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Chloe walked out on Chelsea. Victor hid Adam at the Newman ranch. Victoria tipped Rey off about Adam's whereabouts, and Victor confronted Victoria about her betrayal. Ashland reneged on his deal with Victor and awarded Cyaxares to Victoria. Jack ended his relationship with Sally.
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Chloe walked out on Chelsea, Jack ended his relationship with Sally, and Victoria tipped Rey off about Adam's whereabouts
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Sharon warns Rey about Chelsea's deception Sharon warns Rey about Chelsea's deception

Monday, April 12, 2021

At Chelsea and Adam's penthouse, Nick was shocked when Chelsea said, "Sharon knows." Afterward, Chelsea pretended she couldn't manage to vocalize without struggling, so Nick said, "Are you trying to tell me that Sharon knows where Adam is? Is that possible?" Chelsea cut her eyes toward Chloe. Chloe claimed that what Chelsea had uttered were her first words in months, so she shouldn't be pushed. Chloe suggested Nick ask Sharon what Chelsea meant. Chloe added that Chelsea didn't need to be interrogated and instead needed a doctor. Nick agreed and summoned Nate.

At Sharon's, Rey wasn't pleased when Sharon admitted she'd met with Adam. When Sharon tried to explain, Rey interrupted and demanded to know Adam's whereabouts, so he could be arrested and jailed. Sharon asked Rey if he hadn't heard what she'd just told him. Rey replied, "What, that Chelsea's the one that poisoned me? Do you know how crazy that sounds, Sharon? She can't even move." Sharon said she'd tell Rey where to find Adam only if he listened to what she had to say about Adam having been set up.

Sharon informed Rey that both Chelsea and her mother had been scammers when they'd first arrived in Genoa City. Rey insisted Chelsea was still paralyzed and unable to speak. Sharon said she was certain Chelsea had begun to improve but had hidden her progress in order to set up Adam and make it appear that he'd poisoned Rey. Sharon told Rey about the text messages purported to have been sent by Adam that had stated, "I love you and can't stop thinking about you." Sharon said Chelsea had sent the messages, using Adam's tablet.

Rey insisted that Chelsea couldn't have pulled off everything that had happened. Sharon agreed it had been difficult for Chelsea, but she'd done everything with Chloe's help. Rey was obstinate and said Sharon had no proof.

Sharon recalled the day Rey had served the search warrant, and she said Adam had seen Chelsea smile when she'd thought no one had been looking. Sharon added that she'd also sensed that Chelsea was holding something back. Sharon explained that Chelsea's aim was to exact revenge against Sharon, mistakenly believing she'd never let go of Adam, just as Rey also believed. Rey demanded to know where Adam was. Sharon said he was staying in a place near a lake, and she insisted on accompanying Rey. After Sharon received a message from Nick about Faith being released, she agreed to disclose Adam's location. After Rey left, Sharon considered letting Adam know Rey was going there, but she changed her mind.

At Crimson Lights, Moses had hot chocolate with Nate. Moses asked Nate if he might tag along to the hospital and learn what he could before his classes began at Walnut Grove. Nate agreed. Elena entered, and Nate introduced her to Moses. Elena welcomed him to Genoa City and said she'd heard Moses would be interning with her and Nate soon. Nate credited Elena with his decision to mentor Moses.

Elena heaped praised on Nate, proclaiming he was one of the best doctors she'd ever known. Moses noticed the twinkle in Nate's eyes after Elena said Nate was also one of the best men she knew. After Elena walked away, Moses told Nate he should ask her out. Nate said he and Elena had dated, but it hadn't worked out. Nate received a call from Nick and left.

When Nate arrived at Chelsea's, Nick told him that Chelsea had said, "Sharon knows." Chelsea thought to herself that she had to stay calm and not raise suspicion. Nate asked Chelsea to say her name, explaining that she should take her time because her vocal cords hadn't been used in a long time. Nate was surprised to learn from Chloe that Chelsea's nurse had quit. Chloe insisted that Chelsea had not spoken any words before she'd uttered, "Sharon knows." Nick was eager to know what Chelsea meant and asked Nate if he could assist. Nate explained that rehabilitation of motor skills would take time.

Nick left after Nikki phoned to let him know Faith was being discharged. After Nick left, Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief. Nate performed an exam and proclaimed that Chelsea was on the verge of significant improvement, though she'd require hospitalization for tests and additional therapy. Chelsea spoke again and told Nate she needed Detective Rosales.

After Nate left, Chelsea told Chloe she'd discovered the most organic moment to start using her voice again. Chloe recalled that Chelsea had failed to warn her beforehand. Chelsea credited Chloe for having picked up on her cues right away. Chelsea smugly said her secret was safe, unlike Sharon and Adam's. Chelsea smiled and said her plan had come together. Chloe seemed uneasy.

At the hospital, Faith was already dressed and ready to leave when Nikki arrived and inquired about how Faith was feeling. Faith seemed anxious to return home, though she admitted to being reluctant to face the punishment that awaited. Nikki told Faith her mom and dad were eager to get their daughter home. After Nick arrived, he introduced Faith to Christine, who'd be representing her in court as an advocate. Christine advised Faith to be honest when responding to the judge. Christine tried to put Faith at ease, though she cautioned that the judge would request an assessment of her alcohol use. Nick explained that Faith would seek treatment at a rehab facility.

After Sharon arrived, Faith was ready to go home with her. Faith mentioned how weird it was that Adam had been the one who'd found her after the accident. Christine prepared Faith for what to expect in court while Nick helped Sharon pack their daughter's things. Sharon asked Nick why he was staring at her. Nick said he hadn't realized he'd been staring at her and said they should get their daughter home.

After Sharon and Faith returned home, accompanied by Nick, Sharon went to make a snack. Nick advised Faith to get rest and prepare herself for her the next steps, including court, therapy, and a search for a rehab facility. Faith blamed herself and said she yearned for her life to get back to normal. Sharon overheard Faith's comment and reminded her daughter that she had many people who loved and supported her, just as Sharon had leaned on the people who'd rooted for her during cancer treatment. Faith apologized to her parents and told them she loved them before she went upstairs to rest.

Nick told Sharon he'd witnessed Chelsea regaining her ability to speak when she'd said, "Sharon knows." Sharon admitted she knew where Adam was hiding and that Rey was headed there. Sharon said she had no longer been able to hide her involvement with Adam and had angered Rey when she'd insisted that Adam was innocent. Nick scoffed when Sharon said she and Adam believed Chelsea had poisoned Rey. Sharon added that Chelsea had had help and had been faking her paralysis. Sharon pointed out that Chelsea had even managed to divert blame by suddenly telling Nick that "Sharon knows."

Sharon told Nick that he owed Adam the benefit of the doubt for having saved Faith's life. Nick demanded to know where Adam was. Sharon replied that Adam was at the cottage at the lake house he had owned, though Rey had likely already arrested him. Nick said he wanted to be present to thank Adam and then watch Rey handcuff him.

Nikki and Christine arrived at Sharon's. Christine assured Faith that everything would go smoothly. Nikki was relieved when Faith said she'd enjoyed a restful nap in her own bed. Sharon gazed out the window. Nikki encouraged Faith to eat something substantial to build her strength. Sharon seemed more concerned about what was going on with Adam.

When Rey arrived at the cabin, he drew his weapon and peeked through the slightly open door to Adam's room. When Rey burst inside, he yelled Adam's name, but Adam was gone. Rey began stuffing Adam's belongings into a bag. Nick arrived, and Rey said it appeared Adam had moved on. Nick said Sharon had told him she thought Adam was innocent. Rey replied, "Maybe he is. Maybe he isn't, but he's long gone."

Nick told Rey he'd witnessed Chelsea regaining her ability to speak. Rey replied, "Really? Just like that?" Nick said Chelsea had spoken two words that indicated Sharon knew where to find Adam. Rey blamed Sharon for having warned Adam, so he could escape.

At Society, Amanda joined Victor and didn't waste time before mentioning a former employee of Victor's named Richard Nealon, who had worked at Newman Enterprises around 1991. Victor laughed and said 30 years earlier was ancient history. Amanda explained that Nealon had died in a car accident shortly after having been hired at Newman Enterprises. Amanda, in a serious tone, replied, "And now there are questions about how much of an accident it really was."

Amanda explained that she was investigating the matter for her client, Sutton Ames. Victor vaguely recalled that Ames was a power broker in Illinois politics. Amanda told Victor that while Nealon had been working for Newman Enterprises, he'd discovered that an executive had made an illegal arrangement with someone in Sutton's office. Victor asked Amanda to clarify. Amanda explained that Newman Enterprises had received favorable treatment in Illinois in exchange for payments to Sutton's office. Victor asked if he was being accused of bribery. Amanda said he wasn't because she'd realized that in a large company, things could be done without the CEO's knowledge.

Amanda told Victor that a reporter named Bruce Stansfield had dug up information and was contending that someone had tampered with Nealon's brakes in order to keep him quiet. Victor recalled that Stansfield had raised the same questions before; Victor had told the reporter he'd had no answers and insisted to Amanda he still had no answers. Victor warned Amanda not to implicate him or Newman Enterprises in hopes of defending Ames. Before Victor left, Amanda said she'd already sent a letter to Newman Enterprises' attorneys, requesting the names of all executives who'd dealt with Richard Nealon. After Victor left, Devon met with Amanda and accepted her invitation to go to his place to discuss what had just happened.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon told Amanda that Victor was very aware of how intimidating he could be and used it to his advantage. Amanda admitted she'd approached Victor out of the blue and had accused an employee of his company of bribery, even hinting at murder. Amanda defended her actions, explaining that she'd gain a better understanding of her father and the family she was a part of, adding that she'd also have a shot at handling a civil case involving two powerful people.

Amanda told Devon he might not see her for a while because she'd be scouring legal documents related to her case. Moses entered and told Amanda and Devon that Nate had been summoned to consult with a patient. Moses worried he might be interrupting something and offered to visit the library. Amanda said she was just about to leave. Moses took notice of Devon and Amanda's interactions. Devon walked Amanda to the door, where she told him that sitting with him had reminded her of the old times when she and Devon had sat around and talked for hours. Devon expressed hopes that they work through their issues and get back to where they had been. Amanda replied, "Yeah. We'll see."

After Amanda left, Moses asked Devon what he'd said to Amanda at the door. Moses admitted he'd sensed vibes between Devon and Amanda. Devon turned the tables and asked if Moses had a girlfriend. Moses told Devon that a girl at the hospital named Faith had laughed at all his jokes. Moses said he'd missed an opportunity to see Faith again because he'd been unable to accompany Nate when he'd gone to make his rounds.

Amanda went to her suite at the Grand Phoenix. She searched through a box of files and selected one. She opened the file with Richard Nealon's name on it. Amanda removed a photo of a young, handsome man and stared at it longingly. Overcome with emotion, Amanda put her hand over her mouth and broke down sobbing.

Nate phoned Nick from Crimson Lights, mentioned Chelsea's list of developments, and requested Nick phone him to discuss the situation. Elena happened to overhear Nate's side of the conversation. Nate acknowledged Elena's presence and noted that they'd run into each other twice in one day. Nate recalled Elena's previous comment and told her he would never have considered mentoring Moses if not for her. Nate invited Elena to sit, talk, and grab some coffee.

Ashland names a new owner of Cyaxares Ashland names a new owner of Cyaxares

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

At Society, Victor looked forward to finalizing his deal with Ashland. Ashland remarked that it was too bad Adam wasn't able to join them due to his legal situation. Victor asserted that the allegations were baseless and would soon be disproven. Ashland hoped so, since Adam had made a compelling case to be trusted with the future of Cyaxares, despite his sketchy past. Ashland felt that with the status of the new CEO being uncertain, it was reasonable to adjust the terms of the deal to reflect the increased risks involved. Victor huffed that there would be no readjusting, so Ashland could take the deal or leave it.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy and Lily waited for Amanda, who had called a meeting. Lily guessed it was to talk strategy to prevent Victor from poaching their top people. Amanda entered and announced that she needed to request a leave of absence, since her birth mother had referred her to a politician in need of an attorney. Billy recognized Sutton Ames as being a power player, and Lily inquired about the connection between Naya and Sutton. Amanda claimed that her mother worked with him.

Amanda added that it meant a lot that Naya had recommended her, and she couldn't pass up the chance to establish herself as a criminal lawyer and show her mother what she was made of. Billy and Lily wished Amanda luck and promised that her job would be waiting when she was ready to return to ChancComm. After Amanda left, Lily said she understood Amanda's decision, but she groaned that the timing couldn't be worse. Billy was surprised when he received a call from Ashland, who notified him that Victoria was also on the line.

Ashland informed Billy and Victoria that he was having second thoughts about his deal with Victor and Adam, and he invited them to his suite to discuss the situation. After Ashland hung up, he implied that Victor could still sweeten the offer, since it hadn't been Ashland's fault that Adam had gone rogue. Victor declared an end to the conversation, and he told Ashland to have a nice day. Ashland stalked off, and Victor called Michael to summon him to the ranch.

Billy was shocked that Ashland had listened to his advice to cut ties with Adam. Lily wondered if Ashland had invited both parties to incite a bidding war. Billy asked whether he or Lily should drive, but she declared that she wasn't going because she sensed Ashland was just playing with them.

In Ashland's hotel suite, Ashland thanked Billy and Victoria for being prompt. Victoria haughtily stated that it hadn't been entirely unexpected, since Adam clearly couldn't live up to his commitments. Ashland divulged that he'd backed out of his deal with Victor and Adam, so Cyaxares was back on the market. Billy congratulated him on making the right move, but he questioned why they were there when Ashland already knew what they had to offer. Ashland proclaimed that he was ready to hear opposing arguments, and he asked why Victoria thought it would be a mistake to put Billy in charge of the company.

Victoria declined the opportunity to trash her competition, and Ashland offered Billy a free shot at Newman. Billy passed, and Ashland figured that he'd have to rely on luck to make a decision. Ashland pulled out a quarter and explained that it was the first money he'd ever made as a kid, and it had never let him down. Ashland assigned heads to Victoria and tails to Billy. Ashland set the coin on the table and asked who wanted to do the honors. Victoria prompted Billy to do it, and Billy tossed the quarter in the air, slapped it on the back of his hand, and proclaimed that they had a winner.

Billy and Victoria retreated to the Grand Phoenix lobby, and Billy compared it to the day he'd lost the Jabot boat in a card game. Victoria argued that skill was involved in poker, but the coin flip had been pure luck. Billy congratulated her and offered to buy drinks to celebrate, but she opted to meet with her legal team before Ashland had a chance to change his mind again. She sympathized that it hadn't been the outcome Billy had been hoping for, but it wasn't bad news, since she wouldn't use Cyaxares to go after ChancComm the way her father would have. Billy resolved to be content with that.

Billy returned to the office and informed a shocked Lily that a coin flip had determined the owner of Cyaxares. Lily knew he was disappointed, but she was glad that they no longer had to deal with an egomaniac playing head games or a feud with Adam and Victor. Billy conceded that it had been less painful losing to Victoria than to Adam and Victor, and Lily stepped out to update the legal team. Lily sighed with relief while Billy glowered.

At Crimson Lights, Nate told Elena that he hated the awkwardness between them when they'd once been the best of friends. He figured that maybe they'd never been meant to be a couple, but he wanted to try to get past the tension and be buddies again. Elena noted that he'd used the word "maybe," and she wondered if a small part of him thought they could still be a couple. She respected that he'd wanted to take a step back romantically, and it had been good for her because it had given her a chance to get some clarity.

Elena explained that she'd been furious with herself for many reasons, starting with how badly she'd hurt Devon after she'd let her insecurities sabotage their relationship. She had realized that she hadn't been wrong to be insecure, since Devon had obviously been drawn to Amanda, but Elena had been wrong for reacting the way she had. Elena thought it had been pointless to go back to see if there had been anything left between her and Devon, but she guessed that the realization had hit her too late to do her and Nate any good. Elena wished she could tell Nate that they could go back to being best buddies, but she didn't think she could do it because she still had feelings for him.

Nate recalled that Elena had said from the beginning that she didn't know what she wanted, and he regretted pushing her. She understood that he'd just wanted to love her, but she hadn't been ready to be loved because she hadn't felt like she'd deserved it. Elena insisted that things had changed because she'd finally forgiven herself and let go of her unrealistic fantasies of what could have been with Devon. She thought she and Nate could be happy, but she also understood if it wasn't what he wanted anymore.

Nate bemoaned that he felt like they'd missed their shot, since while Elena had been learning to accept that she and Devon weren't meant to be, Nate had gone through the same thing with her. Nate added that he would always wonder what would happen if Devon eventually decided that he wanted her back, and he couldn't live like that. Elena whimpered that she'd ruined any chance they'd had by going back and forth too many times, and she rushed out.

Rey entered the cottage, and Sharon rushed to the door and asked how things had gone at the lake. Rey inquired about Faith, and Sharon reported that the girl was doing her homework with her earphones on, so she couldn't hear them. Sharon mentioned that she hadn't seen any news about Adam being apprehended, and Rey shared that the lake house had been empty when he'd gotten there. Rey suspected that Adam had taken off for good, and he theorized that someone had tipped Adam off. Sharon swore she hadn't done it.

Sharon speculated that Adam had a source at the police station or that Adam had realized that she would tell Rey where Adam was. She stressed that she'd been pressuring Adam to turn himself in and to trust Rey to investigate who had really planted the poison. Rey recalled that she'd also said Adam doubted Rey could be convinced of his innocence. Sharon imagined that Adam hadn't gone far, since he was determined to prove he'd been set up. Rey bristled at her faith in Adam.

Sharon questioned whether Nick had told Rey that Chelsea had suddenly regained the ability to speak. Rey pointed out that Chelsea had been in rehab for months, and Nate had indicated that her speech would get better as her brain continued to heal. Sharon reiterated that she and Adam believed Chelsea's condition had improved some time earlier, and she found it convenient that Chelsea had regained her speech right when she'd needed to counter Adam's accusation. Rey reasoned that the stress had pushed Chelsea to a breakthrough, and he intended to talk to her himself. Sharon warned him to be careful, since if Adam was right, Chelsea was desperate and dangerous -- and she'd already tried to kill Rey once.

Later, Faith indicated that she'd finished her homework and asked where Rey was. Sharon responded that he was working that night, and Faith suggested that she and Sharon watch something together. Sharon offered to let Faith pick the show and insisted on making popcorn. Sharon stepped into the kitchen, and there was a knock at the door. Faith opened it and demanded to know what Jordan was doing there.

Faith furiously asked if Jordan was there to take pictures of her bruises to post online for everyone to laugh at. Jordan apologized and swore that she felt terrible for embarrassing Faith. Jordan explained that she'd been upset that Sharon hadn't let them hang out, like Jordan wasn't good enough to socialize with Faith's family. Faith retorted that her mom had freaked out about her drinking, and Sharon had been right about Jordan being a bad influence. Jordan protested that she'd had no clue Faith would react to her prank that way, and she never could have lived with herself if Faith had been killed or had run into someone. Jordan hoped Faith could forgive her.

Faith ranted that Jordan had no idea how much she'd hurt Faith by promising to defend Faith against the mean girls, only to turn out to be the meanest one of them all. Jordan admitted that she'd been a "total bitch," and she wondered what she could do to make it up to Faith. Faith spat that she could never trust Jordan again. Jordan whined that she'd learned her lesson, since she'd been suspended from school, and her parents had taken away her car keys, so she'd needed to have friends give her a ride there. Faith testily hoped they were still outside because she wanted Jordan to leave.

Faith opened the door, and Jordan repeated that she was sorry. Faith snapped that part of her would love to believe that Jordan meant it, but it didn't matter because she didn't want to know Jordan anymore. Faith ordered Jordan to take her faux apology and shove it, and she slammed the door in Jordan's face. Sharon returned to the room and commended Faith for how she'd handled the situation. Sharon looked down at her phone and saw a text message from Adam: "I knew you would tell Rey."

Sharon sent Faith to grab the popcorn. Once alone, Sharon wrote back to Adam to ask where he was and what had happened. He replied that she'd done what she'd had to do, and he was going to do the same thing. Faith returned with the popcorn, and Sharon again praised Faith for standing up for herself when it might have been easier just to accept Jordan's apology. Sharon recalled when Faith had admired Jordan, but Faith grumbled that she'd had a lot of time in a hospital bed to think about how Jordan had screwed her over. Sharon imagined that Faith would have to face the other bullies once they were back from their suspensions, and she urged Faith to turn to her family if it got to be too much. Faith confirmed that she knew she had a lot of people who loved her.

Rey arrived at Adam's penthouse and sent Chloe home to check on her kids while he and Chelsea talked. Rey hoped Chelsea's speech returning was a sign that she'd continue to make progress. Pretending that it still took a fair amount of effort to speak, Chelsea cleared her throat and rasped that it had been slow at first, but her recovery was getting faster, and she was able to move her arm a little. "Need to get better. Need to hug my son again," she conveyed.

Rey asked if Chelsea would be able to answer a few questions about Adam, and she expected it would be difficult. Rey guessed she meant because of her voice, but she clarified that she was ashamed because the last time he'd visited, Rey had wondered why strong, smart women kept falling for Adam's act. Chelsea claimed that she'd been offended because she'd considered Adam to be a good man who'd been wrongfully accused, but Rey had been right -- and she'd been a fool.

Rey asked what had changed Chelsea's opinion about Adam. She contended that Chloe had opened her eyes by reading Chelsea the news about Rey's vicious poisoning. Chelsea claimed that she'd truly thought Adam was innocent when he'd left, and she'd expected him to return to her and Connor after proving it. Chelsea continued that Chloe had then shown her the photo of Adam and Sharon kissing, and it had explained all the things Chelsea had been dismissing, like Adam hiring Sharon to counsel Chelsea, and Adam and Sharon's whispered conversations. Chelsea referred to Nick stopping by to warn Adam to stay away from Sharon, and she cried that all the signs had been right under her nose -- Adam was obsessed with Sharon.

Rey demanded to know where Adam was. "Ask Sharon. She knows," Chelsea replied. Rey shared that Sharon had admitted that she'd been helping Adam, but Adam had already left his hiding place. Chelsea imagined that Rey understood how she felt, since Sharon was his wife, and Chelsea and Adam shared a child together, yet all that mattered to Adam and Sharon was being together.

Victor returned home and found Adam in the living room. Adam stated that he hadn't known where else to go. Adam found scotch on the bar and remarked that it was like Victor had been expecting him. As Adam poured two glasses, Victor commented that Adam deserved it for saving Faith. Adam found it depressing that many people had been shocked by the good deed, but Victor insisted that he hadn't been surprised. Adam chugged his drink and swore that he hadn't poisoned Rey, and Victor replied that he knew.

Adam revealed that he thought Chelsea had set him up and that she'd been faking her paralysis. Victor revealed that Nick had told him that Chelsea was speaking again, and she had directed Nick to ask Sharon where Adam was. Victor inquired whether Adam had asked Sharon for help. "What a mistake that was," Adam muttered. Adam recounted that Sharon had done what she could, but he'd had a feeling she would buckle under the pressure by telling Rey where Adam was, so he'd waited and watched from the woods until Rey had shown up.

Victor lectured that Adam should have turned to him when he'd realized he was being set up, and he warned that Michael would be there any minute. Victor instructed Adam to hide in the tack house until they straightened things out. Adam thanked Victor and admitted that he should have gone to his father from the beginning.

Later, Michael arrived at the ranch, and Victor told him to pull Rey off the investigation because the detective was ignoring other suspects, namely Chelsea. Michael scoffed at the idea that someone who had suffered a stroke and couldn't move or utter a sound had been behind the poisoning. Victor countered that Chelsea had been able to speak for quite some time, and she had a very close friend in Chloe, who hated Adam. Michael considered it a stretch, since Chloe had put her animosity aside, and Chelsea had no reason to destroy Adam's life.

Victor mentioned the photo of Adam kissing Sharon, and he noted that Chelsea had been very jealous of Sharon's hold on Adam. Michael found the theory outlandish, but Victor argued that it was more plausible than Adam leaving a trail of evidence that implicated him. Victor professed his son's innocence and vowed to prove it if the authorities failed to do so. Michael advised Victor not to interfere in the investigation, and Victor agreed to stay out of it as long as Chelsea was included as a suspect.

Victoria burst in as Michael headed out. Victoria announced that she'd struck a deal with Ashland to acquire his media empire, and Victor curtly replied, "Well done." Victoria sensed that he didn't mean it and that he was more disappointed than he was letting on. She taunted that Adam's criminal tendencies had once again gotten in the way of Victor's plans.

Victor rose to his feet and faced Victoria. "You're playing with the big boys now. You're my daughter, but beware -- when you cross me in business, things get dangerous," he ominously warned. He told her to see herself out. Victoria turned to leave and suspiciously eyed Adam's glass of scotch on the bar.

Jack ends his relationship with Sally Jack ends his relationship with Sally

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Nick she hoped Faith would receive the help she needed. When Mariah and Lola arrived, Nick told Phyllis he would see her later, and he left. Mariah informed Phyllis that the embryo transplant had worked. Phyllis congratulated her and said she wanted to make sure that Abby's specific arrangements for their spa adventure were ready. Phyllis wanted Abby and her guests to have a perfect night.

Sally stood to one side and watched.

At the Chancellor estate, Nina and Ashley happily celebrated becoming grandmothers in the not-too-distant future. Nina said it was a shame that Chance didn't know about the pregnancy. She felt Chance was really missing being home with Abby. Ashley agreed and claimed that Chance would be around for the second child, unless Mariah was carrying twins. Ashley said that it was a possibility; however, they felt it was best not to tell Mariah. Nina claimed she had other concerns. Abby overheard the comment as she entered the room. She asked what concerns Nina had.

Nina told Abby she was concerned about the spa party. She hoped Mariah wouldn't go into the hot tub or partake in anything to injure the baby. Abby assured Nina she had the list of all the dos and don'ts, and she would make sure that Mariah only participated in things that were permitted for pregnant ladies. Abby loved that Nina and Ashley were there to share in her joy.

After Abby left, Ashley asked Nina to tell her exactly what Nina wouldn't say in front of Abby, because there was more on Nina's mind than the spa. Nina said she was concerned about Mariah's emotional state once the baby began to grow. The bond could be very strong between Mariah and the baby. Nina was also concerned that Devon seemed to have an abstract idea about the baby, and not the reality.

Nina told Ashley that Mariah and Devon had no idea what Abby and Chance were going to go through as the baby grew. Ashley reminded Nina that contracts were in place to protect everyone, and everything had been discussed for the participants to protect each other. Nina didn't think that everyone was fully prepared for how things would go. Ashley stated that there had to be trust. She told Nina they needed to buckle their seatbelts because it was going to be "one hell of a ride."

At Devon's, Moses had his nose buried in a book when Devon told Moses about the choices they had on the menu, but Moses seemed distracted. Devon asked what Moses wanted to do. Moses said he wanted to talk about Neil. Moses wished he'd had more time with his dad. Devon understood how Moses felt, and he offered to share some of his own memories about Neil. Devon decided to play a vinyl record for Moses and explained that it had been one of Neil's favorite jazz artists. He told Moses that the only thing Neil had loved more than music had been his family. Moses put on the headphones and listened.

Amanda rushed into Devon's and said she needed to run something by him. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Moses and told Devon she would return later, but Devon invited her to stay. Amanda told Devon she needed to give her full attention to Sutton Ames's defense and that Billy and Lily had given her a leave of absence from ChancComm for that purpose. Amanda told Devon that she'd been looking through the extensive files she'd been provided with, and there was a lot of information about her father, Richard Nealon. She told Devon she was determined to find out the truth about what had happened to him.

Moses interrupted Devon and Amanda and said he wanted to meet with Faith at the coffeehouse. After a few pertinent questions from Devon, Moses was about to leave when Nate arrived to spend some time with him, but Moses informed Nate he was on his way out to meet a friend.

Nate told Devon he was happy that Moses was making friends. Amanda told Devon she needed to leave, but Devon encouraged her to stay. He asked if Nate had wanted to talk. Nate said he'd been messed up in his head. He said that after he'd spoken to Elena, they had both decided things wouldn't work out for them. Devon offered Nate a beer, some music, and a bit of hang-out time, but Nate thanked him and said he had to check on some of his patients.

After Nate left, Amanda told Devon he had looked sad when Nate had mentioned Elena. Devon admitted he'd felt sad because he and Elena hadn't been able to overcome their mistakes. He admitted he also hadn't handled things the right way with Amanda, and he should have been honest with her about what had been going on between him and Elena. He stated that secrets hurt the most.

Amanda told Devon that her life had been one long secret, and she refused to let that continue -- not with family, and not with Devon. Devon said he had very strong feelings for her, but quite often, they were clouded because of who she looked like. He said it wasn't fair to Amanda, and he felt he was being disloyal to Hilary in some way; however, he couldn't help that. He said he'd struggled moving on from Elena, but it was very clear to him what he wanted. He said he wanted a life with Amanda. They kissed.

At Society, Victor was on the phone with Phyllis when Jack arrived. Victor ended the call, and he told Jack that Abby had arranged a spa party for the ladies. He'd wanted to pay for it, but Phyllis claimed she was going to take care of it. Victor told Jack that he was going to be a grandfather again. Jack was delighted that the embryo transfer had worked. He said it was great news. Victor said it was exactly what they needed at that moment. Jack agreed because he knew what Victor had on his plate.

Victor told Jack that Ashland Locke had reneged on the deal with him and that Ashland had also turned down Billy's offer. Jack gave Victor a strange look and said he'd been talking about Adam. Jack said he hoped everything would work out for Adam. Victor questioned whether Jack believed that Adam had poisoned Rey. Jack said it was too presumptuous to assume anything. Jack said that he and Adam had been close friends once, and he was acutely aware of what Adam had had to overcome in his youth.

Victor accused Jack of abandoning Adam when push had come to shove. Jack repeated that he hoped things would go well for Adam. Victor claimed he would always take care of his family. Victor left.

Sharon and Faith arrived at Crimson Lights. Sharon wanted to get Faith a snack, but she was worried about leaving Faith alone. Faith assured her that she knew the rules. Nick arrived and told Faith he was proud of her for the way she'd blown Jordan off. Faith said she was in a negative friendship territory. Faith sat at a table with her books while Nick went to talk to Sharon, who was behind the counter.

Sharon told Nick that Faith seemed okay, and Nick agreed. Nick said that Rey had gone to the lake house, but Adam hadn't been there. Nick assumed that Sharon had already known that. Sharon assured Nick she hadn't warned Adam about Rey being on his way to arrest Adam. She said she'd tried to convince Adam to turn himself in. On the one hand, she was angry that he hadn't taken her advice, but on the other hand, she couldn't stay angry because Adam had saved Faith's life.

Faith was doing her homework at one of the tables, when she received a text message. She was reluctant to see who had sent it, but when she finally looked, the message read, "Hey, it's Moses. How's it going?" Faith replied: "Got sprung from the hospital. Thinking about digging into a warm brownie."

Faith asked Sharon and Nick if it would be okay if a friend hung out with her. Nick asked her what had happened to the "no friendship zone." Faith explained that Moses Winters wanted to meet with her, and she'd met him at the hospital. She said Moses was her age, he wanted to become a doctor, and he would be attending Walnut Grove. Sharon and Nick agreed it was okay.

When Moses joined Faith on the patio, Faith introduced him to Nick, who proceeded to give Moses the third degree. Satisfied with Moses' responses, Nick left Moses and Faith alone. Moses suggested they get together after school, but Faith said she would be busy. Seeing the look on Moses' face, she explained she had community service, therapy, and rehab after school. Faith told Moses that after the upsetting prank Jordan had played on her, she'd taken a bottle of tequila from Victor's bar, and she'd driven one of the ranch trucks until she'd crashed. Faith explained that she was also facing a court date.

Faith said she understood if Moses felt it was time for him to leave. Moses assured her he wasn't leaving and explained that his father had attended Alcoholics Anonymous.

Nick told Sharon that Moses seemed like an awesome kid. Victor arrived and asked to speak privately with Sharon. After Nick left, Victor told Sharon that Adam had wanted her to know that he was safe. Sharon asked if Victor knew where Adam was. She explained that Adam had sent her a text message stating he would do what he needed to do. Victor claimed Adam didn't want to complicate Sharon's life, but Sharon claimed it was too late for that.

Sharon asked Victor if Adam was at the ranch. Victor wouldn't confirm where Adam was because Sharon had turned Adam in to the cops. Victor didn't want Sharon to know where Adam was. Sharon said she'd done what she had believed had been best. Victor heard the laughter from the patio. He told Sharon he was happy to hear Faith laughing with Moses. He said Moses had a good head on his shoulders and was a very bright young man. Victor told Sharon that he'd relied on Neil to talk to in good times and bad times.

At the hotel, Lola asked if Mariah was okay. Mariah explained she'd been thinking about Tessa. She knew Tessa had to be on the road, but it didn't feel like home without her. At that moment, Elena arrived, and Abby was right behind her. Mariah stated that Abby was glowing. Abby smiled and said she hoped they were all ready for their spa adventure. Abby gave Mariah a gift bag. Mariah pulled out a banner with "PREGNANT" written across it and a crown that she placed on her head. Phyllis brought over the gift from Mariah to Abby. Abby's gift bag contained a banner with "MOMMY TO BE" on it and a crown.

Phyllis told Abby that she would need all the massages and "R&R" she could get before the 2:00 a.m. feedings began. Elena videotaped Abby telling everyone how elated she felt. Abby told Phyllis that everything for their spa adventure looked amazing. Suddenly, everyone felt very chilly.

Sally arrived and asked Phyllis why her suite was so cold. The phone began ringing off the hook with guests complaining about the cold. Phyllis tried to placate the guests with hot beverages in an attempt to keep the guests from moving to the Athletic Club. She assured all her guests the problem was being looked after. Nick arrived and offered to help the service people and left.

Phyllis asked if Sally was happy with her handiwork. She said the prank was right up Sally's alley. Sally asked why she would do something like that, since she lived in the hotel. Phyllis stated that Sally wouldn't be living there much longer. Sally claimed she wasn't going anywhere, and she wouldn't resort to juvenile pranks. Sally claimed she would have been far more inventive and that she would come at Phyllis in such a way that Phyllis would wonder "what the hell" had hit her.

Jack stood a short distance away, and he'd overheard the exchange between Sally and Phyllis. When Phyllis saw Jack, she smiled and left. Sally asked Jack for a chance to explain. Jack said it had been self-explanatory. Sally accused Phyllis of setting the whole scenario up by calling Jack and asking him to come to the hotel just in time to hear the exchange. Jack said he had actually arrived to see Sally. He admitted that it had been the first time he'd seen the real Sally Spectra.

Sally told Jack she'd been wrong to lash out, but after everything Phyllis had done to her... Jack interrupted and stated that he wasn't judging her. He said he'd spent a lot of time defending Sally, insisting she wasn't the person others had claimed she was. Sally swore that what Jack had heard had been completely out of context. Jack wished Sally well and said he wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship between them. After Jack left, Sally looked up and saw Phyllis behind the bar, smiling. Nick returned and told Phyllis the heat had been taken care of.

Abby was on the elevator when she received a text message from Chance: "Abby, my wife, my life. You are in my thoughts. Always. I miss you so much. We've hit some stumbling block with the case, but know that all I want is to come home to you as soon as I can. I can't wait to hold you. Even though we're apart, my heart is with yours as we continue on this journey to create a family. I love you so much."

Abby was overjoyed.

Chloe calls it quits and walks out on Chelsea Chloe calls it quits and walks out on Chelsea

Thursday, April 15, 2021

by Nel

In her suite, Summer woke up with a start when Kyle arrived, and the door slammed behind him. Kyle asked if Summer had been having a bad dream. She said she'd dreamed that Tara had left Ashland to be with Kyle. Kyle said his time with Tara had been a million years before, and no matter what Ashland had in store for him, he wasn't leaving Summer. Summer vowed she would stand by Kyle. Kyle said he wanted to set a wedding date. Excited, Summer agreed and claimed she had a lot to think about, but first, they needed to rehearse their wedding night.

Later, Kyle ended a call with Billy. He told Summer there were grumblings about Jabot's unsafe working conditions. Some of their business associates had been approached, and they, too, had doubts about the company. Summer asked who would want to hurt Jabot. Kyle claimed it was too soon to have Ashland Locke's name connected to that incident or to jump to conclusions, but they couldn't rule him out.

Sally sat at the bar at Society, and sent a text message to her sister, Coco: "Everything was going so great, until Phyllis ruined everything. Sorry, never mind. Go to bed." Gloria arrived. She asked what had Sally so down. Sally growled that Gloria needed to save her fake concern. Gloria asked if Sally had messed up at work or if it was something about Jack. Gloria said she'd noticed Sally and Jack's affection for one another. Sally claimed the show was over. She said everyone had the wrong impression of her -- that she was a gold digger and that Jack was powerful and could help her get ahead.

Sally told Gloria her interest in Jack went far beyond that. Sally loved Jack's talent and his drive. Jack really listened when she talked. She only wanted to make him as happy as he'd made her. Sally said she'd noticed how protective Gloria was of Jack. Gloria said that Jack had an extraordinary capacity for forgiveness. Sally told Gloria that Jack had dumped her.

Gloria told Sally that Jack had been burned so many times that it made sense his first instinct would be to disengage. Gloria said that if Jack heard what Sally had said to her, Jack might come around. Sally didn't think she could ever convince Jack to trust her or allow her to prove how important he was to her. Annoyed, Gloria stated she thought Sally was tougher than that. Gloria grabbed her purse and left.

Jack arrived at the Grand Phoenix and told Phyllis he wanted to know about her manipulation of Sally. Phyllis claimed that Sally posed a threat to Summer and Kyle. She said she was happy that Jack had seen Sally for who she really was, but Phyllis was sorry Jack was disenchanted with her. Jack wasn't happy that Phyllis had been digging into his personal life, but he knew she had been looking out for his best interests. Phyllis said she was happy that Sally was in his rearview mirror. Jack was sad that he'd had to end it. Phyllis admitted that Sally was charming and that Jack had been having fun, but she was happy that Jack was back on the dating scene.

Phyllis made a suggestion to Jack. Perhaps she'd been put on the earth to protect him, but she felt guilty because she was in a solid relationship and Jack wasn't. Jack claimed he was happy for her. Phyllis offered to find a woman for him. Jack thanked her and said he wanted to find a woman on his own.

As Jack was about to leave, Sally entered. When she saw Jack, she asked to speak to him. She told Jack that she hadn't been with him because of his money, his last name, or what he could do for her. She said she really liked him, and she wanted to be a better person; however, it was more difficult than she'd thought. She said she'd slipped up, but she wouldn't let it happen again. Jack mattered to her, and she would do whatever it took to prove it to him.

Jack thanked Sally for her sentiments, but it changed nothing for him. He said they needed to go their separate ways. Jack left. Behind the bar, Phyllis smiled like a Cheshire cat.

Sally sat at the bar with a drink, and Phyllis approached her. Sally said she'd watched Phyllis lurking behind the bar during her conversation with Jack. Sally said she knew Phyllis had enjoyed watching Jack shut her down. Phyllis said that Sally was no longer welcome in her hotel, and Sally had until the following day to vacate the premises. Sally said that Phyllis didn't want to do that, because Phyllis would regret everything she'd ever done to Sally. Phyllis told Sally to bring it.

At home, Rey told Sharon he'd had a chat with Chelsea. He confirmed that Chelsea was able to speak; however, she hadn't offered anything new about Adam. Sharon asked if it would be such a bad thing if Adam left town. Rey asked if Sharon would be okay if she never saw Adam again. She felt it would be for the best. She couldn't believe Adam was still running when the odds were against him. She wished Adam had turned himself in, but in the end, the truth would come out.

Rey said that according to Sharon's truth, Chelsea had poisoned him. Sharon asked if Rey had seen anything suspicious or something not quite right about Chelsea when he'd spoken to her. Sharon claimed it was really convenient that Chelsea was able to speak at the exact moment when she'd needed to divert suspicion away from herself. Rey claimed the timing was fortuitous, but the stress might have hastened her recovery. Sharon asked Rey to keep an open mind. She asked if he thought it was possible that Adam was innocent. She asked Rey to trust her. Rey asked if Sharon trusted him. She said she did.

Rey asked Sharon where that trust had been when he'd repeatedly asked her if she'd been in touch with Adam and she'd repeatedly lied to him. Sharon said she'd tried to explain why she'd tried to protected Adam. Adam's story was outlandish, but she'd wanted to give him time to prove that Chelsea had been behind poisoning Rey. Rey pointed out that initially, Sharon had believed Adam had been guilty of trying to kill Rey, but she'd gone to see Adam, anyway. When Adam had provided a plausible story, Sharon had believed him. Sharon claimed she'd gone to see Adam to thank him for saving Faith, and she'd told Adam she hadn't believed what he'd said about Chelsea or that he was innocent.

Rey told Sharon that when it came to being honest with him, Sharon always protected Adam. Rey stated that Adam was at the core of their issues. Sharon always put Adam first because that was where her heart was. He'd been the idiot who had let things go on too long. He claimed Sharon didn't love him the way he needed her to. Sharon admitted she'd hurt Rey, but they would get through it in therapy. She said they'd made a commitment to each other. She said she loved Rey very much, and if they had a problem, they needed to fix it.

Rey claimed Sharon was in denial because she couldn't admit they had a problem. Rey claimed she had a connection to Adam that she refused to acknowledge. She was always there for Adam. Sharon swore that wasn't the way she felt, but Rey claimed her actions spoke volumes. He didn't want to fight anymore. He said there was nothing left to say. He was in a fight he couldn't win because Sharon couldn't overcome her feelings for Adam.

Sharon suggested that she and Rey discuss things in the morning, but Rey claimed he was done and would be leaving. Sharon begged him not to give up on them. Rey said they'd talked, and nothing had changed. He would stick around for a while to support Faith while she got back on her feet, but after that, he would be moving out. He said there was nothing Sharon could say or do to change his mind.

At the ranch, Adam entered the living room, looking for Victor, but he wasn't there. Adam sat down and began to reflect on his life. In his mind's eye, he saw Sharon. He recalled her saying that he always ran when things got tough, and he always expected her to be with him. Adam said he knew they would never be together again.

Adam envisioned Chelsea, and in his vision, she stated that every time Adam had to flee, he always went to the lake cottage, the place where he'd betrayed her by hiding Sharon years before. At that moment, he was hiding at the ranch, where he had tortured Ashley and almost killed Victor. It was his haven while on the run for his second murder, but Adam couldn't hide from himself. Chelsea said his deeds had been years in the making and had resulted in the choices he'd made. She pointed out the cruelty he'd shown the people he'd claimed had been close to his heart. All Adam had offered had been pain and betrayal.

Adam asked Chelsea about her miraculous recovery and her ability to speak. Adam said he knew the truth. Chelsea had regained her strength some time before, and she'd been plotting against him ever since. He said he couldn't understand how Chelsea could do that to him.

Sharon appeared and said Adam had destroyed everyone he loved. Adam told Sharon it wasn't where he wanted to be, and he'd been trying to be a better person. Sharon asked if he'd really been trying. She said Chelsea had loved him with every fiber in her being, but Adam had broken Chelsea physically and mentally; she asked why Chelsea wouldn't try to frame him for poisoning Rey. Adam claimed he'd never meant to hurt Chelsea, and he blamed himself for pushing her over the edge. Sharon stated it was hard to get past everything Adam had done in the past.

Chelsea told Adam that was how she'd been able to get away with framing him. She said Adam had turned his back on her so he could chase Sharon. No one would have been surprised because he was still obsessed with Sharon. Chelsea said she'd been able to get away with poisoning Rey because that was what Adam would have done. Adam claimed that was a lie. Chelsea said Adam had betrayed everyone in town because he'd wanted to be by Sharon's side.

Sharon told Adam she agreed with everything Chelsea had said. Sharon said she'd finally found happiness, love, and support -- the kind that didn't hurt her -- but Adam wanted to take it all away. She asked if that was the reason Adam had wanted her to counsel Chelsea. He constantly tried to make her choose between him and Rey. He'd used Chelsea to get to her. Chelsea said he'd broken her heart. Sharon said he'd broken hers, as well. Chelsea claimed Adam wasn't worthy of love. Sharon added, "Or forgiveness."

Adam admitted he'd hurt everyone who had ever mattered to him, and he'd brought nothing but pain to Sharon and Chelsea. Sharon asked Adam what he was going to do about it. Adam looked up, and the room and it was empty.

At Adam's, Chelsea told Chloe to stop pacing. Chloe claimed that Chelsea's reaction was inappropriate, given what was at stake. Chelsea boasted that everything was fine, thanks to her very convincing performance over Adam's betrayal. She'd played the heartbroken fiancée, and Rey had bought it, hook, line, and sinker. The doorbell rang. Chelsea assumed her position in the chair while Chloe opened the door to Victor.

Victor asked to speak to Chelsea privately. Chelsea told Victor she still struggled to talk. She wanted to know if there was any news about Adam. Victor told Chelsea to drop the act. He knew what she'd done. He told her to confess, or she would be in for a long and painful process when the truth finally came out. He said Chelsea had almost killed a man and blamed Adam for it, with Chloe's help. Chelsea claimed she was hurt that Victor would accuse her of that. She asked if Sharon or Adam had put that idea into his head.

Victor faked his pity when he said, "Poor Chelsea," but he said he knew Adam was innocent. Chelsea claimed Adam had done it. Victor told Chelsea he'd never trusted her but only tolerated her. He'd known what she was capable of, but this time, she'd overestimated herself. Chelsea claimed he was wrong and said she wouldn't be intimidated by him or his threats. She said she'd told the truth. Victor faked the pity attitude again and asked if that was her last word on the matter. When Chelsea didn't respond, Victor smiled. He asked Chelsea how it felt to lie so blatantly. He told her not to forget his warning, and he left.

Chelsea told Chloe she'd made it clear to Victor that she wasn't afraid of him. Chloe said Chelsea needed to take Victor's threats seriously. Chloe stated that she was in Victor's crosshairs, she'd lied to the police, and Victor was onto them. The entire scheme could unravel if what they'd done got out, and they could lose everything. Angry, Chelsea said she was tired of Chloe's fear and negativity. Chloe said she had the perfect solution. She said she was moving back home. Chelsea tried to apologize, but Chloe said that Chelsea had developed a plan to frame Adam for attempted murder and had sucked Chloe in without informing her what she was going to get into.

Chelsea told Chloe she'd been trying to protect Chloe, but Chloe accused Chelsea of taking advantage of their friendship to get what she'd wanted. Chloe said she needed to take care of herself and her family -- she belonged at home. Chelsea said that Chole was the only one who knew she'd recovered. Everyone believed Chloe was staying with her until a new nurse was hired. Chelsea asked what it would look like if Chloe left. Chloe said Chelsea would have to find a nurse who could start work the next day, or Chelsea could make another miraculous recovery. She said Chelsea would figure something out -- she always did. Chloe left.

Victor returned home and was surprised to see Adam waiting for him. Victor said he'd gone to see Chelsea, and she'd played the innocent, fragile victim. She'd insisted that Adam had been responsible for poisoning Rey. Adam informed Victor he was leaving town. Victor assured Adam he would clear Adam of all the charges against him. Adam appreciated it and knew Victor would do it, but the one bright spot in the past few months had been him and Victor reconnecting. Everything else had been emotionally excruciating, and Adam knew he couldn't stay in Genoa City.

Adam told Victor he'd hurt too many people, and he was afraid that even if his name was cleared, he would continue making the same mistakes. Adam said he needed to walk away and not look back. He had no fight left in him. He wanted to take stock of his life and figure out how he'd gotten to where he was. He couldn't do that in Genoa City. Victor asked about Connor. Adam hoped to be the father Connor deserved and said he would find a way to start over. Adam said he wanted to raise Connor on the farm the way he'd been raised by his mother and Cliff. He wanted to get back to his roots.

Victor reminded Adam that the cops were looking for him everywhere, including the farm. Adam claimed he had a plan, and he asked Victor to trust him. He knew what he was doing. Victor understood. He said he would continue in his efforts to prove Adam's innocence, and he'd make sure Chelsea got what she deserved. Adam said he didn't want to see Chelsea hurt any more than she already had been.

Victoria shares her suspicions about Adam with Rey Victoria shares her suspicions about Adam with Rey

Friday, April 16, 2021

Rey entered the cottage and told Sharon that he'd stopped by Crimson Lights to pick up Faith's favorite drink to wish the girl luck in court that day. Sharon was surprised that he wasn't planning to be there, and he replied that it was the parents' job. Sharon suggested that they talk before Nick arrived to take them to the courthouse. Rey countered that they'd been talking, but there was too much pain and too little trust between them; nothing had changed since the night before. He maintained that he still intended to leave after everything was settled with Faith.

Faith descended the stairs and asked if she looked okay. Sharon and Rey assured her that she did, and Faith apologized again for what she'd done. Sharon reiterated that they loved and supported her. Rey gestured toward the smoothie that he'd dropped off for Faith before he had to leave for work. Rey swore that he'd be thinking about Faith, and he was proud of her for taking responsibility. He pointedly added that the teen was braver and more responsible than some adults he knew, and Sharon glared at him. After Rey left, Sharon resolved not to think of anything other than being the best mom she could be for Faith that day.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis referred to the good news Summer wanted to share. Nick walked in and mentioned that he had to make it quick, since he was on his way to take Faith to her court appearance. Summer announced that she and Kyle were engaged again, and Phyllis plastered on a smile and remarked that it was great. Nick reiterated that he wanted nothing more than for Summer to be happy, but he pointed out that she'd bolted on Kyle the last time they'd planned to get married. Summer recognized that she should have trusted Kyle more, and she insisted that they were both sure that they wanted to be together forever.

Nick insisted on talking to Kyle to get assurance before he could feel comfortable with it. Nick promised to talk later, since he had to tend to Faith. Summer pledged to pull out all the stops until Nick realized that her engagement was the best news ever. Nick headed out, but Phyllis stopped Summer from walking away. Summer coolly explained that she hadn't wanted to leave her mother out, but it didn't change anything else between them.

Summer stressed that including Phyllis in the good news hadn't equaled forgiveness. Phyllis swore that she'd only done what she had because Sally had posed a threat to Jack and to Summer, and she would always protect and love her daughter. Summer replied that she didn't expect Phyllis to change, but it would take her awhile to get over the fact that Phyllis had nearly cost Summer her job. Phyllis wondered if it would help to know that Jack had ended things with Sally, and she prompted Summer to thank her for that. Summer conceded that it was something to be grateful for, and she headed to her room.

Nick arrived at the cottage. Faith recalled seeing courtroom scenes on television and in the movies, but she imagined dealing with it in real life would be scary. Nick coached Faith to be respectful and polite, and Sharon added that everything would be fine if Faith was honest. Christine joined them to go over things before they headed to the courthouse, and she advised the girl to only speak to the judge when spoken to. Nick planned to drop Faith off at school after her hearing. She anticipated that she'd get weird looks after missing class for a court date, but she was prepared to handle it.

After Faith's hearing, Nick, Sharon, and Faith regrouped at Crimson Lights. Nick considered the sentence fair, noting that Faith needed to pay a $500 fine, serve 100 hours of community service, and receive outpatient treatment for substance abuse. Sharon added that it would be expunged from Faith's record when she turned 17 if she completed the sentence, and Faith promised to work hard to pay the fine.

Sharon commended Faith for showing maturity and poise before the judge, and Nick praised his daughter for accepting responsibility and accepting punishment like an adult. Faith was relieved it was over, but she realized that it wouldn't go away just because the judge had declared court adjourned. Nick asked if Faith was ready to go back to school. Faith expected everyone to stare at her, but she steeled herself to hold her head up and face the bullies.

At Walnut Grove, the bell rang as Faith accessed her locker. She said hello to a classmate, who ignored her. A young man approached and angrily questioned where Jordan was, since he'd needed her notes that day. The boy blamed Faith for Jordan's suspension and called Faith a loser. Faith said she was sorry but insisted that it hadn't been her fault. Moses appeared and dared the other boy to call Faith names again.

Faith identified the boy as Wayne, who she shared homeroom with. Moses noted that Faith had called Wayne by his real name instead of an insult, and he commented that Wayne looked like a wuss to him. Wayne bristled, and Moses taunted that "idiot" or "moron" had nice rings to them, too. Moses argued that Faith had too much class to call Wayne out, but Moses didn't roll like that with a "mental jackass" who considered it cool to trash a girl who'd just gotten out of the ICU.

Moses warned Wayne to step off, and Wayne scampered away. Moses remarked that Wayne had been tough when bullying a girl but had turned into a wimp when he'd been called out on it. Faith appreciated it, but she insisted that she didn't need anyone fighting her battles for her. Moses figured that he'd just been doing Wayne a favor, since Faith would have made the guy cry. She grinned.

At Society, Nikki asked why Victoria had wanted to meet. Victoria shared her suspicion that Victor was letting Adam hide out at the ranch. Nikki indicated that she hadn't seen any sign of Adam, and Victoria recalled that she'd seen a glass next to bottle of scotch. Nikki reasoned that it could have been from anyone who'd had a drink, but Victoria noted that the scotch had been a rare brand that was Adam's favorite. Nikki stated that if Victor was hiding Adam, her husband hadn't shared it with her, but she wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

Victoria had expected Nikki to be more outraged, and she wondered why her mother was shrugging it off. Nikki reasoned that Victor would do the same thing for Victoria, and she saw no reason to get worked up into a frenzy. Victoria sourly asked whether Victor could do anything to upset Nikki. Nikki reflected back on the many times she'd been angry with him over the years, but it had given her perspective about what battles to pick.

Nikki believed the situation wasn't black and white, since Adam had saved Faith's life, and that had to count for something. Nikki figured that Adam couldn't hide forever, and the police wouldn't give up until they found him. Victoria ranted about all the things Adam had already gotten away with, but Nikki encouraged her to focus on celebrating the victory of landing Ashland's company instead. After Nikki left for a meeting, Victoria called Rey and left a message, saying they needed to talk.

Later, Rey arrived at the restaurant and told Victoria to make it quick. She assumed he was still looking for the person who'd poisoned him, and he snapped that he was in no mood for games. Victoria revealed that she'd seen evidence of Adam's presence about 100 yards from where Rey slept at night. Rey guessed that Adam was at the ranch, and Victoria recounted that she'd seen a glass next to Adam's favorite brand of scotch. She reasoned that her father was a tequila man, and her mother didn't drink. She recognized that it wasn't proof that Victor had given Adam a safe haven, but she thought it might be something to check out. Rey thanked her and hurried out. She smirked.

Rey peeked around the Newman living room and picked up the bottle of scotch that Victoria had mentioned. Victor appeared, and Rey informed him that he was looking for Adam. Victor wondered why Rey thought Adam was there, and he claimed that he wished the police would find Adam because then he'd know his son was safe. Rey noted the rare brand of scotch Victor had stocked, and he inquired whether it lived up to its reputation. Victor replied that he preferred tequila, but Rey observed that it looked like someone had been drinking the scotch.

Rey warned that harboring a suspect was a crime, and Victor huffed that Rey should go see Chelsea if he was seeking justice. Rey opted to take a look around the ranch, but Victor questioned whether the detective had a search warrant. Victor snickered at Rey's silence and declared the conversation over. Rey was convinced that his theory about Adam's whereabouts was correct, and Victor asked who had put the idea into Rey's head. "Your oldest daughter," Rey responded as he walked out.

Alone at the penthouse, Chelsea set up a video chat with Connor, who was happily surprised to see his mom on his screen. She squealed about how much she'd missed him. Connor said he'd missed her, too, and he'd been starting to get worried because it had been a long time since they'd talked. He asked if she was okay, and she gushed that seeing his face and hearing his voice were all the medicine she needed. She swore that she was getting better every day and that they would see one another soon.

Connor wanted to talk to his dad, and Chelsea fibbed that Adam was working with Victor that day. They chatted about Connor's school and friends, but the boy realized that he needed to get to class. She was reluctant to let him go, but she figured that they'd have plenty of time to talk later. They exchanged words of love and ended the call.

Over the phone, Chelsea thanked the headmaster of Connor's school for his support during her illness. She was grateful the school was shielding Connor from the news about Adam, and she claimed that the stories were true. She informed the headmaster that she planned to file a restraining order against Adam. The doorbell rang, and she ended the call. She settled into her wheelchair and called out that the door was open. Rey entered and asked if she was alone. She replied that she was trying to make do until a new nurse was assigned.

Rey asked if Chelsea had any thoughts about where Adam might be hiding out, and she again directed him to ask Sharon. Rey shared that he'd received a tip that Adam might be hiding at the Newman ranch, although he had no solid evidence to confirm Adam's presence there. Chelsea mentioned that she'd told Connor's school that she would be filing a restraining order against Adam. Rey called it a smart move, and he was glad to see she'd already recovered to a point where she didn't need a nurse.

Chelsea sensed that something was weighing on Rey, and she apologized for the crack she'd made about Sharon before. Rey wanted to leave his marriage out of it, but Chelsea lamented how similar their situations were because of Adam. Chelsea hoped Rey and Sharon persevered, despite all the ways Adam had tried to get between them. Chelsea accepted that she might end up alone, but she'd hate it if Adam's obsession with Sharon caused Rey to wind up alone, too, and she hoped Sharon owned up to her part in it.

Sharon was relieved when Rey arrived home. He inquired about how things had gone in court, and she informed him that there had been no surprises. Sharon reported that Faith had been strong and mature, and she wished he had been there to see it. Rey maintained that nothing had changed for him, and he still intended to leave. He added that he also still had a job to do, and the last thing he'd expected that day had been to search the ranch for Adam. Rey hoped Sharon was surprised.

Sharon was shocked that Adam might be on the ranch. Rey confirmed that he was still trying to nail down where Adam was, and he suspected that Adam had moved on by then. Sharon guessed Victor had helped Adam, and she swore that she'd had no idea Adam had been nearby. Rey believed her, and he looked at a message on his phone. He added that he was glad she hadn't known Adam had been there, but he also thought she had to understand why he'd been suspicious after all the lies and evasions. Rey headed out.

Victoria arrived at the ranch and wondered why Victor had insisted she drop everything to meet him. Victor demanded to know if she'd told Rey that Adam was hiding out there. Victoria questioned whether her father had really aided and abetted a fugitive, and Victor accused her of betraying him. He reminded her how often he'd told her that trouble within their family stayed in their family. He invited her to look around because Adam wasn't there.

Victoria assumed that Victor had helped Adam to move on, but she bet Adam had been there earlier. Victor continued to profess Adam's innocence, but Victoria cautioned that his blind loyalty to Adam would push the rest of his family away even more. Victor asserted that he'd always been there for all his children, but Victoria spat that he'd been there for one of them over and over again. Nikki interrupted and asked what was happening.

Nikki lectured that she'd been able to hear the argument outside. Victor blasted Victoria for going to Rey with her suspicion that Victor was harboring Adam. Nikki clucked that it was no time for divisiveness, and she demanded that the animosity stop before things went too far. Victor ordered Nikki to stay out of it because it was between him and Victoria, and he stormed out. Nikki declared that he was wrong, since anything that involved their family affected her.

At Jabot, Kyle asked if Jack had a minute, and Jack steeled himself for more bad news. Kyle opted to lead with what he hoped Jack would see as good news -- Kyle and Summer were engaged again, and that time was for keeps. Kyle figured that there was no better time to tell the world that he and Summer were committed. Jack cited the uncertainties about Ashland. Kyle vowed that there was no way Ashland would get through him to cause Summer harm, and he refused to put his life on hold. Jack relayed that Billy had filled him in about the dark rumors about Jabot's unsafe working conditions. Kyle suspected Ashland was behind it, but Jack didn't want to assume anything until they had proof. Kyle worried that the damage might already be done.

Jack showed up at the Grand Phoenix and guessed from Phyllis' expression that Summer had told her the same news Kyle had told him. Phyllis reported that Nick was having an issue with it, and she inquired whether Jack was also having a problem with the engagement. Jack insisted that he loved Summer, but it was hard to separate the news from everything else. He grumbled about how everyone had handled things with Sally, but Phyllis hoped he didn't hold what had happened against Summer. Phyllis clucked that not everyone deserved the same share of blame.

Phyllis pointed out that Summer's gut instincts about Sally had been proven to be true. Phyllis contended that Summer's sins hadn't compared to Sally's, and Jack recognized that Sally had made her fair share of mistakes. He realized that he was about to stick up for Sally again, and he pledged to find a way to break the habit after Phyllis had opened his eyes. Jack remarked that Phyllis had never said she'd told him so, and she joked that she was saving it for another day.

Kyle joined Summer in their hotel suite. He wasn't surprised to hear that Nick hadn't been thrilled about their engagement, and he noted that her father seemed to enjoy giving him a hard time. Summer teased that dads weren't supposed to like the guys who whisked their daughters away, but Kyle wished Nick would cut him some slack once in a while. Kyle's phone rang, but Summer began to unbutton her dress and seductively asked if he had to take the call. He playfully chased her into the bathroom, leaving a call from Tara unanswered.

Later, Summer and Kyle emerged from the shower. He looked at his phone and saw that the call he'd ignored had been from Tara, but she hadn't left a message. Tara suddenly called again and informed Kyle that she and Ashland had just had an awful fight, and her husband had been furious. Tara whimpered that she couldn't talk to Ashland when he kept screaming and shouting, and Kyle asked what they'd been arguing about. Tara abruptly said she had to go, but Kyle questioned whether the fight had been about him. Tara claimed that Harrison needed her, and she hung up.

Kyle informed Summer about the Lockes' fight, and Summer reasoned that Tara wouldn't have called unless it had been about Kyle. Kyle contemplated whether to call back, and Summer observed that he looked worried. Kyle considered the rumors about Jabot combined with the fight Tara and Ashland had just been in, and he had a very uneasy feeling.

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