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Phyllis learned that Tara had been siphoning money from her investors into a personal account. As Tara prepared to leave town with Harrison, the police arrested her for fraud. Kyle flew to Milan and reunited with Summer. Victoria accepted Ashland's marriage proposal.
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Tara was arrested for siphoning money from investors, and Victoria accepted Ashland's marriage proposal
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Phyllis decides to head to Los Angeles to gather more evidence

Phyllis decides to head to Los Angeles to gather more evidence

Monday, August 2, 2021

Nick surprised Phyllis when he returned unexpectedly to Genoa City. Phyllis immediately escorted Nick to her suite, were they made love. After they showered, Phyllis told Nick she had something to tell him that he shouldn't take the wrong way. Having greatly enjoyed their "welcome home" lovemaking, Phyllis suggested Nick take trips more often. Nick said he'd enjoyed visiting Summer in Italy and seeing Noah in London, but he was happy to be home.

Recalling that Phyllis had been engaged in a serious-sounding phone call when he'd approached her in the lobby, Nick asked her to explain what was going on. Phyllis told Nick that Sally and Tara had driven Summer out of town, explaining that Sally had gotten Summer's job at JCV, and Tara was playing house with Kyle. Phyllis rolled her eyes when Nick asked her if she had proof. Phyllis explained that she'd sent Tara a text message from Sally's phone, which stated, "Phyllis knows about us." Phyllis recalled that within minutes, Tara had shown up and confronted Sally in the elevator. Phyllis said she had then sent security footage from the encounter in the elevator to Jack and Kyle. Nick replied, "You think that's crossing the line?" Phyllis defended her actions, explaining that the women had been in a public place.

Nick claimed that Phyllis' proof was only guesswork and circumstantial evidence. Phyllis said she trusted the fire in her belly and told Nick he should feel it, too, because it involved their daughter. Phyllis insisted she would gather evidence in Los Angeles directly from Eric Forrester and Angelina Marchetti. Phyllis admitted that she'd been arranging the meeting on the phone when Nick had arrived. Phyllis assured Nick she'd find out why Summer had landed a job she hadn't sought, convinced that Tara and Sally had been involved. Nick said it didn't make sense for Summer to have given in without a fight. Phyllis said that perhaps Tara and Sally had made it impossible for Summer to fight back.

Nick cautioned Phyllis about questioning Summer's boss and hinting that shenanigans had been involved with the job offer. Phyllis said she'd be careful. Nick explained that Summer had seemed overjoyed with her new position. Phyllis recalled that Summer had left behind everything, including her family, her job, and her fiancé. Phyllis struggled to explain, but she insisted that something was wrong because she could feel it in her bones.

Phyllis told Nick that if she didn't check out her suspicions, she'd never forgive herself. Nick agreed that Phyllis should travel to Los Angeles, and he offered to accompany her to lend his support. Phyllis persuaded Nick to stay behind, so he could keep her in the loop. Nick gave Phyllis a long kiss before he escorted her to the lobby.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Tara that Phyllis had made wild claims about her. Jack asked Tara to assure him that she'd been up-front and truthful and promise him he wouldn't learn anything to make him regret having taken her and Harrison into his home. Tara seemed hesitant to offer an explanation. Jack tried to set Tara at ease by stating that he understood why protective parents might do whatever was necessary, including pushing the envelope, or even doing something that might later be regretted. Tara instead became defensive and claimed Phyllis was just causing trouble. Jack, seeming unconvinced, replied, "Okay. I'm glad we talked."

When Lauren arrived to meet with Tara, Jack abruptly left with hardly a greeting. Lauren, concerned about Jack, asked Tara if he was okay. Tara replied, "I don't know what you mean." Lauren explained that Jack had seemed like he'd had something very serious on his mind.

Tara became evasive and got down to business. Lauren admitted she was excited about acquiring a fabulous shoe line. Tara said she, too, was excited about the possibilities, though she feared the recent negative press might be a detractor. Lauren said she'd position Tara as a woman who, despite tough knocks, had risen gracefully, looking fabulous. Lauren added, "You know, I want something powerful and aspirational." Tara claimed she hadn't previously envisioned herself in such a way.

Lauren told Tara that the ad campaign would stress lifestyle, with an accent on style. Tara said she envisioned their partnership paying off for them both. Lauren noted that she'd emailed a list of financial documents her team needed from Tara. Tara said she'd handle the matter personally and hoped it wouldn't delay their arrangement. Tara admitted she was in immediate need of a source of income. Lauren said she understood, though she was required to have everything in order as part of due diligence. After Lauren left, Tara seemed overwhelmed.

At Society, Kyle questioned Sally, asking her about the person she believed was ruining her life. Sally blamed Phyllis, calling her a conniving, manipulative liar for having interfered in Sally's relationship with Jack. Kyle explained that Jack had known Phyllis a long time and trusted her. Sally claimed Phyllis had concocted a false narrative after stealing her phone, sending a falsified text message, and then forwarding recorded security footage. Kyle didn't back down, despite Sally's efforts to act the part of an innocent victim.

Kyle told Sally she sounded defensive. Sally, insisting she was being truthful, claimed that victims sounded defensive. Kyle, recalling his previous experiences with Sally, said she sounded the same even when she was lying through her teeth. Sally cried that she was being attacked for no good reason. Kyle reminded Sally that he was Summer's ex in addition to being Jack's son, so anything Sally had to say was automatically suspect. Sally asked Kyle to justify why he believed Phyllis over her. Kyle replied, "Maybe I don't have any evidence at the moment, but you better hope I never find any."

After Kyle left, Jack walked past the bar at Society, where he and Sally had planned to meet on a date. Sally claimed their encounter was no accident. Sally pleaded with Jack not to judge her before knowing all the facts. Sally cried that what she and Jack had was far too special and rare to throw away for no good reason. Jack admitted he'd welcomed Sally back into his life because she intrigued him. Jack explained that though he found Sally to be bright, funny, talented, spontaneous, and very attractive, it wasn't enough to overcome his fears that he'd discover she'd done something horrible.

Sally expressed disappointment because Jack hadn't accepted her explanations about the fake text message and the security footage from the elevator. Sally insisted that she and Tara could have been talking about anything in the elevator. Jack replied, "That's true, but you cannot deny you lied to me about Tara showing you the text." Sally claimed that what mattered was whether she'd cheated her way to the top spot at JCV, and she insisted she had not. Sally pleaded with Jack to ask Lauren, explaining that Summer had recommended her for the job. Jack said that it wouldn't change who Sally was or all the concerns he had.

Sally followed Jack as he was leaving and begged him to tell her what she could do or say to change his mind. Sally suggested they take things slowly, so, over time, he could see for himself that there was nothing to prove the claims against her. Sally told Jack they deserved to enjoy happiness together. Jack replied, "You make it all sound very tempting, and I can see that it's important to you, but I'm not sure you're seeing it from my perspective." Jack explained that though he'd thought he could forget the troublesome side to Sally he'd witnessed, he'd been mistaken.

Tara was poring over contracts when Kyle returned home. Tara explained that she was taking care of business while Harrison was asleep. Kyle said he could tell something was up. Tara cried that she'd learned from Ashland's assistant that he'd gone to New York to close his offices and purge belongings in the properties they'd once shared. Tara explained that she'd put a lot of love and attention into the Manhattan penthouse and their home in the Hamptons. Kyle seemed unsympathetic.

Tara was taken aback when Kyle noted that Tara should have anticipated the situation, though he understood it was unnerving. Tara, stifling tears, replied, "Harrison and I have had our lives turned upside down, and I know I brought it on myself because of my affair with you. However, that doesn't make it any less daunting, but I don't know what you're driving at." Kyle explained that Tara had never before mentioned how important the houses were to her. Tara cried that she'd weathered many changes, having given up her friends, her homes, and her marriage. Tara acknowledged how grateful she was that the Abbotts had accepted her and her son with no questions asked. Tara promised Kyle she would never do anything to jeopardize what she had. Kyle told Tara he hadn't intended to put her on the defensive.

Sounding wounded and angered by Kyle's response, Tara said, "All this talk about me losing my home and how stressed I must have been when my life blew up. And then earlier, you went and mentioned the very real possibility that I will spend the rest of my life alone." Kyle acknowledged that though not fun topics, they couldn't be ignored. Tara blamed Kyle's attitude on Phyllis' accusations. Kyle said his questions seemed natural to him. Tara cried that Kyle seemed to be gauging her honesty with every response. Tara became agitated and again blamed Phyllis. Tara cried, "I can't live this way, and I won't."

As Phyllis was preparing to leave for her trip, she and Nick encountered Sally in the hotel lobby. Sally said, "Wow, you're really leaving your hotel to go out of town. How will this place function while you're in -- where did you say you were going?" Phyllis replied that she hadn't said. After Sally walked away, Phyllis told Nick that he'd have to be her eyes and ears. Nick said he would, and he told Phyllis to be careful and return with more than speculation. Phyllis said she was certain she was on the right track to find proof that would rid the Abbotts of Tara and allow Summer to return home. After Nick escorted Phyllis out the door, Sally sighed heavily.

Ashland escorted an impressed Victoria through each grand room of his New York penthouse, saving the main bedroom for last. Victoria's attention was diverted from the fine furnishings and sweeping skyline views when she spotted an original painting by Anne Schwartz. Victoria positioned herself close to the painting to admire the artist's unique use of color. Victoria didn't immediately notice when Ashland pressed his palm against his upper chest, winced in pain, and slowly eased himself down onto the arm of a sofa. Victoria turned around and saw that Ashland was in distress.

Victoria asked Ashland if he was okay. Ashland said the pain was passing and insisted he was fine. Ashland changed the subject and told Victoria he couldn't wait to escort her into his midtown office and introduce the staff to their new CEO. Victoria made Ashland promise to be himself with her. Ashland replied, "Well, that's a tall order, but I can never say no to you."

Ashland told Victoria he was preparing to sell his properties along with most of the contents, though he'd select a few items to move with him to Genoa City. Victoria replied, "I hope that painting made the cut." Ashland admitted that because he'd always kept busy, he'd never taken time to admire the artwork, though he would keep it because Victoria liked it. Victoria asked about Ashland's home located on Long Island. Ashland said the Hamptons house, which had been Tara's domain, had already been fully furnished before he'd ever set foot in it.

Ashland told Victoria he preferred the penthouse and had spent most of his time there alone, which had allowed Tara to carry on as she'd wished, including having had an affair with Kyle. Victoria suggested Ashland let go of the past. Ashland said he intended to make the most of his time with Victoria. Ashland explained that being newly awed by the beauty of the painting was akin to appreciating new experiences with Victoria because everything was better with her.

Victoria fell asleep after she and Ashland made love. When Victoria awoke, she saw Ashland standing in front of the painting. Ashland said he'd decided to keep only the painting because it meant more to him knowing it meant so much to Victoria. Ashland explained that he intended to let go of everything he'd had before he'd met Victoria. Ashland promised to focus on Victoria while working with his doctor to extend his life as long as possible.

Ashland praised Victoria for helping free him from his past life. Ashland explained that Victoria made him yearn to become as healthy as he could, so they might accomplish more in their life together. Ashland announced that he had an appointment to meet with Dr. Ferguson, a leading small-cell carcinoma specialist. Ashland invited Victoria to accompany him. Victoria assured Ashland that she'd stick by him every step of the way.

Ashland proposes to Victoria

Ashland proposes to Victoria

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Phyllis met with Angelina Marchetti and Eric Forrester in Los Angeles. Phyllis told Eric that Lauren sent her love, and Eric explained to Angelina that he and Phyllis had crossed paths while she had been at Restless Style. Eric added that Phyllis' most recent venture was running a beautiful boutique hotel, and Phyllis claimed that she was in town on hotel business. Phyllis enthused about meeting the fabulous woman who had given Summer an amazing career opportunity, and Angelina thanked Phyllis for raising a brilliant young woman.

Eric recounted that it had been a big surprise when Sally had asked him to recommend Summer for the job, and Phyllis cooed that she would love to hear more about it. Angelina excused herself to take a call, and Phyllis prompted Eric to take her through what had happened, since she hadn't known he and Sally were close. Eric admitted that Sally didn't have the best history with his family or Forrester Creations, but he declined to offer further details. He was happy that Sally was doing well with Lauren and making changes to help resist her worst impulses.

Phyllis pressed to know why Sally had turned to Eric on Summer's behalf. Eric recounted that Sally had told him that Summer was a good friend of hers who had wanted to work for Marchetti but hadn't wanted to look ungrateful to Lauren by going after the job herself. Eric continued that Sally had asked him to keep her name out of it because she hadn't wanted to take any credit. Phyllis mentioned that Sally had assumed Summer's old job at JCV, and Eric shared that Sally had told him it was her dream job. He thought everything had worked out for the best, but he realized that Phyllis didn't think so. He wondered what Sally was up to.

Phyllis explained that a complicated series of events had led her to believe that Sally had worked with Ashland Locke's ex-wife to get Summer out of town, since it had benefited both women. Eric swore that he never would have complied with Sally's request if he'd known she'd been up to her old tricks, and he clucked that nothing Sally did surprised him. He bristled at the thought that Sally had shown up out of the blue to take advantage of his goodwill when he'd wanted to believe she'd changed.

Later, Phyllis thanked Angelina again for giving her daughter a chance to shine. Phyllis requested that Angelina and Eric take a picture with her to send to Summer, and they stood together as Phyllis snapped a selfie of them on her phone. Eric regretted allowing Sally to use him in her plot against Summer, but Phyllis assured him that she didn't blame him. She thanked him for giving her the ammunition she needed to take it from there.

At Crimson Lights, Sally was on a call with her grandmother, griping about how Phyllis could ruin everything for her. Later, Sally's phone chimed with a message, and her jaw dropped when she saw the photo of Phyllis with Angelina and Eric. Lauren entered the coffeehouse and asked if it was good news or bad news. Sally covered by claiming that the sales numbers for the latest popup boutique had exceeded expectations, and she apologized for not having a professional reaction. Lauren figured that Sally's genuine enthusiasm was what made her excel at her job.

Sally confirmed that she woke up excited to get to work. Lauren reminded her that the job had been given to her on a trial basis, and Sally squirmed. Lauren proclaimed that the trial was over, since it was time to make the position permanent. Sally thanked Lauren for having faith in her, but Lauren stressed that Sally had earned it. Lauren stepped away to order coffee, and Sally looked down at her phone and scowled.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle lamented to Jack that the video of Sally and Tara had made him wonder if they'd been involved in getting Summer to leave town. Jack suggested that Kyle confront Tara about it. Kyle balked because Tara might run off with his son, and he had no parental rights. Kyle groaned that it had never occurred to him how precarious the situation could get, and he couldn't imagine his life without his son. Jack felt the same way about Harrison, and he questioned whether Kyle could find a way to forgive Tara if Phyllis' suspicions turned out to be true.

Kyle didn't think he could forgive Tara if she'd knowingly been responsible for driving Summer away, but he couldn't fathom why Tara would have gotten involved. Jack noted that Sally could be very persuasive, but Kyle argued that the Abbotts had already welcomed Tara and Harrison into their family and home. Kyle contemplated what else Tara had had to gain by scheming to get Summer out of town. Jack could only think of one thing -- Kyle. Kyle reported that he'd picked up on vibes that indicated that Tara wanted to pick up where they'd left off, but he'd chalked it up to loneliness, since Tara had never done anything overt.

Kyle conceded that what he and Tara had shared had been intense, and they'd even fantasized about running away together; however, it was in the past. Jack asked if there was any possibility Kyle still had feelings for Tara, and Kyle firmly said no. Kyle reiterated that he wasn't proud of having an affair with a married woman, and he'd put it behind him and moved on. Jack pointed out that Kyle had stepped up when he'd found out Tara had gotten pregnant, and he urged Kyle to look at things from another perspective. Jack recognized that Sally had been motivated to get Summer out of JCV but hadn't had leverage against her, yet Tara had -- in Harrison.

Kyle hesitated to believe that Tara would use Harrison like that, but Jack reasoned that they had to follow the logic wherever it led. Jack and Kyle walked through Sally and Tara's suspicious behavior after Phyllis had pulled her stunt, and they agreed that it had given credence to Phyllis' theory that the women had been working together. Jack speculated that Summer had been put in a difficult situation that she hadn't bargained for, but he was puzzled because he'd never known Summer to back down from a challenge. Jack recalled that she'd been making room for Harrison in her life because she and Kyle loved one another. Kyle revealed that Summer's last words to him had been that she didn't love him anymore.

Jack wondered if Summer had told Kyle that she didn't love him because it had been the only way to keep him from digging into the real reason she'd left. Jack theorized that Summer had trusted that Tara would follow through on her threat to cut Harrison out of Kyle's life. Jack's phone chimed with a reminder about a conference call, and he promised Kyle that they'd talk more later. After Jack stepped out, Tara arrived home and overheard Kyle leaving a message for Summer, telling her that things had taken a strange turn and begging her to call him back. Kyle added that he loved and missed Summer like crazy. Tara ducked back out of the house, unseen.

Later, Jack recognized that he'd dumped some unpleasant ideas on Kyle, who couldn't stop thinking about whether Tara had torn his life apart by driving away the woman he loved. Jack received a text message from Phyllis, telling him not to do anything until she got back, since she'd found out something big.

Tara met Sally in Chancellor Park and ordered her to stop requesting that they meet, since it would only make people more suspicious. Sally showed her the photo of Phyllis, Angelina, and Eric in L.A. Tara ranted that the whole thing was unraveling, and she repeated the message she'd heard Kyle leaving for Summer. Tara griped that it was all because Phyllis kept getting Kyle and Jack worked up, but Sally was confident that she could still control the situation because she was a survivor. Sally warned that Tara couldn't let on that any of it was bothering her.

Sally urged Tara to keep playing the hard-working mother whose only concern was her son, but Tara worried that the Abbotts would turn against her and try to take Harrison away if they found out she'd blackmailed Summer into leaving town. Sally doubted that the courts would side with new family who wanted to force a mother out of her child's life, and she encouraged Tara to just stay calm. Tara bemoaned that her entire life was about to blow up when she was trying to build a future for her son, and everything depended on the Abbotts' kindness.

Tara groused that Kyle had it in his head that she was materialistic, and Sally found it ironic, since he'd grown up in the lap of luxury with everything handed to him. Tara wailed that she had nothing without the Abbotts. Sally remarked that it was too bad Tara wasn't more like her, since Sally knew what it was like to live alone and barely scrape by. Tara insisted that she really was a concerned mother and that everything she'd done had been to give her son the best possible future.

Sally advised Tara to stay focused on her son. Tara complained about constantly having to keep up a façade, but Sally cautioned that the more Tara panicked, the more likely things would blow up for both of them. Tara snapped that she could take care of herself, and she didn't need Sally lecturing her. Sally ordered her to keep it together, and she stalked off.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki thanked Victor for her birthday trip, and she gushed about seeing Leslie Brooks in concert and spending time with Noah and Summer. Nikki wondered how she could ever top it for Victor's birthday, but he assured her that he wanted nothing more than to simply spend his birthday with her. Adam entered the room and welcomed them home, and Nikki surmised he wanted to talk business, even though she and Victor had barely walked through the door. Adam stated that he and Victor had a lot to discuss.

Adam politely listened as Nikki and Victor shared details of their trip, but she assured Adam that he didn't have to keep pretending to be interested. Adam swore that he was genuinely happy that they'd gotten away and spent time together, and Nikki stepped out to check in with Victoria. After briefly discussing Connor's return home, Victor suggested that he and Adam get down to business. Adam reported that the launch of Newman Media was moving at record speed, but Victor sensed that something else was on Adam's mind. Adam turned the topic to how they could make the Newman/ocke merger work for them.

Adam believed the merger had been pushed through too fast because of Ashland's health crisis and Victoria's blind ambition to be CEO of a megacorporation, and he suspected that it had left the company vulnerable during a messy transition. Adam proposed that he and Victor start by siphoning off Locke Communications Group's talent. Adam pointed out that Victor was still a controlling figure at Newman Enterprises as chairman of the board, so he was in a position to complicate the merger. Adam wanted to exploit the fact that Locke employees had been asked to relocate to Genoa City from New York, and many of them weren't happy about it. Victor countered that Newman Media was headquartered in Genoa City, as well, but Adam proposed that they allow the employees to stay in Manhattan and do their jobs from home.

Adam was determined to make a move on Newman/ocke before it became a threat to their Newman Media, but Victor didn't want to go after anything that had to do with Newman Enterprises. Adam was taken aback when Victor explained that he didn't want to put what Victoria had accomplished at risk. Adam recalled that Victor had admonished him for not caring that they'd lost out on the opportunity to acquire Locke's company, and Victor had accused him of losing his killer instinct. Adam insisted that they make a move, but Victor adamantly refused. Adam huffed that Victor was the only one who'd lost his killer instinct.

Adam referenced Victor's previous desire to make a run for portions of Locke's company, and he remembered how angry Victor had been after he'd found out that Victoria had used his own bylaws to make her move without board approval. Victor called it a clever move on her part that had taken him by surprise, and it had made him realize that she was the real power at Newman Enterprises. Adam muttered that it was exactly what Victoria had always wanted, and Victor declared that she'd made him proud. Adam argued that it was more reason to stop her before she went after Newman Media, but Victor refused to budge. Adam contended that responding with a move of their own was just business. Victor noted that it was never just business where Adam and his sister were involved.

Adam swore that he wasn't upset about losing the Locke deal to Victoria, and he truly thought going after Locke's employees was what was best for Newman Media. Victor lectured that Adam would understand one day when his children grew up, and he asserted that he was very proud of what Victoria had accomplished with the merger. Adam implored him to consider how much Newman Media stood to gain. Victor reasoned that there was enough for all of them, and it wasn't about all or nothing. Victor proposed that Adam go after Chancellor Communications instead, reiterating that Newman Enterprises was off-limits.

In New York City, Victoria observed that Ashland looked like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He declared that he felt liberated after shutting down his office and setting the sale of his New York homes in motion. He continued that he also felt optimistic after meeting with the specialist, who'd suggested a chemo cocktail that made sense. Victoria was glad that Ashland could start treatment right away with a highly praised oncologist in Genoa City. Ashland recalled that the doctor had made it clear that it wasn't a miracle cure, but he had hope for more time together. He intended to savor the connection he'd found with Victoria.

Ashland announced that he had a lovely afternoon planned, starting with lunch. Victoria assumed he'd made a reservation at a fancy restaurant that most people couldn't get into, but he informed her that his favorite place was a hole in the wall that only offered takeout. She was shocked, and he promised her that it would be the culinary equivalent of great sex. Victoria recounted that she'd been attracted to Ashland because of his savvy gamesmanship and confidence, but she loved his fun and easygoing side just as much.

Ashland swore that he wouldn't be that way if Victoria hadn't entered his life, and she wished it had happened sooner. He was happy that it had happened at all, and she was determined to be grateful for the time they had. Ashland figured that he had Tara to thank for revealing her true self, setting him free from his old life and opening up new possibilities.

After watching Roman Holiday, Victoria named it one of her favorite movies, and Ashland commented that they were on their own little romantic holiday. He noted that the announcement of the merger had stirred up speculation about their personal relationship, and she responded that it was a better story than people knew. Ashland marveled that it was a fascinating new world for him to hang around, leisurely eating good food and watching classic movies. He thought he could get used to it, but she expected him to be out of his mind with boredom within a few days. He bet she would be the same way. Victoria acknowledged that they were both doers with a passion for achievement, and she didn't think that would ever change.

Ashland implored Victoria to tell him more about their future and how they'd conquer the world. She pictured renting a villa on the Côte d'Azur, starting the day off by sleeping in and then doing some shopping and gambling before spending their afternoons and evenings running their corporation together. Ashland envisioned having late dinners under the stars and falling asleep in one another's arms, and Victoria imagined waking up and doing it all again. Ashland mused that there were many things he wanted to experience with her. Victoria stepped aside to answer a call from Nikki. Ashland clutched his chest and tried to disguise his discomfort.

Later, Victoria returned to the room and reported that her parents had had a fabulous time on vacation. Victoria suggested that she and Ashland book their trip to Europe, and he proposed that they make it their honeymoon. He referred to Victoria's sudden and surprising love for him, and he stroked her hair and admitted that he'd fallen in love with her, too.

Ashland recognized that things were happening fast, but he didn't care because he and Victoria didn't know how much time they'd have together. He proclaimed that the only thing he knew for sure was that he wanted that time to be glorious by spending every moment of it with the woman he loved. "Victoria Newman, will you marry me?" Ashland asked.

Jack confronts Tara

Jack confronts Tara

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

by Nel

Billy welcomed Lily home when she returned from her trip, and each acknowledged how much they'd missed each other. Lily thanked Billy for the flowers, candles, and caviar that he had provided for her homecoming. They made love and then enjoyed some caviar and vodka afterwards. Lily and Billy talked about their children, and Lily commented that it was nice to have Mattie, who was very mature, but she loved taking care of Johnny and Katie. Lily said that deciding to share her life with Billy had been one of the best decisions she'd made in a very long time.

Billy told Lily he was the lucky one because he felt like an older and wiser version of himself. He said the peace he felt was because Lily inspired him, and it was the reason their relationship felt so right. Billy wanted to get to know Charlie and Mattie better. He felt it was important for them to know how much he loved and adored their mother. Lily said they would love that. He suggested that they plan a family vacation. Lily agreed, but that was a big step. Billy said he wanted to take it with Lily.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick and Devon discussed the success of their concert and making Faith's dream come true by introducing her to Tigirlily. When Phyllis arrived after her trip to Los Angeles, Devon left. Nick was surprised Phyllis had returned so quickly, and he said she'd either hit pay dirt or a brick wall. Phyllis said she'd had a very enlightening conversation with Eric Forrester and Angelina Marchetti. She told Nick that Sally had flown to Los Angeles to convince Eric to recommend Summer for the job in Milan. Phyllis wondered why Sally would do that, especially going back to the town Sally had left under a black cloud.

Phyllis told Nick that Sally was Summer's rival, so she wondered why Sally would recommend Summer for a job Sally had wanted for herself. Nick asked Phyllis what Sally was actually guilty of. Phyllis claimed they were missing a piece of the puzzle. She wanted to know what had pushed Summer over the edge and made her call off her engagement and accept that job. When Sally arrived, Phyllis told Nick she was going to find out.

Phyllis asked Sally if she'd received the photo of Phyllis with Eric and Angelina. Sally thought Phyllis had sent it to her by mistake. Phyllis claimed she'd discovered all the dirt she'd needed on Sally. Phyllis said Eric had been taken aback by how secretive and strange Sally had been, and Eric had known that Sally had been up to something again. Sally claimed that if Eric had believed she'd been up to something, he wouldn't have done her any favors; however, the favor he'd done had benefitted Summer.

Phyllis suggested that Sally come clean about Summer, and she promised she would leave Sally alone. Sally claimed she had nothing to come clean about and that Phyllis would always find something to harass her about. Sally left.

Nick agreed with Phyllis that Sally was up to something. Phyllis received a text message from Jack: "I can meet you." Phyllis replied, "Please come by ASAP, it's urgent." Lauren arrived. Phyllis strongly suggested that Lauren needed to reverse her position in allowing Sally run JCV. Lauren said she wanted to make the position permanent, but Phyllis wanted Lauren to reconsider because the truth was about to come out.

Phyllis told Lauren that Sally had maneuvered the situation to get Summer out of town so she could get Summer's job at JCV. Lauren stated that Summer had suggested that Sally take her job. Nick said that it might have been part of the deal. Phyllis told Lauren that Sally and Tara had been working together in order to get what they wanted for themselves. She said that Tara would get Kyle, and Sally would get Summer's position at JCV.

Lauren said that Phyllis had better have some major proof because Sally had been doing an amazing job, and Fenmore's was about to acquire Tara's shoe company. Phyllis said Lauren didn't want to be in business with Tara because she was as manipulative as Sally. Phyllis noted the look on Lauren's face, and she knew immediately that Lauren had evidence of her own. Lauren was reluctant to say anything because she didn't have any evidence.

Lauren told Phyllis she was afraid to say anything because Phyllis would jump to conclusions about the two women she was in business with. Phyllis claimed Lauren didn't want to be in business with Tara. Phyllis told Lauren to do her due diligence immediately rather than being duped later. Lauren said she'd done her due diligence on Tara's company, but there were problems gathering some of the financial documents, which was strange, since it was a normal audit. Phyllis claimed Tara was hiding something in her books. Lauren reserved judgment until she saw the documents. Phyllis didn't think Lauren would ever see them. Lauren admitted that Phyllis had given her a lot to think about, and she left.

Phyllis told Nick they were very close to taking Sally and Tara down. Nick admitted that Lauren's information did appear to support Phyllis' theory. When Nick walked away to take a call, Phyllis opened her laptop, and while she was trying to figure out Tara's password, Jack arrived.

Phyllis informed Jack that Sally had been maneuvering to get Angelina Marchetti to hire Summer. Jack said there wasn't anything malevolent in Sally's action. Jack claimed he was tired of the constant attack on Sally. Phyllis accused him of acting like Sally was an innocent victim, and she assured him Sally wasn't. Phyllis said she'd told Sally what Eric had said, and Sally had admitted that she and Tara had been working together to force Summer out of town.

After Jack left, Phyllis researched Tara's shoe company's financials. She was looking for the profit and loss report when Nick arrived and asked how things had gone with Jack. Phyllis felt that Jack had finally heard her. Nick asked what Phyllis had been doing on the computer. He reminded her that they'd agreed to no more secrets, and he wanted to know what she'd been up to.

At home, Abby kept checking her phone and glancing out of the window. Tessa arrived and told Abby that Mariah hadn't reschedule her doctor's appointment. Abby said she'd spoken to Jack, and he hadn't heard anything, either. Abby and Tessa were shocked when they both received a text message from Mariah. Tessa asked why Mariah would send such a bland group message about something so important. Tessa said she didn't know what was happening. Abby claimed that Mariah wouldn't be returning home.

Abby read Mariah's text message that stated that Mariah wasn't ready to face the doctor yet, and she wasn't ready to return home. She apologized and acknowledged that it was torture for everyone. She claimed she had to get into a better headspace, and she needed to do it on her own. Abby told Tessa that before Mariah had left, she'd been very excited about the doctor's appointment because she'd been eager to see how much the baby had grown. Tessa couldn't believe that Mariah was also ignoring work.

Abby told Tessa that she blamed herself for putting so much pressure on Mariah, and Mariah probably regretted becoming a surrogate. Abby claimed she was responsible for pushing Mariah away from everyone who cared about her. Abby felt they could clear matters up if Mariah would talk to her, but Mariah wouldn't respond to any of her text messages. Abby said she hoped Mariah would work it out for herself and the baby.

Nina arrived and asked if Tessa was okay. She said Abby had told her about Mariah's change in plans. Tessa claimed the generic text messages were driving her insane. She reminded Nina that she'd sent a text message to Mariah, asking her to send a clue. Tessa asked if there was a hidden message for help in the last message. Nina didn't know. She asked if Tessa had had any luck in tracking Mariah's phone. Tessa said the location was blocked. Tessa told Nina she didn't have the resources or the capability to find Mariah, and it was time to hire a real detective to find her.

Jack arrived at Crimson Lights. He asked if Sharon had heard from Mariah. Sharon said she'd received a couple of text messages and asked Jack what was wrong. Jack said Mariah had sent him a text message stating she would take a few days off after her business trip, but he hadn't realized how long that vacation would be. Sharon informed him that Mariah was expected to return later that day.

Jack told Sharon that Mariah hadn't been in touch with anyone at Jabot; things were falling through the cracks, and projects had been put on hold. Jack said he would have to find a replacement if Mariah didn't return soon. After Jack left, Tessa didn't understand how everyone could be so nonchalant about Mariah's disappearance. She claimed she'd wasted her time talking to Sharon and Rey.

Sharon admitted that Tessa knew Mariah better than anyone. Sharon said that Mariah missing her doctor's appointment wasn't like her, and not communicating with Jack or her coworkers was even stranger. Rey said those were all legitimate points, but the fact remained that Mariah had chosen to stay away, so it would be difficult for Rey to launch an official investigation. Sharon asked if Rey could help them not as a cop, but as her husband.

In her room, Mariah woke up when the baby kicked. She asked the baby to keep kicking so she would know he was okay. She said they had to keep fighting, or they might never get out of there. Mariah was unsuccessful when she tried to find a spot in the wall that she could break through. She wished she'd watched more prison break movies. Mariah was grateful she could talk to the baby. She decided they needed to pick a name for him rather than calling him kiddo. She suggested Freddy as in Mercury and Bruno as in Mars, then settled on Bowie.

Mariah told the baby that everyone was probably very worried about them, and she couldn't imagine what they were going through. She said she'd secretly been hoping that Tessa would burst through the door and rescue them. She told Bowie that she'd grown up in a cult with a leader who had posed as her father, but things had gone off the rails as they usually did in cults. She said if she made a list of the people who could have done this to them, Ian Ward would be at the top, because that was in his wheelhouse of evil deeds, but he was supposed to be in prison. Mariah presumed that Ian could have arranged for one of his disciples to kidnap them to make her pay for some presumed crime Ian felt she'd committed against him, but she felt Ian Ward had bigger fish to fry than her.

Mariah said that Tessa had also had her run-ins with shady characters. Her background had been cruel and unfair. It had gotten Tessa's sister into a lot of terrible situations with people who held grudges, but she didn't really know. She hoped the person or people that were holding them captive would soon be revealed. She told Bowie they were completely trapped in that room, and she yelled that it was getting really old.

In a loud voice, Mariah asked if it had been something she'd done, or something about Tessa. She tried the door. It was locked. In frustration, she screamed. She told Bowie she refused to lose her temper or upset him because she needed to protect him from her anger and fear. She said that whoever kept them there had to talk to her eventually, then she could work on a plan of to get them out. She refused to give up.

Abby arrived at Devon's. Abby told Devon that Mariah hadn't returned, and she didn't know how long Mariah would be gone. Abby said she'd received a text message from Mariah stating she needed to get into a better headspace. Abby cried that Mariah was carrying their baby, and they had no idea where she was.

Devon told Abby that no matter what was going on with Mariah, they had to believe she was taking care of herself and the baby. Abby admitted she felt helpless. She apologized for leaning on Devon, but Chance wasn't there to help her. Devon reassured her that he was there for her. Abby said she'd known what she'd signed up for when she'd married Chance, and she couldn't blame Chance for being who he was.

Abby told Devon she was frustrated about Mariah, the baby, and Chance. She said Chance had always been really good at calming her down and reassuring her; however, Chance was doing what he needed to do, and she was facing everything alone. Devon said she wasn't alone because she had a lot of people in her corner. Abby said Chance was her husband, the child was their dream, and it felt wrong going through it without him. She said Chance was protecting other people when he should have been home protecting his wife and baby. He should be there when she needed him the most. She needed Chance to return home.

Abby told Devon she had no right to be angry with Chance. Devon said Chance would completely understand what she'd been going through, and he would be the first person to tell Abby she was doing a fantastic job handling everything. He said Chance would return as soon as he possibly could. Abby said that Devon always knew the right things to say to reassure her. She wanted Devon to promise he would give the same reassurance and wisdom to their baby. Devon guaranteed it.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa told Sharon and Rey she didn't believe Mariah was on a trip and that someone else had been sending the text messages. Sharon asked why they would do that. Tessa didn't care what the motive was; she needed to know where Mariah was. Sharon said that Tessa hadn't ever been pregnant, and she didn't understand how overwhelming pregnancy could be. It forced a woman to go through new emotions all at once, coupled with the changes in her body. It could be an all-encompassing experience, physically and emotionally. Sharon asked Nina what her take was.

Nina told Sharon she was torn. She knew pregnancy could be overwhelming; however, Tessa and Mariah were extremely close, and Nina felt Tessa's instincts shouldn't be ignored. Nina asked Tessa to show Rey the app that was supposed to track Mariah's phone. She said Mariah had her location turned off. Rey told Tessa not to put too much stock in that app, because many of those apps were unreliable. Tessa asked if the police department had one that could track Mariah. Rey felt if might be too early to go down that road, especially if Sharon felt there was nothing to panic about.

Tessa said that Sharon knew Mariah extremely well, but Tessa claimed that she and Mariah shared the same heart, and that heart was telling her something was very wrong.

Jack returned home, and he told Tara he'd had a chat with Phyllis. Tara laughed and asked what Phyllis had claimed she'd done. Jack said Phyllis had done some digging about Sally in Los Angeles, and she'd confronted Sally. He said that when Sally had been backed into a corner, she'd confessed to everything. Tara claimed that Phyllis would do and say anything to cause trouble, like the fake text message she'd sent. Tara claimed Phyllis had been the one who'd been backed into a corner, and Phyllis was willing to do anything to prove her crazy theory. Tara hoped Jack could see that.

Jack told Tara that Phyllis had said that Sally and Tara had worked together to get Summer out of Genoa City. Tara said that either Phyllis or Sally was lying. She told him to take his pick between two seasoned liars. Jack asked if Tara was certain she wasn't the one lying. She asked why she would do that after he and Kyle had been so good to her and Harrison. Jack told Tara he couldn't answer that; however, he understood going to extremes to protect one's family. She asked what Jack was implying. Jack claimed he was trying to help her out before everything exploded.

Summer confesses that Tara forced her to leave town

Summer confesses that Tara forced her to leave town

Thursday, August 5, 2021

by Nel

In Phyllis' suite, Nick demanded to know what Phyllis had been working on. He said she needed to tell him everything she knew about Tara and Sally. Phyllis said she was following up on Tara's shoe company and the reason why Tara was holding back on providing the financials to Fenmore's.

Nick asked Phyllis what Tara's shoe company had to do with Summer. Summer didn't work at Fenmore's, and she'd never had professional dealings with Tara. He said the D.A.'s wife would enjoy hearing that Phyllis had hacked into Tara's accounts and gone through Tara's business records. Phyllis said only if they found something incriminating, and in that case, Lauren would be happy.

Nick agreed with Phyllis that Tara's financial records were probably shady, but he was concerned things would backfire on Phyllis. Nick said hacking into someone's hard drive was the next level and it would put Phyllis at risk. Phyllis promised to be careful.

Nick warned Phyllis that if Sally and Tara discovered what she'd done, they would have a very powerful weapon to use against her. He asked why she wouldn't investigate what they'd done to Summer. Phyllis felt she might not get enough proof to take Sally and Tara down. She believed Jack had seen that Sally and Tara had forced Summer out of town, but she wasn't certain if Jack would forgive Sally again and go easy on Tara. Nick said Jack wouldn't want to alienate his grandson's mother.

Phyllis told Nick they couldn't count on the Abbotts. Phyllis claimed it was up to her and Nick to come up with something to neutralize Tara. Phyllis informed Nick that she'd downloaded a program that would get her through Tara's firewall, then they would get the information they needed to expose Tara.

Nick asked Phyllis what would happen if she installed the program and they didn't learn anything new. He asked if there was another way to get into Tara's financial records. Phyllis suggested a forensic accountant to pose as an IRS agent, or they could hack into ChancComm and search the rumor mill. Nick felt they needed something more immediate.

At the Abbotts', Tara told Jack she was in a no-win situation. She believed Phyllis was lying about her. She said that, either way, she would offend Jack, since he was friends with Phyllis and Sally. Jack claimed Phyllis and Sally could fend for themselves. His concern was to make sure Harrison wasn't subjected to any unnecessary drama. Jack assured Tara he wasn't accusing her of anything. He wanted her to trust him enough to tell him the truth.

Jack assured Tara he wasn't standing in judgment. He said he'd made his share of mistakes, and he'd hurt people he'd deeply cared about. He'd learned that trust and respect could be earned again, and it began with honesty. Jack felt that Tara's marriage to Ashland had taught her to be wary and never vulnerable, but she was on safer ground after revealing her affair with Kyle.

Jack told Tara that, as Harrison's mother, she was part of Jack's family, and Tara knew what family meant to him. Tara said that she hadn't stayed with Ashland for his money or status, no matter what everyone thought. Kyle had been wonderful, but she'd realized that Kyle hadn't been ready to become a father. When her marriage had ended, she'd sought Kyle's help. She said Kyle had matured and was ready to settle down; however, he'd been with someone else, and that had been difficult for her to see.

Tara told Jack she'd smiled and congratulated Kyle and Summer on their engagement, and she had tried to mean it. Tara said Sally had guessed how she'd felt about Kyle, and Sally had pushed her to go after what she wanted and what Harrison deserved. Sally had said she'd had a plan.

Tara said if there had been a chance to give Harrison a stable home with a mother and father, she would have taken it, and Sally had offered her that chance. Sally had arranged to get Summer a fabulous job in Europe, and all Tara had need to do had been to make sure that Summer accepted it. Jack asked if Tara had threatened to take Harrison away from Kyle if Summer hadn't disappeared. Upset, Tara said she had been fighting for what she'd believed had been best for her son.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle received a video call from Summer. Summer said she'd been confused by his cryptic text message. Summer stated that they had said everything they had needed to, and it was time to move on. Kyle said he was determined to find out the real reason she'd broken up with him, with or without her help. Summer asked him to let it go. Kyle said he'd tried, but Phyllis wouldn't stop trying to find out how Sally and Tara had conspired against Summer. Summer said she'd begged Phyllis to stop. Summer said it had been her decision to leave Kyle. Kyle wanted to know what kind of pressure she'd been under when she'd made her decision to leave.

Kyle told Summer that more information surfaced daily about Summer's abrupt decision. He said Phyllis wouldn't stop, and Nick had become suspicious. He said the truth would come out, but he deserved to hear it from Summer. Summer asked him not to push because she didn't want to say anything that would hurt him. Kyle said he was already hurting, and he said he missed her terribly. Summer said she missed him, as well, but it wasn't right for them to be together.

Kyle asked if Summer was worried that he might lose Harrison. Summer asked why he would ask that. Kyle said that Jack thought Tara might be using Harrison as leverage. He asked Summer if that was what had happened.

Summer told Kyle that Tara had warned her not to say anything, or Tara would take Harrison away from him with no warning or compromise. Summer had hated lying to Kyle, but she refused to allow Kyle to lose his son. Kyle said she should have told him, anyway. They could have come up with a plan. Summer said she'd thought about it from every angle, and there hadn't been a way out; she couldn't be the reason Kyle lost his son. She said Harrison was stuck with that horrible woman. She insisted Harrison needed Kyle in his life. Kyle said he would call Summer back, and he ended the call.

At Society, Amanda asked Michael if he'd met with Sutton's lawyers about the recording. Michael said Sutton's lawyer claimed the recording hadn't contained a confession or guilt. He said Sutton's lawyer would use the legal strategy that Amanda had proposed previously by deflecting doubt to possible suspects, like the Newmans. Amanda stated that it was infuriating that her argument would be used by the man who'd had her father killed.

Amanda told Michael that Naya refused to acknowledge that Sutton could be guilty, and she held out hope that Michael wouldn't press charges. Michael stated that he intended to pursue the case, but unless Amanda found more proof, Michael wasn't sure he could get the charges reinstated. Michael told her to hang in, and he left.

After Amanda made a call to Imani, Imani and Naya joined Amanda for lunch at Society. Imani said she and Naya were grateful that Amanda had been able to get Naya released. Naya asked Amanda if Sutton had known he was being recorded. Naya claimed that Sutton had said enough to get her released without incriminating himself.

Imani told Naya that Sutton had proven his culpability the moment he'd had Naya confess to a crime she hadn't committed. Amanda said the D.A. had conceded that what Sutton had said on the recording might not have been enough to have the charges reinstated. Naya asked if that meant Sutton would go free. Amanda said the trial would move forward, and she could still bring a civil suit for wrongful death and hold Sutton responsible that way.

Imani told Amanda that the burden of proof would be much lower in that case. Amanda said if Sutton was found liable, it would be a blow to his political career, and the financial judgment would ruin him. Shocked, Naya claimed Amanda couldn't do that. She asked how Amanda could accuse Sutton of Richard's death. She said Sutton was an old man, and his reputation would take a major hit; his reputation meant everything to him. Amanda spat that his reputation had been far more important than Richard's life.

Naya asked Amanda whether, even if Sutton had been involved, Amanda really wanted Sutton to lose what he'd spent his life attaining. She claimed Amanda was vindictive. Amanda spat that it was exactly what she wanted. She asked Naya to put herself in Amanda's shoes. Amanda knew Naya had loved her father, but Amanda had never had the chance to love her father because he'd been callously disposed of before they'd laid eyes on each other. She asked if Naya was okay with allowing Sutton to get away without suffering any consequences for what he'd done.

Amanda asked if Naya hadn't cared about Richard at all. She reminded Naya that he'd been the father of her firstborn children. Naya said she'd had no idea what had happened to Richard. She'd believed the car crash had been some terrible accident. Naya said she didn't want to believe Sutton had disposed of Richard. Imani said that in her heart, Naya knew Sutton had been responsible. Naya asked whether, if she admitted she'd known Sutton had been responsible, Amanda would let go of her crusade and allow Sutton to live out his days in peace. Amanda refused; however, Amanda felt it could be a start in healing their relationship.

Naya told Amanda she felt terrible for dragging Amanda into heading up Sutton's defense team. Naya said that, in the beginning, she'd believed Sutton had been unfairly accused. She wouldn't have tricked Amanda into defending him. Naya stated that she'd idolized her father, and she'd believed he'd wanted only the best for her. Amanda understood how difficult it was for Naya to admit that.

When Naya left to fix her makeup, Amanda told Imani that had been "one hell of" an admission. Imani asked if Amanda had meant that she would file a civil suit or if it had it been a tactic to force the issue with Naya. Amanda said she was serious about seeing Sutton in court. Imani understood the symbolic value in doing that, but it would be hard on Naya. Imani suggested that Amanda concentrate on her future rather than Sutton's past. Amanda asked if Imani had a problem with her holding Sutton accountable.

Imani told Amanda that her first reaction had been the same as Naya's, that Amanda was being vindictive. Imani knew the legal fees would bankrupt Sutton. She said she'd been raised in the same distorted environment as Naya, and any criticism of Sutton set off warning bells. The thought that there would be consequences for Sutton's actions felt dangerous; however, the more rational part of her believed it was the least of what Sutton deserved. Imani said Amanda was lucky she hadn't grown up in the Ames household with some of the things that had happened.

Imani asked Amanda to be patient with her and Naya. It would take time for them to separate the reality from the misconceptions they'd been raised with. Amanda knew Sutton was a smooth operator. Amanda admitted she'd been taken in by Sutton in the beginning. Sutton knew how to find vulnerabilities, how to exploit them, and which buttons to push. Amanda understood how challenging it had been for Imani and Naya to shake off that "me first" approval. Amanda appreciated that Imani was willing to try. Imani claimed they had to stop Sutton from influencing them. She believed that, in time, Naya would get there.

Tearfully, Amanda told Imani that building a relationship with Imani and Naya was incredibly precious to her.

In their suite, Victoria recalled Ashland's proposal. When Ashland arrived, he told Victoria that he'd met with his Realtor to get his various homes on the market. He asked if Victoria had had enough time to consider his proposal. Victoria said Ashland had caught her off guard and she wasn't sure how to react. Ashland said that even if Victoria felt that marriage was out of the question, he wouldn't regret asking. He said it was exhilarating to feel the hope and the possibility of an adventure instead of the limitations of his disease.

Victoria told Ashland she wanted that for him, but they couldn't ignore reality. She said their whirlwind romance had been the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she accepted his marriage proposal. They celebrated with Champagne. Ashland said he needed to explain to his doctors that he had a reason to stay alive. Victoria said their goal should be to keep Ashland alive long enough for him to get tired of her. He claimed that would take another 50 years. They toasted to their golden anniversary.

Ashland told Victoria they should keep their news to themselves because people loved to pass judgment on things they didn't understand. He didn't want Victoria to deal with that. Victoria said some would believe she was taking advantage of Ashland's condition as they had during the merger. Ashland said that would be an insult to both of them. Victoria didn't want to elope. She wanted something big, bold, and death-defying. Ashland loved the idea. He wanted to go out on the town to celebrate by taking Victoria to all his favorite places.

Phyllis received a video call from Summer. Summer asked why Phyllis had to stir up trouble and ruin everything. Summer said Kyle had told her that Phyllis had been looking into the reason she'd left town, and Phyllis had Jack all worked up. Summer asked why Phyllis couldn't drop the issue when she'd been asked to.

Phyllis told Summer she wouldn't allow Sally and Tara to get away with manipulating Summer. Nick told Summer that Phyllis had discovered some very damning information. Phyllis told Summer that Sally had flown to Los Angeles to ask Eric to recommend Summer for the job at Marchetti. Summer admitted she hadn't known that, but she'd known Sally had been involved somehow.

Summer told Nick and Phyllis that Tara had forced her to leave town by threatening to take Harrison away from Kyle if Summer didn't take the job offer. Tara had known about the job before it had even been offered. Nick said that the truth was a good thing. Summer claimed it wasn't because she'd kept the secret to keep Kyle from losing his son.

Summer told Phyllis that Kyle was on his way to confront Tara, and he would lose his son because Phyllis wouldn't stop poking around. Phyllis said it was for the best. Summer asked if Phyllis would continue to say that when Tara disappeared with Kyle's son. Phyllis claimed that wouldn't happen. Summer said that Phyllis had no power to stop Tara.

Nick said he couldn't believe the sacrifice Summer had made for Kyle. Summer stated that it had all been for nothing. Phyllis said it wasn't for nothing because she was digging into Tara's past. Summer shouted for Phyllis to stop. She'd done enough. Summer abruptly ended the call.

Phyllis gloated to Nick that she'd been right about those two devious and vicious little girls. Nick said Summer had a point. If Tara took off with Harrison, Phyllis wouldn't receive any gratitude from him, Summer, or Jack. Jack was crazy about Harrison, and if Tara wasn't around, Phyllis would be blamed. At that moment, Phyllis received a signal that Tara's firewall had been breached. Phyllis said she was going to look into Tara's financials. Phyllis said "that bitch" wasn't going to get away with anything.

Kyle stormed through the Abbotts' front door and asked Jack where Tara was. Kyle said Summer had been bullied into leaving town by Tara. Jack said Tara had already told him. Jack reminded Kyle that he and Tara shared a child, and that connected them for life. Kyle said Tara had forced Summer to break up with him. Tara arrived and told Kyle to keep his voice down because she didn't want Harrison to hear him.

Kyle asked Tara how she could do that to him. Flatly, she said she was sorry, and it had been wrong. Kyle was livid. He said Tara had spent hours consoling him when she'd been the cause. Tara claimed she'd believed she'd done the best thing for their son. Kyle warned Tara not to make it about Harrison, because it was about what she'd wanted -- "to hell with anyone else." Jack told Kyle he needed to calm down. Tara knew there was no coming back from what she'd done. She asked Kyle what would happen next.

Phyllis and Nick expose Tara's misdeeds

Phyllis and Nick expose Tara's misdeeds

Friday, August 6, 2021

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis declared that Tara was going down. Nick referred to Summer's point that if Phyllis pulled out all the stops to prove Sally and Tara had been working together, Tara might take Harrison out of Kyle's life in retaliation. Phyllis insisted on jumping on her lead right away, and Nick assured her that she wasn't in it alone. Lauren arrived in response to a text message Phyllis had sent, and she assumed it was about Sally and Tara. Phyllis explained that they were about to save Fenmore's from making a huge mistake. Nick informed Lauren that they needed her to make a phone call.

Later, a suit-clad man with a briefcase entered the lobby, and Nick asked if he was looking for someone. The man stated that Lauren had asked him to meet her there. Nick divulged that he'd arranged the call to discuss some things, and he invited the man to have a seat.

At the Newman ranch, Rey nonchalantly picked up a piece from the chessboard. Victor apologized for keeping Rey waiting, and he noted that white was three moves away from checkmate. Victor wondered how Rey would defend it, but Rey replied that chess wasn't really his game. Victor suspected that Rey would be a formidable opponent with his analytic mind, and Rey was surprised by the compliment. Victor revealed that he'd asked Rey there to thank him for taking Chelsea to see her mother and making sure Connor got home safely.

Victor inquired about how Chelsea had seemed, and Rey reported that she'd been concerned about her mother but happy to be with her son. Victor contemplated whether it had all been a ruse on her part, since he'd suspected that she might take an opportune moment to take Connor and run off. Rey believed she'd accepted the situation, and he shared that he'd overheard her lovingly telling Connor to listen to his father and grandparents. Rey called Chelsea a good mom who didn't want to jeopardize her relationship with her son.

Victor acknowledged that Rey had been put into a difficult situation that he'd handled very well, and he wondered if Rey had ever thought about using his analytic talents outside the police department. Rey realized that it sounded like a job offer, and Victor confirmed it was. Victor expected that Rey would be a "hell of an addition" to his private security firm. Victor tempted Rey with a pay raise and lots of perks, but Rey couldn't imagine being anything but a police officer. Rey opted to stick with that, but Victor implied that situations often changed.

At Crimson Lights, Faith gushed about how fun the Tigirlily concert had been, complete with backstage passes. Sharon inquired whether the best part had been hanging out with the musicians, and Faith grinned and responded, "Not really." Sharon guessed that the best part had been being with Moses. Moses entered the coffeehouse, and he and Faith beamed at one another.

Sharon mentioned that Faith had just been talking about what a great time she'd had at the concert. Moses marveled that it had been eye-opening to hang out backstage and see how everything worked. Moses presented Faith with a recording from a Tigerlily set that Devon had had pressed as a memento for special fans like her. Faith was stunned to see it had been signed by the band, and Sharon wished the coffeehouse had a turntable to play it. Moses revealed that he had a digital copy on his phone, and Sharon suggested that the teens go on the patio to listen to it.

Faith and Moses listened to the recording on his phone and reminisced about going to the concert. She fawned over the collector's item he'd given her, but he suggested that she thank Devon. She gave Moses credit for having the idea, and she liked listening to him talk about how being backstage had inspired him. She asked if it was what he wanted to do, and he thought he sounded like a flake for shifting his focus from medicine to music. Faith swore that she would never think of him that way.

Later, Sharon fretted to Rey that she still hadn't heard from Mariah. Rey reminded her that he couldn't use police resources without having a formal report on file, but he'd looked into the matter unofficially and found nothing. Sharon thanked him for trying, and she requested that he not mention Mariah's disappearance to Faith. Rey promised that he wouldn't say a word. Sharon mentioned that Faith was on the patio with Moses, and although the girl wanted to take things slowly, she lit up when he walked into the room.

Rey was glad the kids were friends, and he referred to the friendly conversation he'd just had with Victor. Rey relayed that Victor had made him an attractive job offer with better pay and benefits, but he'd turned it down. Sharon was relieved that he wouldn't be working for Victor, but Rey was open to considering the right opportunity if it meant better pay, less risk, and more time with her. Sharon wondered if he regretted declining Victor's offer, and she urged him to remember that he'd be working for Victor. Rey replied that he didn't need to remind himself when she'd done it for him.

At Society, Adam was on the phone with Connor, who was at lacrosse camp. Adam advised his son to have fun but to also use the chance to improve his skills. Adam said he loved and missed Connor and that he'd see the boy soon.

Nick entered the restaurant and sent a text message to Phyllis to inform her that his mission had been accomplished. He approached Adam, who invited him to sit. Nick warned that people would think they liked one another if they kept being seen together, and Adam joked about wearing sunglasses and a fake moustache as a disguise. Nick's phone pinged, and he read a message from Phyllis that stated she and Lauren were on it. Adam asked if it was good news. Nick confided that Summer had been coerced into leaving town and breaking things off with Kyle, and he and Phyllis were working on a plan to deal with it.

Adam pitied anyone who messed with Nick's kid, and Nick acknowledged that he and Adam would both do anything for their children. Nick inquired whether Chelsea had objected to Rey taking Connor home, and Adam admitted that he'd had to handle the situation delicately. Nick questioned where things would stand between Adam and Chelsea if she were released. Adam stressed that they were done, so Chelsea could choose to stay with her mom or return to Genoa City. He added that Chloe was running Newman Media's fashion platform, so Chelsea had a job waiting for her there. Nick thought the situation sounded awkward.

Adam recognized that it could be tricky for two exes to work together while raising a child, but he pointed out that Nick and Sharon had done it before. Adam hoped he and Chelsea got there, and he was heartened that their disagreement over her sending Connor back hadn't gotten ugly. Nick offered his help or advice if Adam needed it, but he acknowledged that it felt weird just to hang out and say what they meant. Adam figured that they could go back to hating one another, but he didn't know what would make that happen. Nick warned that it could happen if Adam were to ruin things for Sharon again.

Adam insisted that he was focused on his new job and his son, and he'd only seen Sharon while getting coffee. Nick clarified that he hadn't been trying to start a fight, but he'd just been speculating about what might cause a rift between him and Adam. Adam reasoned that it was a sensitive subject, given both their histories with Sharon. Nick recounted that Adam had cycled in and out of Chelsea's life many times, and Adam's pull toward Sharon kicked in gear whenever he was single. Nick surmised that Adam saw Sharon as a safe haven, but he urged Adam to stay away. Victor entered the restaurant and was pleased to see his sons spending time together.

Victor mentioned that the office had told him that he could find Adam there, but Nick balked at hearing any company secrets. Victor welcomed Nick to join their company, but Nick opted to stick with his charitable endeavors. Nick asked for Victor's take on Victoria's merger with Ashland, and Victor bragged that he was proud of her for acting on her vision. Nick admitted that Victoria's relationship with Ashland worried him, and Victor shared the same concern but thought she knew what she was doing. Adam speculated that Ashland's health was a distraction, and he hoped Victoria could keep her eye on the ball while overseeing a much larger corporation. Phyllis sent a text message to Nick, declaring victory, and he resolved to never doubt her when she said she'd do something.

Once alone, Adam left Sharon a voicemail to apologize if he'd made her uncomfortable with the things he'd talked about lately. He promised that he would keep his distance.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle ordered Tara to stop the games and lies by telling everyone that she and Sally had teamed up to force Summer out of town. He couldn't believe how Tara had repaid his family for taking her in after Ashland had kicked her to the curb, and she noted that it sounded like he wanted her out of the house. Kyle angrily wondered if that was all she had to say after she'd destroyed his relationship with Summer by threatening to take Harrison away. Tara admitted that she'd made the threat, and she declared that it was the right time to make good on it. She decided to pack her and Harrison's things and head back to New York.

Kyle refused to let Tara take the boy, but she questioned how he could stop her. She haughtily stated that she was Harrison's mother, which carried a lot of weight with the courts, whereas he was just a guy she'd had a fling with. After she stalked off, Kyle wrestled with how he could stop Tara. Jack recounted that he'd tried to be understanding because he hadn't wanted her to feel cornered, and he suggested that they look into getting an injunction to keep her from taking Harrison out of Genoa City.

Jack was sure that Kyle had rights as Harrison's biological father. Kyle bemoaned that it would take time to assert them, and Tara could be anywhere by the time a judge ruled on the matter. Kyle lamented that he'd consoled himself with having a son when Summer had left him, but he was about to lose Harrison, too. Jack advised Kyle to tell Tara that he understood she'd messed up and that he was willing to give her a second chance. Kyle anticipated that she would see that he was only being nice to make sure she didn't run off, and he recognized that she had all the leverage.

Later, Jack reported that his lawyers were concerned about the success of an injunction. Tara returned downstairs and chirped that Harrison was excited to go back to New York. Kyle begged her not to whisk Harrison away when the boy was just getting used to calling him "Daddy." Tara voiced surprise that Kyle had gone straight to the Harrison card rather than starting with threats and lawyers. Kyle contended that she was making a mistake, but she snapped that her mistake had been taking Harrison there in the first place.

Tara thought Kyle should congratulate her for stepping out of Ashland's shadow and striking out on her own to be independent and self-sufficient, and she figured that Harrison would forget about Kyle soon enough. Tara intended to teach Harrison to stand on his own two feet and not need help from anyone. Jack questioned why she was copping an attitude when she'd been the one who'd messed up. Tara chided Kyle for trying to guilt her into staying by implying she was a bad mother, when she was a good mother who always put her son first. Kyle pleaded that it wasn't best for Harrison to take him away out of spite, and he urged Tara not to double down on the hurt and pain. He added that if she'd ever cared about him at all, she wouldn't do it.

Tara doubted that Kyle would be moved by such an appeal if their roles were reversed, and she refused to give up the only card she had. Jack was appalled that she saw her son as a bargaining chip. Tara reasoned that she wasn't an Abbott, so she couldn't snap her fingers and get whatever she wanted. She swore that Kyle could visit Harrison anytime, but she planned to go somewhere to give her son the best possible upbringing. She excused herself to pack and headed for the stairs, but Phyllis and Lauren suddenly burst in through the front door.

Kyle told the ladies that it wasn't a good time because Tara was leaving and taking Harrison with her. Phyllis crowed that Tara wouldn't be doing that, but Tara spat that they couldn't stop her. Phyllis taunted that the cops could, and Lauren revealed that they'd just found out why Tara's accountant had been holding back financial disclosures. Tara reiterated that it hadn't been deliberate, but Lauren announced that Tara had been siphoning off her investors' capital to divert into her private account.

Lauren accused Tara of misrepresenting the health of her company to Fenmore's to get her hands on more cash, which was brazen fraud. Tara incredulously realized that Phyllis had hacked into her accounts, and she asserted that none of it was admissible. Lauren shared that they'd tracked down Tara's accountant, who had flipped on Tara and provided evidence to the authorities proving that Tara had had him doctor the books. Phyllis bellowed that it was over, and she opened the front door to let in two police officers.

A cop read Tara her rights as she was handcuffed. Tara protested that it was outrageous, and Phyllis sarcastically stated that her heart bled. Tara cried that her little boy had to deal with losing his father, and she couldn't believe they were doing that to his mother. Tara hoped Phyllis was proud of herself, and Phyllis crowed that she was. After the police led Tara out, Lauren thanked Phyllis for saving her from going into business with a thief. Phyllis was disgusted by how Tara had used her son to get Summer to leave town. Jack thanked "Red" and conceded that he owed her an apology.

Jack admitted that he hadn't wanted to believe what Phyllis had told him about Tara and Sally, and he was horrified that Tara had used Summer's love for Kyle against her. Lauren was glad she'd found out the truth before she'd closed the deal with Tara, and she couldn't believe she'd made Sally head of JCV. Jack regretted that Tara had lived under his roof, and he was grateful Phyllis hadn't listened to him when he'd told her to keep her nose out of other people's business. Jack exclaimed that Phyllis had saved the day for all of them, and he owed her.

Phyllis believed that Jack hadn't wanted to see what had been in front of him because he always wanted to see the good in people. She declined to tell him she'd told him so, but she conceded that it still felt good to have been right. Lauren pointed out that Summer didn't have to stay away, and Phyllis was thrilled that her daughter could return home. Nick overheard as he joined them. "Thanks to you," he told Phyllis.

Phyllis and Nick returned to the Grand Phoenix, and he mused that he never should have doubted her. She stressed that they'd done it together, since he'd put pressure on the accountant. Nick sensed that the accountant didn't like Tara very much, since he'd been quick to rat her out. Nick recognized that the plan could have backfired, and Phyllis applauded him for taking the risk with her. He hoped their daughter realized how lucky she was to have a mother like Phyllis.

Meanwhile, Kyle checked on Harrison and reported that the boy had no idea what was happening. Kyle explained that he'd told Harrison that Tara had gone to New York early to give the lad some extra time with his grandpa. Jack imagined that Tara would spend at least a few years behind bars, and Kyle regretted putting his trust in her. Jack advised Kyle not to blame himself, since there was no shame in trying to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Kyle admired the kind of man Jack was, and he hoped he had that kind of influence on his own son. Jack thought Kyle had already proven that he had, and he reiterated that Kyle had an entire family to support him. Jack implored Kyle to be the first one to call Summer to tell her everything that had happened. Kyle requested that Jack look after Harrison for a few days, and Jack guessed that Kyle was taking a trip. Kyle declared that all he needed was a passport.

In a flash forward, Summer's doorbell rang, and she called out in Italian that she'd be right there. She opened the door and faced Kyle. "I've come to take you home," he proclaimed, and they melted into a passionate kiss as the sketches she'd been holding fell to the floor.

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