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Summer returned Kyle's engagement ring and departed for Milan. Lauren appointed Sally as acting president of JCV on Summer's recommendation. Jack and Sally reconnected. Ashland blamed Tara when his condition was leaked to the tabloids. An unseen Stitch peeped into the Chancellor mansion.
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Summer returned Kyle's engagement ring and departed for Milan, and Stitch secretly peeped into the Chancellor mansion
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Sally gets a big surprise Sally gets a big surprise

Monday, June 28, 2021

Jack encountered a despondent Kyle alone in the sitting room at the Abbott mansion. Jack inquired about Summer. Kyle cried that he'd tried everything he could think of to convince Summer not to break up with him, but it hadn't worked. Kyle seemed especially concerned about Summer's decision to move to Italy right away. Kyle said, "How could I just let her go?" Kyle insisted he had to talk to Summer one last time as he picked up his keys and walked out the door.

In Summer's suite at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis and Nick helped Summer pack part of her clothes and shoes for the trip. Nick said he'd invited Phyllis to join him and Summer on the flight aboard the Newman jet to Italy. Phyllis explained that she'd decided not to accompany Nick and Summer, fearing Summer might think her parents were ganging up to pressure her into changing her mind. Phyllis offered to pack away Summer's winter coats and boots. Summer insisted on taking them along, explaining that her move wasn't a trial run.

After Phyllis and Nick exchanged nervous glances, Summer requested that her parents not pretend to support her while secretly hoping that she'd change her mind. Phyllis explained that because everything was happening so fast, her parents needed time to adjust. Summer forced herself to sound upbeat and proclaimed that change was good, just as her father had often said. After Nick and Phyllis stepped out, Summer picked up a framed photo of herself with Kyle and remembered a conversation with Tara. Tara had said, "If you don't take this job and leave the country, I will make sure Kyle never sees Harrison ever again." Summer stared lovingly at the photo for a time before setting it facedown on a table.

When Kyle arrived at Summer's suite, Phyllis was labeling storage boxes. Phyllis told Kyle that Summer had gone to say goodbye to Faith, Nikki, and Victor. Kyle begged Phyllis to tell him how to convince Summer to stay, so he could show her that everything would work out with him and with Harrison. Phyllis replied, "You forgot Tara." Kyle insisted he had no secret desire to be with Tara, though Summer didn't believe him. Kyle cried that he didn't know where Summer had gotten that idea.

Phyllis, almost berating Kyle, said that he'd put Summer in a no-win situation. Phyllis backed down, softening her tone, and told Kyle that neither she nor Summer blamed him. When Kyle noticed the framed photo Summer had left on the table, Phyllis advised Kyle to accept that there was nothing left to fight for. Kyle hastily abandoned the photo and rushed out.

Summer entered the patio at Crimson Lights and greeted Faith, who was seated with Mariah. Summer announced that she'd received a job offer in Milan as a creative director for Marchetti and would begin work right away. Mariah stepped out to give Summer and Faith time to talk. Summer said she'd be living in one of the most breathtaking cities in the world and would welcome visits from her sister.

Faith asked Summer if Kyle would be moving to Milan. Summer explained that she would be moving by herself and had canceled her wedding plans. Summer claimed she was determined to change her life the way Faith had changed hers. After Faith received a message that her ride had arrived, Summer suggested they bid farewell by saying "ciao," which translated to "see you later." Before the sisters parted, they said they loved each other.

After Faith left, Mariah returned to face Summer. Mariah said, "You are a real piece of work, trashing Kyle's world like this." Summer said she didn't expect Mariah to understand. Mariah accused Summer of abandoning Kyle because he'd made a commitment to his child. Mariah expressed regret for having convinced Kyle to not give up on Summer. Mariah accused Summer of being exceedingly selfish. Summer said it seemed fitting they'd end things the way they'd started, and she wished Mariah good luck with her pregnancy. Mariah said, "Goodbye, Snowflake."

After Summer left, Kyle entered. Mariah confronted Kyle and said, "I heard what Snowflake did, and you know what? Good riddance. You deserve so much better." Kyle ordered Mariah to stop and to keep the nasty comments to herself. Kyle collected his thoughts, apologized, and told Mariah she wasn't to blame. Mariah acknowledged she'd overstepped and was disappointed because she'd thought Summer had matured and would have tried to make it work. Kyle keyed in on Mariah's comment and insisted he would convince Summer that they could make it work.

Sally met with Lauren at Society, eager to show her boss the second-quarter estimates. Lauren had her mind on other things and asked Sally if she was aware that Summer was leaving JCV to become the creative director of Marchetti. Sally said she'd heard rumors. Lauren recalled having overheard Sally discussing the coveted position with Summer. Sally saw Summer enter and congratulated her on her new gig. Sally claimed she was jealous but happy for Summer. Summer asked to speak to Lauren alone because she hadn't liked how they'd left things.

Lauren admitted to Summer that she was shocked but only wanted the best for Summer. Summer said she had ideas about how Lauren could make a smooth transition. Before Sally stepped away, she wished Summer all the best. Summer wished Sally good luck on all her future endeavors.

Sally walked to a corner of the restaurant and sent a text message to Tara. Sally wrote, "Summer is going to royally screw me on her way out. At least one of us will get what we want." After Summer discussed her ideas, Lauren said it was a quite a suggestion. Summer explained that it was just an idea about her replacement, and she apologized for leaving so abruptly. Lauren acknowledged that everything in the fashion world was done at breakneck speed. Summer said she'd be forever grateful to Lauren for having hired her to run JCV. Lauren praised Summer for her stellar accomplishments as president.

Summer encountered Billy on her way out. Summer told Billy she'd called off her wedding and had accepted a job offer in Italy. Summer explained that her relationship with Kyle hadn't worked out. Billy said he assumed Kyle's ex and her child had something to do with her decision. Before she left, Summer asked Billy to support Kyle when he needed a friend. Billy said he doubted Kyle wanted to have anything to do with him, but he'd try to live up to her belief that he could help. Billy said he still believed Summer was in love with his nephew. Before she left, Billy told Summer he was pulling for her.

After Summer left, Sally rejoined Lauren. Lauren asked Sally if she'd wanted the position in Milan. Sally admitted it was a wonderful job that a thousand applicants had sought. Lauren asked Sally if she'd applied. Sally said she hadn't, explaining that she hadn't considered herself to be a viable candidate among applicants with impressive résumés. Lauren advised Sally not to let her misgivings affect her confidence.

Sally expressed her appreciation to Lauren for judging her on her tenacity, creativity, and hard work. Sally assured Lauren she was ready to take Summer's position. Lauren said Summer had suggested that Sally replace her as president of JCV. Sally looked shocked and said, "Summer recommended me for the job?" Lauren told Sally she'd be appointed acting president of JCV and would be allowed time to prove whether or not she deserved the title and responsibilities. Sally took a deep breath, seemingly unable to believe her good fortune.

After Kyle rushed into Society, Billy told him that he'd just missed Summer. Kyle replied, "Damn it." Billy said he knew that Summer had decided to move to Italy. Billy told Kyle that it seemed as if Summer didn't believe she had any good options. Kyle asked Billy what he meant.

Billy said Kyle shouldn't blame Summer for not wanting to be a fifth wheel in an instant family. Kyle, exasperated, cried that he'd been searching for Summer all over town, hoping he could convince her to stay. Kyle seemed defeated and said he should give up. Billy encouraged Kyle not to give up because if he didn't try, he'd regret it.

Summer met up with Jack at Chancellor Park. Jack said he'd heard about Summer's job across the pond and said it was an amazing opportunity. Jack asked Summer if she'd spoken to Kyle. Summer replied, "There's nothing left to say." Jack told Summer that Kyle had been trying to find her in hopes of changing her mind and convincing her to stay. Summer told Jack that Kyle needed to let her go because it would be the best thing for everybody.

Crying softly, Summer pleaded with Jack to help Kyle see that her leaving was for the best. Jack said he could have predicted the road ahead after learning that Kyle had a son. Jack explained that he'd already lived through it and remembered how it had taken a toll on everyone's lives. Summer pleaded with Jack not to allow Kyle to compromise his relationship with Harrison just to prove something to her. Summer said she was happy for Kyle, though she was in a different place.

Summer asked Jack if he remembered what he'd done for her when he'd thought she was his daughter. Jack replied, "I gave you one gift for every birthday that I had missed out on." Sobbing, Summer said, "I'm asking for this one last gift from you." Jack promised to do everything in his power to ensure that Kyle accepted her decision. Jack told Summer that she'd held a special place in his heart since the day he'd helped bring her into the world. Jack made Summer promise to call him day or night if she ever needed anything.

In a boardroom at Newman Enterprises, Victor told Nikki that Summer would be stopping by to tell them goodbye. Nikki said that both Noah and Summer would be living in Europe to pursue their passions. Victor recalled how sad he'd been when Victoria had moved away, though he was pleased that Summer was on good terms with her family. Nikki said she couldn't help but wonder why Summer had been so eager to take the job. Victor blamed the recent discovery that Kyle had a three-year-old son with an ex-lover. Nikki said she hoped Summer had made her decisions for the right reasons.

Victoria joined her parents before Summer arrived. Victoria told Summer that the Newman jet was ready to depart whenever she and Nick were ready. Summer thanked Victoria for the use of the jet and the corporate apartment in Milan. Victor and Nikki told Summer to make the most of her experience. Summer said she was ready for the challenge and the chance to live in a major fashion hub. Nikki assured Summer that there was no limit to what she could accomplish. Victoria and Nikki told Summer she'd be busy "kicking butt in the grand tradition of Newman women." Victor promised Summer that her grandparents would visit, and Nikki said Summer could return home for visits.

While Summer collected her luggage in her suite, Phyllis said that after Nick returned home, she'd visit and tour Milan with her daughter. Summer laughed when Phyllis joked about building a Grand Phoenix in Italy. Phyllis struggled not to cry and said, "The world is yours. Everything is yours. My beautiful daughter." Phyllis told Summer not to forget that she was resourceful, strong, and, as her mother's daughter, wouldn't take anything from anyone.

Phyllis recalled that she'd built her hotel after losing her CEO position at Jabot and had managed to hold onto it despite so many attempting to take it away. Summer said she'd do the same in Milan by rebooting her life. Summer held her mother's hands and said, "You are my hero." Sobbing, Summer said Phyllis inspired her every day. Phyllis stifled laughter mixed with crying and replied, "I thought Dad was your hero." Summer said she hoped she could be half as brave as she needed to be. Phyllis assured Summer that Angelica Marchetti would thank her lucky stars for hiring Summer. Phyllis and Summer tightly embraced.

Tara was in the sitting room when Jack returned home and asked her what she had planned for her day. Tara said she had a meeting with Lauren about her shoe line and had hoped to catch Kyle before she left. Jack said Kyle would have his hands full, trying to talk Summer out of moving to Milan. Tara said she blamed herself and that the last thing she wanted was for Kyle to blame her or resent Harrison. Jack assured Tara that his son would never do that. Jack said it was Summer's decision, though he wasn't sure Kyle would understand. Jack told Tara that after Summer left, Kyle would be comforted by spending time with Harrison. Tara smiled as she contemplated Jack's comment.

Kyle walked swiftly through the park and phoned the Grand Phoenix to ask if Summer had left her suite. After he received a response, Kyle rushed out of the park, leaping over hedges to take a shortcut route. Summer had just made it down to the lobby when Kyle arrived at the hotel. Nick sternly said, "We're leaving." Kyle replied, "No, I need to talk to her." Nick told Kyle to let it go. Summer said she'd talk to Kyle to say goodbye, though he couldn't change her mind.

Kyle told Summer he understood why she was scared, but he begged her to give them another chance. Kyle assured Summer that Harrison wouldn't take away anything from their relationship and the love they'd shared for so many years. Crying, Summer insisted that she had to leave to live the life she wanted, adding that there was no future for them. Kyle said he would still fight for her and the life they'd planned together. Summer wrapped her arms around Kyle's neck and assured him he'd have a wonderful life and that they'd each move on.

Summer kissed Kyle and held his hands before she departed. After Summer rushed out the door, Kyle discovered that she'd slipped her engagement ring into his palm. Outside the door, Summer felt her bare ring finger and stifled her tears.

Billy stopped by the Abbott mansion to speak to Jack. Billy said he'd run into Kyle and Summer separately. Jack checked his watch and said Summer would likely be boarding the Newman jet. Billy replied, "Not if Kyle takes my advice and it works." Jack explained that Summer had taken a high-profile job in Italy because there was too much at home for her to take on. Billy said Kyle's situation didn't seem unsurmountable to him. Jack insisted that love didn't always conquer all.

Sally and Lauren were still discussing Sally's acting position as president of JCV when Tara arrived. Lauren invited Tara to join them, noting that Sally had said she and Tara were already acquainted. Lauren announced that Sally had been named acting president of JCV. Tara congratulated Sally. After Lauren stepped away to take a phone call, Sally said she was shocked to learn that Summer had recommended her for the job. Tara said it appeared they were both getting what they wanted, after all. Sally said she wouldn't relax until Summer boarded her plane.

Ashland's condition is leaked to the tabloids Ashland's condition is leaked to the tabloids

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

At Chancellor Communications, Lily was anxious to show Billy something, but he seemed distracted. He revealed that he'd been thinking about Kyle, and he welcomed talking about work instead. Lily showed him an article in the National Inquisitor about Ashland having only six months to live. She wondered whether the information was true, considering the tabloid source. Billy realized that it was a huge story if Victoria had already known about Ashland's health.

Billy referred to Victoria's mysterious comment about having a plan. Lily pushed to find out if the story was true first, since no legitimate source had picked it up yet. Billy recalled how Victoria had put a wall up whenever he'd pressed to know about what she'd been doing with Ashland, and he suspected that there was more going on than she was willing to acknowledge. Lily realized that the story about Ashland's health would affect their story about his divorce, and she proposed that she do some fishing with Victoria while Billy focused on Ashland. They prepared to divide and conquer.

Victoria arrived at Ashland's hotel suite as Ashland wrapped up a call with his lawyers. After he hung up, he reflected back on handling everything personally when he'd started building his empire, before he'd had a fleet of attorneys at his disposal. Victoria thought she could guess why he was feeling nostalgic, and Ashland pointed out that it wasn't just another deal. He stressed that it was his entire legacy, and his gut and heart were telling him to wrap his arms around the enormity of what they were trying to pull off. "Two great entities coming together as one," Victoria mused.

Ashland gazed at Victoria intently and noted that they were feeling their way as they went, looking for compatibility and creating something extraordinary. She sensed that they weren't talking about a merger anymore, and she reminded him that they'd agreed to meet for business purposes. He flirtatiously stated that he wasn't the cautious type, but she insisted that they remain focused. He guessed that she wanted to keep him wanting more. His phone chimed, and he scowled when he checked it. "How could this have happened?" he testily questioned.

Ashland surmised that Victoria had received the same alert he had, and she figured that a gossip site was hardly a reliable source. He contended that it made no difference, since the tabloid had gotten its facts straight. He found the timing curious, since he could count on one hand the number of people who'd known enough information to have leaked it. He apologized for having to see someone right away, and he dashed off.

Adam locked his penthouse door and waited by the elevator. He flashed back to holding Chelsea in his arms and gushing that he'd done something right to deserve a woman as special as her, and they'd kissed. His thoughts drifted to him worrying about her lack of progress after her stroke and imploring her to stop holding back so they could sort things out. Adam thought back to how he'd grown to suspect that she'd been hiding her recovery and setting him up. Adam boarded the elevator.

Nikki arrived at Newman Media with something important that was missing from Victor's new office. She handed Victor a box, and he found a framed photo of them inside. He decided to put it on his desk to remind him of how extraordinary an adventure their marriage had been. She said she had to get back to work before she ended up staying to start another extraordinary adventure. He lovingly scolded her for teasing him.

Victor admitted that he'd thought of luring Nikki away from Victoria to work with him there. Nikki thought they both knew he'd never do it, since he was still holding out hope she'd spy on Victoria for him. Nikki maintained that it would never happen, and he inquired whether she'd heard from Nick and Summer. She intended to call them from her office, and they discussed how it would be hard on all of them with Summer being far away.

Adam burst in and quickly apologized for interrupting. Nikki headed out, and Adam prompted Victor to check out the latest post on the National Inquisitor. Victor was stunned when he saw the story about Ashland. Victor anticipated that it would shake things up if the story was true. Victor envisioned buying Ashland's entire company, and Adam murmured that perhaps Cyaxares had just been the first step for them. They became more excited about their meeting with Ashland later that day.

Lily walked into Crimson Lights and ordered coffee, pretending not to notice Victoria. Victoria quickly gathered her things to leave, but Lily cheerfully greeted her and complimented her outfit. Lily rambled about buying cute sundresses during that time of year, but Victoria flatly replied that she didn't have much time to shop. Lily was sure Victoria was busy with the kids, Newman, and her personal life, and she feigned hesitation when mentioning the article about Ashland's health. Lily noted that Victoria and Ashland had become friends, and she sympathized about the disturbing news.

Victoria questioned whether Lily meant the story or Ashland's health, since no one liked seeing their name on a gossip site. Victoria advised Lily to stop fishing for information on Billy's behalf, since Victoria had already shut Billy down on the topic. Lily claimed that she was happy Victoria had someone new in her life, and Victoria sarcastically responded that she'd been waiting for Lily's permission. Victoria asserted that she wasn't responsible for what gossip sites published, and she considered it a common business tactic to plant a rumor to make a competitor look vulnerable. She sauntered off.

Nikki entered Victoria's office at Newman and spotted a document on Locke Communications Group stationery peeking out of a folder. Victoria found Nikki inspecting the contents and asked if her mother was looking for something. Nikki explained that she'd been dropping off some numbers Victoria had wanted, but it had been hard to miss what appeared to be a list of assets and valuations for Locke Communications. Nikki huffed that as COO, she'd been surprised to learn there was something going on that she hadn't even been consulted about.

Nikki clucked that a large company like Newman required a team to pull in the same direction, and it could rarely be a solo act. She questioned whether the document had to do with the future of Newman, but Victoria claimed that she'd just been doing some research on Ashland's company. Nikki sensed that it had something to do with the news about Ashland that day, and she asked if he was really dying. Victoria responded that she had no idea. Nikki demanded to know if Victoria was trying to protect him.

After swearing Nikki to secrecy, Victoria divulged that Ashland had confided in her about his condition and that every word in the article was true. Victoria revealed that she'd pitched folding Locke Communications into Newman before the news had spilled, in order to give Ashland a say in what happened to his company. Nikki called Victoria her father's daughter. Victoria bragged that the deal was looking promising, and she ordered Nikki not to say a word to anyone.

Kyle entered the Abbott mansion, telling Jack over the phone that he hadn't been able to stop Summer from leaving. Tara overheard and ducked out before Kyle could see her. Kyle plopped forlornly on a chair, and Tara reentered the room and claimed that she hadn't heard the door. She asked if he was all right, since Jack had informed her that Summer was planning to leave the country. Tara assumed from Kyle's expression that nothing had changed, and she asked if there was anything she could do. He replied that there wasn't, but he appreciated her concern.

Harrison ran in and excitedly greeted his daddy. Kyle brightened and remembered that he'd told the boy they'd hang out together. Tara recognized that it might be a bad time, but Kyle insisted that there had never been a better time, since it was exactly what he needed. Tara smirked. As Kyle and Harrison drew pictures together, Tara offered to get them some ice cream, noting that Kyle could probably use a treat even more than his son. They headed to the kitchen as the doorbell rang, and Kyle called out that he'd get it.

Kyle found Ashland at the door and assumed he was there to see Harrison. Ashland growled that he was there to see his soon-to-be-ex-wife. Tara returned to the room and told Kyle she'd handle it. After Kyle stepped out, Ashland accused her of leaking news of his illness to the media. Ashland surmised that Tara had latched onto her next set of millionaires, so she'd felt she could afford to be vindictive by going after him after he'd cut her out of his will. She claimed that she had no idea what he was talking about, and he barked that she was the only one with motive to destroy him.

Ashland ranted that hurting his company's value and prestige would only hurt Harrison down the road, and he questioned how Tara had justified leaking such incredibly private information. Tara denied any knowledge of the leak, and she swore that she'd never do that to him or to Harrison because she wasn't the vindictive one in their family. Ashland hoped she wasn't foolish enough to think that the stunt would get her control of his company if he died before their divorce was final. Tara reiterated that she didn't want his company and that she'd never meant to hurt him, but she doubted he'd ever believe it.

Tara inquired whether what was happening between Ashland and Victoria was his way of proving how little Tara had mattered to him. Ashland chided her for trying to change the subject. Kyle rushed in and shushed them to keep Harrison from hearing their fight. Tara theorized that Ashland didn't think she'd actually leaked the information, but he'd considered her an easy target after he'd been humiliated. She clucked that he'd forgotten how well she knew him, and she knew taking his torment out on others was a release for him.

Tara declared that she was done, and she stormed out. Kyle prompted Ashland to take it as his cue to leave, but Ashland taunted that word on the street was that Summer had taken a job in Milan. Ashland asked if Kyle been dumped, and he assumed from Kyle's silence that he had been. Ashland remarked that they were strangely in the same boat, since they'd both been left behind. Kyle reeled as Ashland departed.

Later, Tara refused to dwell on her confrontation with Ashland, and she wondered what Ashland had said to Kyle to ruin Kyle's mood. Kyle confided that Ashland had twisted the knife about Summer, and Tara urged Kyle not to let it get to him. Kyle figured that Ashland hadn't said anything that wasn't true, and Tara encouraged Kyle to lean on her if he wanted to talk about his feelings. She pointed out that he'd been that person for her, and it was obvious that he could use someone to talk to.

Kyle lamented that he and Summer had been planning their wedding one day, and the next, she'd told him she was moving to Milan because she didn't love him anymore. Tara hoped her showing up with Harrison hadn't been part of Summer's decision. Kyle recalled that he'd begged Summer to stay because he'd go to the ends of the earth for their love, but she'd told him there was nothing left to fight for. Tara assured him that he'd done everything he could. He realized that talking things through with her had helped more than he'd expected, since it had felt different than talking to his dad or a close friend. Tara chalked it up to going through a heartbreak of her own, and she thought it connected them.

At Society, Adam and Victor updated Ashland about the transition from Cyaxares to Newman Media, and Ashland was impressed with how quickly and efficiently things had been moving. Ashland applauded Victor and Adam for proving he'd made the right decision about the best team to take his vision forward. Victor hoped Ashland kept that in mind when he was ready to spin off other divisions. Adam addressed the elephant in the room, and Ashland referred to the speculation about his health. Ashland thought they'd covered it when Victor had offered to buy more of his company.

Victor and Adam pressed to know if the rumors were true. Billy overheard and called it the question on everyone's lips. Ashland couldn't remember asking Billy to join them, and Victor barked that Billy had a habit of showing up uninvited. Billy admitted that curiosity had gotten the best of him, since Ashland looked strong and vital. Adam snapped that Billy supposedly worked in the news business, and any professional knew stories were spun in many ways. Adam wasn't surprised that Billy believed everything he read.

Ashland quipped that reports of his death had been greatly exaggerated, since he'd never felt more alive. Billy was sure everyone shared his relief, and he stepped away. Ashland thanked Victor and Adam for their support. After Ashland left, Victor considered it smart of Adam to intervene on Ashland's behalf, and he concluded from Ashland's reaction that the story was true. Victor observed that Adam seemed distant, and Adam admitted that he hadn't been sleeping because the penthouse was full of ghosts.

Adam shared that he was thinking about selling his home, but he was reluctant because he wanted to give Connor a sense of normalcy when the boy returned home. Victor suggested that Adam move into the tack house or even the main house at the ranch. Victor pointed out that Adam would have access to the whole estate, and Connor could go riding anytime he wanted. Adam became emotional upon realizing how far he and his father had progressed, and he agreed to think about it. Victor stated that he wanted nothing more than for Adam to be a member of his family.

At ChancComm, Billy updated Lily about Adam's defense of Ashland, and Lily reported that Victoria had shut her down. Lily considered it an indicator that there was something Victoria didn't want to get out, and Billy was determined to find something concrete about why Victoria was circling a dying man. Billy felt like they were getting to the bottom of it, but Lily was surprised by his confidence after they'd both failed to get Ashland and Victoria to talk. Billy reminded her that he knew Victoria better than almost anyone.

At the psychiatric facility, Chloe entered Chelsea's room, unsure whether her friend would be happy to see her after their last visit. Chelsea recalled that Chloe had accepted Adam's job offer, and Chloe hoped Chelsea's reaction had been a result of stress from being cooped up there. Chelsea chirped that she was doing better and that it was good to see Chloe. Chloe observed that Chelsea was very upbeat, and she wondered what was going on. "I'm acting normal. It's my only way out," Chelsea explained.

Chelsea stressed that she had to get out of there and back to Connor before Adam cut her out of her son's life, so she had to show she had a positive attitude and was making progress. She intended to be the poster child for normalcy because the doctors couldn't keep her there if she was cured. Chloe was skeptical about whether Chelsea was really feeling normal or just acting like she was, and Chelsea groused that she was more normal than Adam or Sharon would ever be. Chloe doubted Chelsea could pull off two miraculous recoveries without anyone figuring it out, but Chelsea crowed that she hadn't honed a career as a con artist for nothing.

Dr. Hedges entered the room and was surprised to see that Chelsea had a visitor. Chloe introduced herself, and the doctor requested some time alone with Chelsea. Chloe thanked him for helping Chelsea to make great progress, and she hoped for a full recovery soon. Hedges lectured that it took time and patience. After Chloe left, Hedges commented that she was a supportive friend, and Chelsea enthusiastically agreed with what Chloe had said.

Chelsea recognized that it had taken her too long to accept that the doctor was on her side and that he'd wanted to help her from the beginning. Chelsea commended him for seeing that she needed treatment, since being under his care had allowed her to dig deep and be able to face the truth. Hedges was glad that she was finally willing to admit that there was more going on in her psyche than she'd initially believed. Chelsea smiled sweetly and put herself in his hands to help her heal and get stronger for her son.

Later, Chelsea became incensed when Adam walked in. She angrily assumed that he was making sure she hadn't improved enough to be released, but he swore it wasn't the case. He reiterated that he lived with the guilt of being partially responsible for pushing her into that state, and he wanted her to know that Connor would be home soon to give her motivation to get better. Adam added that he was thinking about moving into the Newman ranch.

Chelsea bitterly called the ranch Adam's new command post to surround himself with allies to steal her son and make sure she never had access to Connor. Chelsea expected Adam to use the time and space to turn Connor against her, but Adam swore he would never do that to her or to Connor, since the boy loved her. Chelsea growled that she'd had time to dig deep and recognize the truth. "You are my biggest enemy," she spat.

Amanda vows to shut Sutton down Amanda vows to shut Sutton down

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

by Nel

At Newman, Ashland told Victoria that Tara had sworn she hadn't leaked any information about his medical condition. When Victoria asked if he'd believed Tara, Ashland claimed he couldn't tell whether Tara had lied or not. Victoria asked if he wanted to make an official statement and get in front of the story, but Ashland felt he should act like it was beneath his notice.

At the Abbotts', in her mind, Tara replayed her last conversation with Ashland about his medical condition being leaked to the Inquisitor and Ashland accusing her of that leak. Tara snapped back to reality when Jack arrived and wanted to make sure she was all right because of the Inquisitor's publication about Ashland.

Jack told Tara he didn't want to pry; however, whether it was true or not, he knew how damaging such information could be. He was certain Tara wanted to protect Harrison. Tara said Harrison was too young to know what was going on. Jack assured Tara that if the rumor was true and Harrison lost the only father he'd ever known, the Abbott family would help her and Harrison through it.

At Devon's, Amanda told Devon the last person she'd ever thought she'd visit in jail was Naya. Devon was surprised Naya had agreed to speak with Amanda. Amanda said she wouldn't have a lot of time to convince Naya to recant her confession or to exercise her right to remain silent. Devon assumed Imani had convinced Naya to do that. Amanda had no idea what Imani was whispering in Naya's ear, but Imani blamed Amanda for everything.

Amanda told Devon that Imani couldn't blame Sutton because they were all emotionally and financially dependent on him. The only time Naya had defied Sutton had been when she'd refused to go to his alma mater and then wound up pregnant. That had turned out to be a disaster, and Naya had never dared step out of line again.

At ChancComm, when Billy ended a call, he told Lily that had been the second reporter with no story. They couldn't find anyone who could confirm that Ashland was living on borrowed time. Lily said they had to assume that someone was lying to make it seem like Locke's company was vulnerable, which she hoped wasn't the case, for Locke and Harrison's sakes.

Billy asked Lily if the story had started because of greed or something personal. Lily thought it could have been someone Locke had screwed over in business. Billy and Lily agreed that was a very long list. Billy reminded Lily that Victoria had mentioned that something big was going on. Lily felt that Locke's health issues and Victoria's news were unrelated. Billy said they needed to widen their scope and find someone who wanted to hurt Locke personally and in business. Billy claimed he knew exactly where to start.

A short time later, Nina arrived at ChancComm. Nina told Lily she was in town until Abby's baby arrived. Nina said she had a lot of free time. She'd heard ChancComm hired writers, and she wondered if they could put her to work. Nina said she was looking for something short-term, such as freelancing articles or profiling. She also had a lot of journalism experience, and she would send Lily some articles she'd published in Los Angeles. Lily realized that Nina did a lot of research for her screenplays. Nina admitted it was her favorite part of the writing process. She said she had an extensive list of contacts and consultants. Lily said she had a specific assignment in mind, but she had to talk to Billy. She said she would get back to Nina.

Devon arrived at Society to meet with Victor. Devon said that Victor's assistant had mentioned that Victor wanted to promote some of Devon's recording artists online on their music platform. Devon said he was very interested. Victor wanted to focus on Neil's favorite labels, but Devon couldn't give Victor the exclusive because ChancComm planned to give the labels some coverage, as well. Victor said Lily had to be very happy that Devon had taken Moses under his wing. Devon said he didn't have to do much. Moses was the smartest and most goal-oriented teenager Devon had ever been around. Devon claimed he only had to try to set the same example that Neil would have done.

Victor told Devon he understood Amanda's desire to unite with her family and get to know them. It had to have been devastating when Amanda had discovered that one parent had killed the other. Devon said he was trying to support Amanda the best he could, and he'd encouraged her to give her family a second chance. That was based on his experience finding Tucker, but there was no comparison.

Devon told Victor that the Ames family was very insulated, even when they made it seem they were letting Amanda into the fold. Devon asked Victor's opinion about Sutton. Victor claimed Sutton chose his words very carefully because he was a politician and needed to keep up his image. Victor pondered how far Sutton would have gone to save his reputation. Devon said what had hit Amanda the hardest was that Richard had known about her and Hilary, and he'd been ready to raise them.

Amanda entered Crimson Lights, and, while on the phone, she asked if that person had spoken to Naya directly and if Naya had given a reason why she'd refused to meet with Amanda. Amanda said that earlier that day, Naya had agreed to meet with her. Amanda became angry when she was told that Sutton had been to visit Naya.

Victoria took Ashland to the park. She claimed he needed to find time to decompress and enjoy doing something that wasn't business. She claimed he couldn't push himself at the same pace anymore, given what he was going through. Ashland said he needed to go faster because he was in a race against time. Victoria said that after she'd been attacked, time seemed to have slowed down considerably. Ashland claimed the same had happened to him after his heart attack. Victoria suggested he take a lesson from that, slow down, and focus on what really mattered.

Billy arrived at the Abbotts', and Jack asked if Billy was there to get the inside scoop about Ashland's health. Billy felt Tara had to know something. Billy reminded Jack that he'd told Billy that Ashland was going to take a more amicable approach to his divorce and pull back on his custody demands. Jack asked what Billy was implying. Billy claimed that Ashland had seen the light when he'd found out he was dying.

Jack told Billy that if the information that Ashland was dying was true, that was Ashland's private business; however, if it wasn't true and if Billy published a hoax, Billy would open himself to legal action, and ChancComm's sterling reputation would go out the window. Billy claimed he'd expected that speech from Jack, and he was there to see Tara. He said Tara's divorce was news. Jack claimed Tara was going through a lot, and her soon-to-be ex-husband could be dying. That would be very traumatic for Harrison. Jack added that Kyle was heartbroken about losing Summer. He asked why Billy wanted to exploit other people's pain to get a few clicks when Billy's family was hurting so much. Jack suggested that Billy not print anything.

Billy wished Jack had more faith in him to handle the story responsibly. He said there were a dozen other media outlets that would jump on the story, but if they were the first to tell the truth, they could set the tone. Billy said he would put a sensitive and compassionate writer on it. Jack complained that the news was barely out, and Billy was there to question Tara. He asked Billy to let Tara process the situation. Tara arrived and told Jack she appreciated his concern, but she didn't have a problem talking to Billy about his story.

After Jack left, Tara told Billy that if he was there about Ashland's health, she was the last person Ashland would confide in. Billy asked if she was concerned how quickly Tara's ex had moved on with Billy's ex. Tara asked whether that question was for the article or because misery loved company. Billy said he was far from miserable, but he was concerned about his children's well-being and asked if he should be concerned. Tara told Billy that if he wasn't jealous and if it really was only concern for his children, then he didn't need to worry.

After Billy left, Jack asked Tara if Billy's questions had been intrusive. Tara claimed they'd been nothing she hadn't been able to handle. She felt that talking to Billy could work in her favor, because it wouldn't hurt to have some coverage on ChancComm's fashion site about her shoe line. She admitted she hadn't spoken to Billy about it; however, it hadn't hurt to get on Billy's good side. Talking about their exes was a small price to pay. Jack asked Tara why Billy had dragged Victoria into the equation. He claimed Billy's focus was on protecting his children. Tara didn't think it was all about the story, and she suggested it might have been more about Victoria's welfare.

Amanda arrived at the park, where she was accosted by Sutton. He said he'd been to see Naya. He said she was heartsick, and she'd wanted him to find Amanda and convey how deeply she regretted what she'd done. Amanda said she'd wanted to talk to Naya, but Naya had refused to see her. Sutton claimed Naya was afraid Amanda would never forgive her.

Sutton told Amanda that in light of the tragic day, Amanda could understand why he'd been so opposed to exposing Naya's relationship with Richard as part of his defense. Amanda asked if Sutton had known all along that Naya was guilty. Sutton denied it and said he wouldn't have believed it if Naya hadn't confessed. Sutton claimed Naya had been fragile at the time. After giving birth, she'd plunged into a deep depression from the guilt and giving up her babies. The depression had lasted for months.

Amanda asked Sutton who had taken care of Naya at the time. Sutton claimed it had been Naya's mother. He explained that their family took care of each other. Amanda wanted to confirm that there was no record of Naya's mental state at that time and that Naya hadn't seen any doctors, had therapy, or taken any medication. Amanda asked if Naya would claim that the depression had made her commit murder. Sutton claimed Naya hadn't been herself.

Angry, Amanda asked Sutton how he'd convinced Naya to take the blame for a murder he'd committed. She stated that Naya was covering for him. Amanda wanted to know why Naya would give up her freedom for him. She asked if Sutton had threatened Naya or someone she cared about, like Imani. Sutton claimed Amanda had an active imagination, and he wouldn't stand for Amanda's wild accusations.

Sutton told Amanda that everything he'd done had been to protect Naya. Amanda claimed he'd sold his soul for his career, and he'd done it to protect himself, his image, and his family's name. He'd given up his own grandchildren, and he was willing to sacrifice his own daughter. Sutton angrily denied it.

Sutton claimed Amanda had no idea what she was saying because it was coming from a place of grief. He said she was wrong about him, and he forgave her. Sutton appreciated Amanda's fierce loyalty to her mother. He loved how Amanda was defending Naya, and Naya needed Amanda more than ever. Sutton wanted to hire Amanda to be Naya's attorney. At a loss for words, Amanda told him to go to hell and stormed off.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria ended a call with her legal team and informed Ashland that there was a potential issue that two of their divisions overlapped. She suggested that he make discreet inquiries to sell the electronics and real estate divisions. Ashland proposed that he sell one of his and she sell one of hers, but Victoria stated she wasn't getting rid of anything. Ashland claimed that if it was going to be a true merger, then she needed to sacrifice something, too.

Billy arrived in time to see Ashland have a slight episode, and Victoria ask Ashland if he wanted her to get him something. Ashland claimed he was okay. Billy approached, and Victoria told him they were having a private conversation. Ashland told Billy he wasn't about to discuss any ridiculous rumors. Billy told Victoria he was giving Ashland an opportunity to set the record straight. Ashland told Victoria they needed to leave. She agreed.

Moments later, Billy saw Victor. He told Victor that Adam had said he was dropping the vendetta against him and ChancComm. Billy didn't believe Victor would follow suit. Victor told Billy to be happy he'd been given a reprieve. Billy asked if it was part of the Adam redemption show or if Adam was trying to impress Sharon. Billy claimed he knew how badly Victor wanted to take him down.

Victor laughed and told Billy it made him happy to watch Billy dig his own grave. Victor felt it would be sooner than later. Billy suggested that perhaps Newman Media and ChancComm could work together on the story involving Ashland and Victoria, especially since Victor had a problem with every guy Victoria showed any interested in. Victor claimed it was because she hadn't chosen wisely, and Billy was the prime example. Victor claimed Victoria had finally found someone he could respect.

Billy asked Victor if Ashland was finally the one who'd jumped through all the hoops. Victor claimed he respected Ashland because of the company Ashland had built. Billy stated that Victor was pleased because Victoria had found a junior version of himself, cold-blooded and ruthless. Billy said Victor might have acquired Cyaxares, but Locke had been nothing but deceptive and manipulative through the entire negotiation. He marveled that Victor was going to trust Locke with Victoria. Victor said it was Victoria's decision, but Billy asked, "Since when?"

Billy told Victor that if Ashland was dying, it would hurt Victoria. Billy said Victoria had ignored his warnings, but he hoped she would listen to Victor. Victor asked if it had occurred to Billy that the reason Victoria hadn't listened to him was because she wanted Billy to stay out of her business.

Lily arrived just as Victor was leaving. When she greeted him, Victor ignored her and kept walking. Billy told Lily that Adam and Victor were dropping their plan to go after ChancComm, and it looked like the vendetta was dead. Lily asked if they could trust Victor or Adam. Billy said no, but for the time being, they didn't have to be constantly looking over their shoulder. Lily said they should celebrate. Billy said they needed to dress up and go out, but Lily felt they should get undressed and stay in.

Victoria and Ashland returned to Newman. Ashland said he needed to keep his visit short because too many vultures were watching him, and they didn't want to tip anyone off to what he and Victoria were planning. Victoria said there could be the assumption they were dating. Ashland asked Victoria to meet him at the Grand Phoenix for dinner to throw fuel on that fire. Victoria said she couldn't because her nanny had to leave early, and she wanted to spend time with her children.

Ashland told Victoria he had to fly to Los Angeles to shut down a satellite station. He asked Victoria to have dinner with him in Los Angeles. Victoria said she couldn't go. Ashland had another episode, and Victoria gave him a bottle of water and said she was worried about him. Ashland said he'd see her when he returned. As he walked out of her office, he saw Victor and asked if Victor was there to check up on Victoria. Ashland left. Victor entered the office and told Victoria the rumors about Ashland's health were true. He was dying.

At the penthouse, Devon asked Amanda how things had gone with Naya. Amanda told him Naya had taken her off the visitor's list because Sutton had gotten to her first. Amanda said Sutton had approached her at the park, and she'd accused him of being responsible for Richard's death. Amanda said Sutton had forgiven her for accusing him and that he'd appreciated Amanda's loyalty to Naya. He had even asked Amanda to be Naya's attorney. Amanda said she'd told Sutton to go to hell. She admitted she wanted to represent Naya, but it had to be on her own terms and not under Sutton's thumb. She was determined to take Sutton down.

Nikki warns Victoria about Ashland Nikki warns Victoria about Ashland

Thursday, July 1, 2021

by Nel

At Newman, Victor told Victoria that the rumors about Ashland's health were true. He'd overheard Ashland say he wasn't dead yet, which gave credence to the rumor, especially since his recent heart attack. Victoria said it had been a joke after all those people speculating about his health. She said that ever since she and Ashland had become friends, everyone had been watching every move they made. Victor was concerned because he did not understand why she would add another complication to her relationship if the rumors were true. Victoria asked if all of Victor's questions were out of concern for her.

Victoria asked Victor not to insult her by pretending he didn't know that Ashland's empire was extremely valuable. Victor claimed Newman media was enough for him, but Victoria said he wasn't the first person to have questions. She said Nikki, Billy, and even Lily had all checked in about Ashland's health. She didn't need anyone worrying about her having a broken heart. She said her relationship with Ashland wasn't anyone's business. Angrily, she claimed she could be friends with him, she could have an affair with him -- she could even marry him, and it would have nothing to do with anyone but her and Ashland. She wanted everyone to "butt the hell out" of her life.

Nikki stood in the doorway and asked what was going on. Victor claimed that he and Victoria had had a disagreement and had been working it out. Victoria claimed it was all very civil. Victor stated that he was concerned about Ashland's health, but Victoria had assured him all was well.

After Victor left, Nikki told Victoria that Victor didn't usually back down that easily. Victoria had to have been very convincing. Victoria said Victor had been full of questions about Ashland, but once he'd realized he wasn't going to get the answers he wanted, he'd given up. Nikki asked if Victoria had mentioned the possibility of merging Ashland's company with Newman. Victoria said she hadn't.

Nikki told Victoria that Victor would probably dig deeper into Ashland's illness, and if Victor received confirmation that Ashland was ill, he and Adam would know that Locke Communications Group was vulnerable. Victoria knew that Victor had been fishing for anything that would benefit him. Nikki was concerned that Victor might go for a hostile takeover of Ashland's company. She said Victor's pockets were deep enough to do that, and if that happened, Victoria would again be in a battle with Victor.

Victoria told Nikki she was going to win the entire Locke empire because she was holding all the cards. She said Locke was on board, and their legal teams were reviewing everything. Nikki claimed there was a long way to go before it was official. Nikki asked Victoria what would happen if Ashland changed his mind and decided to sell to Victor and Adam. He'd done it before, and he could do it again. Victoria told Nikki she would close that deal. Nikki hoped Victoria was right. Nikki didn't think Victoria should count on Ashland keeping his word. Victoria said Locke didn't want his company stripped and sold for parts. He wanted to protect it from the sharks.

Victoria told Nikki that Ashland had asked her to go to Los Angeles with him. She said they trusted each other, and that was the reason he'd confided in her about his illness. Nikki said Victoria and Locke didn't know if those feelings would last. He was going through a divorce and looking at his mortality. He might change his mind when he came to grips with all of that, or perhaps he liked playing games. Victoria didn't believe that because it was a literal matter of life and death.

Nikki asked Victoria if she knew that for a fact or if there was a treatment available. Victoria said there was a treatment available; however, the side effect was terrible, and the chances for success were very low. Ashland didn't want to put himself through that. Nikki said they didn't know if Ashland had every intention of beating his illness or if he was using his company to draw Victoria closer. Victoria claimed she would put precautions in place, and she knew Ashland wouldn't turn on her. Nikki hoped Victoria was right.

Alone, Victoria called Ashland and told him she'd freed up her schedule, and she would join him on his trip to Los Angeles.

Sally arrived at Crimson Lights. Tara told Sally she was there to pick up brownies for Harrison. Sally asked if Tara was planning a little celebration with Kyle. Tara denied it and said she wasn't sure she would even see Kyle. Tara noted that Sally's smile was a lot bigger since Summer had moved to Milan. Sally admitted her smile kept growing every hour that Summer was on the plane. Tara told Sally to tone it down and avoid the risk of giving herself away.

Sally told Tara not to worry because it had worked out for everyone, including Summer. Tara said Summer hadn't seen it that way, but Sally claimed that once Summer thought about it rationally, she would. She said Summer had talked about the epic romance she and Kyle had, but one of them always wound up walking away. Tara said some things weren't meant to be, no matter how much someone wished they were. Sally asked if Tara was referring to Summer and Kyle or to Ashland's illness. Tara refused to discuss that trashy gossip. Sally gleefully stated that Summer would be landing in Italy soon, and it would be the first day of the rest of her life -- and a brand-new day for Sally and Tara.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle, with suitcase packed, approached Phyllis. Phyllis asked how he was doing. Kyle said it didn't matter because he had pretty thick "Summer dumped me again" skin. He said he was moving into the Abbott home to be close to his son. Phyllis added, "And his mom." Phyllis immediately apologized and admitted she knew he had no interest in Tara. Phyllis said she was very protective of Summer. She was sorry their relationship had ended. Jack arrived and told Kyle his time at home surrounded by family and Harrison would be good for him. Kyle said his job and his son made him happy. He didn't have time for anything else.

After Kyle left, Jack told Phyllis that Kyle was punishing himself for the whole situation, but he would be okay. Jack told Phyllis that the reason Summer had left wasn't clear to Kyle. Jack didn't understand why it had happened so quickly. Phyllis said it was Harrison and Tara. Angry, Phyllis said Summer had realized she was in an impossible situation. Phyllis claimed the situation was a complete mess, and Summer had extricated herself from it. She accused Jack of bringing the situation into his home.

Jack told Phyllis that the mess she was referring to was Kyle's determination and commitment to be there for his son and to co-parent with Tara. Phyllis understood, but she told Jack to try to see it from Summer's perspective. Jack said he sympathized with Summer's dilemma, but he wouldn't pretend that he wasn't thrilled to have his grandson under his roof. He said it was a gift he never thought he would receive.

Jack told Phyllis he was concerned about the rumors about Ashland's health. Jack didn't know whether they were true or not, and he didn't want to pry. Jack said that either way, he would be there for Harrison. Phyllis said Harrison was lucky to have Jack. She claimed that Jack had a big heart. She said he'd been burned "so many times," and it hadn't jaded him.

Phyllis said that, unlike Jack, she was jaded, and she stayed in her own lane emotionally. She said it had been difficult for her to trust Nick when they had reunited. Jack said he didn't like taking about her and Nick. Jack believed it was a conscious decision to let someone in, even if there was a chance of getting hurt, but love, in all its forms, was worth the risk.

Jack told Phyllis he was going home to help Kyle settle in. He asked Phyllis to let him know when she heard from Summer and that she was okay. Phyllis agreed and walked away. Sally arrived. Jack asked the reason for Sally's great mood. Sally said Lauren had asked her to be the new acting president of JCV, and Summer had recommended her for the position. Jack congratulated her.

Phyllis returned, and she heard Sally asked Jack if he would join her for a drink. Sally knew that Jack had been dealing with a lot and asked if they could just hang out and talk, and maybe call it a "one day we could be friends again drink." Phyllis interrupted and said she needed to talk to Jack privately. Sally said she would be at Society if Jack decided to join her.

After Sally left, Jack asked Phyllis what was so important that she'd had to talk to him at that very moment. Phyllis reminded Jack there was a reason he'd stopped going out with Sally. Jack said that if he chose to join Sally, or decline her invitation, or ignore her completely, that was his decision. Jack left.

At the Chancellor house, Mariah was grooving to a song on her phone, and she yelled out, "Yes." Abby rushed into the room and asked what was wrong. Mariah explained that Tessa had posted a video of some music she'd been working on, and it was amazing. Relieved, Abby said living there appeared to have brought out Tessa's creative juices.

Mariah told Abby she wanted to do something nice for Tessa. She said Tessa loved the desserts at Society, and she was going to pick some up and surprise Tessa. Just then, the doorbell rang. Abby was surprised to see Stitch. She said she hadn't thought she would see him again. Stitch gave her a gift for the baby. Mariah was happy to see him. He asked about Sharon. Mariah informed him that Sharon was married to a cop, and they were on their second honeymoon.

Stitch told Mariah she was doing an amazingly generous thing for Abby. Mariah claimed they were doing their best for the little guy. Stitch bet that Chance couldn't wait to do the father/son stuff. He asked if Chance was there. Abby informed him that Chance was away on assignment, and hopefully, he would be home soon. Stitch asked if Chance would be home for the birth, and Abby claimed he would be.

Devon arrived, and he, too, was surprised to see Stitch. Abby told Stitch that Devon was a very large part of their very modern family. Stitch thought it was wonderful that Devon was the biological father of Abby and Chance's baby. Stitch said that Abby would be a great mom. Abby asked how long Stitch would be in town. Stitch said he was there for a retirement party.

Stitch told Abby that that Max's condition had worsened, and Max barely recognized him anymore. He said it was great seeing everyone, but he had to leave for the party. Abby thanked him for stopping by. Stitch asked if Abby would go with him to the party because he didn't like going alone. Abby said she couldn't. He wished Mariah luck with the baby and left.

Mariah asked Devon and Abby if Stitch had been a bit off. He'd shown up without warning, and there was that strange invitation for Abby to attend the party with him. Abby said Stitch was back in a town he'd thought would be his permanent home and in front of the woman he'd planned to have a life with. She said he was probably overwhelmed by the memories of everything that had gone wrong for him in Genoa City. Mariah claimed she was lucky to have Abby and Tessa in her life to stop her from being negative. Mariah said she had to leave for the coffeehouse to help Grace close up.

After Mariah left, Devon asked Abby if seeing Stitch had hit her harder than she'd expected. Abby said seeing Stitch had been a lot to process, but she was fine. She'd been happy to catch up with him, but she began to feel uncomfortable because she felt guilty about things that had been between her and Stitch -- and it had been nothing like what she had with Chance. She said that aside from Chance having been away for months on a secret mission, things between them had always been easy.

Devon reminded Abby that Chance had been shot, and then he'd developed an infection that had prevented him from fathering a child. Devon said all relationships had crises that everyone had to deal with. He said Abby didn't need to blame herself because she and Stitch had had some bad luck. Abby said she felt like Stitch was suffering. She only wanted him to be happy.

Abby told Devon she hadn't heard from Chance since the call that had been cut off, but all was well with him. She said she kept herself from going to the dark place because she knew Chance was the best at what he did. Devon agreed and added that Chance was doing everything he could to stay safe and return home to Abby. Abby couldn't wait for Chance to walk through the doors and back into her arms.

Later, Victor arrived at Abby's. He asked if Abby knew that Summer had moved to Italy. Abby said she'd called Summer, and Summer had appeared to be very excited; however, the move had been very sudden. Abby said she'd spoken to Summer about Kyle and his son. Perhaps that was why Summer had felt the need to leave town.

Victor asked how Abby was doing. She said she missed Chance, but she was fine, and so were Mariah and baby. Abby told Victor that Stitch was in town for a retirement party. Abby said Max's condition had worsened, and he barely recognized Stitch. Abby felt that everything that had happened with Max had destroyed part of Stitch. She wished there was something she could do to help him. Victor suggested that in some way, Abby might have already helped him. Victor felt that Stitch might have stopped by to reminisce about the good times they'd had.

Abby told Victor she didn't think she'd made Stitch feel any better because she was married with a baby on the way. Stitch's life wasn't going so well. Victor told Abby that she could have turned Stitch away at the door, but she'd been gracious and compassionate, and that probably meant a lot to him.

Kyle arrived at the Abbott home. He told Tara that as soon as he got settled, he wanted to spend time with Harrison. Tara told him Harrison was asleep. Kyle said he would kiss Harrison goodnight. Tara asked if there was anything she could do for Kyle. He said he needed some alone time, and he went upstairs.

Later, Kyle returned and told Tara that Harrison had to have had a good day. Tara offered to go into another room to give Kyle his alone time. Kyle apologized for being short and said it had been a long day. Tara offered to be there for him if he needed someone to talk to. Kyle said it had been hard packing up the hotel room and leaving. It had been where he and Summer had lived and where they had planned their future.

Kyle told Tara that he and Summer had only been staying at the hotel until their dream house was finished. The house was almost finished, and he couldn't believe things were over for him and Summer. Tara asked if he'd had dinner, because Mrs. Martinez had a lot of leftovers, and there were some brownies. Kyle invited her to join him.

A short time later, a courier dropped off an envelope for Tara. She told Kyle it was the custody agreement, and it was exactly as Ashland had promised. As soon as she signed it, she and Ashland would have joint custody of Harrison. Kyle said it was great news.

At the coffeehouse, Mariah walked out of the kitchen and saw Stitch. She asked why he wasn't at the party. He said he'd recognized a few people, but he'd felt uncomfortable and left. Mariah wanted to know what Stitch had been doing with his life. Stitch claimed he wasn't doing anything. She asked if Stitch was still practicing medicine in Iowa City. He confirmed he was. Stitch told Mariah he was working a lot of hours and then checking on Max. He said he had nothing else going on. Mariah said it was great seeing him, but she had to go home; she left. Stitch looked lost.

At Society, Sally sat at the bar with a drink, anxiously waiting for Jack. When Jack arrived, he said he would have only one drink with her.

A lurking Stitch peeps into the Chancellor mansion A lurking Stitch peeps into the Chancellor mansion

Friday, July 2, 2021

At home, Lily appeared on the stairs and looked down at a shirtless Billy, who was working on his laptop on the couch. He spotted her and asked if anything was wrong. "No, you're perfect," she cooed, and she wondered why she found him so sexy. Billy responded that it was a curse, whereas her beauty and sexiness were nothing but a gift.

Billy told Lily that he'd been reviewing their reporter's notes on the Locke divorce story. Lily guessed that the story played up Victoria's sudden involvement with a male version of herself. Billy thought the match looked good on paper, but he didn't believe Victoria was emotionally involved because Ashland wasn't her type. He called himself an idiot for going on about his ex.

Lily conceded that Victoria's love life was part of the Locke story, but she fretted that they were making it too big a part and suggested that they tone down its role in the article. Billy pointed out that he'd already warned Victoria about it, but she hadn't wanted to hear his opinion. He vowed to make sure his kids weren't harmed in any way, and he felt that was a good reason for ChancComm to break the story first. Lily questioned whether he was ready for things to get emotionally dicey.

Billy argued that it wasn't a hit piece on Ashland and Victoria, and he thought Victoria might enjoy the limelight. Billy pictured the two instantly becoming a power couple, which might be a brilliant business move for them. Lily countered that Victoria might have genuine feelings for Ashland if they had a positive effect on one another. Billy amorously offered to go upstairs and show Lily what kind of effect she had on him.

Victoria arrived at Ashland's hotel room, and he reminded her that their flight was the next day. She confirmed that she knew that, and he mused that things had just gotten much more interesting. Victoria informed him that she was there because he had a right to know that her father had suspicions about Ashland's health, and Ashland pointed out that half the world was speculating about it. Victoria revealed that Victor had heard them talking in her office, and although she'd tried to cover, Victor had sensed there was more going on. Victoria warned that her father wouldn't give up and that he was probably planning a move as they spoke.

Ashland asserted that he wasn't worried about Victor. Victoria was sure they could thwart any move her father made, but she doubted that Ashland could keep the truth secret for very long. She thought it would be smart to make a move of their own to get ahead of the rumors. Ashland refused to confirm anything preemptively, since he couldn't afford to look weak and vulnerable until they finalized the merger. Victoria respected his desire to keep his condition private, but she advised that time was of the essence. She preferred to speed things up and flip the script.

Victoria proposed that she and Ashland push full steam ahead with the merger to make that the story everyone focused on instead of his illness. He saw merit in changing the narrative, but he noted that their deal wasn't final yet. Victoria acknowledged that she and Ashland needed to hammer out the sticking points, but she was willing to fight the antitrust issues to become one of the biggest and strongest conglomerates in the world. She stressed that she was pushing hard because time was a factor, and she wanted him to experience their historic merger in all its glory, with them standing side by side as a new dominating business force.

Ashland was mesmerized by Victoria's passion and the fire in her eyes, and he conceded that it was contagious. He accepted his fate, but he wanted to go out with a bang. She replied that she wanted to help him leave his mark. "Would you like to spend the night with me?" he seductively asked. Victoria claimed that she'd love to spend the night with Ashland, but she had to get home to her kids that night.

Ashland said he understood Victoria's priorities, but he also really wanted her and didn't want to wait. She purred that they had L.A. to look forward to, and she could celebrate with him then. "Okay, you win, but so do I," he replied, noting that she was giving him another reason to live. She thought it sounded like he might reconsider getting treatment, and he indicated that the idea was back on his radar.

Over drinks at Society, Jack credited Sally with making driving in the snow a real adventure, since there had been times he'd feared for his life. She teased him for not being the best teacher, and he conceded that she could teach him a thing or two about tenacity. He wondered where she'd gotten her ability to never take no for an answer, and she replied that she'd never gotten a "yes" the first time she'd asked -- at least not over anything important. Sally explained that she'd had the choice to either give up on what she wanted in life or to endure repeated rejections. Jack applauded her persistence.

Jack and Sally noticed that the staff was starting to shut down the place. Sally asked what had convinced Jack to show up, and he chalked it up to curiosity about why anyone would go to such great lengths to win back his favor. He continued that he'd wanted to give her a chance to explain why, but they'd ended up discussing everything other than the real reason she'd wanted him to meet her there. Sally shared that part of her felt like she needed his forgiveness to move on and live the life of her dreams in Genoa City. Jack wondered what that life looked like.

Sally envisioned helping JCV soar to the top of the marketplace before eventually relaunching her designs and putting Genoa City on the map as a fashion mecca. She also hoped to find a partner in every sense of the word to share her life with, but having a dog was equally as important. She intended to grow old gracefully while still stopping traffic during walks with her dog in her self-designed couture, and her golden years would be reserved for travel and donating the bulk of her earnings to charities. Sally pledged to stay on the cutting edge until the very end.

Jack expected Sally to have all of that and more if she stayed on track and maintained the new and improved version of herself. She thought her future would be even sweeter if she earned his forgiveness along the way, and he asked why that was important to her. Sally recalled that after the stunts she'd pulled, she'd seen disappointment in the eyes of a lot of people, but seeing it in Jack's had really stung. She called him a good, generous guy who went out of his way not to judge people, and she regretted how badly she'd screwed things up to fall that far out of his favor.

Sally was surprised by how crazy it had driven her because she'd trained herself to keep bulldozing forward, but she'd felt ashamed of herself when she'd seen the look in Jack's eyes. Sally recounted that she'd seen Jack first as a mentor and then as a friend before she'd unexpectedly fallen for him. She recognized that it was rare to know when something just felt right, and she'd had the choice either to lose out or to stop and recalibrate everything to completely reinvent herself. She added that she'd considered whether the latter was worth it -- and Jack definitely was.

Jack was taken aback that Sally was willing to change every aspect of her life to win him over. Sally swore that it wasn't a pitch for them to get back together, but she wanted to be honest. She pointed out that she'd put all her cards on the table, and she hoped he would do the same. He remained quiet, and she wondered if she was feeling only a one-way connection. Jack assured her that it wasn't just one way, since there was definitely something between them.

Jack told Sally that he also wanted to be honest, and he didn't think the idea of them as a couple was a good one. Sally promised that she wouldn't argue, but she thought a casual evening of drinking and chatting seemed harmless. Jack hesitated to use the word harmless with her, and she declared that harmless was boring. He agreed to get together again.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle found Tara looking at family photos, and he asked what she was doing up. He recalled that she'd always had a hard time sleeping, and she couldn't believe he remembered. Tara reflected back on the rare nights when Kyle had stayed at her place in the Hamptons when Ashland had been in the city and she'd sent the staff home for the night. She remembered one evening when Kyle had found her sitting by the pool, staring at the stars, when she'd been unable to sleep. Kyle recounted that he'd been worried about her, and she figured that the sneaking around to avoid getting caught hadn't made it easy to sleep.

Kyle bemoaned that it had been stressful for both of them, but Tara pointed out that the whirlwind of emotions hadn't been all negative. Kyle noted that things between them had ended as quickly as they'd begun, but he'd never known why. Tara apologetically explained that she'd been scared that Ashland had been getting suspicious, so she'd felt cutting things off had been the safest choice. She swore that she'd wanted to tell Kyle about her pregnancy because she'd always felt like he'd deserved to know. "Because I did," he flatly stated.

Tara reasoned that she hadn't wanted to complicate things, but Kyle wished he'd known so he could have helped out, even if it had been in secret. Tara questioned why she couldn't sleep that night, when everything was finally out in the open. Kyle groaned that he hadn't been able to relax since Summer had told him she was leaving. Tara suggested some warm milk, but he preferred to try breathing exercises. Tara gazed at him longingly as he closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. They heard a thump upstairs, and Tara stepped away to check on Harrison. Kyle forlornly looked at a photo of Summer on his phone.

Tara returned downstairs and saw Kyle delete the photo of Summer. He turned and saw Tara, and he suddenly drew her into his arms and kissed her passionately. Tara snapped out of her fantasy and saw Kyle still staring at the photo on his phone. He asked if she was okay, and she reported that Harrison had drifted back to sleep after a bad dream. Tara chirped that she'd told the boy not to worry because his dad was there.

Tara apologized if she'd upset Kyle by talking about the Hamptons, but she hadn't been able to discuss their time together with anyone but him because the risk had been too great. She proclaimed that despite the complications and sleepless nights, she was glad for what had happened between them because it had changed her life by giving her Harrison. Kyle realized that it had changed his life, too, since he'd been in New York to try to forget the woman who he'd thought was the love of his life. He regretted some of the crazy things he'd done, but the time he'd spent with Tara reminded him that he could have a life without Summer.

Tara fondly recalled the fabulous cocktails Kyle had made. Kyle mused that his future had been altered from the moment they'd gotten together, since fatherhood had been a game-changer for him. He thought it proved there was no certainty about the future, and they had to live for the moment by paying attention to what mattered and doing what made them happy. Tara insisted that she wanted those things for him, and Kyle named Harrison as his top priority, followed by his work. He resolved to figure out the rest day to day.

At Crimson Lights, Victor was pleased to run into Stitch, and the men playfully pretended to spar. Victor declared that he was still ready to go a few rounds, and he mentioned that Abby had told him Stitch was in town. Victor added that he was sorry to hear that Max's brain surgery hadn't gone well, and Stitch thanked him for the kind words. Stitch asked how Abby was doing, and Victor reported that she was happily married to a nice guy and expecting a baby. Stitch clarified that he knew all about that, but he'd once known her well. He pushed to know how she was really doing.

Victor queried why Stitch would think Abby was anything but happy. Stitch imagined it was difficult for her with Chance away and out of touch while on a dangerous operation. Victor was confident that Chance would be home again soon, and he was sure Chance wouldn't accept another assignment after the baby arrived, since he had a job waiting for him with the police department. Stitch insisted that Abby deserved a good guy, and Victor stated that Chance was one.

Stitch mentioned that he would be heading back to Iowa the next day, and he and Victor made plans to go a few rounds the next time Stitch was in town. Nikki walked in and gushed that it was good to see Stitch. Stitch was happy to hear that Nikki hadn't experienced any multiple sclerosis flareups for a while. Nikki recognized that her symptoms could return at any time, but she was committed to living a happy, healthy life. Victor wished Stitch safe travels, and Stitch headed out. Nikki noticed Victor's expression and asked if she'd missed something.

Victor swore that he'd just been looking out for his family by telling Stitch that Abby was happily married to a good and honest man. Nikki hoped Victor hadn't been too harsh, since she felt for Stitch. She imagined that Stitch had inquired about Abby because he was looking for a sliver of happiness, since there was nothing worse than watching one's own child fade away.

At the Chancellor mansion, Tessa found Mariah on the couch, and she admitted that she'd had a moment of panic when Mariah hadn't been in bed. Mariah explained that her growing belly got in the way of sleep, and she worried that Tessa wouldn't get much shuteye, either. Tessa asserted that she wanted to be awake if Mariah was awake, and Mariah displayed a pregnancy book she'd been reading. Mariah marveled at how incredible the whole process was, but Tessa wondered why Mariah looked like she'd just eaten bad leftovers. Mariah confided that she felt guilty.

The front door closed, and Abby announced that she was back with the surprise for Tessa that Mariah had requested. Abby saw Tessa and apologized for not looking before she'd talked. Mariah informed Tessa that the surprise was dessert from Society to celebrate Tessa's record-breaking view count on her new video. Tessa cautioned that it was a little late to chow down, but Mariah opted not to wait until the next day when they could eat it then. Mariah hurried into the kitchen to get plates, and Tessa and Abby exchanged a worried glance.

Later, Tessa observed that Mariah hadn't eaten much, and she referred to Mariah's comment about feeling guilty about something. Mariah blamed it on her emotions being all over the place, but Abby pressed to know if something was wrong. Mariah hesitantly revealed that she'd never thought about how it would feel to carry a child before, and she was realizing that it was incredible. Tessa wondered why it made Mariah feel guilty, and Abby guessed that it was because Mariah was experiencing the joy when Abby couldn't. Abby told Mariah not to be sorry, since Abby was beyond grateful that the pregnancy was an amazing experience for Mariah.

Abby said she'd been concerned that the pregnancy might make Mariah miserable, and she was thrilled to hear the opposite. Abby requested that Mariah describe what it felt like to be that far along, and Mariah conveyed that her heart sometimes felt like it was beating faster than normal and that she felt a little pulse in her stomach. Mariah continued that the way she experienced everything had changed, since her senses were heightened, and smells and sounds were more intense. She added that she felt it every time the baby moved or kicked, and he liked to give her a lot of love taps. Abby placed her hands over her own belly, closed her eyes, and thought she could almost feel how magical it was.

Abby thanked Mariah for sharing with her, and she headed off to bed. Mariah worried that it had been too much for Tessa to hear, but Tessa reiterated that she was excited to be on the journey with Mariah. Mariah didn't know how she'd survive without Tessa by her side, and Tessa assured her that she didn't have to worry about that. Mariah promised that she'd join Tessa in bed in a minute, and Tessa went upstairs. Mariah perched on the end of the couch and rubbed her belly as she told the baby to get ready for the epic love his parents would dump on him when he got there. Meanwhile, an unseen Stitch creepily peered in through the window.

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