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Adam opted to stay on to run Newman Media for Newman Locke. Victoria decided to scrap Newman Fashion. Chloe and Chelsea planned to start a new fashion platform without Sally. Adam hired Sally. Michael uncovered inconsistencies with Ashland's cancer treatment. Abby feared that something was wrong with Dominic's health.
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Abby feared that something was wrong with Dominic's health, and Michael uncovered inconsistencies with Ashland's cancer treatment
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Victor forces Adam to make a difficult decision

Victor forces Adam to make a difficult decision

Monday, January 31, 2022

Victoria took pleasure in being the first to inform Adam that their father had accepted her offer to purchase Newman Media. Before Adam could process the sudden turn of events, Victoria boasted that their father hadn't driven a hard bargain, adding, "I'm the Newman in charge." Victoria feebly apologized for jumping the gun, claiming she was certain their father would soon announce the sale. Adam replied that he'd earlier ignored a call from Victor because he'd been too busy running the company.

Victoria told Adam he should set his employees at ease by informing them that they could stay after the transition. Victoria brazenly began measuring the wall space behind Adam's desk. Adam, straining to contain his anger, said, "Victoria, could you do this another time, please?" Victoria complied and suggested Adam phone their father to learn the details they'd worked out without Adam's input. Before Victoria left, she told Adam she had a lot to offer as his mentor and hoped he looked forward to her being his boss. Adam scowled.

Adam paid a visit to his dad at the Newman ranch. Adam told his dad that Victoria had stopped by to rub his nose in the news. Adam, noting that he hadn't been consulted, said, "How could you make a decision like this?" Victor insisted it was good business. Adam disagreed, stressing that there had been no good business reason to sell. Victor announced that the deal had been contingent on Adam staying on as head of Newman Media and the newly acquired ChancComm.

Adam was displeased that he hadn't been included in the negotiations. Victor reminded Adam that he'd be running the remains of Billy Abbott's dream. Adam, exasperated, insisted he should be included in decisions that affected his life. Victor replied, "Son, you stay on as the head of Newman Media, or you quit. But Newman Media will be sold to Newman Locke."

Adam gulped down a drink and asked why his father had lost faith in him, seemingly relegating him to a lackey. Adam defended himself regarding the nonsense with Billy, noting that no damage had been done. Adam cried that his dad had sold the company out from under him, forcing him to answer to Victoria. Victor assured Adam he hadn't lost faith in Adam, noting that he'd stipulated that Adam remain in charge. Adam said maybe it was time to save himself by taking Nick's advice to leave the Newman merry-go-round. Victor reminded Adam that the choice was his to either remain at the company to expand his power and control or walk away. Victor told Adam he'd need an answer soon.

Nate met with Ashland on the patio at Crimson Lights. Nate was quick to note how thoroughly impressed he'd been by Ashland's positive response to the experimental protocol. Ashland credited his mental attitude as a factor and said he'd made a mistake by backing away from his business during a low point when his physical strength had been weakened. Nate recalled that Ashland had been in the throes of chemo, which had left him too weak to run a multinational conglomerate. Ashland replied, "I think my love of work fuels me and probably would've helped me fight this sooner, but now that I'm back from the thick of it, I feel stronger than I have in a long time. And I'm not about to shy away from the next fight that comes along."

Ashland asked Nate about his role as chief of surgery at the hospital. Nate admitted he hadn't had much time for patients, which was what he'd most loved. Ashland assured Nate that managing the staff with compassion also had an impact on patients. Nate complained that bureaucracy had been a stumbling block to his goals to improve the hospital. Nate acknowledged that part of his frustration had stemmed from coming to terms with his nerve injury, though he got a kick out of watching Elena carry out her clinical work. Ashland said he believed he had the perfect challenge for Nate, noting that Ask MD Now would soon be owned by Newman Locke.

Nate recalled that he'd his left his position at Ask MD Now because it, combined with his chief of surgery position, had been too much to handle. Nate praised Elena for doing a great job since assuming the position. Ashland announced that he might expand opportunities and encouraged Nate to consider a position at Newman Locke. Nate, acknowledging he'd once taken business classes, said he wasn't in favor of becoming a suit-and-tie corporate guy. Ashland assured Nate that he could do good for many on a global scale, utilizing resources to help millions.

After Victoria showed up, Nate mentioned Ashland's job offer at Newman Locke. Victor seemed taken aback. Before Nate left, Ashland requested that Nate seriously consider the offer. After Nate walked away, Victoria asked Ashland why he'd offered Nate a job. Ashland recalled that they'd discussed expanding Ask MD Now, noting that Nate was qualified. Victoria said she wasn't in the habit of making big offers on a whim, especially to friends. Changing the subject, Victoria recalled that Ashland hadn't been in favor of keeping Adam on after acquiring Newman Media. Victoria seemed pleased to announce that Adam was likely on his way out because he couldn't handle working for her.

A frustrated Sally intercepted Chelsea as she entered Society. Sally asked Chelsea if she'd seen the videos recorded during Sally's trip to New York. Chelsea acknowledged that she'd seen the amazing videos. Sally complained that the heavily edited videos had cut her out. Chelsea replied, "And why is that a problem?" Sally boasted that she'd given the interviews context by relaying questions from the audience. Chelsea explained that the clips focused on the designers, not Sally. Sally cried that hyping her role also hyped the brand, recalling the buzz she'd made when debuting Victoria's wedding dress. Chelsea insisted the business hadn't been designed to feed Sally's ego.

Faith joined her mother at Crimson Lights to reveal the list of colleges she was planning to apply to. As Sharon read the list, she noted that the universities were located throughout the country. Faith explained that her counselor had suggested casting a wide net before narrowing down her selections. Faith asked Sharon to take her to visit some of the schools. Sharon was hesitant. Rey joined them. Faith entreated Rey's help to convince Sharon. Rey explained that he'd attended the police academy, so he wasn't much of an expert.

After Faith reported that her friends and their parents were visiting campuses, Sharon agreed to take Faith, though she asked Faith to consider Genoa City University. Rey teasingly added that Sharon yearned to keep Faith close to home. Sharon said Faith could spread her wings while staying in the same zip code. Faith said her mother would still have Rey and Noah, adding that her brother would be unlikely to leave Genoa City again.

After Sharon excused herself to take a call, Faith was eager to discuss her options with Rey. Faith confided in Rey that she might, as her friends had, even consider colleges in Europe. Faith suggested she shouldn't immediately mention the possibility to her mom. Rey was supportive, though he noted that having family close by was a good thing. After Sharon returned and asked what she'd missed, Faith replied, "Nothing. I'm going to tell Moses that you're taking me to visit colleges."

Chance had prepared a tray of breakfast rolls and fruit before Abby came downstairs. Abby was pleased, noting that she was famished after having slept for hours. Abby told Chance that resting and spending time together was a healthy way to regard their arrangement with Devon. Abby asked Chance how he'd been dealing with his feelings after receiving the letter from the wife of his deceased colleague. Chance said he was fine, crediting Abby for having helped by talking it over with him. Abby suggested it was time for Chance to consult with a professional therapist.

Chance told Abby he was reluctant to discuss his problems with a stranger, preferring to talk to his wife. Abby reminded Chance that he'd kept some things private, not having divulged that he'd been reaching out to the families of his team members. Chance brushed off Abby's concerns by noting that he'd eventually told her he was communicating with them. Abby reminded Chance that he'd admitted it to her only after she'd found him reading one of the letters. Abby told Chance that talking to a professional would help him heal. Chance said he believed keeping his mind busy would help, so he would speak to Rey about returning to work. Abby recalled their plans to spend more time as a family, though she wouldn't stand in his way if he felt that returning to work might give him stability.

Chance ran into Chelsea at Society and showed her a photo of Dominic. Chelsea gushed that the baby was a cutie pie. Chance recalled previously not having even one photo and said he had since taken more than a hundred. Chelsea was taken aback when Chance said Dominic was spending time with "his other dad." Chance explained that he and Abby were sharing custody of their son with Devon, a decision Abby was struggling to accept. Chelsea nodded, indicating that she understood.

Chelsea told Chance that she could relate because she was Johnny's biological mother, though Billy and Victoria were his legal parents. Chelsea noted that she'd wanted her son to be with a couple who could give him love, acknowledging that it was hard to watch someone else raise one's child. Chelsea comforted Chance, assuring him that Devon loved Dominic like Victoria loved Johnny. Chelsea noted the differences in their situations because she'd never been a mother to Johnny, though Devon was considered to be another dad to Dominic. Chelsea assured Chance that doing what was best for the child was an act of love.

While Chance was out, Abby invited Sharon to stop by. After explaining that Chance was hesitant about consulting a therapist, Abby said she wasn't sure what to do next. Abby expressed concern about Chance's nightmares and insomnia. Abby became distressed when she revealed that Chance had been reaching out to the families of the men and women who'd died in Spain. Sharon explained that reaching out to the victims' families wasn't inherently unhealthy. Abby told Sharon that Chance blamed himself for the custody agreement, claiming that had he been a better dad, Devon wouldn't have pushed for shared custody. Sharon grew concerned after learning that Chance felt it was time to resume working, noting that it was a lot to process all at once.

Abby asked Sharon if she thought Chance should consider therapy. Sharon replied that Chance should be present to discuss it himself. Abby explained that she'd discussed therapy with Chance and hoped he might get on board if Sharon agreed he should. Sharon said she didn't feel comfortable discussing Chance's issues third hand, and she advised Abby to be supportive and encouraging. Abby was insistent about Chance needing professional help. Sharon offered to help Chance or make a referral only if he was ready to talk to someone.

Rey met with Chance at Society. After Rey said he'd heard about the shared custody agreement, Chance said Dominic had stayed overnight with Devon. Chance said though it had been tough for him and Abby, he'd had to make a few tough decisions on his own. Chance said he was ready to return to the force. Rey reminded Chance that he'd wanted to extend his leave to spend more time with Abby and the baby. Rey asked Chance if the decision had been made in response to the custody arrangement. Chance said it likely had, though he was determined to get back to normal for the sake of his family. Rey explained that the stress of being a cop might do more harm than good. Chance cried that if he could save even one life, he felt he could make up for the ones he'd lost.

Rey returned to the coffeehouse and told Sharon that Chance wanted to return to work. Sharon asked Rey if he thought it was a good idea. Rey admitted he was worried that Chance was returning too soon, though Chance's goal was to feel normal again. Rey expressed concern that Chance was avoiding dealing with the trauma he'd suffered in Spain and the custody agreement with Devon. Sharon said Abby was also struggling and worried about Chance. Rey said Chance didn't seem ready to deal with the stress and emotional toll of police work.

After Chance returned home, Abby told him Louise was on her way to their house with Dominic. Chance thanked Abby for supporting his decision to return to work. Before Abby could respond, Louise arrived carrying Dominic. Abby embraced her son, welcomed him home, and noted that he had two homes. Louise said Devon had recently fed Dominic and changed his diaper. Abby, beaming, said she was happy that her little family was back together.

Chelsea and Sally clashed again at the office and complained to Adam. Adam replied, "Stop. I have news that'll make your complaints about each other completely irrelevant. My father is selling Newman Media." Adam announced that Newman Locke had bought the company. Chelsea asked what might happen to Newman Fashion, adding that she'd just signed a lease for new office space. Adam said he hadn't yet decided whether or not he'd stay with the company.

Sally demanded that Adam stand up for himself and fight it. Chelsea noticed that Sally didn't seem surprised and asked if she'd known about the deal. Chelsea became suspicious of Adam, too, noting that he didn't seem as upset as he should have been about the bombshell news. Sally insisted she was flabbergasted and stunned.

After Chelsea left to share the news with Chloe. Sally closed the door and asked Adam if he was furious with Victor. Adam nodded, explaining that Victor had tried to appease him by allowing him to remain as CEO. Adam strained to contain his anger and noted he'd be working for his sister. Sally assured Adam it wouldn't be so bad. Adam explained that Victoria had stopped by and shown him how it would be if he worked for her. Adam added that Victoria had evidently succeeded in her goal of driving a wedge between him and Victor.

Sally asked Adam if he would walk away from all he'd accomplished at Newman Media, advising him to first consider the resources he'd gain from Newman Locke, in addition to running ChancComm. Adam agreed he would become head of a newly combined media powerhouse. Sally assured Adam it was a promotion and perhaps Victor's way of giving Adam more power in the family. Adam disagreed, explaining that Sally didn't understand how Victor's mind worked. Sally said that as an outsider, she had a more objective viewpoint and considered Adam's position to be as strong as Victoria's.

Sally encouraged Adam to find a way to control Victoria. Adam asked Sally why she believed the points she'd made might also be relevant for her. Remaining vague, Sally noted that Adam could expand his power, as Victoria would be engaged with other projects. Adam agreed and told Sally she was good at pep talks. Sally asked Adam if he would stay. Adam didn't immediately respond.

Victoria decides to scrap Newman Fashion

Victoria decides to scrap Newman Fashion

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

At Crimson Lights, Faith told Nick that she'd met with her college counselor and narrowed down her list of schools. She planned to visit the University of Michigan with her mom, and he wondered what she liked about the school. Faith referred to its good business program, and Nick was surprised it was something she was interested in. She shared that she was thinking about going into the fashion and beauty industry, like Summer and Victoria had. Faith explained that she'd taken an economics class that she'd liked, and she had great role models in her family.

Nick swore that he was Faith's biggest fan, but he advised her to try different things and make her choice when it felt right. Faith recalled that Moses had had his heart set on being a doctor, but he'd changed his mind, and she recognized that hers might change, too. Nick questioned whether her interest had to do with her grandfather. Faith said she hadn't talked to Victor about it, but she looked up to him and imagined that he'd be happy if she followed in his footsteps. Nick muttered that Victor would be thrilled.

On the patio, Michael tended to some business on his phone, and Lauren wondered what Victor wanted. Michael replied that he didn't know, since Victor only gave him half the story half the time. Lauren cited that as the reason she'd found it odd that Michael had gone back to work for his former boss, but Michael commented that it kept life interesting. Michael added that the Newman Media sale would soon be public knowledge, but Victor's next move was anybody's guess.

Lauren implored Michael to check an incoming text message, and she anticipated that it was the way things would be from then on. He swore that he'd set boundaries to guarantee he'd have a personal life, but he was clearly distracted by the message. She complained that he hadn't taken any time off between leaving the D.A.'s office and resuming work for Victor, and he promised make it up to her. Nick overheard and asked if Michael was going back to work for his dad. Michael hoped Nick didn't have an issue with it. Nick was just glad it was Michael and not him.

Nick wished Michael luck at the new job. Michael's phone chimed again, and Nick wished Lauren luck, as well. After Nick walked away, Lauren pressed to know what Michael was doing for Victor, since it didn't seem like his typical legal maneuvering. Michael cited lawyer-client confidentiality, and she grumbled that she wasn't liking the new gig, He answered a call and seemed shocked by what he learned.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki asked Victor whether Adam had given his decision about whether to stay with Newman Locke, but Victor indicated that Adam hadn't said anything yet. Nikki imagined Adam had a lot to think about, since it had been a bold move for Victor to hand Adam's company to Victoria. Victor defended that he'd guaranteed Adam would continue running the Newman Media division. Nikki questioned what Victor would do if Adam said no.

Nikki recognized that Victor was disappointed with Adam, but she also knew her husband valued their father-son relationship. Victor vowed to do everything in his power to maintain a good relationship with Adam. Victor assured Nikki that he had a "Plan B" if Adam didn't want to work at Newman Locke. "You always have a Plan B," Nikki cooed. Victor chuckled and bragged that he was always a move or two ahead of everyone else.

At Newman Media, Sally knocked on Adam's office door and hoped she wasn't bothering him. He replied that she wasn't -- yet. She let him know that she was available for a pep talk if he needed one to help make his decision. He informed her that it wasn't necessary, since he'd made up his mind. He crossed the room to grab his coat. "And?" Sally asked. Adam assured her that she would hear his verdict very soon, and he walked out.

At Society, Chelsea griped that it was just like Victor to blindside Adam by selling Newman Media to Victoria. Chloe pointed out that they'd been blindsided, too, and she lamented that they'd put in all the hard work to build their fashion platform for nothing. Chelsea assumed that their jobs would be safe if Adam stayed on, but Chloe hated leaving their fate in Adam's hands. Chloe wailed that she'd poured her blood, sweat, and tears into creating a platform she was proud of, only for someone else to run it.

Chelsea acknowledged that Chloe was more invested because she'd worked on the platform longer, but Chelsea was determined to fight. Chloe reiterated that she'd put all her energy into it to give Chelsea a safe place to land. Chelsea crowed that together, they were a force to be reckoned with, and they didn't have to leave their fate up to Adam. Chelsea decided to go straight to the top.

At Newman Locke, Ashland asked Victoria how things would change if Adam agreed to stay on board. Victoria was confident that it would never happen because Adam would never willingly work under her. Ashland thought Adam would have turned them down by then if that were the case, but Victoria insisted that Adam would rather eat glass than take orders from her. She surmised that Adam's silence was just another mind game.

Adam burst in and huffed that he and Victoria needed to talk. Victoria appreciated his being there to give his decision in person, and she thanked him for everything he'd done for Newman Media. She wished him luck in his future endeavors, and he noted that she seemed sure of herself. Victoria figured they both knew it was the only answer that made sense. Adam said to call him crazy, since he would be staying with the company. He pointedly added that he didn't want to dump an important piece of family legacy in her lap when she already had a lot on her plate.

Victoria voiced surprise that Adam wanted to stay on, but she welcomed him aboard. Adam clarified that technically, he was already on board, so perhaps he should be the one welcoming her. Ashland hoped to make a conflict-free transition, and Adam echoed the sentiment. Victoria was sure Victor would be thrilled because he'd fought hard to keep Adam's job safe. Adam contended that his success spoke for itself, and he expected to maintain the same level of autonomy that he'd enjoyed thus far.

Victoria preferred to see where Adam took things before granting him complete autonomy. Adam requested Ashland's opinion, since Victoria didn't seem to be consulting with her husband. Ashland agreed that there would be changes once the sale was final, since Newman Media would be a much larger division once it merged with ChancComm. Victoria lectured that Adam had to prove he could run an entity double the size, and Adam reminded her that he'd once run Newman Enterprises. "Oh, yeah, I remember," Victoria disparagingly replied. Adam accepted it as a challenge and looked forward to showing them what he was capable of. He asked who wanted to break the good news to their dad.

Later, Chelsea and Chloe entered Victoria's office and politely requested a moment of Victoria's time. Chloe congratulated Victoria on the Newman Media sale and looked forward to working with her, whether Adam decided to stay or not. Chloe hoped Victoria would honor their contract, and Chelsea offered to share their accomplishments and future plans. Victoria stated that she was aware of the platform, referring to her connection because of the gown Sally had made for her. Chelsea asserted that she and Chloe were the right people to run the platform.

Victoria announced that she wouldn't be hiring anyone new for Newman Fashion because she was jettisoning it altogether. Chloe and Chelsea protested, but Victoria reasoned that she wouldn't be holding them back from expanding to their own fashion label. Chelsea argued that the platform was the foundation of their brand. Victoria recognized their talent, but she wasn't interested in the hassle and cost of creating a new clothing line. She wished them all the best, but she had other plans for Newman Media.

Chelsea and Chloe defeatedly walked out of Victoria's office. Chelsea groaned that they might as well cancel their new lease, but Chloe suggested that they keep the fashion platform for themselves, minus the Newman name. Chloe proposed that they use the severance pay they were entitled to under their contracts to shop for a buyer or find investors. Chelsea pointed out that everything they'd done had become Victoria's intellectual property. Chloe pushed to start a new fashion platform from scratch. Chelsea was open to the idea, but she insisted that they do it without Sally involved.

Chloe objected to dropping Sally, who she considered to be a proven asset. Chelsea argued that the downside of Sally joining the team outweighed any talent Sally had. Chloe questioned why Chelsea felt threatened when things were clearly over with Adam. Chelsea thought Sally had proven that she couldn't stay in her own lane, and she was convinced Sally had known about the sale and hadn't told them. Chloe worried that Chelsea was letting misplaced emotions cloud her judgment. Chelsea contended that she and Chloe knew and trusted one another implicitly, and she doubted Chloe knew Sally well enough to trust her the same way.

Chelsea and Chloe met Sally at Crimson Lights. Sally enthused about continuing to work together to prove they were a powerful and dynamic team. Chelsea smugly guessed that Adam hadn't given Sally a heads-up that time, and she divulged that while Adam was going to continue to run Newman Media, the fashion platform was being killed. Sally argued that Adam wouldn't do that to her or to them. Chloe clarified that Victoria had been the one to pull the plug.

Sally thought she might be able to intervene because Victoria liked her, but Chelsea snapped that Victoria wasn't interested in being in the fashion business. A shell-shocked Sally asked what they were going to do, and Chloe replied that they had to accept defeat and go their separate ways. Sally pointed out that they could start a new platform on their own with their proven success. Chelsea bellowed that it was over, and it was time to move on.

Sally wasn't surprised that Chelsea would throw her overboard, but she recalled that she and Chloe had gotten the platform up and running while Chelsea had still been figuring out whether to join them. Chloe admitted that she was devastated, but she maintained that it was time to cut their losses. Sally ranted that Chelsea and Chloe had enough money and people to rely on until they moved on to whatever they were planning to do next, and she warned them not to pretend that they weren't conspiring to start something without her. Chelsea barked that they didn't owe Sally anything.

Sally predicted that Chelsea and Chloe would fail because Sally was the reason the platform had taken off, and it wouldn't have amounted to anything if she hadn't taken risks, like the one with Victoria's dress. "Enough with the dress!" Chelsea erupted, pointing out that it had been one garment that was "yesterday's news." Sally called Chelsea a has-been, and she considered Chloe a fool for following Chelsea around. Sally sarcastically wished Chelsea luck with "Chelsea 22.0 or whatever number [she was] at now," and she stormed off.

Adam tracked down Victor and Nikki at Society and announced that he'd made up his mind to stay with Newman Media. Victor applauded him for making the right decision. Victoria and Ashland arrived at the restaurant, and she assumed her parents had heard the news. She called it a moment to celebrate with a toast. Adam figured that he couldn't say no to Champagne, but Victoria clucked that he should do so to avoid ticking off his new boss. She headed to the bar.

Ashland pulled Victor aside to discuss some changes he wanted to implement once Newman Locke took ownership of Newman Media. Victor suggested that they wait until Victoria was present, but Ashland was confident she'd agree that communications was his specialty. Victor opted to discuss it later, and he headed back to the table. Victor raised a glass and praised his two children, who were passionate about the family business for finding a way to work together. "To all things Newman," he declared.

Nikki hoped for peace and prosperity with everyone working under the same roof. Adam implied that the key might be to stay out of one another's hair. Adam prepared to leave to tell the Newman staff that they'd soon be employees of Newman Locke. Victoria ordered him to call her assistant to schedule a meeting with her. After Adam left, Victor told Victoria that they should discuss the transition of power the next time they met. She said he knew where to find her, and she and Ashland headed out.

Nikki considered the get-together more civilized than she'd expected. Nick entered and mentioned that he'd run into half the family outside. He imagined some serious "moguling" had been going on in there, and Victor revealed that Adam and Victoria had decided to work together. Nick was impressed that his siblings had left without any bloodshed, and he remarked that Victor had assembled all his troops. Nick warned Victor to be careful what he wished for with that many Newmans working closely together.

Nick hoped things went well for his family, especially since Faith was determined to go to a college with a strong business program. Victor hoped one day she'd convince her father to work for the company that bore his name. Nick said he wouldn't bet on it, but Victor imagined that Nick found it gratifying to be working alongside Noah. Nick appreciated that Victor seemed to have united the family under one umbrella, but he was concerned that there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen, with most of them thinking they were the head chef. Nick grabbed his takeout and departed.

Nikki asked Victor what he'd been talking to Ashland about. Victor reported that Ashland wanted to push through changes at Newman Media without Victoria's input, and Nikki fretted that there seemed to be a new power dynamic forming between the couple. Victor suspected that Ashland wanted to exert more power and leverage, since his illness was under control. Victor refused to allow it to happen, and he intended to watch Ashland's every step.

Victoria and Ashland returned to Newman Locke, and he inquired whether it had always been Victor's plan to unify the Newman family under the corporate umbrella. Victoria confirmed that it had always been one of her father's goals, and Ashland doubted that Victor would settle for an advisory position. Victoria suggested that they redefine someone else's role first -- Ashland's.

Victoria reiterated that she wanted to work with Ashland as a team, but she wondered how he saw them functioning. Ashland shared that he wanted to take on a more active role, and he imagined what they could accomplish if they put their business minds together as a united front. Victoria saw the sense in him having more control over some of the divisions that had previously been in his company. He was glad she saw things the way he did.

Adam returned to his office and despondently looked around. He paused in front of the Newman Media logo on the wall and sat down, deep in thought.

At the ranch, Nikki pressed to know if Victor intended to take on a bigger role at Newman. Michael interrupted to discuss some business with Victor, and Victor requested a minute alone with him. Nikki argued that she was the COO of Newman Locke, but Victor promised it wouldn't take long. After Nikki begrudgingly stepped out, Victor asked what Michael had uncovered.

Michael reported that there had been some inconsistencies with Ashland's treatment, and there seemed to be some questions surrounding the treatment's legitimacy, particularly with the Peruvian clinic where it had taken place. Victor recalled that he'd had doubts about it from the beginning, since it had made no sense for Ashland to travel to Peru for treatment when he'd already had access to the best scientists in the country. Victor ordered Michael to dig deeper.

In the Grand Phoenix lounge, Nate proclaimed that he'd needed a day off from the hospital, and Elena looked forward to relaxing together. He envisioned a mountain of paperwork piling up in his absence, and she reasoned that it was part of being chief of surgery. Nate groaned that he hadn't realized how much of the job was administrative, and he considered taking Ashland up on his offer to work for Newman Locke.

Elena remembered Nate telling her about his business classes in school, noting that the information had helped when setting up the clinic. Nate confirmed that he'd enjoyed the courses, but Elena doubted he would give up being chief of surgery. Nate informed her that he'd thought Ashland had been kidding until he'd started talking about expanding the mission of Ask MD Now. He acknowledged that he didn't have the same passion for the chief job that he'd had being a surgeon, but it didn't mean he was ready to leave the hospital entirely. Elena regretted that he was unable to do the job he loved because of her.

Nate assured Elena that he didn't blame her for what had happened, and he thought he'd deserved the punch from Devon. She groaned that he hadn't deserved the lasting consequences, and she wished she could go back in time and handle things differently. Nate pledged to have no more regrets, since Devon was happy with Amanda, and Nate had a great life and was beyond happy with Elena.

Phyllis wants Jack to stop her from moving to Milan

Phyllis wants Jack to stop her from moving to Milan

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Devon told Amanda he was happy with the shared custody agreement, and he hoped that he and Abby could put the ordeal behind them. Christine arrived as Devon and Amanda were about to leave for Chance and Abby's. Christine said Abby had asked for more time. Devon asked if Abby had changed her mind about signing the agreement. Christine didn't know, and she suggested they give Abby and Chance time and that they not to jump to any conclusions. Moments later, Christine and Devon received a text message from Abby that she was ready for them.

At home, Abby told Chance she'd canceled their meeting with Devon. She said that once they signed the papers, there was no turning back. Chance asked if Abby was having second thoughts. Abby said it hurt knowing she couldn't see her baby whenever she wanted. There would be days when she wouldn't be able to take Dominic for a walk, read him a bedtime story, or tuck him in for the night. She would miss him "so much."

Abby told Chance she couldn't relax when her baby wasn't around. Chance asked again if she was having second thoughts. Abby said she wasn't because Dominic was just as much a part of Devon as she was. She couldn't deny Dominic and Devon the chance to share their love for each other. Chance claimed that even when Dominic wasn't under their roof, he would always know how much they loved him.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Jack she was leaving for Milan later that day. She said she was excited to see Summer. She reminded Jack that the trip was also only a fact-finding mission to see what the job was prior to her making any major decisions. Jack stated that the sooner she left, the sooner she would have answers about her future.

Nick arrived and watched the interaction between Phyllis and Jack.

Phyllis told Jack she would find out what the job entailed, and she would tell him about it over dinner when she returned. Jack spotted Nick. Nick told Phyllis he wanted to throw some business her way. He explained that Noah needed a venue for some big meetings with donors, and Nick thought it would be good to have a place that could handle the crowd and where people would feel comfortable enough to dig deep into their pockets and help New Hope stay funded. Phyllis said she would be happy to help.

After an awkward moment, Nick asked if everything was all right. Jack said he would check in with Phyllis later, and he left. Phyllis told Nick she was thinking about moving to Milan and working with Summer. She explained the job would be in marketing at Marchetti. Phyllis said it was a wonderful opportunity. Nick said he'd been under the impression that Phyllis and Jack had been working their way back toward something. Phyllis claimed that she and Jack were really good friends and that Jack had encouraged her to pursue the job opportunity.

Nick told Phyllis he was happy for her, and if that was what she wanted, then she was doing it for all the right reasons. Nick stated that Summer was going to love working with Phyllis again and that Phyllis needed a break. Annoyed, Phyllis claimed it wasn't what she needed. Phyllis said the only people who wanted her to stay in Genoa City were Amanda and Michael, and perhaps they were her only good friends.

Nick wasn't happy when Jack returned and asked Phyllis to give Harrison the gift he'd forgotten to give the boy before leaving Milan. Phyllis said she would be happy to. Uncomfortable, Nick said he had to leave. He hoped Phyllis would find what she was looking for. After Nick left, Jack asked Phyllis if the conversation between her and Nick had been good. Phyllis sarcastically claimed it had been great; Nick was supportive of her move.

Jack said that Phyllis didn't sound too enthusiastic. Phyllis said she wasn't. She ran and embraced Jack. She asked Jack to tell her to stay, that he still loved her, and that they had a future together like they were supposed to. Phyllis heard Jack call to her. She snapped back to reality when Jack asked if everything was all right.

Jack told Phyllis he had to attend a meeting, and it was the last they would see of each other before Phyllis departed for Milan. Jack wished her a good trip, and, like Nick, he hoped Phyllis would find what she was looking for. Phyllis looked deflated. Jack asked if he could do anything for her. Phyllis said he could but then changed her mind. Jack left. Disappointed, Phyllis called for a car to take her to the airport.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah asked Tessa if she was overdressed for their meeting with the adoption attorney. Tessa said Mariah looked perfect. Mariah checked her phone. She told Tessa she'd invited Noah for coffee, but he hadn't responded. When Mariah looked up and saw Tessa's face, she asked Tessa about the strange expression she'd seen on Tessa's face for a while. When Tessa hesitated, Mariah reminded her that there were no secrets between them.

Tessa told Mariah the night she'd gone to Society to pick up dinner for them, she'd run into Noah. He'd been drinking alone. Tessa said that Noah hadn't come right out and said anything, but it was obvious that he still had feelings for her. Tessa reiterated that Noah had been drinking. She said the heartbreak in London had been so bad that Noah had left the country, and his life was in major flux. Tessa felt Noah had been nostalgic and caught up in a moment.

Mariah asked Tessa what Noah's exact words had been. Tessa said Noah had brought up the engagement. He'd said that when one loved someone, one wanted to be happy for them, and he loved Mariah. Mariah interrupted and said clearly Noah had meant Tessa. Mariah stated that Noah was still in love with Tessa, but Tessa said Noah hadn't said he was in love with her specifically. She didn't believe Noah had ever intended to act on his feelings, and he didn't want anything to come between the three of them.

Mariah told Tessa if Noah had said he was happy for them, she believed him, and she wasn't angry; she felt sorry for him. Mariah said that Noah had returned from London with a broken heart, and he'd begun working with Tessa on the album cover. That had to have triggered old feelings. Mariah suggested that Noah had focused on Tessa because she was unattainable. Tessa agreed. She said Noah knew she and Mariah were very happy. Noah arrived as Tessa took Mariah's hand and said that she and Mariah were inevitable.

Noah approached Tessa and Mariah. He explained he'd been working on a number of projects for New Hope, and he would be meeting with Nick shortly. Tessa said they had an appointment with the adoption attorney because they were taking the first steps in the adoption process. He wished them luck and excused himself after he received a text message. Tessa claimed that Noah had been perfectly normal. Mariah agreed nothing had to change.

Billy met with Jack on the patio at the coffeehouse. Billy said he'd heard from Ashley that Jack's trip to Europe had been a success. Jack claimed most of the credit went to Kyle, who had shown he was a real leader. Jack was very proud of him. Jack said Billy deserved a pat on the back, as well, for stepping away from trying to destroy Adam and for taking the position at Chancellor as COO. Jack stated it had been a great decision. Billy asked why Jack looked like he'd lost his best friend.

Jack told Billy that Phyllis had decided to move to Milan and work with Summer at Marchetti. Jack admitted he had a hole in his life. Billy stated that when Phyllis and Nick had broken up, he'd had the sense that Jack had hoped that he and Phyllis could reunite. Jack claimed they'd never been able to get things on track, and perhaps that was a good thing. Billy asked what it was about Phyllis that created such chaos and conflict while at the same time inspiring passion and devotion. Jack claimed Phyllis was a beautiful conundrum.

Nick arrived at the coffeehouse, and he joined Noah in a booth. Noah updated Nick on his progress with the urban gardens and said that he'd been in touch with the landscape architect. He reported that they would meet later in the week. Nick claimed that Noah had been working very hard. He asked if Noah's feelings for Tessa had been bubbling up again. Noah claimed it was nothing a cup of coffee wouldn't fix. On his way to get coffee, Noah asked Tessa and Mariah if he could get them anything. Tessa walked over to the counter with him.

Noah told Tessa he'd had a weird vibe from her and Mariah earlier. He guessed that Tessa had told Mariah what had happened at Society. He asked what had possessed her to tell Mariah. Tessa said she and Mariah had no secrets. She assured Noah that she hadn't done it to hurt or embarrass him. Noah claimed Tessa had misunderstood when he'd said he wanted to see them happy and that he loved his sister. He reminded her that they'd agreed to forget about it and move on.

Tessa told Noah that Mariah had known something was up. She said Mariah meant more to her than anything, and she wasn't willing to jeopardize that by keeping a secret, especially since they were getting married and starting a family. Tessa assured Noah that Mariah had understood. Tessa said it was better to keep everything out in the open, since they all wanted the same thing. Tessa felt Noah needed time to process things. She assured him that she and Mariah were okay with it.

Tessa told Noah that her life was about to become larger and more wonderful than she deserved. She wanted Noah to be a part of that. She knew there was someone out there for Noah. Tessa rejoined Mariah and said it was time to go. Nick and Noah wished them luck. Nick asked Noah what that had been about. Noah pulled out his phone, and he lied to Nick. He said a buddy of his had arrived in town, and they had been trying to connect. His buddy had a few hours free, and Noah said he was going to meet him. Noah left.

Chance apologized to Christine, Devon, and Amanda. He said they had needed to take care of a few things, and time had gotten the best of them. Abby entered with Dominic and said it was a big day for all of them, and Dominic should be part of it.

When the document for shared custody had been signed, Christine said once the papers were filed with the court, it would be official. Christine left. Devon said he couldn't thank Abby and Chance enough. Devon said he knew it hadn't been easy, and he knew it would take a while for him and Abby to get their friendship back to where it had been. Abby stated she was fine. Devon asked if he could hold Dominic. Reluctantly, Abby handed him over to Devon.

Devon and Amanda were all smiles. Abby could only glare at Devon. Chance suggested that Abby schedule another music class for Dominic. Devon asked to have the music that Dominic liked at the music appreciation class downloaded. Chance was willing to do that. Amanda suggested that perhaps Devon could accompany Abby and Dominic to the music class. Abby grudgingly said it could be arranged and added that Louise would be happy to help out when Dominic was with Devon. Chance reassured Abby that Dominic was going to be just fine. Devon thanked Abby and Chance for giving him the beautiful gift of family.

Later, Abby had prepared a bottle for Dominic, but Chance informed her that the baby was asleep. Chance told Abby he wanted to take her out on a date the next time Devon had Dominic. He wanted to make it a tradition. Abby said it sounded perfect.

When Chance had gone into the kitchen to make lunch for him and Abby, Abby called Ashley and told her everything had gone according to plan. She admitted it had been the hardest thing she'd ever done; however, she knew it had been the right thing to do.

Lily arrived at Devon's. He was beaming when Lily congratulated him. Lily told Devon to cherish the time with Dominic and not to worry about the future. Devon said he'd signed the documents with one of Neil's pens. He really wished Neil and Dominic could be there to celebrate the day. Lily said he had her. Devon was grateful. He remembered when Dru and Neil had brought him into the family. He'd become a son to incredible people. It had changed him, and it had given him a life.

Lily pulled out her tablet and showed Devon one of her ideas for decorating the nursery. Devon loved it. He said he wanted to put in a sound system in Dominic's room because Abby and Chance were going to provide him with a playlist from Dominic's music appreciation class. Amanda arrived and said she'd filed the papers with the court. She was looking forward to her adventure with Devon and Dominic.

Billy arrived with two bottles of Champagne, one to celebrate their amazing day and the other for Devon to hold on to for when Dominic graduated or became part of Hamilton-Winters. Devon asked if Billy had spoken to Abby. Billy said he'd left her a message, but she hadn't responded. Devon said things had gone well at Chance and Abby's.

Lily gave Devon a memory book for him and Dominic. Devon said it was beyond special, and he couldn't wait to fill in the pages together with his son.

Victor asks Michael to keep digging into Ashland's life

Victor asks Michael to keep digging into Ashland's life

Thursday, February 3, 2022

by Nel

At the ranch, Victoria met with Nikki and Victor and informed them that Ashland was at the doctor's appointment regarding the new treatment. Victor said Ashland's progress had been miraculous. He wondered if there were aspects of Ashland's illness that he didn't want anyone, except Victoria, to know. Victoria assured Victor the appointment had been in Ashland's calendar and was one he didn't want to miss.

Victoria told Victor that when Ashland had been in chemotherapy, he'd been sick and shaky, but with the new protocol, he'd grown stronger every day and more like his old self. Victor questioned why Ashland had gone to Peru to find an obscure and experimental procedure for his cancer rather than looking into the best institutions in this country. Victor was also curious why things weren't going forward. Victor pointed out that Ashland had stated he wanted to be very involved in the business. Victor wondered if Ashland would be able to withstand the stress after his miraculous recovery.

At Crimson Lights, Sally told Adam she was freaked out about her future. She'd moved from Beverly Hills to Genoa City to start over. She'd been willing to put in the work and prove herself, and she'd done that over and over, but she wondered what she'd done it all for. She claimed it had been one dead end after another. Sally claimed she'd put Newman Fashion on the map with Victoria's wedding dress, yet nevertheless, she was out of a job. Adam invited her to go to Society with him and grab a bite. She accepted.

At Society, Ashland told Nate that until recently, he'd never believed in miracles. Nate said advances in medicine could seem miraculous, especially in cases like Ashland's; however, he'd been careful to temper his expectations when Ashland had enrolled in the trial. Nate stated that despite the promising protocol results, he'd had grave doubts, given the unproven nature of the treatments and how advanced Ashland's cancer had been. Since chemotherapy hadn't worked, he hadn't intended to stand in Ashland's way. Nate said the results spoke for themselves: Ashland's disease had stopped progressing.

Ashland told Nate he'd been grateful to find that treatment. He admitted that in the beginning, he'd had no intention of receiving endless and intrusive treatments until Victoria had insisted that he fight. He claimed he'd decided to take the treatments so that they could have more time together. Nate admitted the treatment had exceeded his expectations.

Ashland asked if Nate had given further thought to Ashland's offer. Ashland said that Nate would need to be mentored and guided, but Nate had all the tools he needed. He said Nate had worked with people who'd gone through life and death problems, and he understood that decisions made at the top impacted people's lives. He was offering Nate the opportunity to become one of those decision-makers. Nate was flattered, but he wasn't ready to turn his back on medicine. Ashland said he understood. He thanked Nate and claimed he needed to leave for his next appointment.

At another table, Lauren told Michael about an incident at work while Michael kept his eye on Nate and Ashland. Lauren asked why Michael was so distracted by them. Michael told Lauren there were some issues surrounding the clinic behind Ashland's wondrously effective protocol. The clinic had been registered as a nonprofit corporation; however, no one knew how funding was being provided. Lauren asked if Victor had him working on Ashland's medical treatment.

Michael told Lauren that since Ashland's miraculous recovery, he'd been flexing his muscles at Newman Locke. Victor had become very suspicious after he'd heard about the clinic's accounting. Lauren asked why Victor felt the need to investigate the funding source of the clinic. She stated that Victor had welcomed Ashland into the family with open arms. She found it curious that, suddenly, Victor was trying to undermine Ashland.

Michael told Lauren that Victor was constantly playing three-dimensional chess, thinking ten moves ahead. Michael claimed that was what made working for Victor so interesting. Lauren said that Ashland was feeling better, and she wondered why Ashland returning to the workforce caused suspicion, since he was too young to retire. Michael claimed it was a precaution due to Ashland's history and reputation. Michael stated it was one thing to make allowances for a man who was about to die but another when it appeared he was going to live.

At home, Chelsea was packing up the penthouse with Chloe's help. Chelsea felt overwhelmed about leaving all the memories with Adam behind. Chloe said every ending had its beginning. She said Chelsea had taken control of her life and was reinventing herself. Once Chelsea closed that chapter, she could move forward with her future. Chelsea claimed it would be a future without Adam. Chloe understood that change was difficult; however, Chelsea's choice to move out of the penthouse had been a brilliant decision because Chelsea was taking her power back. Her life was about to become "so much better." Chloe vowed she would always love and support Chelsea.

Chelsea had a flashback to a conversation she'd had with Chloe not long after Connor's birth. She'd told Chloe she hadn't wanted to defend Adam every time Chloe entered their home. Chelsea had said it had been her decision and that Chloe had needed to respect that. Chelsea had also said Connor deserved to have a real family. He had deserved to be surrounded by all the people who loved him: his mom, his dad, and his godmother. Chelsea had said if anything ever happened to her and Adam, she would feel better knowing Connor was with Chloe. Chloe had agreed to be Connor's godmother, and she'd promised to love him like her very own.

Back in the present, Chelsea said Chloe had always been her rock. Chloe stated that would never change, and she had a feeling that things were going to turn around for them that very day.

When Chelsea and Chloe arrived at Society and joined Lauren, Michael left. Chelsea told Lauren they had a proposition for her. Chloe said they'd done really well with the fashion platform, and they had a lot of plans that were all potentially quite lucrative. Lauren was aware that Newman Locke was buying Newman Media and that Chelsea and Chloe hadn't had any warning.

Lauren said it was nice to see Chelsea and Chloe together again because they sparked off each other really well. Lauren said that she and Chloe had gotten past Victoria's wedding dress issues, but the last time Chelsea had worked for her, things hadn't gone so well. Chelsea admitted she'd behaved abominably. Lauren said she was willing to put those issues behind them, but it would factor into any decision she made. Chelsea stated that she was a different person, and she was focused on starting over and creating a stable environment for her son. She wanted to make it up to Lauren.

Chloe told Lauren they had fresh new ideas, which had been generating a lot of buzz. Chelsea said she wanted to build on that momentum and make their success Lauren's success. Lauren claimed that as long as it didn't include Sally, she would definitely entertain their proposal. Sally arrived at that moment and saw Chelsea and Chloe with Lauren. Sally approached and said there was "so much talent" at one table, all women she'd been proud to have worked with.

Lauren told Sally it was too bad Sally hadn't been able to trust her own talent because it would have been enough to make Sally a success. Sally thanked Chloe for taking her on after the mistakes she'd made and giving her the chance to prove herself. She was very proud of everything they'd accomplished together. Chelsea said onward and upward, and if Sally didn't mind, they were in the middle of a business meeting. Adam arrived and saw the encounter. He approached and told the ladies that Sally would be just fine because she would be working with him at Newman Media. Adam and Sally walked away.

Michael approached Nate and said he'd seen Ashland leave, and Ashland had looked incredibly well. Michael said he was relieved to see Ashland's condition had improved as a result of the experimental protocol from South America. Nate said the protocol from Peru seemed to be working. Michael said he'd also had cancer, and he knew what a roller-coaster ride the treatments could be. Michael asked Nate's opinion on the protocol and if it was the breakthrough the world had been waiting for. Nate said he only had Ashland's case as a reference, but the evidence was compelling -- almost too good to be true. When Nate received a text message from the hospital, he left.

Adam approached Michael and asked what Victor had asked Michael to do for him. Michael said Victor was a restless man, and he saw Michael as a kindred spirit. Michael left.

Adam joined Sally at the bar. She thanked Adam for rescuing her. Sally said that in a few days, she would tell people they hadn't been able to come to terms on salary, and the job offer had fallen through. Adam claimed he'd been considering offering Sally a job for a while. He said that design was her passion, but Sally had business savvy and drive. Adam knew it wasn't Sally's dream scenario, and they would have to work out the details. Sally asked if the offer was on the level. Adam said "a" job was hers if she wanted it. Sally said she did.

Chelsea watched the interaction between Adam and Sally while Chloe continued their pitch. Chloe suggested introducing a social media element to Lauren's web site. She described streaming videos of recent fashion events, and live Q and A's. She said they could show how to create a fresh new look with things people had in their closets. Chelsea continued staring at Adam and Sally. Chloe gave Chelsea a nudge. Chelsea said they could weed out anything that had a negative connotation. Lauren loved what she'd heard and asked them to put together a business plan, and they would meet later in the week. Chloe thanked Lauren and said they were thrilled she was giving them a shot.

Chloe told Chelsea she was really excited about Lauren's response because Lauren seemed excited about the prospect. Chelsea stated that Chloe's pitch had been brilliant. She apologized for her distraction with Adam and Sally. Chelsea claimed she needed to focus because there was too much at stake. Chloe stated it was a tremendous opportunity for them. Chelsea couldn't believe how Adam had defended Sally by pretending to offer her a job. She said Sally had been shocked, which meant a position didn't exist. She said she was sick of the games. Chloe advised her not to play.

Chloe told Chelsea that Adam had just had his company sold out from under him. Adam was going to go crazy working for Victoria and Ashland, but she and Chelsea were on to bigger and better things. As Chelsea and Chloe were about to leave, Sally waylaid them and said how exciting it was they were all taking on new and exciting challenges. Sally wished them good luck with Lauren. Adam gave Sally her coat, and they left.

When Ashland arrived in Victoria's office, Ashland told Victoria the cancer was in check, and the news was still good. Victoria was thrilled. He wanted to hear about her meeting with Victor and how the purchase of Newman Media had gone. Victoria said Victor had been curious why Ashland hadn't attended the meeting. Victoria had reminded Victor of Ashland's priority; however, Victor had wondered about Ashland's treatment and his overall health.

Victoria told Ashland that Victor had asked about his health in terms of his ability to work. Ashland surmised that Victor wondered if he was strong enough to be a full partner to Victoria and what things were going to look like moving forward. Ashland said he couldn't answer that. The treatment was new, and all he had to go on were his test results. He was happy he was strong enough to enjoy his relationship with Victoria. Ashland wondered if Victor had been toying with her.

Ashland told Victoria that Victor had liked him well enough when he'd thought Ashland had been dying. Ashland wondered if Victor thought he would use his recovery to undermine Victoria. It was clear to him that Victor had an agenda, and they had to be on guard.

Ashland told Victoria that Victor expected unconditional loyalty from his children, but he reserved the right to shift his loyalties as he saw fit and to throw his support to another offspring without warning. He said Victor liked to keep Victoria off-balance. He speculated that Victor had thought Ashland's illness would keep him from being a force at Newman Locke. Victoria said she knew that Ashland was right in his assessment. Victoria stated that unfortunately for Victor, Ashland was regaining his strength daily, and Victor would have to contend with him being a full partner with her. Ashland said that whatever Victor was planning, Ashland would stand with her.

At the ranch, Michael told Victor about Nate and Ashland's meeting. Victor had known that Nate had spoken to Ashland about some treatment options. Michael found that friendship strange because Nate was a good guy who'd dedicated his life to healing people, a polar opposite of the Locke Ness Monster who liked to crush his enemies before breakfast.

Victor told Michael he found it odd that Ashland had asked Nate to be his best man because Ashland hardly knew Nate. Michael said he'd spoken to Nate after Ashland had left. He'd asked Nate about Ashland's health and the previously unheard-of drug protocol from South America that was getting results that no one expected, least of all, Nate. Michael said that when they had spoken about how well the treatment had worked, Nate had remarked that it was almost too good to be true. Michael questioned if Ashland was lying and it wasn't stopping the spread of cancer, but he wondered what Ashland's motive would be for saying anything like that.

Victor told Michael he wasn't sure what Ashland's motives were, but something didn't smell right. Michael said he'd done some digging into the clinic where the experimental trials had been run. There was a shell company financing the clinic's operations. The trail led back to Ashland Locke. Victor wondered why Ashland had concealed the fact that he'd been funding a clinic in Peru.

Victor asked Michael to keep digging. He felt they would find all the answers at that clinic in Peru. Michael was gobsmacked when he realized that Victor wanted him to go to Peru. Michael reminded Victor about boundaries. Victor claimed he'd promised not to wake Michael at 2:00 a.m.; however, it was still daylight. Michael claimed Lauren wouldn't like him taking off to South America at the drop of a hat, but he agreed because he wanted answers as much as Victor.

In Adam's office at Newman Media, Sally couldn't wait to show Adam how smart he'd been to hire her. Adam told her to just do an amazing job. She hugged Adam and thanked him for giving her that chance.

At Mariah and Tessa's engagement party, Noah says he has something to say

At Mariah and Tessa's engagement party, Noah says he has something to say

Friday, February 4, 2022

by Nel

At home, Abby pointed out to Chance that they hadn't been to a party since his return from Spain. Abby said she felt uncomfortable because the word was out about the shared custody. She feared everyone would have questions and comments. Chance said he would handle the questions. Before leaving for the party, Abby told Dominic that she would read him a story when they returned. A look of concern crossed her face, and she called to Chance. She asked if he thought Dominic was breathing a little faster than usual.

A short time later, Abby returned with a bottle for Dominic, and she asked Chance how Dominic was doing. Chance informed her that Dominic was asleep. Abby asked if Dominic's breathing was normal. Chance said he looked fine. Abby asked what they should do. Chance said the baby would be in Louise's capable hands, and they should go to the party.

At the penthouse, Amanda asked if Devon was having second thoughts about attending the party. Devon said he didn't want to miss Mariah and Tessa's special night. He said Abby and Chance would be attending, and they hadn't spoken since the custody papers had been signed. Amanda told Devon that if anyone asked questions about the custody, she would fill them in on as many details as Devon wanted them to know.

Devon told Amanda he didn't want to share any details because the night was about Mariah and Tessa, and he didn't want the spotlight to be on him. Amanda felt everyone would understand. Devon noted that Amanda always looked after him and the baby, and he'd seen the way Amanda looked at Dominic. He said it had surprised him. Amanda admitted she'd never been that close to a baby, nor had she spent any meaningful time with a baby until Dominic.

Amanda told Devon she knew exactly what to do to make Dominic smile. She admitted it wasn't like anything she'd ever experienced previously. She was in awe of the way Dominic looked at Devon -- like Devon was the most amazing person. She asked if that was what it felt like to be a parent. Devon thought so, but it was all new to him. Amanda told Devon it was a whole new world for her, and she loved it. She said she'd never had a mother and father to love her, and she kept imagining what that little boy would grow up to be. She asked if it was okay for her to feel that way. Devon said it was more than okay.

Crimson Lights had been decorated for Mariah and Tessa's engagement party. Noah arrived and stared at a photo of Tessa and Mariah. Faith showed Noah a list of Tessa's songs that were about Mariah. Noah looked sad. Faith asked Noah to write a note to the happy couple. Moses tried to give him a few suggestions, but Noah declined. Nick arrived and saw that Noah was uncomfortable. He asked Noah to help him.

Noah and Nick returned with a box containing Tessa's newest album. Nick claimed the record was on vinyl, the way God had intended it to be. Nick stated the albums were party favors for the big event. Nick said Noah had done a great job on the cover. Noah stated he was happy with how it had turned out.

When Tessa and Mariah arrived, they were stunned by the decorations. Rey gave Mariah and Tessa a glass of Champagne. Tessa claimed she loved the being engaged thing, but Mariah told her not to get used to it because people would be expecting a wedding eventually. Mariah asked who had been responsible for the decorations. Faith said it had been a joint effort. Sharon felt it was time for their first photo shoot. Tessa wanted to make sure the photos wouldn't wind up becoming their wedding announcement photos.

Rey asked Noah to take the photos, but Noah claimed he never took photos after he'd had a drink. Nick offered to take them, but Faith asked if Nick could keep his fingers out of the frame. She claimed that every photo Nick took either had his finger in the frame, or the photos were blurry. Mariah agreed. Nick said if Faith thought she could do better, then she should go for it.

After the photoshoot, Sharon carried in a very large gift-wrapped box. No one seemed to know who had sent the gift. Rey suggested they read the card. It was from Kevin and Chloe and appeared to be a knight's shield. Mariah was thrilled. She explained it was a replica of the shield from her favorite book series, The Kingdom Beyond. She explained that there was a really infamous wedding in the book. Tessa called it perfect.

Devon and Amanda arrived. Amanda asked Sharon if Abby and Chance were no-shows. Tessa said Chance and Abby should arrive momentarily. Mariah asked how the shared custody was going. Devon said they were just getting used to it. Mariah asked how Abby was handling it. Devon said she was okay, and he'd been doing everything he could to make it easier for her. Amanda chimed in to say they made video calls at bedtime for Dominic to say goodnight to Abby and Chance. Devon invited Mariah and Tessa to visit with Dominic whenever Devon had him.

Tessa asked if Devon's invitation included a plus one. Devon said Tessa knew she was always welcome, but Mariah explained that the plus one would be for someone younger that they were hoping to adopt. Devon and Amanda were surprised and delighted. Devon thought that what Mariah and Tessa were doing was really special because they knew what adoption meant to him. He said it had changed his life in ways he could never have imagined. Amanda said every time she thought of a child finding their forever home, she became overwhelmed with joy.

Mariah asked if Sharon had heard from Abby and Chance. She hadn't; however, Rey said he'd spoken to Chance a few days previously, and Chance was returning to the workforce the following day.

Faith asked Noah how he liked working with Nick. Noah claimed they were changing the world, and he loved it. He suggested that Faith join them. Moses agreed that she should join the family business. Nick claimed the business degree Faith had talked about would come in handy. Noah asked about the business degree. Faith claimed nothing had been set in stone yet; however, she had been looking at colleges with good business programs. Noah was impressed. He jokingly told Faith to watch her back when Victoria found out there was a mogul in the wings, waiting to sit on Grandpa's throne.

Abby and Chance were greeted warmly when they arrived. Devon told Abby he'd been afraid they wouldn't make it. Abby stated she'd found it difficult to leave Dominic. Mariah said she'd heard they had signed a shared custody agreement. Abby admitted that they had. Mariah said it was nice to see that Abby and Devon had made peace.

Abby said the evening was about Mariah and Tessa and she suggested they celebrate that. Mariah said she couldn't help but think back to when they had all decided to go on that crazy adventure. She knew everything hadn't gone the way they'd thought things would, but the bumps along the way had made their bond stronger. She said they would always have a connection to each other because of Dominic.

Sharon told Abby she was happy that Abby and Chance had been able to make it. She also mentioned she'd heard that Chance was returning to work. Sharon asked if Chance had been able to find a therapist. Abby said Chance felt that returning to the workforce would help him get back on track. Abby said that before they'd left home, she had noticed that Chance had begun to connect with Dominic. She felt things were looking up.

Alone with Chance, Rey said the next day would be a big one for Chance because he was returning to the workforce. Chance stated he was looking forward to it. Abby joined Chance and Rey. Rey left to freshen his drink, and Abby told Chance it was okay if he felt that returning to work the next day was too soon. Chance claimed he needed it to balance himself out.

Faith handed Noah a pen for him to write something on Tessa's song list. Mariah approached and asked if he had writer's block. She said if Noah couldn't think of anything to write, he could draw something. Noah said he knew Tessa had told Mariah some insane story that he still had feelings for Tessa, and he wanted Mariah to know there was nothing to worry about. He asked Mariah not to hate him. Mariah said she wasn't upset with him; she was upset with herself.

Mariah explained to Noah that she hadn't forgotten how she and Tessa had gotten together in the first place and that he and Tessa had been a couple at the time. Noah claimed it had been "a lifetime ago," and they had all moved on. She thanked Noah for forgiving her and for understanding. She said she loved Noah "so much," and she couldn't help hurting for him. Noah said she shouldn't be worried about him; she should be enjoying the party. Mariah wanted Noah to be okay. He claimed he was, and he only wanted Mariah and Tessa to be ecstatically happy.

Nick asked Abby how she was doing. Abby said she was really happy for Mariah and Tessa. They deserved the party and "so much more." Nick said he was asking about Abby. She knew Nick had heard about the shared custody arrangement. Abby said it had all happened very fast, and she couldn't have handled any interference from family. She admitted it had been a difficult decision, but Dominic had more love in his life than he would ever know what to do with. Nick told Abby if she ever needed anything, he was always there for her. Abby hugged him.

Sharon asked for everyone's attention. She said not everyone had a soundtrack dedicated to them because they would have to be fortunate enough to fall in love with a musical genius to get that. She said they were among the first to hear Tessa's new album. The music began, and everyone began to dance. When the music ended, Sharon said Mariah and Tessa had been through "so much," and they had supported and loved each other through all the changes. She called them a real inspiration.

Noah said he had something to say. Sharon and Nick looked worried. Noah claimed he would always remember the first time he'd heard Tessa sing. She'd opened her mouth, and the sound had been the most beautiful thing he'd ever heard. That was when he'd realized how special she was.

Noah said he was happy Tessa had found someone as special as she was to share her life with and declared that love like that didn't come around every day. Tessa and Mariah had focused on learning about one another, listening better, and loving harder. He said they should all be so lucky to find a love like theirs -- a love that would last forever. He asked for everyone to raise a glass to Mariah and Tessa, who were made for each other. He said they had proven that dreams did come true.

Sharon and Nick looked very relieved.

Abby told Noah that his speech had been lovely. She said they had to find someone to love Noah like that.

Mariah thanked Noah for his lovely words and thanked everyone for being with her and Tessa. She said everyone had witnessed her and Tessa's past, and they would witness their future. Tessa stated that she and Mariah wouldn't be where they were without the everyone's support. Tessa thanked Mariah for making her feel like she belonged, and she especially thanked Sharon for teaching her about love and hope. Mariah said she couldn't wait to walk down the aisle with Tessa.

Abby and Chance left.

Noah drew a heart in the corner of the song list as Tessa watched.

Devon and Amanda said goodnight to Mariah and Tessa. Amanda congratulated Tessa on her album. Devon claimed it was going to blow up when it was released. Devon and Amanda left.

Faith asked to talk to Mariah. Mariah told Faith it was the perfect time. Rey began to play one of Tessa's songs while Mariah and Tessa danced.

Sharon and Nick were worried about Noah. Nick said he was going to get Noah out of there. Nick approached Noah, and he suggested they go to a movie or something. Noah took one last longing look at Tessa before he left.

Chance and Abby returned home. Abby asked Louise about Dominic. Louis said he'd slept the whole time Abby and Chance had been gone. Abby tried to wake him. She asked if Chance thought Dominic looked pale to him.

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