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Abby continued to have faith that Chance was alive. Mariah confessed that she wished she was Dominic's mother. Billy and Lily clashed over his plan to blackmail the Newmans with Gaines's allegations against Victor and Adam. Sutton unsuccessfully attempted to manipulate Amanda.
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Abby continued to have faith that Chance was alive, and Nick and Phyllis questioned their relationship
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Family and friends comfort Abby as she grieves

Family and friends comfort Abby as she grieves

Monday, November 1, 2021

Jack ran into Nikki at Crimson Lights and praised her for having planned a perfect wedding for Victoria and Ashland. Nikki graciously accepted the compliment, though she was selfless in admitting that her goal had been to give Victoria and Ashland memories to share. Jack agreed that memories would be important, given the special challenges the couple was facing. Jack recalled the joyous reunion between Harrison and Ashland and expressed hope that the cancer treatments would be effective.

Nikki admitted she'd initially had reservations about Ashland. Jack recalled how ruthlessly Ashland had gone after Jabot. Nikki acknowledged that Ashland seemed completely devoted to Victoria, though Nikki admitted she dreaded the loss her daughter might face. Jack invited Nikki to join him for lunch at Society to talk more.

At the Chancellor mansion, Victor, Mariah, Christine, and Devon comforted Abby. A distraught Abby tightly held a wedding band in her hand as she grasped the possibility that the personal effect recovered from the rubble was proof that her husband had been killed. Abby collapsed into Victor's arms when he asked if the ring had belonged to Chance. Victor helped Abby to the sofa and assured her they'd take care of her. Abby was in denial and insisted that Chance couldn't be gone.

Victor answered the door when Ashley arrived and informed her that Chance's wedding band had been recovered. Ashley said the ring wasn't proof because Chance could have taken it off. Christine explained that being a married man had been part of Chance's cover story, so he never took off his ring. Christine told Ashley and Victor that identification of additional remains would take time. Ashley embraced Abby. Dominic began to cry. Abby cradled her son and assured him that everything would be okay.

Devon was holding Dominic when Ashley suggested that Abby needed a little space. Devon and Mariah offered to take Dominic out for fresh air. Victor told Christine to stick around, so he could ask her some questions. Christine advised Victor that it could be days before she could offer additional information, though she would maintain regular contact with officials in DC. Victor asked Christine if she would contact Nina. Christine broke down and said she would, acknowledging that Chance was the light of Nina's life. Victor agreed and said he'd been proud to call Chance his son-in-law. Christine expressed her condolences and offered to do whatever she could.

After Christine left, Abby cried that she needed her husband. Ashley held her daughter in her arms and comforted her. Abby asked Victor and Ashley if Nina had been informed. Victor explained that Christine would contact Nina. Abby was heartbroken for Nina, noting that Chance was her baby. Abby cried that she could relate to Nina because of the love she felt for Dominic.

Sharon arrived and told Victor that Mariah had sent a message about Chance. Victor told Sharon about the explosion at the safe house in Spain, where Chance had been working undercover. Sharon replied, "A bomb?" Victor told Ashley that Sharon had stopped by to offer comfort. Ashley said Abby was in shock. Sharon agreed that such a trauma could be very disorienting. Victor recalled that Sharon had offered support to Victoria after she'd been attacked.

Sharon sat beside Abby and said she was sorry and was willing to listen. Abby admitted she might start screaming and never be able to stop. Abby cried that she had a baby to care for and couldn't fall apart. Sharon reminded Abby that she'd weathered the profound losses of Brad and Colleen and had persevered.

Abby clutched her chest and remembered the baby girl she'd lost, recalling that Chance had helped her through her the grief, lovingly assuring her they'd have a long, happy life together. Abby cried, "Why is this happening?" Abby mourned that her son would never meet his father. Sharon assured Abby that her reactions were normal. Victor, painfully watching his daughter suffer, told Ashley they'd have to help Abby by summoning all the support they could.

Tessa joined Devon and Mariah at Crimson Lights. Dominic slumbered in his stroller while the stunned adults dealt with the devastating news. Mariah told Tessa that Abby was a wreck, so she hoped Sharon might be able to help. Tessa agreed Mariah had made a wise decision to send Sharon. Mariah cried that Abby and Chance had made many plans for their life together.

After Tessa mentioned how everything had crashed down on Abby, she immediately recalled that Devon had suffered the same fate. Devon cried that it was a feeling he wouldn't wish on anyone. Devon recalled going through denial, rage, loneliness, and despair. Devon credited his family and friends for helping him deal with his grief. Mariah noted that Abby's emotions affected Dominic. Devon said Dominic might become Abby's source of comfort.

Sally was sitting alone at Society when Adam approached and cordially greeted her. Sally paused, explaining that she was waiting to see which of Adam's personalities to address, recalling that he might be the friendly, funny, down-to-earth Adam or the officious, busy CEO with no time to waste on peons. Adam admitted he'd recently been too abrupt with her, though he'd apologized. Sally invited Adam to join her for lunch. Adam explained that he had a business meeting. Sally quipped that Adam had rejected her invitations for a third time. Adam reminded Sally that they'd agreed to keep their relationship strictly professional. Sally noted that the rule had protected her from Adam's chronic mood swings.

Sally ventured a guess that Adam was meeting with someone regarding the missing man named Jesse Gaines. Adam clammed up. Sally said, "Guess I wasn't supposed to bring his name up anymore." Changing the subject, Sally boasted that press coverage and demand for copies of the wedding gown she'd designed for Victoria had been far beyond what she'd envisioned. Adam agreed that Sally should feel incredibly gratified.

Sally proudly noted that she'd been right not to give up on her creative endeavors. Adam said he was eager to see Sally and Chloe's next venture. Sally asked about Chelsea lending her fashion genius. Adam said he wasn't certain Chelsea would be up to working again, though he hoped she'd return and pick up her life. Sally opted to take her food with her and left soon after the man Adam had plans to meet arrived.

In her suite and the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis assured Nick that she was working as hard as she could to maintain their relationship. Phyllis told Nick that, in time, things for them would turn out good despite their current struggles. Phyllis, sounding weary, asked if they could table the discussion, admitting she wasn't at her best. Nick replied, "Yeah. To be continued." Because their delivered brunch dishes had gotten cold, Nick offered to take Phyllis out for a bite. Phyllis excused herself and stepped into the bathroom, where she leaned against the vanity and took deep breaths before rejoining Nick.

Phyllis and Nick sat at the bar at Society. Phyllis contemplated the drink menu, but Nick was distracted by Adam's intense meeting across the way. Nick told Phyllis that Adam was talking to one of Victor's most trusted private investigators from his security team. Nick said the men were clearly scheming and not even attempting to hide it. Phyllis replied, "Uh-huh." Nick asked Phyllis what she meant. Phyllis explained that she was hesitant to say much because Nick might misinterpret her responses. Nick assured Phyllis that she should feel free to speak her mind.

Phyllis begged Nick to ignore what Adam was doing and focus on their relationship. Nick recalled that Phyllis had been right not to back down on Sally and Tara, despite his repeated pleas for her to do so. Phyllis said she'd been protecting their daughter, and she asked Nick who he thought he was protecting if Adam and Victor were plotting. Phyllis suggested Nick protect himself and let Adam and Victor deal with the consequences of their shady dealings. Nick cried that he'd likely be called upon to protect his mother, sister, and children when a crisis ensued, so he had a responsibility to avert trouble.

Phyllis was elated when Nick suggested they have lunch elsewhere, but they ended up joining Nikki and Jack when they arrived. Nikki was eager to enlist Phyllis to help her convince Nick to a make peace with Victoria. While Phyllis perused the lunch menu, Nick sat stoically with his arms folded across his chest. Jack, ignoring the tense situation, agreed that there were many delicious menu items listed, some influenced by Cuban and French cuisines.

Nikki discreetly pointed toward Adam and the private investigator and wondered aloud what might be going on. Nick explained to Jack that the investigator and Adam were likely discussing Jesse Gaines, a man who despised Ashland and had planned to disrupt the wedding. Nick recalled that he'd prevented the disruption by locking Jesse in a room until the wedding had been over. Nikki admitted she hadn't known anything at the time and didn't wish to be involved.

Nick, insinuating misdeeds, noted that no one had seen Jesse in days, likely because Victor had enlisted Adam to "take care of him somehow." Jack asked for clarification of "take care of him." Nikki served herself a portion of shared appetizer and replied, "It's nothing drastic." Nick replied, "Well, I thought you said you didn't know what went down, Mom."

Nikki admitted that Victor had discovered compromising information about Jesse and had used it to convince the man to leave Ashland alone. Jack said, "Classic Victor. I would expect nothing less of him." Phyllis interjected, "Yeah let's just be glad it wasn't anything worse." Jack agreed it was likely only slightly illegal. Phyllis sarcastically replied, "Right, what's a little blackmail between friends, right?" Phyllis told Jack he should be glad he hadn't been involved. Nick, miffed, told Phyllis she'd made her point, so she should drop it.

As the investigator and Adam were leaving, Adam paused to glare at Nick, Phyllis, Nikki, and Jack before he walked out. Nikki raised her eyebrows and said, "Meeting adjourned." Changing the subject, Jack mentioned a game he'd been playing online with Harrison. Jack asked Nick and Phyllis for game recommendations. Nick asked Phyllis which game she'd been playing with Christian. Phyllis, in a blasé tone, said she'd have to look it up. Phyllis glanced at her phone and falsely claimed she'd received a message from her assistant manager about an emergency.

After Phyllis left, Nikki asked Nick if everything was okay between him and Phyllis. Nick dismissively claimed they were fine. Jack stepped away to contact his office. Nikki said it seemed like things between Nick and Phyllis were very tense. Nick turned the conversation back to Jesse Gaines and asked Nikki why Adam had met with one of Victor's investigators. Nick complained that his dad and Adam hadn't been including him, and he asked Nikki to find out what was going on. Nikki insisted she'd rather stay out of it. Nick warned Nikki that she'd be leaving Victoria's well-being in Victor and Adam's hands.

After Nick left, Nikki told Jack she hoped he hadn't taken what Nick and Phyllis had implied seriously. Jack replied, "You mean about the Gaines fellow?" Nikki insisted that the man hadn't been harmed. Jack expressed concern for Nick because he remained estranged from Victoria, Adam, and Victor. Nikki replied that Nick apparently wasn't getting along well with Phyllis. Nikki asked Jack what he knew about Nick and Phyllis' rift. Jack acknowledged that they'd hit a bump in the road.

Nick went to the Grand Phoenix to see Phyllis. He told her he wished she hadn't left. Phyllis claimed that everything was fine. Phyllis explained that despite Nick's family history, she'd gotten involved with him because she loved him, so it was worth it. Nick replied, "You're right. It was." Phyllis admitted they'd been kidding themselves because their relationship wasn't going to work.

After Adam returned to his office, Sally stopped by and asked about the meeting. Adam said only that it had been tedious. Sally showed Adam photos on her phone and explained that a tabloid had printed pictures of him and her together, claiming that they were romantically involved. Adam didn't seem concerned. Sally said she thought Adam should be aware should anyone ask him for a comment. Adam's phone rang. Adam acknowledged it was Chelsea. After Sally left, Adam opted not to answer Chelsea's call.

Mariah admits that she wishes she was Dominic's mother

Mariah admits that she wishes she was Dominic's mother

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

At the Chancellor mansion, Ashley waved goodbye to Sharon and shut the front door. She turned to Victor, who hoped Sharon had been able to help Abby. Ashley lamented that she hated feeling helpless, and Victor recalled that it had been a long time since he'd seen her that way. She responded that she could say the same thing about him, since he controlled every situation. Victor bemoaned that all his money and power meant nothing right then. Ashley wailed that it was a mother's worst nightmare to not be able to alleviate her child's suffering.

Victor informed Ashley that he'd requested to meet with Nate to err on the side of caution. Ashley hoped it wasn't necessary, but she admitted that she was a bit afraid that Abby would experience a break with reality the way Ashley had years earlier. Victor reasoned that if Abby did, they'd be there to help her through it, and she'd realize they hadn't abandoned her once she got to the other side. Ashley stepped into the living room to sit with a despondent Abby.

Nate arrived at the mansion, and Victor thanked him for being there on short notice. Victor reported that Abby wasn't doing well and that Sharon believed Abby was in a state of denial. Victor retreated to the den, and Ashley and Abby emerged from the kitchen. Abby asked what Nate was doing there, and he said he was sorry about what she was going through. Abby testily assumed her parents had called him to give her a sedative. She asserted that Sharon's visit had been enough, and she didn't need a doctor. Nate swore that he was also there as her friend, since he'd been where she was.

Nate indicated that he was there to talk and see how Abby was doing, and he proposed that they just hang out for a few minutes. Ashley stepped away, and Abby and Nate sat down on the couch. Nate recognized that Abby thought Chance was still out there, and Abby noted that he'd said it like a statement and not a question. She swore that it wasn't a matter of denial, since the authorities hadn't found Chance, even though his watch and ring had turned up. Abby added that she'd heard the news and held his ring in her hands, but in her heart, she didn't think he was alive -- she knew he wasn't dead.

Nate reminded Abby that he'd lost his fiancée, so he knew how hard it was to admit someone was gone. Abby contended that it wasn't the same thing because he'd witnessed Carolyn die. Abby accepted that other people thought Chance was gone, but she couldn't. Nate pointed out that it was common to feel that way after losing someone abruptly, and he sympathized that Abby didn't want to let go of hope.

Abby conceded that she'd had her moments of doubt, like when Christine had handed her Chance's ring, but she believed she was seeing things clearly. Abby reasoned that Chance had been gone before and was still gone then, but he'd promised to return home, and she was confident he would. Abby pledged to have faith in her husband and their marriage. Nate said he understood, but she growled to stop trying to placate her. She turned away and stared at Chance's ring.

Nate confirmed that it was normal to overreact when one was running on fumes, and he asked if Abby had eaten. He lectured that if Chance was out there, she owed it to her husband and baby to stay healthy. Nate pushed her to eat and rest, and he prescribed a low-dose antianxiety medication to help her sleep. Abby protested that she had to stay awake and alert for Dominic. Ashley overheard and promised to be there for Dominic once he was back home. Abby agreed to rest on the couch, so she'd be right there in case they heard anything.

Nate successfully got Abby to eat something, and he pointed out that she'd been hungry. Abby admitted that she had been, and she agreed to take the medication but felt she could get some rest on her own because she was tired. Nate recalled that Abby hadn't been ready for anything serious when she and Nate had been involved, but he'd watched her fall hard and fast when Chance had entered her life. Nate recognized that the love was still there and that it would always be a part of her. Abby accused him of speaking as if he knew Chance was gone, whereas no one knew that for certain. Nate called it his mistake, and he departed. "Chance, you can't be gone," Abby wailed.

After Nate left, Victor implored Ashley to get some rest, but she opted to make some food just to keep busy. She asked Victor to watch over Abby, and she stepped into the kitchen. Victor peered in on Abby, who was sleeping on the couch. In a dream, Abby grabbed her phone and began to film a video to Chance. She demanded to know where he was, since she knew he wouldn't leave her when they'd just started a family. She vowed to find him, and she headed to the door, where she was bathed in a white light.

Abby entered the Grand Phoenix and recalled that it was where she'd first seen Chance after he'd returned to town. She recounted that he'd fallen into her life during a hostage crisis. They'd worked together to distract the bad guy, and she'd nodded at Chance through a security camera to let him know they'd been in sync. Abby cried that she needed him there, watching her to show her they were in it together.

Abby recounted that even when Chance had busted her for faking a theft at the Grand Phoenix, they'd had a fun, flirtatious chemistry and agreed they'd made great partners. She remembered hiring him as head of hotel security to keep him from working dangerous cases, and he was supposed to leave the danger behind and stay in Genoa City with her. Abby suddenly vanished from the hotel and appeared at Society, where she and Chance had shared their first kiss. She reflected back on him confessing that he'd spent their entire dinner wanting to reach across the table and kiss her, and she'd wanted it, too. She begged him to kiss her then.

Abby turned around and found herself in the hotel suite she'd shared with Chance. She recalled that they'd gone there after their ice-skating date, and they'd made love for the first time. She recalled that she'd skipped work, and they'd stayed in bed all day, trading stories about their scars. She continued that his stories had been about cases involving the danger he was supposed to leave behind, and she questioned how he could go back to that and stay away for that long. "Dammit, Chance, you made promises!" Abby bellowed.

Abby remembered the vows Chance had made to her on their wedding day, looking forward to their future and having a family. Abby contemplated why he'd left her and told her to go through with the surrogacy. She considered him too good and honest for things to end that way because she knew he would keep his word. She resolved to help find him, but something stopped her from leaving.

Abby found herself in Chancellor Park and mused that everything led her back there. She wondered why the same hadn't happened for Chance, and she questioned how he'd been able to stay away. She recounted that she'd first told him she loved him in the park, and it was where he'd proposed. She spotted their baby ornament hanging from a bush, and she was convinced that Chance had been there.

Abby demanded to know how Chance could leave her and Dominic to go on a dangerous mission when Chance knew he might never return, and she told herself that Chance wouldn't break her heart like that. She questioned whether Chance hadn't loved her enough to stay and avoid taking that risk. She whimpered that she'd believed in him and in them, but she didn't know what to believe then.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Devon remarked that he couldn't believe Chance might be dead. Mariah referred to the definitive proof Christine had provided, but Tessa argued that it was possible Chance had survived the explosion and hadn't been wearing his watch when it had happened. Mariah wondered if Devon believed that. Devon pointed out that Abby did, and she needed help accepting the truth if she was wrong about Chance being alive.

Mariah checked on Dominic in the baby carriage and called him a brave little boy. She figured he'd had to be brave when she'd bombarded him with her stress hormones when they'd been trapped in the room together, since he'd felt upset whenever she'd been upset. She asked if Devon and Tessa thought the baby was okay. Tessa noted that Dominic had just been cooing a moment earlier, and she thought the tot was perfect in every way. Tessa was more concerned that the situation might have stirred up trauma for Mariah.

Mariah praised that Tessa knew her better than anyone, but she stressed that her concern was that Dominic didn't absorb the negativity in the Chancellor house. Devon encouraged Mariah to trust Ashley and the rest of Abby's family to take care of Dominic. Tessa added that Abby's family wouldn't let anything bad happen to Dominic, while Tessa wouldn't let anything bad happen to Mariah. Tessa suggested that she take Mariah back to the hotel to rest. Mariah agreed to go soon, but she wanted to stick around in case Dominic needed her. Tessa looked worried.

Devon shared that Ashley had sent him a text message to let him know Nate was at the mansion, and she'd asked Devon to take the baby home. Mariah questioned whether that was a good idea, and Devon reiterated that Dominic's mother and grandparents were there to take care of him. Tessa promised that there was nothing to worry about because Dominic knew what strength and safety felt like after Mariah had protected him for such a long time. Tessa urged Mariah to let other people look after him, and Mariah told Dominic she'd see him soon. Tessa and Devon exchanged a concerned look, and the women headed out.

Inside the coffeehouse, Devon asked Sharon how things had gone with Abby. Sharon referred to the stages of grief and assessed that Abby would be stuck in the denial phase for a while. Sharon wished she could fix someone with a touch or word in times like those, but there was nothing she could do when Abby wouldn't even acknowledge her feelings. Devon thought he might have something that would give Abby joy.

Sharon fawned over Dominic and told Devon he was right, since spending a few moments with the baby had put her in a better mood. Devon explained that he had Dominic because Abby hadn't wanted to be around the baby in the state she'd been in. Sharon called Dominic lucky to have Devon in his life, but Devon considered himself to be the lucky one. Devon equated it with making up for the time he'd never gotten to spend with his child with Hilary. Sharon compared it to how Dominic would miss out on spending time with Chance, and she thought Devon and Dominic were a perfect match. Devon wished it didn't have to be that way, since Chance never getting to meet his son or say goodbye to Abby was unfair to everyone.

Sharon imagined that it would be hard for Abby for focus on the beginning of her baby's life while moving on from the end of Chance's. Sharon hoped Dominic would help Abby get past her grief by giving her purpose, since sometimes it was hard just to get out of bed after suffering a loss. Devon recalled that he'd fallen apart after he'd lost Hilary. He prayed that Abby didn't go through a self-destructive phase the way he had, since she had to be there for Dominic. Sharon predicted that Abby was just at the beginning of what lay ahead for her and her baby.

Nate entered the coffeehouse and informed Devon and Sharon that he'd just seen Abby. Nate shared his concern that Abby had been under long-term stress and was starting to break down physically. Nate mentioned that he'd convinced Abby to eat something and take a nap, but it was just a start. Devon asked what Nate thought about taking Dominic back to a house with negative energy. Nate responded that it was a question of balance, and he thought it would be good for Abby to see her son, especially with family around to support her. Devon decided to take Dominic back after a walk in the park.

Devon pushed Dominic in his baby carriage. He looked down at the baby and appeared to be deep in thought. Meanwhile, Sharon pulled out her phone and stared at a photo of Cassie. She held it close to her heart.

Later, Abby awakened to the sound of Dominic crying. Devon told her that her son had missed her. Abby picked up the baby, cradled him in her arms, and assured him that his mommy had him.

Mariah wrapped up a work call as she and Tessa returned to their hotel room. After she hung up, she admitted that she was trying to distract herself with work because her mind was on the baby. Mariah added that she'd hated leaving him, and she noticed Tessa staring at her. Mariah swore that she was fighting all urges where Dominic was concerned, but she guessed that Tessa believed she was still slipping.

Tessa recounted that Mariah had gotten a little worked up at Crimson Lights, as if Mariah had felt she was the only one who could properly take care of Dominic. Mariah defended that she couldn't help wanting to be there for him because she had a bond with him. Tessa voiced concern that the instinct to wrap him up and shield him from danger would only cause Mariah pain, and it broke Tessa's heart. Mariah loved Tessa for worrying about her, but she didn't think it was necessary.

Mariah accepted that other people were qualified to take care of Dominic. Tessa suspected that Mariah thought her connection counted for more, and Mariah contended that she'd been the one who'd carried him for months and been locked in the room with him. Tessa imagined it would give them a lifelong bond, but she argued that other people had special connections to Dominic, too. Mariah didn't know if anyone could love Dominic the way she did, but Tessa assured her that the baby would never be neglected. Mariah reiterated that she knew plenty of other people could take care of him, but she had thoughts and feelings in her heart that told her that things weren't the way they should be.

Tessa wondered if Mariah thought Dominic would rather have Mariah take care of him. Mariah recognized that Tessa and Devon were worried about her attachment to the baby, but she swore that she was only thinking about Dominic, who had just lost the father he was never going to know and was living in a house of grief and trauma. Tessa took Mariah's hands in hers and assured her that Dominic was safe and loved, but Mariah protested that it wasn't the life she'd promised him when they'd been locked in the room together.

Tessa reasoned that life was unpredictable, but Mariah countered that there were some things they could control, like keeping Dominic safe. Mariah confessed that she felt like she'd failed because she hadn't protected him. Mariah pointed out that she'd carried the baby because she'd thought she'd been helping to build a family and that Dominic would have a golden childhood with doting parents. Mariah bemoaned that Dominic was surrounded by grief and loss, and she blamed herself for not keeping her promise to always protect him.

Tessa insisted that Mariah had gone above and beyond for Dominic, but Mariah felt that she couldn't be there for him the way she should be. Tessa realized that Mariah wished Dominic was her son and not Abby's. Mariah confirmed that she couldn't help thinking that she should be his mom, rendering Tessa speechless. Mariah acknowledged that she had her own issues, but she wanted to be completely honest about what was going on in her head and heart.

Mariah recognized that it wasn't right or rational, but her thoughts were there. Tessa pushed Mariah to examine her feelings and figure out how to proceed. Mariah was surprised that Tessa hadn't run out, screaming for the hills. "Never," Tessa firmly stated, and they exchanged words of love. Tessa pledged to work through it together. Mariah received a text message and prepared to throw herself back into her work. Tessa inquired whether Mariah had to do it right then. Mariah anticipated that it would only take a few minutes.

Sometime later, Mariah typed at her computer, immersed in work and oblivious to Tessa's worried glances. A frustrated Tessa helplessly plopped down on the bed.

Phyllis and Nick blame each other for their breakup

Phyllis and Nick blame each other for their breakup

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, after noticing Phyllis appeared extremely stressed, Jack asked what was going on in her life. Phyllis said she thought that she and Nick might have broken up. Jack told her to take a deep breath. Jack said that a breakup was generally very clear. Jack had thought Nick and Phyllis were back on track when they'd had lunch with him and Nikki earlier. Phyllis had thought so, as well, but Jack had to have noticed how Nick had reacted when she'd said the smallest thing about Victor.

Jack said Phyllis had criticized Victor in front of Nikki. Jack understood why Nick would have taken issue with that. Phyllis claimed it wasn't an isolated incident; it happened all the time. Jack knew the dynamic in the Newman clan had always been different from that in the Abbott clan. Phyllis said she didn't want to be a part of it anymore. She admitted there hadn't been a work emergency when she'd left during lunch. She hadn't wanted Nick's judgment or jealousy anymore; however, after lunch, Nick had found her at the hotel. They'd had a conversation, and all the resentment Nick felt for her had emerged. Nick had told her they couldn't be together anymore.

Jack asked Phyllis to describe what had happened during their fight. Phyllis said that at Summer and Kyle's wedding, Nick had been distracted with Victoria and Ashland, but she'd supported him. She'd accompanied him to Ashland and Victoria's wedding in Tuscany and supported Nick when he'd decided not to attend the ceremony. She reported that Nick still felt Phyllis didn't care or understand where he was coming from, and Nick had shut her down the minute she'd uttered anything about Victor.

Phyllis told Jack she'd realized that she and Nick had never dealt with their issues, and if they had, it had only been on a superficial level. She felt their relationship was superficial. She admitted it felt wrong inside, and she said she'd shared that with Nick. Jack asked about Nick's reaction to her comment. In a flashback, Phyllis recalled Nick saying, "Loving and doting? Is that what you believe you've been?"

Phyllis told Jack that Nick had belittled her. She admitted that was when they'd said all those things they'd hidden from one another. Jack asked her to give him some perspective, and perhaps he could tell her where Nick was coming from. Phyllis claimed she knew where Nick was coming from; however, Nick didn't understand where she was coming from, and he didn't want to. Phyllis said she had to accept that she was someone Nick didn't want to commit to. In another flashback, Phyllis recalled Nick telling her not to do him any favors, pretend to be superior, or take the high road -- and how absurd it was.

Phyllis told Jack that Nick's lack of respect for her had been obvious, and it hurt. Phyllis claimed her only conclusion had been to walk away, and it had scared her to even think about that. She said it broke her heart. She didn't want to fall apart in the coffee shop, but she felt she needed to be alone. She said breaking up with Nick had been inevitable. Jack reminded her that she and Nick had been there before, and they'd gotten through it. He speculated that perhaps it was the last time she would face something like that. Phyllis admitted it was the last time, just not in the way she'd hoped.

At Sharon's, Sharon told Nick she'd surmised things hadn't gone well between him and Phyllis. Noah said that he and Sharon were there to listen. Sharon agreed and said that Nick appeared stressed out. Nick admitted he'd gotten into another fight with Phyllis, and it hadn't ended well. He was certain they were over. Noah knew how much Nick had wanted to work things out. Nick said that Sharon had been expecting that outcome.

Sharon told Nick she would never say "I told you so." She knew he was hurting and asked if Nick felt his relationship could be repaired. Nick said he had always believed things with Phyllis could be repaired; however, after their latest argument, Phyllis hadn't agreed their relationship could be salvaged. She was very angry. Noah claimed it was difficult to have a conversation when someone was wrapped up in their own grievances.

Nick told Noah that Phyllis didn't believe anything he said. He said he and Phyllis had gone into their relationship with their eyes wide open; they'd had reasonable expectations and accepted each other for who they were, and it had worked. Sharon asked when things had begun to go wrong. Nick thought it had been in Italy, but he said Phyllis claimed it had been earlier than that.

Nick told Sharon and Noah that he'd been drawn into some family drama with Victor, Adam, and Victoria. He admitted that maybe he should have focused more on him and Phyllis, but things had blown up. He acknowledged that Phyllis was hurt, and she'd thrown a lot of accusations at him. He said things had gone downhill very quickly.

In a flashback, Nick recalled that Phyllis had stated that if they weren't having sex or playing video games, he'd been pushing her away, or he was distant. She'd said it appeared he wanted nothing to do with her.

Nick told Sharon and Noah he hadn't intended to dump his troubles on them, and he didn't want them to feel sorry for him. Sharon said that caring about him wasn't the same as feeling sorry for him. She asked Nick to tell them what Phyllis had said to hurt him.

Nick told Sharon and Noah that when he'd tried to apologize, Phyllis had admitted she wasn't happy. Phyllis had said they were in it together and that she was committed to do the hard work to work out their issues. Sharon said that those uncomfortable conversations were difficult. Nick claimed he'd been the only one who'd been willing to put in the work. He mentioned the awkward lunch they'd had with Jack and Nikki. He said that Phyllis had received a text message saying she'd had an emergency at work, and she'd left.

Nick told Sharon and Noah that later, he'd tracked Phyllis down, and he'd wanted to try to smooth things over, but Phyllis had kept shutting him down. She'd told him their relationship was hopeless. Nick told Sharon he'd wanted Phyllis to talk about it because he wanted to understand; however, Phyllis had accused him of putting his family before her. He'd told Phyllis it was impossible to talk to her about his family because she had such strong opinions against them. He didn't know how to deal with that.

In a flashback, Nick recalled that Phyllis had admitted she hated his family. Nick thanked Sharon and Noah for listening and being supportive. Nick left.

Noah told Sharon he hadn't seen Nick look so sad in a long time. Sharon agreed. Noah said he knew Sharon had bitten her tongue about knowing that Nick's situation would fall apart. Sharon didn't understand why Nick believed his relationship with Phyllis would have any other outcome. Noah said he liked Phyllis; however, he could see that Nick and Phyllis were as different as night and day. Noah admitted he had never understood the pull between Nick and Phyllis. Sharon said that Nick and Phyllis had felt they were doing something illicit and forbidden; without the drama, it got boring, and things fell apart. Noah suggested that maybe, deep down, Nick had never gotten over Sharon.

When Ashland arrived at Newman, Victoria informed him she'd been doing a deeper dive into the experimental treatment they'd been pursuing. Ashland informed Victoria he was a step ahead of her, and he'd secured an evaluation appointment at the clinic hosting the treatment. He said he had to leave immediately. Victoria was excited about getting him signed up for the protocol -- the sooner, the better.

Ashland explained that his appointment was to evaluate him to see if he was a candidate for the treatment. Victoria refused to let him go to Peru alone to have the evaluation. She felt it would be difficult for him to process all the medical information on his own. She thought he needed someone there to ask questions and to hold his hand. She asked when they needed to leave.

Nikki entered, and she asked Victoria if Victoria and Ashland were going on their honeymoon trip. Ashland informed Nikki the honeymoon was on hold for a while longer. Victoria claimed their trip was infinitely more important. She said she and Ashland were flying to Peru to have him evaluated and signed up for an experimental trial.

Nikki told Victoria she hoped the evaluation would go well. Ashland said he appreciated how Nikki and Victor had accepted him into their lives. He noted that they had entrusted him with Victoria's heart, and he wanted to honor that. He stated it was Victoria's love that had spurred him on to fight the illness for as long as he could.

At Society, Billy and Lily were having lunch. Lily asked if Billy was secretly checking his phone under the table. Billy admitted he was. He said he would keep trying to become a Zen Master overnight.

At Newman Media, Adam was on the phone with his P.I. Adam told him to go ahead and set the bait and to report on his progress.

Adam arrived in Victoria's office. He told Victoria he needed to speak with Ashland. Victoria informed him that Ashland was on a call, and she didn't know how long he would be. Adam said he would wait in her office, but Victoria objected. Adam asked if Victoria would pass on a message to Ashland, since she was on board about taking ChancComm down. Victoria reminded Adam that she didn't care what they did to ChancComm, but she didn't want to know any of the details. Adam said he only wanted Ashland to know that they had set things in motion.

Victoria informed Adam that she and Ashland would be leaving for South America the next day in pursuit of a new cancer treatment. Adam wished for the best possible outcome. He knew Victoria always fought for what she wanted, and he looked forward to wishing them well on their tenth wedding anniversary.

At Society, Billy received a call from Victoria. She said she had to go out of town for a few days and hoped he would take Johnny and Katie. Billy agreed. After ending the call with Victoria, Billy suggested that he and Lily head home for some adult time before the kids arrived. Lily agreed. As they were about to leave, Billy saw Adam's P.I. walk in. Billy suggested that he and Lily check out the dessert menu.

The P.I. sat at the bar. He reported to someone on the phone that the guy had gone missing again, and then the P.I. left. Billy told Lily that was Adam's P.I., and it looked like Gaines had slipped through Victor's fingers again. Billy claimed that it potentially opened the door for them. Billy and Lily left.

The P.I. stepped out of the shadows. He called Adam to inform him it had worked. He asked what was next. Adam told him to let Billy do what he did best, self-destruct.

Phyllis arrived in her suite and immediately received a call from Jack. He wanted to make sure she'd gotten to her suite safely. Jack told her that if she needed to reach out, he was around. She said Jack was the best and ended the call.

Alone in her suite, Phyllis was deep in thought. In a flashback, Phyllis recalled telling Nick it wasn't a flirtation with Jack. Nick had wanted to know what she called it, because every time they'd had a conflict over something, Phyllis had run to Jack. Phyllis debated about calling Nick, but she didn't.

Meanwhile, Nick arrived at Phyllis' door. He was about to knock but stopped.

Inside, Phyllis had a flashback to when she and Nick had arrived in her suite. Nick asked what Phyllis had meant when she'd said it wasn't going to work. He said she couldn't say things like that without explaining herself. She said she was tired of explaining herself to him. She insisted she'd been the loving and doting girlfriend, but he treated her with disdain. Nick asked if she believed she'd been loving and doting by making jokes about Victor in front of Jack and Nikki and rubbing her obvious flirtation in his face.

Phyllis told Nick that wasn't flirtation. Nick asked what it was, because as far as he could tell, every time they had the smallest of conflicts, Phyllis ran to Jack. Phyllis said the reason she ran to Jack was because they weren't having sex or playing video games. She said Nick treated her horribly, and he pushed her away. She said he didn't care about her opinions or ideas. Nick claimed her ideas were for him to ignore his family and to completely disengage from them. He insisted that wasn't an option for him. Phyllis yelled that she'd tried to help him deal with his family. Nick said she asked him to cut himself off from them. He said she had no idea how hard that would be for him.

Phyllis screamed for Nick not to say that to her, as if she didn't know what it was like to be connected to the Newman family. She yelled that her advice came from hard-learned truths. She said she'd asked him to have sympathy for her, but he didn't. She said he kept turning it around and saying she didn't want to be with him. Nick told her not to be superior and claim that she was taking the high road. Phyllis stated it wouldn't work, and it was over. She said they kept telling each other they didn't have to change, but she said she'd changed. She said she wanted more than sex and video games.

Phyllis told Nick she wanted a commitment, a confidant, someone to respect her, and an ally. Through gritted teeth, Nick said he wanted her to stop hating his family. She spat that she hated his family but not for the reasons Nick believed. She said she hated his family because he would always choose them over her. Nick said he'd chosen Phyllis over Victoria when Phyllis had had that battle with Victoria over the hotel. Phyllis said it had been great, and she'd thought it would be the end, but Nick was still miserable because he was out of sorts with Victor and Victoria, and he was jealous of Adam. Nick wanted to be the golden boy and save the day; however, he would always return to roost.

Phyllis told Nick that he would sacrifice her and their relationship because of his family. She said she couldn't do it anymore, and she was in a lot of pain. Nick said he knew and picked up his coat. As he was about to leave, Phyllis' phone rang. Nick saw that Jack was calling. Nick said it was perfect timing. Nick claimed she wanted a confidant and an ally; however, at the first sign of trouble, Phyllis always turned to Jack.

Outside Phyllis' suite, Nick changed his mind and walked away.

At home, Billy told Lily he had no idea what they would find behind the door Gaines had opened; however, if they found Gaines before Victor did, they had the ammunition to stop Victor from attacking ChancComm. Lily said they had no assurance that finding Gaines would be anything but a liability. Billy claimed that Gaines had proof that Ashland had stolen Camilla's inheritance. Lily said the information could ruin Ashland and Victoria's life. Billy said they didn't have to publish it. They would use it as blackmail to stop Victor and Adam from attacking them. Lily refused to do that.

Lily told Billy they were done with Gaines, and they would beat the Newmans themselves by being better, smarter, and savvier. There was a knock on the door. When Billy opened the door, he and Lily were stunned to see a disheveled-looking Gaines. Gaines asked them to hide him.

At the ranch, Victoria told Nikki she had high hopes about the new treatment, and she was very optimistic that it would work. Nikki received a call from Victor informing her that Chance might have been killed while doing undercover work. After ending the call, she relayed the information to Victoria.

Victoria suggested that she and Nikki go and help Abby. Nikki said Victor and Ashley were there. She reported that Abby was overwhelmed and didn't want any more visitors. Nikki said Chance's death hadn't been officially confirmed. They wanted to keep it private.

Alone at Newman, Ashland had one of his health episodes.

Sutton's attempt at manipulating Amanda backfires

Sutton's attempt at manipulating Amanda backfires

Thursday, November 4, 2021

by Nel

At home, Abby cried as she clutched Chance's wedding ring. Ashley tried to console her. Outside Abby's door, Devon apologized to Amanda that he couldn't be there for her when she testified against Sutton. She said she would be fine. She understood that with Chance gone, he needed to be there with Abby. They needed him more than she did. Devon entered Abby's home.

Victor served Abby some tea. Agitated, Abby said she didn't want tea. She wanted everyone to leave her alone and leave. Victor said it wasn't a good idea for her to be alone. He said they would give her the space she needed, but they wouldn't leave her alone. Devon told her they would take care of Dominic and anything else she needed. Abby apologized and said she was grateful they were there.

Ashley took Abby upstairs. Devon told Victor that Abby would be fine with everyone's help. He would make himself available whenever Abby needed him. Devon asked if Victor thought there was a possibility that Chance hadn't been in that building when it had blown up. Victor said that his contacts in the State Department had informed him there wasn't any chance that anyone had survived the blast.

Angry, Devon asked Victor who would take on a life-threatening job just after they'd gotten married and promised their wife they would start a family, and who would have been dumb enough to bring an engraved watch and ring on a job when he was working undercover. That could have been the very thing that had killed him. Victor said Chance had felt it had been something he'd needed to do.

Devon told Victor the second Chance had agreed to start a family with Abby, he'd made a commitment to her and the baby. Devon said Chance shouldn't have gone, and he shouldn't have made promises he couldn't keep. Victor claimed they didn't have all the information, and perhaps he hadn't had much of a choice.

Devon told Victor that Chance had had a choice. He hadn't been dragged out there. They could have sent another agent, and Chance could have stayed home with his new wife and planned the family he'd claimed he'd wanted to start. Chance had chosen to go, and he'd put his life at risk. Abby was alone, and Chance's son had no father.

Victor told Devon he was as frustrated as Devon. Victor said they had to do what they could to help Abby and the baby. Victor said Abby was lucky to have Devon as a friend. Devon confirmed he would be there for Abby and the baby whenever he was needed. Ashley returned. Victor suggested that Devon go home and get some rest.

Devon told Victor and Ashley he would return later to check on them, and if there was any news about Chance to let him know. He left. Ashley and Victor admitted they were very worried about Abby. Ashley wished Chance had never taken that job. Ashley was impressed with Abby's support system, especially with Devon, who'd been amazing. Victor agreed. He stated that Devon was really good with the baby. Ashley claimed they were blessed that Devon would be an integral part of Dominic's life.

Abby returned. She told Victor and Ashley she'd heard Dominic crying. Abby said she'd tried to sleep but couldn't. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw Chance. Victor suggested she take the medication Nate had prescribed. Abby agreed. Nina arrived. She and Abby hugged, and they cried together.

Victor put his arm around Nina. He said he was so sorry for her loss. He told Nina the only things they'd found that had belonged to Chance were his ring and his watch. Nina admitted she'd spent years bracing for that moment. She said her heart had stopped every time the phone had rung in the middle of the night, but somehow, she'd learned how to live with the fear. Nina asked Abby if she could hold the baby.

Sutton arrived at Devon's. Amanda tried to slam the door in his face, but he wanted her to hear him out because what he had to say could change the outcome of everything. Amanda wanted to know how he'd known where to find her. He said his attorney had informed him that was where she'd had materials sent. He hadn't been aware she was living there until she'd told him.

Sutton asked Amanda to hear him out. He wanted her to consider how Naya and Imani would be affected if she testified against him. He claimed he'd provided a good life for Naya and Imani, and he'd protected them. Amanda shouted that he'd controlled them. She said the "good life" had been if they'd towed the line and if they had done what was best for him, his self-image, and his precious career.

Sutton told Amanda that as an accomplish attorney, she knew things weren't simple. Amanda agreed it was a very complicated situation. Sutton claimed that Naya and Imani had relied on him, and he wanted to provide them with financial stability and to make sure they continued to live the life they had become accustomed to and deserved. Amanda reminded him that Naya had a husband, Eric, who was completely capable of taking care of her. Imani would be going into practice with Amanda, and Imani would be able to take care of herself. Naya and Imani didn't need him, and they were better off without him.

Sutton asked Amanda about himself. He claimed he was an old man, and he couldn't die in prison. He asked if she was so cold-hearted that she would wish that on her own grandfather. Amanda asked if Sutton was talking about fate. She asked about her father's fate -- or her own fate or the fate of her twin sister -- all because of what he'd forced Naya to do. She said he had a lot of nerve, asking her for mercy, the one thing he'd never given anyone, including his own family.

Amanda told Sutton she'd made a mistake by allowing him to walk through her door. Sutton asked why she'd allowed him in. He claimed Amanda had hoped to see him beg for his life and not to be torn away from his family. Amanda asked if he meant the way she'd been torn away from hers. He claimed Amanda hadn't intended to show him any mercy. He claimed she'd made a show of righteous anger and claiming it was all about justice, but Amanda didn't have the guts to admit it. He said that turning on him was nothing more than a vindictive act.

Yelling at Sutton, Amanda asked what would happen if it was. She said if wanting to see him put away for what he'd done was vindictive, so be it. He would finally get what he deserved. Sutton admitted it had been a mistake to see her. He'd thought she might have had a shred of compassion and consideration for what she was about to do to her family. Sutton was ready to leave, but Amanda stopped him and told him to empty his pockets. He refused. Amanda demanded that he empty his pockets, or she would call the police.

When Devon arrived, Amanda told Devon that Sutton had thought he was very clever trying to turn the tables on her. Again, she told Sutton to empty his pockets, or she would call the police; then, Sutton would then have to explain to Michael Baldwin what was really going on. Outraged, Sutton wanted to know what she was talking about. He asked what made her think he was hiding something. Amanda said his act wasn't fooling anyone. Devon suggested she call the police while he kept Sutton company.

Amanda began to dial. Sutton pulled out the recorder from his shirt pocket. Amanda said his deep concern for Naya and Imani and their future had been a bunch of bull. She said he didn't care about them; he only cared about himself. Amanda explained that Sutton had wanted to get a recording of her admitting she was only testifying against him out of vindictiveness. He would give the recording to his attorney to use in court to diminish and taint her testimony. Devon knew that Sutton would throw any member of his family under the bus.

Amanda told Sutton to get out of her sight. Sutton snarled what a disappointment she'd turned out to be. She told him not to talk to her about disappointments. Devon ordered Sutton out. After Sutton left, Amanda said she couldn't believe she'd almost let him get to her again. She called him a master manipulator who tried to play with her emotions.

Devon said Amanda had figured out what Sutton had tried to do, and she'd called him out on it. Amanda said that recorder showed how dangerous and scared Sutton was. Sutton knew the case against him was strong, and out of desperation, Sutton had made a huge mistake. His actions might send him to prison,

Amanda called Michael. She told him that Sutton had tried to goad her into incriminating her motives for testifying against him, while secretly recording everything. She had the recording device, and he could listen to every word.

Devon told Amanda he'd been shocked to see Amanda standing up to Sutton. Sutton had looked like a man who'd never been challenged a day in his life. He said Sutton was used to being in control of everything, and Sutton had finally met someone who was smarter than him. Devon was very proud of her. Amanda swore she'd never get sucked in by Sutton again.

Amanda asked Devon if there had been any news about Chance. He said there hadn't been. He reported that Abby was beginning to face reality, that Chance wasn't returning home. He said Abby wasn't doing well, and he was worried about her and the baby.

Alone in Victoria's office, Ashland lost his breath. He tried to stand, but he stumbled in pain. Victoria arrived and helped him to a chair. He said the pain had only lasted a few moments, and he felt better. Victoria was worried about the long flight to Peru and that it would be too much for him. Ashland said he was more determined to go to Peru because of his symptoms, and it was his best option, since the chemotherapy hadn't worked. Ashland wanted to extend his time with Victoria, and nothing would stand in his way.

Ashland told Victoria he couldn't stop thinking about Billy and how he'd arrived in Tuscany with the intent of stripping Ashland of his happiness with Victoria. Ashland vowed that Billy would answer for his actions. Ashland called Victor for an update on Billy and ChancComm. Ashland explained his trip to Peru to Victor, and he said that he wouldn't be able to receive updates. Victor told him not to worry. The most important step had already been taken. Ashland questioned whether Billy would act as expected. Victor assured him Billy wouldn't be able to help himself.

Victoria told Ashland she wanted him to focus his attention and energy on his recovery. She didn't want anything to cause him any distress because she didn't want any negative impact on his health. Victoria didn't want Ashland to be involved with Victor and Adam in their war with Billy. She wanted Victor to handle Billy.

Ashland told Victoria she should believe that he was completely focused on fighting the most important battle of his life. He reminded her that she was on board with whatever happened to Billy and ChancComm. He was sure Billy had his own ideas on how to go after the competition. She didn't want to know the details, but she was concerned about the repercussions it might have on Ashland and the toll it might take on his health and her children.

Ashland assured Victoria he wouldn't have agreed to go along with any plan that had the possibility of impacting Johnny and Katie. He would have stopped Victor and Adam if he'd believed that was the case. He said Billy had weaponized ChancComm, especially against him. That had been bad enough; however, Billy had made it personal by dragging Gaines to Tuscany to have Gaines make a public display at their wedding. Billy had brought Victor's wrath on himself. He told Victoria what was coming down on Billy would be brutal because everything had been planned to the very last detail on a slightly risky endeavor.

Gaines walked into Billy and Lily's apartment. Lily asked if Gaines wanted them to hide him. He claimed he didn't have any options. Billy wanted to know where Gaines had been after he'd disappeared in Tuscany and why Gaines had left Billy's suite in Tuscany after Billy had explicitly told him to stay put. Gaines claimed he hadn't believed he could trust Billy. He'd decided to take matters into his own hands.

Gaines told Billy that just when the ceremony had started and he'd been ready to make his move, Nick had locked him in Nick's suite. Adam had then become involved. Adam had had Gaines dragged out to some storage room at the bottom of the palazzo to keep him from disrupting the wedding. Lily asked if Adam had held Gaines against his will. Gaines said Adam had. Gaines said that Victor had had his security people drag Gaines out to a nearby farmhouse in the middle of the night.

Lily asked Gaines if he'd been stripped of his ID, passport, and money. Gaines confirmed he had been. Gaines claimed he'd heard snatches of a conversation from the Newman security that had sounded ominous. He was afraid they would take drastic measures to shut him up. Billy asked if drastic meant permanent. Gaines confirmed it. Gaines claimed he'd thought they'd been going to beat the hell out of him, but he'd begun to wonder if they had intended to shut him up for good.

Billy asked Gaines how he'd escaped. Gaines said he'd been locked in a winery, and he'd searched for a means of escape. He'd found a boarded-up door behind a wine rack that had led to the outside. Lily wanted to know how he'd gotten out of Italy with no money or passport. Billy said they had checked all the manifests of every way he could have traveled. No one named Jesse Gaines had left Italy. Lily claimed Jesse couldn't have done it alone; he had to have had help.

Jesse told Lily that he'd walked and hitchhiked until he'd reached an airport. He had stowed away on a cargo airplane that had been headed to New York. After he'd arrived in New York, he'd hopped on a cross-country freight train and hopped off just outside of Chicago. He'd then made his way to Billy's. Lily pointed out that he'd been paid a lot of money by Victor and Billy. She was curious why he hadn't accessed his money once he'd been in the country. He said it would have been the easiest way for Victor to track him. Billy wanted to know why Gaines had chosen Billy for help.

Jesse told Billy that things had come into sharp focus while he'd been hidden in the bowels of a cargo plane. Lily asked if he was afraid of the people who were after him. Gaines claimed he was enraged, and he wanted to take them all down, not just Ashland, but Victor and his eager and dutiful son Adam. He thought Billy would be interested in helping him.

Billy told Gaines to get cleaned up. He'd put out some clean clothes and fresh towels. When Gaines left to shower, Lily asked if Billy was buying Gaines's story. Billy didn't know. It was a lot to swallow. If Gaines's story was true, it had huge ramifications for Victor, Adam, and Ashland. Lily claimed they had to remain skeptical. Billy agreed. They had to find a place for Gaines to stay while they vetted the story. Lily stated the story had to be ironclad.

Billy told Lily it was about getting leverage on Ashland and, by extension, Victor and Newman Media. Billy claimed that if Gaines's story was true, Ashland had forged his way into his fortune, and if Gaines still had Camilla Rhodes's letter, then it was what they needed to turn the tables on Victor and Newman Media. Lily claimed those were some mighty big "ifs."

When Gaines returned, Billy said he would take Gaines to a motel so that Gaines could lay low while Billy corroborated Gaines's story, and then they would plan their next move. Gaines said he would give them every aspect of his journey so they could verify everything. Billy asked if Gaines still had the original letter from Camilla Rhodes that stated why she hadn't left Ashland anything in her will. Gaines confirmed he still had it.

Billy assured Lily he would get Gaines settled into a motel, and he would call her on his way home. Lily was very uneasy about the situation. Billy said it was either true or a scam; either way, Billy needed to find out where it led. Victor and Adam were coming after them with everything they had to destroy what he and Lily had built. He was going to fight like hell to make sure that wouldn't happen. He kissed Lily. He left with Gaines.

Lily and Billy clash over Billy's obsession with revenge

Lily and Billy clash over Billy's obsession with revenge

Friday, November 5, 2021

by Nel

At Society, Nick asked Victoria if she would sit down and talk with him. Victoria said she was available until her order arrived, so he that time to say his piece.

Nick told Victoria he was hurting. It had started with his disagreement with her. He said his feud with Victor had been renewed, and things weren't great with Phyllis. He said Victoria had been the only person he'd turned to when his back had been against the wall. He said Victoria had always understood what had been going on with him, and she'd always been there for him. He hoped she felt the same way about him. He'd always felt it had been the two of them against the rest of the Newmans. He said he really missed that.

Victoria told Nick she'd always relied on his support and understanding, and they'd been very lucky to have that. Nick had always been dependable, trustworthy, and compassionate -- until he hadn't been. Nick had taken things beyond giving brotherly advice, and something as simple as her having a moment of doubt about her fiancé had somehow made Nick feel justified in attacking the man she loved. Victoria missed what they'd always meant to each other. She said Nick had hurt her; they'd been close, and what he'd done had been very painful.

Nick promised Victoria that he hadn't done it to hurt or betray her. She admitted she'd had doubts about how honest Ashland had been about his past. Nick said he'd tried to protect her. He should have trusted that Victoria was strong enough to handle whatever she needed to face with someone as mysterious and powerful as Ashland Locke. He wished he'd never gone to New Jersey or heard the name Bobby Franco. Nick asked Victoria to reconsider the intentions behind his actions and trust the love that had been behind them.

Victoria asked if Nick had tried to smooth things over with Victor. Nick claimed his issues with Victor were a different thing, and he felt he had no obligation to apologize to him. Victoria said she wasn't surprised that Nick and Victor were at odds. She felt the conflict had stemmed from protecting Ashland rather than condemning him. Nick said the core of the problem had always been Victor embracing them when they fell in line and casting them aside when they dared to defy him.

Victoria suggested that Victor might be more inclined to resolve things if Nick heard him out. Nick claimed Victor didn't get it, and Nick didn't care. The only thing Nick cared about was fixing things with Victoria. Victoria asked about Phyllis. She wanted to know where he and Phyllis stood. She thought Phyllis would have stood by Nick's side and cheered him on in the battle against the Newmans.

Nick told Victoria he didn't want to talk about Phyllis. Victoria pointed out that Nick had said he'd missed and trusted her, yet he wasn't prepared to talk about the woman he loved. He wondered if Victoria was asking because she wanted to say, "I told you so," or because she was close to forgiving him.

Victoria said Nick was her brother and was still the first. Nick said that was about as close to forgiveness as he was going to get for the moment. Victoria said they needed to depend on each other as a family. Nick asked what he needed to do to regain Victoria's trust. She said he could start by talking about Phyllis.

Nick told Victoria he felt that he and Phyllis were over, probably for good. Victoria was sorry he was suffering and admitted she would never be friends with Phyllis because Phyllis had done a lot of things that had hurt her, and vice versa. Victoria admitted she'd been petty going after Phyllis and her hotel, and she regretted threatening Phyllis' livelihood. Nick claimed that, in retrospect, it had been the beginning of their problems.

Nick told Victoria that in Tuscany, he'd advised Phyllis not to get involved in his rift with the family. She'd been hurt, and it had become part of the problem. If Victoria had hoped for a breakup, she'd won. Victoria claimed that wasn't her mindset anymore. Life was a gift, especially when they surrounded themselves with the people they loved. To squander that gift by being angry and cruel didn't make sense to her. Victoria admitted that her relationship with Ashland had changed a lot of things for her. She told Nick she wouldn't denigrate what he and Phyllis had shared; however, Phyllis was probably the only person who could make and keep Nick happy. Nick agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda told Phyllis she had to testify against Sutton the next day. Amanda hoped she didn't need to frisk Phyllis for any listening devices. Phyllis thought it was a joke, but Amanda explained that Sutton had stopped by her place to talk, and she'd discovered that he'd been secretly recording their conversation.

Amanda told Phyllis that Sutton had said that putting him behind bars would ruin Naya and Imani financially. Sutton had asked her to have mercy on him. That was when she'd realized Sutton had been secretly recording her. Sutton had tried to get her to admit that she was testifying against him out of vindictiveness.

Amanda told Phyllis that Sutton would have given the recording to his lawyers so they could taint her testimony. Devon had arrived home early, and together, they'd gotten the recorder from Sutton. Phyllis claimed Sutton was crazy, and she wanted Amanda's assurance that she was being careful. Phyllis said Sutton had eliminated Amanda's father, and nothing would stop him from doing the same to Amanda.

Amanda appreciated Phyllis' protectiveness; however, Sutton wasn't foolish enough to tamper with her life the day before he went to trial for doing the same thing with her father. Phyllis told her not underestimate Sutton. She told Amanda not to worry because Michael was the best of the best. Amanda said Devon had said the same thing. Amanda said it was too bad Devon wouldn't make to the trial. Phyllis asked what could be more important.

Amanda told Phyllis that Devon had been spending a lot of time with Abby. Phyllis rolled her eyes. Amanda said Chance was gone. Phyllis scoffed and asked where he'd gone "this time." She was shocked when she realized what Amanda had meant. Amanda said there had been an explosion at Chance's safe house. They hadn't located his body yet, and no one had seen him since the explosion. Amanda said they were keeping it quiet until Abby was ready to go public.

Phyllis told Amanda that Abby's situation put her own problems into perspective. Phyllis said things were over between her and Nick, and she blamed it on Nick's family. Amanda was sorry because Phyllis and Nick had had something special. Phyllis felt it had run its course. Amanda suggested that she and Phyllis needed to plan a trip to Vegas. Amanda received a call from Michael, who wanted to meet with her.

Adam arrived at the ranch. He told Nikki he wanted to speak with Victor. Nikki said Victor was with Abby. Adam said Victor was getting some much-needed time with the newest Newman. Adam said he would stop by Abby's later to meet his nephew. Nikki said it wasn't a good time. Adam said that he and Chance went way back.

Nikki shouted at Adam not to go to the Chancellor estate. She said Chance might have been killed in an explosion at his safe house, and his body hadn't been found yet. Adam said that was impossible; he was certain that Chance had made it out. Nikki claimed it was unlikely, given the devastation of the building he'd been in. Nikki admitted she knew that Adam and Chance had had a bond.

Adam told Nikki it was difficult to process because it made no sense. He said there hadn't been any situations that Chance hadn't been able to get out of, and Chance had saved his life. Adam called Chance invincible. Adam told Nikki he wished he'd been as good a friend to Chance as Chance had been to him. He said he couldn't imagine what Abby was going through. Adam said Dominic would never meet his father or see what a hero he'd been. When Dominic was old enough, Adam said he wanted to tell him that Chance had taken a bullet for him.

Adam told Nikki he'd been in a dark place when Chance had saved his life, and that was why Adam had been able to turn his life around. He said whenever he was tempted to backslide, he would think of Chance. Nikki told Adam they weren't sharing the news with anyone until they received official confirmation of Chance's death, out of respect for Abby. Adam assured Nikki he would keep it to himself, but he guessed Nikki didn't trust that he would. Nikki said she'd believed every word he'd said, explaining that when they'd been in Tuscany, Adam had been a perfect gentleman, very loyal to Victoria and the entire family. Nikki hoped that his recent metamorphosis was permanent and that he wouldn't hurt any of them again.

Adam told Nikki he'd given her more than enough reasons to doubt him. Nikki interjected that "this time," it would be different, a statement Adam had made on countless occasions. Adam swore he was sincere and trying to stay on the high road. Nikki said from what she'd seen, he'd been successful; however, she'd heard some things that had given her pause. She claimed she knew Adam and Victor were plotting something that could have dire consequences. Adam asked if Nick had informed her about it. She admitted he had, but she didn't want to believe it.

Agitated, Adam told Nikki he didn't know what he had to do to prove he was on a different path. He was criticized, analyzed, and doubted about everything he did. Adam said he didn't give a damn what people thought because he knew what he'd accomplished, and he knew what he had to do to be the man he was meant to be. Adam left.

Lily was relieved when Billy returned home. Lily told Billy she had a really bad feeling about the situation, and she felt they needed to drop it. Even if Gaines could be trusted, he was trouble. She asked if Billy had believed Gaines's tale of his harrowing escape from Tuscany. She said their goal was to protect ChancComm, but Gaines was out for blood.

Billy promised Lily he would do his due diligence and have his team look at every aspect of Gaines's story before they pulled the trigger on Gaines. Lily didn't see it ending well. Billy said it ended with ChancComm remaining intact. Lily asked why Billy was ready to go full steam ahead once again. She felt they needed to take a few steps back and discuss all the ramifications. Billy claimed they needed to be proactive. He said he didn't understand her reluctance.

Lily told Billy she distrusted all of it, and she wasn't backing down about not publishing the story. Billy claimed they didn't have to publish the story. They needed to use Gaines's story as a threat, then Adam and Victor would stop coming after them. Lily asked if blackmail was their goal, because they didn't operate that way.

Billy told Lily their situation called for desperate measures. Lily stated it was underhanded and dirty. Billy reminded her that Victor and Adam would come after them with every weapon they had in their arsenal. Lily asked if he thought blackmail was their only option. Billy claimed it was the only option that would stop Victor and Adam from destroying ChancComm. Lily reminded Billy that he was putting his trust in a man who'd proven he couldn't be trusted. Billy said Gaines had the evidence to prove Ashland's past and how Ashland had forged his way into his mentor's fortune.

Lily told Billy they hadn't verified anything. Gaines wanted to take down Ashland, Victor, and Adam. Lily said it might be Billy's goal, but it wasn't hers. She said Billy wanted to sic Gaines on the Newmans like a rabid dog. Billy claimed it was a defensive measure. Lily called it one that could provoke the Newmans even more. Lily said it wasn't business; it was personal for all of them.

Billy told Lily they couldn't just do nothing because Victor and Adam were coming after them. Lily claimed that Billy was out to prove something he didn't need to. She said he'd gone to Tuscany with a lot of adrenaline, there hadn't been a payoff for him, and he felt he needed to put his energy toward the new situation. Billy claimed he could have blown Ashland out of the water with that incriminating video, but he hadn't. He'd taken the high road, and he'd destroyed the best weapon they'd had. Lily reminded him he'd done it for Victoria and his children. She said it was time for Victoria to pay him back.

Lily asked Billy what had happened to her idea about asking Victoria for help to end the senseless feud. Billy claimed he'd spoken to Victoria, but she didn't want to meet with him. Lily didn't think sending Victoria one text message was really trying. Billy refused to run to his ex to protect his company.

Lily stated that Billy would rather go to war with the Newmans than ask Victoria for help. Billy said Victoria wasn't exactly thrilled with him at that moment. Lily asked Billy to talk to Victoria. Billy claimed it was unnecessary because they had the means to handle things on their own. Angry, Lily claimed she'd wasted her breath trying to talk Billy out of blackmail and an all-out battle. She headed for the bedroom.

Adam arrived at Society. He saw Victoria and Nick at the bar. He congratulated them because it appeared that Nick and Victoria had reconciled. Nick commented that Adam and Victor were as thick as thieves lately. Without a word, Adam left them when Victor's P.I. arrived. Nick said it was the second time he'd seen Adam with Victor's P.I. He assumed Victor and Adam were plotting something. Victoria said it was nothing for Nick to worry about.

Nick asked if Victoria knew why Adam was meeting with one of Victor's investigators. Victoria said not exactly. She admitted she knew what was going on, but she hadn't wanted to be included in the details. She said Adam and Victor had planned a move against ChancComm. Surprised, Nick asked if Victoria was okay with the damage that would do to Billy's company. Victoria said if Billy wanted to play in the big leagues, he had to be prepared to handle the potential retaliation. Nick claimed the investigator was doing a lot more than gathering information, and things could get pretty nasty.

Victoria assured Nick that she'd made sure her kids wouldn't be impacted in any way. Billy had thrown the first stone by bringing a blackmailer to Italy with the sole intention of stopping her wedding. Nick said if Billy was going to continue dropping grenades, then he'd better learn to defend himself. Victoria stated she wasn't Billy's keeper.

Nick said Victoria sounded like she was on Adam's side. Victoria was grateful to Adam for stopping Billy's wedding crasher from ruining her wedding. She expressed uncertainty about whether Adam was a changed person, and she wasn't completely buying his act; however, Nick had spent some brotherly time with Adam, watching sports. Nick said he'd tried to befriend Adam until he'd seen Adam sucking up to Victor. Nick said that Adam had made a sincere offer to act as peacemaker between him and Victoria.

Nick told Victoria he was grateful that Victoria seemed to be giving him a second chance. She was glad they had talked and said perhaps they were one step closer to being okay. Nick asked if it was only a step. Victoria said it was all she could do for the moment. Nick said he would take it. Victoria picked up her food and left.

Nick watched as Adam and the P.I. shook hands before the P.I. left. Adam returned to the bar. Nick asked why Adam was getting so cozy with one of Victor's P.I.'s. Adam responded it had been some Newman Media business. Nick asked what kind of Newman Media business required a P.I. Adam assured Nick he wasn't going rogue or planning a sneak attack. He asked if Nick believed he would have used one of Victor's investigators if he had been. Nick said he had no idea what went on in Adam's mind. Adam said that Nick felt like an outcast in the family lately, and he knew how that felt, since he'd spent most of his life as an outcast.

Nick asked Adam if he found it disturbing that Victor loved playing musical chairs with them. One minute, they were in, then his tune would change, and they were out. Nick wondered how far someone would go to get a seat at a table. Adam claimed Nick had nothing to worry about. Nick said that if he found out that Adam's intentions had been malicious, then Adam really was a monster. Adam claimed it wasn't the time to be taking shots at each other, especially with everything the family was going through. Nick asked what that meant. Without a word, Adam pointed to where Victoria had been sitting. Adam said nothing was ever easy with the Newmans.

After Adam left, Nick looked at his phone. He contemplated calling Phyllis, but he changed his mind.

Phyllis arrived at the Grand Phoenix. She stood at the bar and typed a message to Nick, but she erased it immediately and went to her suite.

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