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Victor and Nick made peace. Adam received video footage of Billy from an anonymous source. Billy and Lily staged a public scene to make it appear like he was drinking and gambling again. Chelsea made a surprise return to Genoa City and agreed to join Newman Fashion.
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Billy and Lily staged a public scene to make it appear like he was drinking and gambling again, and Chelsea made a surprise return to Genoa City
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Nikki insists that Victor and Nick clear the air

Nikki insists that Victor and Nick clear the air

Monday, December 13, 2021

After Abby settled a fussy Dominic and put him down to sleep in his crib, she came downstairs and was delighted to find that Chance had lit candles to create a romantic ambiance. Chance poured Champagne and joked that he'd arranged with Dominic to keep Mommy occupied, so Daddy could set up downstairs. Abby playfully asked Chance if she should be concerned about their infant's scheming at such a young age. Chance assured Abby that their son had the best of intentions and had also given his nanny the night off. After Abby learned that Jill was away, too, she said it was almost as if they were alone. Abby kissed Chance and asked, "Whatever should we do to pass the time?"

After a second glass of Champagne, Chance took Abby by the hand and danced with her, holding her close. Chance and Abby began disrobing and made love on the sofa. Later, Chance grew quiet, and Abby asked him what had put a frown on his face. Chance admitted he'd been struggling with a thought he couldn't get past. Chance explained that having left Abby the way he had had been unfair. Abby acknowledged it had been a shock to find a letter from Chance stating that he was leaving, though she understood his call to duty.

Chance admitted that part of the reason he'd left had had to do with what had been going on between them. Chance admitted he'd felt he'd let Abby down because he "couldn't give you a baby." Abby said she'd thought Chance had come to terms with what they'd chosen to do and had made peace with their decision. Chance explained that it had been a relief to leave on his mission because it was something he was good at, adding that he'd believed he would have returned home after a couple of weeks, but no longer than a month. Abby said she, too, had thought Chance would have returned home before their baby had been born.

Chance told Abby he wouldn't blame her if she was angry. Abby said she had no room in her heart for anger because she was happy he was home. Abby cried, "I wouldn't have had a baby if it weren't for you." Abby credited Chance for giving her the courage and support to follow through with their plan, and she assured him that he would be an amazing father. Chance checked the baby monitor and wondered aloud if it was working properly. Abby insisted it was. Chance was convinced the baby was fine after he heard soft cooing on the monitor's speaker.

Abby leaned against Chance and recalled how, in the past, they had stayed up all night, talking about their future. Abby asked how she could make Chance's transition easier. Chance said he'd have to do some things on his own, and he promised he'd never prioritize work over family again. Chance vowed to find a balance after returning to the Genoa City Police Department. Abby told Chance he should never change for her because he was exactly who she wanted him to be. Abby became drowsy and fell asleep. Chance left a note explaining that he'd stepped out for air and would be back soon.

After taking a run and a long shower afterward, Devon went downstairs and was surprised to find that Amanda had opted for them to enjoy a romantic evening at home instead of going out. Music set the tone, as did flickering candles and a delicious gourmet dinner. Devon was impressed, but Amanda asked him not to get used to her cooking because she and Imani would be busy after they opened their law firm. Amanda drew Devon close and explained that they'd be alone because Moses was with Nate. Amanda said she embraced time for her and Devon to decompress together after a hectic few weeks.

Devon thanked Amanda for her support during the time they'd cared for Dominic, acknowledging that it hadn't been what she'd signed up to do. Amanda replied, "Well, maybe it's not, but I have to admit that I really have loved seeing that side of you." Devon recalled having promised Dominic from the day he'd been born that Devon would always be present in his life. Devon sounded somewhat conflicted when he noted that everything could return to normal after Chance had taken his place. Amanda encouraged Devon to share how he felt, fearing he was reluctantly holding back.

Devon admitted he'd gotten used to Dominic being around and missed him so much that it hurt. Amanda affirmed Devon's feelings, noting that he and Dominic had a close bond. Devon recalled how he'd been able to recognize Dominic's "little sounds" signaling sleepiness or hunger. Devon said that while he was thankful Chance had returned, he realized the role he'd expected to serve as a father to Dominic would be difficult to let go. Amanda embraced Devon and told him that the pain he was feeling stemmed from giving away pieces of his heart, adding that Dominic would always know that Devon had his back. After Amanda and Devon made love, she fell asleep on the sofa. Devon quietly slipped out of his penthouse.

At the Grand Phoenix, Noah somewhat reluctantly joined Adam at the bar. Noah asked Adam if he was expecting to meet up with someone. Adam insisted it was the furthest thing from his mind, as his focus was set on his business and his son. Noah recalled that Adam had taken Sally to Italy for Victoria's wedding. Adam explained that taking Sally had been more about getting the dress she'd designed into Victoria's hands. Noah admitted he'd asked about Sally because Connor had mentioned that Chelsea would return home soon. Adam explained that the way he and Chelsea had "flamed out" had been enough to scare him away from relationships altogether.

Adam was impressed when Noah recalled how he'd utilized Crimson Lights as an impromptu studio to photograph Tessa. Adam quipped that Sharon had likely loved it. Noah said his mom had been supportive of him and had also discussed Adam's job offer. Adam was eager to hear Sharon's remarks. Noah recalled Sharon having told him that everyone made mistakes, so he shouldn't hold Adam's past against him, should treat the opportunity as any other, and should believe that Adam's offer was sincere. Noah told Adam he'd decided to accept the offer. Adam replied, "I'm glad to hear that."

Nick entered his parents' house and called out repeatedly to his mom. When Nick entered the family room, Victor stepped out from his home office and asked Nick what had happened. Nick replied, "I got a text from Mom. She said I got to come right over. What happened?" Victor said he had no clue. Nikki entered from the hallway. Berating her son and husband, Nikki said, "I am sick and tired of the tension between the two of you." Nikki reminded Nick and Victor that the holidays were approaching, and she feared they would ruin family gatherings over their ridiculous standoff. Nikki let her son and husband know she would no longer put up with it and intended for them to work things out.

Nick complained about his mom having issued an urgent message as a way to summon him. Victor agreed with Nikki that he and Nick should talk things out. Before Nikki stepped out, she warned her son and husband that she wouldn't be far away should trouble arise. Nick expressed doubt that after a thousand attempts, he and his father could settle their differences. Victor replied, "We haven't talked about this a thousand times. We talked about this once at your sister's wedding, in the heat of the moment." Victor mentioned various family conflicts and concerns that had been resolved, noting that Nikki had effectively neutralized "Billy Boy Abbott" and his attempts to thwart Victoria's wedding. Nick said he wouldn't defend Billy, especially to his father, though he expressed disappointment that his siblings seemed fine with Victor's behavior.

Nick blamed Victor for playing him against his siblings. Nick said that though his siblings appreciated their father's support, it was always conditional on them toeing the line. Nick added that Victoria and Abby both ran businesses and had chosen spouses that had earned their father's approval, though Nick admitted he couldn't understand why Victor was "cool with" Ashland. Nick gave Adam credit for earning his father's faithful loyalty through obedience, adding that breaking away from Chelsea had pleased Victor because he'd never trusted her. Nick expressed certainty that Victor wouldn't hesitate to turn the tables on any of his children should they make a disagreeable business decision or become romantically entangled with the wrong person.

Nick cried that after engaging in a single disagreement, he and his siblings would all end up on the outside. Victor, mentioning not including Nick in the efforts to thwart Gaines and Billy at Victoria's wedding, asked, "Son, why would I kick you outside?" Nick replied, "The situation in Tuscany could have really backfired because you didn't keep me in the loop. I was this close to disrupting Victoria's wedding." Nick berated Victor for shutting him out and turning to Adam. Victor explained that Adam had sought an opportunity to prove himself and make himself more acceptable to his family. Victor noted that Nick had acted as if he hadn't wanted to be at Victoria's wedding, so Victor had turned to Adam for assistance.

Nick told his father that whenever he knew they'd disagree, Victor had no need for him. Nick cried, "Can you understand why that would bother me?" Victor told Nick he was reading too much into what had happened in Tuscany because all Victor had done had been to ensure Victoria's happiness at her wedding. Victor expressed doubt that consulting Nick beforehand would have set well with him. Nick again accused Victor of purposely leaving him out because he wouldn't accept opposing viewpoints. Victor became agitated and replied, "I've made my own judgments ever since I was a little boy. I grew up without parents! I built a huge empire and a family! Do you think I'm gonna apologize for what the hell I do? Is that your test for me? Is that what I failed? So be it!"

Nick sat silent, and Victor apologized for getting heated. Nick admitted that his father wasn't the first to state those same things to him, as Phyllis had also complained about him issuing ultimatums relating to her being who she was, and then threatening to end their relationship. Victor dismissed Phyllis' concerns and said he hoped he and Nick could disagree without disrespecting each other. Victor admitted that Nick avoiding him had been hurtful. Nick admitted that after reflection and discussions with Sharon, he realized he had to accept "a huge part" of the blame. Nick confessed that he often washed his hands of anyone who didn't fall in line with him and his standards. Victor pointed out that it sounded like something he'd often been accused of. Nick chuckled and replied, "It does, doesn't it?"

Nick admitted that he and his father might be too similar rather than different. Victor agreed and said he'd also heard Adam and Victoria express concern that they never knew where they stood with him. Victor said he was who he was and would never change. Victor assured Nick that he'd give his life for his children. Victor praised Nick for having been a reassuring father and perhaps in many ways a better father than Victor had been. Nikki stepped within earshot and overheard Nick when he told his father that he'd never meant to engage in a "who's the better father contest."

Victor acknowledged that every father desired his son to be better than his own father. Victor pointed to Nick and said, "And you are." Victor added that he'd been a better father than his father, Albert Miller. Nick praised Victor's efforts, noting that he hadn't had good parents to teach him how to be a father. Victor replied that he only had the "dreadful people in that damn orphanage." Victor credited Nikki for some of the good he'd done in his life. Nick agreed that his mother was amazing, and he pleaded with his dad not to sell himself short. Victor said it made him proud and happy to see Nick with his children. Victor embraced his son as the men made peace. Nikki, standing out of view, clutched her hand to her heart and expressed a sigh of great relief.

Devon and Chance happened to meet at Society's bar. Devon said, "What are the odds of us running into each other twice in one day, man?" Both men noted that their respective partners were home, sleeping. Chance said he hadn't had a good night's sleep in a long time. Devon explained that he'd been unable to turn off his mind. Devon asked Chance if he was okay. Chance replied that he wasn't and felt like he had to pretend to be okay to everyone. Chance explained that despite how he felt, Abby believed him to be the perfect husband and father. Chance berated himself for letting Abby down before their baby had even been born. Chance expressed doubt that he was capable of living up to his commitments to his wife and son.

Chelsea returns to Genoa City

Chelsea returns to Genoa City

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

At home, Billy descended the stairs and found Lily working at her desk. He wished her a good morning, noting that she was in the same situation that he'd left her in the night before. She informed him that she'd gotten a few hours of sleep on the couch, but she hadn't minded getting back to work because she was learning a lot about the company and had ideas about how to modernize and boost profitability. Billy was glad that she'd gotten rid of the self-doubt she'd had earlier. Lily resolved to rise to the challenge.

Billy loved to see Lily excited, but he sensed she was holding something back, and he urged her to say it. She said she respected his decision, but she wished he'd reconsider working at Chancellor with her. She referred to everything she'd learned and the opportunities she'd seen to accomplish more together. She figured that he'd already made up his mind, but he remained silent. "Or have you?" she asked.

Billy conceded that seeing Lily fired up made part of him want to get back in the trenches, but not even she could get him to work at Chancellor. He vowed to be her biggest supporter and to be there for her as a personal consultant to bounce around ideas. Lily remained disappointed that they wouldn't be teaming up in the office anymore. Billy appreciated her wanting to work with him, but he maintained that the plan he'd put into motion to deal with Victor and Adam was the only thing he was focused on right then.

At Newman Media, Adam's tablet chimed, and he discovered a message: "Watch this. Billy Abbott. Yesterday." Adam played the attached video and smiled. Victor entered the office and thanked Adam for arranging for Noah to do some freelance work for them. Victor recognized that Adam was disappointed that Victor hadn't pursued purchasing ChancComm, but he anticipated many good things in store for Newman Media. Adam promised to make sure of it.

Adam indicated that he'd just received some unsolicited candid footage of Billy, and he handed his tablet to Victor. Adam mentioned that he'd run into Billy the day before, drinking alone. Victor recalled that he'd also seen Billy drinking alone recently. Adam voiced surprise that Billy was falling apart at the seams that quickly, and Victor remarked that Billy had always been a loser. Victor huffed that even when Billy had found some success riding on the coattails of someone else, he hadn't been able to hold onto it. Victor added that it wasn't a surprise to him or to Victoria, especially considering what she was about to do.

Victor relayed that Victoria was ready to send Johnny and Katie to boarding school, and he reluctantly agreed that it was the best solution under the circumstances. Adam figured that the kids shouldn't be subjected to what was going on with their father, and he expected that it was just the beginning. Victor predicted that Billy's drinking would be followed by gambling before things really went downhill, when Billy would begin to display erratic behavior that would embarrass him and his family while he blamed everyone else for his mistakes. Adam asserted that it sounded like Billy needed to be put in his place.

Adam implied that it would be easy for someone to take advantage of Billy when he was setting himself up for humiliation. Victor asked who had sent the video of Billy, and Adam indicated that the sender had been anonymous and hadn't asked for anything. Victor warned Adam to be careful, since the last thing they needed was another "greedy, blackmailing bastard" like Jesse Gaines. Victor stepped out to attend another meeting. Adam sent a reply to the sender of the video, asking who they were and what they wanted. The sender responded that they didn't want anything but to help.

At Newman-Locke, Ashland ordered someone over the phone to take care of something immediately, stressing that the person should only contact him at that number and not at the office. Victoria listened as Ashland demanded that the matter be handled with discretion, and he hung up as she walked in. He inquired whether she'd been standing there long, and she pressed to know what needed to be handled so discreetly. He remained silent, and she reminded him that she was his wife and partner. He replied that he was afraid he couldn't tell her.

Ashland assured Victoria that she had nothing to fear, and he imagined that her mind had gone back to the other secrets he'd kept. Victoria acknowledged that a lot had changed, and she trusted him. She begged for one clue, and he confessed that he'd been making plans for a present for her. She peppered him with questions, but he refused to say anything more, pledging not to let her break down his willpower. Victoria observed that Ashland seemed to be in rare form, and he thought he owed it all to her and his new treatment.

Victoria suggested that Ashland take advantage of his energy, and he planned to dive into work before squeezing in some quality time with his gorgeous wife. She responded that quality time with her husband had moved up high on her list, but she had a meeting she needed to go to. She groaned that she still had to talk to Billy about sending the kids to boarding school. Victoria expected Billy to feel blindsided, like he was the reason she thought their children should go away to school.

After Victoria left, Nate stopped by to check to see how Ashland had been responding to the new treatment. Ashland shared that his latest test results had shown that there had been no further spread of the cancer, and Nate teased Ashland for not knowing how to properly deliver good news. Ashland admitted that he'd been afraid to believe it after walking the fine line between being hopeful and cautious. Nate invited Ashland to join him and Elena for a bite to eat, suggesting that they double-date with Victoria. Ashland hoped she could make it, but he thought she might not be able to get away.

At Crimson Lights, Billy sipped coffee as a woman with long, blonde hair slipped into a booth nearby. Victoria greeted Billy, and he dryly questioned whether she had a fancy conglomerate to overlord. She mentioned that she'd been meaning to contact him to see if he had time to meet, and he wondered what was going on. She asked how he was doing, and he snapped that he'd be better once he got something stronger than coffee.

Bill envisioned finding a poker game where he could lose a small fortune before taking a private jet to Vegas to lose himself entirely. He assumed that was what Victoria expected, and he didn't want to disappoint. Victoria worried about him falling back into a dark place, and he chalked it up to being what he did. She hoped they could discuss the kids, and she explained that she thought it was best if Johnny and Katie went away to boarding school for a little while after the holidays. Billy demanded to know whether Victoria had already made the decision to do it.

Victoria revealed that she'd contacted the school and met with the admissions director, and both kids had been accepted. Billy growled that she'd done it all on her own, but she hoped they could move forward with the plan together. She sympathized that it wasn't easy to hear; however, he was obviously going through a lot, and she was trying to look out for the children. Victoria promised that it was an incredible school that she believed Johnny and Katie would love, and she urged Billy to consider it before he shot it down. Billy declared that he didn't need any time, since he thought she should do it.

Victoria was flabbergasted that Billy had agreed, and he conceded that it was probably a good thing that the kids were somewhere else for a little while. He offered to call the school to make sure everything was in place, but he told her not to read too much into it. Billy made it clear that it was about the children, and it didn't mean things were copacetic between him and Victoria after she'd helped set a trap for him. Billy lectured that he'd known that the men in her family were capable of it, but he'd thought she was better than that. Billy walked away, leaving Victoria reeling.

At Society, Chloe was immersed in something on her tablet. "So, tell me, what did I miss?" a woman asked. Chloe was thrilled to see Chelsea, and they hugged. Chelsea explained that she hadn't made up her mind yet about returning home when they'd last spoken, and she confirmed that Adam didn't know she was back in town. Chelsea added that she'd mentioned to him several times that she might be home soon, but he'd always cut her off and told her it wasn't a good time. Chloe shared that there was a war growing between Adam and Billy. Chelsea muttered that some things never changed.

Chelsea requested an update on Newman Fashion, and Chloe hoped it meant Chelsea was ready to get back to work. Chelsea hesitated to commit, but Chloe protested that she'd waited for months, and she was excited to work with her best friend again. Chelsea insisted on meeting Sally in person first, and Chloe crowed that they'd be unstoppable with their combined talents. Chelsea firmly stated that Connor was her priority, and she couldn't wait to see him when he got home from school that day. Chloe suggested that Chelsea swing by the office to talk to Adam about officially jumping on board. Chelsea replied that she'd get to Adam soon enough, but she was going to put her son first.

Nikki was surprised when Chelsea arrived at the Newman ranch. Chelsea reported that Anita was doing much better, and she'd packed her bags to get back to Connor the second her mother had given her blessing. Nikki was sure Connor would be thrilled to see his mother, and she asked how Chelsea was feeling. Chelsea chirped that she was great, but Nikki clarified that she meant how Chelsea was doing emotionally.

Chelsea said she understood Nikki's concerns, but she'd completed her therapy, and the court had lifted her restrictions. Chelsea continued that she felt centered and grounded, and while she'd hated being away from Connor, the time away had been helpful for getting counseling and focusing on her healing. Chelsea contended that she wouldn't be there if her doctor hadn't approved, and they both believed she was ready. Nikki inquired about Chelsea's plans and expectations after returning home.

Chelsea asserted that her goal was to reconnect with her son and be the best mom she could be. Nikki asked if she'd talked to Adam about it. Chelsea testily acknowledged Nikki's expertise with handling Newman men, but she insisted that what she discussed with Adam was her private business. Chelsea turned and faced Adam and Victor, who'd just walked in. Adam revealed that the guard at the front gate had alerted Victor to Chelsea's presence on the premises.

Chelsea swore that she was there in peace, but Victor pointed out that her visit was unexpected. Nikki led Victor out to give Adam and Chelsea privacy. Adam anticipated that Connor would flip when he saw Chelsea, but he wished she'd told him about her plans. She griped that she'd tried on more than one occasion, but he'd always been too busy to talk. He apologized for not making time for her, and she mentioned that Chloe had told her a war was brewing between him and Billy. Adam insisted that it was nothing more than business, and all that mattered was what was going on with Chelsea.

Chelsea recalled that she'd kept Adam updated the whole time she'd been away. Adam swore that he'd been paying attention, since Connor had demanded to know every detail of every conversation they'd had. Adam noted that seeing her in person was different, and he observed that she looked happy and confident. Chelsea confirmed that she was, although she knew it would take time to convince him of it. She added that she was just happy to be back, and he replied that he was glad she was back, too.

Elena met up with Nate and Ashland at Society. Ashland mused that it had taken awhile to realize that reading financial reports could wait when he had the opportunity to spend time with friends. Victoria joined them and asked if she'd missed anything juicy. Nate pointed out that they hadn't gotten together since the wedding, and Victoria and Ashland fondly reflected back on their big day. Elena teased them for still acting like newlyweds. Ashland recognized that he hadn't known how much time he'd had left when he'd received his diagnosis, but he'd made it to his wedding and looked forward to spending Christmas with the love of his life. Victoria and Ashland kissed.

Victoria revealed that she and Ashland would be staying in town for the holidays for him to experience his first Newman Christmas. Ashland intended to make the holiday extra special, and Victoria pushed for a hint about the surprise he had in store for her. Victoria suspected that Ashland had confided in Nate about it, but Nate swore it was the first he'd heard of it. Talk turned to Nate and Elena's holiday plans, and Elena said they'd requested the same days off work. After Nate and Elena left to get back to the hospital, Ashland implored Victoria to tell him what had been bothering her since she'd walked in.

Ashland guessed that things hadn't gone well with Billy. Victoria recounted that the conversation about the kids had been shockingly civil, but she had still found the encounter profoundly disconcerting. Victoria expressed relief that Billy was okay with the idea of sending the kids to boarding school, but she was also concerned that he hadn't put up much of a fight. Ashland wondered if she was disappointed that Billy had agreed with her.

Victoria indicated that Billy had been a jerk for the rest of the conversation, so his approval had taken her by surprise. She recalled that Billy had seemed out of shape from the moment she'd gotten there, like he'd been ready for a fight. Ashland was sure Victoria could handle Billy. She wished she knew what she was handling, since something was clearly going on with her ex.

At home, Billy chatted with the head of the boarding school about enrolling the kids after the holidays. Billy requested the school's help with ensuring that the children were protected against the abundance of media coverage that the Newman and Abbott families tended to receive.

Nate waited on the Crimson Lights patio while Elena retrieved her identification badge from her apartment. Upon her return, he remarked that if they lived together, he could have reminded her to pack her badge before they'd left. She incredulously asked if he was asking her to move in with him.

Lily ran into Chloe inside the coffeehouse, and they made small talk about their kids. Lily congratulated Chloe on the buzz Sally had created for the fashion platform, and Chloe commended Lily on her appointment as future CEO of Chancellor. Lily tried to downplay the promotion, and Chloe assumed that Lily was acting low-key about the huge step up because things were complicated. Lily questioned why Chloe would say that, and Chloe matter-of-factly replied that it was because of Billy. Chloe was sure that he was thrilled for Lily, but she also bet that he was freaking out and swearing vengeance on his enemies.

Lily asked why Chloe was interested in Billy's state of mind. Chloe swore that she was just concerned about Billy after the retraction of the story about Ashland and about ChancComm subsequently going up for sale, but Lily argued that it had nothing to do with Chloe. Chloe confided that she'd thought she'd be the one who'd never be able to get over her hatred for Adam, noting that she'd wanted him dead and been willing to make it happen. Lily noted that Chloe had found a way to coexist with Adam and even work for him. Chloe admitted that she would never trust Adam or Victor or forget what Adam had done, but she'd found a way to move forward.

Chloe added that she didn't think Billy had ever found a way to let go of the past, and she wondered if he'd ever be able to do it. Chloe supposed that things might be different that time because of Lily. Chloe was glad Billy had Lily in his life, and Lily clarified that they were lucky to have one another. Lily accepted that Billy had been through rough moments in his life, but she was confident that he would get through that chapter just fine.

Chloe recognized that loving someone meant believing in them, but she advised Lily not to let it become blind faith. Chloe considered Billy to be brilliant in his own confounding way, and she thought his self-confidence spilled over to the people who cared about him. Chloe warned that his loved ones were always convinced that he had everything under control -- until they realized he didn't, and everything fell apart. Lily insisted that those days were behind him. Chloe hoped Lily was right, and she wished both Billy and Lily the best before heading out. Lily's expression darkened.

Lily asks Billy to tell Jack about his scheme

Lily asks Billy to tell Jack about his scheme

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

by Nel

At the ranch, Chelsea was anxious to see Connor. Adam told her that living at the ranch had given Connor the consistency and freedom he needed. Chelsea asked Adam how things were for him and everyone else living on the ranch. Adam said that if Chelsea was asking about him and Sharon, he almost never saw Sharon. Chelsea said she wasn't trying to pry. She said she'd completed her therapy, and her dark thoughts were behind her.

Adam told Chelsea that his focus was on Connor and Newman Media. He admitted he wanted to live anywhere but the tack house, but Connor loved being close to the horses, and Faith had been giving him riding lessons. Adam assured Chelsea that Connor was dealing well with their situation.

Adam said Chelsea's surprise return would make Connor's day because he'd missed her. Chelsea asked if Adam had missed her. Adam didn't know how to answer that. Chelsea apologized for being too direct. Adam thought he'd made it clear about how he felt. Chelsea claimed she'd heard something different in his voice. She said he seemed more at peace, and perhaps he was willing to get past what she'd done. Adam confirmed he was at peace; however, forgetting or forgiving she'd tried to frame him for attempted murder wasn't a conversation to have before Connor was about to arrive.

There was a happy reunion between Chelsea and Connor when he arrived. Connor said everything was perfect with Chelsea's return. Connor invited Chelsea to go to the stables to show her his favorite horse. Victor encouraged Connor to show his mom around, since it was his home. After Chelsea and Connor left, Victor asked Adam what Chelsea's return meant to Adam.

Adam assured Victor there was no future for him and Chelsea other than co-parenting Connor. They had done too much damage to each other to get back what they'd previously had. Victor was relieved. Adam claimed his main focus was Connor because he knew it would be difficult for Connor to deal with his parents' separation. Chelsea's return would help Connor adjust. Victor said he supported Adam. Victor said he was impressed with Adam's work at Newman Media, but Adam's romantic entanglements kept screwing up Adam's life.

Adam received another video of Billy from anonymous. It was a video of Billy at the coffeehouse with Victoria. Adam told Victor that Billy was fulfilling their expectations. Victor wanted to know who was sending Adam the videos. Adam had no idea but said he would find out.

Connor and Chelsea returned. Connor wanted Chelsea to spend the night at the ranch. Chelsea said she would be staying at the penthouse, but they would plan lots of things together. Adam said that even though he and Chelsea weren't together, it didn't change how much they loved Connor. Adam suggested that Connor spend the night with Chelsea at the penthouse, since they had a lot of catching up to do. Connor and Chelsea were overjoyed.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked why Rey seemed on edge. Rey said he wondered if his former partner would be his future partner. He said Chance had a meeting with Paul, much sooner than expected. Sharon was surprised that Chance wanted to return to work so soon. She claimed that after Chance's ordeal, it wouldn't be unusual for him to take a paternity leave. Rey wanted his partner back, but he felt Chance needed to do what was best for him. Rey wanted to be there when Chance arrived at the station to cheer him on. Sharon thought it was a great idea. Rey kissed her and left.

At home, Chance was ready for his meeting with Paul, and he assured Abby it was a preliminary conversation to map out the timeline for his return. He also assured Abby he was going to ease into his job because his priority was to spend as much time with Abby and Dominic as he could. He admitted it was the happiest he'd been in a long time.

Christine arrived with great news. She said that thanks to Chance and the information he'd provided in identifying the attackers on the safe house, the follow-up team had been able to apprehend them. The attackers, in turn, had revealed the location of their leader, the one Chance had been hunting, and he had also been apprehended. She said that once the culprits had been questioned, they had turned on each other. The case was officially closed. Chance was shocked. Abby claimed they had their lives back, and she was delighted by the way things had worked out.

At home, Devon recalled that Chance had told him that it had become increasingly difficult to pretend that he was okay when he wasn't. Chance had admitted he hadn't told Abby everything. Devon assured Chance that Abby would want to know what was going on with him. Chance had said Abby would reassure him that he hadn't done anything wrong and that he was the perfect husband and father. Chance had claimed that wasn't who he was.

Chance had told Devon he'd failed Abby by not being there before the baby had been born, and he hadn't known Mariah had been kidnapped while she'd been carrying their child. Devon had stated that Chance hadn't failed anyone, stressing that he was home and alive. He'd said Chance had a brand-new son and a great wife. Chance had asked if he deserved them.

Amanda asked Devon if everything was okay. Devon said he was worried about Chance. Devon said Chance wondered if he could live up to everyone's expectations. Devon told Amanda about the conversation he'd had with Chance at Society the previous evening. Devon said it had made him uncomfortable. Chance had said he was the only survivor, and all his teammates had died. Amanda said Chance's emotions were understandable.

Devon told Amanda it was clear that Chance was struggling with the normalcy of being home. Devon said that concerned him because he didn't want Chance's struggle to affect Dominic. Amanda asked if Devon felt that Chance's mental state might cause him to neglect the baby. Devon said Chance was a responsible guy, and that was the most important part of being a father; however, he wanted Dominic to have the best life possible, and he wanted to be there to help Chance. Devon claimed he needed to spend as much time with Dominic as he could.

Billy and Lily arrived at Society. When they saw Victoria and Ashland, Billy asked Lily to follow his lead. Billy asked Ashland and Victoria how they were enjoying life as newlyweds. Billy claimed he was a man of leisure, and he got to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He had no responsibilities, since the kids would be attending boarding school. Billy invited Ashland to join him at the bar for a drink. Ashland turned Billy down.

Victoria claimed that Billy had had enough. Billy said he didn't have a job to go to, and he didn't miss it. He claimed he was an Abbott with plenty of money in the bank. Lily told him to stop because it wasn't funny. Ashland told Billy to listen to Lily. Billy said he always listened to Lily, and Lily listened to him. He said Ashland had to know the feeling, since Victoria had forgiven Ashland for plenty of things. Billy acknowledged that Victoria had forgiven him many things, as well. Billy told Ashland that Victoria liked taking risks.

Billy invited Ashland to play cards with him. Lily told Billy no one was going to play poker. Billy claimed it was going to be a harmless card game, and Ashland owed him. Ashland claimed he didn't owe Billy anything, and he declined Billy's offer to play poker because he didn't want to feed Billy's addiction. Billy asked if that was where Ashland's moral boundaries stopped. Billy said Ashland had no problem with setting a trap and stripping Billly of his dignity, but suddenly Ashland was a straight shooter and Mr. Trustworthy.

Ashland reminded Billy that Billy had been warned that digging around in Ashland's past would be a losing proposition. He said Billy had brought it all on himself. Victoria suggested that Billy go to a Gambler's Anonymous meeting. Billy said he wouldn't do that. He regretted many things in his life, but their conversation wasn't one of them. Victoria told Ashland she couldn't take anymore. She and Ashland left.

Billy told Lily that had gone well. Lily was afraid it might have gone too well. Billy said Ashland had bought every minute of it. Lily claimed Billy's drunken tirade had felt a little too real to her. He assured her he'd been faking it, but Lily claimed it had been very chilling when Billy had been accusing Ashland. Billy claimed Ashland deserved every word Billy had said to him. He said it had all been part of the act. Lily was worried Billy would get too caught up in his charade. Billy promised he'd never been more focused in his life.

Lily wanted Billy to share his plan with Jack to let him know that Billy's actions were all an act. She felt bad they had lied to Victoria, but Billy claimed that Victoria hadn't had a problem sitting back while Ashland, Victor, and Adam had torn him down. He asked Lily why he should feel remorse about rubbing it in her face after what they'd done to him. Lily claimed Jack had had nothing to do with it. She said it wasn't fair to let Jack believe that Billy was drinking and gambling again. Billy claimed Jack wouldn't go along with his plan and would probably blow up the whole plan.

Billy told Lily that if Jack didn't know the plan, Jack would want to help fix him, and that would add credibility to his spiral. Lily claimed it would inflict emotional pain on Jack when he saw Billy spiraling out of control, which would be very painful for Jack. Billy agreed it wasn't worth putting Jack through that, but in the end, it would be fine because Billy wasn't spiraling. Lily claimed Billy was lying to Jack, and Jack might not be able to forgive that. Billy agreed to think about Lily's suggestion.

Billy told Lily that a mysterious woman had arrived. He felt she'd been following him the past few days, and he didn't believe it was a coincidence. Lily thought it was Sally in disguise because she'd overheard Sally and Adam talking about spying on Billy. Billy said Sally had no idea she was playing right into their hands. Billy wanted to give her a show. Billy pulled out a deck of cards from his pocket.

Lily jumped into action. Sally began recording them. Lily told Billy to put the cards away. Billy asked what the big deal was. Lily said gambling wasn't a joke. Billy claimed they weren't gambling. There wasn't any money on the table. He said he was simply feeling the cards. Lily said she was done, grabbed her purse, and left. Billy followed her.

At Newman, Victoria apologized that Ashland had had to deal with Billy. Ashland said that as much as he hated that Billy had used Ashland's history as blackmail fodder, it was sad to see Billy fall back into his old habits. Ashland told Victoria he refused to worry about Billy. He was Lily's problem at that moment. He wondered how long Lily would put up with Billy's self-destructive streak. Victoria was worried that Lily would leave Billy, because if she left, Billy would wind up in a more dangerous place than he was already in.

Chance was about to leave for his meeting when Devon arrived to check on Dominic. Abby shared the good news they had received from Christine. Chance was a little disappointed that he hadn't been able to finish the job himself, but Abby claimed that Chance had given his people valuable information that had helped them apprehend the perpetrators. Chance left for his meeting.

Abby told Devon that Dominic had sat up by himself for the first time. Devon said that Dominic had been practicing that in Abby's absence. Abby knew Chance had met with Devon the previous evening, and she wanted to know how Chance had seemed to Devon. Devon said it was no secret Chance was trying to adjust to being home, and it couldn't be easy for him to process everything that had happened.

Abby told Devon she understood that Chance felt bad because he hadn't been there for her and Mariah, but no one held that against Chance. Everyone knew Chance was dedicated to the greater good. She kept telling herself to be patient and that Chance would return to his old self, but it was going to take longer than she'd anticipated.

After Chance's meeting, he and Rey arrived at the coffeehouse. Rey shared Chance's great news with Sharon. Chance said he wished he'd been able to finish the job. Sharon said what Chance had done was heroic in her book. Rey agreed, and he intended to brag about his partner.

Christine arrived at that moment, and Chance went to speak with her. He apologized that he'd forgotten to thank her for everything she'd done while he'd been gone. He'd been overwhelmed by her news. He knew Christine had been a great source of support and information for Abby and Nina. Christine admitted that telling Nina and Abby about his demise had been extremely difficult. He said it was great seeing her, and he left.

After Chance left, Christine told Rey that Paul felt it was too soon for Chance to return to work. She asked Rey for his opinion. Rey stated he'd only seen Chance twice since his return and didn't know enough to form an opinion. Rey wasn't sure that Chance was ready, but he was rooting for Chance's return at some point. Rey felt the mission had taken more out of Chance than anyone had realized.

Chance entered his home quietly. He heard Devon tell Dominic he'd done a good job sitting up. He hoped Dominic wasn't tired of seeing Devon's face since his mom had returned. He said he would be checking in on Dominic all the time.

Chloe tries again to warn Sally about Adam

Chloe tries again to warn Sally about Adam

Thursday, December 16, 2021

by Nel

Chelsea, Connor, and Adam arrived at the penthouse. Connor was very happy to be home, and he reminded his parents of the pizza-movie nights and how happy they'd been as a family. Adam said Connor would have many pizza-movie nights with his mom, who was home at last. Chelsea asked Connor to check to see if his room was the way he'd left it.

Chelsea told Adam it felt strange being back in the penthouse. Adam said too many memories had been the reason he'd moved to the ranch. Chelsea asked which memories had been the hardest for him to handle -- what they'd had, or what they'd turned into. Adam said that being in the penthouse with her had stirred up the memories of when things had been great. Chelsea wondered where they'd gone wrong and what they could have done differently. Adam claimed it hadn't been just one thing; however, there was no going back. Chelsea claimed they had loved each other, and there had been "so much good" in that love.

Adam told Chelsea the most important thing was that Connor had both his parents in the same town, and they had to make sure he felt secure. After an awkward moment, Adam said he had to say goodbye to Connor before he left and let Chelsea get settled in. Chelsea asked how things were working out with Chloe and Sally. Adam told Chelsea to ask Chloe, since she had total autonomy over the fashion division, and he had no complaints.

Chelsea claimed that Adam hadn't been completely hands-off, because he'd flown Sally to Tuscany for Victoria's wedding. Adam explained that Sally had made Victoria's dress with Newman Media's money. He'd only given her a lift, and it had given a real boost to their fashion platform. He said Chloe and Sally made a good team, and Chloe had her heart set on Chelsea joining them.

Chelsea told Adam that she hadn't discussed the details with Chloe, and she needed to meet Sally in person. Adam asked if Chelsea was afraid that she and Sally wouldn't get along. Chelsea claimed it was a possibility because of different sensibilities and work habits that could be deal breakers. Adam told her to focus on what was important -- Connor.

Chloe arrived at Society and saw Sally wearing a disguise. She asked "what the hell" Sally was doing. She wanted to know who Sally was hiding from. Chloe mentioned that she'd seen Billy and Lily leave. Sally told Chloe she'd been spying on Billy because Adam and Billy were in a battle, and if Billy decided to retaliate on Newman Media, everything that she and Chloe had accomplished would go up in flames. Sally said she'd tried to talk to Billy, but he had refused to tell her anything. Chloe told Sally to stick to designing.

Chloe reminded Sally that it was strictly business between her and Adam, nothing personal, yet Sally was playing Harriet the Spy for him. Chloe claimed Adam was pulling Sally's strings like she was his puppet. Sally said Adam wasn't using her because Adam had no idea that she'd been following Billy. Sally said she'd been sending photos and videos to Adam anonymously, and it had been her idea. Chloe asked if Sally really believed that Adam had no idea that Sally was behind all of it.

Chloe asked if Sally had had a discussion with Adam about the threat Billy posed, and perhaps Adam had mentioned spying on Billy. She said Sally knew how manipulative Adam could be. She asked if Sally had convinced herself that she could get close to Adam without getting burned. Chloe said Sally was trying to impress Adam by showing him how far she was willing to go. Chloe said Sally was playing right into Adam's hands.

Chloe asked Sally to look at what Adam had recently done to Billy. Adam and Victor had taken away Billy's livelihood, and they still wanted to bring him down further. Sally claimed Billy had brought it on himself by publishing the story about Locke, and it had been because of Billy that ChancComm had nearly got sued out of existence. She said that had been why Billy had had to walk away; Billy didn't want to take responsibility for any of it, and he blamed Adam. Billy had since spiraled out of control and was hellbent on revenge. Billy was targeting Adam and their fashion platform. Sally claimed the threat was real.

Chloe said Sally was in the middle of something potentially very dangerous, and Adam was egging Sally on. Sally claimed Adam had tried to talk her out of it. Chloe stated that the people Adam pulled into his orbit ended up getting badly hurt. Sally claimed their whole conversation had basically been about Chelsea. Chloe said she could be talking about a number of people; however, what had happened to Chelsea should serve as a lesson and a warning. She told Sally that Chelsea was back in Genoa City. Chloe said Sally had to make a decision: whether Sally was done playing games with Adam or part of the fashion platform team.

Noah arrived at Crimson Lights and told Mariah and Tessa he had an early gift for Tessa, but Mariah had to wait for hers. He showed Tessa the album cover he'd designed for her. Mariah critiqued the design and said it needed work. Noah asked if Tessa was siding with him or Mariah. Tessa refused to choose sides. Noah claimed he'd been messing with them. Tessa laughed because Mariah had been ready to go to war with a world-famous artist. Faith and Moses arrived. Noah introduced himself to Moses.

After teasing Faith, Mariah said Faith gave as good as she got, and she was an amazing sister. Faith claimed Mariah and Tessa were the corny parents that people saw in sitcoms. Mariah and Tessa looked uncomfortable. Noah commented that in the sitcom version, Mariah, the sweet mom, would go on and on about how thoughtful and generous Faith was, while Faith was behind Mariah stealing fudge off her plate. Tessa was concerned about Mariah's reaction to the teasing.

Noah claimed that Mariah and Tessa were going to be the perfect set of parents, Mariah, the businesswoman who only saw the good, and Tessa, the singer who saw everything. Tessa wanted to talk about the album cover. Moses said that Devon had been playing Tessa's album at home, and Moses loved it.

Faith thought it was great that Tessa had returned to Devon's label for her new album. Moses was delighted being Devon's intern because he got to help out on the album. Tessa claimed she was lucky to have Devon because he'd given her so much freedom and support. Mariah's discomfort got the better of her. She left in a hurry on the pretext that she had work to do. Tessa looked worried after Mariah left.

Noah showed Faith and Moses the album cover he'd designed. He said he would tweak it a bit more. Noah stated that Tessa's music blew him away. Tessa loved how Noah's photos captured things most people wouldn't notice.

After Faith and Moses left, Noah told Tessa he hoped he hadn't upset Mariah, because she'd left like she hadn't been able to get away fast enough. Tessa claimed Mariah had a lot going on. Noah asked if Tessa was okay. Tessa assured him she was fine because there was so much to be grateful for. Noah stated that Tessa had poured her heart and soul into her music and created something very beautiful. It had inspired him, and he felt the album cover should reflect that.

At another table, Faith watched Noah and Tessa. Moses told Faith he needed to get some Christmas shopping done. Faith said she loved buying gifts and wanted to go with him, but Noah informed Faith that Moses wanted to shop for her. After Moses left, Faith thanked Noah for not taking Moses aside for the big brother talk. Noah asked Faith to tell him he had nothing to worry about. Faith said Moses was respectful, kind, and smart, and he was the easiest part of her day.

Noah promised Faith he wouldn't embarrass her. Faith asked if Noah still had feelings for Tessa. Noah said that Tessa and Mariah were madly in love with each other, and he and Tessa had broken up a long time before. Faith said she'd seen the way Noah had looked at Tessa when they'd been talking, and it hadn't been the first time she'd noticed it.

Noah told Faith that nothing could be further from the truth. He promised that he and Tessa were only friends, and there were no residual feelings between them. They were both creative and worked well together. He was happy that he and Tessa were able to get along. She'd restored his faith in humanity.

Mariah arrived at the Chancellor home. When the nanny opened the door, Mariah claimed she'd stopped by to see Abby, but the nanny informed her that Abby and Chance weren't home. Mariah asked about Dominic. The nanny said he was with his parents. Mariah thanked her. After the nanny had closed the door, Mariah stood on the doorstep, looking thoughtful for moment, and then she left.

At Newman Media, Adam was annoyed that Sally and Chloe walked into his office without knocking. Chloe said she'd seen Chelsea. Adam claimed it had been good to see Chelsea happy again. Chloe wanted to get Chelsea up to speed and working with her and Sally. Adam was aware it had been Chloe's dream to work with Chelsea again. Chloe claimed it had been the only reason she'd agreed to work at Newman Media's fashion division. She wanted to make sure Chelsea had a safe place to land.

Adam told Chloe that after he'd spoken to Chelsea, he wasn't sure Chelsea wanted to work there as much as they wanted Chelsea to want it. He said they had to be ready to move forward without Chelsea if she chose not to join them. Chloe claimed Chelsea would definitely join the fashion platform. Adam stated Chelsea hadn't committed to joining them, and he wanted Chloe to be prepared if Chelsea chose not to take the job. Chloe claimed Chelsea needed some guarantees about the situation she would be walking into. Chloe said that Chelsea needed to know that people working there wouldn't be distracted by personal baggage and pointless vendettas.

Sally told Chloe she was looking forward to meeting Chelsea, and she had no doubt the three of them would be a genius collaboration. Chloe and Sally were about to leave when Adam asked for a moment with Sally. Adam said he'd been receiving mysterious text messages and videos of Billy in situations that didn't paint him in the best light. Sally asked if he knew who had sent them. Adam said it had been from an anonymous source.

Sally told Adam that someone who would do that for Adam and not want anything in return was very special. Adam said the information had piqued his interest. He said Billy might be planning a counterattack, and it was good to have an arsenal ready because he could be walking into a trap. Adam said it had been someone local, but there weren't many people who would gather information on Billy and send it to him. He asked if Sally had any ideas who it might be.

In their hotel suite, Mariah confessed to Tessa that she hadn't gone to Jabot, but she'd needed to get out of the coffeehouse. Tessa asked if it had been what Faith had said about them being parents. Mariah knew that Faith had been joking. Mariah didn't expect people to have baby-free conversations because of her; however, she couldn't stop thinking about her and Tessa being parents and how incredible they would be.

Mariah told Tessa she'd stopped by Abby's to see the baby, but no one had been home. She'd felt stupid, standing in the doorway, wanting to see someone else's baby. Tessa reminded Mariah that she was an integral part of Dominic's life and always would be. Mariah said everyone said that to her, but he wasn't Bowie; he was Dominic, Abby and Chance's son, even though she'd carried him and brought him into the world. Mariah had never believed she would ever want to have kids or that she had a maternal bone in her body. Mariah said if Tessa told her that she was ready to start a family immediately, it would be like her birthday and all the holidays wrapped up in one. It would be the best day of her life.

At Chelsea's, Chloe wanted Chelsea to say she would work with Chloe at the fashion platform. Chelsea claimed she needed time to think about it. Chloe stated she'd given Chelsea months. Chloe said she'd done all the heavy lifting, and she'd done it so that she and Chelsea could work together again. Chelsea claimed it wasn't the best move for her. Chelsea said she'd had time to think, and she'd realized that she was "disconnected [from] everyone and everything in this town except Connor." She felt she didn't belong in Genoa City anymore.

Chelsea grills Sally

Chelsea grills Sally

Friday, December 17, 2021

by Nel

At home, Chelsea stared at a photo of Sally and Adam on her tablet. She called Chloe and told her she was willing to take the next step in making her decision. She said it was time she met Sally Spectra, up close and personal.

At Newman Media, Adam asked if Sally knew who was videotaping Billy, acting like a jerk in public, because he claimed it was something Sally would do. Sally claimed that would have been the old Sally, but she'd turned over a new leaf. Adam reminded Sally that on a number of occasions, his feud with Billy had worried her, and he had asked Sally to spy on Billy. Sally reminded him that he'd rescinded that request. Adam agreed but said there was a side of Sally that liked going rogue. Adam valued independent thinking, but not if it went against his best interests.

Adam said if Sally were to confess that she'd been the videographer, he would thank her, but he wanted her to stop because she ran the risk of angering Billy when he spotted her. Sally claimed if that happened, and if she'd been the spy, she would be able to protect herself. She knew the Abbotts, and they were all bark and no bite. Adam said that might apply to Jack and Kyle, but Billy lacked their moral compass, especially in a downward spiral, when Billy had been known to become violent.

Sally asked Adam if the information he'd received had helped him in his battle. Adam said it had been a good start. Chloe entered and said Chelsea was at the coffeehouse and ready to meet Sally. Adam hoped that between Sally and Chloe, they would be able to convince Chelsea to join the fashion platform. Sally claimed she would do her best to win Chelsea over.

At Crimson Lights, Rey told Sharon he loved seeing her so happy. Sharon said it was a rare treat to have all three kids home for Christmas. Sharon asked how Rey felt about inviting Nick and Christian for Christmas dinner. Rey agreed -- as long as the invitation didn't extend to Adam. Sharon was sure Adam had plans with Connor.

When Chelsea arrived, she greeted Sharon and Rey pleasantly. She told them it was a little unnerving returning to Genoa City. Sharon wasn't surprised and acknowledged that Chelsea had been in quite a bit of turmoil prior to leaving town. Chelsea claimed it had been easier to put everything behind her while she'd been in another state, but there were reminders everywhere she turned in the penthouse.

Chelsea said she would stay in town until after the holidays. She was certain there were a lot of people who would be happy if she left town. Sharon was sorry about everything that had happened to Chelsea after her stroke. Chelsea had been pushed psychologically to the point of believing that Sharon and Adam had been having an affair, and that had put Chelsea over the edge. Chelsea claimed that didn't excuse her actions. She wanted to apologize to Rey and Sharon once again. Her apology was accepted. They'd known Chelsea had been in a bad way. Rey said Chelsea seemed to be in a better place. Chelsea agreed she was.

Chelsea told Sharon and Rey that she'd completed her therapy, and she felt she'd made a full recovery. The courts had agreed. She was grateful that Rey and Sharon were willing to give her another chance. Sharon asked what was next for her. Chelsea said she didn't know. She wondered whether she should remain in Genoa City or not. She felt life had gone on without her, and she wasn't sure where she fit in. Rey told her to give it time, and she would figure it out.

Chelsea told Sharon and Rey that Chloe wanted her to work at Newman Fashion. Chelsea admired what Chloe had accomplished with Sally. Sharon asked if Chelsea was a fan of Sally's work. Chelsea claimed she was more familiar with Sally's reputation than her designs. She admitted that the dress Sally had designed for Victoria had been spectacular, and she was about to meet Sally to see if they were compatible.

Chelsea asked if Sharon recalled that when Sharon had worked with her and Chloe, everyone had needed to spark off each other creatively. Sally and Chloe arrived. Sharon commented loudly that Sally sent sparks wherever she went. Ignoring Sharon's comment, Chloe introduced Chelsea to Sally, and she hoped it would be the beginning of a fashion dynasty. Sally was delighted to meet Chelsea face to face. The ladies went to the patio.

Rey told Sharon that Chelsea seemed to be doing well. Sharon agreed. Rey hoped spending time with Connor would help Chelsea make future plans. Sharon said that if Chelsea wanted to be part of Connor's life, she would have to remain in Genoa City, since Adam had full custody. Rey hoped Adam wouldn't undo any progress Chelsea had made. He would hate to see her fall apart again. Sharon said Chelsea and Adam would be co-parenting and working together -- if Chelsea decided to work at Newman Fashion.

Rey told Sharon that co-parenting and working at Newman Fashion would force Chelsea to spend a lot of time with Adam. He said that when Adam was around Connor, it brought out Adam's humanity, but after the way Adam had gone after Billy, Rey had seen signs of the old Adam. Rey was afraid it would be a major setback for Chelsea if she and Adam butted heads. Sharon said that co-parenting without conflicts wasn't easy. Rey pointed out that Sharon and Nick had conquered all of Faith's challenges together, and their friendship had remained intact. Sharon took Rey's hand and said he was her rock, and she was lucky to have him.

Rey asked if Sharon missed being in the fashion industry. Sharon said she was happy with her life and being a therapist, something she really enjoyed. Rey felt there was trouble brewing if Chelsea partnered in a job that included Sally. He couldn't see Chelsea and Sally ever seeing eye to eye.

On the patio, Sally told Chelsea that when she'd designed Victoria's wedding dress, she'd looked at Chelsea's bridal work for inspiration. Sally felt she could learn a lot from Chelsea, and they would do great things together. Chelsea said she'd been impressed with the coup Sally had pulled off getting Victoria to wear her creation. Chelsea also liked the plans Sally had for the fashion platform and that Sally would be the on-camera talent for the platform's video concept. Chelsea said the camera would love Sally because she had that over-the-top energy.

Chloe said having Chelsea as her partner would be a dream come true. With Newman's deep pockets, they could build something extraordinary. Chelsea said she wasn't sure she would be joining Chloe-- or if she would be staying in Genoa City. Chloe reminded Chelsea that she'd created the platform for Chelsea, and Adam wouldn't let Chelsea leave with Connor. It was time for Chelsea to realize she was there for the foreseeable future.

Slightly agitated, Chelsea said she couldn't become a partner in Chloe's creative collaboration until she knew who she was getting into bed with. Chloe stated that Chelsea knew her better than anyone, and if Chelsea couldn't trust her, she wondered who Chelsea could trust. Chelsea told Sally she trusted Chloe, but she needed some honest answers from Sally.

Chelsea claimed that Sally could compliment and flatter with the best of them; that might work for some people, but not her. Chelsea said she knew all about Sally's past, and she was certain that Sally knew all about hers. She said Sally had run from Los Angeles in disgrace. In Genoa City, Sally had had trouble with Phyllis, Summer, Lauren, and her botched relationship with Jack. Sally asked how Chelsea had become such an expert on her. Chelsea claimed she had her sources because she had to know who she would be going into business with.

Chelsea told Sally she was impressed with Sally's ideas for Newman Fashion, but she wondered how Sally wasn't the biggest liability for any company, especially theirs. Sally claimed she doubted anyone other than Chelsea's best friend would hire Chelsea. Sally admitted she'd made a ton of mistakes, and some very powerful enemies, mainly because she'd spent her whole life in defense mode, trying to protect what was hers. Sally claimed that she and Chelsea were a lot alike.

Sally told Chelsea that everything they'd always longed for in life had always seemed just out of reach, and they'd done whatever it had taken to level the playing field. Sally wasn't going to apologize for that because it had been how she'd survived. If Chelsea saw her as a liability, so be it. Sally claimed she had something to prove to the rest of the world, and Newman Fashion was where she was going to do it. Chelsea said she didn't have any more questions. She was quite impressed. Chloe asked if Chelsea was in or out.

At home, Billy called Lily, who was at the Grand Phoenix, prepping for the meeting with the Chancellor board of directors. Billy asked Lily to return home as soon as she could. When Lily arrived, she saw everything had been set up for a photo shoot. Billy told Lily to pour herself some Champagne, and as CEO of Chancellor Industries, she was stepping into the spotlight. Every major publication would want to do a profile on her. Billy said her image was about to be synonymous with Chancellor Industries, and she needed to be prepared.

Lily told Billy she had gone home to relax. The photo shoot sounded like a lot of work. Billy said he was grateful that Lily had been so great with him lately; however, this was about her embarking on a major transition in her career, and he wanted to support her. Billy playfully began the interview with a bit of levity then asked her questions she would be asked by other interviewers. Billy's last question asked how much Lily loved the man she was with. Lily said his scores were off the charts. Billy went into silly mode while taking pictures of Lily. Laughing, Lily said it had been a lot of fun and a great distraction.

Lily thanked Billy because she knew people were going to wonder if she was up to the task. She had every confidence she could excel as CEO, and knowing Billy was behind her made all the difference. They kissed.

After making love, Lily teased Billy about his terrible photos of her. The conversation turned serious. Lily asked if Billy was going to tell Jack about his plan to trick Adam into believing that Billy was drinking and gambling again. Billy said Lily had been right. As irritated as Jack would be, Billy felt he needed to tell Jack the truth.

Billy said he'd hurt Jack too many times, and he didn't want Jack to suffer unnecessarily. Lily admitted she was still worried about Billy's plan because a lot could go wrong, but Billy had shown her many times over how much he believed in her; once she started her new job, she was going to need him by her side more than ever. She believed in Billy. Billy claimed it was going to be a wild ride.

Sally, Chelsea, and Chloe entered Adam's office. Chloe told Adam that Chelsea had joined the team. Adam was genuinely delighted. Chelsea claimed that Chloe and Sally had convinced her it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Adam claimed Chelsea would be a very valuable asset and that she was the best designer he'd ever known. He said he would have a contract for her as soon as she and Chloe had the details worked out. Before Chelsea left, she asked Adam to make time to finish their discussion. Sally sat on the edge of Adam's desk. She asked to speak with Adam about something. Chloe walked Chelsea out.

Adam asked Sally what she thought she was doing. Sally said she had assumed Adam wanted to be briefed about their meeting with Chelsea. Sally was proud of herself for winning Chelsea over, and she claimed that Chelsea was quite strong-willed. Sally felt they were a lot alike, and they would get along well.

Adam hoped that had been the reason Sally had stayed behind -- not to make some point to Chelsea or mark some imaginary territory. Adam didn't want any trouble. He said Chelsea had been through enough. He wanted any drama in Newman Fashion to be in their work, not around the office. Sally said she hoped Adam would continue to get pertinent information from his secret investigator. So did Adam.

At the penthouse, Chloe was happy that Chelsea had joined the team. She said there was much work to do, and she was relieved that Chelsea was willing to work with Sally. Chloe was anxious to hear Chelsea's ideas about the fashion platform, and she wanted to know how soon Chelsea could start. Chelsea asked Chloe if Sally was going to be willing to take orders from her.

Chelsea reminded Chloe that she and Chloe were partners. She asked if it was going to turn into a triad. Chloe denied it. Chelsea hoped Sally understood that, because Sally was ambitious, and she'd run her own design house. Chelsea asked if they needed to keep looking over their shoulder to make sure Sally wasn't trying to muscle in past them. Chelsea wanted to know how Chloe intended to keep Sally in check.

Chloe told Chelsea that when Sally had burned her last bridge with Lauren, Chloe had offered a helping hand. Since then, Sally had been working her tail off. Chloe said she'd always been very clear that she and Chelsea were partners. Chloe said Sally worked for her, and that meant Sally would be working for her and Chelsea. Chelsea warned that things would change in a heartbeat if Sally had her way.

Chelsea told Chloe that Sally wanted a second chance because she'd made enemies everywhere she'd been. Sally was out for herself, and she wouldn't stop until she was at the top. Chelsea suspected that Sally already had a plan, which probably involved Adam. Chelsea asked about the dynamic between Sally and Adam. Chloe claimed there wasn't one. Adam was Sally's boss, and she wasn't about to overstep. Chelsea claimed that was a boundary she didn't want to see bridged.

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