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Victoria reclaimed the throne at Newman Enterprises. Nick decided to rejoin Newman. Ashland implied that he and Adam should work together to get revenge. Chelsea ended her collaboration with Chloe. Imani schemed to spend time alone with Nate. Allie and Noah almost kissed. Tessa postponed her tour.
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Victoria reclaimed the throne at Newman Enterprises, Ashland suggested he and Adam work together to get revenge, and Chelsea ended her collaboration with Chloe.
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Jack welcomes Allie as a Jabot employee

Jack welcomes Allie as a Jabot employee

Monday, July 4, 2022

Phyllis was on the phone with an employee in her hotel's spa, explaining how imperative it was to drum up business. Diane entered the lobby and overheard Phyllis' side of the conversation about dwindling appointment bookings. Phyllis quickly hung up when she noticed Diane, who'd brought her yoga mat and workout clothes. Phyllis quipped that Diane needed to wear a bell around her neck.

Diane, acknowledging that she and Phyllis had agreed to a truce, requested to utilize the gym and spa at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis suggested that Diane use the gym and spa at the Athletic Club, adding that her hotel's spa was booked up. Diane explained that she had overheard Phyllis' conversation with a spa employee about seeking repeat patrons and subtly threatened to expose Phyllis' détente as a fake gesture. Phyllis stood her ground and called out Diane's veiled threat.

Summer approached Phyllis and Diane and asked what was going on between the two peacemakers. Diane began bragging about the restorative oasis Phyllis had created at her hotel. Phyllis had no other choice but to welcome Diane back. Diane and Phyllis each acknowledged that they would do anything for their children. Phyllis added that she would also do anything for Kyle, noting that for years, his mother had been absent.

Diane mentioned that she would be working closely with both Kyle and Summer at Marchetti, so it would be beneficial for them all to get along. Phyllis checked her phone and told Diane there was an opening at the spa due to a cancellation. Phyllis managed to get in her digs when she offered Diane a free "resurrection rejuvenation treatment," which Phyllis sarcastically claimed could "dig deep and bring out the best" in people as if resurrecting them "back from the dead." Diane laughed and recalled that one minute, Phyllis had turned her away, and then suddenly, things had turned around after Summer had arrived. Diane mentioned it might be serendipity, and Phyllis flippantly agreed.

After Diane walked away, Summer said, "What the hell was that?" Phyllis gave herself credit for having kept the peace and deflected by pointing out Diane's passive-aggressive behavior. Summer said she had observed Diane not taking Phyllis' bait. Summer reminded her mother to take the high road for Summer's sake -- and for Kyle's. Phyllis agreed to take the high road, though she described it as navigating uncharted territory. Phyllis questioned the wisdom of having hired Diane to work at Marchetti, citing the likelihood of Diane reverting back to her old ways. Phyllis became emotional and insisted her goal was to protect Summer.

Phyllis reminded Summer that Summer was too young to remember all the things Diane had done to hurt people. Summer assured Phyllis that Diane was eager to start a new career, so helping her was the right thing to do for everyone involved. Phyllis, taken aback, replied, "Oh, my gosh. You've become a believer, haven't you? Wow. You've accepted Diane as an entrusted member of this family." Phyllis said Kyle and Jack probably felt the same way. Summer asked her mother why she felt the need to plant seeds of doubt. Phyllis replied that someone had to be the voice of reason.

Summer surmised that something that had happened recently was driving Phyllis' behavior. Summer asked why Phyllis and Jack had broken up. Phyllis told Summer she should ask Jack. Summer said she had, and Jack had claimed there was nothing to tell. Summer said she knew that Phyllis and Jack were hurting. Phyllis admitted she couldn't accept that Jack had allowed Diane back into the family after everything Diane had done.

Phyllis told Summer she was sorry and felt bad about what had happened. Summer asked Phyllis to explain exactly what had transpired between her and Jack. Phyllis explained that things with Jack had been going well until she had screwed it up, as usual. Phyllis said she regretted what she had done, though she blamed Diane's return for having turned everything upside down. Breaking down in tears, Phyllis said that sometimes, she felt like she was losing control.

After Phyllis danced around admitting how she had manipulated Jack, Summer surmised that Phyllis' behavior had been akin to marking her territory. Phyllis nodded, explaining that what had happened between her and Jack had been inevitable, though sticking Diane's nose in it had felt good. Phyllis was adamant that her feelings for Jack were real and not based on an act of retribution. Diane overheard Summer telling Phyllis that Jack, one of the most wonderful people she had ever met, deserved to be loved, adored, and treated better than the way Phyllis had treated him. Diane grinned as if she had scored a win.

At the Abbott home, Jack was elated when Allie accepted his offer to join the Jabot laboratory team as an intern. Allie expressed concern that some might believe she had ulterior motives for accepting the position. Allie added that it might appear to Jack that she had nefarious intentions to take advantage financially. Allie asked Jack to assure her that she had been offered the position based on merit and not in response to a sense of guilt on his part because he had been estranged from her father. Jack assured Allie that the concerns she brought up had never crossed his mind.

Jack told Allie that Jabot would benefit from hiring her to fill the position. Allie told Jack she was thrilled about working in the lab at Jabot. Jack told Allie he was thrilled she was interested in the family business and would be staying in Genoa City. After Noah arrived, Jack said he had a meeting with Kyle. Jack paused at the door and smiled as he watched Allie interact with Noah.

Noah presented Allie with a digital media player, so she could listen to recordings of an old radio mystery show, which entertained listeners by enticing them to help solve crimes. An enthusiastic Allie told Noah he was full of surprises. Allie and Noah each inserted an earbud personal speaker and listened to the digitized radio broadcast together. Allie paused the show and told Noah she felt as though they had entered a time machine and had been walking through the streets of London in 1918. Allie proclaimed that listening to the show had been better than attending a movie. Noah said he missed eating popcorn, so Allie offered to make some. Noah insisted he would help to make sure Allie didn't listen to additional episodes without him.

Noah and Allie continued to listen to the mystery show while they snacked on popcorn. Allie paused the player and said they should each place bets on who among the characters was the guilty party. Noah was certain it was the third wife. Allie disagreed and blamed the ex-husband. Noah and Allie engaged in a debate and mentioned details about the characters they believed indicated either guilt or innocence.

Noah said that if he was right, Allie would have to agree to spend six hours with him, listening to his jokes. Allie, assured she was right, told Noah that he would have to take runs with her. Allie and Noah shook hands to seal the deal. Allie and Kyle made eye contact continually while listening to the broadcast, and it appeared that they might share a kiss just as the crime was solved. Noah and Allie were surprised to learn that the villain was the "best friend." Noah and Allie teased each other about them both having guessed incorrectly.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa were seated at a counter when Kyle entered. Tessa appeared distraught, and Mariah was stroking her wife's shoulder. Kyle made matters worse when he approached, bragging that he had snagged tickets to Genoa City's hottest singing star's hometown concert. Kyle continued heaping accolades about Tessa's successes when he noticed she was not responding as he expected. Mariah explained that Tessa had developed nodules on her vocal cords. Mariah said Tessa would undergo surgery followed by vocal training, which would require postponement of her performances and her upcoming tour. Kyle told Tessa he was very sorry.

Tessa cried that being out of the spotlight for an extended time could derail her career. Mariah took Tessa's hand and reminded her that regaining her health was important, assuring her that treatment would restore her voice, so she could resume her career. Kyle assured Tessa that her fans would rally around her. After Kyle suggested getting a second opinion, Mariah explained that they had an appointment to see Elena, who had been instrumental is treating her Uncle Jett's similar condition. Kyle suggested that Tessa's break from touring might allow time for her and Mariah to focus on their plans to adopt. Mariah explained that she and Tessa had put their plans on hold until Tessa was healed.

Kyle shared his news with Tessa and Mariah. Kyle announced that he was the new CEO of Marchetti. Though elated, Mariah reminded Kyle that he had hired her at Jabot and was leaving her behind. Kyle assured Mariah he was not leaving her and had simply vacated his seat at Jabot to head Jabot's new acquisition. Mariah, happy to have Kyle back home, acknowledged that he had had a positive effect on Summer because she had become likeable. Kyle said Summer was truly the love of his life.

Elena showed up late to her appointment with Tessa, explaining that she had been packing for a flight to Hawaii to attend a medical convention. Kyle left to meet up with Jack. Elena acknowledged that Tessa likely felt anxious, and suggested they discuss her concerns step by step. Elena told Tessa that Tessa's issues were similar to what Elena's uncle had experienced. Tessa asked if her singing career was over. Elena said she believed Tessa would fully recover and resume her career. Tessa breathed a sigh of relief.

Tessa asked Elena about her Uncle Jett's experience. Elena proudly noted that after recovering from surgery, her uncle had had a successful comeback tour and had even released a new single. Elena confirmed that Tessa's specialist was highly respected and had been highly praised by Jett. Tessa seemed somewhat relieved, though she accepted Elena's offer to provide the name of another doctor to give a second opinion. Elena assured Tessa she would get through her medical crisis, and Mariah agreed.

Kyle met with Jack at Society. Kyle asked Jack how he was doing. Jack said he hoped Kyle did not plan to interrogate him again about his relationship with Phyllis. Kyle said he knew Phyllis was a touchy subject. Jack cried that he was not champing at the bit to share the intricacies of his romantic life with his son.

Kyle asked Jack if Diane had done something underhanded or duplicitous. Kyle admitted he could not get Summer's suspicions about Diane being involved with the breakup out of his head. Kyle recalled that Jack and Phyllis had seemed genuinely happy at Mariah and Tessa's wedding. Kyle remembered, too, that Jack had said he and Phyllis had spent the night together after attending the wedding. Jack remained hesitant to discuss the matter. Kyle asked Jack to either confirm or deny Diane's involvement in his father's estrangement from Phyllis.

Jack agreed to answer, fearing Kyle might misinterpret and blame Diane for the situation. Jack explained that his and Phyllis' friendship had been in a good place after she had stood by him when he'd first met Allie and learned about Keemo. Jack told Kyle that after Diane had entered the picture, he'd realized that Phyllis had quickly moved their relationship forward because of Diane's reappearance. Kyle was hesitant to believe that Phyllis would use Jack in such a way. Jack shook his head in disgust and explained that immediately after Diane had entered the picture, Phyllis had resorted to her old ways and that her worst attributes had resurfaced. Kyle noted that Jack had been more willing to give Diane the benefit of the doubt over giving it to Phyllis.

Jack recalled that he had had decades of experience with Phyllis, who always reverted to type, like a rubber band snapping back into place. Jack became frustrated and complained that Phyllis had felt the need to get in her jabs and punish Diane. Jack explained that Phyllis had made certain that Diane witnessed what he had believed to be an intimate, beautiful moment. Kyle acknowledged that it could not have been pleasant for Jack to find out that Phyllis had used him. Kyle expressed concern that Phyllis and Diane might be headed for a showdown. Jack admitted that the same thought had crossed his mind. Kyle acknowledged that his and Summer's relationship might suffer if their mothers went to war.

Imani plots to spend time alone with Nate

Imani plots to spend time alone with Nate

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki entered Adam's office, and Adam voiced surprise that she wasn't still on a call with the Hong Kong office. She explained that she'd wrapped it up to make sure she was there in time for Victoria's return. Nikki inquired whether Victor and Victoria were back from the airport yet, but Adam snapped that it was the first he'd heard about Victoria's big homecoming taking place there. Adam considered it very telling that he hadn't been informed, but Nikki insisted that no one had been intentionally keeping anything from him. He suspected that she had an idea of what his future might be, given that Victoria was apparently "coming home to roost."

Nikki assured Adam that she knew nothing about what Victoria was planning, since she hadn't been in contact with her daughter since Victoria had left. Adam revealed that he'd checked with the pilot, and Victoria had been the only passenger on board, with no plans for a return flight to either pick up Ashland or fly Victoria back. Nikki wished it was concrete proof that Victoria was done with Ashland, but she wouldn't let herself believe it until she heard it directly from Victoria. Nikki theorized that Victoria was only there to chew Victor out for blocking her new business venture with Ashland. A seething Adam questioned whether there was anything his father hadn't done to pave the way for Victoria's glorious return.

Nikki huffed that Victor just wanted to protect Victoria from getting in deeper with Ashland in business or anything else. Adam ridiculed the famous Victor Newman protection, citing it as the reason Victoria had left town in the first place. Nikki refused to get into it, and Adam changed the topic to the Hong Kong deal. Nikki reported that everything was on track to close it. She checked a text message from Victor and became concerned when she learned that Victoria's plane had landed early and that her daughter was already gone.

At Crimson Lights, Billy left a voicemail for Victoria to make sure she was all right. He mentioned that he'd run into her family, and it had been clear they'd been keeping a secret about her. He requested that she let him know that she was okay. His brow furrowed with worry as he hung up.

At the Grand Phoenix, Victoria settled into a hotel room. There was a knock at the door, and she found Nick there. He was thrilled to have gotten her message but wondered why she'd wanted to meet at the hotel. She threw her arms around him and said she'd missed him. She indicated that she would have met him at her house, but she was having it deep-cleaned before she moved back into it to symbolically remove any remnants of Ashland. Nick was pleased to hear it.

Nick pressed for answers about what was going on and why Victoria hadn't contacted their parents. He mentioned that Victor had planned to surprise her at the airport. Victoria swore that it wouldn't be long before she got in touch with them, but she'd wanted to have a minute alone with Nick first. He assumed she was upset with him for betraying her confidence, but she announced that she wanted to thank him.

Nick was relieved Victoria wasn't upset, but he was confused about what he'd done to deserve her gratitude. Victoria applauded him for being the only member of the family who'd sought her out with no judgment or reprimands after she'd announced her departure. Nick stressed that he hadn't liked what she'd done, but he'd accepted that it had been her choice to make. He continued to push to find out what had happened in New York.

Nick respected Victoria's right to make her own choices, but he hoped she'd kicked Ashland's "ass to a Park Avenue curb." Before revealing any details, Victoria requested that Nick send a text message to their mom and dad to get them to meet her at the office right away. Nick queried whether she meant Adam's new office, and Victoria asked Nick to make sure Adam was there, as well. She prepared to freshen up and promised that she'd be there soon. Nick wondered if she was back for good. "I am, but things are going to have to change," she replied.

Victoria changed her outfit and primped in the mirror. She flashed back to telling Ashland that she was looking forward to living her life without him and that she didn't want to see him or hear from him ever again. She paused for a moment before calling Billy. He asked if everything was all right, and she declared that she was better than she had been in a long time. She announced that she'd taken a huge step forward in her life, and there was no looking back.

Billy was happy to hear Victoria sounding strong, since he'd been getting worried. She indicated that everything was moving quickly. She said she wanted him to know she was back in town, and everything had changed. She added that she would fill him in later, since she had to talk to her family first. Billy questioned whether Ashland was still in the picture, and Victoria told him to breathe easier. "Ashland Locke is finally out of my life for good," she proclaimed.

In New York, Ashland stared out the hotel room window. He plopped down on the couch and flashed back to Victoria taunting him about how she'd bested him. He'd told her he loved her with all his heart and soul, but she'd spat that he had neither. Ashland sighed and stood up, clearly upset.

Over the phone, Ashland inquired whether there was any way to get his money back, even though the transfer had been approved. His expression darkened, and he hurled the phone onto the couch. Later, Ashland chartered a plane to Chicago.

Victoria met Nick, Nikki, and Adam at Newman. Nikki welcomed Victoria with a hug and wailed that she hadn't known if she'd ever see her daughter again. Victoria said she hadn't been able to stand being away, but Nikki pointed out that Victoria had been willing to walk away from her family forever. Victoria explained that she'd had to make her break from them seem plausible to Ashland. Adam asked if it had all been a scam. "What have you done, Victoria?" Adam snarled.

At home, Elena descended the stairs and asked what Nate was doing there. She mentioned that she'd just sent him a text message with her itinerary, and he informed her that he was just there to say aloha. He handed her a single red rose, and she pointed out that aloha meant both hello and goodbye. Nate responded that it was also a way of expressing affection, compassion, and love, all of which he felt for her right then. Elena murmured that she felt the same way about him -- especially because of the way he was looking at her. He calculated that he'd gotten home just in time for a more meaningful goodbye. He led her upstairs, where they made love.

Elena and Nate returned downstairs, and he bemoaned that she'd just made it really hard for him to say goodbye. She teased that he'd been the one to make it difficult, knowing she had to get to the airport. She cooed that there was still room in her bag if he'd changed his mind and wanted to be her stowaway, but he maintained that he couldn't leave work. Elena contemplated whether she was forgetting anything, and Nate hoped she didn't forget how much he loved her and would miss her.

Elena promised to send lots of updates and pick up some sand to take home from the beach. Nate pledged that their next trip would be a vacation with no work or distractions. He offered to take her to the airport, but she said she'd already called a car. She purred that she liked leaving him wanting more. They kissed goodbye, and he left to return to work.

Chase jogged through Chancellor Park and ran into Devon, who was also on a run. Devon asked how Chance had been, noting that his friend seemed better recently. Chance offered to share details after a race around the park. At the end of the race, Devon chalked Chance's victory up to having a home field advantage because the park bore the Chancellor name, but Chance pointed out that the park was named after Devon's grandmother. Devon reasoned that he would have been worried if he'd been able to beat a trained government agent. Devon still wanted to know how Chance had been.

Chance admitted that losing Rey had been a big blow, but rather than letting it drag him down, he'd channeled his grief into doing something for the greater good by closing 80 percent of Rey's open cases. Devon congratulated Chance and said he was sure Rey was smiling down on Chance. Chance continued that he felt the positive energy, and he couldn't ask for more with Abby and Dominic at home. Devon was impressed that Chance had pushed through everything and ended up with his head in a better place. Chance credited Devon for giving him support, but Devon regretted that he'd made things messier than they'd needed to be with Dominic. Chance recognized that they'd all wanted what was best for the tot, and the men shook hands.

At Society, Lily apologized if she'd kept Amanda and Imani waiting. Lily asked how their mom was doing, and Imani shared that she'd just returned from visiting Naya, who was struggling with speech and mobility. Amanda added that she was worried about her mother's psychological state while stuck in a hospital bed. Imani brightly pointed out that it lifted Naya's spirits when one of them visited, and Lily invited them to take as much time off as they needed.

Abby approached and imagined that Chancellor-Winters was flying high after its successful launch party. Amanda swore that they couldn't have done it without Abby, who chirped that it had felt good to host a big event again. Lily wondered what had happened to Abby's plans to open a hotel across from the Grand Phoenix, and she revealed that she was considering a similar plan of her own. Abby recalled that opening a new hotel had seemed like a great idea, but there had been too many issues, so she'd given up on the whole thing.

Lily guessed that Phyllis had been part of the problem, and Abby complained that Phyllis had fought the project tooth and nail. Amanda defended that Phyllis hadn't liked the idea of another hotel in such close proximity, but Abby griped that Phyllis had taken things to the extreme. Lily considered revisiting the idea of opening another hotel in town, since Devon had sold the Athletic Club, and Chancellor-Winters needed a place for visiting talent to stay. Lily pictured a venue that could host corporate conferences and throw concerts to showcase their artists' talents. Abby grinned when Lily imagined building something even grander than the Grand Phoenix.

Lily acknowledged that the Grand Phoenix fit the bill to accommodate their company's artists, but she anticipated that dealing with Phyllis would be a headache, plus it would cut into Chancellor-Winters' profits. Amanda and Imani enthused about the idea, and Abby regretted giving up the Grand Phoenix to Phyllis. Lily remarked that it would save her some headaches if she could get Phyllis to sell the hotel, but Amanda doubted Phyllis would give it up after all the work she'd put into the place. Lily declared that if she ended up building her own hotel, she had no problem going head to head with Phyllis.

Later, Chance entered the restaurant, and Abby was surprised to see him because she'd thought he was working. He explained that he'd taken the day off because he'd racked up a lot of overtime. He mentioned that he'd spent some father-son time with Dominic and gone for a run, and he hoped to hang out with his beautiful wife. Abby sensed that her husband was up to something, and he admitted he was afraid he'd been neglecting her because he'd been working a lot. He praised her for being a good sport, but he guessed she wasn't happy about it. He inquired whether she could ditch work for a surprise he'd planned for her.

Chance whisked Abby off to a picnic in the park. She marveled that he'd arranged for all her favorite goodies, and he showed her a cute photo of Dominic that he'd taken on his phone that morning. Abby loved that Chance had done it all for her, and she assured him that she hadn't felt neglected. She continued that she was proud of him for the way he'd been honoring Rey's memory, and she said Chance's dedication to his partner made her love him even more. He told her to wait and see what they for dessert, and they kissed.

Abby mused that it was a perfect day for a perfect surprise, and Chance replied that his perfect wife deserved only the best. His phone pinged, and she could tell from the look on his face that it was something important for work. He confirmed that it was a tip on one of Rey's cases, but he figured someone else could handle it. Abby urged him to go, but Chance protested that the point of the surprise was to spend uninterrupted time with her. She figured that they had the rest of their lives to go on picnics together, and she insisted he go. They exchanged words of love and a kiss, and he headed out.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily informed Billy that she'd had an interesting conversation with Abby. Billy cut her off and blurted out that Victoria was back in Genoa City after apparently dumping Ashland. Billy rambled that he'd had no idea just how much it had been weighing on him, since he hadn't wanted to have a conversation with his kids to explain why their mother had suddenly left town. He decided that it was time to lighten up his podcast and have a little fun by talking about how they had to trust the people they surrounded themselves with, but Lily argued that a disastrous end to a dramatic relationship wasn't a cause for celebration. Billy found it inspiring that Victoria was back where she belonged. Lily looked uneasy.

Devon and Amanda met at their penthouse. He told her about the good conversation he'd had with Chance and asked if everything was all right with her mom. Amanda whimpered that it had been hard seeing Naya in a hospital bed, unable to talk. Devon held her close and hoped it had helped that Imani had been there with her. Amanda recounted that Imani had loved seeing Naya, but she was worried that her sister was just putting on a brave face for their mother's sake or perhaps wasn't accepting the sad truth.

Amanda cried that it was frustrating because she could expect things to go her way if she was competent and prepared as a lawyer, but she couldn't control everything in her personal life. Devon reflected on the times when he'd wished he'd been able to control things, and he cited the people he'd lost. Amanda sympathized that he'd suffered a lot of sadness, and he commented that there were times when all they could do was try to get through it.

Devon recognized that Imani had the right to act tough, but he insisted that Amanda never had to do that because she had him to lean on. He reiterated that they weren't just living together but building a life together. She was grateful that he'd given her an emotional security she'd never had before; however, it also felt scary because it might go away, and she'd be alone. He swore that would never happen, and he placed her hand on his chest and promised that she'd never be alone again for as long as his heart was beating. They tenderly kissed.

Imani ran into Nate at Crimson Lights. He remembered that she'd gone to see her mom that day, and he asked how things were going. Imani reported that things weren't great, but she was trying to focus on work to avoid obsessing over Naya's condition. Nate recalled that he'd found solace in work during stressful times, and she referred to something she needed to follow up on. Imani claimed that getting Elena out of her Newman Media contract to start a Chancellor-Winters podcast might be harder than she'd thought.

Imani said Elena's contract with Newman was airtight, and it wouldn't be easy getting out of it. Imani asked when Elena was going to Hawaii, and Nate confirmed that his girlfriend was on a flight right then. Imani suggested that she and Nate work together to figure it out. Nate stressed that he was counting on Imani to make it happen, since Chancellor-Winters didn't have the podcast numbers he'd committed to at the launch party. Imani said she felt responsible for encouraging him to go big, and it made her want to help him more.

Nate proposed that he and Imani meet with Sally to discuss Elena's contract, and Imani offered to set something up. Nate stepped to the counter to place his order, and Imani made a call to make a dinner reservation for two for the following night. Nate rejoined Imani, who fibbed that Sally had agreed to meet them for dinner. Imani claimed that she'd made a reservation for the three of them.

Adam vows that his family would pay for excluding him

Adam vows that his family would pay for excluding him

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

by Nel

At home, Jack told Allie she could start her internship at Jabot the following day, and he hoped that she would decide to make Genoa City her home, something he would love. Allie hugged Jack and said he'd made her feel at home from the moment she'd arrived. Jack said he loved having her with him.

Allie received a text message from Noah and giggled. Jack noted that she and Noah were getting close, but Allie said that they were merely hanging out, nothing more. Allie said she would be focused solely on work as of the next day, but Jack hoped she would also make time for fun. Jack told Allie that Noah was a good guy, and it made Jack happy to see her smile, knowing what she'd been through. Jack said he had a meeting to go to, and he left.

Allie received another text message from Noah: "You free?" Allie: "Yep." Noah: "Want to meet at CL? See where the rest of the day takes us?" Allie smiled.

In the park, Diane encountered Phyllis. Phyllis asked if Diane had had a good time in the spa. Diane stated she had, and she would stop by more often, since she'd been welcomed. Phyllis said there was no need to thank her for Diane having an area that provided a friendly face, since she was sure Diane was still receiving a chilly reception from the people in town who still held a grudge. Diane claimed she had unlimited patience.

Diane told Phyllis it didn't matter, since she was connecting with Kyle, Harrison, the Abbotts, and especially Jack, who was beginning to accept that she would become part of the family. Diane said she was happy with the way things were going since her return. Diane said she and Michael were friends again, Kyle had opened his heart, and Summer couldn't be more supportive. Diane said Summer was a wonderful partner for Kyle. Phyllis said Kyle was very lucky to have Summer.

Diane told Phyllis that she and Jack were connecting on a deeper and more mature level than she could have ever imagined. Phyllis claimed Diane was delusional if she believed she and Jack would ever have a romantic relationship because it wouldn't happen. Diane claimed Phyllis' mind went there because Phyllis had expected Jack to forgive and forget the way he had so many times previously. Diane said Phyllis was terrified that Jack wanted nothing more to do with her, and Phyllis had no one to blame but herself.

Phyllis said she wasn't going to let Diane bait her, but Diane claimed she was only telling the truth. Phyllis said she didn't believe anything Diane said. Diane claimed everyone, including Summer, could see who Phyllis really was. Phyllis told Diane to keep Summer out of it, but Diane claimed she was only being honest and knew for a fact that Summer felt Jack deserved better than what Phyllis had to offer. Diane admitted she'd overheard Summer say that at the hotel.

Diane told Phyllis she'd returned to the lobby and caught part of Phyllis and Summer's conversation. Diane hoped Phyllis would eventually accept that Jack would never love or trust Phyllis again, and he would always see Phyllis as conniving and duplicitous. Phyllis called that a description of Diane, not her. Diane claimed she was winning, and Phyllis was out in the cold. As Diane walked away, Phyllis yelled that she would never lose. Phyllis turned and saw Jack.

Phyllis asked if Jack had seen that Diane had been the aggressor. Phyllis said she'd held back until that last moment. Jack admitted he'd seen Diane pushing Phyllis' buttons, but he'd arrived mid-conversation, and he had no idea what Phyllis had said to provoke Diane. Phyllis asked if she didn't get the benefit of the doubt, but Diane got a free pass.

Phyllis said that what had been happening between her and Jack had been amazing, and it could have been "so great." Jack said Phyllis knew why it couldn't. Phyllis shouted that she knew. She said she'd taken responsibility for everything she'd done, but "that bitch Diane" hadn't taken responsibility for anything she'd done to Phyllis. Phyllis claimed everything had gone to hell when Diane had returned to town with her intrusion and toxicity. Phyllis wanted Jack to open his eyes where Diane was concerned.

Phyllis said that one day, Jack would realize he'd made a mistake, and he'd want Phyllis back; he would realize that he'd missed out on something really great, but it would be too late. Phyllis walked away.

At Society, Summer told Kyle she'd gotten Phyllis to admit what had happened between her and Jack. Kyle said Jack had told him the whole story. Summer was upset that Phyllis hadn't been able to resist baiting Diane without forethought of how it would affect Jack. Summer said she believed Jack and Phyllis really cared for each other and that Phyllis would do anything to make it up to Jack.

Summer told Kyle she hoped Jack could forgive Phyllis. When Kyle sighed, Summer asked if Kyle didn't think Phyllis deserved another chance. Kyle claimed he'd never say Phyllis didn't deserve a second chance, especially since he was giving Diane one; however, Phyllis had hurt Jack badly, and they couldn't ignore Jack and Phyllis' history. Kyle said he didn't see Jack and Phyllis reuniting. Kyle said he didn't believe the conflict between Phyllis and Diane was over. Summer said she was afraid it would get worse.

Diane arrived, and she asked Summer and Kyle if they'd decided on a location for Marchetti. Kyle said they would be working out of the Jabot building once their space had been completed. Diane said it would be convenient being under the same roof as Jack and the Jabot headquarters. Diane said she felt like things were finally settling down for her in Genoa City.

When Jack arrived, Diane said they'd been wondering what had kept him. Jack just stared at Diane. Kyle asked if Jack was okay. Jack suggested they get down to business.

Kyle told Jack they'd set up a press conference to announce their purchase of Marchetti and that Kyle would be the CEO. Diane suggested they leak the news to some high-end, sophisticated fashion sites first and allow the rumor mill to create some guessing on whether or not the deal would happen. She said that when they held the press conference, the buzz would be at a fever pitch.

Summer said Diane's idea was good. Kyle and Jack agreed. Kyle said the job seemed a good fit for Diane. Diane claimed she was willing to do whatever it took to make Kyle proud. Looking right at Jack, Diane said there was no place she'd rather be.

At the Newman office, Adam sarcastically asked what Victoria had accomplished with Ashland. Victoria said she'd righted every wrong. Victor entered and said they were happy she was safe and at home. Victoria said she'd cut Ashland out of her life, and she'd made him pay dearly for what he'd done. Victoria said she was home for good, and she and Victor hugged.

Victoria told her family that after the hell Ashland had put her through, she'd decided to end the nightmare her own way. Victoria said she'd had to make Ashland believe she was willing to turn her back on her family and Newman Enterprises; she hadn't been able to let anyone in on her plans and risk Ashland finding out. She apologized and said she'd needed to make a clean break. Nikki asked if Victoria had believed that her love for Ashland had changed him.

Victoria told Nikki she believed Ashland had loved her as much as a man like him was capable of love, and she believed Ashland was sorry for what he'd done to her; however, it hadn't been enough for her to get past his massive betrayal and deception. Victoria said Ashland had built his empire on lies, and he would never change. Victoria said Ashland hadn't deserved forgiveness or the generous payoff from Victor to disappear, which Ashland hadn't done until she'd agreed to go with him.

Victoria told her family she'd rectified everything, and she thanked them because without their love, her plan wouldn't have worked. Victoria said she'd mentioned to Nick that she and Ashland had been planning to meet with potential investors for a business venture, hoping Nick would tell Victor; she'd guessed Victor would try to track down the investors, quash any possible deals, and stop her from making a foolish decision.

Victoria continued that once Victor had killed any possibility of outside funding, she'd convinced Ashland to invest their own money in a business; she'd opened a corporate bank account that they'd both had access to, and she'd deposited 250 million dollars of her own money into that account. Ashland had taken the bait, and he'd deposited the 250 million of the money Victor had given him, then she'd transferred all the money into her private account and closed the corporate account. Victoria said she would return Victor's portion whenever he wanted.

Victoria told Victor that Ashland had never seen it coming. Victor was very impressed. Everyone was smiling except Adam. Nick asked if Ashland knew he'd been played. Victoria said that after she'd closed the account and packed her bags, she'd told Ashland, in great detail, what she'd done and how she really felt. Victoria said it had been painful and cathartic at the same time.

Victoria continued that she'd been hurt, but getting revenge had been exhilarating and a moment of triumph. She admitted that for Ashland, it had been crushing and a devastating final blow. Victoria said she'd never seen Ashland so defeated. Victor said he admired Victoria for turning what had been a devious plan on Ashland's part back on him. Victor acknowledged that Victoria hadn't only done it for herself but also for her family, and he loved it. Adam looked ill.

Adam told Victor they needed to decide how things were going to work at the company. Victor said he understood Adam's concern, but what Victoria had done had been extraordinary. Victor wanted to celebrate. Nick said celebrating was premature because Ashland would be looking for a fight, and it wouldn't be the last they heard from Ashland Locke. Nick said there was nothing to stop Ashland from trying to retrieve the money or the company he'd lost.

Victoria told her family she'd threatened to expose Ashland's cancer fraud if he tried anything, and if that information was revealed, his reputation would tank. She said Ashland wouldn't be able to get a job fetching coffee, let alone starting a new company, because his name would be completely ruined. Nick said everyone believed they had Ashland backed into a corner, and he really admired what Victoria had pulled off; however, Ashland had nothing to lose because he didn't have Victoria, Victor's money, or his company, so there was nothing stopping him from going on the attack for revenge.

Victor told everyone he loved the challenge of Ashland going after them and that the family had never been as united as they were at that moment. Victoria claimed Ashland didn't have any viable options. Nikki said they needed to stay alert; she hoped Ashland would realize he shouldn't take on that battle because, together, the Newmans were unstoppable. Sourly, Adam claimed that as much as he wanted to stay and celebrate Ashland's downfall, he had more important things to deal with, and he left. Victor told everyone he would deal with Adam later.

Nikki asked what Victoria had meant when she'd said there would be changes. Victoria said they knew how important it had been for her to find balance between who she was on her own and who she was as a Newman. Victoria admitted she'd pushed her family away at times because she'd felt the need to fight and maintain her sense of self, especially running the company. However, after everything that had happened with Ashland, she'd realized she hadn't needed to fight for the things she'd already had.

Victoria told everyone she'd known her family wanted her success and happiness as much as she did. Victoria stated she was whole and complete because of her family; their advice and guidance had kept her strong, and it had helped her forge her identity. Victoria said she'd realized Nick would always have her back; he was the best brother and friend she could ask for.

Victoria told the family she was thankful for their help and support through an incredibly difficult period, but she wanted them to come together as a team to run Newman Enterprises, with Victor as her consiglieri, the wisest and most amazing of advisors. She said Nikki would be her partner and collaborator, and she told Nick that he should consider returning to the fold.

At Newman Media, Sally called Chloe and asked Chloe to stop by her office.

When Chloe arrived, Sally asked how Chloe was doing. Chloe stated that earlier, she'd felt on the verge of a mental breakdown, and she was appreciative of Sally offering a sympathetic ear. Chloe stated that every time she and Chelsea got together, they bickered, fought, and made each other tense, when previously, they had been able to finish each other's sentences; however, lately it felt like they were speaking two different languages.

Chloe said she loved Chelsea with all her heart, and they'd been through a lot together. Sally said she wasn't going to pry into Chloe and Chelsea's relationship; however, she did want to know if Chloe wanted out of her professional partnership. Chloe said she'd given it a lot of thought. Sally said she would love to have Chloe work with her because they'd previously worked well together.

Sally said Chloe would help her run the company as her COO. Shocked, Chloe asked Sally what Adam thought about her becoming COO. Sally said Adam supported it, and Chloe would be answering to her, not Adam. Chloe admitted the offer was overwhelming. Sally claimed she had a lot to prove, and she believed that she and Chloe could accomplish great things together.

Sally said she'd seen Chloe in action, and she reminded Chloe that the fashion platform had been headed for greatness until Victoria had pulled the plug. Sally said Chloe was brilliant at marketing, branding, and social media and that Chloe was always on top of the current trends; she wasn't afraid to color outside the lines when the occasion called for it. Chloe was humbled by how much faith Sally had in her, especially after she and Chelsea had moved on without Sally when the fashion platform had been shut down. Sally said she knew Chloe had been caught in an impossible situation, and she understood Chloe's choice.

Sally claimed she belonged at Newman Media, and so did Chloe. Adam burst into the office. Chloe said she needed time to think about the offer, but she wanted to see if she could fix things with Chelsea. Chloe left.

Adam told Sally his family always fell over each other, talking about love, loyalty, and being a united front; they complimented each other like he wasn't even in the room. Adam said Victoria had returned, and the rug had been pulled out from under him -- again, and he wasn't going to take it. Adam claimed the family was in for a rude awakening.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis sat at a table, stewing. When Allie arrived, Phyllis asked Allie to join her, but Allie said she was meeting Noah, who was late. Allie sat down and said she was surprised she hadn't run into Phyllis more often at the Abbott house. Phyllis explained she'd been out of town, and since her return, she'd been very busy. Phyllis claimed Allie had been a whirlwind since she'd arrived in town. Allie admitted there had been a lot of changes.

Allie told Phyllis that her life was going in a totally different direction than she'd anticipated. Phyllis said Allie deserved happiness because she'd been through so much since Keemo's death. Phyllis asked what it was like living at the Abbott house.

Ashland plots his revenge against the Newmans

Ashland plots his revenge against the Newmans

Thursday, July 7, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Victor told Adam it had been inappropriate for him to storm out of the family meeting. Victor said Victoria had returned after defeating Ashland, and she'd brought back 250 million dollars of the 500 million dollars he'd paid "that bastard" to get out of town. He said Adam should have been proud of what Victoria had accomplished.

Adam told Victor he was less than thrilled about Victoria's return because he felt the ground crumbling under his feet. Victor stated he wouldn't have announced Adam's appointment as the new CEO of Newman to the press if he'd known Victoria would return in a week. Adam pointed out that Victoria had used Victor as a pawn, and Victoria had known Victor would make that announcement because she'd had to prove to Locke that she'd really cuts all ties with her family.

Victor asked Adam to understand that Victoria had done what she'd believed needed to be addressed. Adam said he'd known Victor had hoped Victoria would return. Victor said that Adam had agreed it was a possibility. Adam said he wished he'd had more time to show Victor what he was capable of. Adam claimed he had a lot of great ideas, and he wouldn't get bogged down by his wreck of a personal life like Victoria had.

Victor said he didn't like Adam criticizing Victoria, and he wanted Adam and Victoria to work together. Victor said Adam had some wonderful suggestions, and he wanted Adam to use his abilities and suggestions to support Victoria as CEO -- not to undermine her, but to work together as a family. Victor said it was time they united as a family, the same way they had when they'd gotten rid of Locke; Victoria had delivered the final blow, and she should be applauded for it.

Victor said he understood Adam's frustration, but he asked Adam to remember that he'd grown up on a farm in Kansas, attended Harvard Business School, and worked on Wall Street. Victor explained that when Adam had joined the family, Victoria and Nick hadn't known him, and Adam had been an enormous threat to them. Victor said that he had welcomed and supported Adam.

Adam told Victor that nothing he'd done to redeem himself had made any difference, and nothing ever would. Victor commented that Adam and Nick had been getting closer. Adam claimed he'd only had to give up one of his kidneys to save Faith's life to get that close. Victor said it had been an extraordinary gesture, and no one had forgotten it.

Adam told Victor that Victoria didn't trust him, but Victor said Victoria couldn't deny the success Adam had had with Newman Media. Victor said he wanted the three of them to work together in an office. Adam interrupted and asked about "the three of them." Victor explained that Victoria had invited Nick to join the company, and Victor was hopeful that Nick would say yes. Victor claimed if the three of them put their heads together, Newman would become a formidable company. Adam said he couldn't argue with that.

Billy arrived at Newman and told Victoria he was happy she wasn't with that fraud Ashland anymore, but he wanted to know how she'd gotten from point A to point B. Victoria stated she'd never had any intention of reconciling with Ashland, and she assured Billy she wanted nothing more to do with Ashland.

Victoria explained to Billy how she'd played Ashland and that everything had gone exactly as she'd planned. Billy said it had taken brains and courage to set a successful trap for Locke, and she'd been brilliant. Billy was impressed how Victoria had gotten Ashland to hand over the 250 million dollars Victor had given him, but he recalled that Victor had given Locke 500 million dollars. Victoria said Ashland had donated half that money to Nick's charity.

Billy told Victoria that Adam would hang that over her head forever. Victoria reminded him that Adam had initiated the deal, and she knew he hadn't made the deal with the family in mind; rather, he'd been thinking about himself, and he'd also wanted to highlight her mistakes. Billy was happy Victoria could forget about Locke and move on.

Billy told Victoria he was happy Locke wasn't going to be part of their kids' lives. Victoria said she'd never had any intention of allowing Ashland near Johnny and Katie. Victoria said that aside from Adam, her family was happy things were back to normal, but Adam was disappointed he wouldn't be running Newman Enterprises, after all. Victor arrived and asked why Billy was there. Billy said he was part of the welcome wagon. Victor stated that Victoria would never leave her family, but she had a way of getting rid of her toxic exes. Billy left.

Victoria asked Victor how upset he was with her. Rather than answer her question, Victor asked how much Billy had known about her plans for Locke. Victoria said Billy hadn't known anything and that he'd threatened legal action because he hadn't wanted Ashland near the kids, but Billy understood it had been something she'd needed to do.

Victor asked why Victoria hadn't confided in him. Victoria said she hadn't wanted to lie to Nikki, and if she'd confided in him, he wouldn't have had the press conference announcing Adam as CEO. She said it had been very instrumental for Ashland to see that her ties with her family had been irrevocably severed and that if Adam had her job, she'd had everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Victor told Victoria that she'd had a plan and executed it; she'd taken revenge on Locke and taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget. Victor said he was very proud of the way Victoria had handled everything.

Victoria asked Victor if Nick had accepted her job offer, but Victor had no idea. Victor said if Victoria had asked him weeks earlier if Nick would join the company, he would have said there wasn't a chance in hell, but he felt things had changed because Nick seemed to be prioritizing his family more. Victor said the telling sign had been when Nick had told him about Victoria's plans to meet with investors; Nick had been willing to risk Victoria's anger in order to help her and the family.

Victor said he'd always impressed on her and Nick that loyalty within the family was of the upmost importance, and Nick had displayed that loyalty in an exemplary manner. Victor said he hoped Victoria would show Adam some appreciation and recognize what he could contribute. Victoria asked if Victor thought Adam would hang around.

Victoria asked Victor not to make her feel guilty about not being enthusiastic about working with Adam. She added that it was apparent that Adam felt the same way about working with her, given the way he'd stormed out of the family meeting. Victoria understood that Adam felt entitled to run the company, even though he hadn't integrated ChancComm and Newman Media because that was a work in progress, and he wanted to wash his hands of the whole thing and move on to bigger and better things.

Victor said it would be in Victoria's best interest to hear what Adam had to say. Victoria said she was always willing to listen, but she wouldn't let her guard down because Adam was constantly trying to undermine her. Victor said he'd reminded Adam it was in his best interest to remain loyal. Victoria asked if Victor truly believed Adam cared about that. Victor said Adam had been working very hard to be accepted by the family, and he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it.

In his hotel suite, Ashland opened his door and greeted Stannis. Stannis tried to apologize about South America, but Ashland claimed it had been a simple task: have Michael Baldwin thrown in jail and keep him there while Ashland controlled the narrative in Genoa City. Ashland said the job he was offering would give Stannis a chance to redeem himself. Ashland said the target was his wife.

Ashland told Stannis he wanted to keep a low profile, and he needed Stannis to be his eyes and ears. Ashland said Victor and Adam had been a thorn in his side, and any information Stannis could gather on them would be appreciated. Ashland said Victoria was the primary target, and he needed to know where Victoria went, what she did, and who she spoke with -- and he wanted an hourly update.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Nikki that since they knew the whole story, it was easy to understand Victoria's actions, but it had been cruel to put the family through it, especially Nikki. Nikki claimed if a few sleepless nights were payment for getting rid of Ashland, it had been well worth it.

Nikki asked Nick what he thought about Victoria's job offer and also noted that Victor had previously mentioned that Nick might be interested in returning to Newman. Nick claimed Victoria's offer had struck him as a gesture of goodwill because it had meant a lot to her when he'd told her that he would stand by her, even though he hadn't agreed with what she'd been doing, and that he would always support Victoria, no matter what. Nick said Victoria needed people around her that she could trust, and he wasn't reading too much into her job offer.

Nikki told Nick perhaps he should because Victoria had never allowed sentiment to get in the way of how she ran the company. Nikki said Victoria appreciated Nick for his judgment and his business instincts. Nick asked if Nikki believed he should take the job. Nikki said he had to do what made him happy; however, Victor would be thrilled to see Nick and Victoria working together again.

Nick told Nikki he'd stayed away from the company because Victor wanted to control everything, and whether it was intentional or not, it had created rivalries between him, Victoria, and Adam. Nikki claimed that could change, but Nick said he'd watched Adam storm out of the office because Victor had given him the big chair, and it looked like Adam would have to relinquish it. Nikki said Victor knew what a minefield it was to have Victoria and Adam working for the company.

Nick told Nikki that Victor couldn't resist pitting Victoria and Adam against each other. Nikki said Victor was very concerned about Victoria and Adam's relationship, but Nick claimed it was Victor's M.O. to have them on opposite sides. Nick asked why he would subject himself to that. Nikki said it would mean a lot to Victor and Victoria. Nick stated that he had a great life, he liked what he did, and he had a lot of free time, He asked why he would want to give that up to work at Newman. Nikki said it was obvious that Nick had given it a lot of thought.

Nick admitted to Nikki that he had, and if he took a role in the company, he would have a lot more say in family matters. Nikki stated that Victor and Victoria had tried to lure Nick back previously, but Nick had refused; she asked what had changed. Nick said a big part of his interest was concern for Nikki because she was constantly in the middle of all the skirmishes, and it had to take its toll on her because the lulls were temporary. Nick said there was no way Ashland was going to take his situation lying down, and if Nick was wrong about that, there was always the tension between Adam and Victoria that would continue to grow, which would lead to a serious problem unless someone defused it.

Nikki told Nick that she'd been bounced around between COO and co-CEO, and she believed one of those positions would be Nick's. Nick thought Victoria wanted him in an advisory capacity. Nikki disagreed and said it had been left open-ended for Nick to decide where he felt he would fit within the organization, and Nick had a unique vantage point, since he understood what Victoria and Adam were going through.

Nikki pointed out that Nick had outgrown the need for Victor's approval because Nick knew he could be successful without Victor, and that brought value to the company. Nick stated that Sharon had said he could provide some balance within the company. Nick said no matter what he finally decided, Nikki had given him a lot to think about.

In the park, Chloe acknowledged that Chelsea had been overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure. It had been the reason she'd advised Chelsea against taking on the job at Marchetti, because she'd been looking out for her. Chelsea said she knew Chloe always had her best interests at heart, and she felt obligated to Chloe.

Chelsea said Chloe had created a fashion platform at Newman for Chelsea to have a place to land, Chloe had agreed to work with Adam, and she'd kept the peace between Chelsea and Sally and when Victoria had dropped the fashion platform, Chelsea added that Chloe had reached out to Lauren, and she'd made a deal with Fenmore's. Chelsea said Chloe had created many amazing opportunities for her, and her biggest fear was that she wouldn't be able to live up to her end of the bargain. Chelsea said she didn't want to let Chloe down.

Chelsea told Chloe they needed to dissolve their partnership. Chloe claimed it was an overreaction to their issues. Chelsea insisted it wasn't, and Chloe had been right about everything. Chelsea admitted she'd been distracted and missing deadlines, and she'd spread herself too thin. Chelsea admitted she wasn't emotionally prepared to launch herself into a business, and she hadn't wanted to admit that to herself or to her best friend, who'd poured everything into making it work. Chelsea admitted the longer she pretended, the more defensive she'd become, and it would cause more damage.

Chloe said she would hate for Chelsea to give up on her dream. Chelsea said she felt like she'd been trying to be the old version of herself; perhaps she would get there some day, or she would go in a different direction entirely. Chelsea admitted it wasn't in her to focus entirely on the business, and she asked if Chloe was furious with her. Chloe smiled and said she wasn't. Chloe said if that was what Chelsea needed to take care of herself, Chloe supported her completely.

Chelsea told Chloe she would talk to Lauren, and then she would inform Summer and Kyle that she was turning down the Marchetti deal. Chloe said it was better to lose the business partnership than to lose their friendship. Chloe thanked Chelsea for having the guts to face what she was going through and for being honest.

Once Chloe was alone, she called Sally and left her a voicemail message stating she'd given a lot of thought to Sally's offer, and she wanted to discuss it.

At Society, Billy told Adam that he hadn't been able to buy Adam that celebratory drink for his new position as CEO, but Adam would no longer be in charge because Victoria had returned. Adam told Billy to go to hell.

Billy told Adam that Victoria had gotten rid of Locke, retrieved all the money, and sent Adam packing -- a true trifecta. Billy asked if Adam had broken the news to Sally that she would be demoted and that Adam would take back his old job; that could lead to trouble in paradise. Billy said he would sit back and watch Adam fail spectacularly. Billy said Adam had lost the big chair, and he might lose his girl and the little bit of respect Victor had had for Adam. Billy said Adam had paid Locke 500 million dollars, and it hadn't worked; he'd needed Victoria to clean up for him. Billy claimed Adam's back was against the wall. Adam reminded Billy that that was when he was at his most dangerous.

Stannis sat at a nearby table, watching and listening to Adam.

Adam wants to see Victoria and Victor crash and burn

Adam wants to see Victoria and Victor crash and burn

Friday, July 8, 2022

by Nel

At Newman, Nikki welcomed Victoria back as CEO. Victoria said it was great to be back and that Ashland was out of their lives for good. Victoria said Victor had been annoyed that she'd kept him in the dark, but he supported her return to Newman Enterprises. Victoria said she'd hoped Nikki would return as her co-CEO. Nikki agreed.

Victoria told Nikki she was happy Nick was primed to return and that Nick had supported her throughout her entire ordeal, even though he'd disagreed with her decisions. She said she needed people with unquestionable loyalty around her, and she would give Nick the time to make the right decision for himself.

Victoria told Nikki it would be wonderful for the whole family to work together. Nikki agreed but pointed out there was a very dangerous wild card that could blow everything up -- Adam. Nikki said Adam had been abruptly pushed out as CEO, and he needed to feel valued; they needed to handle that situation very carefully. Victoria said she would happily welcome Adam back as CEO of Newman Media. Nikki said Adam might view that as an insulting demotion.

Victoria told Nikki that if Adam accepted his old position, it would satisfy Victor wanting them all working together while keeping Adam in a position where he couldn't affect the decision-making for the rest of the company. Nikki felt Adam would be a disgruntled employee and that he would undermine Victoria at every turn.

At Society, Billy stated that Adam's back was against the wall. Adam retorted that that was when he was the most dangerous; he said Billy shouldn't push him. Chelsea entered as Adam left.

At his table, Stannis sent Ashland a text message: "Just overheard big argument between Adam Newman and a guy named Billy."

Chelsea asked Billy why Adam had been so upset that he hadn't noticed her. Billy said Adam was having a bad day. Billy said the last time he'd seen Chelsea, things between her and Chloe had been strained. Chelsea admitted that the argument had forced her to do some soul-searching, and she'd realized their friendship had been in jeopardy. Chelsea said she wouldn't wreck her friendship with Chloe because Chloe was too important to her, and Chloe had been there for her through thick and thin.

Chelsea told Billy she'd decided to step back from fashion. Chelsea thanked Billy for the mature conversation they'd had because it had given her clarity; Billy had forced her to face reality about things she'd been avoiding. Chelsea admitted she'd been saying yes to everything because she was afraid of letting anyone down, especially Chloe, and what she'd been doing hadn't been sustainable.

Chelsea said Billy needed someone like her to push the podcasts along creatively, and she was willing to help him out by setting the tone of the podcasts and being a sounding board. Chelsea said she could be a fresh set of eyes and ears about what was working and what wasn't. Billy said it was a very generous offer, but he worked alone, in his room, in the middle of the night. Chelsea suggested that might be part of the problem, and she felt she could help Billy provide a different tone and go broader on a topic.

Billy told Chelsea his audience had plateaued, and perhaps he could use a little help. When Billy saw Victoria had arrived, he told Chelsea he and Victoria had a few things to discuss, and he would contact Chelsea soon. Chelsea greeted Victoria then stopped to look at Billy before she left.

Billy told Victoria he'd been questioning whether she'd seen Locke for who he was and if she'd cut him loose. Victoria said it had happened; it had been difficult, and she'd had to be very convincing because everyone had needed to believe she'd still loved Ashland and that she'd been willing to walk away from everything. Victoria said it had been difficult, and she regretted how hard it had been on everyone she loved.

Victoria asked Billy to have the "Grinning Soul" do a podcast on the whole Ashland cancer scam and how Ashland had fabricated everything to gain favor and entry into Newman Enterprises. Victoria said the podcast would be coming from an anonymous podcaster who would express the truth for everyone to hear. Billy said inevitably, it would also include what Ashland had done to her. Victoria said it would be worth it if it closed all the doors on Ashland and to ensure he couldn't do to someone else what he'd done to her.

As Sally ran through the park, she received a text message from Chloe: "Following up on my voicemail. Want to discuss job offer." Sally left a voicemail message for Adam, asking if he'd made any decision on his next move.

Jack arrived and told Sally he was fond of Adam and that Adam seemed very happy lately. Jack said if Sally was the contributing factor to that relationship, he was pleased for both of them, but Sally said she was wondering if she should be freaking out or not.

Sally said she was sure Jack knew about the press conference putting Adam in charge of Newman, but with Victoria's return, everything was up in the air. Jack commented that Adam had been relegated to Newman Media so that Victoria could take the CEO spot. Sally claimed it was unfair. Jack stated that Victor had a long history of manipulating his children, and his cavalier approach to Adam had always been reprehensible.

Jack assumed Sally was as worried about herself as she was about Adam. Sally said she wanted things to work out for both of them, but Adam had constantly been mistreated by Victor and unceremoniously kicked out of the top spot. Sally said she knew Adam had done some messed-up things in the past and had always been cast aside; he could never do enough or be enough in the Newmans' eyes.

Sally told Jack that Adam had done a lot to prove himself and earn their respect. Sally claimed Adam was brilliant, and no one had ever treated her with respect and appreciation, personally and professionally, the way Adam did. Sally claimed she'd fought very hard to overcome her self-defeating behavior, and she admitted she'd done things she wasn't proud of. She said she'd accepted the consequences and gone about rebuilding her credibility. Jack said she'd made real progress.

Sally told Jack she'd done everything to establish herself as someone to be taken seriously, and it had paid off in ways she'd never imagined. She said when an opportunity had arisen, she'd been ready. Sally said she'd had big dreams and plans, but they might all be taken away; however, the one thing she was sure of was that Adam believed in and trusted her. Jack said he'd heard the love in her voice, and he was happy Sally and Adam had found each other.

Before Jack left, he told Sally that Adam was at his most unpredictable when he felt emotionally wounded, and he tended to react; his reactions had been "outsized and dangerous" -- "you hurt me, and I will hurt you even more." Jack said Adam rarely considered collateral damage. Jack left.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Sharon that Victoria had returned, and Adam was out as CEO. Nick explained it had been Victoria's plan all along, not Victor's. Nick said Victoria had wanted to turn the tables on Ashland and get him out of their lives for good; she'd had to make Ashland and the family believe she'd chosen Ashland over her family. Nick said Victoria had played it brilliantly.

Nick told Sharon that Victoria had offered him a job. Sharon asked if Nick wanted to return to Newman, and if so, where it left Adam. Nick said he assumed Victoria wanted Adam to return to Newman Media; however, she hadn't had a chance to speak with Adam because he'd stormed out of their meeting. Nick said everyone had known Victor would reinstate Victoria as CEO.

Nick told Sharon he understood why Adam was upset; everything had happened sooner than they'd expected. Nick said he'd felt that Adam had hoped Victor would punish Victoria by keeping him on as CEO, but Victor had been impressed with what Victoria had done, which had infuriated Adam. Nick wished Adam could appreciate that being CEO of a major media company was a tremendous opportunity.

Nick told Sharon he was certain Victoria would want Nikki as co-CEO, and Nikki appeared to believe he would be the COO. Sharon asked how he felt about it. Nick said he didn't know, but he had to make a decision. Sharon asked Nick to follow her because they were going to figure things out.

Adam arrived at the coffeehouse and sat down at a table on the patio. Ashland saw Adam and sent Stannis a text message: "Adam's still at the coffeehouse. Thanks for the tip."

Adam said Ashland had some nerve, showing his face in Genoa City. Ashland claimed he had a legitimate reason for being there. Adam hoped Ashland wasn't still chasing after Victoria, and Adam said he'd heard how she'd worked Ashland over.

Ashland told Adam he'd left some personal items at the house, and he wanted to retrieve them. Adam said he was sure Victoria had dumped them at the curb for garbage pick-up. Ashland stated that Adam had to feel like he'd been kicked to the curb since Victoria had reclaimed her rightful place on the throne. Ashland said he could imagine Victor proud as a peacock that Victoria had pulled off another remarkable coup. Adam said he wasn't sure why Ashland was rhapsodizing about a woman who'd scammed the hell out of him.

Ashland told Adam he had to admire how Vitoria had played the game; she'd convinced him, again, that she'd been willing to walk away from her controlling family and start a whole new life together. Ashland said Victoria had cleverly tricked him into signing away what had been left of the money from the deal with Victor, which Ashland acknowledged had been Adam's master plan. Ashland was impressed with Victoria's lying skills and said her plan had been a stroke of genius, something Victor would have planned. Adam said Victoria was unpredictable, and Ashland had had it coming.

Ashland told Adam they all had had it coming, but Victoria had played both of them to get exactly what she'd wanted. Ashland said Adam had barely had a chance to pretend at being CEO before Victoria had returned and taken the title away from him. Ashland said Victor had no intention of taking Adam seriously and that Adam had been a convenient placeholder; they'd both been scammed by someone close to them who they'd thought they could trust.

Adam said Ashland had been fleeced out of 250 million dollars, but Ashland countered that Victor had taken away something more valuable, Adam's power and respect. Adam asked why Ashland was there, because he knew Victoria would never take him back, especially after what she'd pulled off. Ashland said he wouldn't reconcile with a woman who'd just conned him. Adam asked if Ashland was planning on a legal battle to reclaim the money or if Ashland was out for revenge. Ashland asked Adam if he wasn't planning revenge after everything his family had done to him. Ashland said they were in the same situation. Ashland left.

At the park, Nick asked Sharon how the move to Newman would impact Christian; his hours wouldn't be as flexible, and he would have less time to spend with Christian. Sharon reminded Nick that they'd had small children the last time Nick had worked at Newman, and he'd managed to prioritize their kids. Nick said he would have to give up New Hope, something he'd put a lot of energy into, that fulfilled him, and that provided work he really enjoyed. Sharon admitted that improving people's lives by building affordable housing was exactly who Nick was.

Sharon told Nick that by joining Newman, he would be able to mitigate a lot of the chaos, influence decisions, manage the family infighting, possibly prevent something like Victoria had just gone through from happening, and protect the family. Sharon said it would be fulfilling in a different way. Sharon said if Nick went back to Newman, it wasn't like the work he'd put into New Hope would end because Noah would be able to step in and fill in the gaps.

Nick told Sharon he would be comfortable if Noah continued the mission Nick had started, and Noah knew the business inside out. Sharon suggested it could be a good opportunity for their son. Nick had to let everyone know that nothing would change because of the new leadership and that New Hope was in stable hands; he needed to remind everyone their relationships were very important and to allow Noah to gradually establish himself with them.

Nick asked if Sharon was telling him to return to Newman. Sharon said she'd always been a big supporter of Nick striking out on his own to get away from the madness of the Newman family business; however, Nick had changed because he was stronger and more centered, and his blinders were off -- Nick saw his family for exactly who they were, and he was able to accept them, perhaps because he was older and wiser.

Sharon told Nick that when he'd previously worked in that environment, it had changed him into someone he hadn't wanted to be; however, this time he would be in a position to change the environment. Sharon said she believed it would enhance Nick's life, and it could turn out to be the most fulfilling thing he'd ever done. She said she knew Nick had already made his decision.

Nick told Sharon he'd been heading toward putting himself into the mix. Nick said he'd needed Sharon's advice, and she was right; he was making the right decision.

At Newman Media, Adam told Sally he'd had a run-in with Billy, who'd rubbed Adam's face in Victoria's sudden and triumphant return, and he'd encountered Ashland. Adam said Ashland had claimed he'd returned to retrieve his belongings from Victoria's, but Adam said it was obvious Ashland was planning something -- and whatever it was, it could turn things in their favor.

Adam told Sally that Ashland had implied they were after the same thing: stripping Victoria of everything she had, like she'd done to them. Adam explained that Ashland had said he wanted Victoria to pay, and he wanted to make her life a living hell. Adam said if Victoria was under attack and pushed into a corner, she would be distracted and make costly mistakes, and perhaps he could help move things along.

Sally asked Adam if the goal was to create an opening for Adam to get back to the top of Newman Enterprises. Adam stated that the days of trying to prove he was worthy to Victor were over. Adam said Victoria had loved every minute of Victor insulting and using him over and over. Adam said he was done trying to prove himself. Adam said he wanted to see his dear little sister crash and burn, and he wanted to see Victor go down with her.

At the coffeehouse, Jack told Nikki he didn't want to get into it about Diane because it was Diane's decision whether she stayed in town and Kyle's decision whether he'd accepted his mother back into his life again. Nikki stated that she hated the thought of Diane walking around town without a care in the world after everything she'd done to people. Nikki said Diane hadn't suffered any consequences, and the Abbott family was standing behind her -- or at least not getting in Diane's way. Nikki said she had other things to think about, like her family.

Jack told Nikki he was aware her family was going through a lot, and he'd heard that Victoria had returned without Ashland. He guessed Nikki was very relieved. Jack said that Victoria would finally put that whole Ashland nightmare behind her.

Ashland returned to his hotel suite, enraged, and he slammed his door shut.

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