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Mariah and Tessa exchanged heartfelt vows in a 1970s-themed wedding ceremony. Diane crashed the wedding. Jack and Phyllis made love. Summer suggested that Jabot acquire Marchetti. After learning Ashland had faked his cancer, Kyle refused to let Ashland spend time with Harrison.
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Mariah and Tessa were married in a 1970s-themed wedding ceremony, and Jack and Phyllis had sex
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Tessa and Mariah walk down the aisle at their wedding

Tessa and Mariah walk down the aisle at their wedding

Monday, May 16, 2022

At Sharon's, Mariah prepared for her wedding day. Sharon served mimosas to herself and Mariah, while Faith sipped orange juice. Faith proposed a toast to her best big sister and praised Mariah for always having her back. Faith assured Mariah she'd attend to every detail of the plan, so the bride could relax and enjoy her special day. After Sharon rushed upstairs to attend to a task, Faith and Mariah discussed their mother. Faith insisted that Sharon needed a distraction to take her mind off Rey. Checking off her list, Faith asked about inviting Kevin, the man of honor, over to get ready with the bridal party. Mariah nixed the suggestion, joking that he'd have no input about curling irons.

Sharon returned with a dome-covered silver tray. Mariah lifted the cover and beheld two gifts. Sharon explained that the gift boxes contained something old and something new. Mariah was overcome with emotion as Sharon displayed a garnet bracelet that had belonged to Cassie, explaining that the bracelet was a companion piece to the necklace Sharon had given to Mariah soon after discovering that Mariah was her daughter. Sharon recalled that Cassie had loved weddings.

Faith opened the "something new" gifts, which were toe rings engraved with the latitude and longitude of the place where Mariah and Tessa had had their first date. Mariah said, "So we can always find our way." Sharon presented a "borrowed" gift, which was an embroidered handkerchief that had belonged to Rey's grandmother. Wiping away a tear, Mariah credited Rey for allowing Crystal to join them, recalling that he'd known how much family had meant to them. Faith gave her sister a blue stone, which, she claimed, had healing and protective qualities. Faith attested to the magical stone's ability to restore a sense of calm, acknowledging that she'd clutched the stone during her hospital stay, during the time Sharon had been sick, and even before her first date with Moses. Mariah cried that she was the luckiest girl in the world to be able to share her day with her mother and her sister.

At Tessa and Mariah's apartment, Crystal attended to her sister. Tessa remarked that she could not remember the last time she had stayed up talking all night, and she couldn't wait to show off her sister at the ceremony. Charged with dressing the bride, Crystal panicked when Tessa admitted that her dress had not yet been delivered, though she expected the designer to drop it off at any time. Crystal was impressed to know that her famous singer-songwriter sister obtained clothing straight from a designer. Tessa received a text message from Mariah instructing her to look inside a keepsake box. Inside were heart-shaped cards onto which Mariah had written cheesy, endearing statements. One card stated that Tessa was the sugar to Mariah's tea. Another stated, "You are the peas to my carrots." The sentiments delighted Tessa.

Across town, Sharon looked on while Faith dutifully checked her to-do list. Mariah read a text message from Tessa instructing her to search for a card in the pocket of her overnight bag. The sentiment written inside the card stated, "You are the strings to my guitar, my always love." Mariah replied to Tessa in a text message. She wrote, "We've always made beautiful music together." Tessa sent Mariah a message alerting that her wedding dress was missing in action and teasing that she might be forced to show up wearing her robe. Mariah replied, "Dare you. Do it. Just promise to meet me at the Top of the Tower." Mariah smiled when Tessa wrote back, "Marry you soon."

Crystal served her sister a cup of tea. Tessa declared that a supportive Mariah, her love and her life, always refused to let her self-destruct. Crystal, wearing a floor-length dress embellished with gold and silver sequins, nodded in agreement with her sister. Tessa wrapped a lavender faux fur cape around her sister's shoulders. Crystal excitedly checked her appearance in a mirror and said, "I look so badass." Tessa replied, "You were born in the wrong decade."

Tessa took Crystal's hand and recalled that she'd given up on having her family's support, acknowledging that it would have been too risky for her sister to attend. Crystal replied, "Rey Rosales will always have a special place in our hearts." Tessa, suddenly in a panic about her dress, heard a knock. It was Kevin and Chloe delivering the wedding dress. Chloe said, "You weren't worried, were you?" Tessa sighed with relief.

At Crimson Lights, Noah unabashedly sought praise for the design work he'd done to transform the Top of the Tower into the wedding venue of the brides' dreams. Nick declared that the awesome design was transcendent. Nick recalled that Noah still had feelings for Tessa. Noah, acknowledging he had been conflicted after the breakup with his girlfriend in London, assured Nick he had moved past his feelings for Tessa. Nick reminded his son that though love was rarely easy, it would happen again for him soon. Noah declared that he planned to sit back and enjoy his life. Noah asked Nick how he felt about walking Cassie's twin down the aisle. Nick said he thought about Cassie every day and knew in his heart that she was looking down with happiness on her sister's incredible day.

After Nick left the coffeehouse, Abby and Allie arrived. Abby introduced Allie to Noah. Noah joked that he was from the dark side of Abby's family then quickly explained that the Newmans were genetically inclined to make awkward jokes. Abby, interpreting, explained to Allie that there was a "Shakespearean history" between the Abbotts and Newmans. Allie nodded and replied, "Got it." Abby told Allie that Noah, a visual artist, communicated more effectively with pictures. Chance showed up and apologized for being late. Abby introduced Allie to Chance. Noah offered to drive Allie to the Abbotts' home, but she said she wished to walk. After Allie left, Noah's facial expressions seemed to acknowledge his awkward encounter with the newcomer.

At the Abbotts' home, Jack greeted Kyle and complimented his smart attire. Kyle, his bowtie ends hanging loose on either side of an unbuttoned collar, declared that he was a "freshly licensed and ordained minister." Jack congratulated his son and all parties involved after Kyle mentioned his role in officiating at Mariah and Tessa's wedding. Noting the conflicts with his mother, Kyle told Jack he would be compartmentalizing his emotions by putting issues regarding his mother into a little box. Kyle recalled that if not for him having set up the brides' first date, the wedding might not have happened. Jack was excited to hear that Summer was on her way to Genoa City. Jack said he hoped Diane was on her way back to Los Angeles.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis immediately pounced on Diane when Diane emerged from the elevator. Phyllis, noting that she loved watching a train wreck, cried that Diane's presence was excruciating for her, the Abbotts, and the especially the Newmans, all of whom likely wanted her to be dead and buried permanently. Diane justified her prolonged visit, explaining that it would take awhile to make amends and prove to Kyle that she'd changed during her prolonged absence. Diane boasted that Jack was beginning to discern the change and side with her. A seething Phyllis, barely refraining from putting her hands on Diane, said, "You stay the hell away from Jack." Diane, unfazed, smiled in response.

Phyllis accused Diane of still playing her games and attempting to worm her way into people's lives. Diane claimed that mentioning Jack had stirred Phyllis' emotions. Diane said Phyllis' reaction had made her wonder how Jack could have romantic feelings for Phyllis after all the hurt, betrayal, and trauma. Phyllis replied, "I can't imagine that you would think that you had a shot in hell with Jack." Diane smiled confidently.

While Phyllis and Diane bickered, Jack greeted them and asked if there was a problem. Diane announced that she'd changed her departure date after having heard that Kyle had change his. Jack noted that Kyle had a commitment in town. Diane bragged that Kyle had been in touch and had not shut her out. Before dismissing her, Jack told Diane to give Kyle time and space. Diane left.

Phyllis, concerned, told Jack that they needed to find out what Diane was up to. Jack warned Phyllis that Diane would never be forthcoming. Phyllis cried that they could not let down their guard because Phyllis had a very bad feeling. Jack replied that he knew Phyllis was concerned about Summer. Jack calmly instructed Phyllis to enjoy Summer's visit and quit wasting energy worrying about what Diane might do. Jack invited Phyllis to be his date at what would be the greatest wedding of the year. Phyllis said there was nothing she'd like more than to accompany Jack.

Kyle checked himself in the mirror over the fireplace and smoothed his hair. A knock at the door drew his attention. Kyle opened the door, saw Diane, and said, "What are you doing here?" Diane, smiling, seemed to believe Kyle would have welcomed her visit. Diane replied, "I just came by to check on you." Diane said she'd heard that Kyle's plans to return to Milan had changed, so she'd feared he might have fallen ill. Kyle told Diane that she wasn't the reason he'd stayed in town. Noticing her son's smart attire, Diane said she hoped that whatever plans he had were good. Kyle replied that he would be officiating at his best friend's wedding. Diane boastfully cried, "My son, the minister."

Kyle informed his nosy mother that he'd been ordained online. Diane, seemingly taking credit for Kyle's achievements, said her son was living the life she'd dreamed he'd live because she had allowed it by leaving. Diane jovially told Kyle that she was proud that he'd forged relationships with friends and family in his community. Kyle informed Diane that he was running late. Without making eye contact, Kyle walked past Diane, closing the door behind him. After Kyle walked away, Diane smiled as if her interaction had been productive.

Nick stopped by Sharon's. He stood atop the elevated foyer, stretched out his arms and said, "What do you think of the threads? Papa's a real cool cat. Can you dig?" Faith sighed and replied, "You're such a dork, Dad." Nick said, "More like 'dy-no-mite.' Ready to dance all night." Noticing Moses' stunned reaction, Nick asked, "What are you looking at? You giving me the hairy eyeball?" Faith cried, "Dad, if you're gonna keep using ancient phrases, hand out a glossary." Nick, wearing a dark plum, cut velvet suit coat, solicited Moses' critique. Moses consulted a search engine on his phone and replied, "Sound as a pound." Nick initiated a fist bump and declared, "I love it."

Sharon, wearing an orange and hot-pink sequined gown accessorized with a wrap embellished with stacked rows of fringe, asked the men what they thought about the mother of the bride. Nick replied, "Super groovy." Mariah entered from the stairway. Sharon said, "There she is." Mariah declared that having the love of her family and the love of her life were everything she needed. "Faith replied, "Then let's do this." As Mariah walked toward the door, Nick said, "You look beautiful. Let's get you hitched."

Funky tunes from the late 1970s filled the event room at the Top of the Tower. Fake fur rugs, graphic neon lighting in purple and pink, and tables laden with food and drinks set the mood. Nate and Elena greeted Devon and Amanda. Amanda, jamming to the music, said, "I'm really digging the '70s vibe." The couples praised Noah's execution of his vision and designs. Noah entered and smiled. Devon cheered when Moses and Faith approached. After Nate, Elena, Devon, and Amanda walked away, a nervous Faith said she hoped her brides were okay. Moses assured Faith that everything was fine, and he offered his help if a problem occurred. Sharon admired the setup and reminded Nick that their very talented son had put it all together. Abby and Kevin approached and also praised Noah's talents. Sharon excused herself to have a private word with Crystal.

Crystal embraced Sharon and recalled how much Sharon had helped her when "she had been mixed up in a mess with Zack." Crystal acknowledged her gratefulness to Rey for what he'd done. Crystal expressed sorrow over the loss of Rey. Sharon, recalling that Rey had paved the way for Crystal to attend, said Mariah considered Rey's actions to be a wedding gift. Kyle interrupted and expressed his condolences to Sharon about Rey. Sharon thanked Kyle for changing his plans so he could support Mariah. Sharon introduced Crystal to Kyle. Kyle cleared his throat and joked that he was "Reverend Kyle."

Phyllis and Jack arrived, greeted Sharon, and asked about the brides. Phyllis and Jack exchanged glances when Kyle replied, "I'm happy to report that that I have never seen two people more ready to get married." Phyllis asked Kyle about Summer. Kyle said Summer's flight had been delayed, though with his fingers crossed, he hoped that Summer would arrive soon. Faith interrupted and announced that it was time for guests to take a seat and prepare to "celebrate a super-funky couple and lift them up with the power of their love." As guests applauded, Faith instructed Kyle to take his place on a riser. She nodded to Noah to dim the lights and stream a vocal song selected as the processional.

Nick offered his arm to Mariah and escorted her down the aisle. Sharon walked beside Tessa as Mariah and Nick approached from the opposite direction. After Nick and Sharon stepped away, Mariah and Tessa, both wearing fitted white satin gowns and simple head bands, stood facing each other. Tessa then took her place on Mariah's right side. The brides carried oversized bouquets fashioned from pink and purple anthuriums. Tessa's bouquet was also interspersed with sprigs of fur-like fronds. The beaming brides walked together toward the riser, where Kyle and the attendants waited. After Mariah and Tessa each handed their bouquets to their respective attendants, they faced each other and clasped hands. The processional concluded with "Let's stay forever this way."

Mariah and Tessa exchange heartfelt wedding vows

Mariah and Tessa exchange heartfelt wedding vows

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Allie was standing alone in the Abbott living room when she heard the front door open. Summer struggled to lug in several large suitcases, and Allie asked if she could help. Summer realized who Allie was and introduced herself as Kyle's wife. As Allie assisted with dragging the luggage inside, Summer joked that she'd tried to pack light, but it hadn't worked out. Summer figured that she was her mother's daughter, and Allie mentioned that she'd met Phyllis.

Allie explained that she'd met a lot of people since she'd been in town, including an awkward encounter when she'd interrupted an Abbott family meeting, but everyone had been really nice. "Even Billy?" Summer asked, and Allie reported that he'd been great. Allie named Phyllis as being one of the reasons she was there because Phyllis had been very supportive of Jack and Allie spending time together. Summer guessed that Allie had passed Phyllis' test, since Phyllis was also very protective of Jack and the other people she loved. Allie shared that Phyllis hadn't been happy when she'd found out Kyle's mom had orchestrated the whole thing. Summer lamented that the situation had been hard on Kyle.

Summer regretted that she was late because her flight had been delayed, and she insisted that she and Allie get dressed and ready for Tessa and Mariah's wedding. Allie revealed that Jack had invited her, but she wasn't comfortable going because she'd never met the happy couple. Summer assured her that Mariah and Tessa had a "more-the-merrier" mentality, and they'd welcome a stranger with open arms. Summer admitted that she and Mariah didn't get along; however, she accepted that Mariah was Kyle's best friend, and she considered Tessa to be pretty cool.

Allie shared that she was a fan of Tessa's music, and Summer encouraged her to think of it as an opportunity to meet Tessa in person. Summer objected to Allie staying in an enormous old house by herself, especially when it was probably haunted. Allie refused to be scared into tagging along, but Summer promised that if Allie wasn't having a good time, she could return to the house and never take Summer's word for anything ever again. Allie reluctantly agreed to go but worried that she didn't have anything to wear. Summer crowed that she'd just gotten off a plane from the fashion capital of the world, so she had plenty of options.

At Top of the Tower, Kyle welcomed everyone to the wedding of Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter. He recognized that weddings were generally solemn occasions, since two people pledging their love and commitment in a public forum required some seriousness. He proclaimed that while Mariah and Tessa took their commitment very seriously, their wedding would be "the funkiest, grooviest, most badass wedding" anyone had ever seen. The crowd clapped and cheered.

Kyle indicated that Tessa and Mariah had written their own vows, and he prompted Tessa to begin. Tessa took a deep breath and declared that she'd known that day would be the happiest day of her life because it was the day she and Mariah would begin their married life together. Tessa admitted that she'd never thought she would be there because she'd given up on love, but Mariah had broken down all her walls and seen all of her -- the best and the worst parts -- and embraced her entirely. Tessa gushed that their connection was unlike anything she'd ever seen, and it filled her soul and inspired her.

Tessa shared that every lyric and every note of every song was about Mariah and the love they shared together because Tessa had learned about love because of Mariah. Tessa anticipated writing many more songs, and she couldn't wait for their future together and to see what lessons they learned on their beautiful adventure. Tessa promised to be Mariah's partner, best friend, champion, and shoulder to lean on through all of it, "now and always."

Mariah tearfully expressed disbelief that she was actually there, since she'd never had wishes come true while she'd been growing up. She recalled that she hadn't had much before two great miracles in her life had happened. Mariah gazed over at her mother and referred to the great deal she'd learned from Sharon about how to love and how important love was. Mariah believed that she'd been ready for Tessa when Tessa had entered her life, even though she hadn't known what had been happening at first. Mariah had simply thought that she'd met an amazing person who was going to become her friend, but she'd soon realized it was more than friendship.

Mariah reflected back on her first date with Tessa, when Tessa holding her hand had just felt right. Mariah swore that Tessa was magic, and she compared Tessa to an alchemist who turned everything she touched into gold. Mariah marveled that they were committing their lives to one another and were about to start their own family, and she knew that was going to be golden, too. Mariah anticipated that there would be good times and bad times, and she promised that she would be right by Tessa's side, holding her hand through it all because there was nothing they couldn't do together. Mariah pledged her love and declared that she was Tessa's, "today, tomorrow, and forever."

Diane watched from the shadows as Kyle walked Tessa and Mariah through the rest of their wedding vows. Kyle declared that it was time for the exchange of rings, and Crystal and Kevin presented them. Tessa slid a ring on Mariah's finger and said it was a symbol of everlasting love, and she was offering all she was and all she hoped to be. Mariah repeated the same words as she gave a ring to Tessa. Kyle announced that it was his honor to pronounce Mariah and Tessa officially and blissfully married. The couple happily kissed as thunderous applause erupted in the room. The guests rose to their feet as the couple beamed. Diane sullenly looked on.

Faith requested that the guests join her in welcoming Tessa and Mariah as they shared their first dance as a married couple. Tessa and Mariah headed to the dance floor and swayed in one another's arms. "We did it!" Tessa exclaimed. Mariah mused that they'd dressed up fancy, gotten their hair done, and pledged to be wives. Tessa said Mariah looked amazing, but Mariah thought Tessa looked even more amazing. Tessa questioned whether that was why everyone was staring at them, and Mariah asserted that it was exactly why. They kissed.

Nick approached Sharon and guessed she was thinking how much Rey would have loved being there. Sharon imagined that Rey would have considered it the most beautiful wedding he'd witnessed since their own. "He's here. He's with us, and so is Cassie," Nick softly replied. He placed a comforting hand on Sharon's shoulder as they watched Tessa and Mariah dance.

Meanwhile, Kevin told Chloe that he was proud because there had been a time when he'd thought Mariah and Tessa's relationship wouldn't survive. He cited all the obstacles the couple had faced, noting that they hadn't let the pain tear them apart because the love had always been there. He said it showed that the power of love could conquer all. Chloe smacked him and lectured that their own relationship should have taught them that.

Kevin reasoned that things had been shaky with Mariah and Tessa, whereas he and Chloe had been written in the stars, so there had never been any doubt about their love. Chloe credited him with a nice save, and she found it amazing that the wedding they'd just witnessed wouldn't have been legal just a few years earlier. She was happy that no one even questioned it anymore, since two people should be able to marry whoever they wanted. "That is the real power of love," she firmly stated. Kevin pulled her to the dance floor.

As the dance floor filled with guests, Tessa groaned that she needed a break. Mariah protested that it was supposed to be a dance competition, and she didn't want to ruin their chances for the grand prize. Tessa purred that she'd already won the grand prize, and she had the ring to prove it. They started to head to the bar, but Amanda and Devon interrupted to congratulate them and compliment their beautiful vows. Mariah told them to save a dance for her before the night was over.

Noah joined Crystal at the bar, and she praised the great job he'd done putting everything together. He reported that his instructions had been clear -- to make it look like a wedding but not a "wedding-wedding." Crystal assured him that he'd accomplished his mission, since the place looked incredible. Noah thought the truly incredible thing was that Crystal was there for her sister, since nothing else would have made Tessa happier. Noah wanted to hear what Crystal planned to do with her newfound freedom, but he preferred not to talk at the bar, so he invited her to dance. She extended her hand and told him to lead the way. Mariah and Tessa returned to the dance floor, and the guests continued to celebrate.

Later, Amanda inquired about Mariah and Tessa's honeymoon, but Tessa responded that the details were confidential. Amanda pulled Tessa aside to dig for details, leaving Mariah and Devon to talk. Devon proclaimed that he couldn't begin to tell Mariah how happy he was for her, and she was glad he was there to celebrate with her. He reflected on everything they'd been through, from friendship to business to dating to friendship again. Devon thought he'd never seen Mariah glowing the way she was that day, and she confirmed that she was deliriously happy. She added that she wouldn't have found Tessa or been that happy if it hadn't been for him, and she cursed because she was about to cry again. They warmly embraced.

Kyle spotted Summer and raced over to greet her with a hug. He said he'd missed her, and she replied that they had a lot to talk about. Kyle apologized for not seeing Allie there, but Allie understood he was excited to reunite with his wife. Phyllis squealed with delight to see "Supergirl," and she admired Summer's dress. Jack embraced Summer and told Allie she looked beautiful.

Jack surmised that Summer had dragged Allie there, and Allie remarked that Summer could be very persuasive. Jack offered to show a nervous Allie around, and Summer assured Allie that she was doing great. After Jack led Allie away, Phyllis cried that she'd missed Summer, but she promised not to hover while Summer and Kyle got caught up. Diane glowered as Kyle and Summer kissed.

Jack and Allie approached Abby and Chance, and Abby complimented Allie's dress. Allie conceded that she'd had help, and Abby commented that the person had great taste. Allie credited Summer with lending her the frock, and Abby's expression soured. Jack steered Allie over to Mariah and Tessa.

Jack introduced Allie to the newlywed couple, and Allie congratulated them. Mariah chirped that Kyle had told her a lot about Allie, and she welcomed Allie to the wedding. Allie said she hoped it was okay that she was there, and Tessa swore that they were glad to have her. Mariah insisted that any granddaughter of Jack's was a friend of theirs, and Allie recalled that Summer had said Mariah would feel that way. Mariah grumbled that Summer was a lot to take, but she admitted that Summer and Kyle were perfect together. Mariah added that she could relate, and she and Tessa kissed.

Nick hugged Summer. Faith ran over to ask if her sister had returned home with clothes from Milan. Faith excitedly peppered Summer with questions, but Nick suggested that they give Summer and Kyle some time alone together. After Nick and Faith stepped away, Summer observed that Kyle looked tired. He confirmed that he hadn't been sleeping well, and he was anxious to tell her about everything in person.

Summer wished she'd made the trip with Kyle and Harrison from the beginning, but he pointed out that they'd had no idea what had been in store. He looked forward to going back to the house and talking about what was going on, and she cooed that she was all his. Diane surveyed the room and spied Phyllis sitting alone on the couch. Phyllis glared back at her.

Abby was happy to see Crystal, and she praised Rey's efforts to get the charges against Crystal dropped. Abby said she couldn't imagine what Crystal had been through. Crystal swore it was all behind her, and she hadn't felt that good in a long time. Abby offered to help if Crystal needed anything. Crystal mentioned that she'd heard Abby had a husband and a baby, and Abby replied that she'd never been happier.

Chance approached Sharon and congratulated her as mother of the bride. She said she was overwhelmed with joy, but he noticed that she'd been standing by herself most of the night. He guessed she'd been thinking about Rey, and she relayed that someone had told her that Rey was there with them. Chance imagined that Rey was tearing up the dance floor, and he encouraged Sharon to celebrate and have fun, too. She fought back tears.

Phyllis and Jack finished a dance, and she led him aside to talk in private. She revealed that Diane was there, but she had it under control. Jack scowled, and Phyllis assured him that she wouldn't let Diane ruin Tessa and Mariah's evening. Jack was livid at the thought that Diane had chosen the occasion to let the world know she was alive, but Phyllis pointed out that Diane would have done it by then if that had been her plan. Phyllis suspected that Diane just wanted to watch Kyle, and she reiterated that she had it under control.

Summer congratulated Mariah and Tessa, and Mariah asked if Summer really meant it. Summer stated that everyone deserved a chance at love and happiness -- even Mariah. Summer hugged Tessa, but Mariah backed away, claiming she didn't want to wrinkle her dress. Summer admired the brides' gowns and remarked that they were much nicer than what the women usually wore. Mariah muttered that Summer never changed, but Summer contended that motherhood and marriage had changed her a lot. Summer was sure Mariah and Tessa would experience the same thing once they had a family, and she imagined it would be awesome.

A skeptical Mariah waited for a jab or putdown, but Summer maintained that she wished them nothing but happiness. Tessa urged Mariah to say thank you, and Mariah begrudgingly obliged through clenched teeth. Kyle suddenly spotted Diane and excused himself. He charged over to his mother and demanded to know what she was doing there. Diane replied that she was there to see him, but he was irked that she'd shown up uninvited first at the house and then at the wedding.

Diane swore that she wasn't up to anything, and she'd just wanted to see Kyle officiate the wedding. He argued that the ceremony had been over for a while, and he pushed to know why she was still there. Diane denied that she was planning to announce her return. Kyle lectured that he didn't want the event to become about her rather than the happy couple, and he said he'd appreciate it if she left. Diane insisted on saying hello to her daughter-in-law.

Kevin invited everyone to grab a drink as they saluted their favorite couple. He enthused that the day had been great, and the ceremony had been 100 percent Mariah and Tessa -- fun, colorful, and full of love. He thought it had completely captured the essence of the couple they all admired and adored, and the guests cheered. Kevin acknowledged that it had been a long road for the two of them, with twists, turns, and bumps along the way, but he was happy they'd made it.

Kevin believed everyone in attendance could feel Tessa and Mariah's happiness, since there wasn't traditionally whooping and hollering at weddings, but the couple's exuberance was infectious. Kevin noted that everyone there had been rooting for Mariah and Tessa for years, and various guests called out to echo the sentiment. Kevin proclaimed that the theme of the day was that love conquered all, and the two of them had conquered every obstacle thrown their way. "Your happiness is our happiness, your joy is our joy, and your love is our love," he added.

Kevin toasted to Mariah and Tessa, and Tessa thanked everyone for being there. "Even Summer," Mariah quipped. Mariah protested that the celebration had been a little tame up until then, and it was time for the real party to begin. She prompted Noah to cue up the music and turn on some disco lights. Mariah and Tessa joyfully twirled on the dance floor, surrounded by their family and friends.

Diane crashes Mariah and Tessa's wedding

Diane crashes Mariah and Tessa's wedding

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

by Nel

At the wedding venue, Sharon told Nick that Mariah and Tessa looked happy. When Nick asked her to dance, she suggested he dance with Summer.

While Jack and Allie danced, Phyllis kept her eye on Diane, who was lurking in the doorway.

Kyle told Summer that Diane was there, and she wanted to say hello. Diane told Summer she hoped to get reacquainted with Summer, since Diane and Kyle had already connected. Diane told Summer she hoped that over time, they would forge some kind of relationship because she was Summer's mother-in-law, and she promised she wouldn't be the typical annoying kind. Summer told Diane she didn't know how long she and Kyle were going to be in Genoa City.

Diane told Summer she hadn't always been an honest person, but she'd worked really hard to become one. She said she and Kyle had dealt in brutal honesty with each other, and she asked how Summer really felt about her. Summer said she was having a difficult time wrapping her head around Diane's return, and what Diane had done to Kyle as a boy had been horrible. Summer said she would take Kyle's lead because she cared about what he wanted, and she would love and support Kyle while he sifted through everything. Diane agreed that what she'd done to Kyle had been horrible, but she hoped Kyle would eventually forgive her.

Jack sat down next to Phyllis and observed that Phyllis was staring at Diane with Kyle and Summer. Phyllis claimed Diane was trying to insinuate herself into Summer's life, and Phyllis was going to put a stop to it. Jack stopped her and said if Phyllis confronted Diane, things would only escalate. He told Phyllis to be fair to Mariah and Tessa, since it was their big day.

Phyllis told Jack she wouldn't create a scene, but she would tell Diane she wasn't wanted there and to leave. Jack said he should be the one to tell Diane to leave. Phyllis claimed Jack had a big heart, and he didn't want to upset Kyle. Jack admitted he was frustrated. Phyllis said she didn't have a big heart, and she wanted to stop Diane from insinuating herself into Summer's life. Phyllis claimed she wouldn't cause a scene, and she would stop one from happening. Jack agreed.

Phyllis told Diane it was a private event, and it was time for Diane to leave. Diane claimed she wasn't bothering anyone. Diane claimed she was having a private conversation with her son and his wife. Phyllis said Kyle's wife was her daughter. Kyle explained that Diane had promised to leave after she'd said hello to Summer. Diane said she'd only stopped by to watch Kyle officiate, and then she would leave. Diane told Summer it was a pleasure seeing her again. Kyle walked Diane out.

Phyllis told Summer that "that bitch" was trying to work her way into Summer and Kyle's lives, and Phyllis wondered what kind of damage she would cause. Summer said she'd been wondering the same thing.

Crystal told Kevin she wanted to thank Michael for having the charges against her dropped so that she could return to Genoa City. Mariah made a toast to Crystal and said, "Welcome back." Crystal complimented Mariah and Tessa on their wedding dresses. Chloe agreed that Chelsea had done an amazing job, and she was sorry Chelsea hadn't been able to attend the wedding.

Mariah said Chelsea had incorporated their very specific ideas into their dresses while being creative and collaborative. Chloe said she would pass along the compliment to Chelsea. Mariah said she couldn't believe they'd had their dream wedding when so many things could have gone wrong. Kevin claimed nothing could go wrong on Friday the 13th. Mariah shouted for everyone to toast to Friday the 13th.

Mariah and Tessa approached Sharon. Mariah suggested a mother and daughter dance-off, but Sharon said she just enjoyed watching Mariah and Tessa. Sharon toasted Mariah and Tessa. She said she couldn't be happier or prouder of the two of them, and she couldn't be more honored to witness their love and union. She toasted to a lifetime together for Mariah and Tessa and to all their dreams coming true.

Sharon told Mariah and Tessa she needed to leave because she was feeling a bit jet-lagged. Mariah and Tessa expressed how much they appreciated everything Sharon had done for them, and they encouraged her to go home and rest. Nick arrived and asked who wanted to dance. Sharon said she wanted to go home because she was really tired. Nick said he would drive her home. Mariah and Tessa told Sharon they would rehash the wedding after they returned from their honeymoon. Mariah said they would spend a few days at a cabin and have a bigger and better honeymoon at a later date.

Nick told Mariah and Tessa that their bigger and better honeymoon was going to happen the next day because they were going on an all-expense-paid honeymoon to Paris. Nick said all the details would be sent to their phones later. He said he and Sharon loved them, and he told them to have a blast. Mariah and Tessa were speechless. Mariah said she didn't think they should leave Sharon alone that long, but Nick told Mariah it had been Sharon's idea. Stunned, Mariah and Tessa thanked them.

Noah told Summer they only seemed to catch up at weddings. Summer said that Noah seemed to have grown roots in Genoa City. Noah claimed he enjoyed the slower pace. Summer stated that he'd discovered another way of displaying his artistic side, and she referred to the wedding venue and how great it looked. She said Nick couldn't stop gushing about how much he loved working with Noah. Noah asked about Kyle. Summer said he'd stepped outside for a moment. Noah asked if everything was okay.

Summer said she didn't know what Noah had heard. Noah admitted he knew Kyle's mother had reappeared. Summer said Diane had crashed the wedding and that Kyle didn't want Diane to cause a scene, so he'd made sure she returned to the hotel in a taxi. Summer said that Diane had claimed she'd only wanted to see Kyle officiate the ceremony and to say hello to Summer, which Summer found odd. Summer said Kyle had been shaken up.

Sharon and Nick told Faith and Moses to have fun because they were leaving. Once they were alone, Moses asked Faith if Sharon was doing better. Faith said Sharon would grieve for a long time, but she was grateful that Sharon had been honest with her. She said Sharon was a good role model. Faith commented that Moses also had great role models in Devon and Nate. Moses agreed they were awesome. Faith and Moses kissed.

Amanda told Devon it appeared that Moses was in love. Devon claimed he was very happy that Moses and Faith were together, but he would have to have a talk with Moses about being in love at such a young age. He said that in college, feelings could change, even when they didn't expect them to. Amanda said his warning would go in one ear and out the other. Devon and Amanda kissed.

Noah approached Allie and apologized for his corny jokes when they'd first met. Allie said she'd heard Noah was responsible for the décor and theme of the wedding. Allie said it was quite fanciful. Noah said he would take that as a compliment. Allie confirmed it was.

Allie said she'd heard Noah was an artist. Noah claimed he'd been an artist. She asked if anyone was stopping him from being one. He said it was complicated. She asked what kind of artist he was. Noah explained he'd been based out of London, and he'd made a few installations around the world over previous years; however, he no longer did that kind of work because he'd become burned out. He said he'd needed a change, and he'd returned home. Noah asked Allie what she thought of Genoa City.

Allie told Noah that Genoa City was different from Los Angeles. Noah asked if it was in a good or bad way. Allie stated she didn't make judgments because things were what they were, no better or worse. Noah claimed she was analytical, which was the opposite of an artistic mind. Allie asked how he knew she wasn't artistic. Noah apologized and said he hadn't meant to offend her. Allie claimed she'd been kidding. Jack approached and said he wanted to introduce Allie to someone. Jokingly, Allie asked if there were more Abbotts. After Jack and Allie left, Crystal invited Noah to dance.

When Abby saw Noah and Allie, she told Chance that they seemed to be getting along better than when they'd first met. Chance said it had to be overwhelming for Allie to meet so many new people. Abby said especially because some of them were family members Allie had never known existed. Abby said she was worried about Jack. She said it had to be hard on him finding out that Keemo had died, that he had a grownup granddaughter he'd never met, and that Diane had returned from the dead.

Later, when Abby brought Chance a drink, Chance said he'd been thinking about Mariah and Tessa's vows. He stated that they had been through a lot. Abby agreed it had been a tough year for Mariah and Tessa. Chance said when he and Abby had said their vows, he'd never imagined Abby would end up rescuing him in Spain and bringing him back to their baby boy. Abby understood that losing Rey had been a shock and that Chance would be processing that loss for some time. Chance said it had been tough, but he promised he would get through it.

Chance told Abby he couldn't imagine what Sharon was going through. Abby said devastation, loss, and a void that couldn't be filled. Chance asked if that was what Abby had felt when he'd been gone. She admitted she had, and she'd only admitted it because he was the love of her life. They kissed.

Mariah and Tessa thanked everyone for making it a magical night and thanked friends and family for helping them put their wedding together. Mariah and Tessa said they'd eaten and danced their feet off, but there was one more thing to do -- toss the bridal bouquet. Chloe caught it and said she was already married. When she tossed it, Abby caught it and said the bouquet seemed to have a homing device for married women. Abby tossed the bouquet, and Jack caught it. He jokingly claimed he'd been married more than anyone in the room, and perhaps the next time would be the charm. Everyone applauded, and Jack bowed.

Kyle told Summer he'd really missed her. Summer couldn't imagine how difficult things had been for him. Kyle said he didn't know how to feel, but he was happy Summer was there. He admitted that he didn't expect her to have an opinion, but Summer said she had one. She said she'd seen Diane look at Phyllis with pure anger and jealousy. She said Diane couldn't be trusted for a second.

At home, Sharon thanked Nick for the ride home. She asked if he would return to the party. Nick said no. Sharon said everyone had been having a great time, and she didn't think anyone had noticed that they'd left. Sharon wanted to get out of her shoes and have a cup of tea. Nick offered to hang out with her for a bit, and he offered to make the tea. Sharon agreed.

Sharon told Nick the ceremony had been beautiful, and her girls were "so happy." She hoped the rest of their lives would be happy, healthy, and filled with love. She said she hated that life had taught her that that wasn't always possible. Nick agreed and said life could be tough and cruel at times, but no matter what Mariah and Tessa faced in the future, they would always have a loving and supportive family they could count on. Sharon thanked Nick for being there when she'd needed him. She said she couldn't have gotten through the previous weeks without him. Nick said she could always count on him.

Phyllis arrived at Diane's suite. Diane asked if Phyllis was stalking her. Phyllis claimed Diane was stalking Kyle. Diane claimed she'd only wanted to see Kyle officiate, and she hadn't crashed the wedding. Phyllis said no one wanted Diane around. Diane said Kyle had defended her when Phyllis had so ungraciously tried to kick her out.

Phyllis said Diane was misreading Kyle's actions because he didn't know what to say nor what he wanted at that juncture in his life. Phyllis said with Summer's urging, Kyle would realize that letting Diane back into his life would be a huge mistake. Diane asked if Phyllis was done. Phyllis yelled that Diane was a cancer, and Phyllis wanted her gone.

Phyllis told Diane she'd allowed Diane to stay in her hotel because Diane had wanted to talk to Kyle and to make peace. Phyllis said she'd also wanted to keep an eye on Diane. Phyllis said it was time for Diane to "get the hell out" of her hotel. Diane said Phyllis could order her out of her hotel, but not out of town. Diane stated she would stay until Kyle had made his decision. Diane said she believed Kyle was capable of forgiving her, and maybe Jack would, as well. Phyllis claimed Diane was delusional.

Alone in her suite, Diane had a flashback to when Jack had told Phyllis he wanted one night without thinking about Diane, and he'd wondered if that was that too much to ask. Phyllis had agreed it wasn't too much, and she'd suggested they dance.

At home, Allie asked Jack how many times he'd been married. Jack claimed that was a story for another time. Phyllis arrived and told Jack she had an update. Allie said goodnight and went upstairs.

Phyllis told Jack she'd gone to the hotel and confronted Diane. She told Jack she hadn't made a scene. Phyllis said Diane would be leaving town because Phyllis had kicked Diane out of her hotel, and she'd told Diane that no one wanted Diane there. Phyllis asked if Jack was still on the fence about Diane. Jack said he wanted Kyle to have some closure, and he didn't believe Kyle had reached that point yet. He said if Diane felt she was being forced out, it could backfire on them. He said as much as he hated the idea, Kyle still needed more time with his mother.

Phyllis told Jack that her hatred of Diane had gotten the best of her, and she apologized. Jack told Phyllis not to apologize because she was being herself, and he happened to like her. Phyllis thanked Jack for asking her to be his date at the wedding. Phyllis saw the bouquet and assumed Allie had caught it, but Jack said he had caught the bouquet. He said it was his first time catching the bouquet, but he'd walked down the aisle for the last time. She and Jack kissed.

Mariah and Tessa were stunned when they walked into their apartment. It had been decked out with flowers, rose petals on the couch and floor, and Champagne. Mariah and Tessa kissed passionately.

Jack and Phyllis make love

Jack and Phyllis make love

Thursday, May 19, 2022

by Nel

At home, Mariah and Tessa toasted to their marriage and began opening their wedding gifts. They received a book on birds from a friend, a brass "Rock On" hand from employees at Jabot, and a framed heart representing family from Faith. Tessa said it was nice to be part of a family, and they were about to have their first child. Mariah asked if they were going to have more than one. Tessa claimed it had been a slip of the tongue, but Mariah said she would love more than one child. Tessa said that it was possible one of them might carry a child after they'd adopted one. They kissed and headed to the bedroom.

In bed, Mariah told Tessa they had to share everything with each other, and Tessa agreed. Tessa suggested that they stay up all night and experience every second of that perfect time. Mariah wanted them to take on the world as a married couple.

Jack escorted Phyllis to her suite at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis mentioned the unexpected kiss. Jack asked if it was unexpected. She said there had been a lot of emotions at the wedding. Jack entered Phyllis' suite and closed the door, and he and Phyllis wound up in bed.

Later, Phyllis told Jack that the kiss had been about more than just the wedding emotions. Jack claimed they kept surprising each other. Phyllis said being in bed with him felt right. Jack agreed. Phyllis told Jack that because she was famished, she wanted Society's late-night menu, and she wanted to continue the celebration.

Michael arrived at Society, and when he saw Diane, he said he couldn't get over the fact that she was alive. Michael said Lauren was on a business trip, and he invited Diane to join him for dinner. Diane accepted. Michael asked how things were going. Diane said there had been some positive momentum with Kyle, who had extended his visit, but Kyle had made it clear the extension wasn't because of her.

Diane told Michael that Kyle had officiated at Mariah's wedding. She said Kyle was a natural -- so poised, warm, and generous. Michael said it sounded like Diane had been there as a guest. From the look on Diane's face, Michael concluded that Diane had crashed the wedding to which she hadn't been invited and that her presence could have resulted in an unwelcomed scene. Diane admitted she'd wanted to watch Kyle officiate. She claimed she'd been discreet.

Diane told Michael she was a much better person, and that would always make her suspect in certain people's eyes. Michael reminded her that he'd advised her when she and Jack had been battling for custody of young Kyle, and he'd eventually had to step in and take over the case. Diane said he'd won the case for her, largely because of the way he'd grilled Phyllis on the stand.

Michael reminded Diane that he'd been the one who'd organized her memorial service because he hadn't wanted Kyle to think everyone had hated his mother. He'd wanted Kyle to know there were others who'd shared in his sadness. Taken aback, Diane said she hadn't known that. She thanked Michael and said it reminded her again of what she'd put Kyle through. Michael said he believed she'd made a sincere effort to change. He said Diane wanted to make amends and heal her relationship with Kyle.

Michael said he understood Diane's goal because he'd been in the same situation. He said he hadn't been a saint, either. Diane said she admired him, and she wished she had what he had -- a place he could truly call home and people who loved and respected him. Michael admitted he'd been fortunate. He said there were people who cared what happened to Diane. He said Diane was a formidable woman, and that meant holding her head high and not making any impulsive moves -- like showing up at events she hadn't been invited to.

Diane asked Michael not to scold her, but Michael claimed he was the friend she needed. He said if Diane wanted a real relationship with Kyle, she needed to suffer some of the wrath of Genoa City.

Jack and Phyllis arrived and saw Diane and Michael. Phyllis said every time she saw them together, they were like best friends. Jack told Phyllis to ignore them. While she glared at Diane, Phyllis said she would do that for Jack.

At their table, Phyllis and Jack talked about the wedding and how much fun it had been. Jack said he wasn't sure who'd been more shocked about him catching the bouquet -- everyone at the reception or him. Phyllis smiled and held Jack's hand while Diane watched.

Diane told Michael that Phyllis was all over Jack, and it was an act completely for her benefit. Diane told Michael that dinner had been delightful, but it was time for her to return to her suite. Michael told her not to let Phyllis chase her away. Diane said Phyllis never missed a chance to make Diane feel unwelcome in Phyllis' hotel. Diane said Phyllis wouldn't have that pleasure much longer. Michael asked if Diane had to find new accommodations. Diane said Phyllis had allowed her to stay at the hotel so that Phyllis could keep her eye on Diane's every move, and Phyllis had made it clear that she wanted Diane gone.

Diane told Michael that his friendship meant a lot to her. Michael said she wasn't alone, and he reminded her not to make any impulsive moves. Diane walked over to Phyllis and Jack's table. She said she just wanted to wish them both a good evening. Phyllis said that Diane had made it an early evening so that she could go and pack then leave the hotel first thing in the morning. Diane said she only wanted to finalize her plans. Phyllis said she didn't want to keep Diane. Diane left.

Jack asked if Phyllis thought Diane would return to Los Angeles. Phyllis said everyone had made it abundantly clear that Diane wasn't welcome in Genoa City, and Phyllis claimed she would do whatever she could to drive that point home. Phyllis told Jack his eyes were so blue they took her breath away. Jack smiled.

Phyllis approached Michael, and she asked if he was okay, because every time she'd seen him, he'd been chatting it up with his old pal, the lunatic, Diane Jenkins. Michael said he wouldn't kick Diane while she was down because a lot of people had been doing that already. Phyllis claimed it was not nearly enough. Michael reminded Phyllis of Phyllis' propensity to do things she hadn't planned, thus alienating a lot of people, and he said that he would stand by Phyllis in the same way. He told Phyllis to suck it up and to enjoy herself with Jack. Michael left.

Phyllis returned to her table, and Jack asked if she felt better. Phyllis said, "Damn you and those blue eyes."

At home, Summer showed Kyle a photo of Harrison. Summer asked how it was possible to become so crazy about a little boy in such a short amount of time. She said he was the sweetest kid. Kyle said that as a kid, it had been him and his mom against the world, yet she'd decided to leave without him.

Summer told Kyle she resented the way Diane had shown up uninvited at the wedding, and Summer said Diane had basically forced Kyle to bring Summer to meet Diane. Kyle said Diane hadn't forced him, but Summer claimed it had been manipulative because Diane had known that Kyle wouldn't say no. She said Diane had acted like a martyr when she'd been asked to leave, and Diane saw Kyle as her protector. Summer said she didn't trust Diane. She said she could see that Kyle was really struggling. She said he was caught between the woman who'd deserted him as a child and the woman who'd shown up overflowing with apologies and wanting a place in his life.

Summer asked if Kyle had decided to let Diane back in. Kyle said he didn't know if he could forgive Diane -- or if he even should. Summer said she could see how badly he wanted to believe that Diane was sincere, but she hadn't seen any proof of that. She said she didn't want Kyle to get hurt. Kyle said part of him wanted to give it more time, wait, and see what Diane did; however, there was part of him that didn't want to live in limbo, judging Diane's every move. He said Diane was his mother, and he hated feeling so guarded around her.

Summer told Kyle it was his choice how it played out, and if he needed more time, then Diane had to accept that. She said there was Harrison to consider. Summer said if she got a vote, she wanted to keep Harrison out of the fray until Kyle had a better handle on the situation and they knew whether Diane was trustworthy or not. Kyle agreed.

Kyle told Summer he wanted to set his focus on her because she took his breath away. They kissed and went upstairs to their bedroom.

Later, Kyle told Summer he loved their life in Milan, but sometimes he got homesick. Summer said there was something special about being back in Genoa City. He said they should return as often as they could. He knew Summer had worked hard to make a name for herself at Marchetti, but there was something to be said about life balance, even after she'd landed her dream job.

Summer told Kyle she'd discovered something about Marchetti's finances that Angelina had kept from her, and when she'd questioned Angelina, she'd been told there was nothing for her to worry about. Summer said something had been off, so she'd done a deep dive into the company's books, and it was worse than she could have imagined. Summer said she'd realized why Angelina had been so interested in Summer's marketing experience. Summer admitted that her vision for the brand had increased revenue, which had improved the company's financial footing, but they were deep in the hole. She said she'd brought her concerns to Angelina, but Angelina was in denial and too afraid to do anything to shore things up.

Summer told Kyle she loved working at Marchetti, and she believed in Angelina's design talent. Summer said it would take something really big to keep Marchetti afloat. Kyle said he wanted to hear her idea.

Summer asked Kyle what he thought about Jabot buying Marchetti. She said Jabot had been in and out of the fashion business, and it wouldn't take much to ramp it up. She added that with Jabot's partnership with Fenmore's, it was a natural fit. Kyle found the idea interesting, but he needed time to think how it would work. Summer said they could move the operation to Genoa City by giving Angelina the option of relocating or working remotely from Italy. She said it would mean they could move back home permanently, which appealed to both of them. Summer said it might not work for Kyle personally because of Diane's return. She asked if Kyle wanted to return under those circumstances.

Noah arrived at Crimson Lights and turned on the lights. Allie arrived and said she'd had trouble falling asleep, gone for a walk, and wound up there. Noah said it was an opportunity to get to know one another.

Noah asked Allie what had brought her to the coffeehouse. Allie said too many people. She explained that the Abbotts had been lovely and welcoming, but for many years, it had only been her and Keemo. She said there was a lot of well-meaning energy directed at her, but they were still strangers, and it felt awkward. Noah said he understood. He said he had a big family, and the Newmans were an assertive bunch. He admitted he'd left town to avoid family drama more than once, and the last time, he'd left the continent.

Noah told Allie it had taken him a long time to realize there was far more good in being a part of the drama than there was bad. Allie said she was happy he'd figured out how to get along with his family well enough not to leave the country. Noah said that Allie could move at her own pace in Genoa City and that Jack was one of the best guys he knew. Noah assured Allie she had nothing to worry about.

Noah told Allie that at one point, Jack had been his stepfather, when Jack had been married to Sharon. He said Sharon and Jack had remained friends. He said Allie had met Summer, so she'd seen how open and cool Summer was, and Kyle was the same. He said they were all kind and generous people, and they would accept Allie on her terms. He said if she needed space, she just needed to ask for it, and they would still be there when Allie was ready.

Jack and Phyllis returned to the hotel. Still in the lobby, Phyllis told Jack it was time to say goodnight. Jack agreed. He said he would be conspicuous in his absence, and he didn't want to answer questions that were none of anyone's business. He said things would continue to evolve between him and Phyllis, but only as they decided. Phyllis agreed. She kissed Jack and said she would see him the following day.

After Phyllis left, Diane said; "My, my, so much romance in the air tonight." Jack turned and saw Diane sitting in one of the lobby's chairs, smiling. Jack commented that Diane was taking full advantage of the hotel's amenities before she moved on. Diane said Phyllis was eager to see her go. Diane said Phyllis enjoyed taking her daily pot shots at Diane and reminding Diane how universally hated she was in Genoa City. Jack stated that Diane had decided to go to a wedding she hadn't been invited to or welcomed at.

Diane told Jack she'd gone to see her son, knowing she would have to hide in the shadows and watch from a distance. She said Michael had counseled her that if she wanted a relationship with Kyle, she had to be patient, which she was more than willing to do, even though it meant constantly turning the other cheek with Phyllis. Diane said she would then have more moments like she'd had at the wedding when Kyle had agreed to reintroduce her to Summer. She said it had been great to feel part of Kyle's life, even for a few minutes.

Jack told Diane to take Michael's good advice. He turned to leave. Diane asked if Jack had spoken to Kyle, and she asked if he was okay. Jack said he wasn't going to be a go-between. He said Diane and Kyle were adults, he'd done his part, and he would support Kyle in whatever decision he made. Jack said Diane needed to give Kyle time and space because Kyle deserved to make his decision without any pressure. He asked if she understood that. Diane claimed she did.

Diane asked Jack about him and Phyllis. She said they seemed to be moving things along, and she found the timing interesting. Diane said it was almost like Phyllis was marking her territory. Diane left.

Ashland is denied access to Harrison

Ashland is denied access to Harrison

Friday, May 20, 2022

by Nel

Ashley arrived at the Grand Phoenix and interrupted Phyllis and Amanda's conversation. Ashley asked how Phyllis could allow Diane to stay in her hotel. Amanda asked who Diane was. Phyllis stated that Diane was the worst person in the world.

Phyllis told Ashley that Diane was in her hotel because Phyllis wanted to keep an eye on her, since Diane had a tendency to gallivant all over the city. Phyllis said she'd wanted to keep Diane at the hotel and give Jack time to tell Kyle that Diane was alive. Phyllis stated that since everyone knew Diane was alive, she'd asked Diane to leave.

Ashley reminded Phyllis that Jack had a bad habit of forgiving women he shouldn't. Phyllis assured Ashley that they were on the same side. Ashley said it was strange that she and Phyllis were allies. Phyllis quoted, "My enemy's enemy is my friend." Ashley said that Diane being in Phyllis' hotel was uniting them in some strange way.

Phyllis told Ashley that because Diane was back in town, Phyllis had reexamined some of her feelings. Phyllis stated that she and Ashley had a common goal: to protect Jack, Kyle, and Summer because she didn't want any of them to get sucked into Diane's web. Ashley said Kyle needed the most protection, since he was the most vulnerable. Phyllis asked if Ashley would mind if Phyllis became closer to Ashley's family. Ashley claimed she could handle anything if it got Diane out of their lives. Ashley offered to help Phyllis roust Diane from the hotel. Phyllis agreed.

After Ashley left, Amanda insisted that Phyllis tell her about Diane. Phyllis said that she'd once been accused of murdering Diane, and she might just follow through. Amanda warned Phyllis not to joke about something like that. Phyllis said that previously, the whodunit list had been very long because everyone in town had wanted "that bitch" gone.

Phyllis told Amanda that she was nervous because Diane was obsessed with Kyle. She said Diane also had set her sights on Jack because Diane believed she deserved Jack and Kyle back in her life since she'd reformed. Phyllis claimed that was a lie. Amanda said that Jack was smart enough to see through Diane and what she was doing. Amanda asked if there was another reason why Phyllis was so worked up.

Phyllis told Amanda that her relationship with Jack had progressed to the next level, and it had been amazing. Amanda said Phyllis should think about thanking Diane, because Diane's arrival had helped Phyllis make a decision about Jack. Phyllis said getting together with Jack had had nothing to do with Diane. She said it had been based on their bond and feelings for each other. She said it was nice to be with someone who understood her and who would tell her when she was out of line. Amanda said Phyllis shouldn't allow anyone to take that away from her.

At home, Summer and Kyle told Jack they might have found a way to stay in Genoa City. Jack said he would love it if they were there permanently. Kyle and Summer said they would share the details later. Summer asked Jack not to say anything to Phyllis because she didn't want to get Phyllis' hopes up if things didn't work out.

Jack asked Summer and Kyle why they were exploring that possibility. Kyle said they missed their families and friends, and Harrison missed Ashland. Jack told Kyle that Ashland had never had cancer. Angry, Kyle said that Ashland had told Harrison that he was sick. Summer asked why no one had told her. Jack said their original purpose had been to keep Ashland from creating more havoc. Summer said she couldn't imagine how Victoria had to have felt being emotionally manipulated that way, because she'd loved Ashland so much.

Jack informed Summer and Kyle that Victoria's marriage had been annulled, Ashland was no longer part of Newman Locke, and the company had reverted to its original name. Kyle said Ashland had preyed on all of their sympathies. He'd pretended to be noble about Harrison when he'd only wanted Harrison out of town to exploit his fake illness and move on Newman. He said they had reassured Harrison about his terminally ill father when Ashland had never been sick. Angry, Kyle asked who did that to their own son. Kyle said, "My mother," who had done almost the same thing to him.

Later, Allie told Jack she'd received her grades, and she'd done far better than she'd expected. She told Jack her plans had changed since Keemo had died, and she wondered if she could stay a few more nights. Jack told Allie they loved having her there, and she could stay as long as she liked. Jack wanted to celebrate with a little party, but Allie said she was used to celebrating in the lab. Ashley walked in and said that was exactly what she liked to do.

Ashley asked Allie what getting a chemical engineering degree entailed. Allie explained that there were nine engineering courses, four math courses, two physics, general chem, general bio, and chemistry. Ashley said Allie should be proud of herself because that was very impressive, and Allie had a great foundation.

Jack told Allie he wanted to do something for her socially. Allie said she appreciated it, but she didn't want any more attention centered around her. She said she'd met a lot of wonderful people at the wedding and listed the people she'd met, a list that included Noah. Jack said he had to leave.

Ashley asked Allie what she planned to do with her degree. Allie wasn't sure but said she would make a decision soon. She said she usually had a plan and stuck to it. Ashley said they both liked things set in stone. Allie left to take a shower.

At Society, Ashland was having breakfast when Victoria arrived. She told Ashland that he'd left a few things at the house. She said she'd had them boxed up. Ashland said he would stop by to pick them up, but Victoria suggested he send someone because he shouldn't carry anything too heavy to put extra weight on his ankle. Ashland asked Victoria about her knee. She said it was fine, but she wouldn't be kicking a soccer ball any time soon. Ashland said he wouldn't leave town while Harrison was there, and he wanted to kick a soccer ball with Harrison.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe told Esther that being a grandmother shouldn't be a full-time job. Chloe said that Esther needed to kick back after working so hard her whole life. Chloe asked if there was something Esther wanted to do for herself, like community theater or starting a wellness food blog. Chloe reminded Esther about the smoothies she'd made for Mrs. C and all the heart-healthy meals she'd prepared for Jill.

Esther told Chloe she loved to cook, but only for those she loved. She said she'd adored the community theater, but she would never top her role in Streetcar because it had been the pinnacle of her acting career, and she wanted go out on top. Esther said she had an idea. Chloe was stunned when Esther said she wanted her first project to be a man. Esther said it was never too late to find love, even though she'd never had any luck with men.

In a flashback, Esther remembered Katherine telling her that Brock had been asking about Tiny. Esther told Katherine not to mention Tiny's name because he didn't care about her or the baby. Katherine said Brock had gone to see Tiny. Esther claimed it wouldn't do any good, but Katherine said they could hope for positive results. Katherine said Brock had a wonderful way with people, and it was possible he could get through to Tiny. Esther said she hoped the baby was a girl because she didn't want anything to remind her of Tiny. Katherine reminded Esther that Tiny was still that child's father.

Esther told Katherine that Leanna Love was "so right" -- men were no good. Esther said she hated them.

In another flashback, Jill asked why Esther hadn't returned her phone calls. Esther said Roger had made it worthwhile. Jill claimed Esther would regret every moment she spent with that con man. Esther said that nothing Jill said would make Esther doubt her husband. Jill couldn't believe Esther had married Roger. Esther said it had been "so romantic." Jill said Roger had had a lot of practice because Roger said "I do" for a living.; he was a bigamist.

In yet another flashback, Esther told Katherine that the Athletic Club was the only place that would hire her. Katherine asked why Esther was even looking for a job, because she had money. Esther said her money was gone. She explained she'd met a man who'd been unbelievable -- so thoughtful and caring, and they'd spent a lot of time together. He'd suggested they go to Las Vegas. Esther said she'd thought it had been to get married, but when they'd gotten there, he'd begun playing the slot machines, and then he'd started gambling at the tables and losing money. He'd said his luck would change, but when the money had been gone, he had disappeared.

Esther told Chloe there were bad men out there, but there were some good ones, too. Chloe asked if Esther knew how people dated at that time. She was surprised when Esther said with a dating app and that she'd been on them for a while. Esther said she'd found a new app that was geared toward seniors, but she hadn't had any responses. She claimed her profile needed work. Chloe offered to rewrite it for her.

Chloe said that Esther had been "so much more" than a maid to Katherine and Jill. She said Esther needed to refer to herself as a high-level peacekeeper, because that was what she'd been. Esther admitted it hadn't been the most serene environment, but she didn't want to exaggerate the facts. Esther had always known that Chloe had had issues about Esther's job. Esther admitted she'd had her own insecurities about it. Chloe said it didn't hurt to fluff things up a bit.

In a flashback, Esther told a young Chloe that she liked being a maid. She lived in a beautiful home, even though Jill was a pain, but she could never leave Mrs. C because Mrs. C needed her, and Mrs. C had been very good to both of them because she'd allowed Chloe to live there when she'd been a baby. Chloe claimed she'd been shipped off to a boarding school. Ester asked how Chloe could be so ungrateful. She said if it hadn't been for Mrs. C, Chloe wouldn't have received such an incredible education. Chloe asked if Esther didn't want more. Esther said she was happy with her life, and she liked what she did. Chloe claimed Esther's job was pathetic, and if she wanted to live her life like a loser, then she should go ahead and do that. Chloe said she wasn't going to do it.

Chloe told Esther that she'd had issues with Esther's career choice, but Chloe was embarrassed at how she'd spoken to Esther back then. Chloe wanted to believe they'd come a long way since then. Esther agreed they had. She said no matter what differences they'd had in the past, it didn't change how much she loved Chloe and the woman Katherine Tina Valentine had become. Chloe told Esther she loved her.

Chloe showed Esther her new profile. Esther was happy with the changes, and she posted it. Esther said that as far as the app went, she didn't have any unrealistic expectations; she wanted to go with the flow. Esther immediately got a hit.

At the park, Kyle told Summer that Harrison hadn't been affected by everything that was going on. Summer stated that Harrison was happy, and they would protect him. Kyle said Harrison needed to be protected from the situation with Diane. Summer said she couldn't forget the look in Diane's eyes when she'd faced off with Phyllis at the wedding, a wedding Diane had crashed.

Kyle told Summer that Phyllis hadn't made any bones about wanting Diane to disappear from all of their lives. Summer said she was worried that Diane wanted more from Kyle than just his forgiveness. She asked Kyle to be careful because she knew how much he wanted his mother, but Summer was afraid that Diane would take advantage of that. Kyle said he was on guard emotionally, and he wasn't going to let his defenses down around Diane.

Summer and Kyle's conversation was interrupted when Ashland arrived, and Harrison ran to him. Ashland asked if he could take Harrison and spend some father and son time. Summer said that wasn't going to happen. Victoria hid behind a pillar and eavesdropped. Kyle sent Harrison to play with some kids.

Kyle told Ashland they knew what Ashland had done, and it changed everything. He said they didn't want Ashland around Harrison. Ashland admitted he'd made some huge mistakes, which he deeply regretted; however, nothing he'd done changed his relationship with his son. Summer told Ashland that Harrison wasn't his son. She said Tara had lied about that just like Ashland had lied about "so many things." Ashland stated that he was trying to make amends, and he only wanted to spend a little time with Harrison.

Kyle told Ashland they'd already said he couldn't, and Kyle suggested that Ashland leave. Ashland told Harrison he had to go and would see him soon. After Ashland left, Victoria stepped out from behind the pillar and greeted Summer. Summer said they'd just heard what Ashland had done. Kyle said Victor had to be furious. Summer asked why Ashland was still in town. She asked if Ashland couldn't do one decent thing and leave them all alone.

After Victoria left, Summer said they couldn't count on Ashland leaving town. Kyle said if Ashland wouldn't walk away from Harrison, they would have to protect him from Ashland and Diane. He said staying in Genoa City had become more complicated when those two were added into the equation.

Phyllis cheerfully greeted Jack when he arrived at the hotel. She asked if he wanted to have coffee with her at the bar and watch Diane leave, knowing Diane wouldn't darken their doorstep again. Jack said he was sorry that Diane had been such a disruption in their lives. Phyllis told Jack that because of Diane, she'd had a close bonding experience with Ashley. Phyllis explained that Ashley had accused her of going soft on Diane, but she'd assured Ashley she still hated Diane.

Phyllis told Jack they needed to get Diane out of their lives. She said part of her was relieved that Kyle, Summer, and Harrison would be returning to Italy. She wanted them as far away from Diane as possible.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Ashland stared at a photo of Harrison on his phone and then a photo of Victoria. In a flashback, he recalled Victoria saying she never wanted to leave the palazzo or Tuscany. She said it was a perfect night. Ashland said if they stayed there, they would miss out on the extraordinary life they would have back home, working side by side. He said he would spend every day showing Victoria how much he loved her. He said part of him wished they'd met years previously, but maybe they'd had to wait until that moment to understand how lucky they were. He said he deeply regretted the lies he'd felt he'd had to tell. He promised he would spend the rest of his life making it up to her.

In her office, Victoria called Nikki and said they should take that trip, after all.

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