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Kyle introduced Harrison to Diane. Kyle asked Diane to stay in town and offered to pay for her hotel. Victoria broke up a fight between Nikki and Diane. Jack had reservations about Jabot acquiring Marchetti. Chelsea seemed to be on edge. Elena warned Nate that Imani was after him.
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Victoria broke up a fight between Nikki and Diane, and Adam brainstormed a way to take Victor's focus off Ashland
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Victor and Michael discover Ashland's Achilles heel

Victor and Michael discover Ashland's Achilles heel

Monday, May 23, 2022

After Ashland interacted with Harrison during a visit to Chancellor Park, Kyle and Summer were concerned about keeping Harrison away from Ashland if they decided to move back to Genoa City. Kyle was hopeful that Ashland would leave town. Summer suggested they remain in Milan to guard against future unwanted interference. Diane happened by, approached Kyle and Summer, and said, "What a coincidence, running into you here." Kyle replied, "I doubt it's a coincidence at all." Diane swore she had not known Kyle and his family would be at the park and offered to leave after Kyle recalled that he'd asked her to give him space.

Harrison, playing nearby, ran toward Summer to show her a big leaf. While Summer attempted to distract Harrison, Diane studied Kyle's face to determine if he might allow her to meet her grandson. Kyle gave in and introduced Harrison to Diane, describing her only as a woman he had known when he'd been a little boy. Diane knelt down and told Harrison he reminded her of his father when he'd been Harrison's age. Harrison gave Diane the big leaf, and she suggested he visit California someday to see huge palm leaves. Summer interrupted and said it was time to leave. Kyle told Diane it had been good to see her. Diane expressed the same sentiment as Summer pressured Kyle to leave with her and Harrison. Diane thanked Kyle for allowing her to meet his son.

Kyle, Summer, and Harrison stopped to grab drinks and snacks at Crimson Lights after they left the park. Summer quietly mentioned their intense encounter with Diane and warned of more run-ins if they stayed. Speaking privately across the room from Harrison, Kyle told Summer he'd thought Diane would have respected his boundaries, adding that he would establish rules and guidelines. Summer warned Kyle that Diane would take advantage of his desire to reconnect and would eventually push for access to Harrison. Kyle seemed torn.

Chelsea and Connor interrupted as they approached and greeted Kyle and Summer. Connor joined Harrison to play computer games. Chelsea asked about Marchetti and how long the Abbotts planned to stay in town. Summer gushed about Milan and reported that she had been working a lot of hours. Kyle told Chelsea they had come to town for Tessa and Mariah's wedding. Summer, recalling the wedding gowns the brides had worn, complimented Chelsea's designs.

Summer mentioned Chelsea and Chloe's new line offered at Fenmore's. Chelsea said it felt like old times to design with Chloe and that it was like a dream to work with Lauren. Summer asked about Fenmore's facilities and supply chains. Chelsea said everything had been running like clockwork, so she and Chloe had quickly hit their stride after leaving Newman Media and Sally Spectra. Summer told Chelsea she was excited for Chelsea and Chloe, expected big things from them, and had a feeling their talents would be in demand. Kyle appeared to read between the lines of Summer's statement.

After Chelsea and Connor left, Summer admitted to Kyle that she'd been gathering information from Chelsea as part of her tentative plans to approach Jabot about bailing out Marchetti. Summer again brought up her fears about Diane and Ashland. Kyle admitted he was torn, though he'd been touched by the way Diane, once a warm, loving mother, had interacted with Harrison. Kyle said he could not forget the pain Diane had caused and the awful things she had done, though he had also remembered the good things while watching his mother talk to his son.

Summer told Kyle he did not have to make a decision about Diane immediately, adding that he could always change his mind. Kyle explained that Harrison would eventually learn who Diane was, which would make it impossible to suddenly remove her from his life. Summer, recalling that his mother had abandoned him, replied, "If you let Diane back into your life, do it for you." Kyle took Summer's hands, thanked her for acknowledging his desires, and said he knew Summer didn't want him to reconnect with his mother. Summer said it scared her, though she would respect his decision. Summer vowed to make Diane regret it if she hurt Kyle or Harrison.

While sipping coffee at Crimson Lights, Esther was perusing respondents to her profile posted on a dating app while Chloe offered unsolicited feedback. Esther told Chloe that a fellow from Genoa City name Dwight, who worked in marketing, had responded. Chloe glanced at her mother's phone and said there was a possibility that the person who had identified himself as Dwight was not being truthful.

Esther pulled out a compact mirror and checked her lipstick after her admirer requested they meet in person right away. Chloe, concerned, insisted that her mother should not meet with a man she feared was a "walking red flag." Esther disagreed, explaining that Dwight had requested they merely take a walk in the park, not a trip to Barbados. Chloe, perturbed, exclaimed, "Do you know what happens in that park?" Unconcerned, Esther rattled off a list of innocent, enjoyable activities.

Chloe expressed concern to her mother about how quickly Dwight had replied. Chloe warned that Dwight intended to either pull off a scam or insist on sleeping with her mother. Esther, dismayed, asked Chloe if she believed her mother intended to have sex with a strange man in the park or turn over her personal bank information. Chloe suggested her mother establish trust with the stranger by exchanging messages online before meeting in person. Esther recalled that Mrs. C's memoir was titled Live Until You Die, not Text Until You Die. Chloe offered to take her mother to Fenmore's to freshen her look.

At Chancellor Park, Esther, wearing a new red dress, waited to meet Dwight. While Esther checked her appearance using her phone's camera, Dwight approached carrying a bouquet of flowers. Dwight, a tall, handsome man, seemed charmed when Esther mentioned that Chancellor Park had been named in honor of her friend Katherine, whom she'd once worked for and missed very much. Dwight expressed condolences. Esther explained that she kept busy watching her grandkids, Miles and Bella. Dwight called Esther's attention to someone watching them from behind a column. Dwight called out to the lurker. Chloe, wearing oversized sunglasses, leaned away from the column, so they could see her. Esther, her mouth agape, cried, "Chloe?"

Esther introduced Chloe to Dwight. Chloe apologized and said she'd wanted to make sure her mother was safe. Esther shooed Chloe away. Chloe told Dwight it had been nice to meet him and acknowledged that his gift of flowers had been a nice touch. After Chloe left, Dwight told Esther it was nice of Chloe to be concerned. Esther admitted that Chloe had been suspicious after Dwight had quickly responded, claiming that they had a lot to talk about.

Dwight explained that he marketed Countess Green's cleaning products, so they had an overlap in interests. Esther exclaimed, "My favorite." In unison, Dwight and Esther recited the company's motto, "We do the work, so you don't have to." As Esther and Dwight shared a laugh, Chloe looked on from a distance and smiled.

Esther, clutching her bouquet, later met up with Chloe on the patio at Crimson Lights. Esther cooed that she had been quite taken with Dwight because he knew a lot about cleaning supplies. Chloe urged her mother to take things slowly. Esther said she did not intend to pin her hopes on one man, and she thanked Chloe for helping arrange a lovely afternoon. Chloe said she trusted Esther. Esther smiled.

Chloe insisted her mother not enter into marriage any time soon. Quoting from Katherine's book, Esther replied, "Men aren't necessary, but it's nice to have them around in case you need something heavy lifted." Esther said she was content with her life and considered spending time with Miles and Bella to be a blessing. Chloe said it made her happy knowing her mother was happy. Chloe picked up her mother's phone after it chimed and said that "Mr. Cleaning Supplies" had requested another date. Esther was elated.

From her office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria excitedly told her parents she had scheduled a visit to a spa in Gstaad for herself and her mother. Victor replied, "Oh, you're going to Switzerland, how nice." Nikki said she was excited that Victoria had changed her mind about taking a break to relax. Victor said that things would look different when Victoria and her mother returned. Victoria, puzzled by Victor's statement, asked, "What is that supposed to mean? Are you planning some kind of move against Ashland?"

Victor avoided discussing particulars related to Ashland and said he hoped that a break from all the madness might help his daughter gain a different perspective. Victoria said she believed Victor was still eager to punish Ashland. Victoria suggested her parents learn to coexist with Ashland because he would be staying indefinitely to be closer to Harrison. Victor refused to tolerate Ashland's presence because he had done too much damage already.

Victoria, noting that Ashland was no longer affiliated with the company and that her annulment was almost final, insisted that he could no longer harm their family. Victor said Ashland could do a lot of harm if Victoria still had feelings for him. Victoria asked her mother what she'd told Victor. Nikki assured Victoria that their discussions had remained private, though Victor had sensed what his daughter had been going through. Victoria admitted that Ashland still had a place in her heart, though she was fighting her feelings. Victoria was adamant that her anger far outweighed any affection she had felt for Ashland.

At Society, Ashland had an encounter with Michael. After Michael learned that Ashland had returned to pick up his credit card, Michael joked that had he gotten the card before Ashland, he could have gone on a quite a shopping spree. Not at all amused, Ashland suggested Michael approach his employer if he was hurting for money. Michael replied, "I just think it's fun to imagine what I could purchase if I were a billionaire like Ashland Locke. I mean, could I go to South America and buy testimony from doctors or entire towns' police departments?" Ashland asked if Michael was accusing him of having done those things. Michael said he had had a lot of time to imagine such scenarios while he had been stuck in a Peruvian jail for weeks.

Ashland suggested Michael put his awful memories behind him. Michael said Ashland could help by leaving Victoria alone and leaving town. Before Ashland could reply, Michael warned that if Ashland didn't comply, Michael would be forced to take a series of legal actions on Victor's behalf. Ashland informed Michael that the Newmans' plan to scare him into leaving town was not working. Michael seemed even more determined.

Ashland, insisting that no one could keep him away from Harrison, suggested to Michael that Victor embrace the concept of "live and let live." Mockingly, Michael replied, "Sure. I will tell Victor Newman to turn the other cheek. I think the last guy who told him that is missing his cheek." Ashland said he had no plans to interfere with Victor or any of the Newmans. Michael replied, "Even Victoria?" Ashland assured Michael he would not be the source of further hardship for Victoria. Michael said he wished he could believe Ashland.

Lauren approached and lashed out at Ashland, telling him that Michael was too smart to believe a "son of a bitch" like him. Lauren introduced herself to Ashland as the wife of the man Ashland had imprisoned for weeks. Ashland, somewhat evasive, replied that he had been telling Michael how he deeply regretted actions that might have hurt Victoria and others and that he was ready to make amends. Lauren insisted she would not fall for Ashland's apology and could not imagine that Victoria would, either. After Ashland apologized, Lauren told him she was only interested in a written confession, warning that she had helped send Ashland's ex-wife Tara to prison and would try her best to do the same for Ashland. Ashland walked away, paused, and seemed distressed before exiting the restaurant.

Lauren questioned Michael about talking to Ashland. Lauren cried that she realized Michael had no intention ending his working relationship with Victor. Michael explained that Victor and his family needed his legal skills more than ever. Lauren asked Michael how he planned "to get" Ashland. Michael assured Lauren his tactics were no more dangerous than filing legal motions and that he would quit if threatened. Frustrated, Lauren told Michael she'd lost her appetite, and she abruptly left him to dine alone.

Michael entered Victoria's office. Michael suggested he speak to Victor privately. Victor requested that Michael speak freely because he, Nikki, and Victoria all wanted to do what was best for Newman Enterprises. Victoria insisted she would not waste energy discussing Ashland and instead looked forward to visiting Switzerland. Michael mentioned his and Lauren's recent trip to France. Michael, scowling, noted that he had needed time off to put recent unpleasant activities behind him.

After Victoria and Nikki left to pack their luggage, Victor asked Michael about his plans. Michael suggested hitting Ashland with a barrage of legal actions, including civil suits that would expose his fraud. Victor was not in favor of exposing Ashland's fraud because it would reflect badly on Victoria and make Newman Enterprises look weak. Michael, assuring Victor that Ashland was terrified of what they would find, was certain Ashland would cave in from the pressure and leave town. Michael recalled his run-in with Ashland and said Ashland had seemed determined to stay in town. Michael told Victor they should hit Ashland with expensive, time-consuming legal proceedings immediately, which would force him to leave town as part of the settlement.

Victor, knowing Michael had promised Lauren he'd steer clear of dangerous assignments, replied, "You're playing it safe, and I think I know why." Victor recalled that Ashland had evaded hundreds of lawsuits due to his great financial resources. Victor expressed doubt that Harrison was the reason Ashland had decided to stay in town because Kyle and Summer would soon take the boy back to Milan. Michael reported that Kyle, Summer, and Harrison would be sticking around for a while, so perhaps Harrison was truly the reason Ashland had stayed. Victor, giving Michael a knowing look, replied, "Well, in that case, maybe the boy is Ashland Locke's Achilles heel."

Ashland, appearing downtrodden, retreated to the park. Ashland was gazing at photos of Harrison and Victoria displayed on his phone when Diane, clutching the leaf Harrison had given her, approached and asked him if he was okay. Diane told Ashland he looked like she felt, so he likely had a lot on his mind. Ashland agreed when Diane said it was hard to hide behind a fake smile. Ashland invited Diane to join him, and they introduced themselves to each other.

Diane said, "Oh, you're Harrison's other father." Ashland admitted he had been pushed out of Harrison's life and felt saddened by the separation. Ashland asked Diane how she knew about Harrison. Diane replied, "I'm his grandmother." Diane interrupted Ashland before he mentioned having believed she was dead, explaining there were too many reasons to get into it. Diane gleefully recalled having met her adorable grandson. Ashland replied, "Maybe we have more in common than just having a bad day." Diane smiled in response.

Adam brainstorms a new way to distract Victor

Adam brainstorms a new way to distract Victor

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

At Society, Nate greeted Amanda and Imani. Amanda voiced surprise to see him there, since she'd thought he was at a meeting for the Chancellor-Winters launch party. Nate explained that he'd volunteered to grab dinner for the team because they had a lot of ground to cover. He wondered if he'd interrupted, since he sensed something was wrong. Imani looked stricken, and Amanda divulged that they'd just received some news that wasn't good.

Amanda revealed that Naya had called to report that she'd been having more frequent heart palpitations, and Imani was afraid it was a more serious heart problem. Amanda scolded Imani for jumping to the worst conclusions, but Imani refused to apologize for being scared. Amanda mentioned that Naya had given her physician permission to contact them to share information from their mom's latest evaluation. Nate assured them that thousands of people lived with atrial fibrillation and that it was completely treatable.

Amanda stressed that there was no need to panic, and Imani cooed that it would be good to hear it from a doctor. Nate repeated the same advice, and Amanda stepped away to take a call from the doctor. Imani looked petrified, and Nate asked if she preferred it be a three-way call. Imani deferred to Amanda, who was better at keeping her heart out of matters. Nate said he understood because he was close to his mother, too.

Imani recognized that Amanda cared deeply for Naya, but it was different for Imani because Naya had raised her and been part of her life since she'd taken her first breath. Imani added that she and her mother had gotten closer since her grandfather had gone to prison, and Nate surmised that they'd developed a different kind of relationship with no one around to control them. Imani knew her mom was afraid, and she couldn't stand the thought of losing her mother. Elena arrived at the restaurant and witnessed Nate squeeze Imani's hand.

Nate asked if Imani was feeling better, and she thanked him. He excused himself and crossed over to Elena, who mentioned his meeting at Chancellor that night. Nate indicated that he was there to grab dinner and steal a kiss before heading back to the meeting. She wondered if Imani had volunteered to carry his takeout bags, and he revealed that Imani and Amanda had just received troubling news about their mother's health. A server handed them their takeout, and Elena offered to stay and offer her doctorly advice. Imani scowled as she watched them kiss.

Amanda returned to the table, and Nate and Elena approached to find out if there was any update. Amanda reported that the doctor had said there was no evidence of any serious underlying condition, and Naya would be fine if she followed the doctor's orders. Imani was relieved, and Nate inquired whether he should pass the news on to Devon. Amanda explained that she hadn't had the chance to tell Devon about it because he had enough on his mind. Nate left it up to her, and Imani winced as he kissed Elena again before he headed out. Elena asked if the ladies minded if she joined them for a drink.

Imani hated her feeling of helplessness, and Elena suggested that Imani help by accompanying Naya to her appointments. Imani mused that she at least had friends like Nate to hold her hand through all of it. Elena recalled how scared she'd been when she'd moved in with her uncle to help him when he'd been sick. She continued that Jett had eventually recovered, and she'd started her own life in Genoa City. Elena explained that it was how she'd met Devon, since Devon's sister Ana was Jett's daughter. Imani recounted that Elena and Devon had been together a long time, but she'd never heard the juicy part about why they'd called it quits. Elena squirmed.

Amanda insisted on changing the subject, but Elena swore that she didn't mind talking about it. Amanda glared when Imani begged for details. Elena recapped that she and Devon had loved one another, but they'd grown apart. Amanda interpreted the statement as a polite way of saying it had been all her fault. Elena disagreed, citing the many hours she and Nate had spent working in the clinic together. Elena praised Nate for being kind and supportive when she'd felt Devon pulling away from her, and she confessed that she and Nate had finally given in to their attraction. Imani voiced surprise, noting that neither of them seemed like the type.

Elena pointedly stated that there was something undeniable between her and Nate, but Imani imagined it had been a painful time for everyone involved. Imani guessed that Devon had been furious, and Elena recounted that he'd ended things with her and gotten into a huge fight with Nate, permanently injuring Nate's hand and leaving him unable to perform surgery anymore. Imani found it incredible that they'd all gotten close again after their lives had been forever changed. Elena said it had been a lot of hard work to earn forgiveness, but she thought everything had worked out the way it was meant to be. Amanda toasted to good friends who had already been through the worst, and Imani added that the best was yet to come.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily, Devon, and Billy discussed the importance of a playlist for the launch party. Billy imagined that people would hear one of the songs later and recall dancing with balloons and falling confetti. Devon enthused about the guest list, and Lily bragged that it spanned power players in business, the media, and board members of philanthropic organizations. Billy inquired about how to reach people who wouldn't be able to make it to the party, and Devon recommended that they stream the event live and feature videos of the history of both companies.

Devon predicted that the party would launch Chancellor-Winters into the stratosphere. "Gentlemen, this is the beginning of a new era for all of us," Lily proclaimed. Billy turned the topic to more important matters, like deciding on a logo that would represent the company. Devon opined that it should represent family unity, and Lily marveled that forging a new legacy really would work. Devon envisioned Katherine and Neil looking down at them, and Lily bet their ancestors were loving it.

Nate joined the meeting and saw a lot of potential to promote the company, not just as a family business but as a combined entity that would continue to make an impact. Lily thought it sounded like he was prepared for global domination, and Nate anticipated going big. Devon pointed out that Nate had never been a risktaker, and Lily called Nate a business phenom waiting to be unleashed. Billy remained quiet as Devon asked if Nate was expressing some pent-up frustration. Nate figured that he had aspirations he'd never known had existed until then, and he encouraged them to raise their expectations because he intended to make them and Neil very proud. Billy glowered.

Later, Nate noted that they'd burned through half the items on their to-do list, and Devon suggested they leave the rest until morning. Lily pleaded with them not to leave, but Nate argued that Billy and Lily lived and worked together and didn't have to constantly carve out time for their partner. After Devon and Nate left, Lily prompted Billy to speak his mind, since it seemed like he'd been in a mood after Nate had gotten there. She repeated Devon's concern that Billy might be uncomfortable being the only person in the C-suite who wasn't family, and she'd observed how quiet Billy had become during the meeting.

Billy swore that he was excited to be part of the team, but watching Lily, Devon, and Nate batting ideas around and talking about Neil was a reminder that Billy wasn't part of the family. He felt his position at the company wasn't quite as important, but Lily insisted that Billy's contributions were just as important as anyone else's. He told her that he had to figure things out on his own, but he assured her they were good. She encouraged him to take all the time he needed, and they kissed and hugged.

Later, Billy taped another podcast about where feelings of insecurity stemmed from. He wondered if he was being too cynical and if they were simply a byproduct of the human experience. He imagined that most people wanted to feel the ground under their feet and know they were in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing, but the challenging part was that the truth laid within. He circled back to insecurity and finding where one's place was in the world.

Devon returned home and found Amanda sitting on the couch. She rushed into his arms, and he sensed that it was more than a welcome-home hug. Amanda confided that her mom had been having more frequent symptoms, and it was hitting Amanda harder than she'd expected. She added that Naya's doctor and Nate had both indicated that it was nothing to worry about yet, and Devon noted that it was good news. He wondered why Nate had heard about it before he had.

Amanda defended that she'd simply run into Nate at Society, but Devon was confused about why Nate hadn't mentioned it. Amanda explained that she'd asked Nate not to say anything because she hadn't wanted Devon to be distracted at work. Devon asserted that she would never be a distraction, and when something happened to her, it happened to him, too. Amanda objected to Devon dropping everything for a minor emergency, but he implored her not to hold back. He reiterated that he wanted to be there for her, and they embraced.

Nate found Elena asleep on the couch in the penthouse. He caressed her face, and she stirred. He offered to take her upstairs and tuck her into bed, but she preferred to hear about his meeting. He exclaimed that it had been great, and she loved how his face lit up every time he talked about his new job. Nate asked how it had been hanging out with Amanda and Imani. Elena informed him that it had been fine on the surface, but she warned him to keep his eyes open because Imani was definitely after him.

Nate called Imani a harmless flirt, but Elena referred to how Imani had loved having him comfort her. Nate reasoned that Imani had just wanted reassurance because she'd been upset about her mother. Elena was certain that Imani had wanted more, but Nate swore that there was only one woman in his heart -- and he was looking at her. Elena promised that nothing would get between them.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon fawned over the photos Noah had taken of Mariah and Tessa's wedding. Noah prompted her to check out one of Nick, and she struggled for words. Nick told them that if they thought he'd be embarrassed by a picture of him in threads from the '70s, showing off his slickest dance moves, they'd be wrong. Noah considered using the photo in his next piece titled "Man's Inhumanity to the Dance Floor."

Sharon, Nick, and Noah simultaneously received text messages from Mariah and Tessa with photos from their honeymoon in Paris. As they took turns responding, Nick surmised from Sharon's expression that she missed Mariah and Tessa already. Sharon revealed that she and Rey had talked about going to Paris as an empty-nest adventure once Faith went off to college. Nick announced that there had been enough chitchat, and it was time to liven things up. He offered to make a round of festive beverages, and he stepped behind the counter and playfully began tossing around canisters of ingredients. Noah groaned that his father was out of control, but Nick danced around and planned to wow the crowd with his milkshake moves.

Sharon commented that Nick's drink concoction was surprisingly delicious. He volunteered to make another to prove it hadn't been a fluke, but she objected to consuming more caffeine. Nick proposed that he make her a tower of whipped cream with chocolate shavings and a cherry on top instead. Noah pointed out that it was Sharon's favorite part of the drink, and they had plenty of photos to prove it. Sharon declined any more drinks, but Nick imagined she could still do chocolate. Noah requested that Nick fetch them some double fudge brownies, and he offered to tip if his father danced them over to the table.

Later, Sharon commended Nick for making the day fun. He joked that not many people got to see him dance twice in one week. She wished Faith had been there with them, and she bemoaned that having an empty nest would be hard when the teen left for college. Sharon knew it would be the beginning of Faith's real adult life, but she expected to miss her daughter like crazy. Sharon warned Nick not to tell Faith, since she wanted the girl to go out and become the person she was meant to be. Nick promised her secret was safe with him.

Sharon recognized that she wouldn't really be alone when Faith left for college, and Nick joked that she just had to think about making dinner to have Noah show up. Nick added that he wasn't going anywhere, and he invited her over to hang out with Christian if she ever got lonely. Sharon inquired whether the boy still liked having bedtime stories read to him, and Nick thought Christian could be convinced if she was the one reading them. Sharon considered taking him up on it.

Across the coffeehouse, Noah listened to Billy's podcast, which questioned when insecurity was just a passing phase and when it became a chronic flaw. Billy contemplated what it would take to get out of the place one found themselves in, and he understood if people felt alone because he felt that way, too.

At Newman Media, Sally knocked on Adam's office door and asked if he had a minute. He observed that she looked serious, and she closed the door and confirmed it was serious. He guessed she was concerned about getting Victoria and Ashland back together, so Victor would have no choice but to remove Victoria from Newman Enterprises. Sally announced that it was about an entirely different family business because Chancellor-Winters could be major competition for them. She wondered if there was enough room in town for them both.

Adam stated that the merger of Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters didn't keep him up at night, but Sally asked if he'd gotten a look at the combined entity's stable of talent. She worried that Chancellor-Winters had created an entertainment media juggernaut, but he pointed out that the company also had a major liability in Billy Abbott, who had a built-in destruct mode that could go off at any minute. Adam thought Chancellor-Winters should be afraid of what Newman Media had in the pipeline. Adam answered a call from Victor and thanked his father for letting him know. "Unbelievable," Adam muttered.

Adam shared that Victoria and Nikki were going out of town so Victoria could clear her head. Adam sarcastically added that it had been terribly stressful for his sister to realize that she'd almost handed the company over to her con artist husband, so the poor woman deserved some downtime at a European spa. Adam bitterly questioned why his dad couldn't see that Victoria was unfit to run Newman. Sally declared that it was up to them to open Victor's eyes, but Adam grumbled that Victoria and Ashland would never find their way back together if she was on a different continent. Sally considered whether the trip was actually a blessing in disguise.

Sally pointed out that she and Adam had just started laying the groundwork to convince Ashland not to give up on Victoria and Victoria to forgive her husband. Sally figured that distance would make the heart grow fonder, and the more distance Victoria put between them, the more she'd realize she missed Ashland. Sally reminded Adam that they'd known it would be a slow and challenging scheme, but Adam fretted that things would become more unpredictable as time passed, and they couldn't afford to fail. She recognized that if they did, he wouldn't become CEO of Newman Enterprises, and he said she'd lose her shot at being CEO of Newman Media. He doubted she could live with being stuck in second place when she knew how good it felt to be number one.

Sally confirmed that she'd loved every minute of her temporary reign, but she assured Adam that she wasn't going anywhere. She was grateful that he'd taken a leap of faith by hiring her as COO, and it was her pleasure to stay on with him at Newman Media. He cooed that it was good to know he had her in his corner, and she responded that he had her wherever he wanted her. She insisted that they not entertain any more talk of possible failure and only focus on positive thoughts and plans. He applauded her for always thinking five moves ahead, and he asked what they should do then. "This," she replied, and she whispered something in his ear. Moments later, they were back in a hotel suite in a passionate embrace.

After Adam and Sally had sex, she wanted to talk about their next move to get Ashland and Victoria back together. Adam cautioned that they had to avoid getting caught up in his dad's surveillance, since Victor was having Ashland watched. Adam indicated that Victor's goal was to get Ashland as far away from Genoa City as possible, and Sally jokingly contemplated whether any of Victor's other hobbies kept him busy. Adam suddenly realized that a crisis could take his father's focus off Ashland and force it elsewhere. Sally wondered what kind of crisis he had in mind.

Victoria breaks up a fight between Nikki and Diane

Victoria breaks up a fight between Nikki and Diane

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

by Nel

At the park, Diane told Traci she'd been hoping to see Kyle and Harrison there. Traci said Harrison was at a children's musical activity. Diane stated she'd been very moved when she'd seen that her little boy was all grown up and a father himself. Diane said no one would ever guess Harrison wasn't Summer's child because she was great with him. Traci said Summer and Harrison had formed a bond after his biological mother had left him so abruptly, and Summer had filled the void in Harrison's heart. She said Summer and Kyle had given Harrison all the love and security he needed.

Diane said that Traci didn't need to remind her how much she'd hurt Kyle when she'd left, and she claimed she lived with that pain daily. Traci said she wasn't making a comparison between Diane and Tara. Traci said she believed Diane about regretting the choices she'd made in the past. Diane claimed she'd been ready to face everyone, but the constant barrage of hostility had her feeling a little defensive.

Traci said Diane had had years to put things into perspective, but people were trying to wrap their heads around the idea that she'd faked her own death. Traci said Diane had opened up old wounds.

Diane told Traci she kept reminding herself that she wasn't entitled to anyone's forgiveness, and it was something she needed to earn. Diane said that after seeing Kyle and his family, she envisioned herself being part of it. She said she wanted to be there for Kyle the way she should have been all along.

Diane asked Traci if Summer or Kyle had given her any idea whether they were open to forgiving her or not. Traci said that Kyle was torn, and he needed time to process his feelings. Diane claimed if it had only been her and Kyle, he would have made his choice, but he needed to take his wife and son into account. Traci said Diane should take solace in seeing what an amazing young man Kyle had grown up to be.

Traci told Diane that whatever decision Kyle made, he would know in his heart it would be the right decision for himself and everyone he loved. Diane said she would respect Kyle's decision. Traci left.

In the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Summer told Phyllis it was hard to buy that Diane had just happened to be at the park when she and Kyle had been there with Harrison. Phyllis said because Diane had shown up at the wedding and then at the park, she saw red flags. She said Jack needed to protect his family and his grandson. Phyllis claimed Diane ignored all boundaries, and she advised Summer not to believe anything Diane said. Phyllis told Summer that she and Jack were more than friends.

Summer said she knew Jack would be careful with Phyllis' heart. Phyllis said they were taking it slow, and they hadn't shared anything with anyone. Summer asked if that was because Phyllis was concerned that she would be judged about her painful history. Phyllis admitted it was, but she was a new woman and good for Jack.

Phyllis asked Summer if Diane had told Harrison she was his grandmother when she'd seen him. Summer said Diane hadn't, but Kyle had been moved because it had reminded him of how Diane had been with him at Harrison's age. Phyllis said Diane knew how to take someone's vulnerabilities and exploit them. Phyllis stated that Diane would do the same thing with Jack because she knew Jack adored his grandson. Diane would claim that she and Jack shared a grandson.

Summer asked if Phyllis thought Diane was a threat to her and Jack's relationship. Summer said there was "no chance in hell" that would ever happen. Summer reminded Phyllis that Jack tolerated Diane for Kyle's sake, and Jack wanted Kyle to make his own decision about Diane. Summer said that after everything Diane had done, she wouldn't appeal to Jack.

Phyllis told Summer that Diane was a horrible human being, but she was a genius at psychological warfare. Summer claimed Phyllis was pretty good at that herself. Phyllis said Diane took any weakness or soft spot, and she exploited it; she would do the same with Jack. Phyllis said Jack had begun doubting his instincts, and he'd previously mentioned that perhaps they should accept that Diane had changed.

Phyllis told Summer she couldn't go through it again with Diane. Summer said Phyllis was sabotaging herself by being on constant edge as her way of protecting her relationship with Jack. Phyllis claimed she was only keeping a watchful eye on Diane. Summer said Phyllis was looking for any sign that Diane's old tricks were working on Jack. Summer asked if Diane was the reason Phyllis had dived back into romance with Jack.

Phyllis asked Summer why everyone thought she would be with Jack because of that viper Diane. Phyllis denied that she would ever use Jack to get back at Diane. Summer claimed Phyllis had a tendency to obsess over things and then overreact. Phyllis claimed her relationship with Jack had nothing to do with Diane.

Phyllis asked Summer about Marchetti. Summer said it had been a good thing that Phyllis hadn't accepted her job offer at Marchetti. Summer said she wasn't ready to discuss it. Phyllis asked about Harrison. Summer said he was oblivious to all the turmoil, but she had no idea how to explain all of Ashland's lies to Harrison.

Phyllis said Ashland was a horrible person -- using cancer to trick Victoria into marrying him so he could take over the company. Summer said she'd seen Victoria at the park right after they'd laid down the law with Ashland. She said Victoria had covered very well, but Victoria had to be in a state of shock. Summer said she and Kyle would have to protect Harrison from Ashland, who had no compassion or ethics, and Summer had to fend off Diane and Ashland at the same time.

Phyllis said Summer had no idea how vicious and conniving Diane could be. Summer said Diane was underestimating her because Diane had no idea who she was dealing with. Summer said there was no way that narcissist was going to hurt her little boy the way she'd hurt Kyle. Phyllis hoped she'd put enough fear into Diane so that she would leave Genoa City

At home, Kyle said he was happy that Jack was keeping Phyllis company. Kyle said he saw the dynamic between Jack and Phyllis, and he'd wondered why Jack had been out so late after the wedding. Jack said it was none of Kyle's business. Jack admitted that he and Phyllis were testing the waters. Kyle stated that it was great news. Jack warned Kyle not to read too much into it because he and Phyllis didn't know where it was going.

Kyle said that Jack and Phyllis had been growing closer for months, and at the wedding, Jack and Phyllis had been dancing and smiling like they'd been the newlyweds. Kyle asked why Jack was downplaying the relationship. Jack said he was delighted with the way things had been going. Kyle asked why Jack kept anticipating that everything would go off the rails. Jack said at that stage in his life, he knew better than to get ahead of himself. Jack said he was going to enjoy whatever it might be.

Jack told Kyle he wasn't suggesting that things would fall apart for him and Phyllis, but he was done trying to predict the future. He admitted that he and Phyllis had come close to deciding it wasn't worth the risk, and they wanted to preserve their friendship. Jack said there was a lot of contentious history between Diane and Phyllis, and Phyllis wanted Diane out of town soon. Jack said he wondered if Phyllis was trying to convince Diane there was nothing there for Diane if she decided to stay.

Kyle asked Jack if Phyllis believed that Diane had returned to Genoa City, hoping something would happen between Diane and Jack. Jack said that was Phyllis' thinking, but even if that were the case, it wouldn't happen in a thousand years. Kyle asked if Jack believed that had been the reason Phyllis had spent the night with him. Jack stated Phyllis had made it very clear how she felt about him.

Jack asked Kyle what was going on between him and Diane. Kyle said every day, there was a moment or incident when he thought Diane might be sincere, but he questioned whether he was seeing what he wanted to see. Jack said it sounded like Kyle was trying to justify giving Diane another chance. Kyle admitted he was at that point.

Kyle told Jack it disgusted him that Ashland had tried to get his greedy claws into Newman Enterprises. He said Ashland had never cared about Harrison the way he'd claimed. Kyle said he didn't feel guilty about keeping Ashland and Harrison apart. Jack said Ashland would put up a fight. Kyle said Ashland didn't need to pretend that Harrison was important to him. Jack said that after his conversation with Ashland, Jack believed that Ashland saw Harrison as the only good thing left in his life. Kyle said Harrison was Ashland's backup family, since he'd destroyed everything, and his life was falling apart. Kyle said he wouldn't stand for that.

Together, Kyle and Jack looked at Jabot numbers. Kyle was delighted they were in the black after everything Ashland had put them through. Kyle said it was a good time to think about an expansion project.

At that moment, Traci arrived and said she'd run into Diane at the park. Kyle asked why Diane had been there. Traci said Diane had hoped for another chance encounter with Kyle and Harrison. Traci said it had meant a lot to Diane to meet Harrison. She said she'd told Diane that Kyle needed more time to make a decision. Kyle said perhaps he shouldn't leave Diane hanging.

Jack told Kyle that Diane had put herself into that situation. Kyle said that wasn't an excuse for him to drag things out. Jack said he hoped alarm bells were ringing if Kyle was putting Diane's needs and wants ahead of his family's. Jack said Diane was an expert at getting people to focus their attention on her.

At Society, Victoria assured Victor they had everything under control at Newman, and he didn't need to bring Adam in as temporary CEO while she and Nikki were out of the country. Victor said it was a great idea for both of them to get away, especially Victoria.

Ashland arrived and approached the Newman table. Victoria told Ashland they were wrapping up a business meeting. Ashland claimed he wanted a word with Victor. Victor said he'd paid Ashland a lot of money so Victor wouldn't have to look at him again. Nikki said it was time for her and Victoria to leave and pack for their trip. Ashland asked Victoria how long she would be gone. Victoria said they hadn't decided, and it shouldn't make any difference to him.

After Nikki and Victoria left, Victor told Ashland there was no need for Ashland to stay in town. Ashland told Victor he owed Victor an apology, even though he doubted Victor would trust anything he said. Ashland said what he'd done to Victoria had been despicable, and he would regret it to his dying day. Victor asked it Ashland meant the day he actually died.

Ashland told Victor that Victoria was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He said he should have treasured her, but unfortunately, he'd realized that too late. Ashland said because of his own greed and arrogance, he might have lost her. Victor said Ashland had lost her. He said what Ashland had done had been unforgivable, and Victoria would never forgive him.

Victor told Ashland it was a pathetic apology. He told Ashland to get out of town because no one wanted anything to do with him, least of all Victoria. Victor said Victoria was sick and tired of Ashland's glib apologies and promises. Ashland said that in the past, he and Victor had talked about what they had in common, their backgrounds and their outlook on life. Victor asked if it had occurred to Ashland that he might have suspected that Ashland had tried to manipulate him into feeling sympathetic toward him to gain Victor's confidence.

Ashland told Victor he'd lied about the cancer and the treatment; however, growing up with an abusive father and starting out with less than nothing had been true. Victor said Ashland had lied about his cancer and talked about it like it had been nothing. He stated that Ashland was using his miserable childhood as an excuse for all the lies. Ashland claimed that men like them didn't hide behind excuses; they owned up to their mistakes. Ashland said that Victor wouldn't be where he was if Nikki and his children hadn't forgiven him for some ugly sins of his own.

Victor told Ashland to stop comparing himself with Victor. He asked if that was Ashland's attempt at winning some points with Victoria. He said Victoria would laugh at Ashland. Ashland said Victoria loved him. Victor stated that was past tense. He said he wouldn't forgive Ashland for lying to Victoria and breaking her heart. He told Ashland to get out of town -- or else. Ashland said that sounded like a threat, but Victor called it a guarantee and said he would do anything in his power to protect his family. He suggested that Ashland not push him to that point. Victor left.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki became angry when she saw Diane. She asked why Diane was still in town, despite everyone's advice and warnings. Diane said the advice and warnings were threats, and she'd ignored them because the only thing that mattered was Kyle. Nikki asked if Kyle's opinion really mattered. Diane said she had a long way to go after the horrible things she'd done, and she understood how Nikki felt.

Nikki told Diane she wanted Diane to disappear, and maybe Diane could do that without stealing a corpse and framing half the people in town for murder. Nikki claimed Diane was hanging around hoping Kyle would take pity on her. Nikki said he was the only one who could rescue Diane from the mess she'd made of her life. Diane claimed she'd rescued herself.

Nikki stated that Diane was a professional gold digger. Diane denied it. Nikki claimed Diane's new life hadn't worked out the way she'd wanted, she was broke, and she was throwing herself at Kyle's feet, hoping she could con her way into the Abbott fortune. Diane claimed it had nothing to do with money. Nikki said Kyle was a smart and savvy young man, and he would see through Diane and tell her that he'd been better off when she'd been dead.

Diane slapped Nikki across the face, and Nikki retaliate and slapped Diane. Victoria entered just as Diane pushed Nikki. Victoria interceded and was shocked to see Diane was alive. Diane congratulated Victoria on her success and said she'd followed Victoria's career from afar. Victoria told Diane to save her phony praise. Nikki said the longer Diane kept her mouth shut, the better off she would be. Nikki told Diane to go back to the grave she'd crawled out of and to stay there. Victoria and Nikki left. Victor stood in the patio doorway.

Phyllis asks Jack to talk her off the ledge

Phyllis asks Jack to talk her off the ledge

Thursday, May 26, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Victor told Diane that no one in Genoa City wanted her there. Diane said she only cared about Kyle's opinion. Victor said Kyle remembered that Diane had abandoned him. Diane stated that she would take her leads from Kyle, and Victor's glare wouldn't chase her out of town until Kyle told her what he wanted.

Victor said Diane was making a dangerous choice. Diane said she might have faked her own death, but no one was faking their hostility toward her. She said that had been the reason she'd left. She said the fear had cost her a relationship with Kyle. She said winning Kyle's forgiveness was worth anything Victor could put her through. Victor told her to stick around and spend time with Kyle, and he would realize what everyone had known for years; she was an incompetent mother and a narcissist. He claimed Diane would never change, and he left.

At the coffeehouse, Billy offered Chance his condolences about Rey. Billy said it couldn't have been easy for Chance to lose his partner, especially after the year Chance had had. Chance said he missed Rey every day.

Chance congratulated Billy on his position as COO at Chancellor-Winters. Chance said he'd listened to Billy's podcast, and it had hit home. Billy asked why Chance had listened to a podcast on insecurity. Chance said adjusting to civilian life after Spain hadn't been easy, and no one was immune to self-doubt. Chance left.

At the park, Devon and Abby spent time with Dominic. Abby said that Dominic looked like Devon in certain expressions. Chance stood in the background and saw the bond between Abby and Devon. Devon left to meet with Lily and Nate when Chance greeted them.

Chance told Abby that Dominic had quite the pitching arm. Abby claimed Dominic had to have gotten that from Devon. She immediately apologized. Chance said it was okay because Devon was the biological father, and he would display a lot of things from Devon. He speculated that they would probably see more as Dominic got older. Chance said he felt more confident with his role in Dominic's life. Abby said she'd noticed the emotional connection between Dominic and Chance. Chance said he had to work late. Abby and Chance kissed, and he left.

At the Abbotts', Ashland told Jack he was hoping to see Harrison. Jack said he would have to get Summer and Kyle's permission, and they weren't home. Jack stated that Ashland had known that, and he'd thought he would drop by, hoping to get around their decision to block his access to Harrison. Jack said he agreed with their decision.

Ashland told Jack that Summer and Kyle were young and headstrong, and they'd forgotten they had a legal and binding agreement. Jack stated that no judge would consider Ashland a good influence on a child. Ashland asked if he needed to go before a judge for a court order to see his own son. Jack said yes, and Ashland left.

Victor greeted Summer and Kyle at Society. He told them Victoria and Nikki had gone on vacation to get away from all the madness involving Ashland. Summer said it was sickening the way Ashland had lied to Victoria. Kyle said they'd made it clear to Ashland that they didn't want him around.

Victor told Kyle he'd seen Diane earlier, and she hadn't left town because she was waiting for Kyle to tell her what to do. Kyle said finding out she was alive had been a shock, and he'd been sorting through a lot. Victor said he remembered when Diane had abandoned Kyle. Kyle said he didn't know if he was ready to cut Diane out of his life until he'd given her a chance to redeem herself. Kyle stepped away to take a call from work.

Victor asked Summer what she thought about Diane being back in town. He said Diane had angered a lot of people, and she'd traumatized Kyle when he'd been a boy. Summer said she'd heard it all from Phyllis. Victor stated that Diane was a very dangerous woman, and she hadn't changed. Victor claimed Diane was going to cause a lot of trouble, and he wanted to make sure that Summer made Kyle aware of what Diane had done.

When Kyle returned, Summer said Victor had to be somewhere, but he hadn't been upset. Kyle said he'd asked Jabot's COO about their liquidity, and he said they had the money to buy Marchetti. Summer said they had a solid case to present to Jack about that acquisition, provided Kyle still felt good about moving back home. Kyle said he felt it would be wonderful for Harrison to grow up around grandparents, uncles, and cousins, and surrounded by love.

Summer agreed with Kyle that it would be great for Harrison to be surrounded by extended family, but it didn't have to include Diane. Kyle knew immediately that Victor had had a hand in Summer's statement. Kyle said he hated the position Summer was in. She said she wasn't trying to sway Kyle's decision either way. Summer said she wanted him to weigh all the factors, and she understood that Kyle was hoping that Harrison would experience the best of Diane without suffering the worst. Summer asked if that was possible or worth the risk.

Kyle told Summer he had to make up his mind because it wasn't fair to those involved to leave them in limbo. He said he had to make a choice and live with the consequences.

At the Grand Phoenix, Diane commented that Ashland looked like his day hadn't been any better than hers. Ashland said he'd been at the Abbotts', and Summer and Kyle wouldn't allow him to see Harrison. Ashland said he couldn't believe they were protecting Harrison from him. He said he'd loved that child since he'd taken his first breath, and finding out that he wasn't the biological father wouldn't make him forget that. Diane said she'd met Harrison, and she had no doubt that he was surrounded by love.

Phyllis exited the elevator, and when she saw Diane and Ashland, she said of course they would find each other because two lying and cheating gamers would recognize each other. Ashland invited Diane to have a coffee with him, but Phyllis said it was almost checkout time, and Diane had to leave; she did add that Diane could have coffee with Ashland, and a bellman would go to Diane's suite and throw Diane's things on the sidewalk. Diane said she would handle it herself. Phyllis walked away.

Diane declined Ashland's invitation and said that as soon as she checked out, she would fly back to Los Angeles. Diane handed Phyllis her key card. Kyle arrived and said he would drive Diane wherever she needed to go. Phyllis walked away. Diane said it depended on Kyle. She said if he needed more time to think things through, she would return to Los Angeles. Kyle asked her to stay. Diane was elated, and she hugged Kyle. Diane told Kyle she hadn't meant to get so emotional. She said she'd had an unfortunate run-in with Victor earlier.

Phyllis was behind the counter, glaring at Diane and Kyle. She wasn't happy about Kyle's decision.

Diane told Kyle that the Newmans and the Abbotts would give Kyle a hard time for asking her to stay. Kyle said he wanted to believe she'd changed, but he had to see it for himself. Diane said she was grateful that Kyle was giving her another chance. Kyle said he would take her to the Athletic Club, but Diane said she would find something less expensive. Kyle said he'd asked her to stay, and he would foot the bill. Diane hugged Kyle again, much to Phyllis' chagrin.

At the coffeehouse, Lily told Nate they'd done good work that day. When Imani arrived, Lily said they were finalizing the details for the party. Imani said she'd booked a few photograph releases from the various VIPs who would be attending. Imani left to order coffee.

When Devon arrived, Nate said they needed Devon's input on the guest list, and other than the governor, who had a conflict, they'd received a yes from everyone else. Devon said it appeared they had everything under control.

Devon asked Nate and Lily what they had in mind for music. Nate suggested they feature some of the newer artists and make a real showcase out of it. Devon asked why Nate hadn't run that by him before he'd presented it to Lily. Lily said it had only come up spontaneously in their conversation. Lily said it was a great idea and a great way to promote their media division.

Devon said it was his area of expertise and the company he handled. He said there might be some drawbacks that Nate hadn't considered. Nate apologized if he'd overstepped. Devon said it was fine, and they were all trying to find their footing. Devon said he had a meeting to attend, and he left.

At the counter, Imani eavesdropped.

Imani brought Nate a coffee and said as newbies, they had to stick together. Imani said she wouldn't have that job if it wasn't for Amanda; however, being knocked down a few pegs could take its toll on her. Nate said they'd just started behind the curve. Imani didn't think that was what it was about.

Imani told Nate she didn't know much about his history with Devon, but Nate knew the history between her and Amanda. She said there was still a little friction between them. Imani said she'd been raised by two loving parents who'd given her every advantage, but Amanda had had a harder life. She admitted that when she and Amanda had met, Imani had been very mean to her. Imani said she felt an undercurrent of something from Amanda.

Nate told Imani there were some similarities in his history with Devon. He said he'd grown up with a loving and protective mother, whereas Devon had been in and out of foster homes and had always been the outsider, like Amanda. Nate said he'd crossed the line with Elena, but it had worked out for the best. Imani asked if Nate thought Devon might have a chip on his shoulder. Nate said he wouldn't be surprised, but he and Devon were mostly in a good place, given how much at odds they'd been. Imani said it spoke to how much Devon valued having Nate in his life.

At the office, Billy told Lily he'd run into Chance at the coffeehouse, and Chance had said how much he'd liked the podcast. Lily said she was confused because she'd asked Billy how he'd felt about running the company with her family. She said Billy had said he'd needed to think through it on his own, but it had meant that he'd needed to talk about it on his podcast to an audience instead of to her.

Billy told Lily that the podcasts were his form of therapy, and it had been very effective. Lily asked if the podcasts were more effective than talking things out with her. Billy apologized because it had never been his intention to hurt Lily. Lily said she was hurt, but she was discussing it with Billy rather than sharing it with the world. She claimed Billy had given her the happy talk, but then he'd shut her out. Lily said in the future, she would listen to his podcast that he was sharing with the world to learn about his true feelings.

Billy told Lily that she was the most important person in his life, and perhaps he hadn't been completely truthful; however, it had been only because he'd had no idea what he'd been feeling. He said he had figured it out, and there was nothing for Lily to worry about. He said his little problems weren't Lily's to solve, and he wouldn't make them her responsibility.

Lily told Billy it needed to be resolved because they were at a very critical point in a huge project, and she was counting on Billy to keep things on track, especially since she was going out of town. She said that if Billy didn't like his position or if he wanted to change something, she hoped he could be up-front about it with her. Billy promised he was up for the challenge

Kyle returned to Society, and he told Summer he'd asked Diane to stay. He said he would still go slowly, and he wanted to see how much of the relationship he could salvage with Diane. Summer understood that it would be difficult to walk away with so many unanswered questions.

Kyle told Summer he'd put Diane up at the Athletic Club. He said he'd sensed that money was a concern, and he didn't want to put Diane into a situation where she felt desperate. Summer said it had been a wise idea, since Diane tended to make bad choices. Kyle said that as a kid, he'd wanted to give Diane money to solve her financial problems, and he was in a position where he could at least help. Summer said that Kyle knew how the rest of the family would interpret it; they would see it as Diane using him.

Kyle told Summer that Phyllis had been in the lobby, and she'd heard that Diane was staying. He said Phyllis wasn't happy. Summer said Phyllis was probably blowing up her phone with warnings about allowing Diane into their lives. Kyle said he would explain everything to Phyllis. Summer said she would assure Phyllis they would be careful, and they wouldn't let Diane get away with anything manipulative or sneaky. Kyle agreed and suggested that Summer tell Phyllis they would be moving back to town, and that might placate her. Summer told Kyle not to underestimate how much Phyllis loathed Diane.

Phyllis arrived at Jack's. She asked Jack to talk her off the ledge before she lost her mind completely. Phyllis told Jack it was a colossal mistake because if they gave Diane an inch, she would take advantage of it. Jack reminded her that she'd insisted on allowing Kyle to make a decision about Diane. Phyllis spat that she'd believed Kyle was intelligent enough to make a smart decision and that Diane was completely destructive.

Phyllis told Jack they would look back on it and realize they'd been complete idiots. Jack said she needed to calm down, but Phyllis yelled that she wouldn't calm down. She said it was a disaster waiting to happen. Jack said the kids were adults, and there was only so much they could do. Jack said that Kyle hadn't made that decision lightly. Phyllis said she wasn't going to accept it. Jack asked what Phyllis thought Diane was going to do. Still shouting, Phyllis said she didn't know because Diane was so unpredictable. Phyllis stated she wasn't doing well with the situation.

Phyllis told Jack that things had finally been going great between them. She said they'd taken things slowly; they'd admitted their feelings for each other, and they were in a good place. Jack agreed. Phyllis stated that she didn't want anyone coming into their life and ruining it. Jack swore that wouldn't happen. They kissed. Phyllis thanked him for talking her off the ledge.

Diane's true colors begin to shine through

Diane's true colors begin to shine through

Friday, May 27, 2022

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Jack told Phyllis he'd received a text message from Kyle asking Jack to meet him. Phyllis asked if the meeting was about business or Diane. Phyllis said she hoped Kyle realized that Diane staying in town was a bad idea because Kyle was going to get hurt. Jack said he wasn't going to influence Kyle. After Jack left, Phyllis whispered that someone had to.

At Crimson Lights, Summer complimented Chloe on how amazing Mariah and Tessa's wedding dresses had been. Chloe said they'd been Chelsea's vision; however, Chloe considered herself a genius whisperer. Summer stated it was her top priority as director at Marchetti. Chloe left for a meeting.

Later, Phyllis told Summer that Jack was meeting with Kyle at the house. Summer said she was aware that Phyllis was upset over a conversation she'd overheard between Kyle and Diane that Diane was staying in town. Phyllis claimed that Kyle would go through the pain of realizing his mother was the worst person on the planet.

Phyllis told Summer that Jack wanted Kyle to find out for himself that Diane would only cause him pain. Phyllis asked Summer to convince Kyle to put his family first and get Diane out of town. Summer said she wouldn't give Kyle an ultimatum. Phyllis claimed that if Summer told Kyle that it was a mistake to hang around Diane, he would listen.

Summer told Phyllis she wasn't certain that it was a bad idea for Kyle to get to know who Diane was and how important it was to have a mother in his life. Summer said when Phyllis had been in a coma, Summer had felt lost. Phyllis said she hadn't chosen to be separated from Summer, and no decent mother would willingly choose to be separated from her child and have them believe she was dead. Summer pointed out that Dina and Jack had repaired their relationship and that the time Jack had spent with Dina had wound up being very precious to him.

Phyllis claimed that Summer's defense of Diane was always based around someone else's experience. Phyllis said what Diane had done was inexcusable. Summer reminded Phyllis that she'd supported Jack in reconnecting with Dina. Phyllis admitted she had because Dina had been at the end of her days, and she'd been unable to hurt Jack again. Phyllis stated Diane was in the prime of her miserable life, and Kyle was fixated on what could have been, what Diane could be, and what Kyle wanted Diane to be, and he couldn't see who Diane really was.

Phyllis told Summer that Diane would remove Kyle emotionally from the Abbotts. She said Ashley had said something against Diane, and Kyle had defended Diane. Phyllis said that Kyle would wind up constantly defending Diane, and that would separate him from the entire town. Phyllis declared that there was a reason no one wanted Diane there and a reason why everyone hated her. Summer said she realized it was more about Phyllis' hatred of Diane than concern for Kyle.

Phyllis admitted to Summer that she hated Diane. Summer stated that Kyle didn't hate Diane, and he was the one who mattered. Phyllis said she believed Kyle was dealing with all his feelings of his mother returning from the dead and losing her when he'd been a little boy, and he had a million "what ifs" going on in his head. Summer said she hoped the time Kyle spent with Diane would answer all his questions.

Phyllis told Summer she knew Diane had been plotting and planning her return for a very long time, and Diane was capitalizing on Kyle's emotions and manipulating him. Phyllis begged Summer not to underestimate what Diane would do to Kyle or what she would do to Summer's marriage. Summer stated she would make sure Diane wouldn't affect her marriage, and for Kyle's sake, she had to let things play out.

Summer told Phyllis that Marchetti was in trouble and that she'd discovered the company was dangerously overextended financially. Summer explained her and Kyle's plan for Marchetti, and Phyllis thought it was an amazing idea. Summer said if they brought Marchetti into the Jabot fold, they would need an injection of creative talent, and Jabot could provide the capital needed to get Marchetti out of their financial mess.

Summer told Phyllis they would move back and have Marchetti's home base in Genoa City. Summer assured Phyllis that Diane had not factored into their plans. She said Kyle had enjoyed living in Milan, but she'd been the driving force for them being there. Summer said they'd realized they were missing out on a lot living so far away.

At Society, Adam told Sally one of the worst things about Victoria returning to work was that the streaming deal he'd pitched to Victor was dead. Sally suggested that Newman Media launch a platform that targeted a very particular demographic with specific content and build their audience that way. Adam said that could be interesting. Sally said she understood Adam's frustration that their plans for Ashland and Victoria had been put on hold, but it was temporary.

Chelsea arrived, and while on the phone, she chastised Chloe in a voicemail because Chloe was late for their meeting. Chelsea also mentioned that she'd received a call informing her their fabric delivery would be late, and they needed to figure out what to do. She ended her call.

Adam asked Chelsea if everything was all right. Chelsea said everything was great. Chelsea claimed she was sure some people would love something to be wrong with her. Sally turned and said she was sick of Chelsea's baseless accusations. Adam stated that no one wished Chelsea any harm.

Chelsea told Adam that Sally wouldn't say anything out loud in front of the man who'd handed her a corporate desk job where she could stand in judgment of all the people who actually created something on a daily basis. Sally claimed her role was very creative. When Chloe arrived, she and Chelsea sat down at a table to work.

Adam told Sally that Chelsea was really on edge. Sally said she shouldn't have gotten into it with Chelsea, but she wouldn't allow anyone to speak to her that way. Adam understood, and he hoped it was work related; he'd seen Chelsea that way previously, and it had been much deeper than a bad day at the office.

Chloe assured Chelsea the delivery date wouldn't affect their schedule because she'd built in some wiggle room. Chelsea claimed she was sick of suffering the consequences of other people's mistakes. Chloe offered to call the supplier and negotiate a discount, but Chelsea claimed that wasn't the point. Chloe asked if Chelsea was okay. Chelsea claimed she hadn't been sleeping well because her mind would begin to spin at bedtime, and she couldn't make it stop.

Chloe told Chelsea that was normal, and Chelsea was the creative genius of their partnership. Chloe told Chelsea to let Chloe handle the details. She said Chelsea needed to focus of what Chelsea did best. Chelsea complained that they'd had a stable home for their line until Victoria had dropped them for no reason. Chloe reminded Chelsea that they'd found a better home with Lauren. Annoyed, Chelsea asked if Chloe knew that Victoria was on a European spa vacation. Chelsea claimed a man was dead because of Victoria, and it made Chelsea sick.

Chloe told Chelsea there was nothing wrong with Victoria taking a trip. Chloe stated that they needed a break. She suggested that they take a girls' trip to New York, but Chelsea snapped that she didn't want a girls' trip or for Chloe to babysit her. Chelsea claimed Chloe was patronizing her, and she accused Chloe of lying. Chelsea claimed she wasn't stupid; she grabbed her bag and stormed out.

Adam asked Chloe about Chelsea's mental state because Chelsea had just blown up at Chloe and stormed out. Adam said he recognized the signs because he'd lived through them, and he worried it could affect Connor. Chloe stated that Chelsea was a great mom, and no matter what else was going on, Adam didn't need to worry about Connor. Chloe said Rey's death had really affected Chelsea because she'd invested more time into her friendship with Rey than she'd admit, and suddenly, Rey was out of her life.

Adam told Chloe that Connor was coming to terms about Rey's death, but Adam hadn't realized that Chelsea was still struggling with it or how much Rey had meant to her. Chloe said Rey had given Chelsea the courage to return to town, face everyone, and move forward. Adam asked if losing Rey was going to set Chelsea back. Chloe said Chelsea was angry at the world, and Chloe left.

Adam told Sally that Chelsea had become more attached to Rey than anyone had realized. Sally said Rey had forgiven Chelsea after she'd tried to poison him, and they'd became friends. She said it made sense that losing Rey so tragically would affect Chelsea. Adam told Sally there was more going on with Chelsea than grieving a friend.

At the Abbotts', Diane told Kyle it had been fun watching Harrison play in the backyard with Max. Kyle said it was nice to have Max's mother there because she could be trusted with his kid.

Kyle thanked Diane for not pushing things with Harrison because he wasn't sure what Diane would be to him. Diane said all Harrison needed to know was that she wanted to spend more time with him and Kyle, and she would take her cues from Kyle. Jack arrived and said he wasn't surprised to see Diane there. Diane said she'd been invited. Kyle told Jack that Diane would be staying in town a little longer.

Jack told Kyle that Phyllis had informed him about the conversation she'd overheard between them. Kyle said he'd asked Diane to stay a bit longer and that he'd moved Diane to the Athletic Club. Jack stated that after Kyle's text message, he'd assumed they would talk about Diane and how they would move forward. Diane accused Jack of wanting to tell Kyle how he really felt. Jack said he'd been very careful not to influence Kyle in any way.

Diane told Jack that Phyllis had made her motives crystal clear, and Phyllis had kicked Diane out of her hotel, hoping Diane would leave town. Jack said Phyllis had acted on her own, and he warned Kyle to be careful if he planned to move forward with Diane because there was no turning back.

Diane told Jack that all that opposition might backfire. Jack asked if Diane would lash out when her back was against the wall. Diane suggested that Jack ease up. She assured Jack she'd been open and honest with Kyle as Kyle had been with her. She said she wanted a meaningful relationship, which was the sole reason she was staying.

Diane thanked Kyle for allowing her to spend time with Harrison. She suggested that Harrison call her "DeeDee"; it wouldn't have to mean anything significant. Kyle claimed he liked it. Jack stood to one side, seething. Diane left.

Jack told Kyle that what Diane had just done had been a perfect example of Diane framing herself and Kyle against the world and minimizing the justifiable concerns of people she'd hurt. Jack said he'd promised Kyle he would support whatever Kyle decided, but he couldn't turn a blind eye to Diane insinuating herself into Kyle's life and taking liberties. Kyle agreed, but he said Diane was still his mother. He said they'd been a team for most of his childhood, until they hadn't been.

Kyle told Jack he believed that Diane had been broken back then and that she'd done things she was ashamed of. Jack stated that he'd believed it would be a trial period for Kyle to spend some time with Diane to get to know her better before he let her all the way into his life, but it sounded like Kyle had already done that. Kyle wished Jack and the rest of the family would keep an open mind. Kyle asked why, if he'd seen enough to give Diane that opening, Jack couldn't. He hoped Jack would try. Jack said he would do his best.

Jack said it was a good thing that Kyle would be staying for a while. Kyle said they were thinking about moving back to Genoa City. Jack asked if Summer would have to leave Marchetti. Kyle said there was something to be said for a fashion house with the kind of cache and brand recognition Marchetti brought to the table. He said the place needed new leadership and a solid financial plan for the future, and Jabot could provide that. Jack asked if Kyle wanted Jabot to buy Marchetti.

Kyle told Jack that Marchetti had a lot of debt, but there was a substantial amount of liquidity, which would provide them with a significant boost in tax benefits. Kyle said they both knew a deal like that hinged on more than just the financials but also on the intangibles, and Summer was ready to take it on.

Jack told Kyle that they'd made a conscious decision to step away from fashion and to focus on their core business, cosmetics. Kyle said Jack had taught him to always be prepared when a big opportunity presented itself. Jack asked how much Diane had factored into his decision. Kyle said none.

Jack went to see Diane at the Athletic Club to tell her that he'd decided to support Kyle's decision about allowing Diane into his life. Jack said he hoped she was the changed woman she claimed to be because her absence had left a void in Kyle's life, one Jack had tried to fill with love, kindness, nurturing commitment, and the connection Kyle had missed from the mother he thought he'd lost.

Jack told Diane that if it turned out that she had a secret ulterior motive or that she was lying, he would make Diane regret it. Diane said she gave him her solemn word she would never hurt Kyle again. Diane said her goal was to rebuild her relationship with Kyle and enjoy the company of her grandson. She said she hoped Jack would see that she was sincere and eventually trust her.

Diane said that if Jack could accept that she and Kyle could be good for each other, it would bring Jack some happiness. She said she knew what it felt like to be lonely and uncertain about life. Jack stated his life was in a good place, professionally and personally. Jack left.

Diane smiled at the photo of Harrison she had on her phone. She said things were going better than she'd thought. She said Harrison would be spending a lot of time with his DeeDee.

Chelsea arrived at the park, greatly agitated. Kyle watched as she slammed her bag down, and he asked if she was okay. Chelsea said she was fine. She said maybe Chloe had been right, and she needed a spa day. Kyle said perhaps Chelsea just needed to tell him what was going on. She claimed she'd overreacted about something at work. She stated her career was very important to her, and she took things too personally.

Chelsea told Kyle she should learn not to stress cry in public places. Kyle said it happened to the best of them. She asked if he stress cried. Kyle teased that he might have teared up once or twice. Chelsea laughed and thanked Kyle for his kind words. Kyle left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Jack that Summer had filled her in about Marchetti. Jack asked if Phyllis was worried that Diane would see it as a reason to stay. Phyllis said that wouldn't happen. Jack said that when he'd arrived at home, Diane had been visiting Harrison, and she'd acted like she belonged there and was already part of the family. Jack said she'd even had a nickname that Harrison could call her: DeeDee. Phyllis said Diane had gone away once, and she needed to go away again.

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