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Kyle and Summer decided to remain in Milan. Lauren fired Sally. Victor offered to plan Victoria's wedding. Ashland started chemotherapy. Victor suspected that Ashland was faking his illness. Nick walked in on Moses and Faith's first kiss. Rey launched an official police investigation into Mariah's disappearance.
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Kyle and Summer decided to remain in Milan, Victor offered to plan Victoria's wedding, and Moses and Faith shared their first kiss
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Summer shocks Phyllis, Nick, and Jack with unexpected news Summer shocks Phyllis, Nick, and Jack with unexpected news

Monday, August 9, 2021

After Victoria and Ashland returned to Genoa City from New York, Victoria told Ashland that her home felt like a place they could build a future, however long it might be. Ashland said their engagement was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he expressed relief that his divorce was final. Victoria assured Ashland that she'd support him and Harrison. Nikki arrived to announce the news about Tara. Ashland said he'd received the message about Tara. Nikki warned that soon, the press would cover the story about Tara's misappropriation of funds. Ashland said his main concern was Harrison.

Nikki told Ashland she didn't know how Tara's apprehension by police at the Abbotts' might have affected Harrison. Ashland, concerned, excused himself and set off to check on Harrison. After Ashland left, Victoria told Nikki that Tara had hurt him deeply, though with his divorce finalized, he could move on to his next chapter. Nikki replied, "So that he can start his next chapter with you?" Victoria gushed when she admitted she hadn't felt that loved and respected in a long time. Nikki agreed that Victoria looked joyfully radiant, and she asked if something had happened during their trip. Victoria hinted that she and Ashland had something to discuss and arranged to meet with Nikki and Victor later at the ranch.

Jack greeted Ashland when he arrived to check on Harrison. Ashland requested to see his son. Jack explained that Harrison hadn't been aware of Tara's encounter with the police and had gone with Traci to visit a children's museum. Ashland asked Jack why Tara had been planning to leave town with Harrison. Jack told Ashland that Tara had blackmailed Summer by threatening to run away with Harrison if Summer didn't leave town. Ashland said he assumed that with Summer out of the way, Tara was certain she could reconnect with Kyle, having set her sights on becoming an Abbott.

Ashland recalled having warned Jack that Tara's saintly airs were a pretense. Jack replied, "If I may say so, you're handling this a lot better than I expected." Ashland claimed he'd surmised that after Tara had lied about Harrison's paternity, she was capable of anything. Jack, suspicious, replied, "And you're sure there's nothing more to it?" Ashland assured Jack that he and Tara hadn't conspired regarding his involvement with Sally Spectra, when she'd asked him to help Summer connect with Angelina Marchetti. Ashland explained that he'd contacted Eric Forrester on Sally's behalf, and then Sally had taken over. Ashland acknowledged that it seemed as if Sally and Tara had had a common goal. Jack shook his head in disbelief and said he wished he'd known about it long before.

Ashland requested a meeting to discuss arrangements regarding Harrison's future. Jack explained that Kyle had gone to Milan to talk Summer into returning home. Jack asked Ashland what he'd meant regarding arrangements. Ashland explained that he'd petition the court to restrict Tara's time with Harrison. Jack replied, "And what about Kyle?" Jack acknowledged that Ashland might not have much time left. Ashland announced that he was about to begin treatments for his illness. Jack said Ashland, Tara, and Kyle had decisions to finalize. Ashland agreed to wait until Kyle's return, so he could be included. Ashland expressed respect for Jack for having stepped in to handle a situation that was not of his making. Jack replied, "Family is everything to me."

In the lobby at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis couldn't help but brag on herself to Nick about how she'd saved Kyle and Jack from their overly trusting ways. Nick replied, "So, cynicism and meddling are your superpowers?" Phyllis gave credit to Nick and said they were an unstoppable team. Phyllis was eager to hear an announcement from Summer saying she was ready to return to Genoa City, where she belonged. Nick wasn't as certain as Phyllis that Summer was ready to leave her job in Milan.

At Crimson Lights, Sally left a voicemail for Tara, requesting that Tara call her back as soon as possible. Lauren overheard Sally leaving Tara a message and said, "I don't think she's going to be available." Sally was shocked when Lauren told her that Tara had spent the night behind bars. After Lauren mentioned Tara having been arrested for skimming funds from her own company, Sally suggested Tara had no need to do so because she had everything. Lauren explained that for some, everything wasn't enough.

Sally told Lauren she was lucky that Tara had been exposed before Sally had gotten in too deep with her. Lauren agreed, adding that, unfortunately, she'd gotten in too deep with Sally. Lauren berated Sally for having betrayed her even after having been given a second chance. Sally remained defiant, pleaded with Lauren not to believe Phyllis' crazy notions, and insisted that she and Tara had never been in cahoots. Lauren contradicted Sally, swearing that it was the truth.

Back at Victoria's, Ashland explained to Victoria that Tara had forced Summer to leave town by threatening to run away with Harrison. Ashland also updated Victoria about Tara, explaining that she would be transferred to Manhattan for arraignment and would most likely be released on bail, though she'd be restricted from leaving New York. Ashland expressed concern about Harrison's prolonged separation from his mother and vowed to do what was best for the boy. Victoria replied that they both would do right by Harrison, and she gave credit to Ashland for doing the right thing by including Kyle.

Before Ashland and Victoria drove to the ranch, Ashland gave Victoria a sapphire ring, which he said reminded him of the brilliance of her eyes. Victoria gasped and said, "It's stunning." Ashland told Victoria she didn't have to wear the ring in public until she was ready. Ashland knelt down on one knee and asked Victoria to marry him. Victoria said she'd be honored. Victoria beamed when Ashland slid the impressive ring on her finger. Ashland looked happy, as did Victoria.

Jack joined Nick and Phyllis at the Grand Phoenix just as Summer and Kyle made contact via video chat. Phyllis was anxious to hear the big news. Summer, holding tightly to Kyle's hand, said, "We want to stay in Milan." Phyllis and Jack couldn't hide their disappointment, but Nick didn't seem as shocked to hear Summer's announcement. Summer explained that she loved her dream job as the creative director for Angelina Marchetti's fashion house and wasn't ready to give it up.

Nick recalled having told Phyllis that even though the job opportunity had been part of a plot, Summer might not want to return home. Kyle said he could perform his job from Milan and hoped Jack would understand. Jack asked about Harrison. Kyle said he hoped Ashland might allow Harrison to stay in Milan permanently. Nick told Kyle he was impressed by Kyle's desire to support Summer and hoped things would work out well for him. Though Nick and Jack expressed happiness for Summer and Kyle's plans to live in Milan, Phyllis fought back tears. After the chat ended, Jack admitted that he'd been thrown for a loop. Phyllis teared up and said she needed to step out for air. Jack said he did, too, so he joined Phyllis.

Sally continued to defend herself to Lauren during the confrontation at the coffeehouse. Sally was adamant she could clear up any misunderstanding. Lauren said she had proof of what had happened with Summer. Sally replied, "What proof could you possibly have?" Phyllis rushed in from the patio and said, "Hey, is she still denying it?" Phyllis told Sally that Tara had admitted she'd worked with Sally to force Summer out of town. Sally replied, "You heard that from who?" Jack entered and replied, "From me."

Sally stood speechless as Lauren, Phyllis, and Jack glared at her from all sides. Jack said, "Tara told us you came to her with a plan that would benefit both of you." Sally claimed that Tara had done so to make herself look better, not wanting to admit what she'd done and having chosen Sally as a scapegoat. Lauren chimed in and explained that she'd spoken to Eric Forrester, who'd confirmed that Sally had asked him to recommend Summer for the job in Milan, exactly as Phyllis had reported. Sally reminded Jack that she'd never denied having spoken to Eric. Jack asked Sally if she'd conveniently forgotten about asking Ashland Locke to approach Eric about the job at Marchetti.

Phyllis, livid, said it was absolutely unbelievable that Sally had involved Ashland in addition to Tara.

Jack told Sally they all knew she'd helped Tara with her plans to force Summer to leave town. Phyllis cried, "My daughter lost everything." Lauren fired Sally. Sally pleaded with Lauren not to fire her because she was good at her job. Lauren said, "So, you just want me to forget about the abhorrent behavior and failings? That's impossible." Lauren told Sally she could never be trusted again. Sally glanced at Jack and cried, "Please don't look at me like that." Jack replied, "Oh, you don't have to worry. I'm gone." Lauren said, "So am I."

After Jack and Lauren left, Phyllis took a few steps closer to Sally and said, "I'm still here." Sally threatened Phyllis and said she'd regret what she'd done. Phyllis replied, "You are in no position to issue threats. The best thing you could do is go away." Sally picked up her handbag and walked out. Phyllis contacted Summer via video chat to tell her that Lauren had fired Sally. Phyllis said, "So, Sally's gone, and she's not coming back."

After Phyllis begged Summer to return home, Summer explained that she would come home for visits. Distraught, Phyllis cried, "Summer, I did this for you! I went after Sally for you! I knew she was behind this, and I uncovered what she was doing for you, and I got hammered by everyone." Summer expressed her love and gratitude and acknowledged that her mother had always protected her. Summer said she wanted to stay in Milan, keep her job, and be with Kyle and hopefully with Harrison, too. Phyllis, sobbing, reluctantly accepted Summer's decision.

At the Newman ranch, Amanda met with Victor to update him about the situation with Sutton. Amanda said, "The case against my mother is finally closed, and the D.A. will once again be pursuing the conspiracy-to-commit murder charges against Sutton." Amanda thanked Victor for his assistance in persuading Sutton to confess to the killing of her father. Victor said he assumed Amanda hadn't yet achieved a sense of closure. Amanda said that though it had meant the world to learn that her father had attempted to find her, it had been gut-wrenching to unravel her grandfather's involvement.

Victor mentioned Amanda's mother and sister. As if on cue, Amanda received a text message from Naya requesting that they meet. Amanda was reluctant to do so, fearing it would accomplish nothing. Victor replied, "You have only one mother. Why don't you give her a chance?"

Amanda met with Naya in her suite. Amanda was shocked when the first thing her mother said was that giving Amanda and Hilary up was the best thing she'd ever done. Naya praised Amanda and told her she was remarkably intelligent and strong for standing up for herself and what she believed in. Naya said that from what she'd heard, Hilary had been just the same. Naya opened up about her past, recalling that she'd been insecure, lost, and trapped under her father's thumb. Naya cried that under those circumstances, she couldn't have raised her twin girls to become amazing women. Amanda replied, "What about Imani?"

Naya explained that Imani had a great father who'd partially shielded her from Sutton. Naya added that even if she'd defied Sutton and married Richard, she would have eventually run back home to beg her father to take her back into the fold, which he would have done. Naya told Amanda that though Sutton would have eventually accepted the twins, they, too would have grown up under his domineering thumb. Amanda told her mom she wasn't giving herself enough credit. Naya, tearful, replied, "Because I don't deserve any. That's who I was. It took you, my courageous child, fighting Sutton, fighting the system, fighting me, to save me from myself."

Naya broke down and said she wished she'd been more like her daughters. Naya told Amanda she wanted to be in Amanda's life more than anything. Amanda broke down crying when Naya, tears streaming down her cheeks, admitted she hadn't been the mother her daughter deserved. Sobbing, Amanda replied that the woman sitting in front of her was her mom. Naya seemed touched by Amanda's words.

Nikki returned to the ranch and informed Victor that Victoria and Ashland would be stopping to meet with them. When Ashland and Victoria arrived, Nikki spotted the engagement ring on Victoria's finger. Nikki said she and Victor were curious to find out why they'd requested a meeting. Ashland pulled Victoria close and announced that they were engaged. Victoria said she and Ashland loved each other and didn't want to waste any time. Victoria asked Victor how he felt about the engagement. Victor didn't immediately respond, and he appeared to be troubled.

Victor makes Victoria a surprising offer Victor makes Victoria a surprising offer

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Nick noted that the news about Summer and Kyle staying in Milan had had time to sink in, and he asked how Phyllis felt about it. Phyllis whimpered that their daughter had been doing great in Genoa City, and she didn't understand why Summer had chosen not to return home. Nick applauded Phyllis for running to the rescue and giving Summer and Kyle their futures back, but he pointed out that it had also lifted the threat and given Summer the ability to make her own decisions.

Phyllis tearfully recounted that she'd called Summer after seeing Lauren fire Sally, but Summer had still decided to stay thousands of miles away. Phyllis couldn't imagine how Jack felt, since it had been his dream to run Jabot with Kyle. Nick reasoned that Kyle was only relocating and not quitting, but Phyllis wailed that it wouldn't be the same. Nick encouraged her to let the Abbott men work it out, since she didn't have to be Jack's champion in every circumstance. Phyllis cited the terrible year that Jack had suffered, and she worried that Jack would be lost if Harrison went off to Italy.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki remarked that Victoria had taken her breath away. Victoria replied that she'd had the same reaction when she'd seen the engagement ring that Ashland had surprised her with earlier. Ashland conceded that everything had happened quickly; however, he'd finalized his divorce, and he and Victoria were planning a big, splashy wedding. Victor questioned the timing, and Ashland explained that he and Victoria were making up for lost time -- the time they'd missed out on by not meeting sooner, and the long future they might not experience together.

Victoria revealed that Ashland had changed his mind and would fight his illness by starting treatment soon. Ashland admitted that the odds of success weren't high, but he pledged to do whatever it took to have more time with Victoria and his son. Victoria insisted that they were going into it with their eyes wide open, and Nikki recognized that it was their decision to make. Victor added that he was glad the two of them had found one another, since he'd waited a long time for his daughter to find a man worthy of her.

Later, Nick stopped by the ranch to fill Nikki in about Summer's reunion with Kyle in Milan. Nikki was relieved, since the couple had been miserable apart, and she assumed all was forgiven. Nick commended Phyllis for being the only one who'd picked up on Tara's scheme and for not letting it go until she'd proven it. Nick reported that Summer and Kyle had decided to stay in Italy so she could continue to work at Marchetti.

Nick added that he didn't know how things would work with Harrison, since Kyle had no real custodial rights, and it would likely depend on what Kyle was able to negotiate with Ashland. Nikki thought that Victoria might have some influence, and Nick surmised that things were still going well with Victoria and Ashland. Nikki shared that the couple had big news, but she wanted to let Victoria be the one to tell him.

Nikki asked how Phyllis was handling the news about Summer and Kyle. Nick shared that Phyllis had been blindsided, and Nikki sympathized that it was only natural for mothers to want their babies nearby. Nick imagined that Phyllis wanted to be part of the milestone moments, like a wedding and grandkids. Nikki grappled with thinking of Nick as a grandfather, and she quickly cut him off before he could say what it would make her. Nikki was sure Phyllis would eventually understand what an incredible job opportunity it was for Summer. Nick recalled that it had taken time for him to adjust to Noah living in London, and he prepared to leave to give Christian a big hug.

Victoria and Ashland returned home, and she inquired whether he was tired after their early flight. He declared that he was basking in the glow of Victor's compliments, and she marveled at her father's atypically enthusiastic reaction to a man she was about to marry. Ashland figured that she'd finally gotten it right, but Victoria warned him not to get used to the flattery, since Victor could turn on a dime. Ashland doubted that would happen because he was deeply in love with Victoria, and he thought it was why Victor approved of him.

Ashland told Victoria that the oncologist had messaged him with an appointment time to start treatment the next morning. She inquired about the side effects, and he informed her that everyone responded differently, so the effects could be mild or severe. Victoria proclaimed that she was ready for anything, and she recalled that she'd been cranky and bored after she'd been stabbed. She prepared to chalk it up to karma if he became irritable, and he joked that she could send him to Victor's to convalesce if she got tired of him.

Ashland realized that it was almost time for his visit with Harrison, and Victoria wondered what Ashland planned to say about Tara's situation. Ashland intended to deflect and not get into it, since he'd promised Jack that he'd wait until Kyle got back to work out a schedule for Harrison to visit the Abbotts. Ashland hoped that Harrison could spend more time there with him and Victoria, and she offered to visit Harrison with him. Ashland lovingly kissed her forehead but preferred to go alone.

At the Abbott mansion, Harrison ran into the living room, and Jack mentioned that Traci had told him she and Harrison had had a great time at the children's museum. Jack informed the boy that his father was back in town and would like to visit him in a little bit, but he suggested that they go to the park to play catch first. Jack intended to squeeze in every minute he could possibly spend with Harrison.

Jack and Harrison played catch in Chancellor Park, and Jack envisioned the boy becoming a second baseman for the Cubs one day. Jack noted that Harrison liked new places and was pretty good at trying new things, and he stressed that it was important to remember the people they knew and places they'd been. Jack swore that he would never forget Harrison or stop loving him, no matter where the boy moved. Jack realized that it was almost time for Ashland's visit, and they headed home.

Victor greeted Adam at Newman Media, and Adam reported that he'd received an interesting tip that Ashland had been selling off his New York properties. Adam hoped that Victoria knew what she'd gotten herself into, since Ashland seemed to be planning to run out the clock in Genoa City. Victor suspected that Ashland would be around longer than Adam thought, since Ashland was pursuing a new experimental treatment. Adam contemplated how Victoria would feel if Ashland lived and wanted to run Newman-Locke himself, but Victor told him not to put the cart before the horse.

Adam anticipated that Ashland might not have the stamina to oversee the merger as much as he'd hoped. He started to press for Newman Media to take action, but Chloe burst in to request approval on something. Adam reiterated that he'd given her free rein, so she didn't have to check with him on every little thing. She commented that the reins were only free until someone yanked on them, and she presented him with a mockup of the fashion division's website. Adam was impressed with the design, but Victor declined to look at it. Adam told Chloe she was good to go, and she stepped out.

Victor questioned Adam's mystifying attitude toward a woman who couldn't be trusted, but Adam pointed out that Victor had been on board with his plan to give her a job. Victor huffed that he'd agreed under the condition that Adam keep an eye on her, and he cautioned that having a hands-off relationship with her would be dangerous. Adam figured that Chloe just liked to mouth off to feel like less of a sellout. Victor argued that she shouldn't be around there at all, but Adam reasoned that he'd wanted Connor there full-time, so he'd had to find a way to keep Chelsea there, too.

Adam assured Victor that he was focused on turning Newman Media into a powerhouse by trying to take advantage of their competition's weaknesses. Victor hoped Adam meant ChancComm and not Newman-Locke, and Adam confirmed that Victor had made it clear that Victoria and the family business were off-limits. Victor referred to it as an opportunity for Adam to improve his relationship with his sister the way Adam had mended fences with Nick. Adam recommended that Victor have the conversation with Victoria, since her hostility ran deep. Victor thought she had enough on her plate, and he expected both Nick and Adam to be supportive of her.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Sally was on the phone with her grandmother, ranting about everything Phyllis had done to her. Phyllis overheard as she hovered nearby. After Sally hung up, Phyllis approached and teased Sally for taking such a long coffee break. Phyllis pretended to suddenly remember that Sally was unemployed, and Sally hissed, "Stay the hell away from me." Phyllis sarcastically apologized for addressing a sensitive subject, and she stalked off.

Later, Chloe met Kevin on the coffeehouse patio and apologized for being late. She complained that her day wasn't going by fast enough, and he guessed that Adam was being difficult. Chloe reported that Adam had been unnervingly calm and cooperative, like he was a spider weaving a big, gorgeous web just to trap her, and she might have already stepped into it. Kevin believed that she was merely the bait for Adam to lure Chelsea back under his control. Chloe lamented that Chelsea had few other options.

Chloe gasped when she spotted Sally inside the coffeehouse. Phyllis passed by and warned Kevin and Chloe not to get involved with Sally. Kevin asked who Sally was and why they should avoid her. Phyllis recalled that Kevin had been kind to warn her not to get involved in Gloria's blackmail scheme, and she claimed that she was returning the favor. Phyllis suggested that they ask Lauren if they didn't believe her, and she sauntered off.

Chloe explained that Sally had been a fashion designer in L.A. who had taken over JCV when Summer had moved to Italy. Kevin was puzzled as to why Lauren had given Sally a high-powered job if Lauren didn't like her, and Chloe recalled that Lauren had said nothing but great things about Sally. Chloe prepared to introduce herself, but Kevin warned that Phyllis had just compared Sally to Gloria. Chloe chided Phyllis for being all about drama, and she invited Kevin to join her. Kevin opted to get back to the station, and he told her to be careful.

Chloe joined Sally and gushed that she was a fan of Sally's work. Sally assumed that Chloe was a friend of Phyllis' after seeing the women talking, and she waited for Chloe to give her a hard time. Chloe clarified that she and Phyllis had worked together briefly, but they were hardly friends. Chloe explained that she'd just wanted to introduce herself because she and Sally were in the same industry. Chloe summarized her background as a stylist and an editor and stated that she was launching a fashion platform for Newman Media.

Sally apologized for jumping to conclusions, and she shared that a dig Phyllis had taken at her earlier had put her on edge. Sally prompted Chloe to tell her more about the platform, and Chloe said she hoped to recruit Chelsea. Sally was familiar with Chelsea's work at Jabot and called her a major talent. Chloe referred to Chelsea's heavily publicized breakdown, but she voiced confidence that Chelsea would make a full recovery soon. Sally thought Chloe sounded like a good friend. Chloe commented that they all deserved second chances, and Sally replied that she couldn't agree more.

Chloe praised the athletic line Sally had designed for Forrester Creations, and she congratulated Sally on her big promotion at JCV. Chloe revealed that she was married to Lauren's husband's brother, and Sally enthused that she'd be forever grateful to Lauren for taking a chance on her. Chloe found it funny that she and Sally hadn't run into one another before, and she thought it might be perfect timing. Chloe figured that JCV could use positive press, and her new platform was looking for content, so perhaps they could help one another out. Sally said that would be great.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashland told Harrison that he'd settled into Victoria's house, and he invited the boy to spend the night there and get to know his cousins over pizza and games. Jack interrupted to announce that Mrs. Martinez had just taken a fresh tray of cookies out of the oven, and Ashland sent Harrison to the kitchen. Ashland divulged that he'd be starting chemo the next day, and Jack wished him luck. Ashland considered it best if Harrison stayed with the Abbotts until Ashland saw how he tolerated treatment, and Jack insisted that Harrison was always welcome there. Ashland requested that Kyle get in touch once he was back from Europe so they could discuss a visitation schedule. Jack revealed that Kyle wouldn't be returning.

Jack recounted that Summer didn't want to leave her position at Marchetti, and Kyle didn't want to leave her. Ashland imagined that Kyle had his work cut out for him, since Summer hadn't been keen on the idea of helping to raise Harrison. Jack explained that it had been her cover story as an excuse to leave town when Tara had been blackmailing her, but he swore that Kyle and Summer would love to have Harrison stay with them if Ashland would allow it. Jack stressed that it was important for Kyle and Harrison to continue building a bond while Ashland focused on his treatment. Ashland grumbled that it was why he'd allowed Kyle visitation, but apparently Kyle had other priorities.

Phyllis stopped by the Abbott home and asked Jack if it was a bad time. She greeted Ashland, who referred to her role in exposing Tara's plot. She hoped Ashland didn't hold it against her, and he muttered that someone had needed to do it. Ashland headed out, and Phyllis wondered if she'd interrupted something. Jack gently insisted that she let him handle his problems on his own, and she recounted that Nick had told her the same thing. She announced that she was there because she needed a friend.

Kevin stormed into Adam's office and demanded that he and Adam get something straight. Adam dryly checked his calendar and noted that Kevin wasn't on it. Kevin refused to continue to let things slide, and Adam demanded to know what Kevin was talking about. "You're being too nice to my wife!" Kevin blurted out. Adam suggested that Chloe work for someone else, but Kevin recognized that she was determined to help Chelsea rebuild her life. Adam echoed the sentiment, but Kevin was skeptical.

Kevin put Adam on notice that if Chloe got caught in the crossfire, there would be "hell to pay." Adam admired how protective Kevin was of his family, and he imagined that things would have turned out differently if Adam had shown the same devotion to Chelsea. Kevin ranted that Chelsea would have been screwed no matter what because the real Adam always turned up in the end. Kevin thought Adam might have fooled a lot of people, but he knew who Adam was and always would be, and it was just a matter of time before that guy showed up again. Kevin walked out.

Victoria was surprised when Victor stopped by to see her at home. He explained that he'd hoped to catch her alone, since Ashland had mentioned visiting Harrison. Victoria surmised that Victor had something to say that he didn't want Ashland to hear. Victor questioned whether she was truly okay with her decision to become engaged to Ashland. He swore that he respected Ashland, but he also recognized that Ashland was in a dire situation with a rough road ahead of him.

Victoria asserted that she didn't want Ashland to walk it alone, and Victor asked if she was doing it out of pity. Victoria scolded him for twisting her words, and she pointed out that Ashland could have reconciled with his wife if all he'd wanted was pity. She maintained that they were together because they knew where they belonged -- for little or as much time as they had. Victor insisted that he liked Victoria and Ashland together, and he could tell that she loved her fiancÚ deeply. Victor worried that it also meant she was setting herself up for potential heartache.

Victoria expected that she'd be devastated if she lost Ashland, but at least she wouldn't have any regrets because they wouldn't have wasted any time. She planned to make all their memories beautiful and meaningful, so she'd look back one day and remember how happy they'd been. Victor recalled that Ashland had mentioned having a big wedding, and he offered to plan it for her with Nikki's help. Victor added that Victoria was his daughter, and he adored her.

Victor assured Victoria that he'd known she could handle being CEO when he'd appointed her to the position, but taking on the merger was an enormous responsibility, and she also had to see Ashland through the most difficult phase of his life. Victor remembered his huge weddings to her mother, and he wanted Victoria's to be similar. Victoria happily accepted.

Sally receives a surprising offer from Chloe Sally receives a surprising offer from Chloe

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Jack praised Phyllis for figuring out that Sally and Tara had been working together to come between Kyle and Summer. He admitted he'd had his doubts. Phyllis didn't seem pleased with the praise. She said she'd raised Summer to be a strong, independent woman, not to run from a fight or a challenge, and to become whatever she'd wanted to be. Jack knew Phyllis was very proud of Summer. Phyllis said Summer had a great job, her fiancÚ by her side, and an adorable stepson, but Phyllis wished Summer had all that in Genoa City. Jack understood. Phyllis said the reason she'd wanted Sally and Tara exposed was to pave the way for Summer to return home.

Phyllis told Jack she hadn't allowed herself to get excited about Summer's job at Marchetti because she'd known something shady had gone on. She said it had felt as if Summer had been pushed to go to Milan. Jack said that the job had been a very good reason to go. He asked how Nick felt or if Nick had seen the silver lining. When Phyllis didn't respond, Jack realized that Phyllis and Nick hadn't been seeing eye to eye. Phyllis admitted they hadn't. Phyllis told Jack that Nick was rational and reasonable, and he thought it was wonderful that their daughter was in Italy, having the time of her life at her dream job, and thriving.

Phyllis told Jack she wanted to feel the way Jack and Nick did, but she missed her daughter. Jack understood how Phyllis felt. He said he was happy that the two people he loved so much were together, but it came at a price. Jack said he loved watching Kyle grow into a strong and confident businessman. He hoped Kyle and Ashland could work out some way of having Harrison be with Kyle in Milan, but Jack stated he wouldn't see his grandson grow up or watch his son be a father. It was the price they had to pay as part of the package. He said Summer and Kyle weren't out of their lives, only out of the country. Phyllis invited Jack for a drink, and he accepted.

At Newman Media, Adam and Chelsea video chatted about Connor. Adam admitted he knew how hard it had been for Chelsea to let Connor return to Genoa City, but she'd done the right thing. Chelsea suggested that Adam take a day off so they could go and see Connor together at camp and be there as a family. Adam asked Chelsea where she saw their relationship going. He stated that they needed to take things one step at a time. Chelsea agreed.

Chelsea told Adam she was very excited about her progress, and every day was a chance to take another step forward. She'd realized how bad her life had become. She wanted to piece it together again. Adam was happy she was so positive, but he didn't want to confuse Connor about where things stood between his mom and dad. Chelsea realized that they wouldn't go back to the way things had been. Adam told Chelsea that too much had changed. They would always be Connor's parents and Connor could always count on them, but Adam and Chelsea needed to carve out new paths for themselves, separately.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Chloe wanted Sally to join her fashion platform as a partner. She felt Sally could occupy the top spot on the Newman Media fashion site. Chloe asked how Sally felt about being the face of the platform. Sally claimed she would love it. Chloe said they needed Lauren to sign off on Sally's sideline, and she didn't believe it would be a problem.

Sally told Chloe that her idea would never work. Chloe asked Sally why she'd put on the brakes when things had been going so well. Sally claimed she was the problem and suggested that Chloe get someone else for her site. Chloe asked if it had anything to do with what Phyllis had said. Sally said that Chloe would learn the truth eventually, and Lauren would relish telling Chloe why she'd fired Sally.

Sally told Chloe that when she'd arrived in Genoa City, she'd learned that Summer had been hired for Sally's dream job at JCV, and Sally had become Lauren's assistant. Sally said she'd been grateful; however, she'd had her own fashion house and her own fashion line in Los Angeles. She had tons of experience, but she was starting at the bottom. Sally said she'd bided her time until Ashland Locke had given his wife the boot. Sally said her and Tara's goals had aligned; Sally had wanted Summer's job, and Tara had wanted Summer's fiancÚ. Together, they'd realized they could make their dreams come true.

Sally told Chloe she'd reached out to Eric Forrester and asked him for a job recommendation for Summer. Summer had become the creative director for Angelina Marchetti in Milan. Sally said that Tara had threatened Summer by saying that if she'd refused the job at Marchetti, Kyle would never see his son again. Phyllis had figured everything out, and in the end, Kyle and Summer were living their happily ever after in Italy, and Sally was out of a job. Sally said they needed to part ways, and Chloe could pretend they'd never met.

Chloe told Sally that they should shift focus. Sally asked if Chloe had heard what she'd said. Chloe admitted she had and that Sally was no saint. Chloe said Sally's story resonated with her because her friend Chelsea had been trying to turn her life around. Chloe admitted she had once been Sally, more or less, but people changed. Chloe said she had two gorgeous kids and a man who loved her, and the man she'd loathed more than anything on earth had given her an incredible job and free reign to do anything she wanted. What she wanted was to have Sally Spectra's byline on her site. She asked Sally if they should get to work.

Chloe arrived in Adam's office, and she introduced Sally Spectra to him. Adam recognized that Sally had been dating Jack Abbott. Sally said that was in the past. Chloe told Adam to call Jack, who would give him all the dirt on Sally, but she reminded Adam that he'd told her she could hire whomever she wanted. Chloe also reminded Adam not to judge people about their questionable pasts, because she and Adam would be the first ones out the door. Adam welcomed Sally on board.

Rey arrived at Crimson Lights. He told Sharon he'd been running a more sophisticated software program at the department, trying to locate Mariah, but he hadn't been successful because the location had been turned off. Mariah could be anywhere. Rey claimed that sometimes people didn't want to be found.

At Society, Abby sent a text message to Mariah: "Please come home. I'm sorry I made you feel uncomfortable. We can work this out. I'm worried about you...and our baby." Devon arrived and asked if she'd heard from Mariah. Abby said she didn't know why she kept trying to reach Mariah. Abby wondered if Mariah knew how much they all missed her and wanted her back at home. Abby said she would move out of the Chancellor house until the baby was born. Mariah and Tessa could have the whole place to themselves. Devon felt that when Mariah returned, she would want everyone to be around her again.

Abby received a response from Mariah: "Please stop. I need more time. You aren't making this any easier." Abby said she'd been trying very hard not to be angry with Mariah because Mariah was a good person, but there had to be a logical reason for Mariah's absence. Abby wanted to feel empathy. She claimed it was her fault for asking Mariah to carry the baby. Abby claimed she wanted to hug Mariah and tell her she understood how difficult it was for Mariah. However, she said she couldn't hug someone through a text message, and she couldn't make Mariah see how much Abby loved her.

Abby told Devon that Mariah had been dealing with the situation on her own, but isolation wasn't the answer. Devon said Abby had shown more empathy than most people in her situation would have. Devon didn't want Abby to neglect herself by worrying so much about Mariah. He suggested that Abby delegate the paperwork to someone else until Mariah's return. Abby agreed.

Devon suggested that Abby hang out with Nina, but she informed him that Nina was in Los Angeles because she'd been hired to work on a script. Devon suggested that Abby make another video for Chance, and he offered to be her cameraman. Abby admitted she hadn't been making the diary entries recently because she was afraid that Chance might see the resentment. She asked Devon if he recalled how angry she'd been because she had to deal with the situation herself. She said Devon was the only person she could talk to about it.

Devon told Abby that everything she was feeling was normal. Abby didn't want Chance to come home and see that on a video. Devon said Chance was her husband and the one person she shouldn't hide her feelings from. Abby claimed Chance had a lot on his plate; a job had taken him away from those he loved, his life was in jeopardy daily, and she didn't want him to come home and discover that she hadn't given him all her support while he'd been away. Their conversation was interrupted when Abby received a text message from Sharon asking them to meet with her. Devon and Abby left.

Mariah was sleeping when she was awakened by a banging on the door. Mariah rushed to the door. She said someone had locked her in that room, and she hadn't been able to get out. Tessa identified herself and said she was there to get Mariah out and take her home where she belonged. Tessa told Mariah to step away from the door. Tessa broke through the door, and they joyfully ran into each other's arms, hugged, and kissed. Mariah asked how Tessa had found her. Tessa said she hadn't because she had no idea where Mariah was. Tessa told Mariah that everyone believed Mariah had deserted them. Mariah woke up with a start and saw the door was still intact and locked.

At Society, Chloe told Sally it was the perfect place to celebrate Sally's new job. Chloe wanted to brainstorm over some bubbly. She was happy that Sally had told her the truth about herself and that they could begin with a clean slate. Sally asked why Chloe was willing to take a chance on her. Chloe stated she'd had a really good feeling about Sally. Sally said it felt good to have someone believe in her. Chloe asked Sally not to bring personal issues into the workplace, because Chloe was very serious about her new venture. Chloe also warned Sally not to cross the line, because Chloe would wind up paying the price.

Sally said that Chloe had nothing to worry about. She'd learned her lesson, and all she wanted to do was to put her energy into her work. Chloe felt they would get along fine. Chloe said there were some big fashion shows on the horizon, and she wanted Sally to interview some of the designers and get some backstage footage. Sally was immediately distracted when she saw Jack and Phyllis arrive. Chloe told Sally she envisioned their video content as a mix of showcasing new trends while keeping their users up to date on the latest fashion coverage. Chloe wanted all of Sally's ideas. Chloe saw that Sally was distracted by Phyllis' arrival.

Chloe said Sally had had her wrists slapped, but she didn't want that to diminish Sally's ambition, because that was the engine that would make their business so special. Sally said she was all about having Chloe as her brand-new boss, because she had a lot to prove. Sally accepted the blame for having taken things too far at Fenmore's. She claimed that Phyllis would use anything against her, and Sally would never forget it.

Phyllis spotted Sally at the bar with Chloe and pointed her out to Jack. She said she'd warned Chloe about that snake, yet there she was, carrying on like they were best friends. Jack said perhaps it was business. Adam had informed him that Newman Media had offered Chloe a fashion platform, and perhaps Sally wanted to be part of that. Phyllis said Lauren had given Sally the heave-ho, and Sally was worming her way into Chloe's life. Jack was confident Chloe could handle herself, and he told Phyllis to stop staring.

Phyllis asked Jack why Sally was still in town, because she'd blown Sally's scheme sky-high. She wanted to know why Sally hadn't left town with her tail between her legs, rather than enjoying herself at the bar while Summer was thousands of miles away.

Adam arrived and greeted Jack. Phyllis wasn't happy to see Adam, but she said it had been a long time since she'd seen him. Phyllis continued to stare at Sally. Adam saw Chloe and Sally, and he told Jack that Chloe had hired Sally to work with her at Newman Media. Adam stated that since Jack knew Sally quite well, he wondered if he'd made a mistake by allowing Chloe to run with the new hire.

Phyllis said Adam had made a huge mistake because Sally and Tara had been partners in crime. Phyllis claimed that Sally was selfish, self-centered, and devious. She said that while Tara was facing charges, Sally had landed on her feet. Adam stated that Phyllis and Sally had a lot in common. He asked if that was why Phyllis didn't like Sally. Jack grinned.

At Sharon's request, Abby, Tessa, and Devon arrived at the coffeehouse. Rey said he knew they all wanted an update on his search for Mariah. Rey said he hadn't been able to find her location, even using the department's sophisticated software. Tessa said it was time to stop crossing their fingers and hoping Mariah would return home on her own. She knew everyone didn't feel as strongly as she did. She understood that Mariah wanted time for herself; however, it was unlike Mariah to go to such extremes to be alone.

Rey told everyone that he needed a lead to follow, but he didn't have one. He said the reason he'd called everyone together was to see if there was something he'd missed. Tessa said she knew in her heart that something was off. Abby claimed that if Mariah knew how upset they were, she would be home in a flash, if she could. Sharon agreed. She said Mariah loved her job and took it very seriously. Mariah had sent Jack a text message stating she would be gone for a few days; however, no one had heard from her since that message, and she'd missed her prenatal appointment.

Tessa told Rey that Mariah knew how dangerous that could be for her and the baby. Sharon said Mariah would never torture any of them intentionally. Each of them had tried to get through to Mariah, and so far, nothing had worked. She suggested a virtual intervention to try to make Mariah understand how they felt being away from her. They needed to turn up the heat in their search. If there were no leads, then they needed to dig some up. Sharon said they hadn't checked Mariah's credit card usage or her bank account. Abby said it was time to bring Mariah home, one way or another.

In her room, Mariah banged on the walls. She searched the room for a way out. She told the baby about being kidnapped and how his surrogate was trying to get them out of a seemingly impossible situation. She said she was searching for a clue that explained where they were, why they were there, and who had put them there. Mariah spotted the camera above the door. She yelled at it and asked whoever was watching how twisted that person was. She wanted to know why she was there, and what they wanted. Mariah covered the camera with a cloth and said that if they wanted to know what was going on, they had to face her, and she said they were a coward.

Jack demands that ChancComm not run Tara's story Jack demands that ChancComm not run Tara's story

Thursday, August 12, 2021

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Elena told Devon about Nate's promotion to chief of surgery. Surprised, Devon said Stitch had told Abby he'd been offered that position, and it was the reason he was moving back to Genoa City. Elena said he might have misunderstood because Nate had worked his first day in that position.

Devon told Elena that Nate had become her new boss. Elena claimed that hadn't dawned on her. Devon clarified that it wasn't a bad thing because they had been working together for quite some time, and they respected each other. It appeared they were in a good place personally, as well. Elena admitted they were solid. Devon said that if anyone could balance out their work and personal lives, it was Elena and Nate. Elena looked thoughtful.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis thanked Amanda for helping her discover the timeline between the time Summer had left Kyle and when Summer had been offered the job in Milan. Amanda had helped her uncover that Sally and Tara had been behind Summer's move to Italy. Phyllis claimed Sally and Tara had gotten what they'd deserved.

Amanda told Phyllis she knew it was bittersweet for Phyllis, since Summer and Kyle had decided to remain in Milan. Phyllis said it didn't feel like a victory. Amanda reminded Phyllis that she'd saved Summer from a lot of heartache. Phyllis was determined to keep Sally away from Jack because she would bring him nothing but heartache. Amanda stated that Jack was lucky to have a friend like Phyllis.

Phyllis told Amanda that a lot of people were lucky to know her. She said she'd united Summer with the love of her life; she'd uncovered an actual crime, Tara's embezzlement; and she'd stopped Lauren from going into business with a crook. As an attorney, Amanda advised Phyllis to never tell anyone how she'd managed to do that, but as her friend, it had been kick-ass.

Phyllis said that Amanda had also been kicking ass. Amanda said she wanted to make sure she got justice for her father and Hilary, and in some ways, Naya. Naya had been Sutton's first victim. He'd crushed her spirit decades before. He'd made sure that everything in her life was protecting him and his image. They toasted to saving the world from selfish and manipulative people, one person at a time.

Phyllis told Amanda she'd been certain Nick would have been angry enough with her to stop her from meddling in the Tara and Sally thing. Instead, Nick had spoken to Tara's accountant and gotten the accountant to flip. Amanda said that Nick would have done anything, since Summer's future was at stake.

Amanda informed Phyllis that Devon had proclaimed he was in love with her. Phyllis was thrilled. Amanda said she felt very lucky loving and being loved by an amazing man, as well as finding and building a relationship with her mother. It was so much more than she'd expected and maybe more than she deserved. Phyllis stated that Amanda deserved every bit of it.

At the park, Nick asked Jack how he was holding up. Nick knew that Jack had had a lot on his plate. Jack claimed he was still processing everything. He said Phyllis had hoped Summer would return home once the truth had been exposed. Nick agreed that Phyllis was very disappointed. Jack admitted he was, as well. Jack said he couldn't be happier that Kyle and Summer were reunited after the extremes they had gone through because of Sally and Tara's scheme to keep them apart.

Nick mentioned that Jack had begun seeing Sally again, but it hadn't gone too far before everything had blown up. Jack said he'd been attracted to Sally's fearless spirit and her willingness to take on the world. He called them very enticing qualities but said they were the very qualities that made Sally her own worst enemy. Nick claimed that Phyllis and Sally were a lot alike that way. Reckless abandon could be very intoxicating. Jack claimed he hadn't been that invested in his relationship with Sally, thanks to Phyllis. Nick claimed he'd tried to convince Phyllis to stay out of Jack's business, to no avail. Jack stated he had, also, but Phyllis hadn't been wrong.

Jack told Nick that Phyllis had seen the train wreck heading their way, and she'd been determined to open his eyes about Sally. He said he owed Phyllis a debt of gratitude. There was nothing she wouldn't have done to stop him from making a huge mistake. He admitted that Phyllis knew him better than anyone.

At home, Victoria told Ashland he had to be hydrated before his treatment, and she'd stocked up on ginger candies and ginger tea for him in case he became nauseated. Victoria said she would keep him company during the treatment. Ashland said there was no need for her to go with him, since he would be sitting in a chair with a needle in his arm for some time. He said he would be fine. Victoria suggested she would drop him off and pick him up when he was done. Ashland agreed.

Ashland wanted Victoria to handle the post-merger transitions, which required a lot of oversight. Victoria said, regarding their personal merger, she needed to share the happiness of their engagement with a few people.

At home, Billy commented to Lily that their phones were blowing up. Lily said Tara's arrest had been a real shocker. Billy claimed they needed to make sure they covered that story thoroughly. He said their reporters were all over Tara's story, questioning their sources and acquiring details. Billy loved that part of the game -- tracking down all the facts until the story came together.

Lily stated that Billy's instincts about Tara had been spot-on. Billy claimed that Tara had been trying too hard to ingratiate herself into the Abbott family. He said Phyllis' meddling had paid off. After comparing notes, it had led them to discover that Tara had been embezzling funds from her own company. Lily couldn't believe that Tara had used her child to blackmail Summer into leaving town. Billy felt the story would drive a lot of people to the ChancComm website.

Victoria arrived. Lily told Victoria the kids were ready to go and excited to see her. Victoria thanked Billy and Lily for helping with the kids. Lily claimed they were all working together in the kids' best interest.

Victoria told a shocked Billy and Lily that she and Ashland were engaged. Billy said he didn't disapprove, but he asked if she was sure about getting married. Victoria said she was. She and Ashland loved each other. Lily reminded Billy he'd said that Victoria had met her match in Ashland. Victoria said Ashland had started his chemotherapy, and it was a cutting-edge protocol. Billy realized that Victoria had convinced Ashland to undergo treatment. She said they had decided together, and she had faith it would prolong his life.

Victoria told Billy that Ashland wanted her by his side through the treatments, as his wife, and she wanted to help him fight the cancer. Lily said the engagement gave Ashland more motivation to live, and what Victoria was doing was really brave. Lily knew how scary cancer was, especially facing one's own mortality. She hoped the new treatment would give Victoria and Ashland the future they were dreaming of. Victoria said she appreciated that Billy cared enough to worry.

After Victoria left the kids' room, she entered the living room, Billy asked how the kids had taken her big news. She said they had been receptive. She said the kids seemed excited about the changes in their parents' lives. Billy hoped Victoria knew that ChancComm would cover the story about Tara's arrest. He didn't want any pushback from Ashland. He had promised not to publish anything about Ashland's illness, but Tara's arrest was a completely different issue.

Victoria told Billy that Ashland wasn't interested in protecting Tara; however, he didn't want Harrison to find out his mother had been arrested. Billy asked if Harrison would be living with her and Ashland. Victoria said they hadn't decided. Ashland had to work things out with Kyle and Jack, but with Kyle in Milan, it had complicated things. Victoria asked Billy how he planned to portray Ashland in his story. If Billy portrayed him as complicit in any way, Billy would have a problem -- not only with Ashland, but with her, as well. Billy asked if Victoria believed that Ashland had turned a blind eye to Tara's embezzlement. Victoria said Ashland had known nothing about it. Tara's crimes didn't benefit him in any way.

Victoria said it was all Tara, and maybe she had been secretly protecting herself because she hadn't wanted Ashland to find out about her affair or Harrison's paternity, so she'd siphoned off money to create a safety net for herself. Billy told Victoria it created a whole new problem. He said the focus would be on Tara, her affair with Kyle, and the child that had resulted. That put not only Harrison but also the Abbott family smack in the middle of it.

At Devon's, Moses congratulated Nate on his promotion. Nate told Moses there would be a lot of changes, and he wouldn't be as available for Moses at the hospital, but he was still committed to Moses. Nate said he was aware that Moses had been questioning whether he wanted a career in medicine. Nate said if Moses was having doubts, Nate wanted to help him figure out what was best for him.

Moses told Nate that at first, he'd believed that Nate's allergic reaction had scared him off, but it had been more than that. He said he'd dreamed of becoming a doctor, but Nate had made him see the reality of it. He'd realized it wasn't what he wanted. Nate reminded Moses that he was only 16 years old and nowhere near figuring out what life was all about. Moses was doing exactly what he should, discovering that medicine wasn't his thing. Becoming a doctor and everything it entailed wasn't for everyone. Moses felt he'd wasted Nate's time. Nate said it had been time well spent -- as long as Moses had learned from it.

Nate said Moses had discovered medicine wasn't what he'd expected, and he'd learned something about himself. Nate suggested it was time to move forward. Moses had shown interest in the music industry. Nate suggested that Moses look into some classes for that type of career. Nate said Moses had his support, no matter what Moses decided.

Devon arrived and congratulated Nate on his big promotion that Devon had heard about from Elena. Moses asked Devon if he could do something at the Hamilton-Winters music division. Devon thought it was a great idea. Devon remembered Neil telling him to visualize his goals and what he saw himself accomplishing. He would then be able to make the right choices to get there.

Moses said he wasn't sure what he wanted to do because he'd been focused on medicine without a second option. He was very excited about the music industry, and he wanted to know more about it to see where he could fit in. Devon agreed. Devon said he would get Moses into the studio to get some hands-on experience, and he would set up an internship for Moses. Devon warned Moses it entailed a lot of hard work.

At the penthouse, Amanda told Devon she'd had a great morning with Phyllis and some alone time with Devon. Amanda said Phyllis had been in rare form after exposing Sally and Tara. Amanda said they had also spoken about the men in their lives and how lucky she and Phyllis were. Amanda claimed she and Devon were both lucky because they had each other.

Devon told Amanda he felt very fortunate because he'd discovered that Moses wanted to follow in Devon's footsteps as his new career path. Devon was thrilled and stated he'd always hoped Moses would gravitate toward the family business. That was where he belonged.

Jack arrived at ChancComm and asked Lily if ChancComm planned on running a story about Tara's arrest. Billy arrived, and Lily told him that Jack had wanted to know if they would run the Tara Locke story. She had assured Jack that they would.

Billy told Jack they wouldn't pursue Ashland's illness. It would be about Tara, the fact that she'd embezzled money from her company, and how she'd done it. Lily said they had a reporter reaching out to Tara's lawyer for a comment. Jack claimed that was what he was concerned about. Lily understood that Tara was the mother of Jack's grandson, but Tara had been led out of Jack's home in handcuffs. She'd been married to a man worth a fortune, but she'd siphoned off money from her company. She said it was a big story, and they couldn't ignore it.

Jack told Billy and Lily that what Tara had done had been reprehensible, but he was concerned about Kyle and Harrison because they would become the story. Billy said that Jack couldn't ask them not to cover the story, but Jack stated that was exactly what he was doing. Lily told Jack that Tara's affair with Kyle was public knowledge. Billy reminded Jack that all the other social media platforms would run that story. Jack told Billy that having an affair was one thing, and ChancComm had had their run with that story. Billy said they had followed the facts and told the story. There hadn't been anything salacious. Jack claimed they were talking about an innocent boy with an uncertain future who needed protecting.

Billy asked Jack if he believed the other news outlets wouldn't follow the story. Jack said the other news outlets weren't run by his brother, an Abbott who grew up knowing that family came first. Jack asked Billy what he thought John would say at that moment. Jack wanted to remind Billy who he was and where he'd come from. Jack claimed that Kyle and Harrison had been through enough, and Billy needed to do what was best for them and Billy's family.

Back at home, Ashland told Victoria he could have driven himself home. Victoria was happy he didn't feel tired or worn out. Ashland said it had been a tedious experience. Suddenly, he grabbed his stomach and sat down. Ashland told Victoria he would be okay once the medication kicked in. The doctors had warned him to be prepared for that reaction. He asked Victoria not to worry because it was all part of the process. Victoria told him she'd arranged to work from home and that she was capable of managing the company and taking care of the people she loved.

Ashland told Victoria that as rough as he felt, he didn't regret the treatment, because if he could get more time with Victoria, it was all worth it. Victoria claimed she wanted every second with him that she could get. Ashland said that prior to treatment, he'd had to turn off all his devices, and he'd missed three calls from Kyle. Kyle was obviously very anxious to discuss Harrison's future; however, Kyle moving to Milan had made visitation or shared custody arrangements very difficult. Victoria suggested that Ashland return Kyle's call, but Ashland wanted time to think about what would be best for Harrison.

In the park, Nate told Elena that Moses had decided medicine wasn't for him. Nate's allergic reaction had been the game changer for Moses. Nate admitted he was a bit disappointed, but he supported Moses in whatever he decided. Nate wanted Moses to find his passion and be happy in his career choice.

Elena received a text message from the hospital to assist in a surgery. She said she would have to find someone to cover her shift. Teasingly, Nate claimed he would look at the schedule and shift a few things around. Elena abruptly stood up and said they needed to talk about that. Stunned by her reaction, Nate asked if Elena was okay. She apologized. She knew he wouldn't use his position to change her schedule. Elena knew he was kidding, but some people might not take it that way.

Elena told Nate she didn't want the slightest appearance that he gave her preferential treatment. Nate said he would treat her like any other subordinate. Nate promised Elena that it wouldn't be a problem between them because they wouldn't allow it to be. Elena didn't look happy.

Nick arrived at the Grand Phoenix and kissed Phyllis. Phyllis said she'd told Amanda how amazing he was and how he had supported and helped her when she'd gone after Sally and Tara. Nick said he'd spoken with Jack, and her name had been mentioned. Jack had said he was grateful to Phyllis for helping him see the truth about Sally. Jack had also told him that Phyllis knew Jack better than anyone on earth.

Phyllis claimed she and Nick knew each other very well. Nick agreed, but he'd seen the vulnerability just below all that toughness. Phyllis said that Summer had her heart, and she had the ability to break it. Nick said Phyllis had him around to help her heal.

Nick walks in on Moses and Faith's first kiss Nick walks in on Moses and Faith's first kiss

Friday, August 13, 2021

Nikki welcomed Moses to the Newman ranch, and he thanked her and Victor for inviting him. Victor told Moses and Faith to enjoy the pool, and he headed out to tend to some unfinished business. Nikki fetched some cold drinks, but Moses was sure she had more important things to do. Nikki recalled that she'd been doing it for Faith's entire life, starting with imaginary tea for tea parties with Miss Patsy. Moses pressed to know more, but a stricken Faith swore it wasn't important.

Nikki shared that Miss Patsy was a doll that had been Faith's first friend, and Faith clarified that it had been years earlier. Moses recalled that his favorite toy had been Reggie Veggie, a stuffed dinosaur with a football helmet. Faith doubted the helmet had been historically accurate, but Moses defended that Reggie had been a good friend who'd helped him through tough times. Nikki remembered that Faith had taken Miss Patsy everywhere. Over Faith's protests, Moses begged to hear more.

Later, Faith and Moses returned from the pool, and Nikki asked if he was ready to hear more about Faith growing up. Faith groaned that her grandmother had to be out of stories by then, but Nikki chirped that she had a million of them. Faith realized that she'd left her phone behind, and Moses stepped out to retrieve it for her. Nikki praised him for being considerate, but Faith worried that Nikki had scared him off. Nikki asserted that it was a grandmother's prerogative, and she doubted Moses had been horrified.

Nikki wished Neil were there to see the kids having fun together, but Faith pleaded with her to stop trying to make it out to be more than friendship. Nikki remembered that Faith had said she'd wanted to take the relationship to a deeper level, and Faith confirmed that she still did. Nikki sympathized that Faith had experienced a very hard year, and she guessed the girl was waiting for something bad to happen. Nikki encouraged Faith to enjoy her time with Moses because it was all right to be happy. Moses returned with Faith's phone and joked that it looked like Faith had gotten a text message from Miss Patsy.

Victoria found Ashland snoozing on her couch. He stirred and couldn't believe what an attractive nurse he had. She commended him for being a great patient, even though she knew he hated the role. He declared that her shift was over, since she had spent too much time coddling him and had important things to do, like making sure their merged company was ready to take on the world. Ashland added that he had to take on what was best for his son.

Ashland knew Victoria had arranged to work from home for the day, but he cautioned that a newly formed corporation needed hands-on leadership and not remote delegating. Victoria bragged that she could multitask with the best of them, so she could handle helping him through his posttreatment nausea while putting their company on the map. Ashland noted that he had to take care of many things that needed attention, including returning Kyle's messages to discuss Harrison's future. Victoria agreed to head to the office, as long as Ashland promised to call if he needed anything.

Victoria thought Ashland seemed stronger and more determined, even if he was physically weak after his treatment. He figured that spending hours doing chemo had given him time to think and plan, and she fully supported whatever he decided about Harrison. After Victoria left, Ashland left a voicemail for Kyle, refusing to play phone tag over something as important as his son's well-being and insisting that a decision be made.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nick informed Sharon that the concert had raised a lot of money for New Hope. He had hoped to earn some "cool dad points" with Faith, but he jokingly chided Moses for showing up with VIP passes and knocking Nick down from cool dad to chaperone. Nick observed that Sharon seemed distracted, and she confided that it was because Mariah had been unreachable for a while. Sharon explained that Mariah had sporadically replied to her text messages, but Mariah had never revealed where she was, and Sharon was starting to think something was very wrong. Sharon bemoaned that she'd been in touch with Tessa and Abby, and no one knew where Mariah was.

Nick reasoned that it wasn't unusual for Mariah to want space, since having one's own baby was stressful enough, even without the pressure of a surrogacy. Sharon explained that at first, Mariah's time away had made sense, but the whole thing felt off. Sharon relayed that she'd reached out to Mariah the day before to tell her she loved Mariah and wanted to help, but Mariah had curtly replied to order Sharon to stop pressuring her and to back off. Nick pointed out that Mariah could be harsh at times, but Sharon still thought it seemed strange.

Sharon added that she hadn't mentioned Mariah's disappearance to Faith because she didn't want the teen to worry, and Nick agreed not to say a word. Rey joined them and assumed Sharon had filled Nick in. Nick stepped aside to let them talk, and he approached Victoria inside the coffeehouse. He mentioned that he'd heard she had some news from their mom, but Nikki hadn't said what it was. Victoria admitted that she'd been nervous to tell him, and she announced that she and Ashland were engaged. Nick commented that they were giving new meaning to the term "whirlwind romance," and Victoria guessed he didn't approve.

Nick didn't think his opinion mattered, and he asked if Victoria was happy. She responded that she was very happy, and he stressed that it was what was important. She pointed out that she'd be even happier if her brother shared in the special moment with her. Nick worried that it was happening fast, and he reluctantly reiterated that Ashland was dying. Victoria divulged that Ashland had decided to try treatment and was undergoing a promising type of chemotherapy. Nick questioned whether it was promising enough to rush into a wedding.

Victoria hoped Nick could get on board, noting that even their father was happy for her. Nick was glad that Victor and Victoria had finally agreed on something, but she sensed that Nick still didn't approve. Nick reserved his judgment until he talked with Ashland, who Nick intended to grill like Ashland was picking Victoria up for the prom. Victoria anticipated that it would be fun to watch Ashland hold his own against Nick.

Meanwhile, Rey informed Sharon that he'd found dead ends everywhere he'd looked, despite using the most advanced technology that should have been able to get past Mariah's signal blocker. He explained that Mariah's phone had a secondary level of security to prevent her signal from being pinpointed, and it appeared to be the work of an expert. Sharon pointed out that Mariah wasn't an expert, and she wondered what it meant. Rey contemplated whether a tech-savvy friend had helped Mariah cover her tracks. Sharon cited Kevin, and Rey recounted that he'd already talked to Kevin, who was also worried about Mariah.

Sharon panicked that Tessa's theory about Mariah being held against her will might be right, but Rey insisted that they needed more facts. He intended to check on Ian Ward, but he considered it unlikely that the cult leader was behind it because Ian was still in prison. Rey planned to dig into Mariah's credit card and bank account activity, but Sharon recalled that he needed a warrant to do that. Rey thought it was time to make the investigation official, and he promised that if Mariah was in danger, he'd find her and get her home. Rey left as Sharon fought tears.

In Chancellor Park, Faith apologized to Moses for Nikki's embarrassing stories, but he pointed out that he'd had Reggie Veggie, and he imagined that Devon or Lily could tell Faith about what he'd been like when he'd been younger. Moses knew that Nikki meant well and that she liked the fact that he and Faith were the best of friends. Faith admitted that her grandmother thought they were more than that, and Moses asked if they were. "Maybe," Faith replied, and Moses enthused that it gave him hope.

Faith confessed that she wanted to be more than friends with Moses, and although they were trying to take things slowly, she felt like she was ready for more. She stepped in close and took his hand, and they tenderly kissed. Nick stumbled upon them as they pulled apart, and he sternly demanded to know what was going on.

At Victoria's house, Ashland left a message for Jack about needing to get in touch with Kyle. He turned around and faced Victor. Ashland informed Victor that Victoria wasn't there, and Victor revealed that he was there to see Ashland. Ashland figured that Victor's acceptance of the wedding plans had been too easy, and he welcomed the opportunity to discuss things further because he wanted the full support of Victoria's family. Victor pointed out that everyone's focus had been on what would happen to Victoria if Ashland died, but Victor was curious about what would happen if Ashland lived.

Ashland was glad that Victor was thinking optimistically, since no one else seemed to think Ashland had a future. Ashland remarked that they'd progressed from Victor almost letting him die a few months earlier, and Victor defended that he'd just wanted Ashland to sign "the damn contract." Victor swore that he wanted Ashland to live for decades, but Ashland accepted that the odds of him living even an extra year were slim. Victor pointed out that the new treatment might prolong Ashland's life significantly, and he pushed again to know what would happen if Ashland lived a lot longer than expected.

Ashland questioned whether Victor was worried about Victoria or the company, and Victor stated that it wasn't about Victoria. Victor noted that Ashland had been in an advisory role at Newman-Locke during the interim period, but he expected that Ashland would want an expanded role if he fully recovered. Ashland recognized that Victor's concern was valid, and he thought Victor couldn't blame him if sharing control of the company had crossed his mind. Victor gushed about Victoria's extraordinary accomplishments, and he thought she deserved a moment in the sun. Victor warned that he'd hate to find out Ashland had taken advantage of the situation.

Ashland contended that he and Victoria had made their decisions together every step of the way. Victor found it interesting that shortly after merging two of the most powerful corporations in the world, Ashland had opted to seek treatment for his illness and marry Victor's daughter. Ashland reiterated that his situation didn't allow much time for contemplation, and he recalled that he'd always acted decisively and moved swiftly. Victor imagined that Ashland would want to step in as head of the worldwide empire if he recovered from his illness. Ashland was taken aback at the implication that he'd faked his illness to merge the companies.

Ashland was flattered that Victor thought he could be that diabolical and ruthless. Victor noted that Ashland hadn't said whether the hypothesis was accurate, and Ashland clucked that Victor's instincts had let him down. Ashland maintained that he was very sick, and he thought Victor would have proof of that if the treatments didn't work. Ashland wondered how long Victor would wait to call 9-1-1 if Ashland collapsed on the floor right then. Victoria returned home and asked what was going on.

Ashland informed Victoria that her father had been speculating that he'd faked his illness to conjure up the merger and take over the more powerful new company when he miraculously survived. Victoria lashed out at Victor, but Ashland calmly stated that he'd have the same suspicions if he were in Victor's place. Victor referred to Ashland's reputation and insisted on considering all possibilities. Ashland believed that Victor's intentions were honorable, and he swore that he wasn't insulted.

Ashland conceded that he might have contemplated such a ploy earlier in his life, but he gave Victor his word that his illness was real -- as was his love for Victoria. Ashland offered to share his medical records to put Victor's mind at ease, and while he had no documents to prove his love for Victoria, he hoped his determination to stay alive to spend time with her proved what was in his heart. Victor thanked Ashland for clearing up his doubts, but Victoria remained irritated.

After Victor left, Victoria ranted about her father accusing Ashland of something that heinous because Victor assumed other people's minds worked like his. Ashland urged her to stop letting it upset her and just accept that Victor would never change. Ashland proposed that they take a ride around the lake or a walk in the park to take her mind off it, and Victoria replied that she knew just the spot. Ashland received a text message from Jack, and he explained that he'd tried to get in touch with Jack about discussing Harrison's future. Victoria wondered what Ashland had decided.

Victor returned to the ranch and told Nikki that Victoria was upset with him but that Ashland had understood his concerns. Nikki wished Victor had told her what he'd been up to, and he suspected that she would have told him not to do it. She confirmed he was right. He confided that he was very unhappy with his relationship with Victoria, who seemed to get upset every time he said something. Victor argued that he'd done it out of love, but Nikki suggested that the most loving thing he could do was step back and let Victoria fly completely on her own.

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby propped up her phone and recorded a video to Chance. She recognized that he wouldn't see the videos until he got back, but she felt she had to document the noticeable gap between that video and the last one. She admitted that things had been a lot tougher than she'd thought they would be, and she had something to confess.

Abby reported that she didn't know where Mariah or their baby was, so she had no news about the pregnancy. Abby whimpered that she didn't even know how big Mariah's baby bump was, and she felt like she'd let Chance down. Abby cried that she didn't know if their baby was safe, and she thought she should have foreseen Mariah's reason for leaving. Abby wailed that she was supposed to make Mariah feel protected and cared for, and she questioned what kind of mother she'd be if she hadn't even been able do that.

Abby confided that she was really hurting, since she was all alone, and it was almost too much to bear that two of the most important people in her life were unreachable. She imagined what Chance would tell her to do in that situation, and she heard his reassuring voice in her head, telling her that she wasn't at fault, even though she partially was. Abby pictured Chance rubbing her shoulders and telling her it was all going to work out, since he saw strength in her that she didn't know she had. She pledged to find the strength to get through it, and she decided that she wasn't going to just wait and worry. Abby vowed not to let Chance or their baby down, and she ended the video and headed out.

Abby burst into the coffeehouse and demanded to know what Sharon thought of Mariah's response to their intervention. Sharon stammered that text messages were hard to interpret, but Abby pointed out that Tessa had gone to see her sister to determine whether someone from their past had taken Mariah. Sharon divulged that Rey had found out how the location of Mariah's phone had been hidden, and it had seemed very high-tech and professional. Abby concluded that someone had Mariah, and she fretted about what they should do. Sharon informed her that Rey had opened an official police investigation, and Abby prayed that nothing happened to Mariah and their baby.

Abby left a message for Tessa to call her with an update. Rey walked in, and Sharon and Abby rushed over to him. He reported that there had been zero activity on Mariah's credit card and bank accounts and that she hadn't made a single call. Abby realized that if Mariah had taken off on her own, she would have needed money to pay for a hotel and food. Abby solemnly declared that they had to face facts -- Mariah hadn't run away, and something bad had happened to her.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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