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Billy deleted Gaines's incriminating video. Victor threatened to take everything from Billy. Billy and Lily planned to investigate Gaines's disappearance in the hope of crushing Newman Media. Christine informed Abby that a bomb explosion had obliterated the building where Chance had been stationed.
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Victor threatened to take everything from Billy, and Abby learned a bomb had obliterated the building where Chance was stationed
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Victor gives a unique wedding gift to Victoria and Ashland Victor gives a unique wedding gift to Victoria and Ashland

Monday, October 18, 2021

At Victoria and Ashland's wedding reception, Jack visited with Victoria, wishing her happiness, thanking her for having invited him, and expressing gratitude for having included Kyle and Summer, as well. Nikki joined Victoria and Jack. After Nikki mentioned that Victoria would soon don a different dress before the reception, Jack complimented Lauren's designer for having outdone herself on the wedding gown. Victoria noted that Sally had actually designed the dress. Jack glanced at Sally in the background and appeared puzzled. Nikki said, "It's a long story." Before Jack walked away, he asked Victoria and Nikki to each save a place on their dance cards for him.

Victor approached after Jack left, and Victoria warmly greeted her father. Adam trailed behind Victor. Victor promised Victoria that he and Adam had ensured that the reception would be as spectacular as the wedding had been beautiful. After Nikki and Victoria stepped away, Ashland joined Victor and Adam and said he assumed by the smile on his bride's face that things were going smoothly. Victor explained that Nick had intercepted Jesse Gaines, preventing the man from crashing the wedding and informing the guests about Ashland's past. Victor told Ashland he should have a one-on-one discussion with Jesse.

After a brief disappearance, Sally asked Adam where he'd been. Adam explained that he'd dealt with some family issues, though nothing mysterious. Adam, referring to favorable comments about the gown Sally had designed, anticipated much buzz for Newman Media and all social media. Adam praised Sally's passion and drive. Sally seemed pleased when Adam acknowledged that guests had taken notice of her talents, even prompting her adversaries to change their minds about her.

Jack visited with Phyllis, sitting alone in a corner while engaged with her phone. Jack asked about Nick. Phyllis said she wasn't certain, as Nick hadn't answered any of her text messages. Jack mentioned that Sally had designed Victoria's dress. Phyllis rolled her eyes and replied, "Seriously?" Phyllis lamented that while Victoria treated Nick like dirt, she'd carried on with Sally, even offering a friendly hug. Phyllis cried that Victoria made her sick.

Inside the palazzo, Billy and Lily quietly discussed the incriminating video Jesse Gaines had sent to Billy. Billy noted that they were the only ones in possession of the video, in which Gaines had outlined all of Ashland's crimes. Billy worried that if they didn't publish the scoop within the hour, Gaines would do so himself. Lily protested, insisting that sources did not get to call the shots. Lily recalled that she and Billy had already decided not to run the Gaines story. Billy was eager to forge ahead, so their publication could control the narrative.

Billy pointed out that whatever happened, the world would soon learn all about Ashland's crimes. Lily said, "What about Victoria?" Jack overheard and echoed Lily's question. Billy and Lily claimed they'd been talking about the lovely ceremony and the glowing bride. Billy said they'd also spoken about the harsh reality of Ashland's health situation. Jack replied that it was all the more reason to make the occasion happy and memorable. Lily said she couldn't agree more. After Jack walked away, Lily expressed her reluctance to hurt Victoria and Ashland by publishing the story. Billy explained that they could protect Victoria and his children by controlling the narrative. Lily recalled that Billy's aim had been to reveal the truth, which hadn't changed Victoria's mind about marrying Ashland.

While Nikki assisted Victoria in her private suite, Victoria admired her gown and said that somehow, Sally had envisioned exactly what she'd wanted. Nikki asked Victoria how Sally had convinced her to wear the dress she'd designed instead of the gown Lauren's designers had created. Sally, Victoria recalled, had said she'd studied Victoria closely, having taken into account the way she moved and her body type, and had even overseen every detail herself. Victoria proclaimed that her dress was a work of art.

Victoria admitted that Sally's deceit in covertly switching out the dresses had been unconventional. Nikki said she hoped Victoria didn't approve of Sally's deception, especially after what Sally had done to Summer. Victoria replied that Sally was aware of her disapproval, though she'd stopped short of expressing anger because everything had worked out. Victoria added that the best things often came from the most improbable situations. Victoria announced that she and Ashland were considering working from their Tuscan palazzo for a while, so they could enjoy it in peace. Nikki praised herself and Victor for having chosen it as a wedding gift. Victoria credited Victor with ensuring that the wedding had gone well.

Phyllis returned to her guestroom, found a frustrated Nick pacing, and noted that he hadn't answered any of her text messages. Nick said he'd gotten sidetracked after having encountered Jesse Gaines, a man from Ashland's past. Nick explained that Billy had planned to have Jesse reveal what he knew about Ashland, hoping Victoria would put the brakes on the wedding. Nick complained that Victor had chosen to kick him out of the loop, including Adam instead. Nick railed that his parents and siblings had rallied around a man who'd stolen a dead kid's identity, so he could secure a job interview meant for his deceased friend.

Phyllis learned that Ashland had gained his fortune by forging a letter, which had superseded the will of a woman who'd been his mentor. Nick said he didn't get why his father had protected Ashland. Nick slapped his hands together in anger and said, "Why does this man have such a tight grip on my family?" Phyllis noted that Victor had only confided in Nick when it had been useful to him. Phyllis praised Nick for working hard to build a life so different from the rest of the Newman family. Phyllis said that on the other hand, Victoria exhibited all the qualities required to run Newman Enterprises. Phyllis criticized Victoria for having married a secretive, merciless guy who was a phony, though Victor likely considered Ashland's crimes a badge of honor.

Nick asked Phyllis not to use his frustrations as an opportunity to attack his family and his father. Phyllis, fed up, snapped back, "I'm on your side. I'm always on your side." Phyllis said she realized that Nick, like Billy, had been trying to do right by Victoria. Nick disagreed, explaining that Billy only wanted to blow up the wedding. Phyllis, admitting she hated Victoria, acknowledged that, because Victoria was savvy and smart enough to run a multimillion-dollar company, she could make her own decisions. Nick told Phyllis she was right that neither he nor Victor had a right to tell Victoria how to live her life.

Nick recalled having to defend Phyllis after they'd gotten back together, when he'd informed his family that he had a right to live his life. Phyllis replied, "I mean, you're not comparing my past to Ashland Locke's, are you? Or, making it like I'm a mistake that you made?" Nick impatiently insisted he wasn't making any comparisons at all. Phyllis apologized for misunderstanding and said she was glad Nick had agreed with her about Victoria. Nick expressed frustration about the way his dad had handled the matter by playing favorites, cutting him out, and turning to Adam. Phyllis told Nick she was sorry things had been difficult for him.

Ashland entered a locked storage room and confronted Jesse, noting that his enemy's plans hadn't worked out as he'd hoped. Recalling that Jesse had already been paid a small fortune to remain silent, Ashland asked Jesse what more he wanted. Jesse stood up to face Ashland and said, "I wanted you to face the same humiliation and degradation that I felt seeing my father embracing you while ignoring his own flesh and blood." Ashland recalled the abuse he'd suffered from his own father, who'd brutally beaten him. Ashland said he'd constantly lived in fear, which had been why he'd run away.

Ashland explained that his connection to Jesse's father had arisen from circumstance, adding that Camilla had betrayed both him and Jesse's father. Ashland asked Jesse if his aim was blackmail or playing Billy against Victor, pointing out that both he and Victor had given Jesse money. Jesse replied, "So now what? What are you going to do? Turn me over to the authorities? Make me disappear?" Ashland replied that he and Victor would figure out something soon.

After Ashland left Jesse locked in the storage room, he joined Billy and Lily. Lily told Ashland that he and Victoria looked very happy together. Ashland asked to speak to Billy privately, but Billy said he and Lily kept no secrets from each other. Ashland acknowledged that Billy had brought Jesse to Tuscany to reveal information about Camilla Rhodes and her will. Noting that Jesse was no longer a threat, Ashland said he considered Billy the only threat to his future, however long it might be.

Ashland pleaded with Billy not to release the information, for the sake of Harrison and Victoria. Billy assured Ashland he wouldn't do anything with the evidence Jesse had given him because he feared he would alienate Victoria if he released the video. Ashland, surprised to learn about the existence of Jesse's video, asked Billy what he planned to do with the video. Billy deleted the video, explaining that he'd done so to preserve his relationship with the mother of his children. After Ashland walked away, Lily told Billy she was proud of him.

Ashland entered Victoria's suite and told her he was married to the most beautiful woman on the planet. After Ashland and Victoria both mentioned having checked on their children, Victoria said they all seemed to be getting along. Ashland agreed, praising Johnny and Katie for accepting Harrison. Ashland informed Victoria that, with help, he had been able to handle Jesse Gaines, so they needn't worry about him disrupting their lovely evening. Ashland added that Billy had dropped his plans to broadcast Gaines's story, as well, having deleted an incriminating video. Victoria said they should let everything else go and revel in being husband and wife.

Tessa phoned Mariah and left a message, sounding lonely as she talked about how they could have danced at the reception. Noah joined Tessa and told her she didn't have to pretend that everything was okay. Tessa broke down in tears, admitting that Mariah had been shutting her out and slipping away. Tessa recalled the stress Mariah had suffered while being locked away with Bowie, explaining that Mariah had bestowed Abby's baby with a nickname. Tessa said Mariah had vowed to risk everything for Bowie, so he'd become her reason to survive. Noah replied, "And after all that, she had to hand him over to Abby."

Tessa told Noah that Mariah believed having a baby would help her heal. Noah asked Tessa if she wanted a baby. Tessa said she did, though perhaps in the future. Tessa cried that she didn't want to have a child for the wrong reasons. Noah said he wanted Mariah and Tessa to be happy, and he wished he could do more to help. Tessa told Noah she missed having him as a friend. Noah replied, "I still am. I always will be." Tessa perked up and smiled.

Sally intercepted Jack on the patio. Jack said he'd heard about what Sally had pulled by switching Victoria's wedding gown, having forced her to choose one over the other just before her wedding. Sally admitted it wasn't the usual way of doing things. Jack agreed and said, "Well, lucky for you, she liked the dress." Sally insisted luck had had nothing to do with it because she'd worked her tail off to create the perfect dress, which looked spectacular. Sally asked Jack if it would kill him to tell her she'd done a good job. Jack replied, "After everything that's happened, I don't know why you care what I think." Sally agreed that it really shouldn't matter at all. Sally called out to Adam, inviting him to have fun with her.

After Jack walked away, Adam told Sally that she'd earned the right to have fun. Victor approached and called out to Adam. Sally addressed Victor and said, "It was a really beautiful wedding. You must be very proud." Victor didn't acknowledge Sally's comment. Victor told Adam they needed to handle something. Adam promised to catch up with Sally later. Sally giddily assured Adam that she'd hold him to his promise.

Inside the palazzo, Adam asked Victor what was going on. Victor explained that despite Jesse having been receptive to what Ashland had demanded, Victor feared the man would continue to be a problem. Victor said his gift to Ashland would be preventing that from happening. Adam said he had already agreed to help make Victoria's wedding be all she wanted and would continue protecting her because family protected family. Nick entered and told Victor they needed to clear up some things.

Guests applauded as the blushing bride and handsome groom made their formal appearance at the reception. The applause grew louder as the couple stood smiling and relishing every moment. Victoria and Ashland embraced, basking in the attention from their loved ones and friends. Victoria and Ashland kissed as cameras clicked in quick succession, the flashes mimicking fireworks in the dimly lit room. The couple beamed as they held each other close.

Victor threatens to take everything from Billy Victor threatens to take everything from Billy

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

At the Newman palazzo in Tuscany, Adam questioned what Nick's issue was, since Gaines had been taken care of. Nick barked that he was there to talk to their dad, and they needed to talk alone. After Adam stepped away, Nick confronted Victor about keeping him in the dark about what Gaines knew and the fact that Gaines was there to try to disrupt the wedding. Nick pointed out that Victor had asked him to look into Ashland's past, yet no one seemed to care about the damaging information he'd uncovered.

Nick questioned why Victor had kept him out of the loop and instead had turned to Adam to squash Gaines's secret and protect Ashland. Nick testily asked if Adam was Victor's go-to guy to do the dirty work, and he accused Victor of resorting to his old tricks by playing his children against one another to test their loyalty. Victor chuckled and inquired whether Nick was finished. Victor explained that he'd kept Nick out of it because Nick was there to mend fences with his sister, and Victor had doubted Nick would be eager to help protect his brother-in-law.

Nick confirmed that he didn't like Ashland and would probably never trust him, but it didn't matter because Victoria had made her choice to marry him. Nick added that it also didn't matter what he'd found out about Ashland, since Nick was the only one in the family who cared. Victor had hoped the wedding would be a happy occasion for everyone, and Nick snarled that it wasn't every day they added a lying, conniving criminal to the family. Victor asserted that he'd done Nick a favor by keeping him out of the loop about Gaines, but it would no longer be a problem because things had been taken care of. Nick demanded to know how Victor had dealt with Gaines.

Victor encouraged Nick to stop worrying about it, but Nick scoffed at the idea of just shutting up after Victor had made a big speech about putting family first. Nick contended that a member of their family had been threatened, but instead of uniting their family, Victor was fracturing it. Nick groused that no good deed had gone unpunished while bad deeds had not just been forgiven but rewarded, since Ashland had been protected at any cost and merged into their family in every way. Nick huffed that it was getting hard to know what was considered right and wrong in their family, and he stormed off.

On the terrace, Elena marveled that she'd almost forgotten what a great dancer Nate was. He proclaimed that she hadn't seen anything yet, and he dipped her. They kissed, and Sally cleared her throat. Nate apologized for not seeing Sally there, and she muttered that she was just standing there -- alone.

Elena felt like a teenager who'd been caught making out at a school dance, and Sally joked that she felt like a stick-in-the-mud chaperone, even though she didn't want to stifle any romance. Sally congratulated Nate on a great speech, and Elena praised Sally for being the designer behind Victoria's incredible wedding dress. Nate asked where Sally's date was. Sally clarified that Adam wasn't her date, but he had promised to be her dance partner before he'd been called away on family business. Sally was fairly sure she'd been stood up.

Nate invited Sally to dance, but she protested that the only thing worse than being alone was being a third wheel. She urged Nate and Elena to finish their romantic evening by taking a moonlit walk in the garden. Nate hesitated to leave Sally alone, but she planned to grab a piece of cake before turning in. After the couple headed off, Sally grumbled, "Your loss, Adam." She set down her drink and stalked off. Adam returned to the terrace and looked around.

Later, Elena remarked that she'd enjoyed strolling around the grounds, but she didn't think she and Nate should have played bocce ball when they'd both been tipsy. He figured it had given them an excuse to get lost in the garden while searching for wayward bocce balls. Elena mused that it was nice to be in a different world, and Nate added that it was nice not to talk about medicine. She said she'd liked having random conversations with people about anything and everything. They practiced reciting the Italian words they'd learned, ending with "amore."

Elena thanked Nate for the incredible adventure, and he thanked her for being the only person he wanted to be with that night and every night. She didn't want the trip to end, and he proposed that they take part of Italy home with them through their memories. He murmured that he'd never forget how she looked in the moonlight, and she replied that she'd never forget him almost knocking a marble statue off its pedestal with a bocce ball. They held one another close.

Nearby, Noah and Tessa sat on a bench as she wiped away tears and apologized for laying her relationship issues on him. He assured her that he wanted to listen, since it was what friends did. She dabbed at her face with his handkerchief. Tessa insisted that in spite of everything she'd said about her hurt feelings and worrying about Mariah, she was sure they would work through it.

Noah recognized that Mariah had been through a lot but that it had also been tough on the people who'd been there to support her. He compared it to caring for a sick relative and not realizing the toll it took on oneself, citing how he'd felt when Sharon had been ill. Tessa felt guilty for being upset when Mariah had been the one who'd gone through the trauma. Noah imagined that it was hard for Tessa to deal with Mariah wanting a baby right away when it was a huge decision that shouldn't be made quickly or lightly. Tessa didn't think Mariah really understood what she was asking of Tessa.

Noah was certain that Tessa and Mariah would make the right decision at the right time for both of them. Tessa turned the topic to him and pressed to know about London and the hearts he'd broken there. Noah recounted that misfortune had befallen him, and Tessa guessed that he'd fallen in love with an artful dodger with a band of thieves until he'd been saved by a barmaid with a big heart. She assumed the story didn't have a happy ending because it wasn't a Dickens novel, and she reminded him that he could tell her anything.

Noah explained that he'd fallen hard and fast for an artist, and they'd stayed up all night, talking about art and what it meant to be an artist. He said Tessa was the only other person he'd dated who he'd had conversations like that with, and she fondly remembered a few all-nighters they'd spent talking about life and the world. Noah lamented that the fellow artist had met someone else and never given him a second thought. Tessa said she was sorry, since he deserved better than that.

Meanwhile, Adam approached Nick and surmised that Nick's confrontation with their dad hadn't gone well. Nick demanded to know what had happened to Gaines, and Adam vaguely maintained that the situation had been handled. Adam swore that he was just trying to keep the peace, and he offered to help mediate with Victor or Victoria. Nick snapped that he'd take care of it, and he imagined Adam felt good about infiltrating his way back into the family. Adam defended that he'd been mending fences because family was important to him. Nick wordlessly left.

Adam returned to his suite and poured a drink. He heard someone at the door and barked, "Now what?" Sally stepped inside, and he asked what she was doing there. She closed the door and told him that she'd been trying to figure out why he'd left her to fend for herself at a party full of people who didn't like her. Adam shared that he'd looked for her, but he'd assumed she'd gone to bed. She imagined that he'd walked by where he'd left her and decided to call it a night.

Sally poured herself a drink, and Adam dryly invited her to make herself at home. Sally pointed out that they still hadn't officially toasted to their success. Adam apologized for getting called away and toasted to her passion, talent, and determination. She cited the thousands of social media followers they were getting, thanks to the dress. He was impressed that she'd put the fashion division on the map, and she expected things would really begin to take off once the international fashion magazines picked up the story.

Adam toasted to everything going the way Sally had said it would, but she found it a bit surreal that one of her plans had actually worked out. She regretted that she hadn't won over the Newman family, but she was happy that she'd received a few compliments on her design. Adam suspected that people were warming up to her charms. Sally purred that there was only person she was interested in winning over, and that was him. She pulled him into a passionate kiss, and he responded.

Adam and Sally tumbled onto the bed as they continued kissing. He suddenly pulled away and said he couldn't do it because he wasn't ready. Sally assured him that she wasn't looking for a commitment, and she swore that she wouldn't even flirt with him once they returned to the office. Adam pointed out that she didn't do things halfway, and he believed that she wanted more than a one-night stand because it was who she was. He reiterated that he couldn't give her what she wanted right then.

Adam explained that it had to be all or nothing the next time he got involved with someone, and he wasn't emotionally ready for "all." He continued that it would be wrong and selfish of him to have one night there with her when she clearly wanted more, only for him to wake up and be cold and distant in the morning. Sally agreed to take no for an answer, but she thought his response only made him look thoughtful and decent in addition to sexy. She refused to give up hope that one day he'd be in a better place when he was ready for "all," and she hoped it was with her. He softly kissed her cheek.

In her guest room, Phyllis received a text message from Summer, asking where her mother was because they were about to cut the cake downstairs. Phyllis stepped into the hallway and ran into Jack, who was headed the opposite way from the reception. He claimed that he was going to check on Harrison, but she sympathized that it was hard to be single at those types of events. Jack found it annoying that he couldn't lie to her. He groaned that back-to-back weddings and days of celebrating romance had been a bit much.

Phyllis wondered if seeing Sally and Adam together had annoyed Jack, but he stressed that he had no feelings for Sally. Jack confided that weddings in general were lonely when perfect couples navigated their way to the dance floor while he sipped a drink and chatted with the minister. Phyllis offered to be his wingman, but he declined. He complained that he was sick of talking about his lack of love life, especially with her. He inquired where Nick was, and Phyllis indicated that he'd gone to talk to Victor to get some things off his chest. She muttered that it couldn't be a Newman affair without a bunch of chaos and drama.

Phyllis decided she didn't want to go to the party and suggested that she and Jack have a drink in her room. She proposed that they act like Italians by drinking prosecco and jumping in a fountain. Jack observed that it looked like she'd already started on the prosecco, and he volunteered to hold her shoes if she jumped in the water. Phyllis griped that she was too frustrated and tired after all her misunderstandings with Nick. She explained that Nick had told her what was going on with his family, but he'd gotten annoyed when she'd given her opinion, and she'd been irritated when he hadn't taken her advice.

Jack clucked that it was a rule of thumb that only family could complain about family. Phyllis argued that Nick had been criticizing Victoria, yet he'd told Phyllis not to be critical when she'd chimed in. Jack contemplated what Phyllis would say if he told her Nick was being small and terrible. Phyllis conceded that she'd tell Jack to stop picking on poor Nick, and Jack rested his case. Phyllis didn't know how to help Nick, and she guessed it was part of a relationship to try to maneuver between landmines.

Jack pointed out that sometimes people just needed others to listen instead of trying to fix their problems. Jack acknowledged that Phyllis wasn't someone to hold back from adding her two cents, but he advised her to back off and give Nick space. He noted that relationships were hard work, and she wasn't afraid of that. She pondered whether she needed issues and problems in a relationship to think it was working. Phyllis recognized that she and Nick were the most carefree and romantic that they'd ever been, but everything she said seemed to create a flareup.

Phyllis suspected that perhaps she was the problem because she needed issues and drama to feel like she was engaged in a relationship. Jack didn't buy it, and he refused to let her blame herself because he believed she'd changed. He recognized that she'd once been drawn to the drama, but she didn't need it anymore, and she could be perfectly happy without it.

Jack had no doubt Phyllis and Nick would work through it, but she was skeptical. Jack cautioned her against underestimating herself, since he knew she could handle it. He added that he'd be rooting for both her and Nick, but especially her. Phyllis took his arm and put her head on his shoulder. Sally passed by in the hallway, spotted them through the open door, and snapped a photo of them on her phone.

In another guest room, Lily touched up her makeup and declared that she was ready to dance, since it was her favorite thing about weddings. Billy bragged that he didn't need a dance floor to show off his moves, but she looked forward to doing the electric slide. He suggested that they skip the reception and enjoy the magic of the Tuscan night in private. She cooed that he made a persuasive argument, and he feigned amazement that he'd won an argument with her. Lily wondered if he wanted to skip the reception because he was upset the wedding had taken place and he wanted to sulk in private.

Billy swore that he just had amorous feelings about Lily, but she pointed out that he'd been trying to stop the wedding for weeks. He insisted that he was fine with the way things had gone, and he thought he'd proven that by deleting Gaines's video. He claimed that he wanted to celebrate the fact that they were there together, but he was willing to take a spin on the dance floor and "make an ass" of himself to show her that he loved her. Lily conceded that they didn't need an audience. He twirled her around, and they kissed.

Later, a shirtless Billy stared out the window. From the bed, Lily compared him to one of the marble statues in the garden, and she asked what he was thinking. He shared that he'd been brainstorming how to get out of the mess with Victor and Gaines in a way that benefited ChancComm. Billy proposed that they flip the story on its end by making it about the life and times of Jesse Gaines, painting Gaines as a loser who'd been out for vengeance, done nothing to contribute to society, and made a career out of blackmailing people. Lily questioned why Billy couldn't let it go.

Billy reasoned that he'd paid a duffel bag full of cash for a story, and he'd only promised not to publish the video of Gaines. He figured the Newmans couldn't get upset over a story about Gaines, but Lily anticipated that they would be upset about it. Billy believed it was the only way to rise from the ashes of the trip. Lily doubted that Billy could publish a story about Gaines without disclosing the details of who he'd blackmailed and why. Billy accepted that it would be difficult to tell Gaines's story without dragging Ashland through the mud, but he resolved to find a way.

Lily griped that she hated when Billy got obsessed, and she implored him to let it go because some secrets were meant to stay buried. They heard music from downstairs, and she begged him to join her in bed. He crawled in beside her, and they cuddled. Later, Lily stirred in her sleep as Billy got dressed. He gazed down at her for a moment before quietly slipping out.

Billy found Victor in the parlor and asked what he'd done with Gaines. Victor denied knowing what Billy was talking about. Billy recounted that Gaines had sent him an exclusive video that would have blown up Ashland's secret to the entire world, but he'd done the right thing and deleted it. Victor countered that Billy had done the right thing after doing a lot of wrong things -- all supposedly to help Victoria.

Victor warned that Victoria was none of Billy's business anymore, and that wouldn't change. Victor ordered Billy to find another career and another life, since Victor was about to take everything Billy owned from him.

Victor asks Adam to plan for an attack on ChancComm Victor asks Adam to plan for an attack on ChancComm

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

by Nel

On the terrace at the palazzo, Nikki and Victor were having breakfast with the newlyweds. Victoria said the wedding had been perfect, and she thanked Nikki and Victor for everything. She claimed it had been a magical time for both of them. Ashland agreed. Nikki was happy that Billy and Jesse Gaines had been prevented from ruining the big day.

Victor and Victoria were at a side table. Victoria insisted on knowing how Gaines had been handled and if Gaines would need to be handled again. Victor said Gaines had been neutralized. She said that she and Ashland appreciated what Victor had done. Victor told her to thank Adam because he had saved her wedding. Victoria was surprised.

In their suite, Lily woke up, and when she saw Billy was dressed and scanning his phone, she asked what was wrong. Billy told her he hadn't been able to sleep, and he'd gone for a walk. He said he'd encountered Victor. It was time to man the battle stations because Victor had declared war on him and ChancComm.

Lily told Billy she wasn't surprised by Victor's threat. He'd been dying to go after ChancComm for some time. Billy claimed it was different that time. Billy claimed he was freshly motivated and prepared, but he was not intimidated. He said they needed to go through all scenarios and defend themselves against them.

Lily asked why Billy was frantically searching his phone. Billy stated that Gaines had said if ChancComm didn't expose Ashland's crimes, Gaines was going to. If Gaines had followed through with his threat, Victoria's honeymoon would be over before it had begun.

After checking the media, Lily told Billy there was nothing about Ashland's past, only coverage of the wedding. Billy didn't understand why Gaines had changed his mind after threatening to publish the story himself. Gaines had been set on revenge. Lily said she was happy they had moved on and that they hadn't posted that story. Billy said if they had posted the story, they would have controlled the narrative. Lily reminded him that he could have permanently damaged his relationship with Victoria had they posted it. Billy wanted to go for a walk to find some clarity. He kissed Lily and left.

At Society, Chloe told Kevin she couldn't believe Sally had pulled off the fashion coup of the decade. Kevin stated it was going to put Newman Media's fashion platform on the map.

Lauren and Michael arrived. Lauren said she'd warned Chloe that Sally couldn't be trusted, and she was back to her old tricks. Lauren claimed that Sally hadn't shown any loyalty to her new bosses at Newman Media, and she cared for no one but herself. Michael admitted he'd made the innocent mistake of showing Lauren a photo someone had posted from Victoria and Ashland's wedding.

Lauren told Chloe that her designer had designed the most beautiful wedding dress; however, it wasn't her designer's wedding dress that Victoria had worn. Lauren had seen all the buzz on social media, and then Sally's name had popped up as the designer.

Lauren was sorry that Chloe had to deal with Sally so early in the game, but she'd warned Chloe about Sally. Chloe agreed, but she claimed she couldn't be angry with Sally for what she'd done because she'd known what Sally had been planning. Lauren demanded an explanation.

Chloe told Lauren she hadn't believed that Sally's plan would work. Sally had wanted to design the perfect dress for Victoria. Lauren stated that Victoria had already hired her top designer for the job. Chloe claimed Sally had had a vision of the dress Victoria should wear, but Victoria had left for Tuscany before Sally had been able to approach her. Sally had followed Victoria to Tuscany, had obviously met with Victoria, and had convinced Victoria to wear her design. Victoria had to have have been blown away by the dress.

Lauren claimed Chloe had betrayed her. Lauren couldn't believe Chloe condoned Sally doing something so underhanded. Chloe said, unlike Sally, she hadn't done anything underhanded. She'd assumed Sally's plan wouldn't work, but it had, and Chloe couldn't say she was sorry that it had.

Lauren asked if Chloe was fine with Sally stabbing Lauren in the back. Chloe said she was trying to run a business, and she'd hoped Lauren would understand. She said Victoria wearing Sally's dress could make Newman Media's fashion division a household name. Lauren asked if that justified not informing her. She stated that Fenmore's had taken a hit.

Chloe assured Lauren nothing would happen to Fenmore's or Lauren's legacy. Fenmore's was already a hallowed institution, and Lauren's designer would make many beautiful dresses; however, she and Sally had really needed that moment in the spotlight. Lauren maintained that Chloe should have informed her what she and Sally had been up to. Chloe agreed, and she apologized. Lauren left in a huff, with Michael in tow. Chloe told Kevin she'd blown it with Lauren. Kevin agreed.

Chloe called Sally and told her the Internet was loaded with shots of Victoria wearing Sally's dress. Sally said Victoria had looked stunning in it. She swore the whole room had gasped in unison when Victoria had made her entrance. Chloe said it was an amazing score for Sally and their fashion platform. Kevin urged Chloe to tell Sally why she'd called.

Chloe told Sally they needed to talk, but Sally said she would call Chloe as soon as she landed in Genoa City. Sally disconnected the call. Chloe told Kevin she hadn't had the heart to bring Sally down by telling her that Lauren was out for blood.

As Adam left his room in Tuscany, he immediately bumped into Sally. Adam said he hoped Sally had slept well. Jack walked by, and he heard Sally say she would have had less rest if they'd spent the night together. When Jack approached them, Sally claimed she'd been thanking Adam for bringing her to Tuscany.

Sally knew Jack hadn't been impressed with her; however, she claimed that getting Victoria to wear the wedding dress she'd designed had been a major coup. Jack claimed it wasn't any of his business. Sally left to finish packing. Adam told Jack that Sally was only a friend. Jack claimed that Adam didn't owe him an explanation.

Adam told Jack that he didn't know where things stood between Jack and Sally, but he wouldn't stand in Jack's way. Jack said that ship had sailed awhile back, but he had the sense there was something going on between Adam and Sally. Jack offered a word of caution. He told Adam to stop kidding himself, to be careful, and to remember what people said about playing with fire. Jack left.

In his room in Tuscany, Nick told Phyllis he wasn't returning to Genoa City. He wanted to spend a few days in London with Noah. Phyllis wasn't happy that she would be returning to Genoa City alone. Nick said she could join him and Noah if she wanted, but Phyllis stated she had to get back to work. Nick understood.

Phyllis asked Nick if they were okay. Nick claimed they were fine. He said he'd had a lot to sort out. Spending time with Noah and being away from the Newman family would do him good, but Phyllis felt something had been off between them, even prior to the wedding. She claimed there seemed to be some tension between them; however, Jack had called her crazy for thinking that way. Nick asked if she spoken to Jack about it. Phyllis admitted she had, and Jack had said she was wrong.

Phyllis told Nick their relationship was at a point where they were either going to go forward, or everything would fall apart. Nick stated they weren't falling apart. He said it had been a couple of frustrating weeks for him. He'd told Victor that no good deed went unpunished, but it never seemed to sink in. This time, it had to be different.

Phyllis told Nick that he always took issue whenever she tried to support him about his family. Nick claimed he'd been dealing with some very complex feelings about his family. The issue wasn't with her. Nick asked if she'd spoken to Jack about that, as well. Phyllis admitted that Jack was her confidant, and she trusted him. Jack only wanted her and Nick to be happy. Nick asked if Jack had been the best person to go to. Phyllis claimed she hadn't been able to find Nick, and Jack had been there when she'd needed to vent.

Noah arrived and told Nick he was ready to go as soon as they said their goodbyes. Nick thought it was best if they simply left. Noah felt Nick should let someone know he was leaving.

Adam joined the family for breakfast. He asked Victoria and Ashland how it had felt waking up as newlyweds. Ashland claimed he was more in love and happier than he'd been prior to the wedding. Victoria felt the same way. Adam thanked them for including him. Victoria said she owed Adam her gratitude for saving her wedding. Adam stated he'd been trying to fit into the family because families looked after each other. She agreed.

Victoria told everyone she hadn't had any idea who had been standing where when she'd tossed the bouquet. Ashland said Leslie had caught the bouquet, and she had looked like she'd had a hot potato in her hands. Everyone laughed when Nikki claimed that if Sally had been closer to Leslie, she would have knocked Leslie to the ground to catch that bouquet.

Noah arrived to say goodbye. He took Nikki to one side and told her that he and Nick were leaving together, and Nick wanted to say goodbye to her. Nikki left to find Nick. Noah returned to the table. He said he was surprised that Adam hadn't wreaked any of his usual havoc. Adam claimed havoc was overrated, and he liked keeping people on their toes.

Phyllis was in one of the sitting areas when Jack arrived. He said he was sad to leave that beautiful country. Phyllis claimed it had lost a bit of its magic for her. Sally was about to walk through the room when she saw Jack and Phyllis together. She stood back and eavesdropped.

Phyllis asked Jack if he had room in his jet for her because she would be returning to Genoa City alone. Jack welcomed the company; however, he hoped it didn't mean things had become worse between her and Nick. Sally left.

In the hallway, Phyllis told Jack that Nick had wanted to spend time with Noah in London. Jack said he was happy to have company on the trip home, otherwise it would have been a long and lonely trip; they both agreed they missed Kyle, Summer, and Harrison already.

Nikki arrived in Nick's room. Nick wished Nikki a safe trip home. Nikki said she knew he was upset with Victor, and she had no idea where things stood between Nick and Victoria. She hated to see a rift in the family. So did Nick. Nikki commented that Nick had missed the ceremony, and he intended to leave without saying goodbye to anyone. Nick claimed it was for the best because any encounter would turn into an argument or something negative.

Nick told Nikki he wanted Victoria to have happy memories of her wedding trip, and there was no need for further harsh words between them. He said he couldn't stand how Victor pitted his kids against each other, but he was over it. He didn't know if he and Victoria would ever be able to bridge the gap between them. Nikki claimed they had been through much worse, and they had always been able to get past it. Nick said he wasn't the one Nikki needed to convince.

Sally waited for Adam in the sitting room. When Nick and Noah walked through, she wished them safe travels and asked Nick about Phyllis. Nick said Phyllis was flying separately. Sally hoped there wasn't trouble in paradise. Adam arrived and wished Nick and Noah a safe trip. Victor arrived and asked for a moment alone with Nick. Nick told Victor that whatever he had to say could wait, but Victor didn't want to leave things the way they were between them. Nick stated that Victor shouldn't have let things get as far as they had. Nick left with Noah.

Adam told Sally he needed a private word with Victor. After Sally left, Victor claimed they had pressing issues to deal with -- Billy and ChancComm. He said that once they were home, he wanted them to mount a full-scale attack on ChancComm. Adam hoped Victor had considered the potential ramifications. Victor said Billy had almost ruined the wedding by going after Ashland for things Ashland had done many years in the past. Ashland was part of their family, and anyone who attacked Ashland, attacked all of them. He admitted he'd warned Billy. Adam assured Victor he could count on Adam completely.

On the terrace, Billy had been eavesdropping on Victor and Adam's conversation.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren asked Michael who Sally thought she was messing with, and she said that Sally wouldn't get away with it. Lauren asked if Michael thought she was wrong to be upset. Michael felt Lauren was being a little too hard on Chloe. He said Chloe was ambitious, she got carried away, and she'd lost sight of things; however, he didn't believe Chloe had meant to hurt Lauren. Lauren said she would eventually forgive Chloe, but Sally was a different story. Sally created catastrophes, and it wouldn't end until someone did something.

Back in his room, Adam flashed back to when he'd told Sally that perhaps people were warming up to her charms. Sally had responded that the only person she was interested in winning over was him. After they'd kissed, he'd told Sally he wasn't ready for a relationship. Sally had claimed she wasn't looking for a commitment. She'd vowed she wouldn't even flirt with him once they returned to the office. Adam snapped out of his reverie when Sally showed up at his door. He asked if she was ready to head back to reap the glory of her big success. Sally said she was more than ready, and it was only the beginning.

In her room, Phyllis was packing when Nick returned and told her he was there for a proper goodbye. He asked her to stop worrying and overthinking things. He only needed a couple of days to work some things out. Phyllis asked if, when he returned, they could return to the happy and carefree couple they'd been. Nick agreed they would. Nick kissed her cheek and left. Jack saw Nick leave. He also saw Phyllis looking deflated.

Lily was busy packing when Billy returned. He told Lily he'd overheard Victor and Adam planning an all-out war against him and ChancComm, and they planned to throw the whole Newman family against ChancComm. There was only one way to protect themselves; they needed to strike first, because the best defense was a huge offense.

On the terrace, Victoria told Ashland it had been a glorious week. He claimed it had surpassed his expectations. Victoria said it was time to get back to reality and begin a new chapter of their lives, with all its challenges. Ashland said he was ready for his treatments, and if they didn't work, he would find newer and stronger courses of action, because he needed more time with Victoria. She claimed it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever said to her. Ashland was determined that nothing would get in their way, and together, they were an unstoppable force to be reconned with. They were about to conquer the world. They kissed.

Mariah tells Tessa she has made some important decisions Mariah tells Tessa she has made some important decisions

Thursday, October 21, 2021

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Adam told Sally he couldn't wait to see what else she had planned for Newman Media. Sally couldn't wait to show him and the world, and it was only the beginning. Chloe joined them. She said she hadn't recalled ever seeing such big smiles on Sally and Adam's faces. She'd thought Sally and Adam were going to keep things professional. She wanted to know if something had happened in Tuscany she should know about.

Adam advised Chloe not to allow her imagination to get the best of her. Sally said that after their plane had landed, they'd gone their separate ways. Meeting in the coffeehouse had been a coincidence. Adam assured Chloe that nothing had happened in Tuscany -- other than that Sally had had major success with Victoria's dress. Chloe said there had been some new developments about the dress. Adam said he had meetings to go to, and he left.

Chloe told Sally that Lauren had torn her to shreds. Lauren wasn't happy that her designer's dress had been tossed aside for Sally's. Chloe wanted Sally to be prepared when Lauren unloaded on her. Sally felt terrible that Chloe had been caught in the crossfire.

Chloe told Sally that she had probably deserved the dressing down because she could have given Lauren a heads-up as a courtesy. Sally said that if Lauren had known their plan, she would have alerted Victoria and ruined what they'd been trying to achieve. Chloe said their plan had worked out better than they'd hoped; however, she needed to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Sally told Chloe she felt terrible because Lauren was part of Chloe's family. Sally claimed she had to find a way to fix it. Sally wanted to tell Lauren that Chloe had had no idea what Sally had been up to, but Chloe said she'd already confessed that she'd known. Lauren arrived in time to hear Sally say that if there was anything she could do, she would do it. Lauren stated that Sally had done more than enough.

Lauren said she'd fired Sally after Sally had schemed to get Summer out of the country. Lauren had believed Sally would continue to respect her, but Sally had proven her wrong. She accused Sally of being conniving and self-serving. Sally claimed she had to rebuild her image and her reputation. Lauren claimed Sally had stolen Lauren's designer's dress and replaced it with Sally's own, right before the ceremony. Sally had employed the same tactics that had tarnished her reputation from the start.

Sally said Lauren had her facts wrong. She stated that she'd moved Lauren's designer's dress; however, Victoria had had the chance to decide which dress she'd wanted to wear. Lauren accused Sally of only being interested in her own success. Lauren claimed Sally was going to alienate everyone, and when Sally chose to leave Genoa City, Lauren wouldn't shed a tear. Sally hoped that one day, Lauren would see her differently. Sally left.

Chloe asked Lauren if she was done with Chloe, as well, or if there was a chance to repair things between them. Lauren admitted she'd been a bit harsh with Chloe because she'd been furious. Chloe apologized and said that Lauren had every right to be angry. Lauren said that Chloe hadn't been vicious or conniving. She told Chloe to cut Sally loose and not to continue working with her. She claimed Sally would betray Chloe and stab her in the back.

At the Chancellor estate, Mariah told the nanny that she'd been in the neighborhood and thought she would drop off the breast milk and check on Dominic, since he'd had a cold. The nanny didn't look happy. Mariah asked if there was a problem. The nanny said she'd had difficulty getting him to sleep. Mariah agreed he liked to fight sleep, especially when he was overtired. She suggested the nanny take a break, and Mariah would watch Dominic. The nanny left.

Mariah glowed when she saw Dominic. She picked him up, and she began walking with him. She told Dominic she was trying hard to work through her issues, but she had a hard time letting him go. She said she had to figure out a way to move forward, but it was difficult, not only on her but on everyone around her, especially Tessa.

Mariah told Dominic that when Tessa had gone to Italy, Mariah had become scared because she'd been worried that she and Tessa weren't on the same page about their future. She was still scared. Mariah put Dominic back in his bassinet and said she'd overstayed her welcome. She thanked him for listening and claimed it felt like old times. Maria was almost at the door, but she heard the baby making noises. She told Bowie she would stay a little longer.

Devon arrived at Society in time to hear the cook, Pamela, tell Abby she was quitting. Pamela claimed there was a new restaurant opening in the warehouse district, and they'd made her an offer. Abby claimed that restaurant was in a risky area and would probably close in the near future, but Society was there to stay. They had a large clientele that loved the menu. Abby offered her a raise. Pamela said it wasn't about money. She wanted to create her own menu. Abby claimed everyone loved Lola's menu, and if they changed it, the clientele would go elsewhere.

Abby suggested that she and Pamela get together, and Pamela could present Abby with some of the dishes she wanted on the menu. Pamela agreed and thanked Abby. After Pamela left, Devon told Abby she'd handled the situation really well. Abby said if she had to find another chef, they would have big shoes to fill. Lola had been like a superhero, and Abby missed her, not only as a chef but also as a good friend. Abby had thought she and Lola would be in it together. Abby realized there were no guarantees in life.

Devon asked Abby when she'd last heard from Chance. He asked Abby to tell him what was going on. Abby admitted it had been hard not hearing from Chance for weeks at a time. She thought Chance would have been home by the time of Dominic's birth. She said Chance hadn't even held his son. Devon said it was okay to feel lonely and frustrated. She admitted there had been nights she'd woken up crying in her sleep and calling out Chance's name.

Abby told Devon she'd been able to keep herself busy during the day, but the nights were very difficult. She didn't know how much more she could take. Abby said she'd always admired Chance's need to protect and help people all over the world. When she and Chance had gotten married, she hadn't expected that he would be called away by the Feds. Chance had wanted to settle down. It had been the reason he'd joined the Genoa City Police Department. However, they'd never gotten to settle down, and he'd been gone before she'd known it.

Abby told Devon she'd expected Chance to be gone for a couple of weeks or a month. She hadn't prepared herself for him to be gone that long or that he would be put into dangerous situations. She said it had been difficult before Dominic had been born, but she was afraid even more since Dominic's birth. Devon agreed. A baby had changed everything in their lives. Abby said she was done pouring her heart out, and they were at the point where Devon gave her a pep talk and told her everything would be all right.

Devon told Abby she didn't need him to tell her that. Chance had been gone longer than expected, but Abby had always known that Chance was doing everything in his power to return home to her and their son. Abby wished Chance hadn't taken the case in the first place. Devon said Abby had every right to be frustrated. No one could have predicted he'd be gone such a long time, but Abby could handle whatever life threw at her. She'd been doing that since Chance had left. Devon said Abby had a little boy who needed her, and she had her family's and her friends' support.

Adam arrived at the Grand Phoenix. He received a call from Chelsea. He told Chelsea he'd just returned from Tuscany, and he was happy he'd been invited. He told her the wedding had been beautiful and majestic. Victoria's gown had been a hit and a coup for Newman Media.

Adam asked if Chelsea had called him because of the letter from Connor's school. Adam admitted he'd handled it without talking to her. He'd tried to get ahold of her, but he knew she was busy with Anita. The school had required an immediate answer, and as Connor's father, he'd made the decision. He asked if Chelsea didn't agree that Connor should be accelerated to the next course. He claimed they had always been on the same page regarding Connor's education, and he wanted to know what the problem was. Adam told Chelsea he wasn't blaming her for not being there.

Adam ended his call with Chelsea when Devon arrived for their meeting. Devon said Adam didn't need to end his call. Adam explained that he and Chelsea had been talking about Connor, and they'd agreed on the course of action Adam had taken. Adam believed Chelsea had been looking for a fight because she felt pushed aside as a parent because she was away. Devon said it was understandable. Adam told Devon he wished Chelsea wouldn't take it out on him. He'd been trying to do the best for his son. Devon was impressed with the way Adam had stepped up for Connor.

Devon told Adam he was filling in for Nick, since Nick had decided to extend his trip to Europe. Devon claimed Nick had been reluctant to talk to Adam or Victor. Adam stated they'd had a little family disagreement. Devon asked if that would make working with Newman Media a little difficult. Adam hoped it wouldn't reach that point.

After the meeting, Devon suggested that Adam call Chelsea back and smooth things over. He said feelings festered, and things would be worse the next time Adam spoke to Chelsea. Adam didn't understand why he had to be the one to extend the olive branch. Devon reminded Adam that he got to go home to his son every day; Chelsea was hundreds of miles away, missing Connor and feeling left out. He told Adam to take the high road because he could afford to be generous. Devon left.

Adam called Chelsea. He told her he shouldn't have made the decision about Connor without her. He said that in the future, whenever a similar situation arose, he would not make the decision without her. As co-parents, they needed to talk to each other, no matter where they were. He asked Chelsea if she had any idea when she would return to Genoa City. Chelsea obviously misunderstood why he was asking, and she ended the call.

Sally arrived, and she asked Adam if everything was all right. Adam said Chelsea had hung up on him; otherwise, he was fine. He curtly asked Sally what she wanted. Sally began to walk away. Adam apologized. He stated he'd been dealing with work and Chelsea. He invited Sally to sit down.

Sally told Adam she'd had a run-in with Lauren. Lauren was furious that Victoria had worn Sally's dress and not the one from Fenmore's. She felt Adam needed know. Adam told Sally not to worry about it because she didn't work for Lauren, and Victoria had made her own decision about which dress she'd wanted to wear. Sally didn't feel good about being told off by someone whose opinion mattered to her.

Adam told Sally not to beat herself up about it. He said Sally hadn't committed a great crime against Lauren. She was in a competitive business, and Sally had won the first round. Lauren might win the next. He asked if that helped put things into perspective. Sally admitted it had. Adam left for his meeting.

Abby returned home, and she heard Mariah reading to Dominic. Abby smiled as she listened. Unaware of Abby's presence, Mariah continued to talk to Dominic. Abby entered the room and said seeing Mariah was a nice surprise. Mariah hoped Abby didn't mind her dropping by to check on Dominic's recovery from his cold.

Abby said Mariah was welcome anytime. Abby had been surprised to learn Mariah hadn't gone to Italy, and she'd thought Mariah would have stopped by sooner. Mariah claimed one of the reasons she hadn't gone to Italy had been in case Dominic had become sicker and Abby needed her help. She felt she needed to keep her distance and not overstep.

Abby told Mariah she didn't want any weirdness between them, and Mariah could visit anytime. Mariah told Abby she'd brought over some breast milk. She knew Abby had been weaning Dominic, but she felt Abby could use it. Abby told Mariah the pediatrician was comfortable with switching Dominic to a formula, so she wouldn't be needing any more breast milk. Abby knew that would be difficult for Mariah to hear, but she promised she wasn't shutting Mariah out. She felt it was a good time to transition to a formula, and she hoped Mariah wasn't upset.

Mariah told Abby she'd loved being able to provide milk for Dominic. It had made her feel like she had a unique role in his life. It was hard to hear it was no longer needed, but she understood. Mariah hadn't realized how intense it could be. Another reason she hadn't gone to Italy was because she'd needed to get back to herself. Mariah said Tessa hadn't been thrilled that she'd opted out of going, but she'd needed time to herself, a routine, and structure. She had also needed to do some very deep reflecting.

Abby asked if Mariah had found any answers. Mariah stated she had. The doorbell rang. Devon arrived because he wanted to check up on Abby. He saw Mariah and hoped he wasn't interrupting. Mariah said she was happy they were all together.

Maria told Devon and Abby she loved them both. They had been incredible through the whole ordeal. Mariah said they had all had a hand in bringing Dominic into the world, and it was something she would cherish forever. She'd been struggling with her role in Dominic's life, and she was having a difficult time letting go. It had been difficult sorting through her emotions. She hoped they believed she was doing much better.

Abby and Devon were happy that Mariah was better. Devon noted that Mariah seemed happier and much calmer. Abby claimed there had been a wall between her and Mariah that she'd never wanted. She'd been thrilled to see Mariah reading to Dominic when she'd arrived home. Abby wanted Mariah to have a big and important role in Dominic's life, but only when she was ready. Mariah claimed she was ready, and she wanted them to take that step together. Devon renamed their little club "The Baby Dominic Crew." Abby loved the sound of that.

After Mariah left, Devon told Abby it appeared that Mariah had found her footing. Abby agreed Mariah was on a better and healthier path. He was happy that Mariah had put Abby into a better mood. Abby said she had woken up that morning, feeling blue, but Devon and Mariah had turned her day around. She told Devon she was fine, and she thanked him. After Devon left, Abby, almost in tears, asked, "Chance, where are you?"

Mariah arrived in her suite. She saw that Tessa was asleep, and she saw the gift. She read the note Tessa had written, and she opened the box. Inside was a stuffed bear. Tessa's note explained that she'd bought the bear at the airport on her way out of town. She'd thought of Mariah constantly, and she'd missed her terribly. She'd signed the note with love. Mariah sat at the edge of the bed. She touched Tessa's hand. Tessa woke up, and she was extremely happy to see Mariah.

Mariah apologized to Tessa for not being home when Tessa had arrived. Tessa said she'd missed Mariah, and they had a lot to talk about. Mariah said she'd been doing a lot of thinking, and she'd made some important decisions.

Abby is told a bomb has leveled Chance's building Abby is told a bomb has leveled Chance's building

Friday, October 22, 2021

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Sharon was surprised and delighted to see Noah.

In their suite, Tessa woke up and hugged Mariah. Mariah told Tessa she'd done a lot of soul-searching. She'd realized how unfair she'd been in making unilateral decisions about their future. It had been unfair to expect Tessa to become pregnant when they'd barely discussed the possibility of having a child. Tessa said Mariah had been dealing with a lot of emotional pain. She'd been traumatized and confused, but Mariah claimed it had been selfish and misguided. Mariah felt terrible and apologized.

Tessa told Mariah that she should have canceled her trip to Italy. Mariah had been through so much, and she hadn't been ready for such an event. Tessa said she'd spent most of her time in Tuscany worried about Mariah, and she'd wondered if she'd ruined the best thing she'd ever had. She'd also been worried that when she returned from Italy, Mariah would tell her they were better off apart. Mariah stated she would never do that.

Mariah told Tessa she was sorry she'd scared Tessa about having a baby. She knew it had been impulsive, and she'd been trying to create the perfect life because she hadn't wanted to deal with what she'd been going through. She'd realized that getting pregnant and being abducted had affected her in ways she hadn't expected; however, she was dealing with those issues. Tessa said it took time to process something so traumatic.

Mariah told Tessa she had to manage her maternal feelings toward Dominic. She told Tessa she'd been to see the baby earlier, and she'd felt better after the visit. Mariah said that she and Abby had had a great conversation. It had made her realize that cutting all ties wasn't the way to deal with the situation. She would have missed the baby more. Mariah said she was going with the original plan: be in the baby's life as much as Abby would permit. Tessa said Mariah had made a smart decision, and Tessa felt like she was falling in love with Mariah all over again. They kissed. Tessa suggested they go out and celebrate.

At Newman Enterprises, Ashland told Victoria he found it remarkable how things could pile up when one decided to do something crazy. Victoria asked if he had any regrets about getting married. Ashland had none, although he admitted he'd given Victoria reasons for regret. Victoria said she had no regrets. She didn't think she could love him more if she tried. She was extremely happy he was her husband and her business partner; however, she never wanted to hear the names Bobby DeFranco, Camilla Rhodes, or Jesse Gaines again. All she cared about was their future. She wanted him to focus on fighting his cancer.

Victoria asked Ashland what was so interesting on social media. Ashland said he'd been looking for any leaks about himself and his past. He wanted to make sure that Gaines hadn't posted anything before Victor had been able to take care of him. He couldn't let his guard down because Gaines could still be a wild card. Victoria reminded him that Victor had assured them that Gaines had been dealt with. Ashland said Victor had thought he'd had Gaines under control previously, yet Gaines had wound up in Tuscany with Billy. Victoria said she should have had her parents bring the kids. It would have saved them a lot of grief.

Ashland told Victoria she wasn't to blame for any of it. Gaines had had a score to settle, and he felt Ashland had been responsible for the failure his life had become. Victoria stated that Gaines had made a huge mistake, believing he could show up at the wedding and make a big public scene, especially knowing Victor would be there. Ashland said Gaines didn't always think about the consequences of his actions. Victoria said Victor and Adam had assured them they had neutralized the threat. She believed them.

Victoria told Ashland she wanted to discuss their honeymoon. He told her to pick the most romantic spot on the planet, and he would make it happen. Victoria claimed Ashland would never guess what her honeymoon surprise was.

Billy and Lily were working at home. Lily asked if Billy regretted deleting Gaines's video about Ashland building his empire on stolen money. Billy said that was what Victoria had wanted, and he didn't want to be the one to reveal who Victoria's husband really was. Billy was surprised that Gaines hadn't posted it, and he wondered why. Billy said they needed to focus on the real threat, Victor and Adam. Lily was surprised how blatant Victor had been with Billy. She wondered if he'd done that to unnerve Billy. If he had, she claimed it had worked.

Billy said Lily was right. Victor would never show his hand. He was all about the icy stare. Billy recalled a moment at the Newman Media launch. Adam had said, "If and when Newman Media comes after ChancComm, you will never see it coming." Billy found that curious because he'd heard Victor tell Adam to devise a strategy. Victor wanted him to know he was after them. Lily suggested that perhaps Victor had wanted to warn them so they could prepare. Billy asked why he would do that. Lily claimed Billy was the Victor whisperer.

Billy said Lily might be right. Victor wanted to get inside Billy's head to throw them off their game, hoping they would make a mistake that would leave them vulnerable. Lily said maybe Victor wanted them to be so super focused on the attack against the company to distract them. Lily knew that Victor would love to hurt Billy, but she didn't believe it was his or Adam's only goal. She thought it might be to misdirect them. If they looked too closely at themselves, they wouldn't be looking at something else. Billy commented, "Like Gaines disappearing off the face of the earth."

Lily asked Billy if he thought Victor had convinced Gaines to leave Ashland alone. Billy said he didn't but felt there was more going on. Gaines had hated Ashland from the moment Ashland had shown up as an enthusiastic kid. Gaines had talked about how Ashland had shown up and had made a name for himself in Camilla Rhodes's company. Ashland had also caught the eye of Camilla's attorney, Jesse Gaines Sr. Ashland had been showered with love and affection, and it had seemed that Ashland had been Jesse Sr.'s son. Jesse Jr. had ended up feeling like he'd been a disappointment to his father.

Billy told Lily that Gaines had arrived in Tuscany, filled with anger and bitterness for the man Gaines claimed had stolen his father's heart from him. Gaines had known it would be risky, but he'd been determined to expose Ashland for the fraud he was. Gaines had said he would release his video if ChancComm didn't, yet there was no sign of it. Billy felt Gaines had been prevented from releasing it. Lily said that with Victor's resources, he could have accomplished that. Billy stated that he and Victor had paid Gaines a lot of money to keep him quiet; however, it had always been about more than the money to Gaines.

Lily asked if Billy was suggesting Victor had made Gaines disappear, because that wasn't Victor's style. Billy agreed, but he wouldn't put it past Adam. Billy claimed if Gaines had gone through with his plan, it would have been more than public embarrassment for Ashland. It would have affected the merger, and it would have affected Newman Media. Billy claimed he'd been so focused on making certain that Victoria knew the truth, he'd lost sight of the hit Ashland would take to his bottom line if that video had been posted.

Lily told Billy it hadn't been the bottom line for Gaines, but it had been for Victor and Adam. Billy knew the lengths Adam would go to in order to prove himself to Victor, and he would do the dirty work. Lily was right. Perhaps it had been the reason Victor had come after them with so much bluster. He didn't want them to investigate how Gaines had disappeared and how far Adam would go to do what Ashland had needed him to do -- or, more importantly, what Victor wanted Adam to do.

Lily told Billy that Adam might have done something to hurt Gaines to keep him quiet. Billy felt that if they could get justice for Gaines and stop Newman Media in their tracks, they would become the threat, and they would crush the competition.

At Society, Nick told Noah and Sharon that he hadn't been at the palazzo since he'd been in boarding school. He described the upgrades, and Noah added that the house wasn't too shabby, either. Noah mentioned the heated terrace, which was perfect for fall nights, and the view was amazing. It had been his favorite part of the whole place.

Sharon told Nick it sounded very romantic. She was certain that Nick had had a great time, experiencing it all with Phyllis. Nick said it had been cool. Sharon said she'd read that there had been some drama with Victoria's wedding dress. Nick said Victoria had worn a dress that had been designed by Sally Spectra. Sharon was surprised. Nick claimed it had surprised everyone. Sharon had seen the photos, and Victoria had looked radiant and very much in love. Nick agreed.

Sharon asked Noah why he hadn't wanted to return to London, even though she had already surmised that Noah's decision to leave London hadn't been sudden. Nick noted that Noah had said very little about himself. Noah claimed he'd been trying to be a good son, and he'd been concerned about his dad. Nick didn't want Noah to feel like he couldn't tell them what was going on with him. Noah said he'd taken stock of his life, and he didn't want to get stuck in a rut in London because it had felt like it had been happening.

Sharon said that when Noah had talked about his life in London, it had sounded very exciting, and he'd been happy about how much attention his work had been receiving. Noah said that it was time for a change. He asked about Faith. He knew she'd had some problems at school because of some mean girls. Sharon said Faith would be happy to tell him when she saw him, but so far, Faith was having a stellar year. Nick said Noah couldn't keep sidestepping their questions forever. Sharon stated that every time they asked a personal question, Noah would deflect, and then he would change the subject. Nick said that, at some point, Noah would have to tell them something.

Nick asked Noah why he'd felt the urge to take a break from the life he'd built in the U.K. Noah saw Tessa and Mariah arrive. Noah left to join them. Alone at the table, Sharon asked Nick why Noah had been concerned about him in Italy. Nick said he hadn't been an invited guest. He said that Victor and Billy had been doing some investigating into Ashland, and he'd decided to do some digging on his own. When Victoria had found out, she'd been "mad as hell," and she remained that way.

Sharon asked if Nick had discovered something real. Nick said the details weren't important because it hadn't changed Victoria's mind about marrying Ashland; however, it had changed things for him and Victoria. Sharon said Victoria had to have known that what Nick had done had been from a place of love and concern. Nick said he'd gone to Italy to make amends, but Victoria felt he'd betrayed her. He said it still hurt, but he hoped Victoria would forgive him someday.

Nick asked what Sharon's take on Noah was. Sharon felt there was much more to Noah's visit than just needing a break. She said that whenever she and Noah talked about other parts of the world, Noah had told her how fulfilled he was in the U.K. and how he'd come into his own. He'd talked about the energy and the people. She felt that Noah was ready to leave it all behind. Something had happened to make him feel that way.

Noah received a warm greeting from Mariah and Tessa. He told Mariah he wished she'd seen Tessa sing at the wedding. Mariah claimed someone had posted Tessa singing online, and she'd seen it. Mariah asked how long Noah would be in town. He said he didn't have any plans for returning to London in the foreseeable future. Mariah asked what had gone wrong. Noah said nothing had gone wrong; it had been a career choice to go to the hipster and art universe, but it wasn't who he was or would ever be. Genoa City was his home, and he missed his family and his friends.

Noah told Mariah he couldn't imagine how terrifying it had to have been for her to be trapped in a small room. Mariah admitted it had been tough. Noah said she seemed happy, and it was great catching up; however, he had to get back to his parents. After Noah left, Mariah claimed there had to be a story there. Tessa agreed, but she was happy the three of them were in a good place.

Sharon told Noah that Mariah seemed to be better. Noah claimed she seemed to be okay for the moment. Nick told Noah he'd filled Sharon in on what had happened with Victoria in Tuscany. Noah said he'd tried to play mediator, but it hadn't gone well. He'd hated that it had been so tense. Noah asked if there was anything he could do to help. Nick said he had it covered; however, he wanted to talk about Noah's plans and if there was anything they could do to help. A short time later, they left.

Mariah asked if Tessa would mind if she gave the bear to Dominic. Tessa said it had been part of the reason she'd bought it. Mariah asked if they could deliver it immediately. Tessa said Mariah had seen him earlier. Mariah assured her the request wasn't from an obsession. She thought the baby would like the bear. Tessa agreed to a visit with Dominic.

At the Chancellor home, Abby told Ashley that Chance was missing all the changes Dominic was going through. It wasn't fair to Chance, to her, or to Dominic. She couldn't even send Chance a message -- or photos or videos. She said he could be on another continent. Ashley said she was sure Chance was as tired of the situation as Abby was.

Abby told Ashley that everyone close to her was staying positive, believing it would make her feel better. Ashley understood that Abby was frustrated and upset. Abby said Chance's assignment had gone on much longer than anticipated. There hadn't been any news or an end in sight. She had no idea what the mission entailed or how much danger Chance was in. Ashley reminded Abby there were a lot of people who would drop everything to help her whenever she needed them.

Ashley asked Abby about Mariah. Abby said Mariah seemed to be doing better, and that Mariah had done the right thing by moving out. She'd distanced herself from the situation and taken time to process everything she'd been through. Abby had been concerned about Maria's emotional state. Abby received a call from Christine, who said she was on her way over. Abby was elated. She told Ashley that Christine had news about Chance.

Abby asked Ashley why Christine had wanted to give her the news in person. Ashley said there could be several reasons. Abby hoped Christine would tell her when Chance would be home. Ashley said that Christine might tell Abby that Chance's assignment had been extended. Ashley didn't want Abby to be disappointed if the news wasn't what Abby wanted to hear.

Abby took photos of Dominic, and she told Ashley she might be able to share those with Chance in person soon. Christine arrived and said there had been reports from the area where Chance had been working undercover. He'd been transferred there for the final portion of his assignment. Chance's location had been hit by a bomb in the middle of the night, and the building had been leveled.

Christine told Abby that the State Department had issued a statement fearing there hadn't been any survivors. Through tears, Abby claimed it had to be a mistake. Christine said she'd been in touch with her contacts to get verification, but even if they received verification that the building had been leveled, it didn't mean Chance had been in the building at the time of the explosion. Abby said Chance hadn't been in the building. He couldn't have been. She would have felt it.

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