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Jack put the brakes on his relationship with Sally after she confessed her misdeeds. Amanda agreed to take Sutton's case. Sharon secretly met with Adam. Sharon professed Adam's innocence to Rey. Chelsea told Nick that Sharon knew where Adam was. Elena confirmed that Mariah was pregnant.
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Sharon secretly met with Adam and professed his innocence to Rey, and Jack put the brakes on his relationship with Sally
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Ashland backs Kyle into a corner

Ashland backs Kyle into a corner

Monday, April 5, 2021

At Sharon's house, Rey told Sharon and Nick that the police department couldn't overlook Faith's traffic violations, which included driving without a license while underage and being under the influence. Nick agreed that Faith should face consequences for her actions. Sharon told Rey she hadn't expected him to ignore what Faith had done. Sharon and Nick agreed that Faith would pay her own fine, participate in court-ordered community service, and complete outpatient treatment for chemical dependency. Nick left to be with Faith at the hospital before Rey announced to Sharon that Adam was the mysterious good Samaritan who'd driven Faith to the hospital.

Rey showed Sharon a photo of Adam, taken by the hospital's security cameras. Rey said Adam's actions had saved Faith's life. Sharon noted that Adam had put himself at risk to save Faith's life, so it didn't make sense that he was the person who'd attempted to poison Faith's stepdad. Rey said Adam having saved Faith's life hadn't changed the fact that his obsession with Sharon had also led him to commit attempted murder. Rey reminded Sharon that the thallium had been found in Adam's penthouse and that keepsakes stolen from Sharon had been located in Adam's car. Sharon recalled that Billy had initially been implicated in Chance's shooting, though Rey had instead followed his instincts, which had led to a different conclusion. Rey replied that his instincts were telling him differently this time.

Sharon didn't press the issue, acknowledging that she and Rey had faced trauma, and she suggested they be patient and continue therapy to work through their issues. Rey agreed it was a good idea. Sharon received a text message from Adam advising her to ensure no one followed her when she drove to meet him. Sharon slipped her phone back in her purse and told Rey there was an emergency at Crimson Lights. Rey offered to handle the problem, but Sharon said she'd phone her workers as she drove to the hospital. Rey agreed to pick up their conversation later.

Lauren met with Phyllis at the Grand Phoenix to discuss Sally. Phyllis had strongly suggested that Lauren promote Sally and move her to a position in Los Angeles. Lauren admitted she hadn't stopped thinking about what Phyllis had said before about how the move would benefit them both. Lauren recalled Phyllis' having warned about the possibility of Sally "showing her claws," and she asked for clarification. Phyllis warned that Sally was trouble. Lauren specifically asked Phyllis why she'd suddenly avoided confronting Sally to her face and was instead maneuvering behind her back. Phyllis laughed and claimed she wasn't afraid of "Sally the Schemer."

Phyllis explained that she'd backed off because Lauren and Jack had given her flack for berating Sally to her face. Lauren admitted she shared Phyllis' concerns that Sally had plans to go after Summer, and she asked Phyllis if Sally had issued threats. Phyllis stepped around the truth, explaining that she'd just requested a favor from her friend. Phyllis promised to say nothing more about it because Lauren had declined to transfer Sally. After Phyllis walked away, Lauren seemed frustrated.

After Lauren returned to her office, she read a complimentary note Sally had left paper-clipped to a file. Lauren thought over her meeting with Phyllis. Lauren paused and said aloud to herself, "Something definitely went down between you and Summer." Lauren sent a text message to Sally, requesting they meet. Lauren seemed troubled by Phyllis' claims about Sally's threats.

In the boardroom at Jabot, Summer pleaded with Kyle to stick to Jack's plan and avoid meeting in person with Ashland Locke. Kyle insisted he would meet with Ashland along with Jack. Summer pointed out that Jack was more adept in tackling sticky situations. Kyle refused to back down, explaining that he'd created the mess, and only he was responsible for cleaning it up. Summer couldn't hide her concerns.

Summer met with Phyllis at the hotel. Phyllis, speaking in code, said, "Um, listen, regarding the plan, you know, the package that we want to return to sender." Summer, confused, replied, "What?" Phyllis explained that she was talking about Sally returning to Los Angeles. Phyllis added that she'd yet to hear back from the Spencers, adding that even her backup plan wasn't succeeding. Phyllis vowed not to give up. Summer cried that she had much bigger problems. Phyllis advised Summer to nip her little problems in the bud before they got bigger.

Summer told Phyllis that Jack was meeting with Ashland Locke after having warned Kyle to stay away. Summer cried that Kyle had stubbornly ignored the advice and was on his way to crash the meeting. Phyllis said she doubted anything catastrophic would ensue. Summer admitted she was scared and cried that Ashland had a reputation for being vindictive. Phyllis said they had no proof Ashland was aware of Kyle and Tara's affair, explaining that Jack had met with Ashland to determine what he was up to. Phyllis pleaded with Summer to trust Jack, who knew how to deal with people like Ashland.

Jack greeted Ashland in the lounge at Society and welcomed the powerful business mogul back to Genoa City. Ashland replied, "Where's Kyle?" Jack claimed that Kyle had suddenly been called away to handle a matter for Jabot. Jack joked that he was the "B team," explaining that he'd agreed to step in rather than canceling. Ashland surmised that Jack hadn't trusted his son to carry out the meeting on his own. Jack assured Ashland that was not the case.

Ashland told Jack he was eager to launch a health and beauty platform on one of his online publications and hoped to sign on Jabot as a sponsor. Jack said he'd be willing to determine whether the endeavor would benefit Jabot. Ashland asked Jack if Kyle would be involved or whether his son's title as co-CEO was just for show. Jack assured Ashland that Kyle was an exceptionally talented executive. Jack sought to prove his endorsement of Kyle by stating that he'd sent his trusted son to handle the aforementioned issue. Ashland acknowledged he'd heard that Kyle was an up-and-comer in the business world and quite capable.

Ashland told Jack he was aware that Kyle had followed in his father's footsteps as a ladies' man, just as Jack had been in his younger days. Jack was defending Kyle's personal life when Kyle entered and said his ears were burning. Jack tried to cover and said he thought Kyle was on his way to Arizona. Kyle pulled up a chair and explained that the situation wasn't as dire as they'd first thought. Jack announced that he and Ashland had just finished discussing a business proposal, so Kyle's input was unnecessary, and he need not have troubled himself. Ashland said, "But I'm glad you did."

The tone of Ashland's response made Jack appear uneasy. Ashland encouraged Kyle to order a drink. Kyle said it was too early in the day for him. Ashland commended Kyle for his discipline. Jack interrupted and announced that he and Kyle should return to the office to work on quarterly reports. Ashland glared at Kyle while suggesting Jack return alone, giving him and Kyle time to catch up. Jack mumbled a reason for Kyle to leave with him, but Kyle interrupted and said Ashland's plan worked for him.

After Jack left, he encountered Summer just outside the entrance door. Jack was at a loss for words about Kyle's decision to show up. Summer said perhaps Ashland really wanted to discuss business. Jack said the situation was more serious, though it was out of his hands. Summer watched warily outside the window while Kyle talked to Ashland.

Ashland recalled having met Kyle before and suggested their encounters might have taken place in the Hamptons. Kyle admitted he'd spent lots of time in the Hamptons and could have encountered Ashland at a party where he'd tended bar. Kyle insisted he couldn't recall having previously met Ashland or his wife. Ashland replied, "Do you recall sleeping with her?" Kyle's face became pale, and he looked like a frightened deer caught in a set of headlights.

In her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Amanda was working when she received a text message from Devon inviting her to join him and his brother, Moses, downstairs. Amanda didn't commit and had just set down her phone when she heard a knock at her door. Amanda opened her door and saw a well-dressed, handsome, older gentlemen who introduced himself as Sutton Ames. Amanda coldly replied, "I know exactly who you are. You're my grandfather." Amanda slammed the door after Sutton entered.

Sutton acknowledged that Amanda likely had a low opinion of him. Amanda immediately confronted her estranged grandfather for having forced his daughter to give up her twin daughters. Sutton defended himself and insisted his daughter had made her own decision in the end. Amanda noted that Naya had taken responsibility for her actions, which she appeared to regret. Sutton claimed he'd had good reasons for advising Naya to do what she'd done. Amanda scoffed, "Political self-interest?" Sutton agreed, adding that "the greater good was bigger than any one of our lives."

Sutton insisted Naya had made the right choice not to give up on her promising future for one mistake. Amanda smiled in a sarcastic manner and replied, "Bravo. A lofty personal defense, forthright and unapologetic. Did your speech writers craft it? Because they made one crucial mistake. They didn't account for your audience." Sutton said he'd spoken from his heart and hoped Amanda might understand and perhaps forgive him. Amanda replied, "Which would also be in your self-interest."

Sutton requested that Amanda keep an open mind and not allow her personal feelings to lead her to believe that he was solely responsible for her father's death. Amanda insisted she'd never allowed her personal feelings to cloud her evaluation of a case. Amanda added that after having pored over the material prepared by Sutton's legal team, she'd concluded that the evidence was circumstantial and didn't support the claim that Sutton had killed Richard to cover up political misdoings. Having become increasingly frustrated and angry, Amanda blamed Sutton for the hardships she'd endured and cited his callousness for not keeping her from being separated from her sister. Amanda threatened to turn her back on Sutton the same way he'd turned his on her and Hilary.

Sutton acknowledged to Amanda that he was acting in his own self-interest to have her on his defense team. Amanda said she wasn't interested in exploiting her history, so her role, should she accept his case, would be solely as his attorney without acknowledging their relationship. Sutton told Amanda he wanted to hire her because he trusted her and wanted to do right by her, adding that representing him could also benefit her by deepening her relationship with Naya. Amanda said she'd begun fostering a relationship on her own and asked Sutton if he intended to retaliate by influencing Naya to turn her away. Sutton said he had no such intentions, but he pointed out that Naya and the whole family would be deeply grateful if Amanda would agree to defend him in the high-profile case, which might also elevate her career. Amanda explained that she wasn't experienced in trying criminal cases in court and could lose the case.

Sutton was prepared to rebut Amanda and replied, "You never lose, not one case since you passed the bar." Amanda was taken aback when Sutton said he knew more about her than she might expect. After Sutton listed Amanda's educational and professional accomplishments, she was impressed, recalling that she'd had her online records scrubbed. Amanda was surprised to learn that Sutton had kept track of her and Hilary all their lives to ensure they were all right. Amanda cried that they weren't all right.

Sutton said it had made him proud to know that both his granddaughters had beautifully risen above their challenges to become quite accomplished. Amanda angrily replied, "No thanks to you." Sutton agreed and credited Amanda for being fiercely intelligent and a brilliant, strategic thinker. Sutton offered to open doors for Amanda if she'd take his case. Amanda's anger seemed to soften after Sutton promised she'd assume her rightful place as a member of his family, where she truly belonged.

In the hotel lobby, Devon introduced Amanda to Moses. Moses was shocked by Amanda's resemblance to Hilary. Amanda explained that she'd just left an unexpected visit from her grandfather. Devon said he was eager to discuss it, but he had to get Moses settled. Devon vowed to return afterward to talk things over with Amanda. Moses insisted on taking a cab to meet with Nate. Amanda told Devon her grandfather was persuasive, insightful, and accustomed to getting his way. Devon advised Amanda to stay on her toes around her grandfather. Amanda announced that she was leaning toward taking on Sutton's case.

Victor was with Faith at the hospital when Nick arrived. Nick said he was thankful Faith hadn't been more seriously injured. Victor agreed, adding that they should thank the person who'd transported her to the hospital. Nick replied, "It was Adam." Nick admitted that despite all Adam had done, he was grateful his brother had found Faith by the side of the road. Victor replied, "That actually makes me feel good that Adam saved her." Faith awoke and said she'd heard her father and grandfather mention Adam. Nick explained to Faith that Adam had taken her to the hospital.

Victor left before Sharon arrived. Nick told Sharon that Faith knew Adam had saved her. Faith winced in pain and recalled the horrible things Adam had done. Sharon explained that Adam was capable of doing both good and bad things. Sharon added that it wasn't the first time Adam had saved Faith's life. Faith replied, "I know, when I was a baby in the storm. But I told him off in public. I said I hated him. What do I do now? I guess I should thank him?" Nick said Faith shouldn't thank Adam, adding that he wouldn't allow her to spend any time with Adam because Adam was a dangerous person.

Faith asked her parents if Adam had committed another crime. Sharon was hesitant to discuss it, but Nick told Faith that Adam had planted the thallium that had poisoned Rey. Sharon rolled her eyes at Nick. Faith recalled that Adam had tried to kill both her grandfather and her stepdad, so he should be arrested. Nick said Adam had fled, though police were searching for him.

Sharon, changing the subject, said she was glad Faith was better and would soon be released. Sharon gently explained to Faith that she would face legal consequences and would need to appear before a judge. Faith asked if she'd be placed in rehab like her grandmother had been. Nick mentioned outpatient programs, including counseling sessions. Sharon added that Faith would be required to participate in community service and pay a fine. Faith acknowledged that she deserved to be punished, and she promised to reconcile the situation with her parents.

Sharon entered Adam's room and thanked him for saving Faith. Sharon cried that both she and Nick were aware of the danger Faith had placed herself in and had imagined the worst. Adam recalled how his stomach had dropped when he'd seen Faith. Sharon cried that she couldn't have survived the loss of another child. Sharon acknowledged that Adam had risked his freedom to rescue Faith.

Adam said his actions should remain a secret. Sharon explained that everyone already knew because Adam had been spotted on hospital surveillance footage. Sharon said she hoped Adam wasn't playing her for a fool about the poisoning. Adam told Sharon she wouldn't have gone to him if she'd thought it was true.

Sharon balks at Adam's request to help him trap Chelsea

Sharon balks at Adam's request to help him trap Chelsea

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

At Chancellor Communications, Billy wondered if Lily had been following the coverage on Adam. Lily confirmed that she knew Adam was still on the run, and Billy bragged that ChancComm had been ahead of the curve when they'd warned the public what a menace Adam was. Billy suggested that they do a follow-up piece, and Lily noted that their news site had already posted an article about Rey's poisoning. Billy considered publishing something that put Adam's latest crime into context. Lily surmised that it would be another attack on Adam, and she ordered Billy to drop it.

Billy griped that Lily had been quick to shut him down lately, and it was becoming a habit. Lily voiced concern about how he'd lost perspective with the Newmans, and it was why she didn't feel comfortable forging an alliance with Victoria. Billy wished Lily had more faith in him, but she reiterated that going after Cyaxares was a bad idea. He questioned whether she was opposed to partnering with Victoria because Victoria was his ex.

Lily readily admitted that she didn't want to deal with Victoria more than she already had to, especially since Victoria had been open about her feelings for Billy. Lily believed in her relationship with Billy and asserted that she would have agreed to a partnership with Victoria if she thought it was good for the company, but she didn't think it was worth the cost. Billy argued that cost wouldn't be a problem with Victoria as a partner, but Lily felt that no deal was worth getting in the middle of a Newman family war. Lily thought Jill would agree, and she encouraged Billy to take a long, hard look at why he couldn't let it go.

At Crimson Lights, Sally chatted over video with her "Grams," Shirley, who assumed that Sally had called because she was either in trouble or plotting something and wanted Shirley's advice. Sally countered that her grandmother's suggestions hadn't always steered her in the right direction. Sally referred to the check she'd sent, and Shirley groaned that things had been tough since she and Coco had left L.A. Shirley mentioned Sally's recent promotion, and she thought they could make sure Sally rose to the top of the corporate ladder if they put their heads together.

Sally clarified that it hadn't been why she'd called, and she just wanted to share that things were going well for her, professionally and personally. Shirley asked what his name was, and she was thrilled to hear that Sally had landed Jabot's co-CEO. Sally swore that it wasn't what she cared about, since Jack was kind, smart, and funny. Shirley squealed in anticipation of getting a lifetime supply of free makeup, but Sally abruptly ended the chat when Lauren entered the coffeehouse. Lauren questioned whether she could rely on Sally, and Sally insisted that Lauren could. Lauren chided her for still trying to make trouble for Summer.

Sally asked where Lauren had heard that, since Sally had accepted that Lauren had chosen Summer to run JCV, and she loved the job she had. Lauren pressed to know what was going on, and Sally blurted out that Summer had gone to L.A. to dig up dirt on her. Lauren questioned whether there had been dirt to dig up, and Sally remained quiet. Lauren threatened to call Bill Spencer or the Forresters, but she preferred to hear it from Sally. Sally reiterated that she'd moved to Genoa City to get a fresh start, and her reasons were private. Sally asserted that Summer had taken preemptive action because she'd felt threatened, so Sally had needed to fight back to protect herself.

Sally confessed that she'd found out some information that Summer didn't want anyone to know, and she'd used it as insurance to keep Summer from telling people about Sally's past. Lauren considered it blackmail, and she lectured that she'd expected more out of both Sally and Summer. Lauren recalled that she'd taken a chance by hiring, encouraging, and supporting Sally, and she was deeply disappointed that Sally had let her down. Lauren said she needed to process all of it to figure out what to do next, and she walked out.

Summer peered in from outside Society as Kyle reeled from Ashland's question about whether he had slept with Ashland's wife. Kyle chuckled and called Ashland's sense of humor twisted. "Maybe it is," Ashland icily responded. Kyle recalled that he'd heard that Ashland liked to play games with people, and he guessed it wasn't a myth. Ashland pointed out that Kyle hadn't answered the question, but Kyle countered that all he'd heard was a laughable accusation.

Kyle recognized that Ashland wasn't kidding, and he seemed miffed that Ashland hadn't summoned him to talk about Jabot. Kyle declared the meeting over, but Ashland revealed that Kyle had passed his test. Ashland explained that if Kyle had gotten angry or indignant, Ashland would have known that his suspicions had been right, but Kyle had laughed it off. Kyle maintained that the idea was ridiculous, and Ashland claimed that he was relieved to have been mistaken. Ashland sternly added that if he ever found out that someone had slept with Tara, that person would be in a world of trouble.

Summer interrupted as Kyle and Ashland discussed business, and Ashland excused himself to tend to another matter. Ashland respected that Kyle had kept his cool, and he exited. Summer anxiously informed Kyle that she'd seen a worried Jack on his way out, and she wondered what had happened to the plan for the men to handle Ashland together. Kyle called it the most unnerving conversation of his life, since Ashland had directly asked if Kyle had slept with his wife, and Ashland had claimed he'd just been testing Kyle to see his response.

Summer assumed everything was fine from the friendly way the conversation had ended. Kyle remarked that sometimes the way things looked and the way things really were differed -- especially with a man like Ashland Locke. Kyle imagined that he'd be in real trouble if Ashland started digging around. Kyle thought the best strategy was to talk to someone who was familiar with Ashland's playbook.

After Kyle left, Sally confronted Summer at the bar. Sally accused Summer of getting tired of their agreement and shaking things up by telling Lauren that Sally was holding something over Summer. Sally hissed that Summer had betrayed her trust, and it had been a big mistake. Summer advised Sally to keep her voice down, and she questioned why she would say anything to Lauren and provoke Sally when she didn't want anyone to know about Kyle and Tara.

Sally guessed that Summer hadn't been able to stand the fact that someone she looked down on had gotten the upper hand. Summer ordered Sally to stop because she wasn't making sense, and she swore that she hadn't said anything about Sally's time in L.A. Sally snapped that someone had whispered something in Lauren's ear to badmouth Sally, and all signs pointed to Summer. Sally vowed not to forget what Summer had done, and she stormed off.

At Jabot, Jack left a message for Kyle to ask how things had gone with Ashland. Billy arrived, and Jack stressed that he hadn't changed his mind about making a higher bid for Cyaxares. Billy reported that he had another source -- Newman Enterprises. Jack inquired whether Lily was on board, but Billy shared that she wanted him to forget about the deal entirely. Billy requested a nonjudgmental sounding board, and Jack offered to do his best.

Billy confided that he wanted to beat Victor, but he also truly believed the deal was a good opportunity for ChancComm to level up. Billy continued that if he and Lily weren't more than business partners, he wouldn't care what she had to say, but he was crazy about her. Billy anticipated that walking away from the deal would kill him, but if he didn't, it might spell the end of his relationship with Lily. Jack suspected that Billy already knew exactly what he had to do.

Later, Kyle returned to Jabot, and Jack chided him for walking into the line of fire with Ashland. Kyle reasoned that it had been his mess, so he'd been responsible for cleaning it up. Jack inquired whether Ashland had seemed suspicious of Kyle and Tara, and Kyle cracked that he'd figured that out when Ashland had asked if Kyle had slept with her. Kyle revealed that it had all been a test to get a read on him. He'd played it off, but he didn't know where it had left him because he hadn't been able to get a read on Ashland.

Jack wasn't surprised to hear that Ashland had played mind games, and he thought it sounded like Ashland knew about the affair. Kyle worried about what Ashland would do next. Meanwhile, Ashland returned to his hotel suite. He ordered someone over the phone to pull the financials for Jabot and highlight the company's weaknesses, since he needed to know where it was most vulnerable.

Billy tracked Victoria down at the Grand Phoenix and asked if she had a minute. She assumed he was there to tell her that they were going into business together, but he announced that ChancComm was going to pass on her offer. Victoria wondered what had happened to the enthusiasm Billy had shown just hours earlier, and she questioned whether he was okay with her dad and Adam winning. Billy figured that Ashland might still have a change of heart.

Victoria warned that without another deal on the table, Ashland might still sell Cyaxares to Victor, and Victor would use the company to go after Billy. Billy declared that he wasn't afraid of whatever Victor threw at him, but Victoria cautioned that it wouldn't be healthy competition because her father wouldn't rest until ChancComm was dead and buried. Victoria wished Billy would take the lifeline she was trying to throw him.

Billy appreciated Victoria's concern, but he maintained that ChancComm wouldn't be pursuing Ashland's company. Victoria recalled how much Billy had wanted to make the deal happen, and she surmised that it wasn't as important as what his girlfriend wanted. Victoria questioned who was calling the shots -- him or Lily. Billy sternly told Victoria the remark was uncalled for, and he warned her not to go there again.

Chloe arrived at Adam's penthouse and declared that she was glad to be of service, but she realized that Meredith hadn't filled Chelsea in. Meredith explained that she was no longer comfortable working there because of the disturbing situation with Adam, and Chloe added that she was willing to stay until they arranged for a new nurse. Meredith hoped Chelsea understood, and Chelsea firmly blinked once. Meredith stepped out to get her things, and Chelsea grinned broadly and crowed, "Goodbye and good riddance! Now it's just the two of us."

After Chloe showed Meredith out, Chelsea stood up out of her wheelchair and cheered because she would no longer have to keep up the act. Chelsea gushed that she didn't know what she'd do without Chloe, but Chloe wasn't thrilled to be away from her kids to keep up the pretense. Chelsea recognized that she'd put her friend in a tough position, and Chloe groaned that she was in too deep to not see it through. Chloe fretted that she stood to lose everything if things went wrong, but Chelsea implored her not to assume the worst when they'd made it that far without any trouble. Chelsea inquired whether the police were close to catching Adam.

Chelsea became irritated when she learned the cops didn't have a single lead. She bet that Adam had left the country, and she bitterly hoped he lived his whole life on the run, far away from her and his precious Sharon. Chloe pointed out that the police had been monitoring airports and train stations, and she suspected that Adam was hiding somewhere nearby, plotting his next move.

Chelsea believed Adam knew there was a solid case against him and that he'd never get a fair trial there. Chloe thought they couldn't afford to sit back and hope he stayed away. Chelsea reasoned that there was nothing left for Adam there because he didn't love her anymore. Chloe expected Adam would figure out who had set him up if he hadn't done so already, and he would go after them with a vengeance. "We have to take care of Adam before he takes care of us," Chloe declared.

At Adam's hiding place near the lake, Sharon told Adam not to take her presence as a sign she thought he was innocent. He replied that it meant everything that she was there, and he swore that he would never do anything as horrendous as poison Rey. Sharon pointed out that Adam had sometimes gone to great lengths when he'd felt trapped, and she cited the evidence against him that had been found in his home and car. Adam contended that it had been planted, but she questioned who would have wanted to poison Rey to frame Adam. Adam stated that there was only one answer -- Chelsea.

Sharon was stunned that Adam thought Chelsea had tried to kill Rey, since Chelsea could barely move a muscle. Adam theorized that Chelsea was faking her condition, and he recalled when Rey had shown up at the penthouse with a search warrant. Adam had realized that he'd been set up and that he'd needed to run to buy himself some time, but on his way out the door, he'd looked back at Chelsea in time to see her drop her head and smile. Adam stressed that Chelsea had moved when she'd thought she'd been alone, and she'd been relishing what she'd thought she'd pulled off.

Sharon recognized that Chelsea might have made progress if she'd moved, but that was a far cry from committing attempted murder and framing Adam. Sharon wondered how Chelsea would have managed to fool everyone, including doctors and nurses. Adam referred to Chelsea's past as a con artist who excelled at deception. Sharon doubted that Chelsea had slipped out of Adam's place and broken into Sharon's house without anyone noticing.

Adam figured that Chelsea had solicited help from Chloe, who would love it if he were locked up. Sharon questioned why Chelsea would concoct an elaborate plot to poison Rey. Adam suspected that Sharon had been Chelsea's intended victim, but Sharon pointed out that only Rey's things had been tainted. Adam realized that Sharon still didn't believe he was innocent, and she mentioned his text message about not being able to let her go and wishing things weren't standing in the way of them being together.

Adam questioned why he'd try to end Sharon's marriage when he had Chelsea and Connor. Sharon reasoned that Adam had been lonely and afraid that he'd never get back what he'd once had with Chelsea after her stroke. Sharon thought he'd made his feelings clear when he'd kissed her, but Adam insisted that it had been a one-time, impulsive act. He swore that he'd never stopped loving Chelsea and praying for her recovery, and he'd been working on building their future together. Sharon remained preoccupied with the way he'd kissed her and the text messages he'd sent.

Adam explained that he hadn't sent the messages, and he shared his belief that Chelsea and Chloe had sent them from his tablet when he hadn't been home. He continued that he'd reconsidered everything when he'd learned Chelsea was faking her symptoms, and he'd realized that the messages had been planted as evidence for the police to find. Sharon assured him that she hadn't shared the messages with anyone, and Adam reiterated that he would never try to hurt Rey. Sharon wanted to believe him, but she had a lot of questions.

Adam speculated that Chelsea's stroke had had a deep psychological impact and that she blamed him for her condition. Sharon had a difficult time envisioning Chelsea framing the father of her son for a serious crime, since Connor would be devastated if Chelsea's plan was exposed. Adam figured that Chelsea hadn't had any intention of being caught, but he had no intention of letting her get away with it. Sharon advised him to turn himself in and let the police investigate.

Adam refused to turn himself in, since Rey and Paul were already certain of his guilt, and they'd laugh if Adam told them a woman who couldn't walk or speak had done it. Adam was determined to prove that Chelsea had set him up by tricking her into revealing her true condition, and he needed Sharon's help to goad Chelsea into making a mistake. Adam suggested that Sharon tell Chelsea that she knew where Adam was hiding and that she was helping him, as if Sharon expected Chelsea to be thrilled to find out he was okay. Adam imagined that Sharon could then lure Chelsea into following her in the hope of finding him.

Sharon balked at setting a trap for a woman who'd been through an ordeal, but Adam pleaded that she was the only person he could trust. Sharon argued that Chelsea might send the police to follow her instead, but Adam countered that Chelsea would have to reveal herself to tip them off. Adam was confident his plan would work, and he asked if Sharon would help him.

Sharon put on her coat and regretted meeting Adam when her family needed her. Adam begged her to wait. He knew she was overwhelmed, but he hoped she'd consider what he'd told her with clear eyes and an open mind. He asked her not to reveal his location to anyone -- especially Rey. Sharon departed without responding.

Lily gives Victoria a reality check

Lily gives Victoria a reality check

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

by Nel

Billy walked into ChancComm and told Lily that he'd turned down Victoria's offer to partner for Cyaxares. Lily informed him that a number of their writers wanted to be released from their contracts. Without saying, "I told you so," Billy claimed that Victor was behind it, and the writers had been contacted by him. Lily said there had to be some recourse such as a non-compete clause in their contracts. She said there had be some way to minimize the damage.

Billy told Lily that was the reason Victor had wanted to get his hands on Cyaxares. Lily asked if Billy regretted turning down Victoria's offer, but rather than answering the question, Billy said that Victor would be attacking them with guns blazing. Lily said no matter what, she wouldn't go into business with Victoria and wind up in the middle of a Newman feud. Lily suggested that Billy needed to let it go, personally and professionally. Billy asked if Lily was going to allow Victor to eviscerate their company. Lily said Billy had no idea what she was capable of. She said she would handle things herself and talk with Amanda and their legal department.

Sharon returned home. She was deep in thought when Rey startled her by calling her name. He claimed Sharon appeared keyed up and wanted to know what was wrong. Sharon said there was nothing wrong. Rey encouraged Sharon to talk to him. He acknowledged they had some major issues. Sharon assured him they would return to therapy. Rey suggested she step back and let her manager run the coffeehouse for a little while.

Sharon snapped at Rey and said it was enough with the helpful suggestions and that his suggestion was impractical. She immediately apologized for snapping at him and explained she was worried about Faith. Rey asked if there was anything else going on. Sharon lied and said there wasn't. Rey felt that a good night's sleep would help, but Sharon claimed she had to stop by the coffeehouse and then go see Faith. She said she might spend the night with Faith. Rey suggested she stay home for an hour, so they could spend some quality time together. Sharon insisted she had to go, and she left.

At the coffeehouse, Nikki and Nick discussed Faith and the potential legal issues Faith would be facing. Nick said that Faith would be facing criminal charges, and because it hadn't been Faith's first time with alcohol, she would be required to go into rehab. Sharon had found a therapist who specialized in teenage issues. He knew Faith was scared because she didn't know what to expect. Nikki offered to talk to Faith about her own struggles and experiences. Nick said he'd been hoping Nikki would offer.

Nick told Nikki he wanted to help Faith recognize her triggers and hoped that would keep her away from alcohol. Nikki wished she could do more, but she was determined to see that Faith would never be alone. Nick knew that Sharon would be very happy that Nikki would be helping Faith. Nick said they were all coping with everything; however, Sharon had a little more to cope with -- Adam.

Nikki told Nick that she wondered how Adam could have poisoned Rey one day and saved Faith the next day. Nick claimed Adam had already been causing trouble for Sharon and Rey prior to him poisoning Rey, and Sharon had to deal with Adam. Nikki claimed Adam was pure evil, but thanks to him, Faith was fine. Nick said that Adam had such a hold over Sharon that even Sharon didn't realize how deep it went.

Moses entered Faith's room with a bag from Society. He told Faith that her Aunt Lola had dropped it off, and it smelled "so good." Faith said Lola always made enough to share. Moses asked Faith about her accident, but Faith deflected by asking Moses what had brought him to the hospital. Moses explained that he wanted to become a doctor, and his Uncle Nate had him working there as a volunteer.

Faith relented and gave Moses a very brief account about what had led to the accident. She said it had been building for a number of days. She'd been bullied at school, which had resulted in her making some bad decisions, like drinking and driving. Moses said he'd been bullied, as well, but what was most important was what kind of person she would grow into. When he received a text message from Nate, Moses told Faith he had to leave. After Moses left, Faith smiled happily.

A short time later, Nikki arrived and looked at all the balled-up paper by the trash can. Faith explained that she'd been trying to write a letter to her parents, explaining how she felt, but she wasn't having much luck because nothing she'd written was quite what she wanted to say. Nikki said that was good because it forced Faith to face what had happened.

Faith admitted she was scared about starting rehab. She was afraid she wouldn't be able to do it. Nikki said it took a lot of courage to face the damage she'd caused. Faith would need to be brave and honest, because the truth was hard to face. Nikki assured Faith that she would be fine because she was a very strong person already.

Nick arrived at Sharon's, and he asked Rey where Sharon was because she hadn't responded to any of his text messages. Rey said that Sharon had left for the hospital. He asked if Nick had noticed anything strange about Sharon's behavior because Rey felt that Sharon seemed guarded and defensive. Nick claimed there was a lot going on in Sharon's life.

Nick said that Rey had been poisoned, Faith was in the hospital, and Adam was on the run, yet Adam had stopped to save Faith's life. Rey wished he could legally do something about Adam. Nick said he wanted to shake Adam's hand for getting Faith to the hospital -- while Adam was in handcuffs, of course. Rey said that Nick might never get that chance because he felt that Adam had left the country. Rey wished he lived in a world where Adam had never existed. He wanted Adam in a cell.

Billy arrived at Society and immediately spotted Victor at one of the tables. Billy said, "Well, if it isn't the new owner of Cyaxares Media." He said they should celebrate with Champagne, but it was too bad Adam couldn't join them because there was a manhunt out for him. Billy asked if the new company would be run by a felon with a burner phone. Victor claimed Adam was innocent. He said that Adam would be the CEO of the company, and he would do a fantastic job. Billy accused Victor of taking ChancComm's writers. He said Victor could buy talent, but he couldn't buy loyalty.

Victor laughed and asked what Billy knew about loyalty. Billy said that Victoria had approached him to partner up and buy Cyaxares from under Victor and Adam. She'd wanted them to approach Ashland Locke and ask him to sell the company to them. Billy pointed out that Victoria had approached him. Victor stated that he and Adam had a deal in place with Ashland, and Ashland wouldn't renege on that deal.

Victor told Billy that he'd left Newman Enterprises in Victoria's capable hands, but her judgment became clouded when it came to Billy. Billy asked how Victor could align himself with a son who'd tried to kill him, and he pointed out that Victor had a daughter who saw through him and had approached Billy to undermine Victor's deal. Billy said he felt "pretty damned good" at the moment. Victor suggested that Billy hang onto that feeling because once Victor took Billy's employees, he would use Cyaxares to crush ChancComm. Billy smiled and claimed Victor was predictable, as usual.

Victor told Billy that Victoria had wanted to partner with Billy only after Victor had turned down her idea of him and Adam stepping aside and allowing her to buy Cyaxares. He told Billy to fasten his seatbelt if he knew what was in store for him. Victor left.

At the coffeehouse, Victoria told Lily that she'd spoken to Billy earlier, and it was a shame they weren't teaming up. She believed Ashland would pull the plug on Victor and Adam. She said that she and Billy believed that Ashland would have considered their offer. Lily said she didn't agree to partnering with Victoria. Victoria didn't understand what Lily was upset about. Lily told Victoria to stop playing games with Billy. She acknowledged that Billy and Victoria had a history and were co-parenting their kids, but the tortured drama between Victoria and Billy was over permanently.

Victoria told Lily there was nothing between her and Billy, and all she'd wanted was a business deal. She claimed Lily was being insecure. Lily stated she wasn't insecure, her eyes were wide open, and the only reason Billy had wanted to work with Victoria was to beat Adam and Victor. Victoria told Lily to keep those eyes open because she'd been trying for months to warn Lily about Billy.

Victoria admitted that Billy was charming and handsome, but deep down, he was a gambler. Lily claimed Billy didn't gamble anymore. Victoria said that at any moment, Billy could jeopardize everything, professionally and personally. Victoria suggested that Lily find a different partner. After Victoria left, Lily appeared thoughtful.

Victoria arrived at Society and greeted Victor. She asked if there were any updates on Adam. Victor claimed Adam would come out of hiding after his name had been cleared. Victoria said only guilty people hid. Victor said Adam had too much to look forward to and wouldn't have poisoned Rey. Victoria claimed Adam was a liability. Victor recalled when Victoria had asked him to step back from his bid for Cyaxares so that she could buy it for Newman. He asked if she'd been planning to partner with Billy.

Victoria admitted she'd wanted to partner with Billy after Victor had turned down her idea of letting Newman buy it first. Victoria said Cyaxares was the crown jewel. The reason she'd put in a bid for it in the first place had been because she'd seen an opportunity, and she'd wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. Victor wanted her to admit the real reason.

Victoria denied that she'd been trying to rekindle her relationship with Billy. Victor said the more she denied it, the less believable it was. He said that he'd put Victoria in charge of Newman Enterprises because he thought she had good judgment; however, he was questioning his decision. He told her to fix it. Victor left.

Nick arrived in Faith's room and saw her and Nikki working on a project. He asked what they were up to. Faith explained that she was trying put her feelings in writing. Nikki explained that they'd talked about rehab, what the letter meant, and how Faith would be able to write a better letter after rehab when she would be better able to express herself. Faith assured Nick that she would work hard in rehab.

Nick was very happy with Faith's attitude, but he reminded her of the new schedule. It excluded parties, friends, and media. Other than going to school, therapy, and rehab, she was in total lockdown. Faith said she felt lucky because she realized she could have died, but she had family who loved her. She said things could have been "so much worse." She was grateful and accepted the consequences.

After Nikki left, Nick remained with Faith while she slept. Sharon arrived, and Nick stated that he thought she would have been there much sooner. Sharon said she'd been shopping for Faith. Nick claimed it wasn't the time for Sharon to show up late when Faith needed her most. He said he'd been talking to Rey, and Rey had informed him about what had been going on between him and Sharon. Sharon was annoyed. Nick claimed that Sharon's head seemed to be elsewhere, and it felt like she'd been keeping something from him and Rey.

Nick and Sharon went into the visitors' lounge. Sharon growled at Nick that Faith had been in an accident, Rey had been poisoned and had almost died, and the man responsible for committing that crime had saved their daughter's life; whether Nick liked it or not, Sharon had a lot of history with Adam. Sharon said Nick knew the hours she'd spent praying and how hard she'd fought to keep her and Rey together through the chaos. She couldn't believe Nick was doubting her. Nick said he only wanted to help. Sharon told him to stay out of her way. She had enough to worry about without having everybody constantly on her back.

At the Grand Phoenix, Billy bumped into Ashland Locke and said he assumed that Ashland was there to finalize the sale of Cyaxares to Victor and Adam. Ashland said it was a done deal. Billy asked if Ashland knew that Adam was on the run and that it was a guarantee that Victor would say that Adam was innocent. Billy said that Ashland would only get half the team. Billy stated that once the ink was dry, Victor would weaponize Cyaxares to exact revenge on ChancComm and Billy because, for Victor, it had nothing to do with business -- but everything to do with revenge. He said there was only one way to stop the company and Ashland's name from being tarnished. Ashland said he would keep that in mind, and he walked away.

Lily entered the hotel and headed for the elevator without seeing Billy. When Billy saw her, he ran to catch up to her, but the elevator doors closed. Moments later, Billy was outside Lily's suite. He kept knocking and asking her to open the door so they could talk. Lily finally opened the door. She was dressed in a sexy black mini dress. She told him she had a very special cure for blowing off steam. She invited him in and told him to leave all that tension and strife in her very capable hands. They shared a smoldering kiss.

Lauren delivers bad news to Jack

Lauren delivers bad news to Jack

Thursday, April 8, 2021

by Nel

Sharon arrived at Adam's hideout with fresh clothes and food. Adam admitted he knew the sacrifice it was for Sharon to be with him. Sharon replied that he had saved Faith's life, and she needed to know who had tried to poison Rey if Adam hadn't.

Meanwhile, at Adam's penthouse, Chelsea asked Chloe if Kevin had mentioned if the police had any leads on Adam's whereabouts and whether Adam was still in the area. Chloe said there were no new leads, and Chelsea needed to stop believing that Adam had left the country. Chloe said she was terrified that Adam would exact his revenge on Bella and Miles. Chloe said she had a plan to draw Adam out of hiding, but her trap involved a great risk.

Chelsea told Chloe there was no way she would allow Connor to be used as bait. Chloe assured her that it would only be a bluff, and Connor would be kept safe. Chloe said when Adam rushed in for his son, the police would ambush him. Chelsea claimed "so many things" could go wrong, but Chloe said not if the Genoa City Police Department was on the case.

Sometime later, Sharon knocked on Chelsea's door and asked to be allowed in because it was urgent. Chelsea assumed her position in the chair, and Chloe opened the door for Sharon. Sharon eyed Chelsea suspiciously. She told Chelsea she'd been worried about Chelsea and asked if Chelsea was okay. Chloe snidely asked if that was what was so urgent. Sharon asked to speak to Chelsea privately. Chloe left the room.

Sharon told Chelsea she didn't want Chloe to overhear that she'd heard from Adam because she knew how much Chloe hated Adam, and Chloe would probably turn Adam in. In her head, Chelsea's voice said, "You bet she would, and so would I." Sharon said Adam had contacted her, and he was nearby.

Sharon told Chelsea that she'd seen Adam, and he'd asked her to check up on Chelsea. She asked if Chelsea was happy to hear about Adam. Chelsea blinked yes. Sharon said that Adam had saved Faith's life after Faith had been involved in an accident. He'd taken her to the hospital, and if he hadn't done that, Faith might have died. Sharon said she owed Adam "so much." Chelsea's internal voice said, "What a surprise. He would do anything for his precious Sharon, even getting caught."

Sharon told Chelsea that Adam hadn't poisoned Rey, and she had to find out who had. That was the least she could do after what Adam had done for Faith. Sharon stated that Adam didn't deserve it, and she knew that Chelsea felt the same way. She told Chelsea not to worry because she would keep Chelsea posted on everything that happened. Chelsea's thought, "No! This isn't happening!"

Sharon told Chelsea that Adam needed a few personal things, and she asked if she could go upstairs and get some things Adam needed. Chelsea blinked yes. After Sharon went upstairs, Chelsea sat forward in frustration. When Chelsea heard Sharon returning, Chelsea assumed her position in the chair. Sharon told Chelsea not to worry, because she promised that everything would work out. She promised to do everything she could to get Adam back to Chelsea as soon as possible. Sharon picked up Adam's bag and shouted to Chloe that she was leaving.

After Sharon left, Chelsea flew out of her chair and told Chloe she had to follow Sharon because their plan had hit a major snag. She told Chloe that Adam had reached out to Sharon, and Sharon was determined to prove that Adam hadn't poisoned Rey.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis smirked as Sally walked by, and she said that if Sally was leaving, to have a nice day. As Sally left, Summer confronted Phyllis. Summer was obviously very angry and said that Phyllis was the reason she was in trouble with Lauren. Summer stated that someone had told Lauren what Sally had been doing to her, and the only person who'd had that information was Phyllis. Phyllis claimed she'd been attempting to give Sally a nudge to return to Los Angeles and work at Fenmore's newest store, but Lauren was protecting Sally, for some reason. Summer accused Phyllis of betraying her, which resulted in Sally becoming a wild card -- and she might not keep Kyle's secret.

Phyllis told Summer she had Summer's back. Phyllis stated that she had a lot of history dealing with women like Sally. She said that Sally was full of lies and tricks, and Phyllis had needed to step in. Still very angry, Summer told Phyllis that the next time Phyllis wanted to step in, she needed to do it somewhere else. Summer stormed out right by Nick, who had entered at the end of Phyllis and Summer's conversation

Nick approached Phyllis and asked her what that had been about. Phyllis shrugged it off as a work thing. Nick told Phyllis that Faith would be discharged from hospital in a few days, and Faith would be busy with therapy, rehab, counseling, and school. He said he had to be grateful to Adam, of all people, for saving Faith's life. He said he'd wanted to reward the good Samaritan until he'd discovered that Adam had saved Faith. Instead of facing prison time, Adam had become a hero.

Phyllis told Nick that Adam had done one good thing in his life, but he was still Adam. She reminded Nick that Adam was on the run because he'd tried to kill Rey, he had almost killed Victor, and he had stolen Faith when she'd been a baby and had had everyone believing that Faith had died. Nick assured Phyllis that he hadn't had an epiphany about his psycho brother. Nick didn't know what to do with all his gratitude. Phyllis said his gratitude was misplaced.

Lauren arrived in the Jabot boardroom to see Jack. She told Jack she was worried about her company, Summer, Jack, and Sally. Jack said he'd warned Lauren not to buy into Phyllis' unfounded grievances between Summer and Sally. Lauren assured him they were not unfounded and were quite the opposite. She said that Summer might have started it and forced Sally to retaliate. She was questioning why she'd hired Sally in the first place. She said she'd given Sally many opportunities to come clean, but Sally had covered up the ongoing feud. Lauren said she was equally upset with Summer. Jack asked Lauren what Sally had done. Lauren wished she had the whole story, but she didn't -- and she needed to talk to Sally.

In Amanda's suite, Naya said if she'd known that Sutton had been planning to pay Amanda a visit, she would have warned Amanda. Amanda admitted she'd been caught off guard but that it had turned out okay. Naya asked if Amanda was going to take on the case, but Amanda said she wanted some honest answers first. Naya wasn't sure what Amanda was after, but the family believed in Amanda. Amanda wanted to hear about her father, Richard. Naya admitted she had liked Richard, but she had never fallen in love with him. He'd been larger than life, he'd had a big personality, he been sexy, and he'd always known how to make her laugh, yet it hadn't been enough to build a relationship on. Richard hadn't been ready to settle down.

Naya told Amanda that Richard had had high hopes of making a name for himself in the business world. He'd been driven, like Amanda. Amanda said the Sutton had claimed that she'd gotten her determination from his side of the family. Amanda assumed she would be part of their team of lawyers. Naya acknowledged that she would be and added that the family wanted her to be lead counsel, and the team had all been notified. Naya said she'd had to convince Sutton to hire Amanda, but after a bit of hesitation, he was completely on board.

Amanda asked about Imani. Naya admitted that Imani was the only one who thought it was a mistake to hire Amanda, but she knew it was the direction it needed to go and knew better than to cause trouble. Imani had withdrawn the restraining order. Amanda stated she wanted to have a relationship with the entire family, and that included Imani. Amanda agreed to take Sutton's case. Naya welcomed Amanda to the family.

At the Chancellor estate, Abby, Mariah, and Devon prepared to go to the hospital for Mariah's checkup to see if the embryo implant had taken. Devon and Mariah stated that they felt good about it. Abby said she couldn't wait any longer, and she needed the results. They all left for the hospital.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle received a text message from Ashland Locke: "Call me." With a worried look, Kyle called Ashland.

As Summer entered the boardroom, she received a phone call from Lauren, who tersely told Summer that she needed to talk to Summer. They arranged a time and place to meet. As Summer ended her call, Kyle asked what that had been about. Summer said that thanks to Phyllis, they needed to worry about Sally again. Kyle told her to forget about Sally because things had gotten worse. Summer asked what could possibly be worse than Sally blowing everything up.

Kyle told Summer that Ashland Locke had called to tell him he'd changed his mind about doing business with Jabot. Summer asked if that was a bad thing, since Kyle hadn't wanted to work with Ashland in the first place. Kyle stated that Ashland had flown to Genoa City to make his pitch, but it was over. Summer said that perhaps it was just a business decision, but Kyle doubted it. He said he knew Ashland was toying with him, and Kyle was afraid it was only the beginning.

At the coffeehouse, Devon was deep in thought when Amanda arrived, and he informed her that Mariah was pregnant with his and Abby's baby. They were all very excited. Amanda congratulated him. Devon said it was strange knowing his DNA was growing inside someone's body. Amanda said that as his attorney, she was happy things had gone well for him. She wondered if it brought up some memories for him. Devon was surprised, but not the way Amanda thought. He said it was a different situation, and he wasn't looking for second chances. She asked if it scared him. Devon said no and said that he felt very close to Mariah and Abby.

Devon asked if Amanda was going to take Sutton's case. Amanda said she would. She told Devon that Naya had told Amanda about her father, Richard. Amanda said the more she learned about her family, the more she learned about herself. Amanda said that when Sutton had asked her to take the case, she had agreed -- on the condition they kept her connection to the family a secret, and he had accepted. Amanda said Devon was the only one who knew, and she asked him to keep it to himself. Devon agreed. Devon asked if it scared her. Amanda said it didn't because it was what she'd wanted her entire life.

Sally was sitting on the patio when Jack arrived. Jack asked how Sally had been able to upset Lauren. Sally said she knew Lauren was a bit upset, but she hadn't thought Lauren would run to Jack. Jack accused Sally of dodging the question. He said that a while before, he'd asked what Sally had done to tick Phyllis off to the point that Phyllis had gone to Lauren. Sally had deflected his question then. He refused to let it happen again. Sally said that Jack had repeatedly said she had his support. She asked if he still felt that way. Jack said he did.

Sally told Jack that as much fun as she and Jack had had, they were still getting to know each other. She said maybe she was as bad as everyone claimed she was, and she should walk away. Jack stated he'd never believed she was a saint or that she'd never done anything wrong. He said he'd been around too long and seen too much to believe anyone was all good or all bad. They all made mistakes, and he stated he wouldn't judge her. He wanted to help, but Sally had to be completely transparent with him and tell him the truth.

At the hospital, Elena told Abby, Mariah, and Devon that Mariah's doctor was out of town, and she would be doing the exam. Devon thanked Elena. After the exam, everyone was pacing, impatiently waiting for the results. Elena returned and announced that the test was positive. Everyone was overjoyed. Elena congratulated everyone and left. Mariah left to get something to eat.

Abby told Devon she was overwhelmed and wished that Chance had been there. She'd promised to make a videotape diary for Chance so he could experience everything when he returned. She told Devon she hadn't spoken to Chance since he'd left. Devon assured Abby that Chance would check in as soon as he could, and when he returned home, he would meet his son or daughter.

At the Chancellor estate, Mariah said she was ready to live with constant company for the next nine months, but she wasn't ready for the morning sickness or the bloating and shopping for maternity clothes. Abby said she couldn't help Mariah with the first two issues, but she would help with shopping and would attend every doctor's appointment. She would do all the hand-holding and provide Mariah with anything Mariah needed.

Tessa rushed into the room and wanted to hear the news. Abby left. Mariah told Tessa she was officially pregnant. She said it felt strange because it wasn't every day one told one's girlfriend that she was carrying someone else's child, but it felt very right. Tessa said she couldn't love Mariah more. She said Mariah was generous and giving.

Alone, Abby made a video for Chance. She told him that Mariah was pregnant with their baby. She missed him more than she could say, and she loved him even more. All their dreams were coming true.

Sharon returned to Adam's room. Adam asked if Chelsea had improved. Sharon said Chelsea didn't seem any different than the last time she'd seen her, but there was a very disturbing vibe. Adam asked how things had gotten so messed up. He had only wanted Chelsea to recover and get their life back. Sharon said that if Adam was right about Chelsea, something had pushed her over the edge; something had caused her to turn on Adam. She told Adam that she'd been the cause of Chelsea going over the edge.

Sharon professes Adam's innocence to Rey

Sharon professes Adam's innocence to Rey

Friday, April 9, 2021

At Jabot, Summer questioned why Kyle thought Ashland was playing him. Kyle admitted that the mogul hadn't done anything outwardly hostile, but he was suspicious because Ashland had initiated a deal and suddenly reneged on it. Kyle felt that the proposal had only been a smokescreen to get a face-to-face meeting to test him. Lauren entered the conference room and pressed to start her meeting with Summer. After Kyle stepped out, Lauren announced that she'd given Sally a chance to explain, and it was Summer's turn. Lauren demanded to know why Summer had flown to L.A. to dig up dirt on Sally after pretending to make peace.

Summer contended that she'd gone on the trip to make a successful deal for JCV, and the side project involving Sally had only been a defensive maneuver to make sure Sally didn't pull anything shady to steal Summer's job. Lauren clucked that one kept a job by doing it well, not by blackmailing someone. Summer confided that she'd felt insecure when Lauren and Sally had started getting close, and she was sorry that she'd played a devious game that had led Sally to retaliate. Lauren huffed that apologies wouldn't cut it, and she made a call.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Jack wondered how Sally had managed to get on Lauren's bad side, and he stressed the importance of complete honesty. Sally warned that the truth wasn't pretty. She recalled that the last time Theo had been in town, he'd dropped a bombshell about an affair between Kyle and Ashland Locke's wife. Sally swore that she wasn't blaming the mess on Theo, but she made it clear that she hadn't gone out of her way to find a dirty secret to hold over Kyle and Summer's heads.

Jack noted that for months, Sally had claimed that she just wanted to keep her job. Sally complained that Summer had invented a power struggle that hadn't existed, and Sally had foolishly overreacted to it. Jack pointed out that Sally had had many opportunities to tell him, but she questioned how it would have looked if she'd blabbed Kyle's personal business to Jack or anyone else. She insisted that it had been Kyle's story to tell; she'd been desperate to maintain the life she had, and Summer had forced her hand after going to L.A. to dig up dirt on Sally. "What dirt?" Jack asked.

Sally regretted some of the things she'd done in L.A., and Jack pressed for details. She admitted that she'd been guilty of loving someone far too much, and she recapped her relationship with her ex-fiancé Wyatt, who had waffled between Sally and his ex-girlfriend before finally dumping Sally for Flo. Sally shared that something inside her had snapped, and she hadn't been able to bear the thought of losing Wyatt, so she'd pretended to be deathly ill in the hope he'd be by her side in her time of need. Jack was aghast that she'd pretended to be dying to get Wyatt back.

Sally explained that she'd planned to make a miraculous recovery, but Flo had found out and threatened to expose her. Sally confessed that she'd held Flo against her will to keep her from telling Wyatt. Sally recognized that what she'd done had been terribly wrong, but she'd only been able to see that the guy she loved had been snatched away from her. She'd felt abandoned again. Jack compared it to the way her parents had abandoned her when she'd been young. Sally cried that she'd had an aching need to matter to someone.

Sally insisted that her motives had been pure, since she'd just wanted love in her life and not to be alone. Jack objected to how she'd gone about it, and Sally asserted that she'd since found ways to put her mistakes in the past and start over. She groaned that she hadn't been looking for trouble, but it kept finding her, and she'd handled it the only way she could. Sally begged Jack to tell her he could find a way to understand.

Sally hoped Jack would give her a chance to redeem herself. He pointed out that he'd always given her the benefit of the doubt, despite countless warnings from others. He wished she'd told him sooner about Kyle, since the situation with Ashland was precarious at best. Sally was truly sorry if she'd done anything to contribute to it, and she wondered where it left things between her and Jack. Jack forlornly decided that they had to slow things down, but he thanked her for being honest with him. Sally fought back tears as he walked out.

Kyle summoned Jack to Jabot and informed his father that Ashland had called to cancel their deal. Jack advised Kyle not to jump to any conclusions, since it might just have been a business decision. Kyle felt that Ashland was playing mind games, since there had been no reason for Ashland to travel all that way only to cancel his own deal. Kyle speculated that there was one person who would know for sure, but Jack was adamant that Kyle refrain from contacting Tara or making any unilateral moves. Kyle questioned whether Jack trusted him. Jack cited his troubling conversation with Sally and muttered that he wasn't sure what he believed.

Jack relayed that Sally had told him that she'd been blackmailing Kyle and Summer. Kyle assumed she'd mentioned his affair, and Jack asked if there was something else she was holding over Kyle. Kyle recounted that he'd tried to tell Jack that Sally was opportunistic, but Jack chided Summer for trying to blackmail Sally. Jack couldn't defend how any of them had handled it. Later, Jack left a voicemail for Ashland, feigning surprise that Ashland had backed out of the deal and suggesting that they work something out.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick told Phyllis that he wanted to schedule some family time with her, Summer, and Faith after Faith got out of the hospital. Phyllis suggested that they wait to see if Faith was up for it, but Nick admitted that it was more about Summer. He guessed that Phyllis and Summer's argument hadn't really been about a work issue, but he refused to leave until he got a straight answer.

Phyllis admitted that she'd tried to ease Sally out of town by encouraging Lauren to offer Sally a job in L.A., but Lauren had refused. Phyllis continued that Lauren had instead spoken to Sally, who had blamed Summer for talking to Lauren, so Summer was mad at Phyllis for overstepping as a mom. Phyllis defended that she'd been trying to protect her daughter, but Nick was aware that she also wanted Sally out of town to protect Jack. Nick lectured that every person in the drama Phyllis had created was an adult, and he advised her to stay out of it.

Nick checked his phone and reported that Faith couldn't wait to get out of the hospital. Phyllis was certain that he and Sharon would make sure their daughter was fine, but he wasn't sure that Sharon was in the best place to help Faith. Nick shared his suspicion that Adam had reached out to Sharon and that she was lying about it. Phyllis called him a hypocrite for protecting his ex after he'd reprimanded her for doing the same thing.

Nick believed that protecting Sharon was part of protecting Faith, and he wanted to keep them both safe from Adam's influence. Phyllis was relieved that he wasn't saying great things about Adam anymore. Nick grappled with wanting to have it both ways, since part of him wanted to thank Adam -- but only on Adam's way to a jail cell. Phyllis thought Nick might get the chance if Adam was confiding in Sharon. Nick considered finding a lead of his own, and he departed.

At Adam's hiding place by the lake, Sharon urged Adam to think about what had led up to him being on the run. She wondered if Chelsea had seen the picture of them kissing, and he recalled that Chloe had mentioned it in his presence. He was sure it had helped stoke the flames, as had his insistence that Sharon help with Chelsea's treatment. Sharon regretted getting involved, but Adam pointed out that the irony was that the therapy might have spurred Chelsea back to health. Sharon barked that it might also have incited Chelsea to try to kill Rey.

Adam refused to let Sharon take responsibility when she'd only tried to help. Sharon griped that the kiss hadn't helped anyone, and she shouldn't have let it go on long enough for someone to take a photo. Adam blamed himself for causing Chelsea's condition in the first place, and he pointed out that he'd sought out Sharon's help and initiated the kiss. Sharon fretted that she didn't have time to debate because she had to be home when Faith was released from the hospital. Adam was grateful Sharon had helped him when she easily could have turned her back on him, and he assured her that he was there if she needed anything. She implored him to turn himself in and find the truth the right way.

Adam refused to put his life in Rey's hands, since he couldn't trust that Rey would investigate Chelsea when Adam didn't have proof she was faking. Sharon offered to back up Adam's story to ensure Rey took it seriously, but Adam worried that Chelsea would continue fooling everyone else, and Rey would be happy to lock Adam up and throw away the key. Adam believed Chelsea couldn't be cornered into revealing herself, so she'd need to slip up on her own.

At the cottage, Rey told Michael that every viable lead on Adam had resulted in a dead end. Michael hoped the APB would eventually produce something, but he recognized that it wasn't the first time Adam had vanished without a trace. Rey noted that Adam had stuck around long enough to get Faith to the hospital, and his instincts told him that Adam was still in town.

Sharon arrived home and exchanged pleasantries with Michael, who empathized with having a child who was struggling with substance abuse. Michael asked that Rey keep him informed of any updates, and he left. Sharon rambled about all the things she had to do before Faith got home, and Rey asked if Sharon had seen her daughter. Sharon fibbed that she'd just been at the hospital. "No, you weren't," Rey flatly replied.

Rey mentioned that Mariah had sent a text message from Faith's room, confirming that Sharon hadn't been there. Sharon figured that she'd simply missed Mariah, but Rey could tell from the way Sharon was acting on edge that something was going on. Rey revealed that Nick had noticed it, too, and Sharon had just disappeared for a second time. Sharon blasted Rey for interrogating her like a common criminal and talking to Nick about her behind her back. Rey stressed that he was talking to her, and she was hiding something. Rey concluded that Adam had been in touch with her, and he demanded to know if she knew where Adam was.

Rey hated to think that Sharon was helping Adam, but he observed that she'd been an emotional wreck the past few days. Sharon reasoned that they'd gone from one nightmare to the next, but Rey recognized the tells when she was hiding something. Rey recalled Adam's history of turning to Sharon when he was desperate. Rey understood that Sharon was grateful to Adam for saving Faith's life, but he couldn't believe that Sharon had forgiven Adam after he'd tried to kill Rey. Rey questioned what kind of hold Adam had over her. Sharon blurted out that Adam had been in touch with her and that he hadn't tried to poison anyone -- it had been Chelsea all along.

Sally met Lauren at Society, anxious to make things right. Lauren mentioned that someone else would be joining them, and Summer appeared. Lauren explained that she'd called the meeting to clear up the craziness once and for all, and she ordered Summer and Sally to forget about the dirt they had on one another, since she wouldn't stand for it being used as a weapon. Lauren stated that catfights, gossip, and blackmail had no place at Fenmore's, and she believed women should support other women at work. Lauren demanded that any problems or differences be handled in a forthright manner because they would not be having that conversation again.

Later, Phyllis stormed into Society and confronted Lauren about telling Sally about their personal conversation, since it had led to problems with Summer. Lauren refused to take any blame for protecting her business interests, and she shared that she'd had a frank conversation with both young women and intended to keep a close eye on them. Phyllis pointed out how Lauren had been at that age, and she ordered Lauren to remember that the next time she lectured Phyllis' daughter. Phyllis sauntered past Michael on her way out.

Lauren vented to Michael about how both Summer and Sally had been lying and blackmailing while pretending everything was fine. Michael recommended that they book a couple's massage at the Grand Phoenix. Lauren grumbled that it would take a "damn good" massage therapist to get her mind off the young ladies, and she hoped she'd gotten through to them because she'd hate to lose them both.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Summer whined to Kyle that she'd wanted to fall through the floor when Lauren had read her the riot act. Sally interrupted and agreed with Lauren's assessment that things had gotten out of hand. Kyle proposed that they all put down their swords and pick up an olive branch. Phyllis looked on as the threesome declared a truce from that moment onward. Phyllis cornered Summer to talk, but Summer snapped that the whole mess was Phyllis' fault; she walked off. Phyllis glowered at Sally.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea told Chloe that Sharon had seen Adam and believed in his innocence. Chloe was surprised that Sharon hadn't turned Adam in to her husband, and Chelsea hissed that Sharon only cared about saving Adam so they could run off together and live happily ever after. Chelsea sensed that Sharon had been suspicious of her, and she bet that Adam had coached Sharon how to play it. Chloe questioned what the point of the visit had been if Sharon hadn't confronted Chelsea. Chelsea realized that while they'd been busy trying to lay a trap for Adam, Adam had been using Sharon to set a trap for Chelsea.

Chelsea snarled that she should have known that Adam would go running to Sharon, who hadn't been able to resist him even after he'd been accused of trying to kill her husband. Chelsea thought she had to set a trap of her own, and she contemplated telling the police that Sharon had confessed to harboring a fugitive. Chelsea thought making a miraculous recovery would seem too suspicious, and she pondered how to lead the police directly to Adam. Chloe cautioned that it had to be organic and believable so it couldn't be traced back to Chelsea. Chelsea vowed to make that organic, believable moment happen.

Chloe understood that Chelsea was anxious to stop Adam, but she thought they couldn't risk getting busted. Chelsea groused that she could finally move and talk again, yet she was still trapped while Adam had found a way to carry on with Sharon. There was a rap at the door, and Chelsea returned to her wheelchair. Chloe answered the door, and Nick stepped inside and told Chelsea that he was sorry. Chelsea thought to herself that he wasn't half as a sorry as Adam would be.

Nick thought it had to be killing Chelsea that Adam had been responsible for her fall, and he remarked that he would do anything to know what Chelsea was thinking. Chelsea silently hoped Nick would go after Adam so she and Connor could be done with Adam for good. Chloe suggested that Nick leave to let Chelsea rest, but Nick had a feeling that Chelsea wasn't ready for him to go yet. Nick said he'd never understood the connection Chelsea or Sharon had with Adam, and he hadn't gotten how everyone had forgiven his brother over and over for the horrible things he'd done, but he was starting to see it a little bit.

Nick declared that he stood between hatred and gratitude toward Adam, since he still hated Adam for everything he'd done to their family, but Adam had also saved Faith's life. Chelsea protested vehemently in her mind as Nick commended Adam for saving Faith when he'd been at risk of getting caught. Chelsea hid her growing anger as Nick wished he could tell Adam how much his actions had meant to Nick and his family. Nick asked if there had been any messages or calls from Adam, and Chloe replied that if there had been, she would have made sure Adam was put away for good.

Chelsea panicked over why no one could find Adam and lock him up before he went after her. Nick figured that Adam hadn't tried to contact anyone, and Chelsea struggled to contain her rage as she thought about how Sharon was protecting Adam and giving him a chance to get revenge. Nick wished he could do something for Chelsea, and she silently pleaded with him not to let Adam get away with it. Nick got up to leave, and Chelsea began to sputter. "Sharon knows," Chelsea croaked.

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