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Adam offered Ashland $500 million to walk away from Victoria and Newman Locke. After Victoria agreed to leave everything behind to start over with Ashland, he accepted Adam's deal. Diane checked into the Grand Phoenix under a fake name. Mariah and Tessa set a wedding date.
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Adam offered Ashland $500 million to walk away, and Diane checked into the Grand Phoenix under a fake name
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Jack sets Diane straight about using Allie to get to Kyle

Jack sets Diane straight about using Allie to get to Kyle

Monday, April 11, 2022

At an outdoor coffee shop in Los Angeles, Jack and Phyllis discussed how to approach Kyle to tell him that Diane was alive. Because Kyle hadn't returned Jack's message, he suggested he might fly to Italy to talk to his son in person. Phyllis reminded Jack that they'd already agreed he shouldn't leave the country after Diane had resurfaced. Phyllis urged Jack to contact Kyle as soon as possible because Diane might jump the gun and tell Kyle herself. Phyllis leaned closer to Jack and said about Diane, "She's a loose cannon."

Allie entered the patio and waved at Jack and Phyllis. Jack beamed with pride. Allie joined Jack and Phyllis. Jack bragged to Phyllis about Allie studying to earn a master's degree in chemical engineering. Allie told Jack she hadn't yet fulfilled her graduation requirements. Phyllis said Jack loved to brag about his family. Allie smiled and recalled that her dad had been the same way.

Jack told Allie he was grateful they'd gotten to know each other, and he hoped she'd fly to Genoa City to meet with Kyle and the rest of the Abbotts. Jack noticed that Allie appeared troubled. Jack thought he'd overstepped. Allie replied, "No, it's not you at all, Jack. It's me. There's something that I think you should know. It's about Diane." Phyllis grew apprehensive. Jack looked concerned.

Allie admitted to Jack and Phyllis that she'd longed to hear a different side of the story about the Abbotts. Phyllis replied, "I can't imagine what she said to you." Allie told Phyllis and Jack that she and Diane had mostly talked about Kyle with deep respect and admiration. Jack bragged to Allie that Kyle was a remarkable man. Phyllis praised Allie for not talking about the past, explaining that Diane knew how to focus on one tidbit and turn it into a bomb that could explode all over the place. Allie said she felt like she could trust Diane and had reached out to Jack to learn more about her. Phyllis warned Allie that Diane was good at pulling people into her web.

Allie told Phyllis and Jack that her discussion with Diane had made things clearer. Allie seemed certain that Diane loved Kyle deeply, having admitted she wanted to fix her terrible mistake. Jack tried to shush Phyllis when she animatedly informed Allie that Diane hadn't made just one mistake. Allie said Diane's desperation to connect with her son had really spoken to Allie. Allie cried that the loss of her father had left a void in her life, so she yearned to get to know the Abbotts. Jack reassured Allie that he was grateful that she wanted to connect with him and his family.

Allie acknowledged that Diane had gone to extreme lengths by buying a house in hopes of reaching out to Jack and Kyle. Allie seemed certain that Diane had acted out of love. Phyllis said that Diane was good at putting on an act, especially when she was planning something diabolical. Allie didn't respond to Phyllis and instead impressed on Jack that perhaps Diane deserved the same chance to reconnect with Kyle that Jack had desired to connect with her. Jack gently explained that he'd fallen for Diane's emotional pleas in the past, adding that she was good at building a trusting friendship until ultimately it was revealed that her ploy was really all about and all for her.

Allie defended Diane, explaining that she seemed like she was having a difficult time dealing with her past and might have changed. Jack told Allie that she hadn't had the same experiences with Diane that he and Phyllis had had. Allie was undaunted and insisted that Diane should be given a chance to make amends with her son. Jack praised Allie's kindness and sense of optimism, though he cautioned that Kyle would have to decide whether or not to give his mother a second chance.

Jack told Allie that he'd asked Kyle to visit Genoa City, so he could tell his son about Diane. Jack explained that Kyle had struggled with the death of his mother for most of his life . Phyllis, interjecting, assured Allie that Kyle was very smart and would make the right decision. Allie asked Jack if he'd be willing to forgive and forget if Kyle was willing to accept his mother. Jack replied, "To be honest, I can't imagine a scenario in which I could ever forgive Diane for what she's done. It's hard for me to ever believe that she is a changed woman." Phyllis agreed and said that Diane was dead to her.

Phyllis asked Allie if Diane had asked her to convince them to offer forgiveness. Jack, sensing Allie seemed torn with conflicting emotions, told Phyllis he thought Allie's motives were all her own. Allie was adamant that Diane hadn't asked for help. Phyllis replied, "See, but that's perfect Diane manipulation." Allie insisted that Diane realized what she'd lost, deeply regretted it, and wanted to do better.

At the house once belonging to Keemo, where Allie had grown up, new owner Diane admired a framed photo of herself with Jack and a young Kyle. She picked up a slip of paper on which she'd written Kyle's phone number. With the slip of paper in her hand, Diane picked up her phone and paused to remember a previous conversation with Jack about Kyle. Jack had stressed to Diane that Kyle, a grown man, had built a wonderful life with his family. Jack had warned Diane that he wouldn't let her destroy Kyle's relationships and poison his life. Diane had seemed unfazed when Jack had ordered her to return to her life so he could fly back to Genoa City and forget that their encounter had ever happened. Diane had replied, "You can't. That's not the man you are, Jack. You love Kyle with your whole heart. And half of him is me."

Diane hadn't offered to back away, even after Jack had recalled that a confused and heartbroken Kyle had grieved and cried himself to sleep night after night after his mother had been killed. Jack had become angry when he'd asked Diane why he should stop protecting Kyle after having promised to keep him safe. Diane had insisted that Kyle deserved to have his mother back. Jack had replied, "A real mother. Not you. And you sure as hell don't deserve him."

Diane also reflected on her past conversations with Allie, when she'd defended her actions by claiming she should have healed herself sooner so she could have looked after her son. Diane, smiling broadly, had told Allie that seeing her son's face and holding him again would be magical. Allie seemed to have believed Diane's claims about loving Kyle. Diane, having reflected on Jack's and Allie's feelings about the situation, backed out Kyle's number on her phone and instead pulled up Allie's number from her contact list.

Back at the patio coffee shop, Allie realized she'd be late to class and asked Jack and Phyllis when they were heading back to Genoa City. Jack said he should return soon, so he could let others know that Diane was alive. Jack reminded Allie that his offer to fly her to Genoa City still stood. Allie thanked Jack and said she needed time to think about it. Allie, curious, asked Jack and Phyllis if they were together. Phyllis asked Allie why she thought they were. Allie replied that she'd sensed an incredible closeness between them and felt they had a strong friendship because Phyllis had dropped everything to be with Jack when he'd needed her. Jack and Phyllis agreed that they had a strong friendship.

Allie received a text message from Diane requesting they meet at the house. Jack advised Allie to proceed with caution. Phyllis added, "Extreme caution." Allie said she'd take their advice and be careful. Allie replied to Diane's text message, writing that it wouldn't be possible. Before Allie departed, she embraced Jack. After Allie walked away, Jack turned to Phyllis and said, "Damn Diane. She is insisting on dragging my granddaughter into her mess. I told [Diane] to stay away from her." Phyllis replied, "But nobody stops Diane. Nobody does. Nobody tells her what to do." Jack, defiant, said, "Want to bet?"

Diane sighed when she read Allie's text message reply, but she seemed hopeful when she heard a knock at her door. It was Jack and Phyllis. Jack said, "What are you up to? Why are you still trying to manipulate my granddaughter?" Diane replied, "What exactly has Allie accused me of? I think that's fair to ask." Jack sternly replied that it wasn't about accusations. It was about facts.

Jack recalled that he'd told Diane to stay away from Allie. Diane replied, "She came to me. It was her choice." Jack reminded Diane that Allie had just lost her father. Diane claimed she'd answered questions about the Abbott family in the most positive way possible. Phyllis interjected, "That's not the point." Jack said it was about Diane having asked Allie via text message to meet her at the house. Jack, annoyed, said, "What is this? What, is it collection time? You haven't done anything out of the goodness of your soul."

Jack, noting that Diane had used Allie to get to him, demanded to know what she wanted. Diane noted that Allie, smart and kind, wasn't bitter. Diane asked Jack to trust Allie to make her own decisions. Phyllis told Diane she shouldn't tell Jack how to feel. Jack, becoming increasingly angry, said, "The deal was I was gonna reconnect you with Kyle. I agreed to that. That's it. That's enough. You stay away from Allie." Diane told Jack he could hate her while still admitting that having Allie in his life was a blessing. Jack sarcastically said Diane should pat herself on the back for the lovely thing she'd done, but she should leave Allie alone.

Jack informed Diane that he'd already contacted Kyle about flying to Genoa City so he could be told that his mother was still alive and living in Los Angeles. Jack said it would be up to Kyle to decide whether or not he would reach out to Diane. Diane said she hoped she might have a chance to tell Kyle how much she loved him. Phyllis replied, "Oh, yeah. Sure, you've always loved him. You ditched him when he was a child, and now you want back in his life."

Diane claimed that Kyle was like Jack and had love and forgiveness in his heart. Jack said it was clear that Diane would refuse to give Kyle the choice, but he vowed to support Kyle to keep his heart from being broken. Jack added, "Sadly, that's all you're capable of." Phyllis glared at Diane before leaving with Jack. After Jack and Phyllis left, Diane booked a flight to Genoa City.

Back at the outdoor coffee shop, Phyllis told Jack he'd handled Diane masterfully. Phyllis admitted she would have lost her mind while dealing with Diane. Jack replied, "As long as she stays away from Allie this time." Phyllis told Jack that Allie had a good head on her shoulders and knew they wouldn't have warned her about Diane without good reason. Jack told Phyllis it was time to head home.

Jack recalled that Allie had said she wouldn't be available for a week, and Kyle had been covering for him at Jabot. Phyllis said that at least Jack had made progress with Allie. Jack agreed and thanked Phyllis for her support. Phyllis told Jack that no one should have to deal with Diane Jenkins alone. Phyllis assured Jack that they'd always support each other when it counted. Phyllis suggested she and Jack discuss how to inform people in Genoa City that Diane was still alive, recalling that some had wanted to kill Diane.

Mariah summoned her family to Crimson Lights to make an announcement. Nick told corny jokes as Sharon, Rey, Noah, Faith, and Mariah waited for Tessa to arrive. After Tessa joined her fiancée, the couple announced that they planned to wed on May 13. Sharon, shocked, replied, "I assume you mean of 2023?" Mariah explained that Tessa had booked appearances at summer music festivals all over the country, so they didn't want to wait.

Rey asked Mariah and Tessa if they knew that May 13 was a Friday. Mariah insisted they would ignore superstitions and instead show they were fearless by having an unconventional ceremony. Faith, hesitant about the ominous date, said it sounded like a really bad idea. Sharon assured the couple that everyone wanted them to have the wedding of their dreams. Mariah set Sharon at ease, explaining that all they desired was having their friends and family gathered to celebrate their love.

Noah expressed support for the couple and showed them his sketch of a "70s glam" theme. Mariah, excited, proclaimed that Noah's design ideas were theatrical and colorful. Tessa said the era represented individuality and freedom. Faith replied, "This is way before my time. What's so glam about the 70s?" Mariah mentioned that the fashion trends had been bell bottoms, feather boas, and sequins. Tessa said some had worn crop tops, bright colors, and bold patterns. Nick insisted he wouldn't dress up like Ziggy Stardust. Sharon told Nick he could dress like Bryan Ferry. Nick said he could get on board with that.

Mariah, relieved they had set a date and had a plan, turned to Tessa and said, "We are really getting married." Sharon said she was happy the couple had settled on a date and theme, but she expressed concern about pulling it all together in time. Faith volunteered to help with the wedding cake. Mariah said she'd select a theater. Tessa took on creating a playlist for the reception. Sharon asked about food. Rey suggested fondue.

Rey seemed slightly jealous when Sharon gushed about Nick's 70s-themed fraternity party, when she'd twisted her ankle, and he'd carried her home. Nick replied, "Epic party. Cops came three times." Chelsea entered and seemed confused by Nick's statement. Sharon invited Chelsea to join in and help with wedding planning. Chelsea said she'd stopped by to talk to Rey about the trip to Chicago with Connor. Chelsea suggested that Tessa and Mariah consult her because she'd released a line of bridal attire and would be honored to contribute to the festivities. Sharon watched closely as Rey followed Chelsea out to the patio.

Privately, Rey told Chelsea that his input about the wedding wasn't really needed, so he had time to talk. Chelsea told Rey that her business trip had been postponed, so she could accompany Connor to Chicago. Rey said he had been looking forward to hanging out with Connor at the hockey game. Chelsea replied, "I got an extra ticket. I mean, I doubt our seats will be together, but that does mean the three of us get to go. Unless, of course, you have a problem with that."

Rey said he didn't want to intrude on Chelsea's mother-son time. Chelsea told Rey that Connor had asked if Rey could still come as first planned. Chelsea begged Rey not to let Connor down. Rey turned for a moment and watched Sharon talking animatedly to Nick in the main dining area. Rey then told Chelsea he'd be happy to accompany her to Chicago.

Adam makes Ashland a tempting offer

Adam makes Ashland a tempting offer

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Victoria entered her office at Newman Locke and found Ashland staring out the window. She noted that he'd been up and out of the house early that morning, and she voiced surprise to find him there. She mentioned that she was just there to tie up some loose ends before the temporary CEO took over, and she wondered if he'd had a chance to mull over their next steps. Ashland confided that he was beginning to have second thoughts.

Ashland clarified that he'd been having doubts about canceling the trip to Tuscany because he'd been looking forward to having time alone with Victoria, away from the prying eyes and false accusations. He voiced concern about the toll the situation had taken on her, and she vowed that they would keep one another strong. Ashland promised they'd get back to Italy eventually. Victoria suggested that they create an oasis for themselves in the meantime, while they found proof Adam had been behind all of it. Ashland started to refer to clearing his name, but his voice trailed off. Victoria asked if there was something else he wanted to tell her.

Ashland wished that he'd lived a more wholesome life so no false accusation would ever stick, and Victoria wouldn't need to temporarily sacrifice the job she'd worked her whole life for to stand by him. She insisted that it had been her choice, and she felt good about it. He gushed that he'd never thought he could love anyone as deeply as he loved her, and he hated feeling that it could all just fall away one day. Victoria assured him it wouldn't, but Ashland recognized that she could have just walked away from him if she'd believed the lies. She thought it sounded like he was afraid it might actually happen, and she wondered if he was doubting their plan.

Ashland was confident he and Victoria could pull it off, but he wasn't sure they were going about it the right way. He revealed that he'd sneaked into Adam's office while Victoria had been with her family, and she feigned surprise. Ashland explained that he'd managed to get into Adam's computer to look for evidence that Adam had framed him, but he hadn't found anything that had implicated Adam. Victoria reasoned that Adam was too smart to leave a digital trail on his work laptop, and she resolved to dig deeper.

Ashland hesitated to keep digging, but Victoria argued that there had to be evidence somewhere. Ashland recalled that he'd heard Adam and Sally's voices outside the office, and he'd realized that he'd been behaving like a lowlife criminal. Ashland acknowledged that he'd done things like that in the past, but he'd put that man behind him when he'd fallen in love with Victoria. He hated himself for resorting to his old tricks, but he thought the only way for the plan to work was to go further down that path. He was afraid it would destroy their love for good.

Victoria opined that fighting injustice together would make her relationship with Ashland even stronger. He feared that everything that was about to happen would fundamentally change what they had together, and crossing a line to protect their love would only destroy it in the end. Ashland stated that there was no proof Adam had framed him, and time was of the essence. Ashland insisted that they had to fabricate the proof and plant evidence for their plan to work, and he couldn't in good conscience ask Victoria to be a part of it.

Victoria asserted that it wasn't Ashland's call, but he argued that embarking on a scheme to defraud would be exactly the same as what her family was accusing him of doing. She remarked that sometimes they had to bend the rules, but he countered that it wasn't business gamesmanship. Victoria recalled that she'd stood by when Ashland, Victor, and Adam had decided to turn the tables on Billy, but Ashland pointed out that she'd stayed out of the loop. He questioned why she wanted to get involved that time.

Victoria reasoned that she might feel different if she and Ashland were framing an innocent man, but they were talking about holding a guilty person accountable. Victoria recounted that before Adam had framed her for tampering with her father's medication, he'd also conspired with Jack to forge a diary in which Victor had supposedly confessed to murdering a man. Ashland figured that had been the old Adam, but Victoria refused to believe her brother had changed. Ashland contemplated the possibility that they were wrong, and Adam turned out to be innocent.

Ashland said he couldn't live with himself if Victoria ended up regretting the decisions she'd made and resenting him because he'd led her down that path. She recalled that he'd seemed confident of Adam's guilt earlier. Ashland remained sure of it, but he maintained that he was putting her in an impossible position, and he worried that one day, she'd blame him for making her cross that line. He cupped her face in his hands and pledged his love, but he was afraid he was taking her to the point of no return. Victoria stressed that she wasn't afraid to cross the line to save Ashland, since protecting him and his reputation was what mattered to her the most.

Ashland suggested that he and Victoria just walk away and go somewhere to start something new. He reasoned that it was time for a clean slate if she was angry with her family for trying to break them up. She compared it to how he'd reinvented himself as Ashland Locke after he'd buried Bobby DeFranco. She pondered whether he could really walk away from everything they'd created at Newman Locke, but he pictured starting a new empire. He continued that she was the only thing that mattered to him, and he wanted to protect her and their love the best way he could. He urged her to think about how incredible it would be to make something of their very own, but he didn't want to pressure her. He prepared to head home to get some rest, and he kissed her goodbye and left.

Victor tracked down Adam at Newman Media and inquired whether Adam had uncovered any evidence that Ashland was moving forward with his plan. Adam reported that there hadn't been any indication that Ashland had planted files on Adam's computer, and he asked if Victor had heard anything more from Victoria. Victor replied that he hadn't, and Adam testily questioned how much warning he'd get before he got busted for framing Ashland. Adam demanded to know if Victor truly believed Victoria's plan was the smartest move to make.

Victor asked if Adam was questioning the details of the plan. Adam pointed out that the entire thing revolved around him, and Victor argued that Ashland had already taken the bait. Adam grumbled that everyone would believe he'd been out to get Ashland, but Victor assured him that they all knew it was a charade. Adam cautioned that Ashland had already outwitted them numerous times. Victor expected to catch Ashland red-handed, giving them reason to nullify his contract with Newman Locke, leaving Victoria free and Adam unscathed. Victor inquired whether Adam was having doubts about his role in the whole thing.

Adam pledged to play the black sheep, but he griped that he was getting tired of always having to prove he was a team player. He cited his idea to improve Victoria's plan by having him stay on as temporary CEO so Victor could pretend to fire him, but he voiced concern that Victoria's idea was dependent on too many details with a ton of potential pitfalls. Adam noted that the entire plan hinged on Ashland planting evidence, yet Ashland hadn't taken the opportunity when he'd had it. Adam theorized that Ashland had known that Adam had given him access to the computer.

Victor growled that Ashland's days in their family business were numbered, and he implored Adam to stop worrying about the company. Victor gave his word that Adam would return to his position at Newman Media and that Victoria would resume her role as sole CEO of Newman Locke. Adam warned that Victor was putting too much faith in a half-baked plan that Ashland might have already seen through, and Ashland might be plotting his next move while the Newmans were distracted. "Let him," Victor replied, noting that it was a chess game -- and he was good at it.

Later, Sally entered Adam's office and asked how things had gone with Victor. Adam sarcastically replied that his father had been nice enough to let him know he'd get to return to his little job once Victoria's plan succeeded. Sally was taken aback that Adam wouldn't reap the rewards for being the fall guy for the entire family, and she wished she'd been there to make sure Victor understood Adam's concerns about the plan. Adam grumbled that if she'd been there, two people would have been ignored.

Adam noted that Ashland had blamed Victor all along, yet it was clear that Adam was considered the disposable one. Sally swore that Victor and Nick knew that Adam had changed, and she encouraged him to bide his time and find more opportunities to prove himself. Sally added that it wasn't that bad at Newman Media, but Adam lamented that he'd never be the kind of heir Victoria represented. Adam believed he'd tried to be good by walking the straight and narrow and working on his relationships with his family.

Adam referred to how he'd gotten Gaines out of the way at Victoria's wedding, allowing her and Ashland to choke out their vows. Adam dryly supposed it was all his fault, even though he'd tried to make wise choices to be a good example for Connor. Adam continued that he'd done right by Chelsea by giving her a job and not fighting her for sole custody, and he'd done his best not to break her heart because it had been the right thing to do. Adam thought he'd been getting to a place where his family trusted and included him, yet he stood to be kicked to the curb when his services as the fall guy were no longer needed.

Adam contemplated the point of being the good guy. Sally argued that being CEO of Newman Media was hardly being kicked to the curb, and she advised Adam not to give up just because Victor had made a transparent power move to put Adam in his place by reminding him that Victor had the power to demote him. Sally argued that Victor also had the power to promote Adam, and she told Adam to consider himself lucky for all the opportunities he'd been handed. Adam thanked her for her honesty.

Adam recognized that Sally had worked harder than he had to get where she was. She thought he was a saint for putting up with what his family had put him through, and she acknowledged that he'd had to jump through hoops of his own. She begged him not to let it get under his skin, since he'd done a monumental job of turning his life around. He was glad she hadn't known the old him, and she cooed that the one she was with then was phenomenal. She was sure that his next move would be amazing.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon pictured the invitations for Mariah's wedding on Friday the 13th, and she envisioned the brides standing under a ladder during the ceremony to thumb their noses at superstition. Nick conceded that he'd thought the wedding date was weird at first, but he was warming up to it. Nick assured Sharon that it would all work out, but she asked how he could be calm when planning a 1970s theme would take a lot of work. She referred to Noah's beautiful design plan for doing it in a theater, but she worried that venues had already been booked months in advance. Sharon insisted on having daily meetings until the night of the wedding to give them a fraction of the time they needed to do it right.

Nick pointed out that there were a lot of people willing to help plan the wedding, and Sharon assigned him to scour the entire Midwest for enough authentic '70s décor to fill a theater. He proclaimed that he had it covered, and he asked what else she needed. Sharon prompted him to tell her what was wrong, and Nick shared that he was worried about Victoria and Ashland. Nick continued that Victoria had told the Newmans about her plan to get her husband out of her life, and all his concerns and his desire to rip Ashland apart had resurfaced. Sharon encouraged him to talk about it if it would help, but Nick thought it was best if she didn't know, since the plan would make Victoria complicit.

Nick fretted that a lot could go wrong with Victoria's plan. Sharon called Ashland despicable for lying about being sick and using his false diagnosis for a power grab, and she contemplated what else he'd do to get what he wanted. Nick muttered that every time he'd thought Ashland had sunk as low as possible, Locke hit a new rock bottom. Nick was thankful that Victor's security team was keeping a close eye on his sister, but Sharon found it frightening that Victor thought it was necessary. Sharon was afraid that Nick might be in danger, too.

Nick explained that Victoria's plan was complicated, with many moving parts. Sharon asked if one of those parts was Adam, but Nick surmised that she had enough to worry about with the wedding. "Speak of the devil," Sharon commented when Ashland walked in. Nick got up to leave, knowing he couldn't control himself around Ashland. Ashland greeted them, but Nick ignored him and headed out. Ashland guessed Sharon was up to speed about how he'd fallen out of the good graces of the Newman family, and he inquired what his chances were of getting a cup of coffee, anyway.

Sharon poured Ashland some coffee, and he had the feeling it would be the coldest cup he'd ever had. She welcomed him to visit a different establishment, and he was thankful she hadn't kicked him out. She informed him that she gave the cold shoulder to everyone who lied about having cancer, and he mentioned that he'd heard about her health crisis. He expressed sympathy and claimed he was innocent of the allegations against him. Sharon said she wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, and just then, Adam and Sally appeared in the doorway.

Sharon handed Ashland his coffee and brusquely wished him good health. He reiterated his intention to exonerate himself, but she scoffed at the idea that the real criminal needed to be exposed. Meanwhile, Sally asked Adam if he wanted to leave, but he requested a moment with Ashland to present an idea. Adam approached Ashland at the condiment counter, and Ashland cheerfully greeted the "new pretend CEO." Ashland advised Adam not to spend time on projects that would never reach fruition and not to get too comfortable with the title and power. Adam offered to make a deal.

Ashland repeated that he wasn't interested in making any deals, but Adam explained that he had a new offer without any threats. Ashland asked by whose authority Adam was making the proposal. Adam announced that he was representing the Newman family and was prepared to give Ashland $500 million to walk away and start over somewhere else. Adam cited that as one of Ashland's greatest talents, and he suggested that Ashland leave Newman Locke and Victoria that day.

Nikki entered Victoria's office and mentioned that she'd seen Ashland leave. Victoria informed her mother that Ashland was questioning whether to go through with the plan to blame Adam. Nikki was skeptical of Ashland's motives, and Victoria shared that Ashland had claimed he didn't want her to get her hands dirty. Victoria added that Ashland had dropped the charade about finding proof Adam was behind everything because Ashland preferred to plant it, but he'd said he didn't want to drag her into it. Nikki was appalled that Ashland had attempted to manipulate Victoria by pretending he had a conscience. Victoria replied that in all the time she'd known him, he'd never sounded so sincere.

Nikki ranted that Ashland had been working them from day one, but Victoria suspected there was more to it. Nikki guessed that Ashland knew his days were numbered, so he was looking for a clean exit or had figured out what they were planning. Victoria relayed that Ashland had proposed that they escape by going somewhere to start fresh, but Nikki doubted either one of them could walk away. Nikki surmised that Ashland was testing Victoria because he'd grown suspicious, and she hoped Victoria wasn't tempted to run away with him.

Nick entered Victoria's office and sensed that his mother and sister were upset. Nikki informed him that Ashland seemed to be conflicted about framing Adam. Nick admitted that he'd never liked Victoria's plan because it would force her to cross a line he wasn't comfortable with. Victoria divulged that Ashland had told her he didn't want to drag her to the point of no return.

Victoria insisted that she wasn't selling her soul to her husband but just allowing him to perpetuate the crime of planting false evidence to frame Adam. As Victor appeared in the doorway, Victoria maintained that it was the strongest plan they had. Nikki considered it a problem that Ashland's alleged second thoughts had made Victoria question her decision, and she wondered if there was a part of Victoria that was still in love with him.

Adam offers Ashland a deal to leave town without Victoria

Adam offers Ashland a deal to leave town without Victoria

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

by Nel

At Newman Locke, Victor asked if Victoria still loved Ashland after he'd lied and betrayed her. Victoria said her feelings weren't going to disappear overnight. Victoria claimed the only thing that mattered were the crimes Ashland had committed against her and the family. They had to get Ashland out of their lives and their company.

Victor asked Victoria if Ashland was having second thoughts and if the whole plan had gone off the rails. Nikki stated that Ashland wasn't sure he wanted to set Adam up. Victoria said Ashland didn't want her to cross an unethical line. Ashland had said that if she helped him frame Adam, it would corrupt her, and she wouldn't recover from that. She said Ashland had also suggested that they run away together.

Victor told Victoria that Ashland was testing her. He was suspicious, and he wanted to know if Victoria was on his side. Victoria assured everyone she could handle Ashland, and her plan was solid; however, she was concerned that they still didn't trust her, even after she'd told them how committed she was. Victor pointed out that Victoria had to see that Ashland was backpaddling because he was suspicious.

Victoria told Victor it was possible Ashland could be ruthless and still love her and want to protect her, which she found ironic. Nikki said that Victor could be ruthless, yet he loved Nikki and always protected her. She added that she'd always loved him, even at his worst. Victor claimed the situations were completely different, but Victoria disagreed.

Victor told Victoria that Ashland was a narcissist, and if Ashland had been a man, he would have told Victoria about his past and his lies before the wedding. He would have begged for Victoria's forgiveness. Nick claimed that Ashland could have come clean before he'd signed the contract to be co-CEO. Victor said Ashland had used Victoria, and he would have tossed her away as soon as he'd believed he'd benefitted enough. Victor said he would make "that bastard" pay for the pain he'd caused Victoria.

Nikki told Victoria they weren't attacking her; they only wanted to get through to her. Victoria said she needed time to think. She said every time they talked, it always came back to their lack of faith in her ability to make good decisions. Victoria stated she needed time away from all of them. She grabbed her coat and purse and left. Nick said he also had to leave.

Nikki told Victor that once Victoria had a chance to think things through, she would calm down. Victor said he would wait for her.

At Crimson Lights, Adam offered Ashland half a billion dollars to leave the company and Victoria. Ashland said that amount of money was hard to ignore. Adam claimed that amount of money could buy Ashland a private island or a business, and Ashland would receive a drama-free exit with no questions asked.

Ashland told Adam that if he accepted the deal, it would be perceived as an admission of guilt. Adam asked if Ashland was still playing that game where he continued to pretend he was innocent. Adam said they had enough evidence to prove Ashland had never had cancer. Adam said Ashland had preyed on Victoria to get his hands on Newman Enterprises. He told Ashland to take the money and leave with his reputation intact.

Ashland said that Adam made it sound like it was a generous offer, but Ashland stated it was all about Adam's self-interest; with Ashland out of the picture, Adam would set his sights on making his move to become CEO of the company. Adam said his motives shouldn't play a role in Ashland's decision, and he only had the family's interest at heart.

Ashland asked Adam if Victor was aware of the offer. Adam asked if Ashland believed he had the temerity to make a deal like that without Victor's approval. Ashland admitted that Victor would have to sign off on that amount of money. Ashland found the amount interesting because it had been the amount of money Victor had been forced to pay Victoria, Nick, and Abby when they'd sued him over their trust funds. Adam informed Ashland that he hadn't been part of that lawsuit.

Ashland told Adam it seemed unfair because Adam had never received that kind of money from Victor, and it implied that Adam wasn't in the same league as Victor's other children. Adam stated he was doing fine. Ashland claimed Adam had to be exhausted trying to prove himself to Victor over and over again. Adam stated that he and Victor were in a great place and that he and Victor had agreed on the amount to get Ashland out of their lives.

Adam told Ashland they wouldn't drag things out, and it was a one-time offer for Ashland to take or leave. Adam said the offer expired in one hour, and if Ashland agreed to take the deal, the money would be wired to an account of Ashland's choosing the following morning. Ashland claimed it was a lot to consider, and he might need more time. Adam sAId if Ashland didn't accept, Adam wished him luck. Adam left.

Phyllis and Jack arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Jack thanked Phyllis for being by his side during his Los Angeles trips. Jack said he had to be the one to tell Kyle, and he wasn't looking forward to that conversation. Phyllis hugged Jack.

Phyllis told Jack she thought it had been a good trip. She said she believed Jack had made great progress with Allie and that he'd made a real connection with her, which was something Diane couldn't ruin. Jack told Phyllis he had to tell his siblings about Diane. He asked Phyllis to wish him luck because he was about to blow up a good old-fashioned Abbott family meeting. Jack told Phyllis the situation was a mess because it wasn't going to be only Kyle's reaction, but Allie had been dragged into the middle of the situation. Jack said the trip was supposed to have been about him getting to know Allie, but it had been ruined by Diane's intrusion. Phyllis agreed that Diane was a master manipulator.

At the Abbotts', Traci stood at the door, watching for Jack. Traci told Ashley she was anxious to hear what had happened with Allie. Billy arrived. He told Ashley and Traci that Jack had asked him to meet there and that Jack wanted to fill them in about his trip as soon as he arrived. Traci hoped Jack and Allie had been able to forge a connection.

When Jack arrived, he told his siblings that Allie was lovely, pretty, bright, curious, and thoughtful, and she reminded him of Keemo from time to time. He said that more than anything, Allie reminded him of Ashley: clear-eyed, critical thinking, and working on her master's in chemical engineering. Jack said he knew how skeptical Ashley had been, but Allie was even more skeptical, and he hoped Allie would visit soon.

Jack told his siblings he'd learned the identity of the mysterious texter -- it had been Diane Jenkins. He said that she was alive and that she'd bought Keemo's house. Billy asked if that was some kind of sick joke. Jack said he'd seen Diane, and he'd spoken to her more than once.

Traci asked Jack if Diane had returned from the dead; she'd known about Keemo's death and Allie's existence. Traci said Diane would use that information to insinuate herself into Jack's life. Ashley claimed Diane would rationalize every horrible thing she'd ever done. Jack said Diane thought that bringing him and Allie together would gain his forgiveness -- or at least enough forgiveness to allow her to reestablish her relationship with Kyle.

Jack asked his siblings to keep the information between them because he hadn't told Kyle yet. Jack said he had to tell Kyle his mother was alive, and it was something he had to do in person. He said he'd asked Kyle to return to Genoa City soon, and Jack would tell Kyle then. Traci was upset. She remembered how Kyle had grieved after Diane's death. Billy wanted to know how Diane wasn't dead. Ashley asked how "that bitch" had survived.

Jack told his siblings Diane had known that the whole town had hated her, and when the walls had begun to close in, she'd faked her death with Deacon Sharpe's help. Billy asked what Diane had been doing all those years. Jack said Diane had claimed she'd been rehabilitating herself and that she'd turned her life around. Jack stated that the shock and outrage his siblings were feeling, he'd felt ten-fold when he'd seen Diane face to face. Jack said he hadn't forgotten anything Diane had done to him -- the lies, the games, using Kyle's custody as a weapon -- and he hadn't forgotten what Diane had done to Ashley.

Ashley told Jack that Diane had slept with her fiancé and blackmailed her, and Ashley hadn't forgotten what Diane had done to Abby. Ashley said Diane had turned their lives upside down after her "so-called death." She said they had all become suspects in Diane's death. Billy asked if Jack had a plan to deal with Diane, since she was a potential threat to half the town, and he wondered what Diane would do next. Ashley said it was clear that contacting Allie had been one of Diane's games. Jack stated that Diane had claimed she really wanted to make amends with Kyle. Jack said his first instinct had been to refuse, but Phyllis had made him realize that it was Kyle's choice whether Diane should be in his life or not.

Jack told Ashley he'd appreciated that Phyllis had been there to support him, and she'd kept him grounded. He admitted he'd been spinning out of control since he'd seen Diane. Jack said Phyllis had been a lifesaver, and she'd been right; Kyle deserved to know the truth, and if Jack didn't tell him, Diane would. Jack was concerned about Kyle's reaction, but he had to warn Kyle about Diane's dark side, which he'd kept from Kyle.

Jack told his siblings that all he could do was give Kyle the facts, and Kyle would have to decide whether to let Diane into his life. Billy asked if Jack would allow Diane to return to Genoa City. Ashley vehemently stated that Jack couldn't allow Diane to return to town. Jack said he was aware of the number of lives that would be impacted by her return; however, his main concern was for Kyle, Summer, and Harrison if Diane found her way back into Kyle's life.

Later, Amanda arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis told Amanda she'd flown to Los Angeles to meet Jack, and the trip hadn't been fun. She said Jack had been dealing with Keemo's death, and that had turned into one revelation after another. Amanda stated that Phyllis' connection with Jack was getting deeper. Phyllis said the trip wasn't what Amanda thought. Phyllis said what Jack was going through was profound; she'd acted as Jack's voice of reason, and she and Jack were just friends. Amanda said there was something important they needed to do; they needed a spa day. Phyllis agreed.

After Phyllis and Amanda left, Diane arrived at the hotel and registered as Taylor Jennings. She stated she would be staying for a while.

At Society, Sally told Adam she was shocked Ashland hadn't immediately accepted the money. Adam claimed it suggested that Ashland was considering it, since he hadn't turned it down. Sally said Adam had handled the situation masterfully. Sally spotted Victoria at the bar. Adam said he had to talk to Victoria. Sally sat down at a table.

At the bar, Adam asked Victoria if Ashland was going to make another move. Victoria claimed Adam sounded concerned. Adam admitted he was, since no one had hacked into his computer to plant fake evidence. Victoria stated there might be a change in plans, and Adam would know when he needed to. Adam stated he'd put himself at risk to help her, and she couldn't do the bare minimum to keep him informed. He stated it was obvious she'd screwed it up. Victoria denied it.

Adam told Victoria he'd known her plan wouldn't work. He said Ashland had seen through her deception, and he was backing off. Victoria stated she'd accomplished more than Adam could ever dream of. Adam claimed he hadn't been given the opportunity. Victoria said he'd been given plenty of opportunities, and he'd failed every time because of who he was. Victoria left.

Adam told Sally that Victoria had been on the defensive, and she'd refused to admit that she'd blown it with Ashland or that her plan was a mess. Adam said it had validated his decision to take matters into his own hands and to create an alternate plan. Sally asked how Victor was going to react to Adam offering such a huge amount of money without consulting him first. Adam claimed Victor would be fine with it if Ashland took the money and left town. If Ashland turned it down, Victor wouldn't need to know.

Ashland arrived at Newman. He was surprised to see Victor and Nikki there. Ashland told Victor he wanted to discuss if the offer Adam had made had been legitimate. Victor claimed the amount seemed appropriate. Ashland claimed it seemed cold, since that amount had been the same that Victor had been forced to give each of his children, except Adam, when they'd sued him for their trust funds. Ashland said Adam had been forced to live that pain once again, which Ashland felt had been heartless. He asked how Victor rationalized putting his son in that position.

Victor told Ashland not to question his relationship with Adam. Victor asked if Ashland was ready to accept half a billion to "get the hell out of town." Ashland stated he hadn't decided whether he would take the offer or not. He didn't want to rush into a decision of that magnitude, since there were so many angles to consider. Ashland said he'd thought it had been possible that Adam had been acting on his own. Victor asked if Adam would offer that sum of money without Victor's permission. Ashland claimed there had been a moment when Victor had hesitated, as if he'd been caught off guard.

Victor admitted he'd been stunned by Ashland's unmitigated gall of walking into the office, knowing they were all aware of what Ashland had done. Victoria arrived and asked what was going on. Ashland told Victoria that Adam and possibly Victor had made him an offer of a huge amount of money to walk away from everything he had in Genoa City, including her. He asked Victoria if he should take the deal and leave.

Victor instructs Adam to make the deal with Ashland

Victor instructs Adam to make the deal with Ashland

Thursday, April 14, 2022

by Nel

At Newman Media, Adam told Sally he was waiting for Ashland to accept his offer because Ashland knew his deal had been the best offer. He said it was the only way Ashland could leave with his reputation intact. Adam said he wondered why Ashland wasn't jumping at his offer. Sally claimed Ashland was toying with Adam.

Adam told Sally he wondered what he'd been thinking when he'd said he was representing the Newman family. Sally claimed he'd been thinking like a leader. She said Adam had seized the moment with a decisive action, and if it didn't work out with Ashland, Adam would come up with a different plan because Adam was brilliant.

At Newman, Victoria asked if Victor had gone behind her back to bribe Ashland into leaving her. Victor asked Ashland if he was considering the offer. Ashland told Victoria he didn't know what other option he had. He wanted the turmoil to end. Nikki suggested the best way to end it would be to admit his lies and leave of his own volition.

Ashland told Victor to have Adam meet him at the Grand Phoenix to discuss terms. Ashland left. Victoria asked for someone to tell her what was going on and "why the hell" they would do that. Victor said he hadn't been the one to offer Ashland money. Victoria asked if Adam had taken it upon himself. She asked why Victor hadn't admitted he hadn't authorized Adam to offer Ashland money. Victor claimed he wouldn't contradict Adam because they needed to work as a family.

Victor told Victoria that Ashland seemed interested in the offer. Victoria claimed it was never going to be that simple to get rid of him. She said Ashland had been testing Victor. Nikki stated Ashland had been testing Victoria; he'd watched her every move. Victor said Ashland could sense Victoria was torn, and Ashland was trying to drive a wedge between Victoria and her family.

Victoria told Victor that perhaps Adam's obnoxious interference would make it easier for her to pretend that she was completely fed up with Adam and blame him for setting Ashland up. Victor reminded her that Ashland had given up on her plan to plant false evidence against Adam. Victoria said she wasn't giving up, and she would do everything she could to get Ashland out of their lives and their company without spending millions of dollars. Victoria asked how much Adam had offered Ashland.

Victoria was stunned when Nikki said five-hundred million dollars. Victoria asked "where the hell" Adam got off making such an offer. Victor said they all wanted to get rid of "that bastard." Victoria stated that they were going to move forward with her plan. Victor pointed out that her plan hadn't come to fruition. Victoria claimed Adam didn't want it to and that he would do anything to undermine her and make her look bad. Victoria told Victor to inform Adam that his full cooperation was expected.

Nikki told Victoria that nothing was stopping her from executing her plan if Ashland didn't take the money. Victoria said Ashland wouldn't take the money or back down from a fight. Nikki asked why Ashland had agreed to consider Adam's offer. Victor suggested that it was Ashland's best option. Victoria said time would tell which one of them was right. She left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Nick that Adam and Ashland had spoken earlier. Nick said it could have been a business meeting, since Adam was the temporary CEO. When Sharon appeared surprised, Nick explained that Victor had made Adam temporary CEO, hoping it would convince Ashland and Victoria not to leave for Tuscany. Nick said Adam had refused to go along with Victoria's plan unless Victor kept him on as CEO. Sharon said it sounded like the old Adam: self-serving. Nick said he'd warned Adam not to use Victoria's situation to his advantage.

Nick told Sharon that the family had wanted Victoria to come up with a plan B in case plan A didn't work, but she wouldn't listen because she was scared and defensive. Nick said Victoria was still in love with Ashland, but she was aware she couldn't trust him. Nick said they had no idea where Victoria was headed or what to expect. Nick said if Victoria chose Ashland over the entire family, it would cause a rift in the family that might never be repaired. Nikki arrived. Sharon left to prepare Nikki's order.

Nick told Nikki that Sharon had seen Adam and Ashland together earlier in a very intense conversation. Nikki said it appeared that Adam had decided to handle the situation on his own. She said Adam had told Ashland the family had authorized him to make Ashland an offer of an ungodly amount of money to terminate his contract and to walk away from Victoria, and he'd gone to Victor to make sure it had been a bona fide offer. It had been the first Victor had heard about it, but he'd pretended the offer had been authentic.

Nick asked Nikki if Ashland was considering taking the offer. Nikki said she didn't know, and Victoria had claimed that Ashland was pretending to be interested. Nikki said she was afraid the more time Victoria spent with Ashland, the more time he had to charm his way back into her heart.

Nick told Nikki that Adam had offered the exact amount that he, Victoria, and Abby had won in their lawsuit against Victor; he said it didn't feel like a coincidence. Nick claimed that if Adam got rid of Ashland, he would impress Victor and prove he could handle things on all fronts, unlike Victoria. Nikki said that Adam had claimed Victoria's plan was doomed to fail.

Nick told Nikki that Adam should have approached the family, and they would have come up with another option. Nikki said Adam wasn't a team player. Nick asked if there was a chance Adam's plan could work. Nikki said Ashland had asked Victor to tell Adam to meet him at the Grand Phoenix to go over the terms.

Nikki told Nick that Victoria felt that the family didn't support her, and they'd lost faith in her. Nick said Ashland could twist Victoria around and make it seem like it was the two of them versus the big, mean Newman family. He said it was a ploy to pull Victoria back to him. He told Nikki not to worry because Victoria would wind up being stronger than she'd ever been.

After Nikki left, Nick told Sharon they'd been right about Adam being up to something. He said Adam hadn't trusted that Victoria could single-handedly get Ashland out of their lives and that Adam had gone behind the family's back and put his own plan in motion. Nick said it was time to have a talk with Ashland, and he knew where to find Ashland. Sharon stopped Nick.

Sharon told Nick he'd just gotten through saying that Adam shouldn't have gone behind Victoria's back to take charge of the situation. She said Nick was about to do the same thing, and it would show Victoria that he didn't trust her to handle things herself. Nick reluctantly agreed. Sharon said if Nick wanted to be involved, he needed to go to Victoria and offer his love and support.

Victor arrived at Newman Media. He told Adam they had some serious business to discuss. Adam said Sally would remain; she was up to speed. Victor stated that Sally had encouraged Adam's reckless move of offering "that criminal" millions of dollars to get out of the company.

Adam asked Victor why Ashland had run to Victor. Victor said Ashland suspected that Adam had been lying when he'd said he'd had family backing. Adam asked if Ashland was going to take the deal. Victor asked where Adam was going to get that amount of money. Victor asked if that was Adam's first move as a temporary executive of Newman Locke, and if he was going to draw the money from the company.

Adam told Victor it wouldn't be appropriate to use company funds for a personal family matter. Adam said Victoria had brought Ashland into the family, and she should be responsible for getting him out. Victor stated that Adam's lack of sympathy for Victoria was appalling. Victor said he assumed Sally had encouraged him to take that path and that Adam had believed it to be a good idea based on Sally's extensive experience in corporate dealmaking. Adam claimed in had been solely his idea, and Sally agreed.

Adam told Victor he'd been attempting to get Ashland out of their lives. Shouting, Victor asked if Adam had forgotten Victoria already had a plan. Adam claimed he was attacking the problem from a different angle. Still shouting, Victor said Adam had listened to Sally's advice, and he'd agreed to pay "that bastard" hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sally asked Victor whether Ashland had shown any interest in Adam's deal. Adam added that Ashland hadn't rejected the deal and that Victor had wanted him to work with the family. Adam said he believed that was what he'd done. Victor warned Adam to never make a deal of such magnitude without Victor's knowledge. Adam stated he'd been trying to help, and he'd made a judgment call. Victor shouted that Adam hadn't had the right to take the situation into his own hands. Adam said when he'd seen Locke, an idea had surfaced, and he'd run with it.

Victor shouted at Adam that it had been an impulsive decision, and Adam shouldn't have made it without consulting Victor and the family. Adam claimed there were problems with Victoria's plan and that Ashland hadn't taken the bait. However, when Adam had made the offer to Ashland, Ashland had been intrigued. Adam asked what Ashland had said. Victor said Ashland was at the Grand Phoenix, waiting for Adam. Adam asked if Victor wanted him to kill the deal.

Victor said he had issues with Adam's plan because Ashland could pretend to accept the deal, or he could toy with them because he didn't like the deal. Victor said Victoria's plan had been "a damned good" one. All they'd had to do was catch Ashland doing something illegal; that would have terminated his contract with Newman Locke, and he would have been out.

Sally told Victor that Ashland was too smart to be caught doing something underhanded. She said Ashland had been five steps ahead of Victoria since the day he'd made her his mark. Adam said if Locke accepted the deal, Adam would insist that Locke sign iron-clad legal documents for non-disclosure and non-compete. They would make it easy and get him out of their lives for good. Victor said it was all contingent on Adam getting five-hundred million dollars. Victor asked where Adam was going to get it.

Adam asked Victor what it was worth to get Ashland out of their lives. He asked what price Victor would put on freedom. Adam said that would be what Victor would buy for Victoria. Adam said they had to get Locke out of the company because he would make major changes when he was in control; he would sell off divisions of the company to the highest bidder. Adam said the half a billion dollars was a small price to pay to avoid the kind of chaos Locke could unleash.

Victor told Adam to meet with Locke and make the deal. Victor said he would provide the money. Adam said Victor wouldn't regret it. Victor told Adam to make sure he didn't. Adam and Sally left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Ashland had been sitting in a lounge chair, deep in thought, when Victoria arrived and said they needed to talk. Ashland said he would do anything she wanted, but in private.

In their suite at the hotel, Victoria asked Ashland if he'd taken the offer seriously. Ashland stated that Adam had every reason to feel confident and that Adam was finally on track for getting everything he'd ever wanted -- to be Victor's shining star, to be respected and admired, and to take over as co-CEO once Ashland was gone. Ashland reminded her that he wanted to "get the hell out of Genoa City" and start fresh elsewhere.

Victoria told Ashland there was still time to hold Adam accountable for all he'd done. She reiterated that Adam was trying to set Ashland up and demanding they end their marriage. She wanted Ashland to assure her he would fight it. Ashland knew Victoria wanted him to plant evidence to incriminate Adam. Victoria claimed it was what Adam deserved, but Ashland said he cared more about what she deserved.

Ashland told Victoria they couldn't continue the life they'd planned, running Newman Locke side by side and trusting each other implicitly. He said that life wasn't going to happen; however, he could still be the man he'd promised Victoria he would be on their wedding day. He admitted he was a greedy and selfish man. He wanted Victoria's love and her respect; however, he would lose that if he incriminated Adam. Victoria asked if Ashland wouldn't do what was necessary to bring Adam down. Ashland said he wouldn't because the answer to lies wasn't more lies.

Victoria told Ashland it had all been lies from the beginning. Victoria said love was really blind, but Ashland had opened her eyes. She said everyone knew he would never surrender, and he'd hardly ever shown mercy; there was no way anyone would set him up and sully his reputation. She asked if he was ready to take the payoff and walk away from the company he'd built with his wife. Victoria claimed that would never happen.

Victoria told Ashland the only reason he'd stopped looking for evidence was because he'd known there wasn't any, and he'd known he hadn't been set up. She stated Ashland was 100% guilty about faking his cancer for months; he'd falsified records, bribed the doctors, and conned her into caring about him. She said after she'd given him her heart and her trust, he owed her the truth.

Ashland told Victoria she was right; he was a fighter. He challenged that she hadn't considered that he was fighting for her. Victoria reminded him that he'd considered accepting a bribe to get her out of his life. Ashland said he knew Victoria wouldn't believe anything he said to her, but he didn't believe Victoria, either, when she acted tough and above it all. She said whatever affection she still had for him had been outweighed by her anger with him.

Ashland told Victoria that if the situation had been reversed, he would have been as livid as Victoria. He said he would have felt betrayed, used, and manipulated, but it would be impossible for him to stop loving her. He would know in his heart that no matter how their relationship had started, it had turned into something entirely different -- something real, true and strong. He said that a love as strong as theirs couldn't be forced, faked, or an act. Victoria asked if he would have forgiven her if the shoe had been on the other foot. Ashland said without hesitation because he loved her, and he could never stop loving her.

Victoria asked what Ashland wanted from her. He said the same thing she wanted from him: the truth. Victoria asked how Ashland expected her to forgive him. Ashland told her they could start over, thanks to Adam. They would have all the capital they would need to begin their next venture with no suspicions, judgment, or family rivalries -- just the two of them. He said he would have forgiven her if he knew Victoria wanted that as much as he did.

Ashland accepts Adam's deal

Ashland accepts Adam's deal

Friday, April 15, 2022

by Nel

Alone in her office, Victoria recalled when Ashland had informed her that they could start over, and thanks to Adam, they would have all the capital they would need to start their next venture with no suspicions, judgment, or family rivalries -- just the two of them in the crazy, perfect love they'd found together. He'd said he knew Victoria wanted that as much as he did.

Staring at her portrait, Victoria recalled when Ashland had commented that it was perfect, and when people walked through the door and saw the portrait, they would see a strong, powerful, and beautiful woman watching over her empire and building her legacy as the rightful leader of Newman Locke. Victoria had thanked Ashland for his wonderful gift and how significant it was to her. Ashland had said he'd wanted the portrait to commemorate the merging of their companies and to give her something special for their wedding. He'd said the portrait represented a new beginning for them.

Victoria snapped out of her reverie when Nick arrived and said Nikki had told him that Adam had offered Ashland a lot of money to walk away from Newman Locke. Nick asked if Ashland was considering taking that deal. Victoria said the offer was for half a billion dollars for Ashland to walk away from her and the company. Nick said he knew she was hurting. Victoria claimed she was fine and didn't need his pity. Nick said it wasn't pity; he was worried about her.

Victoria told Nick that what upset her the most was that her family continued to doubt her, and they had intervened after she'd told them that she could handle the situation. She said she'd been working very hard to convince Ashland to set up Adam, but Adam had made Ashland an offer rather than being part of her plan. She complained that he'd made his own plan without telling her. She said she was playing catch-up, and it had made things more difficult. Nick said the blame fell on Ashland.

Nick told Victoria that what Ashland had done was reprehensible, and they were all trying to get him out of their lives and away from her. Victoria said she'd already had a solution and hadn't required anyone's input. Nick argued that it didn't matter whose idea it had been, because if Ashland was willing to talk terms with Adam, perhaps Adam's plan was the best one they had. Nick said they all wanted to make Locke disappear, and offering him money seemed to be the best thing they could do.

Nick asked Victoria if Locke was considering Adam's offer. Victoria said she didn't know. Nick claimed he was tired of everyone treating Locke with kid gloves, and it was time he got rid of Ashland himself. Victoria shouted for Nick to stop. She said Ashland was aware of how much the Newmans hated him. She told Nick to stay out of it because it wouldn't accomplish anything.

Nick told Victoria the situation was completely out of control. He said the longer it took to get Locke out of their lives, the harder it was on her. Victoria acknowledged Nick's concern but said Ashland wouldn't walk away from her and the company because Nick confronted him, and it was possible it would have the opposite effect. She said that as furious as she was with Adam for making the offer, they needed to let it play out. Nick said he was frustrated that Victoria wouldn't let him help her.

Victoria told Nick she had to get herself through it. She assured Nick that Ashland hadn't crushed her. She said she was stronger than the family realized. Nick said he knew that, but he was concerned that Ashland had dug himself so deep into the family that they would never be able to get rid of him.

At the Grand Phoenix, Adam said Ashland accepting his offer had been the right choice. Ashland said that Adam had a bad habit of getting ahead of himself. Ashland declared that he had terms and conditions. Adam countered that Ashland was in no position to negotiate, and Ashland only had one choice -- Ashland needed to accept the deal and suffer the consequences. He said the Newmans would destroy Ashland's reputation in a way he would never recover from.

Ashland asked what Adam and Victor expected in return for their "generous" offer. Adam said Ashland would sign a legal agreement relinquishing all control of Newman Locke, and he would agree to an annulment of his marriage to Victoria. Ashland questioned the annulment rather than divorce. Adam stated a divorce applied to a valid marriage; however, given the way Ashland had fraudulently worked his way into Victoria's life, their union had never been legally considered a marriage, and it would be annulled. Adam said once the documents had been signed, the money would be wired to an account of Ashland's choosing.

Ashland asked why he should trust Adam to wire the money. Adam said it was in Ashland's best interest to get the money he needed to disappear. Ashland told Adam to wire the money first, and then he would sign the agreement. Adam suggested they synchronize the paperwork and payment at the same time.

Ashland said he couldn't blame Adam for not trusting him. Adam said Ashland had proven himself to be untrustworthy. Adam said his family would be taking the greater risk by paying Ashland first. Adam said his family didn't care about Ashland's motives -- they wanted Ashland out, and Victor felt that half a billion dollars was a fair price to achieve that.

Adam told Ashland they had no reason to screw Ashland over, and they didn't want to deal with any revenge plot Ashland concocted because they knew what Ashland was capable of. Adam told Ashland to take a leap of faith and sign the agreement, and the money would be wired to him.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa told Mariah that Chelsea had given her a list of outlets they could go to for their wedding attire that carried styles from the seventies. They left to shop for their dream wedding outfits.

Later, Mariah and Tessa returned home, laden with the purchases they'd made. Mariah said she wanted to see Tessa in the items she'd picked out for her. Tessa admitted she'd picked out a few things for Mariah. They proceeded to put on a fashion show for each other. Later, they discussed their vows. Tessa pointed out that with all the wedding plans, they hadn't thought about the adoption. They both agreed they needed to delay the adoption process for a month or two.

At Society, when Sally tried to make small talk with Lily, she received a cold shoulder. Sally said she didn't blame Lily for being angry with her for keeping an eye on Billy. Sally said she was hoping they could get past that. Lily asked if "keeping an eye on Billy" was what Sally called it. Lily said she called it stalking and entrapment. Lily was about to leave, but Sally stopped her. Sally told Lily she'd learned that doing things on the up and up was the better path. She said she took her position as COO of a major company very seriously, and she had every intention of earning Lily's respect and the respect of the other moguls in town.

Lily told Sally that as long as Sally was partnered with Adam, Sally would find that people would have a difficult time taking her seriously. Lily wished Sally luck, and she tried to leave. Sally stopped her once again, and she asked how she could make amends with Lily, since they would be running in the same circles. Sally said they might be doing business together in the future, and she really wanted them to get along.

Lily told Sally that getting along and being friends had to be earned, and it took a level of trust. Lily said she hoped Sally was a better person than she'd been when she had first arrived in Genoa City. Lily stated she was always willing to give someone a second chance, but they had to show that they deserved it. Sally accepted the challenge and said she believed that one day, they could be friends. Lily said that Sally certainly didn't lack nerve, and she suggested that Sally work on her subtlety. Lily left.

At home, Billy called Nick and said he was worried about Victoria. He told Nick he wanted to talk to Victoria one last time to see if he could get her to see the light before she allowed Ashland to manipulate her. Nick told Billy to stay out of it because things were complicated enough. Nick said the family was working on getting Ashland out of their lives, and he assured Billy he had no intention of letting Ashland get away after what he'd done to Victoria.

Billy recalled Lily telling him she understood how Victoria's situation was stirring up Billy's protective feelings for her, and Lily had suggested that that Billy try to contain his feelings through a podcast or to play it through in his mind.

Billy began his podcast, stating he'd been thinking a lot about the abuse of power and the collateral damage it caused. He said it was ironic coming from him because he'd been afforded many privileges in life, and he'd abused those privileges. He said he'd worked very hard not to be that person anymore. He wanted to fight and protect the victims of power. He said he was enraged on behalf of the victims, and he wanted to do something about it.

Ashland was clearly on Billy's mind. Billy didn't understand why he felt so protective about Victoria. He'd promised not to be involved in Victoria's personal life. Billy zeroed in on Jack and the pain Diane was about to reap on Jack's life. Billy decided that would be his subject.

Billy began by stating people didn't have to have power to be manipulative, and some people didn't have the ability to tell the truth -- all they'd ever known was to play games. Billy asked how someone dealt with anyone who'd done nothing but lie and deceive people in a massive way, especially if it had destroyed lives. They would then weasel their way back into people's lives, only to do it all over again, causing more pain and hurt. Billy realized people would immediately know who he was talking about, and he stopped.

When Lily arrived, she told Billy she'd run into Sally, who wanted to be her new best friend -- and that wasn't going to happen. Lily asked about Billy's podcast. Billy explained that he'd figured out a way to turn his one podcast into two. He explained that the people who'd listened to his podcast about Delia had known who he'd been talking about.

Billy told Lily he'd taken her advice and talked about why he'd felt so protective of Victoria. He said that had led him to talk about the abuse of power, leading him to Ashland Locke. He said he'd started talking about emotional manipulation, and that had led him to Diane and Jack. Billy said the purpose of the podcast was to be able to say what was on his mind without consequences and without feeling he was going to expose himself or anyone he cared about.

Lily asked if Billy was going to become that late-night radio guy who got the town worked up. Billy said the only way he could do that was to come up with a persona and do a podcast under a pseudonym. That way, he could protect the people he cared about. He said that as COO of Chancellor, he couldn't trash-talk people publicly without lawsuits being thrown their way. Billy said he could still talk about the things that moved him and focus on life-affirming topics, but when he wanted to go after the bad actors of the world, he could speak freely under a pseudonym without it affecting him or the people he cared about.

Billy told Lily he could use a voice harmonizer to make his voice unrecognizable and brand it as a different show. Lily thought it might be fun.

Alone, Billy experimented with the voice harmonizer and settled on the voice he liked. He began by asking if absolute power corrupted absolutely. He asked if those who craved power were doomed to leave victims in their wake and if the powerful who'd been corrupted could be redeemed. He asked if it was possible to have power and everything one wanted and live life with an open and vulnerable heart or if one would only be destroyed.

Adam was agitated when he walked into his office. Sally walked in behind him. Adam told her that Ashland seemed okay with all the terms of their deal except the annulment. He said that seemed to get under Ashland's skin more than losing control of Newman Locke. Adam said everything had seemed to go south when they'd gotten into the logistics; he said there were issues around whether Ashland would sign the documents first or if the Newmans would send the money first. Adam said Ashland had claimed he needed an answer to one last thing before he agreed to the deal, and he'd left. Adam said he didn't know what that was, but he would bet it had something to do with Victoria.

Ashland entered Victoria's office. When he saw Nick, he said the Newman brothers were working overtime to protect Victoria. He asked when Nick was going to learn that Victoria didn't need his interference. Nick was about to face off with Ashland, but Victoria stopped him and said she needed to speak with Ashland alone.

Nick told Ashland that aside from everything Ashland had done, he was also tearing Victoria's relationship with her family apart, and Ashland couldn't care less. Ashland said Nick wouldn't have to deal with him much longer. Nick said he'd better not. Nick left.

Victoria asked Ashland what he'd told Adam. Ashland said he couldn't respond to Victor and Adam until he had an answer from Victoria. Ashland asked if Victoria was willing to walk away from everything and start fresh, because that would be the only way he would agree to Victor's terms. Victoria asked what the terms were. Ashland said he would cede control of Newman Locke, which he was fine with, but they insisted that his and Victoria's marriage be annulled because their marriage had been based on a fraud.

Victoria asked if Ashland was willing to admit that their love had been nothing but a sham. Ashland said he wouldn't because he knew Victoria loved him as much as he loved her. He said he was willing to agree to all of it, but his feelings for her couldn't be signed away or bought for any amount of money. He asked Victoria if she loved him. She admitted she did, and she would be willing to leave everything behind for him. They embraced.

Ashland called Adam and told him to have the paperwork drawn up. Ashland and Victoria embraced again.

At Newman Media, Adam took the call from Ashland. Elated, Adam told Sally that Ashland had taken the deal.

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