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Nikki faced off with Diane. Kyle reeled when Jack revealed that Diane had faked her death. Kyle agreed to hear Diane out. Sharon broke down in Adam's arms. An autopsy revealed that Rey had died from a heart attack. Adam told Sally he was falling in love with her.
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Nikki faced off with Diane, and Kyle reeled when Jack revealed that Diane had faked her death
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Nikki learns that Diane is alive

Nikki learns that Diane is alive

Monday, April 25, 2022

Jack and Phyllis, in shock, discussed the horrific automobile accident that had claimed Rey's life. Standing near the registration desk at the Grand Phoenix, Jack said, "What are the chances that three people we know -- three people -- in separate cars, are in the same awful accident?" Phyllis replied that she couldn't wrap her head around it. Jack acknowledged that Rey, having been spared from suffering, had died instantly and that Victoria and Ashland hadn't been badly injured, though the trauma had still been devastating. Phyllis expressed concern for a grieving Sharon. Turning attention to their own pressing issues, Jack and Phyllis discussed how to manage Diane's unwelcome presence in Genoa City before Kyle and Harrison arrived from Milan. Jack cried that Kyle's world was about to be turned upside down.

Hoping to set Jack at ease, Phyllis leaned close to Jack and whispered that she had ways of keeping an eye on Diane. Jack told Phyllis he should alert others in town, especially Nikki, about Diane's presence. Phyllis replied, "Yeah, since Nikki thought she killed her." Jack said he'd hoped to speak to Nikki soon, though he was hesitant to add to Nikki's woes after what had happened to Victoria and Ashland. Phyllis assured Jack that if Diane knew what was good for her, she'd stay hidden in her room.

Upstairs in her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Diane paced nervously as she relived her tense encounter with Jack when he'd discovered she'd returned to town unannounced. Jack had reminded Diane that they'd agreed she should stay away until after he'd broken the startling news to Kyle. Diane had claimed she feared Kyle might want nothing to do with her, so she'd wanted to be close in hopes of at least seeing him. Jack had told Diane that it could still be Kyle's choice to leave without seeing her. Diane and Jack had rehashed her declaration about having changed, which Jack had insisted was impossible to believe. Jack had expressed his fear that Diane would break Kyle's heart again. Diane seemed even more anxious after remembering that Jack had told her he hoped Kyle wouldn't agree to meet with her. Unable to exert self-control, Diane donned her wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses and exited her room.

Jack immediately spotted Diane when she stepped out of the elevator. Both Jack and Phyllis rushed toward Diane. Jack said, "Hey, where do you think you're going?" Diane replied that she couldn't stay cooped up. Phyllis told Diane she should have thought about it before heading to Genoa City. Jack ordered Diane to get back into the elevator.

Phyllis insisted that despite the disguise, Diane's voice would give her away. Phyllis warned Diane she was about to screw up everything. Jack said that everything could blow up in Diane's face. Diane scoffed at Jack and Phyllis' warnings just as Nikki neared the entrance to the hotel. Phyllis ordered Diane to leave the lobby because she didn't belong there and offered to arrange a massage in Diane's room or send up a bottle of wine to help Diane calm her nerves.

Phyllis caught sight of Nikki, pressed the elevator button, shoved Diane inside, and said, "Let's get up there." Jack greeted Nikki, standing between her and the elevator, but Nikki noticed a scuffle and asked Jack about Phyllis leading "some woman" into the elevator in quite a hurry. Jack, ignoring Nikki's query, asked about Victoria. Nikki said Victoria would be okay and that they were all shaken up about Rey. Jack replied, "Just so tragic. He was a good man." Nikki said Victoria was upset, even though it wasn't her fault. Jack asked about Ashland. Nikki, sounding detached from concern for him, said Ashland would be fine.

Nikki, abruptly changing the subject, asked Jack why he was dancing around the subject of "that woman" who'd gotten in the elevator with Phyllis. Jack acknowledged that Nikki would find out eventually and asked her if she was emotionally ready to hear what might blow her mind and then some. Nikki replied, "Will you please just tell me?" Jack recalled the dreadful night years before when Diane Jenkins had been murdered in the park. Jack calmly explained to Nikki that Diane hadn't been murdered in self-defense or otherwise and was alive and well and in Genoa City. Nikki, in disbelief, suggested that the woman in the elevator had been an impostor. Jack told Nikki the woman was definitely Diane, explaining that he'd seen her and spoken to her at length several times, as had Phyllis.

Nikki, reeling, listened while Jack recalled that Diane had made enemies of everyone in Genoa City with her lies, schemes, and personal attacks. Jack informed Nikki that Diane had faked her own death so she could leave town and start anew elsewhere. Nikki cried that she'd believed for years that she'd killed Diane in self-defense. Jack told Nikki that Deacon Sharpe had assisted Diane in pulling off her faked death. Nikki replied, "Deacon? That son of a bitch. And she has decided to rise from the dead now? Why?" Jack said Diane claimed she had reformed, was a changed woman, and wanted another chance with Kyle. Jack insisted that Diane was still a master manipulator. Nikki demanded to see Diane.

Phyllis opened the door to Diane's room, gave Diane a shove, and said, "Don't you dare leave this room without alerting me first, please." Diane recalled Phyllis' promise to order a bottle of wine. Phyllis replied, "Get it yourself," and she declined to absorb the cost of a bottle. Phyllis also declined to arrange for and pay for Diane's massage. Phyllis told Diane she would continue to lie to Diane's face until Diane understood the stakes of the situation. Phyllis warned Diane that she might face more stringent measures if she failed to comply. Diane scoffed and said, "Like what?" Phyllis replied, "Well, like possibly taking away your phone, or handcuffing you to that bed, or locking you in the closet."

Diane accused Phyllis of butting in where she didn't belong because it didn't concern her. Phyllis, sounding menacing by lowering her voice to a whisper, replied, "This is very much about me. I'm not going anywhere." Phyllis, noting that Diane's son was also her son-in-law, reiterated that the issue was also very much about her. Phyllis recalled Diane's agreement with Jack not to show up in Genoa City until after he had a chance to talk to Kyle. Diane replied, "And when exactly will that be?"

Phyllis sarcastically told Diane that Kyle would surely appreciate his "resurrected" mother's complete lack of discretion and sensitivity. Phyllis answered Jack's knock at the door. Jack said, "Change of plans." Nikki appeared and said, "Where is she?" Phyllis stepped aside so Nikki could see Diane. Nikki, her mouth agape and her forehead furrowed, walked toward Diane, appearing as if she was beholding a ghost.

Kyle and Harrison entered the Abbott home. Kyle, reassuring Harrison, said, "This is your Grandpa Jack's house, remember? He's going to be so happy to see you." Kyle called out to Jack, but he wasn't there. Kyle said, "Well, your grandpa said he'd be here waiting for us all morning. Something must've come up. Wonder what it could be?" Harrison looked to his father for assurance that everything was all right.

At their apartment, Tessa asked Mariah why she'd decided not to stay with Sharon. Mariah explained that after Faith had said she intended to visit Moses before school and Sharon had declined help, she'd felt as if her mother needed space after returning from the morgue. Tessa, concerned about Faith, encouraged Mariah to phone her sister. Mariah left a message to let Faith know she was available to talk. Mariah ended the message by saying she loved Faith.

Tessa served Mariah a cup of tea. Mariah told Tessa that Rey and Sharon should have enjoyed many years together. Tessa agreed and said the loss made no sense. Noah stopped by. Mariah asked Noah how Sharon was doing. Noah said Sharon was trying to be strong and not fall apart. Noah told Mariah he hoped Nick could be a support for Sharon in a way her children might not be. Noah said that aside from taking care of the house and looking after Faith, he felt he should do more. Tessa assured Noah that Sharon would eventually lean on him, knowing how much he loved her. Noah admitted he, too, was still reeling from the loss of such a good guy.

Mariah and Tessa recalled how much Sharon and Rey had gone through while keeping their marriage strong. Tessa recalled the impression Rey and Sharon's quiet, beautiful intimacy had made on her. Noah agreed, recalling interference from Adam, and Sharon's battle with cancer as two major struggles the couple had endured. Sobbing, Mariah said she felt sick about Rey, was worried about her mom, and feared what it might feel like to suffer the same loss herself. Mariah, looking into Tessa's eyes, cried, "To lose the person that you love, who's your whole life -- I mean, how do you even move on from something like that?"

Tessa comforted Mariah after she expressed guilt about her selfish feelings. Tessa said, "After a tragedy like this, it brings up a lot of intense feelings and questions." Noah told Mariah that love was hard to find, so loving couples shouldn't live in fear of loss. Tessa took Mariah's hand and vowed to be with her for better or for worse. Mariah and Tessa told Noah they should postpone their wedding, but he said they shouldn't jump to a decision because it wouldn't be fair to Sharon. Noah encouraged Mariah and Tessa to honor Sharon's wishes and get married on the date they'd set.

Mariah expressed concern about Sharon's emotional state. Noah assured his sister that their mother was stronger than she'd ever been and might embrace her daughter's wedding as a way to work through her loss. Noah, fearing he'd been too pushy, told Mariah and Tessa they would have to decide what was best, though Sharon had already made it clear how she felt. Mariah and Tessa agreed not to postpone their wedding and hoped gathering with all the people they loved would allow them to spread a little hope and joy.

At Sharon's house, Sharon touched her wedding band and gazed at a framed photo of Rey, taken on their wedding day. Nick sat beside Sharon and suggested she delay her visit to the morgue until she could decide what to do about Rey's funeral. Sharon said she understood why Celeste would want to bury Rey in Miami, though she hadn't been prepared to make such a decision. Sharon asked Nick if she should fight to have Rey buried in Genoa City, where he'd made a life with people who had loved and admired him. Nick advised Sharon to think about what Rey would have wanted. Sharon recalled their visits to Miami and Rey smiling while showing her his favorite spots. Sharon remembered how much Rey had always enjoyed spending time with his family gathered at Celeste's house. Sharon cried, "I think a part of him never left Miami."

Nick looked on with sympathy when Sharon broke down and cried that Rey's family would never see him again. Having thought it over, Sharon concluded that Rey would have wanted to be buried near his family so they could visit his resting place and feel close to him. Sharon thanked Nick for helping her by listening. Sharon picked up her phone and listed all the arrangements that had to be coordinated with Celeste. Nick reminded Sharon that she should allow her family to handle some of the responsibilities. Sharon said she felt the need to do it for Rey, so after it all, she could focus on Mariah and Tessa's wedding.

Abby and Chance stopped by to express their condolences to Sharon. Chance acknowledged that losing Rey had been a terrible loss to his family and to everyone who'd been inspired by him. Nick took the food Abby had brought to the kitchen and told Sharon he'd call Celeste while Sharon visited with Abby and Chance. Abby and Chance offered to help Sharon any way they could. Sharon expressed her appreciation for her friends' support.

Sharon asked Chance about his last conversation with Rey, as Chance's voice had been the last one Rey had heard before the crash. Chance, recalling having briefly spoken to Rey as he was leaving the ranch, said that nothing had stood out. Sharon recalled that before Rey had left to rush home to pick up the game tickets, she'd kissed him and said, "I love you." Sharon said she was glad she'd told Rey she loved him, because she'd no idea it would be their last goodbye. Abby reached out and held Sharon's hand.

Chance told Sharon he couldn't have asked for a better partner or a better friend. Sharon told Chance that Rey had felt the same way about him. Chance, recalling praise from Paul and others, told Sharon that officers on the force had known they could count on Rey if things "got hairy" out in the field. Chance remembered how much he'd relied on Rey's support during his personal crises, as well. Abby agreed that Rey had also been a good friend to them both.

After Abby and Chance left, Nick told Sharon he'd spoken to Celeste. Nick said Celeste was grateful that Sharon had agreed to allow Rey to be buried in Miami. Nick told Sharon he'd made arrangements for Rey's body to be transported to Miami after the autopsy was completed. Sharon took a deep breath and cried, "The autopsy. Oh, that means that I don't have much time to go to the morgue and see him." Sharon asked Nick to accompany her. Nick said he would if Sharon was ready. Sharon, struggling not to break down in tears, told Nick she needed to say goodbye.

Jack tells Kyle that Diane is alive

Jack tells Kyle that Diane is alive

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

In Diane's hotel room at the Grand Phoenix, Jack and Phyllis looked on as Nikki expressed disbelief that Diane was alive. Nikki questioned "what the hell" had made Diane think she could show her face in Genoa City after the devastation she'd caused, and she testily asked where Diane had been all that time. Diane recounted that she'd been living a quiet life under the radar to pull herself together and get a fresh start. Nikki berated her for gallivanting off without a care in the world, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

Nikki was sure Diane had been thrilled to hear that Nikki had been charged with Diane's murder, but Diane claimed that no part of it had been enjoyable. Phyllis taunted that Diane was there to face the music, and she prompted Diane to start singing. Diane cried that she'd been desperate, and she'd had to get away. Nikki pointed out that no one would have objected if Diane had just gone away. Diane recalled that she'd crossed powerful people, and she'd been terrified they'd never leave her alone. Nikki spat that if Diane had needed to play dead, she could have had the courtesy to stay that way.

Nikki raged that Diane's "death" had set off a chain of events that had wreaked havoc on her whole family. Diane pointed out that the charges had been dropped, but Nikki complained that the anxiety and fear had been agonizing because no one had known what had really happened. Nikki imagined that Deacon had taken full advantage of that, and Phyllis inquired whether it had been Deacon's idea to blackmail Nikki for a murder she hadn't committed. Diane whimpered that she'd had no control over what had happened at the time. Nikki shot back that Diane could have ended the nightmare by letting people know she was alive.

Jack stated that he was late for a meeting. He tried to steer Nikki out, but she was determined to stay to talk to Diane. Phyllis noted that Nikki couldn't be charged with the same murder twice, and she grabbed a lamp to take with her as a precaution. After Jack and Phyllis left, Nikki declared that there were some things she and Diane needed to get straight. Diane confided that she'd been worried about the position she'd put herself in by returning to town, so she'd prepared herself for the stress of people's reactions. Nikki sarcastically replied that she was sorry it was stressful.

Diane contended that it was a relief to finally explain what she'd done and try to make amends. Diane thought Nikki could relate to that because Nikki had also changed a lot from the drunk and violent person she'd once been. Nikki asserted that she'd been acting in self-defense when Diane had attacked her. Diane countered that she'd been scared and trying to protect herself, but it hadn't worked, so she'd taken the escape route Deacon had offered her. Diane was grateful that she'd had a chance to start over, and she intended to make the most of her new life by not repeating the mistakes of the past.

Nikki called Diane "the same manipulative, conniving little bitch" she'd always been. Nikki accepted that Jack felt compelled to let Diane reach out to Kyle, but she warned that she didn't want Diane anywhere near her family, especially Nick. Diane swore that she had no designs on Nikki's husband or son, and Nikki ordered her to avoid Adam, too. Nikki cautioned that as much as people had hated Diane in the past, it would be nothing compared to how they'd feel then. Nikki firmly stated that no one had ever wanted Diane there, and no one ever would. Nikki stalked out.

Diane left a voicemail for Jack, saying that she was anxious to see Kyle and explain everything. She begged Jack to let her know once Kyle was in town.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle told Harrison that he wasn't sure how long they'd be waiting for Grandpa, but he'd heard Mrs. Martinez had made some of the boy's favorite cookies. Kyle sent Harrison to the kitchen to eat some and then play in his old bedroom. Harrison scampered off, and Kyle anticipated hearing Jack's big news.

Jack and Phyllis arrived at the mansion, and father and son warmly embraced. Kyle mentioned that Summer had been too swamped with work to make the trip, and he gave Phyllis a hug on Summer's behalf. Kyle indicated that Harrison was playing upstairs, and Jack figured that it would give him and Kyle a chance to talk. Kyle said he'd just heard about Rey, and he planned to call Celeste and Lola later. Phyllis commented that it made people count their blessings when things like that happened. Kyle marveled that family was everything.

Phyllis claimed she was needed at the hotel, and she headed out. Kyle got the feeling Phyllis knew something he didn't. He recognized that Jack wouldn't have asked him to travel all that way unless it was something major. Jack thanked Kyle for stepping up while Jack had been in L.A. to deal with Keemo's passing. Jack was grateful he'd gotten to know Allie, and he hoped Kyle would meet her soon. Kyle wondered if Allie was the reason Jack had summoned him there to talk. Jack prepared to tell Kyle the whole story about how he'd first met Allie.

Jack revealed that he wouldn't have known much about Keemo or Allie if he hadn't received a series of cryptic, anonymous text messages. Jack recalled that he almost hadn't responded, but he'd eventually gotten clues and hints that had led him to Allie. He continued that it had seemed for a time that he'd never know who'd sent the messages, but the person's reason for sending them had been all about Kyle. Kyle was confused about how the mystery in L.A. connected back to him.

Jack divulged that the mystery texter was someone he and Kyle had once known, and the person wanted their forgiveness. Jack explained that the messages about Allie and Keemo had been a show of good faith, but opening or closing the door on the sender was completely up to Kyle. Jack pledged to support any decision Kyle made. Kyle requested that Jack just give it to him straight. Jack revealed that the person reaching out to him had been Diane, who was alive and wanted to see Kyle.

At Society, Sally expressed sympathy for Sharon and admired how Sharon and Rey had openly adored one another. Adam was glad Noah was home from London, since it would help Sharon to have all her kids around her. Sally inquired whether Adam had reached out to Sharon. Adam admitted that he'd thought about it, but he doubted it would go over well with the family. Sally was taken aback that Adam felt he couldn't express his condolences to a friend. Adam explained that he didn't want to add to Sharon's emotional burden.

Sally advised Adam not to worry about what other people thought because Sharon would know Adam's concern for her was genuine. Sally observed that Adam seemed surprised that she didn't have an issue with the fact that he still cared about his ex. Adam muttered that everyone else seemed to, but Sally hoped he realized that she wasn't like everyone else. He reached for her hand and assured her he did. Sally explained that she'd be more concerned if he didn't "give a damn" about Sharon.

Sally found it hard to believe anyone would have an issue with Adam after what he'd just done to save Victoria and the company from Ashland. Adam wondered what Ashland had been doing near Victoria, since Ashland had supposedly left town. Adam spotted Ashland at the bar and confronted him about violating their deal. Adam demanded to know why Ashland was still there. Ashland suggested that Adam reread their agreement, since there was no mention of him leaving Genoa City.

Adam questioned why Ashland would stay in town when his career was over and his former wife despised him. Ashland silently sipped his drink, and Adam surmised that Ashland was angry Victoria had rejected him and that he wanted to punish her. Ashland sensed that Adam wouldn't mind if that was his motive, since Adam wanted to see her knocked down a peg in any way possible. Adam argued that he'd lifted his sister up by eliminating Ashland from her life.

Adam cited the bandage on Ashland's hand and the boot on his foot and assumed they were ploys for sympathy. Ashland revealed that he'd been injured pulling Victoria from the wreckage of her car, and Adam guessed that Ashland was faking the injuries like he had his cancer. Adam warned that even if Ashland had rescued Victoria, it wouldn't be enough to win her back, since no one held a grudge longer than his sister. Adam urged Ashland to do them all a favor and "get the hell out of town."

Adam and Sally retreated to Newman Media. He pondered what Ashland hoped to gain by sticking around, and she theorized that Ashland was hoping to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat. Sally encouraged Adam not to let it get to him, but he grumbled that it was hard not to when Ashland was sitting on $500 million of Newman money. Victor appeared in the doorway, and Adam informed him that they'd just seen Ashland at Society, bellied up to the bar and looking smug. Adam predicted that Ashland was cooking something up.

Victor ominously stated that if Ashland thought he could take money from him and then mock him, Ashland had another thing coming. Sally inquired about Victoria, and Victor reported that his daughter was doing all right, although Rey's death had added another layer of trauma for her. Victor vowed to do everything in his power to keep Ashland away from Victoria. Adam asked if Victor had spoken with Sharon, since he'd been thinking about stopping by to offer his condolences. Victor flatly stated that he didn't think it would be a good idea.

Victor was adamant that Sharon had all the support she needed, but Sally opined that one could always use more support. Victor expected that a lot of people would misinterpret Adam reaching out as being opportunistic, and he suggested that Adam live his own life and let Sharon do the same thing. Adam protested that it would seem like he didn't care what Sharon was going through. Victor reasoned that Sharon didn't need any added conflict or stress, and he ordered Adam to let her children and Nick comfort her. Adam seethed.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis politely greeted Ashland. He informed her that he'd received a text message from Kyle that morning about being in town with Harrison, but Kyle hadn't returned his subsequent calls. Phyllis fibbed that Harrison had been wiped out from the flight, and she urged Ashland to wait for Kyle's response. She quickly offered to have Jack take Harrison over to see Ashland later. Phyllis added that she'd heard about the accident, and she asked if Ashland was okay. He shared that he'd suffered only minor burns, and he thanked her.

Nikki stepped off the elevator and spied Ashland in the lobby. She stormed over and angrily asked why he hadn't left town. He remarked that it seemed to be a popular question that day, and she commanded he answer it. He responded that the answer was simple -- he was there because he still loved her daughter.

Nikki declared her intent to protect Victoria and help her heal by keeping her as far away from Ashland as possible. Ashland pointed out that Nikki hadn't minded him being with Victoria the night before when he'd been saving her life. Nikki conceded that she appreciated him dragging Victoria from the car, but it didn't erase the pain he'd put Victoria through before that. Nikki wondered why he insisted on staying when it would only make things worse for Victoria.

Ashland said he wanted to be sure Victoria recovered physically and emotionally from the accident, and Nikki asserted that Victoria's family would help her do that. Ashland argued that Victoria had free will and a fiery, independent spirit, so she would decide how she wanted to deal with him. He warned that the Newman family wouldn't be able to get rid of him -- short of murder -- and he suggested Nikki get accustomed to seeing his face around there. "We'll see about that," she huffed.

At the cottage, Sharon thanked Nick for insisting that she eat something, noting that Rey would have told her to keep her strength up. Nick pointed out that there was no rule about her having to see Rey at the morgue if she wanted their last goodbye to be the last time she'd told Rey she loved him. Sharon maintained that she needed to see Rey one more time, and she thanked Nick for being there because she didn't think she could do it without his support. They hugged, and he answered a knock at the door. He let Victoria in. "I'm so sorry," Victoria said.

Victoria shared that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Rey since Ashland had told her what had happened. Victoria couldn't imagine what Sharon was going through, and she offered to help any way she could. Sharon shakily responded that she had a lot of love and support around her, and Nick and the kids had been a well of strength for her to draw on. Victoria volunteered to drop off meals or hang out with Faith. Nick informed her that he and Sharon had been about to take off. Sharon abruptly excused herself to retrieve something from her room. Sharon stopped at the top of the stairs and reeled, overcome with emotion.

Victoria wished she'd been able to stay with Rey after the crash so she could tell Sharon he hadn't been alone. Nick argued that Victoria had been lucky to survive herself. He inquired whether Ashland had been chasing her or trying to force her off the road. Victoria explained that Ashland had been following her because he'd been worried about her driving upset in the fog. Victoria stressed that she'd made it clear to Ashland that things were over between them, but she recognized that she shouldn't have been driving in the state she'd been in.

Nick insisted that the accident hadn't been Victoria's fault, and it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for Ashland. Sharon overheard as she returned to the room, and she implored Victoria not to feel guilty because it wouldn't help anyone. Victoria swore she wasn't there for Sharon to make herself feel better. Sharon calmly stated that she appreciated Victoria's support, and she told Nick she was ready to go.

Victoria hobbled into Crimson Lights, using her cane. Chelsea jumped up from a table and offered to get Victoria's order for her. Victoria said it wasn't necessary, since it looked worse than it was. Chelsea remarked that Victoria had gotten lucky, but she quickly apologized for it sounding wrong. Chelsea shared that she'd been off that day because Rey's death had been so shocking and horrible. Victoria figured that Rey's death might seem strange to Chelsea, who had tried to end his life a year earlier. Chelsea defended that she hadn't been in her right mind, and she'd never wanted Rey to die. Chelsea sadly added that Rey had actually become her good friend.

Chelsea explained that Rey had had every reason not to trust her, but he'd treated her with compassion and forgiveness. She regretted that Rey had been on the road because he'd gone home to retrieve tickets to a hockey game that he'd been about to attend with her and Connor. Chelsea numbly recalled that she'd known something had been wrong when Rey hadn't returned because he never would have disappointed Connor otherwise. Chelsea lamented that it had been very difficult for her and Adam to tell Connor what had happened because the boy had adored Rey. Victoria said she was sorry for Chelsea's loss. Chelsea called it a loss for everyone whose lives Rey had touched, since he was one of the greatest men she'd ever known.

Later, Nick and Sharon solemnly entered the coffeehouse. Chelsea approached and babbled that there were no words, since Rey had been a wonderful man. Chelsea rambled on about how truly sorry she was, and Nick offered to take Sharon home. Sharon insisted on taking care of some things and talking to Mariah about the wedding. Chelsea was sure it could wait because Sharon needed time to mourn her loss. Sharon snapped that she shouldn't be mourning at all.

Victoria found Victor waiting in her office at Newman Locke. He informed her that Ashland was still in town, and she told him she was aware because Ashland had called her to check on her after the accident. Victoria confirmed that even if Ashland wanted something else, it wouldn't happen, since he had no more power over them. Victor agreed from a legal standpoint, but he was afraid things were more complicated for her. Victoria acknowledged that she couldn't just make her feelings for her husband disappear, especially after he'd saved her life, but she was determined to move on. Victor doubted it would be that easy.

Victoria assured Victor that she'd learned her lesson about trusting Ashland, and she wished she'd caught on sooner. Victor recalled that the hour between when the call to her mother had been cut off and the time they'd found her had been the most difficult moment of his life. Victoria murmured that she was sorry she'd scared them -- and for many other things. Victor held her close and told her not to be sorry, since everything would be all right.

Kyle is in turmoil after Jack tells him Diane is alive

Kyle is in turmoil after Jack tells him Diane is alive

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda commented that every time she saw Phyllis, Phyllis' mind was on Jack. She asked what was going on with Jack and his family. Phyllis said she couldn't tell Amanda because it was complicated and very personal. She said Kyle was in town, and Jack had to give Kyle some bad news.

Phyllis told Amanda there was a person in town that could create a great deal of danger for Kyle, Jack, and many other people. Amanda guessed that it included Phyllis, as well. Phyllis said that person was no match for her, and that person knew it. Amanda asked if the woman was Jack's ex. Phyllis said yes, among other things. Amanda asked if Phyllis was concerned that the woman wanted to reunite with Jack. Phyllis said no because it would never happen. Phyllis said if that woman tried, Phyllis would take her out.

In her suite, Diane said she felt like a prisoner, and she saw no harm in taking a walk and getting a cup of coffee. She put on her disguise and left.

At home, Kyle told Jack he couldn't believe Diane was alive -- he remembered her funeral and how heartbreaking it had been. Jack said Diane hadn't been in the coffin. Kyle wanted to know where she'd been all those years. Jack told Kyle it had been Diane's choice to stay away. Kyle wanted to know what Diane had been doing all those years. Jack said it was a long and complicated story.

Kyle asked Jack why Diane had pretended to be dead. Before Jack could respond, the doorbell rang. Ashland arrived and said he was hoping to see Harrison. Harrison was reunited with Ashland. Harrison said Ashland had two big "ouchies." Ashland explained he'd burned his hand and hurt his foot in an accident, but he would be okay. Ashland asked Kyle if he could take Harrison to the park or out for a bite to eat. Jack said it was a good idea. Ashland thanked Kyle, and Ashland and Harrison left.

Kyle asked Jack to tell him how his mother had disappeared for all those years. Jack admitted he found it difficult to answer Kyle's questions without letting his personal feelings get in the way; it wasn't going to be easy, but Kyle deserved to know the truth. Kyle said he was counting on Jack to be straight with him.

Jack told Kyle that Diane had planned the deception of how to get away from all the bad things she'd done to everyone in town. Kyle asked if Diane had considered that letting her son believe his mother had been murdered was a bad thing. Jack said that she'd hit a very low point, and she hadn't seen a way out for a start fresh. Kyle asked why she'd left her fabulous fresh new life to reunite with the son she'd ghosted for all those years.

Jack told Kyle that it had taken Diane a long time to finally face what she'd done. Kyle said he'd missed Diane "so much," and he had all the memories he'd wanted to share with her -- only to discover she could have been there. He asked if Diane suddenly wanted to make up for lost time. Kyle admitted he couldn't begin processing his emotions.

Kyle asked Jack to confirm that Diane had lured Jack into finding out about Keemo's death and Keemo's daughter, Allie, as an olive branch, for a shot at forgiveness. Jack said her method had been devious, and it was typical Diane. Jack claimed that had Diane approached him directly, he would have shut her down immediately. Jack said Diane had waited until he and Allie had been together to reveal that she'd orchestrated their meeting. Kyle asked if Diane's idea had been to soften Jack up to get to her son. Jack said that had been the idea. Jack said he was supposed to help Kyle and Diane reunite.

Jack said Kyle was under no obligation to accept Diane's overture. He said Kyle could take Harrison and return to his wonderful life in Milan. Kyle said part of him wished Jack hadn't told him. Jack admitted that had been his first instinct, but Phyllis had made him realize it wasn't his call. Jack said Phyllis was right; it was entirely up to Kyle.

Kyle told Jack he needed time before making a decision. Kyle asked if Diane was in town. Jack said he'd asked Diane to keep her distance, but in classic Diane fashion, she'd rejected his wishes, flown into town, and rented a suite at the Grand Phoenix. Kyle wanted to know why she'd done that. Jack said Diane had wanted to be close to make her own case before Kyle decided to return to Italy without meeting with her.

Kyle told Jack that for years, he'd heard the whispers about his mother. He said some people had trashed Diane to his face, but despite that, he'd tried to believe the best of her. His recollections of her had been loving and fun. For years, it had been just the two of them. Jack said he was glad Kyle had been able to hold on to those positive memories. Kyle claimed Diane had been a good mom. He asked how a good person could put her son through hell. Kyle wanted to know if there was anything he didn't know about Diane.

Jack told Kyle the last thing he'd ever wanted to do was to destroy Kyle's love for his mother. He said he'd made sure Kyle had always seen the good in her, and Jack said he'd thought that would ease Kyle's pain of losing his mother at such a young age. Jack admitted there were a lot of things Kyle didn't know about Diane and that he needed to know. Kyle said he'd read the exposÚ about Diane in Restless Style years earlier. Jack said the magazine hadn't covered all of it, and Diane had done unforgivable things long after that article had been published.

Jack told Kyle that Diane wanted a chance to explain to Kyle the reason she'd done all those things -- if he would hear her out. Kyle asked if Diane was as bad as so many people believed. Jack said yes, and he admitted he'd been struggling to believe that she'd transformed as dramatically as she'd claimed. Jack said part of him wished she'd stayed dead; it would have been easier for everyone, and Kyle could have held on to the good memories he'd had. However, he said that Diane was alive, she was in town, and she wasn't letting anything go. He said Kyle had a decision to make.

At Crimson Lights, Elena asked Mariah how Sharon was holding up. Mariah said Sharon was putting on a fašade, and Mariah was afraid that fašade was going to come crashing down. Elena said she couldn't imagine how difficult things were for Sharon.

Mariah told Elena that Rey had been a rock for the whole family, and since Rey's death, Sharon felt she had to be that rock because she believed Rey would have expected that of her. Elena said Rey had been a pillar and a protector of the community. She said everyone was devasted by his loss.

Elena asked if Mariah and Tessa were going ahead with their wedding despite Rey's death. Tessa said Sharon was insisting they proceed with the wedding. Elena said she understood Sharon's need to focus on happiness and a reminder that life went on.

Diane arrived at the coffeehouse in her disguise. Mariah apologized for the delay in service and explained there had been a death in the family. Diane asked who owned Crimson Lights and if one of the owners had died. Mariah said Sharon Rosales owned it, and her husband had died in a car accident. Diane asked if Sharon had previously been Sharon Newman. Mariah said she had been. She asked if Diane had been in there previously. Without responding, Diane grabbed her coffee and took it to the counter. Suddenly, Diane panicked and ran out of the coffeehouse.

At home, Sharon found a Post-It note that read, "You'll be happy to know I picked up the paper towels. XO, Rey." Shaken and in tears, Sharon had a flashback to when Rey had said, "What we have is more than a physical attraction. I meant what I said before. I love you. I've lived with lies for way too many years. Please, tell me you feel the same way." Sharon had responded that she'd loved him, too.

In another flashback, Sharon remembered Rey carrying her across the threshold on New Year's Eve after their wedding. She also remembered when they'd had dinner at Society, and Rey had pointed to where they'd stood and said their vows. Rey had said their love had grown stronger with each passing day. Sharon had told Rey she'd had high hopes for 2022, but Rey had said he hadn't been able to imagine being happier than he'd been at that moment.

Noah interrupted Sharon's reverie. Nick and Faith arrived at that moment. Sharon wanted to know why Faith wasn't in school. Faith explained that it had been too difficult to go to school, and she'd wanted to be with her family. Nick explained that the principal had said it wouldn't be a problem if Faith skipped the rest of the day.

Sharon told Faith that sometimes family was more important than anything else. Sharon said she was grateful, and it meant everything to her that they were all there with her. Noah told Sharon to have a nap, and they would handle things at the coffeehouse. Sharon refused because she had a meeting with Mariah and Tessa to discuss wedding plans. She was worried they might change their wedding date. Noah assured her that he knew for a fact that Mariah and Tessa were moving forward as planned.

Sharon told Noah that they had a lot to plan and very little time to put the wedding together. Nick offered to drive Sharon to the coffeehouse because Mariah wanted to talk to him about the wedding.

After Nick and Sharon left, Noah and Faith looked at photos of Rey and Sharon. Faith said she couldn't believe Rey was gone and asked why it had to happen. Faith said she didn't understand why Sharon was rushing things. Noah said it was Sharon's pain to deal with, and if planning a wedding got her through the next few weeks, he didn't know who could say that wasn't the right thing for her.

At the hotel, Amanda surmised that Phyllis was only protecting Jack and not holding out hope they would find their way back to each other. Phyllis reiterated that their relationship was strictly platonic. Amanda asked why Phyllis was so concerned that that woman was back in Jack's life. Phyllis said that woman took people's weaknesses, their vulnerabilities, and she... Shocked, Phyllis saw Diane return to the hotel. Phyllis told Amanda they would catch up later.

Phyllis approached Diane, who appeared jumpy, and she demanded to know why Diane had left her room. She also wanted to know why Diane was so rattled. She asked who Diane had seen. Diane claimed no one had recognized her, and she'd seen nothing but old memories. As Diane entered the elevator, Phyllis told Diane to reconsider being dead.

Jack arrived at the hotel, and he told Phyllis he'd told Kyle the truth. Jack said Kyle had been blindsided and hurt. Phyllis told Jack that Diane had sneaked out of her room again. Jack said it didn't matter what they said or did to Diane; she would always be a wild card.

Jack told Phyllis he had no idea which way Kyle would lean regarding Diane. He said Kyle needed time to absorb the situation and talk with Summer. Jack reminded Phyllis that Kyle had known Diane had had issues, but he'd loved her very much. Jack said that was the reason he'd tried to protect Kyle from the whole truth, and Jack wondered if he'd protected Kyle for too long. Jack told Phyllis he'd never wanted Kyle to spend his life haunted by Diane's crimes. He'd wanted him to hold on to the memories of his mother at her best.

Jack told Phyllis that Kyle had asked if Diane had been as bad as everyone claimed. Jack said he hadn't been able to bring himself to completely condemn Diane in Kyle's eyes. Phyllis said it wouldn't matter because when everyone in town realized Diane was still alive, they would believe she was more wretched than she'd been previously. Phyllis said if Diane was looking for absolution, she wouldn't get it. Jack said he didn't care how everyone would react to Diane, only what it would do to Kyle.

In her suite, Diane paced while holding her phone.

When Sharon arrived at the coffeehouse, Elena offered her condolences and said Rey had been a wonderful man. She asked Sharon to promise to reach out to her if Sharon needed to.

After Elena left, Sharon wanted to continue with the wedding plans, but Mariah asked if Sharon really wanted to discuss the wedding. Sharon demanded that everyone stop babying her. Sharon stated she would be all over the place in the next few weeks; she didn't know when the grief or shock would hit her, but she couldn't sit around worrying about it. She said she had things to do and people who counted on her. She said their wedding was her life raft, and she asked that it not be taken away from her.

Mariah told Sharon their wedding was going to be the perfect port in a storm. Tessa said that she and Sharon hadn't always seen eye to eye on everything; however, Sharon had become a friend and a true source of support for her. Sharon said she felt the same way. Tessa said that since her family couldn't attend the wedding, she would like Sharon to stand in for her family and walk her down the aisle. Sharon said she'd be honored, and she stated that Tessa was already family.

Mariah approach Nick. She said she knew he wasn't her dad, but he had been an amazing person in her life and had loved her like a daughter. She said she'd known he'd been an amazing father to Cassie. Mariah was hoping he would do for her what he couldn't do for Cassie: walk her down the aisle. Nick said he would be honored. He hugged Mariah.

At Society, Kyle left Summer a voicemail message asking her to call him. Traci arrived. She was delighted to see Kyle. Traci knew that Jack had told Kyle about Diane. Kyle admitted he was reeling. Traci admitted they were all in shock. Traci said it was usually a good idea to talk a problem through with someone he trusted, like Summer; however, if Summer wasn't available, Traci was willing to offer an ear. Kyle said he didn't know where to begin.

Traci told Kyle that Diane's behavior had been outrageous and cruel. She said that as a mother, she couldn't imagine walking away from her precious child; however, setting all that aside, she asked if Kyle wanted to see Diane. Kyle said part of him never wanted to see her face again, yet he remembered her being an incredible mother to him. He said there was "so much" he didn't know about her. He said he couldn't get past the biggest question of all: how she could have allowed him to believe she was dead. Kyle had no idea what he was going to do.

Chance tells Sharon that Rey died from a heart attack

Chance tells Sharon that Rey died from a heart attack

Thursday, April 28, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Lily that Victoria hadn't returned his phone calls or text messages. Lily said Victoria needed space, and Lily knew what it was like to have been involved in an accident that had resulted in a fatality. She said it was overwhelming, and the pain and guilt never went away.

Billy told Lily he only wanted to wrap his head around how the accident had happened and why Locke had been involved. Lily asked why Billy thought Ashland had been responsible for the accident. Billy said because the Newmans had had a plan to get Ashland out of the company and Victoria's life. He asked why Ashland had been with Victoria on that desolate stretch of road and why Ashland had been following Victoria if their marriage was over. He said it didn't add up.

Lily told Billy that with Ashland, there was always another lie waiting to be exposed. Billy suggested they put their heads together and figure out how to get Ashland away from Victoria. Lily said what Ashland had done had been reprehensible, but they weren't responsible for holding Ashland accountable. Billy asked if Victoria didn't deserved justice.

Lily told Billy that what had happened on the highway had been a tragedy, and her heart broke for Sharon and Rey's families. She said if Ashland had been responsible for Rey's death, the police department would be all over it because Rey had been one of their own. She said it wasn't Billy's fight or something to obsess over. Billy argued that he had distance and perspective, and he knew the players. Lily interrupted and said they had a meeting to get to about their future. She asked Billy not to let Ashland take another thing from them. Billy agreed to leave Ashland to the Newmans.

At Newman, Victoria recalled the conversation she'd had with Nikki just prior to the accident. She'd told Nikki that she kept making the same mistakes with men. She then recalled Ashland asking her to open her eyes and wake up.

Victoria's reverie ended when Ashland arrived. She looked at him, turned away, and asked how he'd gotten past security. Ashland said he'd learned a few tricks while he'd been working there. She said the last time they'd spoken, he'd said he'd be leaving town. Ashland said he couldn't leave without making sure she was okay. Victoria said she was fine.

Ashland asked Victoria to be honest with him and tell him how she felt. She said she'd told him that her injuries weren't severe. She said she wouldn't lie about her health; that was Ashland's area of expertise. She asked about his hand and foot and said she knew those injuries were real because she'd seen them. Ashland said the pain was nothing compared to everything else he was feeling. He said it was going to be okay, just like he'd told Harrison. Victoria was surprised that Harrison and Kyle were in town.

Victoria told Ashland that she kept replaying the events of the accident from what she could remember. She wondered if she would have died alone on that road the way Rey had if Ashland hadn't been following her, or if the crash would have even happened. She asked if Rey might be alive and home with his family if she'd never met Ashland.

Ashland told Victoria that he'd also been replaying the events leading up to the accident -- things he should have said and done differently. He wanted her to understand that no matter what had happened between them, his love for her would never die. He kept hoping there would be one true perfect moment when Victoria would forgive him. She said he didn't get to drop that in her lap and move on.

Victoria told Ashland that he'd lied and betrayed her. She said those wounds were very fresh and deep, and Ashland had caused them. He said he wished he could take it all back, but he added that he loved her more at that moment than he'd ever loved her, despite what had broken down between them. Victoria shouted that it hadn't broken down -- it had never been real because of his lies, his greed, and his deception. Ashland admitted it had begun as a scheme, but the only real thing was that at some point, he'd fallen in love with her despite his plan. She told him to stop saying that.

Ashland told Victoria he understood it was difficult to be reminded of what they'd shared, and she continued to deny that she'd cared. Victoria admitted she still loved him. She said no matter how hard she'd tried, she couldn't make those feelings or the pain, anger, and hurt go away, and she wanted to feel normal again.

Victoria and Ashland were startled when Chance arrived and said he had a few questions about his investigation. Ashland asked if Chance believed it had been more than a tragic accident. Ashland asked if Chance wanted Victoria to relive the horrors of that night when they knew it hadn't been anyone's fault. Victoria said she could handle it.

Chance asked Victoria about the events leading up to the crash. She said she'd been in the office, closing up, and Ashland had left before her. She said she'd gotten into her car and starting driving, and it had been a foggy night. She said that prior to the accident, she'd been on the phone with Nikki. When Victoria hesitated, Ashland said he'd been following Victoria. He said she'd had a tough day, and he'd wanted to make sure she'd been okay driving in the fog.

Ashland told Chance he'd seen headlights in their lane and heading for them. He said Victoria had swerved and gone off the road. He said he'd reacted too late to avoid a collision between him and Rey. Ashland said he'd hit the brakes, and he'd spun off the road. Chance asked if Rey had tried to avoid the collision. Ashland said Rey had kept coming at them and hadn't tried to stop.

Chance told Victoria and Ashland that it didn't make sense because Rey had had extensive training driving in dangerous conditions. He said if Rey had lost control, he would have regained it. When Chance received a text message, he told Victoria and Ashland he would be in touch if he had any more questions. He left.

Ashland said he noticed Victoria had removed the portrait of her he'd had commissioned. Victoria said she'd destroyed it. Ashland said when everything had begun to fall apart, there had been a moment when he'd believed they could start over. Victoria said she'd said what had been necessary to get him to sign the papers, but Ashland didn't believe that. He said she'd meant every word, and the moment had been real. He said he would do whatever she asked to get that moment back, and he left.

At home, Elena told Nate that after what had happened to Rey, she wanted to stop time and spend the day with Nate. She wanted him to know how much he meant to her and how happy she was that he was in her life. She wanted an overflow of their good memories. Nate agreed that life was short.

Nate asked if Elena had called Lola. She said they had mostly cried, and Lola had told her stories of what it had been like having Rey as a brother. She said Rey had made a huge impact on many people, and he would be missed. Nate said he wondered if anyone had questions about the accident and Ashland, and he wondered what Ashland wouldn't do if Ashland was capable of faking cancer.

Nate told Elena that he wondered if Ashland had been stalking Victoria on that road, if he'd cause the accident in order to be Victoria's knight in shining armor, or if he'd wanted to cause Victoria greater harm and Rey had wound up being collateral damage. Elena asked if Nate believed there had been foul play in Rey's death. Nate said wherever Ashland went, trouble followed.

Elena said it was Nate's first official meeting as a member of the Chancellor-Winters' team. She gave him a new tie to commemorate the occasion. Nate said he appreciated her support, but he felt she still had reservations. Elena said she had to get used to Nate Hastings the executive instead of Dr. Nate Hastings. Nate said he would always be Dr. Nate Hastings. She asked if he was sure the new position was right for him. He said he was positive.

At home, Sharon found one of Rey's shoes and began to cry. She wiped her tears when Adam arrived. Adam offered his condolences and apologized for not stopping by earlier. He said he'd waited until she'd been alone so he wouldn't cause her more stress with the family. Sharon said she had to get used to being alone. Adam asked how she was coping. She said she kept telling herself that one day, she would come to terms with Rey's death and begin to heal. Adam said that was a load of crap. He told her to skip the platitudes and to be honest with him.

Sharon asked if Adam wanted to know how she really felt. He said he was there despite being warned to stay away. In tears, Sharon said she was tired of everyone treating her like a porcelain doll and not allowing her to do the things she wanted to do. She said she was crushed, gutted, and very angry, and she wanted to know why.

Sharon asked Adam how a man like Ashland Locke -- a worthless piece of filth who contributed nothing of value to the world, who'd faked a terminal illness, mocked death, and treated people like they were disposable -- was still alive, instead of a man like Rey, who'd helped people and who'd meant so much to so many. Adam said Rey had helped Connor get through a tough time. She said Rey had a way of bringing out the best in people.

Sharon told Adam that things had been "so easy" with Rey, and she knew he had loved her with all his heart. She said Rey had loved her family, and no one had any idea what Rey had done for her when she'd had cancer. She said Rey had even forgiven the woman who'd poisoned him. She said he'd been generous, and he'd had a big heart. She said his life shouldn't have ended that way or that soon. Adam hugged her.

Adam asked if Sharon had cried herself out. He said that after that meltdown, she needed to eat something to replenish her energy and her tear ducts. Sharon smiled. She said she hadn't cried like that since the night Nick had told her about Rey.

Adam said Sharon could cry like that with an old friend who wouldn't judge or pity her. He told Sharon to take some time every now and then to cry and remind herself that Rey had loved her. He said no one would think less of her if they saw her shed a few tears. He said Sharon needed to be sad. He said he would be around to sweep up the mess after she'd smashed some dishes. He said that after everything he and Sharon had been through, he would always be there whenever Sharon needed him.

Adam told Sharon he needed to leave before any of her family arrived and accused him of insinuating himself into her grief. At that moment, Chance arrived. Adam said he was there to offer his condolences to Sharon, and he offered condolences to Chance on the loss of his partner. Adam left.

Chance told Sharon that Rey's autopsy report had arrived. Chance said Rey's cause of death hadn't been the accident; it had been a heart attack while he'd been driving. Chance said the coroner's report indicated it had been very sudden and very fast, and Rey probably hadn't had time to feel anything.

Sharon asked Chance how Rey could have had a heart attack; he'd been young and healthy. Chance said sometimes those things happened without warning. Sharon said she'd been saying all the right things -- it had been an accident and no one's fault, but she admitted that secretly, she'd been very angry with Victoria and Ashland because she'd wondered if they'd been reckless. She said she'd needed someone to blame. Chance said that Rey's heart had begun to beat too fast, and there was no one to blame.

Imani arrived at Devon's home, and she was delighted to hear that Nate would be attending the meeting. Devon reminded her that Nate was in a committed relationship with Elena. Amanda said Imani knew that, but she didn't care. Imani claimed she was interested in the future of Nate and Elena's health and romance. Amanda claimed it was time for a conversation about dating in the workplace.

Imani told Devon and Amanda that they wouldn't catch her and Nate making out in the snack room. She asked if there was any harm in a little flirting. When the doorbell rang, Imani answered it. She told Nate that they'd been waiting for him.

Amanda apologized to Nate for their meeting venue and said that until their boardroom was finished, they would be meeting wherever they could. Nate said he loved the commute across the hall. Imani complimented Nate on his tie. Nate said it had been a gift from Elena.

Billy and Lily arrived. Devon asked about Victoria. Billy said she'd only suffered some minor injuries. Billy assumed they'd all heard about Rey. Amanda said Rey had gone above and beyond when she'd been dealing with Ripley. Devon said Rey had been one of the best, and he called Rey's death tragic.

With the meeting underway, Lily asked about their official name. Devon said he was cool with Chancellor-Winters; however, he would be rebranding LP and the Hamilton streaming. Billy said he would tell their PR team to work on a press release. Nate suggested they throw a huge party for the press because it would be massive news. Imani loved the idea, but Devon asked if they wanted to be that flashy. He said Neil loved a good party, but when it came to the company, he'd been more reserved.

Nate told Devon that Neil loved tradition, but no one rolled with time the way Neil had. Nate suggested they make a bold new statement and show everyone exactly who they were. Lily liked the idea of a splashy media push. Nate stated that Devon and Lily would be front and center. Devon disagreed. He said since Chancellor was the more established company, Lily should be the front and center person. He said Lily was used to being a spokesperson, and he didn't do that kind of thing. Devon said he would rather be on the sidelines.

Lily told Devon she hadn't proposed the merger to fly solo. She said it was about them joining forces, coming together as brother and sister who had deep ties to the corporate entities. She reminded Devon that he was Katherine Chancellor's grandson, and that was a huge selling point.

Nate told Devon a lot of companies were known for their leaders. He said they needed to aim for that with their new entity and their two CEOs. Lily said they had clear values and knew who they were, and that was because of what Neil had instilled in them. She said that whether or not Devon was ready, they were going to be the face of their company. Billy didn't look happy, and neither did Devon.

Kyle and Diane meet face to face

Kyle and Diane meet face to face

Friday, April 29, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Victor told Nikki he'd heard from Victoria, and she was fine. He had suggested that Victoria go somewhere to regroup and perhaps leave Adam as temporary CEO while she was away, but Victoria had insisted she was capable of doing her job.

Nikki told Victor that Diane Jenkins was in town. Victor said Diane had been dead for years, and that woman brought up a lot of horrible memories. Nikki said Diane had returned to Genoa City, seeking forgiveness. Nikki said that Deacon Sharpe had helped Diane fake her own death so that she could escape the consequences of all her misdeeds.

Nikki told Victor that Diane had needed to pretend to be dead in order to get away and work on herself. She said Diane wanted to reconnect with Kyle. Victor asked how Kyle could forgive Diane after everything she'd done to him. Victor wondered why Diane hadn't gone to Milan to make up with Kyle instead of Genoa City. Sarcastically, Nikki said Diane claimed she was a changed woman and wanted to make amends with everyone.

Victor asked Nikki "how the hell" that woman had the guts to show her face in town again. Nikki didn't think Diane would stay long because she couldn't imagine Kyle forgiving Diane for allowing him to believe she'd been dead all those years.

At the Abbotts', Kyle hugged Harrison and said he would never understand how a parent could stay away from a child for long. Phyllis told Harrison that Traci had a yummy treat in the kitchen. Phyllis and Harrison left.

Jack said that Kyle and Summer had done a great job with Harrison because he was a confident and happy little boy. Kyle admitted that Harrison had adjusted to his Italian lifestyle, and the last thing Kyle wanted was something to disrupt his happy home.

Kyle told Jack he couldn't believe his mother had chosen to let him believe she was dead. Jack stated that Kyle had created a great life for himself and his family. Kyle said that was thanks to Jack's love and support. Jack said he'd done his best to compensate for Diane's absence, but a mother's love couldn't be replaced.

Kyle told Jack that as angry, sad, and bitter as he was, he couldn't help thinking it was an answer to a little kid's prayer -- to get a chance to see his mom again. Jack said Kyle's wish had been granted. Kyle asked Jack why he would buy into anything Diane had to say or put his family through that drama. Jack told Kyle not to feel pressured by anyone. Jack told Kyle to take his time and decide what he wanted to do.

Kyle told Jack that if he didn't hear Diane out, he would regret it for the rest of his life. He told Jack there wouldn't be a big emotional reunion. Kyle said he needed answers, and he wanted Diane to tell him why she'd allowed him to believe she'd been dead. He wanted to know why she'd chosen to return at that particular point in time.

Jack told Kyle he understood because of what Jack had gone through with Dina. He said Dina hadn't faked her death, but she'd disappeared. Jack said Dina had seemed dead to them for long periods of time, and she'd pulled the disappearing act more than once. He said that as angry, disappointed, and abandoned as he'd felt, he hadn't been able to bring himself to turn his back on her. Kyle asked Jack to reach out to Diane and make arrangements to meet. Jack agreed.

Jack arrived at Diane's suite and said that Kyle had asked him to talk to her. Jack told her Kyle was in shock, and Kyle was having trouble processing everything that had happened. Diane was certain that Jack had remained evenhanded about his personal feelings toward her and what she'd done, but she doubted that Phyllis had shown the same restraint. She accused Phyllis of trashing her to Kyle. Jack said if Phyllis was worried about the impact of Diane's resurrection on Summer, Kyle's wife, and their family, Phyllis was more than justified. Jack said Phyllis had nothing to do with anything Kyle was feeling, and it had everything to do with Diane.

Jack told Diane he was trying very hard to serve as an honest and fair sounding board for Kyle, but every impulse was warning him not to trust Diane. He said Kyle deserved to know the truth. He said he'd shared Diane's story and answered Kyle's questions as honestly as he'd been able. He said he'd tried to explain how a parent could walk away from their child, and he'd left it up to Kyle to decide his next step.

Diane asked if Jack was there to tell her that Kyle didn't want to see her and if it had been Kyle's decision. Jack said Kyle wanted to see her because he wanted answers, and he wanted to hear her out. Diane was elated that Kyle wanted to see her, and she didn't know how to thank Jack. Jack told her not to thank him because part of him wished Kyle had abandoned her the way she'd abandoned Kyle.

Jack told Diane he knew how much seeing Kyle meant to her. He asked Diane to put Kyle first. He told Diane to think about what Kyle was going through, what he needed, not what she needed. Diane said she got it. She asked if there was a small possibility that Jack could accept that she'd changed. Jack frowned and said he would tell Kyle everything was set.

Diane told Jack she wanted to meet Kyle at Jack's, where it would be more comfortable for Kyle. Jack wasn't thrilled about Diane being in his house, but he agreed because he saw the advantage for Kyle being on his home turf. Jack left.

At Newman Media, Sally told Adam it was great having the extra responsibilities while Adam was temporary CEO of Newman Locke. She said Adam's position had taken on a new significance ever since Ashland had relinquished control of the company. She said that thanks to Adam's plan, the Newmans were rid of that man and that Adam had read the situation and Locke perfectly. Adam reminded her it had been with the help of Victor's money. Sally said it was a steppingstone to turning his temporary position as CEO into a permanent one. Sally asked if anything had changed.

Adam told Sally he'd decided to play things by ear and not push it. Sally stated he deserved to be the permanent CEO. Adam was certain plans had been made to have Locke's name taken off the building, letterhead, and everything else. Sally said it made a stronger case that two Newman siblings should be in charge.

Adam told Sally he was grateful she believed in him and had his back. He also wanted to see his position made permanent. He said that when Victor had introduced Victoria's plan, Adam had agreed to go along with it if he could retain his CEO status. Sally said Victoria's plan had failed. Adam said he was going to sit back and see how Victoria played it; if she treated him as a partner, he would act accordingly. He said they might find they had a good working balance.

Sally told Adam that whatever Victoria chose to do, she had the legacy of Ashland Locke hanging over her and the fact that she'd brought him so far into the company. Sally said there would be repercussions. Adam stated that the accident could have been deadly for Victoria, and a close call like that was a very stiff price to pay.

Sally insisted that Adam had swooped in and cleaned up Victoria's mess. Adam said his job was to figure out how to work with Victoria, which he hoped would become a permanent role. Sally asked if Adam wanted her to take on more responsibility at Newman Media. Adam said he was counting on her to make him look good. He said he would be close by to advise her. Sally promised she would help him get the recognition he deserved.

At Society, Chloe was updating Chelsea on business, but Chelsea seemed completely out of it. Chloe suggested they discuss what was going on with Chelsea rather than business. Chelsea stated she'd just lost her close friend in a horrific car accident, and she was struggling to understand how that could have happened. Chloe said she understood that Chelsea felt that in some way, it had been her fault. Chelsea said Rey would be alive if he hadn't gone home for those stupid tickets. Chloe said that didn't make Chelsea guilty of anything.

Chelsea told Chloe that she'd put Rey's life in danger before she'd known what an incredible man he'd been, and he'd forgiven her after everything she'd done to him. She said Rey had been willing to hang out with her and Connor, and she pointed out what that had led to. Chloe said it had been a terrible accident, and no one was to blame.

Chloe swore Chelsea to secrecy before she told her what Kevin had told her in confidence. Chloe said the autopsy had shown that Rey had died of a massive heart attack, which was why he'd lost control of the car. Chelsea was shocked. Chloe asked Chelsea to stop blaming herself. Chelsea realized that Rey could have had his heart attack while they'd been en route to Chicago.

Chelsea told Chloe that Ashland had pulled Victoria out of a burning car. She asked if Ashland had tried to do the same for Rey. Chloe knew how close Chelsea and Rey had become and how difficult the loss was for her. Chloe suggested that Chelsea focus on moving forward. Chelsea snapped at Chloe and asked if Chloe didn't think that was what she was trying to do. Chelsea immediately apologized. She said losing Rey had hit her hard. She said it was really rough on Connor because he'd looked up to Rey.

Chelsea told Chloe it bugged her that someone as conniving and ruthless as Ashland Locke had walked away from the accident, and someone as genuine and amazing as Rey had lost his life. She said it wasn't fair.

Adam and Sally arrived, and Adam asked Chelsea how she was doing. Chelsea said she would be okay. She said losing Rey was a huge loss for Connor; however, she'd been informed that Rey had died from a massive heart attack. Chloe slammed her glass down. Chelsea told Chloe that everyone was going to find out soon and that she and Adam had to figure out a way to tell Connor and hopefully alleviate any guilt Connor felt.

Adam told Chelsea he was planning a day out with Connor. Chelsea suggested that the three of them do that together and make it a family outing. Sally didn't look happy. Adam said they could work something out. Chelsea asked why Adam couldn't commit to a family outing for the sake of their son. Adam said he hadn't said he wouldn't do it, but Chelsea countered that he hadn't said he would. She asked if Adam didn't want to send Sally the wrong message. Chelsea said clearly things had progressed between Adam and Sally.

After Adam and Sally left, Chelsea said there was no doubt Adam and Sally were a couple. Chloe asked what Chelsea had hoped to accomplish by confronting Adam. She asked whether Chelsea still had a romantic attachment to Adam. Chloe warned Chelsea not to use her emotional state of losing Rey to gravitate toward Adam. Chelsea just glared at Adam and Sally.

At their table, Adam told Sally that Chelsea and Rey had bonded over Rey's kindness to Connor. Sally said it hadn't been that long before that Chelsea had tried to kill Rey. Adam explained that Chelsea had been going through an emotional time, and she'd actually been going after him, not Rey. Adam said Chelsea had wanted to hurt him, and she'd made it appear that he'd been the one who'd poisoned Rey. He said Rey had only gotten enough poison to make him sick.

Sally told Adam she was surprised Adam had been able to forgive Chelsea. Adam said there had been extenuating circumstances. He admitted he lived in a glass house, and he couldn't afford to throw stones. Sally said she couldn't, either.

Sally told Adam she didn't like the old temptation she was having -- to lie and deceive and to make herself out to be better than she actually was. Sally said something had begun to surface after Ashland had lied about having cancer. She said she'd seen how people had reacted to that lie. She said there had to be a special place in hell for someone like that, and she was sure there was a seat reserved for her.

Sally told Adam she'd been completely in love with a guy, someone she'd sworn she couldn't live without. She said that after Wyatt had broken off their engagement for a second time, she'd been so desperate to win him back that it had made her physically sick. She said Wyatt had begun taking care of her, not knowing her illness had only been stress related. She'd decided to fake a terminal illness to get him to stay. She said it had been the most shameful thing she'd ever done.

Adam asked why Sally had told him about it. Sally said she wanted him to hear it from her rather than someone else. Adam smiled and asked if Sally's plan had worked. Sally said things hadn't gone as planned. She said when everyone had found out, she'd been reviled. Sally said it had been the reason she'd left Los Angeles. Sally asked what Adam thought of her, given his reaction to what Ashland had done.

Adam told Sally the situation had been different. He said Ashland had threatened his family and the business. He said that had been what he'd reacted to. Adam admitted he'd been impressed that Ashland had been able to pull off his fake illness for as long as he had.

Adam told Sally he'd done something similar years earlier when he'd faked a medical condition to get what he'd wanted. Sally said she knew they had a lot of things in common, but she'd never thought that would be one of them. Adam was happy they could share anything. He said he was falling in love with her. Sally chastised him for leaving her hanging for such a long time. She said she'd thought Adam was going to pretend she hadn't said she loved him.

Sally asked Adam why she should believe him. Adam said he didn't want there to be any misunderstanding between them. He suggested they go someplace where he could be perfectly clear. Sally agreed that some clarity was definitely needed. Chelsea glared at Adam and Sally when they left.

At home, Jack told Kyle that Diane had seemed genuinely thrilled that Kyle had agreed to meet with her. Jack said he'd told Diane that the only reason Kyle had agreed to meet was because he wanted answers and that he deserved to hear the whole story from her. Jack said he hoped Diane's expectations were realistic. Jack said Diane had had one request -- to meet Kyle in the Abbott home. Jack said he'd been reluctant at first, but then he'd thought it might be better for Kyle.

Kyle asked Jack and Phyllis to keep Harrison entertained and out of sight because he didn't want his son anywhere near Diane. Jack and Phyllis agreed to take Harrison on a little adventure. Kyle said he didn't want his son being confused by Diane's presence. Kyle assured Jack he would be fine.

Kyle hesitated to answer the door when Diane arrived, and when he finally opened the door, he just stared at Diane.

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