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Chelsea discovered Adam and Sally spending New Year's Eve together. Traci confronted Victoria about using Billy. Billy confessed to Adam that he'd feigned his downward spiral. Abby and Chance declined Devon's request to amend their legal agreement. Devon decided to pursue legal rights to be with Dominic.
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When Abby and Chance declined to amend their legal agreement, Devon decided to pursue legal rights for Dominic
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Chelsea catches Sally and Adam together

Chelsea catches Sally and Adam together

Monday, January 3, 2022

Chelsea became emotional when she confronted Adam at her penthouse. Attempting to rekindle the passion that had drawn them together, Chelsea reminded Adam that their love for each other had been extraordinary. Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes when she asked Adam how they could have let everything fall apart. Adam remained stoic and replied that revisiting their breakup wouldn't do them any good. Adam admitted he'd made mistakes that had caused Chelsea to suffer. Chelsea regrettably recalled that her actions had led to the ending of their relationship, and she insisted they might still reconcile.

Chelsea challenged Adam to deny that it was impossible for them recapture the love and connection they'd once had. Adam gently noted that they were in a different though better place in their relationship and that getting back together would be a mistake. Adam questioned Chelsea's motives and suggested she might be trying to prove to herself that she'd healed emotionally. Chelsea acknowledged that her recovery played a role in her desire to reconnect. Chelsea begged Adam to consider that they owed it to themselves to explore what might be possible, especially for their son's sake. Chelsea cried, "Can we go back to the time that we believed in each other when nobody else did?"

Ultimately acknowledging that going back wasn't an option, Chelsea pleaded with Adam to move forward with her on a path of forgiveness and happiness. Adam reminded Chelsea that every time they reunited, they ended up hurting each other. Adam recalled the previous New Year's Eve when he'd found Chelsea unconscious on the floor, the result of a head injury for which he'd been responsible. Chelsea begged for another chance to start over. Adam, pivoting from the past, expressed gratitude that Chelsea was in a good place, wished her great success at Newman Media, and praised her for being an incredible mother to Connor.

Adam promised Chelsea he'd be a supportive co-parent, though he stressed that romance would lead to more heartache for them and for Connor. Chelsea appeared crestfallen by Adam's repeated rebuffs and was disappointed when he received a text message summoning him to handle an urgent matter at the office. Before he left, Adam apologized that the evening hadn't turned out as Chelsea had hoped, and he assured her she had many great days ahead. Chelsea quietly replied that she believed she did, too.

At Newman Media, Sally rolled in a small suitcase, turned on a light in the deserted office building, and smiled as she took in her surroundings. When Adam later arrived, he entered his office and beheld decorations from every season throughout the year. Sally announced that the emergency she'd mentioned in her text message was the approach of midnight. Adam recalled that they'd already agreed not to do anything centered on New Year's Eve. Sally called attention to the festive decorations and noted that the rule didn't apply to other holidays. After Sally poured and served drinks, she offered Adam caviar and smoked salmon, and she asked him to choose one among a selection of Hitchcock flicks. Adam opted to watch North by Northwest.

Adam beheld the myriad of themed party paraphernalia and quipped that he was impressed by how Sally had made sure that their evening together wasn't "a date." On a serious note, Adam admitted that he'd welcomed being summoned away from handling "family stuff." While viewing the movie, Sally paused it to pour herself another drink. Adam noted that they were seated quite close together. Sally explained that she'd opted to watch the movie on her laptop because it was too technically challenging to connect to a larger screen. Adam assured Sally that it was fine to remain seated close together on the sofa.

At Society, Abby greeted guests arriving to celebrate New Year's Eve. Sharon and Rey were the first to arrive. As Abby escorted them to their reserved table, Rey said he was surprised to see her at the restaurant. Abby explained that she'd head home to her husband and son as soon as she greeted her most special guests. After Abby walked away, Rey took Sharon's hand and wished her a happy anniversary. Sharon said it was hard to believe they'd been married for a year. Rey assured Sharon that their love grew stronger with each passing day. Sharon promised they'd spend more time together, which would include travel to Miami and perhaps Europe. Sharon mentioned their family and expressed excitement about Mariah and Tessa's decision to adopt. Sharon and Rey recalled that both Faith and Noah were faring better. Rey raised his glass and toasted optimism and possibilities.

Chelsea approached the bar at Society. Sharon called out to Chelsea and wished her a happy New Year. Chelsea said she'd anticipated a quiet evening, as Connor was with a friend, and she'd turned down an offer to join Kevin and Chloe. Though Chelsea was hesitant, Rey and Sharon insisted she join them. Sharon said she'd heard that Connor was interested in hockey. Chelsea praised Noah for spending time helping Connor learn a new sport. Rey said he'd long been a soccer fanatic, though nothing else came before Sharon. Chelsea suddenly felt like a third wheel and said she should contact her mom before it got too late. Before she left, Chelsea thanked Sharon and Rey for being kind of enough to invite her to join them.

After Chelsea left, a waiter delivered covered platters and set them before Sharon and Rey. Sharon explained that she'd ordered their desserts ahead of time but hadn't wanted them to be served in Chelsea's presence. Rey praised Sharon for having acted with compassion and generosity by reaching out to Chelsea. Sharon acknowledged that it was difficult to be alone during the holidays. Sharon told Rey that his surprise was meant to be enjoyed together.

Rey lifted the cover from the serving platter and found a tall slice of cake from their wedding. Sharon explained that it was good luck to save a piece of wedding cake to eat on the first anniversary. Rey and Sharon served a bite of cake to each other, as they had on their wedding day. Rey noted that the frozen and thawed cake tasted like their freezer. Sharon laughed and said, "I agree." Both agreed that they liked the tradition, but Rey said his favorite recollection was dancing with his bride. Rey took Sharon's hand and invited her to dance.

Chance checked the baby monitor downstairs from the nursery. Confirming that Dominic was snoozing, Chance spoke as if addressing his son and pleaded with him to remain asleep. Chance explained that he'd planned a special evening for Dominic's mother. Chance lit candles and had Champagne chilling when Abby arrived. Abby was impressed that Chance had made preparations for dinner and had even prearranged with Dominic to give Mom the night off. Abby found Dominic's first Christmas ornament in a chair and picked it up. Chance said he couldn't throw it in a box and stow it away.

Abby recalled that when Chance had given her the ornament, a child had seemed like a distant dream. Abby said she was glad they were all able to celebrate the holidays together as a family. After dinner, Abby heaped praised on Chance, proclaiming him to be the kindest, sweetest, most generous man in the world. Chance surmised that Abby's effusive praises masked concerns she was suppressing, and he asked her to talk about what was going on. Abby confessed to Chance that she was concerned about him, having noticed his distress while he'd struggled to soothe their crying son.

Chance opened up to Abby and explained that he felt as if there was a wall between him and what he felt his life should be. Abby assured Chance that he wasn't expected to figure out everything overnight because so much had changed while he'd been away. Frustrated, Chance cried that he wished he could figure out some of what he was struggling to do. Abby asked Chance if the distance he felt applied to her, too. Chance assured Abby that she was the one thing in his life he was certain about. Chance recalled that he'd been the one who'd insisted on rushing into marriage and having a baby right away before leaving her abruptly for months. Abby said she was grateful they had everything they'd talked about.

Chance cried that he wasn't the man Abby and Dominic deserved and admitted he felt as though he was failing as a father. Chance explained that there was a void within him where he should feel paternal instincts. Chance compared himself to Devon, noting that Devon seemed to easily discern what Dominic needed. Chance wondered aloud if he wasn't prepared to be a parent just as his own father hadn't been ready. Abby recalled that Phillip had been a teenager when Chance had been born and that overwhelming issues had also been a factor. Chance expressed concern that he didn't have what it took to be a good father.

After Abby checked on Dominic, she retuned downstairs, where Chance was waiting to apologize for dumping his feelings on her. Abby said she was glad to know what was going on. Chance said he felt like he'd killed the mood as midnight approached. Abby assured Chance he'd have her continued support in overcoming his fears, promising him a fulfilling and rewarding year ahead. Abby told Chance she loved him. Chance replied, "I love you more."

At the Grand Phoenix, Devon was awed by Amanda's beauty when she arrived late to greet him. Amanda explained that her hairstylist had made her a little late, but Devon embraced his date and assured her it had been worth the wait. Devon promised Amanda they'd leave behind all the drama and enjoy an evening of dancing. After dancing for a time, Devon challenged Amanda to admit that her shoes were killing her. Amanda admitted her feet hurt, and she asked Devon what was distressing him. Devon said he'd been wondering how Abby and Chance were spending New Year's Eve with Dominic, though he realized that the pressure he'd put on the new parents had put Abby on edge.

Devon acknowledged that he'd been unable to relax and clear his mind. Amanda told Devon she loved that he cared so deeply for Dominic. Devon thanked Amanda for being supportive. Amanda recalled how her own father had yearned to be with his children, and she affirmed Devon's desire to give Dominic all the love he deserved. Devon replied that he wasn't Dominic's father. Amanda assured Devon he was a father to Dominic, as was Chance. Devon invited Amanda to continue their celebration at home.

At the penthouse, Devon turned on some romantic music. Amanda kicked off her shoes, put her arms over Devon's shoulders, and swayed with him to the music. Devon told Amanda she was brilliant, beautiful, and patient. Amanda unbuttoned Devon's shirt and said she would show him how much she loved him. Devon unzipped Amanda's dress. After the couple made love on the sofa, Devon checked the clock and announced that it was almost time to ring in the New Year.

Chelsea quietly approached the reception area outside the door to Adam's office. Chelsea paused in the doorway when she saw Sally and Adam together. Chelsea watched Sally and Adam, drinks in their hands, clinking their glasses together. Chelsea said nothing and hurried away, appearing hurt and frustrated. After Chelsea left, midnight offered an opportunity for Sally to kiss Adam, but she refrained. Adam appeared to anticipate a kiss, too, and moved slightly away from Sally.

Chelsea rushed home to an empty apartment. She tossed her purse and coat on the sofa. Recalling having seen Sally and Adam seated together enjoying a drink, Chelsea poured herself a drink. Standing near her Christmas tree bedecked with lights, Chelsea imbibed a mouthful of whiskey and stared into space. Chelsea had clearly been shaken by what had appeared to be a romantic tryst between Adam and Sally.

Traci confronts Victoria about using Billy

Traci confronts Victoria about using Billy

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

At home, Lily blew a noisemaker to get Billy's attention. She suspected that she already knew what was on his mind -- Victoria and her demands. Billy stressed that the purpose of his plan was to get vindication by forcing Victor and Adam to confess that they'd set him up and that the allegations about Ashland's past were true. Lily anticipated that Victoria would never allow it, and Billy lamented that he'd never get the opportunity to expose Victor and Adam for the criminals they were. Lily urged Billy to forget about the revenge plot and move on with their lives. Billy received a text message from Victoria, summoning them both to the Grand Phoenix.

Lily became incensed that Victoria was ordering them around, especially on New Year's Day. Billy hated that clearing his name was in Victoria's hands, but he felt he had to swallow his pride and think about the bigger picture. He recognized that he might get vindication if he hit Adam with a libel suit, allowing Victoria to take over Newman Media and have Billy run it. Lily questioned why Billy thought Victoria would hold up her end of the bargain.

Billy didn't think Victoria would betray him in that way, and he considered it his best option. Lily reminded him that he had the option of working at Chancellor with her, but he expected it to feel like a hand-me-down unless he earned the job. Billy added that he couldn't stomach Victor and Adam getting off scot-free, and he wanted them to suffer the humiliation of watching him run their former company. Billy intended to meet with Victoria, and he hoped Lily would go with him.

At Newman Media, Adam surveyed the decorations left over from the night before, and he flashed back to Sally creating an evening for them not to celebrate New Year's Eve together. Chloe entered and observed that it looked like someone had broken in and thrown a party. Adam claimed that he'd been working late to line up more ad sales and sponsors. Chloe pointed out the caviar, bottle of vodka, and two glasses, and she doubted he'd had his nose to the grindstone. He snapped that he didn't need to explain himself to her.

Chloe declared that she was there to save Adam from making a huge mistake that could destroy everything they were trying to build. Chloe surmised that Sally had been there the night before, and she equated her appeals to Sally and Chelsea to steer clear of Adam with yelling into a void. Chloe hoped to persuade Adam to stay away from both women, since Sally and Chelsea would be at one another's throats if a love triangle formed. Chloe clucked that it wouldn't look good if one of Newman Media's most profitable divisions imploded because Adam couldn't keep his personal and professional lives separate. She stalked out.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis scowled at the confetti-scattered floor and muttered that everyone had been having too much fun to clean up. Victoria approached the bar and hoped Phyllis had had a wonderful New Year's Eve. Phyllis claimed that it had been spectacular, but Victoria taunted that she'd expected Phyllis to have a hard time on the holiday, having just broken up with Nick. Victoria contemplated who Phyllis had spent the prior evening with, but Phyllis claimed that she'd been talking about the hotel's success when she'd called the evening spectacular.

Phyllis bragged that her hard work had paid off, with a packed ballroom and a number of women enjoying the Escape Club. Victoria imagined that some women had wanted to usher out a bad year with an escape fantasy, but she hadn't been one of them, since 2021 had turned out well for her. Phyllis scoffed at the idea that Victoria had found her dream man in Ashland, given all the information Nick had uncovered about him. Phyllis found it strange that someone so deliriously happy was there bright and early on the first day of the year. Victoria asked Phyllis to send over coffee with three cups.

Later, Phyllis dryly asked if she could get Victoria anything else, like some imaginary friends. Billy and Lily arrived, and Victoria thanked them for meeting her. Lily grumbled that they almost hadn't, and Phyllis wondered when a New Year's resolution to bury the hatchet was going to arrive. After Phyllis stepped away, Victoria informed Billy and Lily that she'd received word that Adam was attending a meeting there that day. Victoria considered it a good opportunity to kick their plan into overdrive and get some real results.

Billy balked at Victoria taking an active role in the scheme, but she complained that Adam hadn't been taking the bait. Victoria suggested that they start pushing other buttons by pinpointing Adam's vulnerabilities to get him to retaliate. Billy conceded that he usually enjoyed doing that, but he didn't intend to do it right then. Victoria planned to scold Billy for not showing up to do things with the kids, and she pushed Billy to make a comment about Adam knowing what it was like to be a bad dad. Lily protested that they hadn't even discussed the change in plans, yet suddenly Victoria thought she was in charge. "Uh, because I am," Victoria asserted.

Lily argued that the plan would go nowhere without her and Billy, and she recommended that Victoria dial back her orders. Adam entered the lobby, and Victoria prepared to put her plan into action. Traci appeared in the foyer, and Billy demanded that Victoria stop. Adam headed to the bar as Billy approached Traci, who revealed that Jack had told her what Billy was up to so she wouldn't worry. Traci swore that she wasn't keeping tabs on Billy, since she had a life and was only there to make a massage appointment.

Billy returned to the table and told Victoria that they needed to stand down because Jack had filled Traci in. Lily admitted that she'd pushed Billy to tell Jack, since it would have been cruel to let Jack think Billy's downward spiral was real. Victoria griped that it had been fine for her to think Billy was going off the rails, and Billy retorted that he'd known he couldn't trust her with his secret. Billy cautioned that Traci hated lies and deception, and she'd call him out in a heartbeat if they tried something in front of her.

Victoria prioritized her goal of getting Newman Media away from Adam, and she refused to throw in the towel because of one little hiccup. Lily groused that Victoria had only been part of the plan for two seconds, but Victoria thought they should be lucky she'd gotten involved, since they needed her to make it work. Billy urged Victoria to take a step back before Traci blew the whole thing out of the water. At the counter, Traci ordered the works at the spa and prepared to wait at the bar. Traci and Billy locked eyes.

Traci and Adam greeted one another and made small talk about their reasons for being at the hotel. She hoped he was doing well, and he replied that he was doing pretty well compared to some people. Traci noticed Adam looking over at Billy, and Adam assured her that he planned to steer clear. Traci had no illusions that the men would ever be friends, and she advised Adam to keep a safe distance. Adam admired that she saw the good in everyone, but he warned that not everyone was good. Traci pointed out that Billy had fought his way back from the same kind of darkness Adam had embraced.

Adam contended that he'd done his best to change, but she had a feeling he lived for conflict. Phyllis overheard and vehemently agreed, and Adam argued that the same thing could be said about Billy. Traci hoped both men would drop their feud. Phyllis suggested that Adam go elsewhere, since he'd been stood up, and Adam agreed to go to avoid incurring the wrath of the "Billy Abbott Fan Club." Adam added that everything that had happened with Gaines had been Billy's fault, since Billy was his own worst enemy. Adam voiced surprise that Billy's champions didn't see that Billy was in a tailspin.

Adam crossed over to greet Victoria, and he found it interesting that she was starting the new year with her ex rather than her spouse. Billy claimed that they'd been innocuously making parenting plans, but he imagined Adam would have his eyes peeled in case Billy made another misstep. Adam quipped that it was hard to miss those days, and he headed out. Billy thanked Victoria for not saying anything, but she insisted that it wasn't over.

Meanwhile, Traci conceded that Adam had been right in that Billy had brought a lot on himself. Phyllis empathized because she and Billy were alike in that way. Traci mentioned that she happened to know that Phyllis was supposed to have spent Christmas Eve with Jack but had never shown up. Traci recognized that Phyllis' history with Jack was complicated, but so was the present. Traci stressed that the one thing she knew for sure was that Phyllis and Jack were very good friends, and that would never change -- especially not because of his nosy sisters.

Victoria instructed Billy to be on the lookout for the next opportunity to advance their goal. Traci joined them, and Billy told her that Victoria was in support of his plan. Billy acknowledged that Jack wasn't thrilled, but he hoped Traci would see it was harmless. Traci bemoaned that all she saw was potential to do a bunch of damage, and she questioned why Billy was engaging with Adam when he could be enjoying his beautiful children, amazing partner, and healthy relationship with the mother of his kids. Traci pleaded with Victoria to rethink the plan for Johnny and Katie's sakes. Victoria asserted that she had complete faith in Billy, and she left to get back to the office.

Billy and Lily returned home. He agreed with Victoria's assessment that they had to force Adam into action, and he thought exposing Adam's relationship with Victor was where Adam was most vulnerable. Billy rambled about how Victor had betrayed Adam, yet Adam kept running back to his father like a scared animal. Billy noted that Lily was quiet, and she objected to how everything had changed. Lily felt that it had suddenly become Victoria's chess game, and they were her pawns. Lily refused to let Victoria use either one of them.

At Newman-Locke, Victoria was surprised when Traci showed up. Traci explained that Victoria hadn't given her a chance to articulate her position, and she refused to stand by and do nothing if Victoria was supporting Billy's dangerous plan to serve a personal agenda. Traci recalled that she and Victoria had once worked together to help Billy overcome his gambling addiction, but she sensed that Victoria was just using him. Victoria denied it and accused Traci of underestimating Billy. Victoria claimed that she and Billy were equal partners who both stood to benefit if they took Adam down. Traci warned that if Billy suffered because of anything that was about to happen, it would be on Victoria's conscience.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea spotted Sally order a double espresso. Chelsea voiced surprise that Sally was up and about that early, and she inquired whether Sally had rung in the new year with anyone special. Sally revealed that she'd been with Adam until the clock had struck midnight, and Chelsea seemed skeptical that they'd been working on New Year's Eve. Sally contended that they'd gotten caught up discussing some design ideas, so it had been completely aboveboard. Chelsea dismissively stated that Adam had made it clear that he had zero romantic interest in Sally, so Sally didn't have to explain.

Chelsea said she was happy Sally hadn't been alone on New Year's like she had been on Christmas, and she imagined that Adam had felt sorry for Sally, too. Sally recounted that she'd had vodka and caviar with no one to share it with, so Adam had agreed to join her. Chelsea proposed that they talk through the ideas Sally and Adam had discussed before vodka and caviar had been involved.

Sally pitched an idea to design a line of resort wear, but Chelsea objected because it was a hard market to break into with a shrinking demographic. Sally cited her following of big spenders after her wedding dress design, but Chelsea maintained that she wasn't feeling it. Sally proposed that they do a feature to pair makeup with different fashion looks, like how food magazines offered food-and-wine pairings. Chelsea preferred to focus on fashion before going off-brand, but Sally argued that, as the face of the brand, she knew what the site needed.

Chloe approached and seemed wary of finding the women together, and Chelsea informed her that they were having an impromptu meeting. Sally griped that Chelsea had shot down all her ideas, including the lipstick pairings Chloe had loved. Chloe recognized that Chelsea might want to tweak Sally's ideas, and she envisioned it being a win-win if they incorporated all their input. Chelsea abruptly left to pick up Connor.

Chloe demanded to know what had happened with Chelsea. Sally recounted that all she'd done had been to pitch her ideas, and all Chelsea had done had been to tell her they stunk. Sally considered it obvious that Chelsea was jealous of her, both personally and professionally. Chloe bought that there might be some professional envy involved, but she wondered why Chelsea would be jealous personally when Sally had promised that she wouldn't cross any lines with Adam. Sally swore she hadn't; however, she'd spent time with him the night before, and she'd assured Chelsea that it had been strictly about work. Chloe testily recalled that Sally had promised to stop chasing Adam and focus on work, and she suspected that Sally had been lying to her.

Sally was adamant that nothing had happened with Adam and that she'd gone to great lengths to make sure it was crystal clear that the night before hadn't been a date. Chloe shared that she'd stopped by the office to tell Adam that he was playing with fire with Sally and Chelsea. Chloe groaned that she was at her wit's end with all of them after doing everything she could to deescalate the situation, but they wouldn't listen. Chloe worried that she was going to regret trying to make things work between Sally and Chelsea.

Sally opined that the rivalry would push her and Chelsea to do even better work, but Chloe speculated that Sally had actual feelings for Adam that she couldn't let go of. Sally lectured that it wasn't high school, and she wasn't trying to steal Chelsea's boyfriend. Sally suggested that they put their personal stuff aside and focus on business, and she left to get to the office to work on the ideas Chelsea had just torpedoed.

Chelsea stopped by Adam's office on her way to pick up Connor. Adam apologized for rushing out and leaving her alone when she'd been upset the night before. Chelsea chalked it up to being overly emotional around the holidays, but she insisted that she was doing fine in the light of day. She suggested that they take Connor to lunch, and Adam welcomed the chance to spend as much time as possible with their son before the boy returned to school. Chelsea inquired whether she should be worried about Adam's work emergency.

Adam turned the topic to the possibility of Jabot becoming a sponsor for the fashion platform. Chelsea relayed that Sally had just pitched the idea of a fashion tie-in to makeup, but she preferred not to spread themselves too thin. Chelsea surmised that Sally had been confident in her proposal because Sally and Adam had already discussed it. Adam reasoned that he was looking for new revenue streams, but he deferred to Chelsea and Chloe. Chelsea snapped that she'd had enough mind games, since she knew Sally had been his work emergency the night before.

Chelsea blasted Sally for trying to act transparent when Sally had really been attempting to mark her territory. Adam defended that he didn't belong to anybody, and he and Sally had simply ended up watching an old movie after a brainstorming session. Chelsea pressed to know whether something serious was going on. Adam flatly stated that it was none of her business anymore, and it wouldn't be until it involved Connor. Chelsea was appalled that Adam was leaving the door open for it. "Are you falling for Sally Spectra?" she incredulously asked.

Adam stressed that he'd already told Chelsea he wasn't dating Sally, and the women had to figure out a way to work together. Chelsea announced that she'd decided to sell the penthouse because it was too painful to live there, and Adam reiterated that it was her decision. Chelsea started to leave, but she stopped and ranted that Sally didn't deserve him, since Sally couldn't see beyond what was in it for her. Chelsea was shocked Adam hadn't figured that out yet.

Chloe and Sally walked in, and Sally asked if Adam minded if she looked for a file she'd left behind. Chelsea pointedly told Adam that she'd see him on their lunch date with Connor, and she headed out. Sally remarked that Chelsea had been moody. Adam ordered her to cut it out.

Chloe chased after Chelsea and swore that she'd just been trying to keep the peace. Chelsea growled that Sally was the one putting on a show, but Chloe pointed out that both Chelsea and Sally had been constantly goading one another. Chelsea complained that Sally didn't realize that Chelsea was the boss, and Sally was being insubordinate because she had Adam on her side. Chelsea added that she knew how to fix it -- they'd fire Sally.

Chance and Abby refuse Devon's request

Chance and Abby refuse Devon's request

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

by Nel

At home, Chance told Abby they had to make a decision about Devon's request. Abby felt that when Devon had said to let it drop, it had meant they didn't need to make changes to the original contract, but Chance thought that Devon had only put things on pause and still wanted more time with Dominic. Chance thought that wasn't going to change. Chance and Abby agreed that they needed to be honest with Devon and let him know where they stood.

Abby told Chance that Devon was amazing with Dominic, and she couldn't imagine how Devon felt. Abby said Mariah had gone through something similar, but once she'd moved away from the situation, it had brought her peace. She felt perhaps the same would happen with Devon, and if it didn't, then, as Dominic's parents, they had to do what was best for Dominic.

Abby stated that Chance was just getting to know his son, and any disruption in that process would be detrimental because Dominic needed consistency and stability. She said Dominic needed to know that she and Chance would always be there for him. She claimed any ambiguity would be confusing, and Dominic had to know that they were his parents and that was his home. Abby and Chance agreed the original agreement wouldn't be changed, and Devon needed to know he would always be welcome to visit Dominic whenever he liked.

At the penthouse, Devon told Amanda that Abby had claimed that by asking for shared custody of Dominic, Devon was questioning their parenting skills. Amanda claimed it had been Abby's defense mechanism. Amanda said that Chance and Abby knew Devon had volunteered to be the donor to create that beautiful little boy, Devon had helped track down Mariah's kidnapper, and he'd been there when Dominic had been born. She said Devon had been a big part of Dominic's life.

Amanda told Devon that Dominic had a life because of him. Devon said he'd told Chance and Abby to take time to think about his request. He felt if he pushed, he would jeopardize his relationship with Dominic and ruin a friendship. He admitted he didn't know what to do. Amanda said that what Devon had asked was reasonable, and he shouldn't let it go. Devon regretted that he hadn't taken Amanda's advice when the original contract had been drawn up; however, at that time, he'd been certain nothing would go wrong.

Amanda told Devon that at that time, the baby had only been an idea, not a living, breathing child. He didn't want to push Abby any more after seeing how upset she'd been. Amanda noted that all Devon had wanted had been to make sure Dominic got all the love he deserved.

Abby arrived at Devon's. Devon apologized for how tense things had been the last time they'd met. It hadn't been his intention to upset her. Abby was sorry for the way she'd reacted. Abby said Devon was more than a friend. She was more than grateful for everything Devon had done for her. She knew Devon loved Dominic deeply, but she and Chance had decided not to make any changes to the visitation agreement.

Abby told Devon that Dominic had a home with his mother and father. Devon assured Abby it wasn't his intention to try to take Chance's place as Dominic's father. Abby told Devon he was always welcome in their home; however, they didn't want anything that might be confusing to Dominic, especially since Chance was trying to make up for the time he'd lost with his son. She reminded Devon that when they'd drawn up the contract, they had set boundaries, and she felt it was important to adhere to those boundaries.

Devon told Abby that when they'd started that journey, they'd had no idea what path they would end up on. Abby said she would have given anything to have Chance at home through the pregnancy, but they didn't always get what they wanted. She said she was very thankful that Devon had been there to help her when everyone had believed Chance had died. She said Dominic's dad was home after he'd been through hell, and it was important for Chance to connect and bond with his son. Abby refused to let anything disrupt that.

Abby hoped Devon understood. She said Mariah had needed space after she'd grown attached to Dominic, and she and Chance would understand if Devon needed that time, as well. Devon said he wasn't going anywhere. Abby called that good because he would be missed if he was gone. She, Chance, and Dominic wanted to make sure Devon would always have an important role in Dominic's life, and they didn't want that to change. She suggested that Devon stop by to see Dominic later; Devon declined, and Abby left.

Amanda returned, and from the look on Devon's face, she surmised that his talk with Abby hadn't gone the way he'd hoped. Devon said Abby and Chance refused to give him visitation outside their home because she didn't want to confuse Dominic. Abby wanted the three of them to focus on bonding as a family. Abby was concerned that Devon would interfere with Chance creating a connection with Dominic, and what Devon was asking was unnecessary, since he could see Dominic anytime. Amanda said Devon had every right to be angry and disappointed, but he had options, such as taking legal action.

Devon told Amanda he didn't want to take Abby and Chance to court. Amanda said that he and Abby were close friends, and Abby had not only invited Devon into Dominic's life, but she had entrusted Dominic with Devon when Abby had left the country. That had been an indication that Abby saw Devon as a de facto father. Abby hadn't had any idea when she would return. In the meantime, Devon had stood in as the father Dominic had needed. Devon had rearranged his life to be there for Dominic every minute of every day that Abby had been gone.

Amanda asked Devon to think about what she had proposed. There were factors in Devon's favor. She reminded him that she had helped put together the original agreement, and she knew what they could use to build an argument. She said Devon was the biological father, and he could petition the court for visitation, just like many grandparents had done successfully. Also, Chance hadn't been there when Devon had signed the original contract, which meant Devon's legal agreement had been solely with Abby.

Devon told Amanda he didn't know if Abby had felt threatened or if she was protecting Chance, but if he took them to court, it would affect everyone, including Dominic. Amanda said it was his decision to make, and she didn't want to influence him. Devon said he had wanted Amanda's perspective. Amanda told Devon that Chance and Abby had drawn a line in the sand. She wondered what their next move would be. Devon said that at the end of the day, he'd agreed to father a child without any written stipulation for visitation. Back then, he'd only wanted to help them start a family. With a real baby and not just an idea, he needed to be there for Dominic however he could.

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights with gifts for Sharon and Rey. Nick said his trip had been amazing, and it had been the best present he'd given himself. He said the change of scenery had allowed him to figure out some things. Summer and Kyle had built a great life in Milan, Marchetti loved Summer, and Harrison was speaking Italian like a native. Rey saw Chance on the patio and left to speak with him.

Sharon commented that Nick looked very relaxed. Nick claimed he'd taken a look at Summer's life and how the distance from her family had allowed her to grow and challenge herself. It had made him realize that being a Newman shouldn't define any part of who he was. Nick admitted he'd had that awakening previously about his family, but every time he'd thought he'd been out, he'd been pulled back in. He no longer felt that way because he'd made a career change, and he'd kept his family out of his personal life. "This time," it felt complete and profound.

Nick told Sharon he hadn't been completely honest with her about the dream he'd had on Christmas Eve. He admitted Cassie had been in it, looking beautiful, radiant, and content. Cassie had told him she would always be in his heart. She'd said that life was about change, and an unexamined life wasn't worth living. Sharon maintained that Cassie had been an old soul. Nick said that Noah and Faith had been in his dream, as well. They had told him to look inward and to follow his heart. His heart was where his roots were, and he needed to allow himself to return there.

Nick told Sharon he believed that Noah and Faith had meant that the roots were his family, which included Sharon, and they would keep him grounded. He admitted he'd been emotionally drifting for a long time and constantly searching. He felt he'd finally found what he'd been looking for. Sharon asked how she fit into his life. Nick claimed she would always be a big part of his life. He wanted to move forward, and he needed to recommit to his family by putting his children first. Nick also had an idea that would give Noah some stability.

On the patio, Chance told Rey he was ready to return to work. Rey reminded Chance that the chief felt Chance needed more time. Chance claimed that was where Rey could help. Rey laughed, and said Chance wanted him to convince the chief that Chance was ready to return to work. Rey asked about Abby and the baby. He knew how important it was for Chance to connect with them. Chance assured him Abby was more than supportive.

Chance asked Rey to fill him in on the case he'd been working on. Rey complied and gave Chance all the details while Chance recorded the information. Once that was done, Rey and Chance joined Nick and Sharon. Chance thanked Rey, and he left. Nick said he wanted to talk to Noah, and he left.

Chelsea was visibly stressed when she arrived at Society. When she saw Noah, she told him it had been quite the day. She wanted Adam to turn one of the offices into a peaceful space, and she intended to spend a lot of time there unless some things at work changed. Noah named it the breathing room. Noah said that before he got in too deep, he was asking her if there was anything he needed to know before joining Newman Media. Chelsea assured him it was only office politics. Chelsea explained that she was working for her ex, and Sally Spectra had been thrown into that mix.

Chelsea asked if Noah knew Sally. Noah said he didn't, but Sally and Adam had seemed very close at Victoria's wedding in Tuscany. Noah explained that the only reason he was working with Adam was because he felt Adam deserved a second chance after what he'd done for Faith. He asked how bad things were at Newman Media. Chelsea said she would save him a cushion in the breathing room.

Noah told Chelsea he wondered if he'd done the right thing by joining Adam, because he was, once again, part of the family business, which he'd wanted to escape. Chelsea asked why Noah had left London when he'd had a successful career there. Noah felt he might have left Genoa City for all the wrong reasons, and things in London hadn't turned out the way he'd thought they would.

Nick arrived and said that Chelsea looked fantastic. He asked how things were working out for her at Newman Media. Chelsea said that she and Adam were figuring things out day by day. Chelsea said she had to get back to work, and she left.

Nick asked Noah if it was too late to talk Noah out of working for Victor and Adam, because he wanted Noah to work for him.

Abby and Dominic arrived at home, and she wondered where Chance was. Abby told Dominic she didn't think Devon would be visiting anytime soon after her conversation with him, but it had been the right thing to do. Chance arrived. He told Abby he'd been with Rey, and Rey had told him about the case he was working on. Abby asked if Chance had joined the force without telling her. Chance said he would never return to work without talking to her.

Chance told Abby that Rey was working on a case that was right in his wheelhouse, and it got his detective juices flowing. Abby claimed she hadn't seen Chance that excited in a long time. Abby didn't look happy that Chance was talking about returning to the force.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Chelsea was about to do some work when Rey joined her. He commented that Chelsea probably needed a change of scenery from the office. He asked about her job. Chelsea admitted it wasn't going the way she'd imagined. Working with Adam presented a fair share of challenges, but there was another surprising downside. Chelsea couldn't believe that Rey was asking about her job and reaching out to her, since no one had a better reason to hate her than Rey. She claimed he was a really good guy.

Rey claimed Chelsea was being evasive, and he asked again about the downside at work. Chelsea said what was bothering her didn't matter because she couldn't change it, but she appreciated him asking her about it. She said she wasn't going to bore him with her issues. Rey wished Chelsea well, and he joined Sharon, who said Chelsea was right -- Rey was a good guy.

Devon decides to take legal action to be with his son

Devon decides to take legal action to be with his son

Thursday, January 6, 2022

by Nel

At Newman, Ashland told Victoria there were more powerful ways to undermine Adam than to force Newman Media to sell. Victoria said that working with Billy would be a small price to pay for a big payoff. Ashland questioned whether Victoria's motivation was Adam. Victoria claimed it was business, not sibling rivalry.

Ashland felt that Victoria was trying to protect Billy. Victoria claimed she had no desire to control Billy. It had been Billy's demand to run Newman Media once they acquired it. However, she had no intention of putting Billy in charge. Billy was a useful tool with a plan already in motion. Ashland felt it was a risky plan, and it favored failure. Victoria asked him to trust her, but Ashland felt she was making a foolish move.

At home, Billy asked Lily not to pull out of their plan. Lily said she'd been on board when it had been their plan; however, it had become Victoria's plan, and Lily wanted no part in it. Billy claimed he was still in control because Victoria couldn't pull anything off without him. Billy wanted to work with Lily because that was where they were the strongest. Lily agreed, but not with Victoria in the mix. Lily claimed the stakes had changed, but Billy disagreed.

Billy told Lily it was still about getting back at Victor and Adam for what they'd done to him and Lily. Lily claimed the original goal had been for Billy to repair his reputation, not adding to Victoria's empire. Billy said if he could get his hands on Adam's company, he could prove he was capable of running a business. Lily claimed that if the plan succeeded, Billy would be working for Victoria. Lily stated that Billy and Victoria were falling into an old pattern, and she wanted no part in it. Lily left.

At Crimson Lights, Moses and Faith were discussing Christmas gifts when Adam greeted them. Moses said every time he saw Adam, he was reminded that Adam had saved Faith's life. When they were alone, Moses claimed his comment to Adam had been lame and narcissistic. Faith assured him it had been sweet, but the encounter had been weird. Faith admitted she hated Adam a lot.

Elena arrived as Moses was about to leave. He asked Elena for a favor. He then told Faith he had an errand to run, and he left with Elena.

Noah arrived. Faith said she was waiting for Moses, who had gone somewhere with Elena after he'd claimed Elena wasn't involved. Faith wondered why Moses had lied to her. Faith claimed she and Moses were solid and that he made her happy, but things often went wrong when people held back the truth. Noah said she wasn't wrong, but she needed to be strong enough to roll with the punches, even if things didn't go her way.

Sometime later, Moses returned, and he told Faith he'd felt bad that he'd only given her a book for Christmas. He gave Faith with a gift-wrapped box. Faith opened the box and pulled out a charm bracelet. Moses explained that he'd needed Elena's help finding it in town, and he'd lied about going with her because he hadn't wanted to ruin the surprise for Faith.

At home, Amanda noted that Devon hadn't slept, and he hadn't eaten because of Dominic. Amanda offered to stay home with him. Devon refused, and Amanda left.

Lily arrived as Amanda was leaving. Lily asked Devon where he stood with Dominic. She'd been worried about Devon's attachment to Dominic. Lily knew that Devon wanted to revisit his contract. Devon claimed he'd shut it down. Chance and Abby were against the idea. He would be able to see Dominic whenever he wanted to, but on Chance and Abby's terms.

Lily asked Devon what more he wanted, since he already had free access to Dominic. Devon claimed that after Dominic had stayed with him, he wanted more than occasional visits with him and was worried about Dominic's well-being. Devon claimed that Chance was still recovering from losing his whole team in that explosion. He said Chance needed time to heal, and it was taking away Chance's ability to be a father because he was still struggling.

Devon told Lily he needed to protect Dominic from the emotional turmoil in that house. It had been the same thing Abby had been worried about when she'd left Dominic with him. Lily claimed Abby would understand. Devon said he couldn't make Abby understand that he was trying to do what was best for Dominic and what was fair to him. Lily agreed with him and said Devon had the right to be a protective presence in Dominic's life.

At the Chancellor home, Chance told Abby he'd made a decision about returning to work at the police force. Abby wasn't happy. Chance told Abby he'd been fixated on work and becoming a detective again, and he'd become excited about it. He admitted he'd noticed that Abby had been annoyed by his suggestion. Abby stated she'd been disheartened. He apologized. He said there had been a rush of adrenaline talking about those cases. However, after the adrenaline rush, he'd thought about how he'd reacted about going back to the force. Chance said he was going to talk to the chief about indefinitely extending his time off.

Abby asked if Chance was certain he wanted to take an indefinite leave. She didn't want him to feel she was dictating his career moves. Chance said he'd made the decision on his own because he wanted to focus on Abby and Dominic. He felt that returning to the force would pull him away from them emotionally, and he didn't want that.

At the Empty Glass, Billy recalled an earlier conversation with Lily. Lily said that she and Billy were pawns in Victoria's chess game, and Lily refused to let either of them be used by Victoria. Lily claimed Billy was at Victoria's mercy, and she asked if he really believed Victoria would give him control of the media company after he'd tried to stop her wedding and after what he'd tried to do to Ashland. She asked if Billy could trust Victoria with anything. Lily said they were stronger together but not with Victoria in the mix.

Billy then recalled Jack asking if Billy was going to fall apart just to mess with the Newmans. Jack had asked why Billy had an obsessive need to hurt Victor and Adam when he had other options.

Sally arrived at the bar, wearing her disguise, and she sat down at a table. Billy spotted her, pushed his drink away, and under his breath said, "That's it. This is done." Billy approached Sally and said, "This is over. The jig is up." Billy pulled off her hat and told her to get up because they were going to see Adam.

At Newman Media, Adam told Billy to leave because he didn't have the time for Billy, but Billy stated that Adam needed to hear what he had to say, especially since Adam had Sally spying on him. He said Sally should stick to designing wedding dresses. Billy said it had all started when Sally had seen Billy having a drink at Society in the middle of the day. Sally claimed she'd been concerned about him.

Billy asked if it had been out of concern that Sally had videotaped him at the coffeehouse, having a conversation with Victoria about his kids going to boarding school, or about the argument he'd had with Lily at Society, which Adam had witnessed. He said he and Lily had had a fight at the restaurant, and he'd been so upset that he'd tripped and fallen. He asked about the time Sally had seen him gambling at the Empty Glass.

Smugly, Adam said he was surprised Billy could recall those incidents, considering Billy had been in a drunken stupor. Billy said he remembered everything with clarity because he hadn't had so much as a sip of alcohol. Adam laughed. Billy pulled out all his receipts from the various bars he'd been at to prove that he'd been drinking apple juice. As far as gambling at the Empty Glass, Billy had a recording of him telling the guys that he wasn't going to make any bets, but he would buy them a drink for their time. What Sally had seen had been him putting money on the table for the drinks.

Billy told Adam there hadn't been any wagers, benders, or falling off the wagon. Adam had witnessed exactly what he'd wanted to see. Adam asked Sally to leave.

Adam asked Billy what the point had been to that grand charade. Adam didn't know why Billy was gloating, since he'd publicly humiliated himself. Billy said Adam had been played. Adam had been so desperate and stupid that he'd taken the bait. Billy claimed he'd fed Adam exactly what he'd been hungry for. Billy said he'd played the part of Billy Abbott's downward spiral.

Billy told Adam that it would have been only a matter of time before Newman Media published an article splashing that headline everywhere, which was when he had intended to turn the tables on Adam. He had planned to sue the pants off Adam and the company for defamation and leave Adam with nothing.

Billy told Adam he'd planned to offer Adam mercy as soon as Adam admitted what he, Victor, and Ashland had done to him and ChancComm; however, he'd changed his mind because he wasn't going down that path anymore. Adam claimed Billy had quit before he'd accomplished anything. Billy said he'd finally realized that Adam wasn't worth it, and Adam wasn't worth anything to anyone. He would always be the Newman runner-up and the epic failure.

Billy told Adam that he couldn't bring Adam down any further than Adam had already done to himself over the years. Billy claimed he had a life to live, but Adam claimed it wasn't much of a life. Billy stated he would get over what Adam had done to him, and he would redeem himself on his own, while Adam would wallow in the truth of who he really was, knowing he could have been taken down. Billy left.

Sally entered Adam's office and said she'd had no idea that Billy had been onto her or that everything he'd done had been a performance. Adam admitted Billy's act had been convincing.

Sally said that since Adam didn't have any dirt on Billy to incite a war, there was nothing that could come back to bite their company in the butt. Adam said that Sally had claimed she'd been done spying on Billy. Sally claimed that during their last conversation, she'd thought Adam had been going after plausible deniability. Adam emphatically stated the spying was done. He told Sally to focus on the job she was paid to do. Sally left.

Billy entered Victoria's office and told Victoria he'd made his move, but it wasn't what she had been expecting. Billy said he'd gone to the Empty Glass, and while he'd been waiting for his audience to arrive, many thoughts had plagued him. He said those thoughts had prompted him to go and see Adam, and he'd told Adam everything. Billy said he was walking away. He was done.

Billy told Victoria that he'd laid out the whole plan to Adam, except for Victoria's involvement or her desire to take over Newman Media. He'd told Adam about his boozeless drinks and that there hadn't been a wager at any point. It had been a carefully orchestrated scheme to force Adam's hand. It had felt good walking away because Adam wasn't worth it, and taking the high road hadn't been an easy step for him.

Victoria claimed the reason Billy had dropped the plan had been because Billy couldn't stand that she'd commandeered his idea and started calling the shots. Billy stated that she'd given herself too much credit. Victoria claimed it had been one of Billy's knee-jerk reactions. She claimed it was symptomatic of a long history of inconsistencies, and it was the reason Billy would never play in the big leagues.

Billy told Victoria that the people who were closest to him and who actually cared about him had been worried about his plan, given his history. They all had Billy's best interest at heart, not their businesses. He claimed Victoria had her selfish priorities firmly in place, and Victor would be extremely proud of her. Billy left.

When Ashland arrived, Victoria said Ashland had been right; she'd been foolish to count on Billy because he'd bailed on their plan. Victoria claimed that once she'd taken over Newman Media, it would have been a huge mistake to put someone as unreliable as Billy in charge.

Ashland hoped Victoria hadn't allowed Billy's words to get to her. He said Billy didn't have a clue what it took to get ahead in the world. Victoria refused to waste any more time thinking about Billy. She still wanted to acquire Newman Media. Ashland reminded her they still had to contend with Victor and Adam. Victoria felt she might have a way to get Victor on their side.

Chance, Abby, and Dominic arrived at Society. Abby left to check in with the chef. Devon arrived and saw Chance with Dominic. Devon walked out after he'd witnessed how well Chance was interacting with Dominic.

Billy returned home and told Lily he'd gone to see Adam, and he'd told Adam his whole plan. It had felt amazing, and a massive weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He said he'd also told Victoria that she would have to go after Newman Media without him. Billy claimed the lion's share of credit went to Lily. He was grateful that Lily always had the courage to tell him the truth, even when he didn't want to hear it.

Billy told Lily he loved her, and he was very happy she was in his life. Lily knew it was a huge step for Billy. She was confident Billy would find another career path. Billy said he wanted to work with the smartest CEO he knew. It was Lily's time, and he wanted to be part of it. They kissed.

Devon returned home and told Amanda he'd gone to Society. Chance and Dominic had been there. He wanted to pursue legal rights to be with his son.

Billy makes amends and accepts the COO position

Billy makes amends and accepts the COO position

Friday, January 7, 2022

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was served with documents for a civil lawsuit for fraud, false advertising, mental distress, and pain and suffering. When Phyllis saw the complainant's name, she told Amanda that Becky had been a freak. Becky had wanted them to create an event about getting dumped. Phyllis said Becky had wanted to be the one doing the dumping. She'd written a crazy script that she'd wanted the staff to act out, which included a bus running over the boyfriend. Phyllis sent a copy of the script to Amanda.

Phyllis and Amanda laughed as they read through the script. Phyllis realized the lawsuit was about Becky's closure. Phyllis claimed breakups were always bad. She said she'd been there. She'd been filled with so much rage and jealousy that she had hit someone with her car.

Phyllis told Amanda she'd made a lot of mistakes when it came to men, and she was still doing it. She'd stood Jack up on Christmas Eve. She admitted she was selfish and that she relied on Jack too much. Amanda said it was okay to rely on a friend, especially when they relied on Phyllis. Phyllis claimed she'd taken more from Jack than she'd given him. Amanda claimed Phyllis being a good friend was good -- as long as she didn't leave Jack in the lurch.

When Phyllis told Amanda she wanted to talk about the lawsuit, Amanda said she would handle it, but Phyllis wanted to handle it outside the legal system. Amanda strongly advised against it. Phyllis said she was going to offer Becky a VIP membership for the Escape Club. Phyllis left to call Becky, and when she returned a short time later, she told Amanda that Becky had accepted a one-year free VIP membership for the Escape Club. Amanda approved.

At Society, Elena and Nate were debating about a rug when Imani arrived and gushed about the color of Nate's shirt. She claimed the color made him even more handsome. Elena asked Imani which rug she liked. Imani asked where it was going to go. Elena said their bathroom and added that she'd moved in with Nate. Shocked, Imani said she hadn't realized that Elena and Nate had been that serious. She congratulated them, picked up her order, and left. When Nate commented that Elena had bared her claws, Elena stated that she wanted Imani to stop flirting with him.

Nate received a call from Roland at the hospital and relayed the conversation to Elena. Stunned, Elena couldn't believe that the hospital board was upset because Nate had brought her, as his date, to a fund-raising banquet. Nate felt that only Roland had had an issue. Roland claimed it hadn't been appropriate for a department head to date a first year attending physician. Nate couldn't believe Roland had criticize him about his personal life. Nate wondered if being chief of surgery was worth the hassle. Elena asked if Nate was thinking about quitting his position as chief of surgery.

Nate told Elena he'd known that taking an administrative role would involve an adjustment. He hadn't realized how much of the job was about office politics and bureaucracy, but he was determined to make it work, and he liked working with Elena.

When Imani arrived at the hotel, she asked why Amanda hadn't told her that Elena had moved in with Nate. Amanda claimed it wasn't something Imani needed to know. Imani said it would have spared her from an awkward and disappointing conversation. Amanda introduced Imani to Phyllis and said that Imani had been thirsting for Nate Hastings for quite a while.

Later, when Phyllis was alone, she called Jack and left him a voicemail stating she was checking in and just wanted to say, "Hi."

At Newman Media, Sally was pacing outside Adam's office when Chelsea arrived and tried to enter Adam's office, Sally barred Chelsea's way and said Adam was dealing with something. Chelsea ignored Sally and walked into Adam's office. Chelsea noted his mood and asked what had happened.

Adam told Chelsea that Billy had been to see him. Billy had shot off his mouth like he'd won the lottery. He said everyone knew that Billy was a complete failure, and he would always be one. Chelsea asked why Adam couldn't let it go. She asked if the battle between him and Billy would ever end. Adam stated there was no battle anymore because, in his warped way, Billy had called a truce. Billy had concocted some retaliation scheme that had fallen apart, and he'd decided to tell Adam about it. It was another one of Billy's failures. Chelsea told Adam to forget it. Adam was running Newman Media, and he was at the top of his game.

Chelsea told Adam that Connor was upset about her selling the penthouse. She said he'd been okay with the idea at first, but when they'd begun to pack everything, it had become real for him, and he'd wound up in tears. She wanted Adam's help to make things okay for Connor. Adam said he would do whatever he could.

At the ranch, Chelsea and Adam told Connor they wanted to talk about moving out of the penthouse. Adam said change could be scary, and Connor had been through many changes; however, a lot of them had turned out awesome. Connor said he didn't want things to change anymore. He wanted it to stay Mom's house because he liked it there. Adam reminded Connor that he'd wanted to move because of all the unpleasant memories. Connor claimed they had new memories. He liked that the three of them had been together and happy at Christmas.

Chelsea told Connor they could be happy anywhere. Connor suggested they all move to the ranch. It was big enough for all of them. Adam said Connor was smart enough to know that Chelsea couldn't move to the ranch. Connor claimed he wanted to be a family again. Adam assured Connor that Adam and Chelsea would always love him. Connor claimed they should try living together again.

Adam told Connor that he and Chelsea were good friends; however, they had agreed not to live together. Connor claimed no one had asked him what he wanted. He said Adam and Chelsea had been apart previously, but they had reunited. He shared his upset that they hadn't even tried since Chelsea's return. Adam said sometimes things happened that they didn't like, but they had to accept them. Adam said a lot had changed since he'd promised to try to work things out with Chelsea. Angry, Connor shouted that he didn't want things to change anymore. He wanted them to be a family.

Chelsea told Connor they didn't have to live under the same roof to be a family. Connor stated that he wanted them to spend time together. Chelsea promised that she and Adam would be at every game and performance at his school. They would spend a lot of time together, but she really needed to find a new place to live and could use Connor's help. Connor agreed to help.

Sally met with Chloe at Society. Chloe said they needed to re-evaluate what was going on between Sally and Chelsea at work. Sally claimed Chelsea was the problem because she was threatened personally and professionally by her. If anyone was going anywhere, it should be Chelsea. Chloe said Sally's negative attitude was having an impact on the fashion platform Chloe had created, and it was messing with her dreams for it.

Chloe stated that Sally worked for her. She asked if Sally understood that. Sally asked "since when" hanging out with someone meant the end of the world. Chloe said only when that someone was Adam. Sally claimed it hadn't been a big deal. Chloe stated it affected the way they did their jobs, and it made it an enormous deal. Sally claimed she hadn't forced Adam to hang out with her. Sally claimed it was about Chelsea and how she couldn't move on, even though Adam had no interest in rekindling their past. Sally said that was why Chelsea felt threatened and the reason she was angry.

Chloe told Sally that Chelsea was her best friend, a spectacular designer, and Sally's boss. Running Chelsea down was dumb, and Sally had put Chloe into a really difficult position. Chloe said Chelsea and Sally were both incredibly talented, intelligent, and ambitious women who had a lot to offer. They all wanted the platform to succeed, and Chloe wanted them to work as a team; however, that wouldn't be possible if Sally maintained her current trajectory. Chloe told Sally to fix it. When Sally tried to argue, Chloe interrupted and said it hadn't been a suggestion. Chloe left.

Adam and Chelsea returned to Newman Media just as Sally walked out of her office. Sally wanted Adam to look over a budget she'd been working on. Adam said it wasn't a good time. After Adam went into his office, Chelsea told Sally that Adam's priority would always be family.

Sally told Chelsea she wanted to apologize for any misunderstandings. She hoped she hadn't given Chelsea the impression that she was after Adam. She respected him as her boss and was grateful for his professional support, but that was it. All she wanted was to work with Chelsea. Chelsea corrected her and said, "Work for me." Chelsea said they needed to work together to make the fashion platform an unqualified success.

Alone in his office, Adam recalled Billy saying that Adam wasn't worth Billy's time or the space in his head and that Adam really wasn't worth anything to anyone. Billy had said Adam would always be the Newman runner-up, the epic failure, and always two steps behind. Adam pulled out his phone and sent a text message.

At home, Lily told Billy she was very happy that he'd dumped his plan to take down Newman Media. Lily asked if Billy was certain he wanted to work with her at Chancellor Industries. Billy claimed she was about to take on the world, and he wanted to be the man to help her do it.

Lily asked if Billy was happy even though things hadn't turned out the way he'd planned. Billy claimed the whole plan had been about vindication. He'd wanted Adam to admit he'd set Billy up to get his hands on ChancComm. When Victoria had discovered that his plan had been a ruse, his focus had turned to Newman Media, and that had been a bad idea. He thanked Lily for helping him see that. Billy claimed it had felt good telling Adam he wasn't worth the trouble. Lily said she couldn't be prouder or more in love with Billy than she was at that moment.

Billy told Lily he needed to repair the bridge he'd burned with Jill, and he needed to go to Chicago to tell Jill in person that he was sorry for what had happened at ChancComm and that he was completely devoted to Lily and Chancellor Industries. Lily offered to go with him, but Billy said he had to do it alone. He said there was someone else he needed to apologize to, since he'd given up his plan to eviscerate Adam.

A short time later, Traci arrived. Billy informed Traci that he'd abandoned his plans for Adam. Traci asked if pretending he was drinking and gambling had stopped. Billy stated it was finished. Billy said it had been all about him rebuilding his reputation, but it had taken him to a dark place. He was grateful that Traci and Lily had shown him the light. It had taken him awhile to get over his anger and find clarity. He apologized to Traci for putting her in a position of having to lie for him.

Traci told Billy she was relieved and that Jack would be, as well. Billy told Traci he'd admitted to Adam that he'd been conning him but that he was done. He said Adam wasn't worth it. Traci admitted that she'd gone to see Victoria and shared how she'd felt. Billy asked why Traci had felt the need to interfere. He asked if Traci thought he couldn't handle things on his own. He said he wished Traci would stop treating him like a wayward child.

Traci said she knew Billy was an adult, and that was the reason she held him accountable for his actions. Billy asked Traci how many times Victor had screwed Jack over, and how many times Jack had had to stand up for himself. Billy asked if she'd gone to Victor and asked him to back down. Traci said she hadn't; however, she'd always called Jack out on his behavior. Traci was angry that Billy had brought that up as his excuse for what he'd done.

Lily told Billy that Traci cared about him. She said it was better for someone to care too much than too little and that Billy was in a great place emotionally. Billy apologized. Traci asked about Billy's plans for the future. Billy said he was going to work for Lily at Chancellor Industries as her COO. Traci was delighted and very proud of him. Billy told Traci he loved her, and he left to pack.

Alone with Lily, Traci asked if Billy was as good as he claimed. Lily assured her that Billy was fine and that he'd turned a corner earlier. Billy had been doing great until Victor and Adam had cut Billy off at the knees. Lily understood Billy's outrageous plan. She'd supported Billy because she loved him, and he had needed someone to believe in him. She said once Victoria had inserted herself into Billy's plan, everything had gone awry; however, Billy hadn't turned to his self-destructive ways.

Lily knew Traci hadn't trusted Billy in the past. Traci claimed she'd trusted Billy, but it had always taken Billy a long time to work things out. Traci was grateful Lily was in Billy's life, to protect him in a way he didn't resent. Traci smiled and told Lily, "You know, I look at you and sometimes I think about what Colleen might be like at your age, with all of this life experience behind you and all of these adventures left ahead." Lily bowed her head and smiled. She told Traci that she, too, had been thinking about Colleen.

After Traci left, Billy told Lily that when he returned from Chicago, he was prepared to do whatever Lily asked of him at Chancellor Industries. Lily told Billy that while he was gone, she would draft up an agenda and then a press release announcing Billy as her COO. Lily said Jill had known what Billy had been up against. Jill would forgive a few harsh words. Billy kissed Lily, told her he loved her, and left.

Moments later, Lily received a text message from Adam: "Best of luck at Chancellor."

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