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After Victoria declared her love for Ashland, he decided to seek medical treatment. Phyllis schemed to prove that Sally and Tara were in collusion. Jack ended things with Sally for good. Phyllis found out that Eric Forrester had recommended Summer. Mariah begged her unseen captor for her freedom.
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Jack ended things with Sally, and Mariah begged an unseen captor for her freedom
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Phyllis and Billy strategize against Tara and Sally Phyllis and Billy strategize against Tara and Sally

Monday, July 26, 2021

Victoria, at home with Ashland, expressed concern after he suffered an anxiety attack, and she questioned whether he regretted having agreed to the merger. Ashland insisted that merging his company with Newman Enterprises had been the most exciting thing he'd ever done without experiencing a single regret. Victoria reminded Ashland that he'd blamed his attacks on having given up things that were important to him. Ashland said he'd been referring to his marriage, his son, and his cancer diagnosis that would steal not only his life, but also the legacy he'd hoped to create by passing his business down to his son after teaching him how to run it. Victoria told Ashland he could end his attacks by agreeing to undergo treatments for his cancer.

Ashland grew frustrated and insisted he didn't want to undergo treatment. Victoria cried that she wouldn't let it go because her feelings for Ashland were becoming stronger and deeper by the day. Ashland adamantly refused to risk suffering God-awful side effects just to add an extra half hour to his life. Victoria told Ashland he was a control freak in the best possible way, though he was allowing his disease to define him.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis overheard Billy talking on the phone to someone he'd planned to meet for a meeting. After Billy told Phyllis that the person he'd intended to meet had canceled, Phyllis said, "If you want to avoid last-minute appointment cancellations, why don't you bring Lily? No one would cancel on her." Billy agreed and explained that Lily had gone to visit Mattie. Billy suggested he and Phyllis put their heads together and figure out what was going on with Tara. Phyllis said she agreed with Billy's assumption that Sally and Tara were working together. Phyllis said she'd overheard Sally and Tara commiserating.

Phyllis told Billy she was pretty sure Sally and Tara had driven Summer out of town, adding that Sally had landed her job at JCV while Tara had Summer's ex-fiancÚ all to herself. Billy said he wasn't so certain Tara was capable of pulling it off. Phyllis lowered her voice and said that Tara was using Harrison to do it for her. Phyllis explained, "Harrison is an Abbott that Jack and Kyle didn't even know about until now." Billy replied, "Because Tara kept the truth from Kyle."

Phyllis said that though it had been hard to accept, she was certain Sally and Tara had indeed worked together. Billy acknowledged that for Tara, hooking up with her son's biological father had ticked a lot of boxes. Phyllis was puzzled as to why Summer had recommended Sally for her job at JCV. Billy replied, "You kidding me? Why?" Phyllis said she didn't know, given that Summer hated Sally. Billy suggested Sally had forced Summer's hand somehow. Phyllis agreed, adding that they needed to find out why Summer had been manipulated and expose it, so Summer could return home. Billy replied, "Are you sure that Summer wants to come home?" Phyllis was taken aback.

Billy explained that no matter how it had come about, Summer, smart and talented, had landed a dream job in the fashion capital of the world. Phyllis expressed doubt that Summer had decided to accept the job, knowing she'd be sacrificing the love of her life. Billy admitted that with all the ups and downs Kyle and Summer had experienced, it was a stretch to declare Kyle the love of her life. Billy suggested that Sally and Tara had simply hastened the demise of the relationship.

Phyllis rejected Billy's pessimistic attitude about Summer's love life. Phyllis vehemently insisted that Summer had been manipulated into leaving town and would welcome a chance to return home to reclaim what was rightfully hers. Phyllis, near tears, cried, "She is her mother's daughter." Breaking down and sobbing, Phyllis said, "Sally and Tara did this. They pushed my daughter out of town, and we must expose this. I cannot -- I will not let this stand."

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle asked Tara what she thought about taking Harrison to a pool party for kids at the Grand Phoenix. Tara was reluctant, explaining that she didn't think Phyllis liked her very much. Kyle quipped that Phyllis felt the same about half the people in town. Tara said she didn't appreciate Phyllis having imposed while they were dining. Kyle suggested Tara learn how to take Phyllis with a grain of salt. Tara told Kyle that Phyllis likely held her responsible for Summer having accepted the job in Italy. Kyle replied, "Well, you are responsible." Tara seemed stunned.

Kyle explained to Tara that all that had transpired had put a burden on Summer, though she had appeared to be fine with the sudden upending of their lives. Kyle added that everything had been too much for Summer to handle, though he couldn't help but think there was more to the story, despite Summer having insisted she was fine with the way things were. Kyle cried, "She broke my heart in ways that I couldn't have dreamed of, but she felt the way she did, and she did what she had to do."

Tara claimed she hadn't meant to force Kyle to open up about a personal matter, so he shouldn't feel obligated to make her feel better about it. Kyle said he felt as though it was his job to make everything okay for them all, including Harrison. Kyle offered to request that Sharon Rosales visit with Harrison. Kyle explained that Sharon, a therapist, could counsel them about how to approach Harrison regarding Ashland's illness. Tara told Kyle that he amazed her by always considering what could make things better for their son.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon poured lemonade for Faith and Moses. Faith was excited about seeing the musical duo Tigirlily perform at the New Hope charity concert. Sharon said she believed Adam should be back from Minnesota before the concert. Faith, confused, replied, "You mean Rey?" Sharon hadn't realized she'd stated the wrong name and claimed she was really anxious for Rey to return home. Flustered, Sharon asked Faith to tend the coffee shop while she stepped out. After Faith asked her mom where she was going, Sharon simply said, "Errands."

After Sharon abruptly left, Faith became anxious about her sudden role as the chief barista and entreated Moses to taste her variety of brews. After a while, Moses complained that too much caffeine had made his hands jittery and had left him feeling that his life was flashing before his eyes. Faith asked Moses about his plans for a career. Moses said he'd decided, based on discussions with Devon, that a career in music might be worth checking out, though he'd not yet had time to talk about it much with Nate.

Moses and Faith's discussion was interrupted when Nate entered and ordered an espresso. While Faith prepared the coffee, Nate sat down with Moses and suggested he think long and hard about whether he wanted to go into medicine and consider what he'd be giving up. Faith interjected, "Moses should do the thing that makes him the happiest, right?" Nate, hesitant to press the issue, replied, "Of course."

After Sharon arrived at the Abbott mansion, Kyle said he assumed she'd seen the video of Ashland and Harrison at the park. Sharon said she had. Kyle said he and Tara agreed they should determine how much access Ashland should have to Harrison and how to best discuss Ashland's illness. Sharon said she was concerned about not discussing Ashland's illness, fearing that the boy might discern that sickness and death were unnatural or develop a fear of people with impairments or challenges. Sharon added that separating Harrison from Ashland might make the boy feel that his dad had abandoned him, causing Harrison to blame himself and wonder what he'd done wrong. Sharon suggested that Tara and Ashland together talk to Harrison in a loving, gentle, and truthful way. Tara seemed uneasy when Kyle eagerly agreed with Sharon.

After Sharon left, Tara expressed concern to Kyle about Sharon's advice. Tara reminded Kyle that Ashland smashed anyone who got in his way. Kyle replied that approaching Ashland might lead to a compromise about Harrison, which was what Tara had been most concerned about. Tara mentioned Phyllis' mistrust of her and said she feared Kyle and Jack would judge her, too. Kyle told Tara he'd handle Phyllis, and he insisted that the stalemate with Ashland would have to end for Harrison's sake. Tara phoned Ashland and asked him to meet with her.

Adam, from his office at Newman Media, spoke to Chelsea via video chat. Chelsea told Adam that Anita was facing a lengthy recovery. Chelsea smiled broadly when she reported that being with Connor had put Anita in a good mood. Adam asked about Connor and learned that Anita never missed an opportunity to brag about her brilliant grandson. Chelsea thanked Adam for allowing Connor to travel with her. Adam told Chelsea it was time to start thinking about bringing Connor back home. Sounding frustrated, Chelsea replied, "You want Connor home already? We just got here."

Adam reminded Chelsea that Connor had lacrosse camp beginning soon and shouldn't be expected to upend his schedule. Chelsea explained that she and Anita had also planned excursions for Connor, including trips to a museum and to a zoo to see baby snow monkeys. Adam assured Chelsea he'd make up lost time with Connor after Anita recovered and Chelsea returned to Genoa City. Adam said he expected Connor to return with Rey in a day or two. After Adam explained that Connor had had enough time with his mother to assure him she was all right, Chelsea suddenly changed her demeanor and readily agreed that Adam was right.

After the tense video chat with Chelsea concluded, Chloe entered Adam's office. Adam welcomed Chloe to her first day at Newman Media. Chloe admitted that never in her wildest nightmares could she have envisioned working for Adam. Chloe checked a chair for booby traps, joking that she couldn't help but wonder if Adam's job offer hadn't truly been an altruistic gesture. Chloe praised Adam for having allowed Chelsea to take Connor along for a visit. Adam said that Connor would be returning home in a couple of days. Chloe was surprised that Adam had decided to pull the plug so soon after allowing Chelsea to reconnect with Connor. Adam said he didn't owe Chloe an explanation and suggested she focus on work.

Adam told Chloe he'd set up her office and was entrusting her with free reign to develop the fashion platform, including hiring her own team. Chloe asked Adam if he still approved of hiring Chelsea as promised. Adam assured Chelsea he hadn't changed his mind, noting that it would be good for Chelsea. Chloe replied, "You do? So you're not setting Chelsea up the same way you did with Connor - make a promise, then break it?" Chloe couldn't contain her emotions and suggested that the new leaf Adam appeared to have turned over was just one big act or a hoax.

Chloe threatened Adam, insisting she'd make sure the whole world knew the truth. Adam stood up and made a grand show, claiming that Chloe's job was a joke, and he ordered her to leave his office immediately. Chloe said, "You have not changed one damn bit." Chloe insisted Adam couldn't force her out because they had a contract that Michael had verified. Undaunted, Adam again told Chloe to leave and instructed her to take an envelope on his desk with her, explaining that it contained the key to her new office.

Chloe was mystified, but Adam said he knew Chloe was just pushing his buttons to get a reaction. Chloe told Adam that his pretend anger had been very convincing. Adam said they needed to get their shared angst out of the way if they intended to work together. Adam reiterated his desire for Chloe to bring Chelsea on board when the time was right. Adam explained that if one day Chloe could manage to see him in a new light, anyone could. In a contrite manner, Chloe said it was time to get to work, though Adam shouldn't hold his breath about her coming around.

After Sharon left the Abbott mansion, she stopped at the park and called Rey, but he didn't answer. Sharon left a message, telling Rey that she just need to hear his voice and hoped he would soon return home. After Sharon hung up, Adam happened by, startling Sharon. Sharon recalled that during a recent conversation, Adam had turned the topic into a discussion about them and whether she preferred the "good" Adam or the "bad" Adam. Sharon insisted she didn't feel pulled towards either side of Adam. Sharon added, "Right now what I feel pulled toward is Rey, who is going to coming home soon after being out of town looking after your ex of all people, so don't try to rope me into talking about our history. It's in the past." Adam seemed intrigued by Sharon's statement after she abruptly walked away without having given him a chance to respond.

After Sharon returned to the coffeehouse, Faith noted that her mother had seemed a little off before she'd left. Sharon said she'd been missing Rey, adding that he couldn't get home soon enough as far as she was concerned. Sharon quickly retreated to the storeroom, reeling after her interaction with Adam in the park. After Adam returned to his office, he seemed lost in thought and pretended to be busy with work when Chloe entered unexpectedly to say she'd sent him some ideas to look over.

At Society, Nate met with Victoria. Nate said he'd been surprised to get Victoria's call and asked if everything was okay. Victoria said she wanted to pick Nate's brain on behalf of a friend. Nate said he'd help if he could. While Victoria was talking to Nate, Billy entered the restaurant. Victoria told Nate that her friend had been diagnosed with small cell lung carcinoma and until just recently had been resistant to take treatments. Nate said he knew who Victoria was talking about. Victoria replied, "No names."

Nate told Victoria that Billy had made almost identical inquiries about the same person. Victoria said she didn't care why Billy was curious and was only interested in knowing how to help her friend. Billy covertly listened nearby. Nate explained that even with treatments, there was a low probability of success that would yield only a short amount of extended life. Victoria asked about the possibility of newer drugs and experimental treatments. Nate agreed to confer with colleagues in the oncology field to see what might be offered. Victoria said she was eager to help her friend make an informed decision. Billy left before Victoria noticed him.

After Ashland arrived to meet with Tara, he asked her where the Abbotts were. Tara said just she and Ashland should talk about how to explain things to Harrison. Ashland, frustrated, replied, "You mean my diagnosis?" Tara said they should do it as a team. Ashland noted that he and Tara were no longer a team, which she'd made clear by having filed for sole custody. Ashland expressed anger at Tara for trying to prevent Harrison from ever seeing him again.

Kyle approached Phyllis at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis glared at Kyle and said, "Can I help you?" Kyle replied, "Simple request. Tell me what the hell you're doing to Tara." Phyllis narrowed her eyes and looked at Kyle as if he had some nerve approaching her in such a manner.

Victoria's words of love inspire Ashland to seek treatment Victoria's words of love inspire Ashland to seek treatment

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

At Summer's apartment in Italy, Victor, Nikki, and Summer relaxed after dinner. Summer was glad that her grandparents had been able to tour Marchetti's offices that day, and she gushed that the company was first-rate from top to bottom. Summer shared that Leslie Brooks had popped in for a fitting, since she'd be wearing a Marchetti gown at the performance Victor and Nikki were going to see. Victor remarked that it all sounded wonderful, but he wondered if Summer had any second thoughts about her decision to move away from Genoa City.

Nikki pointed out that the job offer at Marchetti had happened out of the blue, so Summer had barely had time to think. Summer conceded that she missed her family and Kyle, but she maintained that she'd made the right choice because she hadn't been ready to be a stepmom or deal with Kyle's ex being a constant presence. Summer confirmed that she felt at peace with everything. Victor stepped away to take a call, and Nikki implored Summer to be honest about whether she was really living the life she wanted.

Nikki pushed to know whether Summer was truly happy in Milan or if she was simply resigned to staying there. Summer stood by what she'd said about having a great job in an amazing city, and she figured there was a reason she and Kyle had kept going back and forth. She raved about the fabulous experience the opportunity would give her, and she felt she was in the right place. Summer sadly added that she had to hold onto that, since being away from Kyle didn't feel right.

Summer bemoaned that at least ten times a day, something happened where her first thought was that she couldn't wait to tell Kyle about it. Nikki sympathized that leaving him had created a hole in Summer's life, and Summer lamented that it felt unnatural to be that disconnected from him. Summer recalled wanting to be with Kyle for so long that it hurt to imagine a future without him, but she resolved to let go of that feeling because her life was in Italy. Summer confessed that she wasn't happy yet, but she hoped to get there.

At Society, Sally greeted Jack, who asked how her day had been going. She recounted the great time she'd had at their dinner the other night, since she'd missed spending time like that with him. Sally noted that Kyle had made it clear that he wasn't happy about it, and Jack chalked it up to Kyle just being protective and wanting him to be happy. She swore that she wanted the same thing. Sally cited her sense of feeling connected to Jack again, and she couldn't help but wonder where they'd go from there.

Jack thought it was obvious that he also felt a connection with Sally, but she pointed out that she wasn't a mind reader, so she'd assumed nothing. He shared that he felt a certain ease with her, and he admired that she was an intelligent, witty fighter, even if it was sometimes to her detriment. He added that he was willing to give them another shot to see where it went, but she warned that there were people who wouldn't be excited about it. Jack asserted that others could have their opinions, but he made his own decisions. He was giving her another shot because she was worth it.

Jack hoped Sally believed that, since she had the smarts and talent to take her anywhere she wanted to go in life. Sally replied that when he said it, she believed it. She continued that being on the defensive all the time was exhausting, and she didn't want to do it anymore; however, she also knew she had to win back his trust. Jack didn't want her to feel like she was on trial, and she imagined that she could relax if they went on another date. He offered to make the arrangements and give her a call.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle chided Phyllis for playing head games with Tara by pretending to be her friend when Phyllis was anything but. He recognized that Phyllis needed a scapegoat because she was upset that Summer had left town, but he reminded her that she'd already placed blame on him and the child he'd refused to walk away from. Kyle resented that Phyllis had hinted that he might be interested in starting things up with Harrison's mom when it wasn't remotely true, and he ordered her to stop taking her anger out on Tara. Phyllis clarified that it was Tara she didn't trust.

Phyllis contended that Tara's wealthy husband had kicked her out, and Tara was obviously looking for another powerful family to latch onto. Kyle argued that he'd invited Tara to stay, but Phyllis accused Tara of orchestrating it that way because she was taking advantage of his love for his son. Phyllis theorized that Tara had been the one to drive Summer out of town, and Kyle dared Phyllis to show him proof. Phyllis admitted that she had none, but she promised he would be the first person she went to when she found it.

Phyllis was convinced that Tara had been the reason Summer had felt the need to break off her engagement and fly off to the other side of the ocean, but Kyle questioned whether Summer had said that or if Phyllis was twisting things. Phyllis became choked up as she reasoned that she knew her daughter better than anyone, and she knew Summer had been forced into it. Phyllis added that Summer didn't want her to uncover the truth, but she was determined to do it, anyway.

Kyle refused to believe that Tara had manipulated Summer into leaving. Phyllis implored him to look back at the conversations he'd had with Summer when he'd decided to move Tara and Harrison into the Abbott house while he and Summer had been planning their wedding. Kyle retorted that he'd spent weeks going over the things he could have missed or done wrong to explain what had happened, and he'd even blamed Sally. Phyllis exclaimed that he was spot-on about Sally, and she argued that it wasn't a coincidence that both Tara and Sally had benefited from Summer's departure.

Kyle countered that Tara and Sally barely knew one another, but Phyllis cautioned that it was just what Tara wanted him to think. Kyle recognized that Phyllis would prefer that Tara pack up and go back to New York, but he intended to be a reliable presence in Harrison's life. He begged Phyllis to stop taking her emotions out on Tara and spreading nonsense about how Tara was plotting with Sally, since Tara was going through enough. Phyllis guessed that Kyle couldn't see what Tara was doing because he was blinded by his love for his son, and she advised him not to accept what Tara said as the truth. Kyle flatly stated that the bottom line was that it had been Summer's choice to leave him, and he stalked out.

At the Abbott mansion, Tara swore that she'd never keep Ashland and Harrison from seeing one another, since it wouldn't be fair to her son. Ashland scoffed at the idea that her pursuing sole custody was fair, but Tara asserted that she'd summoned him there to talk about how to break the news about his illness to Harrison. She shared that she'd spoken to a therapist, who'd urged them to be honest and not to treat Ashland's diagnosis like it was something scary to be hidden away. Tara continued that death was part of life, and Harrison was old enough to grasp the concept, but they had to use language he'd understand and remind him that he had a family who loved and supported him.

Ashland conceded that everything Tara was saying made sense, and he agreed to talk with Harrison together after he'd had a chance to speak with the boy alone. Ashland anticipated that the news would be devastating for Harrison, and he didn't want to give the lad false hope about where things stood between Ashland and Tara. Tara doubted Harrison would even think about that, and she was adamant about following Sharon's recommendation to talk to Harrison together. Ashland argued that it was their decision and his illness, and he questioned why Tara was fighting him. She insisted that she was trying to do what was best for Harrison, but Ashland snapped that she was only thinking about herself.

Ashland huffed that he wouldn't have been forced to explain his illness to Harrison if his private business hadn't been leaked to the press, and he had no doubt Tara had done it. Tara expected Ashland to tell Harrison terrible things about her, but Ashland bristled at the idea of wasting one second of the time he had left being vengeful by turning a son against his mother. He pointed out that he only had months with Harrison left, whereas she had decades. Tara suspected that he resented her for it.

Ashland called Tara a master at turning things around and making everything about her. He accused her of not considering what was best for their son when she'd filed for sole custody, and he ordered her not to use Harrison to gain control of the situation. Tara barked that Ashland was the most controlling man she knew and that he'd raised vindictiveness to an art form. He countered that his prognosis had changed him, but she hadn't changed a bit, since she'd just traded one comfortable life for another. He hoped that one day, someone saw all the way through her and exposed her for the fraud she was.

Tara turned the topic back to the matter at hand. Ashland groaned that he didn't have the desire or strength to continue, and he didn't want Harrison to pick up on the animosity between them. Jack walked in as Tara scoffed at the idea that she was always the problem. She informed Jack that they'd been discussing how to address Ashland's illness with Harrison, and Ashland pledged to figure out a way to talk about what was going on in a way that wouldn't frighten or confuse the boy.

Ashland requested that Jack help convince Tara that Ashland needed to talk with his son alone, and he stormed out. Tara told Jack that Sharon had recommended that Tara and Ashland talk to Harrison together, but Ashland had other ideas. Tara wailed that she just wanted to do what was best for Harrison. Jack commended her priorities and reiterated that the Abbott family was there to help her.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis stared across the lobby at Sally, who was preoccupied with something on her phone. Phyllis picked up her own phone and called Sally, claiming that they needed to talk about something. Sally spotted Phyllis at the bar and doubted that her "new best friend" hadn't seen her sitting there. Phyllis joined Sally and claimed that a new employee might have erroneously charged Sally's room.

Phyllis handed Sally an itemized statement and requested that she flag any charges that weren't hers. Sally questioned how many stars the hotel had, since it might be a few too many. Phyllis promised to make the situation right, and she set down her folder on top of Sally's phone on the table. Sally contemplated writing a scathing review about how she'd been cheated, and she began to cross charges off the list. Phyllis picked up her folder, covertly grabbing Sally's phone with it.

Phyllis returned to the bar and sent a text message to Tara from Sally's phone, saying they had a problem because Phyllis had figured things out. Meanwhile, Tara received the message and cursed as Kyle returned home. He guessed that her talk with Ashland hadn't gone well, and she reported that her ex had been in rare form. She griped that Ashland wanted to break the news to Harrison alone, despite what Sharon had advised. Tara told Kyle not to worry, since she and Ashland would work it out somehow.

Victoria was surprised when Billy stopped by to see her at home. He explained that he wanted to talk about how the kids were handling the situation with Ashland living there, and he reported that Johnny was feeling better and back at camp that day. Billy mentioned that he'd seen Victoria and Nate talking, and he assumed they'd been discussing Ashland's condition. Victoria revealed that she knew Billy had spoken to Nate about the same thing, and she demanded to know if he was planning another tasteless invasion of Ashland's privacy or if Billy was truly concerned about Ashland's condition. Billy indicated that the person he was concerned about was her.

Billy explained that when he'd talked to Nate, he'd had no idea how close Victoria and Ashland had become. Billy defended that he'd decided not to publish what he'd learned, and he'd meant it when he'd said he was happy for her. Victoria shared that she had no idea how long Ashland had left, and Billy encouraged them to give one another as much joy as they possibly could. He confided that it had taken his breath away when he'd realized that she wasn't just taking care of a friend or business partner but that she loved Ashland.

Billy felt terrible that Victoria and Ashland wouldn't have a lot of time together, and he knew it had to be devastating for her, despite her brave front. He insisted that he was talking to her as her ex, the father of her children, and a friend, and he swore that she could talk to him about anything and that it would stay between them. Victoria admitted that he was right -- she was in love with Ashland.

Victoria thought Ashland was a proud man with good reason, since he was fierce, determined, and intelligent, and it was why it was hard to watch him struggle. She voiced her doubts about the merger of their companies, but Billy imagined that Ashland felt good about her carrying on his vision. Victoria recognized that a big part of Ashland was tied up in his company, so it felt like he was handing over a vital part of himself that gave him purpose. Billy noted that Ashland had a lot to live for and the money to get medical help.

Victoria divulged that the side effects of treatment would be brutal, and it might add time to Ashland's life but wouldn't be a cure. Victoria conveyed Ashland's adamant refusal to live his final days being pumped full of drugs that would leave him feeling weak, even though she'd tried to convince him to seek treatment. Billy supposed Ashland wanted to spend as much time as he could with her and Harrison, and Victoria blasted Tara for suing for sole custody after Ashland had cut her off financially. Billy considered Ashland lucky to have found Victoria, and she acknowledged that she wasn't acting like her usual cautious self because things were moving quickly.

Victoria opened up about feeling overwhelmed when she thought about Ashland dying while not letting him know how much it hurt. Billy clucked that it had been his concern all along that she'd fall in too deep, and she became incensed that his idea of support was saying he'd told her so. Victoria regretted confiding in Billy, but he clarified that when she was in pain, he was in pain, and he was watching her open her heart to a guy who was in a tough place. Billy knew that she'd have to watch Ashland succumb to the disease, and he felt terrible that she'd go through that. Victoria expected him to tell her to get out while she could, but Billy responded that he was thinking the opposite, since she and Ashland needed one another.

Ashland overheard Billy's comment as he entered the house and considered it quite the endorsement. Billy recounted that Victoria had made it clear how committed she and Ashland were to one another, and he was sorry the couple was dealing with such an awful situation. Ashland wondered if Billy felt bad enough to keep reports about Ashland out of the media for Harrison's sake, and Billy gave his word that he wouldn't publish any stories about Ashland. Victoria thanked Billy for being a good listener, and Billy headed out. Ashland questioned what Victoria had said to her ex that had made Billy such a good listener.

Victoria explained that she'd told Billy that she felt overwhelmed from time to time but that she wouldn't have it any other way. She continued that she'd admitted to Billy that she was in love with Ashland, and things were moving very quickly because they didn't have time to waste. Victoria insisted that she needed what Ashland added to her life, and she would take what she could get. "I love you, Ashland, and don't tell me not to feel that way. Don't even try," she firmly stated.

Ashland realized that he needed to find a way to stay alive, and Victoria incredulously asked if he meant it. He agreed to start treatment and take the chance it would actually work. "I sure as hell hope so," he mused.

Phyllis pushes Sally and Tara's buttons Phyllis pushes Sally and Tara's buttons

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

by Nel

At Society, Lauren was surprised when Jack told her that he and Sally were giving their relationship another shot. He asked if Lauren thought it was a mistake. Lauren said she didn't have any issues about Jack and Sally giving it another try. She said she was happy she'd given Sally another shot at Fenmore's because Sally was shining in that position, and Lauren had been considering making Sally's position permanent as acting head of JCV.

Lauren noticed that Jack was wearing the cuff links containing the stones from the Teardrop of Love necklace. She claimed the stones were working for him. Jack said he and Sally were trying to find their footing again; however, the stones appeared to be working for Lauren and Michael. Lauren admitted that she and Michael had never been happier. Lauren suggested that perhaps the love Jack had was familial. She knew what a gift it was for Jack to have Harrison in his life. Jack admitted it was a joy to have his grandson in the house.

Jack told Lauren he wished Dina had gotten the chance to meet her great-grandson. Jack felt that Lauren might have been right; the stones had brought the next generation of family home. Jack said that to him, the necklace signified hope, something he had an abundance of recently. He said he had Harrison, and he got to spend time with a lovely and charming woman -- wherever that might go.

Jack told Lauren that each day presented a new opportunity, and he couldn't have been happier or more grateful than he was at that moment. He thanked Lauren for sharing the necklace with his family. Lauren said Jack deserved all the joy in life.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis apologized to Sally about the overcharges on Sally's bill and said she would reprimand the person responsible. After Phyllis has sent Tara the text message from Sally, she deleted it from Sally's phone. Phyllis told Sally that all the charges had been deleted from her account, and it wouldn't happen again. Phyllis offered Sally a free day at the spa for the inconvenience. Sally claimed the offer was a little too nice.

Phyllis offered Sally some training sessions instead. Phyllis said the super-hot trainer still had a crush on Sally. Sally thanked Phyllis, but she didn't think Jack would be too happy about that. Phyllis said that if Sally changed her mind about a facial or massage to let her know. Sally said that Phyllis owed her one, and she left.

Alone, Phyllis muttered that she definitely owed Sally one, and she would make good on that.

At the Abbotts', Tara read Sally's text message. It upset her. Kyle asked Tara to tell him what had happened with Ashland's visit. Tara said she'd pleaded with Ashland, but it had been futile. She said that when Jack had arrived, Ashland had eased off, but she'd seen the fury in Ashland's eyes. She felt the situation had turned into a ticking time bomb. Kyle asked if Tara was going to allow Ashland to talk to Harrison alone. Tara said Ashland would never be reasonable, and she'd decided that she wanted to tell Harrison with Kyle by her side. She wanted to be proactive because she didn't know what Ashland would do next.

Kyle told Tara that Sharon, as a professional therapist, had the right idea. Tara and Ashland needed to tell Harrison together, since it would be the most important conversation they would have with him. Tara agreed and said she was grateful she had Kyle to talk things through with. Kyle asked if there was something else bothering her because she seemed anxious.

Tara told Kyle her whole life had been turned upside down, and there was no end in sight. She said Ashland had found out about their affair, then the divorce, the custody arrangements, and discovering that Ashland was dying. She said she'd uprooted her and Harrison's lives, and she'd tried to deal the best she could with the situation. Kyle said he and Tara would make sure things would be good for Harrison. Tara claimed she needed some alone time, and she left.

When Jack returned home, he asked Kyle what was wrong when he noticed Kyle appeared unsettled. Kyle said he'd had a conversation with Phyllis, who believed Tara was somehow involved in Summer's abrupt decision to leave town. Phyllis was adamant that Tara had orchestrated Summer's exit. Jack said he didn't know why Phyllis had to stick her nose in other people's business.

Jack asked Kyle if he thought Phyllis was looking to blame someone and had picked Tara as her target. Jack said he'd asked Phyllis to back off, but she wouldn't drop it, not with Tara or Sally. Kyle said Phyllis had linked Tara with Sally, and she'd felt they were co-conspirators. Jack asked if Kyle was buying into Phyllis' theory. Kyle admitted Phyllis had him wondering if Tara was up to something, but with everything Tara had been dealing with, Kyle felt it was ridiculous. Kyle and Jack agreed that Tara wasn't capable of being that devious.

Kyle told Jack that Sally might have plotted something. He said Summer had suddenly left town, and Sally had gotten the job she'd coveted since her arrival in Genoa City. Jack asked if Phyllis had given Kyle any evidence to support her suspicions. Kyle said Phyllis was working on finding some. Jack reminded Kyle that Summer had recommended Sally for her job. Jack admitted that Sally had done some questionable things in the past, but he believed Sally was trying to change. Kyle stated that trying wasn't necessarily succeeding.

Kyle knew Jack didn't want to hear it, but he reminded Jack that Jack had been down that road with Sally before, and he didn't want to see Jack get hurt again. Jack assured Kyle he had his eyes wide open. He informed Kyle that he and Sally were going to have dinner later that evening. Kyle said Jack knew how he felt about Sally.

In the park, Nate told Elena he wanted to take her out for some very expensive Champagne. He suggested they go home and change, and he would meet her at Society and tell her his big news.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Devon that he'd been her rock and a really great friend. Abby said Mariah hadn't returned home and that she was as worried as she'd been previously. Abby said she'd received a couple of text messages from Mariah, and one had stated she would be home for her next doctor's appointment. Devon was surprised that Mariah hadn't returned yet. Abby felt the same, and she hoped Mariah meant it when she'd said she would return soon and that she would be in a good place.

Abby told Devon she wanted Mariah's homecoming to be everything Mariah needed it to be. She claimed there wouldn't be any hovering, nagging, or pressure on Mariah. Abby admitted that she'd planned to try to track Mariah through her cell phone; however, she'd stopped herself because it would have been an invasion of privacy, and privacy had been the very thing Mariah had been asking for.

Abby asked Devon to stop her if he saw that Abby was being overprotective. She didn't want to drive Mariah away again. Devon said that since they were all aware of that dynamic, he was certain that things would be fine. Abby wanted assurance from Devon that she hadn't been pressuring him. Devon said he hadn't been pressured, and he'd known what he'd been getting into when he'd started the journey with Abby. He was still happy to be on it, no matter how unpredictable it became. He was happy he could be there for Abby while Chance was away.

Abby told Devon she thought Chance would have been home at that point, helping to decorate the nursery and pick out names. Devon said it would happen soon enough and he was there to lean on if Abby needed someone. He reminded her that she had a lot of friends and family that would do anything for her.

Abby wanted Devon to update her on his life because she wanted to live vicariously through him. Devon said his life was pretty good. Work was great, and he loved that Moses was staying with him; however, his main source of happiness was from Amanda. He said Amanda was special, and they had become closer. Amanda's family had put her through a lot of emotional stress, but she'd stayed strong.

Abby told Devon that Amanda was exactly what Devon needed. He thought it had been crazy how Amanda had come into his life, with Colin using Amanda to try to steal his money. Abby claimed Devon and Amanda had needed to get past their animosity to realize they had something special. Abby asked how Amanda felt about him being involved with baby Chancellor. Devon stated that Amanda had been supportive since the beginning, and she'd given him her opinion about the contract.

Devon asked Abby if Stitch was supportive. Abby claimed Stitch was thrilled for her. They'd had a love for each other in the past, but they had moved on. She said she was happy Stitch was moving back to Genoa City. She explained that Stitch had been offered a job as chief of surgery at Memorial. She said she might remind Stitch of the good times they'd had, but there was nothing more than that between them.

Abby told Devon that Stitch had been a happy distraction for her, and he'd given her a lot more support than she'd expected. Abby said she and Stitch had had some painful moments in the past, but she was happy he was moving back to Genoa City. She felt it might be the start of a new chapter in his life.

In a room somewhere, Mariah woke with a start. She looked around to figure out where she was. She sat on the bed and did some breathing exercises as a stress reliever for her and the baby. She tried to convince herself she wasn't agitated or claustrophobic. Mariah tried the door, but it was locked. She yelled that she wanted to get out of the room immediately. There was no response. Mariah told baby they were still prisoners.

Mariah talked to the baby and said there were no windows in the room. She said they had to wait because she'd tried everything, like screaming, begging, praying, and threatening. Whoever was keeping her there had been giving her the silent treatment. She told the baby not to worry because she would find a way to get them out of there.

Mariah heard a noise, from the dumbwaiter in the room. When she opened the door, there was a tray of food with a bottle of her prenatal vitamins. She told the baby they were in that mess together. Frustrated Mariah banged on the dumbwaiter door and asked who they were and what they wanted from her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Tessa had been researching something on the computer but abruptly closed the laptop when Nina walked in and asked what Tessa had been looking at. Tessa admitted she'd been looking at the app that tracked people's locations through their cell phones. Tessa said she knew enough about Mariah's personal information and passwords to make it work. Tessa said she knew that Nina and Abby were against it, but Tessa claimed she couldn't just do nothing. She also wasn't going to argue about it.

Nina told Tessa she wasn't going to argue because Mariah was Tessa's partner, and Tessa had to do what she felt was right. Tessa said she didn't want to push Mariah further away, but she was worried sick and hadn't been reassured by Mariah's latest text messages. Tessa said she'd sent Mariah a text message asking Mariah to send her a clue if something was wrong, but Mariah hadn't responded. Tessa felt that something was actually wrong. In tears, Tessa said she couldn't stand not knowing if the woman she loved was all right.

Tessa told Nina that she wasn't comfortable waiting for Mariah to return home. She said she would turn on the app to track Mariah's phone. Nina asked how long it took to track Mariah's phone. Tessa had no idea. Nina said that Tessa and Mariah had a special bond. Everyone could see how much they loved each other. Tessa said she would give anything to hear Mariah's voice and see her beautiful face again. Tessa's phone beeped. Disappointed, she told Nina that the app stated that Mariah's phone location was blocked.

Nate arrived at Society and met Elena. Nate ordered Champagne, and once the Champagne had been poured, Nate told Elena that they were drinking to him because he'd been appointed chief of surgery at Memorial. Elena was thrilled.

At the hotel, Sally exited the elevator as Tara arrived. Sally asked why Tara was there. Tara said she was there about her shoe line and possibly collaborating with JCV. Tara suggested they go to Sally's suite to discuss things. Phyllis sat at the bar, and with her laptop open, she watched Sally and Tara from the security camera in the elevator.

In the elevator, Tara asked if Sally had been out of her mind, sending Tara that text message. Tara told Sally she wasn't about to allow Sally to risk her or her son's lives. Sally asked what Tara was talking about, because the only things she'd been focused on were her job and Jack. Tara added, "And Phyllis." Tara asked Sally what had prompted Sally to send an incriminating text message to her phone. Tara said anyone who saw the text message would have proof of their collusion.

Phyllis watched Tara and Sally on the elevator, and she commented that one was irritated and the other confused.

Sally told Tara she was confused because she hadn't sent any text message about Phyllis. Tara showed Sally the text message. Sally was shocked and said she hadn't sent it. She showed Tara there was no record of that message sent from her phone. Sally realized Phyllis had sent it. Sally told Tara to wait for her in Sally's suite. Sally said she was going to handle Phyllis.

Sally exited the elevator and asked Phyllis what was wrong with her. She accused Phyllis of not having any ethical boundaries. Phyllis said she was confused. She thought they had sorted out Sally's bill. Sally claimed that Phyllis had distracted her with the bogus bill so she could steal Sally's phone to send that crazy text message. Phyllis asked why she would send a text message from Sally's phone when her phone worked fine. Phyllis asked what was on the text message that had Sally so upset.

Sally said that Phyllis believed she was smarter and more devious that Sally, but Phyllis was making a big mistake underestimating her. Phyllis claimed she would never underestimate Sally; however, Phyllis was curious why Sally was so upset. Sally wanted Phyllis' phone, but Phyllis asked what would happen if she had sent a text message and why Sally was so scared. Sally claimed she wasn't scared.

Sally told Phyllis that what Phyllis had done had been an invasion of privacy, and Sally claimed she could press charges for theft. Phyllis asked what she'd stolen. Sally claimed Phyllis had impersonated her, and that was identity theft. Phyllis smiled and said that something on that text message really had Sally freaked out, and she was curious what it could have been that had made Sally so agitated. Phyllis said the way Sally was acting was on the next level. Sally claimed Phyllis knew nothing about Sally on any level.

Phyllis told Sally she believed she knew Sally. Phyllis claimed that someone had pushed Sally's buttons. She said Sally and Tara needed to come clean and tell her what they had done to Summer.

At home, Kyle and Jack simultaneously received a video from Phyllis. It was the video of Sally and Tara in the elevator and Tara showing Sally something on her phone. Jack and Kyle wondered what that had been about. Kyle said he hated having to question Tara. Jack said the video raised enough questions to warrant a conversation. Jack hoped they were jumping to conclusions, but whatever was going on, they needed answers.

Tara was in Sally's suite, pacing. She received a text from Kyle: "Please come home. We need to talk."

Kyle overhears a phone conversation between Sally and Tara Kyle overhears a phone conversation between Sally and Tara

Thursday, July 29, 2021

by Nel

At home, Jack told Kyle he didn't know what to make of the security footage Phyllis had sent. It was clear Sally and Tara had been upset. Kyle wondered if Tara had discovered that Sally had been the reason for Summer's abrupt departure for Italy. Kyle said it explained why Tara had been upset in the elevator. He said Phyllis had been blaming Tara for Summer leaving. Jack said Phyllis had seen Sally and Tara working together, and she saw the video as positive proof.

At the Grand Phoenix, Sally asked if Phyllis believed Sally had done something nasty to Summer. Phyllis claimed Sally and Tara had done it together. Sally said Summer was in Italy, taking the fashion world by storm. She denied any complicity in Summer leaving Genoa City, but if she had been involved, Phyllis should be thanking her instead of taking Sally's phone, pretending to be Sally, and sending a twisted text message.

Phyllis asked Sally why she would do something like that, unless she had wanted the person receiving the text message to freak out, rush over to the hotel, and confront Sally. Sally said if that had been Phyllis' plan, it had failed because no one had freaked out. Phyllis said the freak-out had taken place in the elevator where Sally and Tara had been arguing. Sally remembered the camera in the elevator, and she accused Phyllis of spying on them.

Phyllis reminded Sally that she was the proprietor of the hotel, and she needed to know what went on in her hotel at all times. Sally claimed Phyllis had been snooping on a private conversation. Phyllis said it was an elevator, not a confessional. When Tara arrived, Sally told her the text had been sent by Phyllis and that Phyllis had spied on them in the elevator. Tara claimed she'd been dealing with a lot, and she asked them to leave her out of their drama. Tara left. Phyllis asked Sally how it felt being thrown under the bus.

Amanda greeted Devon when he arrived at his penthouse. She asked about his meeting with Abby. He said Mariah had sent a text message that she would be home before her next doctor's appointment.

Devon asked Amanda to open a bottle of wine while he changed because they were going to celebrate that Sutton Ames was finally going to pay for his decades-old crime, thanks to Amanda. Amanda appreciated Devon's confidence in her.

After Devon had changed, Amanda said he looked "so damn good" in his suit, but he needed to change into something more casual. She said they needed to go upstairs so she could help him take off his shirt.

After the loving, Amanda told Devon her family was constantly on her mind. Devon said it was a big deal to discover who she was, where she'd come from, and how different her life could have been. Amanda couldn't stop thinking that if Richard had found her and Hilary, they could have had a normal, middle-class upbringing. She could have grown up to become a completely different person.

Devon told Amanda that if Richard had survived, he might have convinced Naya to be more involved in her daughters' lives. Amanda doubted that. Sutton wouldn't have allowed that to happen. Amanda claimed Naya would never stand up to her father.

Devon told Amanda he couldn't imagine Naya growing up with such a manipulative father. It had messed with Naya's head, since she'd been willing to go to prison to protect him. Amanda had hoped to change that, but Naya's "protect daddy" instinct had been solidly ingrained. Devon said Naya had come a long way since her first meeting with Amanda. At first, Naya had seen Amanda as a mistake to be hidden, but she'd made the decision to bring Amanda into the family and to put Amanda on Sutton's legal team.

Devon told Amanda that Naya had had a number of opportunities to exclude Amanda from the family, but she'd hung onto Amanda. He believed the relationship between Naya and Amanda could be real. Amanda said that Devon had always encouraged her, and he'd made her believe she could get through anything. She thanked him for believing in her. Devon and Amanda declared their love for each other.

At home, Ashland told Victoria he'd made an appointment with a specialist in New York to discuss his treatment options. Victoria said she knew it hadn't been an easy decision for him, and she was happy he wasn't backing out of any treatment plan. Ashland claimed he would be grateful for any extra moments he could get so he could spend them with Harrison and Victoria.

Ashland told Victoria to keep her expectations in check because the odds of the treatment extending his life were remote. Victoria said she knew there were no guarantees, but she was ready for whatever happened next. She said she would be with Ashland every step of the way. Victoria asked Ashland if he wanted to have a conversation with Harrison about his health before they left for New York.

Ashland told Victoria that Tara had been unreasonable when they'd spoken earlier that day, and he didn't need that aggravation. Victoria told him not to let his frustration with Tara keep him away from his son. Ashland claimed Tara was irrational, and she probably wouldn't allow him to talk to Harrison alone. She would be nervous that he would say something about his illness without her being there to supervise.

Ashland told Victoria that there was a lot of tension between him and Tara, and Harrison would pick up on it. Ashland said Harrison had had nightmares after the incident at the park. He hoped that when Harrison grew up, he would remember the day Ashland had told him that he was sick. He wanted to be alone with Harrison so he could be calming, comforting, and reassuring. He wanted it to be between him and his son. He said if Tara was present, she would find a way to make it about herself.

Victoria told Ashland that as a mother, she would want to be there to show her support if Billy had something important to tell their kids. She said it would be best if Harrison received Ashland's news from both his parents. Ashland stated that, unlike Victoria, Tara would use Harrison to punish him. Victoria suggested that Ashland find a compromise. She said he was a world-class negotiator, and she told him to negotiate. Ashland needed to do what was best for Harrison.

Ashland told Victoria she was really good at getting through to him and changing his perspective. Victoria said she respected him enough to tell him the unvarnished truth, whether he wanted to hear it or not. Ashland claimed it was refreshing. He wished he'd met Victoria earlier in his life. Victoria felt the same way. He couldn't imagine himself not falling head over heels for her at any time. Victoria said they had to take advantage of the time they had left.

Tara arrived at the Abbotts', and Kyle said that he and Jack wanted to make sure she was okay because they'd received a strange message from Phyllis. Tara asked if Phyllis had confessed to them that she'd been spying on Tara. Jack said they had figured it out on their own, and they weren't okay with it. Kyle wanted to know what had happened. Tara had told him that she'd needed some alone time, but she'd wound up at the Grand Phoenix with Sally. Tara said she hadn't wanted them involved.

Jack asked Tara what she was involved in. Tara said she'd received a text message from Sally that had been troubling. It hadn't made any sense, and she'd gone to see Sally to ask her about it. Tara said she didn't remember what the message had said exactly, and she'd deleted it, but it was something like Phyllis was a problem. Jack asked what that meant.

Tara told Jack and Kyle that Sally had realized that Phyllis had sent the message from Sally's phone. Tara asked if Phyllis had involved Jack and Kyle in that mess. She asked Jack and Kyle what Phyllis had said. Kyle showed Tara the video. He said Tara appeared to be very upset with Sally and asked what that had been about. Tara asked what Phyllis had wanted to prove with that video. Jack said they hoped Tara could tell them. Tara claimed she'd been right not to take Sally up on her offer of friendship.

Jack told Tara that they hadn't spoken to Phyllis since they had received the video. Jack asked Tara to explain what had happened in that video. Kyle said Tara had shown Sally her phone. He asked what Tara had wanted Sally to see. Tara said it was the text message she'd received. Sally had shown Tara her phone to prove she hadn't sent it. Tara said she hadn't known what to believe, and she'd become angry.

Tara told Jack and Kyle that it had felt like Sally had wanted to enlist her help in Sally's feud with Phyllis. Tara said that Jack and Kyle knew what kind of strain she'd been under, and she had reacted emotionally. Jack said they knew how persistent Phyllis could be when she was protecting Summer. Tara insisted she hadn't done anything to Summer, and she didn't know where that was coming from. She said she'd faced a lot of vicious women in her time, but Phyllis went beyond anything she'd ever encountered.

Jack told Tara that he'd spoken to Phyllis, and he'd asked her to back off of everyone. Kyle said he'd spoken to Phyllis earlier that day, and he'd felt that Phyllis was angry that Tara was in Genoa City and Summer wasn't. Tara claimed Phyllis wouldn't stop until Phyllis had run her and Harrison out of town. Jack said he was going to deal with the situation immediately. Jack left.

Tara told Kyle she was relieved that Harrison hadn't been affected by all the suspicions surrounding her. She said Phyllis seemed to stir up trouble wherever she could. Kyle said Phyllis was very protective of Summer, but anything Phyllis did for Summer's sake was justified.

Ashland arrived. He told Tara and Kyle he was leaving later that evening with Victoria to meet with the Locke Communications executive team. He wanted to say goodbye to Harrison before he left. Tara said it was fine as long as he didn't mention his illness. They still needed to discuss how they would handle that. Ashland wanted to revisit the issue immediately, privately. Kyle left.

Ashland said Victoria had helped him see things from a mother's point of view. He said he wanted to talk to Harrison himself; however, he didn't have any objection to Tara being present, because it might help Harrison to have his mother's support. She agreed. Ashland told Tara he was going to start treatment for his cancer because he wasn't willing to surrender to the cancer. Tara claimed she was glad, and it would be important for Harrison to hear that.

Tara brought Harrison to Ashland. He told Harrison he hadn't been feeling well lately, but the doctors had fixed his heart, and another doctor could fix his other problem, as well. He said he wanted to spend as much time with Harrison as he could.

Jack arrived at the hotel. He said that Tara had grown weary of Phyllis' constant antagonism -- and so had he. Phyllis said she'd seen red flags everywhere, and she'd been gathering information. Jack asked if Phyllis had stolen Sally's phone to send a fake text message. Phyllis told Jack that the two scammers were reacting to every bit of scrutiny. Phyllis asked why Jack hadn't asked for an explanation from Sally and Tara.

Jack told Phyllis he'd received an explanation. He told Phyllis she needed to back off from Tara. Phyllis asked Jack why Tara had rushed to the hotel after she'd received the text message and why she'd wound up arguing with Sally. Phyllis said Tara was living large at the Abbott mansion. She had new business opportunities and new friends, all because of Jack and Kyle. She wouldn't want to lose that. Jack asked for hard proof.

Phyllis accused Jack of turning a blind eye to everything because he wanted to believe everything Sally and Tara told him. Phyllis stated she was angry that Summer had left town. She said Sally and Tara had forced Summer to leave. Phyllis vowed she would get the proof. She asked why Jack hadn't given her, Summer, or Kyle the benefit of the doubt. Phyllis asked if Jack had spoken to Sally. Jack said he was on his way to do that. Phyllis told him not to let Sally talk her way out of it. Jack said he resented the insinuation, and he left.

In Sally's suite, Sally assumed Jack was there to discuss what had happened. She asked if he'd heard it from Phyllis or Tara. Jack said he'd spoken to both of them, and he wanted Sally's explanation. He told Sally to be honest with him.

Sally told Jack that Phyllis had been turning everyone against her, including Jack and Tara. She said she had to work with Tara, and Sally didn't want the situation to affect her career. She asked Jack if there was something he could do to get Phyllis to back off. Jack said he'd spoken to Phyllis. He wanted to know what Sally and Tara had talked about in the elevator. Sally said Tara had received a text message from Sally's phone that had been sent by Phyllis. Tara had confronted her because she didn't want any part of the drama. Sally didn't want the drama, either, but Phyllis wasn't giving her a choice.

Jack asked Sally what the text had said. Sally said she didn't know, but it was clearly about Phyllis. Suspicious, Jack asked if Sally hadn't seen the text message. Sally said Phyllis had deleted it from her phone. Jack showed Sally the video that Phyllis had sent to him. Jack said it clearly showed that Tara had shown Sally the text message. Sally claimed she hadn't read the words. She asked if it mattered. Jack raised his voice and said it really mattered. He said he couldn't trust Sally to tell him the truth.

Sally begged Jack not to overreact to something so small. She said if he let Phyllis raise his doubts, he was playing into her hands. Jack said he'd asked for a simple explanation, and Sally couldn't give it to him. Sally claimed she'd told him the truth. If she couldn't tell him the exact wording of the text message, it was because it didn't matter. She said Jack should be shocked that Phyllis had stolen her phone and sent the text message from her to Tara. Sally said Phyllis had been trying to undermine her personally and professionally.

Jack told Sally she wasn't helping her case by redirecting his attention to Phyllis and away from the question at hand. It only made him wonder what else she was concealing. Sally claimed she wasn't hiding anything. Jack believed her; however, Sally's first instincts were to deflect blame. Jack said he couldn't build a relationship with someone he couldn't trust completely. Sally begged him to put the matter aside and go to dinner as they had planned. She said they were "so good together." Sally was certain they would get past the incident.

Jack told Sally he had believed that they were compatible, but he couldn't shake the feeling they would always wind up where they were at the moment. Sally would make excuses, and he would question his judgment. Jack said he needed a lot more than that, and he left.

When Phyllis saw Jack, she asked him how things had gone with Sally. Jack said it was none of her business. Jack said he had no idea who was telling the truth. He accused Phyllis of enjoying the situation. Phyllis said she wasn't enjoying it at all. She knew Jack liked Sally, and she wished she was wrong about Sally and Tara. Phyllis said she knew she wasn't. She asked if Jack believed Sally and Tara. Jack said Phyllis would never change, and he left.

Ashland returned home. He told Victoria things had gone very well with Harrison, and he would fill her in on the way to the airport. Victoria said she'd seen Kyle at the coffeehouse. Kyle said he'd left to give Ashland and Tara some privacy. Ashland appreciated that, but he claimed that Tara had Kyle wrapped around her little finger.

Alone in her suite, Sally called Tara. She told Tara she'd felt it had been safe to say she hadn't seen the text message. She hadn't known Phyllis had given Jack the video of them in the elevator. Jack had shown it to her.

At the Abbotts', Kyle stopped abruptly behind Tara when he overheard Tara tell Sally to calm down. Sally told Tara that Phyllis was out to ruin her life. She said she'd lost Jack over the situation. Kyle hid behind the door and continued to listen. Tara told Sally she was sorry that Jack was upset, but Sally needed to give it time.

Sally told Tara she'd run out of chances with Jack. She said that given the way Jack had been acting, she thought Tara was on thin ice, as well. Tara told Sally she believed that things on her end were fine. She said they'd both given the same explanation about their elevator conversation. They'd handled it the best way they could. She thanked Sally for the update and ended the call.

Phyllis learns Eric Forrester recommended Summer Phyllis learns Eric Forrester recommended Summer

Friday, July 30, 2021

At Newman Media, Chloe entered Adam's office and rattled off a list of complaints about her workspace. She wondered if he'd set up her suite to mess with her, and he sarcastically replied that he'd been up all night, thinking of ways to make her work life miserable. He instructed her to order whatever she needed, rendering her speechless. His phone pinged, and he excitedly declared that his son was home, so he had to go. Adam told Chloe that he'd see her the next day -- if she decided to return.

Rey and Connor entered Crimson Lights, and Sharon asked the boy how his grandmother was doing. Connor reported that Anita was getting better because his mom was taking care of her, and Sharon bet the first thing he wanted to do was see his dad. She mentioned that Adam talked about Connor all the time, and Rey questioned whether she and Adam had been in touch.

Sharon asked the barista to fetch Connor some lemonade, and Connor sat down at a table to wait for his dad. Rey asked again if Sharon and Adam had been talking while Rey had been gone, and Sharon claimed that they'd spoken briefly about Connor when Adam had stopped in for coffee. Rey queried whether Adam had been up to his old tricks by playing on her sympathies, but Sharon defended that Adam was just a dad who'd been missing his kid. She swore that she wanted to hear everything about the trip, but she wanted a kiss first. Adam walked in and spied the couple together.

Adam inquired about Connor's trip, and the lad enthused that he'd spent lots of time with his mom. Connor wanted to go to the ranch to see his grandparents, but Adam explained that Victor and Nikki were in Europe to visit Noah and Summer. Adam suggested that they see if Faith could take Connor for a ride on his favorite horse the next day, and he offered to take Connor home after a quick stop to pick up his laptop from the office. Adam gushed about how excited he was to see his son, adding that he'd been lonely there on his own.

Adam thanked Rey for driving Connor back. Rey responded that he'd been heading home, anyway, and it had been nice to have the company. Adam hoped Chelsea was doing as well as she'd sounded on the phone, and Rey reported that she'd been following her doctor's orders and looking out for Connor. Rey complimented how good Connor had been with his grandmother, and Adam praised how considerate and loving his son was. Adam headed out with Connor, and Sharon offered to get Rey something to eat. He cooed that being with her was all he needed.

Rey told Sharon about how Connor had taught Anita to play his favorite video game. Sharon updated Rey about how Faith had met her favorite band, and he asked if Sharon had heard from Mariah. Sharon lamented that Mariah had only sent vague text messages, and she wished she could help Mariah through whatever was going on. Rey assured her that Mariah would be home soon.

Sharon inquired whether Chelsea was okay to be on her own without supervision, and Rey believed the distance from Adam was helping Chelsea. Rey shared that he'd given Chelsea opportunities to give him the slip, but she'd never taken advantage of them. He doubted she'd do anything to jeopardize her access to Connor. Sharon was amazed to hear admiration in Rey's voice, given that Chelsea had tried to kill him. Rey sympathized that Chelsea had been through a physical and emotional trauma, and he thought she deserved a second chance.

Sharon called Rey the kindest, most generous man she'd ever met, and he jokingly replied, "If you're into that sort of thing." She flashed back to Adam speculating that she was clearly over her fascination with bad boys, since Rey didn't have a dark side. Sharon gushed that she loved everything about Rey, and she was grateful to be married to such a good man. Rey preferred to be called sexy, handsome, or brilliant instead, and Sharon insisted that he was all those things and more.

Rey suggested that he and Sharon go back to the house, but he spotted a book that Connor had left behind. Rey recalled that Chelsea had given it to Connor for the trip, and Sharon acknowledged that Chelsea tried to be a good mom. Rey thought it was easy to see how much Chelsea loved her son, and he mentioned that she'd confessed that she was worried about how damaging her family's breakup would be to Connor. Rey believed Chelsea truly regretted how things had turned out with Adam, and he thought she was still having a hard time letting it go.

Chloe entered Adam's office and set some files on the credenza. She hovered over Adam's desk as she received a call from Chelsea on her tablet. Chloe reported that she was in Adam's office, and Chelsea warned her against snooping. Chloe conceded that the gig was a pretty sweet deal, and she looked forward to Chelsea joining her. Chelsea guessed that Adam truly felt bad about what had happened.

Chloe lectured that Adam wasn't doing Chelsea any favors, since Chelsea deserved more than a fashion platform after he'd blown the best thing that had ever happened to him. Chelsea recognized that things had gotten twisted in her head and that she'd blamed Adam for things he hadn't done. Chloe firmly stated that they both knew Adam always had been and always would be bad. Chelsea thought people might say the same thing about her after the terrible things she'd done. She was sick of carrying around the anger and was finally ready to let it go.

Adam and Connor arrived at Newman Media and found Chloe chatting with Chelsea online. Connor ran over to say hello to his mom, and Chelsea hoped he hadn't gotten tired or bored on the trip home. Adam curtly stated that they'd have to talk later, since they were only there to grab his laptop before they headed home. Adam promised that there would be time to talk before Connor went to bed, and he and Connor headed out. Chelsea was glad that Connor seemed okay. Chloe anticipated that both Chelsea and Connor would be fine if Chelsea kept things with Adam strictly business.

At Adam's penthouse, Connor plopped on the couch and rubbed his eyes. Adam surmised the boy was ready to crash, but Connor insisted that he wasn't. Connor planned to unpack and then call his mom back, so they could start making plans for when she got home. Adam squirmed as Connor ran off to his room.

At the Abbott mansion, Tara descended the stairs and was surprised to find Kyle sitting in the living room. He shared that he'd been there earlier to see how things had gone with Ashland and Harrison, and he'd overheard her on the phone with Sally. Tara groaned that the day had been grueling, since breaking the news to Harrison had been much harder than she'd expected it to be. She called it one of the hardest moments of the whole ordeal, and she was glad Kyle was home.

Tara recounted that Harrison had taken the news as well as he could have. She revealed that Ashland had let her stay in the room and that he'd decided to seek treatment, which had made things less traumatic than they could have been. Tara was confident that the boy would make it through with their love and support. Kyle intended to check on Harrison, but he implored Tara to tell him about her call with Sally first. Tara claimed that Sally had apologized for blowing up at her over the incident with Phyllis.

Kyle referred to the text message Phyllis had sent from Sally's phone. Tara said she felt sorry for Sally because Phyllis had been hounding her about Summer leaving town, and Tara had learned what it was like to be the target of Phyllis' unfair accusations. Tara hoped Kyle hadn't let Phyllis' misguided suspicions get to him. Kyle recognized that Phyllis operated out of her desire to protect Summer and that Phyllis also had a long history of jumping to conclusions. Tara wondered if Kyle still trusted her.

Tara expressed her gratitude to Kyle and Jack for being kind and wonderful when she'd had no one else, and she hated to think they were questioning whether her staying at the mansion had been a mistake. Kyle swore that he had no regrets about her and Harrison being there. Tara regretted that Phyllis had gotten the impression that she was a gold digger with ulterior motives, and she pressed to know if Kyle no longer trusted her. Kyle cited how manipulative Sally could be, and he figured that whatever she was up to wasn't worth getting worked up about.

Tara started to leave to check on Harrison, but Kyle stopped her and asked if the fact that Ashland was seeking treatment would change anything. Tara insisted that her marriage was still over, and Kyle invited her and Harrison to stay as long as they wanted. He stressed that he and Tara would continue to co-parent with Ashland, but he imagined that she'd want to start dating and eventually remarry. He didn't want to keep her from getting on with her life. Tara bemoaned that she'd been lonely since Ashland had cut her out of his life, and she compared it to how Kyle felt after what had happened with Summer.

Kyle asked what Tara planned to do about the loneliness, and she wished there was a simple answer. Jack arrived home and asked for a moment alone with Kyle. After Tara stepped out, Jack told Kyle that he'd confronted Sally, and her first instinct had been to lie about not seeing the text message. Jack complained that he'd had enough of her lies, so he'd ended it. Kyle was pleased.

Jack griped that even after he'd busted Sally, she'd still refused to admit that it had been anything but a setup on Phyllis' part. Kyle relayed that Tara had said the same thing. Jack acknowledged that Phyllis had crossed a lot of lines, but he thought it looked more and more like Sally and Tara were more than just colleagues. Jack pointed out that Sally had been desperate to place the blame on Phyllis, and he warned that Tara could be hiding something, too.

Tara eavesdropped as Kyle contemplated why Phyllis was trying to make Sally and Tara look bad. Jack noted that Phyllis had always been protective of Summer, which was why he'd initially written off her suspicions, but he also was aware that Phyllis' instincts were always on the money. Jack realized that he couldn't just dismiss it entirely, since things didn't add up.

Later, Tara reported that Harrison was sound asleep, and she considered taking a swim. Kyle excused himself to take care of something, and he walked out. Jack started to turn in for the night, but Tara stopped him and sensed that something had shifted in the way he and Kyle viewed her. She insisted that Jack could ask her anything because she was an open book, and she begged him to give her a chance to put any concerns he had to rest.

Jack preferred to have the conversation another time, but Tara didn't want to let things fester. She knew that the thing with Sally and Phyllis had complicated matters, and she thought she hadn't explained herself well because she'd been preoccupied with her concern about Harrison. She suggested that things would be less awkward if she and Harrison moved out, but Jack protested that Harrison was part of the family, which meant Tara was, too. She thanked him, calling him and Kyle lifesavers. Jack asked that she reassure him that she'd been up-front about everything with them and that he wouldn't eventually learn something about her that would make him regret letting her into his home.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was happy that she and Amanda were able to get together. Phyllis expected that Amanda needed to decompress after everything that had happened with her family, but she observed that her friend was glowing. Phyllis guessed that someone had been taking care of Amanda, who confirmed that she was feeling wonderful despite the drama. The women prepared to sit down and chat, but Sally angrily confronted Phyllis. Sally ranted that Phyllis didn't know when to stop and had crossed her one time too many. Phyllis smirked.

Phyllis assumed Jack's visit had upset Sally. She bragged that she'd given Jack and Kyle a copy of the surveillance footage from the elevator, showing Sally with her co-conspirator. Sally maintained that she and Tara hadn't been conspiring, and she doubted it was legal to spread the tape around. Sally condemned Phyllis for not only spying on her guests but also sharing her lies with Jack.

Phyllis argued that Jack had plenty of reasons to doubt Sally, and he'd seen through Sally's fake charm before when he'd overheard her vowing to take Phyllis down. Sally countered that she and Jack had been moving beyond it, but Phyllis crowed that Jack had seen the light. Sally called her spiteful and vicious, and Phyllis suggested that Sally end it by spilling what she and Tara had done to drive Summer out of town. Phyllis warned that things stood to get much worse for Sally if she didn't confess.

Sally accused Phyllis of trying to create something that didn't exist because she couldn't stand that Summer was happy being far away from her. Phyllis barked that Sally and Tara were way out of their league, and she pledged not to stop until she got to the truth. After Sally stalked off, Amanda noted that Phyllis had wasted no time acting on her theory about the women colluding. Amanda asked what proof Phyllis had. Phyllis conceded that she had no hard evidence, but the "two little girls" had been rattled when they'd realized she was onto them. Phyllis expected them to make a mistake, and she intended to be right there to take them down when they did.

Amanda reminded Phyllis that she was an attorney as well as a friend, and she pushed to know more about the video. Phyllis recounted that she'd sent a text message to Tara from Sally's phone, saying Phyllis was onto them, and Tara had rushed over there. Amanda was taken aback that Phyllis had stolen Sally's phone and sent a fake message, but Phyllis stood by her actions because what she'd gotten was gold -- security footage of the women in the elevator, freaking out. Phyllis regretted that the video didn't have audio, but Amanda cautioned that Phyllis was playing with fire.

Phyllis requested that Amanda help her instead of judging her, and Amanda volunteered to help put the pieces of the puzzle together. Phyllis explained that she'd tried to do that with Billy, but they hadn't gotten anywhere. Amanda was determined to crack the case, and she recommended that they put Sally aside and focus on Tara, who Amanda sensed was the key to the mystery. Phyllis and Amanda talked through the timeline of events, from Tara and Harrison moving into the Abbott house to Summer getting the job offer from Angelina Marchetti.

Amanda pondered why the biggest designer in Milan had reached out to offer the job to someone in Genoa City, sight unseen, out of all the qualified people in the world. Phyllis recalled Summer's abrupt change of heart about being a stepmom, and she pointed out that Tara had taken Summer's place at the Abbott dining table while Sally had taken over Summer's job at JCV. Amanda pointed out that it could have just been a coincidence, but Phyllis asserted that people made their own luck, like Tara had when she'd latched onto Ashland. Amanda recognized that Tara had since insinuated herself into the life of another prominent man, and Phyllis was certain Tara was using her kid to get what she wanted.

Phyllis confided that she'd played that game herself years earlier, and Amanda questioned whether Phyllis was projecting her own experiences onto Tara. Phyllis contended that she was simply stating the obvious, but Amanda wondered why Tara needed Sally. Amanda had a sudden brainstorm, and she asked when Summer had gotten the job opportunity in Milan. Phyllis thought back and remembered that Summer had heard about it through Sally, who had claimed to have interest in the job herself. Phyllis insisted that they do a deep dive into how the job offer had happened.

Phyllis planned to call Angelina Marchetti herself, but Amanda warned that it was the middle of the night in Italy. Phyllis was aware that Angelina was in Los Angeles to promote her fall line, and she was acquainted with Marchetti's PR person from her Restless Style days. Phyllis called Francesca, the PR contact, and requested a favor.

Later, Phyllis phoned Angelina and explained that Francesca had given her Angelina's number. Angelina recognized Phyllis' name, and she raved about Summer's performance. Angelina added that she would be forever indebted to her good friend Eric for recommending Summer. Phyllis guessed that Angelina meant Eric Forrester, and Angelina confirmed that she was in L.A. to meet with him. Phyllis marveled that it was a coincidence, since she was on her way to L.A., as well. She turned and faced Nick.

Kyle sipped a drink at Society's bar. Sally entered the restaurant and approached him. She demanded to know why everyone in town was determined to ruin her life.

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