sharon asked Adam where he was, but he refused to tell her because too many people were looking for him. Adam assured Sharon that he hadn't poisoned Rey. He wanted to meet with her to explain, but Sharon refused and asked Adam to turn himself in. Adam told Sharon that he'd been set up so thoroughly that no one would believe him. He wanted Sharon's help to clear his name. Sharon refused because Faith was still unconscious, and Sharon had to get back to the hospital. Adam apologized. Sharon thanked him for getting Faith to the hospital, and she apologized for not being able to meet with him.

After Sharon ended the call with Adam, Mariah arrived. When Sharon looked up, she didn't see Mariah; in a flashback, she saw Cassie arriving home from school and telling Sharon about her day. Mariah said she wanted to check up on Sharon. Sharon turned away and busied herself, checking her purse and gathering her coat. She was in tears and wouldn't look at Mariah. She said she had to get to the hospital.

When Mariah offered to drive her, Sharon shouted at Mariah that she didn't want Mariah to drive her anywhere. Mariah understood that Cassie would be on Sharon's mind. Sharon apologized and said that Mariah had been wonderful, but the worst thing had happened. Sharon said that she couldn't go through that again.

Rey arrived at Adam's to question Chelsea and Meredith. Rey asked if Chelsea had heard from Adam or if she knew where he was. Chelsea blinked twice indicating "no." Rey said that once Adam had been captured, he would go to prison for a very long time. Chelsea's internal voice said, "I'm counting on that." Rey told Meredith he needed to speak to her privately. After Meredith and Rey went into the kitchen, Chelsea smiled and stretched.

When Rey returned, he noted that Chelsea didn't miss a thing. Chelsea's internal voice said, "If only you knew." Rey wanted to understand how someone as sharp as Chelsea could put her faith in Adam. Rey realized Chelsea was in a predicament because she was completely dependent on Adam. Rey commented that what made the situation even more disgusting was that Adam had abandoned her to save his own neck. Rey called Adam a selfish bastard.

Rey asked if Chelsea was ticked at him. Chelsea's internal voice said, "Far from it, detective. You helped make my plan a success." Rey said he couldn't imagine what it was like for her. He was really sorry for what Adam had put her through. Once Rey left, Chelsea smiled and, in her normal voice, said, "Oh, Rey, not nearly as sorry as Adam will be."

At Society, Nina told Abby she was happy to be on a journey with Abby. Abby said she hadn't been joking when she'd said she wanted Nina to help her keep her sanity, especially since she had no idea when Chance would return, and she was waiting to hear whether the embryo transfer had worked. Nina suggested that Abby take on a project to keep her mind off things. She suggested that Abby help her write a screenplay. Nina provided some insight on the main character and said she wanted to base the character on Abby.

Nina claimed that Abby had had many great adventures in her life. She said that with her being a Newman and an Abbott, there was a lot of fodder in Abby's life for a story. Nina explained how she would write it. Abby suggested a period piece, and Nina agreed. She said they could go with whatever inspired Abby, and she encouraged Abby to provide her with more ideas. Abby was delighted with the idea. Nina asked Abby who she saw playing the lead.

Mariah arrived at Society. Nina greeted her cheerfully and asked Mariah to join her and Abby. Mariah declined and thanked her. She was only there for a takeout order. She claimed she wouldn't be able to focus on anything until she knew Faith was okay. Abby asked what was wrong with Faith.

Mariah told Abby and Nina about Faith's ordeal and how she'd crashed a truck after drinking tequila. Mariah said Faith was in the hospital, and she was unconscious. Nina and Abby immediately recognized the same scenario that had led to Cassie's death. Abby said it was underage drinking and driving. Kids that age didn't realize the consequences of their actions.

Mariah told Abby and Nina that it didn't help that she was Cassie's twin, and a walking, talking reminder of the daughter Nick and Sharon had lost. Mariah said Sharon hadn't even been able to look at her when she'd stopped by to check on Sharon earlier. She said it was a very stressful situation, but Mariah assured Abby that her reproductive system was still working.

Amanda arrived at Devon's and told Devon that she wasn't there to discuss the situation between them. Devon understood and offered to be her sounding board. Amanda told Devon about her meeting with Naya. Amanda said her head was spinning, and she needed Devon to help her untangle a situation before she made a huge decision.

Amanda told Devon that Naya hadn't given her very much information about Amanda's father, Richard. However, new information had surfaced, and there was speculation as to whether Richard's death might not have been an accident. Naya's father, Amanda's grandfather, might have been responsible for Richard's death. Naya believed her father was innocent, and Naya wanted Amanda to defend him. Naya had admitted that the family believed the defense would be more convincing if her father was represented by the victim's daughter.

Devon commented that that was very calculating. Amanda said that because the family was in the public eye, they were concerned how they would be perceived by the public. Devon commented that bringing Amanda into the family benefitted Naya's family.

Amanda told Devon that Naya saw it as an opportunity for a new beginning for them. Devon felt it would depend on whether Naya's father was innocent. Amanda said she had minimal information on him. However, after she'd read the information in the file about Richard, she'd realized how young her father had been and how his life had been stolen. No one had known that Naya and Richard had been in a relationship and that they had met in college. However, Richard had had another connection with the family. When Richard had graduated, he'd begun working for a company that provided sizeable political donations to Naya's father. Richard had discovered that a man had allegedly bent a few rules to benefit the company.

Amanda told Devon that Richard had discovered something, and he'd seen it as shady. He'd wanted to expose it, but before he'd had the chance, Richard had died. The question was whether Richard had died in the car accident or if he'd been killed to keep him quiet. Devon said that anyone involved in that shady situation would have gone after the whistleblower. It had to have been someone who'd also been involved in the corruption. Amanda wanted Devon's take on the situation because the company Richard had worked for at the time had been Newman Enterprises.

Devon told Amanda it was insane to believe that someone at Newman Enterprises would have been responsible for Richard's death. He said Neil had worked there for years, and there was no chance that he would have been part of any corruption. Amanda said that based on the timeline, Neil wouldn't have been working there at the time, but Victor would have been in his prime. Devon asked if Amanda believed that Victor had been involved.

Amanda told Devon that there had been a commercial real estate deal that Victor had wanted pushed through, but there had been zoning restrictions in the way until Naya's father had become involved. Devon stated that Victor could be ruthless in business, but there were lines Victor wouldn't cross -- and murder was one of them. Devon had known Victor since he'd been a kid. He didn't believe Victor would kill anyone over a real estate deal. He asked Amanda if she was going to take the case. Amanda claimed she was tempted because it was an opportunity to be part of a family and get to know her father through them.

Devon told Amanda that after they had both grown up in the system, he understood why it was important for her to be part of a family. Amanda claimed Devon's life had changed when Neil and Drew and taken him in and adopted him. Devon was certain that Naya had taken into account that Amanda had never been in a family situation before Naya had approached her. Amanda asked Devon if he thought Naya was manipulating her. Without directly responding to Amanda's question, Devon simply told Amanda to keep her eyes open when dealing with "these people." Amanda said that if "these people" were on the level, it could be a turning point in her life.

Devon told Amanda he understood why she was conflicted. Naya's family was secretive, and they had abandoned Amanda in more ways than one. He said that by going to their rescue, Amanda would be taking a big risk if she thought she could win their love and loyalty. Amanda said she'd heard everything that Devon had said, and she admitted that she didn't trust Naya. She realized the risk she would be taking by getting involved, but she wondered what would happen if Naya was right that Naya's father was innocent. Amanda wondered how she would be able to live with herself if she allowed Naya's father take the fall, and Richard's real killer remained free. Amanda thanked Devon for helping her clarify the issues. She promised she would keep Devon updated, and she left.

At the ranch, Victor offered to take Nikki for a drive, but she declined. She wanted to stay home in case she was needed at the hospital. She was worried that Faith might have suffered a serious head injury in the accident and that it would take a long time to recover. After Nikki left to make tea, Victor called Adam and left him a voicemail stating that Adam wasn't alone and that Victor was there for him.

Sharon returned to the hospital. Nick informed her that there hadn't been any change in Faith's condition. He asked Sharon about Rey. Sharon told him that Rey was investigating Adam. Nick hoped they would put the monster that had poisoned Rey away for good. Sharon said that the lives of Chelsea, Connor, and Victor would be affected if Adam went to prison. Nick reminded her that all those people had been betrayed by Adam. He asked Sharon to name one person who had benefitted from knowing Adam. Sharon claimed she didn't want to argue.

Nick told Sharon he was riled up because of Jordan's cruel prank. Sharon wondered what kind of person would go out of their way to be that vicious. Nick acknowledged that Sharon had been right about Jordan, and he wished he hadn't fought Sharon on getting Faith into therapy. If he'd listened to Sharon, they would have found a therapist Faith trusted, and Faith would have been able to turn to the therapist instead of running away from her troubles. Sharon said that Faith was young and immature, and she'd convinced herself that she could outrun her pain.

Nick told Sharon that in spite of everything he and Sharon had done for Faith as parents, a stranger had wound up helping Faith when she'd needed it the most. Nick wanted to know who that stranger was because he wanted to shake his hand and thank him. Nick and Sharon decided to pray. Almost immediately, Faith opened her eyes and said, "Mom, Dad." Nick and Sharon were overcome with relief and joy.

A surprise visitor drops by Faith's hospital room A surprise visitor drops by Faith's hospital room

Thursday, April 1, 2021

by Nel

Sally exited the elevator at the Grand Phoenix and coughed to get Phyllis' attention. Phyllis wasn't in a mood to deal with Sally and angrily told Sally she didn't "give a damn" about her. Summer arrived and told Phyllis and Sally to have a great day. Sally said that was all she'd needed to hear. Phyllis lunged at Sally, but Summer stopped her and asked how everyone's day was going. Sally turned to Phyllis and said she needed to leave because she had a meeting later with Jack.

After Sally left, Phyllis apologized to Summer and said she was exhausted because she'd been up all night, worrying about Faith. She asked how it could happen again. It was a duplication of Cassie's accident. Summer couldn't imagine what Sharon and Nick were going through. Phyllis just wanted Faith to be okay.

At the hospital, Sharon and Nick were ecstatic that Faith was awake. When Faith asked what had happened, Sharon said that Faith had been in an accident. Faith apologized for doing such a stupid thing and wondered why they weren't mad at her. Nick said all that mattered was that Faith had returned to them.

Nate arrived in the waiting room and told Nick and Sharon that Faith would make a full recovery, and she could go home in a few days. Nick left to notify everyone.

Nick returned and told Faith that everyone sent their love and hugs. Faith told her parents that she'd made the choice to drink and drive. She didn't remember much, but she recalled getting the keys and crashing into the tree. Faith wanted to know how she'd gotten to the hospital. Sharon said a good Samaritan had taken her in.

Nick told Faith that what Jordan had done had been vicious and cruel. Faith said she'd been devastated to discover that Jordan had been behind the text messages. Faith admitted that she'd wanted to get as far away from everyone as she could. She apologized, and she asked if Nick and Sharon could forgive her.

Nick said that Faith had been hurting and had made a mistake, but it didn't change how much they loved her. Sharon said there was nothing they couldn't get through as a family. Faith promised there wouldn't be a repeat of what she'd done.

After Nick and Sharon left Faith's room, a young man approached Faith's room and waved at her. He entered the room and asked if she was okay. The young man said he was looking for his cousin. Faith asked if she knew him. He said he was Moses Winters, Neil Winters' son, and that Neil had been friends with Faith's parents and grandparents.

Moses asked Faith what had happened to her. Faith told him she'd been in a car accident. At that moment, Nate entered and saw Moses. He asked why Moses hadn't gone to Devon's straight from the airport. Moses said he hadn't been able to wait to see Nate in action. Nate appreciated Moses' enthusiasm but felt he shouldn't be bothering patients. Nate said that Moses was lucky he'd found the nicest patient in the hospital. Moses waved goodbye and left with Nate.

Nick and Sharon returned with a stuffed animal for Faith. Sharon received a text message from Adam: "I hope Faith is feeling better. She's your top priority, but if you believe I'm innocent please meet with me. I need help -- you're the only person I trust." Sharon looked thoughtful for a moment and put her phone away.

After Sharon left, Nick was also about to leave Faith but stopped and thanked a higher power for bringing their little girl back to them. He claimed the situation felt like Cassie all over again, and he'd been afraid he would lose another child. He thanked the higher power for saving his daughter. Phyllis stood in the doorway, listening.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis and Summer were relieved that Faith had woken up. Summer said it wasn't so much about Faith waking up but the events that had led up to it. Phyllis said there was nothing a parent wouldn't do for their child. Summer asked if Phyllis had gone out of her way to do something about Sally.

Phyllis told Summer that Sally was a big city girl and should return to Los Angeles. Summer claimed that Sally had burned all her bridges in California. Phyllis said she'd called Wyatt Spencer to convince him and Bill Spencer that they needed to take the "live and let live" approach with Sally and leave her alone. Summer informed Phyllis that she'd met with both men, and they didn't like Sally. Summer reminded Phyllis that Sally had a good job in Genoa City, she was close to Jack, and she'd carved out quite a life for herself. She wouldn't leave. Phyllis said she had a plan for that, too.

Later, Lauren arrived, and Phyllis said that she needed Lauren to do her a huge favor. Phyllis asked what Lauren thought about having Sally oversee Fenmore's L.A. store. Lauren asked if Phyllis was trying to run Sally out of town. Phyllis admitted she was. Sally would live and work there, and Lauren would have someone experienced to run her store in L.A.

Lauren asked Phyllis why Sally was such a threat. Sally was a wonderful employee, Summer and Sally were getting along, and Jack wasn't being manipulated. Lauren wanted to know why Phyllis wanted to get rid of Sally. Phyllis claimed she would never trust Sally, and she didn't trust her around Jack. Phyllis knew Sally's type because she'd been Sally. Phyllis claimed if Sally was backed into a corner, her claws would come out, and Phyllis didn't want Sally to hurt anyone Phyllis cared about. Phyllis wanted to put Sally 2,000 miles away from Genoa City, and everyone would be happy.

Lauren told Phyllis that nothing she'd said justified running Sally out of town. If Phyllis wanted Sally gone, she needed to be considerably more forthcoming about what was really going on. Lauren left.

Victoria arrived at the ranch and asked about Faith. Victor said there hadn't been any news. Nikki blamed herself for Faith's accident and left to get some air. Victoria asked Victor if Adam had poisoned Rey. Victor said the police believed he had. Victoria claimed that Victor didn't believe it because he'd bonded with Adam over Cyaxares, and in Victor's eyes, Adam could do no wrong. Even after all those years, Victor still couldn't see Adam for who he really was. Nikki rushed in and announced that Faith was awake. She left immediately to call Noah.

Victor told Victoria that it was great news about Faith, but he wished he could say the same about Adam. Victoria stated that Adam had brought it on himself. Victor claimed that it was more than likely that Billy Boy had been spreading the rumor that Adam had poisoned Rey. Victoria said Billy wasn't behind it, otherwise he would have made a big deal about it. Victor claimed that Victoria was ready to protect Billy, but she had no compassion for her brother about the charges against him. Victoria said everything pointed to Adam because he had motive.

Victor told Victoria that Adam wouldn't do that to Sharon, and it would jeopardize Chelsea's recovery from the stroke, life returning to normal with Chelsea and Connor, and running their new media company. Victoria said that even if Ashland didn't back out of the deal, she wondered if Victor really wanted the responsibility of running the new company on a daily basis. She suggested that Victor back out of the deal and allow her to buy Cyaxares. Victor couldn't believe that Victoria would take advantage of Adam's misfortune. Victoria claimed Victor had taught her that. Victor said Victoria was obsessed with Adam, just like Billy Boy.

After Victoria left, Nikki returned, and Victor told Nikki he hoped Faith realized she'd made a big mistake. He hoped she would get the therapy she needed and know that she had people on her side. Nikki said she needed to get some work done in the study, and she left. Victor called Adam again and left another voicemail message. He said he knew Adam had received his message but had chosen not to return his call. Victor said that running away was stupid. He told Adam to return, and Victor would help him. He asked Adam to trust him and to return his call.

At Jabot, Jack looked over Sally's presentation for Lauren. He told Sally that Lauren would love it. Jack asked why Sally was in such a good mood. She said she was having a great day, and she had even had a civil conversation with Phyllis. She said it had started off a little rough, but Summer had smoothed things over. Sally believed that Phyllis was finally accepting her and Jack's friendship. Jack warned Sally to be wary because Phyllis might not be openly hostile, but it didn't mean she was coming around.

At Jabot, Kyle received a text message from Ashland: "Arriving in Genoa City tomorrow. Let's have lunch." Worried, Kyle called Jack and told him they needed to talk immediately. He told Jack about the text from Ashland.

Billy met Jack at Society. He told Jack he wanted to make a move for Cyaxares, and he believed that ChancComm had a shot. He said Adam had been accused of poisoning Rey, and Adam was on the run. The deal for Cyaxares hadn't been closed yet, and Billy wanted to move quickly. Jack asked if Billy wanted to use the Newman crisis as leverage and have Jack put up the money to buy the company. Billy said that Ashland would get more money, and he wouldn't have to deal with Victor and his criminal son.

Jack told Billy that Adam hadn't been charged, and Jack wouldn't back Billy because Billy wanted Cyaxares for all the wrong reasons. Billy stated that he despised Adam, but he wanted to protect his company. Jack refused and left.

When Jack arrived at Jabot, he asked Kyle what Ashland had had to say. Kyle said Ashland would be in town the next day, and Ashland wanted to have lunch with him. Kyle said he hadn't responded because he'd wanted to talk to Jack first. Jack said he would handle the meeting with Ashland and do a little recon to see what Ashland was after. If it was about a proposal, he would turn Ashland down. Kyle felt there would be red flags if he didn't show up. Jack claimed that someone in Jack's position and experience would want to meet with Ashland personally. Jack told Kyle to leave town for a few days, and Jack would take care of everything.

Jack was working alone at Jabot when Lauren arrived. She told Jack that Phyllis had asked her to send Sally to run the Fenmore's store in L.A. Jack acknowledged that Phyllis had been very vocal in her disapproval of him spending time with Sally and that Phyllis had been acting very strange lately. Lauren felt that Jack would want to know about the conversation. She said she would keep him updated, and she left.

After Lauren left, Sally entered and asked if Jack wanted to grab a bite to eat. Jack asked to speak to her. He stated that they had been getting close, but there were things they didn't know about each other. Sally asked if someone had said something about her. Jack asked why she'd jumped to that conclusion. He asked if there was something he should know. Sally looked worried.

At ChancComm, Lily ended a call, and she didn't look happy. Billy arrived, and Lily accused him of reaching out to Ashland Locke behind her back, even after they had agreed not to do that. Billy said he might have gotten ahead of himself. He'd wanted to set up a meeting with Ashland, and once he'd received the money from Jack and convinced Lily it was a good idea, everything would be in place; however, it had all backfired because Jack had had the same concerns as Lily -- they both questioned his motivation. Lily said that Ashland wasn't available to meet with him. She said some things weren't meant to be, and they needed to move on.

Victoria arrived and told Billy and Lily she couldn't imagine that Ashland would be willing to sell his company to a fugitive. She said that Victor believed that Ashland would still seal the deal; however, she wanted to prove him wrong. Victoria proposed a joint venture between Newman and ChancComm to steal Cyaxares away from Victor and Adam. She said that if they united, it would make the offer more impressive, and they would use their separate strengths to impress Ashland. Billy said that he and Lily needed to discuss it and that they would both have to agree to Victoria's proposal.

After Victoria left, Billy asked if Lily saw the benefits of Victoria's proposal. Lily said that if Victoria bought half the company, she would want to run it, but Billy reminded her that Victoria had sold off the Newman media companies. Lily claimed it had been a personal offer from Victoria. Whatever Victoria had said about staying out of Billy's life, it was her way of forging an alliance with Billy, with the added benefit of outplaying Victor and Adam. Lily said it was too risky, and there had been a reason Jill had never gotten behind it and why Billy had had to turn to Jack for financing.

Lily told Billy they were a good team because they balanced each other out and knew when to draw the line. Billy asked if Lily was saying "no" and if there wouldn't be a discussion unless he agreed with her. Lily asked if Billy would have run with Victoria's idea if Lily hadn't been there. Billy claimed he didn't like that they were arguing. Lily thought it was best to walk away from that deal, but Billy was convinced it was the best choice for their company. They were at an impasse, and Billy asked where that left them.

At Society, Kyle told Summer that Jack wanted him to leave town for a couple of days. Summer saw it as an opportunity to celebrate their engagement and make a few wedding plans. Kyle said he was a grown man, but his dad was taking care of a problem that he should be handling himself. Summer said it was a delicate situation -- one slip-up, and Ashland would go after Kyle. Kyle said he wouldn't do anything risky or admit to anything, but he didn't want to run and hide. If Ashland was suspicious, Kyle felt it was best to meet him head-on and show him there was nothing to worry about.

Sharon arrived home. Rey had been waiting for her. He was thrilled that Faith was okay. Sharon said Faith had a long road ahead of her, and her emotional road was going to be more difficult. Rey asked Sharon if Adam had reached out to her. Sharon looked Rey in the eye and lied. She said she hadn't heard from Adam.

Nick and Rey learn Adam saved Faith's life Nick and Rey learn Adam saved Faith's life

Friday, April 2, 2021

Nate dropped Moses off at Devon's penthouse. Moses thanked Devon for giving him a place to stay and arranging for him to attend school at Walnut Grove. Devon insisted that Moses didn't have to thank him because they were family, and it was Moses' home. Moses remembered that his mom had asked him to send a text message to let her know he had gotten there okay. Nate mentioned the slight detour, and Moses gushed that he hadn't been able to wait to see the hospital.

Nate informed Devon that he'd found Moses wandering around the ICU, flirting with patients. Moses clarified that he'd wanted to see Nate in action, and Devon commented that there was nothing more important than a good role model. Nate proclaimed that it was exactly what he intended to be by showing Moses that it was possible to be a great doctor, no matter what obstacles were thrown in the way. Devon praised that he'd never met anyone more dedicated than Nate, citing Nate's work at the hospital, the clinic, and an online medical program.

Nate gave Devon credit for setting up the clinic by taking what he'd learned in the music business and the corporate world and applying it to making a difference in people's lives. Moses felt luckier by the minute, and Devon thought they were all lucky to be able to help one another out. Moses shared that he'd been taking science classes, studying diligently, and getting involved in extracurricular activities to help him look good when he applied to premed programs. Moses referred to the way Neil had died suddenly, without any of them knowing something had been wrong. Moses hoped that as he trained to become a doctor, he'd learn about things that people might miss.

Nate cautioned that medicine wasn't an easy career, and there were no shortcuts. Moses was determined to put in the time and work because he'd never wanted anything more, and he was grateful Nate was willing to help him make becoming a doctor a reality. Nate prepared to head back to work, and Moses asked when he could start volunteering. Devon mentioned that he'd arranged an internship for Moses at the clinic, and Nate intended to involve Moses in Ask MD Now. Nate promised that he'd be in touch soon, and he left.

Moses acknowledged that he should have let Devon know he'd gone to the hospital first, and he swore it wouldn't happen again. Devon understood that his brother was excited about medicine, and he'd been impressed listening to Moses talk about his career choice because it was obvious the teen knew what it would take to achieve his goal. Moses recalled that Neil had told him that Devon had done the same thing at Moses' age by striving to become a musician. Moses pushed to hear about Devon's career, and Devon confided that it wasn't as glamorous as it looked on award shows.

Devon was glad he'd shared a love for music with Neil, and he'd always carry that with him. Moses admired that Devon was living his dream, like Moses hoped to do one day -- only Moses planned to be more like Nate. Moses was happy Devon and Nate were close, and Devon awkwardly responded that he and Nate shared a lot of the same ideas about giving back. Moses broached the topic of the house rules, since he didn't want to interfere with Devon's time with his lady. Moses mentioned that his mom had given him the impression Devon was living with someone, but Devon confirmed that it would only be the two of them.

At Society, Lola was taken aback when Rey informed her that Adam had attempted to poison him, and she remembered that Adam had once tampered with Victor's medication. Rey muttered that it was a tidy way to murder someone, and Lola questioned why Adam hadn't been arrested yet. Rey confirmed that it was an ongoing investigation, and Lola protested when she realized he was involved when he was still healing from what Adam had done. She ranted that Adam had gotten away with everything because he was a Newman with connections and money. Rey swore that it wouldn't save Adam that time.

Lola suggested that Rey let another detective handle the case because it was too personal. He contended that he was a professional who didn't let emotions cloud his judgment. Elena entered the restaurant and asked how Rey was feeling. He replied that he was good, and he headed out. Lola guessed that Elena was there to talk about the party they were planning to distract Mariah and Abby while they waited to find out if the embryo transfer had worked. Lola recognized that they'd be celebrating Mariah's possible pregnancy with a baby Elena's ex had helped conceive, and she wondered if Elena was sure she wanted to be a part of it.

Elena explained that she and Devon had never seriously talked about having kids, but she'd pictured having a boy or girl with his smile. She reasoned that if Mariah conceived, it would be Chance and Abby's baby in all the ways that counted. Elena figured that Mariah was committed, and they should celebrate that. Lola considered it a lovely sentiment, but she wondered how Elena really felt. Elena felt like everyone was moving on with their lives except for her, and it was like she was stuck.

Lola empathized that she'd felt like she'd been standing still while the world rushed past after her relationship with Kyle had ended, but she'd eventually realized that she'd only been missing the drama, self-doubt, and other things she hadn't needed. Lola called it liberating, and Elena questioned whether she should view being dumped by two men as a blessing. Lola clarified that the end to her marriage had allowed her to look at the beautiful things in her life, like her job and her family, and she'd gotten back a sense of who she was. Lola pointed out that Elena had incredible friends, a great career, and the number of a guy she'd met at a bar the other night. Elena opted not to call the guy because the last thing she wanted to think about was men. Nate walked in, and he and Elena locked eyes.

Nate greeted Lola and Elena and asked Lola how Rey had been after leaving the hospital. Lola reported that her brother was doing well and that he'd just been there to tell her that someone had tried to kill him. Nate was glad that Rey had responded well to the antidote for thallium poisoning, and Lola applauded Nate and Elena for putting their heads together to figure it out. Lola made an excuse to retreat to the kitchen, and Nate echoed the sentiment that he and Elena worked well together. Elena guessed that there was still no going back for them.

Nate doubted there was much point in him and Elena trying again after everything that had happened. He referred to her feelings for Devon that she still needed to sort out, and he didn't think he'd be able to trust her again. Elena understood, but Nate stressed that it was no small thing that they worked well together. Elena was glad they'd gotten to a place where they could at least do that. Nate told her to take care and turned to the bar to pick up his takeout. He paused to gaze at her again before he left.

Lola exited the kitchen and guessed things hadn't gone well between Elena and Nate. Elena thought she couldn't have expected him to leave the door open after she'd made it clear she wasn't over Devon, and the only thing she was sure of was that she was a mess with men. Elena decided to follow in Lola's footsteps by taking a break from romance to focus on her friends and her career.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nikki was glad she and Victor had been able to find time to meet before she headed back to the hospital to check on Faith. She invited him to go with her, but he informed her that he was meeting his attorney to go over the final details of the Cyaxares contract. Nikki urged him to postpone the meeting, but Victor simply stated that he'd be at the hospital later. She questioned whether the legal matter was really that urgent, and he explained that he wanted to make sure everything was in order before Ashland returned to town. Victor insisted that he would be at Faith's bedside soon.

Nikki wondered if Victor was putting her off because he didn't want to see Faith. Nikki recognized that Victor loved his children and his grandchildren, and what happened to them had a great impact on him, even if he didn't show it. Nikki pointed out that Faith's accident had been a terrifying reminder of how they'd lost Cassie, and Victor asked if she was afraid he'd turn into a puddle in the ICU. Nikki suspected that he was afraid he would, but he argued that he'd already gone to visit Faith. Nikki countered that Faith had been unconscious then, but the girl was awake and needed him. Victor promised he would be there, and Nikki departed.

Devon and Moses ran into Victor in the hotel lobby, and Victor asked how long Moses would be staying with his brother. Moses indicated that he'd be in town at least until the end of the school year, since going to Walnut Grove would help him get into a good college. Devon mentioned that Moses was interested in premed programs, and Victor marveled at there being three doctors in one family. Victor imagined that Neil would have been very proud of Moses, and he called Neil one of the nicest men he'd ever met.

Moses stepped away, and Devon told Victor that Moses was also there because the teen was having a hard time with Neil's death. Victor stated that Moses couldn't be in a better place or with a better person. Victor and Devon discussed the possibility that Mariah was pregnant, and Victor commended Devon for helping Abby and Chance to realize their dreams. Moses returned, and Victor told him to call if he needed anything. Victor believed that Neil would have been proud of Devon for helping his brother, and Devon replied that showing up for family was what they did. Victor departed.

Moses revealed that he'd overheard Devon talking to Victor about Abby, and he sensed that Devon and Abby seemed pretty tight. Devon called her one of his best friends, and Moses questioned whether that was all. Devon explained that he'd officiated at her wedding to another good friend of his, and he wondered why his brother was interested in his love life. Moses relayed that his mom had said Devon had a girlfriend, and Moses had been glad to hear it after Devon had lost both Hilary and Neil.

Devon admitted that it had been a rough couple of years, but he'd been able to start living his life again. Moses assumed that meant Devon was seeing someone. Moses observed that Devon was working hard not to say anything, and Devon confessed that he'd screwed things up with the last girl he'd dated. Devon added that he'd been trying to fix it, but he'd shifted his focus to spending time with Moses.

At the hospital, Faith opened her eyes and teased Sharon and Nick for hovering over her. Nick remarked that it was good to hear Faith sound like her old self, and Faith wondered if they were being nice because things had gotten worse. Nick and Sharon insisted that Faith was doing great, with no sign of a concussion or head trauma. Sharon chirped that Faith would be able to go home sooner than they'd thought if things continued to go as they had been, and Faith couldn't wait. Sharon asked if she could get Faith anything, and Faith wondered if they'd figured out who'd rescued her. Sharon squirmed.

Nick told Faith that they didn't know who had gotten her to the hospital, but he intended to find out. Sharon prepared to stop by Crimson Lights for a bit to prove that she wasn't hovering. Nick asserted that the parent handbook stipulated that some hovering was allowed, and he proceeded to tell a terrible joke. Faith gently scolded him for trying to make her laugh when it hurt for her to do so. Sharon offered to pick up clothes for Faith to wear home, and Faith imagined that everything she'd been wearing had been ruined in the accident. Faith regretted doing something that dangerous and reckless, but Nick assured her that they were just grateful she was okay. Sharon and Nick pledged to give Faith everything she needed to heal.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon's phone pinged, and she read a message from Adam, begging her to see him because she was his only hope. Nick entered the coffeehouse and eyed Sharon suspiciously. He inquired whether she had the dark roast he liked, and she nervously offered to pour him a cup. Nick pressed to know if Sharon was okay, since she hadn't seemed happy after they'd gotten the good news about Faith. He recalled that she'd seemed thrown by a text message she'd read at the hospital, and she'd just been staring at her phone with the same expression. He demanded to know if it was about Adam, and she blurted out that it was.

Sharon claimed that she'd been checking the news feed to see if the police had found Adam, and she worried about what would happen if Rey was the one who found him. Nick understood the stress that Sharon had been under, but he held onto the bright spot -- the guy who'd taken Faith to the emergency room. Nick shared that he'd asked Rey to look at the hospital's security footage to find out who they should thank. Sharon clammed up, and Nick pushed to know what was going on with her.

Sharon stammered that she was just trying to wrap her head around the news that Faith would be okay after they'd been terrified of losing her. Nick enthused that Faith would be fine, thanks to the mystery man, who had proven that there was good left in the world. Nick vowed not to stop until he found out who the man was and told him how grateful they were.

At the hospital, Nikki showed Faith pictures of Patches and mentioned that she'd ridden and groomed the horse that morning. Faith appreciated Nikki looking after the horse for her, but she seemed preoccupied. Nikki implored Faith to talk to her, and Faith asked if her grandpa hated her for stealing the bottle of tequila and wrecking the truck. Nikki swore that Victor adored Faith, and she shared that Victor had been there before Faith had woken up. Nikki added that if anyone had failed, it had been Nikki.

Nikki recounted how devastated Faith had been when she'd learned Jordan had tricked her, and she wished she hadn't left Faith alone. As Sharon listened, Faith insisted that it hadn't been Nikki's fault, since Faith had been the one to make a mistake, and she had to find way to make up for it somehow. Faith drifted off to sleep, and Sharon agreed that Nikki shouldn't blame herself. Sharon wished she'd been more proactive about getting Faith in therapy, but she figured there was no point in second-guessing themselves. Nikki committed to moving forward with Faith's healing process, and Sharon implored her to focus on the positive and all the good things ahead for them.

Later, Nikki smiled when she received a text message. She grabbed her coat and slipped out. A moment later, Victor appeared, and Faith's eyes fluttered open. He presented her with a chess set and asked if she was up for it. Faith wasn't sure she could give much of a game, and he offered to move the pieces for her. She tearfully stated that she was glad he was there, and he said she'd given them quite a scare. She whimpered that she was sorry. Victor suggested that he put the pieces on the board so they could play, and she nodded.

Rey joined Nick at the coffeehouse. Nick asked if there had been any word on Adam, and Rey indicated that there had been nothing. Rey revealed that he had been able to get the security footage from the emergency room, and he knew Nick was eager to see it to find the good Samaritan. Rey proposed that they watch it together, and he pulled up a feed from the public access door. After a moment, Nick spotted a guy in a hoodie, holding Faith. Nick and Rey looked at one another in disbelief.

Nick and Rey watched the video again to get a clear view. "I'll be damned. It's him," Nick confirmed, noting that there was no mistaking who it was, even with the hoodie covering most of the man's face. Rey thought the timing fit with when Adam had bolted from his penthouse, and he realized that Adam had taken the time to pull over to check the wreck and see if he could help, even when the entire GCPD and the state police had been searching for him. Nick speculated that Adam had caused the accident, but Rey reiterated that there had been no sign of another vehicle being involved. Nick grappled with the fact that Adam had been on the run yet had risked everything to save Faith's life.

At the cottage, Sharon read Adam's text message again, and she replied to ask where he was. "Lake," he wrote back. She clutched the phone to her chest and contemplated what to do.

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