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Ashland confided to Victoria that he had six months to live, and she proposed that they merge their companies. Tara threatened to disappear with Harrison unless Summer took the job in Italy. Amanda quit as Sutton's attorney and hired Denise to investigate Richard's death. Elena saved Nate's life.
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Ashland revealed he was dying, and Amanda hired Denise to investigate Richard's death
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Ashland shocks Victoria with devastating news Ashland shocks Victoria with devastating news

Monday, June 14, 2021

Jack ran into Summer on the patio at Crimson Lights when he went to buy cinnamon rolls for Harrison's breakfast. Summer told Jack she could have picked up the rolls for him had she known. Jack said he'd had no idea Summer was heading to the coffeehouse when she'd left his house. Jack told Summer she would have been welcome to stay. Summer explained that breaking off on her own had given her time to do some wedding planning, and she asked Jack if Kyle had mentioned that the wedding date had been moved up to August.

Jack replied that he was thrilled and offered to help. Summer told Jack she was daunted by various cake styles from which to choose. Jack suggested Summer consult with the groom, and he invited her to accompany him back to his house because Kyle would be free while Harrison was napping. Summer appeared apprehensive as she packed away her tablet and brochures.

At the Abbott mansion, Tara seemed relieved when she told Kyle her lawyers had confirmed that Ashland had kept his promise to amicably resolve their custody arrangement. Kyle couldn't help but wonder why Ashland had changed his attitude. Tara said Jack believed Victoria might have played a role because she'd accompanied Ashland on his jet to New York. Tara suggested that Ashland had determined that punishing her was no longer relevant if he'd made a decision to move on. Though Kyle remained uneasy, he held out hope that Ashland would no longer object to him being part of Harrison's life.

Jack returned home with four cinnamon rolls. Tara said it would be a treat for her son. Tara told Jack that she and Kyle had been discussing ways for her to put down roots in Genoa City. Kyle noted that Lauren had heeded his suggestion to work with Tara. After Tara mentioned having visited neighborhoods to consider, Jack insisted she and Harrison were welcome to stay as long as they needed. Summer entered in time to overhear Jack's comment. Jack reiterated Kyle's suggestion about Tara partnering with Lauren to market her shoe line.

After Jack carried the rolls to the kitchen, Summer asked Tara and Kyle if there had been news about the custody agreement. Kyle said lawyers had worked out a deal, so Tara had decided to start a new life in Genoa City. Summer changed the subject and asked Kyle to help with wedding plans. Before Tara stepped out, she suggested Kyle take Harrison to the park after his nap to enjoy playtime. Summer quietly asked Kyle if she could come, and Kyle agreed. Jack interrupted, reporting an issue with a supply chain related to a Jabot product. Kyle realized the information Jack needed was on a thumb drive he'd left at his hotel suite. Summer concealed her disappointment when Kyle accompanied Jack to the Grand Phoenix to meet with a member of the Jabot team.

Tara suggested that she and Summer use the time together to get better acquainted. After Jack and Kyle left, there was an awkward silence between Tara and Summer. Tara served Mrs. Martinez's pumpkin bread and tea, noting that she'd skipped lunch in order to give Kyle and Harrison some time together to adjust. Tara acknowledged that Summer had also faced an adjustment with Harrison's arrival on the scene. Summer acknowledged that Harrison was adorable and mentioned that she was moving ahead with wedding plans.

Tara continued her conversation about Harrison, noting how pleased she was that Kyle had taken to the youngster. Tara said she could understand why Kyle's time spent with Harrison might be a problem. Summer replied, "No, it's not a problem. I know how important it is to Kyle to be a good dad." Tara admitted she was impressed that Summer had navigated the changes without letting them come between her and Kyle. Summer told Tara that though it was sweet of her to be concerned, there was no need. Summer added, "My fiancÚ and I have survived way more challenging situations than this one."

After Kyle returned, Summer had gone back to the office, but Tara said Summer would meet Kyle and Harrison at the park. Kyle noted that Tara and Summer had cut their girl talk short. Tara replied, "Oh, not really. And it went really well, in case you were curious." Kyle admitted he was a little bit. Tara reported that Summer understood why Harrison was the top priority. Kyle praised Summer for having been supportive from the beginning. Harrison entered and said, "Daddy!" Kyle asked the boy if he was ready to have some fun.

In a posh hotel suite in New York City, Victoria noticed that Ashland seemed troubled. She asked him if a business deal had perhaps fallen through. Ashland avoided delving into it and suggested they open the wine Victoria had chosen. Victoria seemed charmed to discern Ashland's more agreeable nature. Victoria briefly touched on her foray into art and noted that the business part hadn't been as fulfilling, though she still considered her year in Italy as a gift. Ashland said Victoria had gained a broader perspective than most of her CEO counterparts.

Victoria playfully suggested that it wasn't too late for Ashland to steal away to Paris to pursue whatever interested him. Ashland grew quiet and became lost in thought. Victoria asked Ashland what was wrong. Ashland explained that his business meeting had actually been a doctor's appointment. Ashland added that it was too late for a lot of things, explaining that doctors had discovered an issue unrelated to his heart procedure through X-rays made prior to the implantation of his pacemaker. Ashland told Victoria he'd been diagnosed with advanced-stage small cell lung carcinoma and had about six months to live. Victoria was shocked and told Ashland she was very sorry. Ashland replied, "It's been a hell of a spring -- losing my wife, my son, my health, one after the other."

Victoria asked Ashland about possible treatments. Ashland said he had no intention of prolonging his life by enduring grueling treatments that would make him miserable. Ashland thought of Harrison and said he had no desire for the boy to watch him become frail and suffer in pain. Victoria admitted she was surprised that Ashland would lean on her, given that they were practically strangers. Ashland replied that he didn't consider them to be strangers at all because it seemed like they'd always known each other. Victoria replied, "What about Tara?" Victoria suggested Ashland might desire to reconcile, so Tara could oversee his care. Ashland said it was too late for him to expect to go to his grave, knowing his wife still loved him and that his son was his.

Ashland admitted he'd neglected Tara, just as Victoria had pointed out. Ashland said he'd been unable to dial back his focus on business. Victoria agreed that she and Ashland were a lot alike in that they were both competitive and had a lot of drive. Ashland became subdued when he mentioned that memories of him would fade from Harrison's mind, and he'd grow up thinking that Kyle was his dad.

Ashland asked Victoria if she would consider Summer to be a good stepmother. Victoria admitted she'd never thought about Summer as a mother, though Summer liked kids and maintained a good relationship with her younger brother and sister. Victoria assured Ashland that the Abbotts and Newmans were tight-knit and would provide a lot of support. Ashland pondered aloud the significance of Harrison growing up the great-grandson of John Abbott and Victor Newman and said thinking about it brought him peace. Victoria asked Ashland if he was afraid. He admitted he was. Victoria encouraged Ashland to make the most of every moment, beginning with them being together.

At Chancellor Park, Kyle introduced himself and Harrison to another father and his young son. Harrison was clutching his stuffed fox when Kyle suggested that new acquaintance, K.J., might enjoy playing together. After the children went to play in the sandbox, K.J.'s father said there was no better feeling than watching his son having fun. Jack happened by and praised Kyle for spending time with his kid instead of attending to a business crisis. Kyle announced that Ashland Locke had evidently dropped his threat to accuse Tara of negligence. Jack said he hoped Tara could relax.

As Kyle and Jack watched Harrison play, they noted his athletic abilities, which Kyle said Harrison had inherited from his grandfather the tennis star. Jack admired Kyle's interest in fatherly duties. After Jack left, Summer joined Kyle in the park. Kyle said he'd enjoyed playing with Harrison. Summer replied, "Aww. The proud papa." Kyle admitted he was.

Tara showed up, claiming she thought Harrison might need a jacket. Kyle said he doubted Harrison was cold because he'd been running around playing. Tara said Harrison had always made friends his age quite easily. Summer looked lovingly at Kyle and proclaimed that Harrison was a charmer like all Abbott men. Tara mentioned making her life in Genoa City. Kyle offered to help. Summer glared at Tara.

At Society, Lauren and Sally worked while they enjoyed a relaxing setting. Sally asked Lauren how her meeting with Tara Locke had gone. Lauren said she'd gotten to know more about Tara and learned she wasn't yet ready to commit to a big career move. Sally was eager to help persuade Tara because she, like herself, was ready for a fresh start. Lauren inquired about Sally's new experiences in Genoa City, admitting she'd noticed that Sally had become somewhat subdued after what had happened with Jack. Sally said she'd let it go and had vowed to not let it affect her work.

Lauren praised Sally, proclaiming that while she'd been fantastic, professional, and mature, she perhaps wasn't pursuing happiness. Sally admitted she'd been tense, though it wasn't related to work. Sally shared her frustration about Phyllis' determination to see her fail. Lauren explained that Phyllis had been concerned about the friction between Summer and Sally and had never intended to destroy Sally's career. Lauren added that instead, Phyllis had encouraged her to promote Sally to a prestigious position at the Fenmore store in Los Angeles. Lauren said her decision was to keep Sally in Genoa City, however. Sally said she felt better knowing that Lauren wanted her to stay. Lauren was happy to oblige Sally's request to take the rest of the day off.

Jack had an encounter with Sally at the Grand Phoenix when she emerged from an elevator, pulling a suitcase behind her. Sally was on the phone with Coco, explaining that it wasn't necessary to meet her in Los Angeles because the trip would be brief. Jack overheard and said, "Business trip for Fenmore's?" Sally said it was a personal trip to catch up with an old friend. Jack suggested Sally might be better suited to the pace in Los Angeles, should she consider moving back. Sally said she liked the pace in Genoa City just fine and had no intentions of moving back. Sally assured Jack that she had made peace with his decision not to pursue a relationship.

Sally made an unannounced visit with Eric Forrester in Los Angeles. Eric said, "Sally? What are you doing here?" Sally explained that after Eric hadn't responded to her message, she'd thought she should appeal to him in person. Eric admitted Sally was just about the last person anyone there wanted to see. Sally assured Eric she'd head back to Genoa City as soon as she finished a brief visit, and she asked Eric to give her ten minutes of his time. Eric replied, "You said this has something to do with Summer Newman?" Eric insisted he'd hold Sally to ten minutes, and he warned her not to attempt one of her schemes.

Sally insisted to Eric that she was just trying to help a friend. Sally claimed that Summer Newman had gone as far as she could at JCV and was ready for more. Eric said he was aware of Summer's deal with Spencer Communications. Eric suggested Summer seek a position at her grandfather's company, Newman Enterprises. Sally claimed that Summer had her heart set on the opening at Marchetti. Eric replied, "In Milan."

Sally noted that Summer was unable to pursue the position herself because she would appear disloyal, though Marchetti could pursue Summer. Sally requested that Eric reach out on Summer's behalf. Sally insisted she not be mentioned, adding that she couldn't pursue the position for herself. Eric said he'd first check with Victor. Sally persuaded Eric not to and encouraged him to instead help Summer get the job she'd be terribly disappointed to lose. Sally admitted she wanted Summer's position at JCV, adding that landing it would ensure that she stayed far away from the Forresters and the Spencers. Eric said he'd give it some thought and get back to Sally.

At the Chancellor estate, Nina grew concerned when Abby became fixated on a news alert about a failed sting operation in Las Vegas. Abby read aloud a portion of the article, which stated that six people, including a federal agent, had been rushed to the hospital. Abby gasped and cried, "Oh, my God! What if that was Chance?" Nina perused the article herself and asked Abby why she believed Chance had been involved in what had happened in Las Vegas given that they had no idea where he was working. Abby recalled that Chance had worked on a case in that city previously. Nina replied, "The one where his cover was blown by Adam's exposÚ, but -- I mean, so, that's the last place he would be, don't you think?"

Abby panicked, began browsing through her contacts list, and insisted she phone Christine and demand to know where Chance was working. Nina pleaded with Abby to take a breath, and she explained that it would be too risky for Christine to share Chance's whereabouts. Abby became frustrated and said she wasn't sure how much longer she could tolerate constant worry. Nina became tearful, agreeing that the secret mission had gone on longer than expected. Nina offered to help Abby find a way for them to tough it out together, adding that they had no other choice.

Nina suggested that Abby picture a place where Chance might be comfortable and imagine him there. Abby said she'd picture Chance on a beach, working undercover as a beach bum. Abby asked Nina what she did to take her mind off the danger. Nina went upstairs and returned with projects to embroider by hand onto hooped fabric. Abby became frustrated when she made a mistake with her stitching. Abby was elated when she received a call from Chance. Almost immediately, however, Abby panicked when the connection became garbled, and she heard shouting. Abby became terrified when the line went dead.

Amanda asks Denise to investigate Richard's death Amanda asks Denise to investigate Richard's death

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Johnny and Katie excitedly explored Billy and Lily's new apartment. Lily thought they liked it, and Billy replied that they loved it and would love her even more. Lily mused that she missed having little kids around. Johnny asked how much screen time they got there. Billy informed the kids that they had the same rules that they had at their mom's house, and he warned them not to try to get away with anything because he and Lily ran a tight ship. Johnny inquired whether that meant Lily was his daddy's new wife.

Billy explained that he and Lily weren't married, but they were in love and very happy. Katie chirped that she and Johnny loved Lily, too, and Lily gushed that she loved them. Lily invited the kids to check out their rooms, where her brother had left a surprise for them. Johnny and Katie ran upstairs, and Billy braced himself. A moment later, noise ensued as the kids began to play with the keyboards and drums.

Billy checked his phone, and Lily asked if he was expecting a text message. Billy voiced surprise that he hadn't heard back from Victoria, and he relayed that Jack had told him that Ashland was also in New York. Lily wondered if Billy thought Ashland and Victoria had gone there together, and she questioned why Billy felt the need to call Victoria to check in on her.

Billy argued that he deserved to know if the mother of his kids had flown off with a powerful man who was in the middle of a messy divorce. Lily was sure that Victoria wouldn't do anything that would affect the kids, and she didn't understand why it was always Billy's first instinct to protect Victoria. Billy contended that he knew what Ashland was like, and he felt he owed it to Victoria to have her back like she'd always had his.

Billy accepted a pizza delivery, and Lily led the kids in a contest of drawing a picture worthy of posting on the fridge. Billy asked if there was a prize, and Lily replied that it was a coveted spot on the fridge, with second prize being pizza. Johnny and Katie held up their drawings, and Billy declared it a tie. He added that he thought they were all winners.

Later, Lily and Billy toasted to a successful first night with the kids in their new place, and he credited her for making them feel at home. He confided that it sometimes felt like he hadn't earned what they had because getting there hadn't been brutal and contentious. Lily countered that they argued all the time, but Billy pointed out that they didn't have bone-crushing arguments that left them resentful and hurt. She recalled that she'd had her heart broken over and over, and she'd decided not to go down that path again. She asserted that they'd earned what they had by taking their own separate journeys that had led them to one another.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon promised Rey over the phone that she had just a few things to wrap up so that she could think about only him while they were in Miami. She hung up and locked eyes with Adam. Sharon mentioned that she'd spoken to Noah, who had told her he'd been thinking about working with Adam and Victor. Adam acknowledged that Noah had had issues with him in the past because of Adam's influence over Sharon, but he anticipated that Noah would see there was nothing to worry about if he decided to return to town and take the job.

Sharon was happy to see Adam excited about running the company with Victor, and Adam pledged to take it one day at a time. Sharon recounted that she'd heard the saying a lot lately from Faith, and Adam thought it fit a lot of situations, including his, Faith's, and Chelsea's. He hoped Chelsea recovered for her and Connor's sake, and he shared that he'd been counting the minutes until he got to see his son again. Adam stopped himself from opening up to Sharon because they shouldn't go down that road again. He noted that she had sounded excited about her trip with Rey, and he said the couple deserved to be happy. Sharon replied that Adam deserved peace, too. He thanked her and left.

At the psychiatric facility, Chelsea wrote in a journal as Rey entered her room. He explained that he didn't want to leave things the way they were between them before he left on his trip. She apologized for going off on him and conceded that he could go anywhere with whoever he wanted. Chelsea chalked her outburst up to being worked up after Adam had been there, and Rey recognized that Adam had that effect on people. Chelsea commented that sometimes trying to be sane could be exhausting.

Chelsea told Rey about group sessions that had made her feel like she was the poster girl for sanity compared to some people there. She shared that therapy was a lot of work and painful at times, but it was helping. She pledged to stay positive and do the work so she could see her son again. Rey was glad they could move past what had happened at their previous meeting, and he promised it wouldn't be the last time he saw her. Chelsea invited him to visit again after his trip, and she smiled through gritted teeth and added, "With Sharon."

Rey reminded Chelsea that Sharon wasn't the enemy, and he pressed to know why Chelsea had gotten upset the day before. She blamed it on Adam, but Rey pointed out that she hadn't seemed to get agitated until he'd started talking about Sharon. Rey urged Chelsea to be honest with him if he was going to keep stopping by. Chelsea wished him a great time on his trip as Dr. Hedges entered the room to remind her about a session. Chelsea stepped out, and Rey insisted on asking Hedges some questions.

Rey asked for the doctor's opinion of Chelsea's progress. Rey surmised that the doctor was overseeing everything, and he inquired whether Hedges was happy with her improvement. Hedges explained that Rey couldn't assume too much from his brief visits, since Chelsea wasn't a well woman. Rey noted that she seemed remarkably different than she had been a few weeks earlier, but the doctor stressed that Rey wasn't seeing the big picture, since she was there for a reason. Hedges made an excuse to get back to work and hurried out.

Later, Chelsea found Hedges pacing in her room and asked what was wrong. Hedges informed her that Rey had stuck around to ask questions about her treatment and progress, and she wrote it off as Rey being interested in her recovery. The doctor was concerned that she'd done something to alert Rey, and he implored her to undo it. Chelsea insisted that she had it under control, but Hedges questioned why Rey was still visiting her. She claimed that it was part of her plan, but Hedges reminded her that he had a lot on the line, too. He warned her not to forget that he held her future in his hands.

Rey arrived at Crimson Lights and reported that Chelsea's condition seemed to be improving, but thoughts of a second honeymoon with his beautiful wife had distracted him. Sharon doubted that had been all he'd been thinking about, and he joked that he sometimes thought about cheeseburgers and tamales. He proposed that they show Miami how it was done, but she wasn't sure he was ready for the affection she was about to shower upon him. He proclaimed that he lived for it, and they happily headed out.

Victor thanked Amanda for meeting him at Newman Media to discuss her relationship with her client. Victor called Sutton Ames a formidable man who should be taken seriously, and Amanda agreed. Victor stated that Sutton was not only her client but also her grandfather, yet she hadn't mentioned it in their earlier conversation. Amanda questioned whether Sutton had told him that, and she guessed that Victor had summoned her there to confirm or deny his suspicions.

Victor recounted that Sutton had experienced a slip of the tongue that he'd tried to correct by claiming he'd been talking about Imani, but it hadn't been difficult to figure out the truth. Amanda confessed that Sutton was her grandfather, and Victor asked why she hadn't told him that when she'd inquired about Richard. Victor was stunned when Amanda revealed that she was the child that Richard had been looking for. She explained that she'd left their last meeting with her head spinning, since she'd known Richard was her father, but she'd had no idea that he'd been aware of her existence or cared enough to want to find her.

Victor noted that Amanda had grown up without either of her parents, and she imagined he could relate, since Devon had filled her in about Victor's childhood. Amanda shared that she'd recently tracked down her mother and met her sister and grandfather. She added that learning that her father had wanted a connection with her badly enough to quit his job and dedicate his life to finding her meant a lot to her, and it had made her reconsider her defense strategy for Sutton. Victor assumed that she would no longer tell the jury that someone at Newman had been involved in shady business dealings, but Amanda informed him that the angle was still a part of her case. Victor declared that he had bad news for her.

Victor told Amanda that after their initial conversation, he'd conducted an internal investigation that had shown there had been nothing illegitimate about the money paid to Sutton, since it had merely been political donations. Victor offered to send her the report, and he observed that she seemed extraordinarily calm, considering how personal the issue was to her. Amanda confided that it had been emotional to suddenly find her family after years of knowing nothing about them. He hoped she got to the bottom of what had happened to her dad because it was important to have closure. Amanda headed out.

Adam joined Victor at the office, and Victor indicated that he was reviewing the information Adam had sent over. Adam referred to a number of intriguing ideas that he considered to be the recipe for success for their new venture. Victor clucked that the quickest way to success was to eliminate the competition, but Adam maintained that there was no reason to go after Billy. Victor instructed him not to say anything to Ashland about it, but Adam believed Ashland was otherwise occupied. Adam revealed that his sources had informed him that Ashland had flown back to New York the day before with a passenger -- Victoria. Victor glowered.

Adam continued that Victoria hadn't returned yet, and there was no way of knowing if she'd traveled with Ashland as part of a deal or if it was something else entirely. Adam noted that Ashland was going through a messy divorce, and Victor thought Victoria was smart enough not to put herself in the middle. Adam figured there was no point in speculating, and he turned the topic to Nikki's earlier visit. Adam shared that Nikki was worried that he was going to have a negative effect on Victor. Victor appreciated that Nikki was protective of him.

Victor theorized that Victoria had just needed a ride to New York, but Adam scoffed at the idea that she'd hitched a ride with the guy who'd jerked her around about buying his company. Adam didn't care if Victoria was interested in Ashland, and he looked forward to getting Victor's notes on his proposal. After Adam departed, Victor left a voicemail for Victoria, ordering her to call him back right away. "What the hell are you doing in New York with Ashland Locke?" Victor growled.

In a New York hotel room, Ashland picked up a glass of wine and reflected on what Victoria had said about needing to make every moment count. He revealed that he wanted to kiss her in that moment. He called it a dying man's last wish, and she chuckled and called him funny. He remarked that nothing phased her. "Not yet," she replied.

Victoria said she enjoyed Ashland's company, but there was a difference between making every moment count and being impulsive, and she didn't think the latter would be good for either one of them. Ashland conceded that she might be right. She suggested that they proceed carefully, and he announced that he was sold. She observed that he didn't seem upset, and he reasoned that proceeding meant moving forward, so all hope wasn't lost.

Victoria assured Ashland that she would like to see where things went, and he warned that it would be a short journey, given his diagnosis. She wondered if making jokes about it was a defense mechanism, and he asserted that self-pity had never been his style. He reasoned that he couldn't do anything about his condition, so he might as well have a laugh or two. She argued that there were things he could do, but he firmly stated that he'd already made his decision about treatment. Victoria pointed out that it would give him more time, and his son would be grateful for every minute he got to have with his father. "More is better," she stressed. Ashland seductively replied that if she kept talking like that, he'd start to think she didn't want to lose him.

Victoria reminded Ashland that they'd agreed to take things slowly, and he teased her for using his own words against him. He suggested that they drop all discussion about his condition, since dwelling on it served no purpose. He offered her another glass of wine, but she declined and opted to say goodnight. She asked if she'd see him in the morning before she flew home, but he informed her that his plans had changed, and he would be on the jet with her because he needed to see his son. He thanked Victoria for salvaging his trip when it had looked like it would be nothing but disappointment, and he left.

In her hotel room, Victoria saw that she'd received a message from Victor, but she ignored it. She called someone to let them know she'd be in the office the next day, and she requested that the person put together everything they had on the Locke Communications Group.

Amanda was surprised when she found Naya in the Grand Phoenix lobby. Naya reported that she'd talked to Sutton, and they'd had a more reasonable conversation than the one that had preceded it. Naya insisted that Sutton appreciated what Amanda was doing and that the last thing he wanted was for her to leave his legal team. Amanda questioned whether it meant he was ready to endorse her theory that Richard had contacted Sutton to request help finding his daughter. Naya claimed that keeping Amanda in charge of the legal team was the priority, but Sutton still wasn't on board with what Amanda had proposed.

Naya reiterated that Sutton was opposed to making his private family business public. She explained that he didn't want it to appear like he'd forced her to give up her babies, but Amanda argued that revealing a painful chapter in their family's history couldn't compare to spending the rest of his life behind bars. Amanda groused that she was trying to help, yet Sutton was fighting her every step of the way. She wondered if she would uncover more family secrets if she continued to push for answers. Naya swore that Amanda was way off base.

Amanda demanded to know why Sutton kept fighting her. Naya cautioned that raising questions about Sutton's personal life would be a gift to his opponents, since his constituents couldn't expect him to be honest with them if he'd kept secrets about his own family. Naya contended that it made it worse that Sutton had covered up the scandal for decades, and the voters would wonder what else he was hiding. Naya added that as a man who valued family above all else, Sutton also felt personal shame for denying his own grandchildren. Amanda testily asked if Naya understood the irony.

Naya encouraged Amanda to look at things from Sutton's point of view, but Amanda found it interesting that Sutton had sent Naya there instead of facing Amanda himself. Amanda expected him to keep sending Naya and Imani until she gave in, and she ordered Naya to tell Sutton she was done. Amanda accepted that Sutton wanted to fire her, and Naya asked what she could do to change Amanda's mind. "Nothing," Amanda spat, and she walked away. Amanda ran into Devon at the bar, and she informed him that she had much more free time on her hands. He followed her into the elevator.

In Amanda's hotel suite, Amanda told Devon that she'd taken his advice and told Naya that she was done because the people she was trying to help kept setting up roadblocks. Amanda felt liberated that she no longer needed to defend Sutton, so she could concentrate on what had really happened to her father without having to worry about leveraging what she learned. Devon assured her that although she might have walked away from the family she'd never known, she wasn't alone. "I know, and that means everything," she softly replied.

Devon offered to see himself out so Amanda could get back to work. After he left, Amanda appeared to be deep in thought for a moment before she made a call to Denise Tolliver. Amanda recognized that Denise was about to retire, but she had one more case for the P.I. to investigate. She asked Denise to find out why her father had really been killed.

Naya warns Amanda about Sutton Naya warns Amanda about Sutton

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

by Nel

At Crimson Lights Billy asked Victoria about her trip to New York with Ashland. Victoria wondered why it bothered Billy that she'd taken a trip with Ashland. Billy claimed he was worried about how much time she was spending with Ashland. He thought Victoria didn't realize how messy Ashland's divorce was about to become. Victoria claimed that Ashland had been very open and honest with her, and nothing had been based on innuendo or gossip. Billy claimed it didn't protect their kids from the potential fallout.

Victoria told Billy she would never expose their kids to anything negative because of Ashland's divorce. She believed it was about Billy being upset because she was moving on with her life, and it had nothing to do with the kids. She believed Billy liked her pining for him. Billy said she deserved more than kids and work. Victoria realized Billy didn't want her to spend too much time Ashland. Victoria assured Billy she wouldn't allow anything to hurt their kids.

Victoria asked Billy about the kids' sleepover. Billy said they'd had a blast. Johnny had asked if Billy and Lily were married because they were living together. He'd told them the truth: they weren't married, but they were in love. Victoria felt that was a very serious statement, especially for their kids. Billy understood it could be confusing because of his and Victoria's history, but he'd wanted the kids to know the truth.

Billy told Victoria he was concerned with how involved Victoria was becoming with Ashland. He didn't want her to get hurt. Victoria said she'd been hurt several times by the man she'd been married to and loved. She admitted she'd caused her fair share of hurt, but she'd survived much worse. Victoria left.

At the Abbotts', Ashland claimed that Tara and Kyle had had time to look over the custody arrangement. Kyle agreed to the terms. Tara agreed there were no loopholes or surprises. She asked Ashland why he'd reversed his position on Kyle remaining in Harrison's life and if Victoria had had anything to do with his sudden change of heart. Ashland said Tara had no right to ask about his personal life, considering how she'd handled her own. Ashland claimed he was avoiding a long, drawn-out divorce. He also informed her that he'd changed his will.

Tara assumed she'd been cut out of his will, but she asked Ashland if Harrison had been cut out, as well. Ashland claimed he was well within his rights to remove Harrison, since the paternity test had proven that Harrison was Kyle's son. Kyle assured Tara that regardless of what Ashland did, Harrison was an Abbott and wouldn't want for anything. The Abbotts took care of their own.

Ashland said he'd been looking for similar traits between Kyle and Harrison. He hadn't seen any. He said when he looked at Harrison, he saw himself. Kyle assured Tara that she would never have to worry about their son's future. Harrison would have a happy life with or without any part of the Locke fortune.

Ashland told Kyle and Tara to go ahead and make plans. He informed them about the small cell carcinoma and said he had six months to live. He assured them it was the truth. Tara asked if he'd gotten a second opinion and if there was a cure. Ashland said how he handled things was his business. He told Tara she needed to focus on Harrison and provide as much stability as possible, and he would focus on the custody agreement to make sure it was understood by everyone. Ashland assured Tara that Harrison was in his will; however, she wasn't, and she could forget about trying to kill him off for his money before the divorce was finalized.

Ashland told Tara their prenup ensured that she wouldn't receive anything, and if she got rid of him before the divorce, she wouldn't receive a dime. Tara said they'd spent years together, and she had loved him. She said she cared about him, and if he wasn't going to take the situation seriously, then she would. He told her to stop the bull about how much she cared about him, because if she had, she wouldn't have cheated on him.

Ashland wanted Kyle and Tara to understand why he'd made the compromise with the custody agreement. The reason he'd returned to town had been because he wanted to be close to his son in the time he had left. Ashland asked Kyle and Tara not to share his medical condition with anyone. Tara and Kyle agreed. Ashland said he would return to see Harrison at the agreed-upon time.

After Ashland left, Tara and Kyle were shocked, but Kyle wondered if it had been one of Ashland's ploys. Tara said Ashland had nothing to gain from it. Kyle asked if it changed anything for her about the divorce and if she wanted to reunite with Ashland to be with him at the end. Tara said she'd accepted that her marriage was over, and Ashland wouldn't want her back, even under dire circumstances.

Kyle told Tara he thought Ashland's bravado was to cover his fears, but Tara disagreed. She asked if Kyle had seen how Ashland had taken great pleasure in telling her about his diagnosis to make her feel more guilty, because that was who Ashland was. She needed to focus on her future. Harrison was her main concern. Kyle said he would do whatever it took to help Tara and Harrison get through it.

Summer arrived at the tail end of Kyle's statement, and she wanted to know what they needed to get through. Tara claimed Kyle would help her relocate to Genoa City. Kyle said they had been discussing the transition period. Tara received a text message from Sally: "Urgent that we meet. I promise this will be a good thing for you." Tara said she had errands to run and left.

Summer asked Kyle for the truth and reminded him there were no more secrets. Kyle told Summer that Ashland had cancer, and he was dying. Shocked, Summer asked what it meant for Harrison and Tara.

Lily arrived at Society. Devon asked about Katie and Johnny's sleepover. Lily said Devon's instruments had been a big success. Lily asked Amanda how her case was going. Amanda said she was officially off the case. Lily was surprised because she knew how important it was for Naya. Amanda explained everything to Lily. She'd wanted to win the case for Sutton on her own merit and not garner sympathy as the child of the murdered victim.

Amanda told Lily that she felt her family had been holding out on her. She wasn't accusing her grandfather of anything, but things hadn't worked out the way she'd hoped. Lily reminded Amanda that her job at ChancComm was still waiting for her. Amanda appreciated it, but she wasn't sure she was ready to return. Amanda said she felt that she could help people, and she needed more time to see if that was the road she was meant to travel. Devon and Lily said that whatever she decided, they both had Amanda's back. Amanda told Devon and Lily she still needed to find out about her past and what had happened to her father.

At the Grand Phoenix, Sally received a call from Eric Forrester. He told Sally there was nothing wrong with doing Summer a favor, and he would call Angelina Marchetti and recommend Summer for that very prestigious job as soon as Sally gave him the word. He asked if she was ready to move ahead. Sally saw Summer exit the elevator, and she asked Eric to wait because she wanted to set it up just right.

Eric asked Sally why she had to set it up, since she'd claimed it was all aboveboard. Sally wanted to make sure everything lined up properly. She thanked Eric for putting aside their differences to do Summer a favor. Eric disconnected the call, but Sally pretended she was still on a call and began talking loud enough for Summer to hear. Summer listened to Sally's conversation.

Sally turned, and when she saw Summer, she told Summer she hadn't gotten the job at Marchetti's because someone in Los Angeles had bad-mouthed her. Summer said it sounded like karma justice. Sally said that Summer's name had been mentioned. She claimed Summer had bad-mouthed her, and she wanted to know what Summer had said. Summer told Sally she would love nothing more than Sally moving to Italy, but she hadn't said anything.

Summer told Sally she valued her reputation, and Sally better not have trash-talked her to Marchetti's. Sally said the people at Marchetti's were aware of the great work Summer had been doing at JCV, and they loved what she'd done with the brand. Summer smiled and said that all her hard work had paid off. Sally smiled as Summer walked away.

As Amanda entered the hotel, Imani waylaid her and said they needed to talk. Imani claimed Amanda had left Sutton high and dry, and his legal team was left scrambling. Sutton claimed that Amanda had betrayed him. Amanda said it appeared that Sutton ran hot and cold because Naya had said Sutton had calmed down.

Imani told Amanda that Sutton's defense was in shambles. Amanda said Sutton should have thought of that before he'd fired her. Amanda claimed Sutton was stubborn and controlling, and she didn't feel the need to cater to someone who'd wanted her discarded and forgotten. Amanda said her birthright was the truth, and nothing was going to stop her from getting it. Imani told Amanda she planned on staying in Genoa City for a while because she was impressed with how Amanda stood up to anyone who got in her way. Imani admitted she didn't hate having a sister anymore, and she wanted to know what traits she and Amanda shared.

Imani told Amanda their upbringings had been very different. Imani claimed that growing up an only child in a deeply political family had been a very lonely existence. Any potential friend had to be vetted, and there had been no play dates until the parents' political affiliation had been checked out. It had been easier not to have any friends. Amanda said going from one foster family to another hadn't been conducive to having friends, either. Imani said her adult life revolved around Sutton's campaigns and fleshing out possible spies infiltrating their circle of trust. Amanda said she couldn't be heartbroken for Imani.

Imani told Amanda she wanted to get to know Amanda, and maybe she could help Amanda find the truth she so desperately sought. Amanda wondered if Imani was there to keep tabs on her. Imani said she'd been taught to be apprehensive of everyone who'd entered her life, but since getting to know Amanda, she'd put that behind her. It saddened her to see that Amanda couldn't see a sincere gesture. Amanda left for her suite.

Devon arrived at the hotel. Imani accosted him and said she couldn't understand what he saw in his rude girlfriend; from what she'd heard, Amanda's twin had been just like her. Devon said Imani had no business bad-mouthing Amanda or his wife, who Imani had never met. Imani stormed out.

Naya had been waiting for Amanda outside Amanda's suite. Amanda said Naya had wasted a trip if she was there to get Amanda back on the case. Naya warned that Amanda didn't want Sutton Ames as an enemy. Naya said Amanda couldn't just walk away from Sutton, and she needed to stick to the case. Amanda asked if that was a threat.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki arrived and asked about Victoria's Manhattan excursion. Victoria said she and Ashland had had a nice time. Victoria said once business had been done, they'd had a few meals, drinks, and some distracting and intriguing conversation. Nikki claimed Victoria had provided a much-needed diversion for Ashland from his impending divorce.

Victoria told Nikki that Ashland was a very nice man. Nikki said Victor knew about Victoria's trip with Ashland and that Victor had been curious about the reason for the trip. However, Victor hadn't appeared to have been against the idea. Nikki claimed it was nice not to hear Victor have disparaging remarks about a man who was interested in his daughter. Victoria stated that Victor would love to see her with someone successful and without the name Billy Abbott. After Nikki left, Victoria received a call from Ashland inviting her to join him for lunch.

At ChancComm, Lily told Billy that Amanda had put a lot of effort into locating her family, and it hadn't turned out to be the joyous reunion Amanda had hoped for. Billy said he would miss having her around to save him from himself. Lily claimed Billy had her for that, but she would miss Amanda, as well. However, it wasn't a done deal yet. Billy said Amanda was a great defense attorney, and she'd been there when he'd been wrongfully accused. Amanda had his full support in whatever path she chose to take. He hoped Amanda found all the happiness she was looking for.

Billy told Lily he'd been digging into Tara and Ashland's divorce, but no one around the couple had been willing to talk. Lily reminded him they'd agreed not to go with that story because of Kyle. Billy said part of the story had already been broken over other media outlets, and it was only a matter of time before the truth was revealed, especially with Kyle going after partial custody of Harrison. Lily said Kyle was the reason they had to tread cautiously.

Billy asked how long Lily thought they would be able to keep the secret about Tara staying at the Abbott home. Billy didn't want another Adam exposÚ; however, if they didn't do the story, it would go against their journalistic practices and give their competitors the edge. Lily felt it was similar to Adam's exposÚ. They were going after Ashland, who had turned down their offer to buy his media company and had become Victoria's new friend. Billy asked why she'd brought up Victoria.

Lily told Billy it seemed to bother him that Victoria was with Locke. Billy said he didn't want his kids caught up in Locke's mess, but he had no intention of making it a bigger mess than it already was. Billy claimed he could do the story and remain objective. Lily said Billy's personal connection would be a good reason for them not to cover the story. Billy suggested he talk to Kyle and let him read what they were about to publish. If Kyle believed it went too far, Billy said he would pull the story. Lily agreed.

At Society, Ashland told Victoria his emotions had gotten away from him, and he'd told Tara and Kyle about his cancer. It bothered him to see Kyle and Tara raising his son. He wondered why that stuck in his throat whenever he said it. Victoria said Harrison would always be Ashland's son, and until recently, Harrison had only known Ashland as his father. Ashland claimed it was hard to imagine not training Harrison to take over his business interests one day.

A short time later, Victoria and Ashland arrived at Newman Enterprises. Victoria asked how the diagnosis would affect Ashland's future plans and what would happen to Locke Communications Group. She asked if he had anyone in line to take over. He said there was no one he trusted enough with the company after he was gone. Victoria said there were a number of experimental possibilities for his carcinoma. Ashland claimed he'd checked, but the side effects were too severe. He said when he and Victoria were together, he wanted it to be an illness-free zone. Victoria said she didn't want to talk at all. She wanted him to kiss her.

Sally puts her plan for Summer into action Sally puts her plan for Summer into action

Thursday, June 17, 2021

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Nikki told Ashland that Victor felt everything was going really well with Ashland maintaining his seat on the board of Newman Media. Ashland said he'd enjoyed working with Victor and Adam thus far, and he was glad the company had landed in such capable hands. Nikki claimed the whole family excelled, as far as business was concerned.

Ashland told Nikki that he and Victoria were developing a wonderful friendship. He admired her drive, compassion, and intelligence. Nikki told Ashland she hadn't forgotten how Ashland had toyed with Victoria during the Cyaxares deal, and Nikki didn't want to see Ashland treat Victoria that way again.

Nikki told Ashland she didn't want to see what happened with a powerful man on the rebound. Ashland claimed he wasn't on the rebound with Victoria or anyone else, and he wouldn't take advantage of Victoria's friendship. He and Victoria wanted nothing more than friendship, and they had been very open with each other about it. Ashland said that he and Victoria had been enjoying each other's company. Nikki invited Ashland to have drinks with her, Victor, and Victoria later.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor asked Victoria about her trip to New York with Ashland. Victoria claimed it had been a great getaway, and she was enjoying getting to know Ashland. She stated it was too bad that Newman Media wasn't gathering its own content because they could lead with "Newman Enterprises CEO flies to New York with soon-to-be single mogul, Ashland Locke, for a mysterious rendezvous." Victor claimed he liked to keep his family's lives private.

Victor told Victoria he respected Ashland. Victoria reminded Victor that he'd made Ashland sign a deal while Ashland had been in the throes of having a heart attack. Victor claimed he wouldn't have let Ashland die and that Ashland was at the top of his game. Victor said what he didn't like was Victoria being with a man who was going through a bitter divorce.

Victoria told Victor it might be more severe than Victor thought. Victor said she didn't know the man, and she had no idea how Ashland would react in any given situation. Victor suggested they all get together for drinks later. Victoria received a text message from Ashland: "Your mother just invited us to join Victor and her for drinks. I'm in if you are." Victoria asked if Victor and Nikki had put that little scheme together. Victor claimed it was only a social outing.

At Society, Nate and Moses had been discussing Moses' plans for the summer when Elena arrived. Nate told Moses that Elena had been offered a position to work in the emergency room of a renowned hospital. Elena claimed she hadn't decided whether she would take the offer or not. Moses asked why she was still debating it. Elena said there were a lot of things to consider. Her roots were in Genoa City, and she loved her work at the hospital and the clinic; however, the job in Baltimore offered a higher salary. Nate said that job was too good to pass up. Suddenly, Nate had trouble breathing.

Elena instructed Moses to get epinephrine from the host and explained that it was an allergy shot. Once the epinephrine had been administered, Nate was able to breathe normally again. Elena asked if he'd known he was allergic to crab cakes. Nate said he'd been lucky that Elena had been there when he'd needed her.

At Devon's, Abby thanked Devon for having her over. She warned him she was in an awful mood because she'd seen that an undercover operation had gone wrong, and it had made her think about Chance and whether he was hurt or dead. She said Chance had called her, but there had been shouting and then the line had gone dead. She hadn't heard from him again.

Devon told Abby that Chance had probably shouted because of a bad connection, and when the phone had cut out, it had probably been because Chance had been in a remote location. Devon said Chance had called to let her know everything was fine. Abby claimed it was hard for her not to go to that dark place, and she was desperate to stay positive. She said she had a baby on the way, Society was doing great, and Chance was making the world a better place.

Devon told Abby it was the perfect time to give her something. Devon handed Abby a large envelope stuffed with something. He said it was from Chance. The note on the envelope read "Give this to Abby when you think she needs it most." Devon explained that Chance had sent the package to him weeks earlier, together with a note that read,"Devon, I'm asking you to hold onto this for me. I miss my wife more than you could know, and I'm counting down the minutes until I get to see her and our baby-to-be. Since I don't know when that will be yet, I'm hoping you can pass this present along when you think Abby needs it most."

Abby was overwhelmed. She opened the envelope and pulled out Chance's favorite sweatshirt. The note read: "Wear this and feel me wrapped around you. There's no place I'd rather be. Love, Chance."

Abby told Devon that she and Chance had gone ice-skating on their second date. It had been freezing outside. Chance had given her that sweatshirt to wear. They'd later gone to Chance's suite, and it had been the first time they'd been together. They had immediately realized they had something special. Devon told Abby that nothing was going to stop Chance from coming home. Abby thanked Devon and said she was lucky to have a friend like him. The baby would be blessed to have him in his or her life.

After Abby left, Elena, Nate, and Moses arrived. Devon couldn't believe Nate had reacted to an unknown food allergy. Nate said the epinephrine shot had gotten him back on track, and he felt better. Moses had thought Nate was going to die. Devon knew it had to have been terrifying for Moses. Moses said he'd panicked, but Elena had never lost her head. She'd been amazing. Nate agreed and said she'd saved his life. Nate and Elena left. Devon asked if Moses was okay. Moses said he wasn't.

Moses asked Devon what kind of doctor he would be if he freaked out at every medical emergency, especially in life-and-death situations. Devon said Moses had been caught up in the shock of the moment, and what Moses had reacted to might have been deep-seated. He wondered what would have happened if Nate had died, and he conceded it would have been traumatizing for everyone. Moses said he wanted to become a doctor because he wanted to help people, but earlier, he'd been useless to help Nate.

Devon told Moses that it was scary for anyone to deal with someone close to them being in jeopardy. In medical school, they would teach him how to deal with such situations. Devon stated that Elena had been as scared as Moses had been, but Elena had had years of experience, and she'd trained herself to set aside emotions in a crisis situation. Devon promised that in time, Moses would be the same.

Summer and Kyle arrived at the hotel. Summer told Kyle she couldn't believe Ashland was dying. Kyle was concerned what it would do to Harrison. He vowed that he would do the best for his son. Kyle saw Phyllis approaching, and he told Summer she couldn't tell Phyllis about Ashland.

After Summer and Phyllis left, Billy arrived. He told Kyle that ChancComm was about to run a story on Locke's divorce, and he wanted to give Kyle fair warning. Billy said they had kept it under wraps, but the story was out, and they had to cover it. Billy hoped Kyle would understand. Kyle had known the story would get out, but his biggest concern was Harrison. Billy said they wouldn't make Harrison the priority in the story, but they couldn't run it without mentioning him.

Billy assured Kyle that they wouldn't exploit the situation, but they couldn't run from related news if they wanted to maintain their credibility. Kyle knew Billy wouldn't create problems for him, but the story was going to get bigger. Billy said it was going to be about getting the facts. They didn't want to hurt anyone. Kyle claimed it would happen, anyway. Public knowledge of a painful situation only made it more painful for everyone involved. Kyle said Harrison was too young to know what was going on, but he sensed things. The more scrutiny that Tara was under, the harder it would be for her to hide her emotions from her son.

Kyle asked Billy to think about Johnny and Katie's reaction when Billy had been accused of shooting Chance. Kyle knew Billy had a business to run; however, the situation was personal, and they were family. Kyle asked Billy to reconsider. Kyle said there were a lot of people involved, including Victoria, who was seeing Ashland. Kyle said Billy had to think about the impact on his own kids. Billy said Victoria wasn't a factor and had had nothing to do with the divorce, but he'd heard what Kyle said and would take it under advisement.

Off the record, Billy asked how Summer was handling the situation. Kyle said she was handling it better than he'd expected. Billy wished them the best. He said Kyle and Summer had a long road ahead because someone Kyle had once cared about was about to be a permanent fixture in their lives.

Elsewhere, Phyllis and Summer were planning Summer's wedding. Phyllis told Summer about a pastry shop that had amazing wedding cakes. Summer and Kyle definitely needed to schedule a cake tasting ASAP. Phyllis assumed that Summer had chosen an earlier wedding date because of Tara and her son. Phyllis found it interesting that Tara was in town with her kid, with the possibly of working at Fenmore's with Summer and Lauren.

Phyllis said that Summer needed to ask herself whether she wanted to rush into the marriage because she wanted to start her life with Kyle or if it was because of Tara and Harrison, and Summer's insecurity. If it was the latter, that was no reason to rush down the aisle. Summer admitted that her insecurities got in the way. She said Kyle had assured her that their future didn't look exactly the way they'd planned, but nothing had changed between them. She couldn't wait to be Kyle's wife. Summer felt that, over time, she would make a good stepmom to Harrison.

Phyllis told Summer she'd had her reservations about Tara since she'd returned to town with her kid in tow. A woman like that would use the kid as a wedge between two people. Phyllis said Diane had used Kyle as a wedge between her and Jack. She wanted Summer to keep a close eye on Tara. Summer said that she and Tara had had a couple of conversations. They knew where they stood and supported one another, but Summer said she wasn't taking anything at face value with Tara.

At the Grand Phoenix, Ashland told Victoria that it was a good thing Phyllis had allowed him to stay there. Victoria apologized and said that a double date with Mom and Dad hadn't been on her calendar. Ashland said that he and Victor had good rapport, and Victor was probably trying to gauge Ashland's intentions. Victoria said that Victor disapproved of every man in her life. Ashland stated that it was probably because most men weren't good enough for her.

Ashland told Victoria that Nikki had grilled him before extending the invitation. Victoria said Nikki was overprotective, but Nikki respected her and the choices she made. Ashland felt it would be a fun night -- a bit of chitchat and a few laughs, and they could move on. He said he wanted to spend more time with Victoria in the few months he had left. Ashland asked Victoria not to share his illness with anyone. Victoria said she would never do that because it was his story to tell.

Victor and Nikki arrived. Victor and Ashland sat down, and Victor asked Ashland to tell him about his trip to New York. A short distance away, Victoria said that Nikki had lot of questions about what was going on with her and Ashland.

Sally and Tara met at the park. Sally stated that they needed to work together to rid themselves of Summer, and they needed to work fast. Sally was glad Tara had stopped being an unwilling participant in their alliance. Sally assumed Tara had heard about Summer and Kyle's wedding news. Sally said that Summer knew the impact Harrison had on Kyle and that Tara wasn't going anywhere, and she'd made a move to lock down her future.

Sally told Tara she was in the process of making sure that Summer would be offered an unbelievable job that would take Summer out of the country, leaving Kyle to Tara. Tara couldn't see Summer accepting it. Tara said she and Kyle had grown closer, but she couldn't make him fall in love with her overnight. They were bonding over Harrison, but Kyle didn't see her in a romantic way. Sally said that she and Tara had to pave the way for Summer's exodus.

Tara questioned Sally's big plan. Tara asked how she was supposed to trust someone as manipulative and devious as Sally. Sally claimed she'd always been a survivor. Sally said Tara was strong, because it took strength and grit to get back up after she'd been knocked down by the divorce. Tara stated that Sally had made a lot of assumptions about her. Sally claimed she was a good judge of character. Sally said if they joined forces, they had to trust each other and work as a team. Tara asked what would happen if it blew up in their faces, but Sally claimed it wouldn't because she knew how much Summer loved Kyle. Sally told Tara that Summer leaving would be her own doing.

Back home, Kyle asked Summer if she'd made progress with the wedding plans. Summer was excited because everything was coming together. As Kyle and Summer exchanged their love for each other, Tara entered the room. Kyle told Summer and Tara that he'd run into Billy, and Billy had said that ChancComm planned on covering the divorce. Summer said she wasn't surprised because Tara and Ashland were public figures. Kyle said he'd tried to talk Billy out of it, but Kyle hoped Billy would stick to his word and keep it professional.

Tara told Kyle it would be unlike the salacious tabloids, but no matter who reported it, the paternity situation was going to come to light. She was dreading it. Kyle said they would get through it together. Summer squirmed after Kyle's statement. Kyle said the sooner they got the custody agreement done, the better. Tara said Harrison was on the front lawn with the nanny, but he wanted to go to the park with his daddy. At that point, Summer was seething, but she calmly told Kyle to go and be with his son.

After Kyle left, Tara said she admired how Summer was dealing with Kyle suddenly becoming a father. Summer said they were navigating the situation the best they could. Tara hoped Summer could see how profound the connection was between Kyle and Harrison. Tara said it did her good to see that Summer wouldn't get in the way of the bond between Kyle and his son. Tara said she had a proposition for Summer.

At the coffeehouse, Nate thanked Elena and said the hospital in Baltimore would be lucky to have her. Nate said that Elena had to do what was right for her, but he didn't want her to take that job. He said there were many more reasons he wanted her to stay.

In a booth at the coffeehouse, Sally was on the phone with Eric Forrester. She told him to go ahead and call about the job in Milan. Eric said he would keep his fingers crossed for Summer and for Sally. He congratulated her on working hard to put her life together. He said she was a talented designed, and it might be her opportunity to move up to the job she wanted at JCV.

Summer grapples with how to handle Tara's threat Summer grapples with how to handle Tara's threat

Friday, June 18, 2021

At the Abbott mansion, Tara mentioned that she'd heard from a reliable source that an opportunity was about to present itself that would catapult Summer's career to the upper echelon of the fashion world. Tara revealed that Angelina Marchetti was on the verge of offering Summer the creative director job at her fashion house in Italy. Summer concluded that Tara had been talking to Sally, so the information couldn't be trusted. Tara announced that it had all been arranged, and Summer would be receiving a generous offer. "And you are going to accept it," Tara added.

Summer argued that she and Kyle had great jobs and family in Genoa City, so there was no reason for them to pack up and move. Tara clarified that Summer would be going to Italy on her own to seize the career opportunity. Summer protested that she wouldn't leave the man she was about to marry for a job, but Tara insisted that it was a dream situation. Summer declared that there was no job in the world she'd choose over Kyle. Tara pushed Summer to consider taking the job because of her love for Kyle, not in spite of it.

Tara noted that Harrison had become an important part of Kyle's life, and she wondered if Summer had felt how Kyle's priorities had been shifting. Tara suspected that Kyle had never been so invested in anyone in his life, and Summer barked that Tara was clearly counting on it. Tara imagined that Kyle dreamed about watching Harrison grow up, and she speculated about how awful it would be if something happened to get between Kyle and the little boy. Summer numbly replied that it almost sounded like a threat. Tara bluntly stated that if Summer didn't take the job and leave the country, Tara would make sure Kyle never saw Harrison again.

Summer realized that she was getting a look at the real Tara Locke for the first time. Tara insisted that Harrison needed the stability of two united parents, and Summer spat that it made sense, given that Tara had just found out that Ashland had six months to live. Summer was astounded by how quickly Tara had started to make plans, and she imagined that Tara had loved putting together parties in the Hamptons as part of her luxurious lifestyle in an elite circle. Summer admonished Tara for seducing her guests in the house she'd shared with her husband and the child she'd claimed meant everything to her.

Tara taunted that Summer chose to believe the worst because she didn't want to acknowledge what Tara and Kyle had shared together. Summer barked that the truth was that Kyle had used Tara after he'd split from Summer, but Summer and Kyle had been a couple for a big part of their lives and were meant to be together. Tara clucked that Summer and Kyle didn't share a child. Summer accused Tara of making maintaining her lifestyle her main priority, and she questioned why Tara would threaten to take away the one father Harrison had left if she really cared about her son. Summer intended to tell Kyle about Tara's threat.

Tara scoffed at the idea that Kyle would try to take Harrison away, since she'd disappear before Kyle had a chance to see the little boy again. Tara speculated that Kyle would never forgive Summer if that happened, so Summer didn't have a choice. Tara recalled how quickly Kyle had fallen in love with his son, but Summer argued that Kyle wasn't the only one willing to protect the child, since he had the entire Abbott family behind him. Tara crowed that she'd been married to a ruthless man for years while hiding her son's paternity, and it had taught her a lot.

Tara confirmed that Summer was seeing the real her -- a woman who could handle anyone or anything, including the Abbotts. Summer intended to warn them about Tara, but Tara thought Summer loved Kyle more than that, since Summer had said there was nothing she wouldn't do for him. Tara guessed she'd been wrong about Summer, but Summer retorted that Tara was seeing the real her for the first time, too. Summer stormed out.

In Chancellor Park, Jack teased Kyle for letting Harrison talk him into going to the park when they had beautiful grounds at home. Kyle reasoned that the Abbott estate had everything but other kids, and he panicked when there was a scream from the playground. Kyle was relieved to see that Harrison was fine, and he questioned how he could stop himself from wanting to protect his son. Jack expected that Kyle would eventually accept that he couldn't always do it. Jack welcomed Kyle to parenthood and admired how Kyle was handling it. Kyle couldn't imagine his life without Harrison, and Jack was thankful that they didn't have to worry about it.

Kyle and Jack chuckled as they watched Harrison playing in the sandbox. Kyle marveled that he'd only known the kid for less than a month, yet Harrison had changed his life tremendously. Kyle regretted not being there when Harrison had learned to crawl and walk, and he pledged to be there for all the good and bad times going forward. Jack recounted that he'd felt the same way when he'd found out Kyle was his son, and he asked if Kyle had given any thought to how it would work out with Harrison having two fathers.

Jack noted that Kyle and Ashland were two very different men with different ideas about how Harrison should be raised, but Kyle replied that he wasn't worried about it. Jack figured it would be more important when Harrison was older, and he advised Kyle to trust his instincts and always be ready to compromise with Harrison's best interests at heart. Jack referred to his own experience with Phyllis and Diane, and he also urged Kyle to do everything in his power to foster a cordial relationship between Summer and Tara.

Later, Summer stood from a distance when she found Kyle talking to Harrison in the park. Kyle promised the boy that they'd find his ball, and if they didn't, they'd get a better one. Kyle suggested that they talk about where to look on the way home, and they'd hunt it down the next day if the ball monster hadn't gobbled it up. Summer looked crushed to witness their closeness.

Jack approached Summer and joked that a few more afternoons like that could be the downfall of Jabot, with the co-CEO spending time in the park instead of going to work. He suggested that they get all the Abbotts together for Harrison to meet the rest of the family. Summer was sure it would mean a lot to Kyle, and Jack commented that it had meant a lot when Ashland had dropped his threat to cut Kyle out of the boy's life. Jack expected that Tara never would have agreed to it, anyway, since it would have devastated Kyle. Summer spotted Tara, and they locked eyes.

Later, Kyle packed an overnight bag in his hotel suite, and Summer said she'd miss him. He explained that he hadn't been able to turn down Harrison's invitation to a sleepover, and he recounted how it had killed him to see Harrison upset after he'd lost the ball Kyle had given him. Summer admitted that she'd seen the two together, and she thought Kyle had been great with Harrison. Kyle mused that he had a lot of time to make up for after all the years he'd missed, and he wanted Harrison to know that he was in it forever and wasn't going anywhere. Summer turned away, and Kyle prompted her to tell him if he wasn't giving her enough attention. He reminded her that they told one another everything.

At the Abbott mansion, Tara reported that Harrison was still upset about losing his ball, and she hoped her son felt better once Kyle got there. Jack thought wild horses couldn't keep Kyle away. Kyle arrived as he ended a call by telling Summer he loved her. He reported that Summer had seemed distracted before he'd left, and he assumed it had to do with work. Jack informed Kyle that Harrison wouldn't go to sleep until he saw Kyle, and Tara said she was glad Kyle had made it. Kyle insisted that he would do anything for his kid, and Tara hoped Summer felt the same way. Kyle was certain that Summer knew how important Harrison was to him. "You know, I truly believe she does," Tara replied with a smirk.

Meanwhile, a tearful Summer curled up in bed. She answered a call from Angelina Marchetti, who asked if it was a good time to talk about Summer becoming her new creative director. Summer halfheartedly replied that she'd love to hear all about it.

At the Chancellor estate, Abby cuddled with Chance's sweatshirt and reread the note he'd left for her. Nina and Mariah walked in, and Mariah joked that Abby and the sweatshirt needed to get a room. Abby explained that the sweatshirt was a gift from Chance, who'd sent it to Devon a few weeks earlier with instructions to give it to her when she needed her spirits lifted. Mariah stepped out to go for a walk. Nina recalled that she'd told Abby to be patient about Chance getting in touch again, but she wanted answers, too. Abby thought she knew who to call.

Nina summoned Christine to the house, and Abby explained that they were confused and turning to Christine for help. Abby filled Christine in about Chance's call a couple of days earlier, and Nina asked if Christine could make sure he was okay. Christine regretted that she no longer had that kind of security clearance, but Abby and Nina appealed to her to try to find out some information. Abby recognized that Chance's job had been part of the package when she'd married him, but she begged to know whether her baby's father was safe after she'd nearly lost him once. Christine cautioned that she couldn't make any promises, but she offered to do what she could.

Mariah returned from her walk, and she made plans with Nina and Abby to go out walking together the next morning. Abby volunteered to make Mariah a snack, and Mariah proclaimed, "This boy loves his peanut butter and apples." Abby perked up and inquired whether they were having a boy. Mariah feigned ignorance, but Abby repeated what Mariah had said. Mariah pointed out that Abby hadn't wanted to know the sex of the baby before she and Chance could find out together. Nina and Mariah made excuses about how Abby might have misunderstood what Mariah had said.

Abby ordered Mariah to look her in the eyes and tell her the truth. Mariah wondered if Abby would hurt a pregnant woman, and she apologized profusely for the slip. Abby was speechless, and Mariah worried that Abby would hate her forever. "A boy! We're having a boy!" Abby exclaimed, and Mariah confirmed that Abby was having a son who loved peanut butter and apples. Abby couldn't wait for Chance and Devon to find out, and she assured Mariah that she couldn't possibly be angry.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Christine asked someone over the phone if it was all the information they had about Chance. She hung up as Nina joined her. Christine noted that Abby was new to dealing with the reality of Chance's profession, whereas Nina had been through the unpredictability many times. Nina demanded to know what Christine wasn't telling her. Meanwhile, a shadow hovered over Abby as she slept on the couch.

Over drinks in the Grand Phoenix lounge, Ashland told Victor and Nikki that he'd never met anyone quite like Victoria, and he felt fortunate that there was something about him that held some interest for her. Victor pointed out that the optics were curious, since Ashland was going through a public divorce. Ashland defended that he'd been the injured party, and he didn't intend to stop living his life because of Tara's indiscretion. Nikki started to lecture about how it looked, but Victoria ordered her mother not to say another word.

Victoria asserted that she wasn't a teenager, and she and Ashland didn't need to explain themselves. She added that she'd chosen to go to New York with him, fully aware of what people might say, but she didn't know why it mattered to Nikki. Nikki refused to apologize for being concerned that Victoria was being dragged through Ashland's divorce and the possible effects it could have on the kids. Ashland swore that the last thing he wanted to do was fight with anyone, and he had heeded a friend's advice about ending his marriage with civility. Victor bet Victoria had offered that advice.

Ashland commended Victoria for being fearless about speaking her mind. Nikki clucked that it wasn't the best time for Ashland to be getting involved with someone new, but Ashland doubted they'd all be sitting there if Victoria had thought for one minute that he was on the rebound. Victoria insisted on not discussing it at all, and she demanded that the interrogation stop. Victor agreed, and Nikki proclaimed the inquisition closed.

Nikki pressed to know more about the man her husband had bought a company from. Nikki inquired where Ashland would go if he could be anywhere in the world, and he named a place that served exotic flavors of gelato with an incredible view of the Ponte Vecchio. Victoria identified the spot in Florence, and he recognized that the city had meaning to her from the time she'd spent studying art there. Victor noted that Victoria had told Ashland quite a bit about her life, and she gushed that it was one of most beautiful places in the world.

Nikki mentioned that she was about to take a birthday trip to Florence to see Leslie Brooks in concert. Victor admitted that he'd pulled some strings to get the tickets, and Nikki shared that Leslie had attended their first wedding. Ashland marveled at the acoustics of the venue, and he recalled that he'd learned to play the piano as a child, but one of his great regrets was that he'd quit. Victor praised Nikki for being a wonderful pianist, and Nikki encouraged Ashland to take it up again, noting that it was never too late. Ashland and Victoria exchanged a glance.

At Newman Media, Nikki conceded that Ashland was charming and fascinating, and she accepted that she couldn't forbid Victoria from seeing him. Victor suspected that Victoria was in it for more than a few scintillating conversations. Victor sensed something else was going on, and he vowed to find out what it was.

At the Grand Phoenix bar, Ashland thought the evening had gone well, and he recognized that parents never stopped worrying about their kids. He figured that the Newmans wouldn't have to contend with that for very long, but Victoria chided him for making jokes instead of acknowledging his feelings. She implored him to be honest with her, and she imagined he was considering plans for Harrison's future. Ashland confirmed that he was, but the evening had been a pleasant diversion from thinking about it. He added that he was enjoying the time he had left, and he didn't want to talk about putting his affairs in order there. He invited her to his suite. She hesitated for a moment before joining him on the elevator.

In Ashland's suite, Victoria was glad that Ashland had felt comfortable enough to share his diagnosis with her. He insisted that there was no one he felt more comfortable with, and he found it strange that he felt a connection, even though they hadn't known one another that long. Victoria asserted that facing one's mortality put things into focus, and Ashland referred to her being stabbed at Victor's party. She recalled that things had changed for her in the blink of an eye, and she'd made some decisions during that time. She was grateful that she'd recovered, and she hoped he would, too.

Ashland thought it would be foolish of him to ignore the reality of his situation, and he considered it selfish of him to draw Victoria into the middle of his chaos. Victoria swore that she was there because she wanted to be, and Ashland appreciated that they weren't playing games or keeping secrets. He assured her that he'd understand when she'd had enough of the deathbed relationship thing and wanted to move on, and they could shake hands and part as friends. She flatly stated that she didn't want to do that.

Victoria considered Ashland gallant for offering her a way out, but she asserted that she was more than capable of letting someone know when she'd had enough. She turned the topic to getting his business affairs in order, and she refused to give up on having a long relationship with him. Victoria revealed that she had an idea that would make things less daunting and possibly even enjoyable. She surmised that he wanted to have someone he trusted to carry his business interests into the future, so his legacy wouldn't be swallowed up by another conglomerate that would dismantle everything he'd worked for.

Ashland wasn't sure if he'd be fully functioning during the last six months of his life, and Victoria warned that he could end up spending the remainder of his time fending off predators. He waited to hear the enjoyable part, and she proposed a merger between Newman Enterprises and the Locke Communications Group to create one company that would send the predators running for their lives. She envisioned taking his company into the future and having his legacy live on.

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