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Tara provided Kyle with a photo of Harrison. Nate determined that Faith would likely need a kidney transplant. Adam was the only family member who was a potential donor for Faith. Imani warned that Sutton was only using Amanda. Jack overheard Sally say she'd been falling in love with him.
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Tara provided Kyle with a photo of Harrison and Nate determined that Faith would likely need a kidney transplant
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Billy focuses on Lily and makes her his priority

Billy focuses on Lily and makes her his priority

Monday, April 26, 2021

Billy arrived at Society later than expected and was disappointed when he didn't find Lily waiting for him. Lily emerged from a corner, looking stunning in an emerald and purple sequined dress. Lily approached Billy as he was about to compose a text message and said, "How about 'Dear Lily, I'm sorry I arrived late.'" Lily greeted Billy with a kiss before they sat down to enjoy an intimate dinner.

Lily asked Billy what big scoop he had to share. Billy explained that after Ashland Locke had suffered a heart attack, Victor had managed to steal Cyaxares from Victoria. Victoria, Billy said, had then retaliated and banned Victor from Newman Enterprises. Lily asked Billy about the source of his startling news. Billy said Victoria had told him about Ashland's heart attack and that Victor had pressured him during his time of distress to sign over the company.

Billy explained that after Victoria had told him of her intentions to confront Victor, he'd crashed the scene in order to witness the fray. Lily asked Billy why Victoria had run to him first to share the news. Billy said Victoria had thought it would be helpful to warn him that Victor had acquired Cyaxares and would use it against ChancComm. Billy added that Victoria wanted him and Lily to be prepared.

Lily noted that Victoria could have shared the information via a phone call, a text message, or even a trip to their office to inform them both together. Billy attempted to put Lily at ease and said she shouldn't worry because Victoria would be wrapped up with running Newman Enterprises. Billy took Lily's hand and said the only thing he wished to be wrapped up in was her. Billy told Lily that when he gazed into her eyes, everything else fell away, including Cyaxares and Newman Enterprises.

At the Grand Phoenix, Victoria was sipping a martini when Nikki arrived. Nikki asked Victoria what had happened when she'd met with Victor. Victoria said she'd decided that losing out on Cyaxares had freed her to focus on Newman Enterprises with no interference from her father or anyone else. Nikki asked Victoria to clarify what she'd said to Victor. Victoria replied, "I just made it clear that he can't stroll in and start handing out advice. I don't need or want his guidance, and from now on, I'm going to do what I want to do."

Nikki sighed and said Victoria had escalated the tension. Victoria defended herself by reminding Nikki how focused Victor had been on making excuses for Adam. Victoria also mentioned Victor's acquisition of Cyaxares and accused her father of having taken advantage of Ashland Locke while he'd been suffering a heart attack. Nikki asked Victoria what she planned to do. Victoria indicated she had no plans to use what she knew against her father, but she stopped short of acknowledging that all bets were off if Ashland voided the deal with Victor made under duress. Nikki said she didn't know what had transpired between Victor and Ashland before she'd entered the room, and neither did Victoria.

Victoria reminded Nikki that Victor had gone to great lengths to secure Cyaxares Media for himself and Adam, so she no longer felt obligated to be the dutiful daughter. Nikki admitted she was heartbroken to witness the deterioration of Victoria's relationship with her father, and she blamed Adam. Victoria replied, "Every last bit of this is Dad's fault." Nikki reminded Victoria that her father owned Newman Enterprises and would always have sway over the company. Victoria explained that she'd been in the trenches for a while, earning trust and forging loyalties, just as her father had taught her to do, so she doubted he'd interfere and hurt the business, which to him was always his bottom line. Nikki replied, "Never underestimate his need to control."

Victoria told Nikki that Victor's hold on her had held her back because she'd feared his reactions, adding that she felt free to do as she pleased, knowing he couldn't stop her. Victoria proclaimed that she intended to take the family company to new heights and was counting on Nikki for her support. Nikki invited her daughter to share a dessert and wind down for the day, but Victoria said she'd set up a meeting with a member of her legal team to sign contracts. Nikki said that even CEOs were allowed to end their days at home with their children and get some rest. Victoria laughed and said that sleep was for weaklings. Before Nikki walked away, Victoria again asked for her mother's support.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Nate was pleased when Chelsea claimed that her motor skills had improved, allowing her to stand and take a few steps. As Chelsea pretended to struggle to rise from her wheelchair, Nate cheered Chelsea's incredible progress and said she was on her way to a full recovery. Chelsea smiled and said, "Well, that's the hope." Chelsea credited her doctors and the frustration she'd experienced while wishing for a return to her old life. In her mind, Chelsea thought to herself how pleased she'd been to have driven Adam out of town and out of her life.

Nate acknowledged the upsetting events that had trigged Chelsea's breakthrough. Nate asked Chelsea how she'd been coping with Adam being on the run after a search by police had led to the discovery of thallium in his belongings. Chelsea said she'd been shocked though not surprised, given Adam's history with Sharon. Nate asked Chelsea about her plans. Chelsea said she'd be leaving Genoa City and all her bad memories behind to join her son. Nate said he hoped Chelsea would find peace wherever she ended up reclaiming her life. After Nate walked out, Chelsea stood up and said, "That's my intention as long as I can continue to fool the person that I really have to -- Rey Rosales

At Crimson Lights, Rey hesitated to enter from the patio when he spotted Sharon behind the counter and Nick talking to Faith at a nearby table. Nick asked Faith about her first day back at school. Faith reported that half the kids had snickered and whispered about her court appearance while the other half had basically ignored her. Sharon took a seat and listened as Faith mentioned an older student named Wayne who'd hassled her and claimed she'd gotten Jordan in trouble. Sharon asked Faith how she'd responded. Faith explained that Moses had stepped up to defend her. Sharon and Nick were pleased that Faith had a friend they knew. Faith agreed that Moses was cool and brave.

Sharon briefly became distracted when she noticed Rey standing in the doorway of the patio. Rey left after receiving a phone call. Sharon refocused her attention on Faith and offered to guide Faith through the rehab process. Faith declined and said she'd rather seek support from her grandmother. Faith opened up about her counseling session, telling her parents that her therapist had discussed facing choices and taking responsibility for bad decisions. When Faith stepped away, she received a message from Moses. Moses accepted Faith's invitation to meet up with her at Crimson Lights. Faith requested that her parents grant her a temporary reprieve from grounding, so she could spend time with Moses.

When Moses arrived, Nick said he'd heard that Moses had made an impression during his first day at Walnut Grove. Moses replied, "Yeah. On that Wayne guy, anyway." Nick thanked Moses for looking out for Faith. Nick said Moses reminded him of his dad and said Neil had been the kind of man to consider what was right and not what was easy. Moses said he couldn't believe almost two years had passed since his father's death. After Nick walked away, Faith told Moses she didn't see herself as a person who needed treatment for alcohol abuse. Moses recalled his experiences supporting his father through Alateen and assured Faith that she shouldn't feel shame for seeking help.

Nick joined Sharon on the patio and asked her if she was all right. Sharon acknowledged that Rey had moved out, though they'd decided to tell Faith that Rey was working the midnight shift. Sharon told Nick that she and Rey had opened up, discussing how much they loved each other and expressing their plans to grow old together, and then Adam had phoned. Sharon cried that the phone call had pushed Rey past his limit. Nick acknowledged that Adam had an amazing ability to screw with everyone's lives, even when he was on the run.

Sharon confided to Nick that Rey's reaction was worrisome, knowing he couldn't seem to get past her connection with Adam. Nick gave credit to Adam for saving Faith, but he admitted that Adam had done terrible things to people Nick cared about. Sharon cried, "He may have cost me my marriage." Nick reminded Sharon that Rey had been through a lot due to the poisoning and then had discovered the evidence pointing to Adam as the culprit.

Sharon said she honestly didn't believe that Adam had poisoned Rey and insisted that Chelsea had set him up. Sharon acknowledged that admitting her suspicions sounded as if she was defending the person who'd poisoned her husband, though remaining silent helped Chelsea get away with her crime. Sharon glanced in the dining room at Faith interacting with Moses and acknowledged that what was most important was knowing their daughter was safe and on her way to better things. Nick replied, "Amen."

Nikki entered through the patio and said she was surprised to see Sharon working so late. Sharon explained that Faith had met a new friend. Nick said that the friend was Moses Winters. Sharon noted that she and Nick were allowing the young people time to hang out. Nikki watched Faith and Moses talking and said it was a welcome sight. After Nikki walked away, Nick advised Sharon to focus on Rey and help him find his way back to her. Later, Sharon returned home to an empty house and seemed forlorn as she sat alone at her dining table.

Nikki approached Faith and Moses. Nikki told Moses how fond she'd been of Neil. After Moses left, Nikki told Faith it was good to see her laughing and smiling again. Faith admitted she wasn't certain how she felt about her first therapy session, and she had been dreading rehab until Moses had put her at ease. Nikki assured Faith that she'd learn how to cope with life's complications in a healthier way. Nikki added that recovery was an ongoing choice, and she promised to be with Faith every step of the way.

Chelsea talked aloud to herself, expressing frustration because her plan was unfolding too slowly. Chelsea claimed she has tired of lying all the time and being alone after Chloe abandoned her. Chelsea cried, "Oh, I just want to get out of here. I want to just go, grab Connor, and get away from this town. Get away from all these toxic people." Chelsea heard a knock at her door and quickly retreated to her wheelchair. Rey entered and said he'd thought he'd heard Chelsea talking to someone. Chelsea said she'd been talking to herself, thankful for the return of her voice.

Rey shared a plan with Chelsea that he'd devised to lure Adam back. Rey recalled that Adam had attempted to murder him and had betrayed Chelsea in the worst way. Rey insisted that Adam deserved to pay for all the damage he'd done to the people of Genoa City. Chelsea asked Rey how he thought she could be of help. Rey requested that Chelsea move Connor back to Genoa City and convince Adam that his son was sick and in need of his father. Chelsea angrily replied, "You want to use my son as bait?"

Chelsea reminded Rey that she'd filed a restraining order to keep Adam away from Connor at school. Chelsea said that Adam might grab Connor and leave the country. Rey assured Chelsea that Connor would remain completely safe. Chelsea refused, explaining that Connor would figure out that he'd played a part in his father being caught and carted off to jail. Chelsea accused Rey of not caring about the trauma Connor would suffer. Chelsea said she'd considered Rey to be a good cop with integrity.

Chelsea asked Rey if he was willing to breach his principles because he couldn't handle Sharon's relationship with Adam. Rey admitted that his hatred of Adam had taken over and diminished the good things in his life. Chelsea said she knew how it felt when Adam became an obsession. Rey admitted he feared doing something he might regret. Chelsea insisted that doing the right thing was part of Rey's DNA, adding that he wasn't like some, seeming to include herself.

After Lily and Billy finished their meal, Lily suggested they retreat to privacy and continue their evening of enjoying mutual satisfaction. Billy told Lily she'd read his mind. Lily said they should get the show on the road. As they were leaving, Victoria entered Society. Billy said he hadn't expected to see Victoria again. Victoria said she had a meeting with a department head.

Lily said she'd heard about Victor's outrageous power play. Victoria warned that Victor would have more time on his hands and would likely use his media acquisition against ChancComm. Lily wrapped her arm around Billy and said they were a formidable team prepared to handle it. Victoria warned Lily that she was no match for Victor.

While Victoria waited for her business associate, she read an announcement about Victor's acquisition of Cyaxares Media. A journalist phoned Victoria. The journalist asked Victoria to share her reaction to the announcement. Victoria said she wished her father good luck with his new endeavor. Victoria added that she would remain focused on Newman Enterprises.

Lily and Billy retreated to a suite at the Grand Phoenix. Lily moved her hands over Billy's chest and suggested they discuss new strategies to address new challenges. Billy drew Lily close and said he had plenty of ideas he'd love to share. Lily exposed her neck and enjoyed having Billy's lips trace the side of her neck, moving to her lips. Lily began disrobing Billy. Billy unzipped Lily's dress and unfastened her bra. The couple reclined on the bed and made love. After Lily fell asleep, Billy read a notification on his phone about Victor's acquisition of Cyaxares Media.

Billy tells Tara that Victor made Ashland sign under duress

Billy tells Tara that Victor made Ashland sign under duress

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

In her hotel suite, Amanda gazed at a photo of her father and then reread Imani's ominous text message about how things wouldn't turn out well for Amanda. There was a knock at the door, and Amanda found Devon there with a pizza. He recognized that she was working on a case, but he suggested she take a dinner break. She called it perfect timing.

Devon revealed that for the anniversary of Neil's death, he planned to create a small label for promising jazz musicians and call it Winters' Mood, a play on Monk's Mood. Devon added that with the proceeds, he wanted to help fund the substance abuse treatment program the Abbott-Winters Foundation had set up in Neil's name. Amanda thought it was the perfect way to carry on his father's legacy. She showed Devon the picture of Richard and mentioned that she'd been reading about her father for the case, but there wasn't a lot of information available.

Amanda shared that Richard had been born outside Indianapolis to a working-class family, and he'd taken out a bunch of loans to put himself through college and earn an economics degree before going on to work in accounting for Newman. She confided that she felt conflicted about dragging her father's name through the mud when he wasn't there to defend himself. Devon pointed out that she'd only developed the blackmail theory to create reasonable doubt, and he wondered if she believed it was true. Amanda said she had no evidence that her father had blackmailed a Newman employee, but it was the hypothesis that made the most sense.

Devon argued that just because Richard had had debt didn't mean he'd committed a crime to pay it off. Amanda questioned why Richard hadn't released his knowledge of someone at Newman bribing Sutton if Richard's intent had been to be a whistleblower. Amanda took no satisfaction in thinking her father had been waiting for a payoff, since she'd prefer to think of him as a hero. She swore that she didn't intend to accuse anyone of anything, but she wanted to establish the possibility that someone who'd worked for Newman might have been responsible for Richard's death. Devon cautioned that while Amanda wouldn't directly be pointing the finger at Victor, Victor would take it that way, and she should be ready for a fight.

Amanda joked that if Victor wanted to go after her, he could get in line behind Imani. Devon contemplated whether Imani's message had been more of a warning than a threat, since it hadn't mentioned causing Amanda any harm. Amanda doubted that Imani was trying to look out for her, but she admired his tendency to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Devon felt certain that Victor would never take a hit out on an employee, and he imagined that Richard had to have been a decent man at heart if he'd passed his genes to Amanda.

Amanda regretted that she couldn't invite Devon to stay because she had work to do. He figured that he should get back to Moses, and he marveled that the teen had taken the loss of their father and turned it into motivation to become a doctor. Devon added that he was happy to have the opportunity to get to know his little brother better, but he didn't want it to get in the way of getting to know Amanda, too. She understood Devon was busier than usual, but he insisted that he would never be too busy for her. He pledged to find creative ways to spend time with her while she was buried in work.

At Crimson Lights, Elena ran into Nate, who explained that he was picking up some coffee before heading home to do some reading on a patient with unusual symptoms. Elena praised his dedication to his patients, and he commended her for being just as dedicated, if not more. He started to leave, but she blurted out that she had something to tell him. Elena mentioned that Mrs. Weatherly had been able to go home that night.

Nate thought the elderly patient had needed to go to a rehab center because she had no one to look after her. Elena shared that she'd located the woman's estranged son, who had agreed to travel from Chicago to be with her. Nate remarked that Elena's huge heart made her a good doctor, but she noted that it was sometimes a disadvantage. He was sure Mrs. Weatherly didn't think so, and he headed out.

At Society, Victoria thanked Nick for meeting her. She swore that she didn't have an ulterior motive and that she'd just wanted to know how he was doing. He replied that he was good, and he reported that Moses had rescued Faith when a punk kid at school had messed with her on her first day back. Victoria remarked that she'd had no idea Neil's son was in town, but she thought it was sweet that Faith and Moses had become friends.

Nick asked what was going on with Victoria, and she indicated that she'd mostly been working. She referred to the bright moment when she'd thought Newman had landed Cyaxares before their dad had put the kibosh on it because he'd wanted to hand the company to Adam. Nick recognized that Victoria had called him because she wanted to vent and knew he'd be a receptive audience. Victoria admitted that she'd wanted to talk to someone who knew what it had been like to grow up in a fractured family while living up to their father's expectations. "Or not living up to them," Nick dryly replied.

Victoria thought Nick had been smart to get out instead of chasing after Victor's approval, while she'd gotten off track by trying to be as hard-nosed and relentless as their dad. She regretted that she'd pushed things too far, and Nick asked if she was talking about Phyllis and the hotel. Victoria acknowledged that it had been a mistake to sink to such a level and jeopardize her relationship with Nick, and she hoped they could fix what was broken between them. Nick assured her that their relationship was just bent and not broken. They shared photos of their kids with one another.

Nick displayed a photo of his kids with Victor, and he hoped Victoria's feud with their father didn't take away moments like that for Johnny and Katie. Victoria swore that she'd never keep her children from their grandfather, but she maintained that she was done with Victor professionally. She reasoned that Victor had been willing to hurt Newman to benefit Adam, so she couldn't trust their dad. Nick advised her not to do it out of anger and spite, but Victoria was adamant that it was the best move for the company and for her. Nick warned that she was kidding herself if she thought it would be that easy, since there was no way Victor would just let her walk away, and things might get ugly.

Nick recalled his own experience trying to get out from under Victor's control, and he regretted that Nikki had always been caught in the middle. Victoria thought she could have kept working alongside Victor if he hadn't bought Cyaxares to punish Billy. Nick recognized that he had it easier because he wasn't in the family business, but he knew that wasn't an option for Victoria because Newman was a big part of who she was. She recalled that her dream had been to run the company to impress Victor and get his approval, but she no longer needed anyone's respect but her own. Nick toasted to new beginnings and to Victoria running the company the way she wanted without becoming the thing she was trying to escape.

Nate greeted Victoria and Nick, and Nick conveyed his gratitude to Moses for being a great friend to Faith. Nate was sure it had been nice for his cousin to have someone to make him feel welcome. The siblings headed out, and Nate approached the bar. Lola asked if Nate was there by himself, and he questioned whether she was going to spring another surprise date on him.

Later, Lola asked how Nate had liked the flan, and he protested that she didn't have to treat him. She insisted that it was her way of apologizing for putting him in an awkward situation with Elena, and she wished she'd listened to them about their decision to take a break. Lola was glad it hadn't scared him away from Society altogether, and Nate swore that it was the only restaurant where he ate other than the sports bar down the street. He imagined that he'd be at Society all the time if she put in a television and showed Brewers games.

Lola contended that she'd play Marlins games if she installed a television, and Nate asked if she was a baseball fan. Lola talked about a crush she'd had on her favorite Marlins player when she'd been in high school, but fate had tragically intervened when he'd been traded. She figured that it was why she had a soft spot for star-crossed lovers, but she promised she wouldn't intervene in Nate's love life ever again. Nate remarked that he had to get one first, and Lola predicted he wouldn't be single for long because guys like him didn't stay on the bench.

Meanwhile, Elena sat by herself at Crimson Lights. She sent a text message to Lola, asking if they could meet at the theater to see a movie. Elena didn't receive a response, so she gathered her things and headed home alone.

Nikki entered the ranch and informed Victor that Faith was doing well. Victor surmised that Nikki had heard about what Victoria had said to him, and he hoped she'd told Victoria that it would be a mistake to keep him out of the decision-making at Newman. Nikki recalled Victor telling her to keep out of it, and Victor blamed Billy for influencing Victoria. Nikki wondered how Victor had expected Victoria to react when he'd gone on the warpath against the father of her children by going to extremes to buy Cyaxares. Victor reiterated that Ashland had contacted him, but he'd refused to renegotiate the terms.

Nikki recalled that she'd seen Ashland sitting there in physical distress, signing a contract to sell his company. Victor contended that Ashland had been there for the express purpose of making a deal, and he assumed that Nikki was unhappy that Adam had gotten the bid. She clarified that she was unhappy because she wanted the fighting to stop. Nikki lectured that she'd thought Victor's relationship with Victoria had meant enough to him to call a truce, and he pointed out that he'd made Victoria the CEO of Newman. Nikki asserted that Victoria had earned the position, and she stormed off to go to bed.

Later, Victor met with one of his men, who reported that there had been no sign of Adam at the Kansas farm or near Connor's boarding school. Victor ordered him to contact Adam's old Las Vegas acquaintances to see if they'd been in touch with Adam. Victor also requested that the man set up a meeting with Michael the next day.

In his hotel suite, Billy left Lily sleeping in bed and quietly crept out. In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis deftly handled a complaint over the phone about the noise from an insurance convention. After she hung up, Billy commented that her efforts had been very smooth. She crowed that she'd become an expert in crisis management, sharing that she'd made the insurance agents think it had been their idea to end their party and go to sleep. Phyllis wondered if Billy had a problem that she could help fix. He replied that he only saw challenges and opportunities, and he was dealing with a never-ending challenge -- Victor Newman.

Phyllis declared that Billy's drink was on the house, and he asked if she was handling him with a free drink and a soothing voice. She explained that she was softening the blow, since she'd made peace with the fact that she had to steer clear of Victor. She didn't understand why Billy wasn't doing the same thing, and he vaguely responded that sometimes it was impossible to steer clear. He added that he didn't want to be the one to back down, and he griped that Victor had created an aura of respectability when they knew what he was capable of. Phyllis accepted that there was nothing she could do that would put a dent in Victor's armor, so she'd given up. "We'll see," Billy muttered.

Later, Billy stopped Tara as she brushed past him. He introduced himself, and she recognized him as one of the potential Cyaxares buyers. He mentioned that he'd heard about Ashland being rushed to the hospital, and he asked how the mogul was doing. Tara suspiciously asked how Billy had found out, and he attributed it to being in the media business. She reported that Ashland had made it through surgery, and she started to head upstairs to get some rest. Billy pushed to know if she'd had a chance to talk to her husband about the circumstances surrounding his heart attack, since Ashland had supposedly been meeting with Victor at the time.

Billy divulged that he'd heard Victor had pressured Ashland to sign over Cyaxares after the heart attack had begun, while Ashland had been in pain and fighting for his life. Billy added that Tara wouldn't be shocked by that if she knew Victor the way he did. Tara wondered if Chancellor Communications was planning on running a story about Ashland's heart attack. Billy assured her that the conversation was off the record, and he claimed that he wanted to help her understand the extreme circumstances if the events had unfolded that way.

Lily stepped off the elevator as Billy hoped that Victor wouldn't hold Ashland to the contract if it had been signed under extreme duress. Tara snapped that her sole focus was on her husband's recovery and getting Ashland home to their son, and she walked away. "What the hell was that about?" Lily angrily asked Billy.

Lily and Billy retreated to his suite, where she was appalled that he'd approached Tara to discuss a business deal when her husband had just suffered a heart attack. Billy defended that Tara had a right to know what Victor had been up to, but Lily told him not to pretend that he had concern for a woman he'd never met. She complained that getting his hands on Cyaxares was becoming an obsession. He countered that he hadn't been the one who'd been willing to watch another man die in front of him to make a deal.

Billy reasoned that Ashland might nullify the deal, and since Ashland had already manipulated Victoria, ChancComm might be the best option. Lily grabbed her purse and prepared to go to her own room to get some sleep. Billy begged her not to go after such a great night, but Lily huffed that his obsession had once again gotten in the way. She walked out.

Billy left a voicemail for Lily to apologize. He wished she'd stuck around a few more moments to hear him say the three little words she loved to hear: "I was wrong." Billy imagined that they would have had makeup sex instead of him sitting in a hotel room by himself. He anticipated that when she woke up and heard his message, she'd know he'd been thinking about her all night.

Later, Lily showed up at Billy's door, clad in a robe. He noted she wasn't asleep, and he assumed that she'd heard his message. She thought he knew what she was there for -- those three little words. "I was wrong," he repeated, and she reveled in it and prompted him to say it again. He added that she was right, and she called it hot. Billy pulled Lily into the room and kissed her passionately.

Meanwhile, Tara sent a text message to Kyle and asked him to meet her first thing in the morning.

Nick entered the Grand Phoenix and saw Phyllis sipping a drink. He asked how it was possible that such a beautiful woman was drinking alone. She purred that maybe she was waiting for the right man to join her, and he suggested it was him. Pretending he was a stranger, Phyllis invited him to sit down because he was sexy. She playfully asked who he was, and he responded that his name was Don. She stifled a laugh and asked if he was there for the insurance convention. Nick groaned that insurance was boring, and he asked who she was. She claimed that her name was Linda and that she owned the hotel.

Phyllis chided "dirty Don" for choosing to be an insurance guy when the purpose of role-play was to pretend to be someone sensual. Nick pointed out that she'd asked him about the insurance thing and had gone with the name Linda. He protested that she wasn't supposed to go with her real job, but she contended that it was her dream job, and she liked being her. Nick replied that he liked being him, too, and he rattled off the things that were going right in his life, including being in love with an amazing woman. Phyllis pretended she hadn't heard him, and Nick offered to tell her as many times as she wanted -- upstairs. She led him to the elevator.

Faith collapses at Crimson Lights

Faith collapses at Crimson Lights

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

by Nel

At Jabot, Summer told Kyle that she felt Tara was looking after her own interests. Jack arrived. Kyle informed Jack that Tara had contacted him and claimed she knew how to help Jabot. Summer felt Tara was setting Kyle up, but Kyle claimed he trusted Tara. Summer reminded him that Tara had lied to him before.

Jack asked what Tara had lied about. Kyle told Jack that Tara had lied to him years earlier; however, it had no relevance to their situation. Jack agreed with Kyle that they needed to hear Tara out before Kyle made a rash decision to leave Jabot. After Kyle left, Summer asked if Jack was worried. Jack claimed he didn't believe Jabot was out of danger yet.

At Society, Michael told Rey they didn't have any leads on Adam. Rey said that Sharon believed Adam was innocent and that he'd been framed by Chelsea. Michael said Rey hadn't been the first person to suggest Chelsea could have been responsible. Rey said Sharon believed Chelsea wanted revenge on Adam for what she perceived as his betrayal.

Rey said he hadn't given much credence to that theory until he'd gone to see Chelsea with a plan to lure Adam out of hiding. Chelsea had warned him about getting caught up with his obsession about Adam. She'd said, "You're not like us, Rey." Chelsea hadn't said, "like Adam;" she'd said, "like us." Rey felt it might have been a subconscious admission of guilt.

Michael told Rey that Chelsea had always played fast and loose with the law; however, it was a big leap to claim Chelsea had poisoned Rey and framed Adam for it. Rey claimed that Chelsea's miraculous recovery had started right after Adam had disappeared. Michael said he trusted Rey's instincts more than Chelsea's veracity. He said Rey needed to follow up on what Chelsea had alluded to and see where it led. Rey knew exactly where to start.

A short time later, Chloe met with Rey at Society. She immediately told Rey she had no idea where Adam was, and she would tell Rey right away if she did. Chloe wanted that dangerous creep off the streets as much as Rey did. Rey asked if Chloe had recalled any new information that she could share. Chloe hadn't, and she'd believed that Rey had enough evidence to put Adam away for good. Rey asked if she'd ever noticed any tension between Adam and Chelsea. Chloe said that since Chelsea had been unable to move or talk, Chloe hadn't been able to tell. He asked if Adam had ever acted suspicious. Chloe said Adam always acted suspicious because he was always hiding something.

Rey asked if Chloe had ever overheard Adam on any phone calls. Chloe asked why Rey was interrogating her. She'd already told him everything she knew. Chloe said Adam was a monster, and he usually got away with his crimes. Rey claimed he was looking for the whole truth. Angry, Chloe asked if Rey was accusing her of something. Rey said he'd obviously struck a nerve. Chloe admitted he had. After everything Adam had done to her and her family, she would never protect him. Offended, Chloe told Rey to interrogate the guy who had poisoned him. Chloe left.

At the ranch, Nikki informed Victor that Faith would be attending her first substance abuse therapy session later, and Nikki would be there for Faith. Nikki asked if Victor had heard from Adam. Victor said he hadn't, and he was worried.

At home, Faith asked Sharon if Rey was working the night shift again. Sharon said he was working a big case. Sharon asked if Faith was okay because she didn't look well. Faith claimed she was tired and a little queasy, but she insisted on going to school because if she didn't, it would look like she'd been intimidated and too ashamed to show her face.

Sharon asked if Faith was hungover or if she'd been sneaking alcohol. Faith said she hadn't. She felt the queasiness was from the stress of everything that had happened. Sharon accepted Faith's explanation. Faith said she was ready to handle whatever came her way.

After Faith left, Sharon received a call from Adam. He said he was far away from Genoa City -- somewhere he could heal and get a new perspective. Adam said he understood why Sharon had told Rey where he'd been hiding. Sharon said everything Adam had done had put her marriage on the line. He apologized for everything he'd put her through. She asked why she shouldn't have Rey trace the call. Adam claimed he knew her far better than she realized.

Adam asked Sharon to allow him to call her from time to time for updates on Chelsea and Connor. Sharon asked why he was concerned about Chelsea, since Chelsea was the reason he was on the run, and she'd framed him for attempted murder. Adam said he couldn't fully blame Chelsea for that. Adam realized Sharon had been a problem for Chelsea because of the unexplainable pull he felt for Sharon. Adam asked Sharon to promise she wouldn't tell anyone that he'd called, and he ended the call.

A short time later, Victor stopped by Sharon's to ask how Faith was doing. Sharon updated him and said Faith had been determined to go to school and to therapy. Victor asked if Sharon had heard from Adam. Sharon said she had no idea where he was, and this time, she believed he would stay away. Victor asked if Sharon would tell him if she heard from Adam. Sharon said she would. Victor eyed Sharon suspiciously.

At Crimson Lights, Nina was working on her computer when Esther arrived. They greeted each other warmly. Nina told Esther she was keeping Abby company while Chance was on a mission for the Feds. Esther claimed she was out of the loop since moving out of the Chancellor house. Nina told Esther that Mariah had agreed to be Abby and Chance's surrogate and was pregnant, and Mariah and Tessa had moved into the Chancellor home until the baby was born. Nina claimed she was looking forward to becoming a grandmother.

Esther told Nina it was amazing how four women lived in the same house and got along. Nina and Esther discussed the epic fights between Katherine and Jill. Nina claimed it was a different vibe from the days when Jill and Katherine had been battling it out. Esther asked Nina if the staff was taking good care of everyone.

Nina asked if Esther missed working at the Chancellor estate. Esther said that when she'd moved out, she'd thought it would be fun to be a full-time grandmother, but the Chancellor home had been a very big part of her life, as had hearing everything that had been going on there. She confessed that she felt a little left out. Nina suggested that if Esther wanted to return to the Chancellor house, she could return for the occasional shift. Excited, Esther claimed it was the perfect solution.

Kyle met Tara at the Grand Phoenix and inquired about Ashland. She said surgery had gone well. Ashland would be released from hospital the following day. Ashland was anxious to get home to Harrison.

Tara told Kyle that Jabot would be fine. Ashland had already taken care of things, and he'd asked her to meet with Kyle because he planned to go forward with the business plan he and Kyle had discussed. Kyle asked if Ashland had admitted that he'd closed several Jabot plants and put hundreds of people out of work. Tara said she'd told the truth, but Ashland never shared his underhanded business maneuvers with her.

Tara told Kyle that the heart attack had changed Ashland. His anger was gone, and he'd become a gentler man. Kyle claimed that someone like Ashland didn't change. Tara said she knew her husband too well, and she'd seen the look of love and tenderness for her, a look that Ashland only gave Harrison. Tara felt the stress from the job had probably been what had put him into the hospital, and she intended to ask him to step back a bit from his business.

Tara told Kyle that all the Jabot plants would reopen without any issues. If Kyle wanted to proceed with the plan that he and Ashland had discussed, Ashland would make Jabot the full appetizer on his health and beauty platform. That would negate all the bad publicity. Kyle asked Tara why he and Jack should suddenly believe that Ashland was operating on good faith. Tara said the heart attack had changed everything, and it had been a blessing in disguise.

At her locker at school, Faith held her stomach, and she didn't feel well. Moses arrived and complained about the layout of the school. He said he kept getting lost. Faith offered to be his personal tour guide.

After the tour, Faith returned to her locker, where someone had taped a drawing of a truck with the front-end smashed in. Moses wasn't impressed when saw the drawing. Faith told Moses she hadn't felt well all day, and it was probably from nerves about her first therapy session. She asked if they could meet later at the coffeehouse. Moses agreed.

Michael arrived at the ranch and informed Victor that nothing had changed, the evidence pointed to Adam, and he was still on the run. Victor claimed Adam was on the run because Rey had accused Adam of poisoning him instead of finding the guilty party. Michael assured Victor that Rey was determined to gather all the evidence. Victor asked if Rey was focusing on anyone besides Adam.

Michael told Victor that Rey wouldn't let personal bias affect his investigation. He told Victor to let things play out and to trust the system and Rey's instincts. Victor claimed that the longer the investigation went on, the more damage it did to his family and their reputation. He told Michael to make sure Rey found the culprit.

At Jabot, Kyle told Jack that Ashland wanted to put their deal back on the table. He reported that Tara believed Ashland's near-death experience had had a profound effect on him. Jack was skeptical, but Kyle said Tara seemed sincere. She and Ashland were anxious to get home as soon as he got the all-clear from the doctors. Jack claimed Ashland wanted to get home to his son. Jack wasn't sold on doing business with Locke after the number he'd done on Jabot.

Kyle told Jack there were benefits to being associated with Locke's company. Summer claimed Locke's image was less than wholesome and questioned whether partnering with him would be good for Jabot. Jack said Locke's businesses held a pristine image in the business world, and Jabot would do well to link up with him. Kyle agreed, especially in light of the negative impact on Jabot. Jack told Kyle that once Victor started running Cyaxares, he wouldn't pump up Jabot. Jack felt that after weighing all the pros and cons, they had to do the deal with the devil; however, they would cut him loose at their first opportunity.

Summer was alone in the boardroom when Sally arrived and asked if they could talk. Sally knew Summer didn't trust her, but she tried to assure Summer she hadn't been up to anything devious with Jack. She wouldn't hesitate to prove it, if given the chance. Sally claimed Summer didn't like her, and no matter what Sally did, Summer would never change her mind.

Summer asked if Sally was offering an apology or an accusation. Sally claimed she was stating facts. Summer said they were Sally's take on the facts. Summer stated that they were all judged on the basis of their past actions. Sally countered that Summer had received a second chance, but no one was willing to do the same for her.

Summer told Sally that she didn't want to fight with Sally, especially since they had promised Lauren they were done with the pettiness. Sally claimed she was trying to clear the air, and despite the things Summer and Phyllis had done to her, she claimed no one had been hurt or lost anything except her. Sally claimed she'd lost the man she'd been falling in love with. Jack stood in the doorway, shocked.

Sharon arrived at Society. When she saw Rey, she asked if he was avoiding her by getting his coffee at Society instead of Crimson Lights. Rey didn't deny it. Sharon said she wanted to work things out, but Rey said it wouldn't change the one constant that was causing havoc in their marriage: Adam. Sharon asked if Rey would look at their situation differently if Adam was innocent. Rey said Sharon knew it was more than that.

Sharon told Rey she wanted things to work out. Rey wanted something to fight for. He claimed that the only reason Adam was out of Sharon's life was because he was on the run. That was how far things needed to go to get rid of the hold Adam had over Sharon. He claimed Sharon would never be able to get Adam out of her heart, and Rey left.

Nikki entered the coffeehouse and apologized that she'd had to call Tara with such terrible news. Tara told Nikki that she was very grateful to Nikki for contacting her, and she shared that Ashland was doing well. Tara asked if Ashland had suffered his heart attack at the ranch. Nikki confirmed he'd been there to finish up the Cyaxares deal.

Tara said she'd had a troubling conversation with Billy. Billy had claimed that Ashton had voided the deal, but Victor had taken advantage of Ashland's condition to seal the deal. Nikki told Tara not to put too much credence into what Billy had to said. Billy and Victor had a long history of animosity. It didn't surprise her that Billy would misconstrue the situation just to take a jab at Victor. Nikki said Billy hadn't been there, but she had.

Tara told Nikki she wanted to get home and never return to Genoa City again. Nikki was sorry Genoa City had made a bad impression on Tara. Tara claimed they'd had one unfortunate incident after another. Jack arrived and inquired about Ashland. Tara curtly said Ashland was doing fine, and she left. Nikki inquired about the tension between Jack and Tara. Jack said it was Ashland, not Tara, and he was only minutely sorry about Ashland's heart attack, given everything he'd put Jabot through. Jack told Nikki to tell Victor that if there was still time to get out of the Cyaxares deal, he should do it, and Jack left.

Alone, Victor looked lovingly at the photo of Adam on his phone. He muttered for Adam to call him because he could help Adam.

Adam looked at the news headline that Victor had acquired Cyaxares. He laughed and said good for his dad. Adam was about to call Victor, but he changed his mind.

Kyle arrived at the Grand Phoenix and eavesdropped on Tara's phone conversation with Harrison. She promised that his daddy was going to be fine and that she and daddy loved him.

Faith arrived at Crimson Lights and was surprised to see Nikki. Nikki claimed she'd wanted to be there in case Faith wanted to talk. Faith said everyone in the session had been really nice, and she'd shared a few things. She'd discovered that other kids felt the same as she did, and one guy had called it a crutch. Nikki said it was a battle, but she would be there for Faith. Sharon stated that they needed something sweet to celebrate. Faith said she felt nauseated. She wanted to splash cold water on her face, but when she stood up, she fainted

Faith's health crisis worsens

Faith's health crisis worsens

Thursday, April 29, 2021

by Nel

At Society, Victor called Adam's old number and left him a voice message. Rey arrived and heard part of the conversation. He asked Victor to say hi to Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki asked if Faith remembered what had happened. Faith recalled talking about her rehab and getting very warm, and then everything had gone black. When Nick arrived, he was told that Faith had collapsed. He asked how she felt. Faith said her stomach was upset, and she was very tired. Nick saw Elena on the patio and asked her to have a look at Faith because she'd passed out.

Elena asked Faith when she'd started feeling sick. Faith said she'd felt sick that morning, and about an hour earlier, she'd felt dizzy and tired. Elena told Nick and Sharon that the combination of Faith's fever and her collapse was concerning. Sharon mentioned that Rey had had similar symptoms. Elena wanted Faith in the hospital to run some tests.

Moses arrived at the coffeehouse a short time later and looked for Faith. He sent her a text message; "At Crimson Lights. A little late, but you're later. Are you on your way?" Moses was waiting for Faith on the patio when he received a text message from Faith: "Moses -- This is Faith's grandmother. We are at the hospital. Faith collapsed. Waiting for test results." Moses rushed out of the coffeehouse.

Rey walked into the kitchen and told Lola he had taken Lola's advice and had a talk with Sharon. Things had been going great until Sharon had received a call from Adam. He was upset because Sharon wouldn't cut Adam loose. He said talking was pointless because no matter where Adam was, he continued to have an effect on Sharon, and that would never change.

Victor continued making calls, searching for information about Adam. Rey overheard Victor's conversation with the investigator. Rey realized that Victor really didn't know where Adam was. Victor asked if that was Rey's best impression of Inspector Clouseau's technique of lurking behind him and eavesdropping on his conversation. Rey said he was following the evidence. Rey surmised that the phone call was either from a concerned father trying to locate his son, or a good fake for Rey's benefit. Rey told Victor to check with Sharon because Adam had called her the previous day.

Victor gloated that Adam trusted Sharon enough to call her. Rey said that what upset him most was that Victor hadn't turned Adam in when he'd had the chance. Victor asked if Rey had explored the possibility that Chelsea might have been the one who had tried to kill him. Rey said the police were pursuing all avenues, and he was honing in on a man who'd run for the hills when the police had closed in. That wasn't the action of an innocent man. Victor claimed that Adam had run because Rey's motivation was revenge, not justice.

Victor received a call from Nikki, informing him that Faith was in the hospital. She told Victor she would keep him updated. Rey asked what was going on with Faith. Victor said it was none of Rey's business.

At the bar, Rey told Lola that he'd had an encounter with Victor. Lola asked if Victor had accused Rey of investigating his son for poisoning Rey. Rey said he was angry with Victor because Victor had hidden Adam, but he had no proof of that. Rey told Lola that Faith was in the hospital, and he had no idea what was wrong. He didn't understand why Sharon hadn't called him, since Faith was his stepdaughter. Lola said Sharon was probably busy with Faith. She told Rey to go to the hospital to be with Faith and Sharon.

Kyle arrived at the Grand Phoenix and eavesdropped on Tara's call to Harrison. Tara told Harrison they would see him the following day. When Tara ended her call, she turned and saw Kyle. She accused him of listening to her call. Kyle told her to relax because after she and Ashland left Genoa City, she and Kyle wouldn't see each other again. Kyle suggested they avoid each other if he and Ashland wound up in business together. He asked Tara to tell him something special about Harrison. Tara said Harrison's favorite song was "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." She said he sang it all the time, and it filled her with love whenever she heard him sing it. She said goodbye and left.

At Jabot, Jack stood outside the door, eavesdropping on Sally and Summer's conversation. Summer asked how Sally could be in love with Jack after three dates. Sally said she'd honestly fallen in love with Jack; however, Summer and Phyllis had ruined it for her, and she'd lost him. Summer stated that Sally had lost Jack because of who she was and what she'd done in California, not because of anything anyone else had said or done. Jack walked away. Sally walked out of the boardroom and was startled to see Jack.

Sally asked how long Jack had been there. Jack claimed he'd been walking by. Sally said she and Summer had been talking. Jack claimed he hadn't heard anything, and he hoped they hadn't been arguing. Sally stated it had been all business. Sally asked Jack to have coffee with her. Jack was reluctant. Sally asked if Jack had never been in her shoes before. Jack accepted Sally's invitation.

When Kyle returned to the boardroom, he told Jack that Ashland's team had provided him with a contract, and Ashland had sweetened the pot. Kyle said he'd looked it over, and it appeared to be aboveboard in spite of Tara's warning that that type of deal was a way of investigating corporate weaknesses. Jack wanted their legal team to check it out, and he wanted them to stay the course they'd discussed then cut Ashland loose at their first opportunity.

Jack told Kyle he'd been impressed with how Kyle had handled the situation. Jack knew it hadn't been easy. He said when he'd been Kyle's age, he hadn't had the strength or maturity to do what Kyle had done, such as Kyle's willingness to walk away from Jabot to save the family company. Jack said that one day, Kyle would have a son, and he would know how Jack felt and how very proud he was of Kyle.

Summer walked into the boardroom, and Kyle told her that Brash & Sassy was up and running. Jack said if their distribution chain held up, they would keep their footing. Kyle commented that Tara had told the truth. Kyle said that if Tara thought Ashland was playing him, she would have told him because she didn't want him to get run over. Jack left.

Later, Kyle asked Summer where Jack was. Summer told him Jack was hanging out with Sally. Kyle was certain things wouldn't go beyond that because Jack saw who Sally really was. Summer said she was worried about Kyle's potential deal with Locke. He claimed he wasn't worried. Kyle felt that since things had calmed down, he and Summer could spend some time together. Excited, Summer said she wanted to announce their engagement. She told Kyle they were going big with their wedding this time, and the theme would be "unforgettable."

Sally arrived at the coffeehouse. When she spotted Tara, she inquired about Ashland. Tara said he was doing well, and she needed to get Ashland home. Sally received a text message from Jack: "Have time now. Will see you at Crimson Lights in a few minutes." Sally approached Tara again and asked her to keep Ashland distracted so he would stop going after her friends. Tara said, "I beg your pardon?" Sally claimed Tara had heard her.

Tara asked if Sally wanted Ashland to leave Sally's friends alone, and she wanted to know what that meant and who Sally's friends were. Sally said Ashland had sabotaged Jabot before he'd had the heart attack. Tara told Sally she was out of line and completely wrong. Sally wanted to know why Ashland had gone after Jabot and the great people there, like Jack Abbott. She claimed Jack was the most decent man she'd ever met. She wanted to know why Jack was being held responsible because his son couldn't keep it zipped.

Sally said if Tara had any influence over her husband, she needed to tell him what he'd done had been wrong. Sally said that karma was a bitch, and she had no doubt that Kyle and Jack would turn it around on Ashland. Tara asked why Sally had taken on the fight, since Sally didn't strike her as the altruistic type. Sally claimed that Tara didn't know her. Tara stated that she'd known women like Sally all her life, and they weren't hard to read. Tara wanted to know what was in it for Sally -- then guessed it was her interest in Kyle, but he had Summer. Tara realized Sally was defending Jack. Unbeknownst to Sally and Tara, Jack stood in the doorway, listening.

Sally told Tara she was concerned about Jabot because she couldn't stand watching innocent people hurt because of Ashland's games. Sally stated that no one should underestimate Jack, who was kind, decent, and nothing like Ashland. Jack had integrity, and he would do whatever it took to protect his family and employees. Tara and Sally suddenly realized that Jack was standing in the doorway.

Jack asked Tara how Ashland was doing. Tara said he was stable, and they were heading home the next day. Jack said that Kyle had informed him that Kyle and Tara had had a productive talk and that Ashland had a whole new perspective on life because of the heart attack. Tara said Ashland was grateful for a second chance. Jack admitted it had been a tense time, and he was happy Ashland had had a realignment of his priorities.

After Tara left, Jack turned to Sally and said it appeared he'd walked in on something between her and Tara. Sally claimed she didn't mind that Jack had heard what she'd said because it was what she'd been planning to tell him. Sally said it was unfair that Ashland had wreaked havoc on Jabot and gotten away with it. She'd said those things to Tara because she had Jack's back, whether they were together or not. Sally said that given the chance, she would prove she could be trusted. She admitted she had deep feelings for Jack, and those feelings weren't going away.

At the hospital, Sharon told Nikki that Faith had completely recovered from her accident, and she'd been upbeat after her first rehab session. Sharon hated the hospital because of times she'd been there for her children. Nick asked why Sharon had mentioned that Rey had had the same symptoms. Sharon said she'd been speculating, and there was no reason to believe that was the problem. Nick said if it was true, then Adam was responsible. Nikki told them not to jump to conclusions. Nick said when Faith had left the hospital, there had been nothing wrong with her. Faith had spent most of her time at Sharon's, where Rey had been poisoned by Adam.

Sharon told Nick to focus on Faith. She said she didn't believe Adam had poisoned Rey, and she didn't want him implicated in Faith's case. Nick said the thallium had to have gotten into the house somehow. Sharon reminded him that Adam had saved Faith. Nick claimed that Faith's bullying had begun after everyone had found out that Adam had kidnapped her as a baby. Sharon said they couldn't blame Adam for everything, but Nick claimed Adam was the reason they were in the hospital. Nikki told them to stop.

Nikki told Nick and Sharon that Adam had done some terrible things, but he wasn't responsible for Faith's drinking. Faith and her health were the issue, not Adam. They needed to hear the results from the doctors. Nick promised to stay on track. Nikki received a call from Victoria and left the room.

Nick apologized to Sharon for bringing up Adam. Nate entered and assured them it wasn't thallium poisoning. Faith had an infection, but for some reason, her immune system had its wires crossed and wasn't attacking the infection -- it was attacking her kidneys, and the kidneys were failing.

Sharon asked Nate if the infection stemmed from the accident or something Faith had been exposed to. Nate said it was difficult to say. He could mitigate the infection, but Faith's body's reaction to the infection was the real concern. He said Elena was speaking with a renal specialist about solutions. Faith had been fighting the infection for a while. Nate received a text message from Elena. The renal specialist wanted to perform a renal biopsy to confirm their diagnosis. Nate explained that it was only a needle to retrieve enough tissue to examine under a microscope. He said he would return as soon as possible to answer their questions.

In Faith's room, Nikki asked Elena if any results were in. Elena said they should hear from the specialist soon. Faith claimed she'd only fainted. Nikki assured Faith the doctors were trying to get to the bottom of Faith's problem. Faith asked if it was the same thing that had happened to Rey. Elena assured her it wasn't, and the doctors were doing everything possible to find out why she'd collapsed. Elena left to check the test results.

When Nikki left Faith to answer a call from Victor, Nick and Sharon entered. Faith was upset because no one was telling her anything. Sharon said that within the past few weeks, Faith had developed an infection, and her body had been fighting it. Her system had become confused and started attacking her kidneys, and that was the reason for all the tests. It was lucky they'd been able to get her into the hospital quickly.

Faith asked if they could fix the problem. Nick said the doctors were working on a treatment plan. Sharon said the treatment would be exactly what Faith would need. Sharon assured Faith the doctors would make her well again. Faith admitted she was a little scared.

Moses arrived at the hospital and asked Nate if he could see Faith. Nate said it wasn't a good time. Moses asked if Faith was okay. Nate said they were doing everything they could for her. Moses said he would clock in and put in some volunteer hours until he could see Faith. Nate agreed. Nick asked Nate what he'd learned. Nate said he'd spoken to the nephrologist. They had agreed to attack the infection first with steroids. Nate told Nick they might not be able to reverse the kidney damage.

Nick asked Nate what the next step was if that treatment didn't work. Nate said dialysis that would entail three to four hours each visit, three times a week. Upset, Nick said Faith was only 16 years old, and twelve hours a week was a huge chunk of her life. Nate said dialysis meant Faith would have to deal with it for the rest of her life. The alternative would be a kidney transplant.

Nate said Nick needed to be prepared to go down that route, because finding a match could be tough, and the waiting list could be five to ten years. Another alternative would be a living donor, who would have to be a match and be prepared to give up one kidney. It would be best if the donor was a relative with a compatible blood type to minimize rejection. Nate told Nick not to wait. Faith had a rare blood type, and finding a donor would be challenging.

Nick vows to track down Adam to save Faith

Nick vows to track down Adam to save Faith

Friday, April 30, 2021

In her hotel suite, Amanda lounged in bed and smiled up at a shirtless Devon as he got dressed. She flirtatiously asked if that had been what he'd meant when he'd promised to find creative ways to take her mind off work. He swore that his plan had been to finish their takeout and go to a dive a few miles outside of town to listen to some jazz music and have drinks. She liked the idea, but she purred that staying in had been the perfect escape.

Amanda mused that she was glad she and Devon had found their way back to one another, and she felt lucky to have him by her side while she was going through life changes. He remarked that it wasn't every day a former foster kid found their family, and she pointed out that she was also defending her grandfather in her first murder trial. Devon praised her for handling it with confidence and poise. He knew she could take it on single-handedly, but he assured her that she'd never have to feel lonely again as long as she had him.

As Amanda got dressed, she called it the best dinner break she'd ever had. Devon implied that it didn't have to be over, but she imagined that they both had a pile of work to tend to. There was a knock at the door, and Amanda found Imani there. Imani sauntered in and complained that Amanda had never responded to her text message. "So, we'll do this face to face," Imani declared.

Amanda was certain their mother had raised Imani better than to show up, unannounced and uninvited. Amanda introduced Imani to Devon, and an impressed Imani asked, "The Devon Hamilton of Hamilton-Winters?" Devon confirmed that he was, and Imani requested to speak with Amanda privately. Amanda explained that Devon had been with her since she'd begun her journey to find her mother, and he knew everything. Imani haughtily wished Amanda had kept her ties to the Ames family to herself.

Devon swore that he'd never reveal anything Amanda didn't want him to. He pointed out that it had been Amanda's idea to keep her connection to Imani's family a secret, but Imani huffed that a little discretion would have been nice. Devon snapped that Imani should be grateful that Amanda was giving her the time of day after Imani had taken out a restraining order against her. Amanda insisted she could handle it, and Devon departed.

Imani contemplated whether she should have had a bodyguard accompany her, but Amanda countered that she was no longer the hurt, jealous woman who'd sat outside Naya's house on Christmas Eve. Amanda proclaimed that Imani didn't intimidate her, and she imagined that Imani had expected Amanda to ignore the text message warning. Imani claimed that she hadn't sent it for the reason Amanda thought, and she believed Amanda still had no idea what she was walking into.

Amanda recounted that Imani had shown her nothing but contempt from the first time they'd met, even after Imani had heard the whole story from Naya herself. Amanda thought Imani had made it clear that she didn't want Amanda to have a part in their mother's life. Imani called it a complicated situation, and she cautioned that there was more pain headed Amanda's way. Imani claimed that she was there to warn Amanda about Sutton, since he only considered Amanda valuable because she was useful, and he'd never acknowledge Amanda as part of the family tree once the trial was over.

Imani contended that Amanda would always be the "bastard child," but Amanda shot back that Sutton wouldn't have reached out to her if he'd wanted nothing to do with her. Amanda vowed to prove herself to Sutton and earn a place in the family when she won his case. Imani insisted that it wasn't a fairy tale where the family would fling the doors to their home open and invite the poor orphan princess to sit at the head of the table, but Amanda doubted Imani was trying to protect her. Imani reasoned that her mother had developed an attachment to Amanda, and she didn't want to see Naya's heart broken when Sutton tossed Amanda aside and demanded that Naya do the same.

Amanda argued that Naya was a grown woman who could do what she wanted. Imani contended that Sutton maintained the public image of a loving family man, but he privately looked out for himself above all else. Imani continued that Sutton was still the same person who'd made her mother erase the two little mistakes she'd made in college, and Naya was still the same daughter who would do anything to protect the family name and avoid upsetting Sutton. Imani muttered that Sutton was the last person one wanted to cross, and Amanda questioned whether Imani thought Sutton was guilty of murdering Amanda's father.

Imani admitted that her grandfather was many things, but he wasn't a murderer. Amanda surmised that Imani was trying to convince her to walk away because Imani was scared, but she insisted that Imani didn't have to fear or hate her because Amanda could never take Imani's place in Naya's heart. Imani spat that she knew that, and Amanda asked why Imani was determined to keep her from being part of the family. Imani barked that Amanda didn't belong in the family, and Amanda sensed that Imani was afraid of losing something other than their mother's love.

Amanda guessed that Imani was afraid that Sutton would eventually acknowledge Amanda as his granddaughter. Imani was confident it would never happen, but Amanda imagined Imani couldn't stand the idea of having to share after never having competition for Sutton's love and attention. Imani reiterated that she was trying to save Amanda from embarrassment and humiliation, but they could make it personal and nasty if Amanda preferred. Amanda anticipated that they'd only work things out if they were honest with one another. Imani snarled that the only way things would work out would be if Amanda dropped the case and left Imani's family alone. Imani sauntered out.

At the hospital, Faith murmured that she could barely keep her eyes open, and Sharon urged the girl to sleep. Faith wished she knew what the doctors were planning on doing as she drifted off. Nick softly knocked on the door, and Sharon stepped out of the room and asked if he had news from Nate. Nick explained that Faith's immune system was attacking her kidneys instead of the infection she'd contracted after her accident, and Nate had mentioned putting her on steroids to see if that could prevent loss of kidney function. Sharon worriedly questioned what would happen if that didn't work.

Nick revealed that Faith might be on dialysis for the rest of her life. Sharon gasped in horror and protested that Faith was just a little girl who had her whole life ahead of her. Nick added that another option was a kidney transplant, ideally from a member of their family who had a compatible rare blood type. Sharon doubted she could donate an organ because of her medical history, and Nick shared that he wasn't compatible. They intended to reach out to every member of their family to see if at least one of them qualified as a donor.

Summer entered her hotel suite and was pleased to find that Kyle had arranged a romantic surprise. A short time later, Summer reeled when Nick called with the news that Faith needed a kidney transplant. Summer told Kyle that she wasn't a match, but he assured her that they'd find one. Kyle offered to take her to the hospital to see Faith, but Summer mentioned that her sister was sleeping and that her dad had suggested that she do something to take her mind off things she couldn't control. Kyle instructed her to take a deep breath and handed her a glass of Champagne.

Summer wondered what she'd done to deserve a special evening. Kyle thanked her for reminding him how lucky he was that they were together, for being his teammate and accomplice, and for never giving up on him or forgetting who they were together. Summer promised that she wasn't going anywhere, but Kyle referred to her fear that Tara and her son would get between them. Summer scoffed at the idea that a couple of bad nightmares would scare her off, although she admitted that she'd felt a tiny bit insecure about losing him. Kyle thought no one could blame her, but he cooed that they had nothing to concentrate on but each other. They kissed, and he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bed, where they made love.

Kyle poured more Champagne. Summer invited him to join her for a shower, but he opted to call room service instead. She scampered off to shower, and there was a knock at the door. Kyle was surprised to find Tara there, and she insisted it was important. She informed him that it was her last night in town, and she didn't want to leave anything unsaid -- or undone.

Tara heard the water running and guessed she'd interrupted something. Kyle mentioned that Summer was in the shower, and Tara imagined that Summer would be furious to see her there. Tara thought it was plain to see that Summer loved him, and Tara had always wanted that for him. Kyle remarked that everything had worked out the way it should have. He asked if Ashland had been cleared to travel, and Tara replied that she'd hired a private medical transport to take them back to New York first thing in the morning.

Tara felt bad about how she and Kyle had left things earlier, and she thought they deserved a proper goodbye after everything they'd been through. She announced that there was something she wanted to give him, and she sent a photo of Harrison to his phone. Tara explained that it was a real photo that wasn't distant or blurry like the one Kyle had found online. Kyle commented that the boy was the cutest thing he'd ever seen in his life, and Tara called Harrison her world. He thanked her, and she told him to take care. After Tara left, Kyle stared at the photo.

Later, Kyle showed Summer the photo of Harrison, and she found him adorable. She was happy that Kyle and Tara had gotten some closure, and he suggested that he and Summer get back to their celebration. She couldn't wait to see what he'd ordered for dinner, but she realized he hadn't ordered yet. He apologized for being distracted, but she assured him it was okay. She stepped away to place the order, and he gazed at the photo again.

Nikki arrived at the hospital and hoped to hear good news. Sharon reported that there had been no match, and Victor was the only person who was still an unknown. Victor appeared and announced that he wasn't compatible, but he knew who was -- Adam. Victor explained that Adam had lost a lot of blood when he'd been shot, and Victor remembered the doctors saying they'd been lucky to have had a supply of Adam's rare blood type. Nick griped that the one person who could help Faith was on the run.

Sharon lectured that Nick should blame the guilty party -- Chelsea. Nikki warned that arguing wouldn't solve anything, and they needed a way to find Adam. Victor suspected that Sharon could help them, since Rey had told him that Adam had called her the day before. Sharon recounted that she'd only spoken to Adam for a second before Rey had taken the phone from her, and the lead had turned out to be a dead end. Victor asked if Sharon had spoken to Adam since then, and Nick requested a moment alone with Sharon. After Nikki and Victor stepped out, Nick ordered Sharon to spill everything.

Sharon confessed that Adam had called her earlier that day from a new number to apologize for everything he'd put her through, and he'd indicated that he had no intention of ever returning. She added that she didn't know where he was, and he'd made her promise not to tell anyone about the call. Sharon added that the number had been from a burner phone, but Nick thought it could be traced if Adam still had the same phone. Sharon provided the number and begged Nick to find Adam.

Faith awakened as Sharon reentered the room, and she whimpered that she'd been afraid her mother had gone. Sharon swore that there was no place on earth she'd rather be than right there with Faith. Sharon soothingly stated that everyone was working hard to make sure Faith got on her feet again. Sharon recalled that Faith had been a champion when Sharon had been going through her chemo treatments, and she planned on totally outdoing her daughter.

Sharon imagined that Faith's siblings would fill the room with flowers and balloons, Victor would challenge the teen to a zillion games of chess, and Nick would provide a daily dose of dad jokes. Sharon implored Faith to take advantage of the quiet while she could, and Faith closed her eyes. Sharon told herself that Faith would be just fine, softly adding, "You have to be." Sharon flashed back to Adam saying he was somewhere he could heal that was like home, yet somewhere new. Sharon suddenly thought of something and stepped out to find Nick.

At the Newman ranch, Victor informed Nick that he'd been trying to locate Adam, not only to clear his son's name but also to help Faith. Victor regretted that his investigators hadn't found "a damn thing," and Nick inquired whether it would help to have a phone number. Nick relayed that Adam had called Sharon earlier, but there had been no answer when he'd tried the number. Victor advised against going to the police with the information, since they needed Adam's cooperation to save Faith.

Later, Sharon called Nick and told him that she remembered something Adam had said that might help them track him down. Nick informed her that an investigator was there, and he put his phone on speaker. Sharon repeated Adam's words about finding a place where he could heal that was like home, yet somewhere new. Victor noted that his people hadn't found anything at Hope's farm, and he wondered if Adam was hiding out near the farm.

The investigator reported that he'd gotten a ping from Adam's phone in Kansas. Sharon thought Adam had sounded remorseful, and she recalled that going back to the farm had triggered memories of the night A.J. had died. She theorized that Adam had gone to a place where he could make peace with his past, and Victor remembered George telling him that the Montalvo place had been deserted. Nick thought it sounded like a good place to start looking.

Meanwhile, Nate asked if Sharon had had a chance to talk to Nick. She replied that she was still in shock, and she inquired whether Nate had received Faith's latest lab results. He indicated that Faith's kidney levels were still elevated, and they'd be starting her on a course of steroids as anticipated. Sharon inquired whether the only options were dialysis for life or a kidney transplant if the steroids didn't work. He said he was sorry, and she recognized that he was doing everything he could to help Faith.

As Nate stepped away, Nikki exited Faith's room and wondered what the doctor had said. Sharon tearfully responded that it had been nothing she'd wanted to hear, and Nikki encouraged her to stay positive. Sharon vowed not to let herself fall apart in front of Faith, and Nikki suggested that they get some air. Sharon hesitated to leave Faith's side, but Nikki urged her to cry or yell in the car, where no one could hear her. Nikki was adamant that a walk would do Sharon a world of good, and she led Sharon out.

Later, Nick held Faith's hand as she stirred. She reported having the craziest dream about her mom and grandparents being there. Nick told her it hadn't been a dream, since everyone had been there to hang out with her. He mentioned that he had to leave her for a day or two to find someone who could help her, but he promised that everyone else would be there to wait on her hand and foot. He swore that he would be back before she knew it, and they exchanged words of love.

Nick found Sharon in the waiting area and informed her that he was going to Kansas. She had expected Victor to be the one traveling, but Nick shared that he'd talked his father out of it. Sharon protested that Nick wouldn't know where to look, but Nick pledged not to stop searching until he found Adam. Sharon argued that she should be the one to go because she knew how Adam thought, but Nick expected Adam would just play more mind games with her. Nick pleaded with Sharon to stay put because their daughter needed her.

Sharon pointed out that Nick was Faith's parent, too, but he worried that Faith would panic if Sharon wasn't there. Sharon jokingly asked if he was finally admitting that Faith loved her more, and he replied that he would never admit that. Sharon questioned how he would convince Adam to risk his freedom by returning home to help Faith. Nick intended to appeal to the side of Adam that had risked everything to save Faith after the truck accident, but Sharon wondered what Nick would do if Adam wouldn't agree. "Then I'll knock his ass out and drag him back here. Whatever it takes, I will bring Adam home," Nick promised.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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