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Michael filed a civil suit against Ashland for fraud. Kyle had Ashland served with a restraining order. Ashland considered leaving town. Jack walked in on Phyllis admitting to Diane that she'd been marking Jack as her territory. Jack decided to proceed with Jabot's acquisition of Marchetti.
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Michael filed a civil suit against Ashland for fraud, and Jack overheard Phyllis make a troubling comment about their relationship
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Victor enlists Summer's help to keep Ashland from Harrison

Victor enlists Summer's help to keep Ashland from Harrison

Monday, May 30, 2022

At the Athletic Club, Diane was pleased when she found Kyle and Summer at her door. Kyle said he'd wanted to see if Diane needed anything, and she chirped that she would be much happier there, without Phyllis lurking in the shadows. Diane recognized that it was a faux pas to complain about Phyllis in front of Summer, but she contended that Phyllis had it out for her. Summer stated that she was aware of her mother's feelings about Diane.

Diane hoped Summer was there because she was willing to make up her own mind, and Summer clarified that she was there to support her husband. Summer spied the family photo of Diane, Jack, and Kyle on the nightstand and commented that Diane had wasted no time making herself at home. Diane claimed that whenever she moved, the first thing she took out was a photo of her beautiful boy. She imagined that Kyle and Summer would be packing up their things to go back to Milan soon. Kyle announced that there might be a chance they'd be moving back to Genoa City permanently.

Diane gushed that it was incredible, but Kyle and Summer stressed that nothing had been decided yet. Diane wondered whether Summer planned to quit her dream job so Kyle could move back home, but Kyle insisted that it had been a mutual decision based on what was best for both their careers. Summer revealed that it had been her idea and that she wouldn't be giving up her dream job. Diane exclaimed that she'd love to spend more time with Summer.

Summer imagined that Diane had commitments back in Los Angeles. Diane reasoned that working in real estate meant she was her own boss, so she was free to be there as long as Kyle wanted her there, but she wouldn't push. Summer let a call from Victor go to voicemail. Kyle indicated that he and Summer had to get going if they wanted to make the move a reality, and Diane hoped everything worked out. Kyle and Summer left, and Diane grinned broadly.

Phyllis treated Jack to a picnic in Chancellor Park. She explained that he'd been under a lot of pressure, and he deserved the finer things in life. She presented him with berries, doughnuts, and bubbly, and she suggested that they celebrate the possibility of Summer, Kyle, and Harrison moving back to Genoa City. Jack warned that it would be expensive and risky for Jabot to buy Marchetti, and he wouldn't make it happen solely to get their children back home.

Phyllis argued that having Kyle and Harrison back in town would be the answer to Jack's prayers. Jack countered that it wouldn't be smart business to acquire a company just to fill an emotional need; it also had to make financial sense. He continued that Jabot had just gotten out of the fashion business, and he wasn't sure it was the right move to get back in. Phyllis contended that it would be the right move for Kyle and Summer's family, but Jack stressed that he owed it to everyone to think it through from all angles before deciding.

Jack recognized that Phyllis would throw caution to the wind and spend her last dime to get Summer back in town. He supposed that she was irritated with him, but she said she understood that he had to think about his family's company. Phyllis compared the situation to how they'd taken time to look at all the angles before getting back together. She proposed that they still celebrate their own reunion as well as the possibility of Kyle and Summer moving back to town.

At Society, Michael told Victor that he'd completed the paperwork to file a civil suit against Ashland for fraud. Victor instructed Michael to "bury that bastard" in subpoenas and depositions, but he worried about the company and Victoria getting hurt if the suit was made public. Michael assured him that none of it would see the light of day in a courtroom, since he expected Ashland to wave the white flag before things ever got that far. Victor ordered Michael to make sure there was no reason for Ashland to stay in town.

Adam approached and inquired whether Victor had heard from Victoria since she'd left on her trip. Victor responded that he hadn't, and Adam asked when she was expected to return. Victor hoped she stayed away a long time to enjoy herself, since it would give them more of a chance to get Ashland out of town during her absence. Adam questioned why Victor was chasing Ashland when he was no longer causing them trouble. Michael huffed that ignoring a festering sore wouldn't make it go away.

Adam recognized that Michael had an axe to grind with Ashland, but he lectured that it wasn't in the Newman family's best interests to hold Ashland accountable after he'd already accepted their deal. Michael retorted that Adam wanted to hold Victoria accountable, yet the only person who would benefit from punishing Newman's CEO would be Adam. Victor ordered them both to calm down, and he announced that he had a way to get Ashland not only out of their lives but also out of town.

Later, Summer joined Victor at Society and declared that she'd missed having impromptu visits with family. Victor suggested that he and Nikki have a party at the ranch to honor Summer, Kyle, and Harrison's return. Summer proposed that they make it a celebration dinner, since they were considering moving back home permanently. Victor was thrilled, and she informed him that Harrison had broken into a happy dance when she'd mentioned the idea of having chess lessons with Victor.

Summer advised Victor not to spoil the boy, but Victor proclaimed that it was a grandfather's privilege to spoil his grandchildren. Victor added that Harrison was as much a Newman as he was an Abbott, but Summer pointed out that Ashland still considered himself to be Harrison's father. Victor revealed that he'd summoned her there to implore her to ask Kyle to restrict Ashland's visitation with Harrison. She hesitated to escalate thing by taking legal action, but Victor insisted that it was of utmost importance for Ashland to "get the hell out of town." Summer asserted that it was her and Kyle's job to protect Harrison.

Victor argued that Harrison's return to town had given Ashland a reason to stay, and he anticipated that Ashland would talk good-natured people like Summer and Kyle into sharing custody. Summer recalled that Kyle had been ready to rip Ashland to shreds when they'd heard about what Ashland had done to Victoria and the family, and she didn't think it would be a problem to keep Ashland out of Harrison's life. She added that the boy owned a huge piece of her heart, and she was determined to protect him. Victor repeated his request that she talk to Kyle. "I'll make it happen," she pledged.

After Victor left, Kyle joined Summer and informed her that he was ready to make a full presentation to his dad about Jabot acquiring Marchetti. Summer revealed that Victor wanted them to take immediate action to restrict Ashland's access to Harrison. Kyle agreed that he didn't want Ashland to have any influence on the boy, but he didn't want to take any action that would harm Harrison, who loved Ashland. Summer promised that they would explain things to Harrison in the most loving way possible, but she was adamant that Ashland be removed from Harrison's life. "We need to stop him -- now," Summer insisted.

At Crimson Lights, Ashland explained to his lawyer that his relationship with Harrison's biological father had become strained, and he sought assurance that Kyle and Summer couldn't keep him from spending time with the boy. The attorney offered to review the agreement and get back to him, and he pressed her to do it right away. Sharon eyed them as Ashland pleaded that the child meant everything to him. The lawyer said she'd be in touch, and she left. Sharon approached Ashland's booth, and he indicated how sorry he was about Rey. She spat that he could save his thoughts and prayers, but she had a few things she wanted to say to him.

Sharon acknowledged that Ashland had donated a large sum of money to New Hope in Rey's name, and Ashland protested that the donation was supposed to remain anonymous. Sharon bellowed that they both knew that was a load of crap, but she was glad Rey's name would live on in association with helping people improve their lives. She scolded that Ashland had done nothing but lie to the people who'd trusted him, and his grand gesture didn't absolve him of anything. She recalled that she'd confronted him about lying about having a fatal illness; he'd sworn that it had been a smear campaign, but she knew the depth of his deception.

Ashland claimed that he deeply regretted what he'd done. Sharon ranted that he had no idea what it was like to have a doctor tell him he had cancer, leaving him to wonder how much time he had left. She recounted that there had been many days she hadn't wanted to get out of bed, but she'd done it to keep her loved ones from worrying. She continued that there had been days so miserable that she'd wanted them to end, but she'd been fortunate to have a lot of people to get her through the treatments and nausea.

Sharon cited the worst part as being what her illness had done to her family and friends, and she admonished Ashland for putting Victoria and Harrison through that on purpose. Sharon barked that no amount of money in the world would ever make amends for what Ashland had done, and she called him disgusting. Noah overheard and asked if everything was okay. Sharon replied that she was better, and she stepped away to get Noah a drink. Ashland seemed visibly shaken by her words.

Sharon handed Noah a special drink that she only made for her favorite customers. He surmised that she hadn't made one for Ashland, and she muttered that she didn't want to waste another moment on Locke. Noah mentioned the photos Mariah and Tessa had sent from Paris, and he mused that the pictures had made him miss Europe. He swore that he wasn't going anywhere because he loved being home, but he was just feeling restless.

Noah glanced over at a brooding Ashland and asked if Sharon was okay. She thanked him for worrying but assured him that she didn't need protection. Sharon greeted Allie, who enthused that she'd had a great time at the wedding. Noah teased that only the boldest of wedding crashers would dare to admit it. Allie apologetically babbled about how Summer had invited her to go, and Sharon told her Noah had only been kidding. Allie ordered a cold drink, and Sharon invited her to have a seat.

Noah watched Allie head to the patio, and he sympathized that she'd been overwhelmed by finding an instant family. He volunteered to take the drink over to Allie and try to annoy her less than he had been. Noah presented Allie with the drink and claimed that his mother only made it for the cool kids. He noticed that she'd been about to listen to music, and he figured that would be better entertainment than his attempt at small talk. He started to walk away, but she informed him that she'd been about to listen to her great-uncle's podcast.

Noah asked which episode Allie was on, and he complimented Billy's latest one about insecurity, since he'd found it relatable. She voiced surprise because Noah seemed totally secure. Allie joked that Noah didn't seem to know the difference between amusing and embarrassing, but she admired that he put himself out there and barreled ahead. She mentioned that she also liked the "Grinning Soul" podcasts because the host vented without holding back, and she wished she could do that. Noah pointed out that everyone needed an outlet, and he told her that he sketched when something bothered him. He began to draw on a napkin, and she asked if something was bothering him right then.

Noah filled Allie in about what Ashland had done. He called his mom the strongest person he knew, and he didn't know why he felt compelled to protect her. Allie called him a good son, and he feigned shock that she thought he was good at something. She guessed it was difficult for him to take a step back, given that Sharon had just lost her husband. Sharon dropped off some baked goods on the house and bustled back to the counter. Allie marveled that Sharon was kind and caring, even when she was grieving. Noah murmured that his mother was overflowing with love even more those days, since she had nowhere to put her love for Rey.

Noah and Allie's phones simultaneously chimed with a notification that the latest episode of the "Grinning Soul" had dropped. Allie planned to listen to it after a run, noting that she didn't have a talent for sketching to help her vent. Noah claimed that da Vinci had also been a doodler, and Allie asked if Noah was on the same level. He dared her to stick around and see. She smiled and headed out.

Meanwhile, Ashland approached Sharon at the counter and reiterated that he was truly trying to make amends. She doubted that he felt an ounce of remorse, and he again expressed condolences for her loss. She snapped that there wasn't enough time in the world to make amends for what he'd done, and he wasn't someone she cared to know. Ashland rushed past Diane on his way out.

After picking up two iced teas, Diane chased Ashland down in the park. She informed him that he'd brushed by her at Crimson Lights, and she noted that he was one of few people in town who would actually speak to her. She invited him to share a bench and enjoy the sunshine, and she handed him one of the cups. Phyllis spotted them walking through the park and groaned that there were always pests, no matter how beautiful it was outside. Phyllis questioned whether there was a gravitational pull between pariahs.

Diane assumed Jack and Phyllis were celebrating the return of Kyle's family to the fold. Diane bragged that Kyle and Summer had told her the news when they'd stopped by Diane's gorgeous hotel suite. Jack clarified that no decisions had been made, so a celebration would be premature. Diane voiced excitement about getting to know her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. Jack and Phyllis winced as Diane envisioned Harrison being spoiled by his "DeeDee."

Ashland said he'd love to see Harrison, but Jack reiterated that the visitation arrangement was being reevaluated because of Ashland's recent actions. Ashland mentioned that he'd taken Jack's advice and spoken to his attorney, but he didn't think the situation had to be acrimonious. Jack growled that it had already gone beyond that, given what Ashland had done. Jack advised Diane that forming any friendship with Ashland wouldn't help her campaign as the new and improved "DeeDee."

Once alone, Diane recognized that Ashland had made his fair share of enemies in town. Ashland countered that Diane had her share of adversaries, as well, and she admitted that she deserved much of the venom spewed her way. Diane swore that rebuilding her relationship with Kyle was what was most important to her, and Ashland was afraid his actions might keep him from seeing his son. Diane called Harrison a lucky boy to have two fathers who loved him, and she wondered what Ashland had done to become the most hated man in Genoa City. Ashland joked that he was the most hated man wherever he went. Diane offered to share her dirty laundry if he shared his, and he told her to brace herself.

After Ashland and Diane swapped stories, Diane considered it a draw in a contest of who should be more ashamed. Ashland wondered if her opinion of him being a good father had changed. She pointed out that she couldn't judge after she'd abandoned her own son. Ashland was grateful to be in a rare judgment-free zone, and Diane figured they were both equally guilty but also searching for redemption. He hated the thought of a nasty legal battle with Harrison at the center and the idea of Harrison finding out something that would change the way the boy thought about him.

Diane recalled that she and Kyle had been close when he'd been young, and she'd truly believed she'd left him to protect him; she'd since realized that it had been terribly wrong. She lamented that seeing the conflict in Kyle's eyes and knowing the pain she'd put him through gutted her. Ashland asserted that he wanted to stay and fight for the right to see Harrison because he wanted his son to know that he loved him and would never turn his back on him. Ashland contemplated what it would do to Harrison if Ashland were to disappear with no explanation whatsoever.

Diane bemoaned that there was no easy solution for either of them, but she intended to heed Jack's warning to avoid doing anything to jeopardize her chances with Kyle. Diane felt for Ashland, but she regretted that she couldn't help him plead his case. Ashland accepted that it was his battle, and Harrison was worth whatever it cost.

Phyllis and Jack returned to the Grand Phoenix, where she complained that "DeeDee" had trampled on their perfect picnic. Jack refused to let anything ruin the great time they'd been having, and he suggested that they get back to celebrating. Phyllis agreed, and she hoped that Ashland would finally be Diane's undoing.

Nick supports Sharon through a rough patch

Nick supports Sharon through a rough patch

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Elena returned home after a shift at the hospital, and Nate was happy to see her before he left for work. They compared their long hours, and she recalled that they'd hoped to spend more time together after his career change. He suggested that they schedule something special and romantic for a date night that weekend, and she replied that she'd see him then. Nate decided his coffee run could wait, and he offered to stick around. Elena said she didn't want to slow him down, and she also needed a nap. He planned to try to see her before her next shift, and they kissed goodbye.

Elena snoozed on the couch and dreamed that Nate returned home with Imani. Oblivious to Elena's presence, Nate requested Imani's help to fine-tune the details of one of his latest ideas, but Imani purred that she was more of a visual learner. Imani headed up the stairs to do her best thinking in the shower, and she invited Nate to join her. "Hello, I'm right here!" Elena helplessly cried. She awakened with a start.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nick was glad to see Sharon smiling, since he'd thought she might need some down time after the wedding. She preferred to stay busy to keep her mind focused on the positive. Chance entered and requested to talk to Sharon privately. Nick stepped inside the coffeehouse but hovered within earshot.

Chance congratulated Sharon on Mariah and Tessa's amazing wedding day, and she thanked him and Abby for sharing in it. Chance wondered if Sharon had ever hit the dance floor, but she lamented that it hadn't seemed right. She hoped that one day soon, she'd be able find joy in doing the things that reminded her of Rey. Chance revealed that he'd recently gotten a call from the wife of one of his teammates in Spain, and he'd actually been happy to talk to her. He stressed that things eventually got better, and she said it meant a lot, knowing how much he'd been through.

Chance pointed out that Sharon hadn't had a moment to sit and process things with the funeral and the wedding back-to-back. He recognized that the hard part began when things got quieter, and she agreed, her voice cracking. Sharon acknowledged that things had been tough for her, but she knew she could lean on the many people who loved and supported her. Chance assured her that he and Abby were among those people, and she thanked him for organizing the GCPD memorial for Rey. Chance bemoaned that Rey was sorely missed, and he couldn't help but worry about Sharon.

Sharon murmured that Rey's spirit was with her all the time, and she felt it guiding her. She sympathized that Chance had lost a friend and partner, but he swore he was doing okay because he also felt Rey watching over him. Sharon thought Rey would have been thrilled to know how well Chance was doing at home and at work, since Rey had always believed things would turn around for Chance. Sharon called Rey an optimist at heart, despite having witnessed a lot of wrong in the world. Chance shared that he was working to close all of Rey's open cases as a tribute to his partner. Nick eavesdropped as Sharon commented that it was a nice way to honor Rey.

After Chance left, Sharon told Nick about Chance's nice gesture to take over Rey's cases. Nick remarked that the people they'd lost never really left them, and he pointed out that the anniversary of Cassie's death had been a couple days earlier. Nick recalled that they'd usually taken flowers to the cemetery and talked about their memories on that day, and Sharon noted that they hadn't done it that year. Nick explained that he'd wanted to give her space, and he'd tried to pick up on her cues, but he couldn't wait any longer. He was worried that the fact she hadn't mentioned it meant she'd been more affected than he'd thought.

Sharon explained that it had occurred to her that Cassie had been gone longer than she'd been with them, and it had been too much when she'd looked over to the other side of the bed, where Rey should have been. Sharon cried that she'd felt like she was going to lose it, so she'd tried to compartmentalize her grief to avoid being paralyzed in bed all day. She'd decided not to talk about it because all she'd been able to do had been to focus on getting through that one day. Sharon noted that when she'd woken up the following morning, she'd known she could keep going. She invited Nick to go to Cassie's grave with her to drop off flowers and talk to their girl the way they always had. He reached for her hand, and she took it.

Later, Nick and Sharon returned to Crimson Lights after visiting the cemetery. Sharon declared that time with Cassie had been just what she'd needed, and she felt ready to get back to work. Nick encouraged her to take more time off, but she assured him that she felt at peace because he'd helped her get through another rough patch. Nick replied that she'd done the same thing for him, since it was what family was all about. They embraced.

Inside the coffeehouse, Imani greeted Nate, who explained that he was grabbing an expresso before a meeting with Devon and Billy. Imani praised the suggestions he'd presented in his latest proposal, and she hoped Devon began to recognize the value Nate had to offer. Imani confided that she thought Devon and Amanda were too conservative, but Nate conceded that he had a lot to learn from Devon, who had more business experience. Nate was sure Imani felt the same way working for Amanda, but Imani contended that sometimes fresh ideas were needed. Imani thought she and Nate had them, and she believed they should flaunt it.

Abby dropped off Dominic with Devon and Amanda at their penthouse and remarked that the tot was excited to spend a few days with them. Amanda reported that Devon had been like a five-year-old on Christmas morning, waking up early to make sure the baby had everything he needed. Amanda was in awe of how big Dominic had gotten, and Abby groaned over how far he could throw his breakfast food. Abby reported that Dominic had a healthy appetite and had been sleeping well, and his doctors thought he'd been doing great since his bone marrow transplant. Devon called Dominic a very resilient little boy, and Abby gushed that their son was perfect.

After Abby left, Devon set the baby monitor up in the kitchen to keep an ear out for Dominic during Devon's upcoming meeting with Nate and Billy. Amanda pressed to know how running things with his cousin, sister, and sister's boyfriend had been going. Devon admitted that it was taking some time for him to adjust to having a committee sign off on things after he'd been the sole decision-maker for his own company. He surmised that she was going through the same thing with Imani, and she conceded that it had been a little tricky having her sister take direction from her after they'd expected to be partners in their own practice. Devon reasoned that it made things easier to all be family at the end of the day, but Amanda remained skeptical.

Later, Devon met with Nate and Billy. Devon wished Lily hadn't needed to go out of town with Chancellor-Winters' launch only a week away, and Billy promised to fill her in on what they talked about. Billy reported that the logistics for the launch party had been taken care of, and he advised Devon to be prepared to conduct interviews in the days leading up to the event. Nate hoped the men had reviewed the material he'd emailed the night before with his thoughts on the future ventures they might want to announce at the party. Devon opined that it had been a bit much, and Nate voiced surprise that Devon wanted to pull back.

Devon explained that what Nate had suggested would be premature, since they didn't want to reveal everything they planned to do before they even got out of the gate. Nate recalled that they'd all agreed that the launch was the perfect venue to establish the company's goals for the future. Devon contended that they should do it by holding back and teasing what they had in the works to avoid giving their competition the chance to get ahead of them. Nate countered that they should take full advantage when they had the attention of the business community and the press.

Billy intervened and sided with Devon, noting that disclosing too much would lessen the impact of everything across the board. Billy proposed that they find a happy medium by rolling out the two projects Devon and Lily were most excited about and hinting about what else was in the pipeline. Devon and Nate agreed to compromise. Devon offered to talk to Lily about which initiatives they wanted to lead with.

Elena entered Crimson Lights, and Imani sensed that Elena was looking at her oddly. Elena claimed that she just hadn't expected to see Imani there, and Imani invited Elena to join her. Elena balked at first but then agreed. Imani's smile turned to a scowl as Elena stepped to the counter to get some coffee. Elena returned and asked if Imani liked her new job. Imani replied that it was a learning curve, but there was a strong sense of unity and teamwork with everyone working toward a common goal, and she couldn't wait to see where it led. Elena chirped that she was excited to be by Nate's side every step of the way.

Amanda entered the coffeehouse, and Imani predicted that the three of them hanging out would become a regular thing. Elena mumbled that she wouldn't go that far. Amanda expressed appreciation for Elena helping to ease their worries about their mother's health condition. Imani plastered on a smile and remarked that they were lucky to still have a doctor in the family after Nate had joined the corporate world. Elena abruptly made an excuse and left, and Amanda glared at Imani. "What the hell are you doing?" Amanda testily asked.

Imani feigned ignorance, but Amanda suspected that her sister still hadn't gotten the message that Nate was off-limits. Imani confirmed that she knew Nate was committed to Elena, and she didn't understand what the problem was. Amanda thought the problem was clear, but she became distracted when she realized she'd left an important flash drive at home. Amanda sternly stated that she didn't want to have a conversation about Nate again. Imani swore she was just having fun and that Amanda needed to relax. Amanda hurried out.

Nate returned home, and Elena asked how his meeting had gone. Nate cited the tension between him and Devon over how much of the company's plans to make public. Nate wished he could chalk it up to a one-time thing, but something similar had happened the day before. Nate figured it was just growing pains, and he acknowledged that it had to be difficult for Devon to transition from being the boss of everyone to having to share decisions.

Elena imagined that things would be fine once Nate and Devon found their footing on a professional level, and she wasn't surprised that two strong, brilliant men were clashing a bit. She pointed out that they were both excited to work together and wanted Chancellor-Winters to succeed. Nate revealed that he hadn't returned home to talk about that -- he'd felt guilty about something, and he hadn't wanted to wait to make things right.

Nate explained that proposing a weekend date hadn't cut it earlier, since he'd realized he had to work around Elena's schedule because she didn't have as much flexibility. He asserted that being with her was at the top of his priority list, and she loved him for thinking that way and for being there just to tell her that. She continued that they both needed to nurture their relationship, and while she couldn't always dictate her schedule, she could show him how much she loved him. They kissed, and she helped remove his jacket and tie.

Amanda returned home and heard Devon talking to Dominic over the baby monitor. Dominic happily babbled as Devon gushed about how family made him crazy, but they were always there for one another. Amanda crept upstairs. "There's my two favorite guys," she cooed.

Diane smiled as she gazed at her nightstand photo of her, Jack, and baby Kyle. She sent a text message to ask Kyle if he was free for lunch, but he responded that he would in meetings all afternoon and would be in touch later. She started to type a message to Jack to see if he was free that day, but she quickly deleted it. She grabbed her purse and headed out.

Diane entered Society, and Abby sourly asked why Diane was there when there were other restaurants to choose from. Diane argued that it was one of the best in town, and she suggested they be adults about it. Abby asked if Diane was meeting someone. Diane explained that she was dining alone, but she didn't mind being a party of one because there was plenty of time for socializing later. Diane announced that she planned on staying in Genoa City because Kyle wanted her to stick around to work on rebuilding their relationship.

Abby expected Kyle would regret his decision. Diane was confident he wouldn't, but she said she understood why Abby and many other people viewed everything she did through a negative lens. Diane wanted to avoid being wrongly judged, and she divulged that Kyle had paid to relocate her to the Athletic Club. She imagined that everyone would assume she'd put him up to it, but she insisted that she hadn't. Abby chided Diane for thinking everyone wasted their time pondering what her next move would be, but they didn't; they simply thought she was a terrible person -- if they bothered to think about her at all.

Diane accepted that Abby was entitled to her feelings, especially given what Diane had put her though in the past. Diane swore she was truly sorry, but Abby snapped that her opinion of Diane would never change. Diane didn't expect Abby to hide her hostility, but she hoped Abby could put Kyle's feelings ahead of her own. Abby conceded that she had no intention of making a painful situation more difficult for Kyle, so she'd restrain herself around him, but she refused to hold back her hostility when it was just her and Diane.

Later, Billy entered the restaurant and spied Diane eating alone. Abby griped to Billy about the nerve Diane had to show up there, knowing Abby loathed her. Abby relayed that Kyle had decided to give Diane another chance and was footing the bill for her to stay at the Athletic Club. Billy encouraged Abby to respect Kyle's choice, and he figured they had to get used to having Diane around. "Fat chance," Abby replied.

Billy theorized that perhaps Diane had really changed and would surprise them. Abby thought he was giving Diane more credit than she deserved, and he intended to own it if he was wrong. Abby stepped away to answer a call, and Billy crossed over to Diane, who steeled herself for more Abbott attitude. Billy assured her that he was out of attitude, but he had one question. "Is this seat taken?" he asked. She gestured for him to join her as Abby glowered from across the room.

Diane was relieved that Billy wasn't treating her like she had the plague. He empathized because he had been the town pariah and knew the feeling. She thought other people could say the same thing, but they'd chosen to ostracize and criticize her instead. Billy stressed that he hadn't forgotten what she'd done to Kyle or the rest of the family, but he was more interested in her future plans. He was confused about why she was sticking around when Kyle and Summer would be going back to Milan soon. Diane revealed that the couple might be moving back to town, and she intended to stay if Kyle wanted her nearby. Diane sensed that Billy was feeling less friendly toward her then.

Billy swore that he hadn't changed his outlook, but he was concerned about the reaction Jack would have when he found out Diane might be a permanent resident of Genoa City again. Diane recognized that Jack wasn't happy she was there, but he was also supportive of Kyle's wishes. Diane recounted that Jack hadn't been the reliable or paternal type when they'd first met, but he'd become a wonderful father, and she intended to live by his example as a good parent. Billy urged her to focus on being the best version of herself rather than comparing herself to someone else. Diane hoped his forgiving nature rubbed off on his brother, and Billy replied that he wouldn't have faith in himself if he didn't believe people could change. He added that he wouldn't change his tune unless she gave him a reason to do so.

Abby received a text message and stepped outside, where she found Chance. She wondered why he hadn't gone inside, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss. Chance explained that he'd caught a break in a case, and he'd been able to lock a bad guy up. He divulged that he planned to close every case Rey had been working on, since it was what Rey would have done. Abby gushed hat she was proud of Chance, and she knew Rey was, too. They held one another close.

Kyle serves Ashland with a restraining order

Kyle serves Ashland with a restraining order

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Kyle and Summer told Victor there was a possibility they might move back to Genoa City. Victor pointed out that Ashland would have greater proximity to Harrison. Kyle said they wanted to get a restraining order. Victor claimed Ashland would leave, since he had no one to relate to in town. Victor said he would have Michael draw up the restraining order.

Kyle told Victor he was worried because of how Harrison would react to Ashland not being in his life. He said that Harrison would be distressed when another family member was ripped away from him. Victor said he didn't want Ashland using Harrison as a pawn. Summer agreed and said they knew that Ashland was capable of hideous and hurtful lies.

Victor told Kyle they would come up with an explanation for why Ashland had to leave town suddenly. Summer reminded Kyle that when Harrison had missed Tara and Ashland after they'd moved to Milan, she and Kyle had comforted Harrison, and he'd known he was loved. Summer said Ashland had already discussed bringing in lawyers, and they needed to beat him to the punch. Victor and Kyle agreed that Michael should move forward with the restraining order.

Victor said that once Diane knew that Summer and Kyle weren't returning to Milan, she would cause problems. He suggested they get a restraining order against Diane, as well. Kyle said Diane was family, and he wouldn't get a restraining order against her. He said they'd had a strong bond when he'd been a kid, and they had a foundation to build on. Kyle said Diane had respected his decisions, and she'd followed his lead with Harrison; however, Ashland was a wild card.

Kyle told Victor that when Diane had faked her death, it had been defensive because she'd tried to protect herself against the forces out there. Victor asked if Kyle was staying in town because of Diane. Summer said there were other reasons for them wanting to make the move permanent. Kyle said he hadn't given up on his mother. Victor suggested that Kyle rethink his decision about Diane. Kyle refused. Victor said he would ask Michael to file the restraining order, and he left.

A short time later, Michael provided Kyle with a copy of the restraining order. When Michael walked away to take a call, Summer told Kyle it was the right thing to do. Summer asked if Kyle recalled the nightmare Harrison had had about Ashland in the graveyard, when Harrison had woken up crying. She said that had been because of Ashland's lies. Ashland had used Harrison as part of his scam because no one would believe that Ashland would lie to his son about being sick and dying.

Kyle told Summer he was worried how the situation would affect Harrison. Summer said she wasn't Harrison's biological mother, but she would protect him with everything she had. She said their first step was to get rid of the document allowing Ashland access to Harrison. They had to stop Ashland from taking them to court and telling Harrison any more lies. Kyle agreed.

At Society, Adam asked Ashland if Society was his office. He suggested that Ashland ask Abby to hang a sign -- "Ashland Locke World Headquarters" -- and have his mail forwarded there. Adam said there was a long line of people outside, waiting, who didn't want Ashland being in town.

Ashland told Adam that before he'd slipped up, Adam had been the town pariah. Ashland said that Adam had to miss everyone hating him. Adam stated he was on the radar with everyone who mattered to him, especially after he'd maneuvered Ashland out of the family business. Ashland asked how the Newmans had rewarded him, because it appeared that Adam was still in the same position he'd been in before his brilliant scheme to pay Ashland half a billion dollars.

Adam said that Ashland had lost his company and his wife, and Ashland's suffering was all the reward Adam needed. Adam said he would drink to Ashland's health, but he knew it was a sensitive subject. Adam asked why Ashland was still in town and said he didn't want to hear Ashland was sticking around for love.

Adam told Ashland that Victoria had abandoned her duties at Newman and had gone to a spa in the Swiss Alps to clear her head and nurse her pathetic broken heart. Ashland said Victoria hadn't abandoned anything, and she would always be in charge. Ashland said it was laughable how Adam was trying to convince him Victoria was no longer a reason for him to remain in town. He said she wasn't going to stay away forever. He pointed out that Newman had thrived under Victoria's leadership.

Adam told Ashland that Victoria was a business genius. Ashland stated that the company had a good foundation and was in a position to move forward in the future -- with the exception of the media division. Adam asked why Ashland would think Newman Media was the weak link. Ashland said that Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters were merging, and they were set to wipe Newman Media off the map. Ashland claimed that Adam had made a terrible decision appointing his girlfriend, Sally, as COO.

Adam told Ashland that Sally was much more than his girlfriend, and she was a force of nature. Ashland said an erupting volcano was a force of nature, but he wouldn't appoint one as COO. Adam laughed and said Ashland was entertaining, like when he'd coughed up a lung to get Victoria to like him. Adam claimed he'd been rooting for Ashland and Victoria in the beginning, given Victoria's daddy issues. It had made sense that she would be drawn to a megalomanic and older man with a checkered past.

Ashland pointed out that Adam had spent his adult life alternating between lashing out at Victor and trying to win Victor's approval. Adam suggested that since Ashland's business career had hit the skids, he could head out to Hollywood and try to make it as an actor. Ashland said he wasn't going anywhere. Adam stated he was trying to spare Ashland the humiliation of Victoria rejecting him again.

Ashland asked if Adam was trying to get him to leave town before Victoria returned because Adam was afraid that he and Victoria might reunite. Adam denied it and said Victoria had fled the country, and she would never forgive Ashland.

Adam sent Sally a text message: "Locke more determined than ever to win back Victoria." Sally responded with two thumbs-up emojis.

Ashland received a text message: "Nanny taking Harrison to park. Alone." Ashland left.

When Phyllis saw Diane enter Crimson Lights, Phyllis immediately kissed Jack. Diane said they looked like a couple of teenagers, and she asked if all that sloppy kissing had been for her benefit, because the kiss had looked staged. Jack said they hadn't known she was there. Diane claimed Phyllis had seen her.

Diane told Jack and Phyllis that she should get credit for reuniting them, since it was clear they hadn't been together in Los Angeles. Diane said she'd shown up in town, and everyone had begun to fall in love, like Jack and Phyllis. She called the timing uncanny. Jack stepped away to take a call.

Phyllis said that Diane seemed to think that she, Jack, Kyle, and Harrison were a package deal. Phyllis stated that Jack hated Diane with a passion. She said Jack put up a front when Kyle was around, but once Kyle left, Phyllis was shocked to see how much Jack hated Diane. Diane claimed it was flattering how intense Jack's feeling were for her. She stated they had history, some bad, but most of it had been good. Jack returned, and Phillis suggested they celebrate elsewhere. They left.

Later, Diane received a text message, and she swore at Phyllis. Diane left the coffeehouse.

In Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix, Jack and Phyllis began to undress. Jack asked if Phyllis' sudden brazenness had something to do with Diane. He stated that as soon as Diane had shown up at the coffeehouse, Phyllis hadn't been able to keep her hands off him. Phyllis said that perhaps Diane arriving in town had made her see what was really there, and she believed that she and Jack were the end game.

Adam arrived at Newman Media, and he was surprised to see Victor. Adam told Victor that the host of the new podcast the "Grinning Soul" had said that the business elites were corrupted by power, and he'd made it sound like a personality defect. Victor stated that person was a blithering idiot.

Adam told Victor that idiot had been gathering an audience and that Billy had hand-picked that guy to be on his platform as well as starting his own podcast. Adam said Billy's musings were a joke, but he thought Billy was onto something with the podcast and focusing on a particular audience. Adam said he'd had the same idea for Newman. Victor reminded Adam that he'd told Adam to run with that idea.

Adam reminded Victor that at that time, all hell had broken loose with Victoria and Locke, and he'd been booted out as co-CEO and replaced with Nikki. Victor told Adam to stop whining about missing out on some opportunities at Newman. Victor stated that he wouldn't allow Adam to tarnish Victoria's work. Adam claimed he wasn't tarnishing anything, only reminding Victor that they'd had the podcast idea first. Victor told Adam to do his own podcast and create his own streaming platform out of Newman Media. Adam claimed Victoria would shut it down when she returned, simply because it had been his idea.

Victor told Adam to make it so profitable that Victoria couldn't do that. Victor understood it was very frustrating for Adam, but Ashland was out of Victoria's life and would be out of town, and Victoria would move on. Victor said his plan was already in motion to make sure that Ashland left town, and Summer and Kyle were making sure that Ashland never got near Harrison. Adam stated that Ashland's name was on the birth certificate, which gave Ashland some rights. Victor said Ashland was being served with a restraining order.

Adam told Victor that Locke would fight it with all the expensive lawyers at his disposal. Victor asked whether Locke would want his cancer scam to become public record. He said Harrison would be much better off without Locke filling Harrison's head with lies.

Harrison and the nanny were in the park when Ashland arrived. He told the nanny he would love some alone time with Harrison. The nanny stayed and watched as Ashland played with Harrison. Kyle and Michael arrived just as Ashland asked the nanny if it would be okay if he took Harrison to the duck pond. Kyle suggested that the nanny take Harrison for some ice cream. Harrison asked if Ashland could come, but Ashland said he would see Harrison soon.

Ashland told Kyle he would bring an army of lawyers with him the next time, if that was what Kyle wanted. Kyle said he'd filed a restraining order against Ashland. Kyle said Ashland could no longer legally spend time with Harrison, and he was to avoid all contact with him. Ashland claimed his lawyers would chew Michael up, and the restraining order would wind up in the trash. Michael said he couldn't wait to hear Ashland's counter arguments in court and to hear Ashland tell a judge how he'd lied to an innocent child about his illness, his impending death, and his entire stolen identity.

Ashland told Kyle it was unfair and that Kyle was punishing Harrison for the deeply regretted mistakes of his father. Kyle said they were protecting Harrison. Kyle said Ashland had told Harrison that he was dying, and that had upset the child. Ashland said he deeply regretted it, and he'd apologized for it. Kyle said he didn't want Ashland anywhere near his son, and if Ashland loved Harrison and wanted to protect him from heartache, Ashland would leave. Kyle said they would tell Harrison a story of why Ashland wasn't around. Ashland claimed that was monstrous, but Kyle said Ashland was monstrous.

At the Grand Phoenix, Diane told the bartender she'd received a message that some mail had been mistakenly left there for her, even though she'd asked for her mail to be forwarded to the Athletic Club. Phyllis and Jack exited the elevator and heard Diane tell the bartender that it had to be an absolute horror working for Phyllis. Phyllis sauntered by Diane after she'd adjusted her blouse to expose more chest. Diane accused Phyllis of being a piece of work. Phyllis reminded Diane that Diane had been kicked out of her hotel. She told Diane to get her mail and get out.

Jack took Phyllis aside and said they'd had a wonderful time upstairs, but suddenly, Phyllis had claimed that they'd had to get dressed and leave. Phyllis claimed it was a busy afternoon, and they were short-staffed. Jack said the timing was rather interesting. Phyllis asked if Jack thought she'd planned them getting off the elevator just as Diane had arrived at the hotel. Phyllis said she would never do that. She said she wouldn't ruin an amazing afternoon together because of Diane. Jack asked if Phyllis was marking her territory. Phyllis denied it.

Jack told Phyllis he had a meeting to get to. He kissed her and left. As he was leaving, Phyllis said loudly that he'd been amazing. Phyllis told Diane to stop filling Jack's head with suspicions. Diane asked if Jack was questioning Phyllis' motives. Diane said Jack wasn't stupid, and he could see what Phyllis was up to. Phyllis stated that she wasn't up to anything. Diane asked if Phyllis was delusional or just a terrible liar.

Diane said Phyllis was lashing out at her because Phyllis was insecure about her relationship with Jack. Phyllis denied feeling insecure about her relationship. She claimed that Diane would never have a romantic relationship with Jack. Phyllis stated that Jack had left in a hurry because he couldn't stand the sight of Diane. Diane said it hadn't been her that Jack had wanted to get away from. Diane said she might not be Jack's favorite person, but she remembered the times when Jack hadn't been able to tolerate Phyllis.

Phyllis told Diane that Jack had done a lot of tolerating of her upstairs a short time before. Diane asked if announcing that she and Jack had had sex was really an accomplishment for Phyllis. Diane said Phyllis was taking a victory lap. Diane said that moment was probably the closest Phyllis would ever get to happiness because deep down, Phyllis knew that she and Jack wouldn't last. Diane said Phyllis could get Jack into bed, but she couldn't keep him there.

Outside, Jack remembered when Kyle had asked if there was a connection between Diane returning and Jack and Phyllis getting together. Jack had reminded Kyle there was a lot of contentious history between Phyllis and Diane.

Jack also remembered when Diane had walked into the coffeehouse, and she'd commented that Jack and Phyllis had looked like a couple of teenagers and asked if all that sloppy kissing had been for her benefit. Diane had claimed that after she'd arrived in town, everyone had started to fall in love, like Jack and Phyllis, and she'd called the timing uncanny.

Jack entered the hotel in time to hear Phyllis tell Diane that she and Jack had a deep and connected relationship, something that Diane would never have. Phyllis admitted she was marking her territory, and it felt good. Jack was stunned. Diane smiled.

Phyllis admits she screwed up

Phyllis admits she screwed up

Thursday, June 2, 2022

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Jack told Phyllis that the main reason they'd kicked their romance into high gear was because Phyllis had wanted to stick it to Diane. Jack said he'd specifically asked Phyllis if she'd been flaunting their relationship in front of Diane because Diane had been needling Phyllis. Phyllis denied it. He said he should have listened to the voice in his head.

Phyllis told Jack that Diane was trying to manipulate them, and she begged Jack not to allow Diane to have that power over him. She said they couldn't afford to let Diane keep playing her mind games. She asked Jack to forget what she'd said, and she claimed she'd said that so that Diane would back off. Jack said it hadn't been a thoughtless remark in a heated moment, but Phyllis claimed it had been. Jack shouted that Phyllis had arranged for Diane to be in the hotel to see them exit the elevator after they'd made love.

Jack told Phyllis that it had been calculated, tawdry, and hurtful. Jack stated he was tired of making excuses for Phyllis. He said he wanted her to tell him the truth, otherwise they wouldn't be able to get past it. Phyllis said she couldn't believe that Jack couldn't see what Diane was doing. Jack said it wasn't about Diane, but Phyllis screeched that it was all about Diane.

Phyllis asked if Jack had forgotten Diane's insane history of trying to get between them. Phyllis admitted she'd told Diane that she and Jack were still solid and that Diane couldn't get between them. Jack claimed Phyllis had accomplished the exact opposite. Jack said Phyllis had made an announcement in the hotel lobby that their relationship was nothing more than a vengeful little game -- a convenient weapon to use against an old enemy. Phyllis claimed that wasn't what she'd done.

Phyllis told Jack it had taken a long time for them to become so close. Jack admitted it had taken so long that he'd given up hope that it would actually happen. He said that neither one of them had been ready to take the next step because they'd cherished their friendship, but then Phyllis had changed her mind when Diane had arrived in town.

Phyllis told Jack she couldn't believe he would think that way about her. He said he'd heard what Phyllis had said -- "I accelerated things with Jack to shove it in your face, Diane." Jack asked if Phyllis hadn't spoken those words. Phyllis stated that she and Jack were real, and when they'd made love, it had been real. She said she liked who she was around Jack. Jack said she hadn't answered his question; he asked why she'd changed her mind about them being together.

Phyllis told Jack she loved being around him, she liked what they had, he accepted and liked her, and he still liked her when she was irrational. Jack said she could talk all day, trying to convince him there was no truth to the words she'd hurled at Diane. He said he couldn't get around the fact that she'd held him at a distance for months, and he wanted to know what had changed. Phyllis said she'd wanted Jack, and when Diane had arrived in town, it had helped make her see what had been right in front of her.

Phyllis told Jack she was the happiest she'd been in a long time. Jack admitted he was happy. Phyllis claimed that was all that mattered. She asked Jack not to give up on them because what they had was worth fighting for. Jack asked if they were supposed to stay together to spite Diane.

At that moment, Kyle and Summer arrived. Summer asked if they had interrupted something. Phyllis said she had to get back to the hotel, and she left. When Kyle apologized for their timing, Jack said that he and Phyllis had finished their conversation. Summer left to find Phyllis. Kyle asked what was going on. Jack told him that he and Phyllis would work things out.

Jack was about to tell Kyle about meeting Diane and Ashland in the park, but Kyle said he already knew. Jack stated he'd made it very clear to Diane that Ashland was poison. Jacked received a business call and walked away to take it.

At home, Nate told Elena that Devon had invited him to sit in on a meeting with the head of a marketing agency, and then they would head to the Grand Phoenix to make sure all the plans were in place for the launch. He kissed Elena and left.

At Crimson Lights, Summer and Kyle discussed Harrison. Kyle was surprised when Diane arrived and said she'd seen Jack and Phyllis in the park earlier and that she'd commented on Summer and Kyle's possible move back to Genoa City. Kyle said Jack and Phyllis had already known. Diane said Ashland had been there, as well. She said Jack had made it clear that she shouldn't have shared that information in front of Ashland.

Diane told Kyle that she and Ashland had been chatting, and they'd run into Jack and Phyllis. Diane said she and Ashland had crossed paths previously at the Grand Phoenix when they'd both been staying there. Kyle told Diane that Ashland Locke was bad news. He said Ashland was in the process of splitting up with Victoria after some heinous behavior on his part.

Diane told Kyle she'd asked Ashland about it, and he'd told her all the awful things he'd done. She said she'd told Ashland she wouldn't be manipulated and that she wouldn't intercede on his behalf about Harrison. Kyle was happy Diane had been astute enough to realize Ashland would use her to get to Harrison. Kyle told Diane about the restraining order against Ashland.

Diane told Kyle she understood why Kyle had taken action; however, she felt a certain amount of sympathy for Ashland because she knew what it was like to be separated from a child she loved, and Ashland seemed to genuinely care for Harrison. Summer said one could love someone and still be toxic to them. Amanda arrived, and she greeted Diane. Amanda guessed Diane was Kyle's mother. Amanda told Diane she was friends with Phyllis.

Allie arrived at the coffeehouse and joined Summer and Kyle. Diane returned to the table. Allie said she hadn't realized Diane was still in town. Kyle said he'd asked Diane to stay so they could get reacquainted. Summer said she and Kyle were heading home and asked if Allie wanted a lift. Diane asked Allie to stay, and Allie agreed.

Diane apologized to Allie for blindsiding her; however, Allie had discovered she had an extended family. Allie didn't accept the apology because it had been extremely self-serving for Diane. Allie said she'd made the decision to visit Genoa City and get to know her family. Diane said if the Abbotts hadn't been warm and loving, she wouldn't have introduced Allie to her grandfather, but she'd known Jack would be thrilled to learn of Allie's existence and would welcome her with open arms.

Allie said it didn't change the way Diane had gone about it. Diane agreed she should have explained everything to Allie and given her the choice. Allie said Diane hadn't given her the choice because Diane had wanted something from Jack. Allie said Diane had used her to achieve her goal. Diane admitted she had; however, she was happy that Allie had gotten to meet Kyle. Diane said it was nice to see Kyle in a stable and loving relationship because he hadn't had the benefit of being raised in that environment, and as hard as she'd tried, she hadn't been able to provide him with that example -- nor could Jack, despite all of Jack's wonderful qualities. Diane was relieved Kyle had found that magic.

Diane told Allie she'd only met Harrison a couple of times. She said he didn't know she was his grandmother, but they'd decided Harrison would call her "DeeDee." Allie stated everything seemed to have worked out well for Diane, and she hoped it had been worth the risks to be back in the Abbotts' lives. Diane said the Abbotts were kind and generous; however, there was a lot going on in that house, and it might be easy to feel overlooked.

Allie told Diane that if she needed anything, she would ask the Abbotts, not Diane, because she didn't trust Diane and had been warned about her. She said even if Diane had been nice to her in Los Angeles, she'd also been lying. Diane claimed she understood Allie keeping her guard up, and she hoped that down the road, Allie would accept her as a friend.

Sally popped into Adam's office and excitedly told him she'd closed the deal with Hartwell. After Adam congratulated her, he told Sally their plan to get Ashland and Victoria together had hit a snag. He said Victoria had returned from her ridiculous spa trip because Victor had interfered with their plan, and Kyle had a restraining order against Locke to stay away from Harrison. Sally said Ashland was still in town, and Victoria had returned from her trip, so there was still hope.

Adam told Sally their plan had been the perfect way to showcase Victoria's poor judgment. He said they were running out of time because Locke was probably already planning to leave town. Sally said they would come up with a better plan that would also prove Adam was the only one who should be running Newman Enterprises.

Adam told Sally he couldn't envision Victor deciding to put him in charge if Ashland wasn't around to occupy Victoria's time. Sally asked how Victor couldn't see that Adam embodied all the essential qualities of a CEO. Adam said Sally hadn't seen how many times Victor had dangled and ripped the CEO position away from him. Sally said he would succeed the next time because he had her in his corner, and they were unbeatable. Sally said he was running Newman Media and succeeding. She said she loved working with him; they needed to appreciate what they had while keeping an eye on the prize.

At his penthouse, Devon told Nate they would be meeting with Gwen Davis, who ran the marketing agency that Hamilton-Winters had used for years. He said she was an industry leader who was super talented with a ton of great ideas, and she didn't believe in bigger being better. Devon said he felt Gwen was a little uneasy about the merger. Amanda entered the room and said she'd meet them at the Grand Phoenix.

Outside Devon's, Elena invited Amanda to have coffee with her. Amanda accepted. At Crimson Lights Amanda said that Dominic would be with them for the next few days, and she was amazed how Devon had thrown himself into parenting. Elena said there was a similarity between Devon and Nate because Nate was really excited about his new job, and he was reading everything he could get his hands on. Amanda said Nate's ideas and contributions had been great, and he was thriving. Elena loved how excited Nate was about the job and the people he worked with. Elena said she knew most of them, and that included Imani.

Amanda told Elena that Imani and Nate had very little reason to interact, and she'd made it very clear to Imani that Nate was off-limits. Elena assured Amanda that she didn't feel threatened by Imani. She said she was fully aware of Imani's interest in Nate. Amanda admitted that Imani wasn't subtle, and it was part of Imani's nature. Amanda said she didn't believe Imani would ever cross the line.

Amanda agreed with Elena that Devon's parenting and Nate's new job had a few things in common. She said Devon and Dominic had an amazing bond, and they seemed to be in their own little world that she wasn't familiar with. She said she loved seeing Devon so happy. Elena said she was going to focus on the positive and share in Nate's joy. She said when Nate awoke every morning, he was very excited about going to work, and he'd never been happier.

Devon and Nate met with Gwen at the penthouse, and Devon said he sensed that Gwen had reservations about moving forward with them. Gwen was concerned that they might consolidate their initial marketing efforts with a larger firm. Devon assured her he was still the one making those decisions, and he intended to stay with her and her team. Devon hoped Gwen would stay on board because things wouldn't be the same without her. He asked if she would be attending the launch party. Gwen claimed she wouldn't miss it. Gwen left.

Devon asked why Nate hadn't spoken up. Nate said because the timing hadn't seemed right. Gwen had said she was fine with Devon's ideas, and the last thing she'd needed was a flood of ideas coming from someone she'd just met. Devon appreciated Nate's viewpoint, and he assured Nate that he valued Nate's opinion.

Imani arrived at the Grand Phoenix and told Lily she'd decided to join them in case there were any legal concerns. Imani told Lily she'd been working on the Davis contract, and the negotiations seemed to have hit an impasse. Imani suggested perhaps a salary increase and additional perks would help. Lily asked what Amanda's thoughts were, because she trusted Amanda's judgment implicitly.

Imani told Lily that Nate had volunteered to work on the agenda for the launch, and she knew it would be done right. Imani admitted to being a big Nate fan since he'd worked as Ask MD Now. Amanda arrived and heard Imani say there was something about Nate that a person could trust with their life.

Devon asked Lily about her trip. Lily said Jill was very happy with everything. Lily said they needed to decide which initiatives needed to be launched first and how to fit them into their agenda. Nate suggested they do it after Lily and Devon's welcome speech. Imani said she agreed. Devon suggested they should build up to it.

Nate suggested fitting it in after the introduction of their management team. Imani said that was brilliant. Lily said they should save it for the finale moment. Nate said they could end with their video and reveal their new logo. Imani was about to offer a comment when Amanda asked for her help with a text.

At the bar, Amanda told Imani that Nate had a girlfriend he loved very much. Imani said no one had asked Amanda's opinion, and she'd had enough of Amanda's advice. Imani said they were adults capable of making their own choices. Amanda told her to stop making bad ones. Imani told Amanda to back off. Imani returned to sit next to Nate.

Lily asked about the logo. Nate said the final version would be done later that day, and they would add it to their marketing. Imani said she would be happy to double-check the media footage. Amanda wasn't happy with Imani.

Summer arrived at Phyllis' suite and said the tension between Phyllis and Jack had been more than obvious. She asked what had happened. Phyllis claimed it would work itself out. Summer didn't believe her. Phyllis said not to worry about it because it was nothing. Summer said if it wasn't a big deal, Phyllis shouldn't have a problem discussing it. Phyllis told her to drop it. Summer refused and demanded to know what was going on. Phyllis said she'd screwed up.

Ashland confronts Victor about the restraining order

Ashland confronts Victor about the restraining order

Friday, June 3, 2022

by Nel

Summer followed Phyllis to the lobby of the Grand Phoenix. She asked Phyllis to tell her how Phyllis had screwed up with Jack. Amanda approached. Phyllis told Summer she had to get to work setting up the Chancellor-Winters launch party. Amanda asked if everything was all right. Phyllis told Amanda that she and Jack had had a little argument, but she could fix it. Phyllis told Summer she'd overreacted, and Phyllis walked away. Summer left.

Amanda asked Phyllis to tell her what had happened with Jack. Phyllis said she and Jack had been getting along great, but when Diane had arrived in town, Phyllis claimed she'd been goaded into engaging in PDA with Jack just to stick it to Diane. Phyllis said that while she and Diane had been arguing over it, Jack had walked in and heard everything.

Phyllis admitted she'd lied to Amanda and to herself. Phyllis said she didn't understand the extent that Diane got to her. She said it scared her because all her old habits were returning. Phyllis said Diane knew how to exploit every insecurity she had. Phyllis said it had felt good to stick it to Diane with what had happened between her and Jack, but she'd seen the hurt look on Jack's face. She said she would try to convince Jack that she hadn't meant it.

Phyllis told Amanda she detested Diane Jenkins. Amanda told Phyllis to stop blaming Diane and to take responsibility for what she'd done. Phyllis said she'd gone to Jack's, and she'd seen the pain on his face because of her betrayal. Phyllis admitted she was doing everything she'd sworn she wouldn't.

Phyllis told Amanda she'd hesitated getting together with Jack, and she'd sworn she wouldn't revert to her old ways because Jack wouldn't tolerate it. Phyllis said she wanted to be in a great, loving relationship, but it was because of Diane she was reverting to her old ways and lowering herself to Diane's level. Amanda said changing was a process, and Phyllis couldn't help but backslide. She told Phyllis it wasn't proof that she was beyond redemption. Amanda asked if it was worth doing whatever it took to fix things after everything Phyllis and Jack had been through.

While in his suite at the hotel, Ashland was served with the restraining order. He grabbed his jacket and left.

Jack ended his call. He told Kyle that he and Phyllis had had a minor disagreement, and they would work through it. Kyle said that Jack and Phyllis had said they were going to take things slowly, but what he and Summer had walked in on had been more than a little spat. Kyle asked if Jack and Phyllis had reunited.

Jack told Kyle that he and Phyllis weren't together in any meaningful sense. Kyle asked what had gone sideways. Jack told Kyle he had nothing to worry about, and he would rather talk about Jabot's purchase of Marchetti. Jack said he'd done his due diligence, and he felt it was the right move for them. Kyle was elated and said Summer would be thrilled. Kyle asked if Jack was buying it so that he and Summer would move back home, but Jack assured him he'd learned not to allow emotions to interfere with his decisions.

Jack told Kyle that Marchetti was still a powerful brand. Jack said the best part was that Kyle, Summer, and Harrison would move back home. He said they had to have board approval for the purchase, and he would get things started. Kyle said things had changed very quickly. He said he and Summer loved living in Milan, but it was great being around family again. Jack said the Abbott house was beginning to feel like a home again.

When Summer returned, Kyle said he'd been working on a presentation. Jack said he had an errand to run, and he left. Summer told Kyle that Phyllis had been acting weird; she'd admitted she'd screwed up, but then she'd backpedaled. Kyle said Jack was upset, but he wouldn't talk about it. Kyle said when he'd spoken to Jack, he had gotten the impression that Jack was concerned about being hurt again. Summer said they needed to help Jack and Phyllis. Kyle countered that Jack didn't want them worrying, and Jack and Phyllis needed to work it out themselves.

Kyle told Summer they both wanted to see their folks together, but their folks had to figure things out on their own. Kyle told Summer that they were about to become extremely busy. He said Jack thought it was a great idea for Jabot to buy Marchetti. Kyle told her the purchase had to go before the board, so it wasn't a done deal. Kyle said he was working on his presentation, and Jack was setting up a board meeting for the following morning.

Kyle stated that Summer would be the perfect person to convince the board what a coup it would be to buy Marchetti. Summer said she'd been afraid to hope they could move back home because it was where she wanted to be. Kyle received a text message that the restraining order had been served on Ashland, and it was in effect. Kyle said it wasn't the last they would see of Ashland.

At Crimson Lights, Allie invited Traci to join her and Diane. Allie told Traci she was falling in love with Genoa City, and she'd asked Jack if she could stay a bit longer. Traci was delighted. Diane said she was thinking of sticking around, as well. Traci said it was great to have so many family members living under the same roof again. Allie claimed that it felt strange to be in such a big and busy house. She said she'd grown up an only child and wasn't used to having so many people around, but she really enjoyed it.

Diane asked if Allie missed Los Angeles. Allie said when she thought of L.A., she thought about her dad. She said it was a good idea to stay away from California a bit longer, but she didn't want to overstay her welcome. She said she had her master's, and it was time to start thinking about the rest of her life. Traci suggested Allie take her time deciding what she wanted to do, and she hoped Allie would stay a long time.

Diane told Allie that Jack had to be over the moon with Allie, Kyle, and Harrison all under one roof. Traci told Diane they were all very grateful to have Allie in their lives. Diane asked what career Allie was interested in. Allie said her degree was in chemical engineering, but she had no idea how to apply it. She said that in L.A., she'd had a specific plan, but she was rethinking things. Traci asked if Allie would like a tour of the lab at Jabot; it was where Ashley had had her beginning. Diane rolled her eyes. Allie said Ashley was in a different field than her, but she would love to learn more. She admitted that finding out that she and Ashley had that in common had been a lovely surprise.

Traci told Allie that Keemo had also been a chemist in that lab. Allie said it was one of the reasons she'd wanted to stay longer -- to learn more about the family she'd never known she'd had and the dad she thought she'd known. Diane said it had to be a challenge working in sciences because things changed so fast. Allie said it helped to be organized and to stay on top of the professional journals.

Noah arrived, and Allie introduced Noah to Diane. She told Noah that Diane had purchased Keemo's house in L.A. Noah said he'd heard Diane was back in town. He said he was Noah Newman.

Noah told Allie he was happy she'd stuck around because he wanted to finish their conversation about the "Grinning Soul's" podcast. Traci claimed she was a fan and asked what the most recent episode had been about. Allie said ambition and how to chart one's own course for a successful career. Noah disagreed and said it had been about bliss being the clearest path to success. Allie claimed "bliss" hadn't been mentioned in the podcast. Noah said it had been the general gist of the episode. He said ambition wasn't enough; one had to truly love what one was doing, otherwise he didn't know why one would bother.

Diane said it was interesting how Allie and Noah had heard two different things. Allie told Diane to ignore Noah because he obviously hadn't been paying attention. Traci suggested that Allie and Noah go and settle things on the patio because she and Diane had some catching up to do.

Diane asked Traci if something was budding between Noah and Allie. Traci said Allie was very quiet at home, but Noah had discovered a whole new side to her. Diane said she hadn't known Allie when she'd tried to bring her and Jack together, but as soon as she'd met Allie, she'd known it would be good for both of them. Diane said Allie was aware that Diane had had her own agenda. Diane said she'd owned up to it and apologized. Diane said Allie understood why Diane had done it, and Allie hadn't pulled any punches. Traci was happy to hear Allie was holding her own.

On the patio, Noah told Allie he spoke from personal experience; whenever he'd done a job for others, it had been a disaster, but when he'd started his own art, doors had begun to open. Allie said doors opened for him because he was a Newman. Noah said doors opened for Newmans in the business world, and that was where he'd been most unhappy. Allie claimed most people didn't have the option of choosing happiness over a paycheck. Allie said she'd been raised to fight for her own career, and that was what she'd taken from the podcast: the idea was that one set a goal, made a plan, and went after it.

Noah asked Allie what goals she'd set for herself. Allie said she had no idea, and that was the reason she hadn't returned to California. She admitted it was the first time in her life she didn't know what came next. She said she'd worked hard for her master's; she'd assumed she would have a job and be working happily at that point, but then her dad had died. She said she'd discovered she had a whole other family she'd never known about, and that had thrown everything off course. She said she was rethinking everything, including what job she should have and where.

Noah said Allie had some big decisions to make. Teasing, Allie claimed she would buy a bunch of planners and make some lists. Noah said he'd had a lot of lists from his sister for the wedding. Allie said he'd ignored them and gone with his own instincts. Noah suggested they compromise about the "Grinning Soul" episode. Noah suggested that maybe there were wild and divergent paths in success and happiness, and one's mission was to choose the path that work for them. Allie giggled, and she claimed Noah had missed the point entirely.

In her office, Victoria told Nikki she was happy they had returned in time for the finance meeting. Nikki wanted Victoria to go home and rest, but Victoria wanted to go over one of the deals because she wanted the contracts out by the following week. Nikki closed the door and asked Victoria to tell her what was wrong. Nikki said Victoria hadn't talked to her about anything but work since they'd left for Switzerland. Nikki asked if Victoria had been able to get Ashland out of her system. Victoria stood and said she didn't want to have that conversation.

Nikki said Victoria had been very honest about her feelings for Ashland before they'd left. Victoria had stated she couldn't stop loving him on a dime, and she'd agreed to the trip to get some distance to begin the emotional break. Victoria told Nikki she'd done some thinking, and she'd concluded that she'd been running away from her feelings because they were messy, complicated, and confusing; however, she said she had to face all the sadness and humiliation, and she had to learn to live with it. She said she'd accepted that, but the rest of the family hadn't.

Victoria said that Nikki and Victor believed they knew better than she did what she needed; they didn't trust her to sort it out on her own. Victoria said they believed she would do something wrong, and they would have to step in and save her from herself. She said she was being micromanaged. Victoria stated that she'd decided she wouldn't talk things through with anyone. Worried, Nikki sent Victor a text message: "We're at the office. Not sure the trip worked."

At Newman Media, Victor picked up Nikki's text message, and a look of concern crossed his face. Ashland arrived, and he accused Victor of being behind the restraining order. He accused Victor or Michael of pulling strings with the judge. Victor said Harrison needed protection from Ashland. Ashland claimed he hadn't done anything to deserve that reaction. Victor said that Ashland had better not ignore the judge's order or violate it, or he would wind up in jail. Victor had a second thought, and he suggested that Ashland go ahead and violate the order because everyone would enjoy seeing him behind bars.

Ashland said Victor was as ruthless as everyone had said he was. Victor said he'd warned Ashland not to cross him or his family, and Ashland had ignored the warning, so he had to suffer the consequences. Ashland claimed his mistakes were old ones, before he'd been changed by Victoria's love. Victor told him to stop the "sentimental crap."

Ashland claimed Victor had been in Ashland's shoes, and he'd needed forgiveness. Ashland asked why he didn't deserve the same opportunity. Victor shouted that Ashland didn't deserve forgiveness, and he added that Ashland didn't understand the meaning of remorse. Victor said Ashland was out of options. Ashland said he'd tried to make Victor understand how sorry he was. Victor claimed he'd known what Ashland had been up to from the beginning; Ashland had gotten Victoria to fall in love with him, and he'd married her because he'd wanted to enlarge his empire.

Victor accused Ashland of using Harrison as his reason for staying in town. Victor shouted that he, Kyle, and Summer wouldn't allow it, nor would the courts. Still shouting, he told Ashland to take the money Victor had given him and "get the hell out of town." Ashland said that Victoria still loved him; they still had a bond, and Victoria hadn't been able to give that up. He said the more Victor treated Victoria like a child and told her what to think and how to feel or run her life, the more she would resent Victor for driving him away. He said Victor would then have his own consequences to deal with.

Victor said that Ashland was pressing his luck. He told Ashland to take his five hundred million dollars and "get the hell out and be alone somewhere."

Victor arrived in Victoria's office and greeted Nikki with a welcome home kiss. Nikki told him that Victoria had insisted on returning home early. Victoria entered, and she said that she and Nikki had had the most amazing time in Europe. Victor told her that Ashland had paid him a visit, and they'd had a very productive conversation. He thought their problem would soon be over. Victoria asked Victor what he'd done.

Ashland returned to his suite at the hotel. He recalled Victor telling him to take his five hundred million dollars and "get the hell out and be alone somewhere." Ashland began to pack.

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