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Adam walked away from Newman. To save Sally's job, Adam told Victoria he was dumping Sally. Billy exposed Ashland's cancer fraud. Diane alerted Michael when Ashland violated the restraining order by spending time with Harrison. Noah and Allie went on their first official date.
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Adam walked away from Newman, Billy exposed Ashland's cancer fraud, and Ashland violated the restraining order by spending time with Harrison
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Victoria makes a power move involving Nick

Victoria makes a power move involving Nick

Monday, July 11, 2022

Nick entered Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises and presented her with a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Nick set down the flowers and happily noted that his sister was back where she belonged. Nick joked that he had almost completely forgiven Victoria for making them all believe she had chosen Ashland over her family. Victoria promised to make it all up to her brother in corporate perks if he agreed to accept her job offer. Nick announced that he was ready to rejoin the team and might even stick around for good. Victoria cheered and embraced her brother. Victoria announced that Nick would become COO, adding that their mother had returned as co-CEO.

Nick expressed concern to Victoria about Adam's reaction. Victoria insisted she was not responsible for what their dad had done to Adam while she was away, and she asked Nick to change the subject. Nick asked about Ashland. Victoria said she had told Ashland to disappear from her life, so she did not expect to hear from him again because there was no any longer any connection. Nick, recalling that Victoria had embarrassed Ashland and taken most of his fortune, warned that he would not shrug it off. Victoria acknowledged that she had crushed and devastated Ashland and was certain he was done being burned by the Newmans.

Victoria told Nick that because the world needed to know that Ashland was a bastard, she had enlisted Billy to use his resources to reveal Ashland's cancer scam to the public. Victoria explained that Billy would enlist an anonymous podcaster, so he could distance himself from the fallout. Nick said the public would wonder why the Newmans had not seen through Ashland and had put the company at risk. Victoria said her aim was to completely discredit Ashland, so no one would ever trust him as a business partner. Nick warned that it could backfire in an unpredictable way. Victoria insisted she knew exactly how to handle Ashland Locke.

Nikki and Victor enjoyed breakfast together at Society. Nikki mentioned that her stomach was no longer tied up in knots and that she had slept better than she had in weeks. Victor said having Victoria back made it seem that everything was normal. Nikki replied that it might become even better after Victoria invited Nick to help run the company. Victor was pleased, though he expressed concern about how Adam would fit in. Nikki said she hoped Adam might get over his disappointment, even after losing the CEO position twice.

Michael approached and greeted Nikki and Victor. Nikki quickly excused herself, explaining that she had a meeting with an investigator who was looking into Diane's life while she'd been in Los Angeles. Nikki glared at Michael when he replied, "How's that going for you?" Nikki refused to answer, admitting that she owed Michael no explanation, given his association with "that woman." After Nikki left, Michael told Victor that after Ashland had flown on a chartered plane from New York to Chicago, he had managed to evade the man hired to follow him. Victor said he feared that an enraged Ashland, who had lost at every turn, might be in Genoa City. Victor said he had a plan to deal with Ashland that would require Michael's assistance.

At Newman Media, Adam asked Sally how things stood with Chloe. Sally replied that Chloe seemed interested. Sally said she would wait before reaching out to Chloe again to see how things might play out. Adam insisted he would not return to Newman Media because he was done with his father's games. Sally recalled that Adam had been hurt and offended when Victor had sold Newman Media to Victoria, though he had eventually decided he could tolerate reporting to his sister.

Sally asked Adam if he was ready to walk away from the company and his family permanently. Adam avoided answering and assured Sally that he would not oust her as CEO. Sally told Adam he did not have to make a sacrifice for her. Adam insisted it was a relief to know he would not have to deal with his family anymore, especially Victoria's condescension and Nikki's smirks.

Sally attempted to defuse the situation, telling Adam that Ashland had sparked his rage by the things he had said. Sally warned Adam not to get lost in revenge and lose sight of the best way forward for himself. Sally reminded Adam that Ashland did not "give a damn" about him. Sally begged Adam to choose a path he would not later regret. Adam explained that nobody understood how it felt to be the Newman black sheep who was constantly rejected and mistreated. Adam cried that he would never be on the same footing as Victor's other children.

Sally assured Adam he was the best person to head the company, and she begged him not to give in to anger and take himself out of the running. Adam cried that no matter how much effort he had put forth to change and do his best, it was never enough for the Newmans. Sally cautioned that Adam should expect blowback if he lashed out at his family. Adam replied, "All I can think about is how sweet it would be to get even." Victor, listening in the doorway, said, "Is that really how you feel, son?" Victor asked Sally to step out.

Victor told Adam he would like Adam and his siblings to work together to benefit the legacy of the Newman family and business. Adam said that if Nick became COO, then he would be left running the lone division. Victor noted that Newman Media had become even bigger after the merger with ChancComm, so it should be appealing to Adam. Adam recalled that his father had named him CEO of the parent company twice, though he had merely been a placeholder for Victoria. Adam complained that Nick, after leaving the business for years, had even leapfrogged over him.

Victor encouraged Adam by reminding him that Newman Media would be his own domain, where he could implement his ideas. Victor assured Adam that Victoria would respect him and his leadership role. Adam rebuffed Victor, explaining that his father was humoring his ambitions while Nikki, Victoria, and Nick held the real positions of influence and authority. Victor, citing how far Adam had already come, reminded him that he had damaged the family when he first arrived, even attempting to kill his father. Adam, frustrated with playing by Victor's rules and humbly waiting for his opportunity, cried, "To hell with that, okay? I'm out." Tears welled in Victor's eyes, and he told Adam that if he walked away, he would break his father's heart. Adam seemed unfazed and even more determined.

Nikki entered Victoria's office and expressed her delight to see her children working together. Nick informed his mother that he was the new COO of Newman Enterprises. Nikki said she was looking forward to collaborating with her son and daughter and knew Victor would be thrilled. Victor arrived and said he was very happy to hear that Nick had accepted Victoria's offer. Victoria said she had Champagne and sparkling cider chilling in the break room because she had been determined not to give up until Nick agreed to join the family team. Nikki suggested Victor invite Adam to join them. Victor said Adam had decided to leave Newman Media. Victoria offered to talk to Adam. Victor explained that Adam no longer wanted to be part of the family business.

Nick asked Victor about Sally's position at Newman Media. Victor said he did not believe Sally would leave of her own volition. Nikki scoffed, "Of course not. Adam named her CEO. No other company would hire her at that level." Victoria said she might address Sally later, though she was focused on welcoming Nick back. Victor praised his family for ushering the company he'd built into a new era. Nick told his father that it was all possible because of him.

Sally caught up with Adam at the bar at Society. Adam informed Sally that he had told Victor he was sick of being used and pushed aside. Sally said she hoped Victor had talked Adam out of leaving. Adam said that if it had really mattered to Victor, he would have given him a reason to stay, though Victor had only promised to ask Victoria to be nicer to him. Adam said his father's offer had been infuriating and insulting, especially knowing that Nick had risen higher in the organization. Adam told Sally he had quit. Sally replied, "Should I quit, too? I mean in solidarity?" Adam said he did not expect or want Sally to quit.

Sally, recalling what she had done to Summer, expressed doubt that Nick or Victoria would want her to stick around. Sally said she would support Adam's desire to be free and assured him she would land on her feet, too, as she always had. Adam said that going forward, it might not be business as usual. Sally acknowledged that Ashland might attack and attempt to get Adam involved. Adam replied, "You'll need to watch your back because things are about to get ugly."

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Billy told Lily he welcomed having Chelsea to critique the podcasts. To clarify, Lily asked Adam if Chelsea was aware that his podcast was the "Grinning Soul." Billy said Chelsea did not know about his anonymous podcast. Billy told Lily that Victoria had asked him to do a podcast about Ashland and reveal everything Ashland had done, including lying about having cancer. Lily replied, "Well, you didn't agree to that, did you?"

Billy told Lily that he had not yet agreed to expose Ashland because he wanted to talk to Lily first about the risks to the company. Billy recalled what had happened with ChancComm after Adam had set them up and the article about him had been published by a hacker. Billy noted that Victoria had given permission to share her situation. Lily warned that Victoria's desire to publicize was not a favorable selling point. Billy explained that he wanted to warn others before Ashland found another victim to control and manipulate. Lily agreed people should be warned, though she was not in favor of Billy broadcasting about Ashland on the "Grinning Soul." Billy promised to consult Amanda first. Lily told Billy he should go for it if Amanda cleared the way.

In his studio, Billy opened his microphone and began broadcasting. Billy said, "On today's installment of the "Grinning Soul," I will be discussing a power monger who thinks the rest of us are simply here to do his bidding. Thanks to a highly placed source at Newman Enterprises, I am now able to reveal the true story of the rise and fall of Ashland Locke." Billy told listeners that Ashland was not dying of cancer and had lied about having cancer to pull a scam.

At Chancellor Park, Diane and Harrison enjoyed ice cream while Diane told her grandson about his dad when he'd been a boy. Diane told Harrison that Kyle would have eaten ice cream at every meal had she allowed it. Harrison replied, "Me, too." Ashland watched Harrison and Diane from the nearby walkway. After Harrison joined some friends playing nearby, Ashland approached Diane.

Diane was taken aback and reminded Ashland that he was not supposed to be anywhere near Harrison. Ashland said he missed his son and wanted to see him, even if it was from a distance. Ashland begged Diane to let him talk to Harrison briefly without letting anyone know. Diane warned that Harrison might blurt out something, which would land her in big trouble just as she was beginning to reconnect with Kyle. Ashland insisted he be allowed to talk to Harrison, but Diane adamantly refused and abruptly left with Harrison.

Michael summoned Diane to meet him at Crimson Lights. Diane shared that she had spent time with Harrison at the park. Diane bragged that her grandson was such a cute boy and that he reminded her of Kyle when he'd been a youngster. Michael asked Diane if the Abbotts allowed her to take Harrison on outings, unsupervised. Diane scoffed and said Kyle was not worried that she might run off with Harrison. Michael said it was wonderful that Diane had earned a high level of trust. Diane, suspicious, asked Michael was going on.

Michael informed Diane that Ashland might return and attempt to see Harrison. Diane said she would never allow Ashland to get near Harrison. Michael told Diane that if she pretended to slip up and allow Ashland to visit Harrison, he could be cited for violating his restraining order and might even spend time in jail. Diane immediately suspected it was Victor's plan and said it was unconscionable to use Ashland's love for Harrison against him. Michael explained that it would be a preemptive move to keep Ashland away from Victoria.

Diane was not at all in favor of helping with Victor's scheme. Michael told Diane that the Newmans would appreciate Diane's cooperation and that Nikki might even drop her investigation into Diane's past. Diane said that Kyle would be livid and that helping Michael might jeopardize everything she was trying to accomplish. Michael shrugged and said Ashland might not even be in town. Diane admitted she had seen Ashland at the park, where he had asked to see Harrison. Diane said she had told Ashland that Harrison was off-limits.

Ashland entered his hotel room and slammed the door. Grimacing, Ashland grunted in anger and kicked a chair. Grumbling aloud to himself, Ashland said, "Can't even say hello to my own damn son." Ashland checked his phone and read a text message from Stannis. Stannis included a link to Billy's podcast and wrote, "You might want to check this out." Ashland fumed and said aloud, "What fresh hell is this?"

Nikki and Phyllis join forces against Diane

Nikki and Phyllis join forces against Diane

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

In Chancellor Park, Kyle ran into Phyllis and noted that they hadn't had any one-on-one time since she'd engineered the truce with his mother. He recognized that it had been hard for her to take the high road, and she conceded that talking to Diane was an act of mercy. Kyle thanked Phyllis for making the effort, but she warned that her niceties wouldn't extend beyond superficial politeness. Phyllis ordered Kyle to take her off the invite list for "the next celebration of all things Diane Jenkins."

Kyle admitted that it had been Diane's idea to have the impromptu celebration, and he acknowledged that his mom had pushed things by inviting Phyllis to join them. Phyllis swore that she wouldn't be the one to break the truce, but she doubted it would last much longer because Diane would soon show her true colors -- especially with Diane working at Marchetti. Kyle argued that giving Diane a job would give her purpose. Phyllis found it lovely that he wanted to give his mom a second chance, but she cautioned that things would deteriorate. Phyllis pledged to be there for Kyle to help pick up the pieces and promised that she wouldn't be the one whispering that she'd told him so.

Kyle barked that it was hypocritical of Phyllis to paint his mother as self-serving and duplicitous when Phyllis herself had shown her true colors when she'd used Jack to mark her territory in front of Diane. Phyllis was livid that Jack had involved Kyle in something so personal, but Kyle argued that she had told Summer about it. Phyllis swore that she cared deeply about both Kyle and Jack, and it was why she was incensed that they'd allowed Diane back into their lives. Phyllis stressed that Diane was evil and would hurt people. Kyle barked that he'd just been trying to be gracious by thanking Phyllis for her change in attitude, but he thought it was clear that the truce was only for show.

Phyllis demanded that she and Kyle stop talking before they said something they'd regret. He swore he'd be civil and respectful for the same reason she'd pretended to coexist with his mother -- Summer. Kyle insisted that Diane was remorseful, but Phyllis argued that he'd been little when Diane had left, so he had no idea about his mom's history. Kyle countered that he had a chance to have a loving relationship with his mother, and he'd do whatever was necessary to protect Diane. Phyllis growled that it was a choice both he and her daughter would regret, and she stalked off.

At Crimson Lights, Summer approached Diane at the condiment station. Summer revealed that she knew a little boy who couldn't stop talking about wanting to spend more time with Diane, and she hoped Diane's job wouldn't keep her too busy for play dates. Summer observed that Diane seemed distracted, but Diane insisted that everything was great. Diane added that she'd jotted down some ideas about how to introduce Marchetti to Jabot's customer base by pulling publicity stunts, and she suggested they have a seat and talk about it. Summer mentioned that she was meeting someone, and she thought it would be best if Diane didn't cross paths with the person.

Diane guessed that Summer was waiting for Phyllis, but Summer stated that she was waiting for Nikki. Summer hoped to avoid any conflict, but Diane contended that she wasn't afraid of facing Nikki. Diane thought they needed to deal with the fact that they would run into one another, but she accepted that Summer didn't want a public confrontation. Diane volunteered to take her coffee to go, and Summer proposed that they meet at the office later to discuss Diane's ideas. Summer stepped out to the patio. Diane headed to the main exit and ran into Nikki on her way out.

Nikki and Diane exchanged barbs, and Diane mentioned that she'd been making herself scarce because Summer had warned her that Nikki would be there. Nikki snapped that the only departure she wanted to hear about was when Diane left town. Diane bragged that she'd just been hired at Marchetti, so she wasn't going anywhere. Nikki anticipated that the company would fail with Diane on board.

Diane apologized again for what she'd put Nikki through, but Nikki huffed that being sorry didn't mean the people Diane had hurt had to forgive her. Nikki reiterated that no one wanted Diane there, but Diane asserted that Kyle wanted her around and that Summer and Jack had been supportive. Diane refused to blow her chance to be with her son by running away from Nikki's wrath. Diane demanded that Nikki either accept her or find a way to pretend she wasn't around.

Nikki stormed onto the patio and questioned why on earth Summer would give "that woman" a job. Nikki questioned whether it was even legal to hire someone who had been declared dead. Summer wondered if Nikki could foresee a time when she might forgive Diane, and Nikki adamantly replied, "Absolutely not." Nikki warned that Summer was looking through rose-colored glasses when she should be on guard around Diane, and she believed Summer was playing right into Diane's hands. Nikki compared Diane to a snake that hypnotized its prey before devouring it, and she advised Summer to get Kyle to open his eyes about who Diane really was.

Summer recognized that Nikki only wanted what was best for her and Kyle, but she argued that it wasn't her place to tell Kyle how to feel about his mother. Summer defended that Diane had been on her best behavior, but Nikki grumbled that it wouldn't last. Nikki predicted that something would set Diane off, and when it did, Diane would show her true colors. Nikki continued that Kyle's complete rejection would be the only thing that would drive Diane away for good, and Nikki was willing to do anything to speed that process along. Summer wanted to change the subject, and Nikki fawned over Summer's accomplishments at Marchetti.

Phyllis entered the coffeehouse patio, and Nikki requested that Phyllis share her point of view on Diane. Nikki explained that with Victoria home, she could focus all her energy on driving Diane out of town. A clearly interested Phyllis wondered what that would hypothetically look like. Nikki envisioned having someone investigate what Diane had been doing during the years she'd been supposedly reinventing herself, hoping it would prove to certain people that Diane wasn't to be trusted. Phyllis plopped down in a chair and asked what she could do to help.

Nikki pointed out that it was one of the few times she and Phyllis were on the same side, and she suggested they pool their resources. Summer begged her mother not to plot against someone Phyllis had a truce with. Nikki was appalled to hear that Phyllis had declared a truce with Diane, but Phyllis swore that it had nothing to do with forgiveness. Summer elaborated that Phyllis had agreed to keep the peace for her and Kyle's sakes. Nikki recalled the questionable things Phyllis had done over the years, but she found that to be the most shocking.

Nikki blasted Phyllis for standing by and watching while Diane wheedled her way into Summer's life. Phyllis blurted out that she couldn't do it. Phyllis bellowed that Diane would be Summer and Kyle's downfall, and they had to get Diane out of town. Summer defended that Diane was Kyle's mother, but Phyllis spat that she didn't care. Phyllis refused to keep pretending that Diane wasn't evil and dangerous. Kyle appeared in the patio doorway.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci decided to do some writing in the garden, and she invited Allie to join her. Immersed in a book, Allie suddenly realized she hadn't noticed Traci there. Traci remarked that she owed her career to good readers, and she wondered what had Allie's attention. Allie explained that her Jabot internship would be starting that day, and she'd wanted to prepare. Traci offered to answer any questions Allie had about the company. Allie hesitantly responded that she had a question about something else, and she inquired whether Jack and Phyllis were a couple.

Allie recalled that Jack and Phyllis had seemed solid when they'd been in L.A., but it felt like everything had changed. Allie shared that Phyllis had invited her to coffee the day before, and she'd sensed that Phyllis had been on a fishing expedition to get information about Jack. Traci agreed that it seemed like Jack and Phyllis' relationship had cooled off, but she encouraged Allie to go directly to Jack with any questions she had about it. Allie apologetically acknowledged that it was none of her business. Traci assured her that it was natural to want to figure out how things worked in their family, but she preferred not to speak for her brother.

Later, Diane stopped by the mansion to drop off a stuffed fox that Harrison had left behind on their play date. Allie informed her that Harrison was out with his nanny, but she'd been so engrossed preparing for her Jabot internship that she didn't know where they had gone. Allie mentioned that she'd barely heard Traci talking earlier, and Diane inquired whether Traci was the only Abbott sibling at home. Allie confirmed that was the case, and Diane asked if Jack was at the office. Allie sternly told Diane that she'd make sure Harrison got the fox.

Diane imagined Allie was excited about her new job, and she squealed that she couldn't wait to dive into her new position at Marchetti. Diane recounted that Allie wouldn't have known she was an Abbott if Diane hadn't bought Keemo's house. Allie coolly replied that it had all worked out, despite the subterfuge. Diane divulged that she intended to keep the house in case Allie wanted to go back or visit. Allie asserted that her life in L.A. was in the past, and she wanted to focus on her wonderful new job and her new family and friends.

Diane lamented that she hadn't received such a warm reception, and she was constantly reminded of her history and how many enemies she had. Allie pointed out that the Abbotts had been cordial, but Diane groused that Summer's side of the family had been less accepting. Allie tried to excuse herself to get ready for work, but Diane stopped her. Diane revealed that she was at the top of Phyllis' most hated list because of Diane's history with Jack, and she inquired whether either Jack or Phyllis had mentioned it. Allie replied that she'd picked up on it.

Diane ranted that Phyllis thought of everything in terms of war and that Phyllis used the slightest infraction as an excuse to go into battle. Allie indicated that she didn't know Phyllis well, and she reiterated that she didn't want to be late for work. Diane cooed that she'd be at Jabot, too, and she suggested that she and Allie hang out. A hesitant Allie claimed she didn't know her schedule yet, and Diane surmised that Allie wanted to keep her at a distance. Diane recommended that Allie exercise the same level of caution with Phyllis.

Traci returned, and Diane showed herself out. Traci observed Allie's gaze follow Diane, and she asked if something had happened. Allie explained that she'd gotten the same uncomfortable feeling with Diane that she'd had when she'd had coffee with Phyllis, like they were both trying to buddy up with her to get information about Jack. Allie insisted she didn't know anything, and even if she did, she'd never share anything personal about Jack with anyone.

Traci clucked that both Phyllis and Diane knew better than to involve Allie in their petty drama, since it would only anger Jack if they put Allie in the middle. Traci advised Allie to steer clear of both women. Allie contended that she only cared because she didn't want her grandfather to get hurt. Traci pointed out that Jack could take care of himself, but she and Ashley were always available to step in and help. Allie declared that they also had her as backup.

At Society, Nick was sure that Sharon, Noah, and Faith were wondering why he'd summoned them there. Noah replied that he was glad his father had called because there was something he wanted to discuss, too. Nick announced that Victoria had offered him a job at Newman, and he'd accepted, so he'd be dusting off his power suit to become COO again. Faith voiced surprise, and she asked if Nick believed it would be something that would make him happy that time around. Nick thought it would.

Noah pointed out that New Hope had seemed to make Nick happy, and Nick confirmed that it still did. Noah wondered what would happen to it, and Nick proclaimed that he intended to leave it in Noah's capable hands. Nick reasoned that Noah knew the ropes and had impressed a lot of people, including him. Nick enthused that it meant a lot to know New Hope would stay in the family, and he asked what Noah thought. Noah said it was easy to see why his dad loved New Hope, and he vowed to do the best he could not to let Nick down. Nick gushed that he'd never been prouder, and he prompted Noah to share his own news.

Noah proposed a toast to Faith going to college soon. Nick deadpanned that he was looking forward to packing her up and getting her out, but Sharon expected that he would cry like a baby the minute they dropped Faith off at her dorm room. Faith shared that she'd already mapped out the requirements for a double major in business and marketing. Faith envisioned doing summer internships at Newman, working in a different division each summer, starting with finance because money was power. Nick pondered how his and Sharon's daughter had turned into an aspiring shark, and Sharon clucked that they never should have let Victor teach Faith how to play chess.

Faith opined that corporations needed to balance profits with social responsibility, and she applauded her parents for raising her to be a decent human being. She pictured her first summer project being a plan for Newman to improve the cities where the company had offices, and she intended to know by graduation which department would be the best fit for her. Noah questioned why she'd stop planning her future at four years when she could plan the next ten. "When you know what you want, why waste time?" Faith reasoned.

Nick regretted that the timing hadn't been better, but he was confident there was nothing Noah couldn't handle at New Hope. Faith offered to put in hours at New Hope when she wasn't interning, and she volunteered to teach Noah how to boss people around. Nick exclaimed that it felt like everyone was doing what they were meant to be doing. Noah abruptly excused himself and sent a text message to Allie, asking if she was free.

Nick inquired about Faith's first semester of classes, and she claimed that one course about how to take over a family business had caught her eye. Nick contemplated taking some classes himself, so he'd be ready when she went after his job. Nick wondered why Sharon didn't seem upset that their little girl was as ruthless as Victor, and Sharon fretted that Noah had seemed ambivalent about taking over at New Hope. Sharon questioned whether Noah really wanted to do it, and Nick turned to Faith because she knew her brother better than anyone. Faith assured them that Noah would tell them if he didn't want the job.

Allie met Noah in the park. He informed her that his dad had decided to go back to Newman and had asked him to take over at New Hope. Allie marveled that it was a big vote of confidence in Noah, but she noted that he looked miserable. Noah conceded that he loved the mission of New Hope, but he'd taken the gig when he'd been at loose ends, and he'd never intended for it to be a permanent career path. He bemoaned that he still felt like an outsider there.

Noah recognized that Allie knew she was passionate about chemistry, and she sympathized that he'd been trying to be something he wasn't. He confided that he'd been about to tell his family that day that he wanted to move on, but his dad had sprung his own news first. Noah added that his sister already had her life all figured out at age 17, and it made him feel like he was wasting time. Allie rationalized that the position at New Hope was probably someone else's dream job, so if he left, he'd be letting someone else fulfill their destiny.

Allie encouraged Noah to pursue his own passions relentlessly and move on to the next thing if he got tired of something. Noah worried that leaving New Hope had been a big decision for his dad, and Nick had only done it because he'd felt comfortable with the thought of Noah taking over. Noah couldn't help feeling like he was leaving his father in the lurch. Allie wondered if Noah finding a new direction meant he'd be moving away from Genoa City. Noah swore that he had too many reasons to stay.

Allie asked if Noah would go back to making art, but he thought he needed time to figure things out. She voiced confidence that he'd make the right decision, and he found her attitude refreshing when his family was always questioning his choices. Allie suspected that he knew what he wanted, and he just had to listen to himself. Noah was determined not to move backward in any way, and he thought perhaps she could help him sort it out. Allie chirped that she'd like that.

 Victoria is stunned when Ashland walks into her office

Victoria is stunned when Ashland walks into her office

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Lauren was stunned when Chelsea said she was taking a sabbatical from designing because she hadn't been emotionally or psychologically ready to start designing again and that she and Chloe were dissolving their partnership. Annoyed, Lauren said she'd taken a chance on Chelsea, despite their past differences, and Fenmore's had been waiting for her full winter line in the upcoming weeks.

Chelsea told Lauren she had a friend in New York, Mark Paulson, who was willing to step in and finish the winter line, and he would do a really good job. Lauren said she knew Chelsea was doing it for her emotional well-being, and she would always support that. Lauren asked if there was anything she could do for Chelsea. Chelsea said she had to do it on her own.

At Chancellor-Winters, Billy asked Lily, Nate, and Devon to listen to a conversation between him and Chelsea that he'd accidentally recorded. Billy said he thought the back and forth and the give and take was what engaged audiences. Lily asked if Billy was suggesting that he and Chelsea do podcasts together.

Lily pointed out that Billy had intended to have Chelsea giving off-camera feedback. Lily asked if Billy wanted Chelsea to be an on-air talent with him. Billy said he'd wanted to run it by Lily and Devon prior to approaching Chelsea. Billy said that with him and Chelsea, the podcasts would be better because Chelsea would call him out and hold him accountable. Billy said he and Chelsea would keep it light and fun. Devon said he liked the idea, and Lily suggested they give it a try.

After Billy left, Devon asked Lily if it was a good idea for Billy to focus on the podcasts when their newly merged company was just finding its footing. Devon said he was on board with the podcasts, but Billy had left the meeting before it was over; Devon was worried about how much energy the podcasts were taking up and what was suffering. Nate said Billy was excited, and that was what made the podcast worth listening to. Devon didn't want the podcasts to take Billy away from being Lily's COO.

Lily confessed to Devon that Billy was the "Grinning Soul." Devon asked if the attack on Ashland had been Billy. Lily claimed that Billy was doing as much as they were toward the success of Chancellor-Winters. Lily said the one about Ashland had been their biggest numbers to date. After looking at the numbers, Devon agreed.

Nate told Lily and Devon he had a meeting with Imani and Sally to discuss Elena's release from the Newman Media contract.

In her hotel suite, Imani confirmed her dinner reservation for two. Amanda arrived, and when she saw Imani was dressed for a date, Imani said she was meeting Nate and Sally at Society to discuss getting Elena out of the Newman contract. Amanda said it was the first she'd heard about it and asked if Imani had taken it upon herself to set it up. Imani said it had happened very quickly; Nate had asked her to help bring Elena on board at Chancellor-Winters, and since it had been Amanda's turn to be with Naya, Imani claimed she hadn't wanted to bother Amanda with it.

Amanda told Imani she didn't have any plans, and she suggested that she join Imani and Nate. Imani said it wasn't necessary, since Nate would probably do most of the talking with Sally, and she would take a backseat for the legalities. Amanda asked if they were really back to Imani finding every excuse to spend time with Nate, especially with Elena out of town. Imani asked if Amanda believed she would make moves on Nate during an important business dinner. Imani told Amanda to stop trying to control her.

Imani received a text message; she told Amanda she'd received a text message from her dad that Naya had had a minor seizure, and Naya wanted to see Amanda.

Amanda arrived at Chancellor- Winters, and she told Lily and Devon about Naya's seizure. Devon said he would go with her to see Naya.

In Victoria's office, Nick told Victoria that Faith had said she would be after Nick's job once she graduated from college. Victoria said the leadership of the company had to stay in Newman hands. Nick said with Ashland gone, they didn't need to worry. Victoria agreed and said they wouldn't have to worry about Ashland being in a position to attack the business again, as his credibility was shot.

Nick asked if Victoria had heard the podcast exposing Ashland about faking his cancer. Victoria said she had. Nick claimed the "Grinning Soul" had gone for the jugular, but Victoria claimed he hadn't gone far enough. Nick was concerned that when Ashland heard the podcast, he would know Victoria had been behind it. Victoria said she wasn't worried because Ashland was ruined, and the whole world would know what a lying monster he was; he was dead in the business world.

Nick told Victoria not to be so cavalier because Ashland wasn't someone who would fade out of the picture. Nick said Victor felt that Ashland was discreetly finding his way back to Genoa City, and Victor had Michael keeping close tabs on Ashland. Nick said Ashland had booked a charter from New York to Chicago right after Victoria had walked out on him. Victoria said she knew, and she didn't care if Ashland slithered back into town because he couldn't hurt her anymore. Nick said he wasn't so sure, and he suggested she have security with her.

Victoria told Nick she was sure she'd seen one of Victor's security guards following her earlier. Nick said that was a huge relief to him.

Victoria told Nick she wanted to concentrate on their streaming platform and pulling ChancComm Media in in a more cohesive way because Sally and Adam had left too many aspects of it up in the air. Victoria said that since Adam had chosen to move on, she would fire Sally because Sally wasn't qualified to be CEO, and they couldn't trust her to run Newman Media on her own. Victoria said Sally's past actions had proven she couldn't be trusted.

Nick told Victoria it might be a harsh punch so soon after Adam's unceremonious exit. Victoria said they would offer Sally an impressive severance package to cushion the blow. Victoria reiterated that she wanted to surround herself with people she could trust and who were loyal to her; Sally and Adam didn't fit that description. Victoria said she understood that Victor wanted Adam to return, but she didn't want Adam in the company. Nick suggested he talk to Sally to see if Adam was really walking away. Victoria agreed.

In his hotel suite, Ashland was listening to the podcast about how he'd lied to his wife and young son about having cancer when Adam arrived. Ashland asked how Adam had found him. Adam said he had his ways and that Ashland wouldn't be able to hide for long because Victor would find him.

Adam said he didn't believe Ashland had returned for his belongings because he could have sent someone to do that, and there was also the restraining order preventing Ashland from seeing Harrison. Adam asked why Ashland had returned. Ashland claimed the restraining order had been taken out because of Victor's vendetta against him. Adam assumed Ashland had returned for payback, and Ashland running into him at Crimson Lights hadn't been a coincidence; Ashland had sought him out. Ashland asked why he would want to spend time with Adam.

Adam said Ashland had wanted him to know they were both on the same page concerning Victoria. Ashland said Adam had to be smarting from the humiliation of losing the CEO position before he'd had a chance to close a deal. Adam smiled and said he'd heard Ashland listening to the "Grinning Soul's" podcast. Ashland said he was sure Victoria had been behind that. Ashland asked why Adam cared about his plans.

Adam said he'd hated what Ashland had done to his family back when he'd cared about his family; however, they'd made it crystal clear that he was dispensable, and he was finally done with all of them.

Adam claimed that he and Ashland were in the same boat, and he knew the frustration Ashland felt about not being good enough for the Newmans. Adam said he knew how much it had hurt when Victoria had told Ashland she would never forgive him. Adam admitted he'd actually believed Ashland had loved Victoria and that Ashland felt remorse, in his own way, but it hadn't gotten him anything. Adam said his family held themselves to one standard and him and Ashland to another. Ashland called the Newmans a bunch of hypocrites.

Adam told Ashland they both wanted to see their enemies taken down, and he wanted his family to be sorry for the way they'd treated him. Adam said the easiest way for him to achieve that was for him and Ashland to help each other. Adam said Ashland needed someone who understood the Newman mindset, someone on the inside. Ashland asked how Adam could help if he'd been pushed out.

Adam told Ashland he knew how his family operated. He said years of combat had taught him how to wound them, and he knew Victor and Victoria's pressure points. Adam suggested that if Ashland was smart, he would take down Victoria and hurt Victor. Adam said if that was Ashland's plan, then he was all in.

At Newman Media, Sally sent a text message to Chloe: "New developments here. Call me." Victor walked in. He asked if Sally was aware of what Adam was up to and if she'd known that Adam had turned down Victor's request to stay on as head of Newman Media. Sally said she didn't know what Adam was up to, but Adam had told her about everything else. Victor said Adam had made Newman Media a force to be reckoned with.

Victor pointed out that Sally didn't have experience in media, and nothing in her background suggested that she knew what she was doing. Sally claimed that what she'd done in fashion and running a fashion house was translatable. Sally said she was CEO of Newman Media because Adam believed in her talent and in her ability, and she was willing to prove that to Victor. Victor told Sally if she wanted to prove herself, she would convince Adam to return to his rightful position as CEO of Newman Media.

Sally told Victor that Adam had chosen to walk away, and she asked why Victor couldn't accept Adam's decision. Victor said that Sally had influence over Adam, and he told her to convince Adam to return and assume his proper role as CEO of Newman Media. Victor left. Sally called Adam and left him a voicemail that she'd had a visit from Victor, and she asked him to call her back.

Outside Sally's office, Adam commented on Nick's return to the corporate world, something Nick supposedly hated. He asked Nick if it had felt good replacing him. Nick said his career change had nothing to do with Adam. Adam asked if Nick had business with Sally; if so, Adam wanted to know what it was because he cared about Sally, and that job meant the world to her. Nick said if Adam didn't return to Newman Media, Victoria would fire Sally.

Adam told Nick he knew Victoria didn't want him in the company in any capacity, and it wasn't fair to fire Sally because she was romantically involved with him. Nick said Victoria didn't think Sally was the right fit for the job. Nick said if Adam returned to Newman Media, Sally would remain Adam's COO. Adam said he would have a problem with that. Nick asked if it would be that awful to work with the family.

Adam told Nick he would return as COO, and Sally would remain CEO. Nick said that wouldn't fly with Victoria because she wanted someone with more experience in that position. Adam asked Nick to let him talk to Victoria before Nick spoke to Sally. Nick agreed, and he left.

Sally told Adam that Victor had asked her to convince Adam to return as CEO and that her days were numbered if she didn't comply. Sally said Victor didn't have a problem with her staying on as COO when Adam returned. She suggested that perhaps Victor cared about Adam's well-being. Adam wished that was true, but it was nothing more than a game Victor had dragged Sally into, one Adam wasn't playing anymore. Adam said Victor had made it very clear that he was the tool that kept Victoria and Nick in line, and he was sick of it.

Adam said Sally wasn't leaving Newman Media, and he would take care of everything. Sally asked how he was going to do that. Adam responded that she didn't want to know.

At Society, Billy asked what Chelsea thought about being his podcast co-host. Billy said Chelsea had been right when she'd said she could potentially help his podcasts because she knew the different sides of him and wasn't afraid to tell him what she thought. Billy said something had happened when they'd been recording the previous day -- there had been a little piece of magic there; it had been free and easy, and they'd had a connection. Billy said that together, they could find the right tone for fantastic podcasts.

Billy told Chelsea they could bring in guests, talk about entertainment, give advice, and still dig deep on the things that mattered, which wouldn't be as boring for the audience. Chelsea happily accepted and claimed it would be fun.

At Society, Nate joined Imani at the bar and said since Sally hadn't arrived yet, it gave them a minute to go over their approach. Imani told Nate that Sally had needed to reschedule their meeting. Nate was disappointed and said he'd hoped to get the ball rolling before Elena returned. Imani said she would make it happen for him. Nate said he would order take-out, but Imani asked him to stay because she needed someone to talk to.

Imani told Nate that Naya's seizure had been minor but still upsetting and that Amanda would be with Naya. Nate said those seizures were manageable. Nate said from everything Imani and Amanda had told him, Naya was receiving the best care possible. Imani thanked Nate for being so encouraging, but she felt very conflicted. Nate said he was happy Imani had opened up to him because it was times such as that when she needed to lean on her friends.

In her office, Victoria told Victor she'd made some important decisions; she was hoping to set everything right again, and it began with firing Sally. Victor said Sally was essential for a while. Victoria asked if he expected her to believe that Sally was crucial to the company after Victor had said that Victoria got to decide what happened to Sally.

Victor told Victoria that Sally could lure Adam back to running Newman Media. Victoria suggested they put someone new and fresh into that position, since Adam had made it very clear he was out.

Victoria was stunned when Ashland walked into the office and said, "Oh, good, you're both here. I have some things I have to say."

Ashland goes on a smashing spree in a fit of anger

Ashland goes on a smashing spree in a fit of anger

Thursday, July 14, 2022

by Nel

Victor and Victoria were stunned when Ashland walked into her office and stated he had something to say. Victoria asked if it was a stunt to try to rattle her; she thought he would have learned not to underestimate her. Ashland said, "Lesson learned," and he wanted Victor and Victoria to hear him out. Victor said that Ashland didn't have anything of interest to say to them. Victoria said there was nothing left for Ashland in Genoa City, and she wanted to know why he'd returned. Ashland claimed he'd returned to collect his things. Victoria said she would provide him with the information to the storage unit, and then he needed to leave town.

Victor claimed Ashland hadn't returned to pick up "any damned boxes;" he wanted to know why Ashland was there. Ashland understood there was no coming back from what had happened, and he wanted to commend Victoria for beating him at his own game -- something many had tried to do and failed. Victoria confessed she hadn't expected Ashland to admit defeat.

Ashland told Victoria he'd listened to the "Grinning Soul," and since that podcast had aired, everyone knew about him. Ashland assumed Victoria had been the "Grinning Soul's" source about his cancer. Ashland said he'd expected Victoria to hold on to that information in order to keep him at bay. Victoria said that had been her plan, but after hearing the podcast, she was happy the information was out there so the world knew exactly who he was. Victoria warned Ashland about going on the attack, but Ashland claimed he didn't have any plans for revenge.

Ashland said he'd hoped Victoria and Victor would show him a little mercy before he left Genoa City. Ashland asked for a final visit to say goodbye to his son. Victor interjected that it was Kyle's son. Ashland said it would mean everything to him to see Harrison one more time. Ashland stated that since Victor had orchestrated the restraining order, he was the only one who could lift it by calling the judge and Kyle. Ashland said they'd taken everything from him, and he asked them to grant him that one last request.

Victor said that after all the damage Ashland had inflicted on Victor's family -- the pain, heartache, and deceit he'd cause Victoria -- Ashland belonged behind bars. Ashland said he was asking father to father. Victor asked why he would allow Ashland, a monster, to be anywhere near Harrison.

Ashland told Victor that a man who'd been stripped of everything was the most dangerous. Victoria asked if that was a threat. Ashland said it was an observation. Victoria stated that Ashland had walked in calm and differential because he'd wanted them to grant him a favor, but Victor had refused, so Ashland had decided to bare his teeth. Ashland said if one kicked a dog enough times, eventually, he would bite back.

Nose to nose with Ashland, Victor said that if Ashland's "damned dog" bit anyone in Victor's family, he would kill Ashland himself. Victor told Ashland to get out of his sight. Ashland said he would go quietly, and they would never see him again. As he was about to leave, Nick arrived and said that Ashland had a lot of nerve, returning to town. Nick said if Ashland was smart, he would walk out the door and never return. Ashland said it was clear it had been a mistake to approach them, and he left.

Nick told Victoria he'd known Ashland would show up, but Victoria assured Nick that everything was fine. Victor said "that bastard" had expected Victor to arrange one final visit with Harrison. Victoria refused to discuss Ashland any further, and she asked how Nick's mission with Sally had gone. Victor asked why Nick had gone to see Sally. Nick said he'd wanted to know if Sally knew whether Adam was serious about leaving Newman, but before he'd had a chance to see Sally, he'd run into Adam. Nick said Adam wanted Sally to keep her job; Adam knew Victoria wanted to fire her.

Victor told Nick that allowing Sally to stay would ensure Adam's return, but he said that Victoria disagreed. Nick said Adam wanted to talk to Victoria directly because he believed that they could agree on an arrangement. At that moment, Victoria received a text message from Adam that he wanted to meet with her. Victor made a bet that Adam was willing to return as CEO of Newman Media, provided Sally remained his COO. Victoria said it was just as likely Adam would try to convince her to keep Sally on as CEO.

At Newman Media, Adam told Sally he wouldn't allow her to be used as a pawn in another round of the Newman power plays. Sally was troubled because Adam wouldn't tell her about his solution and because Adam had mentioned he wanted revenge on his family. Adam assured Sally she had nothing to worry about, and he claimed his temper had gotten the best of him earlier. Adam said he had no plans to get himself into trouble. Adam asked Sally to trust him to find a solution that worked for everyone.

Sally told Adam that Victor and Victoria had never considered her a valuable part of Newman Media. Adam said he knew the value Sally bought to the company, and he would do everything he could to keep her in the CEO chair. Sally asked Adam where he belonged.

Adam reminded Sally he excelled at creating new opportunities for himself. Sally asked what Adam could do that would be more meaningful. Sally said Newman Media was Adam's baby; she told him to look at everything he'd accomplished and the future possibilities. Adam said Sally was the one to run the company with her enthusiasm and the potential they'd created. Adam said things had changed since he'd been kicked out of the top spot of the empire -- yet again. Adam said he couldn't go back to being under Victor's thumb and answering to Victoria, who would never trust him.

Sally asked if Adam believed Victoria would trust her to run the media division. Adam said he would convince Victoria that she should be judged solely on her merits. Adam kissed her. Sally suggested they leave because she wanted to show him how much she loved him.

At Crimson Lights, Noah asked Allie how her first day at Jabot had gone. Allie said she'd loved it and couldn't wait to start working on a project in the lab. Allie stopped herself from going on about Jabot because she knew Noah wasn't excited about his job. Noah invited Allie to have dinner with him. Allie asked if he was asking her out on a date. Noah said he wanted to commemorate her success and to thank her for listening to him about his dilemma with Nick; talking to her had really helped.

Not far from Allie and Noah, Sharon, who was cleaning a table, overheard Allie ask if Noah still wanted to leave New Hope.

Noah told Allie he'd given it a lot of thought, and leaving New Hope would be the best move for him; however, he had to figure out how to tell Nick. Noah said he believed Nick would understand, and Noah would stay at New Hope until Nick was settled in at Newman and a replacement was hired. Noah didn't want to undermine Nick's decision to return to Newman Enterprises or give his parents another reason to worry. Allie left to change for her dinner date.

Sharon entered the patio and said she'd thought that Noah and Allie wanted something to eat, but she noticed Allie had left. Noah said he and Allie were going out for dinner to celebrate Allie's first day at Jabot. Sharon said Noah and Allie would have a lot to talk about, since Noah had an expanded role at New Hope. Noah realized Sharon had overheard him. Sharon admitted she hadn't meant to, but she'd heard Noah talking about leaving New Hope. She said she wanted to understand.

Noah told Sharon he hadn't made a final decision, but he was leaning in that direction. Sharon was surprised because she thought Noah liked working at New Hope. Noah said he loved all the wonderful work being done by New Hope, but he felt like an outsider. Noah said it was Nick's passion project, not his, but Nick was counting on him. Noah admitted he didn't want to disappoint his dad.

Sharon told Noah that Nick would be thrown, but Nick would only be disappointed if Noah bottled up his feelings. Sharon said Nick wouldn't want Noah to stay on because of some obligation. Sharon said for that kind of work to be successful, someone needed to have their heart in it. Noah claimed it didn't make him feel less guilty. Noah said he would stay until Nick was settled in his new job and a replacement was hired. Sharon said everything would work out, and New Hope would continue, no matter what.

Sharon said she wanted Noah to be happy, and she asked what Noah was looking for. Noah said he had no idea, but there was something out there for him. Sharon asked if Noah would leave town again. Noah said he wouldn't because he had too many reasons to stay.

In a suite at the Grand Phoenix, Sally and Adam began undressing each other. After the loving, Sally fell asleep, and Adam left.

Later, when Sally woke up, she reached for Adam, but he wasn't in bed. Sally called out to him, but there was no reply.

At the Abbott home, Allie was about to rush upstairs, but Traci wanted to hear about Allie's first day. Allie said it had only been orientation, but she'd loved it. Allie said she had to go and get ready before Noah arrived to take her out for dinner. Traci said that sounded like a proper date. Allie just smiled.

Later, at the coffeehouse, Traci told Sharon that Noah had stopped by the house to pick up Allie. Sharon said it was their official first date. Traci commented that Allie was usually shy and quiet, but that all disappeared when she was around Noah. Sharon said Noah was genuinely happy every time he was with Allie, but she was concerned about him. Sharon said when Noah had returned from London, he'd been lost, but he'd settled into a career path; however, she suddenly had her doubts about him.

Traci told Sharon that Noah was an artist, and his path would never be straight and clear. Traci referenced herself; she'd discovered she could write while she'd been in school, but it had taken a long time for her to make a career out of it. Traci said Noah needed to explore a few things until he found what made him the happiest. Traci said Noah was a smart and talented young man, and he would find his way.

Noah and Allie arrived at Society. Noah was thrown when he saw Nick and Victor at the bar. Noah said they would get a table far away from Nick and Victor, but they should say hello first. Noah introduced Allie to Victor, who asked if she was Jack's granddaughter. Allie admitted she was. Victor said he wouldn't hold that against her. Everyone laughed. Victor invited Noah and Allie to join them for dinner, but Nick said the last thing Noah wanted was to hang out with his old man and his grandpa. Noah thanked Victor for the invitation but said they would get their own table.

Nick told Victor that Noah was going to take on a leadership role at New Hope. Victor said it would be a good experience. Nick told Noah he would forward a few things to Noah that needed his immediate attention the next day. As Noah and Allie were about to go to their table, Victor said because he was a big spender, their dinner was on him.

At their table, Allie asked Noah if he was having second thoughts about stepping away from New Hope. Noah said he didn't want to talk about it because the evening was about celebrating Allie's exciting internship at Jabot and nothing else.

At the bar, Nick asked Victor if there had been any word from Victoria about Adam. Nick hoped Adam and Victoria would arrive at a solution. Nick said he was concerned about Ashland because Ashland couldn't be trusted. Victor said Ashland was out for revenge, and he wondered how long Ashland would remain in town. Nick said Kyle needed to be warned about Ashland. Victor agreed and said no one knew what "that son of a bitch" was up to; they needed to stay vigilant.

At Newman, Adam asked if Victoria had a minute. Victoria said she would appreciate it if Adam got right to the point. Victoria asked if Adam had changed his mind about returning to Newman Media as CEO. Adam said that ship had sailed, and he was there because Victoria wanted to fire Sally. Victoria said Sally wasn't qualified to be COO, and as CEO, she was completely out of her depth. Adam said Sally had proven herself as his partner, and he had every confidence that she would lead that division to new heights.

Victoria told Adam there were bigger issues at play. Adam asked if Victoria was referring to his relationship with Sally. Victoria said it was clear Sally wanted to make Adam happy. Adam said Sally wasn't an extension of him, and she had no interest in taking Newman Media; Sally was trying to create a good reputation within the business world.

Victoria told Adam she'd looked into the fashion house Sally had run in Los Angeles, and Sally had pulled a lot of stunts, which had given her the terrible reputation she had. Adam claimed Sally had matured and changed, and she wanted to put that behind her. Victoria laughed with disdain and said people had previously said the same about Adam, "yet look at you." Adam said Sally wasn't a hardened cynic like him; her transformation had been genuine, and Victoria's fear of Sally was misplaced.

Victoria told Adam she wanted people around her that she could rely on, people she knew she could trust. Adam said Sally was a hard worker and reliable, and given the chance, Sally would surprise Victoria. Victoria asked how she would do that when Sally's primary obligation was to Adam. Adam said Victoria didn't have to worry about his influence on Sally any longer. Victoria asked why she would believe that Sally would prioritize Newmans' interests and Victoria's expectations over Sally's feelings for Adam. Adam said there was no Sally and Adam anymore. Adam said it wasn't working, and he was breaking it off with Sally.

In his hotel room, Ashland had begun unpacking the boxes from storage. He found a jewelry box containing a crested ring. He recalled the day Victoria had given it to him and told him it was had the crest of a Scottish lord named Roger Locke; Ashland began to sob.

In a fit of anger, Ashland threw the ring box against the wall; he smashed a glass against the door and the decanter of liquor against the fireplace. He smashed the items on the desk, flipped over the loveseat, smashed a small vase of flowers against a wall, knocked over the fireplace utensils, and scattered whatever had been on the table. He threw his clothes on the floor, followed by his suitcases.

Ashland violates the restraining order

Ashland violates the restraining order

Friday, July 15, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Nikki told Michael that Ashland had shown up at Victoria's office while Victor had been there. She said that Ashland had tried to convince Victor to lift the restraining order so he could visit with Harrison one last time. Nikki said the thought of that monster being with Harrison made her crazy. Michael said that he hoped Ashland would defy the restraining order.

Nikki asked why Michael would want Ashland to do that. Michael explained that it was part of a contingency plan; Michael and Victor believed that Ashland would try to see Harrison, and when he did, he would be arrested. Michael said he'd asked Diane to help with the setup. Nikki claimed that had been a terrible idea.

Nikki told Michael that Diane wasn't trustworthy, and she asked how Michael could put Harrison at risk. Michael reminded Nikki that Diane was Harrison's grandmother, and she wouldn't put him in harm's way. He said it made her the perfect person to recruit because Diane would protect Harrison at all costs. Nikki claimed Diane didn't have a protective bone in her body.

Michael told Nikki that Diane had turned him down because she didn't want to alienate Kyle. Nikki said she wanted to see Ashland and Diane leave town on their own, and maybe her new investigator would come up with something on Diane very soon.

Michael told Nikki that his P.I. in Los Angeles had uncovered something about Diane before Michael had been able to call them off the case. Michael stated that his P.I. hadn't even found a traffic ticket for Diane Jenkins or Taylor Jensen; her record was pristine for the entire time she'd lived in L.A. Nikki said that just because Michael's investigators hadn't found anything, it didn't mean there was nothing there. Nikki said it was likely buried very deep because Diane was a master at covering her tracks.

Nikki asked how Michael could forgive Diane. Michael asked if Nikki had never needed forgiveness for anything. Nikki said she'd never done anything on the level of evil that Diane had wrought on Nikki and her family. Michael received a text message from Diane: "Ashland with Harrison now. Chancellor Park." Michael laughed and told Nikki that Diane had done something to rectify some of her so-called evil. Michael left.

In the park, Ashland looked around for Harrison. Phyllis arrived and asked why Ashland was still in town, because she thought Victoria had scraped him off the bottom of her shoe. Phyllis admitted that she enjoyed gloating over his downfall.

Phyllis asked if Ashland was looking for Harrison and if he was thinking of violating Kyle and Summer's restraining order. Ashland claimed he was a guy taking a walk in the park. Phyllis asked why Ashland was still in town. Phyllis said she'd heard the "Grinning Soul's" podcast, and she asked Ashland how low he had to stoop to execute a plan like that.

Ashland told Phyllis he was astounded that the people in Genoa City felt they had the right to judge him, and he called it a town filled with hypocrites. Ashland asked why it would be a terrible thing for him to catch a glimpse of his son from a distance. Phyllis said because he had a restraining order, and she would call the police and Harrison's parents if he violated that order.

Phyllis told Ashland that a lot of people crossed lines from which there was no return. Phyllis said Ashland and Diane were in that category. Ashland shouted that no one in town had any mercy. Ashland said that he and Diane only wanted to have a relationship with that sweet young kid, and Ashland asked why that was a heinous crime. Phyllis said she wouldn't discuss Diane with him, and she said Ashland was spinning out like a caged animal. Phyllis left.

Ashland sat down and held his head when he heard Harrison call to him. He looked up and saw Diane and Harrison. Harrison ran to him, and Ashland lifted the boy into his arms. Ashland apologized that they hadn't been able to spend more time together. He told Harrison he would have to leave soon on another trip.

Diane stood to one side and had a flashback to a conversation she'd had with Michael.

Diane asked Michael why he wouldn't want her to keep Harrison away from Ashland. Michael replied that if she was to accidentally slip up and allow Ashland to visit with Harrison, Ashland would be caught violating the restraining order, and he would spend time in jail. Diane said it was unconscionable to use Ashland's love for that child against him. Michael said it was a preemptive move to keep Ashland away from Victoria, and the family would appreciate her cooperation; perhaps they would drop their investigation into her past.

Ashland suggested that he buy Harrison some Italian ice. Diane suggested she buy the Italian ice while he talked to Harrison. Ashland thanked Diane and said how much he appreciated it.

Diane sent a text message to Michael, informing him that Ashland was in the park with Harrison. Ashland said that he was happy that Harrison was surrounded by love from everyone in the Abbott house. Harrison added, "And DeeDee, too."

Diane received a text message from Michael: "Keep him there. Alerted police. On my way."

Michael and Nikki arrived at the park. Michael stopped Nikki from approaching Ashland. Ashland saw Michael, Nikki, and Diane, and he knew he was in trouble. Ashland told Harrison he had to leave, and he gave Harrison a hug. Diane took Harrison away. Ashland was stopped from leaving by Michael and Nikki on one side and by Summer and Kyle on the other side. Kyle demanded to know where Ashland thought he was going, and Kyle demanded to know where Harrison was.

At Chancellor-Winters, Nate told Lily that Elena's talk had been a big hit. Imani walked in while Nate was showing Lily some photos. Imani asked to see the photos. Lily told Nate she was sorry he hadn't been able to go with Elena; Lily knew Nate missed her. Imani said she was glad Nate had stayed because he'd been a huge help to her the previous evening. Lily asked what had happened the previous evening.

Nate told Lily that he and Imani were to have had dinner with Sally to discuss getting Elena out of her contract with Newman Media, but Sally had bowed out at the last minute. Imani said she'd been handling that situation, since Amanda had been with Naya since Naya's stroke. She assured Lily she could handle Elena's contract.

Imani told Lily that she'd been freaking out about Naya's seizure, and Nate had been kind enough to stay and calm her. Imani said Nate had eased her concerns more than he realized. Imani said she'd investigated an inpatient rehab center in Virginia at Nate's recommendation, and she had to convince Amanda it was the best place for Naya. Imani said the original plan had been to have in-home care when Naya was released from the hospital, but it appeared Naya would require more highly skilled therapy for the long process.

Imani told Lily that after finding out how serious Naya's condition was, Amanda and Devon had spent the night close to the hospital. Imani said her father had called, and she'd spoken with Amanda about the rehab center. She said Amanda had been worried that Naya wouldn't like the idea. Imani said her dad believed Naya would be more comfortable at home; however, after reading what they did at the rehab center, Imani felt Naya would really benefit from being there, because she would have to relearn a lot of basics such as speech therapy, and Naya would require intense physical therapy.

Imani told Nate and Lily that even if Amanda and Imani's dad didn't agree on the facility, Nate had lifted her up. Nate left. Imani was about to follow him, but Lily waylaid her.

Lily told Imani she wanted to apologize for pressuring her about Elena's contract, and it didn't have to be resolved by some deadline; they had staff attorneys who could deal with that. Lily said family always came first. Imani assured Lily she could handle the workload and the Naya situation. She said Nate had caught her in a down moment, and he'd helped her come to grips with it. Imani reiterated that she was grateful for Nate's kindness. Lily told Imani if she needed time off to let Lily know.

Imani told Lily it was a case of divide and conquer; she would let Amanda handle things in person with Naya while she took care of things from a distance and picked up the slack at work. Imani claimed all that stress had been causing stress between her and Amanda.

At the Dive Bar, Kyle and Summer were disappointed when Chelsea informed them that she wouldn't be able to take them up on their incredible offer. Chelsea said she was taking a sabbatical from her career because she'd realized she'd jumped into a very stressful environment too quickly after everything she'd been through.

Chelsea told Summer and Kyle that she and Chloe had needed to create and deliver a new clothing line in record time, but the chaos and the pace of the job had caught up to her, and she'd begun ignoring issues she had to deal with that wouldn't disappear on their own. Chelsea said she hadn't been ready to jump back into her career as quickly as she'd anticipated. Summer said they understood Chelsea needed time to herself. Summer said their offer remained open if and when Chelsea was ready to jump back into designing.

Chelsea's face lit up when she saw Billy had arrived. Chelsea told Summer and Kyle that Billy had asked her to consult on his podcasts -- another creative outlet. Kyle said they were just getting used to Billy being a podcast host. Billy congratulated Kyle and Summer for bringing Marchetti under the Jabot umbrella. Billy said he knew Jack was excited to have them and Harrison home. Billy commented that Jack had missed his grandson like crazy. Billy said Phyllis was happy to have Summer home, as well.

Kyle told Billy that Phyllis was happy they'd returned but not that Diane was in their lives. Billy said that he was pulling for Diane and hoped she could redeem herself, but it wouldn't be easy because she had a lot of enemies. Billy said it couldn't be easy on Phyllis because Diane had put her through the wringer back in the day. He acknowledged that Kyle and Summer were stuck between the two mothers. Billy said he understood because he'd had a difficult mother.

Summer said she was impressed that Billy could see them from all sides and sympathize with everyone. Billy claimed it was very mature of him, but it had taken him a long time to get there.

Kyle received a text message from Michael: "Ashland is with Harrison in the park. I've called the cops." Kyle and Summer said they had to go and rushed out.

Chelsea told Billy she was very excited about her venture, and she had a lot of ideas for Billy's podcasts. Chelsea said it was a drastic change for her. Billy said he hoped it was in a good way. Chelsea said that critiquing Billy would force her to look inside herself and the choices she'd made. Chelsea said she'd believed she'd been going in the right direction with her designs, but it had become a game of quantity versus quality. Chelsea admitted that no new designs were coming to her, and she'd begun to procrastinate and miss deadlines. She said Chloe had begun to go bonkers, and it had put a strain on their friendship.

Chelsea told Billy it felt good to let go and to be honest with herself. Billy admitted he'd had a similar moment when he'd decided to go forward with the podcasts. Chelsea asked when they would start.

Billy took Chelsea to his studio. Chelsea said she had an idea for a podcast: comparing her past to Billy's -- a con artist and a gambler. Chelsea asked who wouldn't be intrigued about a long con or high-stakes poker game. Chelsea said it was about getting past the layer of salaciousness and the notion that they were all only human beings living in a competitive world. Chelsea said sometimes reaching for the top took risk and cheating, but both were about winning.

Chelsea told Billy that back in the day, her mindset had been to identify someone's weakness, preying on them and making them believe it was easier to get to the top, when in reality, it was a mirage. Chelsea said people thought it would only take half the work, but they would spiral into an abyss; they would dig themselves deeper into misery and despair. Billy asked if using their stories was to find the deeper truth. Chelsea agreed and said they had to be honest about their pasts, what they'd done, and how they'd grown and changed; they couldn't let each other off the hook or gloss over anything.

Chelsea said no one had a greater history than she and Billy. Chelsea claimed the listeners would eat it up. Billy reminded her that a lot of people would hear the podcast, and Chelsea might not want Connor to hear it. Billy said he'd thought long and hard about Johnny and Katie, and he'd gone over it extensively with Lily before he'd put out his first episode.

Chelsea told Billy that everyone in town knew her history, and she'd told Connor everything because of Anita. Billy asked if Anita had been reliving the old days. Chelsea said every chance Anita had. Chelsea said it had been horrifying; Anita had accused her of being an uptight goodie two-shoes and had said she needed to lighten up. Chelsea had chosen to use that as a teaching moment for Connor. Chelsea had told Connor that people had skeletons in their lives, but it didn't define them for the rest of their lives because they could turn things around and make better choices.

Chelsea told Billy that she'd explained to Connor that she'd hurt people and caused them pain. At that moment, Billy received a call from Lily, who reminded him to contact the VP of purchasing because he'd promised to take that off her plate. Billy hung up while Lily was trying to add one more thing.

At Crimson Lights, on the phone with Amanda, Imani told Amanda the rehab center was the best choice for Naya. Imani said Lily had suggested that Amanda take whatever time she needed to help Naya make the transition. Imani ended the call as Nate walked in. Imani told Nate that they had all decided that Naya needed to go to the rehab center in Virginia because it was the right place for Naya.

Nate told Imani it was the best place for Naya to be with people who specialized in stroke recovery, and Imani had done her family a good service. Imani said she was scared, and she began to cry. Nate gave her his shoulder to cry on.

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