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Chance eventually convinced Abby that sharing custody with Devon would be the best thing for Dominic. Victor confided in Michael about his distrust of Ashland. Victoria and Ashland plotted to take over Newman Media. Mariah accepted Tessa's marriage proposal.
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Chance convinced Abby that sharing custody with Devon was the best thing for Dominic, and Mariah accepted Tessa's marriage proposal
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Adam questions Victoria's next moves

Adam questions Victoria's next moves

Monday, January 17, 2022

Adam was alone in his office, about to pour himself a drink, when he recalled a previous conversation with his father. Victor had said, "Now, you agree that we have a lot of plans for our company, right? You also agree that we accomplished what we set out to with Billy Boy, namely bringing him to his knees." Adam had replied that he was ready to wash his hands of Billy and focus on the job and all the responsibilities his dad had given him. Adam seemed troubled when he remembered his father's response to his statement about tackling responsibilities. Victor had said, "Talking about that, son, I am going to take a more active role around here." Adam skipped the drink, immediately grabbed his jacket, and left his office.

Adam entered Crimson Lights and immediately spotted Ashland and Victoria enjoying coffee. Adam approached them and congratulated them for having acquired ChancComm after Jill had accepted their offer. Victoria's reply hinted at another deal in play. Adam asked, "What else do you have in the works?" Adam said he'd heard that Victoria had taken credit for having put a stop to Billy's pitiful plot to trick Newman Media into libeling him. Victoria agreed that she'd convinced Billy to back down, adding that even a child could have caught on to his game. Adam recalled having told Victoria he hadn't detected anything newsworthy in Billy's downward spiral.

Adam asked Victoria why she hadn't warned him and their dad about Billy's ploy, as they were all part of Team Newman. Victoria slyly replied, "What other team is there?" Adam suggested there might be two opposing teams, Newman Media and Newman Locke. Victoria noted that Newman Locke was an international powerhouse, while Newman Media was a fledgling start-up, once a tiny part of Locke Communications Group that Ashland had sold. Adam recalled that he and Victor had won out over Victoria and Billy in a bidding competition to acquire the company. Adam told Victoria he thought she had a plan of her own involving Newman Media. Victoria replied that if she did, she'd discuss it first with their father. Adam said he guessed Victoria did have a plan and intended to turn their father against him as her first order of attack.

Adam continued his barrage and asked Ashland if he'd been advising Victoria. Ashland vaguely responded and said only that he'd found Victoria's business dealings to be nothing short of brilliant; therefore, she didn't need her husband to call the shots. Adam informed Victoria that her plan to turn their dad against him had backfired because he and Victor had deepened their bond. Adam, goading Victoria, asked rhetorically if she could handle a little competition. Adam reminded Ashland that he, along with Victor, had saved Ashland's reputation by sidelining Gaines. Ashland claimed he could have handled the situation by himself. Victoria asked Adam why he didn't trust her, and she warned him that their father might not always have his back. Before Adam abruptly left, he replied, "Well, don't you get too confident that I'll always have yours or Ashland's."

Ashland later asked Victoria what Adam had meant by his parting warning. Victoria said Adam was trying to knock them off their guard. Ashland, noting that Victor could be ruthless, expressed concern that perhaps Adam knew something about Victor's agenda that they didn't. Victoria didn't share Ashland's concerns and reminded him how far her father had gone to protect him. Victoria said her father admired her business instincts, though she'd been disappointed because he wouldn't sell her Newman Media, likely expecting her to fight for it, instead.

Victoria told Ashland she didn't believe Adam's claim about forging a stronger bond with Victor, especially after she'd planted a seed of doubt about Adam's competence and his ability to run a company. Ashland told Victoria he was even more certain that together, they would accomplish everything they'd set their minds to do as a formidable team. Victoria replied, "Agreed. So, then we keep applying the pressure."

Lily returned from a run and was surprised to find that Billy had returned from Chicago early. Lily was eager to hear how Billy's visit with Jill had gone and if he'd decided to become COO of Chancellor. Billy wasn't ready to talk business, instead opting to reconnect by making love to Lily on the sofa. Afterward, Lily told Billy she hadn't realized how tense she'd been, trying to prepare for her big day. Billy responded to Lily's barrage of questions and said he'd had a productive conversation with his mother.

Billy seemed proud to share that Jill was excited about Lily assuming the role of CEO of Chancellor Industries. Lily asked Billy how Jill had responded to his apology. Billy explained that in addition to his apology, he'd admitted to Jill how he'd plotted to get back at Victor and Adam and that Lily had convinced him to abandon the scheme. Lily was overjoyed to learn that Jill and Billy had made amends and that Billy had accepted the COO position. Lily was ready to celebrate, though Billy remained hung up on the past.

Billy asked Lily if anything had happened between Victoria, Victor, and Adam. Lily showed Billy the text message Adam had sent. Lily said Adam had wished her the best of luck with Chancellor. Lily said she'd gone straight to Adam's office to confront him because she hadn't believed for a second that his message had been sincere. Lily reported that whatever Billy had said to Adam had cut him to the bone.

Billy was glad to know he could still wound Adam, even if metaphorically. Billy warned that even wounded animals could retaliate. Lily said she'd informed both Adam and Ashland that Billy would support her as COO of Chancellor. Billy perused the prepared press release announcing his new role and seemed flattered that Lily had never given up hope. With glasses of Champagne, Billy toasted Lily's phenomenal success. Lily added, "With you by my side."

Michael met with Victor at the ranch to inquire about the job offer Victor had extended after Michael had announced his plans to retire as the D.A. Over drinks, Victor explained that he had plans in the works involving Newman Locke, Newman Media, and ChancComm, most notably shifts in power and control. Victor heaped praise on Victoria for having done a wonderful job merging Newman Enterprises with Ashland Locke's company. Victor credited Adam for having done a great job transitioning Cyaxares into Newman Media and adding the fashion platform, though he expressed concern about Adam's immaturity.

Victor told Michael he'd informed Adam that his father would be taking a more active role in the running of the Newman companies. Michael said he could imagine how Adam had felt about it. Victor explained that he was considering solidifying the various factions associated with the Newman name. Michael said he'd prefer not to get caught up in a Newman war. Victor insisted his goal was to protect his legacy, so he needed Michael to help him navigate the legal difficulties.

Victor told Michael that the one wild card in his maneuvers was Ashland Locke because he couldn't be trusted. Michael said he felt like Victor was withholding information because it had seemed as if he admired his new son-in-law, having welcomed him with open arms. Victor explained that he'd ensured Victoria's wedding had gone forward because she loved Ashland, and he loved her. Victor admitted he'd since learned additional unsavory revelations about Ashland. Michael agreed when Victor recalled that he'd also had a checkered past, somewhat comparing himself to Ashland.

Victor admitted that it didn't sit well with him that the company he'd built as a legacy for his family had come to be known as Newman Locke. Victor told Michael he'd never trusted an outsider to run his "damn company." Michael asked Victor if he thought Ashland might try to pull something. Victor recalled that Ashland had sold his company while standing at death's door and would regret that decision should he miraculously recover. Michael replied that Victor's next moves were akin to an extremely challenging game of chess.

Victor assured Michael he'd remove all obstacles and not expect Michael to always be available should he accept the offer to fight alongside Victor. Victor admitted that things were about to become very interesting. Michael laughed as the men clinked their drink glasses together. Victor said, "To your health, old boy."

After Devon, accompanied by Amanda, informed Abby and Chance that he intended to petition the court for joint custody of Dominic, Abby cried, "I thought you were my friend, and now you're taking us to court to spend more time with our son? After everything we've been though, how could you do something so hurtful?" Devon insisted he wasn't trying to hurt anyone, explaining that after all they'd been through, including Chance's struggles, he felt he needed to seek joint custody. Chance told Devon there was no reason to take matters to the extreme.

Devon explained that he didn't know what else to do after Abby had declined his request for arranged visits. Abby asked to speak to Devon alone, but Chance and Amanda both agreed it would be best for them to stay. Abby, noting that Amanda was Devon's attorney, suggested she should summon Christine, though she preferred to speak to her friend alone. Amanda and Chance ultimately agreed to step out. As Chance and Amanda were leaving, Chance asked to meet privately with Amanda.

After Chance and Amanda left, Abby asked Devon what had changed his mind after he'd admitted that pursuing shared custody was a bad idea. Devon said he'd been reluctant to pressure Abby, though he'd never changed his mind about wanting to spend more time with Dominic. Abby became defensive and asked Devon if he was questioning her parenting or her sudden trip to Spain. Devon attempted to calm Abby and insisted his actions weren't in response to her trip, though he acknowledged he'd become bonded to Dominic while she'd been away.

Devon explained to Abby that he desired to have a bigger role in Dominic's life, admitting, too, that he'd grown concerned about Chance. Abby, expressing frustration, reminded Devon that he'd been her best friend and had agreed to be "the donor." Devon said his aim was to support Dominic in every way. Abby cried that Devon was blaming her by claiming that she'd pushed him into changing the agreement, even after she'd chosen him to be the baby's godfather. Devon admitted he'd become increasingly concerned about Chance's psychological state and how it might affect Dominic. Abby cried that she'd been fighting hard for her family and felt appalled to know that Devon thought Chance might be incapable of caring for their son. Devon replied that Chance had admitted he was struggling with being home and the pressure of being a parent.

Devon told Abby his intentions were to become a supportive father figure to Dominic while allowing time for Chance to get his mind right. Abby cried that she couldn't process Devon's intentions to step in as Dominic's father. Devon recalled Abby having chosen him to care for Dominic during her absence and asked what had changed. Abby accused Devon of tearing at the very foundation of Dominic's family, a move she cried would further complicate Chance's recovery. Devon calmly explained that it wasn't Dominic's job to heal Chance. Devon said he'd hoped to finalize an agreeable arrangement without involving the court, though he doubted it would be possible.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Chance told Amanda he understood Devon's side of the situation more than Abby did and knew how much Devon loved Dominic. Amanda said Devon's devotion was undeniable. Chance admitted he'd been playing catch-up as a father and couldn't help but think Devon's actions were related. Amanda asked Chance why he believed Devon was seeking shared custody because of him. Chance admitted he'd honestly opened up to Devon about the demons he'd been battling. Chance said he regretted having talked to Devon, explaining that he had been doing better, would eventually heal, and would strive to be the best father for Dominic.

Chance admitted to Amanda that he agreed Devon should be involved, explaining that it would be beneficial for Dominic to have supportive people loving him. Amanda replied that she couldn't agree more, recalling that she'd never had even one devoted parent. Amanda said she hoped Chance's desire to include others who supported his son wouldn't involve a judge. Amanda recalled that Devon had been part of Dominic's life since the beginning without him having previously issued requests to be legally recognized or be allowed prearranged visits.

After Amanda and Chance returned, they asked Devon and Abby about their discussion. Devon apologized to Chance. Abby had shut down, but Devon thanked her for listening to his concerns. After Devon and Amanda left, Abby told Chance that she'd tried to talk to Devon, but he hadn't listened to her concerns. Distraught, Abby insisted she and Chance enlist Christine to fight Devon. Chance indicated that he wasn't ready to do so.

After Devon and Amanda returned home, Devon told Amanda that Abby feared he would unravel their whole family. Amanda cautioned that moving forward would create additional friction. Amanda expressed empathy with Abby and said Chance was determined to heal and become the best father possible to Dominic. Amanda explained that Devon would be putting Chance on trial if he intended to win shared custody. Devon said he didn't want things to get ugly, though he couldn't back down.

Chance balks at keeping Devon and Dominic apart

Chance balks at keeping Devon and Dominic apart

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

At Newman Locke, Nikki found Ashland in Victoria's office and joked that "Victoria" had done something new with her hair. Nikki hoped to speak with both Victoria and Ashland about that month's numbers. He hoped she could be flexible with the timing, since he was about to meet with a potential senior-level hire. Nikki voiced surprise that there was a position available, and Ashland explained that his meeting was with an executive he'd worked with in New York who would be a fit for vice president of strategy.

Nikki huffed that the position wasn't available, since Regina was doing an excellent job. Ashland complained that Regina's ideas were dated and too risk-averse for his liking, and he preferred to offer her a golden parachute. Nikki asked if Victoria knew. Ashland reasoned that Victoria didn't need to be bothered with staffing when she had the big picture to consider, and he was happy to handle the pesky details.

Nikki recognized that Ashland and Victoria enjoyed working together. Ashland gushed that Victoria had turned out to be the missing piece of his life, and she'd given him purpose. Nikki believed that he was as enamored of Victoria as he had been on their wedding day, but she wondered if the two of them had moved past the honeymoon phase of their business partnership by talking about areas that overlapped versus ones that were off-limits. Ashland surmised that Nikki thought he was trying to make his mark by onboarding his own people. Nikki asked if he was.

Victoria walked in and sensed that she'd interrupted something. Ashland conceded that he might have overstepped by planning to meet with a colleague who he thought would make a brilliant new vice president of strategy. Ashland offered to cancel the meeting, but Victoria was open to the idea of discussing how his former colleague might fit into their organization. After Ashland headed out, Victoria acknowledged that she and Ashland were still figuring out how they communicated in their professional relationship. Nikki warned that it was something she and Victor had never figured out when they'd worked together.

Victoria reasoned that when Ashland took the lead on something, he wasn't leaving her out of the loop or disregarding her opinions. Nikki inquired whether Victoria was comfortable with that dynamic, and Victoria conceded that it was new territory for her. Victoria compared Ashland's single-mindedness to Victor's, but she noted that she'd always been Victor's junior partner, whereas she was the sole CEO of Newman Locke. She stated that she knew where she stood with Ashland, and she trusted him and relied on him.

Later, Ashland returned to the office and informed Victoria that Ted was unlikely to relocate unless the package and position were exceptional. Victoria balked at making that kind of commitment and suggested that Ted do some short-term consulting instead. Ashland expressed relief that Nikki's concerns hadn't soured Victoria on Ted before she'd even met him. Victoria apologized for her mother and explained that Nikki had just wanted to be sure that Victoria and Ashland were on the same page. Victoria declared that their work and their private lives were happy and in balance. Ashland replied that they were totally in sync.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was on the phone with Summer, who was preparing for a big meeting. Phyllis said she'd heard Jack was in Milan to collaborate with Kyle. She looked disappointed when Summer suddenly had to go.

Sharon and Rey entered Crimson Lights, and she thanked him for braving the museum with her. He figured he should learn more about art with Noah living with them, but he thought none of the paintings had been as beautiful as her. Sharon spotted Nick, who observed that the couple seemed to be in a good mood. Nick mentioned that he was there to meet with Noah, and she asked if it was about the job offer. Noah appeared and teased his mother for being nosy, and he insisted on talking to his dad in private.

On the patio, Noah announced that he'd made a decision about Nick's job offer. Noah proclaimed that he wanted to make a difference in the world by helping people, and he admired what Nick did. Noah accepted the offer with one stipulation -- he needed time to work on his art, and he didn't want his job to consume him the way it had with Victor and Victoria. Nick swore that the vibe at New Hope was different than at Newman, and he suggested that Noah get the lay of the land to figure out the best way to use his abilities. Noah enthused that he was up for anything.

Rey assumed that Sharon was dying to know what was going down on the patio, but she replied that she already knew Noah had accepted the offer because she could tell by the look on his face. She was happy Nick and Noah had bonded, since it meant her son would stick around for a long time. Sharon murmured that it felt like life was exactly the way it should be.

Later, Sharon was thrilled when Noah confirmed that he was taking the job. Rey watched from a distance as Sharon happily chatted with Nick and Noah on the patio. Tessa bustled in and asked to borrow Noah for a second. After Sharon and Nick stepped inside the coffeehouse, Tessa announced that she had a surprise for Noah.

Phyllis sat alone at Society, staring miserably at her plate of food. She spotted Nick walk in and called out to him, and he politely asked how everything was. "You know," she forlornly replied, and she wondered if he had a minute to talk. Phyllis inquired about Nick's trip to Milan and his birthday, and he told her about the surprise party his family had thrown. She asked if Adam had been there, and Nick clarified that it had just been his kids, Sharon, Mariah, and Tessa. "Oh, that family. Of course," Phyllis stammered.

Phyllis turned the topic to Christian. Nick revealed that Christian had finally stopped asking when she was going to play video games with him, and Phyllis was surprised the boy had noticed she hadn't been around. Nick joked that it meant he had to up his gaming skills. An emotional Phyllis asked if they were okay. Nick insisted that they were good. He wished her a good night, grabbed his takeout order, and left.

At home, Devon lamented to Amanda about where things stood with Abby, even though he'd tried to be as fair as he could. Devon maintained that he loved Dominic and wanted a bigger role in the baby's life, but the whole thing was tying him up in knots. Amanda encouraged him to let it go, since there wasn't much he could do until she filed his petition with the courts. She urged him to find a way to make peace with his decision.

Devon wasn't sure what to say to get through to Abby. Amanda suspected that no matter what he said, Abby would feel like he was trying to take away her family -- or at least her vision of what her family should be. Devon insisted that shared custody would mean they'd all be involved in raising Dominic, and he cited how often Abby had said she wanted him to have a major role in the baby's life. Amanda anticipated that Abby would recover once the shock wore off. Devon bemoaned that he was risking losing his best friends so he could be a father to his son.

Amanda imagined that Abby felt betrayed right then, but she had no doubt Devon and Abby's friendship would prevail in the end. Devon wished he could be that optimistic. Amanda answered a call from Phyllis, who invited her to grab a drink. Amanda hesitated, but Devon insisted that she didn't have to stay for him. Amanda made plans to meet Phyllis at the Grand Phoenix. Amanda kissed Devon goodbye and found Mariah at the door on her way out.

Devon invited Mariah in, and Amanda departed. Mariah mentioned that she'd talked to Abby, and Devon asked if it had been before or after he'd told Abby he was taking her to court. Mariah was floored, and Devon shared that he'd felt like he had no other choice after Abby and Chance had refused to even consider adjusting their agreement. Mariah objected to Devon taking legal action, but he thought she, of all people, would understand why it was so important.

Devon swore that he wasn't trying to hurt anyone or cause trouble, but Abby and Chance had shot down every attempt he'd made to revisit their agreement. Devon continued that he was just trying to guarantee that he'd always be there to protect Dominic. Mariah implied that Devon had that, but Devon argued that Abby and Chance had already shut the door on him seeing Dominic. Mariah empathized with how deep the parental attachment could be, since there had been a time when she hadn't been able to envision getting through the day without seeing her Bowie -- but she'd accepted that he wasn't her Bowie; he was Abby and Chance's.

Devon reiterated that it was about Dominic's well-being, since Chance had admitted that his issues were preventing him from being fully present. Devon voiced concern that Chance's problems might go deeper than what Chance was willing to say. Mariah asked if there was a way to work out a compromise without involving judges or lawyers, and Devon invited her to suggest one, since nothing he'd tried had worked. He considered legal action his last resort, and he was aware things would probably get ugly -- especially if people started choosing sides. Once alone, Devon seemed to be deep in thought as he gazed at the image of Dominic's footprints.

Phyllis and Amanda met at the Grand Phoenix bar. Amanda declared that she was in the mood for a drink with everything going on at home. Phyllis proposed that they have a girls' weekend, and Amanda suggested wine tasting or skiing. Phyllis confided that she was afraid she was about to spin out of control, since she hadn't realized that all her free time had been filled with either Summer or Nick. Amanda inquired about Jack, and Phyllis groaned that he'd been radio silent, although she'd found out from Lauren that he was in Milan with Kyle.

Amanda assured Phyllis that she wasn't alone, since both Amanda and Lauren were her friends. Phyllis swore that she loved and valued both of them, but she had to figure out how to fill her free time with something that wasn't a friend or an ex-husband. Phyllis opted not to pick up a hobby, since it would be computer hacking or something else she shouldn't tell a lawyer. Phyllis stressed that something had to change for her for the better, or she'd spin out and start creating chaos.

Later Phyllis sat alone at the bar. She perked up when Summer called, and she inquired about how the big meeting had gone. Her jaw dropped when she learned Summer had an offer for her to work at Marchetti.

Amanda returned home and found Devon sitting in the dark. He explained that he'd just been thinking about his conversation with Mariah, who didn't think he should take Abby and Chance to court. He continued that Mariah had made some good points, and it had made him realize how many people would be affected if he followed through with his plan. Amanda instructed him to keep Dominic as the top priority, and everything would be okay. They kissed, and she assured him that he couldn't go wrong if he followed his heart.

Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights, Tessa pulled out a copy of her new album and exclaimed that it was ready to go out to the masses. Noah admired her first LP and said he was proud of her. She told him that he'd better be at the launch party, since the cover he'd designed was integral to its success. He replied that she'd made it easy. Sharon approached and asked if she could get them anything. She eyed Noah with concern.

Nick returned to the coffeehouse, where Rey told him that Sharon was over the moon because Noah had decided to stay in town. Nick remarked that it was a parental urge to always want his kids to feel confident, but it was a bonus if they lived their lives nearby. An unnerved Sharon returned to the counter, and Rey asked if everything was all right. She made an excuse about needing to restock and abruptly headed to the back room.

Noah inquired about the adoption plans, and Tessa stated that it was still early in the process. Noah wondered if she and Mariah were thinking about getting married. Tessa recalled that they'd talked about it in the past, and she thought they were ready for the next step. She marveled at how she and Mariah had ended up stronger than ever after everything they'd been through, so there was no reason not to start their baby adventure by making a firm commitment to one another.

Mariah arrived, and Tessa informed her that she'd just been showing Noah the new album. Tessa sensed that Mariah seemed off, and Mariah shared that she'd just had a difficult conversation. Mariah requested to talk to Tessa alone, and Noah despondently watched them step aside. Sharon entered the patio and asked if he was all right. He replied that he was fine, but she gazed over at the women talking and looked knowingly back at Noah.

Noah protested that Sharon was misreading the situation, and he told her he would see her later. Rey and Nick watched as Noah exited through the coffeehouse. Rey saw Sharon and Nick exchange a glance of concern.

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby left a voicemail for Christine, asking her to call back right away. Chance walked in and reported that Dominic was sound asleep. Abby informed him that she'd left Christine a message because she needed to know their legal options. Chance thought they should discuss the matter further before they did anything. Abby wailed that Chance should be focused on bonding with their son, but it suddenly felt like everything could be falling apart.

Abby contemplated why Devon had involved lawyers when they'd signed a document to avoid that kind of conflict. Chance pointed out that Devon had first approached them to request that they change the original agreement, but she was shocked that Devon had taken things that far. She surmised that it was because he lived with a lawyer who'd pushed him to do it, but Chance insisted that it wasn't Amanda's fault. Abby noted that Chance wasn't as upset as she was. He claimed that while he'd been thrown, he was trying to see things from different angles.

Abby asserted that there was only one answer -- and it was no. She contended that Dominic already had a father, a mother, and a home, but Chance acknowledged that he'd missed out on a lot of time with his son. Abby contended that he was making up for it then, and there was no reason for someone to rip their son away from them. Chance voiced concern that if Devon proceeded with legal action, a judge who didn't know any of them would make the final decision.

Abby had every confidence she and Chance would win, since Devon had known the repercussions when he'd signed away his parental rights. Chance figured that it had been before the baby had been born, and Devon hadn't known how he would feel. Abby was aware that Devon and Dominic had bonded, but she maintained that it was a crucial time for their family while Chance was also learning how to bond with their son. Chance expected Devon to use the fact that Chance hadn't bonded with his own son against them in court.

Abby relayed Devon's concerns about Chance's emotional state interfering with his ability to be a present father to Dominic. She insisted that Devon was wrong, and she hadn't told Chance about it before because she hadn't wanted to give it credence by repeating it. Chance gripped the baby monitor tightly and pressed to hear what else Devon had said. Abby indicated that Devon was confident Chance would make a full recovery, but he also believed Dominic needed a father who could be present right then. She reiterated that Devon was completely wrong. "Is he though, Abby?" Chance questioned. Chance thought they had to consider that Devon might be right.

Abby recalled that Chance had told her that the time he spent with their son was helping him feel more connected and settled. Chance confessed that he'd lied to her because he wanted nothing more, but he just couldn't make it happen. He loved her for having undying faith in him, but he felt something inside of him wouldn't allow him to bond with Dominic. Chance mentioned that someone had asked to see a picture of their son, and he hadn't had even one photo on his phone. He bet that Devon had 100. Chance swore that he loved Dominic, but he was unable to build the kind of connection Devon had with the tot, and Dominic deserved that kind of relationship.

Abby considered it natural for Chance to feel insecure. Chance begged her to listen to him, since he was scared their little boy was missing out by being around Chance's confusion instead of Devon's certainty. Chance added that while Devon was allowed to visit whenever he wanted, it wasn't the same because it left all the heavy lifting to them. Chance thought both Devon and Dominic deserved more than that because they were blood, and he questioned whether it was right for him and Abby to stand in the way.

Chance tells Abby he isn't ready to commit to Dominic

Chance tells Abby he isn't ready to commit to Dominic

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

by Nel

At home, Devon recalled how Chance hadn't been able to calm Dominic, and Chance saying he wasn't ready to be a father. Devon looked at the photo of him and Neil, and he wished Neil was there to help him figure out what to do. He said he was trying to do the right thing for his son.

At home, Abby told Chance that healing from trauma and learning to be a parent took time. She asked why he didn't want to fight Devon's lawsuit. Chance argued that Dominic didn't have time to wait for him to figure things out. Abby said their son was thriving, but she felt that everything was unraveling. Chance wanted to find common ground and something everyone could live with. Chance said things could get ugly. Abby agreed; however, she wasn't going to agree to anything that would profoundly disrupt Dominic's life.

Abby told Chance they had all agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract prior to signing it. She couldn't believe Devon wanted to change that or how far he was willing to go. Abby stated she was going to fight for her son. She needed to know Chance was on her side. Chance claimed he was.

Chance apologized for upsetting Abby, but Abby said she wasn't angry with him; she was angry with Devon, who had insinuated that she and Chance were failing their son. Chance claimed Devon's problem was with him, not Abby. Abby said Devon would use everything they said as a weapon against them. Chance regretted opening up to Devon because that was what had led to their situation. Abby said Chance had shared what had happened in Spain with Devon, and Devon was using that to void their agreement. She said Devon had taken things too far. Abby grabbed her coat and left.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Sharon that it was Lily's first day as CEO of Chancellor Industries. Lily claimed it was a big day for both of them because it was Billy's first day as COO at Chancellor. Sharon stated that they made an excellent team. Billy said it was great to have something to look forward to and to put ChancComm behind them. Adam arrived.

Lily wanted Billy to ignore Adam, but Billy told Adam he wanted to thank Adam for the text message Adam had sent to Lily, congratulating her on her new position at Chancellor. Adam said he'd heard that Billy had been named COO. Sharon tried to intervene by asking Adam what he wanted. Adam said he wanted to buy the leaders of Chancellor Industries coffee. Adam said he was certain Lily would do great things.

Billy quietly told Adam to direct any further animosity that Adam and Victor had solely at Billy. He wanted them to allow Lily to thrive. Adam agreed. Lily thanked Adam for the coffee. After Billy and Lily left, Sharon hoped that some of Adam's performance had been sincere. Adam appreciated that Sharon wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt; however, he said everything between him and Billy was convoluted and complicated.

Adam told Sharon that living at the Tack House benefited Connor by having family around. Adam stated that Connor and Newman Media were his main focus. Sharon was happy Adam had been able to build something with Victor. She'd always known how important that was to Adam, and no matter what happened to the company, she hoped he and Victor could maintain the trust. Adam hoped so, too.

Sharon asked if Adam realized how much better life would be if he and Billy ended their battle. Sharon suggested that Adam use the battle as a gauge to see how far he'd come instead of using it as an excuse to go back to bad behavior. Sharon told Adam that he and Billy were a lot alike.

Adam told Sharon she hadn't been the only one to compare him to Billy, and that was enough to make him change his ways. Sharon claimed it was inspiring to see how far Adam and Billy had come. Adam admitted he'd inspired people to do terrible things. When Sharon saw Abby arrive, she left Adam.

Sharon stated that Abby looked stressed. Adam said he hoped things would turn around for her soon, and he left. Sharon offered to listen, but Abby didn't want to talk about it. Sharon said that Rey had mentioned that Chance had decided to take an indefinite leave to be with Abby and the baby.

Abby told Sharon that Chance wanted to make up for the time he'd lost. Abby claimed she needed to protect her family, and keeping everything together had become her primary job. Abby said Chance was fine, and she couldn't understand why everyone was treating him like he was about to fall apart. Sharon said she knew how difficult it was for someone to get over a traumatic experience.

Abby told Sharon that Chance was handling it, and she couldn't complain because Chance was home and safe. Sharon told Abby that acknowledging her feelings would only help her family. Abby claimed she didn't need a therapist. Sharon was sorry about everything Abby was going through; however, Abby wasn't alone. She needed to allow herself to reach out to others.

Abby told Sharon that she and Chance needed to be enough because they were Dominic's parents. He was everything they'd fought for. Sharon said it didn't mean they couldn't reach out to everyone who loved Dominic. Annoyed, Abby claimed she had to get home, and she left.

At Society, Chloe told Chelsea that Sally was doing an amazing job in New York. When Chelsea didn't share Chloe's enthusiasm, Chloe knew it had to do with Adam. She'd warned Chelsea to stay away from Adam because it would be detrimental to their platform. Chloe said she would do anything for Chelsea because Chelsea was her best friend. Chelsea agreed that Chloe had been right about everything, and had she listened to her from the beginning, she wouldn't be stuck in the mess she was in.

Chelsea told Chloe she'd hoped she and Adam would find their way back to each other, as they had countless times previously. Chelsea claimed Adam had changed, and she was in a better place. Their love had always reunited them. She didn't understand why "this time" should be any different; she said it was their destiny. Chelsea felt Adam was still connected to her, even though he'd said it wouldn't happen. Chelsea felt he was fighting it because he felt responsible for her stroke and what had followed.

Chelsea told Chloe that when she and Adam had met for drinks, Adam had been very blunt and cold when he'd stated there was no future for them. He'd also claimed they couldn't work together professionally if she wouldn't let go of the past. Chelsea claimed that she and Adam had had an unshakable bond and had been able to withstand anything, but Adam had made it clear the bond was broken for good.

Chloe said she wanted Chelsea to be happy and for Chelsea to stop seeing Adam as a tragic hero or some misunderstood loner with a heart of gold. Chloe asked Chelsea to stop making excuses for Adam's dangerous behavior and to stop blaming everything on Adam's traumatic childhood or Victor's manipulation.

Chloe said that at some point, Chelsea had to make a choice to break free, the same way she'd broken free of her grifter life and created a better life for herself and her son. Chelsea stated that Adam had done the same, but Chloe claimed that was what Adam wanted people to believe he'd done. Chloe said she'd told Adam that if they wanted the fashion platform to be successful, they couldn't be distracted by personal baggage or vendettas.

Chelsea asked if Chloe wanted her to walk away from the company. Chloe said she didn't; she wanted them to focus on the work, expand on Chelsea's incredible designs, and make Newman Fashion an entity on its own so it could survive if Adam screwed things up. Chloe wanted Chelsea to break her Adam addiction and stop hoping things would miraculously change. Chloe said it was a new beginning. She said Chelsea had her power back, and they were in control of their own destiny.

At another table, Elena told Nate that living with him had changed her life for the better. Nate said he'd heard Jill had found a new buyer for ChancComm. Elena claimed the new owner might not want to keep her as the face of "Ask MD Now." Nate informed Elena that Newman Locke was the new buyer, and he would pull a few best man strings for her. He said Ashland had been a big supporter of the hospital, and he was sure Ashland would support "Ask MD Now." Nate asked if Elena wanted the site to fold. Elena denied it.

Nate reminded Elena about her long hours at the hospital. He said she still volunteered at the clinic, and whatever spare time she had, she was doing "Ask MD Now." He felt it was a lot on her plate. Elena admitted there were times when she felt a little overcommitted, but she loved her jobs and that she was actually making a difference by saving lives. Nate asked if she was ready to give up the free time she'd had since ChancComm had been on a hiatus. She said she'd enjoyed her free time; however, she was committed to "Ask MD Now" as long as the new owners were committed, as well. Elena promised she wouldn't neglect him.

Lily and Billy entered the Chancellor Industries office, which had previously been ChancComm; however, there was one exception: Jill had purchased the entire building, when ChancComm had only had the one floor. Lily claimed it felt strange returning to their old office to begin their new jobs. Billy felt it was like returning to the scene of the crime. Lily reminded him they'd done some great things there. Billy claimed that Lily would do amazing things, no matter where she was.

Devon arrived and said he wanted to wish Lily luck and that everyone was proud of what she'd accomplished. He welcomed her to the CEO Club. Lily said that behind every CEO was a very dedicated COO. Devon congratulated Billy. Billy said it was Lily's show, and he was only there to help her fulfill her vision.

After Billy left, Devon told Lily he'd begun the legal process for shared custody of Dominic, and Amanda was representing him. He said Abby hadn't reacted well, and because Chance was hard to read, Devon wasn't sure how Chance felt. He stated that Chance kept everything inside. Devon said that he felt he was doing the right thing for Dominic because of everything Chance had gone through in Spain. Devon received a text message from Chance: "Do you have time to talk? Just the two of us."

Later, Billy returned to Lily's office, and he said the best thing to come from the ChancComm debacle had been Jill putting Lily in charge of Chancellor. Lily claimed it had been a trial by fire, but they had made it through, and they were stronger than before.

After Lily finished her staff video conference, she asked Billy how she'd done. Billy said she'd been poised and powerful. He said she'd been great fielding questions, and everyone had loved her. Lily and Billy kissed.

In Adam's office at Newman Media, Chelsea stated she'd given a lot of thought to Adam's claim that there wasn't any chance of them reuniting. She understood he wanted to make sure things were very clear. She said she still believed they could have a future together, but she wasn't going to humiliate herself by trying to convince him. She wanted to discuss how they were going to move forward professionally.

Chelsea told Adam she wanted to make sure that he wasn't having second thoughts about her running the fashion platform with Chloe after their conversation the previous evening. Adam said that their conversation had been about clarity, their personal lives, and moving forward. He wanted Chelsea to continue working with Chloe and building on their previous partnership. He claimed Chelsea was an incredible talent.

Chelsea told Adam that in order for her to do her best at work, she required total freedom with no drama. Ideally, the fashion platform needed to relocate to a new workspace to prevent them from constantly running into each other. Adam felt that seemed a little extreme, but Chelsea claimed it was the logical solution to the problem of them working together. Adam said they could handle a working relationship, but Chelsea said that was her condition for working at Newman Media. Chelsea picked up her coat and left.

At Devon's, Chance asked if Devon would have made the same legal demands for shared custody if Chance hadn't made it back from Spain. Chance asked how they could handle the situation without turning it into a war. Devon claimed a war was the last thing he wanted.

Chance told Devon he didn't like what it was doing to Abby and that she hadn't had a moment of peace since Devon had made his claim. Devon said that hadn't been his intention. Chance said Abby felt that Devon spending more time with Dominic would confuse and upset Dominic. Devon was curious where Chance stood. Chance claimed he loved Dominic and his wife. He wanted what was best for everyone. Devon didn't understand why Chance and Abby felt threatened by his request.

Devon told Chance he didn't feel his request was unreasonable under the circumstances. He claimed he had a lot of respect for Chance, who had put his life on the line. He asked if Chance could tell him honestly that he was in a solid place emotionally and ready to give Dominic all the attention and love he needed without being affected by all the trauma he'd been through. Before Chance could answer, Abby arrived and asked why Chance was there. Chance said he had wanted to see if he and Devon could work things out.

Chance told Abby he'd wanted to talk to Devon, father to father. Devon deserved an answer to the question he'd asked. Devon repeated the question for Abby. Abby looked to Chance for a response. Chance said he wasn't.

Tessa asks Mariah to marry her

Tessa asks Mariah to marry her

Thursday, January 20, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Noah told Mariah he'd accepted the job with Nick at New Hope. Mariah was delighted. Noah noticed she seemed troubled. Mariah told Noah some of her friends were going through tough times, and all she could do was to sit back and hope for the best.

When Nick arrived, Mariah congratulated him on recruiting Noah. Nick commented that he and Noah hadn't teamed up since the Underground. Excited, Nick felt New Hope would give Noah a chance to spread his wings. He told Noah there was no better feeling than a mother and father telling him that he'd changed their child's life. Nick claimed that Noah would revitalize the whole program.

Noah told Mariah he'd done some research on a movement that converted empty lots into green spaces that became a place to relax and grow vegetables, provided shade, and reduced air pollution. Nick stated there were many lots that hadn't been big enough for housing; however, they could be turned into community gardens. Nick gave Noah the contact names of people who could help him with grant applications. Tessa arrived and asked to borrow Mariah. Noah watched longingly as Tessa left with Mariah. Nick noticed Noah staring after Tessa.

Elsewhere, Elena told Amanda that she and Nate were concerned about Devon and his lawsuit. Elena said Abby and Devon had previously been very close. Amanda stated that even when everything was resolved, Abby might never trust Devon the same way. If Devon won, Abby would resent him, and if Devon lost, Abby would never forget that Devon had tried to get custody.

Elena told Amanda she understood why Abby was acting emotionally: Abby had discovered she couldn't carry a child, Chance couldn't father a baby, her surrogate had been kidnapped by Abby's ex-husband, and once the baby had been home safe, Abby had been told her husband had been killed. Amanda stated that Devon was the biological father, and he only wanted weekly visits. Elena said the fear of losing a child was primal. Families with sick babies were terrified of losing their sick child. They would act out and do things that defied logic. Amanda said it was a complicated situation from every angle.

At Devon's, Abby told Chance that he was a good father to Dominic. Devon said he knew it hadn't been easy for Chance to admit he wasn't ready to be a father to Dominic, and he thanked Chance for being honest. Devon claimed the three of them could work together and devise a solution that would work for everyone. Angry, Abby told Devon to stop because it was self-serving, and he was putting undue pressure on Chance.

Abby told Chance she understood his impulse to reach out, but it had been a mistake. They needed to discuss things privately. Abby told Devon they would talk to him after they met with Christine. Devon told Abby he was her friend, and he wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt her. Abby spat that what Devon was doing hurt, and it was a betrayal. Devon claimed he understood she was doing everything to protect her family, and he was doing the same thing. He claimed he wouldn't be putting them through any of it if he didn't care so much about Dominic, Abby, and Chance. Abby and Chance left.

Moments later, Nate arrived at Devon's. He asked Devon what was wrong. Devon said the situation with Abby and Chance wasn't going well. He told Nate that Chance had arrived alone, and he'd opened up about how he'd been struggling. Nate said that was progress, but Devon claimed it would be if Abby had seen it that way. Devon said Abby had arrived shortly after Chance, and she hadn't been happy to see Chance there, especially after what Devon had asked Chance.

Devon told Nate he'd asked if Chance could tell him honestly that he was in a solid place emotionally and was ready to give Dominic all the attention and love he needed without being affected by all the trauma he'd been through, and Chance had said he wasn't. Devon explained that Abby still saw Devon as the bad guy who was getting in the way of Dominic and Chance's relationship. Nate stated that Devon was trying to protect his relationship with his biological son. Devon said it was clear they were in for a battle.

Nate suggested that Devon ease up on Abby and Chance. Nate felt they were reacting out of shock and that Devon needed to give them time to adjust to the idea of shared custody. Devon claimed that when he'd brought up the idea of arranged visits, Abby had become angry. Devon didn't want to give them too much time to plan a counterargument, because he was afraid they would cut him off from Dominic completely. Devon claimed his son needed him, and it had been the reason he'd started the lawsuit.

At home, Abby told Chance she understood he had conflicting emotions, but he should talk to her about them or see a counselor rather than seeing the man who was suing them for custody of their son. Chance claimed that if they didn't figure it out themselves, a judge would do it for them. Abby stated that was another reason not to spill his guts to Devon, who would use Chance's words as a weapon against them. Chance didn't believe Devon would do that. Abby left to check on Dominic.

When Abby returned, she told Chance she wished Devon could see that what he was doing was wrong and could cause a lot of damage. Chance felt Devon meant well. Abby stated there was a big difference between doing the right thing and rationalizing to get what one wanted.

Chance told Abby he didn't have it in him to give Dominic what he needed. Abby claimed Chance would bond with Dominic; it just took time and patience. Chance admitted he was having a hard time, and he hadn't been honest with Abby. He said he'd been dealing with everything he'd gone through in Spain. He said he wasn't okay, and he was having nightmares.

Chance explained that the nightmares started out as normal dreams, but then he would feel an enormous pressure on his chest, and he couldn't move. Suddenly, he was in Spain watching the explosion and seeing his entire team die. He said he didn't have to be asleep to see the images or hear the sounds, and the smells were always in his head. He tried to shut them out, but they always returned, no matter what he was doing. He'd tried to get rid of the images, but it had never worked.

Abby told Chance it sounded exhausting, and it was obviously the reason he couldn't care for Dominic. Chance claimed he'd been trying very hard to be the man Abby could depend on and to be a good dad; however, he wasn't the same guy he'd been the previous year. He felt he was letting Abby down. Abby said they would find him help. Christine arrived.

Abby told Christine they had been very careful when they had drafted the contract. She asked Christine if a judge would make Devon abide by that agreement. Christine said gestational surrogacy was a relatively new legal development; different states had different rules, there wasn't much legislation to regulate the process, and there wasn't much in the way of relevant case law. The one overriding principal was that the judge would make the decision that would be in the best interest of the child. Chance asked if things would go in Devon's favor if the judge decided Devon would be the better father. Christine said that legally, that was possible.

Christine suggested that if the case went before a judge, they should go over the factors that were in Abby and Chance's favor. She identified that they were a married couple providing a stable home and family. She said they could argue that giving Devon shared custody would be disruptive and confusing for Dominic. Abby asked about the contract they had with Devon. Christine said it showed that Devon had had no desire to play a role in Dominic's life aside from being a close family friend. Chance asked what would happen if Devon brought up the fact that very little of the process had gone the way they'd expected.

Christine told Chance that Devon could make the argument that Abby had left Dominic in Devon's care and not that of a family member or a nanny. She said Devon could say that Abby had encouraged him to take a paternal role in Dominic's life and that it would be in the baby's best interest for that to continue. She said the opposing side would assert that Chance was suffering from emotional trauma and was incapable of being a father, but the biological father was ready, willing, and eager to assume that role. It was a possibility they had to be prepared for.

Christine asked Chance if those accusations were unfounded. Abby claimed Chance would do anything to protect his family. Abby claimed that if Devon was the friend he claimed to be, he would be supporting them, not taking them to court. Chance told Abby to stop because he couldn't lie, and Devon was right.

After Christine left, Chance told Abby he was barely holding it together. He said his mind was still in Spain, and he kept asking himself why he'd survived and what he could have done to save everyone. He explained that each day, he would play out every possible scenario. Chance reminded Abby that she'd turned to Devon for help. Abby claimed it had been a temporary fix, but Chance was suggesting giving Devon permanent legal rights to their son.

Abby told Chance she would take on all the responsibilities while Chance recovered, and they didn't need to turn to Devon. Chance didn't understand why Abby was fighting it. He said that Devon loved Dominic, and there was nothing wrong with Devon wanting to play a permanent part in Dominic's life. Chance claimed he was broken and had nothing to give Dominic.

Abby wanted to help Chance, but Chance said knowing Dominic was in good hands and not being deprived of a father's love would help him. Chance claimed it was the right thing to do. Abby stated she'd had no idea how much pain Chance was in. Chance claimed he would figure out how to get rid of all the guilt. Abby said that what had happened in Spain hadn't been his fault.

Chance told Abby he didn't want the situation to become a battle or to have Abby cutting off her friends. He said if the case went before a judge, he would do what was best for the baby. Abby said if they gave in to Devon, there might be nothings to stop him from asking for more time down the road. Chance claimed Devon meant well and was an excellent dad. Chance said Dominic would always be their son, and Devon didn't want that to change.

Chance told Abby he knew it wasn't what Abby wanted, but he asked Abby to think about what they stood to lose if they went before a judge and to think what they could gain by allowing the man who'd helped bring Dominic into the world to spend time with him every week. Abby claimed Devon was trying to take their son, but Chance said they were merely welcoming Devon into the family while providing Chance space to heal.

Nate and Devon arrived at the coffeehouse, where they were greeted by Nick and Noah. Noah informed them it was his first day on the job with New Hope. Devon said he looked forward to working with Noah. Noah asked Devon about a training program for restaurant employees. Devon was a huge fan of starting little cafés. Noah wanted to make it a reality that could change people's lives for the better.

On the patio, Nick told Noah they had funding from different foundations, some government programs, and several private donors who were very excited that Noah was on board with New Hope. Noah asked to take a break. Nick said he'd noticed that Noah had seemed deflated when Mariah and Tessa had left. Nick acknowledged that Noah and Tessa had a history, and he knew how it felt when old feelings resurfaced.

Nick told Noah that actions were easily controlled, but feelings weren't. Nick pointed out that Noah and Tessa had been working closely on the album cover, and it was only natural that some old feelings might have been rekindled. Noah admitted that spending so much time with Tessa had brought up a lot of memories from when they'd been together. He said it probably hadn't been the best idea to listen to her music while he'd been working on the album cover.

Noah told Nick not to worry about him because he wasn't going to make an ass of himself. He said Mariah and Tessa were happy, and he was happy for them. Nick told Noah that if he did decide to revisit an old relationship, there were no guarantees that it wouldn't end the same way it had the first time. Noah felt safe being nostalgic because he knew Tessa wasn't available. He wanted to focus on work and his family and to have some fun. Nick claimed he could help.

Devon and Nate returned to the penthouse after their run. Nate claimed he'd been able to get Devon to stop checking his phone. Devon claimed it was out of his hands; either Abby would come around, or a judge would decide for them. Devon received a call from Abby. She said that she and Chance had talked, and if he was up for it, they wanted to meet with him again.

Tessa and Mariah arrived at Society. When Mariah saw all the balloons, Tessa confessed that she'd needed to lure Mariah into her carefully choreographed plan. Mariah claimed it was beautiful and asked if they were celebrating something. Tessa got down on one knee. "Oh, my God! This feels like I'm dreaming," Mariah gasped. Looking up at Mariah with tears in her eyes, Tessa said, "We deserve every bit of happiness because we never gave up on love, ourselves, our dreams." She added that they had always made the choice to forgive each other's mistakes and to help each other heal. Tessa knew that having a family would expand their love and that it would become more infinite.

Mariah asked Tessa if she was proposing because of their plans to adopt. "I can't remember a moment when I didn't want this," Tessa replied, adding, "I was just waiting until we were both ready." Tessa reached for a ring box and opened it to reveal a ring with a beautiful green stone. "I'm so lucky to be the woman that loves and is loved by you. And I know in my soul that we were meant to live this life together," Tessa continued before asking Mariah to marry her. Mariah stood silent for what seemed like an eternity, her mouth ajar, before replying, "I can't."

Mariah told Tessa that she needed to tell Tessa something. She asked Tessa to stand. Tessa reluctantly rose and stood before Mariah. "That's who we are -- we lift each other up," Mariah said softly. Mariah explained that she had been shaken by her kidnapping, but Tessa's patience, love, and reassurance had made her strong. Mariah told Tessa that she was grateful for all the "crazy, impossible, insane" things that had come into their life because it had brought them "to this moment." Mariah proclaimed that she wanted to share their love with their kids. "To a lifetime of us... yes, yes, yes, I will marry you," Mariah gushed. They kissed.

Abby and Chance agree to Devon's conditions

Abby and Chance agree to Devon's conditions

Friday, January 21, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah announced their engagement to Sharon, who was very excited for them. Sharon admired Mariah's ring. She hoped Mariah and Tessa hadn't gotten engaged only to help their chances for adoption. Mariah and Tessa denied it. Mariah claimed it was the perfect next step for them.

On the patio, Michael reflected on an earlier conversation he'd had with Victor. Michael had told Victor he'd been intrigued by Victor's offer to do some private work for him. Victor had assured Michael that he would make it as appealing to Michael as possible.

Michael snapped back to reality when Lauren arrived. Lauren asked about Michael's meeting with Victor. Michael claimed Victor had made working for him sound very compelling. Lauren reminded Michael how demanding Victor could be, but Michael claimed that "this time," it would be different. Michael had warned Victor he wouldn't be on call day and night. Victor had promised not to monopolize his time.

Michael explained to Lauren that it was going to be a cerebral partnership. Michael said he would use legal strategies and tactics to secure Victor's legacy. Victor had understood Michael wasn't interested in any job that consumed his life. Lauren suggested they weigh the pros and cons so that Michael could decide whether or not to accept Victor's job offer.

Michael assured Lauren that any work would conform to his and Lauren's life and their schedule. Lauren reminded Michael that Victor thrived on chaos. Michael claimed Victor was a business genius who wanted to secure his legacy. Lauren stated that Victor didn't want to hire a man of Michael's caliber so that Victor could ride off peacefully into the sunset. Victor needed a legal ninja who would kick ass, take names, and move along his agenda. Michael said Victor had said things were about to get interesting.

Michael told Lauren he would be doing the type of work that would get his blood flowing, and that was a definite plus. Lauren claimed he would be in the shark-infested waters of the Newman corporate world and the accompanying family drama. Michael admitted he was excited about the job. Lauren asked if Victor had given Michael a job description. Michael said Victor had hinted at a particular concern.

At Chance and Abby's, Devon and Amanda were greeted by Christine when they arrived. Devon reiterated that they all wanted the same thing: what was best for Dominic. Abby said that she and Chance were ready to accept Devon's conditions. Abby admitted she'd only heard alarm bells when Devon had first mentioned shared custody, and she'd been terrified. Chance admitted he had far more healing to do than he'd let on. Abby didn't want anything to get in the way of Chance healing, nor did she want their family torn apart in a court battle.

Devon told Abby and Chance that he'd never wanted things to escalate to that point, either. He'd hoped they could work something out. Abby said Chance had assured her that she had nothing to be afraid of. Devon thanked them. Devon also assured Abby she had nothing to be afraid of because it had always been about the three of them doing everything they could to get Dominic the best possible upbringing.

Devon told Abby and Chance he didn't just love Dominic; he loved them, as well, because they were like family to him. He stated he'd never had any intention of taking anything from them. Abby admitted she hadn't seen the situation in that light previously. Chance apologized that it had taken so long to realize that. Chance said Devon had been a strong and steady presence since the day Dominic had been born. Abby wanted to clarify that they weren't backing down from a fight or giving in, but it was what Devon and Dominic deserved.

Christine said that she and Amanda would negotiate all the specifics of the joint custody agreement. Devon had one more request. He said he wanted to honor Neil, and he asked that Dominic's name be changed to Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor. Chance claimed that sounded perfect. Abby left the room when she heard Dominic crying.

Devon told Amanda that he would get his place ready for Dominic's first overnight stay. Christine, Amanda, and Devon were about to leave when Abby returned with Dominic. She said the agreement was all about the baby they all adored. She handed Dominic to Devon. Abby stepped back, looking sad. Devon couldn't thank Abby and Chance enough for their choice.

Abby told Devon he was a great friend and parent. She apologized for losing sight of that and vowed it wouldn't happen again. Devon and Abby hugged. Christine hoped they were happy with the way things had worked out. After everyone left, Chance asked Abby if she was okay or if he'd pushed her into agreeing to something she didn't want.

Chance told Abby everything had happened because of his struggle since returning home and because of him questioning himself as a father. Chance was worried that the situation would put a wall up between them. Abby didn't want him thinking that way. She was grateful Chance had finally opened up to her, and she loved him more than ever. Chance was grateful Abby understood where he was coming from and had accepted Devon stepping in. He felt it was best for everyone involved.

Chance told Abby that as strong as she'd been, he understood it wasn't how she'd envisioned their family. He also understood she was trying to come to terms with it and was dealing with a lot of emotion. He said she'd stood by him, and she'd fought for their family. He promised he would do the same. Their decision hadn't changed the fact they were still a family. Abby said she wouldn't deny that it had been difficult for her.

Abby told Chance that she'd felt torn apart; however, Chance had been right. Devon needed to play a bigger role in Dominic's life. She promised she would try to embrace the new reality. She wanted to help Chance find his emotional footing so they could become the family they were meant to be. Chance wanted that, as well, and he promised he would do whatever it took to achieve that.

In Victoria's office, Ashland looked over the documents for the ChancComm sale. Ashland noticed that Victoria was distracted, and he asked what was bothering her. Victoria said she was concerned about something Adam had said about Victor. She admitted that Adam was right -- Victor could be very unpredictable. She said that no matter how much they believed Victor was supporting them, they could never let their guard down. Ashland claimed he never took anything for granted where Victor, or anyone else was concerned. He stated that Victoria was the only person he trusted implicitly.

Ashland asked if Victoria trusted him completely. She claimed she did until he gave her reason not to. She said that he'd shared some painful things about his past with her, and she understood that he'd been worried she wouldn't understand that they were part of who he was. Victoria claimed they didn't define the man he was or the man she loved. They had lived under the threat of his illness, but with his cancer abating, they had more time to enjoy the life they were building together.

Ashland told Victoria he recalled Victor saying that with his illness under control, Ashland might want to jump back into the fray. Victoria claimed that with them working side by side, they would be a force to be reckoned with. Ashland understood Victoria was worried about what Victor might be planning. Victoria said she was concerned that she'd shown Victor her hand about Newman Media, but she still wanted to take over the company.

Victoria told Ashland she wanted Newman Media, and she needed to plan a new strategy. Attempting to drive a wedge between Victor and Adam hadn't worked. Victoria claimed the key was to make Victor believe it was his idea. Ashland claimed they needed to go back to their original plan: make Adam fail.

Victoria told Ashland the first thing they needed to do was sue for the name by claiming there shouldn't be a Newman entity that wasn't under the Newman Locke umbrella. She hoped their cutthroat lawyers would keep Adam distracted while they hit him with the next step.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki he'd put Adam on notice that he would be taking a more active role at Newman Media. He said Adam had shown a serious lack of judgment involving Sally regarding Billy. Victor wanted to prevent any damage to Newman Media.

To Nikki and Victor's surprise, Nick and Noah arrived. Noah informed Victor that he'd accepted a full-time position at New Hope, and he hoped Victor wasn't angry that he'd chosen to work for Nick instead of Victor and Adam. Victor was very happy Noah would be working with his father. Nikki asked about Noah's art.

Noah explained to Nikki that it had been the reason he'd left London; things had become less about the art and more about the commerce. He said the whole process had become very organic, and he'd lost his spark; however, the spark had returned when he'd worked on Tessa's album cover. Noah felt he needed a reset, and working with Nick was a step in the right direction. Noah said that after learning all about New Hope, he admired Nick even more because Nick improved people's lives daily, without bragging about it.

After Nick and Noah left, Nikki told Victor that knowing why Noah had left London, she admired his courage. It was the happiest she'd seen Noah since he'd been home. Victor said he was very happy that Noah was working with his father. Nikki said she remembered how Newman Media had started. It seemed that Adam had pointed his life in a different direction. She claimed Adam had surprised her in a good way, and he might surprise Victor, too.

Nikki left to check in with the office when Michael arrived. Michael told Victor he was there to discuss terms. Victor was happy to hear that. After some discussion Michael stated that if Victor was trying to dazzle him, it had worked, because it was a very generous offer. Victor expected Michael to earn every dime. Michael said they needed strict boundaries, and he refused to take calls from Victor at all hours of the day and night. Victor agreed. Michael claimed he had to resign as D.A. first, but Victor didn't see any reason why Michael couldn't work for him in an unofficial capacity immediately.

Michael signed the offer and commented that Victor had been confident that he would accept Victor's offer. Victor claimed he'd known Michael long enough to know that Michael wouldn't be happy sitting on the porch in a rocking chair and watching the sun go down. Victor promised to ease Michael into his new responsibilities. Michael was eager to hear what Victor had in mind. Cryptically, Victor stated it would be very interesting.

At the coffeehouse, Mariah called Faith and told her about their engagement and the proposal. Mariah said they needed someone to help plan an epic wedding. Faith was all in. Noah and Nick arrived while Tessa was on the phone with Faith and informed her that they'd only gotten engaged about an hour before. Noah's face fell. Nick was happy for them. Sharon described how Tessa had surprised Mariah at Society. Tessa said they should have seen the shocked look on Mariah's face. Mariah commented that it probably looked a lot like the shocked look on Noah's face.

Tessa described what she and Mariah had said to each other and said she would cherish everything Mariah had said to her. Noah was crestfallen. Nick noticed Noah's demeanor, as did Sharon. Mariah told everyone that Faith would probably take over the wedding plans. Sharon claimed it might be a good thing, since organization had never been Mariah's strong suit. Noah offered to get coffee for everyone. Sharon followed him.

Nick told Mariah he was proud of her. Tessa joined Noah at the counter and asked if he needed any help. Noah told Tessa he was really happy for her and Mariah. He'd never seen two people more in love. Tessa said she wanted to see Noah happy. Noah claimed he was so happy, it was almost nauseating, because he was going to be working with Nick at New Hope. Tessa was happy things were falling into place for him.

Elsewhere, Sharon told Nick that it looked like Noah had fallen in love with Tessa again. Nick said that Noah had confessed that working with Tessa had brought back some old feelings. Sharon said Noah had left town because of Tessa and had his heart broken in London, and it seemed as if it might be happening again. Nick claimed Noah was resilient and focused on making some changes in his life. After Noah left, Nick told Sharon he thought the new job would be great for Noah.

At home, Devon told Amanda he'd been convinced his friendship with Abby was over and that they would wind up in court. Amanda reminded him that from the beginning, it had been solely about Dominic's welfare. It had taken Chance and Abby awhile to see that Devon's offer had come from a place of love and compassion. He couldn't believe that his son would be living with him one day a week. As a real parent, he would get to know Dominic, and Dominic would carry Neil's name.

Amanda told Devon she wanted to get the paperwork done and filed as soon as possible. Devon asked if Amanda was concerned that Abby and Chance would change their minds. Amanda stated that she was covering all her bases, and she didn't believe anything would go wrong. She told Devon to revel in the wonderful turn of events. Devon couldn't wait to bring his son back home. Devon picked up the photo of himself and Neil. He told Neil that his grandson was going to carry Neil's name and continue his legacy.

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