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Victor and Nikki threw Chance a welcome home party. Chance struggled with readjusting to civilian life. Nick rejected Ashland's attempt to make peace. Lily supported Billy's plan to feign a downward spiral. Phyllis disguised her disappointment when Jack told her he didn't want to rekindle things romantically.
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Chance struggled with readjusting to civilian life, and Lily supported Billy's plan to feign a downward spiral
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Nick rebuffs Ashland's offer to make peace

Nick rebuffs Ashland's offer to make peace

Monday, December 6, 2021

Victoria ran into Victor at Crimson Lights. Victor delivered surprising news when he announced that Abby had flown to Spain, found Chance, and brought him back home. As Victoria expressed shock at such a fortunate turn of events, Victor recalled that Abby had never completely believed that her husband was dead and had followed her instincts. Victor invited Victoria to stop by the Grand Phoenix, where he and Nikki had planned to host a welcome home party. Victoria replied, "Oh, well, I appreciate the invitation, but before Ashland and I accept the invite, maybe we should discuss this ChancComm situation, after all." Victor said it had been upsetting when Victoria had bid on ChancComm to protect "Billy Boy." Victoria defended her actions, insisting that her interests were based purely on business.

Victor admitted he felt that Victoria's decision to sell the division to Chancellor Communications in the first place had been a mistake. Victoria agreed and said she'd already consulted Ashland about getting it back in the Newman fold. Victoria noted that she and Ashland were of one mind in both personal and business pursuits, though Adam had considered Ashland's participation a betrayal of Newman Media. Victor replied that he was happy that Ashland had been part of "cutting Billy Boy off at the knees" by humiliating Billy and forcing him to resign. Victor explained that beyond attacking Billy, he wasn't interested in ChancComm, insisting it meant nothing to him. Before Victor left, he complimented Victoria's expertise in running the family business and told her he was proud of her.

At home, Chance unpacked the wooden box in which he kept mementos. Chance lifted the box's lid and took out his military medal. Chance was studying the medal, attached to a blue ribbon, when Abby entered carrying Dominic. Abby called out to Chance and asked him if he was okay. Chance set down the medal and said he was okay because home was exactly where he wanted to be. Chance leaned close to Dominic and said, "Hey, big guy." Abby placed their drowsy son in his crib. Chance said he couldn't believe how perfect their baby was. Abby beamed with pride.

Chance apologized for everything Abby and Mariah had endured, especially for him not being around to protect Mariah from Stitch. Abby absolved Chance of blame and said the most important thing was his return home to the people that loved him. Chance admitted he was reluctant to face a crowd when Abby announced that Victor had planned a welcome home party. Abby understood and offered to cancel, but Chance said he was ready to feel alive and embrace love from the people he'd missed.

Chance set the baby monitor next to Dominic's crib and escorted Abby upstairs to their bedroom, expressing his desire to feel close to her again. Later, after Dominic awoke, Chance held his son. The baby was immediately content. Abby explained that Devon had been the only one who'd been able to soothe Dominic without feeding him. Chance agreed that Devon had been a good friend who'd been supportive in many ways during Chance's absence.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nikki thanked Phyllis for helping her throw together the last-minute cocktail party, complete with a festive banner welcoming Chance home and a table set with a variety of finger foods. Phyllis said that though it had been shocking to learn Chance was alive, she knew Abby was relieved. Adam interrupted and asked Nikki about Victor's whereabouts, explaining that Victor had missed a meeting they'd set up. Phyllis said she supposed that Adam was eager to discuss the bidding for ChancComm, which, she noted, would likely become a shocking cliffhanger. Nikki glared at Phyllis before explaining to Adam that Victor was informing family members about Chance's return. Adam, stunned, replied, "Wait -- Chance is alive? And he's back in Genoa City? Dad did not tell me any of that."

Nikki invited Adam to the get-together. Adam explained that he'd instead phone Abby and Chance because he already had plans with Connor. Noah interrupted and said he'd been told to meet his grandfather at the hotel. Noah mentioned that Mariah had shared the good news about Chance, so he'd return later for the festivities. Adam admitted that he, not Victor, had actually reached out to Noah, hoping Noah would have been more responsive to meet up if he'd thought Victor had issued the request. Noah seemed frustrated and said he'd thought his branding work for Newman Media had concluded, and he expressed concern that Adam might demand revisions. Adam invited Noah to talk privately on the way to the office.

After Adam and Noah walked away, Phyllis said, "I'd watch out if I were you. I mean, the last thing you want is Adam having an influence over Noah." Nikki admitted that Noah had been out of sorts since returning home, though she wasn't too concerned about Adam's influence after Noah had complained about his uncle's intrusive micromanagement. Mention of working relationships led to Phyllis defending her dedication to her hotel after Nikki insinuated it was the reason Nick and Phyllis' relationship had faltered. Nikki admitted she hadn't had high hopes that the relationship would be successful and was saddened because Nick had been hurt and was in pain. Phyllis cried that it had been a difficult decision for them to make. Nikki minced no words and replied, "Yet, you seem to be doing just fine." Phyllis bristled and said Nikki didn't know what was going on inside her head.

When Victor arrived, Phyllis quickly excused herself. After Victor greeted Nikki, he told her Victoria knew about Chance. Victor allayed Nikki's apprehension by explaining that he and Victoria had made amends, explaining that he'd told their daughter that family trumped business. After Nikki mentioned that Adam had said he thought Victor was avoiding him, Victor admitted that things could get heated between Adam and Victoria when they both competed for ChancComm. Nikki, referring to Phyllis' ownership of the venue, asked Victor if he'd chosen the hotel for the party, thinking that Nick might bow out, thus avoiding conflict with Victoria and Ashland. Victor said he hoped Nick would put aside his differences and show up to support Abby and Chance.

Ashland summoned Nick for a visit at Newman Enterprises. When Nick arrived, he told Ashland he was curious about what Ashland and Victoria had to say. Ashland replied that he wanted to speak to Nick alone because they hadn't had an opportunity to talk privately since the wedding in Tuscany, so it was time for them to clear the air. Nick shrugged and asked which issue of many Ashland desired to clear up. Ashland said he was aware that Nick and Victoria had made headway in healing their relationship and had even had a heart-to-heart talk about Nick's breakup with Phyllis. Nick replied, "That is not something you and I are going to talk about." Ashland mentioned knowing that Nick and Victoria hadn't completely mended fences. Nick said that subject, too, was none of Ashland's business, as it was a family matter between him and his sister. Ashland replied, "I'm family now."

Ashland explained that, for Victoria's sake, he hoped he and Nick could ease tensions by "getting it all out." Nick replied, "Yeah, well, getting it all out's not gonna change my mind about anything." Ashland noted that Victoria had forgiven him for his past. Nick said he couldn't fathom how Victoria could accept Ashland having let his best friend die, and then stealing his identity and later robbing his mentor. Nick expressed doubt that Ashland would have ever admitted the truth to Victor had Nick not investigated Ashland's past. Nick called Ashland an opportunist with no moral standards who was benefitting from the rest of the family giving him a pass due to his illness. Nick added that if he were to find out that Ashland was no longer terminal, he'd wonder if Ashland had ever been sick in the first place.

Nick warned that if Ashland ever hurt Victoria or took advantage of her, Nick would become his enemy for life. Victoria entered and demanded to know why Nick had threatened her husband. Nick explained that Ashland had insisted Nick be honest. Victoria defended Ashland and assured Nick that her husband was worthy of her love and trust. Victoria dropped the subject and informed Nick and Ashland that Chance had been found alive and was already back home. Victoria asked Nick and Ashland to set aside their tension and be supportive of Chance and Abby at their welcome home party.

At Society, Billy was alone, having a drink at the bar, when Sally offered to keep him company. Billy politely insisted that he'd rather be alone. Sally told Billy she was waiting for her take-out order and didn't mind sitting with him until her food arrived. Billy replied, "You know, Sally, I don't want to be rude, but you're being a little pushy. The truth is, I don't want your company." Sally said she was trying to be nice. Billy admitted he didn't trust Sally or Adam, and he accused them of being involved together in something. Not dissuaded, Sally told Billy it wasn't a good look to be sitting alone drinking before happy hour, adding that her presence helped Billy appear less pathetic.

Sally claimed she and Adam weren't as close as some seemed to believe they were. Billy pointed out that Sally and Adam had arrived together at the launch of Newman Media, had traveled together on a private jet to Tuscany, and had reportedly been openly dating. Sally noted that the tabloids were untrustworthy. Billy replied that he'd found most of the gossip printed in his own tabloid to be the truth. Sally haughtily explained that she and Chloe had complete autonomy over the Newman fashion platform, so she had no reason to suck up to their boss.

Billy held his almost-empty glass of liquor close to his lips and warned that there was no one more capable of tearing apart another's soul than Adam Newman. As Billy gulped down the last drop in his glass of booze, Sally cut to the chase and said she sensed there was something much deeper going on. Sally locked eyes with Billy and asked, "Are you really going to be okay?" Billy admitted he'd lost the support of his mother, once his most stalwart believer. Though Billy portrayed himself as having fallen down a rabbit hole, Sally said that even from their limited interactions, she knew him be a protector with a good heart. Billy replied that the opinion of him that Sally had expressed wasn't common.

Sally acknowledged that she often went against the grain. After Sally's order was delivered, she offered to stay and eat with Billy, having already ordered him a cup of coffee. Billy declined Sally's offer to dine with him and told her they'd see each other at their next run-in. As Sally was leaving, Billy quietly said aloud to himself, "That's it, Sally. You run back to Adam and tell him all about my pathetic state. Please."

Adam and Noah went to Adam's office to talk. Adam mentioned numerous opportunities for Noah to pursue. Noah said he appreciated the offers, but he considered creation of the original branding to be a one-time job, adding that he didn't desire to work for big companies and needed time to reflect. Adam asked Noah to think it over, suggesting that the work might become a distraction from whatever had driven him away from London. Noah agreed to consider Adam's offer. Noah admitted he was having a difficult time believing that Adam had honestly changed. Adam acknowledged their rough history and didn't blame Noah for being hesitant about welcoming him back with open arms. Adam advised Noah not to ever write anyone off.

After Sally returned from Society, she barged into Adam's office, interrupting Adam's meeting with Noah. Noah recalled that Sally had designed Victoria's wedding dress, which had made quite a splash. Adam said he'd tried to convince Noah to work for the company. Sally complimented Noah's branding for Newman Media and expressed hope that he might come aboard the fashion platform. Noah told Sally he would consider Adam's job offer.

After Noah left, Sally told Adam about her interactions with Billy and expressed concern that Adam had inflicted serious psychological damage. Sally said Billy had been drinking and cried that he'd felt he was being dragged into a rabbit hole. Adam found it interesting that Billy had been so willing to share his sorrows with Sally, though Adam told Sally he had no sympathy for Billy. Chelsea interrupted when she contacted Adam via video chat. Adam told Chelsea he was in a meeting with Sally and would call her back. Chelsea angrily cried that she'd phoned to talk about their son. Adam sighed and said, "She hung up on me." Sally advised Adam to call Chelsea back.

Lily was busily working when Billy returned home. Lily explained that Jill had sent over numerous files related to the CEO position. Lily cried that the company was a huge conglomerate, noting that Jill had booked dozens of online listening tours, as well. Lily admitted that she had been overwhelmed, feared she lacked experience to tackle it all so suddenly, and expressed concern that her involvement might negatively impact Chancellor Industries and reflect badly on Jill.

Billy gave Lily a pep talk and assured her that, based on her credentials, she was qualified. Billy added that Jill also believed in Lily. Lily asked Billy if he'd dropped the plan he'd discussed earlier. Billy explained that it was still in the brainstorming stage, adding that he'd only laid a little bit of groundwork. Billy told Lily he'd rather they spend time on each other before she became a very busy woman.

Victor and Nikki greeted Victoria and Ashland when they arrived for the party. Victoria said she wasn't certain Nick would attend. Nikki said she hoped everyone could set aside their differences for a very important occasion. Abby led Chance by the hand when they arrived for the party. Nikki yelled, "They're here!" Abby and Chance beamed when everyone applauded. Abby couldn't stop smiling as she held Chance close and basked in the revelry and happiness.

Chance struggles to readjust to life in Genoa City

Chance struggles to readjust to life in Genoa City

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

At the Grand Phoenix, Chance squirmed when a burst of applause greeted him and Abby as they arrived at his welcome home party. She asked if he was okay, and he replied that the cheering wasn't necessary. Jill disagreed, and Jack reasoned that Chance couldn't begrudge them for making a big fuss over his homecoming. Victor proclaimed that there was a true hero in their midst, and he had the greatest respect for Chance. Victor recapped that Chance had gone to Spain with his buddies to prevent a terrorist attack, and Chance had been the only one to survive an explosion at their safe house.

Victor praised Chance for helping the State Department to identify those responsible, and he indicated that there was extra security around the hotel there to keep Chance safe. "Bravo, Chance!" Victoria exclaimed, and Nikki gushed that Katherine would have been proud of Chance. Abby added that Chance had always been her hero and always would be. Ashley lauded Abby for never losing faith in her husband. "And I never will," Abby chirped. Abby and Chance embraced.

At the bar, Jack admired Chance and Abby for showing up at the party after everything they'd been through. Chance figured that he hadn't been able to let everyone down, and Abby considered him unstoppable -- and probably hungry. Abby ushered Chance away to get him some food, and Jack crossed the room to approach Phyllis. Jack commented that they should all find someone to look at them the way Abby and Chance looked at one another. He complimented Phyllis for throwing the party together fast, and she pointed out that the couple had been through a lot.

Phyllis was glad Jack's trip had been successful, and he marveled at his niece's devotion. Jack called it a level of love so deep and connected that Abby had known in her heart that Chance was alive despite everyone telling her there had been no way he'd survived. Phyllis agreed that it was a special kind of love that people had to hold on to with both hands when they found it. Jack was sure that Abby would cherish it even more, knowing she'd almost lost Chance. Victor interrupted to thank Jack, and Phyllis brusquely excused herself and walked away.

Jack surmised that Victor was in a good mood because seeing his child happy had made him happy. Victor maintained that he owed Jack a debt of gratitude for accompanying Ashley to search for Abby and for being a rock for both women. Victor inquired about how Chance had seemed on the way home, and Jack reported that Chance had slept most of the way and had been quiet when he'd been awake. Jack believed that Chance was on the road to recovery physically, but it would take some time psychologically for Chance to readjust to daily life in Genoa City.

Abby scurried off to fetch Chance some water. Nikki approached Chance and told him how good it was to have him back. He politely thanked her for putting the evening together, but she guessed that he'd rather be anywhere else in the world right then. He denied it, but she said he didn't have to pretend with her. He conceded that he'd been keeping his head down for the past few months and staying away from crowds like that, and she imagined the attention was overwhelming.

Chance pledged to put the past in the rearview mirror, and Nikki assured him that a bright future awaited him. She added that no one expected him to put on a show, and she recognized that what was supposed to have been an intimate gathering had turned into more because Victor had thought Chance deserved a hero's welcome. Chance plastered on a smile and called it nice, and she joked that seeing everyone together would save him from a flood of uninvited guests at his door. He felt humbled that Victor thought that highly of him.

Victor joined Nikki and Chance, and Chance thanked him for everything he'd done for Abby and Dominic. Victor asserted that Chance was part of their family, and it was what Newmans did for their own. Nikki insisted that they celebrate the good times. Victor credited Abby for refusing to believe that she'd lost Chance, since it was her faith that had reunited Chance with his wife and baby. Victor hoped Chance stayed for a long time.

Chance acknowledged that he'd lost time with Abby that he'd never get back, and he promised to "try like hell" to make it up to her. He admitted that he'd already been second-guessing some of the decisions that had taken him away from her, but Victor replied that there was no sense in beating himself up. Victor was sure the authorities would find the culprits responsible for the explosion, but Chance wished he could have done more. Nikki assured Chance that he'd done plenty, and Victor declared that the ordeal was over.

Across the room, Victoria and Ashland told Abby how happy they were for her. Abby was sorry she'd missed their wedding, and she raved about how gorgeous Victoria had looked in the pictures. Ashland recalled what it was like to have a newborn in the house, and Victoria sympathized that Abby had been functioning as a single parent. Abby enthused that she wasn't on her own anymore, and she couldn't remember the last time she'd been that happy. She continued that everything was the way it was meant to be, and she intended to value every second she spent with Chance.

Abby called Chance over, and Victoria introduced him to Ashland, who praised Chance's bravery and sense of honor and duty. Ashland jokingly added that he was just talking about having the daring gall to marry into the Newman family, and the group laughed. Victoria offered to help Chance transition back into civilian life any way she could, since he was truly an inspiration to all of them.

Sharon was surprised to see Nick at Crimson Lights when she'd expected him to be at Chance's party. Nick explained that Chance's return home had been the best thing to happen to his family in a long time, and he didn't want to ruin it by showing up. Sharon recalled that Nick had missed Victoria's wedding, and she lectured that he couldn't miss Abby's celebration, too. Nick grumbled that he and Victoria hadn't exactly patched things up, and he and his dad were barely talking. He balked at the thought of showing up at the party and putting Chance through more Newman family drama.

Sharon urged Nick to make the decision to be civil, and she doubted Victor or Victoria wanted things to get ugly. Nick mentioned that he'd gotten into it with Ashland earlier, and he'd realized how completely out of the family loop he was when Victoria had informed him that Chance was alive. Sharon suspected that Nick was afraid to attend the party because he'd run into Phyllis. Nick shared that he and Phyllis had done a good job of keeping things civil, but he didn't want to risk getting a bucket of ice dumped on his head.

Sharon contended that the party wasn't about Victor, Victoria, or Phyllis, but it was about Abby, Chance, and how their love had triumphed. Nick teased her for being a romantic, and she implored him to show Abby the great big brother he was by going to the party. Nick cited a sports event Christian had in the morning, but Sharon pushed to know what was really bothering him. He requested her honest opinion about whether he was doing anything to push people away. Sharon assumed that Phyllis had said something to that effect, but Nick confirmed that Victoria had made the comment. Sharon insisted that it wasn't true.

Sharon called Nick a good man with pure intentions, and she sensed that the problem was that he expected everyone around him to be as good as he was. She added that sometimes there was no one to blame when a relationship just didn't work out. Sharon spotted Mariah start to enter the coffeehouse but dart back out. Sharon summoned Mariah inside, and Nick stated that he'd been leaving, anyway. After Nick departed, Sharon wondered why Mariah was there instead of at Chance's party. Mariah eventually admitted that she'd spent hours trying to talk herself into going.

Mariah reasoned that the party was for close family, and Sharon insisted that Mariah was family to Abby and Chance. Mariah protested that it would be weird, since she wasn't sure if Chance was aware of how attached she'd become to his son. Sharon was certain that Chance would understand and be grateful for everything Mariah had done. Sharon recounted that she'd also tried to convince Nick to attend the same party, and she hinted that it would be nice if one person took her advice. Mariah maintained that it didn't feel right, and she thought it would be best if she sat that one out.

Meanwhile, at the party, Victor clinked his glass to get everyone's attention. He recognized how fleeting life could be, and he didn't think words of love were said often enough. Victor recalled that they'd all thought they'd lost Chance; however Chance was there to be a father to Dominic and a husband to Abby, and Victor was happy to be a grandfather again. Ashley squealed about being a first-time grandmother, and Phyllis bellowed, "Hey, let's not forget about Great-Granny Jill!" Victor requested that everyone raise their glasses to Chance, Dominic, and Abby, and the guests toasted to love, happiness, and defying the odds. Chance suddenly told Abby that he had to run and take care of something.

Chance stepped outside and breathed deeply, loosening his collar. Devon arrived at the hotel and asked if Chance was okay. Chance replied that he wasn't accustomed to the adulation. Chance thought Devon was the one who deserved to be commended for helping to create Dominic, rescuing Mariah, and caring for the baby while Abby had been trying to find Chance. Devon remarked that it took a village, and Chance was relieved to know he wasn't the only one uncomfortable with the hero label. Devon urged him not to downplay the lengths to which he'd gone to keep people safe and protected, but Chance felt that he should have been there to protect his wife and son.

Chance considered it a shame that Mariah hadn't been able to make it, and Devon reported that he'd heard she was working. The men joined the party, and Abby asked about Amanda. Devon indicated that Amanda was with Imani, and Chance was stunned to hear that Amanda had a sister. Devon commented that they had a lot to catch up on, and he shared that Amanda and Imani were negotiating a lease for the law practice they were opening together. Abby planned to thank Amanda later for playing a big part in Dominic's world.

Victor sat down next to Jill, but she huffed that was hardly the time and place to make a move on ChancComm. He wished her all the best in her retirement, but she clarified that she was staying on in an advisory capacity. Victor found it interesting that she'd nominated Lily as her successor. Jill pointed out that Lily wouldn't be the first person to run a company without formal business training, noting that she and Victor had both done okay. They clinked glasses.

Victor said he'd always respected Jill for honoring Katherine's legacy. Victor imagined that Katherine would have been proud, and Jill questioned whether Katherine would have been proud of Victor for selling her Chancellor Industries years earlier. Victor anticipated that Chancellor would prosper if Jill kept "Billy Boy" away from the reins. Victoria eyed them carefully.

Later, Victoria approached Jill and made small talk about the party, but Jill ordered her to say what was on her mind. Victoria assumed that Jill hadn't received many offers to buy ChancComm yet, and she reiterated that Newman-Locke was willing to pay whatever it took. Victoria asserted that selling to them would help ChancComm save face, and it would be beneficial for Billy not to lose to Adam again. Jill sourly found it fascinating that Victoria was interested in helping Billy after she'd been part of the plan to take him down. Jill stalked off.

Nikki inquired whether Victoria had heard from Nick, but Victoria doubted he would show up at that point. Nikki hoped he'd make an appearance for his little sister, and Victoria was sure he'd make it up to Abby and Chance at a "Dad-free" venue. In private, Ashland asked what Victoria had learned on her reconnaissance mission with Jill. Victoria revealed that Jill loved the game as much as Victor did, and she thought they had to up theirs. Ashland declared that he was ready to play.

Ashley asked Phyllis how she'd enjoyed her long-distance Thanksgiving feast with Jack. Phyllis replied that it had been a nice distraction, since she'd been busy working on the holiday. Phyllis mentioned that she'd had a dream with Ashley in it, and Ashley questioned how large a role Jack had played in the dream. Phyllis confirmed that Jack had been in it, but they hadn't been together. Phyllis taunted that there were far worse fates for Jack than having Phyllis in his future.

Phyllis prompted Chance to spill the details about his secret mission in Spain, but he preferred to make a toast instead. Phyllis called for everyone's attention, and Chance thanked the guests for being there. Chance thought the evening was more than he deserved, and he felt truly blessed that he'd returned home to his friends and family -- especially Abby and their new baby boy. Chance referred to the courageous people on his team who he'd considered family, and he called them the real heroes. He asked everyone to raise a glass in their memory.

Chance continued that it had hardly been the first time he'd been gone, and he'd probably spent more time away from Genoa City than in it, but he was glad he got to call the place his home. Chance vowed to be a husband to the most loving woman he'd ever met and a father to the most adorable baby boy in the whole world, and he promised he wouldn't go anywhere else without them again. He added that everyone was stuck with him, whether they liked it or not. The guests clinked glasses and cheered, and Abby called it a beautiful speech. She was taken aback when he abruptly asked if they could get out of there.

Abby told Victor and Nikki that she and Chance had to get home to Dominic, and Victor predicted that there would be many more occasions to celebrate. Chance and Abby said their goodbyes, and Victor watched closely as the couple headed out.

Later, Nick arrived at the party and ran into Devon, who informed him that Chance and Abby had already ducked out. Nick imagined it was nice for Devon to no longer have his life turned upside down by caring for a baby. Devon conceded that his penthouse was a lot quieter, and he decided to take off. Nikki rushed over to Nick, who mentioned that Devon had told him Chance and Abby had left. Nikki urged Nick to stay and have a drink, but he looked around and spotted Victoria before his gaze shifted to Jack hovering near Phyllis. Nick said he had stuff had to do, and he hugged Nikki goodbye.

Jack said it had been good to see Phyllis that night, and she asked if he was leaving. He called it a great party and credited her for having a way of making things special. Phyllis complained that she and Jack hadn't gotten a chance to talk, and she invited him to stick around for a drink. He passed because he was tired from his trip, but he promised that they would talk later. They wished one another sweet dreams.

Ashley commended Nikki for putting together a successful evening. Ashley voiced concern about Chance, and Victor worried that Chance seemed psychologically fragile. Nikki sympathized with the pressure Chance had been under, at first going undercover and then losing his team and being the only survivor. Ashley was sure that Chance was in shock after being dropped back into civilian life. Victor thought they should keep an eye on him.

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby worried that the party had been too much for Chance. He claimed that he couldn't be better, but he was just jetlagged. He remarked that Ashland was quite the character, and she was happy that Victoria had finally found her perfect match. Chance had hoped to see Nick, and Abby theorized that her brother had felt uncomfortable attending the party after his breakup with Phyllis.

Chance voiced surprise because Nick and Phyllis had seemed solid, and Abby cooed that not everyone was as lucky as she and Chance were. Chance mused that the evening had reminded him that he was home, and he'd meant what he'd said about never putting her through "hell" like that again. He swore that nothing was more important to him than being her husband and Dominic's father. Abby professed her love and hugged him.

Later, Chance cuddled with Dominic and swore that no one would ever love the tot like he and Abby did. Chance murmured that the baby had changed his life by making him a dad, and nothing would ever be more important than Dominic. Chance recognized that everyone thought it was a miracle he'd survived, but he considered Dominic to be the miracle. Chance flashed back to the words of praise people had heaped on him at the party, calling him a hero and applauding his bravery and honor. He looked deeply troubled as the voices echoed in his head.

Billy is determined to bring Adam down

Billy is determined to bring Adam down

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

by Nel

Jack arrived at the Grand Phoenix to meet with Billy because Billy wanted Jack to buy ChancComm from Jill. Billy explained that Jill had put ChancComm up for sale to the highest bidder. With the family tie, Billy hoped it would entitle Jack to a discount. Jack questioned why Billy would want to buy ChancComm if it was facing a major lawsuit from Ashland Locke. Billy claimed Locke's lawsuit was based on a lie. Billy believed there was evidence to prove that Locke was a criminal, and Billy wanted to fight it. Billy said Jack would get a huge win over Victor.

Billy told Jack he didn't want Victor and Adam to acquire the company that they desperately wanted after the way they had treated him. Billy claimed it was his only shot to get himself out of the mess he was in. Jack called it a bad idea. He turned Billy down. Jack stated he'd been willing to help Billy and Lily acquire Cyaxares because it had been what Billy had needed at the time. Billy reminded Jack that ChancComm had been doing extremely well before Victor and Adam had set their trap. Jack said Billy had walked right into that trap.

Jack refused to enable Billy's latest addiction to power or vengeance -- or his ultimate gamble. Billy claimed he'd been looking for a story at the time, and he'd found it. Jack stated Billy had exploited the story to his own advantage, and Victor and Adam had turned the tables on him. Jack told Billy to let it go. He wanted Billy to have happiness and success, just not the way Billy wanted to get it.

Billy growled that he couldn't count on Jack for anything. Jack claimed Billy sounded desperate, and it wasn't a rational business discussion. Jack said that going after ChancComm wasn't the right path for Billy because there were too many temptations and triggers. Jack wondered if Billy had considered other options. Jack said the door was always open for Billy at Jabot. He also advised that Billy had to give up the need to hurt Adam. Jack said he wouldn't change his mind, and he left.

At the bar, Jack told Phyllis he'd had a difficult conversation with Billy and that Billy had his priorities confused again. Phyllis nervously rambled on about priorities, how she would always have her friends' backs and be loyal to the end. Jack asked if everything was all right with Phyllis because she seemed a little off. Jack asked if he and Phyllis could talk privately.

At Society, Adam recalled that Sally had mentioned her run-in with Billy. Adam told Sally he'd had a change of heart. He asked Sally to find out what was going on with Billy. Sally asked if Adam wanted her to spy for him. Adam suggested that since Sally had developed a rapport with Billy, she would notice if Billy displayed any strange behavior, and she could casually share that information with him.

Sally asked Adam why he suddenly wanted more information on Billy because she thought things between Adam and Billy had died down since Adam had bested Billy. Adam told Sally it had never been his intention to push Billy over the edge because he wasn't that vicious.

Lily stood behind a pillar and listened to Adam and Sally's conversation.

Sally asked if Adam suddenly felt empathy for Billy. Adam admitted that Billy had far more reason to hate him than he had to hate Billy. Adam wanted to believe he'd become a more evolved being; however, he felt he'd gone too far. Adam admitted that he and Victor had claimed it had been purely business, but it was impossible to deny that it had been personal.

Sally said that Adam had warned her that things between him and Billy might get vicious. Sally wondered why Adam was suddenly expressing regret. Adam claimed he didn't want their battle to get any worse and that Newman Media could get hurt in the process. Sally asked why Adam had pushed so hard against Billy. Adam said he had believed he could stop Billy from any retaliation and that it would end the war between them. Adam didn't think Billy could take another loss.

Lily had heard enough, and she left.

At Crimson Lights, Rey and Sharon shared their respective plans for the day. Rey knew Sharon wasn't telling him something, and he asked what she was up to. Sharon confessed that she wanted to buy Rey's Christmas presents, but Rey was difficult to buy for. Sharon wanted to get him something he liked and appreciated. Rey suggested they get away to a beach. Sharon pointed out the bad timing, since his partner had recently returned to town.

After Rey left, Esther arrived laden with bags of Christmas gifts. Esther complained that being with her grandkids every day hadn't given her any insight into Christmas gifts for them. Sharon expressed her own frustration with trying to buy gifts for Rey. Sharon hoped Esther might have heard Kevin mention something he'd overheard Rey say he would like. Esther said the only thing Kevin had mentioned about Rey was that Rey was happy that Chance was safe and at home.

Sharon told Esther that Rey was going to visit Chance later. Esther was happy that Chance was all right, because she'd had visions of Dominic growing up without his father. Sharon was concerned about Chance's emotional state after his traumatic experience. She was sure that Abby would do everything she could for Chance. She said Chance had been away for almost a year, and returning home would be a huge adjustment for him.

At the Chancellor home Abby told Chance that Dominic was asleep, and she didn't want to share Chance with anyone. Chance said he felt sad and guilty when he looked around and realized all the moments he'd missed with Abby and the baby. Abby said there were plenty of precious moments to come, since he was safe and at home. Chance received a call from Nina. She wanted to make sure he was okay, and she couldn't wait to return to Genoa City to see him.

At the Grand Phoenix, Billy admitted to Rey that he'd been played. He'd walked right into Victor's trap, and he should have seen it coming. Billy said that whatever Adam had told Rey about blackmail, Adam had simply misread the situation. Billy stated that there hadn't been any blackmail, no matter what Victor or Adam had said.

Billy told Rey that Victor and Adam were the guilty parties because they had hacked into ChancComm's server to exert leverage over him. Billy claimed he should be pressing charges against them. Rey informed Billy that he wasn't arresting Billy. The D.A. didn't believe there was enough of a case to bring to court. Rey said that bending the law to get what one wanted never worked out the way one hoped. Billy and Rey agreed to table that conversation forever.

At Newman Media, Sally asked Adam what type of information he wanted about Billy in order to end the battle between them. Adam told Sally to forget everything and that he shouldn't have dragged Sally into his situation. Adam claimed they'd never had control over Billy's penchant for self-destruction. Adam said Billy had Lily, family, and friends who could help Billy with whatever was going on with him. Adam hoped Billy wouldn't drag too many people down with him.

Sally told Adam she had no idea what was actually going on between Adam and Billy, but she understood that Billy tended to drag people down with him, and Sally didn't want to be one of them. She stated she'd finally gotten her career back on track, and she wasn't prepared to take another hit. Adam told Sally to focus on design and critique, and not allow Billy's potential stunts to distract her. Adam wanted them to pretend they hadn't had that conversation. After Sally left, Adam smiled.

Rey arrived at the Chancellor home. Rey and Chance embraced each other warmly. Rey told Chance he could return to work whenever he was ready, but there was no rush. Everyone at the station couldn't wait to see him. Abby told Rey that Chance had been injured, and selfishly, she wanted to spend more time with him before he returned to the force. Chance agreed he needed time with Abby and his son.

After Rey left, Chance told Abby he wanted her to tell him everything from the moment Dominic had been born, and Abby obliged. Abby brought out her tablet to show Chance all the videos she'd taped for him about her feelings and all the Dominic moments.

Abby told Chance that the videos hadn't been made solely for him. It had helped her feel close to Chance. Chance claimed that during his quiet moments, he'd heard Abby's voice in his head. Chance watched the video of Abby's tearful wish that she could hear from him and how much she'd needed him to be with her before Dominic's birth. Abby wanted Chance to skip that part, but Chance wanted to hear and see everything. He was glad he'd seen that part.

Chance told Abby he realized how much pain he'd caused her. He promised he would find a way to make it up to her. They were about to kiss when Dominic began to cry. Chance said he would take care of Dominic because he had to learn how to do things for their baby.

When Rey returned to the coffeehouse, he told Sharon that physically, Chance appeared to be recovering well, but he had no idea when Chance would return to the force. Sharon said it would take some time for Chance to recover from what he'd been through. It had been the same with Mariah. Sharon had seen Mariah's struggle to return to regular life after she'd been kidnapped by Stitch. She felt Chance would need some time to wrap his head around returning to normal life. Rey wished he knew how to help Chance. Sharon said sometimes just spending time with friends and family did wonders for the healing process.

Phyllis and Jack entered Phyllis' suite. Phyllis babbled inanely about replacing all the knobs in the entire hotel. Jack commented on how nervous and jittery she appeared. He said he had a feeling it was his fault. He said from the moment he'd told Phyllis he loved her, something between them had shifted. He said that under the surface, there had been confusion between them since her breakup with Nick.

Phyllis admitted that perhaps Jack's confession of love had changed something; however, she felt their friendship was stronger than ever. She thanked Jack for the amazing Thanksgiving he'd shared with her. She admitted her Thanksgiving had been on track to be abysmal, and he had single-handedly rescued her.

Jack agreed completely with Phyllis about their friendship. Phyllis noted how good they were about talking things out. Jack claimed they were good at it because they'd been through so much. Jack wanted to talk because he didn't want to mess things up. He claimed what he and Phyllis had was rare. They had been able to maintain a close friendship even after the hell they had put each other through over the years. Phyllis admitted she'd put him through hell. Jack claimed they needed to establish some clear and firm boundaries.

Jack told Phyllis that despite all the things he'd said about his feelings for her, he didn't think they should try again. Jack clarified that he wasn't about to rekindle things if it meant glossing over the pain from their past. He couldn't make that mistake again. He said it had taken him a lot to mend his broken heart, and he wouldn't put himself in a position where his heart would be broken again.

At home Lily told Billy about the conversation she'd overheard between Adam and Sally. She said Adam had lied to Sally about his concern for Billy's welfare and that Adam had asked Sally to spy on Billy. Lily said their conversation had been based on Sally's earlier conversation with Billy. Billy said he'd known Sally would do that. Billy said he'd fed Sally a few appetizers, and Sally had done exactly what he'd expected her to do -- tell Adam. He said Adam clearly wanted more information, which meant Billy's plan was going to work.

Billy thanked Lily for spying for him. Lily said she had accidentally overheard their conversation. Billy clarified that he wasn't asking Lily to be his spy. He wanted Lily to put that day and what she'd seen earlier out of her mind, because it wasn't Lily's fight. Billy said Adam was primed for a fall, and he would be the one to hand it to Adam.

Lily told Billy she didn't have a problem with Billy's plan, but she was concerned his plan might work too well and have a lasting effect on Billy. She said there were huge risks involved. Billy claimed those were risks he was willing to take. He hoped Lily supported him. Lily wanted to, but it didn't diminish her concern.

Billy told Lily he'd spoken to Jack earlier and asked Jack to buy ChancComm, but Jack had turned him down. Billy claimed he was running out of time because if Adam was recruiting Sally, it meant the Newmans weren't resting on their laurels. Taking down ChancComm hadn't been enough. He believed that obviously, Adam still had a plan, and Adam and Victor wouldn't stop until they had broken Billy. He had to proceed with his plan, and he would do his best to keep Lily out of it. He wanted to know if he had Lily's support.

Lily told Billy she knew that Adam and Victor had pulled some shady maneuvers against ChancComm, and it had included allowing Ashland to get away with his crimes. She knew how dangerous Adam could be, and she didn't know how far he would go to hurt Billy. Even though she had misgivings, she believed in Billy, and she loved him. He kissed Lily and said he couldn't ask for more.

Billy and Lily begin planting seeds of doubt

Billy and Lily begin planting seeds of doubt

Thursday, December 9, 2021

by Nel

Ashland arrived in Victoria's office with flowers. He informed her that his test results indicated there hadn't been any further spread of the cancer. Victoria was elated.

Lily arrived and asked to speak with Victoria. Ashland kissed Victoria, and he left. Lily thanked Victoria for offering to buy ChancComm, because if it fell into Adam's hands, it would make Lily's blood boil. Victoria said that she and Ashland were still trying to acquire it. Victoria asked how Billy was doing. Lily told her that Billy was devastated. Lily knew that Victoria had previously lived through similar situations with Billy, but it was new territory for her. Victoria asked if Lily was afraid that Billy would fall back into his old destructive behavior. Lily confirmed she was.

Lily told Victoria she'd never seen Billy in that state, and she wanted to be prepared for whatever would happen next. Victoria asked if Lily wanted to know the warning signs for Billy's old bad habits. Lily was afraid Billy would backslide after losing ChancComm. Lily assumed Victoria had put in a bid to buy ChancComm to keep it out of Adam's hands, because if Adam had it, he would rub it in Billy's face. Victoria said that would push Billy closer to the edge, if not over it.

Lily told Victoria that after everything that had happened, Billy saw it as a huge failure on his part. Victoria claimed Billy had brought a lot of it on himself by using damning evidence about Ashland to blackmail Victor. Lily stated all the information about Ashland was true, but she didn't condone the way Billy had used it. She asked if Victoria believed that Billy deserved to lose everything. Victoria claimed she'd had no idea Billy would take the initiative and step down on his own. Lily reminded Victoria that Victoria had told Billy if she and Ashland bought ChancComm, Billy would be out.

Lily asked Victoria if she only wanted to help Billy when it involved her. Lily asked if Billy deserved better, since he was the father of Victoria's children. Victoria refused to justify her actions. Victoria agreed to inform Lily of what to look for if Billy suffered a relapse.

Victoria told Lily there would be times when Billy would go missing, and there would be inconsistencies in his explanation of where he'd been. Lily would know when Billy was lying to her. Billy would drink at odd hours throughout the day, but most of all, there would be times when he would be on a manic high and feeling completely invincible. Any combination of those signs meant he was headed for a fall. Victoria hoped Lily would inform her immediately if she saw any of those patterns because she had the kids to consider. Lily agreed. She thanked Victoria for her candor and asked Victoria to keep their conversation between them. Lily left.

When Ashland returned, Victoria told him Lily had wanted advice about Billy and what the situation might do to him emotionally. Lily had wanted to know about the warning signs. Ashland noted that it couldn't have been easy for Lily to approach Victoria for advice. Victoria said it showed how concerned Lily was about Billy.

Victoria told Ashland the conversation had reminded her how bad things could become and how Billy turned into a different person. She was convinced that sending the kids to boarding school after the holidays was the right thing to do. She knew it would be a difficult conversation with Billy.

At Society, Billy was drinking at the bar when Adam arrived. Adam asked if it was a little early for Billy to be drinking -- and alone -- especially after his swift and spectacular fall. Billy told Adam that he had a full-time job making sure that Adam and Victor never got ChancComm. Adam claimed Billy didn't have any leverage in that area.

Adam asked why Billy had needed to mess with Victoria's future. He said Ashland didn't respond well to threats. He also claimed that Billy had set himself up and blown his one chance to prove he could be a leader. Adam acknowledged everything that Billy had had to face. Billy claimed that it had still been better than being Adam. After Adam left, Billy ordered another apple juice.

At the Grand Phoenix, Victor told Mariah she'd been missed at Chance's party. Mariah claimed she'd been caught up in work and hadn't been able to get away. She was happy that Chance was alive and well. Mariah said "Bowie" was lucky to have both his parents. Victor asked, "Bowie?" Mariah explained it was the nickname she'd given the baby after she'd been kidnapped. Victor said that Abby and Chance were eternally grateful to Mariah for delivering their child safely.

Mariah asked about Chance and the ordeal he'd been through. Victor said he was fine, and Mariah had dealt with her own ordeal after everything she'd gone through to deliver the baby. Victor said if Mariah ever needed anything to call him. Victor thanked her, and he left for his meeting.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Tessa were discussing what would be a perfect Christmas gift for Mariah. Tessa promised to let Sharon know if Mariah said anything. When Noah arrived, Sharon walked away to give Noah and Tessa space.

On the patio with Tessa and Sharon, Noah told Tessa he had some ideas for her album. He wanted to take photos of Tessa that captured her at her most honest and raw points, like the songs on her album. He felt the cover needed to reflect her and what had inspired her. Noah asked if Sharon could have the patio off-limits while he did the photoshoot. Sharon was happy to help.

Noah told Tessa that Adam had asked him to do more work for Newman Media. Sharon told him it was an excellent idea because Noah could showcase his amazing talents and be paid for it. Noah said that it was Adam. Tessa agreed that it would be a deal breaker. Sharon continued to push Noah to work with Adam. She suggested that Noah give Adam credit for the positive changes he'd made. Sharon was convinced that Adam was determined to live his life differently. Noah wasn't convinced that Adam was a different person. Sharon asked Noah to approach Adam like any other job offer. She asked Noah not to base his decision on Adam's past but on who Adam was at that moment. Sharon left.

Tessa sat down and played her guitar while Noah took photos. Unbeknownst to Tessa and Noah, Mariah stood in the doorway and listened to their conversation. Noah told Tessa he remembered Tessa's first day in Devon's studio and how proud he and Mariah had been. He said Devon had wanted Mariah there because he'd seen the connection between Tessa and Mariah. Tessa said that she and Mariah had been through "so much" together.

Tessa told Noah she couldn't believe how lucky she was to have Mariah in her life. Without Mariah's love and support, Tessa claimed she wouldn't have her career. She said Mariah had believed in her. Tessa described a certain music producer who had tried to project an image of Tessa as someone Tessa didn't want to be, and she said Mariah had given her the confidence to stand up to that producer.

Tessa told Noah that Mariah had produced a video of Tessa performing in public places, like the fire escape or a swing. Standing in the doorway, Mariah was enjoying the conversation. Tessa admitted she'd never experienced unconditional love, but that love became difficult when the person one loved was hurting and there was nothing one could do to take the pain away; however, when times were good, that person made one very happy. Mariah left to talk to Sharon. Tessa told Noah she hated photoshoots, but Noah had made it effortless, and it had been something special. Tessa walked away to put her guitar away. Looking sad, Noah quietly said, "It was."

At the counter, Sharon said that Mariah had told her why she hadn't gone to Chance's party, but Sharon wanted to know what Mariah hadn't said. Sharon felt that Mariah saw her attachment to Dominic as something she should be ashamed of. Mariah denied it. Mariah claimed the attachment had been overwhelming at first, and it had been the reason she'd needed to move out of the Chancellor house -- to deal with her feelings. Sharon was very proud of the progress Mariah had made.

Sharon said Mariah shouldn't feel like she had to get over it immediately. She'd gone through a traumatic ordeal, and Chance would have understood that. Sharon assured Mariah that no one was judging her. Mariah told Sharon the reason she hadn't gone to the party was because Abby and Chance had a lot to deal with, and Mariah didn't want to be a complication. She felt that it would be difficult for Chance to adjust to being with Abby and the baby after his ordeal and being away for such a long time.

At Newman Media, Adam told Victor they had to put together an aggressive proposal for ChancComm, since they would have to deal with highly motivated competition. Victor said he had decided to let Victoria bid on ChancComm without their interference. Adam wasn't happy that Victor was handing Victoria a competing media company on a silver platter. Adam claimed Victoria would use ChancComm to go after them the way Billy had.

Victor told Adam to let Victoria have it, since she shouldn't have sold the media division to Billy in the first place. Adam claimed Victoria had sold it as a gift to Billy. Victor claimed the media division would return to Newman Enterprises, where it belonged. Adam whined that Victoria got the glory, while Adam continued to be the scrappy underdog. Adam wondered if Victor had another motive that he wasn't sharing. Adam asked if Victor was hoping for a media war between his children. Victor smiled and left.

Adam desperately tried to entice investors to help him bid on ChancComm, but no one was interested. Adam was frustrated and angry.

At ChancComm Billy told Lily he'd laid down a bit of groundwork when he'd run into Adam at Society. Adam had believed that Billy was the mess he'd expected Billy to be. Billy was certain Adam was convinced that Billy was falling off the rails. He guessed Adam was probably trying to figure out how best to exploit him. He claimed Adam and Victor were certain that he would spiral out of control, and Billy wanted them to believe he was blowing up his life -- at least that was the plan.

Lily told Billy she'd had a conversation with Victoria. Billy asked if Victoria was still going to bid for ChancComm. Lily confessed she'd gone to see Victoria to ask what warning signs to watch for in case Billy began to backslide. Billy asked if Lily thought he would fall apart. Lily said she'd gone to see Victoria as part of Billy's plan to plant the seed in Victoria that he was headed for some type of fall. Lily said she'd needed an artful way of accomplishing that. Billy was impressed and said that had been very clever.

Lily told Billy she loved him, and she believed and trusted him. She wished things hadn't turned out the way they had, and she wished he would join her at Chancellor; however, she understood why he couldn't. Lily said she'd finally realized the situation hadn't been about business or a company takeover; it had been a personal attack on Billy and, by extension, her. She said Adam needed to be held accountable, and she wanted Billy to clear his name and be able to move on.

Lily told Billy she'd also realized that Victoria had been part of the whole plan, whether she'd been a willing participant or turned a blind eye. Victoria had allowed what had happened to Billy, while Ashland had built his entire life and fortune with the crimes he'd committed and gotten away with his it. Lily assured Billy she wouldn't give up on him the way Victoria had. Billy told Lily he loved her, and he was grateful she was in it with him.

At Newman-Locke, Victoria and Ashland shared Ashland's great news about his cancer with Victor. Victor was delighted. Victor told Victoria and Ashland that Newman Media wouldn't compete for the acquisition of ChancComm because ChancComm belonged at Newman-Locke. Victoria asked if Adam was on board with that. Victor claimed Adam had no choice but to go along with his decision. Victoria stated that Adam might put in a bid without Victor. Victor said Adam didn't have the financial resources to make a bid on his own, and Victor didn't care whether Adam agreed or not.

In their suite, Mariah noted how good Tessa felt good about the photoshoot and what Noah had in mind for her album cover. Tessa claimed that Noah had a very creative eye. She couldn't wait to see what he would produce.

Tessa said she'd seen Mariah with Sharon, and it had appeared they'd had a fairly intense conversation. Mariah admitted she'd been wondering if she'd made the right call not to go to Chance's party. She'd wanted to be there for Abby and Chance; however, she hadn't wanted her issues to be a distraction. After her conversation with Sharon, she'd felt really good about her decision not to attend the party.

Tessa said Mariah could have talked to her. Mariah felt that was all she'd talked about to Tessa, and Tessa had many things happening with her career and her album cover. Mariah claimed that was where Tessa's focus needed to be. Tessa said nothing was more important than Mariah. Mariah said she knew that. She admitted she'd seen Tessa and Noah on the patio, but she hadn't wanted to interrupt, especially when she'd heard all the things Tessa had said about her and how much Tessa loved her. They kissed.

A mysterious woman entered Society, sat at a table near the entrance, and began videotaping Billy, who was sitting at the bar, drinking.

Chance's emotional state has everyone worried

Chance's emotional state has everyone worried

Friday, December 10, 2021

by Nel

At home, Abby wanted Chance to go to Society with her and Dominic to meet her new chef, but Chance wanted to stay away from Society because he didn't know who could be watching. He was concerned about Abby and the baby's safety. Abby thought a quiet lunch would be a good way to ease back into things. Chance reluctantly agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Nick asked Sharon if she still had any of Noah's old Christmas costumes because Christian needed one. Sharon laughed and reminded Nick that Noah was a grown man, and she hadn't kept any of the costumes. Sharon asked why Nick had really wanted to talk to her. He told Sharon that Phyllis had always handled such things for him. Sharon offered to create a costume for Christian. Nick said she was a lifesaver and everyone's rock.

Sharon told Nick she was there for him if he needed someone to lean on while he adjusted to his breakup. Nick said he was surprised how well the split-up had gone. He said that in his search for a costume, he'd found some of Phyllis' things, and he would drop them off later. Sharon said "giving the ex back her things" could be tricky. Sometimes people wanted to reconnect with that person, other times to punish them. She asked if either scenario applied to Nick.

Nick claimed Sharon was looking too far into things. He wasn't looking to reconnect or punish Phyllis but was merely trying to save her a trip. Sharon told Nick to be prepared because seeing Phyllis might trigger some unexpected feelings. After Nick left, Sharon looked thoughtful.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda showed Phyllis photos of her new office building and explained that she and Imani had signed the lease earlier. Amanda said she could use Phyllis' exquisite design taste. Phyllis offered to help with anything. Phyllis was impressed when Amanda said Imani had passed the bar on her first try. Amanda noted that Phyllis appeared to be down in the dumps.

Phyllis told Amanda that Jack and flown to New York without telling her and that she and Jack had had a very awkward conversation about their friendship. Phyllis said Jack had mentioned that things between them had been "sorta strange and weird" since she and Nick had split. Phyllis admitted that Jack had been right because Jack had told her he had feelings for her, and she couldn't pretend that he hadn't said it. Their friendship was very strong, and she didn't want to screw it up. Phyllis said she wanted to wait for it to adjust.

Amanda questioned Phyllis to explain about "adjust" and to clarify if she meant it as cool down or heat up. Phyllis said "adjust" meant she had to get used to it. Amanda asked what Phyllis had to get used to -- Jack's affection for Phyllis, Phyllis' affection for Jack, the fact that it wasn't platonic, or that Phyllis had absolutely no idea what to do next. Phyllis claimed it was none of the above. She and Jack had a very good friendship, and it was very important to her that she didn't ruin it. Jack had said he didn't want to have his heart broken by her again, and she didn't want to do that to him again, either.

Phyllis told Amanda that she and Jack would get through the awkward phase, and the whole thing would work itself out. Amanda stated that she hadn't asked Phyllis what Phyllis should do, but what Phyllis, deep down, really wanted. She asked if Phyllis wanted to reignite things with Jack. Phyllis asserted that every instinct she had told her to leave things alone. She wasn't going to reunite with Jack. She respected his friendship, and she didn't want to hurt him again. Amanda asked why, if Phyllis was so determined to keep things in the friend zone, she was so upset that Jack had gone to New York without telling her.

Amanda told Phyllis that Jack was doing exactly what he'd agreed to. He was letting the relationship breathe so it could go back to normal. Amanda asked if Phyllis expected her friends to tell her they were going on a business trip. Phyllis said no, she didn't. Amanda wondered if perhaps the decision hadn't been mutual, and it felt more like a rejection to Phyllis. Phyllis maintained that Jack didn't want a relationship because he didn't want his heart broken again, and it would kill her if she hurt Jack again.

Amanda left when Nick arrived. Nick told Phyllis he'd wanted to return some of her things that Phyllis might want. Phyllis began looking though the box. Phyllis and Nick had a few giggles over some of the contents. Phyllis found a game tablet. It upset her because she'd given it to Nick on Valentine's Day. Nick said it was her favorite game, and he thought she should have it. He said he was sorry he'd brought the box and wondered if perhaps he should have tossed it. Phyllis was glad he'd brought it because it had sentimental value.

Nick told Phyllis that he'd never felt that the time they'd spent together had been a waste -- and he never would. Phyllis said she never would, either. Phyllis asked if the tension in his family had eased. He said he'd been avoiding them. Phyllis stated that was what she'd been telling him to do all along. She said she'd seen Nick at Chance's party, but he hadn't stayed long. Nick claimed Ashland had tried to play the peacemaker between him and Victoria, and it hadn't gone well. He said Victoria had accused him of pushing everyone away, including Phyllis.

Phyllis told Nick that Victoria didn't know anything about their relationship, and she wasn't one to judge. Nick said that eventually, he would have to work things out with Victor; however, at that moment, he was happy focusing on New Hope and Christian. He said Faith was doing really well, and he loved having Noah at home. Phyllis said he was lucky to have his kids at home. She really missed Summer and Daniel.

Nick received a text message from Nikki: "Please come to the ranch. Urgent." Nick said he had to leave. After an awkward moment, Nick left.

Phyllis received a text message from Jack: "Sorry for disappearing. Jabot end-of-year business. Will make it up to you when I get back."

Chance and Abby arrived at Society. Abby promised to keep it low-key. She wanted Chance to meet the chef, who was going to make everything on the menu for Chance to try. Mariah and Tessa arrived. They were shocked to see Chance. Mariah said she was stunned that Chance was out so soon. She apologized for not stopping by the house, but she'd felt Chance and Abby had needed time to settle in. Chance thanked Mariah for everything she'd done for him and Abby. Mariah looked uncomfortable. Chance was sorry he hadn't been there to protect Mariah and to prevent the kidnapping from happening in the first place.

Mariah told Chance all that was in the past, and she'd moved on. She said she'd had a lot of support from everyone, especially Tessa. She was happy Dominic was with both his parents. Abby said Mariah had kept their baby safe during an extremely difficult time, and they could never thank her enough.

Chance invited Mariah and Tessa to join them, but Tessa said they were there for a working lunch to pick out a photo for her album. Abby wanted to throw Tessa an album release party. Tessa said she was going to let Devon handle everything. Abby and Chance left to meet the chef.

Tessa told Mariah that Chance looked good considering what he'd been through. Mariah asked if Chance had seemed a little off. Tessa said that Chance had been through a lot, and it would take time for him to feel safe again, just like it had for Mariah. Mariah said what she'd gone through had been horrible; what Chance had gone through was unimaginable.

Mariah and Tessa looked through Tessa's photos. Mariah loved every photo because they reminded her of Tessa's earlier days when Tessa had performed at the Underground. Mariah remembered hiding in the background to watch Tessa. Tessa said Noah had gotten her to open up by talking about Mariah. Tessa said those photos reflected her love for Mariah.

At another table, Abby asked Chance for his opinion of the food. Chance claimed everything had been delicious. Abby admitted it had been a struggle to find a replacement for Lola. Chance couldn't believe Lola had walked away. Abby admitted that the opportunity in Miami had been stellar, and she hadn't been able to stand in Lola's way.

Mariah and Tessa stopped by Abby and Chance's table to say goodbye. Mariah commented on how good it was to see Chance and that he, Abby, and Dominic made a beautiful picture. Chance stated they had Mariah to thank for that, and she was welcome to visit Dominic any time she wanted. Mariah and Tessa left. After seeing Mariah's discomfort, Chance asked Abby if he'd said something wrong. Abby explained about the strong bond Mariah had formed with the baby after she'd been abducted. After the baby had been born, Mariah had had a difficult time letting go.

Chance told Abby it didn't surprise him. Being kept alone for that long, terrified and feeling responsible for protecting their baby, had to have been rough. He said Dominic had been the only connection Mariah had had. Abby asked if that was what it had been like for Chance after the explosion. He admitted that it had been. He said he would have lost his mind if it hadn't been for Kim. Abby was very grateful for Kim because she didn't know what she would have done if Kim hadn't saved him. Chance said he thought about his team members constantly.

At the penthouse, Devon told Noah he couldn't wait to see what Noah had in mind for Tessa's album. Noah said he hadn't had time to process the images. Devon said they could go through them together. Noah asked Devon for a timeline on the album cover. Devon gave him until December 22. He said if he liked it, it would be a go. He didn't want Noah to feel rushed. Devon was curious why Noah had left London, since he'd been able to work at his own pace and been paid for it. Noah said he'd left for personal reasons.

Devon told Noah he was impressed with the photos. He couldn't believe how Noah had captured what Tessa had been feeling. Devon was happy Tessa had suggested Noah to do the artwork because Noah really got Tessa. Devon admitted he'd always felt that Tessa was hard to read, but it was obvious that she was comfortable showing Noah a different side of herself. Noah claimed it had been the camera.

Amanda arrived as Noah was packing up. Devon introduced Amanda to Noah. She knew immediately that Noah had done the art installation for Victor's tribute. She said it had been brilliant. Amanda told Noah she was opening a law practice, and she wondered if he would design a corporate ID package. Noah thanked her and said he would keep that in mind, and he left.

Amanda said Devon was good at handling the creative people. She said Noah seemed relaxed, and he seemed to trust Devon. Devon said he and Noah had known each other for some time. Amanda admitted that it took a certain skill set to handle artists: one part charm, one part flattery, one part authenticity, making sure they knew their work was valued, coaxing the best out of them as well as giving them a certain sense of flexibility. Devon noted that Amanda was in an exceptionally great mood. Amanda claimed life was really good, and she wanted to take him out for lunch to celebrate.

Noah returned to the coffeehouse and asked if Sharon had seen Tessa. She said Mariah and Tessa had gone to Society for lunch and to look over the photos. Sharon was dying to see them, but Noah felt that Tessa needed to review them before Sharon saw them. Sharon was happy to see Noah doing something he enjoyed. Noah claimed the album had gotten his creative juices flowing once again, thanks to Tessa; she made it easy.

Mariah and Tessa arrived. Mariah admitted that the photos Noah had taken were phenomenal. Tessa said they had picked one, and she hoped Noah and Devon agreed. Noah said he'd had a meeting with Devon, and they had agreed on one photo. Noah reminded Tessa the whole project was about her, and she had the final say. Tessa showed Noah their pick, and it turned out to be the same one Noah and Devon had chosen. Mariah said she had to leave, but she stopped in the doorway and told Tessa it was nice to see her smiling again. They kissed.

Devon and Amanda arrived at Society. They greeted Abby and Chance warmly. Devon asked how Chance was settling in. Chance said one day at a time. Abby claimed Dominic was a little fussy. She wished she had Devon's magic touch. Abby and Chance left.

Amanda told Devon she had been receiving calls from potential clients who'd heard she was opening her own practice. Amanda asked if Devon had chosen a paint color from the chips she'd left for him. She said Imani wanted to hire a real designer, but Amanda had needed to rein her in. Amanda noticed Devon was distracted. She asked if he was thinking about Dominic, but Devon claimed he'd been thinking about Chance.

Devon asked if Amanda had noticed that Chance had seemed to be uneasy being out in public. She didn't think it was about being out in public but about being a brand-new dad and getting used to a baby he'd just met. Devon was worried about Dominic because he didn't want to think about Dominic picking up on his parents' stress.

At home, Chance was cuddling with Dominic when Abby said it was naptime for baby. After Abby had taken Dominic upstairs, Chance received a call from Nina, who wanted to check on him. Abby returned and listened as Chance assured Nina that he was fine. Abby looked worried.

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New mom Kelly Kruger shares experience with postpartum guilt
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