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Summer kept Tara's threats to herself and accepted a job with Angelina Marchetti in Italy. Ashland accepted Victoria's offer to merge their companies. Naya turned herself in for Richard's murder. Elena turned down the job in Baltimore and reunited with Nate. Abby was stunned to run into Stitch.
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Summer accepted a job in Italy, Chelsea had nightmares about never being free, and Abby was stunned to run into Stitch
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Tara escalates her threats to Summer Tara escalates her threats to Summer

Monday, June 21, 2021

Ashland Locke met with Victoria in his hotel suite. Victoria proposed an idea to merge Locke Communications Group and Newman Enterprises, noting that the merger would solve most of his issues. Ashland blamed Billy for spreading the story about Victor having exploited his heart attack to gain control of Cyaxares. Ashland feared that if word spread that he had cancer, signing such a deal might lead people to conclude that it's more of the same, which might be concerning to Victoria. Victoria replied, "Only if you're one of those people. Are you?"

Ashland reminded Victoria that he was still of sound mind and could determine whether or not to pursue such a deal. Victoria recalled Ashland's desires to protect Harrison and preserve his legacy. Victoria assured Ashland that the company he'd spent his life building would survive and thrive intact. Ashland commended Victoria's talent for negotiation and asked her if she would continue spending time with him if he turned down her offer. Victoria admitted she liked being with Ashland because few understood the pressure entailed in making the decisions she had to make as CEO. Victoria again mentioned her offer and noted that the comprehensive research Ashland's company had already completed on Newman Enterprises put her company in a good position to dissuade frenzied speculation. Ashland acknowledged that Victoria had thought through the details from every angle. Victoria said she'd leave Ashland alone to ruminate on her offer in peace.

Victoria ran into Billy in the hotel lobby. Billy said, "Let me guess, coming from Ashland's suite?" Victoria pretended she was unaware that Ashland was a guest, and she asked Billy why he was at the hotel. Billy said he'd stopped to have a drink and invited Victoria to join him. Victoria and Billy talked about how much their kids were enjoying camp. Billy asked Victoria if she'd met Ashland's son, or if Ashland had met Johnny and Katie. Victoria replied, "Honest to God, Billy, you are worse than my father. You couldn't go two minutes without prying into my personal life." Victoria noted that Billy had moved in with someone without informing her. Billy insisted that there was no comparison between Lily and Ashland because Lily was kind and warm, whereas Ashland was ruthless.

Victoria, recalling that Billy had once encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone, accused him of backtracking on all of his advice. Billy explained that Ashland was trouble. Billy assumed responsibility for putting them together, noting that Victoria had met Ashland when she'd bid on his company in an effort to protect Billy. Victoria replied, "Which thoroughly ticked you off." Victoria insisted she knew what she was doing and had a plan. Victoria noticed Lily standing nearby and said, "Oh, look, it's the total sweetheart." Victoria told Billy she'd leave them alone and hoped he'd give her the same courtesy.

After Victoria walked out, Lily asked what was going on. Billy told Lily that Victoria had refused to confirm that she'd met with Ashland Locke, though he was certain it was obvious she had. Billy expressed concern about Ashland being a ruthless jerk. Lily told Billy that Victoria could handle herself, so Billy was likely worrying for no reason. Billy explained that Victoria had hinted that something going on, so she was playing with fire. Lily acknowledged that Billy's instincts were usually spot-on, so they should take it seriously.

Lily asked Billy if he'd told Victoria about their impending article regarding Ashland's divorce. Billy said he hadn't, though acknowledging he should give her fair warning, though it would tick her off. Lily noted that Victoria had gotten involved with a public figure going through a publicized divorce. Lily wholeheartedly agreed with Billy's suspicion that something more was going on. Lily told Billy she would oversee the investigation for him. Billy recalled that he'd initially had to convince Lily to cover the story. Lily agreed it merited coverage, noting that his nephew was a major player and that Victoria's role might not be as peripheral as it had first appeared. Billy acknowledged that Lily's aim was to make sure he maintained perspective, which he didn't mind and thought would be fun. Lily smiled and nodded.

At the Chancellor estate, Abby napped fitfully on the sofa in the sitting room. The shadow of an unseen figure hovered over her, blocking ambient light in the room. Nina entered through the front door and flipped on a light switch. Abby roused from her nap. When Abby saw Nina, she said, "Was someone just here?" Nina said she didn't think so. Abby replied, "Never mind. I must have been dreaming."

Abby asked Nina if she'd spoken to Christine about Chance. Nina said she'd just returned from meeting with Christine. Mariah interrupted, stretching a robe across her rotund belly as she made her way to a chair. Mariah paused to listen when Nina explained that Nina had a lead on Chance's wellbeing and would share her findings soon. Christine arrived and said she'd made contact with Chance's superior through the Justice Department. Christine reported that the superior had heard from Chance recently, after the instance involving the dropped phone call Abby had received. Abby and Nina were relieved.

Christine noted that Chance had originally been sent to Michigan, though she couldn't pinpoint his current whereabouts. Mariah asked Christine why Chance hadn't phoned Abby. Christine said it appeared that Chance's mission was nearing an end. It was crucial, Christine explained, for Chance to maintain his cover, hence he had few opportunities to check in and risk exposure. Abby agreed that Chance's safety was important, though she was elated that he might soon return home. Nina thanked Christine. Christine promised to let them know if she had updates to share.

Later, Nina noticed that Abby was engrossed in online research via her laptop computer. Nina peered over Abby's shoulder, noting that she was reading about terror and crime organizations in Michigan. Nina reminded Abby that Christine's report should've set her at ease, so she could relax a bit. Abby cried that her attempts to distract herself were futile because she feared her husband could be in danger from an elevated level of corruption and violence.

Mariah proposed a way to take Abby's and Nina's minds off their worries. Mariah challenged Nina and Abby to play songs on their phone to determine which genre the baby reacted to. Abby played an upbeat pop song. Mariah reported that the baby seemed to really enjoy the tune. Mariah began swaying to the music while cradling her belly. Nina and Abby were amused and laughed. Abby thanked Mariah for cheering her up. After Nina and Mariah went to the kitchen to get snacks and water, Abby picked up her laptop and continued her research. While Abby was occupied, she was unaware that someone was watching her through the window.

Kyle greeted Tara in the living room at the Abbott mansion. Tara told Kyle that Jack had gone to the office, and she asked Kyle if he'd successfully calmed Harrison after the boy had become upset about losing a ball Kyle had given him. Kyle said Harrison was fine after a brief talk and was getting bathed by the nanny. Kyle said he was surprised Harrison had become upset by something so minor. Tara blamed Harrison's reaction on suppressed anxiety related to news of her and Ashland's divorce.

Tara told Kyle she was worried that Ashland's death might crush her little boy. Kyle told Tara he'd ordered some books about how children deal with grief, so they could prepare to help Harrison when the time came. Tara commended Kyle for loving Harrison and for being a consistent and reliable presence in their son's life. Changing the subject, Kyle asked Tara if she'd consulted with Lauren about working with Fenmore's on her line of shoes. Tara claimed that news about Ashland's illness had made her plans for the day slip her mind. Kyle assured Tara that working with Lauren's marketing department would make her become a household name. Tara said she was most excited about Jack's plan to host a family gathering to introduce Harrison.

Sally was sipping a martini at the Grand Phoenix's bar when Summer approached. Summer, frustrated, asked, "Okay, so what kind of self-serving deal did you make with Tara Locke?" Sally claimed she had no idea what Summer was talking about. Summer explained that she was talking about the position with Angelina Marchetti's design group that Sally had claimed she'd hoped to get. Sally feigned ignorance and replied, "You got the offer?" Sally acted as if she was frustrated that the position she'd longed for had fallen into Summer's lap.

Summer accused Sally of discussing the matter with Tara. Sally didn't deny that she'd told Tara about the job offer, but she insisted she hadn't interfered to prevent Summer from being selected. Summer asked Sally why she felt compelled to discuss her private life with Tara. Sally admitted it had been a mistake she wouldn't repeat, explaining that Tara cared nothing about her feelings. Summer's suspicions of Sally's intentions heightened.

Summer cried that she'd never expressed even the slightest bit of interest in the position to anyone. Sally asked Summer if she planned to take the job. Summer said she hadn't yet decided. Sally told Summer she'd be crazy to pass it up. Summer insisted that something was odd about a designer who knew nothing about her offering her a job. Sally avoided responding by pretending that Summer was "rubbing it in her face" and being insensitive about her losing out.

Kyle was pleasantly surprised when Summer stopped by his house. Summer said she needed to talk to Kyle alone. Kyle said Jack was gone and that Tara was upstairs getting Harrison ready for bed. Summer pleaded with Kyle to talk in a private place like the pool house, so they wouldn't be interrupted. Summer caught a deep breath and said she wanted to explain why she'd been upset. Tara interrupted and made an excuse for Kyle to attend to Harrison. Kyle promised Summer it wouldn't take long, and he went upstairs.

Tara asked Summer if she'd received a call from Italy. Summer said she had and thought it was weird that Tara somehow knew about the call before she did. Tara asked about the offer from Marchetti. Summer acknowledged that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, though she hadn't accepted the job. Alluding to Tara's plan to get Summer out of the picture, Summer insisted that Kyle had room in his heart for her and for Harrison. Summer said Kyle had a right to know what Tara had said.

Tara repeated her threat to take Harrison away from Kyle. Speaking in hushed tones, Summer told Tara she was overreacting. Summer insisted there was no reason for her to leave town. Tara said she feared Summer would portray her as evil and manipulative to Jack and Kyle. Summer said she would merely give them a factual account of what had happened because it involved Harrison. Summer noted that Kyle would never do anything to hurt Harrison while Tara was willing to take the boy away from the one father he had. Tara replied, "I can't risk it. I won't risk it."

Summer pleaded with Tara to take a step back and pretend it had never happened. Summer insisted she wanted Kyle and Harrison to enjoy a close relationship. Summer promised she'd never stand in the way of Harrison being embraced by the entire Abbott family. Tara demanded more, insisting her son have parents that were together in a loving, supportive relationship. Tara expressed certainty that Kyle would fall for her again, as he had before. Summer replied, "You are delusional. You really are."

Summer told Tara that the only reason Kyle had slept with her in the first place was because he was trying to get over her. Summer explained that she and Kyle had been together for decades. Summer mentioned the possibility of accepting the job in Italy. Tara interrupted and said Summer realized that taking the job was the right thing to do. Summer replied, "Once again, you're assuming things. It just shows how little you know me." Tara said, "Where do you stand? Am I packing Harrison's bags, or are you packing yours?"

Summer, strongly emphasizing her words, replied that Kyle was committed to her whether she was home or across the Atlantic and would never succumb to attempted seductions. Tara insisted that Summer set Kyle free by canceling the wedding and calling off the engagement. Summer accused Tara of planning to take advantage of Kyle's broken heart by manipulating him just as she'd done when Kyle was in New York. Tara insisted that she and Kyle once had a deep connection that still existed. Tara said Summer's efforts to rush her wedding proved her point that Kyle was still committed because Harrison would be part of Kyle's future.

Summer accused Tara of severely underestimating Kyle's ability to see through her desires to latch on to another wealthy man. Tara warned that she held all the leverage, so it was Summer's call to determine which of them would leave, adding that only one choice would allow Kyle to maintain contact with his son. Summer replied, "You utter bitch." Tara said, "Oh, sweetie, you have no idea." Tara warned that her threats weren't empty ones. Summer said it mystified her how Tara claimed to care for Kyle while at the same time threatening to take away his son. Tara said she'd made it clear to Kyle that if he wanted to be part of Harrison's life, he'd have to be all in, which meant that Summer would have to be all out.

When Kyle returned, Summer turned her head to hide her heightened emotional state. Kyle asked Tara to allow time for him and Summer to talk privately. Tara left to take a walk. Kyle noticed that Summer seemed troubled. Summer told Kyle their discussion could wait. Summer struggled not to cry and lied that she'd been upset about something at work and was hesitant to spoil Kyle's happy experiences with Harrison. Summer assured Kyle she could handle things on her own. Kyle seemed to sense that all wasn't well.

Summer returned to her suite and began dialing a number on her phone. Summer called her mom and left a message. Summer said, "Hey, Mom, it's me. I've been looking all over for you. Can we please talk first thing in the morning? It's really important. Okay, bye." After Summer hung up, she sighed and seemed at a loss for where to turn.

Victoria later ran into Ashland at Crimson Lights. Ashland claimed that fate had a way of throwing them together. Ashland told Victoria he'd stopped by to get coffee, so he could stay up late and seriously consider whether or not to accept her offer. Ashland said that after seeing Victoria again, he realized that teaming up with her would give him an opportunity to shape the future of his company. Ashland welcomed Victoria's vision, acknowledging that it would set the company on a good path instead of shielding it from vultures who would raid it and sell off assets. Ashland admitted it would also give him time to work with Victoria, a prospect he very much desired. Victoria seemed pleased when Ashland said he was interested in pursuing her offer.

Elena makes a decision about her future with Nate Elena makes a decision about her future with Nate

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Phyllis showed up at Summer's hotel suite, concerned because Summer had sounded upset in the voicemail she'd left. Summer defeatedly confided that she thought she had to let Kyle go. Phyllis incredulously asked why, and Summer tearfully replied, "So he can have the life he deserves." Summer forced Phyllis to swear that what Summer was about to tell her would never leave the room. Summer revealed that she'd been offered a job to take over as creative director of Marchetti, and she was considering taking it. Phyllis gasped in amazement and gushed that she was proud of Summer.

Phyllis wondered what the problem was, and she assured Summer that while she and Nick would miss her, they'd understand. Phyllis inquired how Kyle felt about it. Summer shared that she'd have to go alone, since she couldn't let him leave his son. Phyllis realized that Summer hadn't told Kyle about the job, and she lectured that Summer couldn't make a decision like that without consulting him. Summer protested that Kyle couldn't raise a young child from thousands of miles away, and she didn't want to make him choose between her and his son when he and Harrison were just starting to bond.

Summer referred to Kyle's position as co-CEO of Jabot, noting that he'd worked his entire life to work alongside his dad. Phyllis chided Summer for playing the martyr, and she didn't see how the decision would affect Summer's relationship with Kyle at all. Summer steeled herself to walk away clean if she accepted the offer, relieving Kyle of the burden. Phyllis argued that it would be a sacrifice that would break both their hearts, and Summer blurted out that she was trying to protect Kyle. Phyllis asked from what.

Summer requested Phyllis' opinion about what would be the best thing to do. Phyllis counseled Summer not to take the job if she was certain that Kyle would be miserable in Milan. Summer wailed that it wasn't that simple, but Phyllis pointed out that Summer was in love with Kyle and that she had a great job in Genoa City. Phyllis contended that Summer had worked hard for everything she'd achieved, and she questioned whether it was worth giving up.

Summer argued that an opportunity like the one at Marchetti didn't happen every day, and Phyllis countered that finding the love of one's life didn't, either. Phyllis was confused about how they'd gone from talking about color palettes for the wedding to Summer giving up on her relationship. Phyllis wasn't sure what Summer wanted from her, but her mother's intuition told her that something else was going on. Phyllis sensed that Summer was holding back, and she demanded to know what was really happening.

Summer assured Phyllis that nothing nefarious was going on. Phyllis asked where Kyle was, and Summer informed her that he was sleeping over at the Abbott house with Harrison. Phyllis assumed that Tara was also there, and Summer turned away. Phyllis imagined that Tara was happy that Kyle was spending the night, and she suspected that something had happened with Tara. Summer explained that she'd been feeling the ground shift under her feet since Tara and Harrison had arrived in town.

Summer recognized that Harrison should be the most important person in Kyle's life, but she couldn't help but wonder where she fit into the picture. Phyllis recalled that Summer had claimed to be excited about being a stepmom, but Summer bemoaned that actually living it was a different thing. Summer lamented that it wouldn't just be two people in a marriage anymore, and she contemplated whether she was ready for it. Summer wondered if there was a reason her dream job had become available when it had, but Phyllis scoffed at the idea of it being a sign. Summer snapped that she didn't think Phyllis could give her the support she was looking for.

Phyllis pledged to support Summer if she decided to take the job in Italy, but she urged Summer to dig deep to the bottom of her soul to avoid regretting her decision once it was too late to change her mind. Summer promised she would, and Phyllis started to head out. Phyllis stopped and reiterated that she knew Summer was holding back, and while she wouldn't push it, she knew Summer would eventually tell her the whole story. Phyllis said she loved Summer and stepped out. She glowered in the corridor.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack guessed that the quiet meant Harrison had settled in for the night, but Kyle reported that the boy was still awake. Tara returned from her walk and asked where Summer had gone. Kyle mentioned that Summer had been dealing with something from work, so she hadn't stuck around long. Kyle went upstairs to read Harrison a bedtime story, and Jack offered Tara a nightcap. She groaned that she could use one after a long day, and Jack volunteered to help however he could.

Tara told Jack that she couldn't exhale until the custody agreement with Ashland was a done deal. Jack empathized because he'd been divorced and involved in a custody battle over Kyle. Tara pushed to know what had happened, claiming that she'd love to fill in the gaps with what she didn't know about Kyle, since they'd be raising Harrison together. Jack admitted that they were unpleasant memories, but it had also been a significant time in their lives, so he was willing to share. Tara pointedly stated that hearing about it would be invaluable.

Jack filled Tara in about his history with Diane while he'd been married to Phyllis. He recognized that Diane had loved Kyle, but her first priority had always been herself, and she hadn't been above using her son to get what she'd wanted. Jack added that he and Diane had been in an ugly place when she'd died, and she'd made more than her share of enemies in town. Tara thought it sounded like Diane had paid a high price, and Jack regretted that Diane had never understood that love should always be put first.

Jack thought he'd done his best to let Kyle know he'd been loved and wanted, and Tara asserted that there was nothing more important. Jack remembered trying to comfort Kyle after Diane's death; it hadn't been easy, but Kyle's love of hockey had made things easier. Tara praised Jack for succeeding in raising a wonderful son, and she admired how close the two of them were. Jack conceded that he and Kyle had had some epic clashes along the way, but he'd felt a special connection the moment he'd learned Kyle was his son. Jack mused that he'd held it close to his heart and never let go.

Tara was impressed with how close the entire Abbott clan was, and Jack credited his dad for being the emotional center of their family. Jack called John the greatest father any kid could have, and Tara commented that Jack had followed in his dad's footsteps. Jack thought that he wasn't even close, but Tara recalled that Ashland had respected John, and she believed Jack was an extraordinary dad. She expected that Kyle would also be a wonderful father because of the example Jack had set.

Tara apologized for talking Jack's ear off when he should be relaxing at home, but he insisted that he loved to talk about family. She figured they'd have plenty of time to do it at the upcoming family gathering, and he offered to give her a copy of the family history Traci had written. Tara thanked him for being welcoming and generous to her and Harrison, and he expressed gratitude for having his grandson in his life. Jack lauded Tara for facing the circumstances head-on instead of running away, and she claimed that it felt good to be honest after all those years. She added that it meant a lot that Harrison would be part of the Abbott family. Jack assured Tara that she was part of the family, too.

Upstairs, Kyle shared one of his favorite childhood books with Harrison. Kyle explained that it was about a young prince who wandered through a magical forest and met a dragon who turned out to be more silly than scary. Kyle recalled first reading it at Harrison's age, and he marveled that he was reading it to his own son years later. Kyle read the book aloud, but Harrison fell asleep before the end of the story. Kyle softly promised that they'd read it again.

Kyle returned downstairs and reported that Harrison was in dreamland, and Jack mentioned that he'd been sharing Abbott family stories with Tara. Jack remarked that turnabout was fair play, and he pointed out that he didn't know much about her family, other than that she was from Virginia and had a brother she didn't get along with. Tara considered it a shame, since she and her brother only had one another. Jack assumed that her parents had passed away, and she shared that it hadn't happened until she was an adult. She said she'd been raised in a happy home with a banker father and an event planner mom, and they'd wanted for nothing.

Summer called Kyle and appealed to him to return to their suite. He asked if she was okay, and she shakily replied that she didn't want to be alone right then. He told her that he was on his way. Kyle explained to Tara and Jack that he hadn't spent as much time with Summer as he'd planned that day, so he was going to spend the night with her. Jack counseled that the number one rule was never to disappoint the bride. Tara plastered on a smile as Kyle left.

Kyle arrived at his and Summer's hotel suite, and Summer cooed that he was the best fiancé ever for changing his plans. He noted that she hadn't sounded great on the phone, and she apologized if she'd worried him. She chalked it up to feeling extra sentimental with everything going on, so she'd wanted to hold him close. Kyle pledged that he was hers and that he'd always be there, "now and forever."

At the psychiatric facility, a sleeping Chelsea dreamed that Victor entered her room to check up on her. He hoped that she was comfortable there because she would never get out. Victor taunted that Chelsea had blown her plan to make Sharon suffer and put Adam behind bars, since Sharon was happy, Adam was free, and Chelsea was locked up. Chelsea hissed that she and Victor had made a deal, and he had to let her out, since she was no longer facing prison time. She contended that Connor deserved a mother, but Victor spat that Connor deserved better than a lousy mother like her.

Victor asserted that Chelsea was responsible for what had happened to her, and she yelled at him to get out. Victor was suddenly gone, and Adam appeared. Adam begged her to calm down to avoid giving the doctors reasons to keep her there, since he wanted her to return home because he still loved her. She appeared hopeful, but he snickered and crowed that he hadn't meant it. He lectured that she had previously been savvy enough to know he didn't give "a damn" about what happened to her.

Adam asked what had happened to the con artist who'd manipulated people at will. He called Chelsea pathetic for losing her grip on reality, and she shot back that he was a psychotic person who should be locked up in there, not her. She accused him of taking her love and crushing it into dust by gaslighting her into thinking he wanted her when he'd been in love with Sharon. Adam lectured that Chelsea had always known the kind of man he was, and he ordered her to drop the outraged wounded act. Chelsea whimpered that she'd believed in them, and Adam replied that she really was out of her mind and exactly where she should be.

Rey appeared and declared that he was glad to finally know the truth, since he'd thought Chelsea had been playing him by pretending to be insane. Chelsea adamantly stated that she wasn't crazy, and Rey asked if she was ready to do time for poisoning him and framing Adam. She defended that she hadn't committed a crime, since she'd only sought justice for what Adam had done to her. Rey clucked that she was irrational if she believed she'd walk out of there, and she begged to be released soon. Rey noted that there was more than one kind of prison, and she was trapped in one in her mind and would never be free. She awakened with a start and found herself alone.

Adam and Nick ran into one another at Crimson Lights. Nick surmised that Adam couldn't stand going home with no one to go home to. They made small talk about work and Faith staying with Nick while Sharon and Rey were away. Adam said he wouldn't keep Nick, and Nick guessed it was Adam's way of telling him to take off. Adam admitted that Nick had been right about him not wanting to go home, since Adam would be alone with his demons there. Nick stated that he didn't have to rush off, and Adam wondered if Nick was really up for that kind of conversation. Nick figured there was only one way to find out.

Adam told Nick that Chelsea's things were still at the penthouse, so he saw her everywhere and was constantly reminded of how he'd screwed things up. Nick pointed out that Adam beating himself up wouldn't do any good, but Adam accepted responsibility for making the choices that had led Chelsea down a horrible path. Adam regretted that she was suffering, and he was worried Connor would suffer, too. Adam relayed that he'd told Chelsea that she should wait to see Connor until she was better or even released to make it less disturbing for the boy, but she'd accused him of trying to steal their son.

Nick figured that it had been the illness talking, and Adam insisted that he just wanted Chelsea to get better so she could be a good mother to Connor. Nick cautioned that psychiatric treatment couldn't be rushed, and he advised Adam to focus on Connor's needs. Nick encouraged Adam to explain things to Connor in a way a child could process it, and once Connor understood, it might help Adam's demons to go away. Adam slumped back in his chair, and Nick offered to stick to listening if Adam didn't want his advice.

Nick told Adam he'd see Adam at their meeting at Newman Media the next morning. Adam clarified that he appreciated the advice, and he knew Nick cared about Connor. Adam added that he was glad they'd talked things through, even though it had been unexpected. They amicably parted ways.

Elena nervously entered Society, and Nate said he was glad she had made it. He figured that the least he could do was treat her to a meal after she'd saved his life. She jokingly assumed it wouldn't include shellfish, and he swore that he'd never get within a mile of a crab cake ever again. Nate added that he wanted to finish their conversation from earlier. He recounted that he'd told her that he didn't want her to take the job in Baltimore, but he hadn't had a chance to tell her why. He promised that they would discuss all of it, but he wanted to propose a toast to her first.

Nate applauded Elena for saving his life, but she insisted that she didn't need a toast for doing what any doctor or friend would have done under those circumstances. She suspected that he'd asked her to stay in town out of gratitude, and she cited the letters and gifts that she'd received from past patients who were happy to be alive. Elena appreciated the sentiment, but she felt she had to make a decision to start planning long-term for her career and personal life. Nate wondered if she'd already accepted the job, but she informed him that she hadn't made up her mind yet. He swore that he never wanted to get in the way of her happiness, but he hoped she'd stay because he wanted her there with him.

Elena wanted to believe Nate, but she wondered if she was what he really wanted after everything they'd been through. Nate proclaimed that he saw the magic in her and the passion she put into her work, and he admired her beauty of heart and depth of soul. He conceded that they'd gotten together too fast in the beginning, and he'd wanted more than she'd been ready to give, but he believed he'd seen something more than relief in her eyes when she'd realized he was okay. Elena admitted that she had feelings for him, but she wasn't convinced that he'd ever be able to feel that way again.

Nate insisted that his feelings for Elena had never gone away -- he'd just pushed them down because of his own fear and hurt. He contended that he couldn't hide them anymore, since he couldn't risk losing her. He declared that he wanted to let go of the past and move forward with her by his side, and he asked if she thought she could take that leap with him. Moments later, they were back at her apartment, where they made love.

Nate and Elena cuddled in bed, and she reached for her phone to send an email. She typed a message to thank the hospital in Baltimore for the generous job offer and to let them know she was declining the position. After Elena sent it, she purred that she had everything she needed right there in Genoa City, and she pulled Nate into a kiss.

Summer is tormented by the decision she has to make Summer is tormented by the decision she has to make

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

by Nel

Deep in thought in her suite, Summer had a flashback to Tara telling her that Angelina Marchetti was on the verge of calling Summer and offering her the creative director's job at her fashion house in Milan, and Summer would receive a very generous offer. She recalled Tara threatening that if Summer didn't take the job and leave the country, Kyle would never see Harrison again.

Summer snapped out of her reverie when she received a call from Angelina Marchetti asking if Summer was going to join her in Milan. When Kyle entered the room, Summer told Angelina that she wasn't in the office, and she would provide Angelina with an answer very soon.

After Summer ended the call with Angelina, Kyle asked who had called. Summer asked if Kyle hadn't noticed that business calls were being made earlier than usual and said it was annoying. Kyle asked if she was okay and if her mood had anything to do with Harrison. Summer admitted she felt guilty for asking Kyle to spend the night with her instead of Harrison. Kyle admitted he'd been glad he'd been with her.

Summer told Kyle she didn't want to put him in a position where he had to choose between her and Harrison. She said the bond that Kyle and Harrison shared was amazing. It was extremely important to her that everything worked out for Kyle and his son. Kyle was concerned it had become an issue between him and Summer, and he swore he would do whatever it took to make sure it wasn't, because he loved her and Harrison. Agitated, Summer said she was late for work. Kyle invited Summer to meet him at Society for lunch, and they would discuss Summer's issues.

At the Abbotts', Jack greeted Ashland and said that if Ashland's impromptu visits were what they had to deal with in order to keep Harrison in their home, then it was a good deal. Jack claimed Harrison was a delight, and he was happy to have the boy there for as long as Tara wanted. Ashland claimed he'd stopped by to see Harrison. Tara and Harrison arrived. Ashland and Harrison hugged.

Ashland said he hoped Jack realized how lucky he was to have such a great kid under his roof. Jack admitted he was aware of his good fortune and said Ashland had raised Harrison well. Jack and Harrison left to get Harrison's new toy to show Ashland. Tara asked how Ashland was doing and said he didn't need to put on a show for her. Ashland asked why he would go to that much effort for her. Tara said she wanted them to be on good terms because children could sense discord. Ashland agreed to get along for the child's sake. Tara told Ashland she didn't want him in pain. Ashland said he felt good, and he would treat each day as if it was his last.

After Ashland left, Jack asked if Tara had wanted him to get Harrison out of the room so she could talk to Ashland. She admitted they'd needed to discuss a few things regarding their divorce. Tara admitted she'd been nervous about handing over Harrison to Ashland, but Ashland had assured her he would return. Jack claimed he'd been impressed with how Tara had handled things. Kyle arrived and asked about Harrison.

Tara told Kyle that Ashland had taken him out. Kyle said he would stop by later to see his son. He said he was meeting Summer for lunch. Tara said she was going to take advantage of her down time and head to the spa at the Grand Phoenix. After Tara left, Jack said Tara would need a lot of support from Kyle -- as long as it didn't make Summer uncomfortable.

Kyle told Jack he would do everything he could for Tara, but Summer would always be his priority. He admitted he couldn't lose sight of how much he'd asked of Summer. Jack said that Summer's love for Kyle was something special, and the two of them had been through "so much" over the years. Jack thought of Kyle and Summer as a package deal and something special.

Nick and Adam met at Newman Media and discussed the deadline for their promotion for the rec center. Adam said the deadline would be met, and it would be a great way to start their partnership. Billy arrived with a bottle of bubble bath as an office warming gift. Adam said he was happy Billy was there because the security camera had picked up his image, and Adam could warn security not to let Billy in. Billy said he'd stopped by to check out the new digs.

Adam said he knew Billy was there on a fishing expedition to find out about Newman Media's plans to bury Billy and ChancComm. Adam told Billy that Newman Media welcomed healthy competition, and they were going to take the high road. They wouldn't be doing a hatchet job on Billy or ChancComm. Billy claimed Adam wouldn't know the high road if it bit him in the ass. Billy informed Adam that Victor had admitted he would use his shiny new toy to bury him and ChancComm. Adam claimed he was calling the shots, not Victor.

Nick intervened. He told Billy that if Adam claimed he wouldn't go after Billy, then he wouldn't, and Billy could take Adam's word for it. Nick said he'd seen changes in Adam, and they seemed real. Adam said he knew he'd made mistakes, and he wanted to make better decisions in his life. Nick commented that there was probably a lesson in there for Billy. Adam told Billy he and Nick had work to do. Billy left.

Adam asked if Nick felt that Billy had been especially unhinged earlier. Nick agreed that Billy hadn't been holding back. Adam felt Billy had been disappointed because Billy wanted a war, but he wouldn't get one. Nick said Billy would be looking over his shoulder for quite some time, but Genoa City could use some peace and quiet. Adam thanked Nick for helping him stay on track and telling Billy he had Adam's back.

At Crimson Lights, Ashland told Harrison that his favorite baseball team was the New York Yankees because they were winners and always would be. Victoria arrived in time to hear Ashland tell Harrison he would take Harrison to a baseball game. Victoria asked if she could go with them. Ashland introduced Victoria to Harrison. While Ashland and Victoria entertained Harrison, Billy watched them from the patio.

Ashland told Victoria that his lawyers would be in touch with hers about her merger proposal. Ashland seemed excited about the possibilities of the merger. Victoria was happy Ashland had seen the potential and hadn't taken offense at her offer. Ashland claimed the more he'd thought about it, the more pleased he was that they were pursuing it. Victoria claimed the merger would solidify his legacy.

Ashland told Victoria that as soon as word got out about his condition, the sharks would start circling, including his soon-to-be ex-wife. He said his board of directors loved Tara, and she would use the situation to her advantage. Victoria assured him that Tara wouldn't have time because they would move so quickly that they would shut out anyone with an agenda about Ashland's company. Victoria said she had an idea how to facilitate the process. Victoria was about to tell Ashland her plan when she spotted Billy on the patio. She told Ashland it was a conversation for another time. Ashland saw Billy, and he suggested they discuss it over dinner. Victoria agreed, and she left.

Ashland was about to take Harrison to the park when Billy entered and introduced himself to Harrison. After Ashland suggested that Harrison get another cookie, he told Billy it wasn't hard to figure out that Billy wanted to know what Ashland and Victoria had been discussing. It hadn't been difficult to see that Billy had been trying to eavesdrop.

Billy told Ashland that Victoria had made it very clear to him that she had no intention of discussing whatever was going on between her and Ashland. Billy warned that if Ashland hurt or embarrassed Victoria, Billy would come after him. Ashland said that sounded like a threat and wondered what he'd done to deserve it. Billy claimed it had started with Cyaxares. Victoria had won that fair and square, but then Ashland had screwed her over. Billy also reminded Ashland about what he'd done to Jabot.

Billy stated that Ashland didn't want him as an enemy because, no matter how powerful or ruthless someone thought they were, if anyone hurt someone Billy cared about, Billy didn't forget. Ashland said that Billy's protective side was rather sweet, and it spoke well of Victoria in that she inspired such loyalty from an ex. However, the last person Billy needed to protect was Victoria because she could handle herself. Ashland was surprised Billy hadn't realized that. Ashland excused himself and said he wasn't going to waste the precious time he could be spending with his son.

Summer exited the elevator, and Phyllis accosted her. Phyllis wanted to know what was going on. Summer appeared agitated. Phyllis claimed that either Summer was going to Italy, or she was afraid to tell Kyle she wouldn't marry him because she didn't want to deal with all the drama that Tara and Harrison brought. Summer asked Phyllis to stop because it was hard enough for her without Phyllis creating alternate scenarios.

Phyllis told Summer she had to come up with her own scenarios because Summer hadn't given her anything. Phyllis claimed she was trying to help Summer, but Summer had to give her something. Summer asked what if that once in a lifetime love wasn't what she and Kyle had, but it was what he and Harrison could have. Summer claimed Kyle had a chance to start things off right with Harrison, and he wouldn't get that moment again. Summer claimed she didn't want to be that evil stepmom that messed up a kid in a thousand different ways without realizing it.

Summer told Phyllis that perhaps she was being selfish and didn't want a marriage with a ready-made kid. Phyllis was positive that there was more to it. Phyllis said she'd given Summer a bunch of solutions, and Summer was giving her counterarguments. Summer didn't sound like someone on the fence. She sounded like someone who'd made up her mind. Summer said she had to go. Phyllis said they would discuss things later.

Tara had been standing in the doorway, watching Summer and Phyllis. Tara moved out of sight and smiled when she saw Summer leave.

After Summer left, Phyllis sent a text message to Nick: "Come by when you're free. Important."

Tara entered the hotel and cheerfully greeted Phyllis. She asked if there was an opening in the spa. She said she had a little free time, since Harrison's father had taken him out. Phyllis asked which father, Kyle or Ashland. Tara said Ashland, but she could tell that Kyle was going to be a great parent. Phyllis skeptically claimed that Tara knew that from the little time Kyle had spent with Harrison. Tara said Kyle would be able to spend more time with Harrison, since they were living in Genoa City.

Tara told Phyllis that she'd moved her shoe company to Genoa City, and she was excited to start working with Lauren. Phyllis sarcastically said everything was coming up roses for Tara, but she wondered if Tara would miss New York. She mentioned Tara and Harrison's friends. Tara claimed the friends had been Ashland's, and Harrison made friends easily. She claimed Genoa City was the perfect place to start over. New York would be a constant reminder of her failed marriage. Everyone in Genoa City was very warm and welcoming.

Tara told Phyllis she'd never met a family like the Abbotts, and she was basically living with them. She gushed about their generosity and that she and Harrison had found the perfect place to start the next phase of their lives.

Later, when Nick arrived, Phyllis told him Summer suddenly didn't want to marry Kyle. Nick said Harrison had changed the dynamic between her and Kyle. Phyllis reminded him that Summer had been excited about becoming a stepmom, and suddenly, she couldn't get away fast enough. Nick offered to talk to Summer, but Phyllis said Summer would see that as a betrayal because she wanted to keep it between the two of them. Phyllis said she'd had to talk to Nick because she didn't have a clue what was going on, but she knew it was something very big.

Nick told Phyllis that Summer had told him she and Kyle were destined to be together, and Kyle was the love of her life. Summer had tried to get his support for months, and suddenly, she was ready to bail on everything. Nick said Phyllis had made it sound like Summer would never be ready to marry Kyle. Phyllis said that none of it made sense, and Nick agreed.

Nick asked if Phyllis had any idea what would happen next because he'd never heard Summer express any interest in high fashion. Nick said Summer had a job she loved, her family was there, and so was Kyle. He wondered why she felt the need to leave. Phyllis said the more questions she'd asked, the more Summer had closed herself off. Phyllis suggested that Summer might be intimidated by Tara and by Kyle's relationship with Harrison.

Nick asked Phyllis if she thought Summer wanted that job in Milan to give Kyle some time with Harrison. Phyllis said it was possible, but it was complicated because Kyle suddenly had a son and was involved in a custody battle. Phyllis wondered if Summer was trying to make it easier on Kyle by not giving him a choice. Phyllis stated that Kyle couldn't move to Milan with his son in tow. Nick agreed Tara would never allow that. Nick said Summer might have had career aspirations they didn't know about; however, he felt that Summer would eventually realize it was a mistake to walk away from Kyle.

Nick told Phyllis he'd come to terms with Summer and Kyle loving each other, and it would be a shame if they lost what they had because of some misunderstanding or because Summer couldn't tell Kyle what she was really feeling. He asked if there was any way they could get Summer to put the brakes on the situation.

Billy arrived in Victoria's office. Billy told Victoria that ChancComm was about to publish a story on Locke's divorce, and it would be impossible to keep her name out of it, since she was involved with Ashland. Whatever was going on between her and Ashland, they were both public figures, and it was news. ChancComm had to keep their reputation, and people were curious. Victoria claimed it was Billy's way of trying to pry into her personal life. He asked if she'd rather he hadn't told her and let her find out when the rest of the world did. She thanked Billy for his courtesy, but she felt he was overselling ChancComm's reach.

Victoria told Billy there would be news about her and Ashland, but it would be on her timetable when Billy found out about it. Billy said she could enlighten him immediately, and he would publish it. Victoria stated she would rather drive him crazy trying to figure out what it was.

Kyle arrived at Society and sat at a table to wait for Summer. Summer was about to enter when she saw Kyle though the window. She received a text message from him: "Here. Can't wait to see you so we can talk." Summer entered and joined Kyle. Kyle said he felt they had more to discuss than Harrison. He asked her not to keep things from him and to tell him what was bothering her.

Phyllis spills the beans Phyllis spills the beans

Thursday, June 24, 2021

by Nel

Sally accosted Jack as he walked into Crimson Lights. She told him she'd been one of the first to sample Jabot's newest waterproof mascara before it debuted at Fenmore's, and she reported 100% satisfaction. Jack asked why Sally was in such a great mood. Sally claimed she was happy with where her life was because she loved her job and the city, and even though she'd lost Jack's trust, she still counted Jack as one of the most fascinating men she'd ever met. Jack said he was happy she'd found a home. Sally left.

Amanda, Devon, and Denise sat at a table on the patio. Amanda asked if Denise had more information about Richard's murder. Denise said she'd checked Richard's and Naya's phone records for two weeks prior to Richard's meeting with Amanda's foster family. She said Richard had made three calls to Sutton's office, and Richard had made a call to Naya's cell phone. The call had lasted more than five minutes.

Amanda told Denise that Naya had sworn she hadn't spoken to Richard after they'd broken up. Amanda asked Denise to keep digging to see what else she could find. Denise felt the information was crucial to Amanda's case. Amanda couldn't believe that Naya had lied to her about that. Amanda asked Denise to let her know as soon as she found out anything new. Denise hoped Amanda would find her answers and that they would give her peace.

After Denise left, Amanda told Devon she couldn't believe Naya had lied to her about Richard. Amanda claimed that the five-minute call was a long time to talk to someone Naya had been trying to avoid. She speculated that Naya could have stonewalled Richard, or she could have come clean about the pregnancy. She might have told him everything or maybe nothing. Amanda told Devon she wanted Naya to tell her the truth.

At the Grand Phoenix, Tara called Lauren and said that making Genoa City her new home had been a brilliant decision. Everything she and her son needed was there. Tara left after she'd made arrangements to meet with Lauren. Phyllis had been standing behind the bar, eavesdropping. She didn't look happy.

When Nick arrived, he asked Phyllis if she'd heard from Summer. Phyllis assured him she would hear from Summer soon. Nick suggested they reword a text message. Phyllis told him not to make her regret sharing information with him about Summer's job offer. Phyllis asked if Nick knew how angry Summer would be if she found out that he knew. Nick claimed he didn't care, because Phyllis would have told him that their daughter was planning on moving halfway around the world, and he wanted to know why.

Phyllis sent Summer a text message: "Let's talk before you do something you can't undo." Nick said that every bad decision Summer had made led back to Kyle. Phyllis disagreed. Nick reminded her about Summer's move to Chicago to get away from Kyle. Summer and Kyle's elopement had gone south. Summer had given up part of her liver for Kyle. Phyllis asked if Nick wanted to trash Summer's entire relationship with Kyle. She said it would make her and Nick look irrational. She asked if that was what Nick wanted. He didn't. Phyllis said they needed to figure out why Summer wanted to go to Milan.

At Society, Kyle told Summer he was aware there was something she was reluctant to tell him. Summer told him she'd received a call from Angelina Marchetti and that Angelina was looking for a new creative director -- a highly coveted position and an amazing opportunity for the right person. Angelina had offered her the job. Kyle was elated for Summer and said how flattering it was to know that all of Summer's hard work had paid off. He said Summer was making a name for herself internationally. He claimed it had to be a good feeling. Summer said it would take her career to the next level.

Joy turned to concern, and Kyle asked if Summer intended to take the job. Summer asked how she could turn it down when she was being brought into the company by Angelina Marchetti herself, and she was going to accept. Kyle was offended that Summer had decided to take a job in Italy without discussing it with him. Kyle reminded her that her whole life was in Genoa City: family, friends, and him. He wanted to know why she would even consider it. Summer said she needed to get away from Genoa City.

Summer told Kyle she had to get away because they'd been in the same situation previously. She reminded him she hadn't been able to go through with the wedding when they'd eloped. Kyle said it had been different because they weren't rushing off to prove a point to their families. Summer claimed that she'd called off the wedding back then because she hadn't believed that Kyle had been fully committed to her. Kyle said they had worked through everything so they could face whatever came their way.

Summer told Kyle that was what she'd kept telling herself after Harrison had entered Kyle's life. Suddenly, there were Harrison, Tara, and Ashland. It was no longer just the two of them. Kyle assured her things would work out. Summer said she had to trust her instincts, and she was getting that bad feeling again. She'd wanted to chalk it up to paranoia and believe that she'd overthought the situation. Kyle reminded her that she'd assured him that she'd been okay with everything.

Summer told Kyle she'd tried ignoring her gut feeling, and she'd moved their wedding to August to show everyone that they were united in the face of change and that they were unshakeable. Kyle agreed, but nothing she said made any sense. Summer stated she couldn't see herself raising a child that was the product of an affair with a woman who would be a permanent fixture in Kyle's life -- someone he clearly still had feelings for.

Kyle told Summer he didn't have any feelings for Tara. Summer claimed Kyle was saying all the right things; however, she'd watched them reconnect. Kyle said nothing had changed between him and Summer, and Tara thought Summer was great. He found it weird that Summer was throwing that at him out of the blue. He said Summer had supported him being in Harrison's life and that she was with him 100%. Summer said she'd wanted to be that strong and supportive girlfriend who would always be there, even after she'd seen what was going on between Kyle and Tara.

Kyle told Summer all she'd seen were two parents concerned about the child they shared. Summer said it was much more for Tara. Kyle wanted to know where she got that idea. Summer said she'd seen the close and intimate moments he and Tara had shared. She said every time she walked into the room, Kyle always told Tara that he didn't want her to be alone in her situation and that he wanted Tara to stay in Genoa City.

Kyle told Summer she was the only one he loved. Kyle explained that he was glad Tara was relocating because it was best for Harrison. Summer understood that Kyle was fully invested in Harrison. She'd tried to be the bigger person, but she couldn't do it. She didn't want to get in the way of Kyle being with his son.

Kyle told Summer what he really wanted was to build a life with her. He said if the job in Milan meant that much to her, he would go with her, and he would fly back and forth to see Harrison. Summer claimed that Kyle had stated that he wanted to share all the moments in Harrison's life, but he would wind up resenting and blaming her for taking Kyle away from his son.

Summer told Kyle that making it work somehow was only delaying the inevitable and that was why she was taking the job in Milan. She would lead the life she wanted, and Kyle could live the life he needed to. She didn't want Kyle to miss out on a minute of Harrison's life. Kyle said he loved her, and he wouldn't let her walk out on him. Summer said she was sorry, but she was doing what was best for everyone. She grabbed her purse and rushed out in tears.

In her suite, Amanda told Devon she'd taken Sutton's case to find out what had happened to her father, and she'd foolishly believed she could keep her emotional distance from her family. Devon said she didn't need that family because she had friends and people in her life that admired her. He said Amanda didn't realize what an amazing woman she was.

Sobbing, Amanda said she knew she would have loved Richard. Devon asked what she would say to Richard if he was standing in front of her. She said she would thank him for looking for her. She said just knowing that Richard had worked so hard to find her meant "so much" to her. Amanda told Devon she was angry because her family had been lying to her from the beginning.

Still sobbing, Amanda told Devon she felt that she'd let her family down. Devon reminded her that from the beginning, she'd given all of herself to the family. They were the ones who had continually let her down. Devon said that Amanda had planned an amazing defense strategy that Sutton had shut down, and she'd walked away. Devon said Amanda hadn't stopped fighting to find out the truth about what had happened to her father. It showed how strong she was. Amanda asked if she was strong enough to walk away from the family she'd finally found.

At Amanda's request, Naya arrived. Amanda asked Naya to imagine how she'd felt after Naya's warning not to walk away from Sutton's case and that Amanda didn't want Sutton as an enemy. Naya claimed Amanda had misinterpreted what she'd said. Amanda said it had felt like a threat. Naya said it hadn't been, and she'd only been looking out for Amanda. Naya asked if Amanda had changed her mind about helping her grandfather.

Amanda told Naya it depended on how Naya answered her question. Amanda asked if Naya had spoken to Richard before he'd died and if she'd told him about Amanda. Amanda said she knew for a fact that Richard had called Naya a week before he'd been scheduled to meet Amanda's foster parents. She disclosed that she had the phone records to prove Naya had spoken to Richard for five minutes. Naya claimed it had been a long time in the past, and she didn't remember. Amanda doubted it was something Naya would have forgotten.

Amanda asked Naya who had told Richard she'd been pregnant. Naya claimed she didn't know. Naya finally admitted that Richard had contacted her. Richard had wanted to know why she'd disappeared from school and his life without an explanation. Naya said Richard had searched for proof and received confirmation that she'd been pregnant. He'd said that someone at his job had been sympathetic and had steered him toward an investigator who had been able to help him.

Naya told Amanda she'd offered Richard money just to let it go because if her pregnancy had been made public, it would have been detrimental to Sutton's campaign. Richard had admitted he'd been far more deeply in love with Naya than Naya had been with him. All Richard had wanted had been his daughters. Richard had known she'd had twins. She'd been worried about what Richard might have done or if word had gotten out to the press. She said she'd felt sorry for Richard.

Amanda accused Naya of running straight to daddy. Naya admitted she had. Amanda stated that Sutton had had Richard killed, not for a bribery scheme but because Richard could have destroyed Sutton's life. Sutton had needed to keep the secret that Naya had given birth to two illegitimate children. She said Sutton had been willing to commit murder to keep her and Hilary a secret.

Angry, Amanda told Naya that before she'd taken Sutton's case, she'd asked Naya if Sutton had killed Richard. With angry tears, Amanda shouted that Naya had lied to her. Naya claimed she hadn't lied then, and she still wasn't lying. Naya said she was ashamed how she'd handled Richard. She claimed she was heartbroken that Amanda had never gotten to meet Richard or have him in her life, but it hadn't been Sutton's fault. He hadn't masterminded a plan to kill Richard to avoid some political fallout. Sutton wasn't that kind of man. Amanda spat that she didn't believe a word out of Naya's mouth.

Summer arrived at the hotel in tears, and Phyllis waylaid her. Summer tried to hide the tears. Phyllis told Summer she'd told Nick about Summer's job. Phyllis said she and Nick loved her, and they would always worry about her.

Summer told Phyllis that she'd told Kyle she couldn't stay and watch him raise his son and that Kyle couldn't go to Milan with her and be away from Harrison. It wouldn't be fair. Nick approached and asked why all the secrecy if Summer felt it was such a good decision. Summer said it was a big decision, and she hadn't made it lightly. She had to handle things her way without being judged. She told Nick and Phyllis it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and she was going to take it.

Nick told Summer something major had to have happened between her and Kyle for her to consider moving away. Summer said she was doing it for herself. She said the situation with Kyle and his son had made her realize she couldn't be with Kyle. Summer said Angelina Marchetti wanted her to start work immediately, so she had to pack. Nick asked what Kyle had done to drive Summer away.

Summer told Nick and Phyllis not to go there. Kyle had a son, and he was trying to do right by him. Nick and Phyllis commended Kyle for stepping up, but they saw what Kyle was doing to Summer. Summer said she was doing what was best for her. She had wanted to be that magnanimous person who could handle Kyle having a son -- and the woman he'd had an affair with -- in their lives, but she wasn't that person. She couldn't live like an outsider while Kyle and Tara raised their child. She needed to live her life.

Summer told Nick and Phyllis to stop blaming Kyle for her decision, and she asked them to respect that it was something she had to do and to consider being happy for her. Summer stormed off to her suite.

Phyllis asked if Nick had noticed how much Summer had defended Kyle. Nick thought it was a reflex, but he believed Kyle had done something to hurt Summer. Phyllis wasn't so sure.

Kyle rushed into the Abbott home and told Tara he needed to talk to Jack alone. Tara left. Kyle said his life was suddenly imploding, and he had no idea how it had happened. Kyle told Jack that Summer was leaving him because she'd accepted a job as creative director at Marchetti's -- without speaking to him about it. Kyle said that JCV was his and Summer's baby, and they had had created JCV together; however, Summer was abandoning him and JCV.

Jack told Kyle that a lot had been asked of Summer in Kyle's situation. Kyle said he'd been honest with Summer from the beginning. Kyle wanted to know why Summer couldn't have been honest and told him what she'd been feeling. Jack told Kyle to see it from Summer's point of view. With Harrison in Kyle's life, it changed the dynamic of their relationship in ways Summer had never bargained for. Kyle said Harrison would grow and not need as much of his time. Jack said it might not be soon enough for Summer.

Jack told Kyle there were no easy answers. Kyle wanted to know how he could stop Summer from leaving. Jack asked if Kyle was ready to let go of Harrison. Jack knew Kyle was close to his son and had plans and dreams for him. Kyle shouted he hadn't known Harrison existed until recently. Jack asked if Kyle was ready to end his relationship with Harrison. Kyle asked why Summer wanted to throw everything away.

Kyle told Jack that life threw curve balls, but people dealt with them and found ways to make them work. Jack said that was what Summer was doing. Jack said Summer had made her decision out of love for Kyle. She didn't want Kyle to be in a position where he had to choose between her and his son. Kyle was adamant he would figure out a way to be with her and Harrison. Almost in tears, Kyle said Summer was an important part of his life. He said it was their journey, and he wanted Summer in Harrison's life.

Jack asked if Kyle could convince Summer of that. Kyle said he had to find the words to make Summer understand. Kyle left. Tara had been in the dining room, eavesdropping, and when Kyle left, she smiled. Tara entered the room and asked Jack if everything was all right. Jack said that change was difficult, and sometimes it was harder than one imagined. Jack left. Tara sent Sally a text message: "We're so close to getting what we both want." Tara smiled.

At Crimson Lights, Sally smiled after receiving Tara's text message.

Kyle arrived at his and Summer's suite. He told Summer he wouldn't let her do it.

Amanda learns Naya turned herself in for Richard's murder Amanda learns Naya turned herself in for Richard's murder

Friday, June 25, 2021

At Devon's penthouse, Amanda griped to Devon that her mother was a real piece of work. She recalled that it had been like pulling teeth, but Naya had finally admitted that she'd told Richard everything on the call, including that she'd been pregnant with his twins when she'd left college. Amanda angrily recounted that Naya had made up phony claims about wanting to be close to her to get her to be Sutton's attorney, never saying a word about how Amanda had had a father who had loved her unconditionally. Amanda hissed that it was bad enough that Naya had let her spend her entire life without a mother's love, but Naya had also made Amanda think that her father hadn't wanted her when he had.

Amanda was also livid because Sutton had known about the call, so he'd been aware that Richard had found out about Naya's pregnancy and had been determined to find Amanda and Hilary, even if every Ames family secret had been exposed. Amanda seethed that Sutton had used her to clear his name, all the while painting her father as a money-hungry blackmailer. Amanda growled that Sutton had manipulated her to keep the truth from getting out, and it was why he'd wanted her to stick to the original defense strategy by diverting the case toward Victor and Newman Enterprises.

Amanda imagined that Sutton had been confident that she'd never find out the truth, and she believed he was guilty. She lamented that if she was right, her father had died because he had loved her and had been looking for her, and her grandfather had been behind it. Devon hoped she could at least be happy that she knew the truth, but she wasn't sure whether she had the whole story, since she couldn't believe a word Naya had said. Devon found it ironic that Amanda had gotten more honesty from Victor than her own family, and he noted that Victor had become her greatest ally.

Amanda considered Devon her greatest ally, since he'd stood by her from the beginning and given her great advice. Devon hesitated to take any credit, since he'd watched her stay strong and force her family to admit to what they'd done. He thought it proved how great she'd turned out in spite of her family not being there for her. Amanda wondered why she felt like such a fool for wanting their love and acceptance. Devon assured her that it was normal, but her family had underestimated her.

Devon encouraged Amanda to think about how to move forward, and Amanda vowed not to stop until justice was done. She anticipated that the phone records wouldn't be enough, and she needed something that was irrefutable. Devon assumed that an attorney couldn't turn on a former client by trying to prove the client's guilt, and Amanda intended to avoid doing anything that would allow Sutton to accuse her of violating attorney-client privilege. She alluded to a way to get her grandfather where it would hurt him the most.

There was a knock at the door, and Devon found Imani there. Imani stormed in and demanded to know "what the hell" Amanda had done. Amanda admonished Imani for barging in, but Imani barked that she was there because Amanda didn't know when to leave well enough alone. Imani pushed to know what Amanda had said to Naya, but Amanda countered that the better question was what Naya had said to her, since the truth was finally out. Amanda revealed that Naya had confirmed that she'd spoken to Richard before he'd been killed, and Naya had confessed to having twins and abandoning them after they'd been born. Amanda continued that Naya had also told Sutton that Richard had known the truth.

Imani haughtily hoped Amanda was proud of breaking their mother with her relentless questioning, since Naya had just turned herself in for murder. Imani blamed Amanda for Naya's decision to protect their family from scandal, since Naya hadn't wanted Sutton's career to be ruined just because she'd abandoned her babies. Amanda wanted to see Naya to fix things, but Imani bellowed that Amanda had done enough by shoving her way into their family and tearing them apart to make them pay for her suffering. Imani ranted that Amanda had done her worst to all of them, so losing Naya to prison was all on Amanda.

At Crimson Lights, Abby excitedly reached for her phone, hoping an incoming text message was from Chance. She found a photo of Mariah wearing a "baby on board" shirt and showed it to Nina. Nina empathized because they both wanted to know Chance was okay. Abby speculated that perhaps it was a good sign that the message hadn't been from him, since he needed to stay focused and safe to finish the job. Nina noticed the time and hurried out, and Abby gathered her things. "Hello, Abby," a familiar male voice greeted her from behind. She turned and faced Stitch.

Abby voiced surprise to see Stitch after all that time. He explained that his old boss at Memorial was retiring, and he was there for the celebration. He guessed that he should have reached out to her when he'd gotten to town, but he hadn't been sure she'd want to hear from her ex. Abby insisted that it was nice to see him. Stitch mentioned that he'd heard about her wedding and extended his congratulations, sincerely adding that he was happy for her.

Abby inquired about Max. Stitch reported that his son had been moved to different facilities multiple times, but he refused to lose hope. Abby encouraged Stitch to never give up, and she said she wanted what was best for both of them. She checked her phone, and he was surprised to see the photo of a pregnant Mariah. Abby nervously shared that Mariah was serving as a surrogate for Abby and Chance, who were expecting their first child together. Stitch wondered why they were using a surrogate, and Abby revealed that she couldn't carry a child to term. He realized it was because of her prior miscarriage.

Stitch said he was sorry, but Abby told him not to be because she didn't hold any grudges, and she didn't want to relive the painful memories because she was happy. She added that everyone had a journey, and that one happened to be hers. She felt blessed and couldn't ask for anything more, and he observed that her smile still lit up the room. Stitch wished Abby, Chance, and their little one all the best, and he said it was good seeing her again. He left.

Tara entered the coffeehouse, and Sally commented that it sounded like congratulations were in order. Tara clucked that Sally was being premature, since nothing had been confirmed yet. Sally reported that Summer had called Lauren to meet about something very important, and she assumed it was to say "arrivederci" to Genoa City. Tara waited for Sally to gloat over Summer's impending departure, and Sally crowed that she'd earned the right to do so.

Sally pointed out that she wouldn't be the only one to benefit from the scheme, but Tara argued that her motive was simply to protect her son. Sally noted that it wasn't all about Harrison, since his mommy planned to trade one sexy, powerful man for a newer model named Abbott. Tara retorted that Sally had her eyes set on an Abbott, too. Sally defended that her relationship with Jack had been nothing but genuine, and she truly cared about him. Sally imagined that was difficult for Tara to believe. Tara sauntered off.

Abby found Nina and Mariah waiting for her at the Abbott mansion, and she worriedly asked if the baby was okay. Mariah revealed that she'd been having a fluttering feeling, and she'd thought it had been nausea, but she'd looked it up and discovered that the little guy might have been yawning. Mariah joked that she'd have to try not to be boring from then on, but Nina noticed that Abby seemed distracted. Abby shared that she'd unexpectedly run into Stitch at Crimson Lights. Mariah explained to Nina that Abby's ex was a smart, kind, hunky doctor who'd supposedly left town for good.

Abby revealed that Stitch's return had nothing to do with her, since he was there for a retirement party. Abby recounted that their conversation had gone well at first, but things had turned uncomfortable when he'd seen the photo that Mariah had sent because it had stirred up some painful memories. Abby felt bad about what Stitch was going through with Max, who had never fully recovered from a brain tumor. Abby recalled Max's struggles with the effect on his motor skills and the changes to his personality, and she felt terrible for Stitch, especially when her life was filled with joy.

Meanwhile, Stitch sat alone as he flashed back to telling Abby she was pregnant. His thoughts shifted to being with her in the hospital after she'd miscarried, and she'd talked about how she'd wanted the baby to be a girl. Stitch then reflected back on him and Abby eventually deciding to end their marriage, and she'd kissed his cheek and walked away.

Nick and Jack ran into one another at Society and confirmed that they both knew about Summer and Kyle's split. Nick thought that time was really the end for the couple, but Jack indicated that Kyle wasn't ready to give up yet. Nick turned away, and Jack surmised that Nick blamed Kyle. Jack recognized that Kyle wasn't blameless, but he thought Kyle had done the best he could under the circumstances. Nick acknowledged that it was a complicated situation, and he was frustrated because he already had one kid living on another continent and didn't want Summer doing the same thing.

Jack struggled to understand why Summer and Kyle had postponed their wedding, only to fast-track it and then break off their engagement in no time flat. Nick noted that it wasn't the couple's first broken engagement, and Jack mused that some relationships were worth fighting for, while others were too much of a fight to be worth it. Jack bemoaned that maybe it wasn't in the cards for Summer and Kyle.

Later, Jack ordered coffee at Crimson Lights and was surprised to run into Sally again. He observed that her upbeat mood seemed to be unshakeable, and she chirped that she was just trying to stay positive. She wished him a good night and headed out.

In her hotel suite, Summer reiterated that there was nothing Kyle could say to change her mind. He was surprised to see she was already packing, and he protested that she couldn't move to Italy overnight. Summer asserted that she needed to make a clean break, but Kyle pleaded with her to slow down and give him a chance to prove she was wrong. She maintained that she was doing what was best for everyone involved, but he refused to give up on them and wouldn't let her give up, either. Kyle pledged to follow Summer to Italy and remind her every day that he loved her and that they were supposed to be together.

Kyle argued that Summer couldn't just expect him to accept it and walk away when they still loved one another. Summer claimed that she didn't love him like he loved her, and she never would. Kyle wondered why Summer would say that when she'd pledged her love many times, and he'd seen it in her eyes. She conceded that she'd looked at him with love before, but she didn't anymore because there had been too much heartache and pain. Kyle professed that her heart belonged to him, just like his belonged to her.

Summer dared Kyle to look in her eyes and see if he saw love there anymore, since there was only resentment borne of a heart too broken to take care of another woman's child when that woman was still in the picture. Kyle stressed that there was nothing going on with him and Tara, but Summer ordered him to leave her alone and go to his dad's house to be with Tara and his son. Kyle was determined not to leave until Summer understood that he loved her and only her. She tearfully demanded that he get out, and he obliged. Summer broke down in sobs.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis sent a text message to Nick to ask if he'd heard anything from Summer yet. Kyle stepped off the elevator, stormed over to Phyllis, and asked if she was aware that Summer had called off the wedding and was leaving the country. Phyllis informed him that Summer had dropped the bomb on her earlier, and she said she was sorry. Kyle appealed to her to do something to help him fix it.

Phyllis admitted that Summer's reaction had shocked her, but her daughter was a grown woman who had made up her mind. Kyle tried to comprehend how Summer could say she didn't love him anymore, and Phyllis urged him to respect Summer's decision. Kyle complained that it made no sense, but Phyllis questioned how he'd expected Summer to react when he'd suddenly had a son living in Genoa City. Kyle incredulously asked if Phyllis was telling him to walk away from his son, but Phyllis doubted Summer would respect that. Kyle incredulously contemplated whether there was nothing left for him to do, and Phyllis sincerely told him she was very sorry. He walked out.

Lauren arrived at the hotel and wondered why Phyllis seemed upset. Phyllis replied that she couldn't talk about it, and Lauren asked if it had anything to do with the urgent message Summer had sent. Phyllis declined to explain what was going on because it wasn't her place, but she begged Lauren to talk sense into Summer.

There was a knock on the door as Summer packed her clothes. She yelled for Kyle to go away, but Lauren identified herself. Summer opened the door and apologized, and Lauren asked what Summer had wanted to talk about. Summer regretted the late notice, but she announced that she had to leave JCV. Lauren refused to accept her resignation that easily.

Lauren questioned why Summer would suddenly leave when she'd seemed happy. Summer divulged that she'd been offered the creative director position at Marchetti, and Lauren realized it was the same position Summer and Sally had been talking about. Summer explained that she hadn't been looking for another job, but Angelina Marchetti had called her out of the blue with the offer. Lauren noted that it was unusual, and Summer apologized profusely for leaving JCV in the lurch.

Summer reasoned that it was an opportunity she hadn't been able to pass up, and Angelina wanted her to start right away. Lauren inquired about Kyle, and Summer forlornly replied that it hadn't worked out between them. Lauren suspected that Summer was running away from her problems. Summer couldn't deny that she was running away, but she stressed that it had been her decision. She took comfort in knowing she'd get to run somewhere really great.

In the lobby, Nick made plans over the phone to have the Newman jet ready to go in the morning. Phyllis overheard and asked if he was also deserting her to go to an exotic location, and he explained that he'd decided to go to Italy with Summer to help her get settled. Phyllis expected him to try to talk Summer out of it on the plane, but Nick acknowledged that Summer was very much like her mother in that when she made up her mind, she stuck to it.

Nick invited Phyllis to go with him and make a romantic trip out of it, but she worried that Summer would view it as her parents smothering her. He agreed to handle it solo to make sure Summer was safe and okay. Phyllis commended him for being an incredible dad by putting everything he felt aside and doing what was best for their daughter. Nick admitted that it wasn't easy, and he hoped he didn't end up regretting his decision.

Phyllis contemplated whether she and Nick had influenced Summer, who had grown up watching Nick bounce between Phyllis and Sharon. Phyllis recognized that Faith and Summer had been in the same position Harrison was in. Nick sensed that Phyllis was worried Summer was afraid Kyle and Tara's co-parenting might lead them back together. Phyllis pointed out that it had been what Summer had seen growing up, and Summer was probably scared that history would repeat itself. Nick pointed out that he and Phyllis had ended up happy and in love, and he hoped one day Summer found that, too.

Over the phone, Summer tried to convince Angelina that she was excited and happy about taking the position. After Summer hung up, she sadly looked down at her engagement ring and removed it from her finger.

Nick stopped by Summer's room and told her that the Newman jet was ready to take her to Europe first thing in the morning. He added that he'd also arranged for a personal escort to take her there, and it was him. Summer protested that he didn't have to do it, but he insisted that he wanted to. He asked one last time if it was absolutely what she wanted, and she swore it was. He guessed there was just one more thing he needed to do -- learn how to say "Supergirl" in Italian.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle chugged a drink and poured himself another. Tara entered the house and asked if everything was all right, since he looked like his whole world had just fallen apart. "It kind of has," he replied. Tara sat down and softly stated that she was there to help.

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Kyle defends Tara


Kyle defends Tara
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