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Kyle decided to give Diane a chance to prove herself. Victoria refused to keep Adam on as co-CEO and appointed Nikki to the position instead. Ashland offered to donate $250 million to New Hope in Rey's name. Tessa revealed that Rey had worked to have the charges against Crystal dropped.
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Kyle decided to give Diane a chance to prove herself, and Victoria appointed Nikki co-CEO
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Diane reacts to a sudden and shocking encounter

Diane reacts to a sudden and shocking encounter

Monday, May 2, 2022

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Phyllis talked over coffee. Jack told Phyllis he couldn't stop thinking about Kyle and Diane's reunion. Phyllis replied, "That makes two of us." Jack second-guessed his decision to have set up the meeting, fearing that Kyle would pay the price if things went wrong. Jack told Phyllis that Diane had been determined to reconnect, no matter what.

Phyllis assured Jack that he'd done the right thing and should trust Kyle to make his own decisions about Diane. Phyllis asked Jack how he might react if Kyle concluded that Diane was sincere and worthy of pursuing a relationship. Jack said he'd ask Kyle to carefully weigh the pros and cons, though he'd have to honor his son's wishes and advise him to proceed with caution. Phyllis assured Jack that if Summer became concerned about Diane's intentions, she'd tell Diane to back off.

Jack told Phyllis that perhaps Diane had changed, so they should give her the benefit of the doubt. Phyllis, in disbelief, replied, "Did you just say we should give Diane Jenkins the benefit of the doubt? No! Hell, no. Where's this coming from?" Jack recalled that he'd at one time not been able to trust his mother after she'd deserted him and his siblings.

Jack said that despite all his mother had done, he and his family had somehow managed to reconcile with her. Jack admitted he'd come to value the emotional connection he'd made with his mother, realizing he'd been missing it his whole life. Jack told Phyllis he was praying that the same might be possible for Kyle, acknowledging that the love for a child could turn a person around. Phyllis replied, "Okay, we're not talking about a person. We're talking about Diane Jenkins."

Phyllis reminded Jack that Diane had sent him dozens of cryptic text messages from Los Angeles. Jack expressed gratitude for having been united with his granddaughter. Phyllis insisted that Diane could have handled the matter differently, but she'd instead chosen to act in a creepy, cryptic, duplicitous way. Growing increasingly frustrated, Phyllis angrily said that Diane's plan had been to unite Jack with his granddaughter, so Jack would reunite Diane with Kyle. Phyllis cried, "It worked! It worked!" Phyllis shook her head in disgust.

Jack assured Phyllis he felt no gratitude toward Diane, though he couldn't completely discount that Diane's claim about having achieved personal development was genuine. Phyllis refused to believe that Diane was less of a sociopath than she'd always been. Jack replied, "There are some people in this town who might say the same thing about you." Phyllis, livid, cried that no one would say the same thing about her because she'd never faked her own death and set up someone to take the blame, like Diane had done to Nikki. Phyllis insisted she'd not seen one iota of change in Diane and couldn't trust her. Jack replied, "You're absolutely right." Phyllis pleaded with Jack not to let his guard down around Diane. Jack said he wouldn't.

Diane barely contained a flood of emotions when she met face to face with a stone-faced Kyle at the Abbott estate. Kyle said, "You've got a hell of a lot of explaining to do." Diane entered, took off her coat, and said that being inside the Abbott home brought back many memories. Diane acknowledged that Kyle likely felt confused and angry, and she requested nothing except for him to have an open mind. Kyle berated Diane for having made assumptions about his state of mind, explaining that he barely knew how he felt.

Summoning tears and pressing her palm against her chest, Diane cried, "Well, for me, this is a dream come true to be here with you and to see your face." Kyle replied, "Do you even recognize me?" Sounding as if he'd let down his guard, Kyle told his mom she looked just like he'd remembered. Diane laughed and said, "Well, that's really kind of you to say after all these years." Kyle replied, "I'm not trying to flatter you. It's the truth."

Diane admitted she'd seen photos of Kyle and had been following his life through business press and social media, so she was aware of what an amazing man he'd turned out to be. Kyle asked Diane why she'd faked her death when he'd been a kid, let him believe she'd been killed, and chosen not to reach out. Kyle was angry to learn that Diane had cared enough to keep track of him, though she hadn't cared enough to reach out to her child. Diane told Kyle she understood how he felt, and she insisted she'd never stopped loving him.

Kyle recalled that he'd last seen his mother before she'd sent him off to boarding school in Switzerland, when she'd instructed him to assume a different identity and use a fake name. Kyle cried that he'd gone along with the plan because he'd trusted his mother, though she'd never returned to pick him up as promised. Seething, Kyle said, "When exactly did you did you decide I wasn't worth coming for?" Diane explained that she'd gotten in way over her head, angered many in town -- especially the powerful Newmans and Abbotts, and feared losing parental rights in court. Diane, recalling that she'd feared retaliation, had enlisted Deacon Sharpe to make it look like she'd disappeared. Diane claimed she'd saved Kyle by not returning for him.

Kyle acknowledged that Diane had believed she'd been protecting him from a damaged parent, though her decision to abandon him stood out more. Diane claimed she'd felt as if she'd left a piece of her soul behind. Kyle, raising his voice, cried, "Words, Mom!" Diane insisted that her only child, her pride and joy, had mattered to her more than anything. Diane explained that even if most in town had believed she'd been dead, Jack would have never stopped looking for her had she taken Kyle, which would have made them both fugitives. Kyle, interpreting Diane's explanation, said that what she'd really feared was him dragging her down.

Diane, admitting she'd been toxic, insisted to Kyle that he'd been better off with Jack because his father had given him stability and security. Diane said, "I think I made the right call, because without your father's help, you wouldn't have turned into the terrific man you are today." Kyle agreed that having Diane as his only parent would have been a disaster. Kyle cried that losing his mom had been the worst pain he'd ever experienced, and it had left him with an emptiness he wasn't sure would ever heal. Tears welled in Diane's eyes when Kyle angrily said he couldn't image letting his son suffer the same way.

Diane broke down in tears and apologized for wounding Kyle with her actions, though she defended herself by claiming he'd have been hurt even worse had she taken him away from people who loved him. Kyle recalled that Jack had done his best to fill a gaping hole in his heart. Kyle praised Jack for having always remained positive whenever responding to his son's questions about the things Diane had done, having never once tarnished memories of his mother. Diane acknowledged that she owed Jack a debt of gratitude, admitting that she'd been cruel, vindictive, greedy, and dangerously ambitious. Diane vowed never to hide anything from Kyle to prove she was no longer the same person.

Kyle told Diane that despite her having admitted to doing terrible things and failing as a mother, he doubted he could ever believe she'd changed. Kyle reminded Diane that she'd been secretive and deceitful in using Keemo's death and the granddaughter Jack hadn't known existed to lure him to Los Angeles. Diane claimed it had been a gesture of goodwill, adding that she would have shocked Kyle had she suddenly returned without warning. Kyle acknowledged that Diane's way had probably been the best.

Diane told Kyle that it had taken years of therapy for her to rebuild herself and become worthy of being his mother. Sobbing, Diane told Kyle she wouldn't have reached out had she thought she might still be a negative force in his life. Kyle asked Diane if she only wanted forgiveness or if she also expected to have a place in his life after he'd found peace and happiness without her. Kyle warned Diane that he would never risk bringing turmoil into Summer and Harrison's world. Diane said she hoped that at some point, Kyle might contemplate forgiveness. Kyle replied, "You're asking for a lot."

Diane thanked Kyle for being gracious and hearing her out, and she requested they might meet again. Kyle said he couldn't commit to anything. Jack and Phyllis entered and were surprised that Diane was still there. Diane told Jack and Phyllis that she was about to leave. Before she left, Diane told Kyle it had meant everything to have a conversation with him.

After Diane left, Kyle asked Jack where Harrison was. Jack and Phyllis said that Harrison was having a ball with Traci. Jack told Kyle he'd give Kyle time to recover before expecting him to talk about the meeting with his mother. Kyle thanked Jack and said he needed to get some air. Jack replied, "If you need me, I am here." Phyllis embraced Jack to show her steadfast support.

Diane returned to the Grand Phoenix, removing her coat as she walked down the hallway leading to her room. Diane inserted her keycard and turned the door handle. Opening wide the door, Diane stopped in her tracks and gasped in horror. Victor was seated on the sofa in Diane's suite with his arms folded in a defiant manner across his chest. Victor said, "We meet again." Diane exhaled heavily as Victor glared at her without blinking.

Chance returned home after meeting with Sharon. Chance told Abby he'd had to tell Sharon that Rey had suffered a massive heart attack, which had caused him to lose control of his vehicle and swerve into the wrong lane. Abby gasped at the shocking revelation and said she'd assumed fog or an obstacle in the roadway had led to the collision. Chance said that Rey's fate had been sealed after he'd said goodbye to Sharon. Abby said she felt bad for Sharon, Lola, and all of Rey's family in Miami. Chance recalled how Rey, his best friend, had helped him with work and his family, and had supported him during though crises. Abby advised Chance not to let the grief and sadness overwhelm him like the events in Spain had.

The doorbell rang. Abby, reluctant to end her conversation with Chance abruptly, tried and failed to convince Chance not to answer the door. Chance opened the door and welcomed Victor inside. Abby was glad to see her father. Victor reacted with shock to the news that Rey had suffered a heart attack in the prime of his life. Victor asked about Sharon. Chance replied that the news had hit her hard, though she at least had a definitive explanation about what had happened. Victor suggested he should personally inform Victoria. Chance agreed that it was a good idea.

Victor told Abby and Chance that he'd stopped by to see his grandson. Abby told her dad it wasn't the best time for a visit, but Victor insisted. Victor said he wished to chat with Chance until the baby awoke from his nap. After Abby went upstairs to check on Dominic, Victor said he'd wanted to see how Chance was doing after losing his partner. Chance acknowledged he was having a hard time believing Rey was gone, and he admitted that the trauma had stirred the same emotions he'd had after his team had been killed in the explosion.

Chance assured Victor he was managing well, though he knew Abby was worried. Victor expressed his condolences to Chance for the loss of his friend. Victor encouraged Chance to wake up daily, embracing life and spending time with his wife and son. Chanced nodded in agreement and replied, "Words to live by." Victor assured Chance he would heal and should remain strong because Abby might need him. Chance thanked Victor for sharing his wisdom.

Victor told Chance he looked forward to sharing stories and talking about boxing matches with Dominic when he was older. Abby returned downstairs and announced that Dominic was awake and ready to see his grandpa. After Victor went upstairs, Abby noticed that Chance seemed to be in better spirits. Chance told Abby that it meant a lot to have people who cared about him in his corner. After Victor spent time with Dominic, he returned downstairs and remarked that Dominic had grown and changed. Chance thanked Victor for checking up on them.

After Victor left, Abby warmly embraced Chance. Chance took Abby's hand and told her she didn't have to be scared or worried, or to feel like she had to check on him every five seconds. Chance assured Abby he wouldn't fall apart over Rey's death, get lost in sorrow, or shut down. Abby seemed relieved. Abby kissed Chance and seemed content and relaxed.

Victor orders Diane to leave town

Victor orders Diane to leave town

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Mariah was thrilled to find Kyle sitting at the bar at Society. He claimed that he was in town on business, but she noted that she hadn't heard anything about it at Jabot. He indicated that he had traveled on short notice, and she asked if "Snowflake" was with him. Kyle reported that Summer was wonderful, but she'd had to stay in Italy to oversee Marchetti's new season launch, so it was just him and Harrison on the trip. Mariah asked how long he'd be staying, and Kyle replied that it depended on a couple things, since he had some issues to work out.

Mariah hoped the issues took a long time to resolve, since she and Tessa were getting married on May 13, and she wanted Kyle to be there. Mariah added that he had been the first champion of their love, and the wedding wouldn't be the same without him. Kyle vowed to do everything in his power to be there. Mariah explained that he hadn't received a save-the-date email because things had been happening quickly, and there had been some complications. He guessed she was referring to Rey's death, and he mentioned that he'd spoken with a devastated Lola.

Kyle asked how Mariah was doing, and she admitted that she was still in shock but mostly concerned for her mom. She revealed that Sharon had refused to let her and Tessa push their wedding date back because it would give Sharon joy, and Mariah wanted to give her mother that. Mariah informed Kyle that she and Tessa had asked Nick and Sharon to walk them down the aisle, and they'd been thinking about who else they wanted to stand up for them. Kyle declared that he would be honored to be Mariah's man of honor, but she had a more important role in mind for him. She wondered how he'd feel about officiating the wedding.

Kyle hesitated to accept because he was dealing with some personal things and didn't want to let Mariah down. She assumed that something had happened with him and Summer, but he confirmed that his marriage was great. Mariah reminded him that she'd always been able to count on him, and she hoped he felt the same way about her. She sensed something was wrong, and she encouraged him to open up. He confided that he was still in shock and not sure how he was supposed to react. He invited her back to the Abbott mansion to have a private conversation.

At the mansion, Mariah was stunned when Kyle informed her that his mom was alive and in Genoa City. He explained that Diane had conspired to fake her death to get a fresh start, and she'd been rebuilding her life in L.A. Kyle continued that Diane had claimed she'd changed and that she was there to make amends. Mariah grappled with how Diane could possibly make up for the pain he'd suffered all those years. Kyle recounted that Diane had said she'd been trying to protect him by not messing up his life, but Mariah groused that there was nothing more messed up than making him think his mother was dead.

Kyle considered most of Diane's explanations to be garbage, and he wondered if it was possible for someone to change that much. Mariah wanted to think so. Kyle lamented that after talking to his mother, he had more questions. Kyle indicated that Diane wanted more time to explain herself, but Mariah thought having a mother-son relationship was a lot to ask. Kyle bemoaned that it was why he was drinking in the afternoon, since he didn't know which way was up. Mariah wondered how she could support Kyle.

Kyle shared that his instinct was to say yes and welcome his mom back into his life, since there had been many things he'd missed out on as a kid. He mentioned that Jack was nervous that Kyle might get hurt, but he didn't see how he could turn down the opportunity to forge a new relationship with his mother. Kyle compared it to finding out about Harrison, but Mariah pointed out that Harrison hadn't pretended to be dead. Kyle recalled that having his mom in his life had been everything he'd wished for as a kid, and it was amazing to have her there again. Mariah was afraid he was setting himself up to be hurt, and she questioned why on earth he would let Diane anywhere near Summer or Harrison.

At the Grand Phoenix, Diane griped that she'd ask how Victor had gotten into her room, but it was just who he was. She offered him a drink, but he flatly stated that it wasn't a social visit. Diane said she'd been expecting him after her conversation with Nikki, and she voiced surprise that it had taken him that long. Diane speculated that perhaps Victor was slowing down a bit, but he bragged that he was as fast as he'd always been. He inquired how fast she could get out of Genoa City, since her visit there would be a short one.

Diane remarked that threatening helpless women wasn't Victor's style. Victor swore that he'd never threaten a helpless creature of any kind, but all bets were off with someone as venomous as she was. Victor ordered her to pack her bags and get out of town before people found out she was there. She recognized that most people in Genoa City didn't care for her, but she figured they'd tolerate her if she stuck around long enough. He muttered not to hold her breath.

Diane was sure Nikki had filled Victor in on Diane's metamorphosis, and he called it a bunch of bull. Diane scoffed at the idea that only Newmans were allowed to change, citing Nikki and Adam's transformations into respectable citizens. Diane advised Victor to keep his threats to himself, since she was only there for one reason -- to explain to her son why she'd made the choices she had and to ask for his forgiveness. Victor warned Diane that Kyle was a member of the Newman fold, so Victor had his back.

Diane crowed that she'd just gotten back from reuniting with Kyle at a meeting Jack had helped arrange. Victor called it a huge mistake on Jack's part, but Diane rambled on about how thrilled she was that Kyle was married and in love. She promised not to do anything to interfere, but Victor barked that she was delusional if she thought she could return to town and give peace and happiness to anyone -- especially the child she'd abandoned. Diane reiterated that she only wanted what was best for Kyle. Victor suggested that she "get the hell out of town," and he headed for the door. Before exiting, he ominously stated that she knew who he was and what he was capable of, and it was a lot more than sneaking into her hotel suite.

Later, Diane packed a suitcase and left a voicemail for Jack. She informed him that Kyle's reaction hadn't been what she'd hoped for, but it was all she could expect for then. She hoped to have more interactions with her son in the future, but she knew there were no guarantees. She announced that she was leaving for L.A. in the morning.

In a hotel suite, Adam and Sally cuddled naked in bed. She contemplated why sneaking away to a hotel in the middle of the day was so sexy, and he pointed out that being in a suite in Phyllis' hotel without her knowing made it extra hot. Sally marveled that they were two people who'd just admitted they were falling in love, having a romantic rendezvous. She wondered if they were becoming a couple, and he didn't know because he hadn't been expecting any of it.

Sally reflected back on the effort she and Adam had made to keep things professional. Adam thought that he'd sold the idea that nothing was going on between them better than she had, but she protested that it wasn't true because she'd been determined not to ruin her chances at Newman Fashion or Newman Media. "And now Newman Locke," Adam added. Sally confessed that what had been most important to her had been not ruining the chances with what she really wanted -- him.

Adam wished he and Sally could stay in bed all day, but he felt they should get back to the office. Sally pressed to know something before they got dressed, and she inquired about how things had gone with Sharon when he'd offered his condolences. Adam shared that it had been hard, and Sally assured him that it was fine if he didn't want to talk about it. He confided that Sharon was in a lot of pain, but he was glad he'd gone to see her. Adam recognized that Sharon had a lot of people around to help, but he'd been the first person she'd really broken down in front of. He wondered if Sally really wanted to hear about it.

Sally insisted that she wanted Adam to feel like he could tell her anything, since openness was the basis of a relationship, and she didn't want any baggage between them. Sally sympathized that it could be difficult to help someone through their grief, and she pledged to be there if he needed to talk. She stressed that she wasn't jealous of Sharon or Chelsea, since she was confident in her relationship with Adam. Adam was pleased to hear it, and he mused that it was different for him.

Adam recounted that he'd been obsessive and destructive at various times in his life, but what he had with Sally was something else. He smiled, held her close, and thought it felt right because they'd taken things slowly. Sally questioned whether he felt guilty that Sharon was suffering and alone while they were happy and falling in love. Adam believed that seeing Sharon had made him realize that he and Sally been taking things too slowly, and he'd finally confessed to falling in love with Sally because he didn't want to waste time worrying about what people thought when life could change in an instant. He intended to grab every moment they could. They kissed.

Victoria picked up coffee at Crimson Lights. Billy hesitantly observed that it was good to see her up and around, and she replied that she was walking away. He inquired whether she was in pain, but she said she considered herself lucky. He commented that it had been tragic about Rey, and she said she wished she hadn't been out driving because things might have turned out differently if she hadn't been. Billy insisted that the accident hadn't been her fault, but he mentioned that it hadn't been her usual way home. He explained that he wasn't blaming her, but he wanted to understand what had happened. Billy questioned whether Ashland had been following her.

Victoria refused to relive the accident or what had led up to it. Billy quipped that she made her cane look cool, and she shot back that she wasn't afraid to whack him with it. He acknowledged that she'd been doing her best to avoid him ever since they'd talked about Ashland's cancer scam, and he asked if she regretted being vulnerable with Billy. Victoria replied that she regretted most conversations with Billy, but he hoped that wasn't true because he liked being there for her after all the times she'd been there for him. Victoria conceded that she knew she could confide in him. Billy inquired whether Ashland was still in her life.

Victoria declined to share any details about what had happened between her and Ashland, but she confessed that he was leaving town and that they were having their marriage annulled. A relieved Billy hoped it meant she finally believed the truth about her husband. He was sure she was conflicted after Ashland had saved her life, but he lectured that it didn't absolve Ashland of his many crimes. Billy worried that Ashland still had a hold on Victoria, but she ordered Billy to stop trying to psychoanalyze her.

Victoria curtly acknowledged that she'd made a mistake with Ashland and that she should have listened to Billy and Nick instead of dismissing their concerns. She accepted that the past couldn't be undone, and she resolved to move forward. Lily entered the coffeehouse and hoped Victoria was feeling better after the accident. Victoria told her to ask Billy, since he seemed to know everything. Victoria walked out.

On the patio, Billy defended that he'd just been showing concern for the mother of his children. Lily thought that Victoria clearly hadn't wanted to hear what he'd had to say, and Billy admitted that he'd inadvertently hit a nerve by mentioning Ashland. Lily clucked that it was none of his business, but Billy worried that the whole situation had affected Victoria's judgment. Lily asserted that Victoria was still the smart, savvy woman she'd always been, but it was a pattern with Billy to feel that he had to save the women in his life because he thought they couldn't solve their own problems.

Billy denied that it was a pattern, since he was aware that the women in his life were smarter and more capable than he was. He reasoned that he couldn't help but have a deep hatred for a man who'd lied about having cancer, and he thought that would strike a chord with Lily. She didn't understand Billy's need to interfere, but he argued that Victoria could choose whether to listen to him. Billy pointed out that he and Victor might actually be on the same side by doing everything they could to get Ashland out of town.

Billy fretted that Ashland had been following Victoria when the accident had happened, and the fact that Ashland was still in town meant he was up to no good. Lily said she despised what Ashland had done and thought he should pay for the scam he'd tried to pull, but she pushed Billy to let it go. Lily warned that being fixated on it would drive Billy crazy, and she didn't want to watch him go down that road again. She begged him to stop.

Later, Billy entered the Grand Phoenix lobby as Ashland stepped off the elevator. Billy glared at him.

At Newman Media, Victor left a message for Adam, saying they needed to talk. Nikki burst in and asked if Victor had heard from Victoria, who hadn't been returning her calls. Victoria entered the office and apologized for not responding to her mother's messages, grousing that she hadn't been in the mood for lectures about Ashland. Nikki divulged that she'd been trying to reach Victoria to talk about Rey. Victoria protested, but Nikki blurted out that it was about what had caused the accident.

Victoria swore that she'd already told Chance everything she could remember, and the accident had clearly been her fault. Nikki revealed that the autopsy had shown that Rey had suffered a heart attack, which had caused both the accident and his death. Victoria sank into a chair in relief. She felt terrible for her reaction, but she admitted she hadn't been able to stop blaming herself for Rey's death. Victor hoped the news alleviated her guilt. She contended that the accident was still a tragedy, and it would take time to put it behind her.

Nikki left for a meeting. Victor stopped Victoria from leaving and broached the topic of Adam's position at Newman Locke. Victoria indicated that she'd stopped by to tell Adam that his services as CEO were no longer needed. Victor cautioned that it would be a mistake, but Victoria maintained that she was ready to go back to work. Victor admired and respected her desire to return to work, but he urged her to consider what she'd gone through and have Adam be her co-CEO.

Victoria soured at the thought of running the company with Adam, but Victor contended that it was time the Newmans showed a united front. Victoria firmly stated that she didn't want or need Adam in the mix, and she thought Victor would be pleased that she'd be restoring the company's name to Newman Enterprises. Victor insisted on discussing Adam's position, but Victoria warned that if her father forced the issue, he'd have to choose between Adam and her. Victor chided Victoria for acting irrationally after finding out Ashland was a fraud and almost being killed, and he thought she needed time to process everything.

Victor questioned why Victoria was being stubborn, and he encouraged her to let Adam help her. Victoria downplayed her injuries as not being severe, and she proclaimed that Ashland was out of her life. Victor wasn't convinced that she'd purged herself of "that bastard," and she testily asked if he'd ever able to give her credit for being able to control her emotions. Victoria declared that she was done with the second-guessing, and if Victor chose Adam, she'd go and never look back.

Victoria ran into Adam on her way out, and he sincerely said it was good to see her on her feet. She tersely thanked him, and Adam sensed tensions were high. He asked what he'd missed, and she replied that their dad would fill him in. After Victoria departed, Victor told Adam they had a problem.

Adam surmised that Victoria had no interest in him staying on in a leadership role. Victor informed him that there was something more urgent to discuss, but Adam questioned what could be more urgent than the future of Newman. "Diane Jenkins," Victor replied, adding that she was alive and back in town.

Victoria tells Adam she hired Nikki as co-CEO

Victoria tells Adam she hired Nikki as co-CEO

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

by Nel

At Newman Media, Victor told Adam that Diane Jenkins was alive and wanted to reunite with Kyle. When Sally arrived, Adam told her that Diane Jenkins, Kyle's mother, who'd died many years earlier had returned and was alive and well. Sally asked if Diane and Jack had been married.

Adam told Sally that Jack hadn't been, but Victor had married Diane -- twice. Adam said Diane had also dated Nick. Victor said that Diane Jenkins had been and always would be a dangerous person. Victor warned Adam and Sally to keep their distance from Diane. Victor reminded Adam about his relationship with Diane, and Victor warned him that Diane might try to wrangle something from him.

Adam told Victor that Victoria hadn't appeared happy when she'd left the office earlier. Victor admitted that Victoria wasn't fond of Adam. Adam didn't understand why Victoria continued to see him as a threat. Victor said Adam bore some responsibility for that. He said Adam had had the brilliant idea of paying Ashland half a billion dollars to get him out of their lives; however, Adam had done that behind everyone's backs.

Sally told Victor that if Adam had gone to Victoria, she wouldn't have gone along with it. Adam stated that in the end, they had all worked together to neutralize Ashland. Victor said he'd encouraged Victoria to assign Adam as co-CEO, but she'd refused and said she would rather resign than have Adam as co-CEO of Newman Locke.

Sally asked if Adam had considered calling Victoria's bluff. Victor said the last thing they needed was a conflict over control of the company. Adam asked if there was any chance of advancement for him and if all his ideas to improve the company's success were going to die.

Victor told Adam that Victoria had been CEO when she'd brought Adam on board. Victor said Adam had to show Victoria his loyalty, show that she could trust him, and show that he would be willing to work with her, and he had to convince Victoria about his ideas.

After Victor left, Sally said that Adam and Diane had the "used to be dead" thing in common. Adam admitted there were a number of similarities between Diane and the man he'd been.

Adam told Sally he'd been certain that Victor would have been ready to throw Victoria into the penalty box for the mess she'd created with Ashland. Sally said it made sense that Victor would want to protect Victoria after the accident, but Victor also had Adam's back because he'd been championing him to Victoria. She said it was up to Adam to win Victoria over with his charm and persuasiveness. Adam left to meet with Victoria.

At home, Kyle told Jack that Harrison was having a ball with his new best friend, Traci. Kyle was grateful to Traci, Jack, and Phyllis for spending time with Harrison while Kyle found his bearings. Jack said they all knew how difficult it was for Kyle to see his mother.

Kyle told Jack he wasn't any closer to making a decision about how to move forward. Jack told Kyle not to rush into making a decision. He said Diane had taken years before she'd faced Kyle. Jack said Kyle had to get past his own shock before he made a decision that could impact the rest of his life. Kyle said he had a lot of questions and only one person who could answer them. Kyle left.

Jack received a phone call from Ashland asking if they could meet. He had something important to discuss with Jack.

At Newman Locke, Victoria told Nikki that Victor had suggested that Adam take over as co-CEO, and Victor had framed the suggestion as a response to her supposed fragile emotional state. Nikki said Victoria's anger should be directed at Ashland. Victoria said Ashland was no longer a threat, but Adam was.

Nikki reminded Victoria that Adam was the reason Ashland was no longer with the company. Victoria said Adam had used Victor's money to make that happen, and even though it had worked, it didn't entitle him to the co-CEO position. Nikki stated that she wanted the family to remain a strong unit. Victoria told Nikki she'd left the CEO decision up to Victor.

Victoria told Nikki she'd told Victor if he appointed Adam as co-CEO, then she was out. She said Adam was a snake, and he would find ways to undermine her. Victoria said Victor had always had a blind spot for Adam. Nikki said Victor had set Adam up at Newman Media. She admitted that Adam had been successful at running Newman Media, and he'd proven he could be a reliable family member. Victoria said only when it suited his purpose.

Victoria asked Nikki what would happen if she agreed that she could use a co-CEO and hired someone Victor would concede was a far better choice. Nikki wished Victoria luck finding that person, but Victoria claimed she'd found that person. Victoria offered the co-CEO position to Nikki and stated that Nikki was the only person she trusted to be on equal footing with her.

Nikki told Victoria she didn't want to be a pawn in Victoria's game with Victor. Victoria said Victor would have to agree that Nikki was the most qualified, most experienced candidate, and she would be brilliant as co-CEO. Victoria said that Nikki complained that Victoria took on too much and worked too many hours. She asked if Nikki could jump in to ease her load.

Nikki told Victoria she felt that position would be in name only to fend off Adam. Victoria assured Nikki it was a sincere offer, and it would only strengthen the company. Nikki claimed Adam wouldn't be happy. She said Adam wanted more responsibility, and Victor had agreed. Nikki questioned whether they wanted to create more drama just as the news about Ashland was about to break.

Victoria told Nikki she wouldn't allow Adam's potential hurt feelings to dictate her decisions, and she hoped they could keep the reason for Ashland's departure from becoming public knowledge. Nikki said it would become public knowledge shortly, and they needed to present a united front. Victoria said that would be what they would be doing, and their partnership would have longevity. Victoria said if she'd agreed to work with Adam, he would continually try to sabotage her. She said the family would wind up having to choose sides, and it would become a disaster for the family and the business.

A short time later, in Victoria's office, Adam told Victoria he wanted to clear the air. Adam said he'd been surprised that Victor had asked her to promote him as co-CEO. Adam said had he known, he would have asked Victor to hold off until he and Victoria had had a chance to hash out if they could work together and if he would make a good partner.

Victoria asked if Adam was going to give her half a billion dollars of someone else's money to give him the promotion. Adam ignored the comment and said the company had almost doubled in size since the acquisition of Ashland's business holdings, and her workload would increase by that much. He said she would need help, and he knew she didn't trust him. He pointed out that there was a lot of history in the way. He said he wanted to see what he could do to change that and that working together could be a positive thing.

Victoria told Adam she would never agree to the idea of promoting him. She agreed she would need help with Ashland out of the picture and said she'd hired Nikki as co-CEO.

At the Grand Phoenix, Billy asked Ashland why he was still in town, since he'd been kicked to the curb at Newman Locke, and his marriage to Victoria had been annulled. Ashland said his reasons didn't involve Billy. Billy asked Ashland to assure him that his reasons didn't involve Victoria. Ashland said it was none of Billy's business. Billy insisted that Ashland stay away from Victoria.

Ashland said it was very clear that Billy was still in love with Victoria, and Ashland was surprised that someone as smart as Lily hadn't figured it out yet. Billy stated that he and Lily were fine. Billy said he wasn't worried about Victoria's ability to deal with Ashland. Billy said his warning was directed at Ashland because Ashland was playing with fire. Ashland told Billy that Victoria wasn't as angry with him as Billy believed.

Billy asked Ashland about Victor, who had watched Ashland gasp for air while he'd been in the throes of a heart attack. He said that had been before Ashland had lied about having cancer and screwing Victoria over. Billy said he was sure Ashland was at the top of Victor's hit list. Billy left.

Kyle arrived at Diane's suite, and he told her not to read too much into his visit. He said he had questions. Kyle asked how he would know that Diane had really changed. Diane said she didn't expect Kyle to ever trust or believe her, and she would accept it because she'd brought it on herself. She admitted she'd deceived him when he'd been growing up. She'd wanted him to see the kind and loving version of herself, the one that had made him the center of her universe.

Kyle told Diane it had worked because he'd believed she'd been the best mom ever. Diane said she'd been angry with Phyllis for writing the exposť about her and detailing all her exploits. Kyle said he'd never been able to reconcile the two versions of Diane: the sweet, sensitive, and incredible mom he'd known, and the version of her he'd read and heard about. He said Diane had blackmailed people, committed arson, destroyed relationships, and never seemed to care.

Kyle asked Diane what kind of work she'd done on herself in Los Angeles. Diane claimed she'd had a lot of therapy, and she'd worked with a psychologist who'd forced her to really look at herself. The therapist had had no patience for Diane's excuses. She said at first, she'd been offended and indignant, and for a year, she'd stormed out of her sessions in a huff. Diane said she'd then realized that what the psychologist had been saying had been true.

Diane told Kyle that at first, she'd made everything about herself, and she'd realized it hadn't gotten her anywhere. She said she'd been desperate to get money, power, attention, and affection, but she'd never gotten it. She said her behavior had left her broke, anonymous, invisible, and alone, and it had cost her Kyle, the one pure joy of her life. She said it had been the first step on a long, hard road that had eventually brought her to Kyle to ask for his forgiveness.

Kyle told Diane he understood it had to have been difficult, but he wondered what would happen if he refused. Diane said nothing would happen; she would return to Los Angeles and leave him alone. Kyle questioned if she would do that after all the effort she'd made to reunite with him. Diane claimed Kyle mattered to her more than anything, but she'd learned it was a mistake to try to force people to give her the things she didn't deserve.

Diane said Kyle didn't owe her anything, and she was grateful he'd been open enough to hear her out. She said she would love it if he forgave her and allowed her to be part of his life. She said she would love the chance to make up for some of the hurt and damage she'd caused. Kyle said he didn't know if that was possible, but she was his mother. He admitted he would never stop loving her and had missed her every day she'd been gone, but he was still trying to figure out if the version of her that he remembered had ever actually existed or if it had been an act because she'd craved adoration from someone who'd been too young to know better.

Diane told Kyle that her love for him had never been an act. Kyle said he was willing to leave the door open wide enough to give Diane a chance to prove she was who she claimed to be. He asked her to stay in town.

Jack met Ashland at Society. Ashland told Jack there would be news surfacing about him soon. Ashland said he'd done some reprehensible things, and they'd come back to bite him. He said he wanted to make sure that Harrison was impacted as little as possible. Ashland said he'd lied to everyone about his cancer diagnosis. He said he'd never had cancer, and he'd done it to speed things along -- the merger of Newman Locke and his marriage to Victoria. In complete shock, Jack said that was horrifying.

Ashland told Jack that when he thought about his cruelty, he was disgusted with himself. Jack said he didn't care how Ashland felt; he wanted to know about Victoria because she'd opened her heart to Ashland, and she had believed he'd been dying. Jack said he'd lived through the death of a spouse, and he had an idea of the anguish Victoria had been preparing for -- only to find out it had been a hoax.

Ashland told Jack it hadn't been entirely a hoax because he had genuinely fallen in love with Victoria; however, he'd had his marriage annulled, and he'd walked away from the company. He said he was doing everything he could to make it as easy on Victoria as possible. Jack said he hoped Ashland would stay out of Victoria's life forever.

Ashland told Jack he didn't want to leave town without seeing Harrison, and he was concerned how Kyle and Summer would react when they heard the news. Ashland admitted his behavior had been abhorrent, but he'd been a good father to Harrison. Jack spat that Ashland had lied to Harrison about being sick. Ashland said there were only two people he loved, Harrison and Victoria. He said Victoria might never forgive him, but he couldn't lose his son and would do whatever it took to keep Harrison in his life.

Jack realized that Ashland wanted him to advocate to Kyle on Ashland's behalf. Jack said he'd heard enough of Ashland's sick and twisted reasoning lately, and he was done with it. He told Ashland to find someone else to make his case. Ashland said he would go to Kyle, but Jack warned him that it wasn't a good time to go to Kyle, seeking forgiveness. Jack left.

Billy began a new podcast by saying that he'd had a run-in with a man who would remain nameless, a mogul who had seemingly had everything, yet he had wanted more and had lied and manipulated to get it. That man had kept taking until he'd sucked everyone around him dry to make himself feel powerful. He hadn't trusted his own business acumen, so he'd had to lie and deceive to get the upper hand. He'd left everyone close to him in pain, and he'd believed he would get away with it. Billy said if wealth and power offered a person blanket immunity, that seemed like an indictment of all of them.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki told Victor that Victoria had offered her the co-CEO position, and she'd accepted because stepping into that position made a lot of sense. Victor said it had been a very smart move on Victoria's part.

Nikki told Victor she'd known it had been a strategic move to keep Adam out, but she said she would do an excellent job. Victor said he knew she would, and she would also provide the stability the company needed at that time. He said it made him very happy.

At home, Kyle told Jack he was still conflicted, even after Diane seemed to have given him honest answers. He said he would give Diane a chance to prove herself to him.

 Ashland offers a quarter billion dollars to New Hope

Ashland offers a quarter billion dollars to New Hope

Thursday, May 5, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Mariah told Noah she'd been working on a playlist for the wedding. Noah suggested that Mariah ask Sharon to help because she could use the distraction. Tessa arrived and announced that Crystal would be attending their wedding. Tessa said that all the charges against Crystal had been dropped, that Zack and everyone in the sex trafficking ring had been arrested and locked up, and that Crystal was safe. Tessa said the way it had happened had been amazing.

At the coffeehouse, Ashland told Victoria he knew she was also recovering from how much he'd hurt her. He said that her fortitude had been the reason he'd fallen in love with her. When he saw Victoria staring at his hand, he told her he was recovering nicely. Victoria sarcastically said she knew he had the ability for miraculous recoveries.

Victoria asked why Ashland was still in town and asked him not to tell her he was harboring some delusion that she would forgive him. Ashland claimed it was hard for him to let go -- almost as difficult as admitting the love he felt for her didn't exist. He asked how he was supposed to let that go. Victoria said she was sure he would find a way; it was what he did best, since he was the master of reinvention.

Victoria told Ashland that thanks to Victor, Ashland had a tidy sum of cash to facilitate his latest do-over. He said he didn't have the will or the strength to reinvent himself again, but Victoria told him to stop making it so hard on both of them. She said if he really loved her, he would take his blood money and leave town. As Victoria was leaving, she bumped into Adam, who asked to speak with her. She said she didn't have time, but Adam persisted.

Victoria told Adam that if it was about Newman, she'd already appointed her mother as co-CEO, and there was nothing that he could say to change that. Adam said he wondered what Victor would say about that. Victoria said it didn't matter because it had been her decision to make.

After Victoria left, Ashland told Adam that she'd shot both of them down. Ashland stated that they looked like lapdogs hoping Victoria would throw them a bone and give them what they thought they deserved. Adam said he didn't know what Ashland was talking about. Ashland said Adam believed he should be co-CEO or whatever fake title Adam was ready to grovel for, but Victoria hadn't given him the time of day.

Adam told Ashland the name Locke had been jettisoned from Newman Locke, much like Ashland had been. Adam said it was all Newman going forward. Adam told Ashland that Victoria had assigned Nikki as co-CEO. He said they'd both been screwed out of that coveted title. Ashland claimed he knew Victoria well enough to know that she wouldn't allow Adam to retain any title of power in her company.

Ashland listened to Adam gloat that he was still head of the newly expanded Newman Media, which included one of Ashland's former companies, whereas Ashland only had Victor's money to keep him warm. Adam said Ashland had broken Victoria's spirit, but Ashland countered that he'd done it by signing a deal Adam had brought to him behind Victoria's back. Adam claimed Ashland needed to give up trying because he would never cleanse his actions in Victoria's mind or her heart. After Adam left, Ashland sent Nick a text message asking Nick to meet him.

At Sharon's, Nick had made breakfast for Sharon, which she barely touched. Noah, Mariah, and Tessa arrived. Tessa told Sharon that Crystal would be her maid of honor because the charges against her had been dropped. Sharon was elated and said the timing was great. Sharon asked how it had happened. Tessa said Rey had found Crystal's file when he'd been going through the cold-case files. He'd been convinced there hadn't been enough evidence for a conviction. When Michael had been the D.A., Rey had gotten him to drop the charges. She said Rey had had Zack arrested, as well as his team. There was no longer a threat to Crystal.

Sharon was overjoyed. She told Mariah and Tessa that Rey had never mentioned it. Nick suggested that perhaps Rey hadn't wanted to get everyone's hopes up, in case it hadn't worked out. Sharon said that sounded like Rey, always protective and cautious about people's feelings. Sharon said Rey's last gesture had profoundly proven what an amazing man he'd been.

Sharon told everyone that the news about Crystal had made something more relevant, but she would need their help to pull it off. Sharon said she wanted to hold a memorial service for Rey in Genoa City before she accompanied Rey to Miami the following day. She wanted something small, and she wanted to do it later that day. Everyone looked shocked but said they would get it done.

Sharon assured everyone she understood Celeste's request and was fine with it, but she said that Rey's family in Genoa City should pay tribute to him before she took him to his other home and before she buried her husband. Sharon said she wanted to say goodbye in her own way with Rey's friends and family present. Nick agreed it would be good for all of them.

Nick received a text message from Ashland and said, "What the hell?" He explained that Ashland wanted to meet with him, but Nick wasn't interested in finding out why. Nick said Rey's memorial took precedence, and he didn't understand why Ashland would reach out to anyone in the Newman family. Sharon encouraged him to go, otherwise it would keep gnawing at him. Nick sent Ashland a response: "Society, ASAP." Nick left.

Sharon told everyone the church was available to host a small service later that day. Sharon said they should let Chance and Abby know. Mariah asked what kind of service Sharon had in mind. Sharon said something casual, loving, and celebrating Rey's wonderful life -- nothing formal or sad -- only quietly joyful, something that captured Rey's spirit. Sharon asked Tessa to sing one of Rey's favorite songs. Tessa agreed. Noah said he could put together photos for a slideshow. Sharon loved that idea.

Mariah asked if Sharon wanted to say a few words, but Sharon said she wasn't ready to speak publicly about Rey. Noah said they could set aside a time for contemplation, and if anyone felt compelled to speak, they could. Sharon said Rey would love that. Sharon said she was blessed to have a family who supported her at every turn.

Alone, Sharon looked at a photo of Rey. Speaking to the photo, she said she missed him terribly and felt him everywhere. She said whenever she walked through the door after a long day, she always expected him to be waiting for her, and when she heard a noise upstairs, she thought he was getting ready for work -- then his death would hit her all over again. She said everything in their home reminded her of Rey. She said his coffee cup was still sitting by the kitchen sink where he'd left it. In tears, she said she couldn't bring herself to put it away.

Sobbing, Sharon said she hoped he hadn't suffered and that he'd known how loved he'd been. She said she could see Rey smiling about Crystal's news and why he'd ignored her obsession with finding Mariah and Tessa the perfect wedding gift -- he'd already had something in the works, and she couldn't believe he hadn't shared it with her. She said she should be mad at him for that, but she would never be mad at him again.

Sharon said Rey had given her many pep talks when she'd been sick. She asked who she could turn to in the future. She didn't know how she was going to manage without her precious husband but said she would find a way.

At Society, Chelsea told Chloe she hadn't slept much. Chloe said Rey's death had hit Chelsea harder than Chelsea wanted to admit. Chelsea admitted that Rey's death had affected her because he'd become one of her closest friends. Chloe suggested that Chelsea pull herself together for Connor's sake.

Chelsea told Chloe that Connor felt guilty about Rey's death and that she and Adam had tried to convince Connor the accident would have happened no matter where Rey had been because he'd died of a heart attack. Chelsea said Connor wasn't playing hockey anymore, and Chelsea wanted to encourage Connor to play hockey locally because that would have been what Rey would have wanted him to do. Chloe called it a great idea and said Connor might figure out how to deal with his own guilt.

Chloe asked how Chelsea was dealing with her own sense of loss. Chloe said that Chelsea and Rey had just been friends, but Chelsea's reaction to his death seemed to go deeper than that. Chelsea was caught off guard when Chloe asked how close Chelsea and Rey had become, because she was trying to understand Chelsea's deep reaction to Rey's death.

Chelsea told Chloe that Rey had supported her at a time when he should have hated her. Rey had accompanied her and Connor to Anita's after Chelsea had been released from the hospital. When she'd returned to town, Rey would check in on her. She said they'd had deep conversations that had encouraged and inspired her, he'd bonded with Connor, he'd convinced her that she could turn her life around and that she was a good mom, and he'd given her hope that she'd be a success again -- but that car crash had ripped it all away.

Chloe said that Chelsea claimed she and Rey had just been friends, but she sensed that Chelsea had been falling in love with Rey. Chelsea denied it. She said he'd been married to Sharon, and it was his dedication and loyalty that had made him such a trustworthy and safe friend. Annoyed, she told Chloe she didn't want to talk about it anymore.

When Ashland arrived, Chelsea told Chloe to look at Ashland, alive and well, and a good man like Rey was gone. Chloe said Ashland couldn't be blamed for the accident. Chelsea asked if Ashland had even tried to help Rey. The news reports stated that he'd pulled Victoria out of a burning car, but she asked if he had even tried to help Rey. Chloe told Chelsea to stop fixating on what had happened that night. Chelsea accused Chloe of making it sound like she was obsessing over it.

Chloe told Chelsea she recognized the warning signs of Chelsea beginning to go over the edge, and she was merely trying to interrupt the blame cycle before it went any further. She said everything Chelsea was experiencing was natural, considering how overtired she was and her grief. Chelsea admitted that Chloe was right. She said she wanted go home and get some rest before their meeting with Lauren.

Nick arrived at Society and met with Ashland. Nick claimed he was there to protect Victoria and his family, and he wanted Ashland to deal solely with him in the future instead of upsetting Victoria. Ashland said he had an offer that would benefit Nick, and there were no strings attached. He wanted to make a donation to New Hope for half the money he'd received from Victor.

Nick asked if Ashland was offering him two hundred and fifty million dollars with no strings attached. He asked if Ashland could understand why that was difficult to believe. Nick said if Ashland thought it would buy him absolution, Ashland could go straight to hell. He said New Hope didn't need Ashland's blood money. Ashland asked if Nick was that stubborn that he would turn down a quarter billion dollars.

Ashland told Nick to think about all the good he could do with that money. He said he was offering it to Nick with one caveat: that the work be done in Rey Rosales' name. He said he would transfer the money to New Hope immediately as soon as Nick accepted.

Nick claimed that Ashland was hoping for some kind of redemption, and Nick didn't think the trade-off was worth the risk. Ashland asked if Nick prioritized his hatred of Ashland over the needs of his own organization. Nick said Ashland knew if Nick turned the offer down, the community would suffer, but if he accepted, then he would be complicit in Ashland's attempts to absolve himself. Nick said it was clever, and Nick walked away.

Victoria walked into her office, and she was shocked to see her portrait hanging above the fireplace. Nikki arrived and told Victoria that Victor had commissioned it because he'd felt it had needed to be replaced. Nikki said Ashland might have broken her heart, but he hadn't destroyed her spirit or her strength of leadership; that was exactly what that portrait represented.

Victoria told Nikki it was lovely of Victor to do that, especially after he'd tried to shove Adam down her throat as co-CEO and basically said he'd lost confidence in her after what had happened with Ashland. Nikki said Victor had accepted the idea of Nikki taking the co-CEO position, but he was disappointed that the antagonism between Victoria and Adam still existed. She said Victor had made it very clear he would support Victoria's decision. Victoria said she hadn't expected that, and she'd made it clear to Adam it had been her decision to make. She admitted that she had expected some pushback.

Nikki said that Victoria had been through "so much," and hiring a co-CEO had nothing to do with a lack of confidence, but rather, it gave her time and space to heal. Nikki said Victor hadn't lost faith in Victoria.

When Nick walked into Victoria's office, he told Victoria and Nikki that Ashland was desperate and was trying to buy forgiveness by donating half the money Victor had given him to New Hope. Ashland had said the money had no strings attached, but he wondered who could believe a world-class liar like Ashland.

Nick explained that Ashland would wire two hundred and fifty million dollars into the New Hope account, which they could use for housing or support programs, and he wanted it all to be in Rey Rosales' name. Nikki was disgusted and asked how Ashland dared take advantage of Rey's death to clear his name. Nick said Ashland needed to see that he couldn't buy his way back into everyone's good graces. Victoria said that Nick needed to take every penny of that money.

Nick said he hoped Victoria wasn't falling for it because Ashland was merely chipping away at her resolve. Nick said it was a joke that Ashland was trying to appear compassionate. Victoria agreed it was a joke, but she asked why they would not let Ashland buy his absolution. She thought they should use that money toward something good. Nick said Ashland was trying to win her forgiveness. Victoria said to let him try because it would never happen.

Nick said New Hope's mission was to help others to change their lives, and he couldn't take Ashland's dirty money. Victoria told him to think about the endgame and the good that money would do in Rey's name. She asked if that wasf worth it.

At the coffeehouse, Mariah told Tessa she was still trying to wrap her head around the idea of going ahead with the wedding when they were still devastated about losing Rey. Mariah said that the memorial was Sharon's way of saying goodbye and beginning the process of letting go.

The Abbott family prepares to confront Diane

The Abbott family prepares to confront Diane

Friday, May 6, 2022

by Nel

Diane was asleep in her hotel room and dreamed.

Jack and Kyle arrived at Crimson Lights with a police officer to arrest her. Jack said she was being charged with child abandonment; she was a liar and a coward. He said she'd wanted a child more than anything but lacked the patience to raise him. He claimed she'd wanted to leave town to escape the pandemonium she'd created. Diane claimed she was a good person, but Jack said she'd turned her back on her own child.

Jack said she'd abandoned Kyle, but Diane said she'd walked away because that was what had been best for Kyle, and she loved her son. Jack said it was all lies, but Diane protested. Jack said she'd walked away and never looked back. Diane looked at the officer and called it the hardest decision of her life. Kyle said she was a complete fraud and couldn't be trusted. He told the officer not to buy a word of it. Jack said she'd never looked back.

Diane claimed her heart was an empty, broken place without Kyle, and it had started to heal when Kyle had said he'd give her a second chance. She begged Kyle not to take that away. The police officer was stunned at a mother letting her kid think she'd died and said that was as low as it got. Diane said she didn't want to abandon him and wanted to come back. Jack said they could tell she was lying because she was moving her mouth.

Diane said she'd wanted Kyle with her every day of her life, but he had deserved better; she said he had deserved a stable and safe place and the best life could offer. The officer said she had the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Kyle said she was a prodigious liar, so that was not going to happen. Kyle said she'd never find one to defend the case. Jack said nobody would be defending a woman who'd left her boy motherless. The officer handcuffed her. Diane begged him not to. The officer led her out as Jack said to have some dignity and do the right thing for once.

Diane woke up with a start. Moments later, she received a text message from Kyle: "Ready to meet again. Please come by the Abbotts'."

At the Abbotts', Kyle told Jack that he was already regretting his decision. He said he hadn't been in touch with Diane since he'd spoken to her. He said he hoped he hadn't inherited his mother's bad habits. He told Jack he couldn't sleep because he kept thinking about the awful things she'd done and that she'd hurt the people he loved. He asked how he could reconcile the woman who'd walked away when he'd been so young with the woman she was claiming to be.

Kyle told Jack that the last time he'd seen Diane, she'd promised they would be together, but she'd chosen to vanish from his life and pretend she was dead. Jack asked if Diane had shared her reasons for making those decisions. Kyle said they'd all sounded plausible, and they kept him awake at night.

Kyle told Jack he'd heard all the facts, but he needed to know how Jack felt about it. Jack said he'd promised himself not to influence Kyle around how to feel about Diane and her story. Kyle appreciated that Jack had encourage him to approach it with an open mind, but since he'd heard her out, he needed to decide whether she'd changed into a good person or if it was the little kid in him wishing it was true. Kyle didn't think he could be objective.

Jack told Kyle that he'd pondered the same questions that had bedeviled Kyle. Jack asked why Diane had chosen that time to return to reveal she was alive, and he asked if they could believe her. Jack said he'd tried to figure out why Diane would leave her child behind. Kyle said her original plan had been to fake her own death so that she could leave with him. Jack said Diane had claimed she'd changed her mind because she hadn't wanted Kyle living on the run, and she'd known he wouldn't give up trying to find either of them.

Kyle told Jack that had Diane tried to explain everything in the beginning, things might have been different, but Jack said Kyle had been very young and probably wouldn't have understood. Jack said he loved the man Kyle had become; perhaps Diane had made the right choice leaving the way she had.

Jack told Kyle he wasn't going to condone anything Diane had done or offer any opinions about who she was as a person. He said Diane had hurt a lot of people in a lot of ways. Jack said Diane had evaded every effort he'd made to track them down, and he hated to think what that would have done to their relationship. Jack said he couldn't think about Kyle's situation without thinking about Dina.

Jack told Kyle that he'd been gutted when Dina had left him behind when she'd left the family. He'd been angry for years, and when she'd returned, he had wanted to slam the door in her face. He said it was nothing short of a miracle that they'd been able to reconcile before she had died. They'd found understanding and forgiveness. It had been one of Jack's greatest gifts. He wanted that for Kyle more than anything. He said that maybe "this once," Diane had done the right thing. Jack said he didn't accept that Diane had changed or everything she'd told them, but he believed that leaving Kyle behind had been the toughest decision she'd ever made.

Kyle told Jack they needed to find out what his future with Diane looked like by putting her through the full Abbott test. Kyle sent a text to Diane. Jack said he would take care of the rest.

At Society, Lily told Billy she was concerned about his latest podcast. Billy asked if she'd seen the numbers because the podcast was doing very well. He assured Lily he'd altered his voice and kept the names anonymous to protect the guilty. Lily said it would take people two seconds to know the podcast had been about Ashland. Billy said the point of recording the second voice-altered podcast was so that he could talk about the issues that Billy needed to publicly distance himself from.

Billy told Lily that "Billy one" was Lily's right-hand man, and "Billy two" was untamable, a rebel that answered to no one. Lily loved the idea of the podcast so Billy could talk about what he wanted to without there being any blowback to the company, but he'd had a confrontation with Ashland earlier and immediately vented about it on a podcast. Lily said anyone could connect the dots. Billy thought she was worried because she knew the players.

Lily told Billy she liked the message Billy had sent, but Victoria would know that he'd put the information out there. Billy said Victoria needed to be protected. He said the truth was out there, and he didn't see any harm in his podcast.

Lily asked Billy how he thought it would make Victoria look if anyone figured out the podcast had been about Ashland. Billy claimed she would appear as a sympathetic figure, like a loving partner that had been deceived by the most heinous of men. Lily asked if Billy had thought about Ashland figuring out that Billy had been behind the podcast. Billy said he hoped Ashland did and that he realized he was the monster under the bed -- that it revealed the horror and all the lies he'd perpetrated his entire life. Billy insisted Ashland needed to realize that his actions had consequences.

Lily told Billy it was a very personal thing for her, and the thought of someone lying about having cancer to make a profit made her angry. She said Ashland was walking around without a care in the world. Billy asked why she was upset about the podcast. She said she didn't like the idea of Billy possibly losing that amazing platform because he wasn't being careful about when and how to put that information out there. Billy didn't think it would be on Victoria's radar because she had more important things to keep her mind on rather than anonymous musings.

Billy received a phone call from Jack asking Billy to attend a family meeting. He told Billy that Ashley, Traci, and Abby were on their way to support Kyle. Billy told Lily about the family meeting. Lily reminded him they had a meeting at Chancellor-Winters. Billy said that was his priority, and he would get to the Abbotts' later.

At Newman Media, Adam told Sally that Victoria had appointed Nikki as co-CEO. He claimed that position should have been his. Sally asked if Victor had backed Victoria up. Adam said that Victoria had claimed she didn't need Victor's approval, which wasn't true because Victor would have had to sign off on it, which meant he had. He said word had spread through the company about Nikki's appointment, and no one had bothered to tell him. He said it was another one of Victor's mind games, and once again, he'd been left out in the cold.

Sally asked Adam if Victoria had gone back to business as usual after she'd caused so much chaos. Adam claimed he would never get the chance to prove himself. Sally said Adam didn't need any of them. She said he needed to strike out on his own and cut ties with the family. Adam said he'd done that previously, and he wasn't sure he wanted to do it again.

Adam told Sally that Victor had a blind eye when it came to Victoria's leadership abilities, no matter how many times she screwed up. Adam said he'd been the one who'd come up with the idea to get Locke out for good, and he should have been the one to be rewarded for that.

Sally told Adam he'd come too far to have to prove himself to his family. She said if Adam wasn't shown the respect he deserved, then he didn't need them because he was talented and capable of making brilliant moves on his own. Adam asked if Sally would be okay if he walked away and left her running Newman Media. Sally said if Adam left, she would stay and try to win his entire family over. She said for the first time, she felt she'd met someone who was on her level, and they took each other for exactly who they were.

Adam said knowing Sally was brave enough to face his family, it should have made his decision to walk away easier, but it felt different "this time." He said he didn't know if it was because he was older and wiser or because someone had his back. He said walking away felt like he was giving up on craving the look of approval in Victor's eyes. Sally said Victor's opinion would always mean something to Adam.

Adam told Sally he couldn't ignore the challenge Victoria had thrown down by hiring Nikki over him. Sally said if Adam chose to stay and fight, she would be there for him, and if he wanted to walk away, she would stand by him. Adam said they needed to consider what was best for him at that moment.

Sally and Adam arrived at the Grand Phoenix. When the elevator doors opened, Diane exited. Adam welcomed her to the resurrection club. Diane commented that he wasn't shocked to see her. Adam said Victor has spoiled the surprise. Adam had wanted to send Diane a card thanking her for implicating him in her death, but he'd been unable to find her forwarding address in hell. Diane claimed she regretted many things from that time. Adam asked how she could look at herself in the mirror.

Adam told Diane a lot of people had wanted her dead. Adam said that once she'd escaped, she shouldn't have returned. Sally approached, introduced herself, and said she and Adam worked together. Adam claimed that Diane had a death wish and a lot of nerve returning to town and staying at Phyllis' hotel.

Diane told Adam everything had changed. She said she'd told Victor she was there for Kyle and not to cause trouble. Adam referred to Kyle as the son she'd abandoned. Diane claimed she wouldn't make excuses or try to justify what she'd done. She said she didn't like who she'd been back then, and she wasn't proud of what she'd done.

Diane told Adam she'd kept up with everything going on in Genoa City, and she knew Adam had worked hard to turn over a new leaf. She said she wanted what everyone had given him: a second chance. Adam hoped that was true. He wished her luck. Diane left.

In Sally's suite, Sally and Adam began removing each other's clothes. After the loving, Adam asked why Sally hadn't bombarded him with questions about Diane. Sally said she knew Adam would tell her when the time was right.

Adam told Sally that Diane was driven and obsessed, and she would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. He admitted he hadn't hesitated to help her when it had been to his advantage. Adam said he and Diane had worked together to make it look like Victor had died in order to drive down the price of the Newman stock. Adam said he'd made a sizeable profit from it. He said he'd agreed to help Diane escape the mess she'd made of her life.

When the Abbott family had gathered, Kyle told them Diane would be joining them. Kyle said he'd met with Diane, and she had claimed she'd changed and that she'd spent her time away getting her life together. Abby asked why Diane had returned. Kyle said she'd returned to explain herself to him and to ask for his forgiveness.

Ashley asked if Kyle would forgive Diane, because he had to realize it was only an act. Abby stated it couldn't be easy finding out that his mother was alive and wanted to reconnect with him. Kyle said he wasn't sure what to think. Jack said Diane had made a very compelling case for herself. He reminded Ashley how they'd felt about Dina. Ashley stated that Dina had been a piece of work, but she'd been nothing compared to Diane.

Abby confirmed that they were there to support Kyle, no matter what he chose. Everyone agreed. Ashley asked how Kyle felt after speaking with Diane. Kyle said he didn't know whether Diane was lying or telling the truth, and that was the reason for the family meeting. Jack said it was one thing for Diane to tell Kyle her well-rehearsed speech and promise to do better, and Kyle added that it was different to have her face him and his family and see how she handled herself with the people who'd seen her at her worst. He said it would be how he figured out if Diane was a changed person. Everyone agreed.

While waiting for Diane, Kyle asked his family not to bring up old grievances. Abby confirmed that they were there to discover the truth. Traci said they needed to understand what was on Diane's mind and in her heart. Ashley said they needed to help Kyle realize Diane didn't have a heart. She said she'd seen into Diane's deep and dark abyss she called a soul, and she didn't believe Diane had had a miraculous transformation.

When Diane arrived, she was shocked to see all the Abbotts present. Ashley said, "Welcome back, bitch. You look pretty good for a dead person." Kyle said he felt it was important that she met with everyone. He said if he was going to allow her back into his life, it would also affect the lives of his entire family. Jack said each of them had been affected by her in one way or another. Diane claimed she had no desire to cause problems for them.

Kyle told Diane her presence affected all of them, just like they had to accept Diane's claim that she was a different person.

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