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Abby crumbled when Christine presented her with Chance's wedding band, which had been found at the bomb explosion site. Michael convinced Amanda to testify against Sutton. Nick and Phyllis continued to clash over his problems with his family. Ashland and Victoria learned his chemotherapy wasn't working.
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Chance's wedding band was recovered at the explosion site, and Ashland learned his chemotherapy wasn't working
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Michael shares his plan of attack with Amanda

Michael shares his plan of attack with Amanda

Monday, October 25, 2021

Abby was in denial after Christine informed her that a bomb had completely leveled a building where Chance had reportedly been. No survivors had yet been rescued. Abby said that Chance might not have been in the building. Ashley replied, "I believe that. I really do. I haven't given up hope, honey, but I think maybe what Christine's trying to do is prepare us in case."

The doorbell rang. Abby hoped it might be federal agents with an update to share. Ashley found Mariah and Tessa at the door. While Ashley comforted Abby, Christine quietly informed Mariah and Tessa about the unfolding tragedy. Abby and Mariah expressed sorrow to Abby, but Ashley insisted they remain positive. Christine stepped out to call agents she hoped might have additional information.

Mariah presented a gift to Dominic, explaining that Tessa had brought it back from Italy. With tears still dampening her cheeks, Abby accepted a stuffed bear attired like a gondola guide, wearing a distinctive striped shirt and straw hat. Dominic cooed when Abby showed him the toy. Mariah and Ashley struggled to maintain their composure. A tear streamed down Tessa's cheek when Ashley assured Dominic that the bear wasn't as cute as he was.

When Christine returned, she announced that one of her contacts had reported that teams from the local fire and police departments had begun a search-and-rescue mission. Abby checked her phone and found no missed calls or messages, but she insisted she'd hear from Chance. Ashley agreed that Chance would reach out. Abby tearfully pleaded for Christine to phone a federal official who might know more. Abby followed Christine to another room. Ashley told Mariah and Tessa that all they could do was wait. Mariah peered into Dominic's crib and remarked that the little guy was sleeping through the ordeal, seemingly longing for them all to do the same.

At Society, Michael informed Amanda and Devon that he was pleased with the twelve jurors selected to hear Sutton's case, though Sutton's defense team was not. Michael explained that he'd been successful in relieving several potential jurors who'd seemed biased. Amanda was thankful to learn that the trial would begin the following week, and she told Michael she wanted Sutton convicted as soon as possible. Amanda feared a drawn-out trial would be detrimental to her mother due to health concerns with Naya's heart. Michael requested that Amanda testify against her grandfather by recalling the details of what she'd learned when she'd set out to defend him. Devon, concerned, ask Michael if it was ethical to have Amanda testify because Sutton's statements were protected under attorney-client privilege.

Michael told Amanda that he was only interested in what Amanda had learned after having been fired from the case. Michael warned that the defense attorneys would raise objections, though the jury would be eager to hear from the defendant's granddaughter and former attorney. Devon expressed misgivings, but Amanda seemed eager to put Sutton in prison, so Naya and Imani could live in peace.

Amanda told Devon that because Sutton had taken her father's life, she owed him no loyalty. Devon asked Amanda to consider how it might affect her personally, especially her relationship with her new family if she were to testify in open court and have her words be publicly scrutinized. Michael agreed that his request shouldn't be taken lightly.

Devon received a text message from Abby seeking help, but he was reluctant to leave Amanda. Amanda assured Devon she'd consider his advice before making a decision, and she asked him to phone her as soon as learned what was wrong. After Devon left, Michael said he'd address all their concerns, though he expressed certainty that Amanda's personal testimony was their best chance to achieve a conviction.

Amanda asked Michael how he might counter the defense attorney's claim that she was settling a score against Sutton for having forced her mother to give her and Hilary up at birth. Michael, offering an explanation, replied, "That the mounting evidence convinced you that Sutton was lying about his involvement in Richard's death, so you went in search for the truth, which you found.

Amanda noted that Sutton's confession wasn't an actual confession because her grandfather had only made disparaging remarks about her father. Amanda recalled that Sutton had described Richard as "a nobody" and had spoken about "accidents of birth" that he'd been willing to sacrifice, adding that he could live with what he'd done. Michael reminded Amanda that Sutton had said Richard Nealon was a problem that needed to be handled because he was someone who could have torn down everything Sutton had worked to build.

Michael reminded Amanda of the recording she'd made, which backed up her claims. Amanda said the recording would be deemed inadmissible because of the methods she'd used to obtain it. Michael replied that the jury would know that the recording existed as proof that everything she'd said was true, otherwise, the defense wouldn't fight against playing it. Michael warned that Sutton's team only had to create reasonable doubt, which they were confident could be done. Michael explained that he and Amanda would have to take the jury on the same journey she'd taken in order for them to see Sutton as a man capable of killing Richard and later hiring her to defend him.

Michael insisted to Amanda that her cooperation was the only way they could win and achieve justice for her father. Amanda replied, "Okay. I'll do it." Michael introduced another strategy, explaining that he would talk about Hilary, realizing that some jurors might have been her fans and would learn that Amanda had been deprived a chance of knowing her twin. Amanda suggested it was manipulative. Michael said it was a fact the jury would recall late in the evening while they deliberated over cold pizza. Michael explained that appealing to humanity would make a decades-old murder case seem as relevant and urgent as it had been just after it had occurred. Amanda seemed overwhelmed and cried that for the first time, she felt like she could get justice for her father and make Sutton pay, though she'd trade it all to spend one day with her father.

After Devon arrived at the Chancellor mansion, Ashley explained that something had happened involving Chance. Devon and Ashley admitted they'd been preparing themselves for just such a scenario. Ashley cried that she'd grown more terrified the longer Chance had been detained. Abby entered. Devon embraced her and said he was sorry to hear the news. Devon promised Abby that none of them would give up. Abby said she needed Devon's hope and strength, and she welcomed his embrace as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

Billy summoned Rey to Crimson Lights to discuss Jesse Gaines. Billy explained that Jesse was connected to Ashland Locke and had suddenly gone missing. Billy told Rey that Jesse had information that could cause a "massive scandal and cost the people involved a fortune." Rey learned that Jesse had been about to divulge the information when he'd disappeared and that even Billy's best investigative reporters couldn't locate the man. Rey asked Billy if he thought Locke had been involved. Billy replied, "I think the real person of interest, who's smack in the middle of all of this, is Adam."

Billy recalled that Jesse had vanished from the Newman palazzo after having flown to Italy to confront Ashland, though Billy didn't share the incriminating information with Rey. Billy noted that Ashland had paid Jesse a lot of money to keep the secrets quiet, knowing the information would jeopardize everything he'd built. Rey asked Adam how he'd been involved. Billy explained that after Ashland had become part of the Newman family and merged their businesses, it was in the Newmans' best interests to protect him.

Rey told Billy he'd require more than Billy's instincts before he could open an official investigation. Billy said he'd approached Rey because he assumed, like him, Rey didn't believe that Adam had changed at all. Sharon approached and asked Billy and Rey what they'd been talking about so intently. Rey casually told Sharon that Billy had asked advice about a missing person. Rey informed Billy that the investigation was out of his jurisdiction, though he agreed to approach the authorities at the locale if Billy provided more than purely circumstantial evidence.

After Billy left, Sharon asked Rey why Billy had gone to him about the matter. Rey said Billy had obviously approached him because he worked for the police department. Sharon asked for details, and Rey said Billy was concerned about a missing person, likely associated with a story Billy was covering. Sharon said the conversation had seemed intense, which made her wonder if there was more to it. Rey assured Sharon she had no reason to get involved.

Sally waltzed into Adam's office and instructed him to check his email. Sally bragged that her email listed fifteen glowing reviews from the European fashion press about Victoria's wedding and her stunning, one-of-a-kind gown designed by Sally Spectra for Newman Fashion. Adam congratulated Sally and offered to take her out to eat. Sally said she'd invite Chloe and make it a working meal. After Sally stepped out, Adam sighed.

Adam was sitting at the bar near Sally at Society when Billy entered. After Billy greeted them, Sally stepped away to phone Chloe. Adam told Billy he'd heard from Victor that Billy had deleted "the video" instead of using it to bury Ashland. Billy said he couldn't figure out why Jesse Gaines hadn't followed through with his threat to release proof that Ashland had built his entire empire with money stolen from a dead woman. Adam claimed Billy was counting on Jesse to be the bad guy.

Billy recalled that Jesse had flown to Tuscany to reveal what a bad guy Ashland was, and then, suddenly, Jesse had vanished.

Adam accused Billy of always searching for the nefarious. Billy said that Adam's involvement was always nefarious. Adam said he wasn't sure what Billy was implying. Billy said he was referring to Adam's miraculous transformation, his sudden interest in caring for his family, and his eagerness to donate an organ to save a teenager he'd rescued after a car crash. Billy claimed that Adam's actions had all been an act carefully calculated to win over hearts and minds, especially Sharon's. Billy said Adam's aim was to show Sharon his hidden nobility, though Billy and anyone knowing what Adam was capable of hadn't been fooled.

Billy asked Adam if there was anything he wouldn't do to get a pat on the head from his dad. Adam said Billy seemed to believe Adam was responsible for Gaines "going off the grid." Billy replied, "I didn't say that. Didn't mention anything like that at all, but it is interesting that you would go there." Adam defiantly folded his arms across his chest and suggested that Jesse might have grown a conscience. Billy replied, "I don't think so. I don't think Gaines is the type, and I pride myself on being able to read people." Adam tried to blow if off and claimed that perhaps Jesse had gotten a better offer, though the odds were that they'd never know.

When Sally returned, she asked if she'd interrupted something. Billy replied, "Not at all. Enjoy yourself." After Billy walked away, Sally asked Adam what had happened. Adam sighed and said it was a shame Chloe couldn't make it. Sally agreed and asked Adam again about what had taken place between him and Billy. Adam explained that both he and Billy claimed they were trying to better themselves, though neither believed the other was capable of doing it. Sally said that based on what she knew, Adam had changed his life tremendously. Adam said the difference was that he hadn't liked who he'd been, but Billy seemed to miss his reckless lifestyle.

Adam told Sally that Billy was a gambler who lived for a rush and would never forgive him for Delia's death. Adam claimed that trying to destroy him was like a rush to Billy. Adam admitted he'd earned Billy's hatred, and Billy would never trust him. Sally replied, "Are you afraid of what he might do to you one day?" Adam said he wasn't. Adam admitted that things between him and Billy would worsen, though he refrained from sharing details.

Billy strolled in Chancellor Park while talking to a contact named Marty. Billy asked Marty if he remembered Jesse Gaines. Billy explained that Jesse had vanished again. Billy said that this time, Jesse hadn't disappeared on his own. Billy added, "Call it a strong hunch. I think he posed too big of a threat to Newman powers that be." Billy informed Marty that Jesse had been in Tuscany for the wedding and had disappeared during the festivities. Billy said his working theory was that Victor's son Adam was the one behind it, though the police needed more information. Billy asked Marty to find Gaines.

After Billy hung up, he turned around and found Sharon glaring at him. Sharon said, "Now it all makes sense. Why you went to Rey." Sharon accused Billy of pulling Rey into an investigation of Adam through their shared hatred of him. Sharon asked Billy when he'd stop trying to hurt Adam and let go of his hatred.

Nick entered the Grand Phoenix, where Phyllis immediately teased him about first meeting with Sharon after his flight landed. Nick explained that Noah had wanted to surprise his mother and tell her he'd decided to stay in Genoa City for the foreseeable future. Phyllis said she thought Noah loved living in London. Nick admitted the move seemed impulsive and that Noah had been hesitant to discuss it, though he hoped Noah might open up soon.

Phyllis told Nick she hoped Nick might open up to her about what had been going on between them. Nick said he didn't know what Phyllis meant because nothing was going on with them. Phyllis explained that she yearned to be supportive in light of the strain with his dad and sister, yet Nick seemed to be pushing her away. Phyllis complained that Nick became defensive about any comment she made about his family. Nick assured Phyllis he wasn't pushing her away.

Phyllis reminded Nick that she was his partner and teammate and didn't like being distant from him. Phyllis took Nick by the hand, kissed him, and led him to the elevator, where they engaged in foreplay before the doors closed. Phyllis slid the "do not disturb" sign on her doorknob. After Phyllis closed the door to her suite, she and Nick began disrobing and plopped on the bed together. After Nick and Phyllis made love, they lounged in bed.

Phyllis asked Nick to share his thoughts. Nick said he'd been thinking about what being a Newman really meant. Nick explained that, unlike Adam or Victoria, he'd been trying to do his own thing and stay above the fray without having secret ambitions or feeling as if he had to prove himself to his dad one minute or trying to hurt him the next.

Nick complained that his family always called on him for help, though he felt he was an outsider. Phyllis praised Nick for reaching out to everyone to defend and protect them, though she acknowledged that it might be frustrating to feel as if he was weak and never taken seriously. Nick sighed and moved away from Phyllis. Phyllis berated herself and cried, "What did I just say?" Nick became frustrated and said he knew how much Phyllis hated his family, though it was hard to hear her admit how much she couldn't stand them.

Phyllis advised Nick to ignore the mean things his screwed-up family did to him repeatedly. Nick complained that Phyllis' go-to solution was pretending a problem didn't exist and trivializing his family. Phyllis disagreed and accused Nick of thinking the worst about her no matter what she did to help him with his family. Phyllis, frustrated, rushed to the bathroom.

Ashland is told his chemotherapy isn't working

Ashland is told his chemotherapy isn't working

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

by Nel

In the park, Billy said Sharon had misinterpreted what she'd heard. Sharon accused Billy of not being able to let go of his anger toward Adam. She asked why Billy had one of his reporters try to dig something up on Adam. Billy was surprised how Sharon continued to defend Adam, especially after the way Adam had affected her marriage to Rey. Sharon told Billy not to turn it around on her. It had nothing to do with her.

Sharon asked what Billy thought Adam had done. Billy claimed he was surprised Rey hadn't shared the information with her. Sharon claimed Rey was discreet about spreading unfounded allegations. Clearly, Billy lacked scruples. She asked Billy for the details.

Billy told Sharon he believed that, on Victor's orders, Adam had made a man disappear because he'd posed a threat to Victoria and Ashland's wedding with information about Ashland's past. He'd gone to Tuscany to confront Ashland, and he'd disappeared. Billy claimed the old Adam had returned. Sharon asked if it had been bribery. Billy said the guy had taken money from everyone; however, he'd gone to Tuscany to take matters into his own hands. Sharon asked if Billy planned on throwing kidnapping or murder accusations against Adam.

Billy told Sharon he found it interesting she would go there -- to bribery, murder, or kidnapping -- and felt it was not too far-fetched. He said Sharon knew what Adam was capable of. Sharon stated that was impossible. Victor wouldn't order anyone to do that, Adam had no allegiance to Ashland, and there was no love lost between Adam and Victoria. Billy stated that Adam was back in the Newman fold, and he would do anything to stay there.

Sharon said Billy was grasping at straws and spreading unsubstantiated and negative rumors about Adam. She said Adam deserved every chance to turn his life around, just like everyone had given Billy a chance; however, she found it interesting how that got lost in Billy's obsession. Sharon walked away.

At Newman Media, Victor was happy Adam had agreed to confront Billy. Adam felt it was the perfect time to strike after he'd seen how obsessed Billy was with Jesse Gaines and Ashland. Adam claimed Billy was distracted, and Victor had set Billy up perfectly. Billy would be focused on Gaines, and he wouldn't know what had hit him.

Ashland arrived. He asked Victor and Adam if they were planning to go after ChancComm. Ashland said he agreed with any plan that took Billy down. Adam said they intended to include Ashland. Victor stated they were interested in destabilizing ChancComm. Once it was unstable, they would go in and scoop up the remains. Victor claimed they'd been successful in acquiring Cyaxares and rebranding it as Newman Media. They wanted ChancComm as their next target. Ashland realized it was more about taking Billy down and less about business.

Ashland informed Victor and Adam he wouldn't withhold any information from Victoria. He asked them not to provide him with any details they didn't want Victoria to know. They agreed. Victor said he'd informed Billy they were coming after him. Ashland was included in their strategy. Ashland said if they were successful, ChancComm would definitely be weakened. Victor claimed that at that point, they would rip it out right under Billy's nose.

Ashland told Victor and Adam he was impressed with the ruthlessness of their plan. He was surprised Jesse Gaines had been useful. Victor said Billy didn't "give a damn" about facts; however, Billy would move very quickly once he realized he could hurt Newman Media, and that was his Achilles heel.

At Sharon's, Noah told Rey he appreciated Rey and Sharon allowing him to crash there. Rey was looking forward to getting to know Noah. Noah wanted an update about the ranch and what had happed around town. Rey stated that other than Victor acquiring a few more horses, not much had changed.

Rey told Noah that Faith had turned her life around after a very tough year, and he thought Faith was falling for Moses Winters. Rey said Faith would bring Noah up to speed about her love life, and Sharon would update him on Crimson Lights. Noah commented that Sharon had worked very hard to keep the coffeehouse going. Noah said he'd heard that Rey had been instrumental in saving Mariah. Noah appreciated everything Rey had done for his family.

Rey hoped Noah felt at home. Noah claimed it was obvious he'd made himself comfortable. Rey hoped Noah would feel comfortable living with him, Sharon, and Faith. Noah said it wouldn't be a problem, and he no idea how long he would be staying. Noah claimed it no longer felt like home, and neither did London.

Rey told Noah he felt the same way whenever he went to Miami to visit family, but he couldn't wait to return to Sharon and their life. Noah claimed he was stuck in a weird limbo between his childhood home and wherever his future home might be. Rey told Noah there was no rush but to brace himself to be pressured about leaving. No one wanted him to leave Genoa City again.

At Newman, Victoria showed Nikki pictures from the wedding. Nikki complimented Victoria on looking radiant, in love, and happy. Victoria said she went to bed happy every night, and she woke up happy. She knew she and Ashland would have to face personal and business challenges, but she couldn't be more content. Nikki said Victoria needed to work things out with Nick. Nikki insisted the rift between Victoria and Nick couldn't continue. Victoria told Nikki to stop.

Victoria told Nikki she was in a great mood and to let the topic of Nick drop. She would deal with Nick after the honeymoon. Nikki asked where Victoria and Ashland were going on their honeymoon. Victoria said she wanted to surprise Ashland with a perfect, stress-free getaway in paradise. Victoria wanted to leave in a week. Nikki knew Victoria would work day and night to make certain nothing got in the way of the perfect honeymoon.

Victoria happily greeted Ashland when he arrived. He told Victoria he'd been at Newman Media, and Victor and Adam were planning a move against ChancComm. Victoria asked what he thought about it. Ashland said that from a business standpoint, it made sense. They would cripple the competition and enfold them into their empire. He'd done that many times in the past. Victoria asked why he'd wanted her to know. Ashland didn't want any secrets between them, and Victoria might want to protect Billy for the same reason Billy had wanted to protect her for the sake of her children.

Victoria asked Ashland not to give her any of the details. Victoria reminded him that he'd told her that going after ChancComm wasn't an unusual business move; however, if Billy wanted to play in the big leagues, then he needed to protect his company. Ashland was surprised and impressed. He said he would honor her wishes and keep all the details from her. Victoria stated that Ashland should feel very flattered because he'd won Victor's respect. Victor only went on the attack for family, and Ashland was family. Ashland and Victoria decided on a celebration lunch at Society.

In their suite, Phyllis appeared to be searching for something and slamming drawers shut. Nick asked if they were going to have a discussion or if Phyllis was going to continue with the silent treatment. Phyllis said she couldn't talk because she'd already taken too much time off work. Nick claimed work could wait. He was dealing with his family, and he could use her support. Phyllis reminded him that every time she gave him her support, he rejected it.

Nick claimed Phyllis' support felt like criticism and an opportunity to Newman-bash. She said she'd supported him, but every time she'd done that, Nick had been offended. Nick claimed Phyllis had advised him to push the hard issues aside and pretend everything was fine. That would be easier than dealing with his family's contentious family history. Phyllis denied it.

Nick claimed he and Phyllis weren't understanding each other. He wanted them to sit down and talk things out calmly. She said she wasn't calm; however, she was insulted that Nick had insinuated she didn't care about his feelings. Nick said that wasn't what he'd meant. Phyllis didn't want to talk. She told Nick she needed some space, and she left.

At Crimson Lights, Sally asked Jack about his return flight from Tuscany with Phyllis. Jack said it had been an easy and smooth flight. Sally noted that his relationship with Phyllis had been deepening. They had spent quality time together at Summer's wedding and again at Victoria's wedding. Jack said that shouldn't have surprised Sally. She knew his history with Phyllis. Sally thought it was funny how they'd gone from being a couple to being in-laws.

Jack told Sally he didn't know why Sally was so interested in his friendship with Phyllis, but it appeared she had her own tricky relationship to navigate with her new boss, Adam. Jack excused himself. He had some reading to catch up on, and he sat down at a table.

A short time later, Phyllis arrived at the coffeehouse. Jack noticed she seemed down. Phyllis told him things weren't getting any better between her and Nick. She said they had a superficial relationship. Whenever conflict arose, they seemed to crumble. Jack claimed that she and Nick had been through a lot in the past, and they had survived.

Phyllis told Jack that they didn't seem to be on the same planet or speaking the same language. Jack asked what the issue was. Phyllis didn't know. Everything had gone sideways, and she had no idea how to work it out. Jack reminded her that no relationship was easy, and sometimes it led to rocky patches. It depended on how deep the relationship was and how they handled the rough patches. Phyllis claimed they weren't handling it at all, nor were they even capable of it.

Jack asked if Phyllis and Nick had been talking. Phyllis said Nick had wanted them to talk, but she'd needed time to clear her head. Jack asked if Nick had wanted to talk, but Phyllis had walked out. Phyllis had felt it had been the right thing to do, or she would have said all the wrong things. Jack had seen her temper, and it wasn't pretty. He told Phyllis to have her head in the right place before she had an important, adult conversation. Phyllis told Jack he always knew what to say to calm her. Jack claimed he didn't want her to give up.

On the patio, Sally told Adam that a European magazine had called her the next Vera Wang. She wanted to capitalize on that by doing a feature: "The Making of a Dream Dress." They could share all her sketches, write about the process, and tell how they'd gotten the dress to the bride just before her wedding day. Adam seemed uninterested. He told her to talk to Chloe. He would go along with whatever Chloe decided.

Sally was stunned. She asked if he didn't care. Adam said he didn't care about the wedding dress press at that moment. Sally recalled he'd wanted to keep things strictly professional, and he obviously meant it. She'd thought the fashion division was more important to Newman Media. Adam said there was more to Newman Media than the fashion line. Adam said he needed to take a call he had with an investor, and he left. Sally was deflated. Sometime later, Sally wanted to call Adam, but she changed her mind. At that moment she spotted Jack and Phyllis together again.

Billy arrived, and he asked Sally if they could have a little chat. Sally asked if he wanted to ask about Victoria's wedding dress, because it appeared that was all the media had been talking about. Billy said he was looking for a story about Newman Media and the company's entanglement in the disappearance of Jesse Gaines. Sally said she had no idea who that was.

Billy told Sally he was following up on a story that Victor and Adam had been involved in the disappearance. He said she'd flown to Tuscany on the Newman private jet, and he wondered if she'd overheard anything, especially on the return flight. Sally had nothing to say to Billy. She knew about his rivalry with Newman Media. She stated her loyalty was with Newman Media. Billy said he'd noticed that she and Adam had been getting cozy at the palazzo, and she might think she had a line into Adam; however, Adam was savvy and dangerous, and he only worried about himself. Billy suggested that Sally protect herself.

Sally told Billy he hadn't been the first person to warn her about Adam, and he wouldn't be the last. She said she'd also been warned about Billy and his personal vendetta against Adam. She said she would make her own decisions. Adam arrived. When he saw Billy with Sally, he stayed out of sight inside the doorway.

At the ranch, Nikki wanted to know how long Noah would be staying. Noah was certain Victor had told Nikki about the branding he'd been doing for Newman Media, and he thought he could expand on that a bit. Nikki knew Victor would love that, and she would be thrilled if he stayed in town for a while. Nikki asked if there was a reason he wasn't in London. Noah assured her he wasn't hiding or running from anything.

Noah told Nikki there were many reasons he wanted to stay in town. He was worried about the rift between Nick and Victoria, and it appeared that Nick was angry with Victor. Nikki was concerned about that, as well, and she feared the problem wouldn't vanish easily.

Adam returned to Newman Media. During his conference call, Adam agreed with the investor that Sally Spectra was a valuable asset to Newman Media. After the call had ended, Adam debated about calling Sally, but he changed his mind and left.

At Society, Victoria told Victor that Ashland had shared his and Adam's plan with her. Victor said Victoria had to have realized that Billy needed a wake-up call. Victoria said she was on board; however, she wanted to be spared the details. She said all was fair in business, and she was done protecting Billy.

Nick arrived at Society. Victor invited Nick to have a cup of coffee with him, but Nick claimed he wanted to grab a quick bite and go home to Christian. Nick said Noah was in town and staying at Sharon's. He said Noah should spend some time with his grandparents. Victor said Nikki was planning a dinner, and he hoped Nick would be there. Nick said it wasn't a good idea. Victor wanted Nick to let go of what had happened in Tuscany. Nick said the wedding was over, but nothing had changed.

Nick claimed Victor had used Nick whenever he'd needed Nick, but he'd cast Nick aside in favor of Adam. Nick said he was over it. He was, once again, questioning his place in the family. Victor claimed it broke his heart that Nick didn't feel like part of the family. He wanted to know why. Nick claimed Victor's lack of awareness was the core of the problem. Victor never perceived how his actions were seen from his children's point of view, at least not Nick's.

Victor told Nick that he'd given Nick everything Nick had ever needed or wanted. Victor didn't understand what he didn't see. Nick claimed the push-pull dynamic would never disappear. It had gone on for decades. Nick said he wasn't angry; however, he was exhausted. Nick claimed he wasn't hungry, and he left.

Phyllis returned to her suite. She sent Nick a text message: "Are you ready to talk?" She then called room service, and she asked them to bring up the best sellers in their honeymoon package. Phyllis pulled out a sexy nighty. She received a response from Nick, "Staying at the house. Christian's got a cold."

At their table at Society, Ashland received a call from his oncologist. He asked what the latest tests had revealed. Ashland told Victoria the chemotherapy wasn't working. He said they had known it was a long shot. Victoria said they would find a stronger drug or something more experimental. She said they weren't going to give up. It only meant they had to fight harder.

Abby calls Victor for help

Abby calls Victor for help

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

by Nel

At home, Abby complained that Christine had been on the phone for a long time. Devon said it meant Christine had been able to reach more of her contacts. Abby stated that they didn't have confirmation that Chance had been staying in that building. It could have been a fake address to go with a fake identity. Abby said they had no idea how long it would take Christine to gather information.

Christine returned with photos from the scene. She asked Abby for a positive identification from one of the photos. In tears, Abby said it was a photo of Chance's watch, a family heirloom Nina had given him before their wedding. Christine stated that the watch had been partially buried at the site of the explosion. Abby saw it as a good sign because Chance wouldn't have been wearing the watch while undercover. Abby claimed Chance hadn't been in the building when the bomb had gone off.

Christine told everyone that the building had been leveled, and it would take time to discover what had happened. Abby claimed she'd had time to process the photo, and she knew exactly what had happened. Chance had left the watch behind because he'd been working when the bomb had gone off. Christine said it didn't explain why there hadn't been any sightings of him. Abby said Chance might have been in hiding, and he hadn't felt safe contacting anyone. She begged Christine to contact everyone she could and gather as much information as she could. Christine left to make more calls.

Abby wanted everyone to believe Chance would return home. She said the odds had been stacked against him previously, and he'd survived the impossible. Chance had never given up on them, and he would never give up on himself. Abby said they couldn't give up on Chance. She said that when Mariah had been missing, they had never given up trying to find her. Abby claimed she knew Chance hadn't been in that building. Chance would return home to her and Dominic.

Abby told Ashley that she should have gone with Christine, but Mariah told Abby to wait until Christine had some confirmed facts. Dominic began to cry. Abby picked him up to comfort him, but he wouldn't settle. As soon as Devon took Dominic, he stopped crying. Abby said she couldn't give her baby what he needed. She claimed she needed some air and left.

Mariah watched jealously as Devon gave Dominic his bottle. Ashley said it broke her heart that Dominic might never meet Chance. Mariah told Ashley not to say that because Chance might not be gone. Mariah watched as Devon fed and burped the baby, while she was dying to hold Dominic herself.

Christine returned. She told everyone there wasn't anything new. She said the cause of the bombing was still under investigation. Devon asked Christine if there was a possibility that Chance could have survived. Christine said the explosion had happened in the middle of the night. Chance wouldn't have met with anyone at that hour. He'd probably been getting ready for bed, but she hadn't wanted to say that in front of Abby. Christine said she'd help Abby in any way she could. Mariah stated she would be there for Abby and Dominic.

In the park, Chloe and Kevin watched Esther playing with the kids. Chloe said it was a good thing the kids had their grandma because Auntie Lauren was pissed off that Chloe had allowed Sally to go to Tuscany and swap out Victoria's wedding dress. Chloe told Kevin she would go to see Lauren. Kevin said it wasn't a good idea. He told Chloe to give Lauren time and space, or Chloe would risk riling Lauren up again. Chloe agreed.

Kevin told Chloe he hoped Sally didn't have any more tricks up her sleeve. Chloe claimed Sally was unpredictable; however, Sally's dress had been a huge hit in Italy. The eyes of the fashion world were on Sally since the wedding. Sally was thrilled with the feedback on her dress, but that could make Sally overconfident and might inspire her to take more risks, hoping for the same results.

Chloe told Kevin she'd received emails from a bridal boutique chain who wanted to get their hands on Victoria's dress. They'd asked to see what else Sally was working on. Sally had taken a huge risk, and it had paid off. They couldn't buy that kind of publicity. Kevin asked how Chloe planned to capitalize on it. Chloe said she'd seen some of Sally's past work. She had "so much range." Chloe said that when Chelsea returned, Chloe would have two of the most incredible designers working for her.

Kevin told Chloe she was talking about two very large personalities. They couldn't ignore that Sally had a thing for Adam and that Chelsea was very possessive of Adam. He asked how Chloe didn't see that as a recipe for disaster. Chloe insisted it would work out; however, adding Adam into the mix made it far more complicated than dealing with sensitive personalities. Chloe claimed it would be great for all of them.

At Crimson Lights, Billy asked Sally why she would risk working for Adam if she'd received so many warnings about him, let alone date the guy. Adam eavesdropped from the doorway. Sally said they weren't dating. Billy pointed out that Sally had gone to Victoria's wedding with Adam. Sally said Adam had taken her to Italy so she could show Victoria the dress she'd designed. Billy accused Sally of using Adam to further her career.

Sally asked Billy who had hurt him to make him so cynical. Billy claimed Adam had shown him how low a human being could sink. Sally said that wasn't the Adam she knew. She liked and respected the Adam she knew. Billy claimed Adam was dangerous. Whoever had warned her to keep her distance had Sally's best interest at heart.

Adam entered. He asked Billy if ChancComm wanted a scoop on the future of Newman Fashion. Sally stated that Billy had been trying to dig up dirt on Adam. Billy admitted it. Adam said it was a new low for Billy, harassing Newman Media employees. Adam smelled the sad scent of desperation.

Billy told Sally his investigation hadn't been the only reason he'd wanted to talk to her. He wanted to give her a warning about what to expect from her new employer: lies, manipulation, deception, and treachery. He asked Adam if he'd missed anything. Adam admitted Billy had hit all the major bullet points and that Billy always rolled out that speech at every opportunity. Billy was amazed how Adam kept pulling victims into his web. Sally stated she wasn't anyone's victim.

Adam asked Billy how things were going at ChancComm lately, since Billy was rarely there. Adam claimed that Billy spent half his time following Adam around, feeding his obsession, and not doing any actual work. Billy stated that his job was to follow Adam around, since Adam had been a constant source of scandal for years. Billy didn't see that changing, as much as Adam had tried to convince everyone he'd turned over a new leaf. Sally told Billy that lurking and hiding behind plants wasn't what she'd envisioned from a CEO. Billy stated that the CEO's job was to decimate the competition. Adam agreed.

Billy congratulated Adam on his ability to convince women he was a misunderstood soul; however, at some point, they figured it out. He asked Sally if she knew what had happened to Chelsea. Sally stated she was perfectly capable of looking out for herself. She was sure Billy had heard about her past mistakes, and so had Adam. She guessed Adam had been warned about her as much as she'd been warned about him, but they were rebuilding their lives without judging each other. Adam found it funny that Billy told people to stay away from him, yet Billy couldn't take his own advice.

Lily arrived and chatted a bit with Sharon. Sharon saw Adam, Sally, and Billy on the patio. Lily's smile faded. She said that didn't look good. Sharon said Lily needed to rein Billy in and persuade him to leave Adam alone. Lily didn't see the problem. They all seemed calm. Rey stood in the doorway. He'd heard Sharon's comment.

Lily told Sharon she wasn't responsible for what Billy did, and she didn't believe Adam had asked Sharon to intervene on his behalf. Rey walked in. Sharon asked about his day. Rey wanted to hear about Sharon's conversation with Lily. Sharon claimed that Billy was infuriating, and she was exasperated with him. Rey said it sounded more about her feelings for Adam.

Billy joined Lily. Lily asked Billy what had happened with Adam. Billy claimed it was nothing worth repeating.

Sharon told Rey she would have been just as annoyed if Billy had been attacking someone other than Adam. She said Billy was stirring things up again. The accusations Billy had made were unfounded. Rey wanted to know how Sharon knew what Billy was claiming. Sharon said she'd run into Billy in the park, and she'd overheard part of his phone conversation. Rey said he'd asked her not to get involved.

Sharon told Rey that Billy had been in a public place. She hadn't track Billy down to eavesdrop on him. She'd heard Billy talking about Adam. She'd realized why Billy had sought out Rey with his accusations. Billy knew that Rey had had personal problems with Adam in the past. Rey said he hadn't wanted Sharon to get involved because he'd known she would react exactly that way.

Sharon told Rey it was a natural reaction to Billy spreading ugly rumors again. Billy didn't know whether a crime had been committed or not, but he couldn't wait to pin everything on Adam. Rey said Billy had only asked him some questions. Rey claimed Adam had a very nasty track record. Sharon said Adam had changed, and Nick had seen the changes and how hard Adam had been trying to reinvent himself. Rey reminded her that it hadn't been that long before that Adam had kidnapped Chelsea.

Sharon told Rey that every time Billy saw Adam, he saw a monster because Billy still hadn't gotten over Delia. Rey asked if Sharon saw Adam as a victim who always needed to be saved. Sharon denied it. Rey said he'd heard what she'd told Lily earlier. Sharon said she shouldn't have told Lily what to do; it had been an impulse. Rey laughed. He said it was always Sharon's impulse to protect Adam. Rey said he needed some air, and he left.

Alone on the patio, Sally asked Adam who Jesse Gaines was. Adam claimed Billy had been posturing. He thanked Sally for defending him. She wasn't sure that what she'd said had made much of a difference. Adam said maybe not to Billy, but it had made a difference to him. Sally told Adam not to read too much into it because she'd treated Adam the way she wanted to be treated. She said her opinion of Adam was based on who he was, not who he'd been.

Sally told Adam that Billy was on a mission to bring Adam and Newman Media down. Billy had said something about decimating the competition, and he'd sounded serious. Adam assured Sally that Billy wasn't a threat to her. She asked how concerned she needed to be that Newman Fashion wouldn't be caught in the crossfire. Adam said, "Not at all."

At ChancComm, Billy told Lily they had their best investigative journalist trying to find Jesse, but Jesse had disappeared into thin air. No one with Jesse's name had left Italy by train, plane, or rental car. Lily suggested that Jesse might have used a pseudonym or bought a car with the money Billy had given him. Billy said Jesse might still be in Tuscany, hiding out, or six feet under. He wasn't putting anything past Adam. Lily didn't believe Adam or any of the Newmans were capable of killing anyone. Lily asked why Billy always thought the worst of Adam. She reminded him that he'd been wrong about Adam poisoning Rey.

Billy told Lily they knew Victor and Adam were coming after ChancComm. Lily asked what their game plan was. Billy said they needed to find Jesse Gaines, dead or alive. He was their best weapon. Lily said that if they found something had happened to Jesse Gaines, their goal was to determine whether Adam had been responsible. Billy claimed that would decimate Newman Media. Their best scenario would be to find Gaines alive and get his full cooperation. They would then have the leverage, the proof of Ashland's crimes, and Adam and Victor's complicity in trying to cover them up.

Lily told Billy she didn't understand why Gaines didn't want to be found. She thought perhaps he'd received a bigger payoff. That kind of money would help Jesse disappear. Lily pointed out that they needed to find something more reliable than Gaines to fend off an attack from Newman Media. She said they needed someone more trustworthy than Gaines, someone who had influence over Victor and Ashland -- Victoria. Billy said Victoria was furious with him for bringing a blackmailer to her wedding. Lily reminded him that he'd deleted the video Gaines had sent him, and he was back in Victoria's good graces. Lily asked Billy to send Victoria a text message.

Billy told Lily he wasn't comfortable asking Victoria for protection. Lily said if Victoria could convince Victor to stand down, they would avoid battling over something that didn't need to happen. Billy agreed it was a good strategy, but he wasn't giving up looking for Gaines. Billy sent Victoria a text message: "Can we talk?"

Chloe and Kevin were with Myles in the park when Sally arrived. Kevin congratulated Sally on her show-stopping wedding gown. Chloe claimed it had taken a lot of talent and a lot of nerve to pull it off. Kevin said with a recipe like that, anything could happen. Kevin left for work.

Chloe asked Sally how it felt to be the most popular designer around. Sally said it was a dream, and she'd received calls, text messages, and emails from fashion magazines, websites, and department stores, who all wanted her designs -- everyone but Fenmore's. Sally asked where things stood between Chloe and Lauren. Chloe said they hadn't made up completely, but it would happen.

Sally told Chloe she'd been at the coffeehouse earlier. Adam and Billy had had quite the disagreement. Chloe wished Billy would learn how to walk away from a fight. Sally said there was a possibility she was being paranoid; however, Adam had assured her there was nothing to worry about. Sally said she'd gotten the impression that Billy and Adam were both prepared to go to war. Sally said they'd had a huge breakthrough for their fashion platform, and she wanted to know how they could make sure the fallout didn't hit them.

In the park, Abby was alone, and she spoke out loud to Chance. She told him she'd wanted to be in the park where he'd proposed to her. He'd asked her to be his forever. They'd made so many beautiful promises and visions of what their life would look like. She had believed every word. She didn't care what anyone said; she wasn't giving up on him. Abby called Victor and said she really needed his help.

Kevin was about to leave the coffeehouse through the patio doors when he saw Rey. Kevin sat down with him. Rey said he'd been thinking about Adam. He said Adam was like a chronic disease, and just when he felt he'd built up an immunity, Adam popped up and hit him from a different angle. Kevin claimed he hadn't had a good night's sleep since Chloe had begun working for Adam.

Rey asked Kevin why Chloe had taken the job. Kevin said she'd done it for Chelsea because she wanted Chelsea to have a soft place to land. Chloe was strong enough to take what she needed from Adam yet keep her distance from him, but he felt Chloe was playing with fire. Adam had put her through hell. Chloe had recovered, but Kevin hadn't forgotten. Kevin told Rey that one day, Adam would take things too far and land in prison for good. He claimed that day couldn't arrive soon enough.

At Newman Media, Adam thanked the investigator for meeting with him. Adam said the investigation had to be handled in the strictest confidence. No one could know anything except him, Victor, and the investigator.

Jack provides Phyllis with Sage advice

Jack provides Phyllis with Sage advice

Thursday, October 28, 2021

by Nel

Nick entered Phyllis' suite and saw all the food and the empty Champagne bottle. Nick told Phyllis he hadn't realized she'd had something romantic planned for them. Phyllis claimed his text message had been dismissive. She understood that Christian came first, but Nick had blown her off with his text message. Nick claimed it hadn't been his intention. Nick wanted to talk and iron out their issues, but Phyllis claimed she couldn't talk. She admitted she was hungover, and she was busy with the hotel thing. She left.

Phyllis arrived in the lobby, where Jack greeted her. His breakfast appointment had canceled, and he asked if Phyllis' day had had a rough start. Phyllis said it was too much drinking alone in her room and not enough sleep. Jack assumed she hadn't made any progress with Nick. Phyllis said she'd tried and failed. She felt like her entire relationship was crashing. She admitted she might have blown things out of proportion. Jack offered an ear for Phyllis if she thought he could help. Phyllis agreed.

Nick exited the elevator. He saw Jack sitting in the lobby. Phyllis was at the counter, getting coffee. When she turned, Nick asked if she had time to talk to Jack but no time to talk things out with him. Phyllis claimed she'd been frustrated, and Jack could bring her down a notch. Nick claimed she needed to see Jack because she was angry about his text message. Phyllis said it hadn't only been about the text message. It had been about the argument they'd had the previous day. She said she'd arranged a romantic dinner for them, but she'd wound up drinking alone in her room because Nick had canceled. Phyllis admitted it was about his text message.

Phyllis told Nick that it had been a mistake to overindulge in her room. Nick claimed he wasn't judging. Phyllis claimed he usually would. That was why she'd criticized herself before Nick had had a chance to. Nick said it hadn't been his intention to make her feel that way. Phyllis admitted she was hurt and angry. She claimed they were out of sync. Nick said not talking with each other made the problem worse. Phyllis needed some space before she said the wrong thing. Nick said she had nothing to be afraid of, and he left.

Phyllis told Jack she was in a big mess. She asked Jack if they could get out of there.

At Newman, Victoria received a text message from Billy: "Me again. Wondering when we can get together." She ignored it. Nate arrived. Victoria told Nate they'd received some unfortunate news from the oncologist. Nate asked how bad the news was.

Ashland showed Nate his test results. They weren't encouraging, and his treatment had been ineffective. They wanted to keep Ashland's condition from deteriorating. Ashland said his oncologist wanted him to continue with the current protocol. Ashland said he would endure the harsh side effects and the medication if he saw some positive results. He felt it was time to change tactics.

Victoria told Nate they had been researching experimental treatments that would help Ashland's disease, and they wanted Nate's opinion about an experimental protocol being used in Peru that sounded promising. Nate said he was more than willing to look into that treatment; however, Ashland's oncologist was the best source for his next step. Victoria said they weren't happy with the oncologist because he wasn't keeping an open mind about other options. He wasn't listening to Ashland's needs or concerns.

Nate told Ashland he understood that sometimes a doctor wasn't a good fit for a patient, and it was always good to get a second -- and possibly a third -- opinion. Ashland appreciated Nate's support and friendship. Nate asked Victoria to email him the information about the Peru treatments. Nate left. Outside Victoria's office, Nate looked concerned.

Victoria told Ashland she was relieved that Nate had agreed to help them. It was nice having a friend who also happened to be a brilliant doctor. Ashland had noticed that Nate hadn't seemed enthusiastic about the experimental treatment. Ashland said that before he'd decided to seek treatment, he'd been at peace with his fate; however, since they'd gotten married, he hated the idea of not being with Victoria. He wondered if it was a battle he couldn't win.

Ashland told Victoria he'd been swept up in the wedding plans and hoping she would forgive him and that Gaines wouldn't ruin the day. Ashland said he couldn't be more thrilled that they were married. He said that after receiving the test results, the harsh reality was staring him in the face, and all his power, money, and influence couldn't get him out of his situation. He was running out of options. Perhaps nothing had worked because nothing would. Victoria refused to accept that.

Victoria understood that Ashland had been shaken; however, there were people who'd received the treatment, and they had either bought themselves more time or beaten the disease. That could happen to Ashland. Ashland admitted that since he'd decided to fight his disease, he was scared. The odds weren't in his favor. Victoria said he'd beaten the odds his entire life and been through rough times, but it had made him stronger. He had promised her he would fight it.

Ashland told Victoria that no one had ever had as much faith in him as she did. She knew he would have some vulnerable moments, and if he was weak, she wanted to be strong for both of them. They had overcome "so much." They couldn't give up on their future. He promised to fight.

Ashland told Victoria that if the protocol was worth trying, he might have to begin immediately, and Victoria's plans for a romantic getaway would fly out the window. He said he'd been looking forward to just being newlyweds for a while. Victoria said she really didn't care about the honeymoon. She only wanted him to get better. She wasn't going to let anything stand in the way of that.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Noah how long he planned on staying in town. Noah wasn't sure. Elena arrived, and she looked extremely tired. Sharon asked if Elena was okay. Elena said she'd worked the night shift, and she was still jet-lagged from the Tuscany trip. Noah admitted he was still jet-lagged, as well. Elena said it had been an amazing trip, and she'd gotten to spend some quality time with Nate; however, it was back to regular life. Elena left to run some errands.

Noah asked Sharon if Elena was a regular. Sharon told him Elena lived in the upstairs apartment. Noah had assumed Elena lived with Nate. He said some couples needed to be together, and some needed to keep their distance. Sharon asked if that was a general observation or if he was referring to what had happened in London. Noah claimed it was only a thought. Sharon said the way Noah kept avoiding the subject made her think otherwise. She asked how worried she needed to be.

Noah said Sharon was determined to get the story out of him. Sharon said not if Noah wasn't ready to talk about it. However, she'd read between the lines and surmised there had been a problem in London. Noah had never complained of being unhappy, and his decision to return to Genoa City had been a bit jarring. Nonetheless, they were thrilled he was there for as long as he wanted to stay.

Noah told Sharon he'd been in a serious relationship, at least on his part, but he'd had his heart broken. He promised everything was going to be okay. He hoped that was enough information and that he didn't need to tell Sharon about his love life. Sharon said she wouldn't pry, and she wondered if ending his relationship had been the reason he'd left England. Noah said he'd been truthful when he'd said he'd been stuck in a rut, professionally and artistically. He'd needed a change, and returning home had been the right move. Sharon hugged him and said she was happy he was there.

Sharon told Noah he could work at the coffeehouse. Nick arrived and said it was nice to see them having fun. Noah asked Nick if things were worse between him and Victoria. Nick said he hadn't seen Victoria since he'd returned from Tuscany. Sharon said Billy had told her about Ashland's very dark past.

Nick told Sharon there had been a line drawn in the sand: Victor, Victoria, and Adam were on one side, and he was firmly on the other. Nikki was somewhere in the middle, trying to bridge the gap. Noah offered to help in any way he could, and he said that Phyllis had Nick's back. Nick said that he and Phyllis weren't in a good place at the moment. Noah thought they'd seemed okay in Italy.

Nick told Noah that he and Phyllis had spent most of the trip sniping at each other. Nick didn't know if he'd taken out his frustrations about the family on Phyllis or if he was hiding behind his anger for Victor and ignoring the problems that had been ongoing between him and Phyllis. He said things kept getting more tense, and it was frustrating because when he and Phyllis talked, he would take one step forward and six steps back. It was unsettling because, prior to that, he'd believed they'd been solid. Noah agreed it was a weird feeling believing everything was okay, and suddenly it wasn't. Nick noticed that Noah had said that like he'd known that feeling.

Noah told Nick he'd recently experienced something similar. He said things hadn't been great for him in London, and it had been part of the reason he'd decided to return home. Nick asked if Noah was running from a breakup. Noah claimed he'd wanted to be with his family and around those who loved him the most, especially after his relationship had gone off the rails. Noah didn't mean to imply that Nick and Phyllis were derailing. He felt that Nick and Phyllis had hit some rough waters, but he was certain they were both strong enough to find their way through.

Sharon told Nick that every relationship had its issues. Nick asked what Sharon thought about him and Phyllis specifically. Sharon claimed communication was the key. Sharon said the last time Nick had asked her that question, she'd said she only wanted Nick to be happy. Nick had understood that to mean he was settling. Sharon admitted she was a little biased and probably not the best person to ask.

Nick told Sharon and Noah that he'd been dealing with a lot, and he'd bottled it up inside. The person he always talked to about such things was Victoria, but that door was closed at that moment. Nick claimed he'd had the best intentions for Victoria, but she hadn't understood why he'd done it or where it had come from. It had resulted in a giant wall between them, just like the one between him and Phyllis. Nick wondered if he was the problem.

Noah told Nick that the situation with Victoria was filled with emotional land mines; however, there was no way Nick was single-handedly responsible for what was going on. They would work it out because they were brother and sister and were family until they died. Noah said Nick needed to get to the root of the problem with Phyllis and fix it before things got worse.

Nick told Noah that things with Phyllis weren't simple. He and Phyllis had had a long and rocky past. They'd hurt each other a lot, and he couldn't ignore the fact that that history could repeat itself. Noah told Nick not to let it become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nick could either turn himself into a victim, or he could fight for what he wanted. Nick said he believed in what he and Phyllis had, but he could feel they were pulling away; he said he couldn't let that get in his head. He had to make Phyllis understand that what they had was worth fighting for. He wanted to begin immediately, and he left.

Sharon told Noah the advice he'd given Nick had been spot-on. She was all for taking control of life and finding happiness. Noah wanted Sharon to tell him her thoughts about Nick and Phyllis. Sharon said she wanted what was best for Nick, but she would never believe Phyllis was what was best for Nick. Sharon believed Nick and Phyllis' relationship was ready to fall off a cliff. It was only a question of when.

In the park, Phyllis apologized to Jack for dumping all her problems on him. Jack didn't want her to feel bad for turning to a friend, no matter what the problem was. Jack asked about the previous evening. Phyllis explained that she'd returned to her suite, and she'd arrange for a very romantic evening. However, she'd received a text message from Nick, informing her he would be staying home with Christian. She wondered if that had been true.

Jack asked if Phyllis believed that Nick would use his son as an excuse not to talk to her. Phyllis didn't know. She knew Nick was going through a lot of turmoil with his family. The turmoil seemed to have brought out issues in their relationship. Jack told Phyllis to articulate those issues to Nick. Phyllis didn't know what the issues were. She knew Nick was as frustrated with her as she was with him. When Nick had arrived earlier, he'd acted like they had only hit a bump in the road, but they weren't okay.

Jack told Phyllis that Nick had talked like things would be okay. Phyllis claimed she wasn't okay, and she didn't live in denial. She had no idea what was happening between her and Nick, but none of it was all right. Nick had been going through a lot, and he didn't want to hear the truth. Jack suggested that perhaps Phyllis' truths weren't the same as Nick's truths.

Jack reminded Phyllis that when things had become bad with her father, she'd cut ties with him, and she'd run away from her family. Phyllis said she'd left her family because her criminal father had stolen from the elderly to make a profit. Jack understood that, but he suggested that perhaps, deep down, Phyllis wished Nick had made the same choice that Phyllis had. She said history had proven that Nick couldn't. Jack suggested that Phyllis was holding Nick's decision against him because he hadn't made the same choice she'd made.

Phyllis asked if Jack was saying that she was responsible for their situation. Jack wasn't laying the blame at her feet; however, there were complicated matters at play. Anytime there was Newman drama, it stirred up intense emotions in her and Nick. Jack claimed that in all the years he'd known Phyllis, when things weren't going her way or when she felt insecure about her ability to salvage a situation, she tended to look for an exit strategy.

Phyllis asked Jack if she'd blown up her relationships instead of seeing if they could work out. She asked if she was her own worst enemy. Jack said he would hate to see Phyllis fall victim to a self-fulfilling prophecy. He said Phyllis and Nick had been through a lot, yet they were perpetually drawn to each other. There was a reason for that. Phyllis claimed there was also a reason things didn't work out.

At Society, Elena was having coffee when Nate arrived. She knew he'd had a meeting with Victoria and Ashland. She asked if they were still floating on air. Nate said not exactly, because Ashland's protocol wasn't working. Victoria and Ashland were interested in a new treatment, and they wanted him to look into it. Elena asked if he was worried about what he would find. Nate said it wasn't a typical medical consult. Ashland was a friend, not a patient, and he was personally invested in what happened to Victoria and Ashland. He couldn't maintain the usual degree of professional distance. He was worried he wouldn't be able to tell them what they wanted to hear.

Elena told Nate that whatever happened to Ashland wasn't on Nate. He'd been asked to help because Ashland and Victoria knew Nate would give them a straight answer. They weren't expecting Nate to perform any miracles. Nate wished he had the power to save Ashland. Elena said Nate only needed to read the protocols and give them the facts. It would allow them to make an informed decision. Elena knew Nate could do that without regret or guilt. Nate was grateful to be with someone who got it. He offered to take Elena home after he saw her yawning.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nate read about the Peruvian protocol. Nate called Ashland and told him and Victoria that there had been some promising research about the experimental treatment, but he said it should be their last resort. The chances of improvement remained slim. Ashland said they'd known it was a long shot; however, he was willing to try or do anything.

Phyllis entered her suite. Nick was waiting for her, and he had ordered room service for them. She didn't look pleased.

Abby receives more devastating news

Abby receives more devastating news

Friday, October 29, 2021

In Chancellor Park, Mariah and Tessa discussed their concern about Abby and Chance. Tessa wanted to operate under the "no news is good news" principle, but Mariah wasn't sure that she could do that. Mariah worried what Chance's death would do to "poor little Bowie." Tessa suggested that they follow Abby's lead and remain optimistic. She also shared her concern about Mariah's attachment to the baby and cautioned her about "going overboard."

On a jog, Noah happened upon Mariah and Tessa just as Mariah received a message that she needed to head into the office. He had overheard Mariah mention Abby's name and asked Tessa if he needed to check in with Abby. Tessa briefed Noah on what little she knew of Chance's situation and asked that he not tell anyone. She also told Noah that Abby had asked for space. "It's a Newman trait," Noah replied, explaining, "We don't wanna accept help from anybody until it's forced upon us -- usually by another Newman."

Amanda and Devon were both concerned that they had not heard from Abby. As Amanda praised Chance as "smart and savvy," Devon questioned why Chance would have worn a personalized, engraved watch on a top-secret undercover mission. Devon said that Abby had been able to keep going solely on her belief that Chance would one day return home to her. He feared what Chance's death would do to her.

Devon and Amanda sat down on the sofa as he asked her about Sutton's trial. He said that he was not happy that Michael had been trying to pressure Amanda into testifying. Amanda told Devon that she had decided to take the stand. Devon repeated his belief that Michael could win the case against Sutton without putting Amanda on the stand. Amanda agreed but stated that she needed to take the witness stand, look into Sutton's eyes, and tell him that she knew he had killed her father. Devon pledged his support but dismissed Amanda's claim that he was the "nicest guy on the planet."

Devon admitted that he was angry with Chance for putting Abby through hell. Amanda urged Devon to go check on Abby and the baby.

Nick had arranged a full breakfast spread in Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix as a gesture that he wanted to work things out with her. He hoped that while they ate, they could have the "real deal, nitty-gritty, no-holds barred" conversation that they needed to have. Phyllis reluctantly agreed, but when Nick remarked that a year earlier, they'd been in the same room, talking about their relationship, she wondered if they were "going backwards and going in circles."

Phyllis expressed her desire to get back to where things were good, but she wasn't sure how to get there. Nick suggested that an apology would be a great place to start, but Phyllis quickly replied that she had nothing to apologize for. Nick said that he wanted to apologize for things getting "so brutal" between them in Tuscany. Phyllis interrupted Nick to say that things had not been great between them for some time -- before the issues that had arisen in Italy.

"There are profound differences between us," Phyllis said softly. Phyllis remarked that Nick had to have known that she was going to go after Sally and Tara for what they had done to Summer. She said that Nick telling her not to was "almost hurtful." Nick asked Phyllis if she felt it had been "productive" when she'd taken issue with his involvement with his family.

Phyllis noted that she and Nick never seemed to resolve their "little grievances." She said that they just sort of ignored them until the next issue and then resolved them by falling into bed with each other. Nick shared his amazement that that method had worked for them as long as it had. Phyllis said that she felt Nick really enjoyed the "fun, frothy" side of her, but she sensed there were parts of her personality that he was not fond of. Nick asked if partners had to love "every single thing" about each other. Phyllis argued that they were not discussing little things; they were talking about "huge chunks" of their personalities.

Phyllis rose from her chair. She closed her eyes as she stated that she, Nick, and the Newmans would never change. Phyllis insisted that she was not trying to sabotage their relationship. Nick said that he believed it was healthy that they were being honest with each other. Phyllis asked Nick if he was happy. His voice softened as he pointed out that Phyllis asking that question seemed to imply that she was not happy. "I'm not happy. It hurts to say that," Phyllis replied, adding that if Nick were honest with himself, he'd probably feel the same.

Nick snapped that it sounded like Phyllis was telling him that he was not smart enough to understand what he was feeling. He followed it up with a statement that some people believed that what he and Phyllis had was "easy and comfortable." Phyllis asked who had said that, but Nick repeatedly dodged the question. Phyllis demanded to know who he had been talking to about the relationship. Nick snarled that he did not need other people's opinions, "especially when they are coming from someone like Jack, who is off waiting in the wings for you."

Phyllis insisted that Jack was just a friend, though Nick wasn't sure that a "friend" would proclaim that he was still in love with Phyllis. Nick also expressed his displeasure with Phyllis "running off" to Jack every time she had a problem.

Victor arrived at Chancellor Mansion and found the front door unlocked and Abby sitting alone on the sofa, doing some "relaxation exercises." Victor sat down beside her and asked Abby if she had been eating and getting sleep. Abby shrugged and commented that as a new mother, she was always hungry and sleep deprived. Victor insisted that Abby needed to take care of herself and instructed her to get something to eat while he watched the baby.

When Abby returned from eating a sandwich, she admitted that her dad had been right about needing something to eat. She said that she had the energy she needed to continue her search for Chance. Victor appeared concerned as Abby showed him the research she had been doing. Pointing to her tablet device, Abby told Victor that the local media had reported that a gas leak has caused the explosion in Valencia, Spain, not a bomb, as Christine had stated.

As a still-frantic Abby continued, Victor broke his silence to reveal that he had some news. He shared that Christine had been right: a bomb had been planted after someone had learned that Chance had been using the building as a safehouse. Abby snapped that Victor's evidence did not prove that anything had happened to Chance. She suggested that Chance could be "laying low" to protect the members of his team. Victor explained that four of Chance's colleagues had been classified as "killed in the line of duty."

Abby repeated her belief that Chance had not been in the building when it had exploded. Looking back down at her tablet, Abby commented that there were numerous doors, windows, and other egresses that Chance could have used to get out of the building if he had been in the building. Victor cautiously agreed with Abby and reminded her that he would always be there for her.

When the baby started to cry, Abby became emotional and announced that she should not be around the baby. She grabbed her jacket and raced out of the house. As she left, she breezed by Mariah, who became concerned about Abby's welfare. Victor asked Mariah to take the baby while he went to check on Abby.

Abby returned to Chancellor Park and announced that she intended to hold him to the promises he had made the day he'd proposed to her. "You would never break your word," she sobbed. Victor arrived a short time later and embraced her. Abby apologized for sitting in the park and blubbering to herself like a fool. Victor assured her it was okay for her to be emotional and again vowed that he would always be there for her.

Devon arrived at Chancellor Mansion, and Mariah filled him in on how she had come to be taking care of the baby. They both agreed that they needed to be there for Abby -- and the baby -- as much as possible. Christine knocked on the door a few minutes later.

When Victor escorted Abby back home, they found Devon, Mariah, and Christine waiting for them. Abby told Christine that she did not want to be coddled and wanted to know if there were new developments. A somber Christine told Abby that something had been found at the explosion site. She produced a small plastic bag that contained Chance's wedding ring. Victor found it odd that Chance's wedding ring would be found at the scene of an undercover operation. Christine shared that Chance had not want to be without his wedding ring and had adapted wearing the ring into his cover story that he was a married businessman.

Abby slowly approached Christine and took the ring in her hand. "It can't be," she sobbed as she stared at the ring.

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