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Ashland suddenly offered to share custody of Harrison with Tara and Kyle. Victoria joined Ashland for dinner in New York. Summer and Kyle set an August wedding date. Amanda considered quitting Sutton's case. Victor summoned Amanda to discuss her connection to Sutton. Chloe took a job with Adam.
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Victoria joined Ashland for dinner in New York, Summer and Kyle set a wedding date, and Amanda consider quitting
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Victoria commiserates with Ashland Victoria commiserates with Ashland

Monday, June 7, 2021

At Society, Victoria and Ashland talked about his personal life after Victoria dispensed with making small talk. Victoria broached the subject of divorce by noting that she, too, was going through a situation similar to Ashland's. Ashland noted that men in his position weren't supposed to have problems, though he'd been deeply hurt like anyone else would have been. Ashland said he'd believed he and Tara had been a great match all around, so he had not seen divorce in the cards. Victoria said she'd also believed she and her ex could have handled anything, though when it turned out they couldn't due to her ex's deceit, she'd become livid. Victoria added that allowing the pain and disillusionment to affect her decisions had made matters worse.

Ashland admitted to Victoria that he had difficulty letting go of his anger when he felt he'd been wronged. Victoria said she'd found that maintaining civility was the best revenge. Ashland noted that he'd provided a perfect life for Tara, but she'd repaid him by cheating. Ashland recalled that he'd met the poised, intelligent Tara at an auction where she'd worked, adding that she'd used her job connections to meet a wealthy man. Victoria suggested Tara might not have been a gold digger. Ashland recalled how Tara had been impressed with his opulent properties, which he'd furnished with antique furniture he'd acquired through her at the auction. Ashland said he'd grown to despise the furniture because it reminded him of Tara's betrayal.

Victoria told Ashland that she'd become aware that affairs didn't happen in a vacuum. Victoria recalled that Ashland didn't just run a conglomerate; he also reveled in it. Victoria suggested that Tara had sought attention and affection elsewhere due to Ashland's inattention. Ashland seemed to believe that because Tara loved her rich lifestyle, she should have been content. Victoria didn't back down and suggested that Ashland had perhaps allowed romance to level off a bit too much. Ashland didn't disagree and admitted that Victoria had a way of pulling the painful truth out of him about everything. Ashland didn't elaborate, but he told Victoria that Tara was no saint.

Ashland apologized for droning on about himself and invited Victoria to talk about herself, suggesting she disclose what she'd choose to be her superpower. Victoria said she'd stop time, though her kids would choose for her to become incapable of saying no. Victoria admitted that her children were her favorite subject. Ashland said there was no greater love than a parent's for a child. Victoria said Katie loved playing soccer and that Johnny was a little comedian. Victoria added that though she took pride in running Newman Enterprises, her children would always come first.

Ashland confessed that though Harrison had brought more joy and light into his life than he could have ever imagined, he'd discovered he wasn't the boy's biological father. Victoria replied, "Who is? Kyle Abbott? He's the father?" Ashland fondly recalled the milestones in Harrison's life, including the boy's first steps. Ashland admitted it hurt that Tara had tricked him into caring for a child that wasn't his, though he admitted that he'd chosen business over engaging in fatherly activities. Ashland said that despite DNA tests, he had no intention of walking away from Harrison, let alone sharing custody with the man Tara had slept with. Victoria said she didn't share DNA with her son, who was Billy's child, though she was Johnny's mother because her son needed her just like Harrison needed Ashland.

Summer met up with Abby at the bar after Abby greeted Ashland and Victoria. Summer wondered aloud what was going on with Victoria and Ashland. Abby told Summer she'd had no idea Ashland would be at the restaurant, though he was the reason she'd summoned Abby to talk about the so-called friend she'd mentioned. Abby reminded Summer that she'd claimed to have a friend whose boyfriend had a child with a married woman. Abby said she'd guessed Summer had been referring to herself. Summer gasped and replied, "Yeah, well, I guess you saw right through me."

Summer became emotional and explained to Abby that she was trying to protect Kyle. Summer cried that revelations about Kyle's past had been a nightmare. Summer admitted she wasn't close to having a handle on what was going on. Summer admitted she'd sought advice from Jack and from Sharon, though her insecurities remained overwhelming, especially after Tara had waltzed back into the picture. Abby told Summer that Kyle had changed for the better because of her and had no reason to reciprocate any feelings Tara might have for him. Abby advised Summer to trust Kyle but also to keep an eye on Tara by taking charge however she could. Summer perked up when Abby suggested that she carry on with wedding plans by setting a date and choosing a venue, a dress, and a caterer. Abby insisted that instead of being scared of Tara, Summer should become motivated by her presence.

At the Abbott mansion, Tara recalled Ashland having told her she could only be part of her son's life if Kyle wasn't in the picture. Tara told Kyle she was doing her best to hide her feelings from Harrison. Kyle assured Tara that he and his lawyer, with Jack's support, would fight Ashland's plan to gain full custody. Tara explained that her lawyer had advised her to give in to Ashland's demands. Kyle replied, "What about me? Harrison's my child, too. You asked me to commit, and I told you I'm all in. So, what happens if Ashland takes him away from both of us?" Tara explained that she'd signed a prenuptial agreement that would leave her nothing more than what she'd had beforehand, which was a pretty smile and good taste.

Kyle asked Tara about her shoe business. Tara explained that she was drowning in debt because her business wasn't yet profitable. Kyle offered to find a position for Tara at JCV or Fenmore's. Tara thanked Kyle for his offer, though she explained that her mind was occupied with making a decision before the deadline Ashland had set. Kyle said they'd make sure she didn't lose custody of Harrison. Tara expressed concern that Ashland might attempt to prove before a judge that she wasn't a fit mother due to an unfortunate incident.

Tara told Kyle she'd gone to a dinner while Ashland had been away, leaving Harrison in the care of a former nanny. Harrison had fallen and cut his chin. Tara said she'd arrived at the emergency room as soon as she'd been able. Though the injury had been minor, Tara said that Ashland constantly mentioned the incident whenever he became angry. Kyle dismissed the incident and insisted Tara was a good mother.

Kyle asked Tara if there was anything else that could be used against her. Tara replied, "There's nothing else." Tara mentioned that it was time to get Harrison ready for bed. Kyle asked if he could read a bedtime story to Harrison. Tara replied, "I can't think of anything better than you reading our son to sleep." Tara assured Kyle he shouldn't worry about anything she'd told him.

Lily and Billy readied their new home to entertain their first guest, Jack. Lily reminded Billy that it was a social gathering, so he shouldn't pump Jack for information about Ashland. Billy mentioned that Tara and her son, Harrison, had moved into the Abbott home recently. Lily agreed it was odd but shouldn't be discussed because it would be rude to ask Jack about it. Jack arrived and admired Billy and Lily's new homestead. While Billy was pouring a drink, he asked Jack about his encounter with Ashland at Society. Lily attempted to divert Jack's attention by offering to show off her home.

After the tour, Jack told Lily and Billy their home was lovely. Billy mentioned Ashland and asked Jack about the man's situation. Jack cut Billy off and said what he knew wouldn't be part of the discussion due to privacy. Lily spoke with Billy privately and suggested he drop the subject, but Billy said he was certain Jack was hiding something. Billy said he was determined to find out what.

Over drinks, Jack chatted with Lily and Billy about Abby and Chance's baby and said everything was going well, even with Mariah, Devon, and Tessa. Billy changed the subject, recalling that Jack and Ashland had gotten into an argument at Society. Billy said he knew Tara had taken refuge at Jack's. Billy added that after what Ashland had done to Jabot, the Jack he knew wouldn't have a problem letting Ashland get what was coming to him. Jack refused to disclose anything, adding that ChancComm would have to search elsewhere for content.

Lily insisted that Billy let the matter go. Billy refused, suggesting that Jack could use what he knew as a form of retaliation. Jack replied, "Sometimes, Billy, you have to take the high road." Billy was persistent and said Jack had no reason to take the high road. Jack blurted out, "Because it might harm my grandson." Lily looked shocked. Jack bit his lips as if he wished he'd kept them shut.

Jack told Billy that Tara and Kyle had ended their affair, though Kyle had recently learned he was the father of a little boy that Ashland Locke had been raising as his own. Lily seemed at a loss for words and simply replied, "Wow." Jack reminded Billy that Harrison was part of his family, so he had a moral obligation to look out for the boy. Billy swore he wouldn't do anything to hurt the little boy, though he had no intentions of laying off Ashland.

Jack warned that publishing anything about the family would harm an innocent child and further infuriate Locke. Billy suggested ChancComm might help the Abbotts. Lily sided with Jack. Jack explained that Kyle had a lot to deal with, including uncertainty about what might happen next. Billy replied, "Is Locke going for full custody? Is she trying to take him for everything he's got?" Jack crossly replied, "What part of 'uncertainty' did you not understand?"

Lily became perturbed with Billy after Jack abruptly left. Billy said the news wouldn't stay quiet for long. Lily said they shouldn't be the ones to break the story. Lily begged Billy not to throw gas on the fire. Lily emphatically added, "So, we're dropping this. Right?" Billy replied, "Right." After Lily went upstairs, Billy seemed lost in thought.

Summer returned to the suite she shared with Kyle and ordered strawberries, red velvet cupcakes, and Champagne from room service. Summer sent a text message to Kyle, telling him she loved him and missed him. She added that it would be worth his while to come home. When Kyle received Summer's message, he was about to read Harrison a bedtime story. Kyle explained that he was tucking Harrison into bed, though he wanted to introduce Summer to his son. Kyle added that he'd return as soon as he could. Summer replied that she'd be waiting. Summer searched through her lingerie and chose a lacy ensemble.

Kyle read Harrison a book titled Daddy and Me. Harrison kept his eyes on Kyle as he read about a father and a son's love of doing activities together. Tara stood in the doorway and listened to Kyle read to Harrison. As Harrison listened to the story, he said, "Daddy!" Kyle asked Harrison if he liked the book. Harrison nodded, so Kyle offered to read it again. Tara smiled as she watched Kyle engage with her little boy.

When Kyle returned home, Summer, wearing the negligee, asked Kyle if he liked it. Kyle replied, "I like it a lot. What did I do to deserve this?" Summer said she'd made a decision about something, and she kissed Kyle on his lips. Summer told Kyle she wanted to marry him more than ever and hoped he felt the same way. Kyle passionately kissed Summer and said, "Was that answer clear enough?"

Summer pulled Kyle toward her and replied, "Better make sure." Summer held Kyle close and kissed him. While Kyle was showering, Summer read a text message Tara sent to him. Tara wrote that it had meant a lot to Harrison to have his daddy read him a bedtime story, and she thanked Kyle for his support. Summer seemed distressed by the message as she waited in bed for Kyle to join her.

After Abby returned home, she sent a video message to Chance. Abby told Chance that though they'd been unable to create a family as they'd envisioned, it was happening. Abby told Chance that she loved him as much as she had the day in the park when he'd proposed. Abby said she'd advised a friend not to shy away from love, though it could be difficult, because love gave couples strength to do unimaginable things. Abby added that one never knew when love would come or when it might be lost.

After Jack returned from Billy and Lily's, he told Tara it would have been better had he stayed home and enjoy mac and cheese with Harrison. Jack recalled that Mrs. Martinez had found her old recipe, recalling that it had also been Kyle's favorite dish. Tara replied, "Must be in the genes." Jack agreed that family was a powerful thing. Jack pondered why family could get under his skin like no one else could.

Jack asked Tara about her family. Tara said she had a brother somewhere in Virginia, though she wasn't certain because they were estranged. Tara thanked Jack for his incredible generosity and hospitality. Jack assured Tara that she and Harrison were ideal guests and had brought his old house back to life.

Amanda insists on meeting with Sutton about his defense Amanda insists on meeting with Sutton about his defense

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

At Society, Adam enthusiastically pitched an idea to Victor about Newman Media emphasizing local investigative reporting, since many local newspapers had shut down in recent years. Adam thought providing news coverage for the communities that were lacking it could set their company apart from the competition. Victor recalled that he'd wanted to eliminate their competition, but Adam had opted to put that on hold. Adam pointed out that Victor had been narrowly focused on Billy and Chancellor Communications, whereas Adam was talking about decimating all the competition. Victor questioned why Adam was reluctant to follow their plan to buy Cyaxares to crush ChancComm.

Adam contended that he'd changed, since every time he'd tried to get his life back on track, it had gone off the rails. He thought he had a real shot that time, noting that even Nick sensed something different. Victor insisted that there had to be repercussions for Billy trying to ruin Adam's life, but Adam stood by his decision to take a step back instead of getting caught up in vengeance. Adam argued that they were about to enter into a campaign with New Hope, and fighting back would make Newman Media look petty and vindictive. Adam preferred to beat Billy and Lily by leaving them in the dust.

Adam proposed that Newman Media hire award-winning journalists based outside major media markets. Victor was glad to see his son energized, and he recalled that Ashland had almost gotten cold feet when Adam had disappeared. Adam recognized that Victor had gone out on a limb to make the company theirs, and he guessed that they were back to the topic of weaponizing Newman Media to go after ChancComm. Victor readily admitted that he wanted to wipe the floor with Billy.

Adam worried that retaliating would set things back with Nick, but Victor argued that Nick also couldn't stand Billy because the exposÚ had upset Faith. Adam countered that Nick hadn't gone after Billy because the cost would have been too great. Victor expected that if they let it go, an emboldened Billy would simply publish another article to ruin their reputation. Adam asserted that Victor had put him in charge for a reason, and he appealed to Victor to let him do it his way. Victor relented -- "for now."

In her hotel suite, Amanda introduced Devon to Denise Tolliver, the private investigator who had worked on Richard's case. Denise indicated that she still had her notes from when she'd tracked down Richard's child, and she'd found a relative who'd kept the foster family's records in the attic. Denise had passed along the records to Amanda. Devon voiced surprise that the relative had let a stranger go through the files, and Denise explained that the relative had opened up everything once Denise had explained that the baby's father had hired her. Denise wanted to find the little girl who had since grown up to let her know how desperate her father had been to find her.

After Denise left, Devon couldn't believe how much material the foster family had kept. Amanda vaguely remembered Mrs. Lewis making handwritten notes about her appointments, and she hoped there was some record of her foster mom meeting with Richard. Devon pointed out that there had only been a short window of time between the time Richard had found out the Lewises had been taking care of his child and when he'd died. Amanda pulled out some old calendars and recalled that Mrs. Lewis had kept them in the kitchen to keep track of birthdays, church socials, and doctor's appointments. Amanda gasped when she spied Richard's name on one of them.

Devon asked if there was a possibility Amanda had met her father but had been too young to remember it. Amanda realized the date of the appointment had been after Richard's death, so the Lewises had probably never known why he hadn't shown up. She couldn't believe how close she'd been to knowing her father, and she imagined that her life would have been dramatically different. Devon mused that it sounded like Richard had been an incredible guy, and he admired Richard's determination to find Amanda, even after Naya's family had shut him out. Amanda grappled with the fact that her father had spent his last days on earth, looking for her.

Amanda resolved to stop thinking about things as Richard's daughter and focus on how the information impacted Sutton's case. She was certain she could raise reasonable doubt if Sutton let her prove the prosecution was way off base about Richard calling Sutton's campaign office to confront him about a bribe. Devon thought Amanda had enough evidence to support that Richard had reached out to Sutton to find his child, and he didn't understand why Sutton wouldn't move forward with that strategy. Amanda shared that she hadn't spoken directly with Sutton about it, but Imani had told her that Sutton was against revealing any connection between Naya, Richard, and the babies.

Devon recognized that pregnancy out of wedlock had been an issue 30 years earlier, but no one cared about it anymore. Amanda agreed that it seemed like a small price to pay to clear Sutton's name, and Devon voiced surprise that Sutton hadn't talked to his lead attorney about it. Amanda noted that Sutton was a proud man who was used to calling the shots, and maybe he genuinely believed all he had to do was declare his innocence and blame someone else to satisfy the jury. Amanda thought her family needed to understand the risk they were taking, since Sutton's pride might cost him his freedom.

At Crimson Lights, Billy surmised from Victoria's large cup of coffee that she had a lot on her plate that day. Victoria observed that he looked surprisingly calm for someone who'd posted another scathing article about her father. Billy mentioned that he'd run into Victor, and he'd taken Victor's calm demeanor as a tell that Victor was cooking something up. Billy had no intention of letting his guard down. Victoria admitted that she was relieved Billy hadn't outed her as his source for the story about Victor taking advantage of Ashland during a heart attack.

Billy insisted that he'd learned his lesson after the exposÚ on Adam, since no story was worth innocent people becoming collateral damage. Victoria chalked Billy's new attitude up to Lily's influence, but he hoped he'd learned from his mistakes. Victoria responded that he wasn't the only one who wanted to start doing things differently. She stepped aside to take a call, and she made plans to meet Ashland for dinner that night. Victoria returned to the table, and Billy cautioned that she was swimming in treacherous waters. Victoria curtly told him to live his life, and she'd live hers.

On the coffeehouse patio, Imani approached Nate, and she was pleased when he remembered her name. He mentioned that the person he was there to meet had flaked out, and he invited her to join him. Imani was impressed to hear that Nate was a doctor at the hospital and that he ran the clinic in his spare time. He shared that he was also the spokesperson for Ask MD Now, and she realized it was why he looked familiar. Nate groaned that people always wanted medical advice, and he recounted that a woman had asked him to look at a mole on her hip in the middle of a grocery store.

Elena peered in and squirmed as she watched Nate and Imani laughing together. Elena braced herself before stepping onto the patio, and she greeted Nate, who introduced Imani as a colleague of Amanda's. Imani announced that she had to get back to work, but she hoped she and Nate could talk again sometime. Imani headed out, and Nate also prepared to leave. Elena requested that he stick around so she could get his advice on something.

Elena mentioned a friend named Carol who'd once worked with her and Nate at the hospital. Devon approached, and Nate congratulated him on signing a new artist. Nate offered to let Moses stay with him if Devon needed to attend concerts. Devon stepped away to place his order, and Elena observed that things seemed more relaxed between the men. Nate confirmed that there had been progress.

Elena revealed that she'd kept in touch with Carol, who'd moved to Baltimore, and Carol had told her about a job opening for an attending physician in an emergency department there. Elena divulged that she'd already applied, and the hospital had made her an offer, so she had to make a decision. She weighed her love for Genoa City and her work there against the exciting idea of having a fresh start in a new place. Nate was stunned that she had even been considering something like that, but he saw why it would be hard to turn down. He guessed the real question was if she could think of any reason why she should turn it down.

Imani arrived at Amanda's suite and was taken aback by the number of boxes that had to do with the case. Amanda explained that it was all the material the P.I. had collected from the foster family's attic, and she revealed that she'd found proof that Richard had set up a meeting with the Lewises but hadn't lived long enough to make it. Imani acknowledged that it was meaningful for Amanda to know that her father had been searching for her before he'd died, but she stressed that they were supposed to be preparing Sutton's defense. Amanda asserted that it was exactly what she'd been doing, and she was certain she needed to get the whole truth in front of the jury. Imani snapped that it wasn't the way Sutton wanted to handle it, and Amanda demanded to hear it from him.

Amanda doubted that an intelligent man like Sutton would put himself at such a disadvantage. Imani recognized that a murder conviction would be more damaging to their family's social standing than an unplanned pregnancy, but it wasn't her call to make. Imani argued that it was Sutton's career and reputation on the line, and he'd made it clear that he wanted to protect Naya and Amanda. Imani cautioned that if part of the story was told, Amanda's connection to the family would become known, too. Amanda preferred to have her parentage revealed rather than lose the case, and she requested that Imani set up a meeting with Sutton to settle it.

Nick and Phyllis arrived at the Abbott mansion after getting a mysterious invitation from Kyle and Summer. Jack informed them that he'd received the same message, but he didn't know what their kids were up to. Phyllis sourly inquired whether Tara was still there with her kid. Jack reported that Harrison was outside with the nanny and that Tara had gone out for a while. Summer and Kyle entered with a box, and Phyllis expected bad news when she saw that they'd picked up pastries from her favorite bakery. Summer announced that she and Kyle had made a decision. "The wedding's back on!" Summer proclaimed.

Nick recalled that Summer and Kyle had agreed to slow everything down until the situation was resolved. Summer anticipated that custody of Harrison wouldn't be determined for a while, and Phyllis imagined the battle would be vicious and drawn out. Kyle conceded that there was a good chance it would get ugly, and Nick questioned whether Kyle wanted Summer caught up in the middle of it. Jack suggested that they listen to what the couple had to say.

Summer appreciated everyone's advice, but she contended that she and Kyle had already taken a break by postponing the wedding. She asserted that they had no way of knowing what problems would arise, but she knew Kyle would handle them like he had all along -- by being honest and taking full responsibility. She continued that he'd shown her nothing but compassion and respect, and she didn't want to wait any longer to be his wife. Nick accepted that Summer had made up her mind. Summer prompted Nick, Phyllis, and Jack to say they were happy for her and Kyle. The room remained silent as Phyllis started chowing on the pastries.

Nick stated that he wanted nothing more than for Summer to be happy, and he was proud of Kyle for stepping up for his son. Kyle knew Nick was only trying to protect Summer, and he understood it more since he had the responsibility of protecting his own son. Phyllis warned that the situation Kyle had created would change the future forever in ways they didn't know, and she urged the couple to take a step back and adjust before they jumped into a commitment.

Summer stressed that she was already committed to a future with Kyle in her heart, and Kyle added that he already felt they were partners for life. Jack said he was happy they had one another, but he reiterated that they also had their families to turn to. Phyllis confirmed that she had their backs, and Nick set aside his concerns and trusted that Summer would make the best decisions for her life. Kyle pledged to make sure Nick never had reason to regret it. Phyllis begrudgingly guessed they had a wedding to plan.

At Crimson Lights, Tara ordered someone over the phone to get the judge to make Ashland keep paying the nanny. Mariah recognized Tara and introduced herself as a friend of Kyle's. Mariah mentioned that she'd seen Tara at the engagement party with her son, and Tara regretted that she'd had to intrude. Mariah sympathized that it had been an emergency, and she noted that it had sounded from Tara's call that the situation hadn't gotten any better. Tara snapped that she forgot she was no longer in New York, where people were too busy to pay attention to a stranger's phone conversation.

Mariah contended that people cared about their friends in Genoa City, so they spoke up if they heard something that was worrisome. Tara shared that the Abbotts had warned her to be careful who she spoke with, and Mariah promised that she was nothing like Sally or Theo. Tara hesitated to take Mariah's word for it, and Mariah figured that Tara shouldn't trust Mariah any more than Mariah trusted Tara. Tara noted that Mariah seemed to consider her a threat of some kind.

Mariah knew that Kyle had been a hot mess when he'd been living in New York after his breakup with Summer, and she wondered if Tara had taken advantage of him while he'd been vulnerable. Tara insisted that she hadn't ever taken advantage of Kyle and that she was completely focused on taking care of her son. Mariah pointed out that Harrison also happened to be Kyle's son. Tara was grateful that Kyle had been warm and welcoming to both her and Harrison, and Mariah inquired how Summer was handling it. Tara reported that Summer had her concerns, but she hoped Summer and Kyle worked things out.

Jack walked in and looked on as Mariah conceded that Summer wasn't her favorite person, but she'd accepted that Kyle and Summer always found their way back to one another. Tara commented that it was romantic, and Mariah thought the only explanation was that the couple was meant to be. Tara spotted Jack and excused herself to get back to Harrison. After Tara departed, Jack surmised that Kyle had filled Mariah in on what was going on.

Mariah explained that Kyle had needed a sounding board after Tara had told him to keep Harrison's paternity a secret forever. Jack thought it was better that everything was out in the open, and he reported that Kyle and Harrison had been getting along famously. Jack queried why Mariah's talk with Tara had seemed intense, and Mariah said she'd been telling Tara about how indestructible Kyle and Summer's relationship had become. Jack wondered what had made Mariah think Tara had needed to hear it, and Mariah wrote it off as her being a hardened cynic who trusted no one. Mariah hurried back to the office.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer hid a toy behind her back as Kyle led Harrison in. Summer said she was excited to meet the boy, and Kyle instructed Harrison to say hello. Summer knew it was scary to meet strangers, but she assured Harrison that they had time to get to know one another. Later, Summer asked if Harrison liked his new toy, and she informed him that her little brother had one just like it. Kyle envisioned him and Summer watching Harrison grow up together. Summer said she had calls to make if the wedding was going to happen. Kyle prompted Harrison to thank Summer for the toy, and he looked forward to the three of them doing tons of stuff together.

Tara returned to the mansion, and Kyle informed her that Harrison had had a busy morning, between spending time outside and meeting Summer. He also shared that he'd filed a paternity acknowledgement form with the medical records office, and it had been a big moment for him. Tara thanked him for making it official. Kyle reported that the wedding was back on, and Tara said she was glad he and Summer had worked it out. He confided that he'd been worried, but it was all good. Kyle stepped into the kitchen, and Tara sighed and shook her head.

Sally tries to form an alliance with Tara Sally tries to form an alliance with Tara

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick told Phyllis that he and Devon were very excited about their collaboration with Newman Media, however, they still needed to iron out the details. Phyllis said she had a bad feeling about the collaboration. Nick claimed he was using Newman Media to benefit their work. Victor had offered free tech for their buildings and free media coverage, which would generate new interest in financial backing for New Hope. Phyllis claimed that Victor wasn't altruistic, and Nick would be working for him.

Phyllis told Nick she felt Victor was only interested in how Newman Media would benefit him, and Nick would be under Victor's thumb again. Nick assured her that his eyes were wide open where Victor was concerned. He claimed Adam's offer had been very impressive. Phyllis stated that Adam tainted everything he touched.

Nick assured Phyllis that he hadn't forgotten what Adam had done, but he was willing to give Adam the benefit of the doubt, considering what he'd done for Faith. So far, Adam had lived up to his claim of wanting to become a better person. Nick said if Adam backslid, Nick would adjust accordingly; however, he hoped Adam wouldn't return to his old ways. Phyllis reserved the right to continue hating Adam. She also noted that Nick was giving his monster brother, Adam, a second chance, and he'd been very laid-back when Summer and Kyle had mentioned that their wedding was back on. Nick claimed he had to leave.

When Nikki arrived at Newman Media, she told Adam she'd seen Victor earlier, and he had refused to tell her why he'd been upset. She assumed it had been something Adam had done, something selfish or underhanded. Nikki admitted she'd never approved of Victor and Adam's partnership. She believed it was only a matter of time before it soured.

Adam assured Nikki that he and Victor had been getting along really well because there weren't any secrets between them. Nikki claimed she was worried Adam would leave Victor heartbroken again. Adam knew he had a long way to go to earn Nikki's trust, but he hoped that with Nick's willingness to give him another chance, it would inspire Nikki to do the same. Nikki claimed trust was earned by actions, not promises. Nikki wanted to know what Adam had said to upset Victor.

Adam told Nikki that he and Victor had had a disagreement about a business thing, and it hadn't been a big deal. Nikki admitted that Victor had been more irked than upset, but she was worried that it was a sign of things to come. She was concerned about Victor's health. Adam claimed he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that. Nikki stated that before Newman Media, Victor had settled into his version of retirement. He'd done a little business, but it hadn't been stressful. He'd been content that Victoria was running Newman Enterprises. He hadn't worried about the day-to-day operations, but he'd jumped into that venture with Adam.

Adam told Nikki the media company had been Victor's idea. Nikki claimed it wasn't in Victor's nature to let Adam run things. She claimed that Victor had become emotionally invested in creating another powerhouse to use as a legacy to share with Adam. She asked Adam to tell her what he really wanted out of it.

Adam told Nikki he wanted to be a man that Connor could admire and respect, the kind of man his mother, Hope, had always wanted him to be. Adam claimed that Victor believed he could be that man. Adam knew what he'd done in the past and had all the regrets to go with it, but he had insight into why he'd been that person. He claimed he had coping tools, and he no longer wanted to be caught up in that vicious cycle. He was certain the family would keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't veer off the path of good intentions. Nikki hoped Adam was sincere, but if he reverted to his former self, she would show no mercy. Adam told Nikki he hoped Nikki wouldn't have to follow through with her warning.

Nikki asked Adam about Chelsea and if he intended to mend his relationship with her. Adam claimed Chelsea would always have a place in his heart. He took full responsibility for pushing her over the edge, but he didn't know whether they could reconcile. Nikki liked his approach; however, it would be difficult for Connor, because he would want to see his parents together. Adam said he'd done his best to protect Connor. He always told Connor that his mom and dad loved him. Regardless of what happened in the future, Adam would do right by his son. Satisfied, Nikki left.

At Crimson Lights, Rey told Sharon his family was excited to see them again. Celeste had scheduled a million things for them to do, but he'd made it clear it was their second honeymoon, and they needed some alone time. He said Lola had made reservations for them at the restaurant where she was doing her chef residency, and Rey couldn't wait to hit some of the hot night spots. Sharon said it all sounded heavenly, but she wished she could be in two places at the same time. Rey knew Sharon was nervous about leaving Faith.

Sharon told Rey she knew Faith was doing great emotionally and was on her way to a full recovery from her surgery, but Sharon was worried because Faith was about to start rehab and therapy. Rey assured Sharon that Faith had a lot of people to lean on while they were away. He reminded Sharon they could use that time together after the year they'd had. Sharon thanked Rey for easing her mind.

Nick arrived, and he assured Sharon and Rey that he would look after Faith. Summer would probably involve Faith with the wedding planning. Sharon asked how Nick felt about the wedding. Nick claimed he'd realized he needed to trust Summer's judgment.

Faith arrived and announced that she'd had a good day at school. Nick asked how she felt about her next rehab session. Faith claimed she wasn't as intimidated or nervous as she had been previously. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but she'd seen how much it had helped in figuring out who she was and who she wanted to be. Faith said it had been a tough year, but it also made her think about college and what path she might want to take. Faith said Moses had rubbed off on her because he knew he wanted to be a doctor, and he was focused and excited about what was headed his way. Faith wanted to find something she was that passionate about. Sharon told her to keep doing what she was doing, and it would come. Nick said they all believed in her.

At that moment, Adam arrived and said it was good to see Faith out and about. Faith told him she felt better every day, thanks to Adam saving her life -- twice. Adam said she didn't need to thank him, and she didn't owe him anything. After Faith left, Adam told Rey he didn't like the fact that Rey was trying to prove that Chelsea should have stood trial; however, the decision had been made, and Chelsea was where she needed to be and was getting the help she needed.

Rey agreed with Adam that Chelsea was getting help, but he asked whose fault it was that she needed help. Adam freely admitted the fault was his. Adam claimed his goal was to prove he'd changed and that he was worthy of forgiveness. Rey claimed it was easy for Adam to seek homage because he was free; meanwhile, Chelsea was locked up in a ward, fighting the demons Adam had inflicted on her. Adam had broken Chelsea's heart and her mind.

Nick told Rey that Adam understood. Fighting old battles wasn't going to do anyone any good. Sharon said that everyone had had their say, and they needed to end it at that point. Rey said it was good Adam wanted to improve himself, but he wanted Adam to stay away from him and Sharon. Adam stated he had no intention of causing trouble for them. Rey asked Adam to leave. Adam claimed he had somewhere to be, and he left.

Rey told Nick he didn't understand how Nick could defend Adam. Rey understood that Nick was trying to see Adam in a different light because of what he'd done for Faith, but it didn't erase everything Adam had done. Nick pointed out that Adam was making a concerted effort to change, and Nick wanted to see where that led. Nick stated that Rey needed to focus his energy on taking Sharon to Miami. Rey claimed Nick was right.

After Nick left, Sharon apologized to Rey about the whole situation, but Rey didn't want her to apologize for anything. Sharon invited Rey to go with her to pick up a few things for their trip, but Rey said he had to check in at work. After Sharon left, Rey received a text message from Michael: "Need to see you ASAP."

Tara bumped into Summer at the park. She'd heard things had gone well when Summer had met Harrison. Summer said he was a wonderful boy. Tara was happy that Summer and Kyle's wedding plans were back on track. Summer assured Tara that Harrison would always be Kyle's priority, and she would support Kyle. When Summer left, Sally made a point to waylay Tara. Tara told Sally she didn't want to have anything to do with her, but Sally insisted that it would be worth Tara's while.

Sally told Tara it was obvious Tara's marriage was over and that she'd set her sights on Kyle. Sally claimed she'd seen the look on Tara's face after Summer had told her about the wedding. Tara denied it. Tara was taken aback when Sally claimed that Kyle was gorgeous, rich, and Harrison's father. Sally stated that if Tara wasn't interested in Kyle, she would have been back in New York, dealing with her divorce. Tara claimed Sally was talking nonsense. Sally claimed the only thing standing in Tara's way was Summer. Sally stated she had a way of getting Summer out of both of their lives.

Tara said Sally had a lot of nerve to come up with such a crazy scenario and then suggest that she and Sally collude. Tara asked how Sally knew Tara wouldn't blow her out of the water. Sally claimed she had a special radar for kindred spirits. Tara claimed they were nothing alike. Sally disagreed and said a common problem brought people together. Sally said their problem was the woman running JCV and wearing Kyle's engagement ring. Sally claimed she was working on something that would take Summer far away, and all Tara had to do was make Summer want to leave. Tara asked how she would accomplish that.

Sally told Tara that if Summer took the job in Milan, they would be in the clear. Sally said she would handle Summer, and Tara had to get Kyle to fall back in love with her. Tara claimed Sally's plan was ridiculous, and she didn't have time for games because she was facing a devastating divorce and the possibility of losing custody of her son. Tara said she was going to forget they'd ever had that conversation. She asked Sally to leave her alone. Sally said if Tara changed her mind, she should let Sally know.

At Society, on the phone, Ashland claimed it wasn't what he'd wanted to hear, but he would make the necessary arrangements. Victoria arrived and asked if everything was okay. Ashland told her he'd received a bit of unwelcome news. Victoria said she was looking forward to dinner with him. Ashland apologized and said he had to fly back to New York later that evening. He suggested she accompany him. They could have dinner in Manhattan.

Victoria told Ashland that it might not be a good idea, given Ashland's pending messy divorce. Ashland claimed they weren't doing anything wrong, and no one needed to know. He claimed he never played it safe. Ashland said he enjoyed Victoria's confidence and drive and being with her. Victoria said she had to check what was on her calendar.

At the Abbotts', Summer told Kyle she felt better since the wedding was back on. Summer said she'd run into Tara at the park, and she'd told Tara about their wedding plans. Kyle asked if Summer was up for some playtime with Harrison. Summer said she was. Once they had finished playing outside with Harrison, Summer informed Kyle she'd taken a lot of photos of Harrison and Kyle. Tara arrived and said it looked like they'd had fun.

Tara spotted the new toy, and she asked Harrison if that was something his daddy had gotten for him. Summer claimed she'd given it to him. Kyle said it was good Tara had been able to get out on her own. Tara claimed she hoped things would all work out for all of them. Tara and Kyle jointly received a text message from Ashland: "I want to meet with the two of you. No lawyers." Kyle and Tara looked worried.

Summer asked Tara why Ashland wanted to meet with them without lawyers present and if it was a power play. Tara stated that Ashland loved keeping people off balance. Kyle said that perhaps Ashland was waiting for Tara's answer to his offer. Kyle also wanted to know whether Tara was going to cut him out of Harrison's life. Ashland arrived, and Kyle asked "what the hell" Ashland wanted.

Nikki arrived in Victoria's office, and she told Victoria she'd had a lengthy chat with Adam. Nikki said it had been unnerving because Adam had sounded sincere in wanting to become a better person. Nikki understood why Nick and Victor wanted to give Adam a second chance. Victoria wasn't buying it. She told Nikki to give it a minute, and Nikki would realize it was part of Adam's grand performance. Victoria said that eventually, the truth would come out. Nikki asked Victoria why she was in such a great mood. Victoria claimed she'd had a very productive day.

Nikki and Victoria had just finished their business meeting when Victoria received a call from Ashland. Ashland wondered if Victoria had made up her mind about his invitation. Victoria said she would have to take a rain check for the trip to New York. Ashland tried to convince her that she could probably do a bit of business in Manhattan. Victoria claimed he'd made a very persuasive argument, but she couldn't go. She wished him a good trip. He claimed it wouldn't be as good without her. Victoria smiled as she ended the call. Nikki's curiosity was piqued.

With their business done, Nikki wanted Victoria to tell her what was going on. Victoria claimed it was nothing. Nikki wished Victoria would confide in her. Victoria claimed it wasn't a lack of trust, and as close as she and Nikki were, she enjoyed having a secret of her own.

Adam arrived to see Chelsea. Chelsea demanded to know why he was there. Adam said he'd wanted to see her. Chelsea claimed he'd wanted to see her only because she'd been declared insane. Adam stated that he'd wanted to see how she was doing He told Chelsea that he'd had a video chat with Connor. Panicked, Chelsea demanded to know what Adam had told Connor about her. Adam said he'd told Connor that his mom was having treatments, but she'd sent her love. Adam assured her that Connor knew she loved him. Adam told Chelsea that he was telling her the truth.

Adam told Chelsea that Connor was finishing up his school year and getting good grades. He would be home soon. Chelsea claimed there was nothing she wanted more than to be with Connor again.

Victoria agrees to go to New York with Ashland Victoria agrees to go to New York with Ashland

Thursday, June 10, 2021

by Nel

At Newman Enterprises, when questioned about her dinner invitation, Victoria told Nikki that she and Locke were friends. Nikki didn't understand how Victoria could be interested in Ashland. He had dangled Cyaxares under her nose and then yanked it away like it had been nothing. Victoria said it had been a business decision, but Nikki said it spoke to who he was. Victoria stated that Nikki had a problem with Ashland. She asked if Nikki noticed who Nikki had been married to for the past several decades.

Victoria reminded Nikki that Ashland was in Genoa City because his son was there, and he was trying to be a good parent. Victoria stated that Nikki knew how complicated the end of a marriage could be. Nikki said that Ashland was on the rebound from a divorce. Victoria asked if Nikki believed she wasn't smart enough to recognize the situation.

Nikki told Victoria that Ashland was known for his ruthlessness. Victoria shot back that Nikki wouldn't dream of getting involved with a ruthless man. Victoria said there was no deep commitment, only dinner. She like being with a man who wasn't intimidated by her position, and not everything had to be some deep, co-dependent relationship like Nikki had with Victor. Nikki said she would pretend Victoria hadn't said that. Victoria said Nikki had been hounding her about needing to take time for herself and meet new people. She said she'd taken Nikki's advice.

After Nikki left, Victoria received another call from Ashland. He told her he would give her another opportunity to reject him. Victoria said she would ask Billy to watch the kids. Ashland asked Victoria to please join him. Victoria said "What the hell. Let's go to New York."

When Ashland arrived at the Abbotts', Kyle assumed Ashland was there for an answer to the ultimatum he'd given Tara. Tara said Ashland was forcing her to make an impossible choice by asking her to cut Harrison out of Kyle's life.

Ashland told Tara she had two choices, either she cut Harrison out of Kyle's life, and she and Harrison would receive substantial support; or she kept Kyle in her life, and she and Harrison would receive nothing. Kyle said he'd only known Harrison for a short time, but he felt a connection to him, and he'd seen what an amazing kid Harrison was. That spoke well for the parents. Kyle said Ashland could continue being a good parent without forcing Kyle out of his son's life.

Ashland asked Tara if Harrison had been told. Tara assured Ashland that she and Kyle had been very careful not to undermine Ashland in any way. She'd made it very clear that Ashland would always be a father to Harrison. Tara said it was a lot to take in, and she wasn't sure it had sunk in; however, it had gone well. She said Harrison had such a big heart that he was happy to have one more person to love. Kyle added that Harrison had a whole new family to love him.

Tara told Ashland it would help if he spoke to Harrison. Ashland said he didn't want Harrison growing up resenting him for keeping Kyle out of his life. He said he was withdrawing his ultimatum. He had a new plan for Harrison's future. Kyle said Ashland couldn't make unilateral decisions about Harrison.

Ashland told Tara that he was returning to New York to meet with his legal team about his new custody request. He assured Tara his lawyers would be in touch with hers. Ashland said he was looking for shared custodial time with Tara. Kyle asked how he fit in. Ashland said it would be up to Tara, as it would have to be during Tara's custodial time. He said Kyle was free to be involved in Harrison's life.

Tara told Ashland she was grateful. Ashland asked if she agreed to his terms. Tara wanted to hear from her lawyer. Kyle said it sounded like a fair compromise. After Tara took Ashland to see Harrison, Summer told Kyle there wouldn't be a messy custody battle, and Kyle would get to see Harrison. She felt it was all great news. Kyle said only if Ashland could be trusted. Summer said Tara and Kyle's lawyers would be able to tell whether Ashland was trying to pull a fast one. Kyle suspected Ashland was trying to pull something, and he didn't trust Ashland's about-face.

When Ashland and Tara returned, Tara said they should all feel better about the custody arrangement. Ashland reminded Tara the prenup still stood. He said he would make sure that Harrison was well taken care of, but Tara's alimony would be minimal compared to what it would have been if she hadn't cheated. Tara reminded Ashland that if she hadn't cheated, Ashland wouldn't have a son. Ashland left.

Kyle asked Tara if Ashland's visit had gone as smoothly as he'd claimed. Tara said Ashland hadn't done anything to upset Harrison. Summer claimed the worst was over, and they could relax and enjoy their good news. Summer asked what Tara's answer would have been to Ashland's ultimatum. Tara claimed she would have turned Ashland down. Kyle wondered if they could trust Ashland about the compromise or if it was another mind game.

Kyle asked Tara what had changed Ashland's mind. Tara said she felt it was sincere. Summer told Kyle not to fight a battle when the other guy had already surrendered. Kyle asked Tara what was bothering her. Summer's hackles went up when Tara said Kyle could always tell when something was bothering her. Tara felt there had to be more to Ashland's decision. It wasn't like him to reverse course.

At Crimson Lights, Michael told Rey he'd wanted to check in with Rey before Rey left for Miami. He said they needed to discuss Chelsea. Rey didn't know what was left to discuss. Michael claimed the case was endless, and they had both had questions about Chelsea. She had a mental disorder and was recovering from a stroke. Michael asked how Chelsea had been able to execute her elaborate plan to poison Rey. Rey asked if Michael believed someone had helped Chelsea. Rey admitted it had crossed his mind. Chelsea was resourceful.

Rey told Michael that Chelsea would have been the one who could have pulled off that plan. She'd hidden her recovery from everyone including her doctors and nurses. Michael wondered if Chelsea had had the ability to sneak out of her house at night, arrive at and break into Rey's house, spread the poison that she'd acquired from who knows where, plant evidence to frame Adam, and return home to her wheelchair, completely undetected.

Rey told Michael it was unlikely that she'd been able to fool everyone for weeks. Michael felt it hadn't been a one-night operation, and everything had been executed, meticulously. Michael claimed the chances Chelsea had done it on her own were miniscule -- ten million to one. Michael was convinced that Chelsea hadn't committed that crime alone. Rey agreed and said he would do whatever he could to expose whoever else had been involved. Michael was convinced it had been Chloe.

Rey told Michael that when he'd questioned Chelsea, he'd brought up Chloe's name more than once to see if she would slip up, but it hadn't happened. Chelsea had acted like she'd been in control, but emotionally, she'd been teetering on the edge. Rey felt it was time to pay Chelsea a visit.

At Fairview, Chelsea asked Adam when Connor was returning to Genoa City and when she could see him. Adam told her not to get too excited. She said Connor could visit her in the facility. Adam asked if it was a good idea for Connor to see her in that place. He suggested they wait until she was out of Fairview.

Chelsea accused Adam of wanting to keep Connor away from her and to poison Connor's mind against her. She accused him of being cruel. Adam tried to calm her by telling her he would never use Connor to torment her. Chelsea said it was like he hadn't tormented her by kissing Sharon when she'd been stuck in a wheelchair.

Adam told Chelsea it had been a momentary lapse in judgment, and he apologized. Chelsea claimed everything Adam did was cold and calculated. Adam stated they were Connor's parents, and he didn't want to keep anything from her. Chelsea spat that he wanted to keep her son from her. Adam claimed it would confuse and scare Connor to see her not at her best. They had been very careful about Connor finding out about her stroke so he wouldn't worry, and they had to stick to their strategy. Chelsea claimed it had been Adam's strategy. She'd been paralyzed at the time and unable to speak.

Adam reminded Chelsea that she'd been faking her symptoms. She could have reached out to Connor. Nothing had stopped her from sending Connor text messages, like the text messages she'd sent to Sharon from him to frame him. Chelsea claimed she was still Connor's mother, and she had rights, even in Fairview. Adam stated that her doctors had recommended that she not see Connor while she was in Fairview.

Agitated, Chelsea told Adam she was sick of people treating her like she was insane. The sanest thing she'd ever done had been... Chelsea stopped herself before she said any more. Adam asked her to continue. Chelsea claimed the best thing that had happed to her had been arriving at Fairview and getting the help she needed. She claimed she was starting to get some clarity. She knew how messed up she'd been, but being in Fairview had helped her, and she would get better.

Adam told Chelsea she was on the road to recovery, but she wasn't there yet. He said once she was released from Fairview, she could spend all the time she wanted with Connor. Chelsea warned that Adam better not be lying, because it would be a mistake to play her. Adam assured her he wasn't playing her. Rey arrived, and Adam wanted to know why Rey was there to see Chelsea. Rey said Chelsea had asked him to visit.

Rey stated that Adam didn't have jurisdiction over who Chelsea saw. Adam told Chelsea to watch herself because Rey was after something. He asked why else Rey would visit the woman who'd almost killed him. Chelsea said Rey was helping her. Adam claimed Rey was helping himself because he had doubts about what had happened. Rey said that compassion had to be a new concept to the new and improved Adam.

Adam told Rey it didn't preclude him wanting to protect the people he cared about. Rey asked what Adam was protecting Chelsea from. Adam claimed harassment., coercion, and whatever else Rey was up to. He said he would keep looking out for Chelsea's interests.

After Adam left, Chelsea asked Rey if she should be suspicious. Rey said as a detective, it was in his nature to be suspicious. He said Chelsea was struggling, and he wanted to help her. Rey felt Adam had pushed her into a corner. Chelsea said Adam wrecked everyone he touched. Rey said Adam hadn't wrecked his marriage, even though he'd tried, and that Rey and Sharon were going to Miami for a second honeymoon. Chelsea remarked that she wouldn't see him for a while.

Rey told Chelsea there was something that didn't make sense to him. He wanted to know how Chelsea had been able to poison him and frame Adam, alone and in her condition. With soaring anger, Chelsea yelled that Adam had been right. Rey didn't believe her. She told Rey to go and enjoy his freedom and vacation with Sharon while she rotted in Fairview. Rey left.

In the park, Adam told Chloe he'd been to see Chelsea and that she'd been upset because she couldn't see Connor while in the state she was in. Adam suggested that if Chloe had time, Chelsea could use a visit from her friend. Chloe thanked him. She was about to leave when Adam asked if she'd considered his offer. Chloe claimed the offer sounded more like a bribe to ease his guilty conscience than an actual job.

Adam assured Chloe the offer was very real. He believed if Chelsea knew she could work with Chloe again, it would give her motivation to get well. Chloe agreed Chelsea needed something to focus on after she was released from Fairview. Adam promised he would be hands-off, and she would never see him. Chloe accepted his offer with a warning that he'd better not be messing with her. Adam said he would have the contracts drawn up with a provision for Chelsea. Adam thanked her for being Chelsea's friend.

Ashland sat down at the bar at Society, and Sally immediately sat down with him. Ashland said he wanted to be alone, but Sally said they'd had a deal. She said she'd heard a lot of stories about him, but she'd never heard that he'd weaseled out of a deal. She asked if the information she'd given him had been useful in locating Tara and Harrison.

Ashland told Sally that he wanted to enjoy his drink and then catch a flight. Sally reminded him that what she'd asked for, he could do with a simple phone call, and she had told him where his wife and son were. Sally claimed it was Ashland's turn to make good on their deal. She told him to take out his phone and make the call. She wanted Summer to leave Genoa City for her dream job in Italy.

Sally told Ashland that Kyle loved Summer so much that he would go to Italy with Summer, and Ashland would be Harrison's only daddy. Ashland said he owned a big enough piece of Marchetti that they would listen to him. He would convince the other investors to support hiring Summer. Ashland told Sally to give Eric Forrester a call, and Ashland left.

Rey returned to the coffeehouse and told Michael that Adam had been with Chelsea when he'd arrived. He said Chelsea had become unglued at the mention of Sharon's name. Clearly, Chelsea was on very shaky emotional ground. Chelsea had lost it when he'd asked if she'd acted alone in poisoning him. Her reaction had been like a performance, but false. Rey said Chelsea had lied.

Michael wished Rey wasn't leaving. He wanted to keep the pressure up and get to the bottom once and for all. Rey said Chelsea was under a lot of pressure, and she hadn't been in the right mindset when she'd poisoned him. Rey claimed Chelsea was getting the help she needed, and as far as he was concerned, justice had been served. Michael asked Rey how he would feel if Chelsea had had an accomplice who'd tried to kill him. Rey stated he wasn't sure he would go so easy on Chloe.

When Chloe arrived at Fairview, Chelsea said Adam had shown up, and she had almost blurted out that she was faking her condition, then Rey had arrived and started asking her questions like he was investigating. Rey had asked her how she'd been able to carry out her plan alone. He doubted that was possible. Chloe was worried she wouldn't be able to talk her way out of a prison sentence. Chelsea assured Chloe that she'd stuck to her story that she'd done it on her own. She would never implicate Chloe.

Chloe told Chelsea that Rey was a good cop, and Chelsea wasn't exactly credible at the moment. Chelsea claimed that if Rey had any evidence that someone else had been involved, he wouldn't have asked her. Chelsea claimed no matter what, she wouldn't throw Chloe under the bus for something Chelsea had tricked her into doing.

Chloe told Chelsea that Adam had offered her a job, and she'd accepted his offer. Chloe said the job was for both of them. She explained that she would get the platform up and running. Once Chelsea was released, she would join Chloe, and they would run it together. When Chelsea asked why, Chloe admitted she needed the money. Chloe claimed that they could turn it into something amazing. Chelsea stated that they would be working for Adam.

Chelsea stated that Chloe had made a really bad decision. It was Adam's way of controlling her. He kept her away from Connor, decided her future, and was running her life. She refused to let him dismantle her entire world. She said she had to find a way out of Fairview.

Amanda considers quitting Sutton's case Amanda considers quitting Sutton's case

Friday, June 11, 2021

In Chancellor Park, Summer and Kyle discussed Ashland's change of heart about sharing custody of Harrison. Kyle anxiously pondered why Ashland would suddenly allow him to be a father. Summer suggested that Kyle focus on the things he could control -- like picking a date to marry the woman who was completely in love with him -- and she proposed having an August wedding. She asked if it was too soon for him, and he replied that he just wanted to have enough time to plan the wedding of her dreams. Summer asked if he'd met her mom, and Kyle imagined that they'd have help from their entire family. He saw no reason to put their lives on hold any longer.

At the Abbott mansion, Tara wondered if Ashland's latest offer was a ploy. Jack recalled that she'd thought her husband had been sincere, but she worried that perhaps she'd just wanted to believe it. Tara suspected that she and Ashland hadn't known one another as well as she'd thought, since he hadn't been aware that she'd been lonely in their marriage, and she never would have believed he'd behave civilly by offering joint custody. She mentioned Ashland's last-minute trip to New York to talk to his attorneys, and Jack encouraged her to put it out of her mind until she heard from her own lawyer. Tara resolved to enjoy the day with her son and hoped everything worked out the way she wanted it to.

Jack wrapped up a business call as Kyle entered the mansion. Kyle apologized for not pulling his weight at work, but Jack asserted that important family business had to take precedence. Tara walked in and shared that she and Harrison planned to go butterfly hunting that day. Kyle asked how she was doing, and she said she intended to avoid thinking about Ashland and what his sudden trip to New York meant. Jack reasoned that Ashland had nothing to gain by pretending to have a change of heart, but Kyle refused to let his guard down until he saw everything in writing.

Jack told Tara that he was as invested as Kyle was in keeping visitation with Harrison. Tara was grateful for Jack's support, but she couldn't relax until she heard from Ashland's lawyers. After Tara headed out, Kyle announced that he and Summer had set a wedding date for August. He thought it would be something to look forward to that was all theirs. Jack wished Tara shared Kyle's optimism, and he reiterated that he was serious about helping her deal with whatever Ashland threw at her. Kyle confided that there was something in Tara's past that Jack didn't know about.

Kyle filled Jack in about Ashland accusing Tara of neglect after Harrison had suffered a minor injury in a fall. Jack contemplated whether Ashland had been trying to manipulate Tara or assert control over her. Kyle guessed that Ashland had wanted the incident on record to use to his advantage if he and Tara split up, but Jack didn't see it tilting the custody battle in Ashland's favor if the incident had actually happened as Tara had said. Jack suggested that Kyle have his lawyer look into the incident to avoid any surprises.

At Crimson Lights, Summer confronted Sally about probing Summer's team members about how she was doing as head of JCV. Sally wondered why Summer was insecure with her making innocent conversation with the staff. Summer knew that nothing Sally did was innocent or without deeper meaning. Summer assumed that Sally had been disappointed with the answers she'd gotten about how well things had been going. Sally reported that everyone had sung Summer's praises, but she'd gotten the sense that some of the staff felt that Summer had been preoccupied the past few weeks. Sally imagined how distracted she'd be if she had to contend with her fiancÚ's ex and their love child.

Summer announced that she and Kyle had just decided on an August wedding that morning, and she bragged that things were going great in spite of Sally's best efforts. Sally noted that the whole thing had started with Summer flying to L.A. to dig up dirt on her, and Sally had merely protected herself from Summer wrecking her life. Summer spat that Sally had done a good job of that on her own, since people had seen who she really was, including Jack. Sally growled that Summer couldn't stand that Jack had been interested in someone who had to work hard without having a trust fund to fall back on.

Summer hoped the amazing gig in Italy worked out and that Sally moved there for good. Lauren interrupted and wondered what they were talking about. Summer claimed that she and Sally had been discussing an incredible creative director job in Milan. Sally pointedly stated that tons of people were vying for it, and there was a rumor that one woman was trying to sabotage another woman's chances. Lauren hated hearing it, and Sally condemned the person for stooping to that level.

Lauren requested that Sally run that day's staff meeting, since Lauren had to talk to a new designer about a potential collaboration. Lauren added that Kyle had recommended that she reach out to Tara Locke, and Summer's face fell. Sally gushed that Tara would be a great addition to the in-house design team. Lauren stepped away, and Sally taunted that it had been generous of Kyle to help his ex put down roots in Genoa City. Sally flounced off.

Later, Sally left a voicemail for Eric Forrester to ask for a favor. She anticipated that his first instinct would be to delete her message, but she hoped he wouldn't because the favor wasn't for her -- it was for Summer Newman.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy rejoiced when he finalized arrangements for a furniture delivery. Lily marveled that he'd coordinated getting two complete bedroom sets in under 24 hours, and he looked forward to having the new stuff in place for the kids' first sleepover at their new place that night. Lily hoped to personalize the children's rooms to make it feel like home, and Billy anticipated it would feel like home when the kids left their things everywhere. Lily recalled that the twins' rooms had been disasters at that age, and Billy planned to set ground rules. Lily teased him for attempting to be strict.

Lily asked if Billy needed to pick up anything from the ranch from the night before, and he appreciated that Nikki had taken care of Johnny and Katie when Victoria had suddenly gone out of town. Lily asked why Victoria had gone to New York, and Billy assumed it was a business trip. Lily enthused about having the kids over, and she hoped they loved the place, since their first night with their daddy and his girlfriend was a big deal. Billy wasn't worried, but Lily didn't want to leave anything to chance. She revealed that she had a surprise of her own.

Later, Devon showed Lily photos of the musical instruments he'd selected for Johnny and Katie. She hoped at least one of the kids had musical talent, and Devon predicted that Johnny and Katie would be the next big brother-sister duo. Devon informed Lily that he'd set everything up at her place. Lily explained that she'd wanted to mark the occasion, but she felt like she was trying to buy the children's affection. Devon assured her that she was just being a cool girlfriend and that everything would be fine. He added that he also had a gift for Lily and Billy, and he handed her some earplugs.

Devon asked how Victoria felt about Lily and Billy moving in together, and Lily reported that Victoria had been gracious. Devon wondered if Lily had bought it, and Lily gave Victoria the benefit of the doubt. Devon expected Lily to keep her eyes wide open. Lily believed that Victoria had either been sincere or found someplace else to put her energy.

Billy ran into Jack in the park and said he owed his brother an apology for inviting him to dinner but grilling him about Ashland. Jack figured that Billy would have eventually found out the truth, and Billy inquired how it was to be a grandpa. Jack exclaimed that he'd felt an immediate connection with Harrison, and he couldn't wait for Billy to meet him. Billy mentioned that his new apartment was kid-friendly, since Johnny and Katie's first sleepover was that night, after Victoria had needed to go to New York unexpectedly. Jack hesitantly shared that Ashland had also gone to New York on short notice, but he doubted Ashland would jet off with another woman in the middle of a contentious divorce.

Lily sent a text message to Billy, saying she was counting the minutes until that night with him and the kids. Meanwhile, Billy left a voicemail for Victoria to inform her that he'd gotten furniture set up for the kids. He added that rumor had it that she was in New York with Ashland, and he hoped it wasn't true.

Lauren stopped by the Abbott mansion and introduced herself to Tara. Lauren relayed that Kyle had told her Tara would be in town for a while, and she saw it as a business opportunity because she loved Tara's shoe line. Lauren invited Tara to her office to discuss possibilities, but Tara balked because she had some things to sort out with her pending divorce. Lauren empathized because she'd been there herself, but she suggested that they still meet. Lauren noted that it had seemed important to Kyle, who was definitely in Tara's corner.

Later, Jack asked Tara about her butterfly hunt with Harrison, and he presented her with a kid's magnifier and insect chart. Tara considered the gesture sweet, and she promised that Harrison would know the gift was from his grandpa. Jack admired the boy's early interest in science, and he envisioned there would be opportunities for Harrison at their family company. Tara said it wasn't the only generous offer she'd heard that day, since Lauren had dropped by at Kyle's urging. Tara shared that Lauren had wanted to discuss the possibility of working together, and Jack encouraged her to make the meeting happen.

Tara wanted to get a sense of how her life would turn out first, and Jack expected that things would be clearer once Ashland met with his attorneys. Tara looked uncomfortable, and she confided that she had a flight attendant friend who'd informed her that a woman had been traveling with Ashland. Jack revealed that Victoria had also gone to New York and that she and Ashland had been seen together socially.

Tara confirmed that Victoria fit the description her friend had provided, and Jack speculated that it was the reason behind Ashland's tempered outlook on custody. He thought it could be good for everyone -- especially Harrison. Jack stepped out, and Tara gazed tearfully at the family photos on the mantel. Kyle entered and asked what was wrong, and she informed him that Lauren had stopped by. Tara appreciated Kyle speaking to Lauren on her behalf, and she whimpered that she could use that kind of support right then.

Kyle sympathized that Tara had felt like Ashland had made life decisions for her, but he assured her that she wasn't alone. Kyle admitted that he wanted her to stay in Genoa City and become a big success for selfish reasons, and Tara noted that he'd be close to his son. Summer walked in as Kyle mused that everything had changed since he'd found out Harrison was his child, and he couldn't imagine not being part of the boy's life.

At Society, Amanda met with Sutton, Naya, and Imani, and she thanked Sutton for making the drive up. Amanda pointed out that she'd created a strong defense strategy, and she wanted to know why he was shutting it down. Sutton thought it had been settled, and Imani confirmed that she'd explained his position. Amanda argued that if they showed Richard had contacted him for personal reasons and not because of payoffs from Newman, it would undercut the prosecution's theory, since Sutton would have had no motive to want Richard dead. Sutton barked that it didn't work for him.

Amanda recognized that it might dredge up painful memories for Naya to recount giving up her children, and Sutton ordered Amanda not to pursue it. Amanda pushed to know why when the alternative was him going to prison. Sutton suspected that the scandal had been manufactured by his political opponents to ruin his chances for reelection. Sutton insisted that the accusations weren't true, and he never imagined things would go that far. Amanda warned that wishing it away wasn't a defense strategy.

Sutton refused to let his rivals drag his family through the muck. Amanda imagined that his family would endure that much to save him from spending his senior years in a jail cell, and she proposed that they turn things around on his enemies by showing his family was united against the outrageous claims. Sutton bemoaned that he just wanted it to go away, and Amanda asked why he'd hired her if he wouldn't let her run with her instincts. Sutton muttered that he was starting to wonder the same thing.

Sutton chided Amanda for concentrating on the past instead of the present, and she bristled at the implication that she wasn't focused. Sutton huffed that it wasn't an implication but a fact. Amanda conceded that what she'd uncovered intersected with her personal history, and she theorized that it was why he'd had Naya approach her in the first place. Amanda asserted that she was offering the best possible defense, and she had proof that annihilated the state's theory. Sutton sternly stated that he'd made it clear that he wouldn't change his position. Amanda dared him to fire her.

Sutton snapped that firing Amanda was the best idea she'd presented since he'd arrived, and he stormed off. Naya apologized for his outburst, noting that Sutton rarely lost his temper. Amanda maintained that her information was the best shot of keeping him out of prison, and Naya worried that the case had taken more of a toll on her father than he was willing to admit. Naya advised Amanda not to take Sutton's harsh words personally, and she offered to assure him that Amanda had only his best interests in mind. Amanda protested that he wouldn't let her do her job, and she thought maybe it was best that she stepped away from the case.

Naya and Imani begged Amanda not to walk away. Amanda recognized that knowing Richard had been close to finding her had affected her entire view of the case, so she might not be able to remain objective. She contemplated continuing her investigation on a personal level while the rest of Sutton's legal team got back to building a defense that he found suitable. Naya appealed to Amanda not to make a rash decision, and she stepped away. Imani told Amanda that Sutton wasn't used to people standing up to him, and she'd been impressed watching Amanda in action. Imani wondered whether Amanda was really planning to quit, and Amanda replied that it depended.

Amanda griped that Sutton's stance made no sense, and she suspected that he wasn't telling the whole story. Amanda wondered how honest the rest of the family had been with her. Amanda prepared to be fired for calling Sutton's bluff, but she still intended to find out "what the hell" was going on. She cautioned that it was time for Imani to spill if there was anything she'd neglected to mention, but Imani claimed that she was just as baffled about Sutton's attitude as Amanda was. Amanda regretted that she'd allowed her personal feelings about her family to make her too trusting, and she declared that it was over. She sauntered off.

Victor greeted Sutton in the Grand Phoenix lobby and wondered what the politician was doing there. Sutton retorted that it was none of Victor's business, but one of his attorneys lived there. Sutton surmised that Victor had been the source Amanda had interviewed about his case, and Victor was sorry Newman had been dragged into the unfortunate situation. Sutton announced that he was changing counsel, since his granddaughter had let him down. Victor's interest was piqued, but Sutton quickly covered by explaining that Imani had been helping Amanda with the case. Victor remarked that Amanda was a mystery.

In Amanda's hotel suite, Amanda told Devon that Sutton had been floored when she'd refused to obey him. She shared that Sutton had stormed out and threatened to fire her, and it had made her more suspicious of the whole family. Devon suggested that she follow her instincts and get out. Amanda fretted that she'd never find out if they were hiding something if she walked away.

Amanda had a hunch that she was onto something about her father and his journey to find her. She pledged to find out whether her family was keeping something from her. Her phone rang, and she shot Devon a glance before she answered Victor's call. Victor asked to see her to talk about her real connection to Sutton Ames.

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