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Billy decided not to fight his custody arrangement with Victoria. Michael agreed to investigate Diane. Phyllis reluctantly declared a truce with Diane. Kyle took over as Marchetti's CEO. Victor enlisted Michael's help to thwart Victoria and Ashland's plans to start a new business venture.
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Phyllis reluctantly declared a truce with Diane, and Victor plotted to thwart Victoria and Ashland's new business venture
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Jill senses that Billy might sabotage his life with Lily

Jill senses that Billy might sabotage his life with Lily

Monday, June 20, 2022

Billy, visibly distressed, met with Jill at Society. Billy, sharing shocking news, told Jill that Victoria had informed him that she had decided to leave Genoa City, her work, and her family to start over with Ashland. Jill, having never heard the backstory on Ashland, asked Billy why Victoria was leaving. Billy told Jill that Ashland had lied about having cancer and had deceived Victoria into marriage as part of a plan to steal Newman Locke after the merger. Jill, shocked, asked Billy who had figured out what Ashland had been doing. Billy answered that it was a long story he'd share another time, though the Newmans had attempted to get rid of Ashland.

Billy told Jill that Victoria expected him to let her take their children to a place unknown in order to evade Victor's interference. Concerned, Jill advised Billy that it was no longer his battle to fight, adding that there was no way Victoria would put their children in danger. Jill reminded Billy about the debacle with Jesse Gaines, when Billy had used his and Victoria's children as an excuse to stop Victoria's wedding. Jill, leaning close and stressing her words, cried, "You've got to let this go, Billy, and also -- if you mess this up with Lily, I will never forgive you." Billy said he had already promised Lily he would let it go, though he had hoped his mother might have been more supportive.

Jill asked Billy how he felt about all the changes at the company. Billy replied, "How are you feeling?" Jill said she thought she'd made her feelings clear in her speech at the launch event. Billy praised Jill's heartfelt speech, but he recalled that his mother had run Chancellor all by herself at one time and that the changes marked the end of an era. Jill said she felt certain Lily would lead the company into a brand-new era by expanding both Katherine's and Neil's visions. Billy asked Jill if she was concerned about the major upheaval. Jill replied, "The way it is for you, honey?" Billy assured Jill he would not screw things up for Lily, was impressed with the Chancellor-Winters merger, and would focus on being the best COO he could possibly be.

Jill encouraged Billy to open up about what was bothering him, assuring her son that whatever he disclosed would be protected under "the mother-son privilege." Billy acknowledged that Lily, Nate, and Devon working together had created a family vibe. Billy admitted he felt disconnected, as if something was missing, though he didn't know why. Billy explained that he felt restless, as if there was something more, though he didn't know what. Jill asked Billy if he might be self-sabotaging again and in danger of falling back on his old ways.

Billy set his mom at ease and said he was merely trying to find his place in the world. Jill told Billy that after the launch party, she had "binged" on his podcasts. Jill praised her son's fearlessness, bravery, and honesty in sharing his feelings with the world. Jill expressed concern that, for Billy, voicing his honest revelations was akin to ripping scabs off old wounds, which was dangerous for someone like him. Billy replied, "You mean a recovering addict like me?" Billy explained that the podcasts had actually been a cathartic experience, though he still couldn't account for his restlessness. Billy vowed to keep searching until he determined why he felt restless.

Nate and Devon greeted Lily in her office at Chancellor-Winters Communications. Nate proudly noted that after the launch party, the first official day of Chancellor-Winters was underway. Devon and Nate were pleased with the offices Lily had designed for each of them. Nate remarked that compared to the hospital, the corporate life was a whole new world for him. Imani entered and shared that the press had fawned over the sexy, sophisticated addition to the company's executive suite. Lily, feigning confusion, asked Devon if he'd seen the same references Imani had. Imani insisted that gossip sites had described Nate as sexy. Devon somewhat grimaced and shook his head in dismay.

Nate said he hoped he had not overstepped by revealing more about their business plans than Devon had wanted him to. Devon said it had worked out. Lily and Imani agreed, adding that Nate had followed his gut instinct instead of playing it safe. Devon said he hoped there would not be too many more bumps in the road. Nate nodded as if acknowledging Devon's directive and thanked him for being gracious. Lily suggested the company could raise advertising rates based on their pre-subscription numbers. Devon replied that they could thank Nate for having detailed the rollout.

Lily immediately praised Devon's team for their promos and development roles in creating the podcasts. Imani agreed. Lily chalked up the success to great family teamwork. Devon again nodded, though he seemed reserved and uncertain. An observant Nate noticed Devon's reaction.

Nate was sweetening his coffee at Crimson Lights when Imani approached and said, "Save some of that sugar for me." Nate said if he didn't know better, he would think Imani had followed him. Imani admitted she had, so she could confirm whether or not she had pushed Nate too far at the launch party. Nate said it had been his call, and he had no regrets. Imani assured Nate that his speech had raised his visibility.

Nate said he had not intended to overshadow Lily and Devon and could have done without Imani's comments about not playing it safe, which had seemed like a dig at Devon. Imani admitted she rarely stifled her opinions, and she reiterated that Nate had generated a lot of buzz for the company by taking a risk. Nate said he was certain Devon thought otherwise, though Devon had not said so. Imani advised Nate not to let Devon discourage him. Nate explained that he and his cousin Devon were sometimes rivals and at other times, best friends. Imani acknowledged from experience that family dynamics could sometimes be complicated.

Billy entered Lily's office and kissed Lily on top of her head. Billy mentioned Nate's speech. Lily, acknowledging that the public was curious about the podcasts, expressed hope that Jill had also been excited about the announcement. Billy said Jill was, though she had warned him not to screw things up with the star CEO. Lily asked why Jill was concerned. Billy laughed it off as a little joke. Billy admitted he'd shared secrets with his mother and did not want to keep them from Lily. Lily was interrupted by an urgent matter requiring her attention. Billy said he had not meant to sound ominous and told Lily it was her time to shine.

Amanda met up with Summer at the Grand Phoenix. Amanda asked Summer if she knew when Phyllis would return home. Summer sighed, glanced at her phone, and replied that her mother's text messages had been like a master class on evasion. A frustrated Summer explained that she had hoped to keep her mother in the loop regarding decisions she and Kyle were making. Amanda commiserated, acknowledging that Phyllis had had limited contact with her, as well. Summer said her mother had also been vague with Daniel and Lucy about how long she would be staying with them. Daniel, Summer said, had reported that he and Lucy had been walking on eggshells around Phyllis due to her moodiness.

Summer told Amanda that she had been concerned about Phyllis since she and Kyle had witnessed a tense moment between her mom and Jack after they had argued. Summer said Phyllis had insisted at the time that it had been a minor disagreement. Summer wondered aloud if the argument had been sparked by issues related to Diane. Summer said her mother had pressured her to convince Kyle to reject Diane. Amanda agreed that whatever had happened might be the reason Phyllis had left so suddenly, just before the launch party she had been eager to host.

Summer told Amanda she had reached out to Daniel and persuaded him to invite Phyllis for a visit because she feared her mother and Diane had been headed for a major showdown. Amanda agreed that it had been a good idea to help Summer's mother cool things down. Summer cried that Phyllis' time away was postponing the inevitable. Amanda was sympathetic. Summer disclosed a plan to save her mother from waging a full-blown war with Diane, enlisting Amanda's help as a peace-broker. Amanda agreed to do her part.

At Chancellor Park, Diane spent time with Kyle and Harrison and watched Harrison feed the ducks. Diane fawned over her grandson while relishing time with him. Diane told Kyle about a bad dream she had had involving Kyle and Harrison moving back to Milan after the Marchetti deal had fallen through. Kyle assured Diane that the acquisition was right on track. Diane expressed relief.

Diane asked Kyle if he could help her find a job in Genoa City, if it was not too much trouble. Kyle said he had few connections in real estate. Diane thanked Kyle for helping her financially, though she felt it was time to pay her own way and find a purpose for her life. Diane told Kyle that her passion was architecture, not real estate, though she felt it would be impossible to compete with younger, more experienced architects.

Diane revealed that she had been studying communications, public relations, and crisis management. Diane said she felt especially drawn to the field because it entailed turning around a bad image by refocusing the public's attention on positive qualities. Kyle explained that there would be issues if he hired her to work at Jabot. Diane said she understood and hoped Kyle might hear about a suitable opening elsewhere, vowing that she would make Kyle and Harrison proud. Kyle assured his mother he would keep an ear to the ground.

Michael and Lauren had coffee on the patio at Crimson Lights. Michael noted that being together was a rare occurrence because her career had become busier than ever. Lauren didn't disagree, though she reminded Michael that during her long absences, she had not been locked away in a Peruvian jail. Nikki approached, appearing distraught. Lauren told Nikki she had heard that Victoria had left with Ashland. Nikki's mood lightened somewhat when she informed Michael of her intention to direct all of her rage and anger at Diane Jenkins.

Nikki, certain that Diane had evil intentions, asked Michael to look into Diane's activities in Los Angeles. Lauren said Michael was probably the worst person for the job. Nikki recalled that Michael had uncovered evidence proving that Ashland was a snake, so he could do the same in regard to Diane. Lauren noted that Michael and Diane had been palling around with each other. Nikki seemed reviled by Lauren's revelation. Lauren left after receiving a text message from Summer.

Nikki told Michael she was appalled at the thought of him spending time with Diane after everything she had done. Nikki told Michael he needed to do something about Diane quickly. Michael admitted he was more willing than most to forgive Diane. Nikki prevailed on Michael to find out how Diane had lived under an alias for so many years. Nikki suggested that Diane might have evaded paying taxes by using a fake name and Social Security number. Nikki said perhaps Diane had stolen someone's identity, which might lead to charges. Michael reminded Nikki that he had stepped down as district attorney and would not have had authority in California, and he noted that tax evasion was a federal crime.

Nikki, recalling that Michael had risked his life to bring down Ashland, demanded to know why he was protecting Diane. Michael recalled that Diane had lived alone in exile away from her son and had paid for her crimes. Nikki disagreed and cried that even Jack had softened his stance. Nikki insisted she would never sit back and allow Diane to wreak havoc. Michael gave in and agreed to investigate Diane in order to prove to naysayers that Diane had changed. Nikki insisted that if the investigation proved otherwise, Diane should get what she deserved.

Lauren arrived at the Grand Phoenix and joined Summer and Amanda. Summer told Lauren the meeting was about Phyllis. Amanda explained that Summer was trying to defuse trouble between Phyllis and Diane. Lauren, recalling past battles, scoffed and replied, "Well, talk about a lost cause." Summer requested Lauren's help to keep the peace. Lauren said she had already been keeping tabs on Diane, noting that Diane had been lighting fires everywhere, including one with Nikki.

Lauren informed Summer and Amanda that Nikki was on a mission to get Diane out of town. Amanda said perhaps they might get lucky if Diane felt the heat from her enemies and retreated back to Los Angeles before Phyllis returned. Summer said her goal was to create peace for everyone instead of driving Diane away from Kyle -- unless it was absolutely necessary. Lauren admitted that Michael had an inexplicable soft spot for Diane. Admitting she wasn't neutral and sided with Nikki, Lauren advised Summer that she might also have to pick a side and opt to put distance between Kyle and his mother.

At the Abbott home, Summer told Kyle that Harrison was eating a snack after playing at the park. Kyle said Harrison had visited with "Didi." Summer sighed and told Kyle she had heard that, in addition to her mother, Nikki was adamant about forcing Diane to leave town. Kyle said he wished everyone would back off his mother. Summer recalled that most had strong histories with Diane and opinions to match. Kyle seemed exasperated after Summer apprised him about the trouble brewing for Diane.

Phyllis secretly returns to Genoa City

Phyllis secretly returns to Genoa City

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Phyllis sauntered into the Grand Phoenix, wearing sunglasses and a huge hat to cover her face. She carefully surveyed the lobby before stepping into the elevator. She sighed in relief as the doors closed.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle handed Summer a glass of iced tea. He remembered how good the iced coffee had been in Italy, whereas the iced tea had been terrible there. Kyle said he missed the street food in Milan and cited a guy who'd sold the best fresh pasta he'd ever had. Kyle guessed they had to move back to Italy for the ravioli, but Summer told him not to joke about it. She struggled to find a way to handle the situation with their mothers, but he pointed out that it wasn't her responsibility to broker peace. Kyle resolved to stay out of it, but Summer worried that her mother was at her worst when Diane was around.

Summer relayed that Daniel had reported their mom had been stewing over what had happened between her and Jack, so Phyllis might return to town, even more upset. Summer contemplated whether there was a way to get Diane to go back to L.A. for a while, but Kyle indicated that his mother was talking about putting down roots in Genoa City. He mentioned that Diane had asked him to help her find a job, and he joked that perhaps they could get Phyllis to hire Diane at the hotel. Summer glared at him.

Kyle suggested that he and Summer focus on the things they could control, like finding the new CEO of Marchetti. She wondered if he was taking himself out of the running, but he wasn't sure if he was the right person for the job. "But you are," she cooed, wrapping her arms around him. Kyle pondered what he'd be giving up if he stepped down as co-CEO of Jabot, but Summer noted that Marchetti wouldn't be a step down, since it was a big company with room for growth. Kyle acknowledged that running a company on his own might be an even better way to show his father what he was capable of.

Summer left the decision up to Kyle. He proclaimed that he had a lot of ideas about how to turn Marchetti around, and he saw no fun in hiring someone else to implement those ideas. He agreed to take the job, and they embraced. Summer answered a call from Phyllis, who pretended to still be in Savannah. Phyllis inquired about how things were going at home, and she questioned whether Summer had convinced Kyle to send Diane packing. Summer reiterated that she wouldn't try to change her husband's mind about giving Diane a chance to rebuild their relationship.

Phyllis cautioned that keeping Diane around wouldn't go well for either Kyle or Summer, adding that sometimes people needed to learn lessons on their own. Summer pleaded with her to accept Diane's presence in Genoa City and let them make their own decisions. Phyllis vowed not to get worked up over Diane, comparing her nemesis to a poison that would eat away at her and kill her if she let it. Summer changed the topic to the Marchetti deal, and she revealed that they were making progress with finding a CEO. Phyllis looked forward to hearing more about it when she got home, and she promised it would be very soon.

Lauren stopped by the mansion to find out more about the possible collaboration between Marchetti and Fenmore's. Summer revealed that she and Kyle wanted Fenmore's to be the exclusive carrier for Marchetti in the United States. Lauren anticipated that it would be great for both brands, and she loved the idea because she trusted Summer's creative vision. Lauren addressed the rumor that Angelina was looking to retire, and she wondered who would fill the designer's classy shoes. Lauren was taken aback when Summer divulged that she was considering Chelsea for the role.

Kyle recognized that Chelsea already had a deal with Fenmore's for her new line. Summer explained that the deal would stay in place, but they could just change the branding. Lauren worried that Chelsea's modern American style wouldn't fit with Marchetti's customer expectations, but Summer figured they could just tweak the designs. Lauren liked Chelsea's sketches and thought they would sell as they were, and Kyle suggested that Chelsea pull double duty by designing for Marchetti as well as her own line. Lauren argued that she didn't want Chelsea to get burned out.

Lauren questioned whether Marchetti's CEO would be on board with the new strategy. Kyle was sure that whoever took over the position would be excited about the partnership, and Lauren agreed to pursue it if Chelsea was open to it. Kyle left to pick up Harrison from a play date with Christian. Lauren observed that Kyle seemed happier than the last time she'd seen him, and she asked if Summer had any news from her mom. Summer reported that Phyllis had implied she was ready to let go of her anger toward Diane. Lauren chuckled and surmised that Summer didn't believe it. "Not a word," Summer replied.

Summer fretted that she couldn't keep her mom out of town forever, especially when she'd moved back home to be close to her family. Summer was shocked when Lauren suggested that she enlist Diane's help. Lauren stressed that she didn't trust Diane, but she reasoned that Diane had supposedly returned to town to make peace with her enemies. Lauren thought it could work in Summer's favor if Summer got Diane to apologize to Phyllis. Summer considered the idea of trying to get Phyllis and Diane together rather than keeping them apart.

At Crimson Lights, Allie enthused about how Ashley had arranged for her to visit the Jabot lab a second time to shadow the lead researcher on the skincare line. Jack was sure Ashley was thrilled to have found someone interested in that aspect of the business. Allie was in awe of everything Ashley had achieved in her career as a chemist. Jack offered to arrange a summer internship for Allie in the lab, but she hesitated to accept. Jack swore there was no pressure.

Jack apologized if he'd put Allie on the spot, but she explained that she just didn't want to jump in front of everyone else who had applied. Jack assured her that she wouldn't be taking anyone's job, since Jabot's regular internships had already been filled with undergraduate students. He revealed that the lead researcher usually had no connection with the interns because her work was too advanced, but he planned to set up an internship for Allie to help the researcher and test the waters with no long-term commitment. Allie admitted that it sounded perfect, but she wanted time to think about it. Jack said he understood the emotional element of following in her father's footsteps, and he urged her to take all the time she wanted.

Allie confided that she'd been thinking a lot about how her dad would have felt about her being in Genoa City, getting to know his family. Jack liked to think that Keemo wouldn't have had a problem with it, and Allie shared that Noah believed her father would have been happy she was in a place where people cared about her. Jack called Noah a good friend, and she marveled at how gracious and warm everyone had been since she'd shown up in town, unannounced. Jack credited her for charming everyone she'd met.

Allie appreciated how everyone had welcomed her, and she mentioned that Diane had also been sweet to her lately. Allie acknowledged that Diane had done terrible things to Jack's family, but Jack refused to dictate how Allie felt about Diane or anyone else. He advised her to form her own conclusions about people but not to get too close to Diane, since Diane always had her own agenda. Jack said he was unsure of Diane's motives, but he was grateful to her for leading him to Allie.

Allie said she appreciated Jack being there for her when her dad had died. She admitted that she'd felt very alone, but that feeling was disappearing more and more every day. Jack recalled that he'd known she'd been hurting from the first day they'd met; he'd been able to see that Allie had needed to feel love and a sense of belonging, but he hadn't wanted to push. Allie assured him that he'd gotten the balance exactly right.

Diane approached, and Allie left to meet Noah in the park. Diane noted that Allie and Noah had been spending a lot of time together, and she was glad to see that Allie seemed to be fitting in very well. "Better than you?" Jack inquired, and Diane conceded that it didn't take much. Jack waited for Diane to tell him that everything with Allie wouldn't be happening if it hadn't been for her. Diane recognized that there weren't many positive things she could take credit for, and she begged him to let her have that. He agreed to let her join him.

Diane fawned over how much Harrison was growing, and Jack realized he didn't notice it as much when he got to see the boy every day. Diane wondered if Jack was purchasing Marchetti to keep Kyle and Harrison in town. Jack conceded that it was a huge benefit, even though there were business reasons for the deal. Diane said she'd been willing to move to Milan if Kyle had wanted her to, but she was glad it hadn't happened. Jack said he had expected her to be relieved to get away from the resentment she'd been dealing with in Genoa City.

Diane admitted things had been bad, but she hoped people would eventually stop lashing out and admit it was possible that she'd changed. She wondered if it was too soon to put Jack in that category. Jack confirmed that he was trying to forget the past and believe in a future for her and Kyle. Diane considered him to be in a tiny club of people she'd somewhat won over, but she imagined that there were others she'd never be able to recruit -- like Phyllis. Jack urged her to pretend that she and Phyllis lived in separate universes. Phyllis entered the patio in her hat and sunglasses and spotted Jack and Diane together.

As Phyllis eavesdropped, Diane claimed that she'd love to stay away from Phyllis, but their children were married, so their paths were bound to cross. Jack argued that Diane didn't have to seek Phyllis out or intentionally provoke her, and Diane incredulously asked if he blamed her for what had happened. Jack complained that they always ended up talking about Phyllis, even though he'd told Diane repeatedly that he didn't want to discuss Phyllis with her. Diane offered to drop the topic forever if he answered one question, and she inquired whether he was hoping to work things out with Phyllis when she got back. Jack flatly answered no and stated that they'd tried, but the ship had sailed.

Diane swore it had never been her intention to cause problems between Jack and Phyllis, but she was relieved to hear him say that he and Phyllis would never get back together because things had never worked out between the two of them. "Quite simply, you deserve better than Phyllis," Diane asserted. On the patio, Phyllis removed her sunglasses and seethed.

At Society, Chloe became irritated when Chelsea hummed as she designed. Chloe asked Chelsea to stop because it was distracting, and Chelsea apologized for not realizing she'd been doing it. Chelsea shared a question Connor had asked about whether people played soccer in heaven, and she imagined he'd been thinking about Rey. Chelsea lamented that her son had been distant, and she sensed that he felt mentioning Rey would upset her. Chloe assured Chelsea that both she and Connor would get through it -- especially since they had a lot of pressure to get things finalized with the line.

Chloe requested to see what Chelsea was working on, and she bristled when she saw Chelsea's design was for the winter season and not the one they were about to launch. Chelsea reasoned that she hadn't wanted the idea to slip away, but Chloe snapped that what was slipping away was time. Chloe lectured that they were up against a deadline, so they had to get focused. Chelsea snatched her tablet back and testily asked if Chloe didn't understand how her creative mind worked after all those years. Chelsea explained that it was a process, and she wasn't wasting time while she thought about changes to her designs.

Chloe argued that she also had a process to ensure they had the designs done in time to get them into production, and she wondered how she could motivate Chelsea to work faster. Chelsea protested that she was doing her best, but Chloe warned that Chelsea was operating at a pace that might lead to changes in production. Chloe groaned that she was making herself crazy juggling all the parts, but Chelsea countered that she couldn't rush artistic inspiration. Chloe maintained that the logistics of production mattered, and all their hard work would be for nothing if Lauren kicked them to the curb for missing deadlines.

Chelsea conceded that the way she worked wasn't necessarily the most efficient, but she anticipated that her line would be so stunning that Lauren wouldn't care if they were late for a deadline or two. Chloe agreed that Chelsea's sketches were amazing, but she stressed that they still had to make the clothes to be able to sell them. Chelsea promised everything would fall into place, and she encouraged Chloe to relax and trust that it would all work out. Chloe griped that Chelsea didn't have to sweat the details of mass production because it was Chloe's job, and Chelsea objected to Chloe making her sound irresponsible.

Chelsea swore that she wouldn't let anyone down, but she didn't need a rigid structure. Chloe groused that while Chelsea's brand of genius was brilliant and flashy, no one noticed when Chloe got it right. Chloe supposed her job was to make sure nothing impeded Chelsea's creative flow, and Chelsea was appalled that Chloe felt like she had to babysit Chelsea. Chloe clarified that she was there to protect Chelsea, who was offended at the implication that she'd implode without Chloe. Gloria interrupted and observed that tensions were high. She sensed they needed a spiritual guru.

Chelsea claimed that Gloria had misunderstood, and Chloe raved about Chelsea's amazing new ideas for the upcoming season. Chloe noted that Gloria had been in London for Fashion Week, and Gloria bragged about how she and her team at JCV had surpassed their most optimistic projections. Gloria added that she'd been able to chat up Chelsea's new line, but Chloe argued that Gloria hadn't even seen what they'd been working on. Gloria called it a gift to be able to talk anything up, and Chloe hoped Gloria had been vague enough to avoid inaccuracies -- if they ever finished the line.

Chelsea claimed that it was almost done, and Gloria rambled about how buyers and critics were eager to welcome Chelsea back to the world of fashion. Gloria proposed that she and Chelsea attend Fashion Week together the following year, but Chloe reiterated that they had to launch the new line first. Gloria doubted that would be a problem, since Chloe and Chelsea were a brilliant team that had Lauren's support, and they were lucky enough to be best friends working together. "You'd think so, wouldn't you?" Chelsea asked through clenched teeth.

Chloe and Chelsea acknowledged the friction between them and chalked it up to the pressure they were under. Gloria stated that she'd run many different businesses, and her secret to success was simple -- hire the best people for the job and then get out of their way. Gloria compared it to a symphony orchestra in which everyone had a role to play, and they made beautiful music together. "As long as they're paying attention to the conductor; otherwise, it's just noise," Chloe contended. Chelsea interpreted Chloe's statement to mean Chloe thought of herself as the conductor and Chelsea as the noise, and they began to bicker. Gloria shushed them.

Gloria recognized that Chloe and Chelsea thought of her as Chloe's wacky mother-in-law, but she was also a survivor who had been in business for a long time. She continued that people always underestimated her, but she was still there because she knew what worked and what had value. Gloria believed that Chloe and Chelsea had value as a team, but they had to harness their negativity and turn it into positive energy in order to rocket to new heights. Gloria told them to stay strong, stay smart, and stay together, and she declared that her work there was done.

Later, Chloe rolled her eyes when Chelsea resumed humming. Chloe reported that she'd received a text message from the factory, and there might be some wiggle room on the deadline. Chelsea replied that it was almost like one of them had been right all along in that there was nothing to worry about, but Chloe cautioned not to let the deadline slip too far. Chelsea displayed her latest design and asked if it had been worth the wait. Chloe praised Chelsea for turning something negative into positive energy, and she credited Gloria for giving them good advice. Chelsea suggested they make a pact to never put themselves in a position where they needed Gloria to counsel them again.

Victor asks Michael to find Victoria and Ashland

Victor asks Michael to find Victoria and Ashland

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

by Nel

At Newman Enterprises, Adam told Victor that he knew he had a lot to prove because his days as CEO were numbered. He said he knew why Victor had appointed him CEO, and it had very little to do with his abilities and everything to do with Victoria. Adam said Victor wouldn't let Victoria run off with Ashland. Adam said the CEO position had always been something Victoria had wanted, and he was the last person Victoria would want to see in that chair. He said Victoria knew he wouldn't have a problem dismantling her accomplishments if they didn't align with his vision for the company.

Adam told Victor his presence would be a jolt to Victoria's ego to bring her back to reality. Adam stated he would play his part better than Victor could ever imagine. Adam agreed it had been a smart move using him as bait to bring Victoria home, but it gave him a chance to prove that he should be in charge of the company. He said the company would run more smoothly without Victoria and the three-ring circus that surrounded her. Adam said Victor wouldn't regret it because Adam would do a really good job. Victor asked if Adam believed he would do such a good job that Victor would keep Adam in the CEO position even if Victoria returned. Adam said he did.

Victor said Adam had once sat in that chair, and he hadn't done a good job. Adam admitted he'd stepped in as CEO when everyone had believed Victor had died. Adam admitted he'd felt a huge responsibility to preserve what Victor had built. He said he'd been determined to do it his way, and he'd been proud of what he'd done. Victor claimed Adam had been arrogant. Adam agreed. He said he'd alienated people who'd tried to help him. Victor said that when he'd regained control, he'd been appalled by Adam's methods. Adam said he'd been disgusted by them, as well, but he'd gotten results.

Adam told Victor he'd had a lot to learn, and it hadn't been his time, but they had both matured. Adam claimed he had the temperament, skill, and drive; he was the one who should lead the company into the next decade, since he was the one who cared about preserving Victor's legacy.

Michael arrived and said he'd received Victor's message. Adam asked what that was about, but Victor said it was nothing for Adam to be concerned about. He told Adam to do his job because he had a lot to prove; Victor advised Adam not to screw up. Victor and Michael left.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki asked if Nick had heard from Victoria. Nick said he hadn't, but when he'd last seen Victoria, she'd been determined to make the move without any interference from anyone. Nikki lamented that Victoria had turned her back on the family, and Nikki was certain that Ashland had praised Victoria for cutting her family out of her life.

Nick told Nikki that Victoria couldn't cut them off completely because Genoa City would always be Johnny and Katie's home, and Nick doubted that Billy would be okay with Victoria's arrangement. Nikki said Victoria was giving up everything she'd ever wanted for "that conniving bastard." Nick said things wouldn't work out well for Victoria.

Nikki told Nick that Victor was counting on Ashland slipping up and showing his hand again. He said Victoria would then see that Ashland was a manipulative man, and her heart would be broken for good. Nick said appointing Adam to replace Victoria as CEO would probably be more than Victoria could handle. Nikki said she'd gone along with Victor's plan because she was desperate to snap Victoria out of her daze.

Nick told Nikki he would do whatever it took to help. Nikki said she wasn't as confident as Victor about Victoria's response to learning that Adam had been appointed CEO, and it might drive her away for good. Nick said the last time he'd seen Victoria, he'd told her he didn't want her to leave with any animosity between them, and he'd told Victoria they would always have each other's back, no matter what.

Nick told Nikki he'd wanted to make sure Victoria had someone in her corner turn to if things didn't work out the way she'd hoped. Nick said Victoria had been very certain it was the right path for her and that she and Ashland were going to have an amazing life together away from her family; Nick said they had to let it play out. Nikki said she had another avenue she needed to explore.

In the park, Billy left Victoria a voicemail message stating he hadn't reacted well when she'd informed him she was leaving town. Billy said he didn't want to stop her from living her life on her own terms, and he wouldn't fight her on their custody arrangement; Johnny and Katie were free to stay with her wherever she landed. Billy said they needed to get together and figure out a way of telling the kids about the changes heading their way. He said he wanted Victoria to be happy. He ended the call.

Lily joined Billy and said she'd heard what he'd said to Victoria. Billy said he hoped Lily was convinced that he was 100% committed to her. Lily thanked him for doing the right thing for his kids and Victoria.

Billy told Lily that Jill was completely on board with their business plans and that she'd listened to his podcast and become a fan. Billy suggested that he should do a podcast about level of success, whether big or small, how people crowded around it, patted a person on the back, and told them how great that person was. Lily summed it up by saying it was the satisfaction one got when they'd achieved their goal.

Billy told Lily there was a downside to that because it only took one person to say they sucked, and that would be all they remembered. He said Jill had warned him he could be self-sabotaging again. Lily said she'd felt Billy would do something, and she'd assumed it had been because Victoria would leave town with Locke. Billy said he was okay with that, and he promised Lily he wasn't heading to a dark place. He admitted it was difficult to explain something he didn't understand yet.

Billy told Lily the work he'd been doing on the podcast was deeply personal for him, especially as the Grinning Soul, since it was an unknown entity with no name and no past. He said he got to dig deep, and it was incredibly liberating and very exciting for him; however, it also felt very fragile, and he felt he needed to protect it. He said the new journey was incredibly invigorating, and he was excited to see where it took him.

Lily told Billy she was happy about his journey; however, it was separate from her and the map they'd laid out together. Lily asked if Billy was pulling away from her and Chancellor-Winters. Billy assured Lily he didn't want any distance from her and that he was very excited to see what she would do with the company. He said he was excited about his journey, which wasn't separate from Lily. Chelsea arrived. Lily said she had to leave. Billy assured her everything was good.

After Lily left, Billy asked Chelsea how she was doing. Chelsea claimed half-heartedly that life was good. Billy asked her to be honest. Chelsea asked if Billy had ever become friends with the least likely person in the world, someone who'd had every right to despise him, but instead, they'd only seen the good in him. Chelsea said that was who Rey had been to her. She said they'd become very close, and despite what she'd put Rey through, giving him every reason to hate her, he hadn't; it had brought their friendship even closer.

Chelsea told Billy that Rey had really listened to her when she'd had no one else to turn to. She said Connor had adored Rey, and Rey's death had been very difficult for her and Connor.

Chelsea told Billy that she and Chloe were coming up with a new line for Fenmore's. Billy said it was great having a creative outlet and working with her best friend. He said that had to be perfect. Chelsea said she adored Chloe; however, lately, Chloe had been acting like a babysitter rather than a collaborator. Billy suggested that perhaps Chloe was making sure the line succeeded. Chelsea claimed there was no one better than Chloe, but she wished Chloe wouldn't worry about her so much.

Billy received a text message, and he told Chelsea he had to run. Chelsea suggested they get Johnny and Connor together. Billy hesitated and said his kids were at boarding school. He said they would discuss it at a later date, and he left.

Sitting alone in the park, Chelsea spotted Nick walking through the park, and she invited him to sit with her. Chelsea said she'd been busy, and she needed to catch up on the Newman gossip. She said she knew Ashland was sick. Nick said Ashland had made the whole cancer story up to get everyone's sympathy. Chelsea knowingly said Ashland had lulled everyone into a false sense of security only to rob them blind. She admitted she was familiar with that scam.

Nick told Chelsea that Ashland's whole life had been one big lie after another. Nick said they'd paid Ashland off and gotten him out of the company, but he still had a strong hold on Victoria. Chelsea was shocked that Victoria and Ashland were still together. Nick said it had been driving them crazy because, no matter what they'd said or done, Victoria wouldn't listen. Chelsea said there had to be something they could do to keep them apart. Nick said that he wanted to put Ashland's head through a wall daily, but it wouldn't bring Victoria back.

Chelsea told Nick that after everything Ashland had put Victoria and her family through, Nick had every right to want to see Ashland destroyed.

At Newman Media, Sally entered the office and sat down at her desk. She was very excited when she saw her nameplate: Sally Spectra, CEO, Newman Media.

Adam arrived for a visit. Sally asked Adam how he liked her outfit. He claimed she looked like an empowered professional. Sally said she had to find a COO, someone she could trust but also someone who would see her vision. Adam claimed he'd known someone, but they'd gone on to bigger and better things. Sally asked how Adam's first day on the job had gone.

Adam told Sally that before he'd been able to stop himself, he'd told Victor he was aware of why he'd been appointed CEO; it was to jolt Victoria back to reality and to force her to return and claim her throne. Sally said Adam had to make a splash to prove beyond a doubt that he deserved to be the CEO of Newman. Adam said that was exactly what he'd told Victor and that he was going to prove to Victor it had been the smartest move to make because Adam knew what Newman needed and was the best person to run that company.

Adam told Sally that Nikki was his COO, and he wouldn't be receiving anything resembling support from her. He said he was sure Nikki was sticking around only to keep her eye on him. Sally stated that Adam would always have her support, and she knew she was what Adam needed. Sally and Adam began to undress each other. Sally said they would always be a team.

At Society, Victor said he needed Michael to find Ashland and Victoria and let Victor know what they were up to. Michael stated that Victor didn't pay him to skulk around in shadows. Michael said that he hated Ashland almost as much as Victor, and even after everything Victoria had learned about Ashland, Victoria had chosen to go with him. Michael suggested that he understood how difficult it was for Victor to let go, but perhaps it was time.

Victor told Michael that Victoria was an extremely capable woman in business; however, when it came to her private life, she tended to lean toward flawed men. Michael said it was easy to explain; he suggested that Victor look at who Victoria's father was and how much Victoria adored him. Michael said Victor was a powerful and deeply flawed man who'd proven he could change. Victor stated he wanted Michael to do a job, not be an armchair psychologist.

Michael asked Victor why Victor hadn't asked his team of P.I.s to handle the situation. Victor claimed the situation would require the finesse that only Michael had in his arsenal. He said Michael had a personal stake in it by getting even with "that bastard" who'd caused Michael so much pain in Peru.

Victor told Michael they needed to get to Locke before he caused Victoria any more pain. Michael said it was Victoria's choice. Victor claimed she needed their help because she was incapable of leaving "that bastard." He asked if Michael wanted Locke to cause more damage. Victor claimed he knew Victoria wanted to be in Genoa City. He said she'd made a mistake, and he was certain she knew it. Victor claimed Victoria had to return to the family and to running the company.

Michael told Victor that Victoria would, but in her own time. Victor didn't "give a damn" about Victoria's own time; he wanted her to return immediately, before Locke did more damage. He wanted Michael to find out where they were and what their plans were. Victor said he would take care of the rest.

At the coffeehouse, Nikki told Billy that Victoria hadn't returned any of her phone calls, and she had no idea where Victoria and Ashland were. She said that if Victoria stayed with Ashland, then Johnny and Katie would be forced to spend time with Ashland. Nikki said she was certain that Billy had insisted that Victoria tell him where she was going, and she was also certain Victoria had sworn him to secrecy. Nikki said she needed Billy's help because Victoria had gone off with that man, and she had no idea what Ashland had planned. Nikki said she was worried sick.

Billy told Nikki he had no idea where Victoria was. He said she hadn't told him anything, and he was waiting to hear where she planned to settle down. Billy said he hated what Victoria was doing and was worried about her and his kids. He admitted he was worried about anyone who cared about Victoria, including Victor.

Billy told Nikki that when Victoria had told him she was leaving town, he hadn't handled himself very well, and he'd threatened not to allow any change to their custody agreement. He admitted he'd said he wouldn't allow their kids to visit her out of state because he wanted to protect them, but he'd realized that hadn't been the right thing to do because Victoria wouldn't do anything to put their kids in harm's way. He noted that obviously, he wasn't going to follow through with that threat. Billy said Victoria was capable of leading the life she wanted, and he would be stepping back and letting it go.

Phyllis is urged to tell Diane that she is moving on

Phyllis is urged to tell Diane that she is moving on

Thursday, June 23, 2022

by Nel

At home, Kyle told Jack he'd decided to leave his co-CEO position at Jabot and assume the role of CEO of Marchetti. Jack said he was disappointed because he would miss working with Kyle, but Kyle's move made sense. Kyle said that Jack had taught him everything about running a company. He reminded Jack they would still have business to discuss, since Marchetti was part of Jabot, and they would find ways to spend time together outside of work. Jack agreed. Jack said it was Kyle's opportunity to spread his wings, and Jack couldn't wait to watch Kyle soar.

Kyle told Jack that he and Summer were pursuing avenues to expand and grow Marchetti. Jack asked if Phyllis was as happy as he was about the news. Summer said she'd spoken to Phyllis briefly, but she hadn't had a chance to tell Phyllis. Summer said Phyllis would return soon and that Phyllis had told her that she would be willing to let go of her hatred for Diane.

Summer said Jack didn't believe that any more than she did. Jack said he had his doubts, but he hoped it was true. Summer asked Jack what had happened between him and Phyllis. Jack assured Summer there was nothing to worry about. Summer said she had a feeling it had something to do with Diane. Jack claimed Summer knew everything she needed to, and he admitted it did tie back to Diane. Jack said if Phyllis had claimed she was willing to let go of her hatred and anger toward Diane, it was a good thing.

Jack told Summer that he, Phyllis, and Diane wanted Summer and Kyle to be happy and that was where their focus should be. Summer insisted that more information would help her keep the peace. Jack said he had somewhere to be, and he left. Summer complained to Kyle that Jack continued to be evasive. She said Jack and Phyllis were hiding something from them, and she needed to find out what it was.

Kyle reminded Summer their parents weren't obligated to share every detail of their lives. Summer claimed she was trying to keep the conflict to a minimum, and it was difficult to do if she didn't know what was going on. Kyle reminded her that Jack had said there was nothing to be concerned about, and Phyllis had said she would make an effort where Diane was concerned. Summer claimed Phyllis' epiphany had happened too fast.

In the park, Diane thanked Michael for inviting her to join him in the park, and she said she was happy to have Michael back in her life. Michael said he felt the same way, but he warned her that Nikki wanted to run Diane out of town. Diane said Nikki had made it very clear she wanted Diane gone.

Michael warned Diane not to underestimate the depth of Nikki's determination. He said Nikki wanted information on all the dirt on Diane of what might have gone on in Los Angeles, and Nikki had asked him to do the digging. Michael said he'd informed Nikki he would do a deep dive only to prove there was nothing incriminating and to show everyone Diane deserved another chance.

Michael told Diane he was in her corner, and he wanted the truth about whether Diane had broken any laws or if she'd pulled any of her old stunts while in L.A. during the time she'd supposedly been rehabilitating herself. Diane claimed she'd walked a very straight line while in L.A.

Michael told Diane he was acquainted with how easy it was for Diane to tiptoe over the line and justify why she'd done it. Diane reminded him that he'd gone from lawyer to prisoner and back to lawyer. Michael said she'd missed one of his stints in a Peruvian jail. Michael explained that he'd been working on something for Victor, and Michael had upset the wrong person. He said he'd spent a few weeks in jail, but he'd managed to leave unscathed.

Michael told Diane the reason he'd brought up his unfortunate visit to Peru was because when he investigated someone, he was extremely accurate and thorough. Diane said he could investigate all aspects of her life as Taylor Jenson because she had nothing to hide. Michael hoped that was true. Diane said it had been a quiet time in her life because she'd been on the run and hadn't wanted to draw attention to herself. Diane said she'd needed to prove to herself that she was worthy of being in Kyle's life, and she was ready to do that.

Phyllis hid behind a tall bush and eavesdropped on Michael's conversation with Diane.

Michael advised Diane to have patience and said that if she kept being the best version of herself, everyone would have to acknowledge that she'd changed. Diane asked how long it had taken Michael to convince everyone that he'd evolved. Michael said it had been a long and hard journey reinventing himself, but it had been worth it because he had the life of his dreams.

Michael told Diane his job kept his life interesting, and he loved Lauren more than he had the day he'd married her. Diane stated she wouldn't give up on the whole happily ever after thing, after all. She claimed she hadn't had the time or energy for romance while living in L.A. Michael suggested that Diane put herself on the market. Jack arrived.

Michael told Jack that he'd been surprised to discover that Diane was alive, and he was glad she was still with them. He said he enjoyed her company, and if more people listened closely to Diane, perhaps they would feel the same way. Jack told Diane to pay Kyle and Summer a visit because they had some exciting news. Diane left.

Michael said he'd enjoyed seeing Jack being so polite to Diane and not shutting her out of Kyle's life. Jack said he had no intention of interfering with Kyle wanting to reconnect with his mother. Michael asked if Jack had seen that Diane had changed. Jack admitted it might be possible, and he hoped it was true, for Kyle's sake; however, he said time would tell.

After Jack left, Michael told Phyllis she could come out of hiding. Phyllis asked how Michael had known she was there. Michael said that if Phyllis was within a 50-yard radius of him, he would know it. Michael asked if Phyllis was following and spying on Diane. Phyllis claimed she'd only been getting the lay of the land. Michael claimed nothing had changed, but Phyllis claimed that some of her close friends had forgiven Diane for her past deeds. Michael told Phyllis to stop acting like a crazed stalker and face the fact that Diane had changed.

Phyllis told Michael that Diane hadn't changed, and she would never forgive Diane for what she'd done to Phyllis and the people Phyllis loved. Michael asked if Phyllis had looked at her past, because it had been littered with mines. Phyllis claimed they'd been "faux pas." Michael asked if Phyllis wanted him to list all her "oopsie-daisies."

Phyllis told Michael she hadn't faked her death, and she hadn't risen from the dead in the secretive and manipulative way that Diane had. Phyllis said the way Diane had entered Jack's life screamed that she hadn't changed. Michael said Jack wasn't allowing himself to be consumed with anger -- a wise choice for his own sanity and his relationship with Kyle. Michael asked if Phyllis had thought about what was at risk.

Phyllis told Michael she knew exactly what she had to lose because of Diane. Michael said Phyllis' daughter was married to Diane's son, and Kyle seemed to be on the path of forgiveness, which meant that Diane, who wasn't acting like a crazy, vengeful person, would be in constant contact with Summer. Phyllis stated that was her worst nightmare. Michael asked if Phyllis would be willing to put Summer in the horrible position of having to choose between her husband and Phyllis.

Back at the Abbott home, Kyle told Summer it would take time to create some civility between Phyllis and Diane, but it looked like everyone wanted to move forward. Summer said that given the way Phyllis had acted before she'd left for Georgia and what Daniel had told Summer, Summer wasn't buying that Phyllis had sorted through all of her anger. Summer said she was worried that Phyllis was taking the time to lay low and reassess, and she would return with a plan of attack. Kyle hoped Summer was wrong about Phyllis plotting against Diane. Diane arrived and said Jack had mentioned they had some news.

Kyle told Diane he was leaving Jabot and becoming CEO of Marchetti. Diane was thrilled for them. Summer received a text message from Phyllis: "Meet me at GP. Please don't tell anyone I'm back." Summer told Kyle she had to deal with a distribution issue, and she left.

Diane told Kyle that it meant a lot to her to share time with Kyle, and she didn't want to miss another meaningful moment of his life.

At Devon's, Elena helped Devon search for his tablet. Elena received a phone call that made her smile.

At Crimson Lights, Imani told Amanda that Naya had had a stroke earlier that day, but Naya was in stable condition. Imani said Naya wasn't allowed any visitors, but Imani's father would keep her posted. Imani said Naya was in excellent hands and that her dad wouldn't settle for anything less than the best. Amanda apologized to Imani for downplaying Imani's worries about Naya. Imani said she and Amanda would stay positive together.

Imani told Amanda that when Naya felt better, they would be able to call her, and Imani's father would put them on speakerphone. Imani said Naya would remain in the hospital for a few more days, and if all went well, she would be discharged and sent home. Imani said they were fortunate they could afford in-home caregivers and physical therapists.

Imani assured a tearful Amanda that they would see Naya soon. Amanda said she'd waited "so long" to find her mom, and since she'd found her, Naya's medical condition was deteriorating. Amanda realized how precious life was. Imani suggested that Amanda spend some quality time with Naya once she was at home. Imani said if Naya needed someone to help and comfort her, it should be Amanda. Imani said she'd had many years with her mother; Amanda wanted to make up for lost time, and that would be her chance.

Amanda told Imani she wanted to stay with Naya as long as she could, but she was worried about leaving town right after the merger. She was lead counsel and had a lot going on. Amanda said she would do day visits. Imani said it wouldn't be the same as staying and spending quality time with Naya. Imani said she could handle whatever issues arose while Amanda was away. Amanda said she would think about it.

Elena walked into her apartment, and she was surprised to see Nate. Elena told Nate she'd been asked to speak at a medical convention the following week in Hawaii, and she hoped they could go together. Nate said he wasn't sure that was a good idea.

Elena told Nate they could work during the day, and the evenings would be theirs -- the sandy beaches, romantic dinners, and a hotel room overlooking the ocean. Nate said it sounded enticing, but the timing was off because they'd just launched the new company. Elena said she'd spoken with Devon, and he didn't have a problem with Nate going with her and working remotely.

Nate said he wished Elena had spoken to him before going to Devon with it. Elena assured Nate that talking to Devon hadn't been planned because Devon had been with her when she'd received the phone call. Elena hadn't seen a problem asking Devon if it would be possible for Nate to go to Hawaii with her. Nate claimed it had been a conversation they should have had prior to involving anyone else. Nate stated he was in a new company, and he'd been working hard to be taken seriously; a lot of people were watching to see if he was up to the task.

Elena asked if Nate believed that working remotely for a few days would make him look bad. Nate claimed he was trying to be as professional as possible, and it wasn't cool for his girlfriend to ask his cousin, the CEO, if he could go on a trip. Elena apologized and said she hadn't meant to overstep. Nate explained he wasn't comfortable leaving a company they'd just launched to go on a vacation so soon, but he was proud she'd received such an opportunity.

Elena told Nate it sucked that their jobs kept them apart from each other's big events. She said she'd missed the launch, and he would miss the trip. Nate said he looked forward to both of them getting away at some point, and it would be pure vacation as soon as the time was right. Elena agreed.

Devon tried to comfort Amanda and told her to take the time with Naya because that was very important. Amanda suggested she would split her visit with Naya. Devon said they had a whole legal team to rely on, and she would be available if they really needed her. Devon told her to go to Naya because family came first.

In Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix, Summer asked why Phyllis hadn't wanted anyone to know she'd returned. Phyllis claimed she'd only wanted some alone time with Summer and asked for any news. Summer told her the Marchetti deal was going through, and she and Kyle were moving back home for good. Phyllis said she was very excited. Summer said she and Kyle would be working together again because Kyle was taking over as CEO of Marchetti.

Phyllis asked Summer what Jack had had to say. Summer said Jack had been generous and gracious. Phyllis asked how everyone was doing, including Diane. Summer claimed there was harmony within the Abbott family. Summer said she was worried that Phyllis was going to disturb that balance. She warned Phyllis not to do anything to upset the peace.

Phyllis told Summer she wanted nothing more than to put the hostility with Diane behind her, and she knew it wouldn't be easy. Phyllis asked if Jack had put his anger behind him. Summer said it was a struggle for Jack, which Summer found admirable, but Jack was doing it for Kyle. Phyllis said Jack was a great guy.

Summer asked Phyllis why she couldn't get a straight answer from Phyllis or Jack about what had happened between them prior to Phyllis leaving. Phyllis claimed Summer was digging where there was nothing to be found. Summer said that was exactly what Jack had said. Phyllis said they were all going to hit the reset button -- no harm, no foul. Summer told Phyllis to go with her and face Diane to let her know Phyllis was ready to put all her anger behind her and move on, beginning immediately. Phyllis smiled.

At Crimson Lights, Elena thanked someone on the phone for taking over her patients while she would be away. She told that person that Nate wouldn't be accompanying her to Hawaii.

At a table nearby, Imani overheard Elena's phone conversation.

Victor schemes to sabotage Victoria and Ashland's plans

Victor schemes to sabotage Victoria and Ashland's plans

Friday, June 24, 2022

by Nel

Michael rushed into Society and chastised Victor for not answering his phone. He informed Victor he'd located Ashland and Victoria in New York, and they were staying at a hotel. Michael said Ashland had met with a high-end real estate broker. Victor surmised that Ashland and Victoria were looking for office space because they were going to start a new company.

In the Newman office, Adam gave Sally tips on how to handle herself at a press conference. Victor arrived and said it was almost time for the press conference to begin. Sally left when Adam said he wanted a moment alone with Victor. Adam said Victor would be impressed when he saw what Adam was capable of. Adam and Victor shook hands. Victor said he was banking on Adam.

Victor told the reporters that Newman Enterprises had expanded enormously during the past year; they had not only merged with Locke Communications Group, but they'd also acquired Chancellor Communications and Newman Media. Victor said that all that had been done under the very capable hands of his daughter Victoria.

Victor said she'd done a wonderful job, but unfortunately, for personal reasons, Victoria had decided to step away. He announced that he was naming his son Adam as the new CEO of Newman Enterprises, effective immediately. Victor said Adam had been intimately acquainted with the various departments of the company. He said only someone who'd gathered knowledge on Wall Street and someone who'd graduated from Harvard Business School would be able to step in and steer that enormous ship, and Adam was exactly what they needed at that time.

Victor introduced Adam. Adam thanked Victoria for having the foresight of having pulled together new resources so they could thrive during challenging times. Adam praised their talented executive team, cutting-edge technology, amazing portfolio of intellectual property, and global reach. Adam said his mission was to integrate those assets to maximize their profit potential as well as keeping the values and philosophy of their founder, Victor Newman, who had always been at the heart of the company's success.

Adam said he was leaving Newman Media in the very capable hands of his former COO and current CEO, Sally Spectra. Adam explained that Sally's title reflected the level of responsibility it took to run a media entity of that size, and he had every confidence that Ms. Spectra would handle it with her usual aplomb.

After checking the media comments, Sally told Adam they'd received a ton of social engagements, and the tone was fairly positive. Adam gave Sally a gift to commemorate the special occasion, and Sally gave Adam a bottle of his favorite alcoholic beverage. Sally locked the door, and they began to disrobe each other.

In Ashland and Victoria's suite, Ashland said he was happy Victoria was able to relax after the stress of the past few months. Victoria told Ashland she would be watching the press conference announcing her successor, and she was going to be glued to her tablet. Ashland said he thought she would be irritated. Victoria asked if it was because Victor would announce Adam as her successor.

Victoria told Ashland she was sure Victor would love it if she went racing back to defend her turf. She said Victor played her and Adam against each other. She admitted she found it tiresome, and she wasn't falling for it. Ashland was impressed that Victoria was so nonchalant. Victoria reminded him it was the reason she'd broken free of Victor's influence. She said Victor's pattern had become so entrenched that she knew what he would to do before he'd done it.

Victoria said no one had ever gotten her the way Ashland did, and she'd realized that when they'd first met. Ashland suggested they order room service and watch the press conference together.

After Ashland left the room, Victoria called Nick. She made sure Ashland wasn't close by. Victoria told Nick everything was happening the way she'd hoped and that they were in New York, visiting Ashland's favorite haunts. Victoria said the press conference for Adam's coronation would begin soon, and Adam had to be thrilled, since all his dreams were coming true. Victoria asked Nick to give Adam her congratulations.

Nick asked Victoria to call Nikki because she was very worried. Victoria said she would when the time was right. Nick asked if she was going to watch the press conference. Victoria claimed they wouldn't have the time because they were meeting with some big investors to see if they would bankroll their new venture. Nick asked if they were Ashland's connections, but Victoria said they were mostly hers. Nick asked if Victoria was setting up a company that would compete against Newman. Victoria said she'd only called to check in and to let him know she was okay, and she ended the call.

Later, while watching the press conference, Victoria didn't look happy. Victoria asked Ashland if he'd noticed that Victor hadn't mentioned Ashland's name at all, as if Ashland had ceased to exist. Ashland said he was sure Victor wished that was the case. Ashland said that Adam was continuing to kiss up to Victor, even after he got the job. As soon as Adam introduced Sally, Victoria said she'd had enough. She said Victor deserved everything Adam and Sally would put him through. Victoria and Ashland left for their meeting with the investors.

Back in their hotel suite, Victoria told Ashland she thought the meeting had gone well, and she felt they would receive positive responses to their proposal. Ashland said he was delighted how he and Victoria had played off each other's ideas, and he couldn't wait to be running a company with her again. Victoria said even if the investors didn't come through, they had enough money to fund the venture themselves. Victoria said that might be the better route to take, and it would give them total control and independence. Ashland said they would be taking all the risks by themselves. Victoria said there was something very appealing about doing it on their own and taking on the world together.

Nick arrived during the press conference, and he asked to speak to Victor in private. Nick told Victor that Victoria had called to let him know she and Ashland were doing very well in New York. Nick said Victoria and Ashland would be meeting with some investors because they were looking for capital for a new business venture. Victor said he was surprised Nick had given up that information, since he and Victoria had always kept each other's secrets.

Nick told Victor he wanted Victoria to feel she could tell him things without using them against her. Nick said he'd been accused of that previously, and it had created a rift in his relationship with her; however, Nick didn't want Victoria becoming more enmeshed with that creep. Victor agreed.

At home, Jack said he wanted Kyle's transition to Marchetti to go smoothly. Jack said that Kyle and Summer would have their hands full with moving Marchetti to the United States, and the sooner Kyle was in the CEO seat, the better for everyone. Jack received a notification about the press conference.

Kyle told Jack he looked forward to the challenge of being CEO of Marchetti and working with Summer again. Jack said he was very proud of Kyle, and he asked how things were going between Kyle and Diane. Kyle said he and Diane had been spending more time together, and Diane had been working hard to prove herself; however, he wasn't ready to wipe the slate clean.

Jack told Kyle that deciding how much of a presence Diane would be in Kyle's life was a decision with life-long implications. Kyle said there was a part of him that wanted to let Diane in completely and cling to her until the wounds healed, but then he remembered when he'd believed his mother had been gone and never returning. Kyle said that after Diane had died, at night he had screamed into his pillow; he'd believed he'd had to be brave for everyone, and to think about that grief had been exhausting and the most traumatic thing he'd ever been through. However, after he'd discovered it had all been a lie inflicted on him by his own mother, it hadn't been the kind of thing he could get past overnight.

Kyle told Jack that Diane always said the right things and appeared to mean them. He said Diane was sentimental with Harrison and grateful to know her grandson. Jack noted that Kyle had issues trusting Diane completely. Kyle said he wanted to, but he was wary because when something happened, it always left him wondering if it had been a warning sign, like the thing between Jack and Phyllis. Kyle said Jack had admitted there had been a problem that tied back to Diane, and it had left him wondering. Jack said if Diane was reverting to her old tricks, he would let Kyle know immediately.

At the Grand Phoenix, Summer asked if Phyllis was ready to face Diane. Phyllis claimed she had a lot of work to do. Summer reminded Phyllis she'd promised to face Diane, and Summer had already arranged for Phyllis to meet with Diane at the park to extend an olive branch.

When Summer and Phyllis arrived at the park, Phyllis told Diane she'd been able to center herself and gain perspective while she'd be away. Diane said that was great and very quick, considering Phyllis had so many issues weighing her down. Phyllis told Diane she didn't have issues; however, she wanted to keep that calm inside of her. Phyllis said she didn't want the anger and resentment to fester the way it had in Diane.

Phyllis said that Diane had made it clear that she would be staying in town and attending family events. Phyllis said she wanted to put the past behind them. Diane asked if it would be a fresh start for them. Phyllis stated she would never forget the things Diane had done to her, but she wouldn't dwell on them. She told Diane to consider it a path of nonaggression and a truce. Diane thanked Phyllis and said Phyllis had made her day.

Summer said when Diane had shown up without warning, it had brought up a lot of painful and unresolved issues for everyone. Diane said she deserved everyone's rage, but she found it impressive that Phyllis had found a way to make peace with her. Phyllis said it had to feel great for Diane to be able to cross her off Diane's long list of people who didn't want Diane in town. Diane said it meant a lot, especially since they were part of the same family, and it was best for everyone if they got along.

Phyllis said no one in town wanted to give Diane a second chance, but Phyllis claimed she would. Phyllis claimed it had to be difficult for Diane to see people give her dirty looks and show outright hostility, but Phyllis claimed she wouldn't be part of that because she wouldn't make Summer and Kyle uncomfortable or choose sides. Diane said she appreciated the effort, and she was surprised and happy that Phyllis had reached that level of serenity and maturity. Phyllis and Summer left.

Jack and Kyle had watched the press conference, and Jack commented it was mind-blowing that Victor had allowed Sally to head up an entire division. Kyle said Sally's life had been a series of self-induced catastrophes, yet she managed to bounce back every time. Jack was happy that it was Adam's job to keep Sally in line and not theirs.

Diane arrived and said she'd stopped by to thank Jack and Kyle. She said she'd met with Summer and Phyllis in the park, and she thought Jack and Kyle had played a part in that. Jack asked what the meeting had been about. Diane said Phyllis had declared a truce, and Phyllis had decided to let bygones be bygones.

Kyle received a text message from Summer: "At the GP. Can you meet me here?" Kyle replied, "OMW." Kyle left.

Jack congratulated Diane on gaining a new member to her tiny club of people she'd won over. Diane said she knew better than to think she'd won over Phyllis. She said Summer had done all the work, and "not actively at war" wasn't the same thing as acceptance. Diane said Phyllis was unpredictable, and Diane wondered how long the truce would hold.

Jack asked if Diane had gotten the impression that Phyllis hadn't been sincere. Diane said Phyllis had tried very hard to rein in her hostility, but she didn't care what Phyllis' motives were as long as she followed through. Jack asked if Phyllis had explained her change of heart. Diane said Phyllis had claimed she was doing it for the kids. Diane said she was sure there was some truth in that, but with Phyllis, there was always more at play.

Diane told Jack she guessed Phyllis was trying to impress him. Jack said he hadn't seen or spoken to Phyllis since she'd left town. Diane said that, in front of Summer, Phyllis hadn't mentioned Jack's name or that she'd used Jack to get back at her. Diane guessed that Phyllis was using her to make amends with Jack.

Jack told Diane he had no idea what Phyllis' thinking was where Diane was concerned; however, he claimed Phyllis would keep her word, provided Diane didn't provoke her -- something Diane was very good at and seemed to relish. Diane claimed she had no intention of kicking that hornets' nest. Jack received a text message from Phyllis: "I'm back. Can we meet and talk?"

Back at the hotel, Phyllis poured herself a very large drink. Summer invited Phyllis to have lunch with her and Kyle, but Phyllis declined, claiming she had a lot of work to do. Summer said she was proud of Phyllis, and she'd known how tough it had been for Phyllis to swallow her feelings for Diane. Phyllis said she didn't want any negativity to affect Summer and Kyle, and she said that Summer and Kyle would make Marchetti a huge success.

When Kyle arrived, he told Summer that Diane had told him and Jack about the cease-fire Summer had pulled off between Phyllis and Diane. Kyle said he'd been thinking about Diane's request to help her find a job, and he was considering hiring her. He asked how Summer felt about it.

Summer said she was worried about Kyle, and she asked if he was ready to allow Diane to build a permanent life so close to him. Summer said she knew Kyle was hesitant to trust Diane after being abandoned by her. Kyle admitted he couldn't erase everything Diane had put him through, and he didn't know whether the scars would ever fade; however, there wouldn't be a chance of that happening if he sent Diane away without trying. He said he would always wonder whether he'd made the right choice if he sent her away. Summer said they would do their best and see what happened.

Michael arrived at Newman and said he'd received Victor's message. Victor told Michael that Victoria and Ashland had approached investors in New York because they wanted to launch a new company. Victor wanted Michael to find out who the investors were, approach them discreetly, and convince them not to spend a dime on whatever venture Victoria and Ashland had in mind.

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