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With Imani's encouragement, Nate went against Devon and Lily's wishes and revealed details about Chancellor-Winters' plans during the company's launch party. Victor officially named Adam as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Summer suggested that Kyle become CEO of Marchetti.
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Traci and Ashley reminisced, Victor named Adam as CEO of Newman, and the Chancellor-Winters launch party didn't quite go as expected
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PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

Monday, June 13, 2022

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Select Committee's January 6th hearings, The Young and the Restless did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, June 14, and picked up where the Friday, June 10, episode concluded.

Imani encourages Nate to make his mark at the launch party

Imani encourages Nate to make his mark at the launch party

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Devon, Lily, Amanda, Nate, and Imani entered the Grand Phoenix ballroom and admired their company's new logo on display. "Chancellor-Winters!" Devon marveled. Lily remarked that it had a nice ring to it, but Devon joked that they could still change the name to Winters-Chancellor. Amanda credited the fearless CEOs and all the people who'd helped them get to that point. Lily urged everyone to remember that moment and how much they loved, trusted, and supported one another, since it could get them through anything. She toasted to family, and the group raised their glasses.

Abby approached and asked how excited the group was about that night. Nate replied that life was good -- other than Elena getting called to work at the hospital. Imani huffed that she would have refused to miss something that important, but Nate lectured that it wasn't how things worked for doctors. Amanda sternly repeated Nate's words, and she hoped Abby had a chance to enjoy the night. Abby enthused about planning all the details, and she promised nothing would go wrong. She guaranteed the event would be front-page news for all the right reasons.

Abby stepped away to check in with the staff, and Devon asked where Lily's COO was. Billy entered with Jill on his arm, and Jill exclaimed that she wouldn't have missed that night for anything in the world. Jill considered the merger to be a bold, savvy business move that was sure to be financially advantageous to all of them. She pointed out that it meant something even deeper because they were family, and Neil's children had formed a bond that was much more than business. Jill continued that if everyone put their hearts and souls into their work, they'd become truly unstoppable, and she was proud of all of them. Jill toasted to beautiful beginnings.

Lily declared that the day was a culmination of something very special for her that had started when Devon had created his business and Jill had entrusted Chancellor to her and Billy. Lily cited how Nate, Amanda, and Imani had joined her and Devon on an amazing journey, and she swore that they wouldn't be there without a team effort. Lily predicted that everyone's support and generosity with one another would take them to new heights because they were part of one another's history and intrinsic to each other's futures. She hoped they lifted one another up through challenges, celebrated their successes together, and handled business in a way that made their parents and children proud. "Let's get this party started, everybody!" Devon cried.

The guests mingled as the party got into full swing. As Imani surveyed the room, Giancarlo approached her and said she looked fantastic. She said she looked forward to getting to know him better, and he pointed out that he hadn't been sure she'd agree to join him. She assured him that she was full of surprises, and she pledged to be fearless because one missed all the shots one didn't take. She glanced slyly over at Nate.

Jack told Billy and Lily that he'd never seen the hotel look more opulent, and he asked how it felt. Lily considered where she'd been a few years earlier and said she felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Devon pulled Lily away for a photo op. Billy said it meant a lot that Jack was there, and he imagined Jack would have been with Phyllis if she hadn't left town abruptly. Jack mentioned that he'd heard she was spending time with Daniel, and Billy voiced surprised that she hadn't told Jack she was leaving.

Jack reasoned that adults didn't need to get involved in the minutiae of one another's lives, but Billy thought it would be good if Jack got lost once in a while. Jack dared Billy to give him relationship advice because he needed a good laugh, and Billy defended that his quick wit had gotten him through a lot recently. Jack inquired whether it had gotten Billy through the latest complication with Ashland, and Billy recalled that he'd always wanted Victoria to break free from her family and live the life she'd always wanted. Billy revealed that she was finally doing it -- and leaving town with Ashland. Jack was stunned.

Nikki reminded Victor that they were there to celebrate Chancellor-Winters, so it should be their only focus. He pledged to be the perfect guest, but he insisted on getting in touch with Adam first. Lily, Devon, and Jill approached, and Jill said she'd wondered if she'd see the Newmans there. Victor declared that he respected the competition when it was run by two people close to his heart. He added that he'd been thinking a lot about Lily and Devon's dad, and it filled his heart with pride.

Victor said he was sure Neil and Katherine were looking down on Devon and Lily to figure out if the siblings were brave or crazy. He advised that it took both qualities to captain a ship of that enormous size, but he was confident they'd do well. Nikki proclaimed that they were there to celebrate the growing empire and the fact that Lily and Devon were doing it as a family. Victor encouraged them to cherish their bond and never let go of it. Devon swore they wouldn't.

Abby proudly looked around at her handiwork. Chance arrived, and they kissed hello. He surmised that things had gotten off to a smooth start, and she confirmed everything was under control. She chirped that they were on track for their date night, and they lovingly bantered about which one of them owed the other. She cooed that their date night started right then, and they kissed again.

Jill joined Abby and Chance and suggested that Devon and Lily find a role for Chance at the family company. Abby reported that her husband was happy being back on the police force, but she conceded that Dominic might want to work there when he got older. Jill said she planned to spend some quality time with the tot while she was in town, and Abby murmured that it was important to spend time with the people they loved. Abby and Chance gazed into one another's eyes, and Jill fawned over how Chance was glowing. He thanked his amazing wife for that.

Chance answered a call about a break in one of Rey's cases. Chance hesitated to leave, but Abby recognized how important his job was and encouraged him to see it through. Jill was sure everyone would understand that protecting their city took precedence, and Chance promised to try to be back before the party was over. After Chance headed out, Jill spotted a CEO of a former Chancellor rival, and she flitted over to remind him of what a powerful company Chancellor-Winters would be.

Jack joined Abby and asked if everything was okay, since he'd seen Chance take off. Abby explained that Chance had taken on a bigger workload to try to resolve the cases that Rey had been handling before he'd died. Jack was surprised when Abby informed him that she was filling in for Phyllis, and he mused that it wasn't like Phyllis to leave Devon and Lily in the lurch. Abby contended that they were in very good hands, and she applauded the teams at both the Grand Phoenix and Chancellor-Winters for planning the event well. Jack flashed back to confronting Phyllis about going back to her old ways and telling her it was over between them.

A reporter asked to speak with Nate to get clarification on the leap he'd made from medicine to business. Devon listened nearby as Nate explained that an accident had made it impossible for him to perform surgery, so he'd pivoted to the administrative side of medicine. Devon flashed back to the moment he'd physically attacked Nate after learning Nate and Elena had slept together. The reporter inquired whether Nate had contemplated going into business before the accident, and Nate replied that the accident had changed everything. Devon struggled with guilt.

Nate cited the old adage that when one door closed, another one opened. He confirmed that he'd thought he'd been destined to be a surgeon, but he'd decided to take his life in a new direction when Lily had offered him the chance to join Chancellor-Winters. Nate enthused about how Lily and Devon had had enough faith in his fresh perspective and said he couldn't describe how great it was to work with family, operating on a playing field where everyone's opinion was equal and mattered. Devon rolled his eyes and walked away.

Amanda approached Imani and Giancarlo and observed that they seemed to be having a good time. Imani griped that the company frowned on too much excitement, but Amanda encouraged the couple to have fun and get to know one another. Imani claimed that they'd been playing games like truth or dare to break the ice, but she assured Amanda that they were "having a PG time." Amanda gushed that it was wonderful they were there together.

Victor remained preoccupied with Adam's whereabouts. Nikki grumbled that Adam was probably just dragging his feet or dreaming up new project to impress Victor. Victor sent a text message to ask where Adam was, and Adam replied to say he'd be there soon. Nikki figured that Adam would move faster if he knew he was on the brink of getting everything he'd ever wanted. Jack approached and complimented Nikki's appearance, and Victor ordered Jack to stop flirting with Victor's wife.

Jack mentioned that he'd just been reflecting on how nice it was to celebrate Genoa City's newest corporation, knowing the giants on whose shoulders it had all been built. Victor imagined Katherine and Neil would have been very happy, and he judged by the press presence that the launch would be the headline on all the business sites. Jack voiced surprise to see Victor there, but Victor scoffed at the thought that he couldn't handle the competition. Jack pointed out that he'd expected Victor to be engaged in personal matters, since Billy had shared that Victoria had left town with Ashland.

Nikki bemoaned that she and Victor were still stunned by Victoria's decision, and Victor hoped their daughter realized sooner rather than later that she'd made an epic mistake. Victor compared it to the mistake Jack and Kyle had made by keeping Diane around, but Jack maintained that it had been Kyle's choice. Nikki equated the situation to giving a cobra a second chance to strike. She warned that while Kyle was blinded by love, the rest of them knew what Diane was capable of. Diane entered the room at that moment, and Nikki bustled over to her and demanded that she turn around and walk out the door.

Diane swore that she'd had no idea there was a private party going on, but Nikki didn't buy it after all the publicity. Jack intervened and urged Nikki not to make a scene. Nikki stalked off, and Diane thanked Jack for rescuing her. Jack clarified that he'd done it for Devon and Lily, and he advised Diane to get out before Nikki dragged her out. Diane claimed that she hadn't paid attention to the details of the launch, and she'd merely wanted to use the spa while Phyllis was out of town.

Jack argued that the Athletic Club had great facilities, but Diane raved about a Grand Phoenix masseuse. He noted that she was dressed nicely for a visit to the spa, and she said she was having dinner at Society afterward. She invited him to join her to talk about how things were going with Kyle, but Jack declined. Billy joined them and voiced surprise to see Diane. She admitted that she was an accidental crasher, and she told Billy he didn't have to threaten to kick her out. Billy responded that he had no intention of doing so.

Billy reiterated that he believed Diane deserved a second chance, but it wasn't his place to invite her to stay because there was a lot riding on the evening. Diane informed him that she'd just been leaving. Nikki returned and reiterated that Diane wasn't wanted there. Diane announced that she had no intention of staying, and she sauntered off. Nikki clucked that no good could result from the situation. "One way or another, that woman's got to go," Nikki snarled.

Jack suggested they change the subject to the reason they were there. Jack stepped away to talk to Jill, and Billy noted that the encounter could have been worse. Nikki referred to Victoria's plans to leave with Ashland, and Billy groaned that it was killing him to think about Victoria tying herself to "that man." Nikki begged him to convince Victoria to stay, but he lamented that he'd already tried and failed. Lily pulled Billy away.

Diane ran into Victor, who taunted that she was making a fool of herself if she honestly thought anyone had forgotten what she'd done. Diane retorted that she hadn't forgotten what had been done to her, either, but forgiveness didn't require forgetting, only compassion. After she walked away, Victor mused to himself, "Was I really ever married to her?" He flashed back to a conversation he'd once had with Diane about how it was unhealthy to hold grudges, and she'd commented that there might be hope for them yet.

Abby asked Lily if everything was running smoothly, and Lily exclaimed that the party was perfect because of Abby. Abby wished Chance hadn't been called away on a case, and Lily wondered if he'd ever considered joining the family business. Abby recognized that Chance loved to fight for justice and help people and that he was born to do exactly what he was doing.

Meanwhile, Nate worried about giving his speech, and Devon assured him that he would be fine. Nate approached Abby, and she admitted it would take time to adjust to him being a COO after many years of knowing him as a doctor. She added that she'd thought medicine had been his calling, and she compared it to how law enforcement was at the core of who Chance was. Nate confirmed that medicine had been his passion when he'd been a surgeon, but everything had changed when he'd lost his ability to operate. He confided that being there at another big family event stirred up memories, and she recognized that it was where Nate's injury had happened.

Nate swore that his mood had more to do with having to give a speech, since he was nervous that his words wouldn't measure up to Lily and Devon's. Abby couldn't imagine Nate being less than amazing at anything, and he appreciated her listening when Elena wasn't there to give him a pep talk. Nate realized that Abby might be the perfect person to ask about something, since she had once worked at Newman and had business experience. He divulged that the plan for the speeches was to give a vague outline of Chancellor-Winters' plans.

Nate contemplated whether the public would be confused about what the company was doing if they didn't get into more specifics. Abby recommended that he talk with Devon and Lily about it, but Nate groused that Devon had been adamant that they stick to the broader view. Nate argued that the merger was thrusting them into the spotlight, so it wasn't time to play it safe. Abby advised him to follow Devon's lead because Devon had been doing it a long time and knew what worked. "I suppose," Nate muttered as Imani eavesdropped.

Billy and Lily canoodled in a corner, and he cooed about how proud he was of her. She called it a group effort, but he insisted that she'd made her vision happen. He was convinced there was nothing she couldn't accomplish, and they kissed. Devon interrupted to ask Lily to go over their speeches with the publicist. Lily invited Billy to say a few words, but he replied that it was her time to shine.

Billy approached Giancarlo and complimented the marketing team's efforts. Giancarlo pointed out that the podcast division was kicking butt -- especially the "Grinning Soul." With a smirk, Billy claimed to have no idea about the identity of the podcaster.

Imani sashayed over to Nate and purred that his frown meant he "need[ed] more Imani." She proclaimed that she was in her element, and she loved everything about the night. Nate inquired whether her date was the start of an office romance, and she replied that she hadn't decided if Giancarlo was worthy of her yet. Imani asked if Nate was ready for his big speech, adding that she'd been thinking about their earlier conversation about missing out on an opportunity. She urged him to listen to his gut and paint the picture he wanted to paint.

Nate complained that their fearless leaders would disagree, but Imani protested that the night wasn't supposed to be a big tease. She asserted that people wanted to hear everything Chancellor-Winters had to offer, and she implored him to dazzle the crowd. She continued that they only got one shot to show who they were, and she encouraged him to give it everything he had. "You know what? You're right. To hell with holding back -- I'm going with my gut," Nate resolved. Imani exclaimed that it was the most exciting thing she'd heard all night, and she couldn't wait to see him make his mark. Nate chugged his drink and looked thoughtful.

At Crimson Lights, Chance met with his partner and asked how long it would take to get a judge to sign off on a search warrant. Chance expected to find evidence that would lead to an arrest, and his partner remarked that Rey would be proud of Chance for closing the case. Chance answered a call and excitedly revealed that they had gotten the warrant and were ready to move.

Victor appoints Adam CEO of Newman Enterprises

Victor appoints Adam CEO of Newman Enterprises

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Jill asked Jack if Diane Jenkins had risen from the dead, and she stated that Nikki had to have been horrified to see her. Jill wanted to know why Jack wasn't horrified about Diane. Jill said that with all the craziness regarding Diane, Diane had introduced Jack to a granddaughter Jack hadn't known he'd had, and the granddaughter had been quite the find. Jack said his granddaughter's name was Allie, and it had been an absolute godsend getting to know her.

Jill walked away when Amanda asked to speak with Jack. Amanda told Jack she wanted to talk to him as a friend of a friend and that her friend might or might not have told Amanda that she'd recently had a falling-out with Jack. Jack asked if Amanda's friend had red hair. Amanda admitted she did and that her friend had a soft spot for Jack. Amanda stated she wasn't taking sides; however, it sounded like her friend had made a mistake, and her friend was very sorry about what had happened. Jack said he was sorry about it, as well.

Abby entered the lobby and announced that the main event was about to begin, and she invited everyone to head to the ballroom.

Victor seemed on edge. Nikki told Victor not to worry because Adam had his eye on the CEO position, since Victoria had vacated it, and he would attend the party.

At Newman Media, Sally told Adam she would be burning the midnight oil, and Adam shouldn't keep Victor waiting. Adam said he didn't want to go to the party, but he felt he should, if only to find out what Lily and Devon had planned. Adam told Sally he would return later with a full report.

Abby received a call from Chance, who said he'd wrapped up a case, and he couldn't wait to tell her about it. Abby asked Chance to meet her at the party.

In the ballroom, Lily thanked everyone for attending the launch party. Lily said it was the beginning of a journey that would change the business landscape forever. Lily stated that the evening was about two powerful companies becoming one and a personal dream come true because she wasn't only able to continue Katherine Chancellor's legacy, but her father, Neil Winters', as well.

Lily said that when she'd approached Jill about merging Chancellor Industries and Hamilton-Winters, she'd been nervous, but Jill had embraced Lily's vision. Lily said she was extremely honored that Jill was able to attend the party.

Lily introduced the company's leadership team, her brother and fellow CEO, Devon Hamilton, who was an amazing and creative executive, and the respective COOs, Billy Abbott and Nate Hastings. Lily said she looked at the business as more of a family, both figuratively and literally, and it made them more formidable. She said they were a team and united in their vision for Chancellor-Winters.

Devon thanked Lily for bringing that opportunity to him and for being persistent when he hadn't been completely sure about the merger; however, he'd finally seen Lily's vision and how the company would achieve great things. Devon wanted to compare that evening to the christening of a ship on its maiden voyage because they knew exactly where they were heading, they were excited to get there, but they weren't ready to hand over the map yet. He hoped everyone would sit back and enjoy the ride.

One reporter asked if Devon could be more specific about the direction of the company. Devon said the destination would be unexpected but an exciting one. The reporter asked Devon to reveal a few projects, but Devon stated they wouldn't be revealing any details at that moment. He assured everyone they had some very exciting things in the works. Another reporter asked why Devon had dropped his and his mother's name from the company. Devon said they hadn't because they would be rebranding LP into Hamilton Streaming as a tribute to his mother, and the Hamilton name would live on in Chancellor-Winters.

After her spa treatment, Diane was accosted by Abby, who asked how many events Diane had to crash before she realized she wasn't welcome. Abby directed Diane to the exit. Diane asked if Phyllis had hired Abby as her personal bouncer. Abby said she was overseeing a party to which Diane hadn't been invited. Diane informed Abby that she would be staying in Genoa City for a while, and having to deal with hateful people like Abby would only make her stronger. Abby said they would see, and she walked away.

Jack had overheard the exchange between Abby and Diane. Jack told Diane it wouldn't get any easier. Diane claimed she could take it because all she cared about was Kyle. Diane asked Jack to be brutally honest and say if he thought Kyle would eventually turn his back on her the way she'd turned her back on Kyle. Diane asked if all the haters would turn Kyle against her. Jack said it wasn't the time for that conversation, and he was missing the presentation. Jack agreed to meet Diane at Society after the party to discuss Kyle.

Chance arrived as Diane was leaving. He asked Abby if that was Diane. Abby said it was, and Diane hadn't been invited to the party. Abby said the party could be the first event at the Grand Phoenix where nothing major went wrong.

In the ballroom, Devon introduced his COO, Nate Hastings. Nate stated he was very proud to be part of Chancellor-Winters and the groundbreaking things he believed they would accomplish. Nate stated he wanted to answer the reporter about some of their future projects. He said Chancellor-Winters would be launching 50 new podcasts in the upcoming weeks, and the first one would take the true crime genre by storm. Lily, Devon, and Billy were stunned. Devon asked Lily what Nate was doing.

Nate stated that the podcasts would have a unique take on specific topics, and they would be covered in a way they hadn't seen previously. He said the podcasts would vary in length and frequency depending on the concept, but he promised every one of them would be spectacular.

Later, Nikki complimented Lily and Devon on their presentation. When Lily asked what Katherine would do in her situation, Nikki admitted she hadn't been expecting anything so ambitious. Nikki said Lily had embraced the way Katherine had lived her life: blazing a bold new trail. Nikki wanted to be the first to say, "Bravo." Lily and Devon were touched.

Abby told Chance she was happy to have a break from supervising the party, and she asked Chance to tell her about the arrest he'd made earlier. Chance explained that everything had gone together perfectly, and he wished he could tell Rey he'd closed another one of Rey's cases. Chance said it had given him closure, and he'd felt he was getting his groove back, facing the danger with no second-guessing himself or last-minute nerves, and it had felt like he'd been meant to do that job. Chance admitted he hadn't felt that way in a long time.

Abby told Chance she was happy everything had gone well, and she asked how much danger had been in the air. Chance said when he was on his game, danger wasn't an issue because he thought on his feet; he knew exactly what he needed to do, and justice was on his side.

Elsewhere, one of the reporters told Nate they were pleased to get some specific information about the company. Nate said he wasn't going to give away all their secrets, and he suggested they check out Chancellor-Winters' social media regularly. Nate ended the interview.

Adam arrived, and he joined Victor and Nikki. Adam told Victor that he and Sally had put out a fire and that Sally had stayed to finish up so that Adam could attend the party. Victor said he would be making an announcement the next morning -- that Adam would be the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam smiled from ear to ear.

Adam told Victor he couldn't wait to get started because he had a ton of ideas to take the company to new heights. Adam said he looked forward to working with Nikki and sharing the co-CEO title. Nikki stated that she and Victoria had been a team. Nikki couldn't envision having the same relationship with Adam, and she chose to return to her COO position. Victor said the CEO title would be entirely Adam's. Adam appreciated the vote of confidence and said he wouldn't let them down.

Adam told Victor he couldn't wait to hit the ground running, and he asked if Sally would be running Newman Media. Nikki asked Adam to congratulate Sally on their behalf. Nikki and Victor left. Billy joined Adam. Billy hoped Adam was having a good time. Still grinning from ear to ear, Adam stated he was having a great time, and he liked keeping his eye on the competition. Billy hoped Adam didn't feel too threatened with all the attention Chancellor-Winters was receiving.

Adam told Billy their companies couldn't be more different, and Billy had no idea how the tides had turned. Billy claimed Adam wasn't facing the headwinds with Chancellor-Winters in the game. Adam said he welcomed it because Newman Media was going to have the power of Newman Enterprises behind it. He told Billy that Victor had appointed Adam CEO of everything Newman.

Adam told Billy that he would probably be buying up some of the divisions Chancellor-Winters had sold off to make room for entertainment, media, and commercial real estate, and Newman Media would become bigger and stronger. Adam left.

Nate joined Devon at the bar, and he asked how Devon had liked his speech. Devon said it had been unexpected. Nate admitted he'd given out more information than Devon had expected. Devon snapped back that it had been more than a bit. Nate claimed he'd gone with his gut, and it had paid off. Nate said people were hungry for specifics, and giving them a taste had made them hungrier. Nate was convinced it had been the right move and stated he'd only said a quarter of what he'd wanted to say.

Lily and Billy joined Devon and Nate. Lily said she hated to admit it, but Nate had been right. Billy said that the investment group from Seattle was 100% on board. Nate claimed they had given the world enough to know that Chancellor-Winters was ready to deliver.

Later, Imani told Nate he'd done an amazing job and the right thing. She said Nate needed to listen to her more often because she was usually right. Imani said Nate was an engaging and persuasive speaker, and everyone had liked what he'd had to say.

Imani approached Jill and introduced herself. Imani said she was excited to be working with Lily and Devon. Imani said the launch party had been Nate's idea and that Nate was doing an incredible job. Jill said Nate had previously operated on Jill's grandson. Imani stated that Nate excelled at everything he tried. Amanda arrived with Chance and said she needed to speak to Imani.

After Amanda and Imani left, Jill asked Chance if Nate lived with Elena. Chance confirmed that Nate did. Jill said Elena better watch out for Imani.

At the bar, Amanda suggested that Imani go and keep Giancarlo company and instructed her to stay away from Nate because he didn't need Imani praising him to Jill. Amanda said she suspected that if Imani had known Elena wouldn't be attending, Imani would have turned Giancarlo down as her date in order to put her moves on Nate. Amanda warned Imani to keep her distance from Nate for the rest of the evening. Imani stated that Amanda needed to back off because Imani was sick and tired of Amanda telling her how to live her life. Imani walked away.

Imani apologized to Giancarlo because they hadn't had much time to be together because she'd been working the room. Giancarlo said he understood. Giancarlo suggested a nightcap, but Imani claimed she was exhausted and was off to bed.

At Society, Diane told Jack that all her doubts and fears regarding Kyle had returned in full force, and she wanted Jack's opinion about her situation. Jack said Diane wasn't wasting her time because Kyle had indicated he wanted her back in his life again. Diane was relieved and said it gave her hope; she said dealing with the rest of the town would be a bit more manageable. Diane said that perhaps Jack would eventually find a way to tolerate her.

Jack told Diane his feelings were irrelevant and that he would remain neutral about Diane's relationship with Kyle. Jack warned Diane that if it was some kind of façade or if Diane had an ulterior motive, she would live to regret it. Diane claimed it wasn't a façade or an act, and it was exhausting trying to keep her head held high when people were lobbing grenades at her. She claimed it made it difficult for her to focus on what was important: Kyle. Diane said it was a hard time for her, but she would get through it, especially since Jack had confirmed there was hope for her. Jack said he didn't feel sorry for Diane.

Diane wanted to apologize to Jack because her presence in town might have caused Phyllis' sudden departure at a time when he and Phyllis were getting together romantically. Riled, Jack said he refused to discuss his and Phyllis' relationship with Diane.

Diane told Jack it hadn't been bad sharing a meal and some non-combative conversation. Jack claimed Diane's definition of non-combative was a bit skewed. Diane saw Victor and Nikki arrive, and she commented that her respite was over. Diane told Nikki to relax because she was leaving. Jack said he would walk Diane out before any more grenades were lobbed in her direction.

Annoyed, Nikki asked Victor why Jack would be spending time with Diane and why people like Diane and Ashland were so easily forgiven.

Adam returned to Newman Media with a bottle of Champagne. He told Sally he was the new CEO of Newman Enterprises, and Sally was the new CEO of Newman Media. Adam claimed they'd gotten what they'd wanted, and they kissed.

Nate arrived at home, and he told Elena that the evening had surpassed his wildest expectations. He told Elena he'd taken a risk, and it had paid off. He said that in his speech, he'd gotten into specifics that Devon hadn't wanted anyone to discuss, and it had generated a lot of buzz. He added that Lily had admitted he'd been right all along. Nate said he'd been in the right place at the right time.

Devon and Amanda arrived home, and Devon declared the evening a great success. He admitted that Nate had proven himself to be quite the handful. Amanda said Devon had had a tremendous night, and his night wasn't over yet. They kissed.

Billy said he hoped Lily was basking in the evening's success. Lily admitted she was. Billy said "the hell with Adam" and the company he'd snagged by default. Lily claimed she hadn't given Adam a second thought. Billy said he was humbled to be in her presence after she'd scored such a huge achievement that evening. Lily said she couldn't have done any of it without Billy. Billy said he'd been there to support her, and he really hadn't had much to do with the evening's success; it had been all Lily. They kissed

Ashland and Victoria celebrate their newfound freedom

Ashland and Victoria celebrate their newfound freedom

Thursday, June 16, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Jill said she'd never expected to find Jack and Diane together. Diane commented that Jill wasn't surprised to see her. Jill said she'd seen Diane at the launch party, but she hadn't wanted to interrupt Nikki giving Diane hell.

Jill told Diane she was impressed how Diane had managed to pull off faking her death so convincingly and that Diane had returned to face the wrath of all the people who hated Diane. Jill said that took more guts than actually dying. Diane agreed and said the people in town could be brutal. Jill stated that Diane deserved it. Diane said she had deep remorse for her actions and wasn't proud of deceiving so many people, especially Kyle.

Jill told Diane to take any kind words wherever she could get them. Jill said she knew what it was like to be on the receiving end because she'd had so much dirt hurled at her over the years. Jill claimed it was difficult to get past that; however, Jill looked at Jack and said that for some people, it was remarkably easy. Jack assured Jill he was far from past everything Diane had done. Jill asked Jack how close he and the resurrected Diane Jenkins were. Diane said that Jack was barely tolerating her.

Diane told Jill that Jack had agreed to meet with her because of her insecurities and to answer questions about their son. Jack said Diane wanted to reconnect with Kyle, and he'd decided not to get in her way. Laughing, Jill said that Diane had turned a page and entered a new chapter. Jill claimed it was foolish to carry grudges because all that hate and negativity could eat them alive. Jill said they couldn't change the past, and they needed to change themselves.

Jack told Jill it was late, and he left. Jill asked Diane to stay because she'd always been fascinated by a really good "back from the dead" story. Diane claimed there was nothing to talk about. Jill said she hadn't made the list of suspects in Diane's murder.

Jill told Diane that there were very few people who would want to be seen in public with Diane besides herself. Jill said she didn't hold a grudge against Diane, although that wasn't true of everyone. Jill told Diane that she was fiercely protective of her family and friends, even though she was rarely in town. Diane insisted no one had anything to fear from her.

Jill told Diane that most of the people in town considered Diane a nuclear bomb waiting to go off, and in spite of that, Diane seemed determined to stay. Jill asked what Diane was after. Diane told Jill she was staying in town to be close to Kyle, and she'd been putting up with all the harassment from her many enemies in town for that privilege. Jill stated that Diane always played the angles. Diane claimed that had been the old Diane, and the person she had become would do anything to make up for the lost time.

Diane said that Jill had to understand because she'd had issues with Billy. Jill claimed that had been a completely different situation because Billy hadn't grown up believing his mother was dead. Jill understood that Diane loved her son, and she'd seen the twinkle in Diane's eyes every time Diane had looked at Jack.

Diane asked Jill why she would want to dredge up some romantic history with Jack. Jill claimed it didn't appear like history the way Diane had been hanging on to Jack's every word. Diane admitted to a certain connection with Jack and said they did share a son, no matter how they felt about each other. Diane said she was sure Jill had noticed how Jack treaded very carefully around her. Jill said they were talking about Diane's feelings.

Jill told Diane that Jack was probably the most eligible bachelor in the northern hemisphere; he was charming, debonair, handsome, suave, rich, and powerful, and he checked every box. Diane suggested that Jill had her eye on Jack because Jill had had her own romantic history with Jack. Diane surmised that Jill had her heart set on a reconciliation. Jill said that had been a brilliant deflective technique, and they both knew she wasn't after Jack; however, Diane had many motives to want Jack back.

Jill said if Diane was on Jack's arm, it would go a very long way toward convincing people in town that Diane was worthy of forgiveness. Jill said if Jack Abbott, who'd hated Diane's guts, could pardon her for all her sins, Diane would be sitting pretty, and from that perspective, it would be a masterful move. Jill claimed Diane was the master of masterful moves. Diane claimed she didn't play those games anymore. Diane was about to leave, but Jill asked if Diane would say no if Jack told Diane he wanted to give them another try. Diane told Jill that if that ever happened, she would be a fool to turn him down. Diane left.

At Society, Nikki told Victor she couldn't believe Victoria was really gone. Victor said they'd known Victoria was determined to be with Locke. Nikki said she hated that Victoria had left on such a bad note. Nikki said they'd pushed Victoria too much. Victor disagreed because they'd always done what had been best for her. Nikki said that Victoria was an adult, and Nikki wondered how long Victoria would allow them to treat her like a child. Victor said forever because she would always be their daughter.

Victor told Nikki they had wanted Victoria to see that Locke was a monster, and he said that Locke would prove he was again. Victor promised Nikki that Victoria wouldn't stay with Locke for long. Nikki said that when Victoria had discovered that Locke had been lying about his illness, she hadn't left him, and Nikki was afraid Victoria never would. Victor said he didn't think that union would last because Victoria would realize Locke was a monster, and Victoria would return, possibly with regrets.

Victor told Nikki he was certain that when Victoria realized he'd put Adam in the CEO position at Newman Enterprises, she would return. Nikki said Victoria would see it as manipulation, which was what had driven her away. Victor claimed their plan would have its desired effect, but Nikki wasn't so sure because Ashland was still a big part of Victoria's heart. She said a feeling like that didn't disappear overnight. Nikki said Victoria trusted and confided in Ashland, and that would make it that much easier for him to strengthen their bond.

Victor told Nikki they had a very willful daughter, and he was afraid Victoria would crash and burn before she came to her senses and realized she'd made a colossal mistake. Nikki said they shouldn't underestimate Victoria. Victor told Nikki that Locke would revert to his old form and screw up again. Nikki said Victoria, with her talent and drive, could be successful without Locke and could do anything she wanted. Nikki claimed that if Locke betrayed Victoria again, Victoria would kick Locke to the curb and find success and happiness without Locke or her family.

Nikki realized Victor had another plan in mind other than making Adam CEO. Victor said he was waiting for Ashland and Victoria to make their next move, then he would have more cause to play against Locke and destroy "that son of a bitch."

Ashland welcomed Victoria into their temporary home. Ashland said he was happy to be back in Manhattan with the woman he loved, and he was ready to chart a whole new course for their lives. Ashland saw that the situation scared Victoria.

Ashland told Victoria he understood how serious the situation was for her and that she'd taken a huge, life-changing step away from the family she'd been close to her entire life. Victoria said that years previously, she'd moved to Italy and hadn't spoken to her family for a year. Ashland claimed the situation was different because Victoria had walked away from the top job at one of the biggest conglomerates on the planet. Ashland said that had taken a lot of courage, and it had to have been scary, as well.

Ashland told Victoria how desperate he'd been to get away from his own father, and it hadn't been easy. He recalled that terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. Victoria admitted it was unsettling. Ashland said it would take time to adjust to a new life, but he noted what a life it would be. He claimed they would take the city by storm; attend large parties with fascinating people; attend museums, art galleries, and the best restaurants in town; and have a beautiful new home. Ashland said they needed a couple of extra bedrooms for the kids when they arrived for a visit.

Ashland told Victoria to think about the whole new business they were going to build -- something new, innovative, and jaw-dropping that would rival Newman Enterprises. He said they were going to be Newman Enterprises' worst nightmare.

Ashland told Victoria he had some ideas for their new venture. Victoria said she had some very strong opinions about what their next move should be. Victoria said she didn't want Newman in the name of their company. She said she wanted their company to slap down Adam's Newman Media division. She said she believed a media entity was the way to go. Ashland said he had a lot of connections in that area, and he suggested they could poach some of their former colleagues from what had been Newman Locke, and that would be an excellent way to stick it to both Adam and Victor.

Victoria told Ashland she wanted their company to be more than just a standard media enterprise. She said she wanted to use her art background to find a way to bring the fine arts into the digital age. Ashland loved the sound of that. She said Victor would hate it, but she didn't care because she was outside of Victor's shadow, and she was free to make her mark on the world.

Ashland told Victoria they needed to toast to being together against all odds and to making plans to take the world by storm. He said everything seemed new without Victoria's family and his past actions weighing them down, because they were finally free.

Adam arrived at the Newman office. Excited, Sally said they would have to do some redecorating, starting with Victoria's portrait. She asked if they should have a portrait of Adam there. Adam said it wasn't his style, and he suggested an abstract painting.

Adam told Sally that for him, telling Billy that Victor had appointed him as CEO of Newman had been the highlight of the launch party because Billy had been speechless. Sally asked what Adam's first move was going to be. Adam took down Victoria's portrait and faced it toward the wall. Sally asked Adam how he felt being back where he belonged -- top dog in his family's cherished company. Adam said it felt "pretty damned good." Adam claimed they needed to celebrate.

Sally told Adam she'd brought a bottle of Champagne. Adam said they deserved to revel because they'd finally gotten everything they'd wanted. Sally said "the hell with" the Chancellor-Winters launch because Adam becoming CEO was what really mattered. Sally suggested they needed to christen the Newman office. Adam pushed a button, the door closed, and they began to undress each other. They had sex on the desk. After the loving, Adam and Sally toasted to Newman Enterprises.

At home, Kyle told Summer that the most recent numbers for Marchetti's last quarter had been bleak. Kyle said the Marchetti COO, Leonardo, was their biggest problem, because Leonardo made a lot of mistakes. Kyle hoped Angelina was on board to replace him once the sale went through.

Summer told Kyle she'd spoken with Angelina; Angelina wanted to step down once the sale went through because she was on the verge of burning out completely, and she wanted to take advantage of the sale and retire.

Kyle was stunned. Summer said with Angelina out of the picture, the business would be completely Jabot's, and they wouldn't have competing visions. Summer said Angelina trusted her not to tarnish the Marchetti brand, and she would make sure the line would continue to reflect Angelina's sensibilities. Summer said they could replace the COO without worrying what Angelina thought.

Summer told Kyle they needed to find a leader who had an excellent background in business and who could manage a large team. Kyle said they needed someone who would hit the ground running. Summer said that Kyle was the perfect person to run Marchetti. Kyle asked if Summer wanted him to step down as co-CEO of Jabot and go over to Marchetti. Summer suggested that Kyle take over Marchetti as sole CEO. Kyle said he couldn't abandon his job, but Summer reminded him he would still be working for the same company.

Summer told Kyle they would be working together the way they had at JCV, and they could duplicate that magic at Marchetti -- but on a much larger scale. Kyle said it was a big decision, and he needed to talk it over with Jack. Jack arrived, and Summer suggested that Kyle pitch it to Jack immediately.

Jack told Kyle and Summer that if Angelina retired, it would open a lot of doors for them. Kyle said it would open a slot at the top of Marchetti, a slot he was thinking about taking. Kyle said he could make his own mark with complete autonomy. Jack said it was a perfect opportunity for Kyle to fly solo, a move Jack was convinced Kyle was ready to make; however, selfishly, Jack said he didn't want to lose Kyle at Jabot.

Summer told Jack he wouldn't be losing Kyle because Kyle would be running a different division under the corporate umbrella. Kyle said he hadn't made a decision yet, but he was considering it.

Kyle asked Jack about the launch party. Jack said it had been a spectacular launch, and Chancellor-Winters would give the competition a run for their money and would be a force to be reconned with. Jack told Kyle he'd also had a pleasant dinner with Diane. Kyle was happy his parents had spent time together without it turning into a fight. Summer said she would bet that Jack would rather have gone out with Phyllis. Jack stated that Phyllis had always been a great dinner companion. Summer asked Jack what had happened between Phyllis and Diane and between Jack and Phyllis.

Jack told Summer that Phyllis and Diane would never make peace. Summer said something had happened between Jack and Phyllis. Jack advised Summer to run her questions by Phyllis. Jack said he was going to bed, and he left.

Summer told Kyle it was obvious something had happened between Jack and Phyllis. Kyle said it seemed to have something to do with Diane, but if Jack didn't want to talk about it, that was his prerogative. Summer claimed something was wrong, and the tension was affecting the entire family. Summer stated they couldn't ignore Phyllis and Diane's dangerous history. She said they were capable of broken bones, blackmail, and burning down pool houses. Kyle said he wanted to believe they were past that kind of behavior. Summer claimed anything was possible when those two were riled up.

Kyle told Summer their mothers were a combustible combination. Summer said Phyllis would return eventually, and she wouldn't be happy to discover that Jack had taken Diane out for a late-night dinner. Kyle said it wasn't ideal that their mothers couldn't stand each other, but they needed to sit back and let it all play out. Summer agreed, and Kyle said he had a big decision to make.

Traci and Ashley walk down memory lane for Allie

Traci and Ashley walk down memory lane for Allie

Friday, June 17, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Traci and Ashley were excited to spend time with Allie. Traci hoped Allie would make Genoa City her permanent home. Ashley said Allie had been through a lot, and it was tragic that Keemo hadn't been able to reconcile with Jack before he'd passed away.

Traci said she recalled what she'd felt after Dina had abandoned them. She'd been worried how she would fit in when she'd returned home from boarding school. She'd been nervous, but John had been there to make her feel safe.

In a flashback, Traci told John she wasn't the perfect little girl for the president of Jabot Cosmetics to be proud to show off. John told her she was a special and lovely girl, and he was very proud to introduce her to anyone at any time. Traci told John she was very proud to be his daughter.

Traci lamented that she missed and thought of John every day. Ashley claimed they'd been lucky to have John as long as they had; she said John had been there for every milestone moment, and he'd encouraged them to embrace the future.

Ashley recalled when John asked Ashley why she hadn't told him she was graduating with honors. Ashley said she wanted him to attend her graduation for her and not her grades. John said he was very proud of her, and he'd never underestimated her because Ashley could do anything she wanted to and didn't need to prove anything to him. Ashley claimed she had a lot to prove.

Ashley told Traci they needed to honor Jack and especially John by making sure Allie felt she'd been part of their family from the beginning.

Allie arrived. Ashley claimed they had bombarded Allie with questions about her life, and they'd decided that Allie needed to know about their lives, provided Allie was curious. Allie admitted she was. Ashley told Allie their lives were literally an open book. Ashley explained that Traci had written a book about the Abbott family history. Traci said they'd felt it would be better if Allie heard some of the history in person because the written Abbott history was a lot to take in.

Allie said she'd loved the tour of the Jabot lab and had been fascinated seeing how the fragrances and cosmetics were made. Traci said the lab was Ashley's happy place. Ashley said she did what she'd always wanted to do thanks to her father's support. Allie said Keemo had always told her how proud he was of her, and he'd encouraged her to pursue her own interests. Allie said Keemo had been very excited when she'd told him she wanted to get her degree in chemical engineering.

Allie said Keemo had made sure she pursued her own passion. Allie said she was impressed that Traci had forged her own path outside the family business. Allie asked if Traci had always wanted to be a writer. Traci said she'd known she wanted to do something creative. Ashley said Traci could have been a successful singer. Ashley said that back in the day, there had been a famous singer named Danny Romalotti. Traci said when Danny had discovered she could sing, he'd asked her to sing at concerts with him.

Traci said that as exciting as her life had been as a singer, she'd eventually discovered that writing was her real passion. She said it had been very meaningful to experience success doing something she loved. Traci recalled being very excited when she'd received a copy of her first book, Echoes of the Past.

Allie asked Traci and Ashley what they'd been like when they'd been Allie's age. Ashley said they hadn't been the people they had later become. Traci said Ashley had been more poised and self-confident than Traci had. Traci said she'd been riddled with insecurities; she'd struggled with her weight and become addicted to diet pills that had almost killed her. She said she'd been desperate to be anyone but herself. She admitted it had been a pivotal time for her, but she'd learned to love herself. Ashley said everyone loved Traci for the extraordinary person she was. Allie said everyone who met Traci loved her.

Traci told Allie that Lauren Fenmore had been the worst -- Lauren could turn on the charm like nobody's business, but Lauren hadn't liked her. Traci said she'd found ways to fight back.

In a memory, Traci stopped a waitress and said she hadn't ordered the ice cream sundae. The waitress said Traci's girlfriend had ordered it for her. Traci walked over to Lauren and poured the ice cream sundae over Lauren's head.

Traci said that shockingly, years later, she and Lauren had become good friends.

In a flashback, Traci told Lauren that it was the most pleasant conversation they'd ever had. Lauren said she didn't want to pass up an opportunity to tell Traci how truly sorry she was. Lauren claimed she couldn't think of herself as a better person until she looked Traci in the eye and really apologized.

Traci said one never knew how things would turn out until one gave them enough time. Allie said she was beginning to learn that. Allie asked if Ashley had had a nemesis. Ashley said that she and Nikki Newman had had their fair share of issues over the years. Traci explained that Nikki Newman was Noah's grandmother, and Nikki had felt that Ashley had been a threat to Nikki's family and her happiness.

The Abbott sisters recalled when Nikki said she knew exactly what Ashley was up to and that Ashley tried to play the innocent routine when she wasn't innocent at all. Nikki stated that Ashley would never get Victor.

Ashley said she hadn't set out to make Nikki her enemy. Ashley said that she and Victor had had a very strong connection the first time they'd met; however, their early relationship had come at a very painful cost.

Ashley related a memory of Ashley telling Victor they were living in a fantasy world consisting of Victor, her, and a baby in a perfect setting. Ashley said it would never be that way for them in the real world. Ashley said she loved Victor desperately, but things had changed; his life had changed drastically, and so had hers. Victor asked if she understood that he would have loved her. Ashley asked if it meant Victor would be betraying his commitment to Nikki. Ashley said that Victor's life would be thrown into chaos. She stated that all she had left was her family and her career.

Ashley told Allie that she and Victor had made it through the dark days, and they had ended up getting married.

Ashley recalled when she'd told Victor it was the most breathtaking and elegant watch she'd ever seen, and he shouldn't have done that because he'd recently given her a gorgeous diamond pendant. Victor told her he wanted to make her life a fantasy. Ashley said he already had.

Ashley told Allie that she and Victor still had a bond, albeit a much different one. Abby arrived and said she was part of that bond because she was part Abbott, part Newman, and part Carlton. Traci said Brad Carlton was no longer with them, but from the moment he'd walked into the Abbott house, he'd changed their lives forever.

Traci said Brad had been a successful executive at Newman and Jabot, but when the Abbotts had first met Brad, he'd been hired as their groundskeeper and pool man. Traci said she hadn't been able to keep her eyes off him, and Brad had known it.

Traci shared a memory from when she'd told Brad she needed a little time to put things into perspective. Brad said what Traci needed was a movie that he'd been wanting to see, and it was probably the best thing for Traci. Brad said he wouldn't leave the house without her or take no for an answer. Traci said she was miserable, and she would ruin the movie for him. Brad said he was going to change his shirt, and they would leave. Brad said that if Traci wasn't careful, she might enjoy herself.

Ashley said Brad had been quite the charmer. Traci said she'd fallen hard for Brad. Tracy recalled Brad asking what kind of honeymoon it would have been if he hadn't carried his bride over the threshold.

Traci said that as much as she and Brad had loved each other, they hadn't been able to keep things together. She said they'd been together, apart, back together, and then done. Traci said the beautiful thing that had come from their love had been their daughter, Colleen.

Traci recalled when she and Brad stared at her newborn daughter. Traci introduced the baby to her daddy, who'd brought her into the world. Traci told Brad she didn't know what she would have done without him.

Allie said she hadn't known Traci had a daughter. Traci said Colleen had died when she'd been about Allie's age. Traci said Colleen had been smart, spirited, artistic, determined, and self-confident, and Traci wished Allie could have known her. Allie asked how Traci had managed to get through Colleen's death. Traci admitted that she hadn't been sure she would. Traci said losing Colleen had been the most difficult thing she'd ever faced, but she'd had Abby, Ashley, and the rest of her amazing family to help her get back on her feet.

Traci explained how Abby factored into the story, but first Ashley explained that Traci and Brad had been over for a while before she and Brad had gotten together. Ashley said she'd been pregnant, and she'd wanted to raise that child on her own. Brad had had a different idea. Ashley said she and Brad had fallen in love, and she'd given birth to Abby on their wedding day. Ashley said looking at Abby's face for the first time had been the most magical moment of her life.

Ashley recalled the drama surrounding Abby's birth. Ashley told Victor to give the baby to her and that she was moving on with her life. Victor said the baby would be fine and told her not to get upset. Ashley shouted for Victor to give the baby to her immediately, and just then, Brad walked in.

Ashley told Allie that Brad had adopted Abby, and they'd had a sweet and wonderful family for quite a while. Abby said that for years, no one had known she was Victor's daughter, but she'd grown up with two incredible dads -- and the most amazing mother and aunt that anyone could ever ask for. Abby said Traci and Ashley were amazing role models filled with "so much wisdom and love."

Arriving at home, Ashley, Traci, and Allie discovered that Jack and Billy waiting for them. Billy said it looked like they'd had a good time. Allie said the conversation had been very interesting. Ashley said Allie had a better window into their history. Allie said she'd loved hearing everything about their lives.

Billy told Allie that his sisters were two very different women, but they had a few things in common: bright minds, big hearts, and phenomenal resilience. Billy said that whether Allie liked it or not, Traci and Ashley would tell her exactly what they thought, and in his case, it had been quite prevalent at times; however, they'd always wanted what was best for him, as they did for Allie. Billy said if Allie wanted another side to the story, he would be more than happy to sit down with her and chat. Allie said perhaps she and Billy could have dinner sometime. Billy agreed.

Ashley asked what Billy would say. Billy said that everyone in the room had been through hell and back, but one thing had always rung true: they'd always had each other's backs, no matter what, and that would never change. Billy said that without his brother or his sisters, he had no idea where he would be.

Traci said she'd told Allie about her darkest hours and how grateful she was to have had her family to help her find her way. Filled with emotion, Ashley admitted she'd felt lost several times over the years, and the most frightening had been when she'd fought for her life, because she was a breast cancer survivor. She said she'd fought and gained strength from John and the people in the room.

Ashley recalled when she'd been gravely ill. Ashley said to Jack that when one took one's marriage vows "in sickness and in health," she didn't think any couple could really understand what that meant unless they experienced something like that themselves. Jack told Ashley to let the family help her, and she would get through it. He promised that her life would be normal again.

Allie said their stories had touched her heart. She said her family was very special. Jack said he was happy to hear Allie talk about herself as one of them because she was. Jack said that any strength the family had, it had started at the top with Allie's great-grandfather John Abbott. Allie said that from what she'd heard, John had been an exceptional man. Jack said they felt his presence in the house daily, especially at the breakfast table. He said something at that table had the power to bring Traci and Ashley back, no matter how far away they lived.

Jack thought of being at the breakfast table with Traci and Ashley. Jack proposed a toast to John -- never far from their thoughts, never far from their hearts -- and to his beautiful sisters. Jack said that Traci and Ashley had no idea how many times he'd dreamed of just the three of them sitting at that table together.

Ashley said the Abbott family breakfast was the most important tradition they'd had. Traci agreed they were very happy that Allie had a seat at that table. Allie received a text message. She told everyone that Noah had asked her if she wanted to hang out. Traci told Allie to go. Billy offered to walk out with Allie. Allie thanked Ashley and Traci, and she left with Billy.

Jack thanked Ashley and Traci for including Allie because it meant the world to Allie. Traci said she liked Allie, and Ashley said Allie was a lovely addition to their family. Jack said Allie could use a professional mentor, and she would benefit from having both Traci and Ashley in her life, especially since Allie's mother had practically cut ties with her. Ashley and Traci agreed to help Allie.

Jack asked if their conversation had touched on Dina. Traci said they hadn't because they'd wanted to avoid Allie feeling pressured into talking about her mother. Jack said Allie's last encounter with her mother had been especially painful, and he didn't know when or if they would ever see each other again.

Traci told Jack that it had been very difficult when she'd seen Dina years after Dina had abandoned them.

Traci recalled when she told Dina that before Dina had left, Traci had always felt she'd been in Dina's way and that she'd been someone Dina hadn't wanted to have around. Traci asked if Dina had ever wanted her. Dina admitted she'd been surprised to discover she was pregnant with Traci, but when Traci had arrived, Dina had been very happy to have another little girl. Traci asked why Dina had never shown her that. Dina said Traci was very beautiful. Traci said, "Goodbye, Mother," and she left.

Ashley admitted she'd had no idea what had been in store for her when Dina had returned. Dina had told her that Brent Davis was her biological father, and that had been so painful that she literally hadn't known who she was or where she'd come from. It had been difficult for her to accept that she wasn't John Abbott's daughter.

Ashley recalled a painful time. Sobbing, John told Ashley she'd brought more joy into his life than any father could ever ask. He begged Ashley to remember that. He asked if anything sounded familiar. Ashley said it didn't. John said he was Ashley's father, he loved her, and he wanted to bring her home where she belonged.

Traci said she was happy Ashley had found her way back. Ashley was grateful that John had never learned the truth. Traci stated that Ashley had always been John's daughter. Jack agreed. Ashley said she'd thought she would never forgive Dina for her lies and deceits or move past their combative relationship, but in the last few months Dina had been with them, Dina had tried hard to make up for those transgressions.

Ashley acknowledged that Dina had been looking out for her because Dina had had John draw up documents stating that Ashley had the patent rights to all the formulas she'd created. Ashley said Dina had made sure her paternity wouldn't be used against her to cut Ashley out of her share of John's legacy.

Ashley stated that Dina had loved her, and she was grateful they'd all had that time with Dina before she'd passed away, healing many of those old wounds. She asked if Jack had been able to reconcile his past with Dina. Jack admitted he had. Ashley asked if Traci felt that Dina had finally accepted and appreciated her for who she was. Traci said she would cherish what Dina had written about all of them before she'd been too far into her illness.

Ashley said that with Dina's last breath, she'd given them what they'd wanted to hear, that she loved them. Traci said she would carry that forever.

Jack said they'd been through a lot together, good and bad. He was proud to be part of that family and proud to call them his sisters. Traci said it seemed like yesterday they'd been kids running around that house, yet there were grandchildren, grand-nephews, and nieces seeking them out for advice and guidance.

Ashley said she was filled with hope about the generations to come because they would know all of their stories, all of the horrible mistakes they'd made, all the triumphs they'd celebrated, all the sorrow, and all the joy. Ashley hoped they would learn from it and move forward, bearing the best qualities of everyone before them. Traci said they would understand how very lucky they were to be Abbotts.

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