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Mariah struggled with being separated from "Bowie." Abby walked in on Mariah feeding Dominic. Adam invited Sally to accompany him to the Newman Media launch party. Phyllis and Sally's rivalry became physical at the party. Sally kissed Adam, but he turned down her advances.
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Mariah struggled with being separated from the baby, and Phyllis and Sally's rivalry became physical
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Nick confronts Phyllis and questions her loyalty Nick confronts Phyllis and questions her loyalty

Monday, August 30, 2021

After Mariah and the baby were admitted to the hospital, Nate assured Abby and Devon that the infant was doing well. Mariah asked Nate if there was anything she should do. Nate advised Mariah to rest. Abby and Mariah thanked Nate for having assisted in the birth via video chat. After Nate stepped out, Mariah recalled having been snatched off the street by a "nameless, faceless monster." Mariah said she'd feared that after she'd given birth to Bowie, she would no longer be useful to her captors. Mariah was shocked to learn that her kidnapper, Stitch, had acted alone.

Mariah cried that Stitch had ignored her while she'd screamed for help, terrified that she and the baby might die. Abby explained that Stitch's plan had been to become a hero in Abby's eyes by rescuing Mariah. Mariah said Stitch should be locked up forever for what he'd done to her and for what might have happened to Bowie. Devon assured Mariah that the police would find Stitch. Elena entered and told Devon and Abby that they'd have to step out because two people were anxiously waiting to visit Mariah, and only two visitors were allowed at a time.

Mariah grabbed Tessa and hugged her tightly. Sharon hovered nearby and cried that she was glad Mariah had been found safe and reunited with them. Sharon stepped out to give Tessa and Mariah private time. Mariah told Tessa she'd felt Tessa's presence. Tessa said she'd prayed and made promises while pleading to see Mariah again, so they could spend the rest of their lives together. When Sharon returned, Tessa was sitting on Mariah's bed while Mariah slept. Sharon vowed that she and Tessa would help Mariah get through her trauma.

In a waiting area near Mariah's hospital room, Rey lamented to Victor that he'd narrowly missed intercepting Stitch at the house where Stitch had been holding Mariah hostage. After Rey and Victor stepped out of the waiting room, Nate and Devon entered. Devon thanked Nate for his assistance and marveled that he'd witnessed a miracle. Devon recalled that while holding the crying baby and staring into his big eyes, he'd instantly connected with Bowie. Devon cried that he'd been reliving the birth and thinking about Hilary and everything they'd shared. Nate told Devon that his feelings made perfect sense because the baby was part of him.

Later, Abby ran into Victor in the waiting area. Victor gave Abby a plush teddy bear for Bowie and said it reminded him of the one she'd played with when she'd been a toddler. Abby recalled that her bear had been named Oodles. Abby thanked her father for enlisting the help of his private investigators. Victor said he was looking forward to his first visit with his new grandson. After Victor left, Devon returned and acknowledged that together, he and Abby had created a perfect little boy. Abby acknowledged the bad turn the situation could have taken because of Stitch's interference, and she credited Devon for listening to his instincts. Devon acknowledged that they'd had no reason to mistrust Stitch, who'd preyed on Abby's emotional connections.

Tessa joined Abby and Devon in the waiting area. Tessa thanked them for finding Mariah. Devon said Tessa knew how much they loved Mariah, so no thanks were necessary. Tessa said she wanted to stop by the chapel, explaining that she and Sharon had prayed really hard for Mariah to be come home, so she wanted to say thanks. After Tessa left, Abby told Devon she was longing to return to Mariah's room. Devon said he should call Lily. Devon told Abby he wished Neil could see the baby. Abby assured Devon that Neil was smiling on their perfect little boy.

Abby clutched the plush bear as she stood over a sleeping Mariah. Speaking aloud, Abby said, "Well, Chance, you are a dad. Just like you always wanted. And I have no way of letting you know. It breaks my heart. I just wish you were here to meet your son." Elena entered carrying Bowie. Elena said she'd volunteered to help with the baby, who was ready for his feeding. Abby said Mariah had planned to pump, but with a change in plans, they should offer formula, which Elena had already prepared.

After Elena stepped out, Abby held her son close and marveled at her beautiful boy. Devon watched Abby from the doorway as she told Bowie he was the bravest baby in the world. Abby told her baby she'd never loved anyone as much as she loved him. Abby gently rocked her baby and cooed, "Mommy's here." Mariah awoke and seemed disoriented as she watched Abby cradling the baby and Devon standing nearby.

Nate and Elena enjoyed coffee at Crimson Lights. Nate said that coaching his cousin through childbirth had been an unexpected experience. Elena proclaimed that the birth had been a very special surprise. Nate told Elena that Devon had been deeply affected by the birth in a way he hadn't expected. Elena agreed, recalling Devon had lost a baby when Hilary had died. Nate agreed that Devon had already deeply bonded with the child, who was lucky to have him in his life right from the start. Elena said she was grateful it all had turned out okay, thanks in part to Nate keeping everyone calm.

At Society, Chloe introduced Sally to Chelsea via video chat. Sally gushed that she'd followed the evolution of Chelsea's lines for years. Sally told Chelsea she was honored to be working with her. Chelsea explained that she hadn't yet decided if she would accept the position. Chloe was taken aback and reminded Chelsea she was the reason Chloe had accepted Adam's offer to work at Newman Media. Chelsea firmly replied that she wasn't ready to commit.

Nick met up with Phyllis in the lobby at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis was disappointed that she'd missed Nick's text message informing her that he'd picked up her favorite foods. Nick said Sally had made a point of telling him that Phyllis had been with Jack at the time. Phyllis snarled and said she thought she'd ridden herself of Sally when she'd booted her out of the hotel. Nick said Sally was still upset because Phyllis had uncovered her plan to drive Summer away and was getting back at her. Phyllis replied, "By trying to make you jealous of my friendship with Jack, which is ridiculous."

Nick told Phyllis to forget about Sally's agenda and be honest. Phyllis said she was always honest. Nick asked, "If I wasn't in the picture, would you be tempted to get back together with Jack?" Phyllis suggested Nick was playing a game with her and insisted that Sally had been jerking his chain. Nick said he was just trying to have an honest conversation. Phyllis replied, "I'm being honest, but why a conversation like this, with this hypothetical question? I mean, you are in the picture. And I love you."

Phyllis told Nick that his question was like her asking him if he could see himself with Sharon if she wasn't in the picture. Phyllis made a joke, laughed, and said the conversation was pointless. Nick didn't let it go and explained that he was just curious. Phyllis stood face to face with Nick and said, "Jack is my friend. We share a bond, and that's it. Okay? You're not threatened by him, are you?" Nick replied that he was extremely confident in their relationship. Phyllis said, "Good, because I am a one-man woman, and you are the man for me." Nick smiled and said he hadn't meant to make Phyllis uncomfortable.

Phyllis told Nick she'd thought of Victoria being with someone who didn't have a lot of time left. Phyllis, referring to Ashland, noted that it helped that "he's a millionaire." Phyllis acknowledged that Nick had been interfering in his sister's relationship with Ashland. Nick admitted he had and said he couldn't shake the feeling that Ashland couldn't be trusted. Nick acknowledged that he was uneasy about the quick wedding and insisted there was more to the story. Phyllis suggested Nick back off and allow Victoria to enjoy happiness. After Phyllis let Nick off the hook about Victoria, Victor phoned Nick and informed him that Abby's baby had been born and was resting comfortably, as was Mariah.

In his office at Newman Media, Adam reluctantly opened a video chat call from Chelsea. Chelsea thanked Adam for looking after Connor while she'd gotten the help she'd needed to find her footing. Adam assured Chelsea that Connor loved her and needed her in his life. Chelsea mentioned her interaction with Sally Spectra and expressed concern about her track record and résumé. Chelsea recalled that after Sally had created her own company and later worked at Forrester Creations, she'd abruptly left Los Angeles and headed to Genoa City. Chelsea added that while in Los Angeles, Sally had burned a lot of bridges. After having accepted a job as Lauren's assistant, Chelsea explained, Sally had wrangled a promotion as head of JCV, though Lauren had fired her soon afterward.

Adam assured Chelsea that Newman Media would be a better fit for Sally. Chelsea remained uneasy and pegged Sally as a master manipulator with blind ambition. Chelsea insisted that Sally was totally lacking scruples. Adam allayed Chelsea's fears and said that though Chloe had free reign to manage the fashion platform, he kept an eye on everything. Chelsea rolled her eyes.

Phyllis confronted Sally at Society. Phyllis said, "I have one message for you -- you stay away from my man. This is your first and final warning." Sally accused Phyllis of being insecure. Sally recalled that Nick had planned a romantic surprise for Phyllis, but she'd been too busy fawning over Jack, eager to claim her place in his life. Sally said Phyllis couldn't stand that Jack had been interested in Sally. Phyllis warned Sally to end her delusional plans to retaliate. Seething, Phyllis said, "Isn't this over for you?" Sally replied, "I'm still here, aren't I?"

Sally boasted that despite Phyllis' attempts to ruin her life, she'd landed on her feet. Phyllis laughed and explained that Adam relished working with the town's pariah, and Chloe didn't mind working with a two-faced opportunist. Sally boasted that she and Adam "get each other." Phyllis doubled over laughing and said, "You and Adam 'get each other.'" Phyllis said she anticipated karma knocking on Sally's door and taking her out. Sally insisted she'd prove Phyllis wrong. Phyllis replied, "Get out of my orbit. Get out of my life. I don't want to hear my name mentioned by you, or your stay in this town will come to a very abrupt end. Do you get that?"

At Crimson Lights, Nick shared the news of Bowie's birth with Adam. Nick said the baby was the newest addition to the Newman, Abbott, and Chancellor families. Adam acknowledged that with such a pedigree, the kid would have his work cut out. Adam mentioned Victoria and Ashland. Nick sighed and said, "An October wedding." After Adam asked Nick how he felt, Nick shrugged and said it appeared that Victoria and Ashland both seemed to be in love. Adam sensed that Nick wasn't thrilled. Nick said Victoria and Ashland were unsure about how much time they'd have, so they felt they should make it official. Adam said they didn't know much about Ashland Locke. Nick agreed.

Sally interrupted and greeted Nick and Adam. Nick didn't respond and told Adam he had to leave. After Nick rushed out, Adam told Sally he had a feeling Nick didn't care for her. Sally said she'd turn things around. Sally told Adam she'd taken his advice about making a name for herself. Sally assured Adam her idea would benefit both the fashion platform and Newman Media, vowing that she'd dropped her vendetta against Phyllis.

Chloe, having overheard, entered from the patio to join Sally and Adam. Chloe told Adam that she and Sally had much to achieve. Adam advised that they should hit the ground running during the launch of Newman Media. After Adam left, Chloe asked Sally why she'd mentioned her vendetta with Phyllis to Adam. Sally assured Chloe she had no intention of blowing her opportunity, though she felt Chelsea wasn't on board. Chloe said Chelsea would come around and appreciate Sally's talent. Chloe assured Sally that Chelsea would later join them when the time was right.

Chloe contacted Chelsea again through video chat and pressed her to make decisions and reclaim her life. Chelsea said she had reservations about working with Sally. Chloe invited Chelsea to come home, spend time with Sally, and determine whether she was a good fit. Chloe said that if Chelsea was hesitant to take the job, then she had no right to express her opinion. Chelsea replied, "I've heard things about her." Chloe insisted that Sally was talented, motivated, and hungry. Chloe told Chelsea that time was moving on, so she should make a decision if she planned to move on, too.

Sally returned to work and entered Adam's office. Adam said he was surprised to see Sally at the office so late. Sally teased that she'd taken a break from plotting Phyllis' downfall to do some actual work. Sally told Adam she hadn't realized that Newman Media's launch party had been set for the next evening and wanted to show him what she'd worked up. Adam explained that Chloe managed decisions regarding fashions.

Adam studied Sally's design and said, "It's good. You really are talented, Sally Spectra." Adam asked Sally to disclose how she planned to make a name for herself. Sally explained that she wasn't ready to yet, but she told Adam to keep the word "spectacular" in the back of his head. Adam asked Sally to accompany him to Newman Media's launch party. Sally smiled and said, "We'll see."

Mariah struggles with letting go of the baby Mariah struggles with letting go of the baby

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

At Devon's penthouse, Amanda listened as Devon recounted the story of how he, Nate, and Abby had helped Mariah deliver her baby. Devon realized that he'd already told Amanda about it the night before and earlier that morning, and she swore that she wanted to hear the story over and over because he was a hero. Amanda started to say that Devon was also a dad, but he cut her off and insisted that Abby and Chance were the baby's parents. Amanda thought the situation wasn't that simple, since Devon had a biological connection to the child and had helped deliver him.

Devon gushed that he'd felt an amazing connection to the boy from the moment he'd held the baby in his arms, and he couldn't find words to describe it. Devon admitted that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about the baby, and he'd never felt that way before. He added that he was just happy the nightmare was over and that Mariah and the baby were safe. Amanda applauded Devon for taking a risk by accusing someone Abby had trusted, but he declined to take all the credit because he'd had a lot of help. He planned to go to the hospital to check on Abby, Mariah, and the baby. Amanda asked him to give the baby a kiss from her.

Mariah stirred in her sleep in her hospital bed. She woke up in a panic, and Abby tried to comfort her. Mariah demanded to know where the baby was. Abby assured Mariah that she'd just been having a bad dream, but Mariah remained adamant that they had to find the baby. Abby reported that he was sleeping in the nursery, and she offered to have the nurse take Mariah down to see him. Abby continued that the nurses had been watching over him, and he'd been a perfect angel.

Mariah calmed down, relieved that the baby was safe and protected. Abby regretted that Mariah was having nightmares, and Mariah recalled being locked in a room with four bare walls and no windows, with a dumbwaiter to give her food and water. Mariah compared it to solitary confinement, since she'd been all alone except for "Bowie." She added that they'd been determined to get through it any way they could, and she didn't understand why it had happened. Abby whimpered that it had been all her fault.

Abby wailed that she'd opened the door to Stitch, and she thought she should have sensed that something had been wrong. Mariah figured that he'd wanted Abby to see him as the hero, but she still didn't understand why. Abby explained that Stitch's life had hit a low point, and he'd believed the way to get things back on track had been to make her feel gratitude toward him. Mariah insisted that none of it was Abby's fault, since Stitch was the only one to blame. Mariah spat that what he'd done was despicable, and it hadn't just affected her but had also impacted Abby, Tessa, Sharon, Devon, and everyone who loved the baby.

Abby told Mariah that word had gotten out about the baby being born, and she'd spoken to Ashley, Nina, and Jill. Abby exclaimed that everyone was very excited to see Mariah and meet the baby. Mariah was anxious to see people after being alone for that long, but not all at once. Abby promised that there wouldn't be a stampede, and she offered to ask the nurses to get Mariah some food. Mariah looked forward to eating something different after all the protein bars she'd consumed while in captivity. Abby remarked that the bars might have saved Mariah's life.

Abby recounted that Devon had become suspicious when Stitch had claimed that he'd seen a man at a convenience store, stocking up on the maternity bars. Mariah asked if people had been worried when she'd first disappeared, and Abby conceded that they hadn't known Mariah had been missing for a long time because of the text messages Stitch had sent from Mariah's phone, claiming that Mariah had wanted time by herself after a work trip. Mariah protested that she never would have left town without saying goodbye to Tessa, and Abby swore that they'd just been trying to be considerate of Mariah's feelings. Abby shared that Tessa had been the first one to sense that something had been off.

Mariah reflected back on fearing she'd have to give birth to Bowie all by herself, and Abby pressed to know about the name. Mariah explained that she'd needed something to call him, since they'd had many deep conversations while trapped together, and Bowie had seemed to fit. Mariah promised that she hadn't been trying to name the tot, and Abby thought it made sense that Mariah had engaged in conversations with him when she'd been locked up and alone. Mariah recounted that she'd talked to him a lot about being brave, staying strong, and the one most important truth -- that his mom had already loved him.

Later, Abby wheeled Mariah back to her room after visiting the baby, and they found Sharon and Rey waiting. Rey reported that the authorities in Iowa had confirmed that Stitch had stolen a doctor's identification from the facility where Max been staying and that Stitch had taken off with Max in the middle of the night. Mariah panicked that Stitch could return to Genoa City, but Rey was confident that Stitch would be apprehended if he or Max sought medical care. Mariah was appalled that Stitch had gotten away with it, but Rey vowed to not give up.

Abby wished Stitch had gotten the help he'd needed before he'd concocted the plan to get into her good graces, and she sympathized with how much worse things had gotten for him and Max. Mariah demanded to know why Abby cared about what happened to Stitch. Abby admitted that she was angry about the situation, but it made her sad, too. Mariah growled that she wasn't sad at all, since she had enough anger for all of them. She begged Rey to keep her updated, since she wanted Stitch behind bars where he belonged.

Later, Tessa visited Mariah, who mentioned the nightmares she'd been having. Tessa pledged to do everything she could to get Mariah past it. Abby returned with an application for the baby's birth certificate, and she shared that she'd already added her and Chance's names as the parents. Abby said she'd been unable to sleep the night before after all the excitement, and she'd decided on the baby's name -- Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Chancellor. Abby explained that Dominic contained a "D" for Devon and an "M" for Mariah as a tribute to them. Abby squealed that it felt official, and she headed out.

Tessa suggested that she ask the nurses if she could take Mariah outside to see some sky or trees after she'd been locked inside for such a long time. Mariah cooed that Tessa always knew what needed, and the only thing that had kept her sane had been thinking about Tessa and Bowie. Mariah quickly added that it was what she called him, even though she knew Abby had just given him a bunch of names. "How Abby is that?" Mariah remarked, adding that she was the only person who knew the baby as Bowie. Tessa imagined Mariah telling him the whole story one day and being connected because of it.

Mariah began to cry as she thought about the many promises she'd made to keep Bowie safe, and Tessa insisted that Mariah had. Mariah sobbed that she'd had to protect him morning, noon, and night, and he'd been her reason for living, so she didn't know how to let him go. Tessa wrapped her arms around Mariah and reasoned that it had only been a few hours since Mariah had been found, so it was only natural to feel some residual anxiety. Tessa stressed that both Mariah and Dominic were safe and that the baby would have a great life because of Mariah. Mariah repeated that Tessa always knew what she needed, but she looked forlorn when Tessa turned around to fetch some water.

Devon stopped by the Chancellor mansion to see Abby, who informed him that she'd named the baby Dominic and revealed the significance of the letters in the name. Devon was honored, and he was sure Mariah felt the same way. Devon declared that Dominic would be home soon, and Abby could start a brand-new journey that would last forever. They hugged.

At Society, Victor and Nick tried to wrap their heads around the fact that Stitch had been the one holding Mariah against her will. Victor stepped away to take a call, and Billy approached Nick and guessed congratulations were in order for the new uncle. Nick pointed out that the baby's birth was also reason for Billy and the rest of the Abbott family to celebrate. Billy mentioned that Jack had filled him in about the scary situation, and he was glad Mariah and the baby were okay. Nick growled that Stitch had better hope that Nick never got his hands on Stitch. Billy implied that Nick's other sister was the one who still needed help.

Nick reiterated that he'd advised Billy to stay out of Victoria and Ashland's personal lives, and Billy said he intended to unless there was good reason not to. Billy cited the older woman who had mentored Ashland, whose television stations Ashland had acquired after she'd died. Billy pointed out that Ashland hadn't been born into money, yet he'd acquired two major entities when he'd barely been 20 years old. Billy observed that Nick didn't seem surprised by the information, and he glanced over at Victor and surmised that the Newmans had run their own background check on Ashland. Nick again refused to get involved in Victoria's personal life without good reason, and he told Billy to let him know if Billy found one. Nick warned Billy to get out of Victor's chair, and Billy scurried away.

Victor returned to the table and told Nick that he was still trying to find out how Ashland had been able to buy the television stations after his female mentor had passed away. Nick reminded Victor of what Nikki had said about the past not being an indication of the person Ashland was then, but Victor thought it was still worth investigating. Nick figured that Victoria might never have to know that they were doing some digging, since someone else was on the same trail. Victor guessed it was "Billy Boy" Abbott.

Victor inquired whether Nick had told Billy that they were performing their own investigation. Nick indicated that Billy had jumped to that conclusion, but Nick had tried to seem noncommittal. Victor recommended that Nick keep his distance from Billy while everything sorted itself out, and he insisted that anything they found out stay within their family. Victor intended for the Newmans to circle the wagons and protect themselves because that was the Newman creed.

Victoria stopped by Chancellor Communications, and Lily informed her that Billy wasn't there. Victoria clarified that she was there to ask Lily about the probing questions some of Ashland's colleagues had been receiving from reporters about the beginning of the mogul's career. Victoria huffed that it wasn't hard to guess who the reporters had been working for, and Lily countered that Victoria couldn't be surprised that news outlets were interested in Ashland's history. Victoria recognized that Ashland was a public figure, but she questioned how someone as strong and independent as Lily could stand by and watch while Billy used their company for his own agenda.

Lily asserted that she and Billy went after news if there was something to report. Victoria didn't see how Ashland's past was news, and she accused Billy and Lily of trying to drag a dying man through the mud. Victoria recognized that Billy was worried about his children, but she thought both she and Lily knew that it was really about Victoria. Lily suspected that Victoria was making things personal just to get under her skin, even though Victoria had just conceded that Lily was strong and independent. Victoria shot back that if Lily had to rationalize it, she had changed -- and not for the better.

Elena interrupted and asked if she was early, and Victoria barked that she'd made her point. Victoria walked out, and Elena inquired whether everything was okay. Lily insisted that things were fine, and she thanked Elena for meeting her. Lily announced that she had what she thought was good news, and she hoped Elena felt the same way. Lily mentioned that she and Nate had talked about his new job, and Elena gushed about how proud she was of him. Lily was happy for Nate, but she pointed out that it was bad for her because he'd needed to give up his role at Ask MD Now.

Lily wondered how full Elena's plate was, and she revealed that Nate had suggested Elena as his replacement. Elena stammered that she didn't know what to say, and Lily implored her to say yes, since Elena was a perfect fit for the position, with her knowledge and natural empathy. Elena stated that she hadn't had time to think about anything else but her work at the hospital, and Nate hadn't mentioned the opportunity to her. Lily told Elena to think about it, but the job was hers if she wanted it.

Later, Lily filled Billy in about how Elena had been completely surprised by the job offer. Lily nonchalantly added that his ex had also stopped by to tell her that she was a sellout who let him do whatever he wanted around there. Billy wished he had been there to deflect Victoria's anger. Lily shared that she'd covered her own reservations to present a united front, but she still had doubts about his investigation into Ashland's past. She worried that it might be doing irreparable harm to his relationship with the mother of his children.

At Crimson Lights, Ashland nearly keeled over while adding condiments to his coffee. Nate spotted him and asked if he was okay. Nate insisted that he just wanted to help, and he offered to help get Ashland out of there. Nate escorted Ashland back to Victoria's house, where Ashland insisted that things hadn't been as bad as they'd looked. Ashland claimed that he'd just gotten a little dizzy, but Nate was able to tell that Ashland was in rough shape.

Nate offered to provide a referral, and he retrieved some vitamin supplements to help with Ashland's energy level while undergoing chemotherapy. Ashland imagined that the chief of surgery had more important things to do than tuck him in for a post-chemo nap. Nate shared that he was off duty, and he explained that he'd gotten Ashland out of the coffeehouse because he'd assumed a man of Ashland's stature liked to project strength and didn't want to let anyone see him struggle. Nate cautioned that chemo didn't care about appearances or how tough someone was because the chemo was always tougher. Ashland replied that he was beginning to realize that.

Ashland explained that he'd learned people's perceptions were just as important as what he said or did, and the key to his success had been to project invincibility so people perceived him that way. He lamented that it was funny how fast it had all faded, and Nate compared it to how his hand injury had resulted in him being unable to operate. Nate recalled that it had taken a while to get past it, but he'd learned to be honest with himself about his limitations and to ask for help because it wasn't a sign of weakness. Ashland noted that Nate sounded like Victoria.

Nate lectured that there was nothing for Ashland to gain by pretending he was dealing with the chemo better than he actually was, and there was no shame in admitting that it sucked. Ashland groaned that he'd have to unlearn decades of behavior. Nate reiterated that Ashland's life had changed, so he had to be honest about it or he'd only prolong his agony. Nate suggested that the doctors might be able to make things better if Ashland was open with them, and he advised Ashland to let Victoria help him. Ashland admitted that Nate was right, adding, "This sucks."

Nate met Elena on the coffeehouse patio and apologized for getting held up. Elena teased that his patients could no longer reach him at Ask MD Now because he'd quit and recommended that she take his place. Elena couldn't believe that he hadn't said anything about it, and he explained that he hadn't wanted to ruin the surprise of her being offered her dream job. Nate asked when she started, but Elena shared that she wanted more time to think about it. Nate hoped Elena accepted, but she fretted that the whole concept was foreign to her. Nate suggested that she practice by diagnosing him, and he described a heavy pain in his heart that had vanished as soon as he'd seen her. She diagnosed that he was a charmer.

Victoria returned home with a smoothie for Ashland. He claimed that his chemo hadn't been as bad as the first round, and she was impressed that he'd made it back on his own. She offered to make them some lunch, but he insisted that he was fine with the smoothie. She headed to the kitchen, but he stopped her and apologized for lying to her.

Ashland confessed that his treatment had been brutal, and he'd thought he'd been about to collapse earlier, but Nate had taken him home. Victoria regretted that she hadn't gone with Ashland, and she wondered how he was feeling then. He admitted that he might not be able to handle it.

The Newman media launch party begins The Newman media launch party begins

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

by Nel

At the ranch, Adam and Victor discussed details of the media launch party. Nick arrived. Adam thanked Nick for convincing Phyllis to allow them to host their event at the Grand Phoenix. Victor had been perusing the guest list, and he asked who had invited Billy.

Adam told Victor he'd invited Billy and Lily as a professional courtesy. Adam claimed there had been some reverse psychology in his decision. Billy was a contrarian, and he loved a challenge. If he hadn't invited Billy, Billy would have shown up and been a nuisance. Nikki informed Adam that Billy had RSVP'd "yes." Adam claimed Billy would have a couple of drinks, make an ass of himself, and then find a corner to pout in. Victor warned Adam not to be glib because it was a very important evening for them. They were introducing Newman Media to the business world, and Billy would love nothing more than to throw a wrench into the festivities. Victor said they should have squashed Billy like a bug.

Nick told Victor there would have been collateral damage with Lily. That would have caused friction with Devon and the rest of his family. Victoria wouldn't have been happy about that. Victor didn't "give a damn," and he couldn't understand why Victoria defended Billy after all he'd done to her. Nick reminded Victor that Billy was the father of Victoria's children. Victor asked if Nick was defending Billy. Nick clarified that he and Billy had found common ground on certain issues.

After Nikki and Adam left, Nick told Victor that anything they uncovered about Ashland's past, they needed kept under wraps. Victor said he didn't want any information they had to fall into Billy's hands. Nick said that they needed to keep the communication channels open in case Billy provided him with new information. Victor didn't want Nick to have any communication with Billy at all. Nick said Billy had a team of investigators, and they'd uncovered the same information Victor's team had. Nick suggested they use every resource they could if they believed Victoria would wind up in trouble marrying Ashland. Nick promised any information they uncovered wouldn't wind up in a ChancComm exposé. Nick asked Victor to keep him updated.

After Nick left, Victor called Abby to say he was sorry she wouldn't be at the launch party, but he understood she had more important things to do. Nikki entered the room when Victor ended his call. Victor said she looked gorgeous. He took her hand, and they left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was preparing to host the Newman Media launch party. Billy arrived. Phyllis found it odd that Billy would have a drink at that moment, considering he would be attending the launch party in a few hours. Billy said he found it odd that she would be hosting a party for Victor and Adam. Phyllis stated that she despised them, but she was getting paid for the event. She asked what Billy was up to.

Phyllis claimed that the half-smile on Billy's face meant she wasn't going to like what Billy was up to. Billy said Phyllis already knew; they protected their own. Phyllis asked if he was talking about his kids. Billy stated that Phyllis had gone to bat for Summer, and that was what he wanted to do for Johnny and Katie. Phyllis realized Billy was talking about Ashland and Victoria. Billy asked Phyllis what she knew about Ashland.

Phyllis told Billy that Ashland was multi-faceted; he was bossy, obnoxious, and arrogant. Ashland had given up custody of Harrison to Kyle and Summer, and everyone thought it had been selfless and generous. She stated that those weren't great qualities for a stepdad; however, it didn't matter because Victoria, not Billy, was marrying Ashland. Billy claimed Victoria needed to know the facts about Ashland before she married him. Phyllis claimed that the Newman women loved a dark streak in a man. She said Billy should have realized that, since Victoria had been married to him.

Phyllis told Billy that if he planned on dredging up something from Ashland's past, it had to be something really terrible and not just some shady business deal from the past. Victoria would claim that it had happened in the past and that Ashland had changed. Phyllis stated that if Billy planned on doing a background check on Ashland, he would only hurt himself because Victoria would go after him. Billy stated that Phyllis hadn't been the first person to warn him about that.

Sally arrived at Crimson Lights. Jack heard her order coffee. He tried to avoid her by continuing to read something on his tablet, but Sally approached him. She thanked him for stopping her and Phyllis' altercation in the park the previous day. She admitted she'd been about to lose her cool with Phyllis. Jack said he hadn't wanted to see things get out of hand. Sally claimed she was moving on.

Sally told Jack she as working at Newman Media. Jack said he knew. Sally informed Jack that she would be at the launch party in her professional capacity. She knew Jack would be there, and she didn't want him to be surprised when he saw her there. Jack asked if Sally believed he would be traumatized seeing her at a party with her new employer. He asked how fragile Sally believed him to be. Sally claimed she didn't want Jack to think she'd had an ulterior motive for attending, like following him. Jack stoically claimed the thought hadn't occurred to him, and it wouldn't have mattered if it had. Sally walked away, unhappy with Jack's responses.

Angry, Sally returned, and she told Jack that because things were awkward between them, she'd wanted to give him a heads-up that she would be at the party, but Jack had gone out of his way to make her feel small and insignificant. Jack had been hurtful. That was beneath him. Sally claimed she was tired of playing a game she couldn't win. She was who she was, and she was proud of everything she'd accomplished. She had the tools and the drive to make herself a success. Jack said that was the shame of it because she'd always had the tools.

Sally didn't want any more lectures. She was making a fresh start with people who'd accepted her for who she was, and it felt great. She didn't "give a damn" what Jack thought of her. After Sally left, Jack looked thoughtful.

Sally sat at one of the tables on the patio. After she watched Jack leave, she called Adam and accepted his invitation to be his date for the party.

At home, Ashland admitted to Victoria it had been a difficult day after the chemo. He hoped the worst was behind him until the next treatment. Victoria suggested they not attend the launch party, but Ashland said Cyaxares had been his baby before it had become Newman Media. He was on the board, and it would be bad form for him not to make an appearance. Ashland said Nate had given him vitamins to boost his energy. Victoria didn't think Nate wanted Ashland to push himself to the point of exhaustion. She stated they could skip non-essential events like the party.

Victoria didn't want to attend the launch party and watch Victor and Adam fall flat on their smug faces. Ashland asked Victoria how far back her conflict with Adam went. Victoria said Ashland had read Billy's exposé on Adam, and that should be all the background Ashland needed.

Ashland told Victoria that Adam had done some terrible things, but so had Victor, yet she'd made peace with Victor. Victoria said Victor was her dad, and she had a bond with him and had idolized him since she'd been a child. She always saw the good in him. She didn't think of Adam in the same way she did Nick and Abby. Adam had become part of their lives when they had been adults. They found Adam to be conniving and vicious. It had been one thing to read about Adam's deeds, but another to live with them and see the anguish he'd caused to the people she loved.

Ashland realized Victoria was referring to Billy's daughter Delia, who'd been killed. Victoria said Delia was gone, and Billy would never be the same. Ashland understood why Billy was so relentless in his attacks on Adam and why he was so fiercely protective of his children. Ashland didn't believe Billy would let up on him; however, Ashland said he'd experienced worse. It bothered Ashland that the stories about him would be online long after he was gone. Ashland was afraid Harrison would read those stories, and Ashland wouldn't be there to defend himself. Victoria said she would pass on anything Ashland wanted Harrison to know about his past.

Victoria said Ashland had already told her about the woman who'd mentored him and how he'd bought her media companies. She asked if he had any other secrets he wanted to share. Ashland said it sounded very mysterious from the way Victoria had phrased it. He said he was willing to answer any questions or concerns she had. Ashland suddenly appeared to be in pain. He claimed he needed to rest. Victoria said she would get him some chicken soup from Society. She said Sharon had claimed it had gotten her through her chemotherapy. Ashland looked thoughtful after Victoria left.

At ChancComm, before Elena could say anything, Lily informed Elena that she would take care of any doubts that were holding Elena back from doing Ask MD Now. Lily promised they would work around Elena's schedule because she knew Elena was very business at the hospital.

Elena told Lily she wanted to take a different approach to Ask MD Now. She wanted to emulate a model of the clinic, bring health services where people needed them, and engage with the community by being proactive about reaching out to them. Lily asked how they would translate that into an online setting. Elena said advertising and outreach. Lily realized they would give out information before people would need it. Elena thought it would be great to focus on preventative care and maintaining health instead of only treating symptoms. Excited, Lily claimed that she and Elena were going to do some great things together.

When Victoria arrived at Society, Nick invited her to have a drink with him. Victoria said that Victor had been investigating Ashland, and she felt it had been a slap in the face. Nick reminded her it was done with love. She asked if Nick agreed with Victor's actions. Nick said he recalled telling Phyllis to stay out of Summer's life because Summer was an adult and could make her own decisions. However, Phyllis' instincts had been spot-on about Sally and Tara. Victoria claimed it was about Victor's lack of faith in her judgment and not about Victor's instincts.

Nick told Victoria that Victor only wanted her to have all available information. He said Victor had found something puzzling. After Ashland's mentor had died, Ashland had purchased her two media companies. No one knew where he'd gotten the money to purchase them, since he'd only been in his early twenties at the time. Victoria said Ashland had already told her the entire story, and he would have told Victor and Nick, had they asked. Nick asked if Ashland had told her where he'd gotten the money. Victoria claimed it didn't matter unless Nick was implying that Ashland had robbed a bank. She said it was no one's business.

When Victoria's take-out order was ready, she told Nick it was chicken soup for Ashland because chemo had hit him a lot harder than expected. She said the last thing Ashland needed to worry about was his future father-in-law's accusations of God knew what. Nick assured her that Victor hoped he wouldn't find anything in Ashland's past because Victor really liked and respected Ashland. Victoria asked Nick to give Nikki and Victor her regrets. They wouldn't be attending the party.

Nick asked if Victoria wanted him to say anything to their brother, Adam, since it would be his big night. Reluctantly, Victoria asked Nick to tell Adam, "Good job." Before Victoria left, Nick said if Victor discovered that Ashland's past was clean, he knew she would be relieved, and she might even thank him for his efforts. Victoria claimed she might forgive Victor by her wedding day, and she left.

At home, Ashland thanked Victoria for taking such good care of him and said that he was going to turn in. He suggested that Victoria attend the party, but she really didn't want to go. Ashland claimed it was a big deal, and she could probably score points with Victor -- and get under Adam's skin at the same time. Victoria claimed she wanted to be with Ashland.

Phyllis welcomed Nikki and Victor when they arrived at for the party. Nikki received a call from Victoria giving her regrets. Nikki was disappointed, but she understood.

Nick arrived. Phyllis informed him she would need some pampering after the party was over because the caterers were screwing up. Before she walked away to deal with a catering issue, Phyllis reminded Nick that he was her man. Nikki approached Nick. She told Nick that Victoria and Ashland wouldn't be attending. Nick said Ashland had had a rough day after the chemo treatment earlier. Nikki said she felt for Ashland, but she doubted Victoria and Ashland would have shown up regardless because Victoria was frustrated with Victor for investigating Ashland. Nick and Nikki saw Billy and Lily arrive. Nick warned Nikki not to get into anything with Billy.

Lily warned Billy that Victoria would be very upset if he kept his focus on Victoria and Ashland. Nick told Billy that if Victoria was the reason Billy was there, then there was no reason for him to stay because Victoria and Ashland wouldn't be attending. Billy claimed there would be a lot of people he and Lily needed to say hello to, and when Phyllis threw a party, there were bound to be fireworks -- the unexpected kind -- and that was what he was there for.

Lily asked Nick if the reason Victoria and Ashland wouldn't be attending was because Victor was investigating Ashland. Nick told Lily that Victoria and Ashland weren't attending because Ashland had had his second round of chemo. Lily said Ashland definitely had to rest because the day of the chemo was awful, but the next day was even worse. Billy said that was true unless it was a cover story. Nick said he'd been at Society when Victoria had arrived to pick up soup for Ashland. Billy asked if Nick had asked about Ashland and the widow. Lily interrupted and took Billy to see Nate and Elena.

Phyllis greeted Jack, and she asked if he'd received the picture of Summer and Kyle. Jack said he had. He commented that the house felt very empty, and he was ready to ask Billy to take Johnny and Katie there to run around and make noise. Phyllis said Billy had arrived earlier. Jack hoped Billy would steer clear of Adam. Phyllis claimed that a lot of Billy's successes centered around Victor and Adam. Jack claimed there had been "so much trauma" and misery in Billy and Adam's history, and he couldn't understand why Billy wanted to get sucked back into it.

Victor asked Nick to keep an eye on Billy because he didn't trust Billy. Nick said he'd spoken with Billy, and it appeared he was there for the party and not as a troublemaker. Victor was certain Billy wasn't there for the party. Nick promised to keep an eye on Billy. After Nick left, Nikki was about to tell Victor about Victoria, but her jaw dropped when she saw Adam arrive with Sally. Nikki asked if Adam had mentioned he would be bringing "her." Victor said Adam hadn't.

Everyone turned when Adam arrived with Sally on his arm.

When Phyllis saw Sally, she was about to tell Sally to leave, but Jack stopped her. He told Phyllis that Sally had mentioned she would be attending, but not with whom. Phyllis didn't care. She wanted to kick Sally out. Jack said Phyllis couldn't do that because Sally was the co-host's date. He reminded Phyllis she had an event to run.

Sally told Adam that everyone was staring. Adam stated that all the attention should be directed to the company's employees. Sally thanked Adam again for inviting her. She said it was going to be fun. Adam spotted Billy. Adam told Sally the party would be fun, indeed.

Phyllis and Sally's feud gets messy Phyllis and Sally's feud gets messy

Thursday, September 2, 2021

by Nel

At the media party, Adam thanked Phyllis and said it was going to be a big night for Newman Media. Phyllis claimed it would be a big night for her. There would be a lot of publicity for her hotel. She also thanked Adam for the huge amount of cash he'd given her to throw the party. Jack wished Adam a lot of success with his new venture.

Phyllis told Adam and Sally to have a good time while it lasted, because their coupling would probably destroy them. When Adam and Sally walked away, Jack asked Phyllis if that had been necessary.

At the bar, Jack told Billy he didn't have to worry about Adam and Sally as long as everyone was on their best behavior. Simultaneously, Billy and Phyllis asked if Jack was referring to them. Jack responded "yes" to both of them.

Nikki asked Victor whose buttons Adam was trying to push by inviting Sally to the party. Victor had had no idea that Adam had planned on bringing anyone. He certainly wouldn't have approved of Sally. Nikki said Victoria and Ashland wouldn't be attending because Ashland had had a rough day after his chemotherapy.

After Adam introduced Sally to Victor, he said he was sorry to hear about Ashland. Sally broke the awkward silence that followed by stating it would be a wonderful evening. She said she was there as part of the Newman Media team. Adam claimed it would be an extraordinary night.

Victor told Nikki that Victoria had never intended to attend the party. Nikki said it was because Victoria was upset about Victor's investigation of Ashland's past. Victor claimed it was because Victoria and Adam had an ongoing contentious relationship, and the party would have been the perfect occasion for them to settle their differences. Nikki said Adam wasn't interested in playing nice, and neither was Victoria.

Victor saw Billy, Phyllis, and Jack at the bar. He told Nikki he had a strange feeling there were impending fireworks in the making and that Billy would love nothing more than to blow their media launch out of the water.

Jack approached, and he congratulated Victor on a very successful launch. Jack said they had another reason to raise a glass; he was an uncle, and Victor was a grandfather again. Jack thanked God they had found Mariah in time. Victor hoped the authorities would find Stitch and bring him to justice. Jack said he was looking forward to Victor and Adam's presentation. He was certain they would impress the media world. Victor left to deal with an issue in the ballroom.

Nikki told Jack that Victor was proud of his accomplishments. She was certain everything would go well, provided Billy didn't have anything up his sleeve. Jack stated that as far as he knew, there was nothing to worry about.

Sally told Adam she was disappointed that Victoria and Ashland wouldn't be there. She'd wanted to persuade Victoria to let her design Victoria's wedding dress. Adam told Sally not to hold her breath because Victoria wouldn't have forgotten what Sally had done to Summer, and Victoria held a grudge better than anyone else in the family. Sally claimed Adam underestimated her. She said she worked for Newman Fashion, and a wedding dress was fashion.

Adam told Sally he wasn't worried about ChancComm or Billy, and he would handle anything Billy threw his way. Sally said she was curious about the ongoing feud between Adam and Billy. She knew a little about the death of Billy and Chloe's daughter. Adam said it had been a devastating and horrible accident. Adam admitted he'd handled it badly.

Sally asked how he and Chloe were able to be in the same building. Adam stated that Chloe would never trust him, but she'd been able to let go of her hatred. However, Billy would continue his hatred because he was filled with anger and pain. Adam said it was a story for another day. They were there to have fun. Sally left to try the appetizers.

Billy thanked Adam for the invitation and said it had been a benevolent gesture. Billy said he was interested in discovering what Adam had up his sleeve. Adam knew that Billy would love to steal his thunder; however, that wasn't going to happen. Adam said he had a headline for Billy "Newman Media Launch sets records, leaves ChancComm in the dust."

Billy told Adam he wouldn't let his guard down. Adam stated that they had called a truce, so it was straight-up competition. Adam said, "May the best man win." Billy said believing Adam would honor that truce was one thing, but Billy knew Victor would go after ChancComm with some sort of underhanded attack because that would be the only way the start-up Newman Media could do any damage to ChancComm. Adam reminded Billy that they had started as Cyaxares and had all its strength and history intact.

Billy reminded Adam that Cyaxares had been built by Ashland Locke, who was a legend. Adam would never be able to live up to that standard, which wouldn't be good for Newman Media; however, they might have a chance if Papa Bear was running the show behind the scenes. They both knew how that would go. Adam claimed Billy was projecting his own insecurities, and if they did attack ChancComm, ChancComm would never see it coming.

Lily joined Billy and said she'd heard the gauntlet drop. Billy stated he couldn't get a read on Adam. He didn't know if Adam was playing it straight or if he was still planning to go after ChancComm. Lily told Billy to plan for the best and prepare for the worst. Billy said Victor wouldn't give up an opportunity to put him in his place. Lily felt it was a good thing that father and son weren't on the same page. Causing friction at Newman Media gave them an edge.

Billy told Lily he would love to know what Newman Media was coming to market with. Billy said he was going to snoop around a bit. He hoped perhaps they could scoop the story before Newman Media was able to launch. Billy left.

Adam thanked Jack for the gracious congratulations. Jack said it had been sincere, and he was impressed with everything Adam had accomplished with his newest venture and his personal turnaround. Jack questioned Adam's date choice for the evening. Adam said he wasn't trying to send a message by arriving with Sally. Adam said they weren't dating; they'd only struck up a casual friendship because they worked together.

Jack told Adam he wasn't prying or judging. He and Sally had had their moment of connection. He wasn't holding any grudges. Jack said he hadn't been able to bring out the potential he'd seen in Sally, but perhaps Adam could. Adam wasn't planning on being anyone's redemption story. He was focused on work and trying to make Newman Media the one and only communications company in Genoa City that mattered.

Nate told Lily he was surprised that he and Elena had been invited, since it was a Newman Media event. He was curious how ChancComm had made the list. Lily said Victor appreciated what Nate had done for his family at the hospital. Nick agreed and said that everyone was extremely grateful to Nate for what he'd done after Faith's accident and kidney transplant. Nick said he was also surprised that the executives from ChancComm had been invited, as well as the wildly popular host of Ask MD Now. Nate said as chief of surgery, he had to let that go. Lily told Nick they had a new star, Elena. Nick agreed that Elena would be perfect.

Phyllis told Nick she was concerned about Billy. Nick said Billy had only gotten into an elevator. Phyllis knew Billy hadn't only gotten into an elevator. She said that moments earlier, Billy and Adam had looked like there had been something venomous going on. Phyllis was sure that Billy was going to do something to disrupt the party. She said she'd asked Billy why he'd been so anxious to be at the party, and Billy hadn't been able to give her a straight answer. Nick said Phyllis and Victor were on the same page, but Nick didn't believe Billy was there to cause trouble. Nick said he would check on Billy.

After Nick left, Sally approach Phyllis and stated that Phyllis and Nick seemed cozy. Phyllis asked if Sally was disappointed, because she had told Sally their relationship was stronger than all of Sally's attempts to undermine them. Sally found it interesting that Phyllis had been with Jack when she and Adam had first arrived. Phyllis said that Sally was a sad little girl who knew nothing about Phyllis, Nick, or their relationship. Sally wasn't capable of understanding it. Phyllis stated that Sally had left Los Angeles with her tail tucked between her legs. She'd alienated the only person who had cared about her, Jack. Sally could have learned "so much" from Lauren's genius; Lauren could have mentored Sally, but Sally had alienated her, as well.

Phyllis claimed that if Sally thought things would work out for her "this time," they wouldn't. Sally would be alone, lonely, cold, and sad because that was who Sally was. Phyllis walked away. Nikki had overheard the exchange, and she smiled.

Phyllis sat down with Nate and asked about Elena. Nate explained that Elena had needed to check on a patient, but he hoped she would return soon. He told Phyllis that Elena had been excited to get dressed up for the event. Phyllis said he needed to step up his game and take Elena on a date. Phyllis told him to call her to set something up, like rose petals on the bed, Champagne, and chocolate. Phyllis asked what Nate and Elena were into. When she saw the shocked look on Nate's face, she explained that she and Nick were into video games. Phyllis said playing doctor could be fun. She said she would set something up, and she left.

Billy arrived at Victor's hotel suite in time to see the door close as the hostess exited. Billy told her that Victor needed some of his notes, and he'd asked Billy to get them. Billy claimed he'd forgotten his key and asked her to open the door for him. She said she wasn't allowed to without Mr. Newman's permission. The hostess said Phyllis had strict rules. Billy said he and Phyllis went way back, and she wouldn't mind. She let him in. Inside the room, Billy opened a computer as Nick walked in and asked what Billy was doing. Billy admitted he'd been spying on the competition.

Nick said Billy had been very busy, digging around in Ashland's past and doing everything he could to undermine Victor and Adam's new company. Nick said he had a vested interest in Newman Media being successful because they were a major sponsor of New Hope. Nick told Billy to stop whatever he was planning and walk away.

At the bar, Sally told Nikki the excitement was buzzing through the ballroom, and anticipation was building. Nikki stated she didn't need Sally's take on the evening. After their last conversation, Nikki didn't understand why Sally thought Nikki would be interested in anything Sally had to say. Nikki said that despite her long-standing differences with Phyllis, she wished Phyllis would drive Sally out of town after what Sally had done to Summer. No one wanted Sally there, with the exception of Adam, who Nikki suspected was using Sally as a prop.

Nikki told Sally that Adam was savvy enough to know Sally was nothing but trouble. She doubted Adam took Sally seriously. Nikki walked away. Phyllis had overheard Nikki's comments. She told Sally that Nikki didn't mince any words. Sally told Phyllis to stick around, and she would hear plenty. Phyllis asked if Sally regretted attending the party. Sally claimed she was pleased to be there representing the company she worked for, and she had a handsome date. Phyllis laughed.

Phyllis told Sally that Adam had an agenda, and he would kick Sally to the curb when he grew tired of her. Phyllis said she was a respected businesswoman, and Sally was the town pariah. Phyllis asked what it would take for Sally to realize she wasn't welcome there. Sally claimed a lot more than insults from Phyllis. Phyllis claimed it wasn't just her; it was Nikki, Jack, Kyle, the Newmans, and the Abbotts who didn't want Sally there. Phyllis suggested that Sally leave. Sally spat "Go to hell, bitch," and threw her drink in Phyllis' face.

Phyllis picked up an ice bucket, and she dumped it over Sally's head. Adam, Jack, Lily, Victor, and Nikki had witnessed the scene. Sally was about to attack Phyllis when Adam grabbed her. Jack grabbed Phyllis. Sally claimed Phyllis had started it. Phyllis swore she would end it. She yelled for Sally to get out. Adam told Phyllis not to let Sally bait her, and he led Sally away.

Billy and Nick exited the elevator, and they saw Jack wiping Phyllis' face. Nick told Billy he had no idea what had gone on, but he warned Billy away from any more James Bond stuff. Billy asked Lily why Sally looked like she'd jumped into the pool with her clothes on. Lily explained what had happened then asked how Billy's hunt had gone. Billy said he'd been "so close" to finding the information they needed, but Nick had walked in and stopped him.

Phyllis told Jack to look at what Sally had done. Jack claimed Sally had a talent for that. Nick approached and asked what he'd missed.

In his suite, Adam brought Sally a towel and asked if Sally was okay. Sally claimed she'd been having a lovely evening until that lowlife had attacked her. She claimed Phyllis was a spiteful, hypocritical bully. Sally claimed Phyllis had kept coming at her, and she'd retaliated. Sally apologized for ruining his event. Adam claimed the party had needed livening up. He said he liked Sally's fire. Sally kissed him.

Devon arrived at Amanda's suite and asked if she was ready to go to the party. Amanda had forgotten about the party because she'd heard from Michael. He was reinstating the charges against Sutton, and a court date was being set for Sutton's murder trial. Amanda was having a difficult time believing that Sutton was going to face a jury for the murder of her father. She would be grateful if Sutton faced the justice he deserved. Amanda said that her relationship with Naya had improved.

Amanda told Devon that with the impending trial, she felt the long journey had finally ended. Amanda said she and Devon had recently had life-altering changes. Devon had brought a new life into the world. Devon said he was still wrapping his mind around it. Amanda felt that Devon was probably overwhelmed with everything he'd gone through with Mariah, Abby, and the baby.

Amanda asked Devon to tell her what was weighing so heavily on him. Devon said he knew he was an integral part of Dominic's life because Abby and Chance had made that very clear; however, he didn't understand the feelings he was experiencing. Amanda said he had a biological connection to Dominic, and that was a powerful bond. Devon had felt that bond the moment he'd helped bring Dominic into the world, but knowing other people would be raising him was harder than he'd anticipated.

Devon told Amanda it had brought up a lot of feelings from when he'd been a child. It was difficult knowing he was a father and then having it taken away from him. Devon didn't mean to be insensitive to Amanda and her father. Amanda assured him it was okay.

Devon told Amanda the feeling he had was an emptiness. He said he'd been trying to wrap his head around the fact he had a son, but he didn't really have a son. Devon stated he didn't have regrets about stepping up for Chance and Abby. He'd known what he'd been getting into, and he'd been happy to do it; however, it didn't feel right saying "my son." Amanda said it was okay for Devon to acknowledge to her that Dominic was his son because of the biological connection, but he had to keep his distance.

Amanda told Devon to focus of what he'd given Dominic. The little guy wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for Devon. Dominic wouldn't grow up not knowing who his family was. Devon said he could see Dominic whenever he wanted to and watch him grow up. However, he found it difficult to define the role he would have in Dominic's life. If he wasn't Dominic's dad, he wondered what he was. Amanda said he would figure it out. Devon said no matter what, he would be there for Dominic. Amanda said she would be there for Devon.

Adam turns down Sally's advances Adam turns down Sally's advances

Friday, September 3, 2021

In a Grand Phoenix hotel suite, Adam pulled away from Sally's kiss. "Where did that come from?" he breathlessly asked. She suggested that they follow their impulses and see where it led. Adam warned that it would be a massively bad idea, but Sally purred that it might be insanely good. Adam conceded that it might be both, but he thought the bad outweighed the good.

Sally assumed it was because Adam was technically her boss, and he pointed out that it was another excellent reason to slam on the brakes. He cited the main reason they shouldn't get involved -- he was toxic. Sally considered it the most original rejection she'd ever heard, but she imagined he was exaggerating a bit. Adam explained that he felt an attraction between them, but he always left a wake of destruction behind him whenever he acted on his impulses, He felt it would be a huge mistake to go down that road again.

Sally strongly disagreed, but she refused to argue with Adam on such an important night for him. She figured that she could make the same case about herself, since she had her own toxic romantic past. Adam insisted that his decision didn't reflect on her, since she was smart, dynamic, and beautiful. She said she understood that it was him and not her, adding that it was a "damn shame" because she felt it would have been spectacular. Adam reasoned that it could stay spectacular while locked away in their imaginations.

Downstairs at the Newman Media launch party, Nick asked Jack and a bedraggled Phyllis what had happened. Jack prompted Phyllis to fill Nick in, but she excused herself to get ready for the launch presentation. Nick ordered Jack to spill, and Jack recommended that Nick keep Phyllis and Sally as far apart as possible for the remainder of the evening and perhaps their lives. The men looked over as Adam and Sally reentered the party. Sally stepped outside for some fresh air, and Nick struggled to make sense out of the pairing. "To each his or her own," Jack remarked.

Across the lobby, Lily questioned whether Billy was going to let Nick stop him from getting the scoop before the speeches. Billy thought they needed a new strategy -- starting with them launching themselves out of a dud of a party. Billy complained that he'd found nothing interesting about what Adam and Victor had planned for the party, and he thought he and Lily were wasting their time by sticking around.

Lily guessed that Billy had gotten bummed out after hearing the positive buzz going around about Newman Media, but she assured him that it didn't mean they couldn't outmaneuver Adam and Victor. Billy griped that it was nauseating watching Victor and Adam congratulating themselves over and over, and he predicted that he would die of boredom if he had to endure more of it. Lily lectured that if Billy died of boredom, he couldn't indulge in what she had planned for later. He amorously told her to consider him very much alive.

Victor told Phyllis to refrain from further antics, but she defended that she couldn't be responsible for who Adam had decided to escort there. She contended that she'd provided the venue and the food, but the rest was on Victor. Victor ordered Phyllis not to make him regret spending a bunch of money to hold the event at her hotel, and she countered that he should regret having Sally at his company, since Sally had thrown a drink in her face. Victor admitted that he'd enjoyed the spectacle, and he pointed out that Phyllis had also dumped ice water all over Sally. Victor advised Phyllis to let him deal with Sally. Phyllis added that Victor should also make sure Adam got better dates, since Adam and Sally would be a "match made in hell."

Elena greeted Nate at the hotel bar, and he was pleased she'd made it back to the party. She reported that her patient had been stabilized, and he offered to help make up for the lost party time. Nikki congratulated Nate, and Elena gushed that he would be an incredible chief of surgery. Elena raved about the great ideas he had to expand the surgical wing, and Nikki credited Memorial's surgical team with saving her granddaughter's life.

Elena imagined the lives the hospital would save with the expansion, and she said she couldn't be prouder. Nate pointed out that he wasn't the only one making impressive career moves, since Elena was about to become the face of Ask MD Now. Victor overheard and said he was sorry to hear it, since Adam had been about to offer Elena a position as chief medical journalist for Newman Media. Victor suggested that Elena jump ship to join a more successful media company.

Elena said she was flattered by Victor's offer, but she'd already accepted the position at Ask MD Now. Victor questioned whether she'd signed a contract. Elena responded that she hadn't, but she refused to go back on her word. Victor admired her loyalty, and he and Nikki stepped away. Nate was more impressed with Elena than ever, since not many people had the guts to turn Victor down flat. Elena maintained that she wouldn't abandon Lily to sign with a competitor, although it had felt good to be wanted. Nate seductively stated that media companies weren't the only ones who wanted her.

Victor approached Adam, who thought it looked like a banner night for Newman Media. Victor clucked that Adam's date had almost ruined the festivities, but Adam insisted that it was all under control. Adam figured that media companies thrived on headlines, even if they sometimes created scandalous ones of their own. Victor preferred their headlines to be about the successful debut of their media company, and Adam promised that they would look like champions. Adam grabbed the attention of the guests and invited them to join him in the ballroom for the main event -- the rise of the next generation of media companies. Billy rolled his eyes as Victor glared at him.

Lily said she understood if Billy wanted to skip that part, and she volunteered to represent them in the ballroom to gauge everyone's reactions. Billy ordered a scotch at the bar. Across the lobby, Phyllis gave instructions to her sound crew over her headset. Nick pressed to know more about what had happened, since Jack hadn't revealed much other than that Phyllis and Sally had butted heads. Phyllis conceded that she might have exacerbated the situation by provoking Sally into throwing a drink in her face and then reacting by pouring a bucket of ice over Sally's head.

Phyllis crowed that it had been awesome seeing Sally as a waterlogged mess, and Nick questioned where Jack had fit in. Phyllis recounted that Jack and Adam had needed to intervene to pull her and Sally apart. Nick urged Phyllis to let her animosity toward Sally go and move forward, since Sally wasn't going anywhere, and it made no sense to kick the hornet's nest every time the women were around one another. Phyllis spotted Billy at the bar and called it a sad sight.

Nick mentioned that Victor had asked him to keep an eye on Billy, and he took that as his cue. Nick encouraged Phyllis to try to stay dry the rest of the night, and he approached Billy. Nick voiced surprise that Billy was out there instead of spying on what Newman Media's game plan was. Billy suspected that everything was already out in the open, and he opted to sit there by himself rather than listen to Adam go on and on about how tremendous the company would be. There was a round of applause in the ballroom.

At the podium in the ballroom, Victor welcomed everyone and proudly announced the launch of a new enterprise. He added that he was even prouder to announce that he would be partnering in the venture with his son Adam, who he introduced as the CEO of Newman Media. Victor shook Adam's hand, and the men hugged. Adam thanked everyone for being there to support the innovative new media company, and he bet they were wondering what about Newman Media made it destined for phenomenal success. He chalked it up to the power and strength of family, which had been something his father had tried to teach him for years.

Adam declared that the company had been born out of family and named for family, and he soon would be working with family through Newman Media's collaboration with Nick's charitable organization. Adam hoped to one day work with his son in the business, just like his own father had done with him. He recognized that he was getting ahead of himself by thinking about the next generations when he should be focused on the launch. He enthused about their new and exciting outlets and platforms, and he suggested that the world brace itself because Newman Media was "coming out swinging."

As the guests filed out of the ballroom, Lily begrudgingly admitted that Adam had given a surprisingly good speech. Elena wondered why she hadn't seen Devon and Amanda there, and Lily reported that Amanda was leaving on a trip the next day with her mom and sister. Elena imagined Amanda was excited to be getting closer to her family, and she commended Devon for spending a lot of time at the hospital to be there in Chance's absence. Elena saw Nate trying to flag her down, and she stepped away.

Billy joined Lily and asked if anything exciting had happened during the speeches. She relayed that neither Adam nor Victor had made mention of their competitors, but Adam had made it clear that he was planning on expanding by procuring more talent and outlets, and she thought he'd glanced her way. Billy vowed to do everything they could to protect their assets. Lily added that Victor hadn't seemed pleased when Adam had mentioned adding more entities. Billy suspected it meant Victor and Adam weren't on the same page.

Phyllis joined Jack at the bar and asked what he'd thought. Jack hesitated to sing Victor's praises, but he was happy for Adam for turning his life around and putting his anger and resentment in the past. Jack lauded Phyllis for all the hard work she'd put into providing an amazing venue, and he hoped it overshadowed the altercation between Phyllis and Sally earlier. Phyllis thanked him for keeping the situation from escalating, and Jack quipped that he'd wanted to spare the loss of valuable Champagne. Phyllis proclaimed that it would have been worth every dime to see Sally drenched. Nick eyed them closely as Phyllis handed Jack back his handkerchief.

Victor and Adam celebrated having pulled it off. Billy approached them and dryly commended them on making it through the night with barely a scandal. Victor observed that Billy looked three sheets to the wind from too much good liquor. Adam bragged that everyone agreed the evening had been nothing less than a grand slam. Billy huffed that they'd see in the morning, when Newman Media had to accomplish something more than just throwing a party. Billy warned that he would be ready for whatever they had planned for ChancComm, and he suggested that they make their reservation for a going-out-of-business party before things got booked up for the holidays. Victor cheerfully said Billy always had been and always would be a "pain in the ass," and he wished Billy a nice evening.

Lily privately asked Billy what she'd missed, but he preferred to stop talking about Newman Media and start the afterparty. Lily suspected that she wanted to get out of there even more than he did, and she held up a hotel keycard. She reasoned that Victoria had stayed with the kids, so there was no need to rush back home, and she'd felt sentimental being back at the hotel. Lily revealed that she'd booked Billy's old suite, where they'd first made love. He remarked that it was where things had first begun, and it was where they would continue. He led her upstairs.

Nate escorted Elena back to the coffeehouse, and he joked that he'd just been the plus-one for the hot new talent Victor had been trying to woo instead of being invited on his own merits. She pointed out that she wasn't the only person shown appreciation, since Nikki had offered to help him fundraise for the hospital expansion. Elena figured that they were on a lucky streak and shouldn't jinx it. Nate considered them "unjinxable," and she proposed that they keep the night going to prove it. She mentioned that she didn't have to work the next day, so she could sleep in. He planned to rearrange his schedule to do the same thing, and they kissed. She led him upstairs.

Phyllis and Nick retreated to their hotel suite. She regretted letting Sally bait her, since the last thing Phyllis needed was another scandal at her hotel. Nick encouraged Phyllis to stop blaming herself, noting that no real damage had been done. She asked if he still intended to pamper her, and he insisted that she lose the headset first. She pretended to alert security about a sexy guy who'd entered her room. Phyllis instructed Nick to take off his shirt and tie. She threw off her headset, and they kissed passionately.

Jack returned home to an empty house and poured himself a drink. He pulled out the handkerchief Phyllis had returned to him and smiled.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki congratulated Victor on a smashing success. He shared that he was still troubled by Adam showing up with Sally. Nikki flatly stated that she was troubled by Sally, period, and she thought they had to keep an eye on her. Victor chuckled as he remembered Phyllis pouring the bucket of ice water over Sally's head.

At Society, Sally thanked Adam for being understanding about her scuffle with Phyllis, but she doubted his father felt the same way. Adam wondered if Victor had said something to her, and she replied that Victor hadn't needed to because his death glare could flatten the whole town. Adam told her not to worry about his dad, and he asked how she thought the speeches had gone over. She called him a born leader who had proven himself to be quite the visionary. She prepared to go home because it was late, and she informed him that in case he was wondering, the answer was yes. He looked intrigued, and she explained that there was a good chance she'd be dreaming spectacular things about what might have been that night. She sauntered off.

Mariah muttered in her sleep in her hospital bed. She suddenly bolted awake. "My baby needs to live!" she yelled. Mariah despondently rolled over in bed. A nurse called to her and mentioned that Dominic needed feeding, and Mariah perked up. Mariah indicated that she'd just pumped milk into a bottle, and she asked if it was okay if she fed him.

Tessa strummed her guitar in the Chancellor living room. Abby entered and asked if Tessa had a minute to talk, since Abby was worried about what the kidnapping ordeal might have done to Mariah. Abby referred to Mariah's nightmares and voiced concern that the ordeal would have lasting emotional scars. Tessa believed Mariah was strong and resilient enough to get through it, but they had to do everything they could to be there for her. Abby wondered if Mariah had opened up to Tessa about being held against her will, but Tessa thought Mariah was still processing. Tessa planned to talk to Sharon about treatment, but she hoped Mariah just needed time.

Abby prepared to visit Dominic. Tessa planned to tag along to be there when Mariah woke up, but she had a surprise for Abby first. Tessa revealed that she'd been writing a lullaby for the baby, and Abby requested that she play it. Tessa advised that it wasn't done yet, but she began to play and sing. Meanwhile, the nurse handed Dominic to Mariah, who happily fed him from a bottle as she smiled down at him.

Mariah fawned over the baby and mused that they'd had quite an adventure. She said she hadn't been sure they'd make it out of there, and she probably wouldn't have if it hadn't been for him, since he'd kept her sane. Mariah swore that she wouldn't forget a single second of it, and she marveled that it felt very different to hold him in her arms than to carry him inside her. She couldn't believe how natural it felt to hold him.

Mariah asked if the baby wanted to know a secret. She whispered that she wished she could breastfeed him, but she knew she couldn't because of the contract she'd signed. She told him not to worry, since it was still her milk that was making him strong and healthy. She murmured that he would always be precious little "Bowie" to her. Abby and Tessa walked in, and Abby's expression darkened when she saw Mariah feeding the baby.

Tessa regretted that she hadn't been there when Mariah had woken up. Mariah apologetically stated that she'd been feeding the baby because he'd been hungry. Abby offered to take over, but Mariah held up the empty bottle. Tessa reported that she'd finished a lullaby for the baby, and Abby had seemed to be a fan. Abby imagined the baby needed to be burped, and she took Dominic from Mariah. Abby cooed that Mommy was there. Tessa watched as Mariah forced a smile.

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