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Ashland decided to let Harrison live with Kyle and Summer in Italy. Victoria and Ashland planned to have a lavish wedding in Tuscany. Devon became suspicious when Stitch returned to town. Mariah panicked when she realized she might give birth in captivity. Chloe warned Sally about Adam.
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Chloe warned Sally about Adam, and the search for Mariah intensified
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Billy confesses his true feelings about Victoria to Lily Billy confesses his true feelings about Victoria to Lily

Monday, August 16, 2021

Ashland arrived at Jack's to announce his decision about Harrison. Wishing to address both Jack and Kyle at the same time, Ashland asked Jack to contact Kyle to set up a video chat. Before Kyle joined the discussion, Ashland told Jack that Tara's arrest and Kyle's decision to relocate to Milan had thrown everything into chaos, so there was no single solution that would satisfy everyone. Jack appeared concerned about Ashland's comment. Ashland, sounding ominous, made it clear that Harrison's future and well-being were at stake.

After Kyle contacted Jack and Ashland, Ashland admitted that Tara's threats to take Harrison away unless Summer broke off her engagement had made him understand what kind of woman his ex-wife was. Ashland explained that because he could soon be out of the picture, despite having reversed course on life-extending treatments, he'd become even more determined to spend what time he had left with Harrison. Jack asked Ashland how he was feeling after his first treatment. Ashland admitted he didn't feel well and was aware that he might feel even worse after successive treatments. Ashland admitted he was concerned that the state of his health might negatively affect Harrison. Jack offered to look after Harrison and even arrange agreed-upon visits with both Ashland and Kyle. Ashland rejected Jack's proposal and offered his own.

Ashland told Jack and Kyle that Harrison needed a full-time parent, so he should live with Kyle in Italy. Kyle nodded in agreement. Ashland said he'd visit Harrison in Milan whenever he was well enough to travel or perhaps meet up with Harrison in New York. Kyle said it was an excellent plan and agreed to arrange visits with Ashland at any time to maintain a strong connection. Ashland requested supervised visits with Tara whenever Kyle could arrange travel with Harrison to New York.

Kyle expressed concern about Harrison learning that Tara has been arrested. Ashland said he would tell Harrison the truth in terms Harrison could grasp, such as Mommy's time-out for breaking the law or paying for the consequences of her actions. Jack suggested Tara's situation be presented in a way that was less harsh. Ashland said he feared that lying in the moment could have worse consequences later on for Harrison and lead to mistrust. Kyle and Jack agreed with Ashland.

Kyle promised to be the best father possible while including Ashland to assure Harrison that he was loved. Ashland said he'd explain everything to Harrison, so the boy wouldn't feel like he was being abandoned. After Ashland went upstairs to talk to Harrison, Kyle and Jack expressed relief that arrangements had worked out well. Kyle said he was pleased with the decisions he'd made, realizing that Summer would have to make adjustments to accommodate Harrison. Jack admitted that adjusting to the absences of Kyle, Harrison, and Summer was bittersweet. Kyle asked Jack to accompany Harrison to Milan. Jack became emotional and said there was nothing he'd like better.

Later, Ashland rejoined Jack downstairs. Ashland admitted it had been harder on him than Harrison to break the news. Ashland noted that some children embraced change as an adventure. Ashland said he'd done so as a child, so it had put his heart at ease knowing that Harrison was in the Abbott family's capable hands. Jack said he knew how difficult a time it had been dealing with the paternity results, divorce, his illness, and Tara's arrest. Ashland told Jack that Victoria was the bright light that had pulled him out of the darkness and gloom of an awful year.

Billy ran into Victoria at Crimson Lights. Victoria asked Billy if Johnny and Katie had mentioned her big news. Billy replied, "Big news? Right, your wedding to Ashland." Billy reported that Katie hoped she could be a flower girl, and Johnny had said he hoped the wedding cake might be chocolate. Addressing the serious aspects of Victoria's plans, Billy suggested he and Victoria handle such matters together as they always had. Victoria thanked Billy for being supportive.

Victoria reported that Ashland had tolerated his first cancer treatment and appeared to have a new outlook on life. Billy couldn't help but observe that Victoria had swiftly negotiated a deal with Locke Communications and would soon marry the man who'd built the business empire. Victoria replied, "You make it sound like I should be worried about those things. You think I'm making a mistake marrying Ashland, don't you?" Billy said he'd merely voiced his concerns.

Billy vowed to keep his word and remain supportive of Victoria. Billy asked Victoria if she believed she might be making a mistake. Victoria insisted she had no trace of doubts. Billy and Victoria acknowledged that they'd moved on to become supportive in a way that was not toxic. Billy said they should challenge each other and hold each other accountable honestly in the spirit in which it was meant. Victoria replied that, technically, it was called being friends.

Devon, feeling frustrated that circumstances were beyond his control, visited with Lily at her office. Lily was taken aback when Devon explained that Mariah had dropped off the radar, seemingly abandoning her family and her duties at Jabot. Jack, Devon added, was set to hire someone to replace Mariah as director of marketing. Devon seemed increasingly unnerved by the vague text messages Mariah had sent requesting more time away and instructing those close to her to back off. Devon told Lily that Rey thought Mariah's mysterious disappearance merited investigation after Abby had reported that Mariah had missed a checkup with her doctor.

Lily asked Devon if Rey's investigation had turned up anything. Through Sharon, Devon said, he'd learned that during the weeks of her absence, Mariah hadn't used her debit or credit cards or made any calls from her phone, which someone had tampered with to scramble its signal. Lily asked about Abby. Devon said Abby was struggling to remain positive and understanding of both Mariah and Chance, whose undercover assignment had kept him away for an extended time. Lily replied, "That sounds a little too understanding."

Lily noted that Abby had friends and family to support her. Devon seemed troubled by Lily's statement. Lily asked Devon if he had second thoughts about having gotten involved. Devon insisted he didn't regret his decision to step up for Abby and Chance one bit because they'd weathered difficulties early on in their marriage and deserved the joy of starting a family. Lily asked Devon why he'd stopped by to talk things out with her before approaching Abby. Devon admitted that though he considered Chance's dedication to his job to be honorable, Chance had already made a commitment to begin a family with Abby via surrogacy.

Devon expressed disappointment that Chance had chosen work over his responsibility to his family. Lily replied, "Please tell me that you have not breathed a word of this to Abby or even hinted at how you feel." Devon acknowledged that what he'd said would remain between him and Lily, though he couldn't help but become frustrated by the way the stress affected Abby. Devon told Lily that Abby had ceased recording videos for Chance for fear that he'd pick up on how distraught she'd become, plus Chance had no idea that Mariah had gone away. Lily told Devon that it was important for Abby to have faith in her husband, especially if she was feeling abandoned, and to believe that Mariah just needed space. Lily encouraged Devon to remain a supportive friend to Abby because her baby would also need his support. Devon replied, "I just wish there was more I could do."

After Billy left Crimson Lights, Victoria ran into Devon. Victoria asked Devon about Abby and the baby. Devon assured Victoria that Abby was aware that her sister had a lot on her plate. Victoria asked Devon if anyone knew when Chance might return home. Devon said there had been no word. Victoria offered to check on Abby, knowing she was dealing with a tough situation. Devon said he'd just visited his sister and realized how nice it was to have a sister to talk to. Victoria praised Lily for taking on a larger role with Johnny and Katie while she focused on Ashland.

After Devon left Crimson Lights, he saw Jack at Chancellor Park. Jack was on the phone, booking his private jet for a trip to Milan. After Jack hung up, he and Devon discussed Jack's trip. Jack explained that Summer and Kyle had reconciled and would stay permanently in Milan. Devon was surprised to hear that Kyle had moved to Europe. Jack said Kyle was beginning a new life, which he'd hoped would include Harrison, and he had just had his wishes granted by Ashland Locke.

Jack told Devon that Ashland truly loved Harrison and had made a decision that was best for the boy. Devon said parents should consider the big picture and put the needs of their children first. Devon said he wished someone he knew could also understand. Jack replied, "Who are we talking about now?" Devon said he was concerned about Chance's never-ending mission and how much he'd missed during his absence. Jack agreed and expressed concern about Mariah. Devon said all anyone knew was based on Mariah's vague text messages. Jack said he didn't how Abby was holding everything together. After Jack left, Devon called someone and asked for a favor, explaining that it was something important.

When Victoria returned home, she found Ashland sitting on the sofa, suffering mild discomfort. Victoria asked him how it had gone with the Abbott family. Ashland said both Kyle and Jack had agreed to his terms before he' discussed the situation with Harrison. Ashland acknowledged that explaining how his illness would affect their relationship was a "hell of a thing to explain to a three-year-old." Victoria said it was likely one of the most difficult and selfless things Ashland had ever done.

Victoria told Ashland that she'd never respected him more. Ashland said he'd suppressed his ego and had done what was best for Harrison. Victoria praised Ashland for having successfully redefined his life. Ashland said he'd evolved as a human in more ways than he'd ever thought possible, all due to her influence. Victoria vowed to remain by Ashland's side, cheering him on. Ashland told Victoria she should choose a date for their wedding, sometime after recovery from his first round of chemo but not waiting until it might be too late. Victoria assured Ashland his treatments would be successful. Ashland said they'd celebrate as husband and wife.

Billy met with Lily in her office and told her about having run into Victoria at Crimson Lights. Billy recounted how he and Victoria had talked openly and easily without getting into an argument. Lily admitted Billy expected a lot from her whenever he sought advice about how things stood between him and Victoria. Billy replied, "I think this is a good thing. I mean, we're working towards some kind of healthy equilibrium."

Lily said she thought Billy and Victoria liked leaving things unresolved because it allowed them to feed their competitive natures. Billy began brainstorming about publishing a series of essays exploring the insanity and/or maturity of past relationships. Lily replied, "Wait. What?" Billy proposed engaging their journalists in conversations with Genoa City celebrities to discuss connections with past lovers. Billy added that they could explore how people with past histories found ways to communicate in a small town. Billy suggested the stories be titled "Ghosts of Love."

Lily was taken aback when Billy told her she would be the perfect person to conduct the interviews. Lily told Billy he was pulling one of his greatest of all dodges. Lily said that she wasn't speaking metaphorically, explaining that she'd meant what she'd said about Billy and Victoria not wanting to completely resolve their issues. Billy suggested that perhaps Lily was still looking for conflict because she feared making a real commitment. Lily insisted that she'd done nothing but show Billy how committed she was.

Billy, assuring Lily she was his future, explained that because Victoria was the mother of his children, he could hold an opinion about her choices. Lily asked Billy if he expected her to believe that his concern was based solely on his children. Billy replied, "Not only. No. I have been trying very hard to convince myself that Victoria is doing the right thing by marrying Ashland." Billy admitted that if he did so, he'd be ignoring every instinct he had that Victoria's plan to marry Ashland was perhaps the biggest mistake of her life.

Chloe warns Sally about Adam Chloe warns Sally about Adam

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis ended a call with Summer as Nick approached. Phyllis reported that Ashland had decided to let Harrison live with Summer and Kyle, and Nick mused that it was another thing that was falling perfectly into place for the couple. Phyllis crowed that it was all because she'd uncovered what Sally and Tara had done to Summer, but Nick clarified that the technical term was meddling. Phyllis steeled herself for a lecture, but Nick assured her that he'd been completely on board with what she'd done. He announced that the next few hours would be a tribute to the things that drove him crazy about her, and he declared it Phyllis Appreciation Day.

Phyllis loved the idea of a celebration of all things her, but she had a ton of work that day. Nick informed her that he'd arranged for the general manager to cover for her, so all Phyllis had to do was decide when she wanted the tribute to begin. She proclaimed that she wanted it to start right then. Nick knew that the thing she loved most in the world was winning, so he'd organized something where they could go head to head. He added that he wouldn't let her win, and she had to earn it. She assumed it was a video game, but he revealed that he had something very different set up. He led her out.

Later, Phyllis and Nick returned to the Grand Phoenix, and she bragged about her domination at the batting cages. Nick reminded her that her pitches had been 30 miles per hour slower than his, but she thought the handicap had been fair because he'd picked the sport. Nick recognized that it was her day, so he'd had to make sure she had all the advantages. She planted a kiss on him and envisioned him holding his bat with his strong muscles glistening in the sun. She hoped he hadn't worn himself out, and he suggested that they take things to the next stage -- a massage.

In her hotel suite, Phyllis was clad in a towel as she awaited her massage. She sent a text message to Jack, sympathizing that he'd have to say goodbye to Harrison and asking if he was okay. The masseur entered the room, his face obscured by a stack of towels. Phyllis pointed out that only one table had been delivered, and she noted that the masseur hadn't turned around since he'd gotten there. The man faced her, and Phyllis stifled a laugh when she saw that it was Nick in a blond wig.

In a bad Swedish accent, Nick introduced himself as Sven, and he cooed that he was at Phyllis' service. He turned on some music and seductively said he knew what she wanted. He claimed that he was well schooled in the art of massage, and he promised to have every muscle in her body scream out in pleasure. Later, as Nick popped open a bottle of Champagne, Phyllis purred that "Sven" had been amazing. She asked what had driven him to plan the day, and he replied that he loved her.

Nick added that he'd been thinking a lot about how Summer and Kyle's lives had completely changed, with Summer needing to learn how to be a mom. Phyllis anticipated that Summer would be a natural, and Nick praised Phyllis for being an incredible role model. He cited the tremendous acts of love Summer and Kyle had demonstrated to be together, and he murmured that there was nothing he wouldn't give up for Phyllis because he loved her that much. He swore that all he wanted to do was make her happy, and they kissed.

Phyllis asked if Nick knew how much she loved him for putting on a wig and giving her a massage when he hadn't needed to do it. Nick pointed out that he'd given her a hard time for being overprotective of Jack, but Phyllis countered that they both worried about their exes. She figured that it was okay as long as they also worried about one another. She decided that it was the end of Phyllis Appreciation Day and time they started the Nick Festival. Phyllis pulled Nick onto to the massage table, where they kissed passionately.

At Society, Jack thanked Lauren for letting him push up their meeting, since he would be leaving the next day to take Harrison to Milan to live with Kyle and Summer. Lauren was elated for the young family, but she recognized that it had to be breaking Jack's heart. He admitted that it wouldn't be easy, since he'd miss seeing the boy's toys all over the place and playing catch in the park. Lauren observed that being a grandfather agreed with Jack, who shared that spending time with generations of Abbotts was a joy he couldn't put into words.

Jack lamented that soon, both his son and grandson would be an ocean away, and Lauren empathized because she missed Scott and Fen. She remarked that it felt both wonderful and terrible that her sons were out in the world, since her children had successful lives, but the distance was hard to bear. Lauren considered herself fortunate that she had Michael to help her through the hard times, and she didn't know what she would do without him to lean on.

Lauren apologized for encouraging Jack to get involved with Sally, but he accepted responsibility for letting Sally back into his life even after he'd seen her in action. Lauren regretted that she'd waved off Phyllis' warnings about Sally, but Jack acknowledged that Sally was talented and ambitious. Lauren imagined how far Sally could get if she had the patience to wait for a shot and the ethics to know when not to cross the line. Jack contemplated the chances of Sally getting a job of that caliber anytime soon.

Lauren and Jack discussed JCV's impressive sales figures, and he was glad to know some things were going well. She noticed that he was wearing his Teardrop of Love cufflinks, and while she knew he didn't believe in their magic, she noted that it was the stone of hope. Jack thought he had a lot to be hopeful for, since he'd soon reunite his grandson and his son, and making them happy would give him happiness in return. Lauren proclaimed that she believed in the stone's magic for him, and she was confident that he would soon have a happiness all his own.

Jack returned home and forlornly looked around. He checked his phone and saw Phyllis' text message, and he wrote back that he was doing great. His brow furrowed, but his expression brightened when he heard Harrison's laughter upstairs. Jack called out that Grandpa was home.

At Crimson Lights, Sally picked up coffee at the counter but stopped short when she ran into Nikki on her way to the patio. Nikki asked if Sally remembered her, and Sally recalled meeting on Christmas Eve at the Abbott house. Sally noted that Nikki was the COO of Newman Enterprises and Victor's wife. "I am also the grandmother of the woman you ran out of town," Nikki haughtily stated.

Sally tried to leave, but Nikki snapped that they weren't finished. Nikki wanted to make sure Sally knew what happened when someone went after a member of the Newman family. Sally claimed that Nikki had misunderstood, since Tara had been the one after Summer, and Sally had just made the mistake of befriending Tara. Nikki ordered Sally not to play the victim, but Sally complained that Phyllis was out to poison everyone's minds about her. Nikki conceded that she'd normally agree that Phyllis couldn't be trusted, but she was confident that Phyllis' version of the story was accurate in that case.

Sally argued that Summer had ended up on top with a dream job that she wouldn't have even been considered for if Sally hadn't stepped in. Nikki countered that Summer would still be living in Genoa City with her family if Sally hadn't interfered, but Sally thought a successful executive like Nikki would be happy that Summer was following in her grandmother's footsteps. Nikki noted that Sally was a smooth talker, and it gave her more reason to believe the things she'd heard about Sally. Sally admitted that most of them were probably true, but she swore that she was rooting for Summer to succeed.

Nikki warned that she was very protective of the people she loved, and she didn't want to hear anything more about Sally going after anyone in Nikki's family. "And make no mistake, my husband isn't the only one who knows how to take matters into his own hands," Nikki ominously added. Sally gulped and scampered away.

Victoria arrived at Newman Media and asked Adam where the man in charge was. Adam replied that she was looking at him, but Victoria referred to their father. Victoria was surprised that she hadn't seen a promotion for the company, especially when it was supposed to be in the media business. Adam wondered why she cared, since she couldn't possibly see them as competition to her behemoth conglomerate, where she was Goliath. Victoria taunted that Adam was the little underdog with a slingshot. "Well, we all know who won that battle," Adam retorted.

Victoria claimed that she'd only mentioned the launch because she had an important date approaching, and she didn't want Victor to have any conflicts on a big family day. Adam apologized if he'd jumped to conclusions, but he pointed out that she was the only member of their family left who still saw him as a monster. She suspected that he was the one worried about competition, since his fledgling company didn't have a prayer for survival between Newman/ocke and ChancComm. Victor appeared in the doorway as Victoria predicted that Adam would let their father down again, adding that it was what Adam feared the most. Victor barked that it was enough.

Victor ordered the siblings to stop fighting, but Adam defended that Victoria had been the one to blow in there, full of spite and malice. Victoria huffed that she'd have to "give a damn" about Adam to despise him, and she didn't have the energy to detest him. They continued to bicker, and Victor again demanded that they stop arguing. Adam congratulated Victoria and conceded that she had the right to enjoy her power. He dryly requested that she let him know where she was registered, since his wedding invitation was bound to get lost in the mail. Victor asserted that it was a chance for their family to band together, and Adam contended that he was doing his part.

After Adam stepped out, Victoria informed Victor that she and Ashland had decided on a wedding date -- October 15. Victor was surprised it was that soon, and Victoria reiterated that they didn't know how much time they actually had. She announced that she and Ashland wanted to have the ceremony at their family palazzo in Tuscany, noting that Ashland had made the difficult decision to let Harrison live with Kyle and Summer in Milan. Victoria waited for Victor to question why she and Ashland were getting married when her fiancÚ was making end-of-life decisions, but Victor declared that nothing could be better than a wedding at his Tuscan villa in October.

Victor said he didn't like the way he and Victoria had left things after he'd talked to Ashland at her house. Victoria lectured that her father had taken things too far when he'd accused Ashland of faking a fatal illness. Victor insisted that he just wanted her to be happy, but it was complicated to be a father to a girl who'd inherited many of his qualities. Victoria admitted that she was still trying to figure out aspects of being his daughter, but she would always love and respect him, even if he infuriated her. Victor told her to plan the wedding of her dreams and make sure it included a long aisle, since he intended to cherish every step when taking her down it.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was stunned when Victoria revealed how soon her wedding date was. Nikki pressed to know how things had gone with Victor, and Victoria mentioned that they'd had a nice talk. Victoria expected that she and her father would always blow hot and cold, but she hoped their detente lasted while she was dealing with a lot. Nikki inquired about Ashland's chemo, and Victoria reported that it was too early to tell. Victoria recognized that it was out of her control, and she intended to focus on planning the most incredible wedding possible.

Nikki and Victoria made decisions about the flowers, and Nikki offered to make a playlist for the music. Nikki suggested that Victoria decide on a wedding theme, and Victoria contemplated drawing from the history of the palazzo and displaying the works of the luminaries who'd stayed there. Victoria pictured having a huge, lavish reception with musicians and a five-course meal, since she wanted everyone to remember the night for the rest of their lives.

Nikki had assumed Victoria and Ashland would want something more intimate with close friends and family. Victoria planned to invite all the people they loved, but she preferred that the event be a big, glamorous, luxurious wedding of the century. Victoria exclaimed that she was done with doing things low-key, and she wanted to go all out and let the world know in the most extravagant way that Victoria Newman had finally met her match.

Sally jogged through Chancellor Park and literally ran into Adam. She apologized, fretting that she'd hardly made a great first impression on her new boss. Adam remarked that she hadn't been hired for her athletic ability, and she imagined that he had a sense of what her strengths and weaknesses were. He figured that it was part of what made a good CEO, but she guessed that he'd performed a background check on her.

Adam admitted that he'd asked Jack if it had been a mistake to let Chloe hire Sally, but Jack hadn't been as eager to weigh in as Adam had expected. Adam added that Phyllis hadn't been able to insult Sally enough, even though he hadn't been looking for Phyllis' opinion. Sally conceded that she and Phyllis had a hate-hate relationship, and Adam admired her bluntness. Sally recounted that Phyllis had taken pleasure in blowing up Sally's life, but Adam compared it to the pot calling the kettle black.

Sally recognized that she'd crossed the line, but she defended that she'd never screwed anyone over without reason. Adam joked that she only screwed people over for good reasons, and he mentioned that he was still waiting to hear about her questionable past, which neither Phyllis nor Chloe had elaborated on. Sally reasoned that he might as well hear the truth from the source, and she offered to share all the lurid details and let him decide whether to fire her.

Sally recapped her sordid history, and Adam appreciated her leveling with him. She wondered why he didn't look horrified and disgusted, given that Summer was his niece. He reported that he and Summer weren't close, and she informed him that the rest of the Newmans had acted like Summer moving to Italy for the opportunity of a lifetime was a tragedy. She mentioned that Nikki had just let her have it, and Adam shared that Nikki wasn't a big fan of his, either.

Adam thought Sally and Tara had taken advantage of a situation and gotten what they'd wanted for a while, but they'd suffered the consequences in the end. Sally grumbled that Phyllis had broken a lot of rules and gotten away with it. Adam repeated what Chloe had said to him about people not wanting to be judged for their worst mistakes. He admitted that he had a past of his own that he wanted to play down, and he promised to judge Sally on her work and nothing else.

Sally mused that maybe Genoa City wasn't filled with as many hypocrites as she'd thought, but Adam replied that he wouldn't go that far. She invited him join her on the rest of her run to make sure she didn't collide with anyone else, but he cautioned that it was a long, rough path. Sally accepted the challenge and dared him to race her. She ran off, and he followed.

On the coffeehouse patio, Chloe looked up from her work when she overheard Sally order two iced coffees, and she spied Sally with Adam. Sally asked if Adam had any regrets about letting Chloe hire her, and he confided that he trusted Chloe's instincts. Sally contended that Chloe had been right to offer her a job because Sally planned to do great things for the fashion platform. Adam realized that it would have been easy for Sally to cut her losses and leave Genoa City, but she hadn't. Sally sensed that Adam had something to prove, too. Adam left to get back to the office. Sally locked eyes with a suspicious Chloe.

Sally joined Chloe on the patio and rambled about how she and Adam had simply run into one another while jogging. Sally swore that she hadn't been trying to score points, but Chloe invited her to score all the points she wanted because it made Chloe look like a genius for hiring her. Chloe cautioned that Adam was on his best behavior, but Adam would always be Adam, a "sucking vortex of chaos and destruction" trying to appear human. Chloe warned Sally not to fall for his act, and she cited the articles available about what Adam was truly like, including the exposÚ on ChancComm's website. Sally pledged to be more careful in the future.

Gloria tells Lauren she wants Sally's job at JCV Gloria tells Lauren she wants Sally's job at JCV

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

by Nel

At home, Jack told Harrison about their plane trip to Italy and how Harrison would live with daddy Kyle. He said Harrison would have the time of his life.

At Newman Media, Adam told Chloe he'd read the memo she'd sent; however, she'd copied Chelsea on it, and Chelsea wasn't officially on board. Chloe reminded him that Chelsea would be part of her platform, and a big part of his pitch about the job had been selling it as a safe place for Chelsea to land.

Adam asked Chloe about Sally. Chloe assured him Sally would arrive shortly. She said she'd noticed that Adam and Sally had seemed to hit it off at Crimson Lights. Adam felt it was helpful to know the people who worked for him. He said Sally was smart; however, the previous evening, he'd had an interesting conversation with Phyllis about Sally, and Phyllis wasn't a fan.

Chloe told Adam she had to get some things ready before Sally arrived. She asked if they were good with her keeping Chelsea on her contacts list. Adam stated that Chloe was sending official company information to someone who didn't work there. Chloe said keeping Chelsea in the loop would only make her excited about the idea of working there. Adam said that until Chelsea was on board, nothing confidential or proprietary was to be sent to Chelsea. Chloe left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis sent a text message to Jack: "Come see me when you're free." Sally arrived. She told Phyllis that someone had broken into her room and taken everything she owned. Nonchalantly, Phyllis pointed to the suitcases by the bar and said if someone had taken the suitcases from that location, it would have been considered a robbery. Phyllis said she was throwing Sally out. Her employees had packed Sally's bags, and Sally needed to leave as soon as possible.

Sally told Phyllis she couldn't believe Phyllis had had her employees pack up everything she owned and leave it in the lobby. Phyllis reminded Sally she'd been evicted previously, so it shouldn't be a surprise. Sally claimed Phyllis couldn't do that. Phyllis claimed she could. She suggested that Sally go to her room and make certain that the employees had packed everything that belonged to Sally.

After Sally left, Jack arrived and asked if there was a problem. Phyllis said there wasn't. Sally returned. She threw her key card on the counter and claimed she was no longer a resident of that overpriced dump. Sally asked Jack if there was anyone less qualified for the hospitality business than Phyllis. Jack said he couldn't blame Phyllis; Sally said she could, and she did. She stated that she and Phyllis had a business arrangement, she paid Phyllis weekly, and Phyllis gave her a place to stay. Jack pointed out that Sally knew it was more than just a hotel room, but Sally claimed Phyllis had had it in for her from the moment she'd arrived in town.

Jack told Sally things could have been different. Sally could have worked with her own merits to get to the top; however, she'd been greedy, and it had cost Summer and Kyle. Sally claimed that Summer had landed a dream job because of her. Jack warned Sally that if she messed with another member of his family, he wouldn't be calm and forgiving the next time. Sally claimed that Jack was being cruel.

Sally claimed that she and Jack could have had something special, but Phyllis had torpedoed their relationship. She claimed Phyllis was jealous of what they'd had, and Phyllis wanted to control Jack. Phyllis was getting exactly what Phyllis had wanted. Sally told Phyllis she wouldn't forget what Phyllis had done. Phyllis asked if Sally needed help with her bags. Sally shouted, "Absolutely not." Sally left.

Phyllis told Jack that seeing Sally leave had been fun, but it hadn't changed anything. Summer was staying in Italy, and Phyllis had wasted her time trying to expose Tara and Sally. Jack said it hadn't been a waste. He knew Phyllis was disappointed with the results; however, it had been important and helpful. Jack said that it had been Summer's choice to live in Italy.

Jack told Phyllis to be happy that Summer had opportunities and knew how to make the most of them. Phyllis claimed Jack always knew what to say to reassure her, and she loved him for it. Phyllis admitted it was difficult to accept Summer's choices. She realized that it had to be difficult for Jack, as well, since he'd lost Kyle and Harrison. Jack admitted that Harrison had become a huge part of his life.

Jack advised Phyllis to see it as a new start for Summer and Kyle as new parents. He said they might like it so much that they might have a child together. Jack stated he loved being a grandfather, and he wanted his home filled with grandchildren. Almost in tears, Phyllis said it didn't change the fact that Summer wouldn't return home. She claimed she was ready to hitch a ride with Jack to Milan. Jack said they had an extra seat on the jet. Phyllis said she couldn't go. She asked Jack to give Summer a gift from her. He said he would be delighted. Jack said he owed Phyllis because she'd stopped him from making a major mistake with Sally.

At Crimson Lights, Rey asked Michael if he believed that Ian Ward could be behind Mariah's disappearance. Michael stated that Ian was a sociopath; however, he was incarcerated in a maximum-security prison, and his communications with the outside world were strictly monitored. Rey said Sharon was a wreck, and she wanted answers. Michael told Rey that he kept circling back to the idea that perhaps Mariah needed time to herself before the baby arrived. She'd been swept up in the idea of helping Abby, it had become overwhelming, and she needed a break.

Rey told Michael there were too many irregularities. Mariah hadn't packed for the trip, there was an encryption on her phone, she hadn't used her credit cards, and she hadn't made any cell phone calls since she'd been gone. He said Mariah was in trouble, and she needed their help.

Michael asked if Rey had checked the police database for anyone who had a kidnapping record. Michael suggested it might have been someone with no connection to Mariah. Rey felt it wasn't likely that she would have been randomly targeted by a stranger. Michael suggested it could have been someone who had it in for Chance. He said perhaps they'd seen an opportunity after discovering what Mariah was doing for Chance and Abby. Rey said that was a good direction to focus on, and there was one person who came to mind.

Lauren and Gloria arrived at Society, and Lauren informed Gloria that she liked taking her assistants out occasionally to discuss office matters, such as what worked, what didn't, and what needed improvement, without the office distractions. Gloria claimed she was always looking for leadership tips, and Lauren was an excellent manager. Gloria wanted to order Champagne because they would need it for a toast. Gloria stated it was her last day as Lauren's assistant.

When Michael arrived, Lauren told him she believed Gloria had quit her job. Michael reminded Gloria that she had begged Lauren for that job. Gloria claimed Michael couldn't imagine how grateful she was, and she'd needed a job until something better had been offered. Lauren asked what Gloria was going to do. Gloria told Lauren not to be coy.

Michael asked Gloria to clarify. Gloria said that Sally Spectra had been given the boot, and JCV was without a leader. She claimed JCV needed someone with a firm hand, someone who inspired leadership and had fresh ideas. Lauren asked if JCV needed Gloria. Gloria smiled and said she'd known Lauren would agree with her. Michael laughed and claimed Gloria couldn't be serious.

Gloria accused Michael of being narrow-minded because he didn't believe she could run a fashion-forward company like JCV. Lauren claimed it was quite a leap for Gloria from being Lauren's assistant to running a major fashion division. Gloria claimed it hadn't been a big leap for Sally. Lauren stated that Sally had already been in an executive position before she'd been given that opportunity, and she'd had a lot of recent fashion experience in Los Angeles.

Gloria reminded Lauren that she'd had experience as a fashion consultant at Jabot, she'd worked with Chloe and Chelsea on their line in the past, and she'd been an Extreme Catwalk judge. Michael laughed and said they were impressed; however, there was the matter of actually running a business. Gloria claimed she'd run several businesses successfully. Michael asked if she was referring to Gloworm.

Gloria told Lauren and Michael she was hard-working, talented, creative, and a natural, and she wouldn't spend her time blogging behind their backs. Lauren explained that JCV had a very specific demographic, and she didn't believe Gloria's "sensibilities" would be a match. Gloria stated that if Lauren was referring to her age, she could be sued for that. Lauren denied she was. Gloria told Michael she wasn't looking for a settlement; she was looking for a job. Lauren claimed Gloria had one, but Gloria claimed she wanted an opportunity to excel.

Gloria told Lauren that she wanted to bring more inclusivity to the brand by launching an athletic wear line at JCV. Lauren ceded Gloria's idea was in line with her own vision. Gloria told Lauren to forget that she was out of touch with what young people were thinking because it changed daily, and she could learn. Gloria suggested she be given time to show what she was capable of. They might be surprised. Gloria claimed it had been a productive meeting, and she left.

Lauren asked Michael if Gloria had accepted a job that hadn't been offered. She asked Michael what he believed Gloria had done. Michael hoped that Gloria wasn't in the process of enrolling in some high school to better relate to young people's fashion needs. Lauren said Sally had been good at her job, and in time, she would have been great. Sally had vision and a plan to implement it.

Lauren couldn't believe she'd had to fire Sally. Michael claimed it showed great loyalty to Jack. Lauren said Jack's eyes had been opened to Sally, and he was better off without her. She wished she could find someone for Jack as perfect as Michael was for her. Michael said theirs was a once-in-a-lifetime love affair.

At Newman Media, Rey asked Adam when he'd last been in contact with Mariah. Adam said it had been right after he'd donated a kidney to Faith. Rey informed Adam that Mariah was missing. Adam said Mariah was missing, and Rey's first stop was to question him, even though he'd had no connection to her. Adam wanted to know why Rey had zeroed in on him.

Rey said Adam could pretend he cared because Mariah was Sharon's daughter. Adam claimed he cared; however, he didn't understand why Rey was questioning him. Rey stated that perhaps Adam was lashing out at Sharon for not loving him, or perhaps Mariah had crossed him one too many times, given how much she hated Adam. Adam claimed Rey was fishing, but Rey claimed he was covering his bases.

Adam told Rey he thought that he and Rey had moved in a different direction after Rey's trip to Minnesota with Chelsea, but Rey continued his quest to pin anything on Adam. Rey claimed the odds were in his favor that one day he would. Adam said he was sorry to hear Mariah was missing, and he hoped nothing untoward had happened to her.

Rey asked Adam if he'd been in contact with Chelsea. Adam claimed she seemed fine, and he would let Chelsea know Rey had asked about her the next time she called. Rey asked about Connor, but before Adam could respond, Chloe and Sally arrived. Adam asked them to return later because Rey hadn't finished with him.

Chloe and Sally arrived at the coffeehouse, Sally asked what was going on with Rey and Adam. Chloe had no idea why Rey was there, but she reminded Sally what she'd told Sally about Adam. Chloe said every time she saw Adam with a cop, she felt Adam would be arrested.

Chloe asked Sally why she'd dragged her luggage to work. Sally stated that she'd needed to leave her previous residence in a hurry. Chloe knew Sally had had a difficult time recently, and she wanted assurance from Sally that she hadn't made plans to leave. Sally claimed that leaving hadn't crossed her mind. Sally said she had a few things to prove, and she wanted everyone to regret that they had ever doubted her.

Gloria arrived and sat down with Chloe and Sally. She apologized to Sally for not having had the chance to wish Sally luck before Sally had left JCV. Gloria said she'd had a chance to see Sally in action, and it had been like watching a pro athlete at the top of her game. Gloria asked how Sally stayed in tune with the young demographic because Sally had a freakish talent for knowing what young people wanted. Sally claimed it helped to be one of the young people. Chloe said they had to get back to work, and they left.

On the patio, Chloe told Sally that wasn't Gloria being nice. That was Gloria with an agenda.

Ashland was spending time with Harrison when Jack arrived. Ashland said Harrison had told him about his plane trip to see Kyle and something about pizza. Ashland asked Harrison to make lots of video calls with him, and he reminded Harrison that daddy Kyle was in charge. Ashland wanted Harrison to listen to Kyle and be on his best behavior. He told Harrison that Kyle and Summer loved him a lot, and they couldn't wait to see him. Jack asked Harrison to put his airplane into his backpack that was in the back room.

After Harrison left, Jack asked if Ashland was okay. Ashland admitted he wasn't, but it was the way things had to be. That didn't make it any easier. Jack said he admired Ashland's approach with Harrison. Ashland claimed he loved Harrison and would always choose to do what was best for Harrison, even though he himself was at times brash, self-serving, and sometimes downright mean. Jack agreed that they both wanted what was best for Harrison. Ashland said Harrison was Jack's grandson, but he was Ashland's son. He said love was a powerful force, and when a person loved someone, sometimes that person had to do the difficult thing by stepping back and letting go.

Jack told Ashland there was room in the plane if he wanted to make the trip with Jack and Harrison. Ashland said it was a very gracious offer, but the flight from New York had wiped him out. He couldn't imagine what a round trip to Europe would do to him. Ashland felt that a clean break was best, and he would say his goodbyes to Harrison there. Jack stated that Ashland would see Harrison again. Jack hoped he would handle the situation with the same grace, dignity, and courage that Ashland had if he were ever in Ashland's position. Ashland left to say goodbye to his son.

Phyllis arrived and gave Jack the gift she'd asked him to give Summer. Phyllis asked Jack to open it. Jack saw a photo of Phyllis holding Summer as a baby. He commented on how tiny Summer had been and how beautiful they were in the photo. Phyllis said Summer was lucky to have a future father-in-law who loved her as much as Phyllis did. Jack said he would happily deliver the photo to Summer with Phyllis' love. Jack assured Phyllis that Summer had a bright future with the love of her life, and that was something never to be taken for granted.

Chloe and Sally returned to Adam's office, and Adam asked about the luggage by the break room. Sally said she'd moved out of the hotel, and she'd needed a place to stash them. Adam asked if Phyllis had given her the heave-ho. Sally admitted Phyllis had, but Phyllis had done her a favor, because she charged too much for that dump. Sally promised the luggage would be gone by the end of the day.

After Sally and Chloe left, Adam sent a text message to Sharon: "Rey told me about Mariah. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know."

The search for Mariah intensifies The search for Mariah intensifies

Thursday, August 19, 2021

by Nel

In her room, Mariah told baby Bowie she was going stir-crazy. She wondered who was holding them. She'd been certain that blocking the camera would have brought someone, but that had failed. She said someone had gone to a lot of trouble to keep them there, and she wanted to know why. Whoever was keeping them captive had been taking very good care of them. They had a comfortable bed and healthy meals, including prenatal vitamins and protein bars for her.

Mariah realized that whoever had them wasn't trying to hurt them. She believed it had to be about money. She wondered if Sharon or Abby had been contacted about a ransom, or maybe it was all about the baby. He was a Chancellor, Newman, and Abbott -- and worth a fortune. Mariah said that if money had been the motivation, she wouldn't still be captive.

Mariah figured someone would have been contacted, a plan would have been put into action, and she wouldn't still be trapped. Nothing made any sense. Perhaps it wasn't about money or the family line. Perhaps it was twisted punishment by someone who hated her, like Ian Ward or someone from the cult.

Stressed, Mariah said not knowing was driving her crazy. She'd never had more responsibility than she did at that moment. She took a deep breath and said she had to keep it together for baby Bowie. She wouldn't let anything happen to them. Mariah told Bowie they would be okay. She promised they would find their way home.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa told Sharon and Rey she'd spoken to her sister to make sure no one had threatened her or their family. Her sister said that no one from her past had resurfaced, and she had no reason to believe anyone connected to her would target Mariah. Tessa was more desperate than ever to find Mariah.

Sharon told Tessa that Mariah hadn't used her credit card or made any phone calls since she'd gone missing. Rey believed whoever had taken her had been the one sending the text messages. Rey was looking into every place Mariah had gone and person Mariah could have been in contact with in the hours prior to her disappearance. In tears, Tessa said she'd been right; someone had taken Mariah.

Sharon stated that Tessa wasn't to blame. Sharon blamed herself because Mariah had needed her, and Sharon hadn't realized it. Tessa realized that Mariah had left without packing a bag, but Tessa had believed that Mariah had had a last-minute business trip, or she'd needed some alone time before the baby. Tessa felt if she'd forced the police to take action at the beginning, maybe Mariah would be home. Rey told Tessa there hadn't been enough information to launch an investigation back then. Rey promised he would find Mariah, but in the meantime, there was something important that Sharon and Tessa could do.

At the Chancellor home, Devon told Abby that he'd reached out to Christine. Apparently, there had been a development in Chance's case that had forced Chance to lay extra low. Christine didn't know what the development had been, but she would do everything she could to get a message to Chance about Mariah.

Devon told Abby that he felt it was time Chance knew about Mariah, since she could be in some danger. Christine was going to try to get a message to Chance. Abby snapped at Devon and said that he'd crossed the line. Abby claimed it had been one thing for Devon to suggest she make a video for Chance to watch when he returned, and it had made her feel closer to her husband. However, it was wrong for Devon to reach out to Chance without asking her first.

Abby said Devon had put pressure on Chance to return home. Devon claimed that Chance needed all the facts to make an informed decision. Abby said Chance wasn't on a normal business trip, and she couldn't ask him to leave his assignment because she missed him. Devon understood; however, it involved their child, and some very serious and unsettling things had happened. Abby had been forced to deal with everything on her own. That wasn't okay.

Abby told Devon she wasn't on her own. She had him, Tessa, Sharon, and Rey to support her while they tried to figure out how to find Mariah. Devon was grateful they could be Abby's support system because they were all invested in finding Mariah, but they weren't who Abby needed at that moment. Her husband needed to know, and he needed to be with her.

At home, Nikki told Victor she'd had a wonderful time with Victoria, planning the wedding. Nikki hadn't realized how splashy Victoria and Ashland wanted their wedding to be. Victoria wanted a very lavish affair that included everyone from her and Ashland's social circles. Nikki supported Victoria's choice to have a big wedding, but she'd thought Victoria would have wanted a smaller wedding because Ashland had just gotten his divorce and was literally fighting for his life. Victoria wanted the world to know that she'd met her perfect match.

Victor told Nikki that Victoria had fallen in love when she'd least expected to, and he felt Ashland was the right man for her. Nikki agreed, but she pointed out that Ashland's treatment might not be successful. She felt that Victoria and Ashland needed to enjoy themselves to the fullest while they could. Victor stated that Victoria wanted the wedding of her dreams, so the sky was the limit. He wanted Victoria to have everything she wanted.

At Society, Nick told Ashland that he'd heard that Ashland had allowed Harrison to live with Kyle and Summer in Italy. Ashland said it had been a very difficult decision. He said saying goodbye to his son had been the hardest thing he'd ever done, but it was the right thing for Harrison. Ashland said it helped to have Victoria to come home to. Nick said he'd heard Ashland and Victoria were engaged. Ashland confirmed it and said they were planning an October wedding. Ashland said he expected blowback from Nick, and he asked Nick to let him have it.

Nick told Ashland it appeared Victoria was in love, and he was happy for her; however, the engagement had some obstacles, and he didn't want to see Victoria heartbroken. Ashland didn't understand why the Newman men thought Victoria was so fragile. Ashland said Victoria was the strongest person he'd ever met. She didn't make foolish or poorly thought-out decisions. Nick agreed that Victoria was tough; however, she'd made some questionable choices in the past about her love life. Nick spotted Billy and told Ashland that Billy had been one of Victoria's questionable choices.

Ashland asked if Nick was implying that he was one of Victoria's mistakes. Nick apologized. He hadn't intended to insult Ashland. Nick explained that Ashland and Victoria's relationship had moved very quickly, and Nick didn't want to see Victoria disillusioned or disappointed again. Ashland claimed he wasn't Billy Abbott, and he knew how problematic it was to compare the present to the past. Ashland stated that Victoria didn't need to justify her actions to anyone. He loved Victoria with everything he had, and he believed Victoria felt the same way. Nick said he believed Ashland, and he confirmed that Victoria had said the same thing.

Ashland suggested that Nick and everyone else stop second-guessing Victoria or passing judgment on her life and her heart. The past was the past. He and Victoria were building on the moment and looking toward the future. Ashland picked up his order and left.

Billy watched Ashland leave. Billy told Nick that Ashland had looked a little peeved when he'd left. Billy believed the conversation had been about Ashland marrying Victoria. Billy stated that Victoria marrying Ashland was a mistake. They'd gone from "Hi, how are you?" to "I do" in a nanosecond. Billy admitted he saw what Victoria had seen in Ashland, but he felt she'd been caught up in an intense relationship instead of making sure it was the right relationship for her.

Nick asked how long Billy had been with Victoria before he'd had that impulsive Jamaican wedding. Billy admitted he was being hypocritical, but he believed Nick agreed with him. Nick admitted he had reservations, but he doubted they came from the same place as Billy's: jealously -- or denial that Victoria could possibly move on from Billy. Nick stated that Billy had a really great girl who liked him. Nick asked why that wasn't enough for Billy. Nick claimed that Billy had one foot in the past. Billy stated he was worried about the mother of his children. He loved Victoria the same way Nick loved Sharon.

Nick told Billy there wasn't anything they could do if Victoria wanted to marry Ashland. He wanted Victoria to be happy. Billy agreed; however, he asked how much happiness Victoria would find if Ashland didn't make it. He saw a lot of pain in Victoria's future, and possibly Johnny and Katie's, as well. Nick agreed and didn't want to think about what Victoria would have to go through, but she would deal with it and would have the family's support. Billy claimed he and Victoria would always be family because of their kids. Nick told Billy to let Victoria live her life and said Billy needed to live his. Nick left.

At home, Victoria asked Ashland if the walk had helped after he'd said goodbye to Harrison. He said not as much as being with her. Victoria showed him a photo of their wedding venue, the Newman Palazzo. The doorbell rang. Billy arrived and claimed he wanted to speak to Ashland for some clarification about ChancComm's article about Tara. Victoria said it could have waited until the morning. She suggested that Billy needed to make an appointment with Ashland's assistant. Billy gave Victoria a soulful look, and he left.

Ashland asked Victoria if she believed Billy had been there about the story. He said their engagement had brought out a lot of protective instincts, and it said a lot about Victoria. She had a lot of people who cared about her. She said that they needed to forget Billy had been there and go back to their palazzo. Victoria told Ashland that he would be able to spend time with Harrison during their wedding week, since Milan wasn't too far away. They declared their love for each other and kissed.

At the Chancellor home, Devon said they still had no idea who wanted to hurt Mariah. Abby hated that they were stumbling around in the dark. Sharon said Rey wanted them to keep sending text messages to Mariah. Tessa explained that if they kept texting Mariah, whoever had taken Mariah would believe they knew Mariah was okay and that she was the one responding to their text messages. It might buy them some time while Rey continued his search.

Sharon told Abby they would continue sending text messages to Mariah until the moment Rey brought Mariah home. At that point, whoever had abducted Mariah would get exactly what they deserved. When Devon said he had to leave, Abby walked him to the door. Devon told Abby he hadn't meant to break Abby's trust by reaching out to Christine or to make Abby's life more difficult. He'd tried to do the opposite. He hoped Abby would forgive him for crossing the line. Abby said there was nothing to forgive, and she appreciated that Devon always looked out for her.

Abby told Devon she would love for Chance to return home, but not until he was completely ready. She didn't want him to worry about her, and she didn't need to know about his assignment. He was making the world a better place. Devon felt there were other agents who could step in and do the same job, but either way, Devon was certain that Chance was doing everything he could to return to Abby.

After Devon left, Sharon said she should be the first to send the text message because she was Mariah's mother. She told Abby and Tessa that she would write that she'd waited to text her because she hadn't wanted to bombard Mariah, and she wanted Mariah to know how sorry she was that she'd upset her. She told Mariah to do what she needed to do.

Abby felt she should send the next text message by saying she wanted to offer an apology and offer some words of support. She knew Mariah was taking good care of their little boy. Tessa said she'd written that she missed Mariah "so much," and to take all the time she needed; she'd said she loved Mariah, and her arms would be wide open when Mariah returned home. Tessa hoped that whoever had Mariah, didn't realize they were onto them. Abby said they would find out soon enough. Sharon left.

Frustrated, Abby told Tessa that they had no idea who had taken Mariah or what their motive was. Abby was angry with herself because she'd believed Mariah had stayed away because of her emotional state. Tessa said Mariah needed their focus, energy, and positive thoughts directed her way. They needed to believe she would return home safely very soon. Abby agreed.

Sometime later, Abby, and Tessa simultaneously, received a response from "Mariah." Abby told Tessa they should be relieved their ruse had worked. There was a knock at the door. When Abby opened the door, Stitch was there. He asked if she was okay. Abby explained that Mariah was still missing. Stitch hugged her as Tessa watched.

At the ranch, Nick told Nikki and Victor that Victoria had asked him to get to know Ashland a little better. Nick asked if Nikki and Victor were happy for Victoria. Victor said they were in favor of the union. Nick said he wasn't. He said when he'd spoken to Ashland, he'd gotten an odd feeling from him. Ashland had said they needed to keep the past in the past. It had occurred to Nick that they knew nothing about Ashland's history. Nick had too many doubts gnawing away at him, and as weird as it was, Nick agreed with Billy.

Victor asked if Nick had spoken to Billy. Nick explained that Billy had arrived as Ashland had been leaving. Billy could tell that Nick wasn't completely on board with that union. Nick said he'd downplayed his own concern, and he'd discouraged Billy from pursuing his. Nick said if the kids were okay, then it didn't matter what Victoria did. It was none of Billy's business. Victor agreed.

Nick told Victor he was concerned about Victoria being involved with someone who had a terminal illness, but aside from that, Nick asked what anyone knew about Ashland other than that he was a ruthless businessman. Nick felt that Ashland made people think they knew all about him, but Nick was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nick was worried that Victoria had stepped into something she might not have any control over.

Nikki asked Nick what he meant by that. Nick said it was like a sixth sense or premonition. He said there was more to Ashland than met the eye. He suggested that Victor use his resources to dig into Ashland's past and uncover what wasn't public knowledge. Victor agreed. He wanted it done before the wedding.

Billy was sitting alone at a table at Society when Victor arrived. Billy asked why Victor was glowering over him. Victor told Billy to stay out of Victoria's life. She was no longer his concern.

At the coffeehouse, Devon asked Rey if he thought it would be a good idea, to offer a reward for information about Mariah's whereabouts. Rey felt it would tip the kidnappers off and possibly put Mariah in more danger. Rey wouldn't allow himself to think the worst about Mariah; neither should Devon. Devon wanted Rey to share his ideas about finding Mariah. Rey said that if the text streaming was still active, it was a reason to be optimistic.

Rey told Devon he wondered if it was someone from Mariah's past, like Alice Johnson. It had also occurred to him that it might be some disturbed person who desperately wanted a child. Devon asked what would happen after Mariah gave birth if that were the case. Rey said they would bring Mariah back before that happened. Rey had to leave, but he promised to keep Devon in the loop.

After Rey left, Devon made a phone call and asked to meet with someone as soon as possible.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon received the same text message as Abby and Tessa had; "Thanks for checking in. Love you all." Sharon asked herself who the kidnappers were and what they wanted.

Chloe scolds Sally for flirting with Adam Chloe scolds Sally for flirting with Adam

Friday, August 20, 2021

At his penthouse, Devon met with Denise Tolliver, who mentioned that she'd been following Sutton's case in the press. Devon credited her investigative work for turning up the real reason Sutton had gone after Amanda's father, but he revealed that he'd asked her there to talk about something else. He recognized that Denise had retired, but he hoped she'd be willing to look into something for him. Devon explained that a close friend had gone missing and that her lack of communication had become worrisome. He added that there was extra concern because she was pregnant and in her third trimester, serving as a surrogate for mutual friends.

Devon divulged that the baby Mariah was carrying was related to every powerful family in town, and he bet any of the clans would move heaven and earth to find Mariah. Denise wondered why he thought he needed her expertise, and he bemoaned that there were no leads. He praised Denise's dedication to finding out the truth about Richard's death, since she'd uncovered things even after the case had been cold for over 30 years. He added that she took her cases personally, and it had clearly broken her heart that Richard had never met his daughters. Denise lamented that it would never sit right with her.

Devon pointed out that there was another child in danger of never meeting his parents. Denise wondered how Mariah and Abby's families would feel about him taking the initiative, and he assured her that he considered both women family and that they felt the same way about him. Denise noted that the baby's family connections added layers of complexity and motives, since the kidnapper could demand an enormous ransom. Devon indicated that it hadn't happened yet, and Denise contemplated whether Abby had any obsessive fans from her stint as a minor celebrity.

Devon mentioned that Chance was an undercover federal agent who likely had a long list of enemies, and it was possible someone was going after Chance's family while he was on assignment. Denise cited the possibility that Mariah had decided that she couldn't give the baby up, but Devon recalled that Mariah had been excited to volunteer as a surrogate. He added that he was the sperm donor, and he pledged to do everything in his power to make sure nothing happened to Mariah or the child. Denise declared that she was in.

At the Chancellor mansion, Stitch told Abby and Tessa that he was sorry to hear that Mariah wasn't back yet, and he wished he'd gotten back to town sooner. He explained that he'd had to stay in Iowa to deal with an issue at Max's hospital, but his son was stabilized. He inquired whether the women knew where Mariah was and why she hadn't returned home. Abby and Tessa remained quiet, and Stitch asked if Mariah had stopped communicating altogether. Tessa shared that someone had been communicating with them, but they weren't sure it was Mariah.

Stitch recounted that Abby and Tessa had told him that Mariah's messages had seemed off, and Abby shared that they'd found out Mariah hadn't made a single call or used her credit cards. Tessa added that she'd tried to use the locator app that Stitch had recommended to track Mariah's phone, but Rey had discovered that a second layer of security had made the signal impossible to locate. Stitch theorized that someone had taken Mariah's phone, but Abby worried that someone had taken Mariah, too.

Stitch inquired whether there had been a ransom demand, but Abby explained that whoever was behind it wanted them to believe Mariah had left on her own. Stitch doubted the kidnapper thought they'd give up looking for her, and Tessa fretted that the trail had gone cold because they'd put off the search. Abby guessed that it had to do more with time than with money, and she questioned how long it would go on and what they had to do to get Mariah back. Stitch agreed that the kidnapper wasn't after money, and he questioned whether there had been witnesses who had seen what had happened to Mariah. He proposed offering a reward, but Abby informed him that Rey had requested that they hold off.

Tessa added that it was best if they let the person who took Mariah think their plan was working. Abby groaned that it was excruciating to pretend they didn't know what was going on, but she had to believe Mariah and the baby were safe. Tessa griped that doing nothing was driving her crazy, and she left to check on Sharon. Stitch prompted Abby to tell him what he could do, and she replied that just knowing he cared meant a lot. He questioned how much confidence she had in Rey, and she asserted that she trusted the detective implicitly, even though there wasn't much he could do with so little to go on. Abby thought they needed more help than just the cops.

Tessa arrived at Crimson Lights and informed Sharon that the only news she had was that Stitch was back in town and that he'd stopped in to check on Abby. Sharon maintained that they had to trust Rey to find Mariah. Tessa whimpered that she should have known that Mariah wouldn't have suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye, and she thought about what would happen if she never saw Mariah again. Sharon cut Tessa off and told her not to go there, since Mariah would be back because of the love the two shared. Sharon believed that love would keep Mariah strong and inspire her to fight to get back to them.

Abby and Stitch visited Victor at the Newman ranch, and Victor mentioned that he'd heard Stitch was thinking about taking a position at Memorial. Abby changed the topic to how Mariah had been gone for several weeks and the strange text messages they'd received with excuses about why she hadn't returned home. Abby relayed that Rey thought someone had taken Mariah and the baby and had been sending the messages from Mariah's phone. Victor wondered why Abby hadn't told him from the start, and he promised that his security team would find Mariah.

In the room where she was being held captive, Mariah imagined that "Bowie" thought she'd gotten lazy, since she hadn't been going on runs or getting any fresh air. She conceded that she was lounging around, but it wasn't by choice. She resolved to fulfill her promise to do whatever she could to give Abby and Chance a happy, healthy baby. Mariah rubbed her belly and cooed that she was glad Bowie was there with her, since he'd given her something positive to focus on. She thanked him for being the only thing keeping her sane in a seemingly endless nightmare.

Mariah felt the baby kick, and she guessed that he was tired of her sitting still. She wondered if he was hungry, and she regretted that there wasn't much she could do about it. She noted that they were a lot alike -- both trapped in a very small space, completely dependent on someone else to give them food and keep them alive. She continued that they had no idea what was going on outside and no way to communicate, but she pointed out that at least the baby could send a jab or two.

Mariah imagined that their families were worried about them, since the lunatic who was holding them there had her phone, and no one had seen her in weeks or was aware of where she was. She pondered why no one had entered to uncover the camera that she'd blocked off, and she thought it was a good sign that her captor didn't want her to be able to identify them, since it meant the person planned to release them. "Please, God, let it be soon," Mariah begged.

Tessa returned to the Chancellor mansion, curled up on the couch, and sighed deeply. "Mariah, I miss you!" she wailed. Tessa pledged to find Mariah and never give up, no matter how long it took. "Please believe that," Tessa sobbed. Meanwhile, Mariah vowed to get home to Tessa, and she believed Tessa had to feel it. Mariah whimpered that she was scared. Abby and Stitch returned home to the Chancellor estate. Tessa rushed to the door and blurted out that Mariah needed them, since she could sense that Mariah was terrified.

Abby empathized with Tessa, since Abby believed she'd maintained a connection with Chance while he'd been gone. Abby assured Tessa that Mariah could feel Tessa's love and support and that Mariah knew they were doing everything they could to find her. Abby informed Tessa that she and Stitch had just been at the ranch, and Victor had offered to help. Tessa had a nagging feeling they were missing something.

Abby volunteered to go through Mariah's text messages again. Tessa was certain there were no clues in them, and she excused herself to write some music in the hope the adrenaline would pave the way to new thoughts and ideas. After Tessa exited, Abby commented that Mariah and Tessa were deeply in love, and she didn't know how someone could do something that cruel for no apparent reason. Abby resolved not to fall apart, since Mariah and the baby needed her to stay strong and do everything possible to get them home.

Later, Devon dropped by to tell Abby that he'd hired a P.I. to work on finding Mariah. Abby thanked him, and Devon was surprised when Stitch emerged from the kitchen. Abby explained that Stitch had just returned to town that night, and Devon recounted that Stitch was supposed to be moving back to start the chief of surgery job at Memorial. Stitch replied that they'd have to see, and Devon was confused because Nate had just started in that very position.

Stitch became flustered and claimed that he hadn't wanted to get into it, but Memorial had needed someone to start right away, so he'd missed out because he'd needed to stay with his son. Abby wondered why Stitch had returned to town if he hadn't gotten the job. Stitch said he'd been worried about her, and he'd needed to see how she was doing. Devon looked suspicious.

Stitch remarked that it was a shame Chance couldn't be there to be part of the search team. Devon announced that there was a message on the way to Chance, who could show up any day. Abby gushed that she'd love nothing more than to have her husband there with her, but knowing she had friends like the two of them meant a lot to her. Abby added that she'd never forget how Stitch had been there for her and Mariah during the crisis. Devon eyed Stitch closely.

At Society, Adam approached Sally at the bar, and he observed that there were no suitcases around. She informed him that she'd found a temporary housing solution, but she wanted to find something permanent. He guessed that she felt optimistic about her new job working out, and she voiced her determination to make herself indispensable to Newman Media. Sally offered to buy her new boss a drink, but Adam balked because HR policy might frown upon it.

Sally pointed out that Adam was in charge, so he could change the policy or at least suspend it. He imagined that kind of thinking had gotten her into trouble at Fenmore's, but she doubted he was a stickler for the rules. She reasoned that he was rich and that she had bills to pay, so he could buy his own drink. He didn't think she had to worry about making the rent, and he agreed to let her buy him a drink as a show of confidence in her bright future at Newman Media.

Sally ordered the same drink Adam was having, and she provided tasting notes as she savored it. She mused that there was a flavor she couldn't put her finger on, and he imagined that it was the extra nuance from being aged 16 years in cast wood. She admitted that single malt was usually out of her price range. Adam surmised that Abby had put it on the menu at his father's request, and Sally remarked that being a Newman had its perks.

Across the room, Kevin and Chloe plopped down on a couch in the lounge, and she became incensed when she spied her boss and her new employee having drinks together. Kevin voiced surprise that Chloe hadn't warned Sally about Adam. Chloe huffed that she had -- twice -- but apparently hadn't gotten her point across. Kevin couldn't stop Chloe from storming over to the bar.

Chloe testily observed that Adam and Sally were putting in some late hours, and she asked if she'd missed a memo about a meeting about the fashion platform she was heading. Adam clarified that they weren't talking about business and that he was just getting to know a new hire. He thanked Sally for the drink and headed out. Chloe demanded to know whether Sally had heard anything Chloe had said to her.

Chloe suspected that Sally hadn't taken her warnings about Adam seriously, but Sally recalled that Chloe had said buttering up the boss was good politics. Chloe accused Sally of flirting, but Sally defended that she'd just been friendly. Chloe cautioned Sally against letting her guard down and falling for Adam's great guy routine when he wasn't a great guy. Kevin joined them, and Chloe introduced him to Sally. Sally confirmed that she'd heard Chloe's warning, but she repeated Chloe's words that everyone deserved a second chance.

Chloe ranted that she'd been talking about people with hearts and consciences and not the town sociopath. Chloe described how Adam had pushed a savvy, street-smart former con artist like Chelsea into a psych ward, since he had the gift of driving strong, confident people to desperation. Sally questioned why Chloe was willing to work for someone like that, and Kevin muttered that he'd asked himself the same thing. Chloe asserted that Adam owed Chelsea and her, and they were going to take what they wanted from him and move on. Chloe stressed that Sally shouldn't let her guard down with Adam because whoever had done it before had learned to regret it.

Kevin and Chloe returned to the lounge, and he thought she'd gotten through to Sally. Chloe hoped so because she liked Sally and thought her new hire had a lot of potential, even though she anticipated Sally would need extra adult supervision. Chloe saw the sour expression on Kevin's face and assumed it was because she'd made their date night about Adam and Sally. Kevin explained that the talk about sociopaths had gotten him thinking about whether anyone was looking out for Mariah.

Chloe mentioned that Rey had been chasing down leads, including questioning Adam. Kevin protested that Adam had no plausible motive to take Abby's baby or Sharon's daughter. Chloe doubted Adam would terrorize Mariah after he'd scored major points with Sharon by saving Faith's life twice, especially since the only opinion that mattered to him was Sharon's.

Adam entered Crimson Lights as Sharon was closing for the night and asked if it was too late. She distractedly offered to get him a cup of coffee to go. She bustled over to the counter, but he admitted that he wasn't there for coffee. He hoped there was news about Mariah, and he asked if there was anything he could do. Sharon wished there was, and she hoped Rey was able to figure it out.

Adam remarked that if anyone could find Mariah, it was Rey. Sharon bemoaned that it was taking all the energy she had to keep her emotions and imagination in check. Adam prayed for Mariah's safe return soon. He thanked Sharon for the coffee and left.

Adam returned to the ranch as Victor wrapped up a call to find out if perhaps Mariah had bought a ticket under a false name. Adam mentioned that Rey had talked to him earlier that day about Mariah, but he doubted that Rey seriously suspected him. Adam asked if Victor had any idea who was behind Mariah's disappearance. Victor confirmed that he didn't, but he didn't think it was for ransom. Victor inquired whether Adam had spoken with Sharon, and Adam indicated that she was hanging on by a thread after everything she'd been through that year. Adam wondered if Victor thought she had a right to be scared. Victor honestly replied that the situation didn't look good.

Meanwhile, Mariah was thankful she had Bowie to talk to, since the silence was driving her crazy. She bet he missed the music she'd played for him every day, and she cried that she'd give anything to hear Tessa playing her guitar. Mariah continued that she'd had beautiful plans for his birth, with Tessa's music playing in the delivery room and being the first sound he heard when he entered the world. Mariah envisioned Tessa and Abby by her side, encouraging her through the delivery.

Mariah suddenly panicked that no one would find her, and she wouldn't be home in time for the delivery. She realized that the psycho planned to have her give birth in there, and she broke down in tears.

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