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Adam made Sally the COO of Newman Media. Ashland confessed that he'd funded the Peruvian clinic. Dominic needed a bone marrow aspiration. Chance panicked when he heard a shot fired. Chelsea dreamed about kissing Rey. Lily proposed that she and Devon engage in a joint venture.
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Ashland confessed that he'd funded the Peruvian clinic, Chelsea dreamed about kissing Rey, and Dominic needed a bone marrow aspiration
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Adam brazenly takes the reins and sets boundaries with Sally

Adam brazenly takes the reins and sets boundaries with Sally

Monday, February 7, 2022

Chelsea approached Crystal at the Grand Phoenix and booked a suite for an extended stay. Chelsea was chatty and informed Crystal that she was selling her place and yearned for ease and luxury. Crystal assured Chelsea she'd be taken care of during her stay. After Chelsea entered her suite, she set out a framed photo of herself with Connor on a table. Chloe sent a text message assuring Chelsea that she'd land a deal with Lauren. Pausing to reflect, Chelsea tucked her phone in her purse and left as if she were on a mission.

Sally entered Adam's office at Newman Media, eager to discuss the details of her new job offer. After Sally mentioned that she wouldn't be able to sleep until she learned what was expected of her, Adam asked if she was having second thoughts. Sally told Adam she'd been ecstatic at the time, recalling that he'd actually offered her the job in front of Chloe and Chelsea to help her save face. Sally, noting that the fashion platform was no more, asked Adam if she'd be covering fashion news. Adam commended Sally for asking questions before committing. Adam suggested Sally channel her energy and love for fashion in a new direction.

Sally gasped when Adam announced that she would be the chief operations officer for New Media. Though Sally was flattered, she noted that she wasn't the most obvious person to fill the job. Adam credited Sally's artistic and creative skills along with her business savvy as qualifications for the position. Adam compared Sally's drive to succeed to his own, insisting that he would prove to Victoria, Ashland, and Victor that nobody could helm Newman Media better than he could. Adam told Sally he trusted her to be his partner because he valued her loyalty as much as her talent. Sally expressed concern that Victor and Victoria wouldn't accept his choice. Adam promised to handle his father and sister.

Sally told Adam they should discuss their personal relationship. Sally recalled the hug that had taken place after they'd returned to the office, noting that she'd felt a rise in temperature between them. Adam nodded and replied, "I might have needed a moment to cool off after you left." Sally told Adam they should stop dancing around the obvious and address their strong chemistry, which she compared to fireworks that necessitated self-discipline to contain. Adam admitted he'd been feeling the same way, wanting her as much as she wanted him. Adam acknowledged that their romance wouldn't be so simple.

Adam told Sally that they shouldn't act on their feelings until after she was set up as COO. Sally nodded. Adam said that he and Sally should determine how they could complement each other in their business roles before exploring their personal relationship. Sally replied, "I got it." Sally lingered a bit before she forced herself to leave Adam's office. After Sally walked away, Adam seemed contemplative.

Blindfolded, Tessa waited anxiously for Mariah to reveal their new apartment, located upstairs from Crimson Lights. Tessa was overwhelmed with joy when she beheld a cozy sitting area. The custom-printed poster on which guests had left personal sentiments during their engagement party was prominently situated on an easel in front of artfully arranged rows of books and knickknacks on display shelves. Tessa exclaimed that she loved their place, and she professed her love to Mariah with a kiss. Mariah made chocolate martinis and confessed that Faith had helped set up everything.

Tessa and Mariah proposed a toast to themselves as they sipped their decadent drinks. After the couple finished their drinks, they made love. Tessa later went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Mariah got up, too, stating that she wasn't sleepy and didn't want the night to end. Mariah bragged about the extra space in their new home. Tessa noted that the extra bedroom would be welcoming for their little boy or girl.

Tessa studied the poster and read the various messages. Mariah noticed that Abby had even signed for "Bowie." Mariah asked who'd drawn a heart shape on the bottom corner of the poster. Tessa replied, "Oh, that's from Noah." Mariah nodded slowly, as if in thought. Tessa explained that the heart represented Noah's love for them and not his love for her. Mariah said she and Noah had talked things over and were good. Mariah said she felt sorry for Noah having feelings for someone he couldn't have. Tessa nodded and turned her attention to Mariah. Tessa told Mariah she still wasn't sleepy. The couple kissed and reclined together on the sofa.

At Society, Nick told Noah that though Nick had lured him away from the party by inviting him to the movies, he realized he was starving. Noah said his father feared his son needed to eat after drinking too much Champagne. Nick replied that he simply wanted to help, knowing that Noah was doing his best to deal with his feelings for Tessa. Noah, weary of having already discussed it with his mom, assured his dad that he'd be fine. Nick replied that he'd gotten the message and would back off. Noah admitted he'd been experiencing turmoil, though he was certain he'd soon find his center. Nick assured Noah that he and his mom would be supportive.

Rey and Sharon busied themselves clearing away the glasses and serving dishes after Mariah and Tessa's engagement party ended. Rey declared the party a huge success, noting that Mariah and Tessa couldn't have looked happier. Sharon admitted she'd been concerned about how Mariah might react to seeing Abby and Devon together after they'd agreed to share custody of Dominic. Sharon felt certain Mariah no longer felt angst about Dominic. Rey mentioned Sharon's concern about Noah and his lingering feelings for Tessa. Sharon said she believed Noah wished all the best for Tessa and Mariah, though she was aware that the celebration had been hard for him. Sharon said Noah could count on his family to be extra supportive.

Rey praised Sharon for being a caring mother. Sharon gazed at a framed photo of Tessa and Mariah and smiled, acknowledging that she was feeling nostalgic. Sharon recalled how fiercely independent Mariah had been when she'd first come into Sharon's life. Sharon marveled at the remarkable transformation Mariah had since undergone before finding the love of her life. Rey observed that Tessa and Mariah seemed optimistic about their future, adding that he was happy for Sharon's family. Sharon corrected Rey, explaining that they were his family, too.

Sharon asked Rey to elaborate about his reluctance to include himself as part of her family. Rey recalled a previous conversation during which he'd noted how adeptly Sharon could read Mariah, Noah, and Faith in a way he couldn't. Rey explained that he felt he'd missed out on the parenting experience, which he characterized as fleeting moments of "what might have been." Chelsea quietly entered and interrupted the conversation.

Sharon told Chelsea that the coffeehouse had been closed to celebrate Mariah and Tessa's engagement. Chelsea congratulated Sharon and Rey. While Sharon fetched some warm cider, Rey told Chelsea he'd heard that Newman Media had been sold to Newman Locke. Chelsea confirmed the news and said that she and Chloe would no longer be associated with any Newman entity and were about to secure backing to begin a new endeavor. Sharon asked about Sally. Chelsea explained that Sally had never fit their vision and would work alongside Adam, despite Victoria's decision to drop the fashion platform.

Chelsea smirked and noted that Adam clearly had some purpose for Sally in mind. Rey advised Chelsea not to concern herself with Adam's relationship with Sally, and he encouraged her to move on. Chelsea explained that she'd already distanced herself from the memories of the past by moving into the Grand Phoenix until she could find a new home. Chelsea declared that she'd weathered dark clouds and expected sunshine going forward. Chelsea smiled when Rey assured her they were all rooting for her. Nick stopped by and greeted Chelsea. Sharon asked Nick to help her clean the patio, so they could talk.

Chelsea told Rey she was glad they'd reconnected as friends after he'd given her a second chance. Chelsea proudly showed Rey photos of Connor with his new hockey teammates. Chelsea described her son's antics in the photo to Rey and cooed, "I just wish he could stay this age forever." Chelsea recalled that Rey had a bond with Connor and likely didn't mind seeing the photos. Chelsea pointed at one photo and noted that the laughing kids had no cares in the world. Rey nodded and replied, "To be a kid again, huh?" Rey observed Chelsea's huge smile and added, "Or a proud parent."

Sharon told Nick that Chelsea had just happened to drop by, likely because she needed to be with people after dealing with the drama concerning Newman Media. Nick changed the subject to Noah, explaining that they'd had a father-son talk. Sharon was concerned that Noah might be shutting down. Nick assured Sharon that there wasn't a cause for alarm. Nick said Noah was glad for Tessa and Mariah and wanted them to be happy. Sharon insisted that Noah getting over Tessa would be easier said than done. Nick said Noah would have to learn to cope with it by focusing on his work. Sharon asked Nick if he thought Noah would be okay. Nick confidently replied, "I really do."

Later at home, Noah stretched out on his bed. Noah dreamed about Tessa. During the dream, Noah imagined Tessa telling him that her song lyrics had been written for and about him. Noah pulled Tessa close, and they passionately kissed on the lips. Noah awoke with a start and sat straight up in bed. He was breathing heavily. Noah grunted in frustration and rubbed his temples with the heels of his hands. Noah reclined on his pillow and seemed emotionally troubled.

Abby delivers alarming news about Dominic's health

Abby delivers alarming news about Dominic's health

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

At home, Billy apologized to someone over the phone for missing their call. He explained that there was construction going on at the office, so he'd been working from home, and he hadn't slept very well. He discovered a note from Lily, who'd let him know they were out of coffee and that she'd gone to a meeting. After Billy hung up, he scowled at the empty coffee canister and headed out.

At Crimson Lights, Jack spotted Amanda and invited her to join him. He inquired about her new law practice, and she reported that she and her sister were building a roster of new clients, including Imani's long list of political contacts. Amanda asked if Jack had spoken with Phyllis, and he assumed Summer was keeping Phyllis busy. Amanda remarked that he had quite the poker face, and he wondered why he felt like he was on the witness stand. Amanda stated that he and Phyllis deserved happiness, and she'd thought it would be together. "So did I, for a time," he wistfully replied, adding that life was unpredictable -- and so was Phyllis.

Billy joined Jack and Amanda, and Jack asked if it had been a late night. Billy shared that he'd had trouble sleeping, and Jack sympathized that Billy had been through enough to keep anyone awake at night after losing his job and company. Billy argued that he'd gotten another job that was just as great, but Jack countered that Billy was no longer in charge. Billy swore that his gig at ChancComm hadn't been about being the boss, and Amanda confirmed that it hadn't been his only concern.

Jack surmised that Billy going from running a company with his girlfriend to being her second-in-command was causing issues, but Billy swore that he and Lily were happy both at home and at work. Billy added that everything that had happened at ChancComm was in the rearview mirror, including Victor and his minions. Amanda told Jack that Billy had always been Lily's biggest cheerleader. Jack thought it didn't explain why Billy looked so tired. Billy conceded that his brain was revved up, but it wasn't nefarious. "You ever think about that?" Billy snapped.

Billy apologized for being testy, citing his lack of sleep. Jack remained concerned about Billy's insomnia, and he inquired whether Billy had experienced bad dreams or trouble falling asleep. Billy recounted that he'd been waking up at two or three in the morning, staring at the ceiling because his mind wouldn't let his body rest. Jack suggested that Billy's subconscious was having a hard time with everything Billy had been through. Billy observed a glance between Jack and Amanda, and she lectured that stress stayed with people and could mess them up if they let it.

Billy questioned whether he should stand on a rooftop and scream at the top of his lungs, but Amanda cautioned that the tenants wouldn't appreciate it. Jack was confused, and Billy explained that while he and Amanda had been getting to know one another, he'd climb to the rooftop of the Grand Phoenix and yell, even getting her to try it once. Amanda admitted that it had been satisfying, but she thought they'd both grown and moved on from that phase of their lives. Jack warned that some wounds healed, but others opened up later when one least expected it. Jack suspected that there were issues that Billy still needed to confront.

On the coffeehouse patio, Rey and Sharon compared notes about their plans that day. She mentioned that she had a few new patients, and she recalled that he had a big day with Chance going back to work. Sharon asked how Rey felt about it, and he said he'd been happy to see Chance and Abby relaxed at the engagement party. Rey contemplated whether he'd been overly concerned about Chance returning to work too soon. Rey prepared to head to work, and Sharon offered to get him a latte to go. He received a text message from Chance and told her to hold on.

Rey indicated that Chance wouldn't be starting that day, after all. Sharon blurted out that it was a relief, and she confided that she'd been worried about whether Chance was ready to be the solid, stable partner Rey needed on the job. Sharon thought it was a positive thing if Chance had decided to spend more time with his family, but Rey informed her that Chance and Abby had needed to take Dominic to the doctor. Sharon considered checking in with Abby or letting Mariah know, but Rey thought they should let Chance and Abby handle it.

Sharon packed Rey a lunch and clucked that Paul would call a search party if Rey didn't make an appearance at the station soon. Rey affectionately cited the trouble he had tearing himself away from his gorgeous wife, and he wished her luck with her new clients. Sharon asked him to let her know if he heard anything about Dominic, and they kissed goodbye.

At Society, Jack voiced his surprise to Lauren about Michael stepping down as D.A. Lauren grumbled that her husband's retirement had lasted about half a day once Victor had found out. She recounted that Michael had thought working for Victor would mean reasonable hours that wouldn't take over his life, yet Victor had already sent him to South America on a secret mission. "Classic Moustache," Jack quipped. Lauren lamented that Michael had wanted to go out on top, but with Victor, anything could happen.

Jack recalled that Michael had worked for Victor before and had always managed to get through it standing tall. Lauren thanked Jack for the pep talk, and she confided that she was just aggravated because Michael had made the career move so they could spend more time together. She requested Jack's advice, and he suggested she take up kickboxing. She envisioned pretending that Victor was the heavy bag, and Jack confessed that he'd once pictured Victor's face every time he'd smashed a tennis ball over the net.

Lauren pressed to know how Jack was doing, and he replied that he had no complaints. She doubted that he didn't have at least one, and he assumed she was talking about Phyllis. Jack acknowledged that Phyllis had decisions to make, and he shared that they planned to have dinner together when she got back from Milan. Lauren questioned whether it would be just friends meeting up or time to finally stop hiding their feelings. Jack stressed that it was nothing more or less than dinner, and he guaranteed that Lauren would be among the first to know about whatever happened.

Jack tried to tempt Lauren with dessert, but she refused to allow him to change the subject. She pushed to know what he wanted Phyllis to decide about the future. Jack recalled that Lauren had been with him during the Dina's Teardrop saga, when it had become his mission to embrace love. He claimed that he'd realized it was more about family, and Lauren asked if he was giving up on romance. Jack denied giving up, but he also vowed not to chase after it. He believed that if he was meant to find it, he would, but if he didn't, he already had an amazing life.

Jack helped Lauren with her coat and offered her a lift back to the office, but she preferred to take a brisk walk. He invited her to do it again soon, and she called it a date. He sat back down at the table and looked thoughtful. He pulled out his phone and contemplated calling Phyllis, but he ended up tucking the phone back into his pocket.

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby and Chance hovered over Dominic's bassinet. She fretted that all the baby did was sleep and that he looked pale. Chance reasoned that Dominic had been awake at the doctor's office and had fallen asleep in the car on the way home, which was normal. Abby admitted that she was trying not to lose it, but Chance assured her that there were no scary symptoms like a rash or trouble breathing. He implored her to wait for the lab results to tell them that their baby boy was just fine. She worriedly stared down at Dominic.

Chance handed Abby a hot drink, and she said she was glad he was there. He replied that there was nowhere else he'd rather be, and she realized he was late for his first day back at the force. He informed her that he'd already told Rey he wouldn't be at work because it was much more important for him to be with Abby and Dominic.

Abby recalled how she, Devon, and Mariah had panicked when Dominic had gotten the sniffles shortly after he'd been born. She continued that the pediatrician had assured them that it was just a cold and that babies picked up bugs all the time because it was how they built their immune systems. Abby recounted that she'd read every baby book she could find, but all the information had gone out of her head during a crisis. Chance was thankful that she'd had Devon and Mariah to lean on, and he wished he'd been there, too. Abby contemplated whether they should alert Devon.

Devon found Lily at his penthouse door. He complimented her outfit and guessed that she had an important meeting. She hoped her very important meeting was with him, and she asked if he had time to talk -- CEO to CEO. Lily revealed that she'd been making her way through some open proposals at Chancellor Industries, and she'd seen projects in the planning phase in their entertainment division that had reminded her of the things Devon and Neil had wanted to do at Hamilton-Winters. She thought their dad would have been proud of them. Devon believed Neil would have especially been proud of everything she'd accomplished since she'd gotten out of prison.

Lily explained that part of her motivation was the fact that Neil had passed away before he'd gotten to see her rebuild her life, and she'd always felt partly responsible that he'd died so young. Devon was adamant that she hadn't been to blame, and he noted that she'd done nothing but emulate the person Neil had been. Lily turned the topic back to the projects she'd been looking at, and she thought about what their two companies could do if they joined forces. She envisioned Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters combining their resources and doing something incredible and memorable to honor Katherine and Neil.

Devon asked what Lily had in mind, but he received an incoming call from Chance. Lily urged him to take it. Chance informed Devon that he and Abby had taken Dominic to the pediatrician that morning because the baby had seemed to be lethargic and had missed a feeding, which wasn't like him. Devon asked if he could check on the tot, and Chance welcomed him to stop by. Devon told Lily that he had to make sure Dominic was all right, so they'd have to finish their conversation another time.

Later, at home, as Billy walked in, Lily voiced surprise over the phone about how long something would take. She relayed that the head of facilities had told her that the construction would take awhile longer, so they could either deal with the noise at the office or work from home. Lily mentioned her chat with Devon about possibly doing a joint venture together, adding that he'd been called away because Dominic had needed to go to the doctor. She thought it was just new parent jitters, and she and Billy both remembered those well.

Lily reported that she'd been able to pique Devon's interest at the prospect of working together, and Billy marveled at the sparkle in her eye. She gushed about making work personal because it made things more exciting for her, but she noticed Billy seemed distracted. He figured he hadn't had enough coffee because she'd drained it, and it had slipped his mind to grab a bag or two at Crimson Lights. Lily surmised he'd forgotten because he was tired, and she divulged that she'd heard him get up in the middle of the night the past few nights. Billy said he'd tried not to disturb her, but he'd been feeling restless. She questioned what was going on, since it had happened three nights in a row.

Lily contended that it wasn't like Billy not to be able to sleep, since normally a semi could drive through their bedroom and not wake him. He doubted it was anything serious, but she suspected he hadn't gotten over everything the way he thought he had. She found it understandable that his pain and anger toward Adam hadn't just gone away, and Billy muttered that she sounded like Jack. Billy reiterated that he was just feeling restless, and when he'd woken up in bed, it had felt like a waste of time, so he'd gotten up and tried to do something. Lily sensed it was something deeper than just checking his email, and Billy shared that he felt like he was searching for something but didn't know what it was.

Lily theorized that Billy felt off because his COO duties were vague, while she was sorting out the future direction of the company. She suggested that he take on the project with Hamilton-Winters by fleshing out a pitch to show Devon what it could be. She envisioned leveraging Devon's streaming service by pairing it with their entertainment division to create educational and inspirational podcasts, since it would fulfill her dad's dream of wanting to empower people. Billy supported the idea and thought it was something he could sink his teeth into. He cooed that the idea was sexy, just like her, and he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.

After having sex, Billy and Lily cuddled on the sofa, and he reveled in the benefits of working from home. Lily worried that there were too many distractions, and he amorously asked if that was a bad thing. She wondered if he was truly excited about the podcast, and he conveyed his genuine enthusiasm and thought Devon would love it, too. Billy looked forward to having something to do when he woke up at three in the morning, and he considered the project the perfect solution for his restlessness. He proposed a different type of joint venture, and they kissed passionately.

Devon arrived at the Chancellor mansion. Abby reported that Dominic had been sleeping more than usual and that he'd looked pale before the engagement party, but they'd chalked it up to a growth spurt or a long day. She continued that he'd still been lethargic in the morning, so the pediatrician had instructed them to take the baby in. Chance shared that Dominic's physical tests had been normal, but the doctor had taken blood tests to be sure. Chance didn't want to speculate about what might be wrong, but Abby wailed that she couldn't stop speculating. She revealed that she'd been combing the Internet to look for clues, and she thought Dominic's symptoms might indicate he was anemic.

Abby conceded that she didn't know much about medicine, but she'd learned that anemia could be treated with iron drops. Devon worried that Dominic might have other deficiencies, but Chance advised him against second-guessing trained doctors. Devon offered to call Nate, but Abby and Chance opted to trust their pediatrician, whom Nate had recommended. Abby accused Devon of thinking Dominic's condition was somehow her fault. Chance encouraged her to stop blaming herself, since she was an excellent mother, and they could adjust things if the doctor told them to.

Devon echoed that the situation had nothing to do with anything Abby had done, but she sensed that he thought she was overreacting. She barked that it wasn't helpful, since she was Dominic's mother and was supposed to protect him. Abby ranted that she couldn't keep her mind from going to the worst possible places, and Devon telling her to calm down was only making her more anxious. Chance pulled Abby aside as Devon looked in on Dominic.

Chance reassured Abby that no one was telling her to calm down, but everyone was on edge. He said they needed to take it step by step together. Abby bemoaned that she couldn't keep her worries in check. Chance reasoned that facts were different than feelings, and he noted that Dr. Bradley would have admitted Dominic for observation if she had been concerned. He resolved to get the test results and go from there. Abby conceded that it made perfect sense, but it didn't make things any easier. They hugged.

Meanwhile, Devon tenderly asked Dominic how he was doing, since Devon was usually the one to quiet the infant down when he was being fussy. Devon told himself that babies changed routines all the time as they grew, and he referred to the studying he'd done about being a dad and how it had said to be prepared for anything Dominic needed. Devon whispered that Dominic also had his mommy and daddy and always would.

Abby put Dominic in his crib upstairs, thinking he'd be more comfortable without everyone hovering over him. Devon asked if the baby monitor was on, and Chance ensured it was. Abby observed that the baby's cry had sounded weak, whereas it was typically loud to let them know when he needed something. Chance chalked it up to Dominic being tired after the doctor's visit. Abby whimpered that the waiting was excruciating, and her phone rang. She saw it was Dr. Bradley calling.

Abby hung up after speaking with the doctor, her brow furrowed with concern. She numbly relayed that Dominic's red blood cell count was much lower than the pediatrician was comfortable with, so they needed to take him in for a bone marrow aspiration and more tests right away.

Victor is suspicious of Ashland's connection to the clinic

Victor is suspicious of Ashland's connection to the clinic

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Nikki asked Victoria about the acquisition of Newman Media. She wanted to know if they were going to fold the finance and marketing staff into their system. Victoria wanted to check with Ashland to make sure they were on the same page. She said Ashland's health had improved, and he really wanted to sink his teeth into the business.

Nikki couldn't believe Victoria had agreed to having Adam on their executive team. Victoria explained she'd had no choice. Victor had insisted Adam remain if she wanted to acquire Newman Media. Nikki hoped Adam had come to terms with the fact that he would be answering to Victoria. Victoria assured Nikki she and Ashland would be keeping a close eye on Adam.

At Newman Locke, Adam told Ashland he wanted to talk to Ashland. Adam noted that Ashland's health had to be improving, since he'd returned to work. Adam said that as a member on the board, Ashland's input on Newman Media had always been appreciated. Adam said that since they were on the same team, things would be even better. Adam looked forward to Ashland's input and perspective on the business.

Ashland said Adam had to be very excited about so many new possibilities for Newman Media. Ashland claimed great things were happening, and it was a scintillating time to be part of Newman Locke. Adam claimed Ashland and Victoria would be happy he'd stayed. Ashland laughed.

Adam told Ashland that he had a proven track record of his success in the media field. He'd done a great job at Newman Media, and there hadn't been any complaints about his work. Ashland reminded Adam that he would no longer be the sole decision-maker. Adam admitted he'd accepted that Victor wanted more of a say and that Victoria would want things her way.

Ashland told Adam that he and Victoria would be giving Adam direction, and if Adam wasn't happy with that, he needed to move on. Adam didn't understand why Ashland had taken that tone with him, since they had always had a solid working relationship. Ashland said he simply wanted Adam to know where things stood and that it was an excellent opportunity for him. Adam said Victor had made that abundantly clear.

Ashland told Adam that he and Victoria were willing to give Adam the benefit of the doubt; however, any insubordination or challenge of authority would be a major mistake. Adam asked if Ashland and Victoria were one entity. Ashland said they were. Adam asked if Ashland and Victoria were equal partners in running Newman Locke. Ashland stated that he was. Ashland said the world didn't revolve around Adam, nor did Newman Media. Adam said he couldn't wait to show Ashland how wrong he was. Victoria arrived and asked what was going on.

Adam told Victoria he'd hired Sally as his COO. Ashland rolled his eyes, and Victoria pointed out that Sally was a fashion designer. Adam relayed that Sally had a business background. She'd run her own fashion house in Los Angeles. Adam said Sally was creative. Ashland added that Sally was calculating.

Victoria asked if Adam recalled what Sally had done to Summer. Adam failed to see how Summer had been harmed, and Sally wanted to move past that and start with a clean slate. He said that he and Sally had that in common. Victoria asked if that was why he thought Sally would make a good COO. Adam stated he'd made the right choice. Adam asked if he had autonomy to hire and fire people or if he had to run every decision by Victoria.

Victoria told Adam she was fine with Sally as Adam's COO; however, Adam had to train and mentor Sally himself. Ashland was appalled. Adam thanked Victoria and left. Ashland questioned Sally's ability to oversee operations. Victoria claimed Sally was an opportunist and reckless, both traits that would work to their advantage. Ashland received a call from Victor asking him to stop by the ranch. Ashland agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Billy received a call from Lily, who stood outside the entrance to Society. She told Billy that Whitney, whom Lily had wanted to promote, had resigned and taken a job in Salt Lake City. Billy offered to meet her at home, and they could discuss it. Lily saw Nikki through the window. Lily informed him she had to do something first.

After Billy ended his call with Lily, Sally arrived and congratulated him on his position as COO of Chancellor Industries. Billy said he'd heard things hadn't turned out so well for Sally, since Victoria had dropped the fashion platform when she'd acquired Newman Media. He wished Sally luck finding a new job. Sally informed him that Adam had kept her on. Billy asked if she was going to be Adam's new executive assistant and if Adam had more people lined up for her to stalk.

Sally gloated to Billy that they had the same job. She said she was the COO at Newman Media. Billy was stunned. Billy claimed Sally had gone from being the third banana at a barely recognizable fashion platform to second in command to a highly prestigious media conglomerate. Billy stated that her super spying had paid off. Sally claimed her videos had had nothing to do with her becoming COO. Billy asked if it was her extensive operations résumé that had gotten her the job.

Sally told Billy she had a lot of business experience and that she'd run her own fashion house in Los Angeles. Billy claimed it was clear that Sally would stoop to whatever level Adam asked her to. Billy reminded her that she'd helped Adam to slander an innocent man by secretly recording him. Billy asked if Sally hadn't recorded him in a compromising situation. Sally admitted she had. Sally claimed his whole act had been a scam because he'd hoped Adam would fall for it and publish a story, which Adam had never done. Billy stated it was only because he'd stopped it by taking the high road.

Sally said Billy had had an attack of conscience. She asked where Billy got off playing the victim. Billy found it entertaining watching Sally try to take the high road. He said Adam had cost him his reputation and his job. He claimed that had been the only reason he'd put his plan in motion, and he'd known it would have worked because Adam loved seeing people suffer. Sally claimed Billy was wrong. She claimed Adam felt bad Billy's life was such a wreck. Billy stated that Sally had still found the strength to keep filming him.

Sally told Billy she didn't believe Adam would have taken advantage of Billy's suffering, which hadn't been real. Sally wanted Billy to be happy and move on. Billy asked if Sally wanted him to be happy that Adam was running ChancComm, the company Billy and Lily had built. Sally said that keeping Adam in charge had been Victoria's call, and she hoped that made Billy feel better. Billy claimed that it would because he knew how Victoria really felt about Adam, and he didn't believe the situation would last very long. He wished her luck and left.

Lily entered Society and asked Nikki for some advice. Lily told Nikki she'd lost count of the times she'd wanted to call Katherine. She'd then chosen to contact someone who had known Katherine the best. She asked Nikki if there was anything Katherine would have wanted Lily to know when she'd taken over Chancellor Industries.

Lily told Nikki she had an image of Katherine as a tough-as-nails businesswoman, barking orders, decisive, and never wrong. Nikki said Katherine had never set out to be a business mogul. The company had become her responsibility after Phillip had died. In the beginning, she'd allowed others to run the company, but she had decided she could run it as well as they could and had taken over. Nikki claimed Katherine had loved people underestimating her. She'd had fun shaking things up. That would have been Katherine's advice to Lily -- to have fun.

Lily told Nikki that Chancellor had a rich history with amazing business legends to front it, including Neil. Lily felt it was presumptuous of her to think she was anywhere near their league. Nikki assured Lily she was, and Neil had been the best mentor Lily could have had. Lily wished she could call Neil. Nikki was sure Lily could hear Neil's voice in her head. She told Lily to trust what he said. Nikki said Neil and Katherine were watching over Lily, and she would be fine. She also told Lily to trust Jill's judgment because Jill knew what she was doing when it concerned Chancellor and wouldn't have put Lily in charge if she hadn't been certain that Lily was ready.

When Lily arrived at home, she told Billy she was upset about Whitney jumping ship, and she was worried how that would look. Billy stated it was a compliment because Whitney had been passed over for the top job. If Lily had crashed and burned as Chancellor's CEO, Whitney would have swooped in to save the day, but she had realized that Lily would be around for a long time and had decided to move on. He reminded Lily that working at Chancellor should be fun. He offered to help Lily pick the right candidate to replace Whitney.

Lily told Billy she'd asked Nikki for any advice Katherine would have passed on. Billy said that if Lily wanted insight into Katherine, Nikki was the one to talk to. Lily told Billy that Nikki had said Katherine had never lost sight of how much she loved the role. Billy believed Lily could do the same thing. Lily explained she'd felt overwhelmed, and she had sought out Nikki because she wanted to make sure she could match Katherine's savvy, Neil's intellect, and Jill's confidence in her.

Lily told Billy it was insensitive for her to complain about the demands of the job when it was something Billy could do in his sleep. Billy admitted he'd wanted the job; however, Lily was the right person for that position, and he was very happy to be a team player. He was very excited about what they were building, and he was certain Katherine, Neil, and Jill had had self-doubts when they'd taken over Chancellor. He said Lily didn't need to compare herself to them because she was the savviest CEO the company had ever had.

Lily thanked Billy for his pep talk. Billy stated he'd lived through what Lily felt. He said that for most of his life, he'd felt he hadn't been meeting the expectations of the great John Abbot or Jack. Billy said that Lily didn't need to emulate anyone. She had everything she needed to succeed. Lily said she could still hear Neil encouraging her and giving her confidence.

Lily asked if Billy was ever going to address his insomnia. She said if Billy was having trouble sleeping, something was going on. She reminded him their relationship wasn't one-sided, and if something was bothering him, they needed to talk about it. Billy claimed Lily had already helped by partnering with Hamilton-Winters on the podcast. He was very excited, and he couldn't stop thinking how to market the show. He claimed it helped his sleep pattern because it was a creative outlet. His creative juices were flowing, leaving no room for stress or anxiety. He promised he would sleep like a baby.

At home, Victor received a text message from Michael: "Arrived at Peru clinic. Ashland's name opens doors. So far, financial ties unconfirmed." Victor responded, "Good work. Stay on it."

Nikki arrived, and she told Victor that Ashland's improving health had helped Victoria. Nikki said Victoria was very relaxed and focused. Nikki told Victor she'd run into Lily and that Jill had been smart to put Lily's talent to good use. She said Lily's managerial skills showed because she knew how to rein Billy in. Victor felt that Lily being involved with Billy didn't speak well of her judgment. Victor informed Nikki that Ashland was on his way because he needed to have a chat with Ashland. Nikki insisted that Victor tell her what he wanted to talk to Ashland about.

Victor told Nikki she couldn't say anything to Victoria. He said Ashland had known about the clinic in Peru and he'd been sending money to it for years as a tax-dodging scheme. He asked if Victoria had ever mentioned Ashland's connection to the clinic. Nikki didn't believe Victoria knew anything about it. When Ashland arrived, Nikki left.

Victor told Ashland he was curious about the water treatment plant Ashland had mentioned. He offered Ashland a drink and asked if his treatment allowed him to drink. Ashland said it was fine. Victor poured the drinks and said it was miraculous how Ashland had found that clinic in the nick of time. Ashland stated it had been more than luck.

Ashland told Victor that because of some strange circumstances, he was one of their benefactors. Ashland explained that a colleague had previously become very ill and had been treated at the clinic. The treatment had been fantastic, but the clinic had been in jeopardy of losing their funding. He'd seen it as a matter of life and death, and his accountant had created a shell corporation in order to get the money to the clinic. Ashland said he had kept it afloat.

Victor told Ashland it was a fantastic story. Ashland had bailed the clinic out, and a few years later, the clinic had saved his life. Victor claimed Victoria hadn't told him about it. Ashland admitted he'd kept it from her intentionally. He didn't want anyone to question why he'd jumped to the front of the line to get the treatment. He hadn't wanted Victoria to worry about it becoming an obstacle. He said she had too much to worry about already.

After Ashland left, Nikki returned and asked Victor how things had gone. Victor said he didn't know because Ashland had had an answer for everything, but something was off. Nikki felt it was good if he'd had an answer for everything. Victor said it wasn't, because his answers had been too glib and polished. That troubled Victor.

Adam walked into his office. Sally had been waiting for him. Adam told Sally he'd been to see Victoria. Sally asked if Adam had spoken to Victoria about her COO position. She asked if Adam had told Victoria about her business background. Adam said they hadn't had a chance to get into that.

Sally asked Adam if Victoria wanted her in a lower position. Sally claimed she could make herself invisible if that was what she needed to do. Adam told Sally that she was going to help him run a major media conglomerate. He said the COO position was hers. Sally scolded Adam for allowing her to think Victoria had rejected her. He apologized.

At Society, Ashland ordered a drink and ripped off his tie in anger. He received a call from someone informing him that an American in Peru had been asking questions about him. Ashland asked if it was a journalist or a private investigator. He asked what that person wanted to know. Ashland said that nothing had changed, and they needed to stick to the plan.

Chelsea dreams that she and Rey kiss

Chelsea dreams that she and Rey kiss

Thursday, February 10, 2022

by Nel

Lily and Billy had been working at home on their newest project. Billy was wired and wanted to work for a bit longer. Lily went to bed and Billy wondered "what the hell" was going on with him; why he couldn't sleep. Billy began searching the Internet for answers. He found something that said to process and reflect. Billy didn't feel he had any fears, and he thought nothing had been gnawing at him. He pressed record on his phone, and he began to break himself down to himself.

"All you have is the soothing sound of your own voice, and some would say you liked the sound of your own voice. They would be right. At least you would know someone was listening. Who and what are you? You were meant to have everything, and you lost almost everything. You got everything back except the one thing you miss the most: sweet baby-girl Delia.

"You asked about all the other things you have lost because you were being an idiot. You fought wars for no good reason, because you didn't acknowledge what you had at the time, and a recipe for disaster. Have you learned anything? What was keeping you up was that you couldn't break free of the past, or you couldn't break free of who you really are, or could it be who you used to be? You are the analyst and the guy on the couch. There is no sugar-coating this or turning a blind eye. There is no lying to yourself, no matter how desperately you want to justify your mistakes, your missteps, misgivings, or miscommunication. There is no running away from hope.

"This monologue is constantly reminding you of all the dumb things you did throughout the day and all the smart things you didn't do or say. Then there are those big moments in your life, around and around in an unchangeable loop, but we all learn to hope, but what are we hoping for? Two or three years ago, you couldn't stand to be in your own skin. You have changed your life. You can give yourself a pat on the back. You are in a really great place, and so much of it has to do with Lily. You are lucky to have her.

"So, if you have been able to let go of all this baggage, then what's keeping you up at night, this restlessness and unsettling feeling. Is there something deep down eating away at you, and if there is, what is it? How do you find it? Do you want to find it? Maybe that is something I need to process, reflect, and meditate on, but knowing you, you will want to find it, acknowledge it, and bury it as quickly as you can."

Billy turned. He saw Lily standing on the stairs. He told her that he was having a little fun allowing his subconscious to run free -- like a therapy session, except he was the doctor and patient. Lily asked if he was worried about why he wasn't sleeping. Billy claimed he was curious about it. He wanted Lily to hear something he'd said, but Lily told him it was private and to leave it that way. Billy stated there was no aspect of his life that he wanted to keep private from her. Lily listened to an excerpt of what Billy had taped.

"No matter how many times you go over it, you're still stuck with the decisions you've made -- the ones you want to take back, and the ones you made sooner, like stepping back from that soul-sucking battle with Adam and all the rabbit holes you could have avoided going down, the times you gave in to self-destructive impulses that turned out to be very costly, not only for yourself, but for the ones around you and the people you love.

"As if going over some of these events was going to allow you to magically rewrite history or change the trajectory of your life. Moving forward, things aren't always going to go right. You have to make those decisions, becoming the bigger man and letting go of this grudge with Adam and moving on. Can you continue to be that man? I don't know. Something still seems to be missing."

Billy stopped the recording. Lily thanked him for sharing and asked if it bothered him to relive it. Billy said it might have in the past, but sharing it with Lily didn't bother him. He trusted her, and it felt cathartic. Saying it out loud had taken the edge off it a bit and was liberating. Lily was impressed at how far he'd come. Billy claimed that his progress was because of her. He was excited how far they could go together. Lily kissed him and told him she was very proud of him. She went to bed.

Billy picked up his phone, and he continued.

"Okay, if this is the end of chapter one, what did you discover? What is keeping you up at night? What is making you feel so restless? If everything is as good as you say it is, are you worrying about screwing up again? Are you worried about backsliding like you always do? You have always been a one step up, two steps down kind of guy. Do you have the courage to change that? Can you get two, three, four steps in the right direction? Can you get some momentum? You know you can. You can feel it.

"You have Lily, and she is great for you. She challenges you and calls you on your BS, which is exactly what you need, and in spite of it all, she loves you. It is the right choice to let go of that constant need for revenge. It's a waste of time, and it's an energy suck. You are in a golden place right now. You have got the courage to acknowledge it, make the change, and level out your life."

At home, Abby asked Chance if he thought Dominic had woken up because he'd sensed her anxiety. Chance told her to relax. Dominic had fallen asleep again, and all was fine. He told Abby to get some sleep, but Abby couldn't sleep because of the scenarios playing in her head that had led to Dominic requiring bone aspiration. She asked how that had happened and the sudden jump to an invasive test.

Chance told Abby they needed to stay calm and positive. Abby was scared. Chance told Abby to fight her fears. He said they would have the test results the next day, and then they would do what they needed to in order to help Dominic. It did no good dwelling on the worst-case scenarios. They needed to be strong for their boy. Abby agreed. He suggested she take a long, hot bath. Chance said they needed to do what was best for Dominic and for them.

After Abby went upstairs, Chance called Rey and apologized for not starting work like he'd promised. Rey told Chance that family always took priority. He asked Chance about the baby. Chance told him they would know more the next morning when they had the test results. Chance asked Rey if he'd missed anything. Rey informed Chance they were doing surveillance on a suspect in a series of robberies. Chance claimed he wouldn't sleep much because he would be thinking about the test results, he asked if Rey wanted some company during the stakeout. Rey agreed.

Chance told Dominic not to worry and that he could count on Chance. He would do whatever it took to get Dominic through his health crisis. Chance said that he and Abby would always make sure Dominic was okay. He told Dominic to trust him to make up for all the time he'd missed. He said he would return to the force and focus on work and his sense of purpose. He needed to get back to where he needed to be. When Abby returned, Chance said he was going to meet Rey for a stakeout. Reluctantly, Abby said he should go.

In her suite, Chelsea was unable to sleep. She recalled a number of conversations she'd had with Adam. In one, he'd told her that they would always share a connection, but they were in a different place. Adam had thought they were in a great place. He'd stated that getting back together would be a mistake.

In another conversation, Adam had told Chelsea they would always be in each other's lives, but there was no future for them. In yet another conversation, Adam had told her to let go of the past and move on and that his personal life wasn't any of her business. Chelsea had asked if Adam had fallen for Sally.

Chelsea also recalled when she'd told Adam that Sally didn't deserve him. She'd known the type. She'd seen go-getters like Sally her whole life; they couldn't see beyond what was in it for them, and she was shocked that Adam hadn't figured that out about Sally yet.

Restless, Chelsea called Chloe and asked if they could go over their business plan for Lauren, but Chloe said she needed to see to Bella. Chelsea agreed to go over the proposal the next morning. Chelsea called the desk and asked for her car to be brought around.

Chelsea arrived at the coffeehouse, and she was surprised to see Rey. She told him she wanted some herbal tea to calm her mind because she had too many crazy thoughts racing around in her head. Rey said it could be a very long night for him on a stakeout.

Chelsea said Rey's job had to make Sharon a little nervous with him risking his life in potentially dangerous situations. Rey said Sharon had come to terms with his crazy hours, but risking his life might be overstated. Chelsea told Rey that she and her mother had been on a stakeout when she'd been a kid, scoping out their mark and planning their con. Rey couldn't imagine Anita involving Chelsea in criminal activities, and he guessed it had been pretty scary. Chelsea claimed it had been normal because she hadn't known any different. She said Anita would stay up all night, planning how she was going to con some guy out of his hard-earned cash.

Rey said it had to have been lonely for Chelsea, but Chelsea said that she and Anita had been a team. They'd had no family or friends, and Anita had told her that they needed to stick together and couldn't let outsiders into their world. Rey was floored that Anita had imposed a warped sense of the world on a young mind. Chelsea stated the reality of it all had begun to set in when she'd gotten older.

Chelsea asked if Rey had always wanted to be a cop. Rey couldn't recall a time that he hadn't. He said he'd always been vigilant because he'd felt responsible for his mother, brother, and sister. He explained that when his dad had gone missing, he'd become obsessed with what had happened to him and had wondered if his dad was dead or kidnapped. It had turned out he'd been on one of his various affairs. Rey had never forgotten the rush while solving the mystery and tracking down the clues.

Rey asked Chelsea what had set her on her path. She claimed she'd become a con artist because that was all she'd known, and she'd been really good at it from a very young age. It had been her way of life until she'd been pregnant with Johnny, then she'd had to quit. Even though she'd known she wouldn't raise Johnny, she'd known she had to be better. She'd made mistakes since then for reasons she wasn't proud of, but she'd had to let that part of her life go for Connor's sake. The separation had been hard on him, and he was still struggling.

Rey told Chelsea he'd seen that the first time he and Connor had spent time together. He'd also seen that Chelsea had changed. Chelsea asked what difference it had made. She said she was still lonely and alone. Rey said she had Connor, and he wouldn't be raised the way Anita had raised Chelsea.

Chance arrived. He overheard part of Rey and Chelsea's conversation. He told Chelsea he'd known about her past from Adam. Chance said it was very impressive that Chelsea had walked away from that life. Chelsea explained that she'd had to for Connor's sake. She claimed a lot of people still judged her for her past mistakes; however, Rey wasn't one of them. He'd seen her at her worst, yet he believed her when she said she'd changed; Rey had seen how hard she'd worked to rebuild her life. At that moment, Rey received a signal that it was time to leave for the stakeout. Chelsea thanked him for the tea and conversation, and she left.

Rey and Chance arrived at their stakeout location and hid. Rey told Chance there had been five break-ins in that neighborhood in the past two weeks, and they had all taken place at night. The principal guy knew how to take out security systems, and he slipped in and out, taking anything he could get without leaving any clues or prints behind. He was daring them to catch him.

Chance asked Rey why he believed the guy would strike that night. Rey said a distinct pattern had emerged, and based on that, they believed he would strike on that street next. He told Chance not to get his hopes up because it might be a long night of waiting for nothing.

Rey asked Chance about Dominic. Chance said Dominic's red blood cell count was low, and he would receive a bone marrow aspiration to determine why. He said there was no worse feeling than when one's kid was going through something. Rey had had a taste of that after Faith's car accident and also with Connor. He said Connor seemed so sad and confused about his parents' split-up that Rey just wanted to reach out and help him. Chance was certain that Chelsea was grateful that Rey was there for Connor. Rey said he was a good kid.

Rey spotted the guy and alerted Chance. Rey said he would circle to the other side of the house. Once he was in position, he wanted Chance to come at the guy from the other side. Rey left. Chance heard a shot, and he fell to the ground in a panic.

Chance returned home and found Abby asleep on the couch. Abby woke and asked if everything was okay. Chance said he felt like his place was with her and Dominic.

Chelsea returned to her suite, changed into her pajamas, grabbed a pillow, and made herself comfortable on the couch. She heard the door open, and Rey walked in. He said she was the most complicated and intriguing woman he'd ever met. He was mesmerized, and he couldn't stop thinking about her. They kissed. Chelsea awoke startled.

Ashland comes clean to Victoria

Ashland comes clean to Victoria

Friday, February 11, 2022

by Nel

Adam entered his office and saw a vase of red roses, a bottle of Champagne, and a box of chocolate-covered strawberries on his desk. Sally entered, and Adam asked if Sally was responsible for the gifts. Sally told Adam she was there to discuss her role as COO, not to ask Adam to be her Valentine. They wondered who had left the Valentine's Day gift. Adam opened the envelope, and he told Sally it was from one of their advertisers.

Adam told Sally that PR was preparing their own gift: a press release announcing her new title. Sally said if Adam thought he was giving her a gift with the title of COO, they needed to have a serious talk. Adam claimed she misunderstood. When he'd mentioned gift, he meant the press release announcing her title. He would never gift her a job.

Sally told Adam that before they approved the press release, she needed to know exactly what Adam was expecting from her. She needed to have her duties defined because that position could mean a wide range of things. She asked if they had an equal partnership and if she would have her own autonomy and agency or if Adam was just looking for a "yes" woman. Adam claimed he wasn't looking to be "yessed" to death, nor was he looking to have COO arm candy.

Adam told Sally he valued her point of view, and he liked to be challenged. What he liked about their partnership was that Sally never held back. Sally stated that Adam wanted her to be his public face and business partner, even though she'd never run a media company previously. Adam said absolutely, because he saw similarities between the media business and the fashion world.

Adam told Sally that news and clothes were essential products. Designers wanted people to wear their clothes, and media needed people to read or watch their content. That was the reason Sally had been partly successful in building the fashion platform: Sally knew how to attract people. He said it was all about enticement and seduction, and he knew Sally could shine. Sally proudly claimed she knew her way around a spreadsheet, and she could "crush the hell out of a budget."

Adam admired Sally's confidence, but he didn't want her to be under the impression it was going to be easy. He said they would have to answer to Victoria and Ashland, and all of that was going to be under Victor's watchful eye. He claimed they couldn't have any missteps; any false move, and Victoria would use it to kick them both to the curb. Adam told Sally that it was more difficult to get people to read or watch stories than getting them to look at fashion gossip or ogle a wedding dress. He said they had to be the best.

Sally told Adam they had to hire the best storytellers. She didn't care if it was business news or politics; a good story was a good story. Adam said Sally had good instincts, and he'd been right that she would be a natural for that position. Sally knew there would be plenty of obstacles to overcome, and she found the challenge exciting. Sally claimed she would rather try and fail than not try at all.

Adam poured Champagne. Sally agreed to sip it as long as they weren't toasting to Valentine's Day. Adam toasted to her growing success. Sally thanked him for taking a chance on her. She knew she hadn't been the logical choice. Sally toasted to two wrongs making something right.

Victoria entered her office, and Ashland was busy placing vases of flowers everywhere. He told Victoria nothing was too extravagant to show how much he loved her and having her in his life.

Victoria gave Ashland a ring that bore the signet of a Scottish lord's name, Rog Locke. She said she knew it wasn't Ashland's real name, but it represented who he was then. Ashland was stunned when Victoria admitted she'd researched the name and tracked the signet down. He put the ring on and said he would cherish it forever. He claimed there were a dozen reasons he didn't deserve her love, but he thanked God daily that she was in his life.

Victoria thanked Ashland for all the flowers, but Ashland claimed they were only to set the stage. He presented her with a necklace with the letter "V." Ashland suggested they cancel the rest of the workday and celebrate. Victoria agreed.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki he'd heard from Michael with more information about Ashland. Michael had discovered that the cash flow from Ashland's shell company to his clinic in Peru had doubled just before Victoria and Ashland had gone there for his experimental treatment. Nikki didn't see that as a red flag. Company cash flow increased and decreased all the time. Victor claimed that under normal circumstances, Nikki would be correct; however, in this case, Victor smelled a rat. He said something about Ashland's story didn't add up.

Nikki said she didn't understand why Victor was stirring things up with Ashland and Victoria. Nikki asked if he knew what day it was. Victor asked if Nikki really believed he would forget Valentine's Day. Nikki wanted him to show his love by taking her out for a romantic lunch.

At the penthouse, Amanda wished Devon a happy Valentine's Day. Devon felt terrible because he'd had so much on his mind about Dominic that he'd forgotten it was Valentine's Day. Amanda understood how worried he'd been about the baby. All Devon could think about was Dominic crying as he was getting the test, looking at them, and wondering why that was happening to him. Amanda said Devon loved Dominic, and Devon was doing right by him.

Amanda suggested that Devon take the day off, and she would stay home with him until he heard from Dominic's doctor. Devon refused and felt that work would be a good distraction for him. He said he wanted to finish the meeting with Lily.

Billy was asleep on the couch. Lily tickled his nose with a long-stemmed rose. When he awoke, they kissed. Billy claimed that it was the most romantic day in the year, and working from home, they got to do things no one needed to know about. There was a knock on the door. Lily realized she had a meeting with Devon. They scrambled to put the couch in order.

Lily asked Devon if everything was good with Dominic. Devon informed her that Dominic had needed a bone marrow aspiration the previous day, and they were awaiting the results. Lily asked if he wanted to reschedule their meeting, but Devon said he would like their company if Lily and Billy didn't mind.

Devon said he wanted to explore the joint venture of Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters. Lily stated that Devon had a streaming service, and they had content. She suggested they use Devon's streaming service to launch a podcast for Chancellor. She said they wanted the podcast to be educational and inspirational as well as having some content centered around music. Devon loved the concept, but he wanted specifics about topics of the podcasts. Billy said he'd had a lot of ideas bouncing around in his head, and he believed he'd found something that would be perfect.

Billy said Devon knew all about his past, and Lily was amazing. He declared that Lily made him want to be a better person. Billy said he had it pretty good; however, he still had thoughts and feelings running around in his head because it wasn't easy. He'd taken it upon himself to be a better person. He said life wasn't easy. He thought he couldn't be the only one going through those issues.

Billy told Devon the platform for the podcast would be a unifying theme of bettering oneself. Each series would be specifically designed and centered around health and wellness, both physical and mental. They had an opportunity to really help people and put something good into the world. Billy felt that Neil and Katherine would really appreciate that and seeing them work together. Devon loved it.

Lily asked what their next step should be. Devon said he would take it to his team, but in the end, it would be his call. He couldn't wait to get started. He felt it truly was the perfect way to honor Katherine and Neil. They would have loved the concept of reaching out to people and helping them better themselves. Devon said it would be a good thing to get Moses working on it as part of his internship. Lily loved that idea. Devon was excited. Lily hoped it would lead to many more joint ventures.

After Devon left. Lily was pleased that Devon loved the idea, and she said that Billy's pitch had been excellent. She claimed she loved the creativity. Billy said it was a positive thing, and it felt good. They kissed.

Victoria and Ashland arrived at Society and saw Victor and Nikki. Ashland claimed they'd all had the same idea for Valentine's Day. Victor invited them to join him and Nikki. Nikki wasn't pleased, but with a smile, Nikki asked about Victoria's day. Victoria said her office had been filled with flowers, and she showed off the necklace Ashland had given her. Ashland showed off his ring and explained it was the Locke family signet from ancestors in Scotland. Victor said that was very interesting, since Ashland was no relation to the Lockes in Scotland.

Victoria told Victor the ring was about who Ashland was then. It represented who he was and who they were as a married couple and as business partners of Newman Locke. Ashland claimed it was about the future; it was symbol of a path forward he'd been less optimistic about until recently. Victor toasted to Ashland's miraculous recovery.

Nikki told Victoria and Ashland that Victor had transformed one of the stalls in the stable with saddle, bridle, reigns, and a custom-carved sign for its new inhabitant, "Sparks," a gorgeous five-year-old Thoroughbred who they would meet in the spring. She said Victor continued to spoil her with the most spectacular horses. Ashland observed that Victor obviously knew the way to Nikki's heart. Nikki said he always had. Victoria claimed Victor wasn't the only one who appreciated his wife. Victor told Victoria it was wonderful to see how much in love they seemed to be because Victoria's happiness meant everything to him.

Devon arrived at the penthouse with balloons, flowers, and a gift. Amanda scolded him and said he was home too soon. Devon said the same to Amanda. Amanda appreciated the flowers, and she told Devon she wanted to make him a really nice dinner to help him relax. She claimed she was a pretty good cook, just not a tidy one. Devon and Amanda danced.

Back at the ranch, Nikki said she had hoped to have Victor's undivided attention, but he'd seemed to be more interested in Ashland. She was worried that Victor was looking for something that wasn't there or something that should remain in the past with Ashland's other secrets. Nikki reminded Victor how disruptive it had been the first time Victor had dug into Ashland's past, and ironically, Victor had been the one who'd accepted Ashland and welcomed him into the family.

Victor told Nikki that, as a chess player, he looked many moves ahead of anyone else. Nikki didn't understand what Victor hoped to accomplish by digging into Ashland's treatments because Victoria was finally happy. Nikki asked if Victor doubted Ashland's love for Victoria. She wanted to know why Victor was looking for trouble. Victor denied he was looking for trouble; however, if there was something going on regarding the clinic in Peru. he wanted to find out about it. To celebrate Valentine's Day, Victor and Nikki danced.

Back at the office, Ashland stared out the window. Victoria was curious if something was bothering him. Ashland said Victoria had to have noticed that Victor's eagle eye had been trained on him. She said she had. She claimed Victor was relieved that Ashland was doing so much better. She said they'd all been braced for the worst. Ashland felt it had been something more specific.

Ashland told Victoria that at the ranch, Victor had questioned him about his experimental treatments. He said it had appeared innocent at first; however, he understood that nothing with Victor was innocent. Ashland told her the reason he'd known about the protocol was because he'd had a colleague who'd been treated for cancer at the clinic in Peru a number of years previously. Victoria asked if Ashland had known about the clinic before he'd gone there. He admitted he had, and he also admitted he'd given them money when their funding had been in jeopardy.

Gobsmacked, Victoria said they'd researched the clinics together. She asked if he'd pretended to be interested in the protocol when he'd known about it the entire time. She said she'd looked into the possible connections they would have with the clinic, and she'd checked the funding sources; his name had never shown up. Ashland admitted he'd set up the funding through a shell corporation. Annoyed, Victoria said he'd promised there wouldn't be any more secrets between them. She asked how he could keep another secret from her.

Ashland claimed he hadn't told Victoria because he'd wanted to protect her. He'd been concerned about the legal ramifications, and he'd tried to guard her and Newman Locke from any tax violation fallout with plausible deniability. He said he hadn't known whether the treatment would work. At the time, Victoria had encouraged him to try everything to beat the cancer. She didn't regret it because he was doing so much better.

Ashland asked Victoria if she would have told him not to pursue the treatment had she known about his involvement with the clinic. She claimed she couldn't answer that because he hadn't given her the option. Ashland said he wouldn't have told her had it not been for Victor. Victoria claimed that all those promises about not keeping secrets were meaningless. Ashland denied it and reiterated that he was trying to protect her and the company. Victoria claimed it was a weak excuse, and she expected better from him.

Ashland told Victoria he loved her more than anything in the world, and he owed her his life. He hated telling her about the clinic and asked her to forgive him. She didn't think it was fair that he'd kept that information from her, but what mattered most was that he was doing better. He claimed it was because he had something to live for.

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