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Victoria sued Newman Media for the use of the Newman name. Victor accepted Victoria's offer to buy Newman Media, under the condition that Adam remain on board. Amanda and Michael tried to dissuade Phyllis from leaving Genoa City. A drunken Noah revealed his feelings for Tessa.
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Victor accepted Victoria's offer to buy Newman Media, Mariah proposed to Tessa, and an agreement was reached for shared custody of Dominic
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A frustrated Chloe loses her patience with Chelsea

A frustrated Chloe loses her patience with Chelsea

Monday, January 24, 2022

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Rey some of the ideas Mariah had suggested about wedding venues. Sharon laughed and said that Mariah had listed a recording studio, the old GC Buzz studio, and even a tattoo parlor. Sharon admitted she wasn't sure if Mariah had been joking but acknowledged that those particular places represented moments in Mariah and Tessa's love story. Rey wasn't surprised to learn that the couple would plan a nontraditional ceremony, though he was certain it would be amazing. Sharon agreed.

Rey recalled Sharon having mentioned Noah's reaction to the engagement. Sharon said she'd been worried that Noah's recent heartbreaks had made it painful for him to embrace Tessa's happiness with his sister. Rey replied, "You really think he still has feelings for Tessa?" Sharon said Nick had noticed, too, noting that feelings couldn't be turned on and off like a light switch. Sharon said Nick had even spoken to Noah about it.

Rey, noting that he was a detective, seemed put off that Sharon had dismissed his intuitions. Rey admitted he might not be able to read Sharon's children like she could because he'd entered their lives when her kids had been older. Rey cheered up at the idea of welcoming a grandchild and asked Sharon if she was ready to become a grandma. Sharon said she was thrilled with the possibility of having a new baby in the family. Rey told Sharon she'd be a hot grandma.

Adam was working in his office when Sally returned from her trip to New York. Sally loudly knocked on Adam's door to announce her presence, noting that while her trip had been productive and fun, it would have been better had Adam joined her. Adam sighed. Sally noticed that Adam seemed distracted and invited him to join her for a bite to eat, so they could talk. Adam initially declined, but Sally persisted until he relented, acknowledging that he could use a break.

Chelsea chose to start her workday at Society instead of the office. When Chloe showed up, Chelsea complained about Sally's constant chatter and the tension created by both Sally and Adam. Chelsea seemed even more concerned about Adam's decision to move on. Chloe initially thought Chelsea was thinking about quitting. Chelsea instead announced that she'd informed Adam that the fashion division should relocate in order to gain independence from Newman Media. Chelsea noted that she was selling her penthouse and would rather not bump into Adam at work. Chloe let Chelsea know she didn't appreciate being left out of the loop, though she embraced the notion of an inspiring loft located near the city's artistic scene. Chelsea said she'd already set up a meeting with a broker in hopes that moving ahead might make Adam more inclined to approve the plan.

Sally and Adam arrived and encountered Chelsea and Chloe. Adam said, "A staff meeting here at Society?" Sally began rattling off the details about her trip to New York, including a Dior fashion show. Chloe offered to set up a time later at the office to catch up on Sally's adventures. Chelsea announced that she and Chloe were considering new office spaces for Newman Fashion. Adam noted that he hadn't made a concrete decision about the move. After Chelsea noted that Sally wouldn't be included in the search for office space, Adam quickly escorted Sally to a table, hoping to defuse any arguments.

Chelsea, glaring at Adam and Sally, sulked in anger. Chelsea told Chloe that Adam and Sally weren't even trying to hide their intentions, adding that she didn't even recognize Adam anymore. Chloe maintained that Sally, yearning to report about her trip to New York, had no idea that Adam had told Chelsea that they had no future together. Chelsea wasn't satisfied, explaining that Sally was supposed to report to them, not Adam, even calling Sally a hypocrite because she'd promised to keep her work relationships professional. Chloe replied, "You know, you sound like someone who has not gotten over Adam." Chloe changed the subject and suggested they discuss hiring additional staff for Newman Fashion. Chelsea, however, couldn't ignore Sally and Adam.

While Adam perused the menu and considered omelet selections, Sally expressed frustration over Chelsea and Chloe forging ahead with an office move without telling her. Adam replied, "No decisions have been made yet. I am the decision-maker, so please just calm down." Sally complained about the way Chelsea treated her. Growing frustrated, Adam defended Chelsea, pointing out that Sally had approached her by bragging about having attended the Dior show. Sally noted that fashion was her job and suggested that maybe Chelsea should find another line of work. Adam requested they discuss actual work and refrain from workplace politics.

Adam, requesting to speak as a friend, told Sally that his father had told him he would be taking a more hands-on role at the company. Sally replied that perhaps Adam had taken the statement to be harsher than it had been intended. Adam admitted he'd lost credibility with his father. Sally asked what had prompted Victor to butt in. Adam said Victor thought he'd put the company at risk by having fallen for Billy's idiotic plan, though he hadn't acted on it. Adam noted that just when he thought he'd gained his father's trust, Victor always threw him off balance. Sally commiserated, acknowledging that it would be frustrating to be undermined.

Adam cried that he'd repeatedly failed his father's tests, though admitting he had not always been a model son. Adam said he'd striven to get in his father's good graces, believing that their relationship had been going smoothly until it suddenly hadn't been. Adam expressed disappointment because Victor was second-guessing every decision. Adam told Sally that Victor was always three moves ahead, though Adam acknowledged he had no idea who the opponent was. Adam told Sally he shouldn't have confided his concerns to an employee, adding that Sally's division could be affected. Sally said she understood how a lack of trust might hamper Adam from doing his best work.

Adam made Sally promise to keep their conversation to herself. Sally assured Adam she was on his side and ready to listen anytime. Sally complained that she'd had a good thing going with Chloe until Chelsea had joined them. Adam glanced at his watch and said they should return to the office. Sally lamented that it might not be her office much longer.

Adam admitted he'd upset Chelsea by telling her they had no future, so she was moving her office elsewhere to avoid the awkwardness of them working in the same place. Sally said she preferred popping in to run things by Adam, adding that she'd put Newman Fashion on the map by creating buzz with the dress she'd designed for Victoria. Adam praised Sally's talents but noted that Chelsea and Chloe were her superiors. Sally asked Adam to help her launch her own line. Adam advised Sally to focus on the business they were building.

After visiting properties, Chelsea and Chloe had coffee on the patio at Crimson Lights. Chloe expressed excitement about the prospect of moving their office. When Sharon approached with their coffees, she said she'd hadn't meant to overhear about their search for an office. Sharon, addressing Chelsea, said she'd heard Chelsea was selling the penthouse and might desire to put even more distance between herself and Adam. Chelsea insisted it was a business decision. Chloe agreed, animatedly explaining that they needed to expand to a creative location. Sharon played along and agreed that it sounded exciting. Chelsea caught onto Sharon's ploy to intrude and Chloe's attempts to cover and excused herself, claiming she needed to sweeten her coffee.

As Chelsea entered the main dining room, she approached Rey. Chelsea thanked Rey again for Connor's Christmas gift. Rey said he imagined Chelsea missed her son after having spent time with him over the holidays. Rey, expressing concern, mentioned Chelsea selling her home. Chelsea said she was looking forward to finding a new place in which to make memories.

Sharon and Chloe entered the dining room. Chloe asked Chelsea if her coffee was sweet enough. Chelsea told Chloe they should head to the office to get the ball rolling. Before departing, Chelsea told Rey it had been nice to talk to someone who genuinely cared about her well-being without having an ulterior motive. Rey replied that it shouldn't be a rare occurrence. Sharon seemed aware that Chelsea's remarks referred to her.

After Chelsea and Chloe left, Sharon asked Rey how his talk with Chelsea had gone. Rey reported that Chelsea had a positive attitude about starting over. Rey admitted it would be a struggle for Chelsea to face everything that had gone wrong. Sharon and Rey agreed it would be best for Chelsea not to work in the same building with Adam. Sharon noted that Rey had a good rapport with Chelsea. Rey explained that he'd talked to Chelsea about Connor because all parents loved talking about their children.

Chloe and Chelsea entered Adam's office, happily announcing that they'd found a new space with a creative vibe that would help them create great content. Chloe added that the space would help them attract young, vibrant talent. Adam replied that it wasn't the right time to incur additional expenses on a new lease. Chloe and Chelsea refused to back off, explaining that they'd worked out a deal that would allow them to reduce overhead and hire additional staff with the savings.

Adam agreed it was hard to argue with Chelsea and Chloe's logic. Chelsea immediately replied, "Excellent, excellent. We will let the finance department handle signing a new lease." Chloe assured Adam that the move was good for business. Adam said Chelsea was right about the advantages of them not crossing paths all day long. Chelsea's cheery mood suddenly soured, and she excused herself and walked out.

As Chelsea exited Adam's office, Sally approached and asked about the search for a new office. Chelsea rebuffed Sally and referred her to Chloe. Sally asked what she had to do to get Chelsea to treat her with an ounce of respect. Chelsea replied, "To be honest, I'm not sure I will ever be able to cut you a break." Sally acknowledged that the snub was personal and insisted that there was nothing going on between her and Adam.

Chelsea rebutted Sally, noting that she monopolized Adam's time. Chelsea warned Sally to stop playing her for a fool. Chloe overheard Chelsea's statement before Chelsea walked away. Sally said, "I did nothing. Chelsea just went off on me again. It's really starting to grate on my nerves." Chloe said she wasn't sure how much more she could take, so something would have to give.

After Sally's encounter with Chelsea, Sally told Adam that she felt her job wasn't secure. Adam asked Sally what she thought he should do. Sally asked Adam for pointers on how to deal with Chelsea. Adam replied, "All I know is you need to figure it out with her if you want to keep the job, okay?" Adam added that if Sally planned to go to war with Chelsea, then her chances weren't good. Sally smugly replied, "I think you underestimate me."

Chloe found Chelsea sulking on the patio at Crimson Lights. Chelsea, seething, said, "I don't want to be in that office with that woman for another second." Frustrated, Chloe replied, "Okay, I have tried to give you your space and accommodate your needs on this, but you are making it really tough." Chelsea asked how she'd done so. Chloe explained that she'd taken a job with Adam, her mortal enemy, in part because of Chelsea.

Chloe said that she'd built a viable business for Chelsea to have something to come back to, had sent Sally to New York for Chelsea's sake, and had agreed to move the business to help her, too. Frustrated, Chloe cried that she'd done it all to appease Chelsea, without getting anything back. Chloe said she could no longer handle the bickering, noting that it was bad for morale and bad for business. Chloe admitted they needed Sally because she was valuable to their business. Fed up, Chloe said she was done with trying to help Chelsea and would let her figure things out on her own.

At home, Chance greeted Abby and offered to cook whatever she desired for breakfast. Abby, lost in thought, wasn't interested in food. Abby cried that though she believed they'd made the right decision regarding Dominic, it hadn't made it easier to face. After the nanny, Louise, accompanied Dominic on a scheduled outing to a music class, Abby said she hoped Devon would maintain the baby's schedule. Chance noticed that Abby seemed distraught.

Noting that Abby seemed concerned about issues unrelated to Dominic's schedule, Chance asked her to talk about it. Abby said she feared Dominic might think they didn't love him enough to fight for him. Chance replied, "There was nothing to fight. There was only a bond to honor and respect." Chance reminded Abby that she'd loved both Brad and Victor, so Dominic wouldn't likely think differently than she had. Chance assured Abby that Dominic would feel love from all three of his parents and his extended family, as well.

Abby later perked up when she showed Chance a video Louise had sent of Dominic interacting in his music class. Chance was awed. Abby confessed that she'd been struggling with the thought of handing her son over to Devon, fearing that it might break her when her son wasn't with her. Abby cried that she might not be strong enough to endure it, though she knew it was the best decision for Chance, Dominic, and Devon. Chance suggested they contact Christine and tell her they'd changed their minds. Abby declined, agreeing they'd made the right decision.

At Devon's penthouse, Amanda asked Devon, cradling a stuffed toy, if he was anticipating father-son time with Dominic. Devon said he couldn't believe he would get shared custody of "his" little boy. Amanda looked away and nodded tentatively. Devon asked Amanda if she thought something might go wrong. Amanda explained that it was her job to prepare for contingencies. Devon said he remained confident that Abby, Chance, and Christine would come through.

Amanda reminded Devon that nothing had yet been set in stone, though she foresaw a lifetime of Devon loving his little boy. Devon told Amanda that whenever he envisioned his future with Dominic, he included her in it, too. Amanda smiled and replied, "I can't wait." Amanda received a text message from Christine, letting her know that the amendments to the custody agreement had been approved. Devon was overcome with emotion.

Victor tells Adam he might sell Newman Media to Victoria

Victor tells Adam he might sell Newman Media to Victoria

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

At the Newman ranch, Michael told Victor that he'd informed everyone at City Hall that he was stepping down as D.A., so he would become more available as Victor's counsel. The men shook hands, and Michael stressed that he would be available within reason. Victor stated that it meant a lot that Michael had made that decision, and he revealed that Newman Locke had just filed a lawsuit against Newman Media. Michael observed that Victor was surprisingly calm about the fact that Victoria was suing him.

Victor admitted that he was impressed by Victoria's moxie, since she wanted Newman Media, and she wouldn't go down without a fight. Victor recounted that Victoria had approached him about buying the company, but he'd turned her down. Michael bet Adam had appreciated it, and Victor divulged that Adam didn't know about it. Victor inquired whether there was any merit to the lawsuit, and Michael expressed confidence that Victor would win in court. Victor suspected that Victoria already knew she didn't have much of a case, and he wondered if it was part of her strategy or just retaliation. Michael offered to do some digging, but Victor had a better plan.

At Newman Locke, Victoria told Ashland that she'd scheduled a meeting with the finance team to go over the latest numbers, and she thought he'd be happy. She bragged about what she'd accomplished and intended to outdo herself in the upcoming months. Adam burst in and asked if she thought she'd get away with it. Victoria assumed that Adam had heard from his corporate lawyers. Adam blasted her for suing Newman Media for the use of the Newman name.

Adam reminded Victoria that their father was the primary financial backer of Newman Media and that his last name was also Newman. Victoria suggested that he have his lawyer call hers, but Adam demanded to hear the absurd explanation for the lawsuit from the horse's mouth. Victoria contended that a media division had existed at Newman Enterprises long before Adam had even shared the Newman name, and she'd decided to buy it back and change ChancComm's name to Newman Media. She encouraged him to look at it as an opportunity to rebrand his company with a new name, like Victor & Son.

Victoria excused herself to grab a bite with Ashland, but Adam barked that he wanted a moment alone with his sister. Ashland offered to grab takeout, and he stepped out. Adam ordered Victoria to drop the condescending tone, since he saw right through her. Adam called the lawsuit a ridiculous ploy, but Victoria insisted that it was simply business. She asserted that she wanted all her divisions to have the Newman name, and he suggested that she call the media division Newman Communications. Victoria complained that it would be too confusing, and she didn't want people to mix up the companies when one was the gold standard, and the other was his.

Adam questioned whether it hadn't been enough validation for Victoria to be named CEO, and he condemned her for trying to damage the success he'd earned. She contemplated how successful he'd be if his daddy hadn't handed him a company to run. Adam accused Victoria of having to be number one in their daddy's eyes, citing her attempt to turn Victor against him with the Billy debacle. Adam warned that she was wasting effort on an embarrassing endeavor, since suing their father to spite Adam wouldn't sit well. Victoria huffed that it was between her and Victor, and she dismissively stated that she had work to do. Adam stalked out.

Later, Victor entered Victoria's office and closed the door. Victoria remarked that she'd had an odd mix of Newman visitors that day. Victor informed her that he'd told her secretary to hold her calls, since they had something serious to discuss. He asked whether the lawsuit was meant as an attempt to exert leverage or if she was serious about it. He ominously stated that she was aware of who she was dealing with.

"I'm Victor Newman. I created that name. I built my empire under my name. It will always stay under my name," Victor proclaimed. Victoria claimed that it was precisely her point, since Newman Media should belong to the Newman empire that he'd built. Victor pointed out that it would be under the Newman Locke umbrella. Victoria argued that they could avoid spending money and energy over a legal battle if he sold the company to her, and he stood to benefit as a major stockholder and the chairman of the board. She added that what was good for the company was good for him.

Victor inquired whether Adam would run the newly expanded company, and Victoria asked if it was a negotiation or a test. She admitted that she wasn't thrilled by the idea of keeping Adam on, but she was open to discussing the possibility. Victoria wondered why Adam wasn't there if Victor was serious, and Victor stated that it was between the two of them. Victoria shared that Adam had dropped by earlier to give her an earful about the lawsuit. Victoria was sure that Adam would resent it if Victor sold the company to her, and Adam would detest working under her. She wondered if it would be a dealbreaker if Adam refused to come on board.

Victor reasoned that nothing was a dealbreaker because he and Victoria didn't have a deal yet. He agreed that Adam would balk at working under her leadership, but he believed Adam needed a dose of humility. Victoria was thrilled that her father was giving thought to selling to her, and she wondered what had changed his mind. Victor promised that he would be in touch, and he instructed her to decide on a figure that would be pleasing to him. On his way out, he stopped to gaze at her portrait and warned her not to lowball him.

At Society, Ashland made plans over the phone to meet with a team from New York. He mentioned that Victoria wouldn't be attending the meeting, since she was busy with other projects, and he'd be spearheading it with her full support. He hung up as Michael approached, claiming that he'd recognized Ashland from the news. Ashland noted that Michael was the D.A., and he voiced surprise that they hadn't crossed paths before. Michael proposed that they chat while Ashland waited for his order, and they headed to a table.

Michael shared that he was returning to private practice as Victor's counsel, and he was already handling certain matters for Victor. Ashland assumed Michael had heard about the lawsuit, and Michael called it a bold move. Michael added that he wasn't concerned about it because he didn't think the case had legs. Ashland commented that Michael certainly lived up to his reputation, but Michael doubted Ashland had been around long enough to know much about him. Ashland cited Michael's incredible tale of incarceration and redemption and applauded him for getting back on a righteous path after contending with noteworthy allegations of criminal charges.

Michael flatly stated that the charges had been dropped, and it had been part of his journey to becoming the upstanding man he'd become. Michael was flattered that Ashland had done his homework, and Ashland explained that he investigated every prominent figure in the cities he lived in. Michael mused that he'd been fascinated by ChancComm's article about Ashland, and Ashland figured that they'd both seen it all. Ashland continued that they liked to push boundaries and dabble in the grey, and they both lived for a good fight. Adam appeared and asked to join them.

Ashland inquired about Adam's conversation with Victoria, but Adam was more interested in what Ashland had been discussing with the D.A. Michael informed Adam that he'd be leaving the D.A.'s office to work for Victor, and he was surprised Victor hadn't told Adam. Adam fibbed that Victor had, but he hadn't known it would be that soon. Adam guessed that the men had been talking about Newman Locke's attack on Newman Media, and he assumed Michael had some things to say about it. Ashland asserted that Michael hadn't ever gone up against the likes of him and Victoria, and he thanked Michael for the talk. After Ashland departed, Michael assured Adam that Ashland's bravado wouldn't win cases in court, and there was nothing to worry about.

Ashland returned to the office and told Victoria that he'd run into Michael, who had been eager to make his acquaintance. Victoria was surprised to hear that Michael was working for her father, and she pondered whether Victor had reached out to Michael to reinforce his legal team to battle them. Ashland recounted that he'd wanted to probe deeper, but Adam had shown up. Ashland shared that Adam had been evasive when asked about his conversation with her, and she reported that her brother had made a feeble attempt at mind games that she'd dismissed. She found it interesting that Adam hadn't thrown the fact that Michael was working for their dad in her face, and Ashland speculated that Adam hadn't known.

Victoria confirmed that Victor had been keeping things from Adam, including her pitch to buy Newman Media. She revealed that Victor had stopped by while Ashland had been out, and her father had done an about-face and was open to an offer to sell them Newman Media. Ashland was reluctant to celebrate, since it appeared that Victor had changed his tune to avoid the headache of the lawsuit, but he'd also just hired the best lawyer in the state. Victoria recalled that Victor hadn't given her an answer about the reason behind his change of attitude; however, she'd gotten to know his tells over the years, and she'd been able to tell he was up to something.

Adam stormed into the ranch and demanded to know why Victor hadn't told him that he'd hired Michael. Victor said there was something Adam should know, and he revealed that Victoria had approached him about buying Newman Media. Adam grumbled that ChancComm hadn't been enough, and he assumed that Victor had turned her down. Adam supposed it was the reason for the lawsuit, but he imagined Victoria would regret overplaying her hand. Adam wished Victor had told him earlier so he would have understood the dynamics. Victor announced that he was seriously entertaining her offer.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda wrapped up a meeting with a client. Phyllis approached, and Amanda inquired whether there had been any more frivolous lawsuits. Phyllis declared that the only thing she needed counsel for was her entire future, since she was trying to decide whether to leave Genoa City for good and start a new beginning. Phyllis explained that Summer had offered her a job at Marchetti, and she was considering taking it.

Amanda was stunned at the prospect that Phyllis would just up and leave Genoa City, her hotel, and her friends. Phyllis reiterated that she'd been at loose ends and afraid that she'd create chaos, and she was sure the universe was offering her a new start. Amanda pointed out that there were many opportunities that didn't require Phyllis to uproot her entire life, but Phyllis argued that she wasn't rooted there. Phyllis gushed about Milan being an incredible city where her daughter lived. Amanda recognized that Phyllis missed Summer a lot, but she thought it seemed like an extreme reaction.

Amanda anticipated that Phyllis would miss a lot of people in Genoa City who cared about her, but Phyllis countered that the people who cared could visit her in Milan. Amanda preferred that Phyllis stay, and Phyllis became choked up. Phyllis whimpered that Amanda, Michael, and Lauren were her only friends there, but Amanda clucked that Phyllis was purposely leaving out a few people, like Nick and Jack. Phyllis protested that they weren't friends but ex-husbands.

Amanda sympathized that Phyllis felt shut out of the men's lives, and she suspected Phyllis was dealing with it by taking a huge leap. Phyllis figured that she didn't do anything halfway, but Amanda urged her to consider moderation, like going on a vacation or expanding her business. Amanda said she understood that Phyllis was drawn to Summer, but she questioned whether the decision to move to a different country was more about Jack going radio silent.

Phyllis maintained that the decision was solely about her, and she felt like she was getting complacent and had to change that. Amanda wondered what would happen to the hotel, and Phyllis imagined that someone else could run it, or she could sell it. Amanda was taken aback that Phyllis would give the hotel away after everything she'd done to hold onto it. Phyllis expected that it would sting a little bit, but she would get beyond it with a thrilling career in Milan.

Amanda acknowledged that making a major life change would be exciting, but she intended to keep hounding Phyllis until she admitted that Jack played a role in her sudden desire to move across the ocean. Phyllis conceded that she didn't understand why he was freezing her out, and she missed him. Phyllis pointed out that she always tried to make everything incredible and fabulous, and it would be if she lived in Milan. Amanda asked what Phyllis would be doing for Marchetti, and Phyllis believed it was a very high-level marketing position. Amanda pointed out that Phyllis' background was in technology, but Phyllis insisted that marketing was in her wheelhouse.

Phyllis stressed that working alongside her daughter would mean everything to her. Amanda supported Phyllis taking a trip to Milan but advised her not to accept the job or make huge life changes until she talked to someone who knew her better than Amanda did. Amanda began to compose a text message, and Phyllis objected to contacting Jack. Amanda swore that she hadn't reached out to Jack, but she had called for some backup.

Amanda suggested that they talk about Phyllis' options to sell the hotel or hire someone to run it in her absence. Phyllis thought a strong case could be made that someone else should run it after all the disasters that had happened there. Amanda cautioned that giving up the business Phyllis had poured her heart into wasn't a decision to take lightly. Michael arrived at the hotel in response to Amanda's message that Phyllis needed something. Amanda informed him that Phyllis was considering leaving Genoa City for good. "The hell you will!" Michael cried, adding that if he had to stick around, so did Phyllis.

Phyllis chided Amanda for involving another attorney to play devil's advocate, but Amanda defended that she wanted Phyllis to have the best possible advice. Michael questioned Phyllis' sudden urge to flee, and Phyllis reasoned that her daughter had invited her to work at Marchetti. Michael considered it a generous but insane offer, since Phyllis was happy in Genoa City. Phyllis muttered that she wasn't really happy, but Michael proclaimed that the town had made her the person she was that day.

Michael recalled that Phyllis had arrived in town as a needy, desperate woman obsessed with Danny Romalotti, but she'd grown after a lot of mistakes, some felonies, and many more misdemeanors. Amanda's eyes widened. Michael continued that Phyllis had channeled her energy and determination into the right direction, and she was a force to be reckoned with who would do anything for the people she loved and stand up for what she believed in, even when everyone else thought she was nuts. Michael believed that Genoa City had molded Phyllis, and she had molded it.

Michael found it insulting to him and Lauren that Phyllis would even consider bailing, but Phyllis told him not to take it personally because she still loved them. Michael figured that if Phyllis had said even once that she wanted to live in Milan or do anything other than run the hotel she'd fought tooth and nail for, he'd humor her, but he couldn't pretend the idea of moving had any merit at all. Michael thought that working at Marchetti would be a great idea if Phyllis wanted to destroy her relationship with her daughter, and he predicted that the job wouldn't last a month. Phyllis argued that Summer had offered her the job, but Michael bellowed that it didn't make it right. He commanded that Phyllis come to her senses so he could be on his way.

Phyllis didn't know if she should feel touched that Michael wanted her to stay or annoyed that he was being loud in her place of business. She explained that her life had become about her exes and the hotel, and she didn't like standing behind the counter all the time. Michael suggested that she make changes there in Genoa City. Phyllis said Michael had reminded her of the person she'd once been and the life she'd once had, and he asked what aspects of "old-school Phyllis" she was referring to. "Not that part," she quickly replied with a sideways glance at a curious Amanda.

Phyllis swore that she'd learned a lot of lessons, and she requested that Michael and Amanda support her at least considering the potential move. Amanda reiterated that she supported an exploratory trip. Michael endorsed a visit with Summer, if only so it would remind Phyllis that she and her daughter were frequently irritated with one another when in close proximity. Amanda inquired whether Phyllis would go to Milan while Jack was there or if she'd wait until his business was finished. Phyllis maintained that Jack didn't factor into it, but Amanda and Michael shared a knowing look.

Devon takes Dominic home for an overnight stay

Devon takes Dominic home for an overnight stay

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Victoria told Billy that she believed Jill had made the right choice in making Lily CEO of Chancellor Industries. Billy said Jill was very proud of the job Lily was doing, and he was the lucky one who helped Lily execute her vision. Billy said it was akin to Victoria and Ashland. Victoria claimed Ashland was her most trusted advisor.

Billy said Victoria couldn't deny that her recent success had had a lot to do with Ashland's support. He mentioned that Ashland's lawsuit had been the reason Jill had needed to sell ChancComm, and with Ashland being on the board at Newman Media, his insight would be invaluable. Victoria agreed Ashland would be a valuable asset if she was still planning to go ahead with her plan. Billy reminded her that she had been willing to conspire with him to get her hands on Newman Media. Billy knew she wouldn't walk away from that.

Billy told Victoria he hadn't forgotten how eager she'd been to get her hands on Newman Media during the brief time they had conspired together. Victoria claimed it had been brief because Billy had given up. She said he'd decided to work with Lily instead. Billy knew Victoria wouldn't give up that easily. He said Victoria got that look in her eyes when she was pumped up about a big deal. She stated that she ran a major conglomerate, and there were several great deals on the table at any given time. Billy claimed none of those deals would give her the same satisfaction as kicking Adam to the curb.

Victoria claimed Billy had turned his craving for revenge on her. Billy said he'd let go of his need for revenge. He believed Victoria should do the same because it wasn't worth it. Billy claimed he'd been hellbent on wanting revenge on Adam, but he'd come to his senses. Victoria claimed Billy was jealous because she might have an opportunity to triumph over Adam, and Billy had given up his chance.

Billy said that Victoria's biggest triumph had happened when she'd sold Newman Communications to ChancComm. He said that had been when she'd been totally independent from Victor and hadn't needed Victor's advice or opinion. He said she'd simply done it, yet she was buying ChancComm back with Victor's help. Billy pointed out that Victor had paved the way for Victoria to make her move after he'd taken Billy down. It was happening again with Newman Media. He said Victoria was going to owe Victor, and Victor would never forget that. Billy told Victoria to walk away while she still could, and he left.

At the ranch, Adam was upset when he asked when Victor had planned to tell him he was thinking about selling Newman Media, since Adam was still CEO of the company. Victor explained that Victoria had approached him recently, and he'd felt that discussing it with Adam would have been premature. Adam stated that he'd seen Victoria earlier, and she'd been very smug. It had been obvious to Victoria that Victor had kept him out of the loop.

Victor told Adam that Victoria would create a formidable company by acquiring Newman Media shortly after the ChancComm acquisition. It would make Newman Locke the powerhouse in the media business. Adam asked what that meant for him. Victor assured Adam there was no reason for him to be concerned because Adam would continue as CEO, albeit for a larger company when Newman Media and ChancComm merged.

Adam reminded Victor how hard they'd worked to keep Newman Media independent. Victor stated that since Newman had merged with Ashland Locke's empire and had purchased ChancComm, it was a good reason to combine all the entities rather than having the various groups compete with one another. Adam asked if it was Victor's way of showing his disapproval of Adam. Victor claimed he'd been disappointed that Adam hadn't seen through Billy's pitiful attack on their company. He said Victoria had had to step in and stop it.

Adam pointed out to Victor that he'd hit every goal at every level at Newman Media. Victor agreed and said it was the reason Victoria would make them a substantial offer. Adam questioned why Victor had brought Michael Baldwin in. He asked if Victor had something else up his sleeve. Adam asked why Victor wasn't letting him in on what he was planning. Adam claimed he had a right to be included in those discussions. Victor told Adam he would do what was best for the company. Adam wanted to know what that meant. Victor stated that Adam would find out.

At the penthouse, Devon told Lily that Abby and Chance had agreed to shared custody. Lily was very happy for him. She gushed that Devon was officially a father, and that officially made her an aunt. Devon claimed all that was left was to file the legal agreement. He told Lily that part of the agreement was to add the Winters name to Dominic's to honor Neil.

After Lily left, Devon thanked Amanda for supporting him through the Dominic situation. He said that having a baby in the house one day a week hadn't been in the plan when Amanda had moved in. Amanda was a bit worried because she hadn't had a lot of experience with infants, but she was willing to learn.

Chance arrived at home just in time to hear Abby tell Dominic that Devon would have a special room just for him and that Devon loved him "so much." She said Devon made Dominic laugh, and he knew all Dominic's favorite games and music. She said there was nothing to worry about because spending more time with Devon would be a good thing.

After Abby had put Dominic down for a nap, Abby wanted to hear what Chance thought about the situation. Chance admitted he'd had a couple of nightmares that had gotten pretty bad. Chance said that things might have to get worse before they got better. Abby claimed that as hard as it had been, maybe they'd made the right decision.

Later, Christine arrived. Chance read over the custody agreement. Christine stated that the agreement reflected all the changes Chance and Abby had previously approved. Christine wanted them to take their time looking over the agreement. If they had any second thoughts, concerns, or changes, she and Amanda would address them. Abby claimed they weren't having second thoughts. It was the right thing to do. Christine said Devon had requested that Dominic have an overnight stay as soon as possible. Christine said if Abby wasn't ready to say so, they weren't under any legal obligation to do so yet.

Chance told Abby they were both tired and could use a little alone time, but it was completely up to Abby. Abby claimed it was their new normal, so she didn't see why they would delay it. She left to pack Dominic's bag.

At the coffeehouse, Mariah told Tessa that Devon, Abby, and Chance were reworking Dominic's custody agreement. She didn't have any specifics; however, Devon would be able to have Dominic for regular visits. She said Abby and Chance had decided it was best for the baby. Tessa asked how Mariah felt about that. Mariah claimed she had mixed emotions, and she was experiencing some jealousy; however, her and Devon's situations were completely different.

Mariah told Tessa she wasn't the baby's biological mother, and even if she'd wanted to file a lawsuit, she wouldn't have the same case as Devon. Mariah stated that Dominic was going to be surrounded by a ton of people who loved him. In the end, that was all that mattered. Mariah apologized if she'd come across as pitiful. Mariah claimed she had a lot to be grateful for. She had a job she loved, a cute apartment, and the most adorable and supportive girlfriend.

Mariah mentioned that she and Tessa hadn't discussed a wedding date. Tessa suggested spring. Tessa asked if they wanted a big wedding or an intimate one. Mariah suggested a destination wedding. She said it was a once-in-a-lifetime event, and she wanted to put a unique spin on it. Tessa had to leave for her publicity meeting about her album release and asked to continue their conversation later.

In her office, Victoria told Ashland she'd had a run-in with Billy, and he'd guessed she was still interested in acquiring Newman Media. Billy wasn't in favor of it. Ashland suggested that perhaps Billy and Lily wanted to make their own play for it. Victoria said Victor wouldn't sell it to Billy and that Billy was worried about her trust in Victor.

Ashland stated that Victoria knew how Victor's mind worked, and they suspected Victor had an ulterior motive for his sudden reversal. Ashland wondered if Victor wanted to use their bid to keep Adam in line. Victoria suspected there was something else going on, and they wouldn't find out until Victor was ready to share.

Nikki arrived. She was excited that Victor was going to give Victoria an opportunity to make an offer for Newman Media. She also wanted to warn Victoria that Victor wanted to be very involved with the company. Nikki said that Victoria needed to decide if she could live with that before putting in an offer. Victoria claimed she was more concerned about the risk it would be to bring Adam on board. Nikki looked confused. Victoria informed her that Victor wanted Adam to stay on as CEO, or there was no deal.

Nikki told Victoria that bringing Adam onto the executive team had been the last thing she'd expected. Victoria claimed they had no choice if they wanted to make the deal. Nikki claimed she could make peace with it, but it would depend on Adam changing his attitude. In Italy, they had seen that Adam could be a team player. Ashland claimed Adam had been instrumental in keeping Gaines from disrupting their wedding. Victoria stated that Adam's attitude was key.

Victoria told Nikki that Adam had helped them in Italy for one reason only: to stay on Victor's good side. That hadn't worked out well for Adam because Victor was planning to sell Newman Media out from under him. Ashland claimed it might be a good idea to keep Adam in-house so they could keep an eye on him.

Nikki told Ashland they didn't know if Adam would even make the move. It would be a tremendous blow to Adam's ego, going from an independent CEO to a subordinate position with so many layers to answer to. Victoria claimed they didn't have to make a decision at that moment; however, she wouldn't let her guard down around Adam.

At Newman Media, Noah told Adam he wanted to explain why he'd taken the job at New Hope. Adam claimed it was the first he'd heard about it. Noah said he'd spoken to Victor, and he'd assumed Victor had told Adam. Noah said he was happy he'd be working with Nick again. He was sure Adam could relate, since he worked with his father. Adam claimed it wasn't working out the way he'd expected; however, Nick was a good guy, and it was a great opportunity for Noah. As Noah was leaving Sally rushed in and said there was something Adam needed to know.

Sally told Adam that Chloe and Chelsea had signed a lease for the new offices of Newman Fashion. Sally said she was bummed because she liked to barge in on Adam to annoy him when the mood struck her. Adam had no doubts she would find a way around that, since she was very creative. He admitted he would miss her unexpected pop-ins; however, he had bigger concerns.

Sally asked Adam what Victor had done. Sally guessed that Victor had already begun micromanaging. She told Adam not to concern himself because Victor would see that Adam was doing a good job. Adam said it wouldn't be just Victor looking over his shoulder. Sally asked what he meant. Adam said Sally couldn't say anything to Chloe, and she couldn't lord it over Chelsea that she was in on his secret. She promised.

Adam told Sally that Victor was considering selling Newman Media to Victoria because it was a good business move, but it felt like no confidence in his leadership. He said Victor had been disappointed that Adam had been blindsided by Billy's plan. Sally asked how Adam was going to handle the situation. Adam wasn't sure.

Adam told Sally that even if Victor sold the company, Adam would remain in his position as CEO. Sally asked if he would be willing to report to Victoria. Adam claimed Victor wasn't only punishing him but watching to see how he would react to Victor's little game. Sally told Adam to go for it. She admitted it would be annoying having Victoria scrutinize everything he did and taking a shot at him every chance she got, but Sally also reminded Adam that Victoria couldn't count on Victor's support. Eventually, Victoria would fall out of Victor's favor, and Adam would be first in line to pick up the gauntlet. Adam appreciated Sally's support.

At Chancellor Industries, Billy told Lily he'd looked into the construction project to make sure all the permits were in place. He suggested they break ground the following week. Lily agreed. Billy wished Victoria would take his advice as willingly as Lily had. He said Victoria was still planning on going after Adam and Newman Media. He had suggested that she walk away and live her best life, but Victoria was convinced she could pull it off. Lily claimed that if Victoria succeeded, they could watch Adam go down in flames without her or Billy having lifted a finger. Lily then shared the news that Abby and Chance had agreed to shared custody of Dominic with Devon. Lily claimed Devon was going to be an amazing dad.

Devon and Amanda arrived at the Chancellor home. Abby arrived with Dominic and a baby bag. Devon told Dominic he would be spending the night with daddy. After Devon and Amanda left, the upset Abby rushed into Chance's arms.

Chance and Abby try to adjust to their new normal

Chance and Abby try to adjust to their new normal

Thursday, January 27, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Tessa that she and Rey were there to cheer her and Mariah on during the long adoption process. Sharon asked if there was anything concrete that she could help with immediately. Tessa said she and Mariah were attending a seminar the following day to find out which adoption option they were leaning toward: domestic, international, private, open versus closed, or foster to adopt. Tessa also said they had joined an online adoption group who discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly side of adopting. Sharon thought that was a fantastic idea.

Sharon noticed that Tessa seemed very distracted. Tessa informed Sharon that Mariah had received some news that had hit her quite hard. She said Abby and Chance had decided to allow Devon to have shared custody of Dominic. Sharon agreed that had to have been hard for Mariah to hear. Mariah arrived. She asked to speak to Tessa privately.

Mariah told Tessa she'd gone for a walk, and she'd made a decision. She told Tessa to close her eyes, and she guided Tessa onto the patio. Mariah asked if Tessa remembered their first date. Tessa did; it had been a movie at the Athletic Club. Mariah told Tessa to open her eyes. Tessa looked up, and there were stars hanging from the ceiling. Mariah said that had been the first time they had proclaimed their love. She'd been scared because she hadn't known if Tessa had felt the same way. Tessa claimed that she'd felt the same way.

Mariah told Tessa it had changed her life in the best possible way. She recalled a night she and Tessa had felt the need to get away. They'd found a lovely field where they had just lain down for hours, looking at the stars, trying to name the constellations, and inventing their own stories. Mariah said that had become their story. It was what she'd thought about while walking, and she was happy that Tessa was ready to embark on that journey with her. Mariah got down on one knee and proposed to Tessa. She gave Tessa an engagement ring. Noah watched sadly through the window as Tessa and Mariah kissed.

Sharon was very excited when she joined Mariah and Tessa on the patio. She said she hadn't been able to help but eavesdrop on that sweet proposal. She said they needed to talk seriously about wedding plans. Mariah saw Noah, who was about to walk away, and she called out to him. Mariah told Noah they were in full party-planning mode, and she invited him to join them. Sharon was excited that her oldest daughter was getting married.

Sharon suggested an engagement party, but Mariah and Tessa claimed that was too traditional. Sharon claimed it was a family milestone and a time to celebrate, have some fun, and play some games. Mariah and Tessa turned down that idea. Sharon asked if they had a theme. Mariah stated that the things Sharon was suggesting didn't seem like them. Noah claimed he had the perfect way to celebrate their engagement. He suggested that instead of a traditional engagement party, they should have a listening party and listen to Tessa's new album.

Tessa objected because it would be all about her and not them as a couple. Noah disagreed. He pointed out that every track on the album was about her love for Mariah. Noah reminded Tessa that she'd been thinking about Mariah when he'd taken her photo for the album cover. She'd been filled with genuine emotion, and that was the reason the cover had turned out so perfect. Tessa admitted that falling in love with Mariah had helped her find her voice. Mariah felt that Noah was onto something, and Sharon agreed.

Noah told Tessa it wouldn't be about putting her in the spotlight. He said it would be about both of them and their love for each other, and it should be expressed in the most beautiful and authentic way. Mariah loved that idea, and so did Tessa. Mariah thanked Noah for brainstorming with them. She wanted Noah to help them with the wedding plans, but Noah claimed he had to leave because he was having drinks with friends. After Noah left, Tessa and Mariah realized they hadn't eaten. Tessa left to get a takeout order from Society.

At home, Abby was restless, and she knew she was driving Chance and herself crazy. She told Chance they needed to inform everyone about their situation. Chance understood things had happened much sooner than Abby had expected, and he promised things would get easier. Abby's phone rang. Abby refused to deal with anyone at that moment. Chance answered the phone and showed Abby it was Devon and Dominic on a video chat. Devon said they were calling to say goodnight. Devon said Dominic had settled in nicely. Chance thanked Devon for calling.

Chance told Abby he felt better after seeing Dominic safe and cozy at Devon's. Not looking happy, Abby agreed and said she wouldn't have been able to share custody with Devon if she hadn't thought he was capable. Abby admitted it was a strange feeling not having Dominic to plan her evening around, and she felt lost. She said she had to get used to having days and nights without her son. It was their new normal.

Chance told Abby he wanted to prove that it didn't have to be some weekly ordeal they had to endure. Chance dimmed the lights and gave Abby a massage. He said he knew Abby had carried "so much" on her own while he'd been away. He wanted to remind her she wasn't alone. He said that no matter how tough things became, he wanted them to keep their connection. He wanted to make that kind of time for them as often as he could to show how much she meant to him. Abby liked the sound of that.

Abby told Chance he'd given her hope that they could not only survive but also thrive as a couple and a family. Chance was amazed how hard Abby had fought to keep them together. He said she had "so much strength and so much heart." He said it was because of her he'd been able to return to Genoa City, alive and well. He promised he would be the man Abby needed him to be as well as the father he was supposed to be. They kissed.

Later, not able to sleep, Chance walked into the living room and went through the mail. He opened a letter addressed to him, and he was reading it when Abby entered the room and asked what was wrong. Chance wiped his tears and said the letter was from a woman in Florida, whose husband had been with Chance in Valencia. He said he'd sent her money for her husband's funeral. The woman had thanked him for giving her family a lot of moral support during a tremendously difficult time.

Abby said she'd had no idea that Chance had reached out to the woman that way. Chance said he'd tried to contact the families of everyone that had been in Spain with him to make sure they had everything they needed. He said he'd been able to walk away and come home to Abby, but his team hadn't. Abby wanted to know what else the woman had written.

Chance read the letter out loud. The woman had written that it had meant a lot to know the perpetrators had been convicted and sent to prison and that Justin's sacrifice hadn't been in vain. Justin had been very proud protecting their nation. He'd known the work he'd done had been valued. She wrote that Chance had asked if there was anything he could do for her and Becca. She wrote there was one thing: she wanted Chance to stop feeling guilty because he'd survived and to stop second-guessing his actions in Spain because none of it had been his fault; the State Department had said it, and she was saying it.

The woman wrote that she wanted Chance to be as generous to himself as he'd been with her and Becca. Justin had always thought the world of Chance. She wanted Chance to find a way to make peace with it in his own heart and to live his life with purpose and to be happy. She knew Justin would have wanted that for Chance, as well.

Abby said she hoped that Chance took the woman's words to heart and stopped blaming himself because none of it had been Chance's fault. Chance stated that Justin's daughter didn't have a father. Chance asked how he was supposed to move on. He understood that no one blamed him, but he blamed himself. He couldn't erase the memory of that night. His entire team had been killed in what was supposed to have been their safe house, and it made him feel sick knowing he'd failed them and the mission.

Abby said she knew Chance was going through hell and that it was torture for him, but together, they would find what Chance needed to cope and heal to get him to the other side. Chance claimed all he needed was Abby. They kissed.

At home, Devon told Dominic that it was his first official stay. Devon told Amanda that having his son with him felt like the most natural thing in the world. Amanda told Devon she appreciated being part of his and Dominic's life together. Devon thanked Amanda for making the first visit happen. Amanda claimed they had to thank Abby and Chance for giving them everything they needed.

After Devon finished his and Dominic's call to Abby and Chance to say goodnight, Devon told Amanda he was out of tricks for getting Dominic to sleep. Devon said Dominic was definitely tired, but he wouldn't settle down; he kept nodding off but waking himself up. When Dominic finally fell asleep, Devon told Amanda he wanted to ensure that Dominic was in a happy and stable environment. Devon and Amanda were both startled by a loud knocking at the door. Devon rushed to the door, and Lily came in and boisterously stated she wanted to see Dominic. Dominic woke up and began to cry.

Devon told Lily he wished Dominic had been able to meet his grandpa Neil, since Winters had been added to Dominic's name. Dominic fell asleep again, only to be woken when Moses and Faith arrived noisily. Moses apologized when he heard Dominic crying. Devon told Moses that Dominic would have to get used to the noise because it was Dominic's second home. Moses was surprised that Devon had been granted shared custody. Devon said that once he, Abby, and Chance had come to an agreement, he hadn't been able to wait to get Dominic home. He clarified that it would only be one night a week.

Lily asked Amanda how it felt to have a baby added to the mix. Amanda claimed she loved it. There was something wonderful about seeing Devon with his child, and she knew it had been the right thing to do. She was happy she'd been able to accomplish things without the need of going before a judge. Amanda was sure she'd be able to bond with Dominic, as well. Lily and Faith left. Devon took Dominic to his room.

Once Devon had put Dominic to bed, he thanked Amanda for making it possible to have Dominic with him. Amanda said Devon's friendship and his strength of character had been the reasons that Abby and Chance had come around. She said he'd handled a very delicate situation with a great deal of maturity and patience. She couldn't be prouder of him. Devon was grateful for all the support Amanda had given him through it all and for welcoming Dominic with open arms. They were about to kiss when Dominic began crying.

Mariah was helping Sharon close the coffeehouse when Faith arrived. Sharon asked how her date with Moses had gone. Faith said the date had been great, and when they'd arrived at Devon's, Dominic had been there for an overnight visit. Mariah joined Faith and Sharon. Faith said that it was going to be a regular thing. Mariah noticed that Sharon didn't seem surprised. Sharon admitted that Tessa had told her about it earlier. Sharon asked if Mariah was okay.

Mariah said that when she'd first heard about Abby and Chance giving shared custody to Devon, she'd felt the pain; however, she'd had the time to think about it, and she'd been able to make a mental shift. Given how much Chance had been struggling since his return, she believed it was in the baby's best interest. She said Devon was going to be a great dad, and she and Tessa were going to have a child of their own. Sharon gave Mariah a big hug.

Noah was alone at Society, having a drink, when Tessa arrived and told him she was there to pick up takeout for her and Mariah. She was surprised to see him there alone. She'd thought he was meeting with some friends. Sullenly, Noah claimed his friends seemed to have bailed on him. He claimed he was continuing the celebration for the happy couple. Tessa, seeing he'd had quite a bit to drink, offered to drive him home, but Noah claimed that wasn't a good idea.

Noah said it was time for him to leave. Tessa wanted to call a car for him, but Noah told her it was nothing for her to worry about. He wasn't going to drive himself home. She didn't want to leave him that way. She asked if he was going to be okay. Noah asked why he wouldn't be okay. He said when one loved someone, one wanted them to be happy. He said he loved his sister, and he would be fine. Noah left.

Victoria tells Adam that Newman Media had been sold

Victoria tells Adam that Newman Media had been sold

Friday, January 28, 2022

by Nel

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki he was going over Newman Locke's offer to buy Newman Media; however, something gave him pause. Nikki asked if Victor was worried how Adam would react if Victor accepted the sale. Victor claimed that no matter what he did, one of his children would be unhappy. Victor knew Adam wouldn't react well. Nikki claimed Victoria would be disappointed, but she would understand if Victor decided not to sell. Victor said he'd made a decision.

Ashland arrived in Victoria's office. He announced that he'd had a productive meeting with Riley in marketing. He'd given Riley some branding ideas for their new sports media division, and Riley had knocked it out of the park. Annoyed, Victoria stated that Ashland hadn't discussed that media division with her. Ashland asked if she had an issue with that.

Victoria agreed with Ashland that it was a good idea to get a head start but she was a little surprised Ashland hadn't mentioned it to her. Ashland explained that he knew Victoria wasn't interested in sports, and he'd decided to pick up the ball and run with it. He said he was happy that he had enough energy to take something off Victoria's plate.

Victoria told Ashland that if the deal went through, the sports media would fall under Adam's purview, and anything directed at Adam needed to go through her first because she knew Adam was a manipulative schemer. She said she didn't want Adam believing he could play her and Ashland against each other. Victoria stated that they needed to present a united front at all times, especially where Adam was concerned.

Victoria told Ashland she loved seeing him energized and working again. Ashland and Victoria flirted a bit, and after Victoria locked the door, they wound up on the coach for some afternoon delight.

Later, Victoria checked her phone and saw that Victor wanted to meet to discuss the offer. Ashland was ready to go, but Victoria claimed she should handle it alone because Victor always let his guard down around her. When Victoria left, Ashland's smile faded.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was on the phone, and she informed Summer that her plane would land at approximately 11:00 a.m. Michael stood behind Phyllis and eavesdropped. When Phyllis ended her call, Michael guessed that Phyllis had made up her mind about Milan. Phyllis explained that it was an exploratory trip to see what that job entailed. Michael felt that spending time with Summer would greatly influence Phyllis' decision. Michael repeated that Phyllis' home, life, and friends were in Genoa City. Phyllis asked Michael what Genoa City had to offer her.

Jack arrived, and he informed Phyllis and Michael that he and Kyle had pulled off a major coup for Jabot's European division. Jack wanted to speak with Phyllis. Michael told Jack that Phyllis had some news to share with him. Phyllis suggested they talk in her suite.

In her suite, Phyllis asked if Jack had received her text messages because he hadn't responded. Jack admitted there had been several times he'd wanted to reach out to her; however, he felt they should have a conversation in person. Phyllis admitted that she knew she'd hurt Jack when she hadn't joined him Christmas Eve. She claimed she hadn't gone because she hadn't wanted the third degree from Ashley and Traci, and she hadn't wanted to be scrutinized by them, either. Jack said he knew that wasn't the real reason.

Phyllis told Jack she was scared about everything that had been happening, and she believed that was the reason she couldn't take the next step with him. She said she respected Jack a lot, but she'd hurt him and let him down too many times. She said their friendship meant everything to her. Jack reminded her that she should take all the time she needed, but no matter what she decided, they would always have their friendship. Phyllis said that when she'd believed Jack hadn't been honest with her, it had paralyzed her. When Jack hadn't responded to any of her text messages, she'd come up with her own theory about why he'd left. She didn't want to let Jack down.

Phyllis told Jack that Summer had offered her a job at Marchetti. Stunned, Jack asked if Phyllis was moving to Milan. He claimed he could think of a million reasons why Phyllis should stay in Genoa City. Phyllis claimed there was nothing for her in Genoa City. Jack claimed Phyllis had decided to walk away from anything potential between them. Phyllis said the dynamics between them were very confusing, and they scared her.

Phyllis told Jack that they kept missing the mark. Jack understood that if Phyllis' heart was in Milan, then she needed to go there. He said their paths would always cross, as long as Summer, Kyle, and Harrison were there. Phyllis said she would leave in a couple of days to see if the job was feasible. Jack was certain she would make it work.

Jack wanted Phyllis to have dinner with him. He wanted to make sure there wasn't any underlying tension or residual anger, or them missing the mark. Phyllis said they would definitely have dinner when she returned. Jack was disappointed that she couldn't make time for him sooner, but he looked forward to her return.

Jack asked Phyllis about the job. Phyllis explained that it was a high-level position in marketing and completely in her skill set. Jack asked about the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis said she'd find someone to run it, or she would sell it; however, if someone ran the hotel, it would be her one connection to Genoa City. Jack hoped there was more than one connection. Phyllis stated that every member of her family had left town. She wondered what that said about her. Jack said she had bright, vibrant children who were living wonderful lives. He claimed that said wonderful things about Phyllis.

In the main lobby, Michael approached Phyllis after Jack left. Phyllis told Michael that after talking to Jack, she was even more confused about her feelings. She said that when she'd been telling Jack she was leaving, she'd hoped he would stop her; but he hadn't.

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights and told Adam that Adam looked "like hell." Nick asked what was going on. Adam claimed it was nothing worth talking about. Nick asked if Adam had heard that Noah would be working with him at New Hope. Adam claimed it would be great for Nick to be working with his son. Adam said that thankfully, Nick hadn't managed to alienate Noah the way Victor had done with Nick. Nick said Victor was fine because he had Adam and Victoria working in the family businesses, so Victor didn't need him.

Adam told Nick that Victor had made it abundantly clear that he didn't need anyone. Adam claimed that he and Victoria kept jumping through hoops for Victor's approval. Adam felt it was too late to jump off that merry-go-round. Nick said Adam could jump off anytime and advised him not to act like he didn't have a choice. Noah arrived. Nick wished Adam luck and left to talk to Noah.

Billy arrived moments later. He told Adam it was good to see him. Adam told Billy to take it down a notch. Billy said he couldn't because it was the first month of the year, and the future looked bright. Billy claimed he was very satisfied at Chancellor because it was a perfect fit for him. Billy said that Adam had a good kid, he was living rent-free at the ranch where officer Rey and daddy kept their eyes on him, and Adam had a very prestigious job working for his daddy's company, at least for the moment. Billy said rumor had it that Victoria was about to get her hands on Newman Media. Billy walked away.

On the patio, Nick explained the business to Noah, but Noah was in his own world. When Nick called to him, Noah snapped out of his reverie and claimed the coffee hadn't kicked in yet. Nick told Noah they would be teaming up with the City Council to talk about the affordable housing fund. They would also be working with developers to combine local investments along with the local tax credits.

Noah asked Nick about turning the downtown hotel into affordable apartments. Nick wanted to tackle that at a later date because he'd already bombarded Noah with a lot of information. Noah wanted to keep going because he found everything fascinating. He wanted to see the apartments filled with tenants. Nick reminded Noah he wasn't a machine, but Noah claimed he worked better in machine mode. He confessed he'd been too human the previous evening, and it hadn't been pretty.

At Society, Mariah and Tessa were extremely overwhelmed. Tessa said they'd known adoption would be complicated, but they hadn't known how deep it went. Tessa wanted to compare notes so they could get some perspective.

Mariah left to wash her hands. Tessa recalled her encounter with Noah the previous evening. She'd asked if Noah would be okay. Noah had asked why he wouldn't be okay. He'd said when one loved someone, one wanted them to be happy, and he loved his sister. He'd said he would be fine.

When Mariah returned, Tessa said she had believed having all their options laid out would help them narrow things down, but it hadn't. Mariah said she'd had visions of holding a baby in her arms and nurturing it until she'd seen the photos and heard the stories of the older kids going to their forever homes. Tessa claimed it had affected her, as well.

Mariah told Tessa how Cassie had been found, adopted by Nick, and accepted by the whole family. Tessa claimed they could also use Devon as an example. He'd been a teen when the Winters family had adopted him. Mariah stated that older kids weren't off the table. Tessa assured Mariah they would find the right child for them, and they would build a loving and stable home.

At the ranch, Victor told Victoria that it was a well-structured proposal, and he was prepared to move forward with the deal; however, they needed to clear up something. Victoria guessed it was about Adam and his role in the company. Victor stated that when Newman Locke took over Newman Media, Adam was to continue as CEO of that company, and eventually Adam would take over ChancComm, as well. Victor thought he'd made that clear, but he didn't see Adam's name in her proposal.

Victoria told Victor she hadn't been sure where things stood between him and Adam. Victor added that he would continue in his advisory capacity to Adam, as he'd done with Victoria. He asked if they had a deal. Victoria said they had a deal, and they shook hands.

When Victoria returned to the office, she told Ashland that Victor loved their offer. She was surprised that Victor had accepted the offer, but he'd brought up Adam, as they'd known he would. Victoria claimed it was a deal-breaker unless they kept Adam on, but she had been prepared for that and had agreed immediately. Ashland said it gave them time before the next meeting. He stated that the next meeting shouldn't be at the ranch because it wasn't a great idea to give Victor the home court advantage. Victoria didn't know what Ashland meant.

Victoria told Ashland she wasn't anticipating any more negotiations. It was a done deal. Ashland asked if she'd finalized the deal without discussing it with him. Victoria was surprised Ashland felt they needed to go over the deal again. Ashland claimed it had been one thing not to be invited to the meeting; however, he'd thought he would have the chance to weigh in before she closed the deal. Victoria said he'd more than weighed in; he'd drafted the deal with their legal team. Victor hadn't added any changes aside from the stipulation about Adam, which she and Ashland had discussed at length. She asked what Ashland would have amended.

Ashland claimed they both knew that bringing Adam in was a risk. Ashland claimed he would have added some stipulations that would keep Adam in line. They needed to make it very clear about Adam's limits of authority. Victoria said Ashland had a point; however, it would have antagonized Victor, and he would had called off the deal. Ashland wondered if Victor's plan was to pit Adam against her. Victoria claimed that if that were the case, she and Ashland would handle Adam on their own after the sale went through.

Nikki arrived. She was surprised to see Victoria and Ashland there. Victoria said that Ashland felt they should have added something more specific to the contract regarding Adam, as a precautionary measure, but Victoria said she wasn't worried about Adam because they could handle him. She said she'd given Victor her word. Victoria grabbed her coat and left.

At the coffeehouse, Nick asked if Noah had followed up with the architect about the urban green space. Noah said they'd been playing phone tag, but he was excited to talk to her. Nick said he was proud of Noah and left.

Noah was about to leave when he saw Tessa and called her over to apologize about the previous evening. He said it was obvious he'd had too much to drink and perhaps said too much. He hoped it didn't change anything between the three of them. Tessa assured him it hadn't. He said it was obvious how much Tessa and Mariah loved each other. He promised never to put Tessa on the spot again. Tessa stated they had been in each other's orbit a lot recently, and if it would help, she would give him some space. Noah felt it was best not to make a big deal about it. Tessa agreed. Noah left.

At the office, Billy told Lily that in her position, she would be kicking ass with or without him. He was very grateful that he was on the new adventure with her, otherwise he would be chasing Adam, trying to get revenge. He claimed Adam would self-destruct sooner rather than later. Lily claimed that if Adam was going to be working with Victoria, then he and Victoria were on a collision course.

Back in his office, Adam saw an incoming call from Victor. Adam didn't answer the call. When he looked up, Victoria stood in the doorway and said she wanted to see what she'd bought. Victoria saw Adam's face fall. She said Victor had accepted Newman Locke's offer to buy Newman Media, and it was a done deal.

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