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Summer slapped Sally. Kyle agreed to claim paternity of Harrison to help Tara keep custody of her son. Ashland tracked Tara to the Grand Phoenix, but Phyllis threw him out of the hotel. Summer squirmed over Kyle's growing bond with Harrison. Rey and Sharon reconciled.
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Kyle agreed to claim paternity of Harrison to help Tara, but Summer became increasingly uneasy
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Nick suspects Phyllis is hiding an explosive secret Nick suspects Phyllis is hiding an explosive secret

Monday, May 17, 2021

During a private celebration held at Society, Jack proposed a toast to Summer and Kyle's engagement as Nick and Phyllis raised their glasses. Jack said, "May this be the beginning of a marvelous new Abbott-Newman union." After the celebrants sipped a drink of Champagne, Summer gasped, "Oh, no." Tara Locke, holding the hand of her young son, Harrison, had entered uninvited. Kyle kept his cool and said he'd handle it, declining Nick's offer to inform Tara that she'd interrupted a private party.

Kyle stepped away to speak to Tara and learned that Sally Spectra had told her where to find him. Tara lifted Harrison and instructed the boy to greet Kyle. Tara, sounding desperate, pleaded with Kyle to meet her at the Grand Phoenix as soon as possible. Nick seemed concerned when he noticed Summer's shocked expression. Abby stepped out from the kitchen and asked Mariah what Ashland Locke's wife was doing there. Summer nervously said, "Well, so much for this being a private party."

After Tara and her son left, Summer took Kyle aside to speak to him. Nick questioned Phyllis about why Tara had gone there. Phyllis claimed it might be related to Jabot. Nick didn't buy Phyllis' flimsy explanation. Phyllis claimed she'd been speculating. Phyllis attempted to divert Nick's attention. Nick remained determined to uncover the truth, despite Phyllis' not-so-subtle tactics.

In the restaurant's kitchen, Summer pressed Kyle to explained why Tara had shown up at the engagement party with his son. Kyle said all he knew was that Tara needed his help because she had no place else to turn. Summer grabbed her evening bag and encouraged Kyle to meet up with Tara right away. Kyle explained that he should leave alone to meet with the wife of the man who'd sabotaged Jabot. Summer expressed concern that Tara wanted to warn Kyle about a second attack from Ashland. Kyle reminded Summer that the evening had been planned for them to share their wedding plans with their loved ones, so Tara would have to wait.

After Summer and Kyle returned to the dining room with their guests, Abby asked him if everything was okay. Nick said, "I was just about to ask the same thing." Phyllis nervously rolled her eyes. Summer explained that she and Kyle would have to put things on pause to handle a personal situation. Guests seemed uneasy after the engaged couple made a quick exit.

Nick said he wanted someone to explain what was going on between Ashland Locke's wife and Kyle. Phyllis replied, "I guess that someone is me, right? Listen, I think it's just business." Nick recalled that Summer had said it was a personal matter. Phyllis skirted the details and said that Ashland Locke was known to be a ruthless game-player who might be testing them all. Nick saw through Phyllis' weak explanation and replied, "Well, you have an answer for everything, don't you?" Phyllis advised Nick to give Summer and Kyle time to figure it out.

Mariah asked Jack what he thought about Tara confronting Kyle. Jack said they should trust Kyle to handle it. Jack lightheartedly addressed all the guests and encouraged them to carry on until Kyle and Summer returned. Phyllis busied herself with refilling champagne glasses. Nick let it be known that he wasn't content to carry on like nothing was wrong.

Mariah and Jack turned their attention to Abby, teasing her about the freedoms she had while Chance was away. Abby reported that Chance phoned her whenever he could and had even sent gifts. Abby was hopeful that Chance would return soon to be part of their incredible journey. Mariah said she, Tessa, and Abby and Chance's unborn child would smother Abby with love in the meantime. Abby beamed with joy.

Nick cornered Phyllis, and she attempted to evade the subject she knew was on his mind by claiming she intended to ask Abby which vendor had supplied the delicious Champagne. Nick accused Phyllis of downplaying the situation and said he was certain that Phyllis knew what was going on between Kyle and Tara. Phyllis insisted she wasn't downplaying anything and said she anticipated Kyle and Summer's return any second. Phyllis accused Nick of overreacting and assured him that there was nothing to worry about because nothing was going on. Nick replied, "The look on Tara Locke's face, the way Kyle rushed right over to her, how hard Summer was working to make it seem like everything was cool, uh-uh. Doesn't pass the sniff test." Nick insisted that he deserved to know what was going on if there was a chance Summer could be hurt by it.

After Summer and Kyle joined Tara in the lounge at the Grand Phoenix, Tara requested that she and Kyle speak privately. Kyle insisted that he and Summer never kept secrets from each other. Summer respected Tara's wishes and stepped away. After Kyle and Tara entered the elevator, Summer approached Sally. Sally nastily said, "Geez. What a pain. I can't believe you and Kyle still have to deal with that woman and the fallout from his affair."

Summer accused Sally of purposely spoiling the engagement party. Sally defended herself and warned Summer about Kyle. Sally said, "You know what they say. Once a cheater, always a cheater." Summer slapped Sally on the cheek. Sally barely reacted and said, "Truth hurts, huh?" Summer took a deep breath after Sally abruptly left.

Alone together in Tara's suite, Kyle asked Tara what was so important. Tara nervously twirled her wedding band and reported that she'd been mistaken about believing that Ashland's heart attack had changed him. In a spirit of starting fresh, Tara said, Ashland had encouraged her to be completely honest and had offered to forgive her should she admit to having had an affair. Kyle replied, "So, you told him. You admitted that we had an affair that summer in the Hamptons." Tara nodded and cried that after her confession, Ashland had dropped his act and reverted to being the cold, cruel, vindictive person he'd always been.

Tara told Kyle that Ashland had demanded an immediate divorce. Tara sought Kyle's help, explaining that Ashland had accused her of being an unfit mother, vowing to annihilate her in court. Kyle asked Tara if she'd told Ashland about Harrison's paternity. Tara said she hadn't, fearing Ashland's reaction. Tara reminded Kyle that Ashland had resources and connections to make good on his threats. Tara begged Kyle to hide her and Harrison until she could determine what to do. Tara cried, "If you won't do it for me, do it for your son."

Adam was resting on the sofa at home when Chloe burst in unannounced. Chloe was livid and blamed Adam for Chelsea having been "locked up" in a psychiatric hospital. Adam calmly replied, "I had nothing to do with it." Adam explained that Chelsea had suffered a breakdown after confessing to poisoning Rey. Adam explained that he'd been in the hospital when Chelsea had been transported to a psychiatric facility. Chloe complained that Adam was being hailed as a hero for donating a kidney to Sharon's daughter. Chloe expressed disdain because Adam had once again evaded punishment and was allowed to walk free while Chelsea remained confined. Chloe angrily said, "You and I both know that you are no hero."

Referring to the numerous times Chloe had previously attacked him with deadly force, Adam asked Chloe if she'd brought her weapons. Adam told Chloe he was heartsick about what had happened to Chelsea. Chloe reminded Adam about the horrific things he'd done, especially when his actions had led to Chelsea falling inside an elevator, where she'd suffered a serious head injury. Adam confessed to what he'd done and expressed regret, adding that Chloe would have to trust him. Chloe angrily replied, "Like Chelsea did?"

Adam told Chloe he was being sincere and wanted to help Chelsea get well and reclaim her life. Adam encouraged Chloe to visit Chelsea. Chloe threatened to block Adam from having access to Chelsea. Adam warned Chloe that she would be making a mistake. Adam reminded Chloe that she'd been Chelsea's accomplice. Adam said he wouldn't hesitate to inform Michael and Rey about Chloe's involvement.

Adam begged Chloe to acknowledge that part of his journey to becoming a better person involved taking part in Chelsea's recovery. Chloe said that for Connor's sake, she hoped it might be possible for Adam to change, though she strongly doubted it would happen. Chloe said that despite Adam's promises, she thought it would be best if he stayed away from Chelsea. After Chloe left, Adam phoned the psychiatric hospital to inquire about a recently admitted patient. Adam struggled to state Chelsea's name and repeatedly hesitated until giving up and telling the receptionist he'd changed his mind. Adam clutched a framed photo of Chelsea and Connor and said, "I am so sorry, Chelsea. I am so sorry." Adam pressed the photo to his chest and seemed troubled.

At Crimson Lights, Rey recalled a previous conversation that Sharon had abruptly ended. Rey claimed that Sharon had left him standing and waiting. Sharon replied, "Okay, the answer is no. I did not sleep with Adam." Sharon admitted that she'd been shocked and hurt by Rey's accusations. Rey apologized and admitted that he regretted having ever believed what Chelsea had claimed about Sharon's secret affair with Adam.

Sharon acknowledged that Chelsea had suffered from a condition called locked-in syndrome, which could have serious, long-term effects on a patient's psyche. Rey explained that the doctor treating Chelsea believed that her stroke might have resulted in a psychotic break with reality. Sharon recalled that she'd previously mentioned the theory to Rey. Rey admitted he should have listened to Sharon instead of allowing his suspicions, jealousy, and obsessions about Adam to cloud his judgments.

Rey apologized to Sharon and begged for her forgiveness. Sharon was taken aback and said she'd worried that their relationship would end after Rey had accepted Chelsea's delusions as truth. Sharon acknowledged that Rey had also been a victim because Chelsea had poisoned his body while Adam had poisoned his mind. Sharon asked Rey to forgive her for failing to enforce the boundaries she'd set with Adam and for sending Rey mixed signals about her commitment to their marriage. After Sharon asked Rey to go home with her, he placed his open hand across the table, and Sharon placed her hand in his.

At home, Sharon thanked Nikki for staying with Faith. After Nikki left, Rey told Sharon he'd missed being with her at their home. Sharon said she and Faith had missed Rey, too. Sharon assured Rey that there was no one else she wanted. Sharon celebrated Faith's discharge from the hospital and Rey's return, which, she said, would cheer up Faith. Faith, Sharon said, had been concerned that Sharon and Rey might not be able to work things out. Rey apologized for adding additional stress when Sharon should have been solely focused on Faith. Sharon said she and Rey should only look forward.

In Chelsea's room at the psychiatric hospital, Michael introduced himself to Mr. Montgomery, Chelsea's attorney, and noted that he had never encountered the stranger in a courtroom. Mr. Montgomery claimed he was new to the area. Chelsea appeared glum and spoke in monotone after Michael greeted her. Michael recalled that Chelsea had told him things at the Newman ranch and requested she clarify her statements in detail. Mr. Montgomery interrupted and insisted that Michael should wait.

Michael informed Chelsea that they should carry on with her case as soon as possible. Chelsea replied that it wouldn't matter because Adam was involved. Michael replied, "What about Adam?" Chelsea looked at Michael as if she believed he'd asked a ridiculous question. Michael turned on a voice recorder and said he'd focus on Chelsea instead of relying on taking notes. Chelsea said there was no point because Adam would win, and she would lose.

Michael instructed Chelsea to repeat what she'd told him the night she'd been admitted. Chelsea, recalling the horrors of previously being drugged by Adam and locked away, cried that she'd be trapped forever because Adam could pay off people. Chelsea said that she was all alone. Michael explained that he and Mr. Montgomery were both on her side.

Michael assured Chelsea he'd make certain that justice was fairly served if she told him everything. Michael encouraged Chelsea to start her story from the beginning. Chelsea cried that her head hurt. Chelsea insisted that she needed to be left alone to sleep. Mr. Montgomery said, "I think that's enough for today." Michael appeared to agree and backed off.

Michael told Chelsea they could revisit the recording of her statement another day. Michael suggested Chelsea organize her thoughts on paper to make it easier. After Michael left, Mr. Montgomery nodded to Chelsea, and she nodded back as if she wasn't as distressed as she'd appeared to Michael. After Mr. Montgomery left, Chelsea said to herself, "I'm all alone. I've lost everyone. Everything. And it's her fault. Sharon's. Sharon has destroyed my life."

Kyle makes a decision about Harrison as Ashland shows up Kyle makes a decision about Harrison as Ashland shows up

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

At Society, Jack stepped outside and anxiously checked his watch. Nick joined Phyllis at the bar and wondered where Summer and Kyle were. Phyllis noted that the couple hadn't been gone that long. Phyllis encouraged Nick to lighten up, but he sensed that she knew more than she was telling him. He started to call Summer, but Phyllis stopped him. Nick agreed not to call if Phyllis told him everything she knew.

Phyllis reluctantly informed Nick that Kyle and Tara had had an affair while he and Summer hadn't been together. Nick pointed out that it didn't explain why Kyle and Summer had left the engagement party. Phyllis theorized that everything had blown up after Ashland had become suspicious while he'd been in town on business. Phyllis cautioned that there would be "hell to pay" if Ashland had found out. Nick demanded to know how long she'd known about it.

Phyllis vaguely stated that she'd hadn't known for very long, but Nick was irked that she hadn't told him that a corporate type who was doing business with his family was also out for revenge against their daughter's fiancÚ. Phyllis contended that Summer hadn't wanted her to tell Nick or for the whole town to know. Nick imagined that the affair wouldn't stay a secret after Tara had shown up at the engagement party.

Phyllis lectured that she and Nick weren't in a place to condemn others when they hadn't been saints. Nick questioned whether she expected him to let Kyle's past wreck their daughter's future. Phyllis reminded him that the affair had happened when Kyle and Summer had been over, and Nick muttered that maybe the couple needed to be over then, too. Phyllis asserted that Summer and Kyle deserved love and support, not judgment. Nick asked if Jack knew, and Phyllis mentioned that Kyle had told Jack. Phyllis begged Nick not to make a big deal out of it.

Across the restaurant, Mariah recalled that things had looked rocky when Abby had experienced pre-wedding jitters, but everything had turned out wonderfully. Jack called it a beautiful ceremony, just like he expected Kyle and Summer's would be. Abby didn't want Kyle and Summer to return to a dull party, and she instructed Mariah to turn up the music so they could start having fun.

Abby observed that Nick seemed agitated, and Jack confided that he didn't like the way things were going, either. Jack left a voicemail for Summer, letting her know that he hadn't heard from Kyle and was getting worried. He implored her to reach out if they needed help.

Mariah asked if Jack had heard anything. He informed her that he'd reached out to Kyle and Summer, and he assumed that whatever was going on was serious. Mariah affirmed that he'd been right when he'd trusted Kyle to handle whatever it was, and she was sure Kyle and Summer would deal with it. Jack hoped Mariah was right.

Nick asked if Jack had any update, and Jack replied that he didn't. Jack remarked that Ashland was a piece of work in his business dealings, and Nick inquired about Ashland's personal dealings. Nick revealed that he'd just heard about Kyle and Tara's affair, but Jack was confident that Kyle wouldn't let anything get between him and Summer. Nick wasn't convinced, and he stepped aside to take a call from Christian's nanny. Nick told Phyllis that Christian was asking for him, and he requested that she notify him if Summer got back. Nick wondered if he'd been right all along about Kyle and Summer's marriage being a big mistake.

Jack accepted that he likely wouldn't hear back from Kyle or Summer. Abby reported that she'd contacted Victor and Nikki to tell them not to show up, and Jack indicated that he'd told Ashley and Traci the same thing. Jack figured they could reschedule for another night, but Abby sensed that Mariah didn't agree. Mariah claimed that she felt bad for the happy couple, but she wondered if they could cut the cake because she was having her first pregnancy craving. Abby promised the cake wouldn't go to waste.

Summer paced in the Grand Phoenix lobby and saw the missed call from Jack.

In his hotel suite, Kyle was taken aback that Tara was drawing him into a battle with Ashland after she'd told Kyle goodbye forever. Tara argued that she was only in the nightmare because of her affair with Kyle, and she was terrified of losing her son. Kyle reminded her that they'd agreed it was in Harrison's best interests if they ignored the fact that Kyle was his father. Tara contended that everything had changed, since Ashland had tricked her into admitting she'd had the affair, and he was going after custody in their divorce. Tara refused to give up her son, and she insisted that Kyle step up and claim paternity.

Kyle recounted that Tara had said it would make things worse for Harrison if Ashland found out the truth about the boy's paternity. Tara stressed that Ashland wanted sole custody to punish her for her affair, and the only way to keep from losing her child would be if Kyle admitted he was the father. Kyle pledged to do what was safest and best for Harrison, but he wasn't sure Tara had a good plan. Tara shared that she'd lied about the dates of their affair so Ashland wouldn't be suspicious, but she thought the truth was her best weapon. Kyle worried that springing it on Ashland was the worst thing she could do for all of them, and Tara questioned what else she could do.

Kyle figured that Tara couldn't be certain that Ashland would cut her off from Harrison, but Tara was aware of what her husband was capable of. Kyle expected that Genoa City would be the first place Ashland would look for her and Harrison, but Tara divulged that she'd made it look like she'd gone to the home of an old family friend in Virginia. Kyle imagined that she'd been running on adrenalin when she'd crashed his engagement party. Tara swore that she'd never planned to get in the way of his future with Summer, but she'd had no other choice because Kyle was the only solution to the threat against their son.

Kyle told Tara that he couldn't decide anything until he talked with Summer. Tara warned that time wasn't on their side, since Ashland would eventually figure out she wasn't in Virginia. She informed Kyle that she'd used a prepaid debit card and a false name when she'd checked in, and she promised to send him her new number so he could call when he made a decision. She added that she was truly sorry for dropping it on his shoulders, but she hoped he understood she'd needed to. She pleaded that their son's future was in his hands, and she left.

Summer joined Kyle in their suite and was shocked when he relayed that Tara was terrified that Ashland would take her son from her. Kyle explained that stepping up as Harrison's biological father would weaken Ashland's chances of getting custody. Kyle wasn't sure about taking such a huge step, but he felt he had to protect his son. Summer doubted Ashland would just walk away from a kid he'd loved and raised. Kyle cited what Ashland had done to Jabot and imagined that he was capable of much worse. Kyle thought they wouldn't figure it out that night -- and they still had a party waiting for them. Summer questioned whether he was up for it, and he declared that he was always up for celebrating marrying her.

Summer and Kyle returned to the restaurant with apologies, and Jack pushed to know what was going on. Kyle insisted that everything was under control, and he hoped everyone was still in a party mood. Phyllis privately told Summer that Kyle should be happy that Nick was checking on Christian, and Summer realized Phyllis had told Nick about Kyle's affair. Phyllis defended that she hadn't been able to keep it a secret anymore, and both she and Nick wanted to help. Phyllis pressed to know about the little boy, but Summer begged her not to ask any questions. Phyllis demanded that they talk later.

Mariah asked Kyle how things had gone, but Jack requested a moment alone with his son. Jack prompted Kyle to tell him what was really going on. Kyle reiterated that the situation was under control, but Jack complained about being kept in the dark. Kyle implored his father to trust him to take care of it on his own.

Later, Phyllis found Nick in the Grand Phoenix lobby, and he reported that Christian had just needed reassurance that his sister was out of the hospital and would be okay. Phyllis informed him that while Kyle and Summer had made it back to the party, Summer had been tight-lipped about Tara. Nick worried that something didn't seem right, but Phyllis urged him to accept that Summer and Kyle were adults who could work out their own problems. Phyllis seductively suggested that they let it go for the night because there were other things she wanted to do with him. They headed to the elevator.

In Kyle and Summer's hotel suite, Kyle said he was sorry that the night hadn't turned out as planned. Summer insisted that it hadn't been his fault, but he wasn't sure he agreed. He announced that he'd reached a major decision about what to do about his son. There was a knock at the door, and Summer panicked about who it could be. Kyle opened the door and faced Ashland.

At the cottage, Sharon and Rey lounged on the couch in their pajamas, and she mused that it had been a nice night. She was grateful that after everything they'd been through, their love and connection was still there. They promised one another that no matter what happened in the future, they wouldn't let things get to that place again. They leaned in to kiss, but Faith interrupted and excitedly asked if it meant Rey was back. He happily responded that he was, and Sharon added that he was there to stay.

Rey applauded Faith for making it through the hard part, and she replied that she was happy to be back home with him and Sharon. Sharon recalled that Faith had been sound asleep when they'd returned home, and she asked if her daughter needed something. Faith indicated that her sleep schedule had been messed up from being at the hospital, and she was hungry. Sharon stepped into the kitchen to fix something. Rey apologized for the trouble between him and Sharon while Faith had been going through enough without having to worry about them, too.

Faith inquired whether things were truly back on track for Rey and Sharon. He swore that he'd never lied to Faith and that he never would, and he assured her that he and Sharon were back on track and that it would last. Sharon listened as Rey explained that sometimes people had to be tested to find out what was in their hearts, and he and Sharon had grown through the whole mess. He vowed to do everything in his power to make sure they never went off track again.

Faith appreciated that Rey was being honest with his feelings, and she noted that lying had gotten her into nothing but trouble. She hoped that he'd do her a favor if she was up-front about something. She explained that she'd made a cool friend in Moses, who had sent her a text message to let her know that Nick had told him not to visit because she wasn't strong enough. Faith was sure her mom felt the same way, but she contended that Moses would cheer her up and make her feel better. She asked if Rey would help her, and he agreed to talk to Sharon about it.

At Devon's penthouse, Amanda revealed that she had doubts about Imani's motives for wanting to meet with her, and she suspected that it was a case of keeping one's friends close and one's enemies closer. She intended to keep her guard up, and she thanked Devon for standing by her. He swore that she could always count on him to be there for her. Moses descended the stairs, and Amanda took it as her cue to leave. Devon urged her to remember she was in control, and she could walk away anytime she needed to.

Moses and Devon watched a basketball game, but Moses was preoccupied with thoughts of Faith. Devon cheered about a steal, and he voiced surprise that Moses wasn't more excited. Moses admitted that he was a little bummed because he hadn't connected with Faith since she'd gotten out of the hospital, noting that her dad had told him to give her space. Devon advised his brother not to take it too personally, since Nick and Sharon had been through a lot. Moses sympathized that Faith had also been through a lot, and he wanted to be there for her and let her know everything was okay.

Devon wondered how close Moses and Faith had been getting. He recognized that teenagers didn't want to talk to adults about their relationships, but he felt he had to look out for Moses. Moses insisted that he and Faith weren't in a relationship, but they were friends with no labels. He admitted that he liked her a lot. Devon felt he needed to try to give the guidance Neil would have given if he were there. Moses wondered if Neil wouldn't have approved of him seeing Faith.

Devon clarified that he just understood Nick and Sharon's mindset, and he was sure they didn't want the teens rushing into anything. Devon encouraged Moses not to move too fast, and he joked that maybe the Newmans didn't want Moses hanging around because his jokes weren't funny enough to make Faith laugh. Moses insisted that Faith wasn't just some girl, since she understood his jokes and ambitions, and she needed someone to be there for her. He swore that he wasn't going anywhere.

Later, Moses received a text message from Faith, which read, "Feeling better. See you soon?" Devon guessed who the message was from based on Moses' expression. Meanwhile, Faith grinned when Moses sent back a thumbs-up emoji, and she headed upstairs. Sharon returned to the room and figured she'd take the food she'd prepared up to Faith, but she had something to say to Rey first. She shared that she'd been touched when she'd overheard what he'd said to Faith, and she wanted him to know that she'd hold up her end of their marriage by doing whatever she could to make sure they never went off track again.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda remarked that she and Imani were both early, and she guessed it ran in the family. Imani hoped Amanda's willingness to meet meant she was willing to let Imani help with her grandfather's case. Amanda stressed that Sutton was their grandfather, and she demanded a few more answers about Imani's sudden acceptance of her as a member of the family. Amanda wondered if it had been Imani's call or if Sutton had forced Imani's hand.

Imani admitted that Sutton had strong opinions about everything, but she refused to be bullied, and she insisted that she'd chosen to accept Amanda as part of the family. Amanda inquired whether Sutton viewed his political position as a moral responsibility or as the family business. Imani confirmed that he believed his political career was his family's lifeblood, but he was also interested in representing his constituents, who were like family, too. Amanda wondered if he'd go so far as to pay people off.

Imani supposed that Sutton wouldn't let a good opportunity for the community slip by because of red tape. Imani continued that Sutton might have cut corners, but he wouldn't have had anyone killed to keep a secret. Amanda questioned how Imani could be certain when she hadn't even been born when it had happened. Imani declared that she trusted her family. Amanda queried whether Sutton was capable of murder, even if he wasn't guilty of it.

Imani thought her opinion shouldn't matter for the defense, and she pressed to know what Amanda was after. Amanda explained that she wanted to know what each person in her new family thought about everyone else. Imani found Amanda's honesty and bluntness refreshing, and she stated that most people were capable of almost anything under the right circumstances, depending on how far they were pushed. Imani clucked that being capable of something wasn't a crime. Amanda agreed, and she welcomed Imani to the team.

Amanda returned to Devon's penthouse and groaned that she still couldn't figure Imani out. Amanda reported that Imani had sworn allegiance to the family, but it had seemed like there was something she was holding back. Amanda revealed that Imani had indicated that Sutton was capable of murder, and she pondered whether there had been a hidden message in her sister's statement. Devon suspected that it had scared Amanda off, but Amanda was more determined than ever to find out everything she could about her relatives.

Devon pointed out that the missing piece of the puzzle might be bleaker than Amanda expected, but she felt prepared for any scenario. She vowed to bury anything damaging she found, and she prepared to get back to work. Devon cautioned her against getting burned out before the case even went to trial. Amanda doubted he was really worried about burnout, and she flirtatiously suspected there was something else he was insinuating. He proposed that she turn off her lawyer switch for the night. He watched as she ascended the stairs, and he soon followed.

Ashland threatens Kyle, Summer, and Phyllis Ashland threatens Kyle, Summer, and Phyllis

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis asked an employee if she'd seen Summer. The employee offered to call Summer's room, but Phyllis decided it could wait until morning.

Ashland walked into Kyle's suite and asked about Tara and Harrison. Ashland stated that Kyle had slept with Tara, and he told Kyle not to make things more difficult by trying to protect her. Kyle said he didn't know where she was. Ashland warned Kyle not to lie to him. He knew Tara had been there. He could still smell her perfume.

Kyle said the last time he'd seen Tara had been when she'd taken Ashland back to New York. Kyle said he was sorry Ashland was having trouble finding his family, but perhaps they didn't want to be found. Summer told Ashland that Kyle was telling the truth. She suggested that Ashland search their room, if that would satisfy him.

Ashland acknowledged that Summer was standing by her man, even though he was a philanderer, and that didn't bode well for her future. Ashland only wanted to know where his son was. Angry, Kyle opened the door to his suite and told Ashland that asking the same question over and over wouldn't get him a different answer. Kyle pointed and told Ashland to leave. Ashland stood in the hallway and stated that Kyle would regret lying to him. Kyle slammed the door in Ashland's face. Summer was shocked.

Kyle was surprised that he had actually slammed the door in Ashland's face. Summer asked Kyle what he had been thinking. Kyle said that Ashland was probably a guy who hadn't had a lot of doors slammed in his face, and Ashland needed a wake-up call. Summer stated that Ashland appeared to be convinced that Tara had run straight to Kyle.

Kyle sent a text message to Tara, warning her that Ashland was in town. Summer asked if Tara had no other friends to turn to. Kyle claimed that Summer knew why Tara had turned to him. Tara called Kyle and said she'd thought she would have more time. Kyle told Tara that Ashland was somewhere in the hotel. He told her to stay in her suite and not to open the door to anyone. Tara asked Kyle not to desert her, and he knew what he needed to do. She stated that she couldn't lose her son.

Kyle told Summer the only way to protect Harrison was to go public about his affair with Tara and claim paternity. Kyle said Ashland was out for blood because he felt betrayed. Summer said slamming the door in Ashland's face hadn't been the best idea. Kyle stated that he hadn't been able to stand Ashland grilling Summer, since she'd had nothing to do with the situation. Kyle said he had to step up because Ashland was a bully and had crossed the line.

Kyle told Summer that people were afraid of Ashland, and Tara was afraid of retribution. Kyle claimed he had no choice but to step up. Summer insisted there were other ways to settle the situation, but Kyle claimed he had to consider the fallout for Harrison and said that if Harrison lost his mother without any idea why, it could traumatize him.

Summer claimed that Kyle was assuming the worst-case scenario would come to pass. She claimed that once Ashland had calmed down, he and Tara would find a way to end the marriage amicably. Summer told Kyle to slow down because Tara had rights as Harrison's mother. Kyle said that if Ashland wanted Tara out of the picture, she would be out, and he asked what would happen to Harrison then.

Summer insisted that Kyle needed to slow down. She asked why Ashland would want to keep Tara away from Harrison. Harrison was Ashland's one true weakness. She couldn't see Ashland damaging Harrison just to get revenge on Tara. Summer stated that Ashland had called Harrison "his son," which meant that Ashland had no idea that Kyle was Harrison's biological father. If Kyle made that knowledge public, Ashland would make things a thousand times worse for Kyle than what he'd done to Jabot.

Kyle told Summer that he would handle Ashland, no matter what happened. Tara arrived and said she needed to know everything Ashland had said to Kyle and Summer. Summer claimed it was late and asked if Tara could wait until the morning. Tara apologized for ruining their engagement party, but she needed answers about Ashland immediately.

Kyle told Tara that Ashland had barged into their suite, looking for a fight, but it had ended quickly because Kyle and Summer had stonewalled him when he'd asked about Tara and Harrison's whereabouts. Summer admitted Ashland had grilled her, as well. Summer said she had a better understanding of why Tara was afraid of him. Tara said Ashland shouldn't have lashed out at Summer because it wasn't her fight. Summer snottily agreed and said it was Tara's fight.

In the lobby of the hotel, Ashland told an employee to do as he asked or to find someone who would. Phyllis arrived and asked if there was a problem. Ashland said there was not as long as he got what he wanted, otherwise Phyllis would have to consider a new line of work, because the hotel would be history. Phyllis said she was aware of his reputation, but he should know that she had one, as well.

Phyllis said that before Ashland started throwing out threats, she wanted to know what he wanted. He said he'd asked the employee to give him the names of every guest that had checked into the hotel within the past 24 hours. He claimed he was looking for his wife, and he believed she'd checked in under an assumed name. She had their son, and if they were in the hotel, he wanted to know which suite they were in.

Phyllis told Ashland she was sorry he was having marital problems, but she couldn't give him her guest list. Ashland threatened to bring in the police and the press. He felt that would change her mind because Phyllis was harboring a kidnapper, which made Phyllis an accessory. Phyllis claimed the police and the press would be more interested in the way Ashland had tried to blackmail her into handing over her guest list without the guests' consent. She had a lot of privacy laws backing her, and she wanted him to tell her how he was going to ruin her. When Ashland walked out in a huff, Phyllis almost collapsed with relief.

Summer told Kyle she'd received a text message from Phyllis informing her that Ashland was in the hotel and threatening to call the police. Phyllis wanted to know what was going on. Anxious, Tara said it had taken Ashland two seconds to figure out where she was, and that was only the beginning. She'd thought she would have more time to get things in order. Kyle said Ashland was wrong, and he was going to lose; Kyle said he would make sure of it. Summer wasn't happy.

At Society, Mariah and Abby were cleaning up after the party. Abby said she didn't understand why Tara had shown up with her son and why Kyle and Summer had been so concerned about it. Mariah avoided responding and said she hoped the engagement party would be rescheduled. When Tessa arrived, Abby told her what had happened with Tara. Tessa asked Mariah to discuss it on their date night. Abby was invited to join them. Abby declined, and she left.

Tessa took photos of Mariah. She wanted to make a photo album and give Abby a copy to go with the video diary Abby was making for Chance. Mariah said that Abby was putting on a brave face, but she missed Chance.

Mariah told Tessa it was sad that the engagement party had fizzled out. Tessa found it strange that Tara Locke had shown up, but she put it down to a bump in the flow and said everything would work out. Mariah said there was always drama with Kyle and Summer. Tessa looked lovingly at Mariah and said that Mariah wasn't allowed to get self-conscious about her body because she was stunningly beautiful, and Tessa was lucky to have Mariah in her life. Tessa pulled out a key card for a suite at the Grand Phoenix. She told Mariah that she'd booked a masseuse for Mariah who specialized in prenatal.

Billy walked into Lily's office at ChancComm and told her to go home because it was late. He told Lily the engagement party had been postponed, and he would be staying with the kids while Victoria was in St Louis. When Lily claimed the kids manipulated him, he admitted he was a willing participant to the manipulation because before he knew it, they would be off to college, leaving him with no one to have ice cream or play board games with. Lily playfully said she could teach him some games, and just then, Victoria showed up.

Victoria told Billy she'd closed her deal much sooner than she'd thought, and she wouldn't be leaving town. Victoria asked if Billy had any idea why the party had been postponed. Billy didn't have a clue. He asked if it was possible that it had something to do with Faith, but Victoria assured him Faith was fine and home from the hospital. The transplant appeared to have been a success.

Lily commented that the Newmans were indebted to Adam. Victoria confirmed they were. Victoria also added that she'd seen Ashland Locke's private jet at the airport and wondered if they knew why he was in town. Billy suggested that Ashland was there to meet with Victor and Adam. She hoped Ashland would make Victor and Adam miserable from his seat on the Cyaxares board of directors. Billy asked if Victoria was wistful about how everything had gone down with the sale of Cyaxares to Victor and Adam. Victoria said she was mad as hell, not wistful.

After Victoria left, Lily asked if Billy was wistful or angry about the Cyaxares deal. Billy claimed he was very happy and very much in love with Lily.

Billy later returned to Lily's office and said he wanted to go ahead on the piece about Adam and Chelsea. He admitted there were some unconfirmed facts, but they knew Chelsea had been admitted to a hospital and that Adam was no longer a suspect in Rey's poisoning. Lily admitted she'd read Billy's article as soon as he'd sent it to her, and she said it was really good. Billy asked why she sounded surprised. Lily claimed that Billy hadn't edited his previous article on Adam, and Billy's normal M.O. was to twist things to see how much he could get away with. Billy admitted he'd wanted to shade the article a bit, but he'd stuck with the facts because he realized they needed to be prepared.

Billy told Lily there was a good chance that Victor and Adam would follow through with their threat to go after ChancComm and him. He said they might be going to war with Cyaxares, and this time, Victor and Adam wouldn't be playing softball by taking a few of their writers. Billy said if Victor won, he would make sure Billy and Lily wound up with nothing.

Billy told Lily that Cyaxares would go after ChancComm with everything they had. The worst thing he and Lily could do would be to give them ammunition by publishing a hit piece that painted ChancComm as unprofessional. Lily agreed, and she admitted she'd been shocked at how the Chelsea situation had played out. Chelsea had to have been under a lot of mental distress to have gone after Rey the way she had. Billy said it wasn't surprising because Adam pushed everyone to the edge. He was certain that Adam had pushed Chelsea as hard and as far as he possibly could.

Billy told Lily he hoped Chelsea would be all right, and he hoped she wouldn't have to go to prison. Lily felt that Chelsea needed psychiatric help. Billy claimed that Adam was a threat to everyone and everything, including ChancComm. He was happy that Lily was aware of the threat Victor and Adam posed. Lily claimed she'd always been aware of that threat. She said Adam might write an exposÚ about Billy. Billy said everyone knew the bad choices and questionable decisions he'd made. Lily said she knew Billy wouldn't roll over and let Victor and Adam go on a rampage about him. He said he had an aggressive plan in mind.

Billy told Lily that she'd taught him many lessons; however, if Lily thought his idea was bad, he would scrap it immediately. He said he'd been doing a lot of thinking, and he wondered what Victor and Adam would do if their positions were reversed. Billy said that there would be a transition period between Ashland handing over the keys to the kingdom to Victor and Adam and Cyaxares being up and running under new leadership.

Lily jumped in and told Billy that was when they needed to make their move. Billy said they needed to undermine Cyaxares and sink their reputation before they left the gate. They needed to make certain the public didn't trust anything Cyaxares published and knew why. They needed to keep hitting them hard and put Cyaxares on the defensive. They needed to create the perception that Cyaxares wasn't known for fair reporting.

Lily claimed Billy was right, and they needed to be proactive. She suggested brainstorming immediately, all night if they had to. Billy was surprised by Lily's reaction, because when it came to Adam, Lily instantly shut him down. Lily claimed it was different this time because they were under a threat, and it was up to them to keep ChancComm viable.

Billy asked Lily if he was rubbing off on her. She denied it. She said Billy had a hard time separating the personal from everything else, whereas she stayed objective and would have reacted the same way had the threat had been made by Victoria and Newman Enterprises. Billy claimed that the brainstorming would have to wait because he had to take Lily somewhere.

When Abby arrived at Crimson Lights, Victoria thanked her for the heads-up about the engagement party. Abby told Victoria she hadn't realized how much she'd been counting on socializing with everyone. Victoria asked Abby if everything was okay. Abby said it was and that she'd received a call from Chance. She said the only thing that was wrong was that Chance wasn't home, and the baby hadn't arrived yet. Abby apologized for complaining when she had it so good. She said she needed to pause and reset.

Victoria said Abby had hit the trifecta. She had a successful restaurant, a handsome husband, and a baby on the way. Abby vowed she would focus on all the good things in her life rather than things she wished were different. Abby admitted there were a few things getting her down. She wanted the best for Kyle and Summer, but it was a reminder of what she was missing. She felt like she was still anticipating her happy ending, rather than living it. Victoria stated Abby would have it someday soon.

Victoria asked Abby why the party had been postponed. Abby said Tara Locke had shown up unexpectedly with her son. Victoria said she'd seen Ashland's jet at the airport, and she'd assumed he and Tara had arrived. Abby said Tara and her son had appeared to be flying solo at the party. Victoria hoped that whatever was going on wouldn't be an issue between Summer and Kyle. Abby stated that Kyle and Summer had appeared solid when they had returned. Victoria suggested that she and Abby have dinner at Society and continue their chat. Abby agreed, and she left.

Mariah and Tessa arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and they claimed that Abby and Nina always took care of Mariah; Tessa declared that it was her turn. They went to their suite.

Victoria arrived at Society, looking for Abby. She saw Ashland at the bar and said she was surprised to see him there, especially after his heart attack. He said what didn't kill him made him stronger. Victoria said he looked like he was full of energy for a man who'd nearly died recently. Ashland invited her for a cocktail. She accepted and said that he was buying, since he'd dashed her dream of owning Cyaxares.

Chelsea seeks forgiveness Chelsea seeks forgiveness

Thursday, May 20, 2021

by Nel

A Crimson Lights, Billy told Lily they were meeting with an agent who would show them some homes. Billy didn't think they needed to wait; however, he was ready to cancel if Lily wasn't ready. Lily loved it, but she was surprised because agents didn't work in the evening. Billy claimed he'd been extra charming, and he'd dropped the Abbott name a few times. He said he would do anything to live with Lily.

Chloe and Kevin arrived at the coffeehouse with Miles. Kevin said he'd noticed that Chloe had been very jumpy in the past few weeks. Chloe blamed it on everything Adam had put Chelsea through and Chelsea winding up in a psychiatric hospital, while Adam had walked away free and clear. Kevin reminded Chloe that Chelsea had admitted she'd poisoned Rey and faked her paralysis.

Kevin told Chloe that Chelsea had committed a major crime with serious consequences. He asked Chloe if she'd helped poison Rey and frame Adam. Chloe explained that Chelsea had had a plan to be rid of Adam, and she'd been on board to help. She'd run some errands for Chelsea, and she'd planted some stolen items from Sharon's house into Adam's car. She had also picked up a package for Chelsea that had contained thallium.

Chloe admitted to a shocked Kevin that she'd been unaware of the contents of the package. Kevin asked why she'd kept the information from him. Chloe believed that Chelsea had wanted to expose Adam for having a fling with Sharon. She knew that Kevin wouldn't have wanted her to get involved. She said that had she known Chelsea's plan, she wouldn't have helped. Chloe said she'd realized much later what Chelsea had planned.

Kevin told Chloe he was concerned that she would be seen as an accessory to a murder case, and unlike Chelsea, Chloe couldn't plead insanity. Chloe believed she'd been helping Chelsea get out of Adam's grip, but Chelsea had wound up in the psychiatric hospital because of what Adam had done to her psychologically. Kevin said Chloe should have told him as soon as she'd realized what was happening. He would have protected her. Chloe said she hadn't wanted to take him down as a co-conspirator.

Chloe told Kevin she didn't think she would be implicated because Chelsea hadn't revealed Chloe's role in her plan. Kevin claimed he didn't think they could rely on Chelsea for rational information. He said everyone knew how close Chloe and Chelsea were and how Chloe felt about Adam.

Rey arrived and asked if Chloe had paid Chelsea a visit yet. Chloe said she'd planned a visit for the following day. She stated that Chelsea hadn't been in her right mind because Adam had driven her over the edge. Rey asked when Chloe had realized that Chelsea was having a mental breakdown. Chloe claimed she'd known for a while that Chelsea had felt betrayed, but knowing she was upset wasn't the same as realizing how far gone Chelsea had been or what she'd been up to.

Rey asked Chloe how Chelsea could state what was on her mind if she couldn't speak. Chloe said that Chelsea could only blink "yes" or "no" to questions. When Chelsea had been asked about Adam, there had been pain in Chelsea's eyes. Rey asked why Chloe hadn't reported Chelsea's anguish. Chloe said Chelsea didn't have any family in town. Rey said she could have told the doctors or nurses. He said that if Chloe had gotten Chelsea the help she'd needed, a lot of the pain could have been avoided -- unless there was a reason Chloe hadn't spoken up. Kevin said he didn't like what Rey was implying. When Rey asked if Chloe knew that Chelsea had been faking her paralysis, Chloe denied knowing that.

Rey received a call from Dr. Hedges asking him to see Chelsea that evening. Rey said he would inform the D.A., and he would be there shortly.

At the psychiatric hospital, Chelsea had been pacing when she heard someone say, "Sorry I was late getting here." She turned and saw Adam. She turned away and asked what he was doing there. The voice said he'd brought her dinner. When Chelsea turned around again, she saw an orderly with her dinner tray. She told him she needed to see her doctor immediately.

When Dr. Hedges arrived, Chelsea said she was worried that Adam would find her and seek revenge. Dr. Hedges assured her that no one could get past security without authorization. Chelsea claimed the doctor didn't know what Adam was capable of, because he was just like his father. The doctor reminded her that Victor had gone to great lengths to keep her out of prison and to protect her. Chelsea claimed it was an arrangement she'd been forced to make.

Dr. Hedges assured Chelsea that once she gave her statement and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, he would provide the judge with a recommendation that Chelsea remain in that facility to serve out her sentence until she was deemed ready to be released. When Chelsea asked when she could get out, the doctor said it wouldn't be for a while. Chelsea reminded Dr. Hedges that her breakdown had been an act.

The doctor claimed that Chelsea had been through a terrible trauma. She hadn't yet processed all she'd suffered, and she had channeled her emotions into drastic actions. She seemed fearful and motivated by guilt and shame. Chelsea said to add rage because she was still very angry at Adam. She claimed Adam and Sharon were both guilty of flaunting their relationship in front of her, and they needed to pay.

Chelsea told the doctor she'd never intended for Rey to die, but she was reminded that Rey had wound up fighting for his life in the hospital. Chelsea said if Rey could forgive her, a huge burden would be lifted, and she would feel safer. Dr. Hedges agreed, but there were deeper issues they needed to explore. Chelsea said Rey was her priority. She asked Dr. Hedges to call Rey immediately. Even though it was late, Dr. Hedges called Rey. He informed Chelsea that Rey was on his way.

When Rey arrived at the hospital, Chelsea said she needed Rey to forgive her. She said the attack on Rey had been a means to an end because she'd needed a way to get Adam out of her life for good. Poisoning Rey had made sense at the time. She felt that her thought process could have been off, possibly because of her stroke, or she had snapped because of the way Adam had treated her. The problem was that Rey had suffered for it. She said that without Rey's understanding, she didn't know whether she could move on.

Rey told Chelsea he understood her feelings and motivation toward Adam. He asked why, when the walls had begun to close in on her, she hadn't reached out for help. Chelsea claimed she'd been stuck in the chair, unable to move or speak, and the one person Adam had brought in to help her had been Sharon. Rey asked why she hadn't reached out for help after she'd regained her ability to communicate. Chelsea tearfully said she hadn't known she'd needed help. She claimed she was broken and completely lost.

Victoria arrived at Society. She joined Ashland at the bar. She asked if he had returned to Genoa City to meet with Victor and Adam. Ashland admitted he intended to meet with them. Victoria said she'd heard that Victor had pressured Ashland to sign the deal while Ashland had been in the throes of a heart attack. Ashland stated that the event had been exaggerated. It had been his choice to sign, and it was the deal he'd wanted. He denied being coerced. Victoria said she'd thought she'd had a deal with Ashland at the time.

Ashland told Victoria he'd realized that she was running an empire of her own, and Victor and Adam would give his company the full attention it deserved because it was their future. That had been the deciding factor, along with Adam's name being cleared. Victoria asked how long he would be in town and if Tara was with him. When Ashland looked uncomfortable, Victoria apologized and said she'd obviously struck a nerve. Ashland told Victoria that he and Tara were no longer together, and he would be filing for divorce the following day. Protecting his son was what mattered the most to him.

Ashland told Victoria he felt that they were kindred spirits. After he'd researched her, he knew she'd gone through some painful times in her past. Victoria admitted she had, but that was for another day. Ashland hoped there were no hard feelings about Cyaxares. Victoria claimed it was business, and not all bridges needed to be burned to the ground.

Billy and Lily arrived at Society in time to see Victoria with Ashland. Ashland thanked Victoria for the pleasant company. As he was about to leave, Billy approached him and commented on how well he looked. Ashland said he had to leave for a business meeting. He turned to Victoria and said he hoped they would meet again soon. Ashland left.

Billy asked Victoria if she was hanging out with Ashland. Victoria said there wasn't always a story behind every interaction. Lily stated that earlier, Victoria had mentioned that she'd seen Ashland's jet at the airport, and then she was having a drink with him. Victoria explained that she was there to meet Abby. She and Ashland had struck up a conversation while she had waited for Abby. Abby had later sent a text message saying she'd received a call from Chance, and she'd had to cancel. Victoria said she'd stayed long enough to finish her drink. Billy asked her to tell them what had really gone on.

Victoria accused Billy of trying to turn her harmless drink into something it wasn't. Billy said they were on the same side, and if she was planning a power play against Victor, he wanted her to tell him and Lily about it. Victoria said goodnight and walked out.

Billy told Lily they weren't going to discuss business. He wanted to know which place they were going to call home because their relationship was ready for the next step, and he wanted to wake up with Lily every morning. Lily stated she was ready for their next chapter.

In a panic, Tara told Kyle she didn't know what to do. Kyle assured her they would get through it. She and Harrison were safe. Her fears were worse than the reality. Summer looked very unhappy when Tara said that Kyle always knew how to calm her down.

Kyle told Tara that he would claim paternity and do whatever he could for her and Harrison, but she needed to go back to her suite. She agreed. Kyle offered to escort her to her suite. He told Summer he would return as soon as he could. Alone and unhappy, Summer received a text message from Phyllis: "Locke is still gone. What's happening? Are you okay?" Rather than responding, Summer grabbed her purse and left.

In the lobby, Summer asked Phyllis where Ashland had gone after he'd left the hotel. Phyllis didn't know; however, he'd mentioned that he was determined to find his wife and son. She asked if Summer knew where Tara was. Summer admitted that Tara was upstairs under a fake name. Tara and her son were safe.

Phyllis stated that Summer didn't want to get caught up in Ashland Locke's marital mess. Ashland had claimed that Tara had kidnapped his son. Summer told Phyllis that Ashland had gotten Tara to admit to her affair with Kyle, and he'd kicked Tara out. Tara was terrified that with Ashland's money and power, he would get sole custody of Harrison, and she would never see her son again. Phyllis was beside herself in anger.

Phyllis asked Summer why Tara had shown up at the engagement party and what she expected from Kyle. Summer said it wasn't her place to say, but Phyllis said that Summer was involved; because Ashland had made a scene in her lobby, Phyllis was also involved. Phyllis asked if Harrison was Kyle's son. Summer admitted he was.

Phyllis told Summer that the situation with Tara had completely messed up Summer and Kyle's future plans. Summer claimed she loved Kyle, and she wanted to be with him, even though Tara showing up had thrown her for a loop. Summer said she and Kyle had discovered that Harrison was Kyle's son a few months earlier, and what had happened that evening with Tara was never supposed to have happened.

Summer told Phyllis that when Tara had left town after Ashland's heart attack, Tara had claimed she would never return to Genoa City, and Kyle hadn't wanted to be part of Harrison's life. She and Kyle had focused on their wedding, and everything was supposed to be perfect -- until Tara had crashed the engagement party. Tara wanted Kyle to claim paternity so she wouldn't lose her son, and Kyle had agreed to do it. Phyllis was adamantly opposed to that. Phyllis told Summer not to worry because the family would support her.

Ashland arrived and apologized to Phyllis. He said his frustrations had gotten the better of him. Phyllis said she'd seen the way he'd acted, and she understood why his wife wanted to hide from him. Ashland said he'd made a reservation for a suite in her hotel, and he wanted to check in. Phyllis refused and said the hotel was completely booked up. Ashland left. Phyllis warned Summer that Ashland would make things very ugly for everyone, but he didn't scare her.

Nick arrived at Adam's penthouse. Nick claimed he'd wanted to know how Adam's recovery was going and if Adam needed anything. Adam claimed he felt stronger, and he might venture out the next day. Nick thanked Adam again for everything he'd done for Faith. Adam told Nick to stop thanking him, because if the roles had been reversed and Connor had needed help, Nick wouldn't have hesitated. Nick agreed.

Adam made an admission to Nick that he should have seen Chelsea slipping away bit by bit, and full of hate for him. He said he'd called the facility to check on her, but he felt he no longer had that right, and he'd ended the call. Nick suggested they not talk about anything too serious or contentious. Adam said it didn't leave them with much else.

Adam and Nick were watching a baseball game. Adam asked if it was a normal thing to do because it was boring. Adam suggested poker. He asked how much cash Nick had on him.

Victor arrived and was delighted to see Nick and Adam together. Nick said he had to leave. He thanked Adam for the beer, and Adam thanked Nick for the brotherly bonding. Victor suggested that they might start liking each other. Nick told him not to get carried away, and he left.

Victor told Adam it was nice to see him and Nick together. Adam told Victor not to get his hopes up because Nick was filled with gratitude for what Adam had done for Faith, but Nick would soon remember why he hated Adam. Victor reminded Adam that he'd claimed he'd wanted to become a new man. Victor said they would call their new business Newman Media. Adam laughed, but he loved it. He said Victoria would hate it. Victor stated that their main focus was to crush the competition, meaning ChancComm.

Kyle returned to his suite and saw he'd missed two calls from Jack. He'd also received a text message from Jack: "Free to talk anytime. I trust you can handle whatever is going on, but let me know if I can help." Kyle responded, "I'm okay. Let's talk first thing in the morning."

Summer arrived, and Kyle was happy to see her. She said she understood the position he was in, but she was scared about the situation and where it left them, since Kyle was about to take on the role of dad and co-parenting with Tara. Kyle said Summer was getting ahead of herself. He was only claiming paternity to help Tara keep Harrison. Nothing beyond that had been discussed. Kyle said that future decisions would be made together. He promised they would be okay.

Nick arrived at the hotel, and he told Phyllis he'd ended up at Adam's. He said it had been awkward but strangely fine. Nick asked Phyllis what was going on with Summer and if Phyllis had spoken to her about Kyle and Tara. Phyllis said Summer had planned to talk to him in the morning. Nick claimed Kyle was going to break Summer's heart again. Phyllis told Nick to take a step back and not insert himself into the situation with that attitude because it would only make things more difficult for Summer. She asked Nick to relax and allow Summer to make the first move.

Victor prepares for battle against Billy Victor prepares for battle against Billy

Friday, May 21, 2021

Chelsea was grateful when Chloe stopped by the psychiatric facility to visit her. Chloe couldn't believe Chelsea had ended up there after almost gaining her freedom from both Adam and her health issues. Chelsea anticipated that she wouldn't be in there for long because she wasn't crazy. Chloe guessed that Chelsea had pretended to need psychiatric care to stay out of prison. Chelsea wondered what Chloe planned to do when the police harassed her.

Chloe shared that Rey had already interrogated her, and she'd denied everything. Chelsea reported that she'd invited Rey there to tell him about how Adam had driven her out of her mind. Chloe surmised that it had been a strategic move to convince Rey that Chelsea belonged in a hospital instead of prison. Chloe warned that Kevin had told her Rey was good at his job, so Rey might catch on if Chelsea made even the slightest slip. Chelsea asked how much Chloe had told Kevin, and she panicked when Chloe divulged that she'd told her husband everything. Chelsea insisted that she would never let Chloe take the blame.

Chloe prepared to get home to her baby, and Chelsea groaned that she'd give anything to see her baby right then. Chelsea requested that Chloe try to find out what was going on with Connor, since she feared Adam was telling her son terrible things about her. Chloe swore that no one would ever be able to turn Connor against Chelsea, and she promised to do her best to find out where the boy was and tell him that his mother was always thinking about him. Chelsea wailed that she couldn't bear the thought of losing her son after everything she'd already lost. Chelsea thanked Chloe for being such a good friend.

At Society, Victoria ran into Nina, and they discussed Mariah's pregnancy and Faith's transplant. Nina recounted that Chance had donated part of his liver to save Ronan's life, even though Chance had barely known and hadn't even liked his half-brother. Victoria muttered that it was the one thing Chance and Adam had in common, and she was glad that Chance had finally seen Adam for who he really was. Nina was surprised Victoria wasn't willing to cut Adam some slack after what he'd done for her niece.

Victoria huffed that one good deed hadn't made up for everything else Adam had done, and she wished Victor would realize that. Nina mentioned that she'd heard Victor was launching a new company with Adam. Victoria ranted about her dad's decision, but Nina reasoned that it left Victoria to run Newman the way she wanted. Victoria asserted that she wanted Adam away from her family, but it looked like they were stuck with him. Victoria hoped Chance made it home soon, and she stepped away to pick up her order.

At Crimson Lights, Billy asked Jack why Kyle and Summer's engagement party had been canceled. Jack indicated that nothing about the night had gone according to plan. Jack turned the topic to how things were going with Billy and Lily, and Billy revealed that they'd decided to look for a place together. Jack hadn't realized things had become that serious. Billy declared that when it was right, it was right, and Lily was perfect for him.

Across the coffeehouse, Rey told Sharon that he suspected Chelsea had been trying to play on his sympathies, hoping he'd tell the judge not to throw the book at her. Sharon recalled that Chelsea had been raised to be a con artist who slid easily between reality and pretense. Rey pondered whether Chelsea had lost the ability to tell the difference, like she had with her delusions of Sharon and Adam having an affair. Sharon believed Chelsea had invented the story to rile Rey up enough to make him blame Adam. Rey pointed out that Sharon hadn't seen Chelsea lose her mind, but he considered whether Chelsea's entire confession might have been a manipulation to back up a temporary insanity plea.

Rey intended to get Chelsea's doctor's opinion. Sharon suggested that he have someone else tie up the loose ends of the case, so they could put it behind them and move forward. Rey felt the D.A.'s office needed to know if Chelsea was faking insanity to duck prison. Sharon agreed, but she maintained that it would be better if another detective took over the assignment. She fretted that he'd be putting himself in a position to obsess about Adam when he didn't have to, and she pressed him to let it go.

Rey explained that he couldn't just hand over the investigation, but he assured Sharon that the end was in sight. He expected Chelsea's psychiatrist to submit an assessment of her mental health, at which point the D.A.'s office would take over the case. He was eager to get past the ugliness and focus on how lucky they were to have one another.

Later, Nick arrived at the coffeehouse and sent a text message to Summer, saying he was looking forward to their conversation. He approached Sharon and congratulated her, since Faith had told him Rey had moved back home. Nick could see how happy Sharon was by looking at her, and she marveled that she couldn't remember the last time she'd had a good night's sleep without having to worry about everything. Summer sent Nick a reply, indicating she had a busy day and promising they'd talk soon.

Nick said he understood why it had taken Rey time to get over the fact that Sharon had been protecting the person he'd believed had poisoned him. Sharon pointed out that it had been easier for everyone to think Adam had been the culprit, and Chelsea had taken advantage of that. Sharon added that Adam had a chance to build a new life and a healthy relationship with his family. Nick wanted to believe that Adam would make the most of it and turn things around. Victoria overheard and hoped Nick wasn't falling for Adam's mind games.

Victoria and Nick stepped to the patio, where he reported that Faith's recovery was going very well. Victoria was grateful that Adam had donated a kidney, but she cautioned Nick against putting blinders on where Adam was concerned. Nick considered it possible that Adam was willing to take things in a different direction, and he felt compelled to give Adam a chance after everything Adam had done for Faith. Victoria thought she and Nick both knew that any attempt on Adam's part to rehabilitate his life was doomed for failure, but Nick noted that Adam had Victor by his side that time. Victoria thought the outcome was inevitable, and Victor and Adam would eventually tear one another apart.

Nick conceded that he hadn't given Adam much hope of redemption until Adam had saved Faith twice. Nick wanted to think the sacrifice had been made from a genuine place, and it might be enough to build a foundation on. Victoria quipped that where Nick saw cement, she saw quicksand. She warned that if he was wrong, the consequences would be more severe than disappointment, since people's lives would be devastated. She pointed out that Adam had broken Chelsea's heart and her mind, and she thought Nick knew better than to let his guard down.

Lily flipped through rental listings in the Grand Phoenix lobby. Phyllis peered over Lily's shoulder and wondered if she would be losing a guest. Lily explained that she was ready to live somewhere more permanent. Phyllis saw that one of the listings was for a place on Chestnut, and she mentioned that she'd once lived in the building for a few years. She pointedly added that her time there had been fantastic, and she sauntered off.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy asked if Lily had any new thoughts about the buildings they were considering. She informed him that she was leaning toward a condo on Chestnut Street, and he gushed about the building and the neighborhood. He confessed that there was a reason why he was familiar with it, and she blurted out that he'd lived there with Phyllis. Billy claimed that he hadn't told Lily earlier because he hadn't wanted ancient history to cloud her judgment.

Billy argued that it wouldn't be the same unit, and he thought they shouldn't rule it out just because he'd lived in the building with someone else. Lily agreed with his logic, but she wondered if it would be strange for him to have memories flood back whenever he walked through the lobby. Billy cooed that he'd only be thinking about getting home to her, and he pulled her into his arms. She admitted that she felt weird about it, and he proposed that they set up a test run by having a takeout picnic at the condo to see if it felt right.

Phyllis arrived at Adam's penthouse. She warned Adam that Nick seemed to think Adam had the capacity to change, but she knew Adam didn't. Phyllis threatened to descend on Adam like a sledgehammer if he took advantage of Nick's good will. Adam noted that Phyllis had been in his position, having clawed her way back to respectability but still having some people never trust her, no matter how hard she tried to prove herself. She ordered him not to compare himself to her.

Adam accepted that some people thought he was a lost cause, but Victor and Nick didn't see him that way. Adam swore that he didn't want to harm anyone and that he was just looking for a fresh start. Phyllis noted that Adam had gotten one by saving Faith's life again, and she imagined that a lot of people were watching him and waiting for him to screw up. Adam confirmed his understanding that she'd be there to drop the hammer down if he did. She proclaimed that her work there was done, and she headed out.

In their hotel suite, Summer roused Kyle to tell him that she had to get to work. She assumed that he'd had trouble sleeping because she had, too. Summer remarked that claiming paternity was a big deal -- unless he'd changed his mind. Kyle was afraid Ashland would take Harrison from Tara in a custody battle unless he stepped up. Kyle knew Summer was worried about the risk of Ashland lashing out, but nothing outweighed the fact that the boy needed his mom. Kyle refused to turn his back on his son, and Summer questioned whether a paternity test was next. Kyle realized that before he did anything else, he had to tell his dad what was going on.

After Summer left, Tara stopped by Kyle's room and asked if he'd had any second thoughts about claiming paternity. Kyle assured her that he was committed to going through with the paternity test, but he anticipated that it would take more than that to solve her problems. Tara was confident that the biological parent would have the upper hand, and Kyle inquired whether she expected Ashland to lose interest once he found out Harrison wasn't his son. Tara couldn't see Ashland walking away, and she thought it would break Harrison's heart if Ashland did.

Tara shared that the boy only thought they were on a trip, and Harrison was unaware that she and Ashland had separated. Kyle offered to help prepare Harrison for what was ahead by getting to know the tot better, and Tara offered to drop her son off while she stepped out to pick up some snacks. A short time later, Tara left Harrison with Kyle and promised she wouldn't be long. She waved goodbye to Harrison and left.

Kyle complimented the tyke's stuffed animal and compared it to one he'd had as a kid. Kyle remembered taking it everywhere with him, including on trips with his mom. Kyle mentioned that he and his mom had had a lot of fun, since his mom had been silly and funny and had made him laugh a lot. Kyle asked if Harrison's mom was like that, and the boy nodded. Kyle remarked that moms were pretty cool like that.

Tara put on a cap to help hide her face, but she immediately ran into Ashland when she stepped off the elevator. Ashland demanded that Tara take him to his son. Tara argued that they had a lot to work out before that would happen, but Ashland hissed that she'd kidnapped his boy to use as a bargaining chip. She replied that she needed assurances that he wouldn't grab Harrison and run. Ashland accused her of doing exactly that, and she defended that she'd had no choice. He bellowed that she'd had every choice in the world because of the life he'd given her, yet it still wasn't enough.

Phyllis interrupted and insisted that the Lockes finish their argument in private. Ashland prepared to go up to Tara's suite, but Tara objected. Phyllis requested that Ashland leave -- again. Ashland warned that Tara had made a grave mistake, but she countered that she wasn't the one who wanted out of their marriage. Ashland spat that he didn't want her, and he'd already filed for divorce. She shot back that he was crazy if he thought she'd abandon her child.

Phyllis threatened to call security if Ashland didn't leave of his own volition. Ashland begrudgingly departed, and Tara thanked Phyllis, who clarified that she had done it for Summer and not Tara. Phyllis warned that if she found out there was any threat to her daughter, Tara could no longer count on her to be an ally. Tara remarked that mothers would do anything to protect their children.

Summer called Kyle from Jabot and asked if he'd fallen back asleep. Kyle informed her that he'd ended up spending time with Harrison. Summer hid her discomfort as Kyle described the encounter as being easy and natural. Kyle hoped Harrison hadn't picked up on his anxiety as he'd walked the boy back to his suite, looking over his shoulder for Ashland. Kyle was determined to get Tara and Harrison out of the hotel.

Summer suggested that Tara and her son stay at the Athletic Club, but Kyle considered asking his dad if they could move into the Abbott house. Summer stammered that Jack didn't even know that he had a grandson yet. Kyle figured that he could do both at the same time, but he sensed she had reservations. Summer bemoaned that everything was moving so fast that she couldn't keep up. She suddenly greeted Jack, and Kyle asked her to tell his dad that he was on the way. Summer told Jack that Kyle was running late but that he wanted to talk to Jack when he got there.

Later, Kyle joined Jack in the Jabot conference room, and Jack hoped Kyle was ready to tell him the whole story. Kyle confirmed that Ashland knew about the affair, had kicked Tara out, and was divorcing her. Jack wasn't surprised, but he questioned why Tara was in town. Kyle divulged that there was a bigger issue, since Ashland had followed Tara to the Grand Phoenix. Jack didn't understand why Tara was involving Kyle in the situation, since it would only make things more volatile. Kyle regretted that things had escalated, and he thought it was time Jack knew the truth.

Ashland thanked Victor and Adam for meeting him at Society. Victor observed that Ashland was looking well after his heart attack, and Ashland confirmed that there were no hard feelings about Victor's hardball tactics during the signing of their deal. Ashland referred to Adam's recent hospital stay, and he mused that sometimes the emotional wounds they endured were worse than the physical ones. Victor expressed his condolences about the end of Ashland's marriage. Ashland supposed that it was overdue, noting that his only concern was for his son.

Adam empathized, since he was still deciding how to tell Connor that his mother wasn't well. Ashland reasoned that at least Adam didn't have to worry about a custody battle with Chelsea in a mental hospital. Billy spotted the men together and surmised they were discussing the demise of ChancComm. Adam snapped that not everything was about Billy, but Billy replied that he wasn't worried, since he could handle whatever Cyaxares dished out. Victor announced that they would be changing the name of the company.

Billy said he wouldn't be surprised if the mission statement also changed, since the company only existed so Victor's failure of a son could have one more shot at doing something good. Adam shot back that Billy's mommy had plucked Billy out of the gutter to put him on the throne at ChancComm. Victor shared that the name of the company would be Newman Media, and Billy snickered and was sure Victoria would love it.

Billy stepped away, and Ashland figured that he had too much on his mind to balk at Victor changing the company's name. Victor declared his intent to obliterate ChancComm and fold whatever was left of it into their company. Ashland admired Victor's agenda and his confidence in it. Victor clarified that it wasn't a game to them -- it was war.

Lily welcomed Billy at the door of their potential new home. He spotted a blanket on the floor in preparation for a picnic, and he thought it felt homey. She reminded him that the point of the test was to see if it felt like home, and she fetched two glasses of wine. She wondered if he was envisioning Phyllis walking down the stairs.

Billy stressed that he and Phyllis had lived in a different unit. He suggested they get more comfortable to really test things out. He took off his jacket, sat down on the floor, and pulled Lily onto his lap. He murmured that anywhere with her felt like home, and they kissed.

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