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Victoria tried to convince her family to let her handle Ashland. Victoria suggested that she and Ashland spend time at their Tuscan villa. Victor appointed Adam as temporary CEO of Newman Locke. Michael returned home. Jack was floored when he faced Diane. Chance planned to return to work.
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Jack was floored when he encountered a supposedly dead Diane Jenkins, and Michael returned home
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Victoria clings to her mother as her world falls apart

Victoria clings to her mother as her world falls apart

Monday, March 28, 2022

At Newman Media, Victor, Nick, and Nikki expressed concern for Victoria after she realized her family had been right about Ashland lying to her about his cancer diagnosis. Victor said, "What happened to your sister last night must be utterly devastating and traumatizing. What Ashland Locke has done to your sister is going to take a long time to get over." Nikki agreed that Victoria would need time to sort through her feelings. Nikki, checking her watch, said she'd expected to receive a message from Victoria's assistant letting her know Victoria had made it to the office. Nikki recalled that focusing on work had gotten Victoria through heartbreaks in the past. Nick replied, "We don't know if she can use work as a distraction. You know, thanks to Ashland, he is co-owner of Newman Locke -- he's co-CEO."

Victor vowed to cut Ashland out of the family and out of their family business. Nikki reminded Victor that cutting ties with Ashland should be done in a way that would protect Victoria's dignity and privacy. Victor received a message from his security team informing him that Victoria was at Crimson Lights, where Ashland had joined her. Nikki calmed her worried husband and son by reminding them that Victoria wasn't in danger, as she was in a public place with a security guard standing by. Nick said Ashland might take advantage of Victoria, and he promised his parents he wouldn't make a scene, nor would he hit Ashland, no matter how much he wanted to.

At Crimson Lights, Ashland told Victoria he was glad to have found her, having waited for her to return home the night before, so they could talk. Victoria said that talking would have been pointless after Ashland had declared he no longer wanted to try to save their marriage. Ashland claimed that he regretted his words and asked Victoria if she'd read his text messages. Before Victoria replied, Ashland said he assumed she hadn't responded because she believed what her family had said about him. Victoria cried that Ashland had offered no explanation or defense whatsoever. Ashland explained that he'd chosen not to dignify her family's accusations, instead assuring Victoria from his heart that he loved her and needed her.

Billy observed Ashland and Victoria's interactions from the patio and listened when Victoria asked Ashland where the fear and desperation in his eyes had come from when he'd been confronted. Ashland said he'd welcome the chance to explain in private at their home. Victoria sternly replied, "Answer the question." Billy quietly said aloud to himself, "Give him hell, Vic." Ashland claimed he didn't have a fighting chance to defend himself because her family had poisoned her mind. Ashland reminded Victoria that he hadn't been able to pinpoint who'd set him up. Victoria pointed out how unlikely it could be that someone had managed to erase evidence of Ashland's cancer from his medical records and bribe doctors in Peru by issuing payments linked to one of his businesses in order to implicate that Ashland was the guilty party.

Ashland continued to insist to Victoria that he had numerous enemies, yet he had no convincing evidence that would exonerate him. Ashland told Victoria he also hadn't wanted to isolate her from the people who cared about her, which, he claimed, explained the reason she'd seen desperation in his eyes. Ashland assured Victoria he'd find out who'd set him up and show her he was still the man she'd fallen in love with and the husband who loved her with all his heart and soul. Victoria replied, "If you lied to me about being sick, then you don't really love me." Ashland honed in on the "if" in Victoria's statement and suggested that some part of her still trusted him enough to know he'd never do anything like that to her.

Hiding out of sight on the patio, listening and watching Victoria and Ashland, Billy quietly said aloud to himself, "Victoria, do not let him get away with this." Ashland bought two coffees, sat down with Victoria and thanked her for giving him time to talk. Nick burst into the patio, and Billy stopped him, explaining that Victoria was talking to Ashland. Nick seemed surprised to learn from Billy that Victoria had told him everything that was going on. Billy recalled that both he and Nick had had Ashland's number from the beginning. Billy told Nick that Victoria was mad at herself for having fallen for Ashland's garbage.

Ashland told Victoria he'd been up most of the night, thinking over the mistake he'd made by walking out on her, and he begged for her to wait until he could clear his name. Victoria replied, "I think everything is going to work out." Victoria turned down Ashland's offer to accompany her to talk to her family, and she made plans to meet up with Ashland afterward at Society. Victoria didn't pull away when Ashland took her in his arms and embraced her, telling her that a second chance meant the world to him. As Billy and Nick watched from the patio, Nick exclaimed, "What the hell?"

Ashland continued pleading with Victoria to let him accompany her, but she reminded him that he had nothing that could prove his innocence. Ashland, perking up when Victoria smiled, said that knowing they'd be okay again was everything. Ashland kissed Victoria and wished her luck. After Ashland left, Billy and Nick approached Victoria. Billy told Victoria he and Nick had hoped to watch her kick Ashland to the curb. Nick was livid about Victoria hugging and kissing Ashland. Victoria said she didn't have to explain anything, and she asked Nick why he couldn't trust that she knew what she was doing. Victoria thanked Billy for listening to her and showing respect.

Back at Newman Media, Victor and Nikki waited nervously. Nikki said she'd have to cover for Victoria and Ashland at an executive staff meeting by offering a vague excuse for their absence. Victor said he didn't want anyone to know what was going on with Ashland. Nikki told Victor it would be awhile before Victoria recovered from having her dream marriage and her sense of judgment destroyed. Victor interrupted Nikki after he received a text message from Nick informing him that Victoria and Ashland had embraced. Victor cried that the "bastard [was] manipulating her." As Victor walked toward the door, he exclaimed, "This is outrageous."

After Victoria left Crimson Lights, Nick asked Billy what Victoria had told him before Ashland had shown up. Billy said Victoria had told him that Ashland was a dangerous man who'd flat-out lied about everything. Nick sighed and replied, "Thank God." Nick explained that with Ashland being co-CEO, he had leverage, so Victoria would have to proceed carefully. Victor arrived and wasn't thrilled to learn that Billy knew everything. Billy told Victor that had he been involved in the beginning, they could have stopped Ashland in his tracks.

Victor and Billy bickered, but Nick reminded them that their common goal was to get Victoria out of her disaster of a marriage. Victor asked Nick why Victoria had embraced Ashland. Nick said he didn't know and that Victoria hadn't responded when he'd questioned her about it. Billy said that when he'd spoken to Victoria before Ashland had arrived, she'd been furious with Ashland. Billy insisted he be included when Victor and Nick, along with Nikki, met with Victoria, but Victor told him to stay out of it.

After Victoria entered her office, she summoned Nikki, telling her mother she needed to talk. Victoria admitted to Nikki she hadn't slept much, and she apologized for not responding to her mother's text messages. Nikki told Victoria that Victor had left to find her. Victoria acknowledged that she'd seen one of Victor's security guards watching out for her, which, she concluded, was why Nick had known she was at Crimson Lights. Nikki said she knew Victoria had spoken to Ashland at the coffeehouse. Victoria told her mother that Ashland was insisting he could prove he was innocent. Nikki, stunned, replied, "But you don't believe that." Victoria asked Nikki to summon Victor and Nick, so she could tell them all what they needed to know.

As Victoria and Nikki waited for Victor and Nick to arrive, Nikki assured Victoria that her family would stand by her. Victor and Nick arrived. Victor told his daughter he'd been very worried. Victoria apologized for having run off suddenly, admitting she'd reacted to the "bomb exploding." Victoria assured her parents and brother that she wouldn't fall apart. Victoria insisted she knew what she was doing after Victor expressed concern about her state of mind. Nick said he was worried because he'd seen Victoria kiss Ashland. Nikki gasped and cried, "What? You kissed him?"

Victoria, speaking harshly to her parents and brother, said, "Listen up, all of you, because I'm only going to say this once. I intend to handle this how I see fit, on my own, and you don't have to like it." Victor, concerned, replied, "Sweetheart, what has come over you? How are you going to handle Ashland Locke?" Victoria said, "I'm meeting him when I leave here, and I'm going to tell him that nothing has to change between us and that I still love him." Nikki reacted in shock. Victor was taken aback. Nick looked away with disgust.

Ashland sat at the bar at Society. Billy approached and boasted about how much he enjoyed his position at Chancellor, which Ashland had attempted to ruin. Ashland claimed he'd only been trying to get Billy to back off, which he had. Billy replied, "You always land on your feet, don't you? Even though you lied, cheated, and stole your way into your so-called accomplishments in life, including your name." Billy warned Ashland that although his misdeeds hadn't yet caught up with him, he shouldn't count on it not happening soon.

Ashland asked Billy if he knew something Ashland didn't. Billy replied that one could only roll the dice so many times. Billy told Ashland that Victoria was savvy and would eventually see through him. After Billy picked up his to-go order and left, Ashland remained smug and seemed certain he'd gained the upper hand.

Chance held a toy car in one hand and entertained a laughing Dominic by waving it about as if it were flying loops in the air around the room. Dominic, lying in his crib, cackled when Chance said, "Here it comes. The magical flying car coming in for a landing." Abby entered and offered to make everyone a snack. After Abby left the room, Chance continued to play, much to the delight of his son. When Chance crashed the flying car into a stack of blocks set up on a table, he experienced a flashback of the horrific explosion in Spain.

In his mind, Chance recalled how he'd described the trauma to his therapist. Chance had said, "I could hear my team inside, and they were yelling. That hurt worse than the shrapnel in my leg, I'll tell you. Some of the toughest people I know, screaming for their lives. I couldn't move. Felt pretty worthless." Chance had recalled playing dead when the attackers had returned to search for survivors. Chance had told his therapist about the horrors of being surrounded by his friends' dead bodies.

Feeling the burden of survivor's guilt, Chance began to hyperventilate. Dominic fell silent. Abby entered with a plate of snacks and watched her husband struggling with his painful emotions. Abby didn't let on when she announced her presence. Chance admitted he was having panic attacks and nightmares, but he assured Abby that things were getting better with the help of his therapist and the relaxation techniques he'd been taught.

Chance informed Abby that part of his therapy, recommended by Dr. Huffman, was to return to work at the police force. Abby was taken aback and said it didn't seem wise after what had happened during the stakeout with Rey. Chance said his therapist had told him to approach his job differently. Abby expressed concern that Chance hadn't yet healed from the trauma he'd suffered in Spain. Chance explained that building his confidence was part of the healing process. Abby said she didn't understand Dr. Huffman's reasons for sending Chance back to work.

Chance admitted to Abby that he shouldn't have gone with Rey on the stakeout. At the time, Chance recalled, certain pressures, such as Dominic's illness and the custody issues with Devon, had been overwhelming and had since been settled. Chance assured Abby that he was back on the right track, and he trusted his therapist to direct him accordingly. Chance admitted he would continue to suffer setbacks, but he wouldn't allow them to define him. Abby assured Chance that she'd support him. After Abby left to check on things at work, Chance phoned Rey and set up a meeting.

Michael reunites with his family

Michael reunites with his family

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

At Newman Locke, Victor, Nikki, and Nick pressed to know why Victoria intended to stand by Ashland despite all the evidence they'd shown her. Nikki thought too much had happened, and she urged Victoria to lean on them and get through it as a family. Victoria coolly stated that her decision wasn't open for discussion. She added that she was leaving to tell Ashland she believed in him and still loved him, and she needed them to back off and let her handle it her own way. Nick questioned why they should let Victoria spend one more minute with Ashland. She calmly replied that it was the only way to save the company.

Victoria swore that she had everything figured out, and Victor pushed to know what her plan was. Victoria stressed that Victor needed to trust her, and he bellowed that it was with the fate of the company he'd built. Victoria wondered what more he'd do to control the situation, noting that he'd already acknowledged that he'd had her followed. Victor defended that he'd done it for her own security, since she was married to a con artist who'd lied about his cancer to marry her. Victoria didn't buy it.

Victoria concluded that her father didn't trust her because he thought she'd put the company in jeopardy. She continued that it couldn't be further from the truth, and she demanded that he stop treating her like she was still a little girl. Victoria maintained that she knew what she was doing as CEO of Newman Locke, and she needed her family to back off. Victor reiterated that it was his company. Victoria vowed to protect her company and the family name.

Nick dared Victoria to admit that she was lying about still believing in and being in love with Ashland. Victoria accused Nick of being patronizing, and he requested that she explain her plan. She huffed that she didn't owe her family an explanation after they'd gone behind her back to uncover information that impacted her life. Nikki explained that it had been the only way get Victoria to see the truth, and they'd needed to act before it was too late.

Victoria assumed her family was afraid Ashland would take total control of the company. Nikki swore that was nothing compared to how she felt about Victoria, and she wouldn't allow Victoria to sacrifice herself to save the company. Victoria asserted that she'd do what she saw fit. Victor contended that no one loved Victoria more than her family did, and he implored her to listen to them. He was determined to work together to devise a plan to get Ashland out of their family and out of Newman Enterprises.

Victoria contended that she saw very clearly what she needed to do to get to the other side of the mess, but her family had to trust her. She recognized that she'd made mistakes in love, but she didn't make them in business. Victor poured a drink and expressed his doubts. Victoria recounted when he'd handed her the reins at Newman, and she questioned whether he wanted to take the decision back because of a couple of bumps in the road. Victoria intended to resolve the matter the way she would with any issue or problem in the company.

Victor agreed to trust Victoria if her actions would get Ashland away from their family and company, and he offered to be there if she needed him. Victoria reiterated that she could handle it, and she thanked her family for their support. After Victoria walked out, Nick griped that he'd feel better if he knew what her plan was. "If she doesn't have a plan, I do," Victor responded.

At Society, Ashland was surprised when Abby cheerfully greeted him at the bar. She rambled that it felt like she hadn't seen him in forever, and she was sure it was hard for him and Victoria to find personal time together when they were busy running a global conglomerate. Ashland inquired whether Abby had spoken to Victoria lately, and Abby indicated that she and Chance had been in baby mode. Abby suggested that the four of them go out for dinner sometime soon. She mentioned that she'd just popped in to check on a couple things, and she hoped to say hello to Victoria. Ashland informed her that Victoria had probably gotten caught up with something at the office, and he planned to finish his drink and head out.

Ashland received a text message, and his expression darkened when he read that Michael had gotten away. Ashland told Abby that he had to make a business call, and she stepped away to the kitchen. Ashland phoned an unseen party and was infuriated to learn that Michael had seemingly walked out with a dozen men around, yet no one had seen him leave. Ashland demanded that Michael be found. "Take care of this once and for all," he ordered. Ashland left a voicemail for Victoria to let her know he was waiting for her at Society.

Abby returned to the bar and found Ashland with his head in his hands. She asked if everything was okay at work, and she recalled seeing the stress on her dad's face when he'd had a big deal on the table. Ashland confirmed that something major was happening, but he insisted that it would be fine. Abby inquired about how everything else was going with him, and he surmised that she meant his health. He declared that he was as healthy as could be, and she called it miraculous.

Ashland turned the topic to Abby's little miracle, and she showed him a picture of Dominic on her phone. She gushed that having Chance home and their family together was a blessing, and Ashland agreed that family was everything. They chatted about Chance going back to work, and Abby remarked that she and Chance could use Victoria and Ashland as shining examples of how work and the healing power of love could help one's recovery. Ashland squirmed.

Victoria peered in through the window and spotted Abby and Ashland talking. Abby said she had to head home, and Ashland offered to pass along her regrets for missing Victoria. Abby encouraged him and Victoria to work on their work-life balance by going on a double date with her and Chance. Victoria watched Abby leave and hovered outside as Ashland made another call.

Victoria entered the restaurant and approached Ashland, who told her that she'd just missed Abby. Victoria said she was glad because she wasn't up for interacting with any more Newmans. Ashland reported that Abby had been very friendly, and he guessed she hadn't heard about the smear campaign against him. Victoria announced that she could really use a drink, and Ashland noted that she seemed agitated. He inquired whether Victor had filled her head with more lies, and she countered by asking if there was more she should know.

Ashland claimed that he was just afraid Victoria's family had been getting to her again. Victoria conceded that her nerves were a little frayed, and he sympathized that her family had put her in an untenable situation. She insisted that she could handle them, and he pushed to know what they'd said about him that time. Victoria said Nikki was on the warpath because she thought Ashland had broken Victoria's heart, but Victoria knew the love they had for one another was real because he wouldn't and couldn't fake it. Victoria added that she knew Ashland wouldn't deceive her in the way her family was claiming, and she pledged to be there by his side.

Ashland professed his love to Victoria and voiced confidence that their love could withstand all the attacks against them. He pledged to find out who was behind the lies, and she told him they would face it together. He cooed that he could face anything as long as she was with him, and he needed her love and trust to get through it. Victoria advised that they had to be smart, since her father wouldn't let it go easily, and she expected Victor to use every weapon he had to get Ashland out of her life and out of Newman. Ashland hoped they could go home together to make some plans, but she proclaimed that she had a better idea -- they should go to the villa in Tuscany to get away from her family.

A stunned Ashland pointed out that Victoria had been against going to Italy, but she responded that things had changed. He warned that leaving town might look like an admission of guilt to Victor, but Victoria reasoned that her father already thought Ashland was guilty. Victoria figured that if it looked like Ashland was running scared, Victor would be more likely to show his hand. Ashland loved the way she was always one step ahead of everyone, and he said it would be nice to be alone with her at the site of their wedding. Victoria anticipated him spending time with Harrison, and Ashland offered to start making the travel arrangements. Victoria declared that she'd already handled everything.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Chloe tried to distract Lauren with some of Chelsea's new designs, but Lauren complained that she couldn't focus. Chloe assured Lauren that Kevin would be there soon with news, and Lauren pressed to know if he'd said anything before he'd left. Chloe swore that all she knew was that Kevin had gotten word about Michael and hopped on a flight to San Diego. Lauren jumped when Chloe received a text message, but it was just a solicitation.

Lauren contemplated why Kevin hadn't already told Chloe what he'd found out, and Chloe shared that Kevin hadn't been in touch since the night before. Lauren wailed that it wasn't a good sign, since people waited to deliver bad news in person. Lauren cried that Michael had been missing too long, and she couldn't take it anymore. Kevin burst onto the patio, and Lauren begged to know if he'd heard from Michael. Michael suddenly appeared in the doorway. "Hello, gorgeous," he called out, and he and Lauren joyfully embraced.

Michael mused that Lauren had somehow gotten more beautiful while he'd been away. She warned him not to ever leave her again. "Never," he promised, and they pledged their love. Lauren observed that Michael looked exhausted, and she wanted to get him home, fed, and showered. Kevin jokingly vouched for his brother's need to shower, but Michael adamantly stated that he had to see Victor first. Lauren refused to let her husband out of her sight until she got answers, and she ranted that she'd known his going back to work for Victor had been a mistake. She demanded to know where Michael had been, what had happened to him, and who was responsible.

Michael swore that he was fine, though things had gotten rough for a while. He was eternally grateful for Kevin's assistance with helping him get home, but Lauren wanted to know why they'd let her worry instead of telling her Michael was safe. Kevin reasoned that he hadn't known what he'd find in San Diego, but Lauren argued that the lack of communication had caused her extra hours of agony. Michael told Lauren not to blame Kevin, who had just been following Michael's instructions. Michael promised to explain everything, but he insisted that time was of the essence. He said he had to see Victor because it was an urgent situation. Lauren wondered why Michael felt obligated to Victor when Victor had gotten him into the mess.

Lauren demanded to know who had been behind Michael's disappearance, and Michael revealed that it had been Ashland Locke. Michael stressed that Victor needed to know what had happened immediately, since there had been no safe way to get information to him from Peru. Michael promised to be home within the hour, and he kissed Lauren before rushing out. Lauren asked Kevin if Michael was still in danger, and Kevin replied that he didn't think so. Kevin shared that he didn't know anything about what had happened in Peru, since Michael had been quiet on the way home.

Lauren regretted letting Michael out of her sight. She thanked Kevin for helping her husband get home, and she chased after Michael. Chloe reprimanded Kevin for not contacting her since he'd left. Kevin informed her that Michael's instructions had been explicit, but Chloe imagined that Michael had told Kevin something. Kevin recounted that he'd received a text message from an unknown number claiming to be Michael and telling him to get to San Diego. Kevin recalled that the sender had told him not say anything to Chloe or Lauren, but he'd tested to see if it was really Michael by asking if he could tell Gloria. Michael had responded that Kevin could tell Gloria because she wouldn't care.

Kevin reasoned that it had been his only lead, so he'd needed to follow it. Upon arriving in San Diego, he'd received another message with an address that had led him to a park near the airport, and that was where he'd found a frazzled and scared Michael. Kevin said he'd wanted to check into a hotel, but Michael had been eager to get home. Kevin reported that Michael had looked over his shoulder the entire time, but seeing Lauren had seemed to calm Michael down.

Chloe recognized that she and Kevin had talked about wanting the excitement they'd had in their younger years, but she didn't want it to be like that. Kevin clutched her hands and admitted that he'd been scared, but he'd needed to help Michael after all the times his brother had raced to his rescue. Kevin found Michael's drive to get home to see Victor very unnerving, and Chloe asked what Michael had meant when he'd said it was all Ashland's fault.

Kevin indicated that Michael hadn't said much because he'd been preoccupied about someone listening or watching. Chloe pondered why Ashland would do something like that to Michael. Kevin snarled that he didn't know, but Ashland had put his brother "through hell." Kevin said he didn't intend to forgive Ashland anytime soon.

Inside the coffeehouse, Nikki and Nick tried to make sense of what Victoria was doing. Nick thought Victoria was deluded, since she was either putting herself in a position for Ashland to worm his way back into her heart or playing with fire by trying to outwit him. Nikki worried about Victoria's emotional well-being, citing the low point in Victoria's life after what J.T. had put her through. Nick was dumbfounded that Victoria had made Ashland co-CEO, knowing the evidence against her husband. Nikki thought it showed how vulnerable Victoria was to Ashland.

Nick shared that Victoria had opened up to Billy, and he considered it a sign of how little trust she had in her family to have her back. Nick was concerned that Victoria would once again run back into Ashland's arms, but Nikki was confident that Victoria had too much pride. Nikki's bigger fear was that Victoria knew the fate of Newman was in her hands, and Victoria would do whatever it took to save the company. Nick growled that he'd find a way to get rid of Ashland on his own if Victoria stayed with her husband.

At Newman Locke, Michael appeared in the office doorway and called to Victor. "Michael Baldwin! Man, what the hell?" Victor exclaimed. The men exchanged a bear hug, and Victor asked how Michael had gotten back to Genoa City. Lauren walked in and wanted to know the same thing. She refused to leave until she found out what had happened to her husband.

Michael recounted that after he'd sent the evidence that linked the payoffs to the Peruvian doctors to one of Ashland's subsidiaries, the local police had picked him up and thrown him in jail on a trumped-up espionage charge. Michael continued that the police had taken his phone and identification, so he'd had no way of contacting anyone or hiring a lawyer. Victor asked how Michael had gotten away, and Michael chuckled and recalled that he'd charmed his way out by befriending a guard who'd had legal troubles. Michael had advised the guard how to save his family home, and in exchange, the guard had recovered Michael's passport, given him the name of a friend at the docks, and let him slip away.

Michael was sure Ashland had been behind his arrest. Michael explained that he hadn't been able to risk his safety by getting in touch, so he'd gotten on a boat bound for San Diego and contacted Kevin once he'd arrived there. Lauren sourly hoped the information Michael had gathered was worth being put in constant danger. She lectured that it didn't let him off the hook for not calling her the minute he'd gotten to San Diego, but he reasoned that he hadn't wanted to put her at risk.

Michael cautioned that he'd learned how ruthless Ashland could be, and he believed what mattered was that he was home and safe. Victor proposed a toast to that, and he and Michael held up their glasses. Michael told Lauren that he'd known the risks when he'd taken the job, but she continued to blame Victor. Michael inquired about what was going on with Ashland, and Victor revealed that things had been blown wide open, with Victoria right in the middle. Victor insisted that they figure out a way to get rid of Ashland Locke.

Jack is stunned to see Diane Jenkins

Jack is stunned to see Diane Jenkins

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

by Nel

At the Chancellor home, Chance told Ashley that therapy was going well, and he wanted to go back to work and get back to a normal life. Abby admitted she'd been taken aback by his decision. Chance told Ashley it had been his therapist's suggestion that he return to work. Ashley said it sounded like a very positive step forward. Ashley invited Abby to go with her to the Grand Phoenix for a mani-pedi, but Abby said she needed to stay with Dominic. Chance reminded Abby that Louise would return soon, and she would be able to watch Dominic.

While they got their coats at the door, Abby told Ashley it felt like there was more to the mani-pedi than Ashley had said. Ashley admitted she was concerned about Jack. She said Jack had discovered that Keemo had recently died of a heart attack and that Jack had a granddaughter. Shocked, Abby asked why Jack hadn't known he'd had a granddaughter. Ashley said it was a long story, and she was worried about Jack.

In Los Angeles, Jack met Allie at a restaurant. Allie admitted she'd almost decided not to meet him. Jack understood. Jack said he'd been thinking about Allie, and he wanted to know more about his granddaughter, without pressure. He hoped spending time together would be good for both of them.

Allie told Jack she'd sold the house to a very nice woman. Jack said it had to have been difficult for Allie to say goodbye to that house. Allie admitted it had been, but she had a lot of memories there. She said without her dad, it wasn't home anymore. Allie told Jack she'd been studying, and she would receive her master's in chemical engineering. Jack grinned from ear to ear with delight. He told Allie that Keemo had worked with Ashley as a chemist in the Jabot lab. Allie said she'd had no idea. A little unnerved, Allie assured Jack she wasn't going to ask him for a job when she graduated.

Allie told Jack she did not want anything from him. She said she hadn't known anything about the business or Jack before they'd met. Jack said Allie had misinterpreted his reaction. He explained that he'd been struck by the fact that she had a passion for chemistry. Jack said he'd been oddly touched that she was following in her father's footsteps that held a very prominent place in their family's legacy in the company that Allie's great-grandfather had created.

Allie told Jack she was embarrassed and asked if they could start their conversation over. Jack smiled and said it was nice to see her. Allie admitted she'd been thinking about Jack and what had happened between Jack and Keemo. She said that after she'd read Keemo's letters, she could see why Keemo had felt betrayed by Jack, who hadn't told him that Luan had been dying. Jack explained it had been a complicated situation, and if he had to do it over again, he would handle things differently. Jack said that at the time, he'd thought he'd been honoring Luan's wishes to keep her illness a secret.

Jack told Allie he'd never stopped trying to repair things with Keemo. Jack admitted that in the beginning, he might have tried too hard. However, when Keemo had made it very clear to Jack that he wanted to be left alone, Jack said he'd backed off. He said he'd wanted to give Keemo time and space, but he shouldn't have allowed years to go by. Jack said he'd thought he'd had all the time in the world to repair things with Keemo. He admitted he'd made mistakes with Keemo; however, he was responsible for his actions, and he had to live with them.

Allie told Jack she could only imagine how painful that had been for Jack. Jack stated it was difficult to put into words what he was feeling, but meeting Allie and knowing that Keemo lived on in her helped a lot. Jack asked how Allie was doing. Allie admitted it had been a lot to digest. Jack admitted his own emotions had been all over the place. He said he'd had some moments of sadness that he hadn't believed he would recover from. He said he was angry, and he resented that Keemo had died before they'd had a chance to repair things.

Jack reminded Allie that his mother had died the previous year. Allie stated that Jack had had Dina for a very large part of his life. Allie said she'd loved her dad more than anyone and it was hard to talk about it, since she and Jack didn't know each other. Allie claimed she needed to leave because she had to take care of a few things, and she had to study. Before she left, she said she hoped they could get together again before Jack left Los Angeles. Jack said he would like that a lot.

After Allie left, Jack called Phyllis and told her things had gone as well as they could under the circumstances, and it felt like he and Allie had really connected. He thanked Phyllis for encouraging him to make the first move with Allie.

Noah woke up and saw a note addressed to him. It read, "I had to get back to the club for my shift and I didn't want to wake you. This was fun. Don't be a stranger." Noah crumpled the note and tossed it on the floor.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Rey she was trying hard to stay out of Noah's life, but it was hard not to notice the recent string of late nights. Rey said he was sure Noah was having fun. Sharon said she hoped he wasn't using partying as a way of hiding his emotions. Sharon said she knew Noah had been very hurt by a girl in London, and recently, he seemed down about Mariah and Tessa being in love. She said she believed Noah was truly happy for Mariah and Tessa and that he respected their relationship.

Sharon told Rey she was concerned because no one could turn off their feelings at the snap of their fingers. Rey said Noah was a smart, resilient guy, and he wasn't reckless. He said Noah would wind up on the better side of his situation. Rey claimed Noah was going out and having fun with friends. Sharon said Noah was meeting a different and attractive friend almost every night.

Rey was about to leave when Noah arrived. Sharon asked how Noah's day was going. Noah stated he'd had a productive day at New Hope, and then he'd met up with a friend. Sharon asked if it had been one of the ladies she'd met. Noah said it hadn't been, and he assured Sharon he was fine and enjoying life.

Noah spotted Mariah and Tessa on the patio, and he took a plate of treats to them. Mariah asked Noah to join them, but she warned him there would be a lot of wedding talk. Noah said he might have something to contribute to the wedding, and he hoped they would like it. Noah said he'd thought about the music aspect, and ideas had begun to flow. He showed them the playlist he'd put together. Mariah stated emphatically that she loved it.

When Mariah left to get celebratory lattes, Noah told Tessa it was the first draft of the playlist, and Mariah and Tessa could make changes. Tessa claimed they liked it the way it was. Noah remembered that Mariah and Tessa wanted some local artists' pieces at the venue. He said he was available if they wanted to go and pick out some gallery pieces. Tessa asked Noah what had been going on with him. She said he'd been avoiding talking about himself, and that concerned her. He said there was nothing to be concerned about, but Tessa didn't believe him. Tessa said she wasn't letting it go. Noah admitted he didn't know what was going on with him or what he was doing anymore.

At the counter, Sharon asked Mariah how Noah seemed to her. Sharon said she was wondering because he'd been out and about a lot lately, and she hadn't had a chance for a heart-to-heart with him. Mariah said she hadn't seen much of Noah lately, but he seemed fine.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis greeted Abby and Ashley. Ashley told Phyllis she wanted to chat about Phyllis' trip to Los Angeles with Jack. Ashley said she had her concerns about Allie, and she wasn't quite ready to welcome her as family yet. Ashley found the whole thing very suspicious -- a long-lost granddaughter appearing out of nowhere when Jack had been reeling from the death of his estranged son. Phyllis admitted it was an unusual situation.

Ashley told Phyllis the reason she'd returned to Genoa City had been to help Jack work through Keemo's death, but she'd learned that Jack had returned to Los Angeles because Allie had changed her mind and wanted to meet with him. Ashley said she didn't want to see Jack get hurt, and she was surprised that Phyllis had encouraged Jack to pursue that relationship. Phyllis stated that Ashley didn't know what she was talking about.

Phyllis told Ashley that Allie had had no idea who Jack had been when he'd reached out to her. Ashley claimed they didn't know who the mysterious texter was. Ashley said that just because Allie had claimed it wasn't her, it didn't mean it was true. Phyllis stated that Allie didn't strike her as a schemer. Ashley asked if maybe Allie was a fantastic con artist who was taking advantage of Jack's vulnerability for her own personal gain. Ashley said she was going to call Jack and tell him to back off before he got any deeper. Phyllis told Ashley to back off because Ashley had no idea what she was sticking her nose into.

Phyllis told Ashley she could spot a schemer, and there hadn't been any red flags with Allie. She said it was a way for Jack to connect to his son and his granddaughter. Phyllis begged Ashley to stop before she tainted things for Jack. Abby said she knew they were both coming from a good place because they loved Jack, and that meant supporting him instead of fighting.

Phyllis apologized. Ashley said she wasn't trying to make things harder for Jack. She said Allie was a complete stranger, and Jack needed to proceed with caution. She said she was trying to protect Jack and her family. Phyllis asked Ashley to trust that Jack would do the right thing and to believe in Jack because he was a smart man.

Rey arrived at the Chancellor home to meet with Chance. Chance told Rey that Dr. Hoffman had suggested that Chance return to work. Chance admitted that therapy was intense, and it had made him face a lot of emotions he hadn't believed he could ever face; however, he'd faced them head on, and it had been worth it. He reported that Dr. Hoffman had said work would help his recovery.

Rey told Chance that as Chance's friend and partner, he'd seen how overwhelmed Chance had been at the stakeout. Rey said he was afraid if that happened again, it would set Chance back. Rey asked if Chance really believed he was ready to return to work "this time." Chance stated he had to be ready. Chance promised it wouldn't happen again because he wasn't the same man he'd been in that alley. He said he'd done the work, and Dr. Hoffman, who was ex-military, had agreed. Chance said Dr. Hoffman understood the risk and pressure involved, and he felt Chance was ready.

Rey asked Chance what had changed. Chance claimed he hadn't been ready previously because he hadn't faced or recognized any of the trauma he'd been through, but he had his eyes wide open to any potential pitfalls. Chance assured Rey he wanted to ease his way back in and that he needed to be a detective again. Chance also assured Rey that he wouldn't let Rey down, and he would be the partner that Rey needed him to be. Rey suggested they take it up with the chief.

Abby and Ashley returned to the Chancellor home. Abby told Ashley she thought Phyllis was right, and they should trust how Jack wanted to handle the Allie situation. Abby said that perhaps it was a journey Jack needed to take. Ashley said she saw that Jack had a desire to see where things went, and she hoped that things worked out beautifully for him; however, she had a gnawing feeling there was trouble ahead.

Later, Chance returned home. He told Abby he'd spoken to Rey and Paul, and he would return to duty the following day. Abby said if Rey and Paul were ready to support Chance, so was she. He said he loved his life at home with Abby and Dominic, but it was time to get the rest of his life back.

Allie arrived at Keemo's house, and she said she wanted to give Taylor a housewarming gift as a way of thanking her for her advice about family. Taylor asked if Allie had connected with Jack. Allie said Jack was her grandfather, someone she'd never known existed. Taylor said that had to have been overwhelming, especially on the heels of Allie's father's passing. Allie admitted it had been jarring, but she'd taken a leap of faith, and she'd met with Jack again after recalling what Taylor had said about family.

Taylor told Allie that regardless of how things had gone, it had been brave of Allie to have taken that step. She asked if Allie would continue talking to Jack and get to know him better. Allie claimed she wanted to take it slowly, but as far as she could tell, Jack seemed like a good man. Taylor was certain Jack was grateful he'd found Allie, and she was sure Jack would do anything to lend her a hand. Allie stated she didn't want anything from Jack, but she was curious to learn more about him. Taylor said she was sure Jack hoped that Allie would see him as someone she could rely on as real family. Allie said they had to see how everything played out. Taylor asked Allie for a favor.

Jack arrived at Keemo's. He told Allie he was happy to hear from her and that he was surprised she'd wanted to meet him in her father's house. He thought she'd sold the house. Allie admitted she'd brought the new owner a housewarming gift, and the new owner had asked to meet Jack in person. Allie said the woman had been nice to her, and Allie had felt there wouldn't be any harm in it.

Concerned, Jack asked Allie what was going on. Alarmed, Allie asked if she'd been wrong to bring him there. Jack was stunned when Taylor walked in and said, "Hello, Jack. I've waited a very long time for this moment."

Jack has a tumultuous meeting with Diane

Jack has a tumultuous meeting with Diane

Thursday, March 31, 2022

by Nel

Victor met with Michael and Lauren at Society. Lauren told Victor that Michael wouldn't work for Victor any longer, but Michael said Victor hadn't had him locked up; Ashland had. Michael said he wasn't walking away from that fight because Ashland had given him a very personal reason to take Ashland down.

Lauren said Michael had told her how dangerous Locke was and that Locke was still a threat to them. Victor promised to protect them. Lauren pointed out that Victor hadn't kept Michael safe. Victor said Michael's next assignment was to scrutinize the Newman Locke merger contract and find any loophole or clause that would allow them to "kick that bastard to the curb."

Michael asked Victor where things stood between Victoria and Locke. Victor said Victoria was aware of everything Locke had done and that Victoria had a plan of her own to deal with Locke; however, she hadn't shared what her plan was. Victor said Victoria was very much in love with "that bastard," and Ashland had a strong hold on her. Victor said Locke had to be dealt with swiftly and severely.

After Victor left, Lauren told Michael she wasn't going to change her mind about Michael working for Victor, and she refused to let him litigate his way through it. Lauren said it had been very difficult for her to not be able to talk to Michael or know if he was okay. Michael said he was home and safe. Lauren insisted she wanted him to remain that way.

Michael told Lauren he needed to see the situation with Locke through for himself. He said it was time Locke was held accountable. Michael said that when he'd been locked away, he'd thought of three things: returning home to his gorgeous wife, celebrating with his family, and seeing that Locke reaped everything he'd sown.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Lily that he and Lily had always seen Ashland as a back-stabbing piece of trash, and it had turned out he was worse than that. Lily didn't know how Ashland could be any worse after his past had been exposed. Billy told Lily that Ashland had lied about his cancer and the miracle treatment in Peru; Ashland had never had cancer or a cure. Lily was stunned.

Billy told Lily that Ashland had devised the story because if everyone believed he was dying of cancer, he would appear harmless, vulnerable, and not the guy who was about to steal his new wife's corporation. Lily said it was an insult to anyone who had cancer or had survived it. Lily and Billy couldn't imagine how Victoria felt. Billy said that when Victoria had told him about Ashland, she'd been hurt and furious, and he'd thought the next time Victoria had seen Ashland, she would rip him to shreds. Billy said that when Victoria had been face to face with Ashland, it had ended in hugs and kisses.

Nikki and Nick arrived. Billy asked if there was any word from Victoria. He said he wanted to hear that Victoria had told Ashland how she felt about him. Billy saw the look that passed between Nikki and Nick. Billy asked if Victoria had forgiven "that son of a bitch." Nick said Victoria had been very tight-lipped about what she planned to do about Ashland. Nick stated they needed to get Ashland out of Victoria's life immediately. Billy agreed. Lily said that Victoria made tough decisions daily, and she believed Victoria could handle Locke.

After Nikki left, Billy asked Nick "how the hell" they could stop Victoria from going back to Ashland. Nick said no one in the family had been able to get Victoria to see reason. Nick said Billy was their best bet for getting through to Victoria. He asked if Billy would consider having a conversation with her. Billy commented that Victor would love it if he saved the day. Nick stated he would be in Billy's debt if Billy agreed to talk to Victoria.

Billy told Nick he wasn't the right guy. He said that after he'd talked to Victoria about Ashland, she had walked away with Ashland. Nick said Victoria had opened up to Billy prior to that about what Ashland had done to her and how hurt she was. Billy didn't think he could push her in the right direction. Nick said the fact that Victoria had opened up to him was significant because Victoria hadn't opened up to anyone in the family. Nick said Victoria might be open to what Billy had to say to her.

Lily told Nick and Billy that Nikki had been right; Victoria needed to take the lead, and it was Victoria's fight. Nick understood but said time was of the essence. He said he believed Billy was their best shot. Nick asked Billy to talk to Victoria one last time.

After Nick left, Billy said he knew Lily didn't like the idea of him talking to Victoria about Ashland. Lily stated she hated it. She said she wanted Billy to let someone else fight that battle. Billy assured Lily he wouldn't let anything happen to her, but Ashland was more dangerous than they had previously believed. He said the stakes were even higher because he didn't want Ashland anywhere near Johnny and Katie, and trying to get through to Victoria was the right thing to do.

At Newman, Victoria asked Ashland if he was ready to go to Tuscany. She said she needed to tie up a few loose ends first. She suggested that Ashland go home, pack, and get some food for the flight. Ashland asked Victoria if they were okay. Victoria said they were. She suggested they make a pact; they needed to believe each other. She asked Ashland to trust that things would work out. Ashland said he couldn't wait to get Victoria to Italy and all to himself. He said they might never return.

At Newman Media, Sally asked Adam about the latest news on Victoria and Ashland. Adam said Victor hadn't said anything to him since the intervention. He claimed his family only wanted him around when he could be useful; otherwise, he was left out. Sally suggested perhaps there was nothing new to report. Adam said he was naturally suspicious when it came to the Newmans, especially Victor. Sally said Adam needed to focus less on the parent and more on the parent company.

Adam told Sally there would be consequences for Newman Locke, given what Ashland had done, especially with Victoria. Sally said there would be a change at the top, and it could be Adam. Sally said that even if Adam didn't know what was going on in the inner sanctum, it shouldn't stop him from making his move. Adam said he saw the situation very clearly. He said if he needed to put himself in the loop, he needed to reach out to Victor, and he needed to make a plan of his own.

Victor arrived to update Adam. He asked Sally to leave, but Adam said Sally knew everything. Victor said it was about family, not business, but Adam stated it was about both. He said Victoria's choice in men had affected Newman Media. Sally stayed.

Victor told Adam that Victoria had a plan, but she hadn't shared it with him. Adam asked if Victor believed Victoria, because she was putting the whole company at risk. Victor said the company was as important to Victoria as it was to all of them. Adam said he suspected Victoria would protect her public image and her marriage. He said Victoria would look at how she and the company would be perceived if the news ever got out. Adam claimed they had to look out for their reputation, and given everything Victor stood to lose, Adam asked if Victor could trust that Victoria would do what was right for Newman.

Victor told Adam he would handle things, and he wished Adam would stop vilifying Victoria. He said Victoria was the victim. Adam claimed she'd been warned many times, and she'd known who Locke was before she'd had him sign a contract naming him co-CEO. He said there had been warning signs. He said Victoria had ignored them, and she needed to be stopped. Victor said he would take care of things. Victor received a call from Victoria asking him and Adam to meet her in her office.

At Keemo's, Jack asked "who the hell" Diane was. Diane said Jack knew exactly who she was. Jack looked at Allie and asked if she was part of it. Allie stated she didn't know what "it" was. Allie asked if Jack and Taylor knew each other. Jack said Taylor's name was Diane Jenkins, and she shouldn't be there because that woman had died, been buried, and been mourned.

Diane told Jack it was good to see him, and she'd imagined that moment for a long time. Allie asked what Jack meant that Diane had died. Diane said a huge part of her had died in Genoa City. She'd been lost and desperate with all the anger and hatred that had been directed at her. Jack asked if Diane believed she'd been an innocent bystander. Diane claimed it had been the darkest time in her life. She admitted it had been her own doing. She claimed she'd had a vision of escaping and starting over, but none of it had gone according to plan. She said it had taken her a long time to come to terms with how she'd failed.

Jack spat that Diane had left nothing but destruction, anger, and upset behind. He said all she'd thought about had been herself. Upset, Allie asked Diane what she'd been dragged her into. Jack told Allie to forget she'd ever met Diane because she was nothing but vengeful and vicious. He said Diane's fight was with him. Diane claimed she hadn't brought Jack there for a fight. She said she'd wanted to unite Jack with Allie to show him how sorry she was for all the pain she'd caused. Allie shouted that Diane had lied to her. She said Diane had entered her father's house with a fake name, and she'd acted like some guardian angel with sage advice. Allie said her father had died, and Diane had exploited Keemo and her.

Jack told Allie that was all Diane knew, and everything Diane did was for her own benefit. Jack told Diane there was no forgiveness and no understanding, and if she'd thought otherwise, she'd made a mistake. Diane admitted she had been that person and made mistakes, but that wasn't who she was anymore. Jack shouted that those hadn't been mistakes because she'd done everything with a purpose. He yelled that she'd left behind nothing but damage. He said he'd been relieved when Diane had died because she hadn't been able to hurt anyone again.

Jack said Diane had dragged his granddaughter into her scheme. Diane claimed she'd given Jack back a piece of Keemo. Very upset, Allie said she'd been handed over like some sort of prize after Diane had gotten what she'd wanted. Diane claimed it had been a gift for Allie and Jack. Allie said Diane was evil, and she didn't want any part of Diane's plan. Diane stopped Allie from leaving by apologizing for deceiving her. Diane said Jack was a good man, and she asked Allie not to take it out on him. Allie rushed out. Jack told Diane that she'd always been poison, and he also rushed out.

At the restaurant, Jack thanked Allie for meeting with him. He said he wouldn't blame her if she wanted to cut him out of her life completely. Allie said Diane had been "this nice woman" who'd bought her father's house. Allie said Diane had seemed kind and understanding. Allie admitted she'd never felt so dumb. Jack warned Allie not to let Diane undermine her self-confidence because Diane had conned older and wiser people.

Jack told Allie that when Diane had "died," there had been a memorial service, and her young son had grieved in the front pew. For her son's sake, the people who'd known Diane had tried to find something kind to say about a woman they'd known as pure destruction. Allie said she was disgusted that Diane had abandoned her son. Allie asked how Jack knew Diane. Jack said the child she'd walked away from was their son. Jack clarified that he and Diane had never been married. Jack said it had been a complicated situation, but Kyle was one of the greatest gifts of his life.

Allie asked Jack when it had all happened. Jack said Kyle had been a kid at the time, but he was a grown man, a husband, and a father. Allie said she knew a wound like that never went away. Jack said Kyle knew Diane had been murdered in gruesome fashion, that all of Diane's lies had been exposed, and that people Kyle had cared about had been implicated. Jack said it had all been a lie.

Jack said he was sorry that Allie had been dragged into his situation. Allie stated that she didn't understand what Diane had thought would happen. Allie stated that Diane had pretended to die; that had been her choice, then she'd abandoned her son and allowed people to think she'd been murdered. Allie asked why Diane had chosen that particular time to return. Jack said perhaps Diane had thought she could manipulate her way into forgiveness. Jack said anyone in Genoa City who'd known Diane would never forgive or forget.

Jack apologized to Allie and said he believed that he and Allie had been off to a pretty good start. He said getting to know Allie had been a blessing for him, and he didn't want anything to get in the way of that. Jack received a text message from Diane: "Please come back. There is so much more to say." Jack told Allie that Diane wanted them to return. He said he wanted to pretend that Diane didn't exist, but it was too late for that.

Nate arrived at Society. He approached Ashland and said he'd assumed Ashland would have left town. Ashland asked why he would have done that, since he had no reason to flee. Ashland claimed he'd been dealing with baseless rumors his entire life. Nate asked if Ashland was trying to convince him they were all baseless rumors and that Ashland was the poor, misunderstood victim of his powerful enemies. Nate told him to give it up.

Ashland told Nate there was nothing he could say or do to convince Nate about the truth. Nate said he knew the facts, and he'd seen the evidence. Ashland claimed he was sorry he'd lost Nate's trust and friendship. Nate said if their friendship had really meant something, Ashland would tell Victoria the truth. He told Ashland to do the right thing for once in his life. Nate left.

The Newmans gathered in Victoria's office. Victoria said she'd made a decision, and she asked that they all abide by and respect it. She said Ashland would leave for Tuscany later that evening, and she would join him. She wanted to distance herself from the constant barrage from her family. Victor asked Victoria to share her plan with them because the fate of the family and the company depended on her next move.

Victoria told everyone that she wanted to handle things her own way, and she asked them to trust her. Victor said that while Victoria was in Italy, Adam would be temporary CEO of Newman Locke. Victoria stated she didn't need a replacement because she could handle things from Tuscany. Victor claimed it was what he wanted.

Diane admits that Deacon Sharpe helped fake her death

Diane admits that Deacon Sharpe helped fake her death

Friday, April 1, 2022

by Nel

Jack returned to Keemo's house. He told Diane that Allie was off-limits in Diane's little game because their situation was between him and Diane -- and no one else.

Diane told Jack her contact with Allie had been about reaching out and trying to give Jack something he hadn't known he'd lost. She claimed she'd wanted to make amends. Jack said she was trying to make amends to him but not to the people she'd used and exploited or the ones accused of her murder. He said all she'd left in her wake had been heartache, anger, and fear, and she'd stolen something from Kyle he could never get back.

In a flashback, Jack asked Kyle, as a little boy, if he could get Kyle anything. Kyle responded, "My mom." Jack told Kyle that his mother had loved him more than anything in the world. Jack said that Kyle was the best part of her, and she would have done anything for Kyle.

At Keemo's, Jack told Diane he would never forgive her for tearing Kyle's heart out. Jack asked Diane to tell him why she'd shredded Genoa City and Kyle's life.

Diane admitted to Jack that she'd done enormous damage. She said everyone had hated her, and she'd wronged them all. She said the walls had been closing in, and she'd made a plan; she'd decided to fake her own death and take Kyle far away -- only her plan hadn't worked. She said everyone had wanted her gone, and in the end, she'd acted in desperation and panic. She said Deacon Sharpe had helped her. She said a corpse from the morgue had created an illusion, and anyone who'd had the ability to reveal the truth had been paid off to complete the effect; however, when it had been time, she hadn't been able to take Kyle.

Diane told Jack she'd known she wouldn't have been able to outrun him, and she hadn't been able to do that to Kyle. She said she'd been broken, and she'd convinced herself that Kyle had been better off without her because he'd had a father who would keep him safe and loved. Jack accused Diane of running away and not taking responsibility for facing the people she'd abused. Jack said it had been self-pity and not caring about anyone else that had motivated her.

Diane told Jack she'd gone to therapy, and she'd faced what she'd done. She said it had taken her years to come to terms with who she'd been and who she wanted to be, but Kyle had always been in her heart. She said it had been pure joy when she'd seen him on the Internet; he was beautiful, strong, and smart, living in Milan with a wife and child. She said she and Jack were grandparents.

Jack spat that Diane was Kyle's late mother because that was what she'd chosen, and it was the one decent thing she'd done in her journey of self-discovery. Jack asked Diane if she wanted attention, absolution, money, or all three. He asked what she was after so they could be done. Diane asked if Jack had no good memories of them, because she had some. Diane said Jack had broken her heart more than once, but it had been worth it just to be in his life. Jack said he couldn't help her because there had been far more bad than good.

In a flashback, Jack recalled that Diane had said she'd been passing through town, she'd run into a man she'd been engaged to once, and she'd decided to speak to Jack from the heart. Jack told her not to expect the same thing from him. Jack said when Phyllis had found a set of plans Diane had drawn up for his and Phyllis' dream house, he'd torn them up.

Jack told Diane he'd told Phyllis that Diane had started a relationship with Victor. Jack told Diane that their relationship had been a waste of time. Diane asked if Jack had any parting words for an old flame. Jack stated that Victor had done him a favor by taking Diane off his hands. Jack said it was the only nice thing Victor had done for him. Jack said goodbye and told Diane to have a nice life.

At Keemo's, Diane told Jack there had been love.

In a flashback, Diane pulled an engagement ring from her champagne glass. Jack told her he loved her, and as Jack put the ring on her finger, he asked her to say she would be his wife and make him the happiest man on the planet.

Out of her reverie, Diane told Jack she had loved him, and she knew there had been a time he'd loved her. Jack told her that any feelings he'd had for her had been obliterated by her latest stunt. Diane stated she'd brought Allie into Jack's life, and she'd brought Kyle into the world; she insisted that meant something to Jack. Jack admitted that bringing Kyle into the world had been the one good thing Diane had ever done. Jack asked Diane to think of how absurd it sounded to buy the house just to talk to him.

Diane told Jack she'd faced her mistakes, accepted the past, and done the work. She said the old Diane was dead, and it was time to make amends. Jack said everyone had gone on with their lives without knowing she was a changed woman. Diane said when Keemo had died, Jack had lost any chance of being part of his life. She said she'd guided Jack to Allie, the granddaughter Jack would never have known otherwise. Diane said she knew what family meant to Jack. Jack stated that Diane wanted to connect with Kyle.

Diane asked Jack why she wouldn't want to reconnect with Kyle. Jack shouted that she'd admitted she was toxic. Diane claimed that was in the past. Jack asked in what world she had reformed when she'd manipulated Allie, deceived him, and sent him mysterious text messages so he would find his son's obituary. Diane claimed she'd protected Kyle by leaving, but Kyle was in a better place to understand her love for him, and she could be a healthy presence in his life. Jack said he remembered how hard Diane had worked to keep Kyle from him. She'd shipped him off to Switzerland and changed Kyle's name so Jack couldn't find him. Diane claimed she'd changed.

Diane said Jack had changed. She said that in the past, he'd been cold, callous, and vindictive; he'd used people and focused on revenge, but he wasn't that person anymore. She asked why it couldn't be possible for the same to have happened to her. She said Kyle was her son. Jack said Kyle was a grown man who'd built a wonderful life with his family. Jack said he would never let her destroy or poison Kyle's life in Italy.

Jack told Diane to go back to her new and improved life and forget their meeting had ever happened. Diane said Jack loved Kyle with his whole heart, but she was half of Kyle. Jack said Kyle had grieved and cried himself to sleep every night. He said Kyle's mother had been killed; Kyle had been lost, confused, and heartbroken because his mother had been ripped from his life. Jack said he'd held Kyle and tried to comfort him by telling him it wouldn't always hurt so much and that he would always be there to protect Kyle. Jack said he would never stop doing that.

Diane told Jack their son needed her in his life. She said he deserved his mother. Jack said Kyle needed a real mother, but not Diane, because she "sure as hell" didn't deserve Kyle. Jack said goodbye and left.

In a flashback, Diane recalled a time when she and Jack were with Kyle as a baby. Diane said Jack had made it very clear he didn't trust her, but seeing Jack and Kyle together made her wish there was a better solution to the mess.

Diane then recalled when Kyle was about ten years old. Jack and Kyle had agreed they'd had a great time. Jack told Kyle that Jack was very proud of him, and he'd turned into a great kid. Jack told Kyle not to forget their deal. Kyle told Diane the next time there was a father and son event, Jack wanted to be there.

Diane also recalled when Jack had told her she could temporarily move in until she'd decided which job to take. He said in appreciation of his generosity, she wouldn't move halfway around the world. Diane asked if Jack had spoken to anyone else about it. Jack said he hadn't, but he would if things worked out. He informed her she would be staying in the pool house. Diane was upset she'd been relegated to the pool house, since that wasn't what she'd had in mind. Jack said he felt that under the circumstances, it would be a better idea to keep a little distance between Diane and Phyllis.

Jack had told Diane he wouldn't roll over his wife like some bulldozer. He said he wanted to take her feelings into consideration. Diane asked if that meant sticking Diane and Kyle in some outbuilding so Phyllis wouldn't make waves.

At Keemo's, Diane gazed at a photo of Kyle on her phone and smiled.

When Lauren arrived at the Grand Phoenix, she told Phyllis she was going through something and needed anything the Escape Club could offer. Phyllis suggested they talk. Lauren said Michael had retired from the D.A.'s office so they could spend more time together and so he could have a quieter and simpler life. Michael had assured her that working for Victor wouldn't interfere with their time together and that he would make his own hours. Michael had assured her there wouldn't be any danger or risk. However, a routine assignment had been anything but that, and she'd gone days without hearing from Michael.

Lauren asked Phyllis if she needed to accept the new unpredictable lifestyle. Phyllis asked why the things they loved the most about their men were the things that drove them crazy and caused them to worry about their men.

Lauren asked if Phyllis was worried about Jack, because she'd heard Phyllis discuss Jack for months. She guessed that whatever was going on with Jack had to be very significant. Phyllis claimed it wasn't a big deal, and she wasn't worried; however, she wondered if she should be. Lauren said Jack was her friend, too, and if there was something to be worried about, she wanted to know. Phyllis said Jack was in Los Angeles, dealing with something from his past. Lauren asked why Phyllis was stressing about it.

Phyllis told Lauren she should have gone with Jack because she was worried about him facing things alone. Phyllis said that even though she and Jack were friends, she was anxious because he hadn't responded. Lauren was sure Jack could handle whatever was going on in Los Angeles. Phyllis said Jack had a big and amazing heart, and he could get blindsided in the worst way.

Jack called Phyllis. He told her he'd been spending time with Allie, and he would tell her all about it when he returned. Phyllis claimed something else was going on; she could hear it in his voice. He said he would handle it. Allie arrived. Jack told Phyllis he would be home soon and not to worry.

After Phyllis ended her call with Jack, she told Lauren she felt worse because something was wrong. She said it had been Jack's tone that had alerted her. Phyllis said it had to do with Jack's family and all his emotional scars that dated back to Dina. Lauren said one never got over the abandonment of a parent, and she could relate because of her own mother.

Phyllis told Lauren that when Dina had returned to town to reconnect with her adult children, Traci and Ashley had been very cautious about their feelings, but Jack had let Dina in, only to have her rip the rug out from under him. Phyllis said he'd been hurt many times, and she admitted she'd hurt Jack a lot. Phyllis said that was the reason she was very careful with Jack. She said Jack meant a lot to her, and she never wanted to hurt him again.

Lauren asked if Phyllis believed that the situation in Los Angeles would lead to Jack getting hurt. Phyllis stated that after that phone call, she was convinced something was wrong, but she had no idea what it could be. She said she'd spoken to someone about Jack, and they'd stirred up all her protective feelings. She said the last phone call had had a different vibe from the previous call from Jack. She said something had happened between those two calls. Lauren knew Phyllis loved Jack and didn't want to see him hurt.

Agitated, Jack returned to the café and sent Allie a text message: "Can we talk? I'm at the café." Allie responded, "I'll meet you there."

In a flashback, Jack recalled asking if Phyllis was worried he might be in love with Diane Jenkins. Phyllis said she wasn't because Jack was in love with her, but he kept getting involved with Diane. Jack said he'd gotten Diane out of his life when she'd been a model at Jabot, but he'd been sucked back in and gotten his comeuppance from Victor. Jack said he should thank Victor for getting Diane out of his life.

Phyllis told Jack that was when Victor got his own comeuppance with the divorce. Jack said the final blow had been when Diane had discovered the baby she was carrying wasn't Victor's, and she'd left town. Jack ripped up Diane's drawings for their dream home and declared any trace of Diane Jenkins out of his life forever.

In another flashback, Jack told Phyllis that Diane's baby was his son. Phyllis asked how because she'd known that Diane had stolen sperm from a reproductive lab. Jack told Phyllis he'd previously had a testicular cancer scare, and as a precaution, his doctor had suggested that Jack leave a sample at Robertson Reproduction Labs. It turned out that Victor's swimmers had been switched out with Jack's. Phyllis had accused Nikki of being responsible for the switch, but Jack said Nikki had never met the man who'd switched the samples.

Angry, Phyllis told Jack that Nikki or Diane had been responsible for the switch. Jack stated that Nikki would never consciously mess him up. Phyllis asked about Diane. Jack wondered why, if Diane had known, she would have left the country for a year when she could have gone to him and avoided the public humiliation. Jack said he and Phyllis hadn't been together then.

Phyllis told Jack she understood. Realization set in, and Phyllis asked Jack if he was thinking of going to court and making Diane stay in Genoa City so they could share custody and have "that bitch" in their lives constantly.

Allie arrived at the café, and she asked Jack how things had gone with Diane. Jack told Allie to forget she'd ever met Diane. Allie reminded him that Diane had bought her dad's house to get to Jack. Allie said she felt violated, but she knew it hadn't been Jack's fault. Jack said Diane wanted to connect with Kyle. Jack said it was the last place she should be.

Allie told Jack that Diane had abandoned her son when he'd needed her, and after all that time, she wanted him back. Jack stated that wouldn't happen. Jack said he'd also warned Diane to stay away from Allie. Allie asked if Diane would stay away from Jack. Jack stated he could handle Diane. Allie smiled and said she could see her dad in Jack. He had tended to get very fierce when he'd become protective. Jack wanted to learn more about Hao. Allie said she wanted to learn more about Jack and his family, as well. Jack reminded her they were her family, too.

Jack told Allie that Kyle was very close to her age. Allie said it was surreal. Jack agreed and said it was much better than he'd expected. Allie said her dad had always been there for her when she'd needed him. Jack said her dad had loved her very much.

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