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Jack and Kyle suspected Ashland had sabotaged Jabot. Ashland suffered a heart attack. Nikki discovered Victor withholding medical help until Ashland signed the Cyaxares contract. Victoria closed the door on Victor. Rey walked out on Sharon. Imani sent a mysterious warning to Amanda.
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Jack and Kyle suspected Ashland had sabotaged Jabot, later Victor withheld medical treatment when Ashland suffered a heart attack
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Monday, April 19, 2021

Due to CBS News coverage of closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial, The Young and the Restless did not air. While this was not a planned preempted, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, April 20, and picked up where the Friday, April, 16, episode concluded.

Amanda receives a mysterious warning from Imani Amanda receives a mysterious warning from Imani

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

At Crimson Lights, Victoria fretted that Ashland hadn't yet sent the signed final purchase contract, and she wondered if he was playing games. Nikki questioned whether he was the kind of person Victoria wanted to do business with. They sat down at a table, and Nikki complimented the flower in Victoria's lapel. Victoria gushed that there had been a beautiful bouquet waiting for her at the office, and Nikki guessed Victor had wanted to make peace. Victoria bragged that the flowers were from Billy.

Nikki assumed that Billy was trying to butter Victoria up so she wouldn't use Cyaxares to undercut Chancellor Communications. Victoria surmised that he'd just been being sweet and supportive, since he'd known how much she'd wanted to make the deal on her own terms. Victoria continued that Billy had been there when Victor had tried to manipulate her over the years, and she imagined Billy was feeling triumphant on her behalf. Nikki worried that her daughter was holding out hope of a reconciliation with Billy, but Victoria called the idea ridiculous. Victoria became concerned when she received a text message from Ashland.

Victoria relayed that Ashland was still working out the details of the deal, and he wanted to meet in person to discuss it. Victoria groused that there were no details to negotiate, so he was stalling -- or it was more gamesmanship. Nikki haughtily recommended that Victoria tell him that it wasn't the way she did business and that she was willing to walk away. Victoria argued that Ashland had something she wanted, and his trying to throw her off balance intrigued her even more. She contemplated why he thought his maneuvers would work on her, but Nikki thought Victoria should be concerned rather than intrigued. Victoria suspected that her father was involved, since it would be just like Victor to use Ashland's shady tactics to his own advantage.

Nikki thought Victoria was paranoid for thinking that Victor and Ashland were conspiring together. Victoria clarified that her dad might be playing games through Ashland to teach her a lesson and remind her who was boss. She continued that it wasn't about Ashland and his media company, but it was about Victor going toe to toe with her. Nikki hated that Victor and Victoria thrived on Machiavellian nonsense, and Victoria blamed Victor for starting it by pitting her against Adam again. Victoria thought she'd pushed back harder than Victor had expected, and it was still "game on" in Victor's mind. Victoria resolved to play rough if that was how her father wanted it.

Amanda and Devon flirted across the coffeehouse. Elena saw them from the patio and sadly looked on as they left together. Lola called to Elena, who shared that Devon and Amanda had apparently worked things out. Lola said she was sorry, but Elena told her not to be because the couple obviously cared a lot about one another. Lola compared Amanda and Devon to Elena and Nate, but Elena shared that Nate had made it painfully clear that it wasn't going to happen.

Elena sensed that there was still something between her and Nate. She suspected that he felt it, too, but he'd told her that they'd missed their chance. Elena lamented that seeing Devon and Amanda work through the pain and get back together made her wonder why she and Nate couldn't do it, too. She spotted Nate at the counter, and he joined the ladies on the patio. Lola attempted to make small talk about Moses, but the awkwardness between Nate and Elena remained palpable. Elena mentioned that Moses would be volunteering at the clinic, but Nate doubted it would be possible because the teen already had a full plate.

Elena headed out to go to her shift, and Lola implored Nate to tell her why he and Elena couldn't get back together when he clearly still cared about her. Nate admitted that he still cared about Elena, but what they had didn't feel right. Nate longed for a relationship with no secrets because there was no reason for them when both people wanted to be together. He declared that he'd had enough drama for a lifetime, and he didn't find it romantic. Nate believed love should be consistent and supportive, like he'd had with Carolyn before she'd died suddenly, but he wasn't sure he'd ever find that again. Lola assured him that there was someone out there for him.

At ChancComm, Lily was stunned when Billy informed her that he'd sent Victoria flowers to congratulate her on besting her father. Lily hoped they hadn't been red roses, so Victoria didn't get the wrong idea. Billy swore that it had simply been a benign bouquet for keeping Cyaxares out of Victor and Adam's hands. Lily conceded that they should keep Victoria as an ally, but she also saw how Victoria might read more into the gesture. Billy thought Victoria was embarrassed for blurting out her feelings for him, and he scoffed at the idea that she'd actually make a play for him. Lily grumbled that it wouldn't be the first time, and she noted that Victoria had demonstrated what she was capable of when she decided to go after what she wanted.

At Society, Abby and Nina compared notes about the amazing baby merchandise that they'd scoped out. Jack greeted them and commented that Genoa City had missed Nina, who replied that it still felt like home. He considered it good news that Nina would be in town for a while, and he congratulated Abby on the successful IVF procedure. Abby was thankful that Mariah had gotten pregnant on the first try. Jack declared that he was thrilled for Abby and Chance, and he anticipated it would be an amazing journey for them.

Abby reported that Phyllis had actually done something nice by hosting a spa night at the Grand Phoenix for Abby and her guests. Jack mentioned that he'd heard about it, and he remarked that babies had a way of inspiring the best in people. Abby was floored when she received a call from Chance, and she stepped aside to tell him the best news ever. Nina recognized that Abby had been doing her best to be upbeat, but she knew Abby wished her husband was with her during such an important time.

Jack inquired whether it was normal for a case to require that Chance be out of touch with his family for weeks on end. Nina confirmed that it was, but she was accustomed to it because Chance's life had been like that for a long time. She admitted that the secrecy was tough, but she accepted that it was necessary. Nina stated that it was one of the reasons she was glad to be there with Abby, and Jack figured that Nina's strength would help Abby deal with Chance's absence. Jack mentioned that Kyle was about to get married, and he wondered if he'd prepared his son by being a good role model. Nina joked that no one could say that Jack didn't respect the institution of marriage.

Jack hoped Kyle didn't have as many marriages as Jack had had, citing Kyle's previous false starts. Nina reasoned that the only thing they could do was love their kids and do their best to launch their children into the world to become good human beings. Abby returned and exclaimed that she felt a million times better, even though Chance had needed to cut the call short. Abby shared that Chance wasn't sure when he'd be able to return home, but he had sounded great and had become teary when she'd told him about Mariah's pregnancy. Abby marveled that her husband was feeling all the same things she was.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mariah reeled from nausea, and Tessa offered her ginger ale or saltines. Mariah balked, and Tessa suggested frozen yogurt. Mariah asked if Tessa was trying to kill her, and Tessa went to put some ice chips in a glass for her. Mariah recalled when she'd thought morning sickness was a sweet thing that meant feeling a tiny bit bad in the morning before moving on with the day, but it was far past the morning, and there was nothing sweet about it. Mariah groaned that her hormones were ramping up, and she felt like a walking cliché. Tessa insisted that Mariah had a glow -- but it was a greenish glow.

Mariah was glad Abby had taken a break from documenting every waking moment, since Chance wouldn't want to see Mariah in that state. Mariah explained that her condition was messing with her senses, since smells she hadn't noticed before were overpowering, and she was constantly exhausted. Mariah added that she'd suddenly become sensitive, and the slightest thing turned her into a puddle. She suddenly smelled something offensive and tried to determine what it was. She sniffed her hand and realized that her moisturizer was making her nauseous, and she ran off to throw up.

Mariah returned to the room and revealed that she'd jumped in the shower to scrub off every bit of her body lotion. She bemoaned that she couldn't stand the smell of her favorite products. Tessa volunteered to put everything that made Mariah feel queasy into a box and replace it with fragrance- free versions. Mariah mused that it was starting to feel "so real."

Later, Mariah huddled on the couch as Tessa entered the room, carrying a flower. Tessa lovingly began to sing as she handed the flower to Mariah, who smiled through her tears.

At Devon's penthouse, Amanda prepared for a meeting with Sutton, who'd rearranged his schedule to meet with her and Naya in Genoa City to get an overview of how Amanda planned to handle his defense. Devon asked how she felt about the meeting, and Amanda figured that she'd stepped back from ChancComm and corporate law to focus on the case, so that was exactly what she was doing. She was aware that Sutton was intent on clearing his name, and she was just as intent on getting answers to a lifetime of questions. Amanda proclaimed that the law was her arena, and she'd never been more ready for anything in her life.

Amanda met with Sutton and Naya at Society, and he acknowledged that three generations of their family were together for the first time. Amanda cautioned that they were in a public setting, and she stressed that she wanted to keep their personal connection hidden until after the jury rendered its verdict. She confided that she'd told one good friend what was going on, but she trusted Devon implicitly. Sutton and Naya swore that they hadn't told anyone else.

Amanda intended to build a smart defense, and she mentioned that Sutton's legal team had already discovered that Richard had found out that a Newman executive had made sizable donations to Sutton's campaign in exchange for favors to benefit the company. Amanda shared that Sutton's attorneys had built the case that Richard had threatened to expose the impropriety, so the executive had hired someone to tamper with Richard's brakes to keep him from going public. Amanda thought the tactic was a way to create reasonable doubt, but she kept thinking about why someone would go to such extreme lengths to cover up a white-collar crime. She pondered whether there was more to the story.

Amanda theorized that someone had found out about the arrangement between Sutton and someone at Newman, and Richard had blackmailed the person in exchange for keeping his mouth shut. Sutton pointed out that it would portray Amanda's father as a blackmailer instead of a whistleblower. Amanda shared that she'd dug into Richard's past and found a massive amount of student debt. Sutton imagined the effect the case was having on her, given that she'd just learned her father's identity. Amanda asserted that she was doing her job, and Sutton had hired her to use the facts to help prove his innocence.

Sutton warned that Amanda would be pitting herself against Victor by implicating a Newman associate in Richard's death. Amanda countered that she'd gone up against wealthy, ruthless people before and lived to tell about it, and she thought Victor's history with commercial bribery would work in their favor. Sutton was impressed with both Amanda and her strategy, and he told her he was glad to have her on his side. Sutton invited Amanda to his home that weekend to meet the rest of the family. An emotional Amanda struggled to maintain her composure as she accepted.

Lily and Billy arrived at the Grand Phoenix to have dinner. He offered to talk to the chef to whip up something special for her, and she asked if it was his way of making up for sending flowers to his ex. He suggested that they skip dinner and head upstairs for dessert, so he could show her exactly how much he appreciated her. Victor walked in, and Billy inquired whether he was there to drown his sorrows after losing his deal with Ashland.

Billy taunted that it had to be annoying that Cyaxares had slipped through Victor's fingers because his son was on the run from the cops. Victor condemned Billy for gloating when Billy had been kicked to the curb, but Billy contended that he was excited Victoria had won. Billy crowed that Ashland's company was in capable hands, and Victoria would do something positive instead of weaponizing it like Victor and Adam had planned to do. "Don't be so sure, Billy Boy," Victor cautioned.

Billy asked Victor where Adam was hiding out. Lily tried to pull Billy away, but Billy pointed out that Adam always went running back to Victor because Victor was the only one who would forgive the rotten things Adam had done. Billy demanded to know why Victor kept enabling Adam. Victor warned that Billy was playing with fire, and he considered it a stupid question for a gambler like Billy to ask.

Billy asserted that he was a recovering addict who was honest about who he was. Billy lectured that Victor wasn't helping Adam by protecting him, and Victor also wasn't doing himself any favors because he stood to be charged with aiding and abetting a criminal who'd almost killed a police officer. Victor reiterated that the allegations would be proven false, and it was far from over. He walked away.

Victor received a text message from Ashland, implying that they could still do business if Victor upped his offer. Ashland requested that they meet in person.

Later, at ChancComm, Billy remained convinced that Victor was hiding Adam. Lily pleaded with him to change the subject, but Billy argued that it would be a crime not to report the story if Victor was harboring a convict who'd committed a horrendous crime. Lily reluctantly agreed to assign a reporter to the story as long as Billy stayed out of it.

Later, Abby sat at the Grand Phoenix bar, deep in thought. Devon greeted her and asked how she was doing, and she excitedly told him about Chance's call. Devon inquired whether Chance was on his way home, but she responded that although Chance was still on assignment, it had been a relief to hear his voice. Abby enthused that she'd told Chance everything, and he'd been ecstatic about it all. Her smile faded, and Devon encouraged her to tell him how she was really feeling.

Abby explained that she'd been overjoyed to hear from Chance, but she'd since crashed back to earth, knowing the call would have to hold her over for an undetermined period of time. She confessed that she was constantly worried about whether he was safe or if he'd get home in one piece. Abby wailed that she knew she should be happy and focused on the baby and the future, but everything was very uncertain. Abby reasoned that Chance was doing a job that was important, but Devon assured her that she was entitled to her feelings when her husband wasn't there to share the baby experience with her. Abby thanked Devon for listening and understanding, and she insisted that she was trying to stay positive around Mariah and Nina because they were doing a lot for her.

Devon recognized that Abby had just needed to blow off steam in order to stay the strong, positive person she was. Abby wiped away tears and realized that Chance wouldn't want her to be depressed. She pledged to focus on the good things in life, like the blessing that was on the way and the fact that she'd been able to talk to her husband. Abby imagined that Chance would get back to her as soon as he could to experience as much of the pregnancy as possible together, and she promised to make sure Mariah had everything she needed. She praised Devon for being a good friend, and he swore that he would always be there for her.

Abby passed by Amanda on her way out. Amanda seemed preoccupied with something on her phone as Devon approached and inquired about how the meeting had gone. Amanda absently responded that the meeting had gone better than she'd hoped, and he wondered what the problem was. She revealed that she'd just received a text message from Imani: "This will only end badly for you."

 Kyle decides he has to confront Ashland Kyle decides he has to confront Ashland

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

by Nel

Sally walked into the Jabot conference room where Jack and Lauren had finished up a meeting. Feeling awkward, Jack said there was no problem, and he left. Lauren told Sally that Jack had told her that he and Sally weren't seeing each other. Lauren said Jack was dismayed that Sally hadn't been honest with him, and he was bothered by her confrontation with Phyllis.

Sally told Lauren she had been upset and had lashed out, but that wasn't who she was. She admitted to Lauren that she'd fallen in love with Jack. Sally noted that Lauren had barely said anything after Sally had admitted her feelings for Jack. Lauren said Sally hadn't known Jack long enough to have those feelings for him. She felt Sally mistook infatuation for love, and it was time to move on.

Sally told Lauren she knew the difference between infatuation and being in love. She'd fallen in love with him so quickly because he was one of the most incredible men she'd ever met. Lauren didn't believe Sally's feelings had been reciprocated. Their relationship had been fun while it had lasted; however, Lauren didn't want to see Sally set herself up for another disappointment. Lauren left for another meeting. Sally was going to send Jack a text message, but she changed her mind.

Sharon called Rey and asked when he would be home. Rey said he would be heading back to the station. Disappointed, she said she would see him later.

Lola arrived at the coffeehouse. Rey apologized for not calling her, but he had a lot going on. Lola said she'd overheard him say goodbye to Sharon, and he didn't seem like himself. Rey admitted that he and Sharon were having problems, and they might not be able to get past them. He'd told Sharon that he would move out once things smoothed out with Faith. Stunned, Lola asked what had brought that on. Rey said it was always Adam.

Lola told Rey that whatever he decided, she had his back. She hoped that Rey and Sharon would have a breakthrough moment before he moved out, because once he moved out, their issues would become more difficult to overcome. Lola asked if he was sure he wanted to give up on his marriage.

Rey told Lola that after he and Sharon had talked for hours, they hadn't made any progress. It was time to walk away. He didn't understand the unbreakable bond between Sharon and Adam. Sharon didn't believe Adam had poisoned Rey, but all the evidence pointed to Adam. Rey said Sharon had immediately gone to Adam's defense, knowing it might damage their marriage. He knew it was a battle he would never win, no matter how much he loved Sharon.

Lola told Rey that she hoped Sharon would see the damage Adam had caused. Rey told Lola that Sharon had begged him to stay and promised to work harder in therapy. Lola said she could see that Rey was conflicted. It meant he hadn't lost all hope. Lola encouraged him to stay and fight for what he wanted.

Traci arrived at the Chancellor mansion with treats for a celebratory lunch. Mariah stated her morning sickness had turned into afternoon sickness, and she wasn't sure she could handle food. She informed Abby and Traci that she felt well enough to go on a last-minute trip for Jabot. Abby asked if Mariah was up to flying. Mariah assured Abby she was. Abby said the trip had appeared out of the blue. It hadn't been on Mariah's schedule an hour previously. Abby suggested a video chat, or Jack and Kyle could send someone else. Mariah said they had asked her to go, and she was able to do it. Abby appeared anxious.

Traci told Abby that pregnant women could fly even later in the pregnancy. Mariah assured Abby she could function like a normal person and that everything was going to be fine. Abby apologized. Mariah promised to take good care of Abby's cargo. Mariah left to visit Sharon before her trip.

Abby asked Traci if she should have turned down her concern a notch. Traci said just a smidge. Traci asked about the reason for Abby's concern. Abby wished Mariah didn't have to leave. She loved having Mariah there and experiencing the pregnancy vicariously through her. She stopped and asked Traci if she'd turned into a nag. Traci laughed and said she understood that Abby wanted to be around for every little change, but Abby had to consider Mariah's feelings. Abby agreed, and she never wanted Mariah to feel pressured or uncomfortable.

Abby told Traci she already had a connection with the baby. Traci said Abby wouldn't miss anything over the next three days. She assured Abby that she would create a lot of happy memories with Chance and the baby.

Kyle walked into the Grand Phoenix. When he saw Tara, Kyle asked why she was there. Tara said she and Ashland had had a huge fight, and Ashland hadn't returned any of her messages. She had no idea what had set him off. Tara asked Kyle about his meeting with Ashland. Kyle said he had some questions for Tara. He asked Tara to meet him in his suite because he didn't want Ashland to see them talking. Tara agreed. Kyle left. Moments later Tara entered Kyle's suite. She said she hated that Kyle was back in her life. Kyle wasn't happy about it, either. Tara wanted to know about his meeting with Ashland.

Kyle told Tara that Ashland had accused him of sleeping with her. Kyle had responded by stating it was one of Ashland's endless mind games. Ashland had seemed satisfied and had backed off because of the way Kyle had reacted. Ashland had claimed there wasn't anything suspicious, but it had felt like an underlying threat.

Kyle asked Tara what Ashland had said during their fight. Tara said Ashland had been vague. When she'd asked Ashland what he'd been talking about, Ashland had become angry. She knew he had shut down. Tara said that was what Ashland did after he'd been bested or made of fool of. He would fly off the handle, and then he would turn cold and calculating, which was when he was the most dangerous. Kyle couldn't understand why Tara would marry someone she considered dangerous. Tara claimed it was none of Kyle's business.

Kyle told Tara that Ashland was messing with Jabot's business. There had been some unfounded rumors about in-house problems at Jabot, and he was sure Ashland was behind them. Kyle suspected Ashland had been spreading misinformation to make it look like Jabot was struggling. Tara had no idea about that, but it sounded like something he would do. Kyle asked Tara if Ashland would ruin Kyle's family's company to send a message to him and everyone he cared about.

At that moment, Summer entered and asked Kyle what was going on. Kyle explained that Tara was in town because of her concern about Ashland's behavior. Summer stated that Tara could have called. Tara claimed she needed to talk to her husband face to face. Summer sarcastically asked if Tara had decided to make a little detour to Kyle's room.

Tara told Summer that she and Kyle had bumped into each other in the lobby. Kyle asked Tara what he could do to defuse the situation. Tara said there was nothing for Kyle to do. She might be the only one to convince Ashland there had been nothing between her and Kyle. She told Kyle to stay away from Ashland, and she left.

Sarcastically, Summer told Kyle she'd been surprised to find Tara in their suite. He said he'd run into Tara in the lobby, and he hadn't wanted Ashland to see them talking. Summer said she'd seen Ashland heading into Society, and she'd avoided him. Kyle said his worst fears were coming true. Summer reminded Kyle that Ashland was running only on instinct and suspicion.

Kyle told Summer that Ashland was on the attack because he'd targeted Jabot. Kyle needed to face Ashland head-on and tell Ashland to deal with only him. Summer said it wasn't a good idea to admit he'd had an affair with Tara. Summer told him to play it cool until Kyle knew what Ashland was planning. She told Kyle to think about the consequences of the timeline. It would raise questions about Harrison, and he should consider what it would do to that little boy.

Kyle told Summer he'd been thinking about Harrison. The boy was living with a man who might already suspect Harrison wasn't his. Ashland knew Kyle had lived in New York and about Kyle's time in the Hamptons. He was afraid Ashland would act out against an innocent child. Summer felt that if Kyle did anything, it would only make the situation worse. Kyle claimed he needed to protect people from the potential fallout. Summer didn't think he would be protecting anyone.

Summer asked Kyle what would satisfy Ashland. Kyle said he would offer to walk away from Jabot if Ashland left the company and everyone else alone. However, Summer felt they should make a public announcement about their engagement. It would show that Kyle was no threat to Ashland's marriage. Kyle disagreed. He didn't want to use their relationship against Ashland. Summer claimed that she wanted to make their engagement official.

Summer told Kyle she wanted everyone to know they were getting married. He felt the same way, but that wasn't the answer. He said he knew what he had to do, and he left. Alone, Summer called Jack and left him a voicemail message saying she was afraid Kyle was going to do something incredibly risky, and she hoped Jack could stop him.

Jack arrived at Society, and Ashland claimed he was finishing up some business with the Newmans. Jack stated that Ashland was doing business with the Newmans; meanwhile, he'd backed out of doing business with Jabot. Jack asked if it was something he'd said. Ashland said it was something Kyle had done. Jack asked if Kyle hadn't handled the business meeting to Ashland's satisfaction. Ashland claimed Jack knew exactly what Ashland was talking about. Jack asked Ashland to refresh his memory.

Ashland mentioned that Jack had been quite the ladies' man in the past, and the apple hadn't fallen too far from the tree. Kyle had proven that idiom true. Jack countered by asking if Ashland knew anything about some vicious rumors circulating about Jabot, such as exploitation of its employees and having unsafe working conditions. Ashland claimed he hadn't heard a whisper. He was sorry Jack was getting a bum rap, unless there was some truth to the rumors. Jack said they treated their employees very well, and their facilities were run under the highest of standards. Someone was consciously spreading lies.

Jack said he found it curious that Ashland hadn't heard any of the rumors. Ashland was a man who took pride in keeping his finger on the pulse of the latest business news. Ashland claimed he ignored rumors. Ashland was surprised that Jack was paying so much attention to them. Jack claimed the rumors had been specifically designed to make Jabot look vulnerable. He found the timing intriguing. Ashland claimed Jabot could weather the storm. Ashland asked who would want to mess with Jack. He asked if it was for revenge.

Mariah arrived at Sharon's and said she'd stopped by because she was heading out of town for Jabot. Mariah wanted to schedule a meeting to catch up with Sharon after her business trip. Sharon agreed because she wanted to hear about all of Mariah's news about the pregnancy. Mariah said she was excited to go on the trip because she needed a break from being the center of attention. Mariah asked about Faith. Sharon said Faith had been mature and remorseful in court, and she'd taken responsibility for her actions. Faith was prepared to do whatever was required of her. Sharon said Faith had gone to her afternoon classes, and things had been a little rough, but Faith had handled it.

Mariah asked Sharon if Adam was still on the loose. Sharon admitted he was. Mariah asked how Sharon and Rey were handling that. Obviously uncomfortable, Sharon said they'd been arguing a lot, and she might have already lost Rey. Sharon said that Rey had said he'd stay with Sharon for a while for Faith's sake, but then he would move out. Rey had discovered that Sharon had known where Adam had been hiding, and she'd kept it from him. She had tried to explain, to no avail. Sharon was aware how Mariah felt about Adam and about Sharon having anything to do with him.

Mariah told Sharon she thought Sharon should have handled the situation with Adam differently; however, she understood why Rey felt betrayed. Sharon had always chosen Adam over Rey. Mariah said that Rey had felt that once he and Sharon were married, it would be a thing of the past. Sharon swore she'd stayed away from Adam, and she'd asked Adam to leave her alone.

Sharon told Mariah she wouldn't ever see Adam again if that was what it took, but she felt it was too late. Mariah understood emotions were running high, but she believed that, in time, things would get better. Sharon didn't think there was anything she could do to change Rey's mind. Mariah suggested that Sharon needed to let Rey see what was in her heart.

At the coffeehouse Mariah told Lola she'd spoken to Sharon. Lola said she and Rey had spoken, as well. Lola asked if Mariah was as worried about Rey and Sharon as she was. Mariah said she was and asked if they could talk about it. Lola agreed.

Mariah informed Lola that Sharon and Rey had been having problems for a while. She said Sharon looked terrified that Rey had been pushed too far. Lola said Rey had looked defeated. Mariah stated that Adam was a massive hurdle but not insurmountable. Lola wished there was something they could do. Mariah felt if they put their heads together, they could figure out a way to help Sharon and Rey.

Rey returned home and told Sharon that he'd run into Lola, and he'd updated her on their situation. Lola had been supportive, and she hoped they would find some way to stay together. Sharon said she'd had the same conversation with Mariah. Rey claimed Adam had been in the middle of their relationship far too long. Sharon didn't want to talk about Adam. She wanted to talk about them. She said when she envisioned her future, she was by Rey's side -- coming home together, wrapped in each other's arms at night, attending Faith's graduation, visiting her in college, going to visit his family in Miami, learning family recipes, and getting to know the city Rey loved.

Sharon told Rey she wanted to buy a vacation home in the mountains, just for the two of them. That was the life she saw for herself, only it didn't work without Rey. Rey said he envisioned the same things. Sharon's phone rang. Rey told her to answer it. He asked if it was Adam and asked for the phone. Rey told Adam that Rey was coming for him; no matter where Adam went, he couldn't hide from Rey.

Sharon claimed she'd had no idea Adam was going to call. Angry, Rey said of course Adam had had to call and interfere -- again. She wanted to get back to their conversation, but Rey said he couldn't do it anymore, and he couldn't stay home that night. He asked Sharon to tell Faith that he was working the midnight shift.

Kyle entered the lobby. He ignored Tara and left the hotel. Tara followed him.

At Society, Ashland apologized to Jack, wishing he could have been more help. He hoped Jack would find the source of the destructive rumors. Jack assured Ashland he would. Ashland wished him luck. Kyle walked in and told Ashland it was time they had a real conversation. Tara walked in behind him.

Ashland suffers a heart attack at the ranch Ashland suffers a heart attack at the ranch

Thursday, April 22, 2021

by Nel

When Nikki returned from her walk, Victor knew why she'd wanted to walk alone. She'd wanted to check all the buildings on the property to see if Adam was in any of them. He assured her Adam wasn't on the ranch. She questioned Victor about the glass of scotch from a brand Victor never drank. Victor said Adam had been there one evening. Nikki said Victor had harbored a fugitive the police had been looking for. Victor maintained that Adam was innocent. Nikki said that that one night had made Victor an accessory. He'd aided and abetted Adam. Victor stated he wouldn't turn his back on Adam.

Nikki asked if Victor had helped Adam disappear. He said he hadn't. She asked if Victor was interfering with the sale of Cyaxares to Newman Enterprises. Victor stated that when Cyaxares had gone on the market, Victoria hadn't been interested, but she'd become interested after she'd found out he'd wanted to buy it and put Adam in charge. Nikki reminded Victor that Ashland had reopened negotiations when Adam had become an unreliable partner.

Victor said Victoria shouldn't have bid against him. Nikki suggested that Victor buy Adam another company, provided Adam wasn't in jail. She asked why it had to be Cyaxares. Victor suggested that Nikki not get involved. He and Victoria would work it out the way they'd always done.

At Society, Kyle told Ashland he needed to talk to Ashland. Ashland asked what they had to discuss. Tara approached Ashland. He noted Kyle wasn't surprised to see her. Tara asked if they could talk privately. Tara asked why Ashland was so upset with her. He asked how she'd known where to find him. She said she'd known Kyle was looking for him, and she'd followed him.

Tara asked Ashland to return to New York with her so they could talk, away from Genoa City and the Abbots. Ashland accused her of protecting Kyle, but Tara said she was protecting the life they'd built together.

Jack said he'd told Kyle to stay away. Kyle claimed it was obvious Ashland suspected something between him and Tara, and if they continued to lie, the fallout would be nuclear. It was time to lay their cards on the table.

Kyle rushed up to Ashland and claimed he had something to say. Ashland said he didn't have time because he was late for a meeting. Jack said they would be in touch. Ashland and Tara left. Kyle told Jack he couldn't believe that Tara had gotten in his way. Jack said Kyle should consider himself lucky because she might have done Kyle a huge favor. Jack said Tara had put herself in an uncomfortable position; however, his concern was for Kyle and Jabot, in that order.

Summer rushed into Society. She told Jack and Kyle she'd seen Ashland and Tara storm out. She asked if Kyle had confronted Ashland. Kyle said he'd tried, but Tara had interrupted him, and Ashland had claimed he had a meeting to attend. Summer was thankful that Kyle hadn't done anything they couldn't recover from. Summer told Jack she'd left him dozens of messages warning him that Kyle was going to confront Ashland.

Kyle told Jack and Summer that Ashland knew something had happened between him and Tara. Jack said that Ashland had admitted he'd pulled out of the Jabot deal because of something Kyle had done. Kyle said he would step down from Jabot in exchange for Ashland leaving the Abbots and Jabot alone. Jack appreciated Kyle's sacrifice, but he told Kyle to back down for the moment. Kyle refused to allow anyone to bear the brunt of Ashland's anger. If Ashland wanted to exact punishment, he needed to go after Kyle -- no one and nothing else.

Jack told Kyle he'd known many men like Ashland, and confronting Ashland would only fuel the flames. Jack wanted to be Kyle's intermediary and negotiate a detente. At that moment, Jack received a text message. He looked grim. He told Kyle and Summer they needed to get back to Jabot immediately.

Victoria arrived at the ranch. She told Victor that Ashland was holding off signing off their agreement for Cyaxares. She accused Victor of working to undermine her. She rubbed Victor's nose in his eloquent speech of how he would go to the ends of the earth to help his children, but he only meant Adam, his eternally delinquent son. Victor said Adam had nothing to do with the Cyaxares situation. That was between him and Victoria

Victor asked how Victoria dared to oppose his bid for Cyaxares and betray him. Victoria said it was business, but Victor said loyalty to the family came first. She asked if that meant Adam. Victor insisted that she leave Adam out of it. Victoria said Adam was the reason he'd bought the company in the first place, because Victor wanted to get back at Billy for writing that exposé, even though every word had been true. Victor asked if she was still defending that misfit Billy Boy Abbott after what he'd done to her.

Victoria told Victor the family was tired of him putting Adam first. She said Victor had gone above and beyond being loyal to Adam, and he'd become complicit in Adam's crimes. She said Ashland would be a fool if he allowed his name and reputation to be dragged through the mud with Victor's and Adam's.

Victor told Victoria he would let Ashland know how she felt about him. Victoria told him to go ahead. She said Ashland had built his company from the ground up, and Victor was willing to turn it to rubble to protect Adam from Billy. Nikki entered the room as Victoria left. Victor told Nikki to let Victoria go. She would be okay once she realized Adam was innocent.

Nikki told Victor she hoped he was right about Adam. She asked about the damage he was doing to his relationship with Victoria. Victor asked if Nikki wanted him to drop his bid for Cyaxares. Nikki felt he should. Victor refused. He said Ashland was on his way to the ranch. Nikki left.

At Society, Lola told Nate she was happy he'd enjoyed the appetizer. Lola saw Elena at the door and approached her. Elena asked what was going on. Lola said her aunt in Miami had been having "these weird symptoms" no one could explain, but her aunt had heard what Elena and Nate had done for Rey and had thought Elena and Nate could solve her mystery ailment, as well. Elena wasn't comfortable trying to diagnose someone she hadn't examined. Lola said luckily Nate was there, and perhaps she would feel more comfortable discussing it with him.

Lola explained to Nate and Elena that her aunt was too scared to go to a doctor. Nate said it was impossible to make a diagnosis without having Lola's aunt there. Elena asked about the symptoms. Lola described the symptoms. She asked Elena and Nate to consult with each other while she got them some lunch. Nate and Elena realized what Lola was doing.

Nate told Elena that what Lola lacked in subtlety, she made up for in culinary genius. Elena claimed she'd had nothing to do with any of it. Nate was aware, and he asked Elena to join him. Elena said Nate had said that he didn't want them to get back together, and she appreciated his honesty and respected his decision. She'd didn't know why Lola had had the urge to play Cupid. Nate admitted he'd crossed paths with Lola a couple of times that day, and he'd told Lola that he cared about Elena. Nate said he needed to get back to the hospital, and he left.

Lola was disappointed that Nate had left before dessert. Elena said it was too late for them. Nate didn't trust that she wouldn't hurt him again, and she had to find a way to be okay with that. Lola stated that if Nate was still afraid of getting hurt, that meant he still cared. Elena didn't want to think about it anymore. She thanked Lola for a wonderful lunch and left.

At Jabot, Jack was on the phone, providing instructions to someone to do whatever was necessary to get things reversed. Jack told Kyle they had been visited by the local health inspectors and cited for health and safety violations. Kyle said it was impossible. They were squeaky clean. Jack said there weren't any inspections. They had been served with papers and instructed to shut down. Kyle said it was textbook Ashland. Ashland knew about him and Tara. Jack claimed there was no evidence that Ashland had been involved. If he was, they would find out.

Summer asked if the contingencies were in place. Jack said they were. Kyle said they needed to expand production in Chicago. He said he'd contacted their legal team to find out how to get their plants back online. After Jack received another call, he informed Kyle their Chicago plant had been shut down.

Jack spoke with one of the plant managers and asked him to expand production as quickly as possible and to hire extra hands to meet the demand. They needed to work extra shifts around the clock. Jack received another call, as did Kyle. Jack explained it had been a coordinated attack aimed at multiple sites.

Jack was busy putting out fires on two phones, and he asked Kyle to call the manager in San Diego. Summer asked Kyle what would happen if they approached the crisis from another angle. Kyle said he was all ears as soon as he called San Diego. Kyle gave the manager in San Diego instructions on what to do. Summer left.

Kyle told Jack that Hartford, Chicago, and San Diego were still shut down, and their manufacturing group was in chaos. Kyle apologized to Jack, but Jack claimed it wasn't Kyle's fault. Kyle said he'd known Ashland would try to destroy them, but he had never believed Ashland would go to that extent. Jack assured him they had trusted employees who had dealt with emergencies previously, but usually it had been the result of an act of God. Kyle said it had been an act of Ashland Locke. Jack agreed with him.

Kyle told Jack that Ashland wanted to wreak havoc on his life, but the people he was hurting the most were their loyal employees. Jack was livid, thinking how it was going to impact those families. He stated they had to reverse the shutdowns before the damage was permanent. Kyle said missed deliveries and broken contracts were one thing, but if those rumors caught fire -- that they were exploiting their workers and working in unsafe conditions -- it would be the end of their brand. Jack said it reminded him of the tainted face cream scandal that had nearly destroyed them, which was exactly what "that son of a bitch" Locke had in mind.

Nikki caught up to Victoria at the coffeehouse. Victoria hoped Nikki wasn't there at Victor's request to smooth things over. Victoria had no intention of forgiving or forgetting, and it had been Victor's idea to buy Cyaxares in the first place. Victor should have supported what she'd been trying to do, but he wouldn't do that because her victory would be at Adam's expense -- and they couldn't have that. Nikki said that at that moment, Victor was probably cutting a new deal with Ashland.

Victoria told Nikki that Ashland was playing father against daughter. It hadn't mattered if Ashland had chosen her bid or Billy's bid; that was why he'd been able to choose one of them through a coin toss. Ashland knew that offering the company to either one of them would push Victor's buttons. Nikki said it might have been Ashland's plan, but he would discover it wasn't easy to manipulate Victor, because Victor knew how to get what he wanted -- and God help the person who tried to make him change direction. Victoria claimed that Nikki was talking about her and not Ashland.

Nikki knew Victoria was frustrated because Victor continued to protect Adam. Nikki told Victoria that Victor refused to turn his back on any of his children. Victoria said it depended on the child. She asked if she was expected to ignore that Victor had tried to screw her over. Nikki claimed Victor hadn't seen it that way.

Victoria claimed Victor didn't see her at all. Nikki assured Victoria that Victor saw her, but he felt the situation would blow over. Victor felt Victoria didn't need Cyaxares, and Adam had been through so much recently that having a company like Cyaxares to work at would help him get on his feet. Victoria hoped Nikki hadn't been trying to get her to feel sorry for that monster. Nikki claimed she'd tried to make a point.

Nikki asked if Victoria believed that if she stood up to Victor, he would back down. Nikki said it was time for Victoria to stop banging her head against the same brick wall because Victor wouldn't change. Victoria said she was always the one who had to acquiesce to Victor's will. Nikki said if Victoria wanted something different, she had to do something different.

After Nikki left, Victoria appeared deep in thought. She had a flashback to a conversation with Victor when she told him that she, Billy, and Lily had talked about partnering for Cyaxares. She said Cyaxares was a crown jewel, and that was the reason she'd put in a bid on it. She'd seen an opportunity, and she'd taken advantage of it. Victor wanted to talk about the real reason she had approached Billy Boy to buy Cyaxares, but Victoria stated emphatically that she hadn't been trying to rekindle her relationship with Billy. Victor claimed that the more she denied it, the less believable it became. He said he'd put her in charge of Newman Enterprises because he'd believed she had good judgment, but she'd given him reason to question his decision. He said it was a problem, but she could fix it.

Snapping back to the present, Victoria called Billy and asked if Billy had time for dinner and game night with the kids in the next few days.

Nate was at the counter at the coffeehouse when Lola arrived and apologized for coming up with that lame story about her aunt. Nate said he wasn't upset, and he knew she'd been trying to be a good friend to him and Elena. Lola said she realized she'd overstepped. Nate felt it was time he took a break from romance for a while. Lola said he deserved to be happy. He said the same applied to her, and he left.

Ashland arrived at the ranch and apologized for being late. Victor offered him coffee, but Ashland asked for something stronger. Ashland seemed agitated. Victor asked if Ashland was okay.

Victor suggested that he and Ashland make it official. He said he had his PR team standing by. All they needed was Ashland's signature, and the deal would be done. Ashland said only after Victor sweetened the offer. Victor asked why after he had already offered Ashland top dollar for the company. Ashland said it was to compensate for the threat and the liability Adam posed. Victor said they'd made a deal, and he didn't like it when anyone reneged on an agreement. Ashland said that without his signature, the contract was simply a piece of paper.

Victor slapped the contract in front of Ashland, but Ashland said Cyaxares was off the market. Ashland stood up and grabbed his chest then fell back on the couch. Ashland told Victor he thought he was having a heart attack and asked Victor to call for help. Victor suggested that Ashland sign the contract if he wanted help.

Victor withholds medical help to force Ashland's hand Victor withholds medical help to force Ashland's hand

Friday, April 23, 2021

At the Newman ranch, Ashland complained about chest pain. Victor taunted that he'd dialed 9-1-1, and all he had to do was push send. Ashland begged him to do it, and Victor reiterated that he'd call the paramedics once Ashland signed the contract. Ashland accused Victor of risking Ashland's life, but Victor huffed that Ashland had done it to himself. Victor contended that they'd had a deal, and no one reneged on a deal made with him, so all Ashland had to do was honor the contract. Ashland grimaced in pain.

Victor ordered Ashland to "sign the damn thing." Ashland leaned forward with difficulty and grabbed the pen. Ashland prepared to add his signature to the document as Nikki walked in, but he suddenly slumped back on the couch, clutching his chest. Victor insisted that everything was fine, but Nikki found it obvious that something was very wrong. Victor declared that they'd just been finishing some business, and he again pushed Ashland to sign. Nikki was adamant that Ashland needed a doctor.

Victor condescendingly praised Ashland for signing his name. Victor instructed Nikki to call 9-1-1, and she rushed to the phone and requested an ambulance. Ashland held up a clenched fist and hissed that the game wasn't over yet. "You're damn right it is," Victor replied as Nikki glared at him.

Later, the EMTs tended to Ashland, who weakly asked that Nikki call his wife. After the paramedics transported Ashland away, Nikki was aghast that Victor had made Ashland sign papers in the middle of a heart attack. Victor rationalized that the documents should have been signed already, and he'd simply refused to let Ashland renegotiate. She demanded to know why Victor hadn't called for help, and he claimed that he'd planned to dial as soon as Ashland signed the contract. Nikki clucked that every second mattered in that kind of situation.

Nikki wondered if a media company was worth risking a man's life. Victor replied that he'd bought the company for Adam and Adam's family's future. Nikki called the Grand Phoenix and asked to be transferred to Tara's suite. While she waited, she blasted Victor for using Ashland's heart attack to steal back the company from their daughter. Victor maintained that Ashland had agreed to accept his and Adam's bid, and he considered Victoria to be the duplicitous one who'd encroached upon their deal. Nikki countered that Victoria had just seen an opportunity. Victor announced that the competition was over.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy told Lily that their staff was in good shape, since he'd replaced the employees who'd bailed because of Victor, and he'd convinced the others to stay by telling them that Victor would no longer be taking over Cyaxares. Lily recognized that Billy was disappointed that they'd lost out on the company, but she believed they'd dodged a bullet. She was happy to let Victoria deal with Ashland and the trouble he caused. Billy couldn't help but feel Cyaxares had been a missed opportunity, and he expected it to stay on his mind for a long time.

Lily protested that she couldn't take the roller-coaster ride anymore, and Billy hoped she was only talking about business and not their personal life. She clarified that she wasn't ending things, but she wanted to get them back on track, starting with a special evening she'd planned that night. She revealed that she'd arranged a romantic dinner to commiserate over the loss of Cyaxares, since she knew it had meant a lot to him. She intended to talk it out so they could move on, and he excitedly asked if she was ready to leave. Lily informed him that it would be a proper date, and she instructed him to go home, put on something special, and meet her at Society.

Summer entered the Grand Phoenix and confronted Tara at the bar, asserting that Ashland needed to be stopped. Tara referred to the rumors involving Kyle's family's company, and Summer confirmed that it was full-on sabotage. Tara defended that she'd had nothing to do with Ashland's underhanded tactics, and there was no way of stopping him when he wanted something. Summer questioned whether Tara had even tried to steer Ashland away from Genoa City, noting that Tara had to possess some persuasion skills, since she'd gotten him to marry her. Tara recalled that Kyle had contacted her out of the blue, not the other way around.

Summer griped that Tara was in Genoa City for the third time, implying that Tara was the one who couldn't stay away. Tara reasoned that the first trip had been for damage control after Kyle had recklessly reached out to her, and the subsequent trips had been at Ashland's request. Tara continued that Ashland had already been suspicious, and it would have made matters worse if she'd declined to join him. She contended that it had been a good thing she'd been there to stop Kyle from confronting Ashland. Tara warned that Kyle thought he was being noble and strong; however, he couldn't win the fight, and everyone he cared about might already be in jeopardy.

Tara suggested that Summer use her own persuasion skills to get Kyle to stay away from Ashland. Summer vowed to do whatever she could to protect Kyle and their relationship. Tara swore that she wasn't a threat, since they were on the same side. Tara explained that no one had more at stake than she did, since she stood to lose her husband and her son, and she was devoted to Harrison and her marriage. Summer implored Tara to do everything she could to stop Ashland from destroying Jabot.

Tara's phone rang, and Nikki introduced herself and informed Tara that Ashland was in the hospital after having what had appeared to be a heart attack. Tara requested the name of the hospital and raced out, passing by Billy on her way to the exit. Billy recognized Tara as Ashland's wife, and he asked Summer where Tara had been rushing off to. Summer replied that she didn't know, but it had sounded like something had happened to Ashland.

At Jabot, Jack and Kyle fielded calls and compared notes on the code violations that had suddenly shut several of their factories down. Kyle groaned that he'd known Ashland would go after them, but he hadn't expected it to be on that many fronts. Jack wanted to focus on shifting manufacturing to the plants that were still open. Kyle panicked when he received news that their Ontario facility had also been impacted, and he contemplated the trouble they'd have if their international infrastructure was at risk. Jack worried that if Ashland had bribed inspectors to issue phony code violations, Ashland might be the only one who could stop it.

Jack wondered why Ashland wasn't picking up his phone, and he left a testy message. Jack anticipated a massive and perhaps fatal financial hit, but Kyle pointed out that they still had three factories up and running where they could add shifts around the clock. Jack balked at the production costs, and Kyle suggested that they find other factories where they could temporarily relocate. Jack fretted about how long it would take to set up. Kyle suddenly had an idea that might save Jabot.

Kyle mentioned that Brash & Sassy had been operating at its original facility since Jabot had acquired it from Newman, and Ashland had only targeted Jabot's brands. Kyle recommended that they move some production to the facilities they'd purchased from Newman, and Jack realized it might limit the damage until they could get out from under Ashland's thumb. Kyle further suggested that they use Ashley's facilities for Beauty of Nature in Europe. Kyle offered to do research while Jack made calls. Summer burst in and announced that she thought Ashland was in the hospital.

Jack stepped out to call the hospital to try to get an update on Ashland's condition. Summer shared that she'd gone to see Tara, and she believed Tara hadn't known Ashland was messing with Jabot. Kyle insisted on handling it himself, since he was responsible for starting it. He admitted that he was most worried about Harrison, and he felt powerless to do anything for his son. Summer relayed Tara's words about how much she loved the boy, and she was sure Harrison was in good hands.

Kyle bemoaned the pain of losing a parent at a young age, but Summer assured Kyle that his son would be taken care of by a loving parent, just like Jack had cared for Kyle. Jack reported that Ashland was at Memorial after suffering a heart attack, but Ashland's condition wasn't clear. Summer figured that at least the enemy was out of commission, and they'd have a chance to regroup. Jack hated the idea of a little boy being in danger of losing his father. Kyle squirmed.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Kyle wrapped up a call, and he stopped Tara as she passed by him. He inquired about Ashland, and she told him that her husband was undergoing surgery to get a pacemaker. Tara added that she'd picked up a few things for Ashland, but she was on her way back to the hospital. She didn't understand how it had happened when Ashland had felt fine that morning, and she prayed that he'd made it to the hospital in time. Kyle hoped Ashland pulled through for Harrison's sake, but he otherwise felt no pity for the man.

Tara recognized that Kyle didn't like Ashland, but her husband needed her. Kyle referred to what Ashland had done, and Tara relayed that Summer had told her about Ashland going after Jabot. Kyle snarled that Ashland had sabotaged them on a global scale, and it hadn't been to buy them but to crush them. Tara thought she might have a way to help, and she promised that she'd be in touch later.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Victoria left a voicemail for Billy, indicating that his congratulatory flowers might have been premature, since she believed that Ashland was trying to play all of them. Victoria flashed back to Nikki telling her that Victor was set in his ways, so it was up to Victoria to do something different to stop clashing with her father. Nikki appeared, and Victoria braced herself for another lecture. Nikki revealed that Ashland had suffered a heart attack, and there was no word yet about whether he was okay.

Victoria recalled that Ashland was supposed to have met Victor at the ranch, and Nikki shared that it was where the incident had happened. Victoria contemplated whether her father had caused the heart attack by doing something intimidating. Nikki doubted it, but she recounted that Victor had refused to do anything to help until Ashland signed some papers. Victoria knew Victor had been trying to get Ashland to change his mind about Cyaxares, but she'd been hoping her dad wouldn't be able to pull it off. Nikki remarked that it seemed that Victor had won again.

Victoria wished she'd listened to her instincts instead of letting Ashland use her to raise Victor's purchase price. Nikki griped that Victor was using Cyaxares as a symbol of his devotion to Adam, and what she'd witnessed that day had changed her attitude. Nikki swore that she'd done everything she could to see Victor's side of things where Adam was concerned, but she couldn't make excuses for her husband's actions anymore. Nikki recognized that Victor went to extremes when his back was against the wall. She insisted he hadn't needed Ashland's company, and he had only wanted it for Adam.

Victoria didn't understand how Victor would make the arrangement work when Adam was on the run. Nikki lamented that Adam's crimes meant nothing to Victor, and it was all about making amends for what Adam had gone through when he'd been younger, not to retaliate against Victoria. Nikki advised Victoria to let Victor and Adam have the company, since Victor would be busy trying to help Adam and wouldn't have time to interfere with Victoria running Newman the way she wanted. Nikki proposed that they book a massage to distract themselves, but Victoria said she had to see Billy.

Victoria arrived at Billy's hotel suite. She observed that he was dolled up in his favorite shirt, and he informed her that he and Lily had plans. He asked if the kids were okay, and Victoria assured him they were fine. She explained that she'd wanted to deliver some news in person, and she informed him that Ashland had suffered a heart attack. Billy guessed it had been why Tara had rushed out of the lobby earlier, but he wondered what that had to do with him. Victoria divulged that Ashland had experienced the attack while he'd been at the ranch, signing papers to sell Cyaxares to Victor.

Billy cited Victoria's deal with Ashland, but Victoria noted that she didn't have a signed contract, whereas her father did. Billy found it odd that Victoria and Ashland had made a verbal agreement, yet Ashland had had a sudden heart attack right after signing a contract with Victor. Victoria suspected that Victor had used Ashland's incapacity to his advantage, and Billy growled that Victor had stolen the company from her. Victoria mentioned that she was headed to the ranch to have it out with her father, and Billy wanted to join her, noting it would make a good story. Victoria insisted that he go on his date with Lily, and she promised to let him know what happened.

At Society, Lola admired Lily's outfit and contemplated changing the menu to take the spices away from the food, since Lily's dress was "way too damn hot." Lily was glad Lola was kidding, since Lily had chosen a very specific menu with all of Billy's favorite foods from different parts of the world to cheer him up. Devon overheard and remarked that Billy should be happy for every day Lily put up with him. Devon asked Lola how business had been, and she reported that Society was still going strong after two years. Lola added that her professional career was a success story, but her personal life was a work in progress.

Lola stepped into the kitchen, and Devon asked if there was an occasion for Lily's dress. Lily informed him that she and Billy had a special night planned, and Devon offered to buy her a drink beforehand. He shared that the embryo transfer had been a success, and Mariah was pregnant. Lily gushed that it was great news for Abby and Chance, and she reflected back on when she'd found out Mac had been pregnant with the twins. Lily applauded Devon and Mariah for giving that gift to Abby and Chance, but Devon credited Mariah with doing the heavy lifting.

Devon looked forward to his unique relationship with the baby, and Lily commented that both Abby and the baby were lucky to have him. Lily pointedly asked if there was anyone else Devon had shared the news with, and Devon assumed it was her way of asking about his personal life. He revealed that he and Amanda were giving it another shot, and Lily was glad Amanda had someone to lean on while working on her criminal case. Devon responded that he was glad Lily and Billy hadn't gone down in flames yet, and she thanked him for his backhanded approval.

Devon insisted that he was rooting for things to work out for Billy and Lily, but he was aware of Billy's track record. Lily countered by inquiring whether Devon had patched things up with Nate, and Devon indicated that having Moses around was making things better. Lily regretted that she hadn't seen her little brother yet, but she expected to spend time with him while he was interning at Ask MD Now. Devon joked that he could have Moses keep an eye on Billy.

Later, Lily returned after inspecting the food in the kitchen and expected it to be an epic dinner. Devon offered to avoid being there when Billy arrived, but she checked her phone and found a message from Billy, who was running late because of a potential story. Lily asked Lola to keep the food warm, and she waited for Devon to say he'd told her so. He swore that he wouldn't, but she groaned that he was making it worse by not being able to joke about it. Lily suspected that Devon really thought she and Billy wouldn't last.

Victoria stormed into the ranch and demanded that Victor explain himself. She accused him of taking advantage of Ashland's heart attack to get him to sign Cyaxares over to Victor, and Victor reprimanded her for talking to him in that tone. Billy walked in and declared that he was there to get to the bottom of the Cyaxares deal, since he knew what Victor had done to manipulate the situation. Victor bellowed that Billy didn't know a "damn thing," but Billy retorted that he knew how Victor had treated Victoria.

Victor firmly stated that Ashland had accepted Victor and Adam's bid, and Victoria and Billy had tried to steal the deal out from under him after they'd lost. Billy countered that Adam had gone rogue, and no one could blame Ashland for not wanting to sell his company to an attempted murderer. Victor threatened to kick Billy out. Victoria asserted that she'd tried numerous times to get through to Victor. She'd gotten nowhere, and she was done.

Victoria invited Victor to give Adam all his wisdom and advice, since she didn't need it, and she didn't want her father popping into Newman to give his input. She declared her intent to run the company on her own from then on, since she was closing the door on Victor. Victoria stalked out, and Victor ordered Billy to follow her. Billy readily obliged.

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